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AMETUR COR JESU Loved be the heart of Jesus

Founded in 1894 by the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, Catholic High School is an all-male college preparatory institution serving young men in grades 8 - 12.

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A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

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A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894


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Gerald E. Tullier CHS President THE SUMMER OF 2016 was difficult for Baton Rouge. On July 5, Alton Sterling was shot and killed by a police officer. Subsequently, racial tension was palatable in our community and protests filled the streets. Just two weeks later, two Baton Rouge police officers, Montrell Jackson and Matthew Gerald, and an EBR Sheriff deputy, Brad Garafola, were ambushed and killed. These events occurred as 13 other CHS teachers, staff and I were preparing to participate in a Leadership Assembly sponsored by the U.S. Province of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart focusing on discerning our prophetic mission. We discussed the meaning of prophetic as aligning our emotions with God’s perspective and insuring that our policies and school initiatives align with those as well. Throughout the conference and since, I thought about the recent violence and unrest in our community, and I reflected seriously about how CHS could be more prophetic — how we could better align our CHS policies and initiatives with God’s perspective. Here are a few things that we are trying: • We are seeking to more effectively spread the message that, in keeping with the educational tradition of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, no student is refused admission for financial reasons. CHS has an explicit non-discriminatory policy, but we seek to go beyond that policy to let the entire Baton Rouge community know that CHS is accessible to any qualified young man whose family is seeking a Catholic secondary education. We are spreading that word through billboards and face-to-face meetings with pastors and other minority leaders in the community. • Dr. Tom Eldringhoff, assistant principal for discipline, has emphasized discipline as discipleship rather than simply rulefollowing, and he and Mrs. Sherie LeBlanc, admission director, have reached out to minority students, their parents and alumni to have

genuine dialogue about cultural differences and the experiences of our minority students. • In preparation for the November presidential election in an increasingly emotional and contentious political environment, we encouraged our students and staff to understand the responsibility to form our consciences in line with Gospel values, particularly respect for human life and for the dignity of each individual, and to engage in civil dialogue and prudent decision making informed by the Gospel and the teachings of the Church. Our CHS mission is to form young men in Gospel values. That is what these and other initiatives seek to promote. Though he was not associated with CHS, I am confident that Officer Montrell Jackson would have supported our mission as evidenced in his Facebook posting just prior to his tragic death. In the post, he said, “Please don’t let hate infect your heart.” Recently, our student-led school prayer selected and read by senior A.J. Thomas was “Jesus Needs Us” by Cardinal Joseph Bernardin. The Risen Christ is with us today, And He continues to need each one of you. Jesus needs your eyes to continue to see. He needs your strength to continue to work. He needs your voice to continue to teach. He needs your hands to continue to bless. He needs your heart to continue to love. And Jesus needs your whole being to continue to build up his body, the Church. As we believe, so let us live!

As A.J. began the prayer, I admit I was only partially attentive, but somehow the prayer touched me and gave me confidence that our CHS mission is succeeding.

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894


PRINCIPAL’S UPDATE WHAT A BEGINNING to the 2016-2017 school year. With only five school days completed, Baton Rouge and the surrounding parishes experienced historic flooding with damage at a level never seen before in our lifetime. When the flood waters finally receded, more than 100,000 homes had flooded and more than 400,000 people were affected. And while Catholic High School itself did not have any water damage, because of the effect of the flood on so many of our families and the amount of help needed by those flooded all over the area, we missed six days of school. Those six days, and so many since, have been a true testament to how a community comes together to support those in need. More than 100 CHS students and 20 faculty and support staff experienced flooded homes. Each morning during the week we were out of school, faculty and students and alumni gathered in the Union to organize work crews to go out and gut houses. The work was dirty, hot, and exhausting, but that didn’t stop anyone from doing what was needed, and going back again the next day to continue to help. In addition to Catholic High’s organized efforts, there were so many of our students and faculty who responded to the need in their own families, neighborhoods, and area shelters, including rescuing flood victims from the rising waters. The CHS Mothers’ Club organized a clothing drive for our students who lost their school clothes in the flood and they fixed meals to deliver to the CHS work crews spread throughout the area. The CHS Men’s Club spent two Saturdays cooking hundreds of hamburger dinners to distribute through local church parishes in the most devastated neighborhoods. I have received countless emails from families who are so grateful for the help they received from our school community. Our students, faculty, friends, and support groups represented us proudly in this great time of need.

Catholic schools around the country, to assist those in need. Brother Martin High School and St. Stanislaus sent students during the week to help gut houses. The response to help has been humbling. While the flood waters have receded, the effects of the flood have not. For those who experienced flooded homes, the tremendous task of clean-up and rebuilding continues daily. Many are displaced, living outside of their homes, and this certainly creates additional stress. Numerous CHS families now have additional family and friends living with them. This is undoubtedly a time of need and our community has responded. As so often happens, the worst of times brings out the best in people. Nowhere has this been more evident than in the Catholic High community. How blessed we all are to be a part of this amazing family. Ametur Cor Jesu. Loved be the heart of Jesus.

In addition, Catholic High School established a Flood Relief Fund and thanks to the generosity of so many, more than $40,000 was raised. Both faculty and students who flooded have been the beneficiaries of this generosity by receiving funds to help them through this difficult time. And Catholic High School was humbled to receive hundreds of dollars in gift cards from other Brothers of the Sacred Heart Schools, as well as other


Lisa Harvey CHS Principal FALL 2016

Outstanding Scholars


National Merit Scholarship Program and Advanced Placement Scholars The National Merit Scholarship Program is an academic competition for recognition and scholarships. Each year, roughly 1.5 million students in the nation enter the competition by taking the PSAT to test their critical reading, mathematics and writing skills. The top 50,000 scorers qualify for recognition in the National Merit Scholarship Program.

Matthew Berdon National Merit Semifinalist, son of Deneen and Martin Berdon

Andrew Ford National Merit Semifinalist, son of Lisa and Milam Ford

Michael Krzystowczyk National Merit Semifinalist, son of Niomi and Douglas Krzystowczyk

Jordan LeBas National Merit Semifinalist, son of Andrea and Mitch LeBas

Brian Long National Merit Semifinalist, son of Suzette and Dr. James Long

Dominic Maggio National Merit Semifinalist, son of Teresa and Gary Maggio

Harold Miller National Merit Semifinalist, son of Margaret and Jeffrey Miller

Nicholas Mueller National Merit Semifinalist, son of Risa and Timothy Mueller

Andrew Schoonmaker National Merit Semifinalist, son of Sheri and Eric Schoonmaker


Of those 50,000 students, more than two-thirds (about 34,000 students) receive Letters of Commendation in recognition of their outstanding academic promise.


The top one-third high-scorers (about 16,000 students) qualify as a National Merit Semifinalist. These students are the highest scoring entrants in each state. In February, Semifinalists will be notified whether or not they have advanced to Finalist standing. All winners of Merit Scholarship awards are chosen from the Finalist group based on their abilities, skills and accomplishments.

Christopher Alumbaugh National Merit Commended, son of Terri and Ed Alumbaugh

Lance Chaisson National Merit Commended, son of April and Jay Chaisson

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

Colin Hebert National Merit Commended, son of Stacy and Cliff Hebert

William Martin National Merit Commended, son of Desha and Dean Martin


André Aguillard ’16 AP Scholar with Distinction, son of Stacie and Dr. P. Cary Aguillard Jr., is attending Louisiana Tech University.

Roman Corripio ’16 AP Scholar with Distinction, son of Lacey and Bernardo Corripio ’82, is attending Louisiana State University.

Andrew Ford AP Scholar with Distinction, son of Lisa and Milam Ford, is a senior at Catholic High School.

Brendan Hardin ’16 AP Scholar with Distinction, son of Nancy and A. Edward Hardin ’86, is attending the United States Naval Academy.

Blake Mancuso ’16 AP Scholar with Distinction, son of Danielle and Barry Mancuso, is attending the University of Mississippi.

Nicholas Mueller AP Scholar with Distinction, son of Risa and Timothy Mueller, is a senior at Catholic High School.

Jordi Osuna ’16 AP Scholar with Distinction, son of Ingrid and Enrique Osuna, is attending the University of Pennsylvania.

Carson Piontek ’16 AP Scholar with Distinction, son of Melinda and Luke Piontek, is attending Tulane University.

Davis Polito ’16 AP Scholar with Distinction, son of Suzette Easley and Michael Polito, is attending the University of Pennsylvania.

Joseph Sotile ’16 AP Scholar with Distinction, son of Christine and Dr. Steven Sotile, is attending the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Joseph Stassi ’16 AP Scholar with Distinction, son of Karen Tatum and John Stassi III, is attending Tulane University.

Alexandre Van Biersel AP Scholar with Distinction, son of Susan and Dr. Thomas Van Biersel, is a senior at Catholic High School.

