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Mining On Top: Africa – London Summit Creating shared value through African mining One Great George Street, Westminster, London | 24-26 June 2014

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Discussions about: • Sustainable practice • Raising finance • Environmental protection • Beneficiation and indigenisation • Resourcing and skills • Logistical challenges • Equipment sourcing • Local content development • Militancy and wage inflation • Transparency in governance • Securing consent Contacts: Ros Lund e: c: +44 75 5166 2813 Kiran Luchmun e: t: +44 20 7024 8271

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Mining On Top: Africa - London Summit Creating shared value through African mining 24-26 June 2014 One Great George Street, Westminster, London Although Africa is still the continent with the lowest per capita gross domestic product, its nations include many of the world’s quickest developing economies. In the first decade of this century, all ten of the fastest growing economies in the world were in Africa, and African foreign direct investment rose five-fold between 2001 and 2010. Indeed, Africa has seen sustained growth since 2000, with the boom being largely commodity driven. Continued maximisation of extractive revenues is essential to support the growing expectations of the expanding middle classes and sustain increased urbanisation of the population. However, commodity prices have declined from recent highs; exploration spending has slumped and mining companies of all sizes are focusing on reducing costs. How should the resource-rich continent respond? In an environment where the whole world is competing for the benefits that mining can bring, Africa must ensure that it offers a competitive environment in which to operate. Transparent and stable taxation regimes, efficient permitting and licensing processes and skilled and healthy workforces are necessary if the continent is to attract mining dollars.

Mining On Top: Africa brings together all the stakeholders to chart the path for developing the continent’s rich mineral wealth to everyone’s benefit. Carefully selected speakers will consider the most apposite subjects and company presentations will highlight the opportunity Africa presents for suppliers, mining companies and investors.

Mining On Top is part of SNL Metals & Mining.

Naturally, investors and miners must also play their part by supporting responsible infrastructure development, encouraging local content development and beneficiation, acting responsibly towards the environment and local communities, and ensuring that full, prior and informed consent is agreed at every stage of the mining development cycle. Collaboration is required to ensure that Africa’s abundant mineral wealth is developed to the benefit of all. The London Summit again brings all constituents of African mining together to promote understanding, and to grapple with the realities of how this can be achieved.

2014 Summit Programme Day 1 – Monday, 23 June 09.00-13.00


Mining Insight*

Preventing AMD; water conservation and re-use; targeting zero liquid discharge; sludge and tailings pond management.

Workshop providing an overview of the mining industry to those in associated sectors. Led by SNL experts Dr Chris Hinde, Mark Fellows and Charles Cooper

London Metals Exchange visit for Ministerial delegations


The evolution of the African Mining Vision (invitation only)


Moderator: Simon Tillotson - Partner, ERM Panelists: Hon Dr Boubou Cisse - Minister of Industry and Mines of Mali; Cate Lamb - Head of water program, CDP James Montgomery - Divisional Director - Environment, Mott MacDonald; Sarah Thomas - Partner, Pinsent Masons



Hosted in partnership with the All Party Parliamentary Group Extractive Industries over afternoon tea in the Members Dining Room, House of Commons, London SW1A (kindly sponsored by ERM)


Chaired by Pauline Latham MP



Speakers: Antonio Pedro - Director of UNECA’s Sub-regional Office for Eastern Africa; Andy Churr - Partner, Management Consulting, ERM; Ian Satchwell - Director, International Mining for Development Centre


Panel Discussion: Transport considerations Access to mine and from mine to market; access to trains, ports, roads and bridges; maintaining reliable transport systems; and ensuring transport security and safety. 

Women in African Mining Reception (invitation only)

Moderator: Marcus Courage - CEO, africapractice

CPA Room, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA in partnership with WIM (UK)

Panelists: Phil Bailey - Director Engineering Services, Mabey Bridge; Dr Masuma Farooki - Senior Industry Analyst, Mining Studies, SNL Metals & Mining; David Hunter - Project Director, Mott MacDonald; Hon Tolossa Shagi Moti - Minister of Mines of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

*Supplemental activity Day 2 – Tuesday, 24 June African mining infrastructure focus 08.30-09.30

Registration and coffee


Welcome and introduction Moderator: Hugh Morgan - CEO, First Charnock Mining’s legacy: thinking beyond the mine


Speaker: Ian Satchwell - Director, International Mining for Dev’t Centre


Infrastructure to support industrialisation in Africa

Speaker: David Hunter - Project Director, Mott MacDonald Networking break


The central role of the UK in African mining infrastructure UKTI Speaker: Rt Hon Michael Fallon MP - Minister of State for Energy in the Dept of Energy and Climate Change, and Minister of State for Business and Enterprise in the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills


Managing unpredictable power supply and the spiralling costs of energy; building sustainable and reliable power solutions.

Mozambique example: the multiplier effect of mining infrastructure

Moderator: Rt Hon Michael Fallon MP Panelists: Mr Darky Africa - Member of Executive Council: Economic Development and Tourism, NW Provincial Government South Africa; Manuel Duggal - CEO, MCD International Energy Solutions; Craig Sillars - Mining Sector Specialist, UK TI

Panel Discussion: Considerations in financing infrastructure to support African mining PPP, Sovereign and DFI funding to open up multi-use corridors. Who will fund on-going care and maintenance?


Panelists: Roland Janssens - Deputy Head, Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund; TBC - Endeavor Financial; Sheila Khama - Director, African Center for Natural Resources, African Development Bank Kevin Skipworth - Agent General, Western Australia Networking break

3 | Mining On Top: Africa - London Summit 2014

Integrated power supply project case study Speaker: Manuel Duggal - CEO, MCD International Energy Solutions

Moderator: Rebecca Major - Partner, Herbert Smith Freehills


Panel Discussion: Power supply considerations:

Speaker: Antonio Pedro - Director, UN ECA

Speaker: Marcio Senne de Moraes - External Affairs Global Director, Vale 10.35-11.30

Transport infrastructure project case study


Taking an integrated approach by developing lasting solutions, serving diverse interests, to support local community and economic development.


Water management project case study Speaker: Simon Gibbons - Technical Director, ERM

Speaker: TBC


Panel Discussion: Water management considerations


Managing risk and cost in mining infrastructure development Speaker: Sarah Thomas - Partner, Pinsent Masons


Closing comments Speaker: Ian Satchwell, Director, International Mining for Development Centre, The University of Western Australia and The University of Queensland


Drinks reception hosted by UKTI, RICS 10-12 Great George Street, London, SW1P 3AE

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2014 Summit Programme (continued) Day 3 – Wednesday, 25 June


Attracting investment for African mining 08.00-09.00

Registration and coffee


Opening remarks Moderator: Lord Jonathan Marland - Chairman, Commonwealth Business Council


The changing role of mining in developing economies

Examining whether the risks of mining in Africa are different from elsewhere, how can risk be quantified and the value of acting responsibly in risk mitigation. Moderator: James Lewis and Robert Follie - Partners, HFW Panelists: David Eliot - Special Risks Broker, Miller Insurance; Mark Fellows - Director, SNL Metals & Mining; Jonathan Molyneux - Partner, ERM; Hon Musa Mohammed Sada - Minister of Mines and Steel Dev’t, Nigeria; Tom Wilson - Head of Intelligence and Analysis, africapractice

Speaker: Lynne Featherstone MP - Under Secretary of State for International Development 09.20-09.40

The state of African mining Speaker: Chris Hinde - Director Reports, SNL


Country mining snapshot Ministers speak about mining in Angola, Botswana, Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Lesotho Hon Francisco Manuel Monteiro de Queiroz - Minister of Geology and Mines of The Republic of Angola; Tiyapo Hudson Ngwisanyi - CEO Geological Survey, Botswana Hon Pierre Oba - Minister of Mines and Geology, Republic of Congo; Hon Tolossa Shagi Moti - Minister of Mines of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia; Hon Alhaji Inusah Fuseini MP - Minister of Land and Natural Resources of Ghana; Hon Tlali Khasu - Minister of Mining Kingdom of Lesotho


Networking break


Country mining snapshot




Networking break


Investor presentation Speaker: Neil Woodyer - CEO, Endeavour Mining


Moderator: Heather Self - Partner, Pinsent Masons Panelists: Michael Jarvis - Senior Private Sector Development Specialist, World Bank; Adam Little - former Head of Tax, First Quantum Minerals; Zorka Milin - Yale Gruber Fellow, Global Witness; Muzong Kodi - Associate Fellow - Africa Programme, Chatham House; Hon Richard Musukwa, MP - Deputy Minister of Mines, Energy and Water Dev’t, Zambia 16.20-16.40


Panel Discussion: Increasing accountability: avoiding the ‘resource curse’ How can government, companies and civil society work together to ensure that mining revenues benefit the local communities?

