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The Devotion of Pope Francis

Fr Emiliano Antenucci

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Contents Chronology of the Icon of Our Lady of Silence . . . . . 5 Consecration to Our Lady of Silence . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Prayer for the Twelve Virtues of Silence . . . . . . . . . 10 Novena to Our Lady of Silence . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Rosary of the Silence of Jesus and Mary . . . . . . . . . 21 Final Prayer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Invocation of the Holy Spirit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32

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Br Emiliano Antenucci brings out his Book of Life, which forms the basis for the courses of Silence entitled ‘Silence, Silence Speaks’. 26th-28th February 2010

In Foligno (Perugia) the first course of Silence is run. The courses then continue in the Italian region of Abruzzo, where Peter of Morrone, Pope Celestine V, saint and great hermit of silence lived. The icon of Our Lady of Silence is commissioned, painted and finished after nine months of work by the Benedictine nuns of San Giulio d’Orta in the province of Novara. 13th June 2011

The icon of Our Lady of Silence arrives at the Capuchin monastery at Penne (Pescara). 17th-18th March 2012

The courses of Silence begin in Guadalajara, Mexico, translated into Spanish and then into English for other

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countries by Magda Nava Sandoval (who together with her husband ran the courses in Mexico). To find out more visit: www.verginedelsilenzio.org March 2015

Pope Francis is given a copy of the icon as a gift and is so struck by the image he has it hung between the two lifts at the main entrance of the Apostolic Palace, in the courtyard of St Damasus through which everyone who comes to talk to him in his private office has to pass. 18th May 2015

Pope Francis blesses his copy with this intention: “May the Virgin Mary intercede before the Lord so that all those who enter the Apostolic Palace may always have the right words to say.” 15th June 2016

Br Emiliano meets Pope Francis who, after the audience, blesses the original icon of Our Lady of Silence, signing the back with the words: “Do not speak badly of others!” 22nd November 2017

Br Emiliano and his team of Silence meet Pope Francis and after the audience give him a copy of The Way of Silence published by Effatà (born out of the courses of Silence).

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28th November 2017

Pope Francis’s personal Apostolic Blessing arrives for Br Emiliano, his brothers and those entrusted to his pastoral care from the Vatican (Secretariat of State).

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Virgin Mary, Mother of Silence, I consecrate all of my life to you. Deign to impress upon my heart the Heart of your Son Jesus, who died and rose again for me. In reply to the angel’s joyful annunciation, you said, “Fiat”; at the wedding at Cana, you taught me to do everything the Lord tells me to do; under the cross, you gave me an example of unity with Jesus who was obedient to the Father. Our Lady of Silence, channel of grace, give me each day the grace of sincere conversion and of stability in my vocation.

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Mary, dew of divine beauty, make me a masterpiece of holiness, created at the high price of the blood of Christ. Oh Mary, Cathedral of Silence, make this prayer resound in my heart: “Be not afraid, because you are my child, and you are loved by the heavenly Father.� Holy Mary, ark of salvation, bridge between heaven and earth, guide me, together with the angels and saints, to build the kingdom of God on earth, so that I may live in the constant presence of the Most Holy Trinity and desire, for others and for myself, the eternal peace and joy of the heavenly Jerusalem. Amen.

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O Mary, Our Lady of Silence, I ask for the gift of inner silence, so that I may listen to the voice of God within me. Amen. Hail Mary… 2. Listening

O Mary, lady who listens, give me the faith to listen to and put into practice the word of suffering and light of your Son Jesus. Amen. Hail Mary… 3. Humility

O Mary, Our Lady of Humility, I am a blend of earth and heaven, give me sweetness towards my neighbour and holy humility towards God. Amen. Hail Mary… 4. Joy

O Mary, Mother of our joy, grant that my soul may magnify the marvels of the love of God. Amen. Hail Mary… 5. Attentiveness

O Mary, who was attentive to the Son of God, grant that I may be attentive to God and to the brothers and sisters that surround me. Amen. Hail Mary…

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6. Waiting

O Mary, Our Lady who waits, make me know how to wait for God’s time with patience and perseverance so that only the will of God is accomplished in me. Amen. Hail Mary… 7. Balance

O Mary, Our Lady of Balance, grant me the right balance between silence and words, rest and work, prayer and apostolate. Amen. Hail Mary… 8. Docility

O Mary, Our Lady of Docility, put your heart into my heart as our “heavenly Mum” and the heart of your meek and humble Son who obeyed the heavenly Father in self abandonment. Amen. Hail Mary… 9. Stability

O Mary, Our Lady of Stability, I ask for stability of heart and mind every day to take up my cross along the way of Calvary and Tabor. Amen. Hail Mary… 10. Purity

O Mary, all pure Virgin, give me a pure heart full of tenderness and sincere love for all creatures. Amen. Hail Mary…

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11. Trust

O Mary, Mother of Trust, keep discouragement and sadness far from me, grant me instead peace, joy and hope so that this trust in God may accomplish miracles. Amen. Hail Mary… 12. Mercy

O Mary, Mother of Mercy, I place my life beneath your mantle, make it an instrument of peace, of forgiveness and of mercy. Amen. Hail Mary… Archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Rafael, all the angels and saints, pray for us and with us. Conclude with the short prayer “Jesus and Mary save all souls!” repeated fifty times. Then pray for the intentions of the pope and the Church with an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory Be. Finally, trace the sign of the cross on your forehead, mouth and heart. Amen.

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