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DP60-70 DP80-160N Engine powered lift trucks 6.0 - 16.0 tonnes

ADD POWER TO YOUR BUSINESS High-performance durability – for measurably improved productivity. When lift trucks are crucial to your productivity, you need machines you can rely on for top capabilities – which is what Cat Lift Trucks deliver in these diesel-engine powered lift trucks, with lifting capacities of 6.0 to 16.0 tonnes. The commitment to manufacturing quality of Cat Lift Trucks means that these trucks will tackle the toughest workloads in the harshest conditions – while providing operating conditions for drivers that are easier and safer than ever before, allowing for more efficient work over longer periods. ®

The result? Dramatically enhanced on-site performance that measurably adds to your bottom-line profitability.






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6M60 - TL

MAJOR BENEFITS FOR YOUR OPERATION These Cat lift trucks have been built with major operator and owner benefits in mind: Increased operator productivity – including hydraulic fingertip controls, means drivers can work longer shifts with increased efficiency Improved performance – the diesel engines generate increased output and the trucks deliver improved gradeability and faster lifting speeds. Reduced ownership costs – less downtime and more uptime, due to easy- maintenance design, on-board diagnostics, plus long service intervals of 500 hours (DP80-160N)*. Enhanced driver safety and comfort – thanks to lower emissions, decreased noise levels and improved all-round visibility. The DP60-160N models also feature the Presence Detection System (PDS) which prevents accidental operation of the truck.

NUMEROUS APPLICATIONS Tough to beat under all working conditions, however hot or harsh, dry or dusty, Cat lift trucks are suitable for a wide range of applications, including: Lumberyards and saw mills Paper and pulp Hardwood and furniture production Steel/aluminium industries and foundries Concrete, brick and block industries Stone, clay and glass Stevedoring, roll-on/roll-off applications Multi-pallet applications General load handling Short-term rental

(*conditions apply)




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RUGGED DEPENDABILITY FUEL EFFICIENT POWER The powerful 6 cylinder S6S-T diesel engine at the heart of these trucks, is designed to the highest standards. It is quiet, fuel efficient and exceeds EURO level IIIA emission regulations.

The small diameter steering wheel with full hydrostatic steering assistance, used in conjunction with the smooth hydraulic controls, affords quick and precise operation with little effort.

Floating on tough rubber engine mounting blocks virtually eliminates vibration to the operator’s compartment, which helps keep the operator focussed and productive.

Monitoring progress, the comprehensively equipped instrument panel provides valuable on-the-go information and warning signals to the driver, allowing maximum control.

Smooth 2-speed auto shift transmission gives smooth acceleration, protects the gearbox and keeps the load safe. Also, possible misuse of the truck is prevented as it is not possible to start in high gear, while transmission can be locked in lower gears for added torque and slower speeds when required.

MASTS AND HYDRAULICS The rigid mast channels are designed to resist flexing for safe handling of wide loads at height, for example. Also the clever use of small diameter lift cylinders and strategic location of the hydraulic lines ensure excellent forward visibility through the wide mast.

For safe and efficient braking, these models are fitted with vacuum assisted hydraulic drum brakes.

The hydraulics are free from energy loss in neutral and feature a high-flow pump controlling 3 valves for tilt, lift and attachment. There are also 3 extra valves for options, which include shaft-type and hook-type carriages and integrated side-shifter.

ERGONOMIC OPERATOR’S COMPARTMENT Access to and from the truck is easy thanks to the conveniently placed grab bars and footsteps. Once seated, the operator can position the tilting steering column and adjustable seat to suit which, combined with the generous leg room and ‘through-the-floor’ foot pedals, keeps the operator relaxed and productive.

EASY SERVICE ACCESS Daily Checks are quick and easy as battery, coolant and oil levels etc, are all within easy view and reach. Routine maintenance can also be performed quickly, as the engine hood opens wide on tough gas cylinders, ensuring easy access to the engine compartment.

FINGER TIP OR LEVER CONTROL to choose from depending on driver’s preference

FULL SUSPENSION SEAT includes a seat switch to detect the operator’s presence

These heavy-duty 6.0 and 7.0 tonne diesel engine lift trucks are designed around a robust chassis, heavy duty steer axle and rigid masts that invite long life and high performance. Built to last and easy to maintain, these workhorses will deliver dependable productivity shift after shift.