Panelists: Charles Cooper - Associate Director, SNL Metals & Mining; Kevin Fox - Managing Director, Exploration for Africa, Europe and Asia, Rio Tinto; Tom Holl - Portfolio Manager, BlackRock Advisory; Hon Alhaji Inusah Fuseini MP - Minister of Land and Natural Resources of Ghana; Ludivine Wouters - CEO, Latitude Five


The unique challenges and opportunities of operating in Francophone Africa Moderator: Akshai Fofaria - Partner, Pinsent Masons Speakers: Hon Pierre Oba - Minister of Mines and Geology, Republic of Congo; Hon Boubou Cisse - Minister of Industry and Mines of Mali; Ludivine Wouters - CEO, Latitude Five

Moderator: Iain Duncan - Partner, Simmons & Simmons


Panel Discussion: The importance of tax and payment transparency Helping companies comply with increased reporting and changing tax rules - are they enough to convince host countries that they are getting a fair deal?

Panel Discussion: Attracting investment for African mining What countries can do to attract investment in a difficult market where raising finance is hard; miners are focused on reduced costs and shareholder returns.

Investor presentation Speaker: Farhad Abasov - CEO, Allana Potash

Ministers speak about mining in Mali, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Uganda and Zambia Hon Boubou Cisse - Minister of Industry and Mines of Mali; Hon Esperança Bias - Minister of Mineral Resources, Republic of Mozambique; Hon Isak Katali - Minister of Mines and Energy, Namibia; Hon Musa Mohammed Sada - Minister of Mines and Steel Dev’t, Nigeria; Hon Irene Muloni - Minister of Energy and Mineral Dev’t, Republic of Uganda; Hon Richard Musukwa, MP - Deputy Minister of Mines, Energy and Water Dev’t, Zambia

Panel Discussion: African mining risk assessment

Moderator: Hugh Morgan - CEO, First Charnock Panelists: Ed Harris - Head of Communications, Africa Progress Panel; Eric Joyce - Multi Stakeholder Advisory Group, EITI; Richard Morgan - Int'l Relations Government Advisor, Anglo American; Marinke van Riet - Int’l Director, PWYP

Investor presentation


Closing comments

Speaker: Fred Davidson - President, CEO and Director, Energold Drilling


Drinks reception hosted by Kevin Skipworth CVO - Agent General for Western Australia, and Ken Smith - Agent General for Queensland, Downer Room, Australian High Commission


4 | Mining On Top: Africa - London Summit 2014

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2014 Summit Programme (continued) Day 4 – Thursday, 26 June


Mali case study on creating shared value Gold refinery project TBC

The role of mining in development 08.30-09.00

Registration and coffee




Opening remarks



Supporting economic development in Africa

Panel Discussion: Environment and biodiversity considerations Building the price of environmental protection measures into operating costs; environmental protection and restoration; sustaining biodiversity.

Speaker: Tom Albanese - CEO, Vedanta Resources 09.25-09.40

The role of mining in development

Moderator: Eamonn Barrett - Partner, ERM

Speaker: Harry Anagnostaras-Adams - Non-Executive Chairman, KEFI Minerals 09.40-11.00

Panelists: Nicola Barnfather - Extractives Adviser, DFID; Susanne Schmitt - Extractives and Infrastructure Manager, WWF; Capt Peter Taylor - CEO, Mammoth Mining;

Panel Discussion: Mining company panel - The role of mining in development CEOs discuss what their companies do to support development through mining in Africa. Moderator: Sheila Khama - Director, African Center for Natural Resources, African Development Bank Panelists: Farhad Abasov - CEO, Allana Potash; Tom Albanese - CEO, Vedanta Resources; Brad Boyle - CEO, Triton Minerals; Antony Harwood - CEO, Montero Mining; Harry Anagnostaras-Adams, Non-Executive Chairman, KEFI Minerals


Investor presentation Speaker: Antony Harwood - CEO, Montero Mining TBC


Networking break


Panel Discussion: Enabling self-sustainability: the changing role of CSR in mining What is the acceptable level of contribution that mining companies should make to community development? How can companies balance support with enabling self- sustainability and the role of NGOs?


Networking break

Moderator: Henry Bellingham MP


Investor presentation

Panelists: Douglas Chikohora - CEO, Cluff Africa Associates; Ignacio de Calonje - Principal Investment Officer, IFC; Francesca Purcell - Head of Funding and Communications, emerge poverty free; Amanda van Dyke - Chair, WIM (UK);

Speaker: Brad Boyle - CEO, Triton Minerals 11.40-12.20

Panel Discussion: Creating shared value - beneficiation and local content Ensuring that mining benefits indigenous people by keeping value add services in continent. Is local content developed enough to provide what is required and how can additional capacity be built?


Closing keynote Speaker: Sheila Khama - Director, African Center for Natural Resources, African Development Bank

Moderator: Ian Satchwell - Director, IM4DC


Closing comments

Panelists: Andrew Bone - Director International Relations, De Beers; Dr Ana Elizabeth Bastida - Mining Programme Director, Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law & Policy, University of Dundee; Geoff de Mowbray - CEO, Dints International; Hon Isak Katali, Minister of Mines and Energy, Namibia; Ken Smith - Agent General, Queensland; Andrew van Zyl - CEO, Oakridge Solutions


IOM3 Mining Sundowner, Old Explorer 23 Great Castle Street, W1G 0JA (off Regent Street)

5 | Mining On Top: Africa - London Summit 2014

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Country roundtables programme Please note: the maximum capacity for the roundtable rooms is 60 people on a first come, first served basis. Day 2 – Tuesday, 24 June

Day 4 – Thursday, 26 June



Republic of Congo mining roundtable Hosted by Hon Pierre Oba, Minister of Mines and Geology, Republic of Congo (please note, this session will be conducted in French)

Hosted by Hon Francisco Manuel Monteiro de Queiroz, Minister of Geology and Mines 10.00-11.00


Botswana mining roundtable

Uganda mining roundtable


Hosted by Hon Irene Muloni, Minister of Energy and Mineral Development 16.30-17.30

Supported by Farhad Abasov - CEO, Allana Potash and Harry Anagnostaras-Adams - Non-Executive Chairman, KEFI Minerals 13.30-14.30


Mali mining roundtable Hosted by Hon Dr Boubou Cisse - Minister of Industry and Mines

Namibia mining roundtable Hosted by Hon Isak Katali, Minister of Mines and Energy

Supported by Hugh Morgan - CEO, First Charnock

Day 3 – Wednesday, 25 June

Ethiopia mining roundtable Hosted by Hon Tolossa Shagi Moti, Minister of Mines

Nigeria mining roundtable Hosted by Hon Musa Mohammed Sada, Minister of Mines and Steel Development

NW Province Republic of South Africa Hosted by Mr Darky Africa - Member of Executive Council: Economic Development and Tourism: NW Provincial Government, Republic of South Africa

Hosted by Tiyapo Hudson Ngwisanyi, CEO, Geological Survey 15.30-16.30

Angola mining roundtable

Supported by Tom Albanese - CEO, Vedanta Resources 15.00-16.00

Lesotho mining roundtable Hosted by Hon Tlali Khasu, Minister of Mining

Supported by Neil Woodyer - CEO, Endeavour Mining 14.00-15.00

Mozambique mining roundtable Hosted by Hon Esperança Bias, Minister of Mineral Resources Supported by Brad Boyle - CEO, Triton Minerals


Ghana mining roundtable Hosted by Hon Alhaji Inusah Fuseini MP, Minister of Land and Natural Resources


Zambia mining roundtable Hosted by Hon Richard Musukwa, MP - Deputy Minister of Mines, Energy and Water Development Supported by Clive Newall - President and Director, First Quantum Minerals

