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Dear Parents and Students

We are pleased to bring you the 2013-2014 Elective Booklet, outlining the elective courses on offer next year. In our quest to broaden students’ horizons, we have once again refreshed the Elective programme and are offering approximately thirty new courses from Crime Scene Investigations to Rocket Science. Intermediate courses are open to students who have previously taken the basic course. For example, if a student took Film studies this year, the intermediate course is now open to him or her. The Electives Programme has been designed to broaden student experience and develop skills that universities and employers find attractive in potential candidates. There is also a strong link between students who take part in a range of extra-curricular activities and successful outcomes in examination results. In making selections, students should be aware of making the most of the opportunities on offer. Universities, in addition to academic success, look for candidates who have a range of interests and a wider view of the world – and who have shown commitment. For example, a student looking to go into medicine will find that universities will expect them to have spent considerable time and effort doing some form of voluntary work within the hospital/care sector. We recommend that in making selections, students opt for a wide range of activities across the year and, if university is their aspiration, look to include at least one course in the year with the symbol. Courses on offer are now listed under the following headings: Art & Craft Music/ Drama & Dance Career Based Media Culture (Global, Community, Nature, Culinary Delights, Voice Your Ideas, Film & Literature, Quizzes & Puzzles, Science) Sport & Leisure Where applicable, prices are per course.

The Selection Process • Students should select eight courses - any of which they are happy to commit themselves to. Commitment means attending all six sessions, with the correct equipment and giving 100% effort across the six weeks. • The choices form can be found on the VLE and is to be completed by students online. Before pressing the submit button, students can print the choices selected for reference. • Once places on courses have been allocated, parents and guardians will be sent a copy of their child’s elective timetable for the year. • Parents return a signed parental consent form. This must be returned to client services at the start of the autumn term. Yours sincerely Rosemary Stapleton Assistant Principal

INTRODUCTION N.B. • Electives will usually include groups of students across the Year 7 – Year 11 age range. • The Electives Programme is subsidised by the College. Voluntary contributions will be needed to cover materials, transport, hire of facilities and employing specialist tutors. Students can take home items made. To ensure viability of a course, enough contributions will be needed to cover these costs. Costs are included in the course detail. Financial aid is available for children eligible for free school meals. • The cost listed is usually for the 1 term (6 weeks) elective. Subsequent events, sessions or courses related to the short course may well incur further costs. • The electives listed will only run if there is sufficient interest. Electives have a minimum number required to run. In the event of this number not being reached or insufficient contributions being received, the course will not run. • Electives run at different times during the year and there are compulsory courses that students are required to follow. It may not be possible to timetable all choices for this reason.

WHAT TO DO NEXT Read through this booklet and take note of additional icons such as the Bus Logo. Electives which show this symbol finish later in the day and you will need to organise transport to get you home. 1. Submit your options using the form on the VLE by no later than 3.30pm Friday Friday 12 July. 2. Enter your first name, surname, form and your 8 choices. 3. Print your form for reference. 4. Submit your form when finished. N.B. Your form will not submit unless you complete all fields 5. Once your options have been processed, you will receive a parental consent letter detailing the five elective courses allocated. 6. Where chargeable electives are allocated, the relevant fee will be uploaded to your parent pay account. PARENTAL CONSENT FORMS MUST BE SIGNED AND RETURNED TO CLIENT SERVICES BY FRIDAY 30 AUGUST

SYMBOLS Electives which show this symbol are suitable for adding to CVs and will come in useful as an experience for university applications or post-16 applications. Electives which show this symbol are courses which provide certificates on completion. Electives which show this symbol finish later than the school day so transport will need to be arranged from College; some students may miss their school bus.



Batik Colour Club Crochet Cupcake Decorating Cute Crafts Knitwits Make A Vase Mask Making Mixed Media Jewellery Potters Wheel Potters Wheel Intermediate Plush Toys Salt Dough Creations Soft Toys Stitched Cards The Creative Sketchbook Warhammer Woodcarving & Turning

Global Booster Spanish & Spanish Culture Designing Sustainable Cities Grande Tour Europe Meditation Swahili and Kenyan Culture The Language of Sport

MUSIC/ DRAMA & DANCE Chamber Choir Musical Performance Performing Arts Tour Samba Band School Of Rock Street Dance Street Dance Intermediate Ukelele Orchestra CAREER BASED Cadets Childcare 1 KS3 Childcare 2 – Virtual Baby KS4 Computer Game Making Crime Scene Investigation Hair & Beauty Hair & Beauty Intermediate Additional Maths Virtual Millionaire MEDIA BBC News School Report Film Studies Film Studies Intermediate Journalism Photography Photography Intermediate Radio Imagery Production Supporter 2 Reporter Theatre Technology

Community Adventure Service Challenge 1 Adventure Service Challenge 2 First Aid Personal Survival Level 1 Personal Survival Level 2 Titan The Perfect Gap Year Project Venture Force 2014 Volunteering Nature Birds 2013 Go Wild! Spring Watch Culinary Delights Baking Brilliance Food from Around the World Master Chef Voice Your Ideas Youth Speaks & Debating English Speaking Union Learn To Moot The Great Debate Film & Literature Book Club History Through Cinema & Novels Poetry Slam Book & Creative Writing Club The Tolkien Society Fun & Games Indoor Games Quizzers Potions Rocket Science Silver Crest Science Award SCUBA DIVING PADI Seal Team PADI Scuba Diver Ocean Conservation SPORT & LEISURE Badminton & Table Tennis Bowling

Bowling Intermediate Cheerleading Cycling Discover Geocaching Fencing Fencing Level 2 Fly Fishing Football Golf Hockey Hockey Intermediate Horse Riding Ice Figure Skating Ice Figure Skating Intermediate Improving Fitness Judo Judo – Intermediate Mountain Biking Rock Climbing Rock Climbing Intermediate Skiing Skiing Intermediate Squash Summer Boot Camp Swimming Swimming Intermediate Tennis Tennis - Intermediate Ultimate Frisbee Watersports Zumba Zumba Intermediate

ART & CRAFT BATIK You can design and make your own pieces of batik art using a wax dying technique.

