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After weeks of hazing, grueling working conditions and general abuse, a new leader in the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity pledge class has emerged to bring an end to the struggle against the older fraternity members. The pledge, first-year College student Mo Sussman, was originally believed to have dropped out of pledging after he disappeared for several days earlier in March, but he has returned to help his fellow pledges. “Let my people go,” Sussman said upon his return. The older PIKA brothers initially scoffed at Sussman’s demands, but became nervous when he threw his snapback to the ground and it morphed into a serpent. Sussman

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Pika slave (pledge) rises to lead

Sussman seeks Groves’ assistance, offers numerous complaints through official channels, Dean smites harsh bros added that he had been in communication with Dean of Students Allen Groves, who made a covenant with Sussman to help end the hazing against PIKA pledges once and for all. “Who is this Dean Groves, and why should I listen to what he has to say?” asked PIKA president Michael Haines, a third-year College student. “I know not this Dean Groves, neither will I stop hazing my pledges.” But just days later, PIKA leadership was informed that a formal complaint had been filed against the fraternity and that an investigation would begin. Soon after that, the Office of the Dean of Students demanded PIKA initiate all new members immediately. PIKA was also banned from hosting social events in its house. “I am that I am,” Groves said when asked for comment on the sanctions. Despite Grove’s actions, PIKA refused to stop hazing pledges, even worsening the experience for the new members.

“Your dean does not intimidate me,” Haines said to Sussman at the time. Sussman remained calm and started to garner more support from the other new members. Sussman asked Haines again to end the hazing, suggesting things would only get worse. In days following, Groves suspended PIKA’s Fraternal Organization Agreement, ending all fraternity activities while investigation proceeded. PIKA nationals were also informed of the investigation and threatened to limit the fraternity’s funding for the future if it did not comply. “I am your Dean of Students, and I will bring you out from under the burdens of the Pi Kappa Alpha brotherhood,” Groves said to the pledges. “And I will rid you out of their bondage, and I will redeem you with a stretched out arm, and with great judgments. And I will take you to me for a people, and I will be to you a Dean: and ye shall know that I am the Dean for your people, which bringeth you out from under the burdens of

Source re-books wedding

Maury 209 ceremony saddens bride-to-be, University alumna Sarah Johnston The Source has come under fire in recent years for its lengthy ninestep reservation process, developed together by early hominids and the Just hours before she was to be organizers of Last walked down the aisle, Sarah JohnOctober, a small group of students ston reportedly found herself with a staged a protest in front of Universi“less-than-ideal” wedding venue afty President Teresa Sullivan’s house ter the Source reassigned her from on Carr’s Hill after the Source reasthe Chapel to Maury 209. signed their information session to “I used the system of Univer“the dumpster outside Newcomb.” sity reservations to reAfter negotiations with quest the Chapel back in the Source yielded Ern April of 2007,” Johnston Commons as the only other said. “Now, they’re telling option, the students called me I can’t even have the for a meeting with Sullivan. Newcomb Kaleidoscope They were ultimately denied room.” access, and subsequently deJohnston said Maury cided they “had better stick 209 was not the best space with the dumpster.” to be bound in holy matThough expressing gratirimony to fellow College tude she didn’t wind up with graduate Ryan Young, Ern “literally the worst” who she intends to spend Commons, Johnston said the rest of her life with afshe is still frustrated with the ter taking the first step at University system. a symbolic and tradition“Is this really the best a steeped ceremony. top-ranked University can Marshall Bronfine | The Cavalier Daily “Call me crazy, but I do?” she said, fixing her veil always imagined I would Poor, poor Sarah Johnston had to book her wedding through the in the hall next to a group actually have an aisle to Source. Instead of getting the Chapel, above, she got Maury 209. of ROTC students waiting walk down at my wedin line to use the single-stall ding,” said Johnston, who to Sarah and Ryan’s event, but I’m bathroom. “I know this is only the is trying to be flexible but is still a little worried I won’t be able to most important day of my life, but I pretty bummed her 85-year-old make it now,” said Morgan, who is just expected more.” father can no longer give her away authorized by God and the Church At press time, Johnston was because the building is not handi- to perform the sacred rituals of reli- arguing with a group of three stucap-accessible. gion and has chapter all the way up dents holding a papaya claiming A look at the Source indicated Rugby until seven. “I’ll try to book they had reserved Maury 209 for a the Chapel will now host the Honor it over there, but I just don’t know.” Micronesia Day celebration.

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Roundtable, an annual event put on by the Majority Rights Coalition and Phi Delta Theta fraternity. Anxiety about the switch, meanwhile, has not been confined to the betrothed, with Thomas Morgan — the couple’s priest picked to lead the ceremony — also expressing concerns about the lastminute change in location. “I’ve always been planning to go

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First-year pledge Mo Sussman rose from among his pledges to take down the Pika brothers through formal complaint channels, sources from inside the fraternity reported Monday-ish.

the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity.” At this point, Sussman gave one final opportunity for Haines to end the hazing. “Thus saith Dean Groves, at about midnight I will go out into the midst of your fraternity, and Pi Kappa Alpha shall lose its charter,” he said. “And there shall be a great cry throughout

all of Pi Kappa Alpha, such as there was none like it, nor shall be like it any more.” Haines refused to give into Sussman's and Grove’s demand, and this past weekend, PIKA lost its charter. The pledges left the fraternity, but are expected to have trouble navigating the wilderness that is fall dirty rush.

SELFISHNESS Old hero dies long, painful death Continued from page 1 Ensey questioned whether the University’s heavy-handed policies in fraternity life, student government appropriations and Residence Life, along with blatantly ignoring student concerns about the Living Wage and removal of the Rotunda’s magnolia trees, had negatively affected student self-governance’s health. Ensey was last seen having a conversation with Lampkin at the edge of a short pier and The Cavalier Daily could not confirm his whereabouts. Andy Petters, assistant dean for Residence Life, said he had worked tirelessly to keep student self-governance alive. “We always work to empower [Resident Advisors],” Petters said. “Unless they are running a program, because the requirements make sense. Or if they’re addressing an incident, because we really need professional involvement when it comes to incidents. And don’t get me started on Band-Aids, because we just cannot trust our RAs with Band-Aids.” Members of the Minority Rights Coalition were not present at the event. Faculty Senate Chair Dr. Christopher Holstege represented the faculty, asking the librarians to represent themselves separately.

“As mostly Ph.D. academics who have not spent time outside a university since high school, we were never really sure what to do with student self-governance when it was alive, but we will certainly miss it in its absence," Holstege said. "I've only been at this job for one year, so I never really got to meet student self-governance while it was alive and healthy, but I hope it's in a better place — maybe Williamsburg, or something." Holstege, who also serves as the director of Student Health, head of poison control and the head of every department on Grounds, said student self governance had died a long and painful death. “First, people slowly lost faith in the honor system,” Holstege said. “Then people stopped caring about diversity, and then students just stopped running for office. That and a recent mumps outbreak about did it.” University Police Chief Michael Gibson said the police are still investigating the exact cause of the death. "The suspect is described as a black male being 6 feet in height, heavy build, with dark clothing," Gibson wrote in an email. "Anyone with information about this case is asked to call me at 703-912-1725." Gibson said he would email the student body with updates Wednesday after he completed the next bomb threat drill at Carruthers Hall.

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