Ministers at the 2013 Mining On Top: Africa - London Summit

Directions from One Great George Street to the Australian High Commission for Drinks Reception on 25th June 18.00-20.00 25 minutes walking along Whitehall and The Strand, 10 minutes on the no.9 bus, or 5 minutes from Westminster to Temple on the District/ Circle line. 6 | Mining On Top: Africa - London Summit 2014

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Speaker profiles Farhad Abasov, President, CEO & Director, Allana Potash Farhad Abasov has been the President and CEO for Allana Potash since 2008. He has held senior executive positions and directorships with leading domestic and international resource, energy and finance companies. Farhad most recently served as Senior Vice President at Potash One. Prior to that he was Vice President, Portfolio Management and Vertical Integration for Uranium One, managing Uranium One’s large asset base in the United States. Farhad is a former member of Energy Metals management team. He has an MBA in International Business and Finance from the International University of Japan. Darky Africa, Member of Executive Council: Economic Development and Tourism: NW Provincial Government, Republic of South Africa Darky Ephraim Africa has worked extensively in civic and other structures since 1980. He was director of Lesedi Advice Centre and coordinator of a research structure in the Northern Cape in the early 1990’s. He also served as an Advisor to the Institute of Local Government. Darky was part of an underground unit that initiated the formation of Trade Union, Civics, Youth and Women’s organisations in the Northern Cape. He served in the underground structures of the ANC and the formation of Huhudi Civic Association where he was its publicity officer. He organised mineworkers under the banner of the South-African Mineworkers Union. Darky served as the President of South African Youth Congress in the Northern Cape. Darky has an MA in Political Transformation and Governance and an MA in Development Studies from the University of Free State. Tom Albanese, CEO, Vedanta Resources Tom Albanese is the former CEO of Rio Tinto. Tom joined Rio Tinto in 1993 when the company acquired Nerco, where Tom was COO. After joining Rio Tinto, Tom held a series of management positions before being appointed CEO of the Industrial Minerals group, after which he became CEO of the Copper group and later head of Exploration. In 2006 Tom was appointed director, Group Resources. Tom is on the board of Franco Nevada Corporation and the Board of Visitors for Duke University Fuqua School of Business in North Carolina. Tom holds an BSc in Mineral Economics and a MSc in Mining Engineering from the University of Alaska. Harry Anagnostaras-Adams, Non-Executive Chairman, KEFI Minerals Harry Anagnostaras-Adams was founder or co-founder of Citicorp Capital Investors Australia, investment company Pilatus Capital, Australian Gold Council, EMED Mining, KEFI Minerals and Cyprus-based Semarang Enterprises. He has overseen a number of start-ups in those and their related organisations, principally through the roles of Chairman, Deputy Chairman or Managing Director. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant while working with PricewaterhouseCoopers and has a Master of Business Administration from the Australian Graduate School of Management. Phil Bailey B Eng(Hons) C Eng M.I.Struct.E., Director of Engineering Services – Mabey Bridge Phil Bailey has worked in the construction and engineering industry for over 30 years. His experience covers design, manufacture and site installation on a diverse range of structures, from cable stay and suspension bridges, to large box girder bridges, as well as smaller, complex bridging solutions, including lift bridges for both road and rail. With experience at British Rail, Flint & Neil and Hyder Consulting, Phil has spent the last 2 years working as Director of Engineering at Mabey Bridge heading up the Mabey Bridge Engineering Team. He is responsible for the site erection and installation of Mabey fabricated structures both in the UK and Internationally, including projects in the Middle East, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

7 | Mining On Top: Africa - London Summit 2014

Dr Ana Elizabeth Bastida, Mining Programme Director, Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law & Policy, University of Dundee Ana Elizabeth Bastida specializes in law and governance of natural resources in a sustainable development context, particularly as apply to the extractive industries. She has more than twenty years experience working in academic, advisory and consultancy positions, and is involved in education and training projects. She is currently working on a book on minerals sector law and governance and is editing a special issue of Mineral Economics that brings together papers from a seminar held in London which working question was “Can Mining Be a Catalyst to Diversifying Economies? Emerging Experiences and Lessons”. Nicola Barnfather, Extractives Adviser (Environment), Department for International Development Nicola Barnfather is Extractive Industries Adviser with the Department for International Development. In this role she leads on environment and community issues at a Regional level within Africa, focusing on the sustainable growth of these sectors on behalf of the UK Government. Nicola has extensive biodiversity experience at both a practical and policy level, and spent almost 10 years with the Environment Agency in roles ranging from Biodiversity Adviser to Senior Engagement Adviser in cement and intensive farming. Dr Eamonn Barrett, Partner, Environmental Resources Management Dr Eamonn Barrett is a Partner at Environmental Resources Management. He has been active in major development projects in Africa for over 25 years, in mining and other sectors essential to mining development (e.g. power and infrastructure). He has a technical background in anthropology and biodiversity, and recent projects have included a major role in the multi-component impact assessments of a large scale iron ore project in West Africa. Eamonn is a graduate of Cambridge University. Henry Bellingham MP, North West Norfolk Henry Bellingham was elected as MP for North West Norfolk in 1983. During his political career Henry was PPS to Malcolm Rifkind and served on the Select Committees - Environment, Norther Ireland and Trade and Industry. Henry also served as Shadow Minister for Small Businesses, Enterprise and Construction, in the Whips Office and as Shadow Minister for Legal Services, the Court Service, the Judiciary and Family Law. In Hague’s government, Henry joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as the Minister for Africa, the Caribbean, the Overseas Territories, the UN and conflict issues. He also worked very closely with Lord Green, on export promotion. Henry was called to the Bar (Middle Temple) where he served as a barrister for 8 years having studied Law at Magdalene College, Cambridge. Hon Minister Esperança Bias, Minister for Mineral Resource, Republic of Mozambique Hon Esperança Bias has been the Minister for Mineral Resources of Mozambique since 2005, and throughout her career she has gained extensive experience in the oil and gas fields. Prior to this she was the Deputy Minister for the Mineral Resources and Energy, the Deputy Director of the Coal Programme Office, and Managing Director of the Polished Gems and Precious Stones Company. She is a member of the Central Committee of FRELIMO and an affiliate of the Association of Mozambican Economists. Hon Bias graduated in Management from the Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique. Andrew Bone, Director of International Relations, De Beers Andrew Bone started with De Beers as a diamond valuer and worked in various departments within the company’s Rough Diamond Division, including overseas secondments in South Africa and Belgium. Later, he became an

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Speaker profiles overseas buyer, managing buying offices, mainly in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Following a year in the Sales Department, he joined Marketing Liaison and Corporate Communications where he contributed to the establishment of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. He went on to develop the concept of the Diamond Development Initiative with the NGOs Partnership Africa Canada and Global Witness. Andy is also a director of the World Diamond Council and the Diamond Development Initiative, and is a visiting lecturer at the University of Westminster’s Business School. Brad Boyle, Managing Director, Triton Minerals Brad Boyle is the Managing Director of Triton Metals and also also Director of two not-for-profit organizations. Brad has extensive experience as legal counsel and company secretary, and has vast corporate and private practice experience acting for mining, commercial and government clients across a broad range of sectors. He also has extensive litigation experience including representing clients in mediations, Federal, Supreme, District and Magistrates Courts. Brad founded Monolithic Corporate Group which is a Legal and Corporate Compliance service company, based in Perth. Brad is a Chartered Company Secretary, having obtained a Graduate Diploma in Corporate Governance and a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, WA Law Society and the Australian Corporate Lawyers Association. Douglas Chikohora, CEO, Cluff Africa Associates Douglas Chikohora has over 30 years’ experience in the mining sector and has been responsible for identifying and developing some of the largest gold deposits in Africa. He has been a Director of a number of AIM listed companies and is currently is a director of Anglo African Agriculture and the Business Council for Africa. Qualified as a Chartered Engineer, his first position was at the Buchwa Mine. Following this, he joined RTZ in Zimbabwe before moving to Cluff Resources where he helped develop the Ayanfuri Mine in Ghana. Douglas was later appointed Managing Director of Cluff Mining and Technical Director of Cluff Gold. In 2010 he co-founded Cluff Africa Associates which is focused on developing a portfolio of assets in the African energy, industrial and base metals sectors. He holds an MSc, a CEng and is a member of IMMM. Hon Dr Boubou Cissé, Minister of Industry and Mines of Mali Hon Dr Boubou Cisse is the Minister of Industry and Mines of Mali. Dr Cissé joined the World Bank in Washington DC in 2005, where he held the position of Economist in charge of operations. He was promoted to senior economist and project manager of the human development division with the rank of advisor to the group general manager of the World Bank. He later became acting resident representative of the World Bank in Nigeria and Niger. During his career at the World Bank, Dr. Cissé published many books on economic and human development. Dr Cissé is a board member of the Nelson Mandela Foundation. He entered the government Oumar Ly Tatam in 2013. The Minister has an international education, completing his secondary level education in Germany and the United Arab Emirates, and ClermontFerrand in France. He there joined the Centre for Studies and Research on International Development, Université d’Auvergne, obtaining a MSc in both economics and development economics. Dr Cisse also holds a PhD in economics from the Université de la Méditerranée, Aix-Marseille II. Charles Cooper, Consultant, SNL Metals & Mining Charles Cooper is a consultant within SNL Metals & Mining. Prior to SNL Charles was the CEO of gold focused investment vehicle The Gold Mining Company. As an independent consultant with CRC Metals Consulting and Medea Financial, Charles provided a wide range of consultancy services within the metals and mining space including corporate and asset strategy, valuation and technical due diligence to a