COLOUR CLUB What’s your style? Coloured pencil acrylic paint, water colour? Learn all about mixing colour then get to work on your own mini mixed media masterpiece to take home and amaze your friends and family.

CROCHET Learn how to crochet! This age old skill has been given a new lease of life on the catwalk recently.  Learn basic stitches and produce a usable product such as an ipod case or phone sock.

CUPCAKE DECORATING Come along and have fun learning how to decorate cupcakes, creating unique icing models as you master the different forms of equipment and methods of icing. COST: £15

CUTE CRAFTS Following the success of ‘Cute Crafts’ I am offering ‘Cute Crafts 2’. More vintage and Japanese inspired crafts – most of which are completed in an afternoon. Come and make cute toys and cute accessories.

ART & CRAFT KNITWITS There is a misconception that knitting is an interest for old people, but it’s not. It has grown over the past few years into a popular craft enjoyed by all ages. If you have the interest and the patience and would like to create a small basic toy or a scarf that you can wear through the winter months then this is an elective for you.

PLUSH TOYS ‘Design and make your own plush toy.’ You will look at the work of designers for inspiration, then create your own design.You will draw up your own pattern pieces and, using textiles, make your plush toy.

SALT DOUGH CREATIONS Come and join us learning how to make and use salt dough to create a range of art and crafts. For example: jewellery and ornaments. You will start off learning the basics and then you design, create and decorate your chosen piece.

SOFT TOYS Tired of your teddies? Why not come along to the soft toy elective and make one of your own? No sewing skills required! You will learn a range of stitches to make and decorate your toy. Full of ideas? You can design and make your own pattern, or use one from our collection, anything from ghosts and frogs to Ugly dolls or turtles. The choice is yours!

STITCHED CARDS Create beautiful handmade cards using a template and glittery thread. You can use your skills to create an individual design using a range of stitching techniques.

ART & CRAFT THE CREATIVE SKETCHBOOK Artists and designers use sketchbooks to collect inspiring images and develop ideas. This elective is ideal for any students who particularly enjoy fashion, textiles and interior design. You will look for inspirational images in books, magazines and on the Internet and build up pages using a variety of collage, mixed media and illustrative techniques.

MAKE A VASE Create a larger piece of ceramics employing techniques used for centuries! Coils of clay joined together will make your vase grow. Decorate it, glaze it then take it home and impress the family.

MASK MAKING Students will choose from a variety of materials including:clay, paper mache and latex. they will design and create a mask (horror,historical,animal,fantasy,carnival or Venetian) adding embellishment to enhance the appearance.

MIXED MEDIA JEWELLERY Create jewellery using a variety of techniques and materials including wire and metal, fabrics and yarns, papier mache and found objects.

POTTERS WHEEL Come and learn how to throw a pot on the potter’s wheel. You will be absorbed learning how to centre the clay to create bowls and vases to take home with you. Great fun but a bit messy!

ART & CRAFT POTTERS WHEEL INTERMEDIATE Already picked up the basic skills needed to throw a pot? Why don’t you increase your skills and learn how to make a mug, a plate, a vase with handles, a pot with a lid! Impress friends and family with handmade gifts. REQUIREMENTS: For year groups 8, 9 10 & 11

WARHAMMER During this elective you will learn how to construct, paint and base models ready to battle your class mates! A ‘40k in 40 minutes’ tournament will be run over the duration of the elective and special event ‘team battles’ will also take place.

WOOD CARVING & TURNING You can make your own bowls on the wood turning lathe and carve a design of your choice.

INSTRUCTIONS 1. Submit your options using the form on the VLE by no later than 3.30pm Friday 12 July. 2. Enter your first name, surname, form and your 8 choices. 3. Print your form for reference. 4. Submit your form when finished. N.B. Your form will not submit unless you complete all fields 5. Once your options have been processed, you will receive a parental consent letter detailing the five elective courses allocated. 6. Where chargeable electives are allocated, the relevant fee will be uploaded to your parent pay account. PARENTAL CONSENT FORMS MUST BE SIGNED AND RETURNED TO CLIENT SERVICES BY FRIDAY 30 AUGUST

MUSIC/ DRAMA & DANCE CHAMBER CHOIR If you are a member of the chamber choir, you are required to opt for the Chamber Choir elective for Term 2 in order to prepare for the Christmas Concert. REQUIREMENTS: For Year Groups 10 & 11 This elective is only open to members of the Chamber Choir.



