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Cathryn Ilani

Elgin, Illinois, United States

Cathryn Ilani, an accomplished educator with over three decades of experience, serves as a Principal deeply committed to fostering an enriching learning environment. Throughout her extensive career, she has consistently strived to cultivate an atmosphere conducive to student growth in both her instructional and administrative capacities. In 2002, Cathryn Ilani embarked on a remarkable journey by founding the Einstein Academy, a distinguished institution tailored for academically gifted students, where she also holds the position of Principal. Her vision for the school was to provide a comprehensive curriculum that encompassed a wide range of subjects. Observing a prevailing trend in private schools that often focused narrowly on specific areas of education, Cathryn was determined to establish an institution that offered a more holistic and well-rounded educational experience to benefit all students. The Einstein Academy, situated in Elgin, Illinois, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing quality education for students spanning from preschool through high school. At the helm of this institution is Cathryn Ilani, who takes great pride in The Einstein Academy's distinguishing features, including smaller class sizes and heightened individualized attention to ensure students receive a well-rounded education. In a recent announcement, The Einstein Academy has revealed an upcoming merger plan. The academy intends to join forces with Gersh Autism, a prominent leader in autism education with a commendable 28-year history of serving neurodiverse students. Their collective objective is to combine resources and expertise to better serve the local community and its students.