8 | Mining On Top: Africa - London Summit 2014

number of companies ranging from exploration and mining to financial. Previous to this Charles was a sell-side mining analyst at Oriel and Evolution Securities. Charles began as a geologist followed by 10 years at metals’ consultancy, Brook Hunt. Charles has a BSc in Geology from Cardiff University and an MSc in Mineral Project Appraisal from Imperial College, London. Marcus Courage, CEO, africapractice Marcus Courgae directs the africapractice Group. He has fifteen years’ experience supporting African nations to attract investment and pursue preferential trade relationships. He has worked with multilateral agencies and a dozen African governments, as well as many of the largest private-sector investors in Africa. Prior to founding africapractice in 2003, Marcus was a Director and Head of International Government Affairs at Weber Shandwick Worldwide. Marcus studied at Eton and has a degree in Political Science and Government from Manchester University. Andy Churr, Partner, Management Consulting, Environmental Resources Management Andy Churr is a Partner in ERM’s management consulting practice. He has extensive experience working with executives of global mining companies to create and implement mine development, operation and closure strategies. A key component of this has focused on identifying ways to meet external stakeholder expectations whilst protecting and enhancing shareholder value across the full mining lifecycle. Frederick Davidson, President, CEO and Director, Energold Drilling Frederick Davidson, MBA CA, has been the President and CEO of Energold Drilling and a Board member since January 2001. From one single diamond drill in the year 2000, Energold has grown to more than 250 drill rigs and operates in more than 23 countries worldwide, offering global drilling solutions in geothermal/geotechnical drilling and drilling for energy, minerals and water. Fred is also the President and CEO of IMPACT Silver Corp in south-central Mexico. Fred was previously Vice President and CFO of TOTAL Energold, an energy and gold producer, and spent 10 years as CFO of Erikson Gold Mines and Mt Skukum. Ignacio de Calonje, Principal Investment Officer, IFC Ignacio de Calonje is Principal Investment Officer in IFC’s Infrastructure and Natural Resources Department. Prior to his posting in London, Ignacio was based in Istanbul and was responsible for IFC’s oil, gas and mining business in Europe, Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa. Before joining IFC in 2004, he worked for Lehman Brothers’ investment banking division in London and Madrid advising Spanish and UK corporate clients in mergers, acquisitions and debt capital market transactions. Ignacio has a Bsc in Business Administration from Universidad San Pablo-CEU (Madrid) and a MSc from Columbia University (New York). Marcio Senne de Moraes, External Affairs Global Director, Vale Marcio Senne de Moraes has vast experience in Corporate Affairs, socio-political risk analysis/mitigation and strategic stakeholder engagement and, previously, a political commentator and journalist covering international politics. Prior to joining Vale, Marcio worked for United Nations Organization in New York, UNESCO in Paris, and the newspaper Folha de São Paulo, as an assistant editor, reporter and senior international politics commentator. He also worked in the Finance and Strategic Planning Department at J. M. Voith, in Germany. Marcio holds a MSc in Political Science focused on International Relations from the Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris and a BSc Business administration, focused on marketing, from Fundação Getúlio Vargas in São Paulo, Brazil.

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Speaker profiles Manuel Duggal, CEO, MCD International Energy Solutions Manuel Duggal has over 20 years of International Trading Experience in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. During this time, he has worked in the Power and Environmental Engineering Sectors and has built up a comprehensive understanding of the Energy, Utility, Oil and Gas and Mining sectors. Manuel has worked with both private and publicly listed companies, latterly heading a commercial team in Africa as Regional Vice President at APR Energy. He recently founded his own Energy Consultancy and is currently working on the development of solar/ thermal hybrid, turnkey power generation projects for mines and utilities in Africa and Central Europe. Manuel has a BA in German and Management Studies from the University of Leeds. Iain Duncan, Partner, Simmons & Simmons Iain Duncan is a partner in the London office of the firm’s Corporate and Commercial department. He has extensive experience of advising on projects/transactions around the world in the mining, oil and gas, power and infrastructure sectors. Iain has spent six months on secondment at an international energy/natural resources major. Iain sits on the Council for MinSouth (the London based society for the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining). Geoffrey de Mowbray, CEO, Dints International Geoffrey de Mowbray is an experienced entrepreneur accustomed to working in fast-paced and high pressured environments interacting with individuals in all roles, from administrative to shareholders. Prior to establishing Dints International to develop effective, realistic and tangible solutions to supply chain problems for mining and infrastructure companies operating in Africa, Geoff founded Dints a London based design and build company focusing on high end residential property refurbishment in central London. With his family background in the United Nations and British Military Intelligence Geoff was involved in the creation of the de Mowbray Foundation whose primary purpose is to develop entrepreneurial talent throughout Africa. Francisco Manuel Monteiro de Queiroz, Minister of Geology and Mines of The Republic of Angola Francisco Manuel Monteiro de Queiroz was appointed Minister of Geology and Mines in the Government of the Republic of Angola in 2012. He started his career as Diplomatic Assistant Officer of the President of the Republic of Angola and reached the diplomatic status of Minister Counselor. Later, he served as Advisor to the President for Parliamentary and Political Affairs and Secretary to the President for Political and Constitutional Affairs. Mr Francisco Queiroz acted as a consultant to ENDIAMA for the reorganization of the diamond industry in Angola. He was Coordinator of the Committee which prepared the Mining Code, directed all public workshops and public consultations and made a presentation of the Draft Mining Code in the Council of Ministers and the National Assembly debates that adopted it in November 2011. Mr Francisco Queiroz has a degree in Law from University Agostinho Neto; a postgraduate degree in International Economic Law, from the University Agostinho Neto, Angola, and the University of São Paulo; and a MSc in Legal and Economic Sciences from the University of Lisbon. David Eliot, Special Risks Broker, Miller Insurance David Eliot joined Miller’s Special Risks team in 2002. David specialises in providing insurance-based solutions in political risk, trade credit, marine cargo, supply chain and terrorism risks. David has extensive knowledge of the London and international insurance and reinsurance markets capable of protecting a wide variety of clients’ risk exposures. Many of the tailored solutions provided have enabled operations and investments to become more financially and risk-attractive to stakeholders involved. David began his insurance career in 2000 based in the US, working in property and casualty insurance where he obtained