If you enjoy performing and would like to work for an extended length of time on rehearsing and performing an exciting musical then this elective is for you. There will be an opportunity for solo singing and acting as well as working as part of a chorus. Lead roles would be expected to attend extra rehearsals during lunchtime. The musical will be performed on three evenings at the end of Term 4. REQUIREMENTS • Enthusiasm, energy and focus, the ability to work in a team, some singing, acting and dancing skills. • Years 7,8 & 9



FOR STUDENTS COMMITTING TO GO ON THE PERFORMING ARTS TOUR The Performing Arts Tour will travel to Europe in July 2014, stay in a hotel and perform in different outdoor venues each day. The performance will be created around the skills of the students on the Tour. There will be a chance to sing, play instruments and perform mime, dance and a Stomp percussive piece. In order to opt for this elective you need to fill in the appropriate forms with payment when they are sent out. REQUIREMENTS • Enthusiasm, energy and focus, the ability to work in a team, some singing, acting • and dancing skills. • This elective is for students presently in Years 8-10.

SAMBA BAND If you’ve always wanted to be part of a vibrant, loud and energetic band then the Samba band experience is the perfect opportunity for you. We will be composing our own piece, practising and performing at the end of the term using the school’s samba kit. You will be developing your rhythmic skills and abilities to perform as part of a group during this elective.

SCHOOL OF ROCK If you’ve ever felt inspired to take to the stage then this is a prime opportunity for you! This elective gives students the chance to form a band, play popular songs and conquer the world of music. In the sessions we will create the band, choose songs, rehearse, and eventually perform the chosen set list at Wild’s Lodge Music Festival on a professional stage with high-end equipment. This elective is suitable for confident singers with an interest in performing as part of a band, and ideal for competent musicians (particularly guitar, bass, drums, and keys) who would love to play as part of a group.

MUSIC/ DRAMA & DANCE STREET DANCE Come along to this high energy, energetic elective where you will learn the technique and choreography involved in street dance and musical theatre. You will be involved in learning several moves and routines that you will perform in both small groups and whole group dances.

STREET DANCE INTERMEDIATE This elective is open to those students who have participated in the Street dance elective previously or who are a member of a dance club outside of College. During this elective, you will be taught more complex and difficult dance moves in order to be part of both small and large group performances. You may have the opportunity to choreograph and rehearse pieces that will be selected for the annual Spotlight dance show. REQUIREMENTS: Only opt for this course if you have previous experience.

UKELELE ORCHESTRA Regardless of your prior musical experience, the Ukulele orchestra is a chance for you to pick up and play a brand new instrument. We will initially start with basic chords and progressions and develop into playing as a full group. The ability to play the Ukulele is a natural starting point for moving onto playing the guitar and this elective will be an invaluable instrumental experience.

INSTRUCTIONS 1. Submit your options using the form on the VLE by no later than 3.30pm Friday 12 July. 2. Enter your first name, surname, form and your 8 choices. 3. Print your form for reference. 4. Submit your form when finished. N.B. Your form will not submit unless you complete all fields 5. Once your options have been processed, you will receive a parental consent letter detailing the five elective courses allocated. 6. Where chargeable electives are allocated, the relevant fee will be uploaded to your parent pay account. PARENTAL CONSENT FORMS MUST BE SIGNED AND RETURNED TO CLIENT SERVICES BY FRIDAY 30 AUGUST

CAREER BASED CADETS The cadet elective is a great way to get a good insight as to what the Army Cadet Force teach within Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Rutland ACF. Not only will you learn the basics such as, Foot Drill, Map and Compass, First Aid, Field Craft, Self Discipline, Organisational Skills, Team Work and much more, but you will also gain knowledge and confidence that you can take into the world and apply to everyday life!

CHILDCARE 1 KS3 This elective will look at several aspects of childcare including the equipment a baby needs and how to deal with accidents. It will give you the opportunity to gain a certificate in babysitting. It is an ideal elective if you would like to look after children or in preparation for the virtual baby course. REQUIREMENTS: For year groups 7,8 & 9

CHILDCARE 2 - VIRTUAL BABY KS4 Students have an opportunity to experience the parent’s role in a baby’s life as they take a virtual baby home for a night. Social and financial aspects of family life are explored to help show why planning a family is so important. REQUIREMENTS: For year groups 10 & 11

COMPUTER GAME MAKING Ever wanted to make your own computer game? Start here. You will be given a crash course guide to the basics of computer game design and coding.

CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION There’s been a crime committed at Catmose College..... but whodunnit? Have a go at practical techniques used by Forensic Scientists to analyse evidence and find the criminal. Learn about fingerprinting, glass analysis, hair and fibres and more. Want to be the next Gil Grissom or Sara Sidle? Join the CSI elective!

CAREER BASED HAIR & BEAUTY Welcome to Hair and Beauty College! Learn the art of salon shampooing and how to give a professional hand and nail treatment before moving on to facials, creating a natural face mask and having some fun bath bomb making! Put your newly acquired skills into practice and have fun inviting a member of your family to enjoy a pampering session at our Hair and Beauty College, raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust in the process.

HAIR & BEAUTY INTERMEDIATE In addition to exploring how personal appearance and effective communication can help with meeting client expectations and presenting a positive impression to clients, colleagues and others, have fun with reaI-life scenarios involving customer complaints! Be involved in discussions and gain an insight into the running of a salon business. Identify a possible gap in the market for a new product; you will prepare and present a specification. You will, of course, be shampooing, giving hand massages, facials and making bath bombs. REQUIREMENTS: • For year groups 9, 10 & 11 • opt for this course if you have the necessary experience.