DP80-160N Modern, stylish and practical, these lift trucks incorporate advanced ergonomic design for maximum operating efficiency, easy maneuvering in tight areas, plus high levels of driver comfort and safety. The compartment has been carefully designed so that the operator benefits from a panoramic viewpoint and the ergonomic siting of controls and pedals that are within easy reach of the adjustable seating position. The purposeful design of the trucks and curved styling of the counterweight, with integral lights, encase machines built for concentrated performance and effortless productivity. Masts are mounted over the front axle, on durable and friction-free rotating points reducing forces transmitted to the chassis. The design incorporates rigid mast channels that are fabricated for increased and reliable performance, with hydraulic hoses and cables positioned so as not to obscure the operator’s vision. Simplex and triplex masts are available on the 8-ton model, with simplex masts being provided for all other models. The Overhead Guard combines maximum protection for the operator with clear all-round vision through the angled roof bars, especially when working at height.

Comprehensive operational safety features include: PRESENCE DETECTION SYSTEM (PDS) protects operator, pedestrians and loads by disengaging drive and hydraulic functions when the operator leaves the normal seated operating position SEATBELT BUZZER sounds when driver returns to operating position, as a reminder to fasten seatbelt THE ANTI-RESTART CONTACT SWITCH prevents damage to starter motor and engine in case operator restarts engine when already running BACK-UP BUZZER warns when truck is reversing PARKING BRAKE ALARM sounds if parking brake has not been applied MAST-MOUNTED FLOODLIGHTS increase safety and productivity in dimly lit areas.

THE OPERATOR’S COMPARTMENT is designed to surround the driver in comfort and safety with all controls and pedals positioned to facilitate stress-free operation. On-off access is smooth and easy from both sides, using the three-point entry system, consisting of open, wide, non-slip side-steps and hand-grips on the compartment and seat. A FULL SUSPENSION SEAT incorporating forward–backward, weight adjustments, bolster support, hip restraint and seat belt. Also includes a seat switch for operator ‘presence detection’ and seatbelt buzzer if not worn.

FINGERTIP HYDRAULIC CONTROLS mounted on an adjustable armrest, allow the operator to control hydraulics precisely and with minimum effort.

FILTER SCREEN on the cabin models, provides a dust-free enviroment for the operator.

AUTOMOTIVE-STYLE PEDALS are positioned to reduce fatigue. Separate brake and inching pedals facilitate excellent ramp restarting and transmission engagement.


POWER-ASSISTED STEERING makes maneuvring the truck light and easy. While the steering wheel itself is tiltable and can be adjusted to suit individual preference.


All main components within the fully integrated power train – engine, transmission and front axle – have been designed for an excellent match and superior functionality. In addition, the engine and transmission are floatingmounted within the chassis structure for exceptional operator comfort, thanks to ultra-low engine noise plus minimal vibrations and shock.

Powerful and fuel-efficient diesel engines Complying with the latest exhaust emission standards and EURO level IIIA regulations (as amended by 2004/26/EC), the 4-stroke, 6-cylinder direct injection 6M60-TL diesel engine used in the 8-16 tonne models uses high-pressure common rail technology plus electronic-controlled injection, turbo charger and intercooler to deliver excellent torque, minimal noise, low vibration and high levels of emission control. The positive crankcase ventilation system separates oil damp from blow-by gasses thus reducing exhaust emissions.

High output and torque at low rpms ensures excellent performance and engine longevity. In addition, ‘low’ high-idle speed ensures less noise and engine wear.

radiator which provides excellent heat transfer. The radiator cooling fan passes air efficiently through the radiator with low surrounding noise levels.

Auto-Shift Transmission Fully automatic 3-speed transmission transmits power from engine to front axle and auxiliary systems, whilst a torque converter ensures smooth control at all times. The transmission uses constant mesh gears connected to the shafts via 5 oil-cooled clutch packs. Automatic gear selection reduces operational costs – and the on/off inching system ensures improved functionality and reduced maintenance.

Braking system The standard hydraulic drum braking system, with pneumatic assistance on the 8 to 15 tonne models, provides safe and effective stopping power. Drums and brake shoes are protected by plates that shield them from dirt and debris, reducing maintenance and maintaining performance. Powerful oil cooled discs brakes, available as standard on the 16.0 tonne model and as an option on other models, provide excellent stopping performance, even in the toughest applications.

Reduced noise levels Thanks to improved design and manufacture, noise levels have been drastically reduced to make operation more comfortable, ensuring better productivity over longer working shifts. Cooling system The high pressure cooling system circulates coolant efficiently around the engine block, cyclinder head and through the aluminium core

Steering system The hydrostatic steering system gives the operator full ‘lock-to-lock’ turning capabilities at very low speeds and even while stationary. The rear axle is a sandwich type fabrication giving maximum durability and is connected to the chassis via a bushing arrangement which allows it to pivot through 4 degrees. This gives excellent maneuverability on rough surfaces and uneven yards.





EASY SERVICE ACCESS The DP80-160N range has been designed for easy daily checks and servicing, thanks to a unique range of on-board servicing and protection features.