9 | Mining On Top: Africa - London Summit 2014

his Wisconsin Agent’s Licence and Associate in Surplus Lines Insurance designation. Rt Hon Michael Fallon MP, Minister of State for Energy in the Dept of Energy and Climate Change and Minister of State for Business and Enterprise in the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills Rt Hon Michael Fallon has been Member of Parliament for the Sevenoaks constituency since 1997. In March 2013 he was appointed Minister of State for Energy in the Dept of Energy and Climate Change, in addition to Minister of State for Business and Enterprise in the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills which he has held since September 2012. Prior to that Michael was a senior member of the Treasury Select Committee and Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party. He was educated at Craigflower School in Dunfermline, at Epsom College and at the University of St Andrews, where he obtained a MA in classics and ancient history. Dr Masuma Farooki, Senior Industry Analyst, Mining Studies, SNL Metals & Mining Dr Masuma Farooki is a Resources Policy Consultant at SNL Metals & Mining. She is a Development Economist, working on commodity related issues for developing countries, particularly in Africa. Her work involves analysis of global value chains, industrial and trade policies and mineral policies. Masuma has a PhD in Development Policy from the Open University, an MPhil in Development Studies from the Institute of Development Studies, Sussex and an MPhil in Economics from the GC University Lahore (Pakistan). Lynne Featherstone MP, Under Secretary of State for International Dev’t Lynne Featherstone MP was appointed as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for International Development in 2012. She is the Liberal Democrat MP for Hornsey and Wood Green. Lynne’s political career began in 1998 when she was elected to Haringey Council. She was later elected to the London Assembly, where she chaired the Transport Committee and served on the Health and Standards Committees and the Metropolitan Police Authority. She served as the Liberal Democrats’ International Development Spokesperson, before becoming their Youth and Equalities Spokesperson. Lynne previously served as Home Office Minister for Equalities and Criminal Information. Before entering politics, Lynne ran her own design company and was a strategic design consultant. Mark Fellows, Director SNL Metals and Mining Mark Fellows joined SNL in December 2013, as Director of the Metals and Mining Consulting business. Mark began his career as an exploration geologist with Anglo American, moving on to spend several years as an exploration geologist in east and west Africa. Formerly he was a mining analyst at Brook Hunt. In 2009 he formed a business researching the economics of precious metal mining in partnership with GFMS, which was sold to Thomson Reuters. His experience spans base metals, precious metals, iron ore, minor metals and diamonds. Akshai Fofaria, Partner, Pinsent Masons Akshai Fofaria is a Partner specialising in energy and natural resources projects and transactions. He has advised sovereign states, oil and gas, mining, and service companies in over 30 countries in Africa and the Middle East. His wider power experience was gained working on the UK and French new nuclear programmes, and on thermal and hydro-electric projects in France, Africa and India. Akshai regularly runs workshops for African regulators on natural resources transactions, and is a visiting lecturer in mining law at the French School of Mines. He is admitted to practice in both England and France and speaks English, French, Spanish and Gujerati. Akshai’s education includes an MA from Magdalene College, Cambridge and law qualifications from the Law Society of England and Wales and the Ordre des Avocats de Paris.

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Speaker profiles Robert Follie, Partner, Holman Fenwick Willan Robert Follie is a corporate Partner in HFW’s Paris office. He acts on a regular basis for several Major oil and gas companies on their international operations and their dealings with foreign governments. He also acts for companies in the renewables sector, notably in the framework of wind energy. Robert has considerable experience in West Africa in relation to complex M&A and commercial transactions. He also has a wide experience of mergers/acquisitions and disposals in the industrial sector involving multinational companies and also financial institutions. . Kevin Fox, Managing Director, Exploration for Africa, Europe and Asia, Rio Tinto Kevin Fox has worked in Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe in Mining and Exploration Geology roles, focused on base metals, uranium, coal and Diamonds. He moved to Brazil as Exploration Manager for Rio Tinto in 2000 working on exploration projects for diamonds, iron ore and bauxite and to Argentina in 2004 as General Manager of the Potasio Rio Colorado, Potash project. In late 2009 he assumed the role of Exploration Director – Africa Eurasia for Rio Tinto and in October 2011 Exploration Director – Africa Europe, based in London. Kevin graduated with a BA Geology, from Trinity College, Dublin and from Imperial College London an MSc/DlC in Mineral Production Management. Hon Alhaji Inusah Fuseini MP, Minister of Land and Natural Resources of Ghana Hon Alhaji Inusah Fuseini was appointed as the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources of the Republic of Ghana following the January national elections. The Honourable Minister trained as a teacher at the Bagabaga Training College and worked with the Ghana Education Service, prior to entering the University of Ghana where he graduated as a Bachelor of Law. Hon Fuseini then proceeded to the Ghana Law School and was called to the Bar in 2000. The Honourable Minister formerly worked as a teaching assistant at the University of Ghana, External Solicitor for organisations including Star Oil Company Limited and as Senior Associate at the Law Trust Company. Hon Fuseini is a board member of the National Investment Bank and Deputy Secretary for the Coalition of Muslim Organisations. The Honourable Minister is currently the Member of Parliament for the Tamale Central Constituency. Simon Gibbons, Technical Director, Environmental Resources Management Simon has over eighteen years’ experience in environmental site assessment, hydrogeological modelling, risk assessment and remediation projects. Prior to ERM, he was project manager for a remediation project for a multi-national oil company responsible for design and implementation of remedial solutions at a range of heavily contaminated sites across the UK and Ireland. Simon has also acted in the role of expert witness on sites impacted by hydrocarbon contamination and where litigation has required forensic analysis of the cause and critical review of 3rd party assessment of risk. Simon has a BSc in Environmental & Resource Geology from Manchester University, and an MSc in Hydrogeology from the University of Birmingham. Edward Harris, Head of Communications, Africa Progress Panel A former journalist, Ed Harris spent five years with Reuters in East Africa, producing multimedia stories while based in Djibouti, Eritrea, and then the Indian Ocean region. While there, he was the first western journalist for several years to report from the tense Ethiopian-Eritrean border and from rebel-controlled areas in eastern Sudan. He also filed stories for the BBC and the Economist. Since moving back to Europe, Ed spent two years in the communications team at the GAVI Alliance. He also managed DFID’s health portfolio in the former Soviet republics of Central

10 | Mining On Top: Africa - London Summit 2014

Asia, and advised USAID — following the 9/11 attacks — on how their Central Asian health programme could support the region’s political and social stability. He was educated at Oxford University and the School of Oriental and African Studies. Dr Antony Harwood, CEO, Montero Mining Dr Tony Harwood is an economic geologist with 30 years of international exploration and mining. Prior to Montero Tony was CEO of Africo Resources and previously VP Exploration of Placer Dome. Tony was also a lecturer at the University of Wales, Cardiff, University of Natal and University of Durban (South Africa). Tony is also a Director of Endeavour Mining and founder of Harwood International, a geological consulting company. Tony graduated from University of Wales, College Cardiff, with a BSc degree and PhD in Economic Geology. Dr Chris Hinde, Editorial Director, SNL Metals & Mining Chris Hinde is the editor of SNL Metals & Mining’s State of the Market report and former Editorial Director of Mining Journal, where he worked for 27 years. Chris previously worked with consulting companies SRK and Golders Associates, and gained underground mining expertise with Anglo American. He has a BSc in mining engineering from the University of Wales and a PhD in rock mechanics. Thomas Holl, Vice President and Portfolio Manager, BlackRock Thomas Holl is Vice President and portfolio manager at BlackRock. He is responsible for covering the mining and gold sectors. Tom joined MLIM where he was a member of the Global Equity and Real Estate teams as a member of the graduate training program. Tom has a BA in Land Economy from Magdalene College, Cambridge University. He is a CFA charterholder. David Hunter, Project Director, Mott MacDonald David Hunter has over twenty five years’ experience in international trade and demand forecasting, market development studies, port planning, freight logistics analysis, operational performance reviews, tariff studies and economic and financial appraisal. David has completed assignments on behalf of international funding agencies, as well as private sector investors and his project experience ranges from South America, Africa and Europe through to China and the Far East. Wayne Jansen, Global Head of Mining, KPMG ...