Connor Waits ’16 AP Scholar with Distinction, son of Elizabeth Sibley and Hilton Waits, is attending Louisiana Tech University.

Parkes Winder ’16 AP Scholar with Distinction, son of Carolyn and Dr. Carey Winder, is attending the University of Texas at Austin.

Joshua Worley ’16 AP Scholar with Distinction, son of Nicole and Jeffrey Worley, is attending the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Christopher Alumbaugh AP Scholar with Honor, son of Terri and Ed Alumbaugh, is a senior at Catholic High School.

Matthew Berdon AP Scholar with Honor, son of Deneen and Martin Berdon, is a senior at Catholic High School.

Laurence de la Bretonne IV AP Scholar with Honor, son of Dana and Larry de la Bretonne, is a senior at Catholic High School.

Joshua Duke ’16 AP Scholar with Honor, son of Josie and Keith Duke, is attending Louisiana State University.

Benjamin Ferrell Jr. ’16 AP Scholar with Honor, son of Dr. Amiee and Benjamin Ferrell Sr. is attending New York University.

William Hackney ’16 AP Scholar with Honor, son of Jill and Philip Hackney ’88, is attending Northeastern University.

Jeffrey Kelley ’16 AP Scholar with Honor, son of Rebecca and Eric Kelley, is attending Saint Louis University.

Patrick Landry ’16 AP Scholar with Honor, son of Kim and David Landry, is attending Louisiana Tech University.

Dominic Maggio AP Scholar with Honor, son of Teresa and Gary Maggio, is a senior at Catholic High School.

David Toups ’16 AP Scholar with Honor, son of Corey and Shaun Toups, is attending Spring Hill College.

William Aguillard AP Scholar, son of Tracie and Daniel Aguillard, is a senior at Catholic High School.

Hall Braud AP Scholar, son of Sydney and Shaun Braud, is a senior at Catholic High School.

Nicholas Brooksher ’16 AP Scholar, son of Margaret and Dr. Steven Brooksher ’70, is attending Saint Louis University.

Brennan Burke ’16 AP Scholar, son of Lisa and William Burke Jr., is attending Louisiana State University.

Connor Burruss ’16 AP Scholar, son of Aimee and Stuart Burruss, is attending Louisiana State University.

Zachary Crawford AP Scholar, son of Rebecca and Michael Crawford, is a senior at Catholic High School.

Patrick Crifasi AP Scholar, son of Julie and Chris Crifasi, is a senior at Catholic High School.

Charles Dial AP Scholar, son of Francine Dial and Dr. Daniel Dial ’85, is a senior at Catholic High School.

Ezra Grant AP Scholar, son of Nicole and Sidney Grant, is a senior at Catholic High School.

Michael Krzystowczyk AP Scholar, son of Niomi and Douglas Krzystowczyk, is a senior at Catholic High School.

Christopher LeBlanc ’16 AP Scholar, son of Donna LeBlanc and Kevin LeBlanc, is attending Louisiana State University.

The AP Program recognizes high school students who have demonstrated outstanding college-level achievement through AP courses and exams with the AP Scholar Awards. Test are scored on a scale of one to five.

AP SCHOLAR Students who receive scores of three or higher on three or more AP Exams.

AP SCHOLAR WITH HONOR Brian Long AP Scholar, son of Suzette and Dr. James Long, is a senior at Catholic High School.

Brian Manthei ’16 AP Scholar, son of Laura and Larry Manthei Jr., is attending Louisiana State University.

Braden Nyboer AP Scholar, son of Kelly and Dr. John Nyboer, is a senior at Catholic High School.

Andrew Schoonmaker AP Scholar, son of Sheri and Eric Schoonmaker, is a senior at Catholic High School.

Students who receive an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of three or higher on four or more of these exams.

AP SCHOLAR WITH DISTINCTION Ivey Smith AP Scholar, son of Rebeccah and Ollie Smith III, is a junior at Catholic High School.

Devin Tullier ’16 AP Scholar, son of Renee and Patrick Tullier ’75, is attending Louisiana State University.

Joshua Tuminello ’16 AP Scholar, son of Barbara and Richard Tuminello ’82, is attending Louisiana State University.

David Yessayan AP Scholar, son of Tatiana and Yessai Yessayan, is a senior at Catholic High School.

Students who receive an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of three or higher on five or more of these exams.


FALL 2016

on c a m p us

2016 Summer Mission Trips Blessings on the Bayou Labadieville, Louisiana MORE THAN 70 CHS students, alumni, and faculty joined Fr. Michael Alello ’98 and youth from throughout the diocese to “Do Something” at the 2016 Blessings on the Bayou mission experience in June. Fr. Michael opened the doors of St. Philomena Catholic Church in Labadieville to nearly 200 missionaries who spent five days performing service in and around the small bayou town and neighboring communities. Work tasks included: painting, landscaping and cleaning for elderly or disabled members of the parish and larger community; cleaning and maintenance in the parish cemetery; and visiting and praying with shut-ins of the parish. After a hard day’s work, the missionaries would gather each evening for a reflection offered by Fr. Michael, with time for one-on-one sharing, personal reflection and prayer.

St. Anne’s Mission Klagetoh, Arizona IN EARLY JUNE, eight CHS seniors and six students from SJA travelled to the Navajo reservation to spend a week serving the community of St. Anne’s Mission in Klagetoh, Arizona. The students’ primary task was to lead Bible school for the Navajo children of the area. Each day included arts and crafts, music class, a scripture lesson, outdoor games and plenty of piggyback rides. This setting provided the perfect opportunity for the students to really connect with the children of the mission and share Christ’s love. At the end of the week, the children performed music and skits from throughout the week and displayed their art projects. The students also experienced the beautiful scenery of the southwestern U.S., hiking through Canyon de Chelly National Monument, as well as some of the history and culture of the Navajo Nation by participating in a traditional Native American sweat lodge prayer ritual. A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894


Brothers of the Sacred Heart U.S. Province Mission Nashua, New Hampshire TWELVE CHS STUDENTS and two teachers joined students and faculty from other Brothers’ schools in the United States Province, along with Brother Bernard Couvillion, SC ’64 and Brother Michael Migacz, SC for a mission experience hosted by Bishop Guertin High School in New Hampshire, in June. Students began each day in group prayer, and then headed off to local work sites coordinated by Catholic Charities. Work projects included painting and yard work for local residents. Students also had the chance to get to know the homeowners by sharing meals and praying with them.

Cantera Mission Managua, Nicaragua TWELVE CHS STUDENTS traveled to Nicaragua to work with Cantera, an organization that established several community centers and a farm in and around the city of Managua, Nicaragua. These centers are placed in barrios (neighborhoods) and serve as a safe place for children to learn and play with other kids. The CHS students spent time in these centers interacting with the children and learning about their lives. Spending time with these Nicaraguan children opened the eyes of each CHS participant. They were able to see the harsh realities of life in underdevelopoed parts of Nicaragua. The experience included a combination of traditional mission work and learning the history of the nation and its people. Students were also able to share and exchange the different cultures of the participating groups.


FALL 2016

on c a m p us

CHS Junior Achieves Perfect Score on ACT

Composite Score


CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL junior Stephen Gaudin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Gaudin ’83 of Baton Rouge, earned the highest possible ACT composite score of 36. On average, less than one-tenth of one percent of students who take the ACT earn a perfect score. In the U.S. high school graduating class of 2016, only 2,235 out of nearly 2.1 million graduates who took the ACT earned a composite score of 36. “I was pretty surprised when I found out I got a 36 on the ACT,” said Gaudin. “I thought I did well, but I wasn’t expecting a perfect score. Getting a 36 has always been a goal of mine so when I finally got the score, I was ecstatic.” The ACT consists of tests in English, mathematics, reading and science, each scored on a scale of 1-36. A student’s composite score is the average of the four test scores. Some students also take the optional ACT writing test, but the score for that test is reported separately and is not included within the ACT composite score. “My mom has definitely been the biggest help for me. She encouraged me to take the test as often as possible. I guess it has paid off because I knew what to expect and was prepared to do well on the test,” added Gaudin. In a letter to the student recognizing this exceptional achievement, ACT Chief Executive Officer Marten Roorda stated, “Your achievement on the ACT is significant and rare. While test scores are just one of multiple criteria that most colleges consider when making admission decisions, your exceptional ACT composite score should prove helpful as you pursue your education and career goals.”

Stephen Gaudin ’18 Gaudin is a member of the drum line in the CHS Marching Band and plays drum set for the Show Choir and Pep Band. He is also a member of the National Honor Society, the editor of the Junior Classical League, vice president of Mu Alpha Theta and serves as a Student Ambassador. After graduation in 2018, Gaudin plans on majoring in aerospace engineering. “Currently, I plan on applying to the United States Naval Academy, the Air Force Academy, Georgia Tech, Texas A&M and Stanford,” said Gaudin. “If I go to a military academy, I want to become a jet pilot.” ACT test scores are accepted by all major U.S. colleges. Exceptional scores of 36 provide colleges with evidence of student readiness for the academic rigors that lie ahead.