EASY DAILY CHECKS (above) of the coolant, engine oil, transmission oil, hydraulic oil and brake oil levels can be monitored via conveniently located sight gauges, that require no special tools nor tilting of the operator compartment. RAPID TROUBLESHOOTING of electrical components is achieved via on-board diagnostics with CAN bus – and the Truck Fault History feature stores up to 32 fault codes.

SERVICE INTERVALS are an impressively high 500 hours*, minimising servicing costs. WHEN MAINTENANCE IS REQUIRED (above & right) the tilting operator compartment on these models swings open, using a manually operated hydraulic pump, giving unobstructed access to internal systems and decreasing downtime. (*conditions apply)



STANDARD OPTIONS All weather cabin Wide range of mast heights


Two mast tilt angle variations Hydraulic fork positioner Integral side-shifter Oil-cooled disc brakes 8-15t Wide tread for front and rear

The range offers several optional extras so as to match individual requirements, including: A full all-weather cabin with low noise levels, improved functionality and features such as full lining and heating/defrosting/air-conditioning for exceptional operator comfort. The large cabin size allows for ďŹ tting of alternative seats, and there is generous on-board storage.

SPECIAL ORDER OPTIONS Simplex mast Triplex mast (DP80N) Integral sideshifter/ forkpositioner

Hydraulic control levers are based on the same technology as the ďŹ ngertip controls, but have longer, wider-spaced levers. Air intake kit is available for dusty applications and helps to protect the engine from debris which could potentially cause a loss of power or even damage to the engine. Oil-cooled disc brakes are available on the 8-15 tonne models (standard on the 16 tonne) giving greater braking power in heavy duty applications. Your dealer can supply you with all the currently available options to precisely match your application.



A WEALTH OF DEALER SERVICES Wherever you’re located, however tough the work you do, you’ll find a local Cat dealership and customer support service dedicated to answering your needs with integrity and dedication to customer satisfaction. Operating closely in partnership with your dealership will ensure your Cat equipment keeps running with optimum efficiency at all times – for outstanding results. After sales service Fully equipped service vans, carrying specialized tooling and carefully selected stocks of service items, are on call to ensure the best quality care for your fleet. Manned by well-trained and dedicated service technicians, using the latest technical information and genuine Cat Lift Trucks parts, ensure inspections and service operations are carried out to the highest professional standards. Maintenance programs Our individually tailored programs ensure prompt, professional service while giving our clients accurate budgeting and full control over operating expenses.

And timely maintenance, carried out by Cat trained lift truck technicians can minimize downtime and extend equipment life. Your dealer will be happy to propose a maintenance plan that’s right for you. Financing options to suit your cashflow Your Cat Lift Trucks dealer can offer a wide range of financing options including outright purchase, leasing and rental agreements, to spread equipment costs over its working life in the most tax efficient way. Fleet management We can identify, control, and reduce the cost of materials handling and re-engineer your fleet to improve utilization.

For customers with national or multi-national operations, your Cat lift truck dealer can provide further benefits to your business, such as service contracts, training and safety programs, fleet audits and application surveys, centralized billing as well as cost analysis and reporting. Parts operation We offer the highest parts availability in the industry at 96% full-line, firstpick, and higher for current production models, from our centrally based facility located in Belgium. Depend on us Our whole organization is geared to providing a seamless and efficient service to keep your operation running smoothly and profitably.

For more information about the DP60-70 & DP80-160N lift trucks, or the rest of our comprehensive range please contact your Cat Lift Trucks dealer or visit


For nearly 80 years Caterpillar has built some of the world’s best construction and agricultural vehicles, designed to perform in the toughest environments. This same philosophy has been applied to our materials handling equipment, that offers a complete range of counterbalance and warehouse trucks. Every day our dealer network delivers bespoke materials handling solutions in more than 70 Countries across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. We continually invest in the selection, development and support of our dealer network. Come and talk to us about your materials handling requirements, or visit our website: Cat Lift Trucks. Your partner in materials handling.

CEBC1003(09/08)ok Copyright ©2008, MCFE. All rights reserved. CATERPILLAR, CAT, their respective logos, ‘Caterpillar yellow’ and the ‘POWER EDGE’ trade dress, as well as corporate and product identity used herein, are trademarks of Caterpillar and may not be used without permission. Printed in The Netherlands NOTE: Performance specifications may vary depending on standard manufacturing tolerances, vehicle condition, types of tyres, floor or surface conditions, applications, or operating environment. Trucks may be shown with non-standard options. Specific performance requirements and locally available configurations should be discussed with your Cat Lift Trucks Dealer. Cat Lift Trucks follows a policy of continual product improvement. For this reason, some materials, options and specifications could change without notice.

The Cat DP60-160N lift trucks Range  

This shows our range of Diesel trucks from 6 up to 16 tonnes... your trucks for the most demanding applications

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