Roland Janssens, Deputy Head, Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund Roland has over 25 years of banking experience, gained in project and structured finance as well as M&A, corporate finance, private equity and venture capital transactions in both emerging and OECD countries. Prior to joining FMFM, Roland worked at Ermgassen (Monitor Group), EBRD, Citigroup and Merrill Lynch. Earlier in his career he worked in industry for Joseph E. Seagram & Sons. Michael Jarvis, Senior Private Sector Development Specialist, World Bank Michael Jarvis is a Senior Private Sector Development Specialist with the World Bank Institute, with an interest in private sector roles in development and strengthening ethical global business practices. He currently manages a programme promoting good governance of extractive industries, but has worked on a variety of corporate responsibility and

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Speaker profiles anticorruption efforts, including a business alliance to combat malnutrition. Prior to joining the World Bank, Michael worked on fair labour issues, promoting transparency in the arms trade, and as a consultant on historical corporate responsibility and legal compliance issues. Eric Joyce MP, UK Multi-Stakeholder Group EITI Eric Joyce is the MP for Falkirk and Deputy Chair of the EITI. Eric served as a private in the Black Watch before attending University and subsequently receiving a commission in the Royal Army Educational Corps. He left the army at the rank of major and served as the Public Affairs Officer at the Commission for Racial Equality in Scotland. Eric works extensively on African issues and other international development matters. Eric holds a BA in religious studies from University of Stirling, an MA in Education from the University of Bath and an MBA from Keele University. Hon Isak Katali, Minister of Mines and Energy, Namibia Hon Isak Katali was appointed Minister of Mines and Energy in 2010. He started his career as a supervisor for Consolidated Diamond Mines. He has spent much of his working life as teacher achieving the position of senior education planner in the north of the country, before his promotion to Deputy Minister status. Honourable Minister Katali was appointed as a non-voting member of the National Assembly in 2000, and was immediately appointed Deputy Minister of Lands, Resettlement and Rehabilitation. Hon Katali has held the positions of Regional Secretary of the Namibia National Teachers Union, Deputy Chairman of the Namibia Football Association and Deputy National Research Co-ordinator for Southern Africa Consortium for Monitoring Educational Quality. Hon Katali has a MEd, University of the Western Cape, BEd, University of Bristol, and a Diploma in Educational Management and Administration from, Moray House College of Education, Edinburgh. Sheila Khama, Director, African Center for Natural Resources, African Development Bank Sheila Khama is the Director of African Center for Natural Resources of African Development Bank. Sheila was previously the Chief Executive of De Beers Botswana. She has 13 years of experience in the mining sector, starting as the compliance officer for up to 20 subsidiaries of the then Anglo American Corporation and De Beers Group in Botswana. She has also served as a non-executive director of several companies including Debswana Diamond Company which contributes 60% De Beers’ diamond stocks. Sheila holds an MBA degree from the Edinburgh University Business School in Scotland and a BA from the University of Botswana. Hon Tlali Khasu, Minister of Mining Kingdom of Lesotho Honourable Tlali Khasu was appointed to the position of the Minister of Mining in June 2012. He was elected a Member of Parliament for Peka No. 17 in May 2012 to represent the All Basotho Convention (ABC) Political Party. Honourable Khasu holds an Msc Engineering Economist (Transport) from the University of Transport, Dresdent in Germany while he obtained a Diploma de Baealaureat at Lieceul Emmanuel Gojdu. Dr Muzong Kodi, Associate Fellow, Africa Programme, Chatham House Dr Muzong Kodi has a background in anti-corruption and governance and human rights in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Dr Kodi has held senior roles with the International Secretariat for Transparency International in Berlin, Amnesty International in London, the African Centre for Monetary Studies in Dakar and the University of Nairobi and Professeur Associat Lubumbashi. Dr Kodi is the author of a number of publications and is often quoted as an expert on the DRC.

11 | Mining On Top: Africa - London Summit 2014

Cate Lamb, Head of water program, CDP Cate Lamb has 9 years experience in the environmental and sustainable development fields and a strong technical, scientific and project management background. As the head of CDP’s water program, Cate is responsible for ensuring that the program remains the gold standard for disclosure of corporate water-related information globally and moves rapidly to deliver significant changes in corporate behaviour towards water. Cate holds a BSc in Environmental Science from Lancaster University. James Lewis, Partner, Holman Fenwick Willan James Lewis has over 20 years’ experience in a broad range of international and domestic corporate finance transactions. James advises clients in the mining industry, energy industry, commodities sector and insurance industry and has recently acted on a number of high profile transactions. James is recognised as a leader in Equity Capital Markets in Legal 500 UK 2010, in M&A in Legal 500 UK 2013, in Corporate and Regulatory Insurance in Legal 500 UK 2013, in Insurance: Non-contentious in Chambers 2012, and in Legal Business’ Legal Experts 2009. Adam Little, Head of Tax, First Quantum Minerals Adam Little has focused on taxation in the Oil and gas and energy sectors for more than ten years. Now he is semi-retired and offers taxation advice to First Quantum Minerals on a consultancy basis. He was Director, International Tax & Financial Governance for SunCor Energy and Petro Canada and held various roles in tax at BP. More recently Adam became Trustee for the Disabled Living Foundation. He has a BSc in Economics from the University of Essex. Rebecca Major, Partner, Herbert Smith Freehills Rebecca Major has 20 years’ experience advising on energy and mining related acquisitions, disposals, projects and project finance transactions all over the world. She is qualified to advise on both English and French law, has worked in London, Paris and Tokyo and is fluent in French. Rebecca returned to the Herbert Smith Paris office in September 2013 after spending a total of 5 years in Tokyo where she advised Sumitomo Corporation on its investment and ongoing involvement in the Ambatovy nickel and cobalt mining project in Madagascar. Lord Jonathan Marland, Chairman, Commonwealth Business Council Lord Jonathan Marland is Chairman of Commonwealth Business Council. He was awarded a life peerage in 2006 as Baron Marland of Odstock. Before entering Government, Lord Marland was Opposition Whip in the Lords as well as Opposition Spokesperson for the Cabinet Office. Outside of politics, Lord Marland was one of the founding directors of Jardine Lloyd Thomson, a multinational insurance business and also founded the Jubilee insurance company at Lloyd’s of London. He led the acquisitions of Hunter Wellington Boots, Insurance Capital Partners, Janspeed Performance and Wisden Cricketer Magazine. He is a Trustee of Peggy Guggenheim (UK), the Churchill Society, Atlantic Partnerships, the Mayor of London’s Fund for Young Musicians and chairman of Tickets for Troops. He is the President of Salisbury City F.C. and a member of the MCC. Zorka Milin, Yale Gruber Fellow, Global Witmess Zorka Milin is currently serving as a Yale Law School Gruber Fellow in Global Justice, collaborating with Global Witness on advancing tax and revenue transparency in the extractive sectors. She has practiced international tax law with Linklaters LLP and Allen & Overy LLP in New York for over five years. She sits on the Tax Committee of the US Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, and her article “Global Tax Justice

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Speaker profiles and the Resource Curse: What Do Corporations Owe?” appears in peer-reviewed academic journal Moral Philosophy and Politics. Zorka holds JD and LL.M. law degrees from Cornell Law School and MA in Global Affairs from Yale University. Jonathan Molyneux, Managing Partner EMEA Sustainability and Climate Change, Environmental Resources Management Jonathan Molyneux manages the sustainability and climate change business for ERM. Jonathan joined ERM in 2011 as the Gloabl Head of Safety Transformation in mining. Jonathan began his career in various consulting roles with Cap Gemini Consulting. He has a BSc Engineering Science, Exeter University and an MBA from Manchester Business School. James Montgomery, Divisional Director - Environment, Mott MacDonald James Montgomery has over 35 years of experience working in water resources management, starting as a hydrogeologist working in Nigeria, Cameroon and Oman before becoming involved in catchment scale and national scale water resources management across Africa, the UK and the Middle East. He has worked on developing water resources management for governments in Mauritius, Pakistan, Oman, Uganda and Malawi where he was responsible for institutional strengthening of various ministries of water and environment. He has worked on major infrastructure projects in mining, water supply, transport, oil and gas, and power. He has led major EIA teams, focusing his own technical inputs on water resources issues. Hugh Morgan, CEO, First Charnock Hugh Matheson Morgan AC, was the CEO of Western Mining Corporation. Hugh is known for his advocacy of the nuclear industry and skepticism about global warming. Hugh was a Director of Alcoa, appointed to the board of the Reserve Bank of Australia, and Chair of BioDiem. As Chair of the International Council on Metals and the Environment (later ICMM), he helped launch the Global Mining Initiative. Among his other many roles Hugh was Co-Chairman, Commonwealth Business Council, President of the Business Council of Australia and Chair of the World Gold Council. He also was the Founding Chairman of the Asia Society AustralAsia Centre. He is a graduate in Law and Commerce from the University of Melbourne. Richard Morgan, Int’l Relations Government Advisor, Anglo American Richard Morgan is International Government Relations Advisor for Anglo American. Prior to this Richard was Head of Public Diplomacy at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Director Communications and Public Affairs for Africa, Middle East and Turkey for Unilever and Head of Press and Public Affairs in the British Embassy in Paris. Richard worked as First Secretary in Political and development at the British High Commission South Africa and on the Middle East desk at the FCO in London. He began his career in the press office at the British Embassy Tokyo as Commercial officer. Richard holds a BA in Modern Languages from the University of Oxford. Hon Tolossa Shagi Moti, Minister of Mines of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia ...