FALL 2016


New Faculty...New Faces

Catholic High School welcomes new faculty for 2016

Michael Billings ’06

Cason O’Banion

Leanna Cupit

Gerren Porch

Christopher Davis

Jarrod Quebodeaux

George K. D. Hopkins

Pegeen Romero

Kaia Lo

Tim Waller

Taylor Messenger ’94

Ian Widdick

Physical Education, Sports Medicine I Assistant Baseball Coach

Biology, Physical Science 4-H Club Moderator

Civics I, Religion II Campus Ministry

Geometry, Algebra II Lacrosse Head Coach

Fine Arts Survey, SAS Band, Advanced Band - A Assistant Director of Bands

Intro to Algebra, Algebra II Ultimate Moderator


English II, Western Civilization Speech and Debate Moderator

Music & Technology, Assistant Librarian Band Moderator

Western Civilization Bruin Broadcast Network, and Youth and Government Moderator

Religion I, Religion II Campus Ministry, Respect Life Moderator

American History, Civics II Assistant Basketball Coach

English II, Speech Assistant Bowling Coach

FALL 2016


Catholic Leadership Encounter | 2016 By Charles Jumonville

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894


CATHOLIC LEADERSHIP ENCOUNTER (CLE) is a leadership program that incorporates practical leadership skills, team work, prayer, intentional faith formation and physical challenge, into a 10-day experience in line with the holistic philosophy of education according to the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. Each June, more than 50 students from CHS and SJA journey to the majestic Colorado Rocky Mountains to experience CLE. Students participate in team building activities and outdoor adventures as they learn about the charisms of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart and Sisters of St. Joseph. They are challenged to reflect on God-centered responses to practical leadership situations. In addition to spiritual formation, students will develop active listening techniques, consensus building, delegating responsibility, managing conflict and problem-solving skills, on their way to becoming young Catholic leaders. The CLE program expects the men and women chosen to rise to every challenge issued, offer insights to discussion and passion to each activity. CLE offers shared experiences of challenge, growth, prayer and encounter that create a sense of unity. For many, this “mountain top” experience directly translates to becoming, for example, a better band member, student council member, athlete, student minister or student leader in the * Honors Program Scholar classroom.

The program invites students to reflect on their own sense of vocation, to evaluate their potential and capability and to move beyond themselves and embrace society, their school, parish, and family more fully by responding to God’s call to become a servant leader. CLE staff consists of faculty from CHS and SJA as well as previous participants in the CLE program. An incredible 1:3 ratio of adult staff to students makes for a well-planned, safe environment that will foster growth expeditiously. Rising sophomores, juniors and seniors from CHS and SJA are eligible to apply. There are limited spots remaining for the 2017 summer Encounter.

º Academic Program Scholar


FALL 2016

bea r n a ti on Brothers of the Sacred Heart Jubilee Celebration Photo by John Crifasi Photography


“Well done, good and faithful servant.” - Matthew 25:23


FALL 2016

bea r n a ti on

Photographs courtesy of John Crifasi Photography (back, l to r) Brother John Hebert, SC, Brother Marcel Leclerc, SC, Brother Patrick McGinity, SC, Brother Bill Cawley, SC, Brother Carl Bouchereau, SC, (front, l to r) Brother Eldon Crifasi, SC ’39, Brother Paul Mulligan, SC and Brother Neri Falgout, SC.

Jubilee Celebration

Brothers of the Sacred Heart United States Province ON SUNDAY, October 2, 2016, the Brothers of the Sacred Heart of the Province of the United States recognized those brothers who were celebrating at least 25 years of service in the Institute of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. The Jubilarians were

honored during a Mass and dinner held at St. Stanislaus College in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. Catholic High School’s own Brother Eldon Crifasi, SC ’39 and Brother Chris Sweeney, SC ’84, were among those honored.

Celebrating 25 Years of Service Brother Chris Sweeney, SC ’84

Celebrating 65 Years of Service Brother Neri Falgout, SC

Celebrating 50 Years of Service Brother Carl Bouchereau, SC Brother William Cawley, SC Brother Patrick McGinity, SC

Celebrating 70 Years of Service Brother Virgil Harris, SC Brother Paul MacDonald, SC

Celebrating 60 Years of Service Brother John Hebert, SC Brother John Hotstream, SC Brother Marcel Leclerc, SC Brother Paul Mulligan, SC Brother Robert Provencher, SC

Celebrating 75 Years of Service Brother Eldon Crifasi, SC ’39 Brother Julian Przytulski, SC

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894


Brother Eldon Crifasi, SC ’39 75 Years as a Brother of the Sacred Heart A LOT OF PEOPLE would note 1941 as the year that America entered the Second World War following the attack on Pearl Harbor by Japanese forces. For Brother Eldon Crifasi ’39, SC, 1941 is remembered for much more. Two years after graduating from Catholic High School, he received his first year of vows as a Brother of the Sacred Heart. Seventy-five years later, he hasn’t looked back. While attending CHS, A. J. (Angelo Joseph, Brother Eldon’s given name) was immediately struck by the personal attention and concern shown by the Brothers on campus. “I found the Brothers took a lot of interest in us. Not just in the classroom, but outside the classroom as well. They wanted to know what we were doing and would give us advice,” noted Brother Eldon. On Sunday mornings during basketball season, students would often challenge the Brothers to a basketball game in the gym. Brother Eldon recalls on one occasion, how the Brothers were short one player and asked him to join their team. “‘A.J., you’d make a good Brother, why don’t you join our team?’” On the surface, this seemed like a simple request, but it had a profound impact on his future. “I began to really consider the possibility of becoming a Brother. I prayed and asked God to guide me,” he added.


Years of Service

Two years after graduation, Brother Eldon decided to give it a chance and left for Metuchen, New Jersey to enter formation with the Brothers. “What I saw and what I experienced with the Brothers in my three years at Catholic High, I had nothing to lose. I thought I’d like to teach and be around young people.” Initially, Brother Eldon decided to give it a try for three months. Those three, turned into another three which turned into another three, and now, 75 years later, he is celebrating his jubilee anniversary as a Brother of the Sacred Heart. “I was only 17 when I went to Metuchen,” recalled Brother Eldon. “As I look back over 75 years, I am so grateful for the support I’ve gotten over these years from the Brothers and everyone. God called me to this life and I am truly blessed.”

1941 First Vows

1958 Sacred Heart Juniorate Daphne, Alabama

1942 St. Joseph’s High Metuchen, New Jersey

1958 St. Stanislaus Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

1943 Coindre Hall Long Island, New York

1959 Catholic High School Baton Rouge, Louisiana

1944 St. Stanislaus Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

1963 Ascension Catholic High Donaldsonville, Louisiana

1945 D’Evereux Hall Natchez, Mississippi

1968 Catholic High School Baton Rouge, Louisiana

1946 St. Stanislaus Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

1973 Bishop Dunne High School Dallas, Texas

1947 St. Aloysius New Orleans, Louisiana

1974 Catholic High School Baton Rouge, Louisiana

1949 Sacred Heart Juniorate Daphne, Alabama

1977 St. Stanislaus Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

1950 Coindre Hall Long Island, New York

1980 Vandebilt Houma, Louisiana

1951 St. Joseph’s High Metuchen, New Jersey

1988 Brother Martin New Orleans, Louisiana

1952 Thibodaux College Thibodaux, Louisiana

1990 E.D. White Thibodaux, Louisiana

1952 St. Aloysius New Orleans, Louisiana

1991 Catholic High School Baton Rouge, Louisiana


FALL 2016

bea r n a ti on

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894


“True charity requires courage. Let us overcome the fear of getting our hands dirty so as to help those in need.” -Pope Francis BEAR FACTS MAGAZINE

FALL 2016

bea r n a ti on

...and reach out

IN THE EARLY WEEKS OF THE 2016 school year, our community witnessed incredible hardships with the catastrophic flooding that swept across south Louisiana. While the school itself received no direct damage, a number of our faculty, staff and students did. As often happens, times of crisis have a way of bringing out the best in people; of rallying communities for the greater good - and that was certainly the case at Catholic High School. As soon as the flood waters receded, groups of CHS faculty, staff and students gathered each morning and organized work crews to go out and help those in need. From gutting homes and delivering food to organizing a clothing drive for displaced students, Bear Nation exemplified one of Father Andre Coindre’s and the Brothers of the Sacred Heart’s core tenets: Respond to those in need with the spirit of compassion of Jesus Christ. We were also blessed with the outpouring of love and support our families, friends and alumni expressed for this institution in the aftermath. We were inundated with offers of help from across the country in just about every way imaginable. St. Pius Catholic High School in Atlanta, Georgia, raised $4,947 for our families. We also received donations from Chaminade High School in Mineola, NY., as well as from our fellow Brothers school, Mount St. Charles High School in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. More than $40,000 was donated to the CHS Flood Relief Fund, directly assisting the 20 CHS faculty and staff members and the 102 students whose homes flooded.