Do you enjoy Mathematics? Do you want to continue to study this at Advanced Level? This course is designed to meet the needs of students who wish to continue the study of Mathematics beyond GCSE at AS and A-level. It will be undertaken in conjunction with your normal GCSE and is suited to those targeted A*/A grades at GCSE. This course would require all of your elective allocation throughout the year. The content consists of four areas of Pure Mathematics: Algebra; Co-ordinate Geometry; Trigonometry and Calculus. REQUIREMENTS: For year groups 10 & 11

VIRTUAL MILLIONAIRE Have you ever thought of becoming an investment banker and making and losing pots of money? Sign up for ‘Virtual Millionaire’ and make your virtual fortune buying and selling virtual shares on the Stock Market. You will be introduced to business and economic concepts about what makes a good company by looking at financial data and you will have an opportunity to assemble your own virtual share portfolio and monitor its performance over a six week period.




BBC School Report 2013



Want to make the news for real with a real deadline? Spend terms 3 and 4 finding out how to create a news broadcast in preparation for BBC News School Report Newsday 2014 (27th March) when you will work on making a news report which will be linked to from the BBC News School Report website.

FILM STUDIES You will learn about camera angles and how a camera makes you look at characters and action. You will make your own simple movie. You can also select a film from Film Club to watch.

FILM STUDIES INTERMEDIATE We start with a quick revision of film techniques, work in more depth on story boards and put together a short film. We watch short films, some of which you won’t find at the mainstream cinemas. We review films for the Film Club website. REQUIREMENTS: For year groups 8 -11

JOURNALISM Do you want to see your name in print or face on the internet? Do you want to know more about journalistic skills? Why not choose journalism as your elective choice and join our award winning media team? Reporting opportunity for term 1 – Open evening (October) Reporting opportunity for term 2 – possible Conference (only top 4)

PHOTOGRAPHY Learn how to look at the world in a different way using your camera. Learn the basic ideas behind taking an interesting and high quality image and then extend your skills to cover portrait, landscape and close-up photography.

MEDIA PHOTOGRAPHY - INTERMEDIATE Learn how to improve the quality of your digital images by manipulating them in Photoshop. Set yourself a project to complete and produce a portfolio of digital images to illustrate the development of your skills.

RADIO IMAGERY PRODUCTION From writing scripts and recording voice overs, to mixing the final jingles and adverts on Pro Tools – the industry standard editing software – this elective covers it all. Learn the difference between a ‘donut’ and a ‘ramp’ and get an insight into the inner workings of radio. This course is ideal for anyone considering a career in radio production.

SUPPORTER 2 REPORTER Want to find out more about sports journalism? Maybe even visit a sporting venue for a ‘Live’ reporting experience? Or even just report from Sports Day? If this interests you, why not join the S2R elective and join the growing numbers of Catmose Students with journalistic ambitions.

THEATRE TECHNOLOGY Have you ever wanted to work in the theatre? Learn all the important skills of how to run the College’s theatre shows. Skill sets include lighting design, sound reinforcement, and backstage organisation.






BOOSTER SPANISH & SPANISH CULTURE Are you opting to study Spanish at GCSE and want to make sure that you are ready to start the course in September? Here is the opportunity to spend more time really getting to grips with rules of grammar and complex structures so you will have the best possible start to the GCSE in year 10. We will also be looking at the Spanish culture and traditions, learning what ‘Las Fallas’ are all about and also ‘La Semana Santa’…why do the Spanish throw tomatoes at each other?! REQUIREMENTS: Year 9

DESIGING SUSTAINABLE CITIES In this course you will be developing plans for a modern sustainable city. You will consider sustainable concepts in architecture, energy supply, transport and tourism by looking at existing cities and developing your own creative ideas. This course will allow you to develop your geographical knowledge while investigating the most cutting edge technology and ideas in the world today. REQUIREMENTS: For year groups 9, 10 & 11

GRANDE TOUR EUROPE Discover all the things you want to know and maybe didn’t expect about the cultures of Europe. La Tomatina! Rock en Seine ! Oktoberfest ! Pick up a few useful phrases on the way. Try out some of the culture – food, music, fashion, art, T.V, film, festivals, costume and loads more.

MEDITATION This elective will look at mediation, focusing on Buddhism, Zen meditation, and how to make a Zen garden. Students will learn about Zen meditation and look at some of the Zen Masters and their teachings and how to apply them to everyday life.

SWAHILI & KENYAN CULTURE At the heart of this elective is learning about conservation in Kenya: what is being done about poaching and how the animals, trees and plants are being protected. Come and learn some basic phrases in Swahili; explore how the Maasai people live their lives and look at some real artefacts used by them. Using Skype and other technology we will have the expertise of a British Conservationist, living and working in Kenya, who has dedicated the last 20 years to these causes. We will be finding out about a school which we are helping in Bugoma and developing a pen pal link with the pupils there. Lastly, we will also be finding out more about the Born Free Foundation and how George and Joy Adamson helped orphaned lions to be released back into the wild.



THE LANGUAGE OF SPORT Fancy playing some football whilst brushing up on your language skills at the same time? Just like a match – you will start with a language session on the theme of football – shirt numbers, nationalities, countries – and then at half time take part in a training session in French. This programme includes a trip to Emirates Stadium to take part in the Arsenal Language Day (Arsenal fan not obligatory). COST: £15

ADVENTURE SERVICE CHALLENGE 1 The ASC is an award based on training and preparation for a weekend camping expedition, plus projects which give you the opportunity to contribute to the community and develop new skills. COST: £150 to include tuition, expedition equipment, campsite fees and all necessary materials. Payable in three installments, with £50 discount on the fee for Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award in year 9 if this stage is completed.

