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My mother and I rescued and adopted cats and dogs for 50 years when we lived in Concord, Massachusetts. We never had more than two pets. I adopted two cats, each of which had feline leukemia, and one of the two cats had FIV, also. That simple meant, to me, that they needed more attention and love than healthier pets. I urge people to rescue and adopt young, old, healthy and sick animals for companions because the pets will teach them more about love, compassion and empathy than. My pets/companions have taught me the meaning of the words spiritually, beautiful and soul. ~Bruce Fountain-Stalker

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A heart full of sad I lost another friend today—the fourth in a string of Boston Terriers. Her going was ugly to watch, starting with seizures and ending with stumbling, circling and colliding with walls and furniture. I had to crate Sophie for the first time in twelve years, yet she circled that small area until, exhausting herself, she dozed. Over only one week’s time a neurological insult took hold of Sophie and never let go. My daughter acquired Sophie “For Free” thirteen years ago, but Sophie fought with the other dogs in the family from day one. She was a hellion. I became her Summer 2019 •

fourth owner and she became number three Boston. She didn’t like my dogs either, but she tolerated them. She was aggressive toward other dogs, cats, and even people. Clearly, her early abuse and abandonment made fear and insecurity her driving force. The struggle went on. Looking back, I’m realizing that it wasn’t until my two older Bostons died that Sophie began her journey toward real companionship. I guess she needed me all to herself. Eventually, Sophie lost her sight yet she adapted very well, navigating the backyard and household furnishings. And, even blind, she would leap onto my bed and find her spot every night. Sophie had come a long way in thirteen years, but to the very last she would not let me hold her, comfort her, nor feel her warm body in her last moments. Sophie’s spirit flew. Letting go of my dogs is an agony only animal lovers understand. It makes me want to say NEVER AGAIN. But NEVER is such a long lonely time. ~Germaine Girard. Send us your In Memory story and photo about a pet who has died. Please keep the stories under 200 words. They can be emailed to: or mailed to Cats and Dogs, P.O. Box 996, Jenison, MI 49429-996.

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Cats and Dogs Summer 2019  

A West Michigan magazine devoted to companion animals.

Cats and Dogs Summer 2019  

A West Michigan magazine devoted to companion animals.