Perhaps nowhere was this outpouring of love and commitment more intimately felt than on our first day back on August 22, as we gathered as a community with over 98 percent of our faculty and students present, and celebrated Mass together. Even in the midst of those dark days, we reaffirmed our belief in each other, in the mission of this institution and in the love and grace of Jesus Christ. The journey back has been a long one, but it’s one we have traveled together. And while many are still working to put their lives and homes back together, we, as an institution of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, will continue to respond to those in need with the spirit of compassion of Jesus Christ. Thank you for your prayers and support for the Catholic High School community and for of all those who were affected.

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894


“Within the next hour my phone was ringing and text started coming through left and right from our CHS family asking what did I need and that they were on the way to help. By the time I reached my home, the street was so crowded with cars from all of the help, I can’t even express the gratitude I felt when I saw everyone.” Wednesday 10:44 AM

Delivered Thursday 7:09 AM

For those interested in helping... we’re making For those interested in PB&J’s thiswe’re morning in the helping... making CHS Union to bring to PB&J’s this morning in the worksites! CHS Union to bring to worksites! Traffic is horrible, but I’m on my isway to school Traffic horrible, but I’m with my box PB&J on my way toofschool sandwiches!! with my box of PB&J sandwiches!!

Tuesday 8:37 PM

Today 3:12 AM

Thanks everyone! We made 375 sandwiches under 3 Thanks everyone!inWe made hours! Meet again 375 sandwiches in tomorrow under 3 at 7:45Meet a.m. -again sametomorrow place. hours! at 7:45 a.m. - same place. Delivered



FALL 2016


Your Investment. Their Future. A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894


The 2016-2017 Fund For Catholic High School What better investment can you make than supporting... • • • • •

The mission of CHS The Charism of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart The 1,154 outstanding young men enrolled at CHS The dedicated faculty and staff Educational excellence since 1894

Together, The Power of Participation with support from alumni, parents and friends will make an impact on the mission of Catholic High School. _____________________________________________________

Visit today to participate or contact Director of Advancement Jamie Segar ’90 at or 225.389.0978. Thank

PAGE 32 Parents Annual Giving Event



Parent participation 36.6% Gifts and pledges $228,382


On Monday, Oct. 24, 85 parent volunteers gathered for the PAGE 32 Phonathon to make personal contact with approximately 865 families yet to make a commitment to PAGE 32.


FALL 2016

a dva n c em en t

An update for

FALL 2016

JIM BURKE ’86 and I are pleased to serve as the co-chairs of the Advancing the Mission campaign. As the title suggests, this capital campaign is very important in advancing the mission of CHS. Let me give you a brief update on the campaign. The purpose of this phase of the campaign is to replace the current Student Union. It was built in the early 1970’s to accommodate approximately 400 students. The new Student Center will have 31,000 square feet to meet the demands of today’s enrollment which currently stands at 1,154 students. The new Student Center will not only serve as a dining hall, but will include Campus Ministry offices, a new faculty workroom, an IT help desk and common areas for students. Throughout the last 15 months, we have been in the Leadership phase of the campaign with a working goal of approximately $6 million. As of today, more than $3 million has been committed to the campaign by generous donors and there are a number of proposals still outstanding. A significant highlight of the campaign is the 100 percent support of the CHS faculty — a testament of their belief in the importance of the campaign to advance the mission of CHS. Their generosity serves

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

as a great example for others to support this initiative. In visiting with our alumni, we have heard wonderful stories of how CHS inspired and prepared them during a transformational time in their lives. They were able to leverage their CHS experience into successful lives and are now willing to share some of the fruits of this success with CHS. I personally can attest to the tremendous impact my CHS education had on my values, faith life and business success. As co-chair, I ask for your continued prayers for the success of the campaign. In the future, we will make a general appeal in support of this campaign. At that time, we will urge you to prayerfully consider making a gift to CHS that is right for you and your family. Every gift will assist us in Advancing the Mission of CHS for the benefit of our students and the entire CHS community, not only for today, but for decades to come. Thank you for your support of Catholic High School.

Jerry Jolly ’70 Campaign Co-Chair


THE STUDENT CENTER Located in the academic heart of the Catholic High School campus, a new 31,000-square-foot Student Center will include:

GOAL: $6,130,000

• A kitchen and food preparation area • A dining space that will also serve as a flexible, common gathering space • Classrooms • Teacher workroom • Campus Ministry offices • IT Quick Help Kiosk

“I invest in Catholic High School because I believe in the institution and its spirit. Catholic High School helped form the foundation of who I am today and I want to play my part in ensuring that CHS continues to provide top notch education for the development of future generations of men.” - Edward Miller ’96


FALL 2016

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An update for

FALL 2016

Capital Campaign Donors Mr. and Mrs. Michael Aguilar Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Justin B. Alford Sr. ’89 Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Melvin P. Argrave III ’86 Mr. and Mrs. Don R. Aubin ’75 Mr. and Mrs. George P. Balhoff Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Balhoff ’73 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Barfield Jr. ’82 Mr. and Mrs. Brad Bass Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Beale Mr. and Mrs. Richard Beaugh Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Berret III ’84 Mr. and Mrs. James E. Berrigan Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John O. Blakeney ’71 Dr. and Mrs. G. Michael Blanchard Jr. ’90 Mr. and Mrs. Gregory E. Bodin Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Bogan ’78 Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Bonine Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Randolph J. Bonnecaze ’65 Mr. and Mrs. Marvin E. Borgmeyer Mr. and Mrs. Matthew E. Borgmeyer ’99 Mr. and Mrs. J. Pierre Boudreaux Sr. ’59 Mr. and Mrs. C. Hewes Bowden ’94 Ms. Kate E. Brady Dr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Brandao ’73 Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Branstetter Jr. Dr. and Mrs. B. Joseph Brooks Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Steven H. Brooksher Sr. ’70 Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Brouillette Dr. and Mrs. Cleve Brown Mr. and Mrs. Burton Brumfield Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James A. Burke ’86 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Burmaster Mr. Jarrell P. Butcher ’81 Ms. Diane Bynum Mr. and Mrs. J. Victor Caffarel III Mr. and Mrs. Larry Cain Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Larry N. Camp Ms. Kariya A. Canizaro Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Carruth Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Cascio ’03

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

as of Dec. 20, 2016

Mr. and Mrs. Jason R. Cashio ’91 Mr. and Mrs. Jared Cavalier Mr. and Mrs. Dean P. Cazenave Mr. and Mrs. André Chapoy Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Chustz ’96 Mr. and Mrs. G. Blane Clark Jr. ’77 Mr. and Mrs. Maurice J. Coleman ’82 Mr. and Mrs. Chase Comeaux Mr. and Mrs. Jarrod J. Coniglio Conoco Phillips Company Ms. Fiona Conroy Mr. Robert Conroy Mr. and Mrs. Bernardo M. Corripio ’82 Mr. and Mrs. Jose Costela Mr. and Mrs. R. Matthew Cotton Mr. and Mrs. Chris T. Crifasi Brother Eldon Crifasi, SC ’39 Dr. and Mrs. Brad A. Culotta ’99 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Daigrepont Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Be Dang Mr. and Mrs. Thuan Dang Mr. and Mrs. Jon R. David Jr. ’85 Mr. Sanders P. Davis ’10 Ms. Robin E. Deck Mr. and Mrs. Austen M. Delahaye ’92 Mr. John J. Devlin III Mr. and Mrs. Robert E Dille ’87 Mr. Ben S. DiPalma ’00 and Dr. Erin DiPalma Mr. and Mrs. M. David DiVincenti Sr. ’70 Mr. and Mrs. James P. Doré Ms. Tracy Ducote Ms. Erin Duffy Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. Dulaney ’92 Mr. Chad A. Dupuy ’00 Mr. and Mrs. Harold D. Dupuy ’73 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Eldringhoff Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Emonet ’87 Mr. Steven Engborg Mr. and Mrs. Hilton Eymard Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Falgout Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Faulk III


Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Ferachi ’84 Mr. and Mrs. Vincent A. Ferachi Jr. ’54 Mr. and Mrs. Gabe Fertitta Mr. Brant C. Fox Mr. James T. Furrate ’76 Mr. and Mrs. Philip Fox Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Gaffney Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Galante Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Galliano Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Ganley Judge and Mrs. Douglas Gonzales ’55 Mr. and Mrs. Milton Graugnard Ms. Amanda Graves Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Greer Jr. Mr. and Mrs. L. Mark Gremillion Mrs. Donna Grodner Mr. Daniel G. Gunn ’16 Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hackney ’88 Mr. Deuce Harrison Ms. Erin Hart Mr. and Mrs. Ted W. Harvey Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Hebert Jr. ’64 Brother Ray Hebert, SC Mr. and Mrs. Eric Held Ms. Nancy P. Herin Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Hightower ’97 Brother Ronald Hingle, SC Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Hingle Mr. and Mrs. Blake S. A. Hodges ’83 Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne G. Honoré ’83 Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Hood Mr. and Mrs. James S. Hotard Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Hotard ’85 Mr. and Mrs. Jason Howell Mr. and Mrs. James W. Jolly Jr. ’75 Mr. and Mrs. J. Gerard Jolly ’70 Mr. and Mrs. P. Scott Jolly ’83 Mr. Jerry Jones and Mrs. Lyn Holden Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Jumonville Mr. and Mrs. Francis C. Jumonville Jr. ’73 Mr. and Mrs. P. Dan Jumonville Mr. and Mrs. Frederic W. Kearny Jr. ’74 Mr. and Mrs. James P. Kelly ’92 Mr. and Mrs. William H. Kessler III Mr. and Mrs. Albert D. Kidd ’43 Mr. and Mrs. P. Michael Kirby ’80 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kurzweg LPL Financial Mr. and Mrs. Timothy LaBauve Mr. and Mrs. C J. Laird Mr. and Mrs. J. Brad Lanehart ’72 Mr. and Mrs. Scott B. Lanehart ’95 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Laney Mr. and Mrs. Khiem V. Le Mr. and Mrs. Duane LeBlanc Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Logsdon ’02 Mr. Robert J. Lorio ’66 Mr. Andrew E. Losavio ’98 Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Losavio ’95

Mr. and Mrs. Adam MacDowell Mr. and Mrs. M. Scott Manning ’01 Mr. and Mrs. Sean Marcantel Mr. Mark Martin Mr. and Mrs. Craig Maxson Mr. and Mrs. Brian May Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Mayeaux Mr. Evan McAleer Mrs. Judy B. McGuire Mr. and Mrs. John T. Meek II ’87 Dr. and Mrs. Tom J. Meek Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Melancon Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Mengis ’84 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Messenger ’82 Mr. Bradley J. Messina and Mrs. Elisa Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Mark M. Messina Mr. and Mrs. Blake Metz Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Miller ’96 Milton J. Womack Foundation Fund Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Minvielle Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Moak ’88 Mr. and Mrs. John C. Monroe Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Moran ’86 Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Brett J. Murray ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Nelson ’79 Mr. and Mrs. Thi Nguyen Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Norton Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Olinde ’83 Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Otterstetter Mr. and Mrs. Darrell P. Ourso Mr. and Mrs. Hays D. Owen Mr. Jude Palombo ’79 Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Papillion Dr. and Mrs. Charles A. Patout Jr. Ms. Nancy Patout Mr. and Mrs. James J. Peeler Jr. ’76 Dr. and Mrs. Brannon C. Perilloux ’87 Mr. and Mrs. John H. Perkins Mr. and Mrs. John W. Perry Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Cu Pham Mr. and Mrs. Thu X. Pham Ms. Langley Pierre Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Polito Mr. and Mrs. Luke Piontek Mr. Mark E. Primeaux ’07 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Prochaska ’92 Mrs. Camillia Pugh Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Raetzsch Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ramos-Grasa Mr. and Mrs. Glen Randow Mr. Christopher Redden Mr. Ben Relle Mr. and Mrs. Kent M. Rhodes Mr. and Mrs. Bo Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Riche Jr. ’88 Ms. Jewell C. Riecke Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Rienecke


Mr. and Mrs. Cooper S. Roberts Ms. Catherine C. Robichaux Ms. Jill Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Michael O. Rourke Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Rousseau Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Rumfola ’01 Mr. and Mrs. M. Wesley Salmon ’91 Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Sanchez Jr. ’61 Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey R. Say Dr. and Mrs. George D. Say Mr. and Mrs. Eric Schoonmaker Mr. and Mrs. L. James Segar III ’90 Mrs. Heather M. Serrano Drs. Amie and Sean Shannon ’89 Dr. and Mrs. Carlton H. Sheely II Shelll Oil Company Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Silvio ’61 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Smith Mr. Jerry Smith Ms. Kathie Smith Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Smith Mr. and Mrs. Matthew D. Smith Mr. and Mrs. John A. Stassi II Mr. and Mrs. Willie M. Stephenson Mr. Chuck Streets Mr. and Mrs. Ernest F. Summerville Jr. Mr. and Mrs. W. Martin Svendson ’73 Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Sykes ’85 Mr. and Mrs. Steven G. Talamo ’84 Mrs. Emilie Terracina The Catherine L. and Edward A. Lozick Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John M. Thibodeaux Mr. and Mrs. Paul Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Lyman E. Thornton III Mr. and Mrs. Roland M. Toups Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Toups ’84 Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Tullier Mr. and Mrs. Patrick G. Tullier ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Tully Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Turner Jr. Mr. John G. Turner ’78 Union Pacific Fund for Effective Government Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Valluzzo Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Valluzzo ’87 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick C. Valluzzo ’99 Dr. and Mrs. Richard R. Vath Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy M. Vidrine Mr. and Mrs. Duc Vo Mr. Graham Waddill Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Wascom Mr. and Mrs. Dale K. Weiner Brother Xavier Werneth, SC Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Weston Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Whatley ’71 Williams Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Williams Mr. and Mrs. MIles B. Williams Sr. ’79 Mr. Caleb Williamson

FALL 2016

a dva n c em en t

Catholic High School Recipient of Three Grants The Irene W. and C.B. Pennington Foundation The E.J. and Marjory B. Ourso Family Foundation The NFL Foundation CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL has been the recipient of three grants since the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year. We are very grateful for these grants as it allows the school to fund special projects that are not included in the operating budget of the school. The Irene W. and C.B. Pennington Foundation presented the school with a grant for the STREAM program that has been recently established in the Science Center of the school. The grant will help with the first phase of the program which will include the purchase of tables, chairs, TVs and interior upgrades to the classrooms converting them into STREAM Labs. With its focus on values as well as academics, Catholic High School holistically prepares students to be leaders and innovators for tomorrow. To enhance that preparation, Catholic High School has embraced a STREAM initiative that includes emphasis on religion and art along with the traditional “STEM” content of science, technology, engineering and math. Students at Catholic High School are already accustomed to a technology-rich education environment as the school is going into its fourth year of a one-to-one laptop program. Establishing STREAM labs will further enhance students’ education experience, providing them with the opportunity for concentrated focus on STREAM content in collaborative, group settings. Adjustments to the school’s curriculum through the inclusion of specialized tracts in engineering, biomedicine and computer science will further enhance this experience.

collaborative, group settings is a very effective way to promote critical thinking, problem solving and other 21st century skills. We are convinced that offering these enhanced opportunities will directly impact student success during high school but especially in their continued education and future careers. The E.J. and Marjory B. Ourso Family Foundation also presented CHS with a grant. This grant will help to fund the purchase of new lighting for the gym. The lights will be Lithonia LED high bay fixtures that will result in greater illumination, reduced power costs and increased energy conservation. The lights will be dimmable and will have wire guards for protection. With The Ourso Family Foundation grant last summer, the gym floor was completely refinished. This summer the school was able to repaint all of the interior walls and do preventative maintenance on the floor as well as replace the doors that lead to the lobby of the school. The school has also received a grant from the NFL Foundation. This program recognizes the high schools and communities that have contributed to Super Bowl history by providing support for school football programs. The grant program is part of the NFL’s Super Bowl outreach initiative whereby high schools will receive a commemorative golden football produced by Wilson for every player or head coach who has been on an active roster in a Super Bowl. In spring 2016, CHS received its golden football commemorating Warren Capone’s ’70 participation in Super Bowl X with the Dallas Cowboys. The school will use this grant to purchase 10 new practice jerseys for the football team.

Catholic High School believes that project-based learning focused on real-world situations and conducted in

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894


CHS Corporate Partners Program When you become a Corporate Partner, your company will directly support and help fund expanded opportunities for our students. From technology enhancements to need-based tuition assistance, your partnership will play a vital role in the celebration and recognition associated with the success of our students. SHARE IN THE SUCCESS - BECOME A CORPORATE PARTNER TODAY!

As a Corporate Partner, here is what you will receive: • • • • • • •

Radio Broadcast Package Bruin Broadcast Network Commercial Public Address Announcements Digital Scoreboard Signage Baseball Outfield Signage Game Day Passes (4) Sideline Recognition Banners

For more information Contact Jamie Segar ’90 Director of Advancement 225.389.0978

Paying It Forward The Francis Anthony Furrate ’47 Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund “I COULDN’T THINK of a more fitting way to honor my father.” That’s how Jamie Furrate ’76, described his motivation to endow a scholarship fund at Catholic High School in memory of his father, Francis Anthony Furrate ’47. “He was always very proud to be a Catholic High graduate, and never missed an Francis Anthony Furrate ’47 opportunity to attend an event or reconnect with his CHS buddies.” A native of Baton Rouge, Francis’ father passed away at an early age. “After his father, my grandfather, passed, his mom worked as a seamstress to make ends meet. It was tough sledding to send him to Catholic High, but she did it,” noted Jamie. “What he treasured most about his time at CHS was his interactions

with the brothers. Their discipline and academic expectations fostered a respect and work ethic he held for the rest of his life. He would be proud to know that he is giving back to the school and making it possible for a well deserving student to have the same opportunity he did – a Catholic High education.”