ADVENTURE SERVICE CHALLENGE 2 ASC 2 also features a weekend camping expedition, and students are expected to take more responsibility for planning the expedition and the other sections, including community projects and new skills. REQUIREMENTS: If students did ASC1 in year 7, they can join this stage in year 8. COST: £150 to include tuition, expedition equipment, campsite fees and all necessary materials. Payable in three installments, with £50 discount on the fee for Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award in year 9 if this stage is completed.

FIRST AID During this six week course you will acquire the skills required to complete the Bronze/Silver D of E Expedition First Aid. You will learn the basics of first aid technique and to identify certain illnesses and ailments and how to treat them. This is a KIDZCO certificated course.

PERSONAL SURVIVAL LEVEL 1 In this Elective, you will learn the techniques of basic Personal Survival, of how to stay safe in and around water and how to look after yourself when in the water. You will be practising various techniques of rescuing people who are in danger and how to look after them once you have got to them to land.



PERSONAL SURVIVAL LEVEL 2 Must be able to swim at least 25 metres Reach / Throw / Tow Rescuers The dangers and prevention of hypothermia Swimming in clothes

TITAN FOR YEAR 10 DSP STUDENTS WHO HAVE ALREADY STARTED THE BRONZE LEVEL. You will learn how to be safe out and about to develop confidence in using public transport.

THE PERFECT GAP YEAR PROJECT Do you dream of travelling to distant shores? Over the six week elective, you will be given the opportunity to plan the gap year of your dreams. With a strict budget, your task is to plot a route across the globe, identifying all the “must do” activities offered in each country. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the geography and culture of countries across the globe.

VENTURE FORCE GHANA 2014 FOR STUDENTS WHO HAVE BOOKED ONTO THE GHANA TRIP Travelling to a new country is new and exciting, especially since you are going to be helping to build a part of the orphanage. During this elective we will be discussing life in Ghana, focusing on the orphanage and the daily life of the children. We will talk about our preparations, fears and hopes. We will also meet with Mr Tuckwood who will report to us about what is currently taking place at the orphanage. Finally, we will do any of our last fund raising activities.

VOLUNTEERING Would you like to make a difference? Volunteering can offer great experience that can enhance your CV, develop skills such communication, problem solving and teamwork as well as help you improve the lives of people in the local community. During the six week elective, you will help to develop a community project that can match your interests, whether this be conservation work or fundraising for local charities.



BIRDS 2013 Students are going to look at birds, nesting and feeding. The students would have made a bird house last term - installing a camera to watch them nest. Students will feed the birds, take records of what birds they see and how many. We will also study local birds and their influence on the environment. We will bring in a speaker from the bird watchers group in Oakham.

GO WILD! Come and explore the strange world of paws, claws, beaks and fins! Discover strange and endangered animals you never knew existed. Learn how to look after and care for pets and wildlife.

SPRING WATCH You will design and make a number of different bird boxes to encourage a variety of breeds to the surrounding area. Cameras will then be installed for ‘Spring Watch’ REQUIREMENTS: Years 7, 8 & 9



BAKING BRILLIANCE Become the next Mary Berry as you explore the diverse and exciting range of foods that can be created through the art of baking. REQUIREMENTS: Students will be asked to provide ingredients each week.

FOOD FROM AROUND THE WORLD Are you wanting to learn to cook or improve your cooking skills? Come and experience exciting food from around the world. In each session we will visit a different country, learn about their food, ingredients and make dishes from Italy, Kenya, China, India and America giving you the opportunity to experience and appreciate the diversity and uniqueness of each culture. At the end of the course, you will choose a dish to prepare and take home. COST: £15

Food From Around The World, 2013



MASTER CHEF Join us at the Master Chef elective to develop a wide range of new garnishing and decoration techniques to really bring your cooking alive! You will develop and learn new skills in food production processes during each of the sessions, when we will be making a selection of sweet and savoury dishes. REQUIREMENTS: Students are expected to bring their own ingredients.

YOUTH SPEAKS & DEBATING Learn the art of public speaking and enter the Youth Speaks Rotary Club competition. You will work in a team of three, speaking on a topic of your choice. Last year, once again, we were very successful in this competition bringing home certificates and winners’ shields. REQUIREMENTS: • For year groups 7,8 & 9 • Possible evening competitions

ENGLISH SPEAKING UNIONS The English Speaking Union is a competition for KS4 students in which we compete against schools in our area. This will be only our second year in the competition. Last year’s team thoroughly enjoyed the experience and have said how they gained in self-confidence. Each team has 3 members: Chair, Speaker & Questioner. Teams choose their subject from a list of 6 provided by the ESU. REQUIREMENTS: • For year groups 10 & 11 • Entering the competition will involve travelling to venues identified by the ESU

LEARN TO MOOT Mooting is a mock legal hearing where you will have the chance to play the role of solicitor/barrister or possibly judge and present credible arguments based on a given scenario. This would be a useful elective for those students considering a career in Law.

THE GREAT DEBATE Are you always right? Do you love talking and getting across your opinions? The Great Debate needs you! You will build: team skills, self-confidence and meet people. It will also look good on any university or college application form.