12 | Mining On Top: Africa - London Summit 2014

Hon Irene Muloni, Minister of Energy and Mineral Development, Republic of Uganda Irene Nafuna Muloni is the Minister of Energy and Mineral Development in the Uganda Government and the Woman Member of Parliament for Bulambuli District. Irene has worked in various roles with the Government Electricity Utility; and in the telecommunications sector she served as an Executive Engineer. She serves as the Chairperson of the Board of Directors for Finance Trust Bank, the 1st Women’s Bank in Uganda. Irene was the Winner of the “Sarah Ntiiro Award” 2003; a recognition as a “Model of excellence” by the Forum for Africa Women Educationists (FAWE). She is an advocate for gender equality, women’s empowerment and utilization of science and technology for sustainable development. She has served on countless governmental and non-governmental boards and committees. Irene holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Makerere University, Kampala an MBA from Capella University, Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is a Corporate Member of the Uganda Institution of Professional Engineers, a Certified Public-PrivatePartnership Specialist, and a Professional Balanced Scorecard Practitioner. Hon Richard Musukwa, MP, Deputy Minister of Mines, Energy and Water Dev’t, Zambia Hon Richard Musukwa, MP, is the Deputy Minister of Mines, Energy and Water Development. This is a portfolio he has held ever since the Patriotic Front Party formed Government in Zambia in September, 2011. Hon. Musukwa is a qualified natural scientist who worked for Konkola Copper Mines, one of the largest mines in Zambia, for ten years. He also served as the National Treasurer for the Miners Union for six years. He is therefore well experienced in mining related issues from both the Government and private sector perspectives. Clive Newall, President and Director, First Quantum Minerals Clive Newall has worked in mining and exploration throughout his career, having held senior management positions with Amax Exploration and the Robertson Group. Clive was a founder and has been President and Director of First Quantum Minerals since its start up in 1996. He is also a non-executive director of Gemfields and Baker Steel Resource Trust. Clive graduated from the Royal School of Mines, University of London with an honours degree in Mining Geology, and was awarded an MBA from the Scottish Business School at Strathclyde University. Tiyapo Hudson Ngwisanyi, CEO, Geological Survey Botswana Tiyapo Hudson Ngwisanyi is CEO of the Department of Geological Survey. He has been with the Department since 1988 where he started as Assistant Geophysicist and progressed to become head of Geophysics Division and eventually Director in 2010. While in the Geophysics Division Tiyapo oversaw all geophysical operations in the country, notably the acquisition of airborne magnetic data. Currently Botswana has over 80% detailed high resolution aeromagnetic data coverage. Tiyapo graduated from the Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada, with a BSc in Applied Geophysics and also holds an MSc in Exploration Geophysics from ITC in the Netherlands. Hon Pierre Oba, Minister of Mines and Geology, Republic of Congo Pierre Oba has been the Minister of Mines and Geology of the Republic of Congo for the last two governments. Previously he has served as both Minister of the Interior, Security and Territorial Administration and Minister of Security and Police. Before his entrance into government, he obtained one of the highest ranks among the Congolese police force and held the position of Director General of Public Security.

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Speaker profiles Antonio Pedro, Director of UNECA’s Sub-regional Office for Eastern Africa Antonio Pedro is a mineral exploration geologist with over 30 years of experience of development issues. Previous leadership positions include Director-General of the Southern and Eastern African Mineral Centre in Tanzania and Managing Director of several state-owned mining companies in Mozambique. Previously, Antonio was the Chief of Infrastructure and Natural Resources Development at the ECA headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Antonio is Co-Chair of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network group on the Good Governance of Extractive and Land Resources, Honorary Fellow in the Graduate School of Natural Resources Law, Policy and Management (CEPMLP) of the University of Dundee, and Director of the Global Agenda Council on Responsible Mineral Resources Managements of the World Economic Forum, and on the Advisory Board of the Vale Columbia Centre on Sustainable International Investment, a joint centre of Columbia Law School and the Earth Institute at Columbia University. Francesca Purcell, Head of Funding and Communications, emerge poverty free Francesca Purcell is Head of Funding and Communications for emerge poverty free an INGO and sits within the Strategic Management Team. Over the last 10 years Fran has worked extensively in the field of fundraising, specialising in national and international partnership development. She has established and supported numerous cross sectorial partnerships to empower local communities, working with organisations from the FTSE 100 based in the UK, South East Asia and sub Saharan Africa. Her expertise is embedded within INGO and private sector engagement for devising and implementing sustainable community development projects, incorporating cross sector knowledge, expertise and funds. In the last three years Fran has completed an MSc in Development, as well four studies in Kenya, Burundi and Bangladesh. Hon Musa Mohammed Sada, Minister of Mines and Steel Dev’t, Nigeria Arc. Musa Mohammed Sada has served in various capacities both in the private and public sectors. Having served meritoriously in that capacity from April 2010 to May 2011, he was reappointed to continue as the Minister of Mines and Steel Development Nigeria in July 2011. Prior to his appointment as a Minister in April 2010, Arc. Musa Mohammed Sada was a lecturer at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria where he graduated in Architecture. Musa Mohammed Sada also holds an MBA from the same University and other Professional Qualifications including Fellow, Nigerian Institute of Architects, Architect Registration Council of Nigeria, Member, Nigerian Institute of Management, Fellow, Institute of Industrialist and cooperate Administration of Nigeria. Ian Satchwell, Director, Int’l Mining for Development Centre, The University of Western Australia and The University of Queensland Ian Satchwell is Director of the International Mining for Development Centre, a joint venture between The University of Western Australia and The University of Queensland, supported financially by the Australian Government. The Centre provides practical advisory, education and training services to developing nations across miningrelated issues, including infrastructure planning and delivery. Ian has 28 years of experience in mining, infrastructure and development policy at national and international levels, operating at the business-governmentcommunity interface. He has held management roles in Australian-based economics consultancy firms, advising industry and government on a resources development issues. Previously, Ian was an executive within four different minerals and energy industry bodies.

13 | Mining On Top: Africa - London Summit 2014

Dr Susanne Schmitt, Extractives and Infrastructure Manager, WWF Susanne Schmitt has 20 years of experience in working on the nexus of conservation, sustainable-use and development, working for WWF for the past 15 years in different roles. First she worked on sustainable plant use issues in countries as diverse as Nepal, Kenya, India, Papua New Guinea and Romania. More recent conservation programmes in Papua New Guinea and the Congo Basin brought into stark focus the challenges posed by the rapid growth of the extractives and infrastructure sector, and the urgent need to work on reducing biodiversity loss. Susanne is now managing WWF-UK’s work on extractives and infrastructure. She holds a degree in Geography and Economics from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London and a DPhil in Tropical Ecology from Oxford University. Heather Self, Partner, Pinsent Masons Heather Self is a non-law Partner at Pinsent Masons with almost 30 years of experience in tax. She has been Group Tax Director at Scottish Power, where she advised on numerous corporate transactions, including the $5bn disposal of the regulated US energy business. She also worked at HMRC on complex disputes with FTSE 100 companies, and was a specialist adviser to the utilities sector, where she was involved in policy issues on energy generation and renewables. She is a member of the CBI Tax Committee and a former Chairman of the CIOT Technical committee. While at HMRC, she was a member of the joint working group on the development of the new Controlled Foreign Companies regime. Heather is a CEDR accredited mediator. Heather has an MA in Mathematics, from the University of Cambridge, is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Taxation. Craig Sillars, Sector Specialist - Mining, Environment and Water, UK TI Craig Sillars Heads up the Global Mining Supply Chain Initiative to promote UK expertise across finance, water, energy, infrastructure, innovation and environment across global markets. Craig Sillars is one of the UK’s leading contaminated land experts and has established several consulting businesses in order to be at the forefront of developing the UK’s specialist remediation capability. He was recruited to start a new business within Churngold Remediation Limited, where he became Managing Director of the Group. Craig began his career in engineering roles at Environmental Services Limited, Applied Geology and Geotechnics. Craig graduated from The University of Edinburgh with a BSc in Geology and Newcastle University with an MSc in Engineering Geology The University of Edinburgh. Kevin Skipworth CVO, Agent General for Western Australia Kevin Skipworth has responsibility for Western Australia throughout Europe. Prior to his appointment in 2012, Kevin served the last five Governors of Western Australia as Official Secretary and Chief Executive Officer, Governor’s Establishment. Kevin has had a distinguished career in the Western Australian public sector since joining the Public Works Department in 1964. He has served successive State Governments as Private Secretary to four Ministers of the Crown in various portfolios. Kevin also held the position of Director of Administration of the European Office. He was appointed as a Justice of the Peace in 1986. On return to Western Australia, he became Chief of Protocol in the Department of the Premier and Cabinet. Kevin’s service to successive Governors and the Governments of Western Australia was recognised in April 2000 when he was appointed Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order and in 2011, Her Majesty The Queen promoted Kevin to Commander of the Royal Victorian Order.