Jamie Furrate ’76 (middle) presents a check to CHS President Gene Tullier (left) and Director of Advancement Jamie Segar ’90 (right) for the Francis Anthony Furrate ’47 Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund.


FALL 2016





JUDGE DOUG GONZALES was named a charter member of the Greater Baton Rouge State Fair’s Hall of Fame in April of 2016 at its annual Volunteer Appreciation Meeting.

BILL HUEY completed part II of his novel, “The Gookville Murders,” a crime thriller set in New Orleans. The book is available on the Kindle platform through Huey is also the author of “Carbon Man” (Kindle, 2010).

J.H. MARTIN was named a charter member of the Greater Baton Rouge State Fair’s Hall of Fame in April of 2016 at its annual Volunteer Appreciation Meeting.

1959 JOHN FRED GOURRIER was a singer/ songwriter/recording artist with a number one worldwide hit, “Judy in Disguise,” which he wrote and recorded as John Fred and the Playboys. Gourrier’s last recordings are included in the newly released CD, “Roots Rockin’ Blues.” The CD also includes participation by Lynn Ourso ’60, who played with John Fred off and on from the time they were at CHS until John Fred’s death in 2005. (

1960 LYNN OURSO released a new CD, “Roots Rockin’ Blues,” with his Louisiana Riverfront Band. Ourso co-produced the CD, on which he sings and plays guitar. The CD also includes the last recordings by John Fred Gourrier ’59, with whom Ourso partnered in music from their days together at CHS until John Fred’s death in 2005. (

1978 MARRIAGE THOMAS WOOD and Tracy Lyn Hightower

1979 MILES WILLIAMS is president and co-owner of Sigma Consulting Group which was named by Baton Rouge Business Report as this year’s number one Best Place to Work in Baton Rouge in the small and medium-sized company category.

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894


1986 CAREY GUGLIELMO JR., co-founder of Baton Rouge based AST Marketing, announced the company’s third expansion since its launch in 2014. The distribution headquarters has moved to 7909 Wrenwood Blvd. in the Bocage area to accommodate the company’s growth. AST recently invested in a packing and distribution center in Chicago to better serve its online clientele.

GREG SEPEDA is a professional civil engineer with Sigma Consulting Group which was recently named by Baton Rouge Business Report as this year’s number one Best Place to Work in Baton Rouge in the small and medium-sized company category.






Brandi and ROBERT AERTKER III, daughter Mary Francis

Kasey and JOHN “JAY” FRITZ, son John Bates


1998 BRYAN JEANSONNE received the Dr. W. Turrentine Jackson Outstanding Chapter Advisor Award at the 154th anniversary convention of Theta Xi Fraternity in August in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Jeansonne has served as chapter advisor for LSU’s chapter of Theta Xi fraternity since 2008.


NED FASULLO released his new book, “The Small Book of Big Marketing, The Foundations of the Markenomics System in the Palm of Your Hand.” Fasullo is the chief marketing officer and creator of “Markenomics: Connection, Engagement, Conversion and the Evolution of the Practice” training system.



BIRTH Stephanie and WILL LANDRY, son Graham



Hey Bears, What’s Your News?

Marriages, Births, Promotions, Graduations, Accolades, Relocations, Highlights, Photographs Contact the CHS Alumni Office with your latest and greatest. 225.383.0459 |


FALL 2016

a lum n i





JASON MAY and Brittney LeBlanc

Hilary and JOHN FREEMAN, son Foster Kenneth

a chapter of the American College of Radiology. Mackey is also completing his eighth year commitment as a captain in the Louisiana Air National Guard 159th Fighter Wing Medical Group.

BIRTH Melissa and NATHAN LEPINE, daughter Anna Lynn



DAVID MCLAUGHLIN was appointed to the New Orleans Metropolitan Association of REALTORS® Board of Directors by President Mary Vastola. McLaughlin was also named commissioner of District “E” for City of Slidell Planning and Zoning Commission by the Slidell City Council.

NICHOLAS MITCHELL earned his Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction from LSU in August 2016. Mitchell is employed at Loyola University in New Orleans as a research fellow/assistant professor in the Jesuit Social Research Institute.

Erica and BLAKE PINO, daughter Lillian “Lily” Claire

2006 2004

Kathryn and STEPHEN SANCHES, son John Thomas




DR. DANE MACKEY was accepted into the Vascular & Interventional Radiology Fellowship Program at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. Mackey is a fifth-year, radiology resident at LSUHSC New Orleans and is president of the Resident & Fellow Section of the Radiological Society of Louisiana,

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

ALEX BARONICH was part of the threeman/three-woman Baton Rouge Red Stick Crossfit team that competed in the Crossfit Super Regionals in Houston, Texas, in May. Baronich’s team placed 14th out of the best 40 teams from Arizona, Central America, Colorado, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Utah. 68,000 athletes competed to earn their chance to attend the Super Regionals before the worldwide Reebok Crossfit Games in California.


2007 TRAILON “TREY” JOHNSON released his daily devotional book, “Day by Day: Life, Liberty and Joy, A Daily Dose for Daily Living, 90-Day Devotional Journey.” Johnson, a pastor, teacher and mentor, attended Birmingham Southern College where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in religion and earned a Master of Divinity degree from the Beeson Divinity School at Samford University.

2010 MARRIAGE SEAN DUFOUR and Ragen Tullier

2011 MARRIAGE STEPHEN LEJEUNE and Brooke Joffrion

LEVI HOOD received a Bachelor of Arts in filmmaking and theater from the University of New Orleans. Hood graduated magna cum laude and was a member of Phi Kappa Phi fraternity.





RAPHAEL MALBRUE and Yaritza Laureano


2008 BEN JUMONVILLE graduated cum laude from the LSU Paul M. Hebert Law Center in May 2015. Jumonville accepted a position as an associate with Kean Miller LLP in Baton Rouge, where he practices in the business and corporate group.

STEVEN DUHÉ and Sydney Evans

GERALD SONGY is enrolled in the Erasmus Mundus Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management Master of Science program in Europe. Songy has studied in Norway at NTNU, TU Delft in the Netherlands and at the University of Southampton in England. Songy will be studying the impact that saltmarsh coastlines have on wave height reduction.


FALL 2016

KURT RISTROPH (left) and AUSTIN WALKER (right) were two of 56 students to receive certification as an LSU Distinguished Communicator. A Distinguished Communicator is a unique academic excellence program where students work to refine their communication skills that will enable them to excel in their chosen profession.

a lum n i

2012 TAYLOR THIBODEAUX received an internship from General Electric. Thibodeaux has the opportunity to continue full time employment with General Electric upon completion of the internship.

BRIAN TUCKER received an internship from General Electric. Tucker has the opportunity to continue full time employment with General Electric upon completion of the internship.

and Utah. 68,000 athletes competed to earn their chance to attend the Super Regionals before the world-wide Reebok Crossfit Games in California.

2015 ANDREW LITTLEFIELD was inducted into the LSU E.J. Ourso College of Business, Department of Finance Academy on March 31, 2016. In addition to making the Dean’s List his first semester, Littlefield has been invited to join the LSU Chapter of Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society. Littlefield also obtained his Commercial Real Estate Broker’s license and is working for Mike Falgoust & Associates Commercial Real Estate.

2013 BRANDON LUCKETT was part of the three-man/three-woman Baton Rouge Red Stick Crossfit team that competed in the Crossfit Super Regionals in Houston, Texas, in May. Luckett’s team placed 14th out of the best 40 teams from Arizona, Central America, Colorado, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas

2016 MATTHEW BROWNING graduated from Boot Camp at Marine Corp Recruiting Depot, Parris Island, South Carolina, on August 19, 2016, earning the title of U.S. Marine. Upon completion of the Crucible, Browning was awarded his Eagle, Globe and Anchor emblem to signify his status as a U.S. Marine and promoted from Private to Private First Class. Browning will serve in the Marine Reserves while attending Louisiana State University, majoring in Construction Management. Browning is assigned to Truck Company, the 23rd Marine Regiment, 4th Marine Division.

JOSH MATTHEWS is stationed at Fort Richardson in Anchorage, Alaska, for the next three years. Matthews is part of the 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division, U.S. Army.