BOOK CLUB Books are brilliant! We need to talk about! Join the book club and talk with others about your favourite books, authors and characters.

HISTORY THROUGH CINEMA & NOVELS A study of history through Novels and Cinema, a view of different periods in time by looking at how it’s portrayed in books and on the big screen. For example, Middle Ages, Tudors, Civil War, Victorians, 20th century, using clips from films and extracts from novels which just might persuade you to read/watch the whole thing, assuming we decide we can rely on it!

POETRY SLAM Are you a lyrical genius? Do you like impressing others with words? Come battle it out with ‘Poetry Slam’. Write your own poems, put them to music and perform them in poetry speak offs.

BOOK & CREATIVE WRITING CLUB If you enjoy reading and writing this is the elective for you! You can write to your favourite author, create book quizzes and write fantasy stories and poems inspired by watching parts of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings films. Finally, you can interview staff about their favourite book choices and create an interesting documentary by filming it too.

THE TOLKIEN SOCIETY Do you like reading or watching ‘Lord of the Rings’ or ‘The Hobbit’? Then this is the Elective for you! This Elective will give you the opportunity to delve into the world of hobbits and orcs through designing your own ‘Lord of the Rings’ board game or APP, act out battles, watch parts of the film and create your own Tolkein language.



INDOOR GAMES An opportunity to play various games (no screens used) including Chess, card games, Connect 4, Draughts, dice games, Jenga, Dominoes, etc. Play against and with different people. Learn to win - and lose if necessary!

POTIONS If you enjoy carrying out practical experiments this is the elective for you! You can make everything from slime to volcanoes and lots more. Finally, you will be able to undertake further experiments not carried out in your Science lessons, with some Harry Potter thrown in for good measure!

QUIZZERS Come and enjoy competing against your friends and peers in a host of interactive quizzes and games. These will include quizzes on popular movies and TV shows, music, sport, general knowledge and a special Catmose College round. You will also have the opportunity to create your own quiz or game and test your friends. Sign up and join in the fun!

ROCKET SCIENCE The sky’s the limit with this elective! Design, build and launch your own (model) rocket, while learning about some of the physics involved on the way.






Over FOUR TERMS you will develop a Science project of your choice. You will then go on to build or synthesise your projects! This year, Year 10 students have synthesised Paracetamol (Chemistry), designed soap using natural antiseptics (Biology) and built a human hovercraft (Physics). The award is highly esteemed and can gain you UCAS points when applying for University and also will look excellent on any sixth form applications. During the award you will be putting your science to the test, you will build contacts with the leading scientists in the field, be taken on trips to the Big Bang Fairs where you will be able to present your projects along with other scientists! If you would like to look into the award further, check out the following website:


The course introduces young divers to a range of skills that promote their ability to operate in the confines of a pool environment and to dive safely. Skills include buoyancy, equipment, mask clearing and appropriate breathing techniques. The PADI Seal Team is designed as a pool based diver course. Each diver receives their own branded learning materials, and on completion of the course, they are issued with a plastic Seal Team Certification card. There are 5 modules to the course and over a six week period, the range of modules can be achieved through the pool sessions. Week six can be used as an introduction to continued learning, such as a sample session for Master Seal Team. REQUIREMENTS: Year 7 & 8 students

COST: £120


The PADI Scuba Diver course is the first in the range of entry level diver certifications. Completion of the course allows divers to dive in open water to a maximum depth of 12 metres under the direct supervision of a PADI Professional (Instructor). The course entails three sections: • Theory: Book and DVD based learning. Self-study knowledge development, instructor led quizzes and exams. • Confined Water (Pool) Skills Development: Instructor led training to acquire skills necessary to effectively scuba dive underwater. • Open Water Skills: Instructor led open water diving. 2 dives are required (usually over one day) where skills and knowledge are put to the test. Successfully completing all three sections results in the PADI Scuba Diver Certification. This is a life-long qualification and can be used as a base certification to progress further learning and skills acquisition under the guidance of a PADI Professional. REQUIREMENTS: Year 9, 10 & 11 students


COST: £249

There is a significant link between diving sports and ocean conservation. Promotion of protection of water, protection of species and coral reefs are of key concern to all divers. The Project Aware range of classroom learning is designed to promote these aspects amongst all and, as such, non-divers can learn about the range of activities that they can undertake to affect positive interaction with our water. These can include: Project Aware: Coral Reef Conservation COST: Project Aware: Shark Awareness £30

SPORT & LEISURE BADMINTON & TABLE TENNIS Badminton is a sport that can be enjoyed by beginners and the more experienced players alike. It can be played as singles or doubles, so you can play with a friend or make new friends at the elective. Table tennis is available also during the elective. REQUIREMENTS: PE Kit

BOWLING Never bowled before or just bored of losing against friends and family? Then this elective is for you. You will learn the basics of bowling to allow you to consistently knock down pins. COST: £30

BOWLING INTERMEDIATE If you can consistently knock down pins without bumpers then this course is for you. You will learn how to improve your game and take it to the next level. REQUIREMENTS: Only opt for this course if you have the necessary experience.

COST: £30

CYCLING During this elective you will be taught the basic skills needed to be a competent rider. You will develop an understanding of the many different skills involved within cycling. Each week, we will go on a different route covering many different terrains and environments, including street cycling, off road and town environments. REQUIREMENTS: • A bike which is roadworthy; cycling helmet. • Comfortable clothing

DISCOVER GEOCACHING In this elective you will try out the worldwide phenomenon that is geocaching (treasure hunting using GPS). We will discover some local geocaches and will have a go at setting up one of our own. We will use GPS devices to find and place the caches.

