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Year 8 ((

Would you like to be the year eight co-ordinator for the year 20007" My first reaction was "What a ridiculous idea." However now almost a year down the track I would have to say I have changed my opinion on this question. As Year Eight Co-ordinator for the year 2000 I have found working with this particular group of boys most rewarding, challenging and on very few occasions frustrating . Right from the start of the year with Welcome Day and a memorable BBQ lunch and afternoon of beach activities this group was very co-operative. They quickly settled into secondary school life making the transition from primary school smoothly and with apparent ease. The boys soon adapted to the secondary school routine and began to take responsibility for their movement around the school and generally being organised for each day. The four year eight form teachers have had a large part to play in the day to day organisation and establishing a daily routine within their form classes. Over the year this group of students has enthusiastically taken part in a wide variety of activities, educational, cultural, sporting, leisure and civic. We pegan early in Term One with the Study Skills Programme introduced by Mr John Willetts, to get the boys on track. The programme was continued through form period by Ms Granich and followed in Term Two by one on Bullying . Currently a programme on Drug Awareness is being delivered to all year eight boys.

Successful excursions have been undertaken to Perth Zoo and to Various venues around Fremantle, including the Francis Burt Law centre and the Fremantle Prison as well as a little light leisure at Pot Black and Superbowl. We have had many sporting successes over the year in carnivals and team sports which are reported elsewhere in this annual. One of the highlights that involved all of the year eight boys in quite a rigorous programme of preparation, was the English Speaking Board Examinations in which the they participated enthusiastically and with pleasing results. In every situation where the year eight group has come in contact with members of the public or with organisers and guides at the various venues we have attended the reports on behaviour, manners and courtesy have been exemplary. Th is is one of the nicest and most rewarding features of being a year co-ordinator and for this I would like to thank the year eight boys and also their form teachers who have worked diligently with them this year. In addition I would like thank the year eight parents, with whom I have had to work on several occasions, for their support. Finally to the year eight boys I will say as you go into year nine in the year 2001 there will be changes and perhaps more or at least different expectations placed upon you . I feel confident that you will not disappoint yourself, your parents or your year coordinator. I wish you well for 2001 and the remaining years you have at CBC.

MrTom Rees


CBC Fremantle Annual 2000  
CBC Fremantle Annual 2000