1980 FATHER ROBERT HUSSEY, SJ was named the Provincial of the Maryland Province Jesuits. Fr. Hussey is the oldest of four brothers to graduate from Catholic High. Earning his bachelors degree from LSU in economics, Fr. Hussey went on to pursue his doctoral degree at Duke University. After earning his Ph.D. in 1989, he entered the Jesuit Novitiate in Wernersville, Pennsylvania.

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

“In my 25 years as a Jesuit, there have been countless joyful, lifeaffirming and soul-nourishing moments.” - Father Robert Hussey, SJ

2016 Alumni Board of Directors


2016 Alumni Board of Directors are (front L to R) Associate Director of Alumni Relations Barbara Camp, John Starring ’55, Davis Prescott ’01, Michael Brassett ’01, Jason Cashio ’91, Tim Welborn ’92, Scott Lanehart ’95, Flint Virgets ’78, Sonny Carona ’57 and Director of Alumni Relations Glen Randow, ( back, L to R) Kyle Jackson ’07, Stuart Newman ’03, Denny VIcknair ’63, John Wayne Brocato ’63, Monty Buckles ’93, Kyle Smith ’95, Sam Losavio ’66, Alex Knight ’01 and Director Emeritus of Alumni Relations Brother Eldon Crifasi, SC ’39. Board members not pictured are Steve Berthelot ’92, Jacob Dugas ’06, Bryan Hart ’98, Dale LeBlanc ’95 and Don Contine ’67.

Stag BBQ

Lip Sync


FALL 2016

a lum n i

CHS Taste Fair and Auction presented by the Alumni Association and Mothers’ Club

THE CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL Alumni Association partnered with the CHS Mothers’ Club to host the inaugural CHS Taste Fair & Auction on Sunday, Nov. 13, 2016, in the school gymnasium. Proceeds from the Taste Fair will benefit the Alumni Association Scholarship Fund. The Mothers’ Club will use the proceeds from the Auction for special school projects. The chairman of the Taste Fair was Kyle Smith ’95, joined by fellow alumni association board members, Monty Buckles ’93, Bryan Hart ’98 and Stephen Berthelot ’92. The auction was chaired by Lissa Weston and Krista Valluzzo, supported by Mothers’ Club President, Jenny Ridge, and Vice President, Jodie Johnson.

Special Thanks Taste Fair Restaurants and Vendors Ambrosia Bakery Baton Rouge Beverage Company Baton Rouge Coca-Cola Bottling Company Bishop Robert E. Tracy Center Carrabba’s Italian Grill City Pork Deli & Charcuterie Community Coffee Company, LLC Crispy Catch DiGiulio Brothers Doe’s Eat Place Donner-Peltier Distillers Drusilla Seafood Restaurant & Drusilla Place Catering Galatoire’s Bistro Hawk’s Nest Jolie Pearl Oyster Bar Kona Grill Mansurs on the Boulevard Parrain’s Seafood Restaurant Paul Wong’s Phil’s Oyster Bar Piccadilly Restaurants Republic National Distributing Company Ruffino’s Catering at De La Ronde Hall Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits Walk-On’s Catering, LLC Your Mom’s Restaurant & Bar

Auction Donors and Sponsors 100 Proof Charters Abot Jour After Five

All About Flowers Angelo’s Lawn-Scape AST Marketing Ben Lemann Benny’s Car Wash Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts Bistro Byronz Blue Bayou Dixie Landing Bocage Racquet Club Bofinger’s Tree Service Boudreaux’s Jewelers Cajun Electric Carol Arabie Catholic High School Cheryl Palmer Circle Bowl Craig & Claudia Maxson DiGiulio Brothers Donna Langley Dr. and Mrs. Robert Branstetter Dr. Gregory Nassif Dr. Michael Hiller Dr. Robin Levy Dr. William Hadlock DDS Elizabeth and Norman Nolan Fleauxt Fleet Feet Sports French Market Bistro Global Wildlife Center GMFS Go Team Driving School Haghighi’s Persian Hiller Orthodontics

Hilton Capital Center Houmas House Iberia Bank, Davis Prescott ’01 Izzo’s Jenn Ocken Photography Karen Griffin The Keeping Room Kelly M. Lachney Kendra Scott Knits by Nana LA Marathon Laura Taylor Welsh Lauren Hill La-Z-Boy ld linens & decor Lisa & Tom Adamek LIT Pizza Louisiana Culinary Institute Martha Carol Stewart Marucci Sports Matt Moscona Mestizo Mr. & Mrs. William Steele Mud Pies & Masterpieces NK Boutique Nola Hook Olinde’s Orange Theory Fitness Outta da Bayou Pamela Regira Patty Danna Petz Plaza Pilates Plus


FALL 2016

Purely e The Queen Bee Rebecca Hutchens Red Stick Crossfit Mid City Red Stick Spice Co. Ric Seeling’s Dance Studio Rocky Broome Royal Standard Shelly Fisher Romero Sherman & Balhoff Orthodontics Shoppers SKR Productions Susan & Todd Lindrew Tobi Gomez Photography Traction Sports V Tones Valluzzo Companies Varsity Sports Via Veneto Weiler Plastic Surgery Williamson Cosmetic Center Yoglates II

Door Prizes Provided by The Art of Shaving Community Coffee Company, LLC Doe’s Eat Place Drusilla Imports French Market Bistro Hi Nabor Supermarket, Inc. IberiaBank Luxe Nail Bar Mansurs on the Boulevard


CHS Archives

Treasures of the Past

First Lessons in English Grammar, copyright 1890

Snare Drum | Donated by Joseph J. Miceli ’62

Bruin Yearbooks from the Past (1957, 1958, 1959) | Donated by Dianna Robinson

Terry Daffin ’77 Athletic Trophies |

Photo of the Class of 1942 | Donated by Bonnie Hyfield,

Donated by Todd Atchinson

daughter of Peter Bahlinger Sr. ’42

To donate an item from the past to the CHS Archives, contact Margie Alexander at or 225.381.9114.


FALL 2016

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Photo 1 OLD FRIENDS...NEW CONNECTIONS: Members of the Classes of 1976, 1986, 1996 and 2006, and their families gathered for an anniversary reunion on Saturday, July 16, 2016. Photo 2 WINE WALK: The Wine Walk, hosted by Varsity Sports on Saturday, June 25, raised $12,192 for the Pete Boudreaux Track Initiative. (l to r) Ben Cherbonnier ’63, CHS President Gene Tullier, Jenni Peters, Randy Ellis ’65 and CHS Director of Advancement Jamie Segar ’90. Photo 3 MEL DIDIER ’44: Former CHS baseball coach, Mel Didier ’44 and former baseball players gathered at Café Americain on Thursday, Aug. 11. Photo 4 OPEN HOUSE 2016: More than 1,100 guests and prospective students visited the Catholic High School campus for the 30th Annual Open House on Thursday, Nov. 10. Photo 5 GRIZZLY GREATS TAILGATE: Grizzly Great Alex Knight ’01 and son Hays join other Hall of Famers at the 2016 Grizzly Greats Tailgate on Friday, Nov. 7, to recognize the 2016 inductees: Warren Virgets ’48; Michael Blanchard ’90; Wesley Salmon ’91; and Jonathan Pixley ’92.

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894


Special Thanks to our 2016 Golf Classic Sponsors

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GRIZZLY SPONSORS Cajun Industries LLC Lyons Specialty Company LLC HOLE-IN-ONE SPONSOR Ritter-Maher Architects


HOLE SPONSORS Apple Guerin Co LLC AST Marketing Group Baton Rouge Coca Cola Bottling Co. Benny’s Car Wash & Oil Change Bradley Murchison Kelly & Shea LLC Brown & Brown Insurance Curo Health Services Grace Hebert Architects Hannis T. Bourgeois, LLC, CPAs D. Honore Construction, Inc. Drew Kirby ’11 Mike Kirby ’80 Alex Knight Commercial Sales & Leasing Mark Matthews, AIA Architect, LLC Monogram It Olinde’s Mattress Superstore Phil’s Oyster Bar Plaquemine Bank Postlethwaite & Netterville, APAC Roto Rooter Sewer Service Ryan P. Perry, DDS, Inc. Saia Electric, Inc. Salco Construction, Inc. SEMS, Inc. Sherwood Television & Appliances Shoppers Value Foods of Baton Rouge XDesign FOOD VENDORS Baton Rouge Coca-Cola Jay and Sidney Chaisson Pete Hymel Shoppers Value Foods of Baton Rouge sLocal Walk-On’s Catering Zippy’s


Photo 6 FACULTY RECOGNITION: CHS recognized faculty and staff members for their years of service during the faculty/staff orientation on Aug. 1 and 2. Those recognized were (l to r) Drew Losavio ’98, 10 years; J.P. Kelly ’92, 15 years; Christy Kessler, 15 years; Khiem Le, 25 years; and CHS President Gene Tullier, 10 years. Not pictured were Brad Messina, 20 years; and Sheila Silvio, 15 years. Photo 7 BAND, BRUINETTES AND CHEER REUNION: More than 150 Band members, Bruinettes and Cheerleaders from St. Joseph’s Academy and Catholic High School gathered to perform at the CHS football game at Memorial Stadium on Friday, Sept. 16. Photo 8 27TH ANNUAL GOLF CLASSIC: 121 golfers, including 67 CHS alumni, attended the 27th Annual Golf Classic on Monday, Nov. 21 at the University Club Golf Course. (l to r) Mike Kirby ’80, Ryan Thibodeaux ’96, Dave Hannaman ’74 and Barry Robert. Photo 9 CANADO TECHNIQUE: Students from Canado Technique, a Brothers of the Sacred Heart school in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, visited campus in August 2016.