SPORT & LEISURE FENCING You will learn the fundamentals of modern Epee fencing so that you will be able to fence with each other using the correct techniques, moves and footwork. This will be a fun and challenging course. The skills you will learn at Level One will be: the Epee and grip, safe use of the equipment, the salute, the on guard position, steps forward, backward and the lunge, the parry, etiquette of fencing and simple refereeing. REQUIREMENTS: PE Kit

COST: £15

FENCING LEVEL 2 In this course (Level Two) you will build on the skills you have previously learnt in the fencing elective. The skills will be more advanced blade and footwork. The aim of this course is that by the end, if you wish to, you will be able to take part in inter-school fencing competitions and County Level competitions. REQUIREMENTS: • Only opt for this course if you have previously done a fencing elective. • PE Kit

COST: £15

FLY FISHING The course will offer an insight into this popular country pursuit and provide some of the key skills you will need to fly fish. The course will be covering fly fishing tackle, fishing methods, artificial flies, an understanding of fish behaviour and what they feed on together with casting tuition and fishing for trout at Rutland Water, Europe’s premier trout fishery. This will be an opportunity to be coached by qualified game angling instructors and learn from expert fishermen from Rutland Water Fly Fishing Club. REQUIREMENTS: Comfortable outdoor clothing and sensible shoes, waterproof jacket, wellington boots, hat and sunglasses

COST: £30

FOOTBALL You will be given the opportunity to improve your skills through individual practices and exercises. Each week, you will play in small sided games interacting with all the other students in the elective within a 4 or 6 team tournament. REQUIREMENTS: PE Kit

GOLF Beginners Golf covers the basic skills needed to play on the course. The correct set up – stance, holding the club, how to swing the club and more importantly how to hit the ball. You will learn which club to use for which distance from the woods down to the putter. Etiquette on the course is vital and knowing how to conduct yourself is extremely important. Chipping and putting are important skills which will be incorporated into the learning programme to allow you to experience playing on the course. COST: £15

SPORT & LEISURE HOCKEY Want to learn to play hockey to a high level, from learning some basic individual skills and developing them further to become a competent hockey player. We will play some skills based games and link them to game play, hopefully building up confidence on the ball to become a very skilful player. We will also play new adapted versions of hockey such as Rush Hockey and In2Hockey Programmes. You will also have a go at various positions in hockey including goal keeper, and umpiring. If you enjoy hockey, I can give you information on local clubs to join to progress further in the sport REQUIREMENTS: PE Kit

HOCKEY INTERMEDIATE Develop to your full potential for the full 70 minutes of a game. You will also build on the skills learnt from beginners’ level course to become a more overall rounded hockey play with more awareness for the game. REQUIREMENTS: Only opt for this course if you have the necessary skills and experience.

HORSE RIDING Look after a pony and learn to ride. Walk, trot, canter… depending on ability and progress, you will have the opportunity to hack out and learn to jump. REQUIREMENTS: Comfortable outdoor clothing, gloves, heeled shoes or wellington boots essential.

COST: £60

ICE FIGURE SKATING Ever watched ‘Dancing On Ice’ and wanted to skate like the pros? Now you can learn to skate in just 6 weeks. This elective is suitable for anyone, even if you’ve never skated before. We cover Skate UK Grades 1-3 which includes basic skating, gliding on one foot, backwards skating and much more! REQUIREMENTS: Comfortable clothing, long socks and gloves essential.

COST: £30

ICE FIGURE SKATING - INTERMEDIATE Once you have completed the skating elective once, why not give it another go at intermediate level and learn even more skills? We will re-cap your basic skating skills and continue through Skate UK Grades 4 and 5 where you can learn turning, crossovers and even spinning! COST: REQUIREMENTS: • Only opt for this course if you have the necessary experience. £30 • Comfortable clothing, long socks and gloves essential.

SPORT & LEISURE IMPROVING FITNESS Improve your fitness in a state of the art gym. The instructors will tailor you a programme to suit areas that you would like to work on. Improve your cardiovascular fitness on the running machines, your muscular endurance on the rowing/cycling machines. Tone up your muscles on the weight machines. REQUIREMENTS: PE Kit

JUDO Judo is a competitive sport where the objective is to throw or take down one’s opponent to the ground. Come and learn this modern martial art with our professional coach. REQUIREMENTS: PE Kit

JUDO - INTERMEDIATE Have you already completed your junior judo grades? if so, come and make further progress develop your grappling manoeuvres, strangle holds, strikes and thrusts. REQUIREMENTS: Only opt for this course if you have the necessary experience. PE Kit

MOUNTAIN BIKING Join this elective for an intensive cycle around the Hambleton Peninsula. If you have the stamina there may be the potential to cycle a full circuit of the reservoir. This is an endurance challenge and is therefore suitable for experienced cyclists. REQUIREMENTS: • For year groups 9, 10 & 11 • Outdoor Clothing, roadworthy bike, cycle helmet, repair kit, water bottle.

ROCK CLIMBING The climbing club offers the very best in fun filled climbing activity, introducing participants to the foundations of climbing and beyond in a safe and friendly environment. Participants will follow the excellent NICAS Scheme (National Indoor Climbing Achievement Scheme). Climbers progress through levels of this nationally recognised certificated scheme, under the supervision of our expert and experienced instructors. Each participant has their own log book to record and track their progress. REQUIREMENTS: Comfortable clothing, trainers, warm fleece, cagoule.