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Speaker profiles Ken Smith, Agent General for Queensland Ken Smith served in the Queensland public service for over the twenty years. Starting in the NSW Department of Housing, Health and Community Services and for a time in the Northern Territory and Tasmania. Ken came to Queensland in 1990, and rose from his original position as General Manager of Housing to Director General of the department. As politics changed Ken left government for a time and worked for the Blue Nursing service and then for the BCC. He returned to Queensland public service as Director General of the Department of Families, Youth, Community Care and Disability Services. Over the next ten years he was head of a number of departments, including CoG. In 2007, he became the Director General of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, and in 2011, he was appointed the Agent-General and Trade Commissioner for Europe and Africa, stationed in London. Ken studied at the University of New South Wales and graduated with a Masters Degree in social work. Capt Peter Taylor, CEO, Mammoth Mining Peter Taylor, who founded Mammoth Mining in October 2013 seeking seed capital of about $1-$1.5m to bring modern mining techniques to the search for mammoth ivory in order to save African Elephants. Peter is an engineer with almost 30 years experience in the mining and aviation industries. He was chief operating officer at Africa-focused iron-ore explorer Affero Mining until it was sold to IMIC at the end of 2013 and previously a pilot at BMI. He is a graduate of Camborne School of Mines. Sarah Thomas, Partner, Pinsent Masons Sarah Thomas has been “recommended” both as a water lawyer and as a construction lawyer both by Chambers & Partners and Legal 500. Sarah specialises in major infrastructure projects, particularly in the water, energy, mining and waste sectors. Sarah has advised both contractors and mine owners (including Anglo American) on E&P (Engineering and Procurement), EPC and EPCM contracts in iron ore, thermal coal, acid processing, diamond and copper mines in Africa, South America, Russia and Australia. Sarah is also praised in Legal 500 Mining and Minerals section for her “good negotiation skills”. Sarah holds an MA in Law from St. John’s College, Oxford University. Simon Tillotson, Partner, Environmental Resources Management Simon Tillotson has over 25 years of experience in integrated water management, site closure, demolition and decommissioning, mine site remediation, soil and groundwater remediation, waste management, wastewater engineering and environmental engineering. He has project managed and directed projects throughout the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe, Africa, and Asia for local authorities, major UK and US corporate clients, and national governments. Simon leads the development of the integrated water management practice within the EMEA region for ERM and is part of the Global team focused on the use of water evaluation and management tools to provide advice to clients on water availability and the environmental and social impacts and implications of water use and concepts of privilege to operate. Amanda Van Dyke, Chair, Women in Mining Amanda Van Dyke is a Mining Equity Specialist at Palisade Capital Corp. Amanda’s speciality is raising capital and alternative financing for junior mining companies globally. Amanda worked in the diamond industry as a Gemologist before obtaining an MBA and MA International Economics from SDA Bocconi in Milan, and she has worked with Dundee Securities, Ocean Equities, and GMP Securities. As Chairman of Women in Mining UK, Amanda has played a key role in making WIM UK a significant participant in the ongoing development of the global mining industry.

14 | Mining On Top: Africa - London Summit 2014

Marinke van Riet, Int’l Director, PWYP Marinke van Riet is the International Director of the civil society movement Publish What You Pay (PWYP) based in London. Prior to PWYP, Marinke worked at Marie Stopes International in Madagascar and Ghana. She also has experience in DRC, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Mali, Malawi, Uganda and Kenya, working for a microfinance institution and a network focusing on pro-poor transport policies and practices. Her interest in natural resource governance stems from her realisation that African countries wouldn’t have to be poor if they only managed their natural wealth reasonably and equitably. Andre van Zyl - CEO, Oakridge Solutions Andre is an social entrepreneur whose past experience includes operational military duty, owner of a start-up that developed the first commercial PC based, fully integrated, accounting system for the South African market, IT director for Lloyds based President Insurance, a South Africa insurance company, and 10 years with BP as Global Business Solutions Architect and International Programme Manager for a number of large scale business transformation solutions across 32 countries. Neil Woodyer, CEO, Endeavour Mining Neil Woodyer is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Endeavour Mining. He is responsible for implementing the strategic growth plan and co-ordinating and directing the management team. Neil has more than 30 years experience in the natural resource business, including as Chief Executive Officer of Lloyds International Trading, a subsidiary of Lloyds Bank plc specializing in project and trade finance and commodity trading and of Amalgamated Metal Corporation group of New York and Latin America-based metal trading and mining finance companies. Neil is a director of Pacific Rubiales Energy Corp. and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. Thomas Wilson, Head of Intelligence and Analysis, africapractice Thomas Wilson leads afircapractice’s Intelligence and Analysis work. He heads a team of political and sector analysts across eight offices that track and analyse political and commercial developments assisting our clients to navigate complex dynamics, anticipate change and mitigate risks. Thomas is an experienced political risk consultant with a detailed knowledge of African politics and a specific expertise on resource politics. Thomas has specific experience of advising extractives companies on political and policy risk and has worked with extractives companies to manage complex political challenges in over 20 countries including Angola, Republic of Congo, DRC, Gabon, Guinea, Kenya, Madagascar, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Thomas has a degree in History from Nottingham University. Ludivine Wouters, CEO, Latitude Five Ludivine is an independent corporate development consultant, advising listed and private mining companies focusing on exploration and production of diamonds, gold and base metals in Africa and the Middle East. She provides corporate growth and strategy advice focusing on external growth opportunities, as well as transaction management services in relation to joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, divestments and fundraisings. Prior to this, she worked briefly in political risk insurance within a Lloyd’s insurance syndicate before acquiring six years of legal experience in corporate law, mergers and acquisitions and capital markets with Debevoise & Plimpton and Herbert Smith in Paris. Ludivine is also a director of the UK network of Women in Mining.

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Mining On Top: Arctic – Helsinki Summit

2014 v o N 2 1 11lsinki Hall, He t

e Talo Hus

Uncovering the mineral riches under the ice

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* Early bird until 10 Oct

The Arctic region presents an intriguing opportunity for mining companies and investors. Attracted by Tier 1 iron ore grades, Arcelor Mittal is investing $4.1bn in developing Baffin Island in the frozen north of Canada. London Mining is looking to raise $2.5bn to build a new iron ore mine in Greenland. With the ice thinning and receding to reveal more minerals, is the Arctic the next frontier for mining? Mining On Top: Arctic Summit gathers together all the stakeholders in Arctic mining to consider the implications of development in the region: • Sustainable practice • Environmental protection • Resourcing and skills • Equipment sourcing • Militancy and wage inflation • Securing consent

• Raising finance • Beneficiation and indigenization • Logistical challenges • Local content development • Transparency in governance

To register online please visit Follow us on @MiningOnTop Please contact: Ros Lund e: t: +44 20 7398 1826; +44 75 5166 2813

Join governments, mining companies, investors, suppliers and civil society from across the Arctic region at this important Summit.

Be part of the future of one of the least developed and most prospective areas on earth.

Mining On Top is part of SNL Metals & Mining

Mining On Top: Africa - London Summit 2014




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