COST: £30



Level 2 (top rope climber) is a key stage in a climbers development. It is designed to correspond to most climbing centres’ membership standards and introduces climbing grades to candidates. Candidates will gain a better understanding of climbing movement, with the aim of progressing through the French Sport Grades. Candidates will also be introduced to different types of harness and climbing equipment such as belay devices etc.. COST: REQUIREMENTS: £60 • For year groups 8,9,10 & 11 • Only opt for this course if you have necessary experience. • Comfortable clothing, trainers, warm fleece, cagoule.

SKIING PRIORITY GIVEN TO STUDENTS BOOKED ON THE 2014 SKI TRIP Dry slope skiing for beginner to experienced skiers alike. Perfect introduction to the slopes for the novice. With this six week elective you will learn the snow plough, how to turn and to stop safely on the slopes. REQUIREMENTS: Comfortable clothing: thick walking or ski socks; jeans are unsuitable; gloves essential - you are not allowed on the slope without them.

COST: £60

SKIING - INTERMEDIATE PRIORITY GIVEN TO STUDENTS BOOKED ON THE 2014 SKI TRIP The instructors can offer a programme for the intermediate/ advanced skier to enable further progression with technique. Refine your parallel skiing, take part in slalom and be ready for those crisp white pistes. REQUIREMENTS: COST: • Only opt for this course if you have necessary experience. £60 • Comfortable clothing: thick walking or ski socks; jeans are unsuitable; gloves essential - you are not allowed on the slope without them.

SQUASH Squash is a fantastic aerobic exercise. Enjoy a great cardio respiratory workout. During this elective you will learn to play squash to a competent level. Squash involves coordination and movement so will suit active students from beginners to those familiar with the sport. We will round off the elective with a mini tournament. REQUIREMENTS: PE Kit

SUMMER BOOT CAMP Want to get lean and mean in time for the Summer? If so, this is the elective for you. Suitable for all fitness levels, this is outdoor exercise with a difference. Challenge yourself to get fitter, work as part of a team and see how far you can push yourself. If you know you need to get fitter but have lacked motivation or are fit but wish to ramp it up, this is the course for you. REQUIREMENTS: PE Kit

SPORT & LEISURE SWIMMING This elective is all about improving your technique and learning to swim effectively with all the major strokes, i.e. Frontcrawl, Backstroke and Breaststroke. You will also be taught a lot of other skills involved in watersports, i.e. skulling, treading water and diving. REQUIREMENTS: Swimming kit; towel

SWIMMING - INTERMEDIATE This elective is open to all club swimmers who compete regularly for their club. This elective will focus on training advanced skills of swimming strokes and diving, including diving off blocks and practising competition turns. You will also be taught the technique for doing butterfly stroke. REQUIREMENTS: • Only opt for this course if you have the necessary experience. • Swimming kit; towel

TENNIS You will be taught the basic technique of all the major shots within tennis i.e. Forehand, Backhand, Volley and Serve. You will also be given tips and advice from an expert coach on how to improve your skills and how to implement them in game situations. You will be given the opportunity to play a variety of different games and play in singles and doubles competitions. REQUIREMENTS: PE Kit

TENNIS - INTERMEDIATE In the intermediate level, you will need to have obtained the basic skills and be able to participate in a controlled, continuous rally with a partner. In this elective, the focus will be on shot selection during game situations and understanding what shots to play in certain situations. You will also be taught different tactics and strategies that are involved in games of doubles. REQUIREMENTS: • Only opt for this course if you have the necessary experience. • PE Kit

ULTIMATE FRISBEE A relatively new (non-contact) team sport which is becoming increasingly popular around the world. Often described as American Football and using a Frisbee instead of a ball. If you are still unsure then get on YouTube to check out some clips of the sport in play. REQUIREMENTS: PE Kit

SPORT & LEISURE WATERSPORTS This is a fun introduction to the basic skills required for Water Sports. You will have the opportunity to experience Windsurfing, Canoeing, Sailing and Raft Building at Whitwell, Rutland Water. REQUIREMENTS: Swimming kit; towel

COST: £30

ZUMBA If you like to dance, wiggle and laugh, come to Zumba! This is a fun way of exercising that uses Latin Rhythms and a few top 40 pop songs. You do not have to be super fit or need a lot of equipment. All you need are a pair of trainers and a smile. REQUIREMENTS: PE Kit

ZUMBA - INTERMEDIATE Anyone who did it last year will have a chance to lead a portion of one of the songs. I will give them the song and they can choreograph a section and present it to the class. REQUIREMENTS: • For year groups 8,9,10 & 11 • Only opt for this course if you have necessary experience. • PE Kit.

INSTRUCTIONS 1. Submit your options using the form on the VLE by no later than 3.30pm Friday Friday 12 July. 2. Enter your first name, surname, form and your 8 choices. 3. Print your form for reference. 4. Submit your form when finished. N.B. Your form will not submit unless you complete all fields 5. Once your options have been processed, you will receive a parental consent letter detailing the five elective courses allocated. 6. Where chargeable electives are allocated, the relevant fee will be uploaded to your parent pay account. PARENTAL CONSENT FORMS MUST BE SIGNED AND RETURNED TO CLIENT SERVICES BY FRIDAY 30 AUGUST

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