FALL 2016


THERE ARE MANY special occasions during our lives when we choose to memorialize or honor in a special way those we hold dear. The following are acknowledged for their gifts to Catholic High School from May 10, 2016 through Sept. 23, 2016 in honor or memory of loved ones. Please remember these alumni and friends, as well as their families, in your prayers.

Memorial Gifts Mrs. Emily Alley Mr. and Mrs. Randolph J. Bonnecaze ’65 Radiology Associates Mr. and Mrs. Stewart W. Wilson Mr. John H. Barber Sr. Mrs. Mary Lou James Mr. Roy Beaugh Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Brouillette Mr. Gordon M. Blanchard Sr. ’64 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew T. Blanchard ’01 Mr. Frank M. Bologna ’45 Mrs. Maria P. Bologna Mrs. Mary Lou James Mr. Samson Breen Mrs. Mary Lou James Mr. Benjamin C. Brown ’99 Mr. and Mrs. William E. Balhoff Mr. and Mrs. Andrew T. Blanchard ’01 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Culotta Jr. ’70 Mrs. Abby McCurry Mr. and Mrs. Matthew G. Moscona ’00 Mr. Harry K. Brown Mrs. Mary Lou James Mr. William P. Bryan Jr. ’50 Mr. G. Corky Bryan ’56 Mr. Robert L. Cangelosi Jr. ’80 Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Cangelosi Sr. ’57 Mr. Leo A. Cavell ’44 Anonymous Mr. Ronald Joseph DeLouise ’72 Anonymous Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Tujague Mr. Benny Drago Sr. ’37 Mrs. Belinda Merritt Mr. Alton C. Ducote Mr. and Mrs. Shaun Braud Mr. William A. Efferson Sr. ’47 Mr. and Mrs. Louis W. McHardy Sr. ’47

Mr. Frederick W. Frey Jr. Ms. Anamarie B. Bratcher Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Kendrick Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy M. Long Mr. and Mrs. Lee F. Parker Mr. J. Micah Gardemal ’81 Mr. and Mrs. Bobby J. Bourque Mr. Louis B. Gaudin Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Brennan Mr. and Mrs. Marchel Brennan Heurtey Petrochem John Adkins Tax Accounting Service, Inc. Ms. Frances Johnson Mr. and Mrs. John J. LaCour ’81 Dr. and Mrs. Edward McLaughlin Mrs. John M. Melancon Mr. and Mrs. C. Michael Ramirez Roth Pump Company The Neuromedical Center Mr. James P. Giblin II ’95 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E. Carville Jr. ’95 Mrs. Grace Graugnard Mr. and Mrs. Steve E. Hatcher Mrs. Mary Lou James Mr. Thomas Joseph Guercio ’34 Mr. and Mrs. C. Philip Guercio ’69 Mrs. Martha Haase Mrs. Lolita D. Tilley Mr. Alfred S. Heroman Sr. ’45 Dr. and Mrs. Adam J. Broussard ’01 Mr. Jorge Hidalgo Mrs. Robbie Wand Mr. Otis S. James Jr. Mrs. Mary E. Barber Mr. Paul P. Bologna ’78 Mr. and Mrs. J. Pierre Boudreaux Sr. ’59 Ms. Kate E. Brady Ms. Cheryl Burnett Dr. and Mrs. J. Roy Chustz Jr. ’55

Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. del Rio ’58 Mr and Mrs. David James and Family Mrs. Mary Lou James Mr. and Mrs. Roy A. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Lynch ’88 and Family Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Molesini and Family Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Tujague Mr. James W. Jolly Sr. ’42 Mr. and Mrs. Frederic W. Kearny Jr. ’74 Mr. Gordon L. Jones ’99 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Culotta Jr. ’70 Dr. James A. Laville Sr. Arthrex, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James A. Laville Jr. ’78 Mr. Jerry T. Lowe Mr. and Mrs. Stephan M. Hillman ’90 Ms. Stephanie M. Levert Mr. Mark J. Maggio ’74 Mr. and Mrs. Gordon A. Gagliano ’74 Mr. Benny McArdle Anonymous Mrs. Marta H. McCarron Ms. Nancy P. Herin Mr. Patrick O. McCarron ’93 Mr. Robert L. McCarron Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. McCarron III ’89 Mr. Thomas L. McGuire Jr. ’59 Mrs. Julia B. McGuire Mr. Falcon A. Morgan ’53 C. Richard Atkins, D.D.S. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin E. Borgmeyer CC’s Coffee House, LLC Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Hannie Jr. ’55 Mr. Wayne Vignes Mr. Jeffrey D. Nola ’94 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Fetterman ’94 Mrs. Louise Kilshaw

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

39 Mr. Brent D. Pecue ’80 Dr. and Mrs. Scott M. Pecue ’79 Ms. Marilyn Jean Perry Mr. and Mrs. C. Philip Guercio ’69 Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Petkovsek Mr. and Mrs. J. Pat Giblin Dr. Llewellyn A. Proctor Jr. ’73 Dr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Brandao ’73 Mr. and Mrs. Steve E. Hatcher Mr. and Mrs. Francis C. Jumonville Jr. ’73 Mr. and Mrs. Frederic W. Kearny Jr. ’74

Mr. Donald G. Songy ’51 Dr. and Mrs. Robert V. Cazayoux ’51 Mr. John L. Stabiler Jr. ’44 Ms. Theresa Stabiler Ms. Corine Tuminello Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Tuminello ’82 Mr. Daryl W. Whitty ’52 Long Law Firm, LLP Mercedes-Benz of Baton Rouge Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Perrault

Dr. and Mrs. James S. Morris Dr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Tribou Ms. Wihelmina Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Brouillette Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. Saia Mrs. Rose S. Brian and Ms. Theresa Saia Mr. Carlos A. Scardina ’65 Mr. and Mrs. Randall J. Ellis Sr. ’65 Mr. Andrew J. Sceroler Jr. ’53 Mr. and Mrs. Craig Sceroler

Honorary Gifts Mr. and Mrs. Michael Aguilar Anonymous Mr. Josh Click Mr. Jeffrey Graiff Mr. Robert Halase Mr. Eric Matte Mr. Justin Womeldorff Brother Eldon Crifasi, SC ’39

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kitchell

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Maxson

Dr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Funes ’89

Ms. Nancy P. Herin

Mr. and Mrs. Duane LeBlanc

Mr. Joshua J. Noel ’20

Mr. and Mrs. Jules J. Noel III

Mr. and Mrs. Jules J. Noel III

Mr. Christian P. Leger ’19

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Olivier ’70

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Leger

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Olivier ’70

Mr. and Mrs. James Magette

Mr. Kevin Shay

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Raley

Dignity Northern Virginia

The Vision 21 Foundation


AS OF SEPT. 23, 2016, the following alumni and friends of CHS have passed away since the last issue of Bear Facts. Please remember them and their families in your prayers. Lisa Chidester Bahlinger

Clarence Falcon Jr.

Robert Anthony LeJeune Sr. ’42

Peter Fabacher Bahlinger Sr. ’42

Peter Paul Finney Sr.

Jerry Thomas Lowe

Evelyn Forte Bajon

Roy Hugh Fleming Jr. M.D.

Katherine Lulie Williamson Mayer

Greg Barbe ’90

Charles H. Freeburgh

Benard Joseph McArdle

John Francis Blanchard Jr.

Frederick W. Frey Jr.

Edmond C. McCallum

William F. “Bill” Borne

Charles Fuselier Sr.

Raymond J. Broussard Sr. ’51

Deputy Bradford Allen Garafola

Frances Anne Medici

Harry Kirkland “Kirk” Brown

Louis Benedict Gaudin

Robert James Bowers ’76

Officer Matthew Lane Gerald

Francis Van Bush Jr. ’53

John L. Godso Jr ’53

Ross J. Campesi Jr.

Martha Bahlinger Haase

Ross Campesi Sr.

Leo Joseph Heuvel

Rose Mary Martine Coerver

Jorge Hidalgo

Gladys “Bobbye” Beryl Webb Culmone

Emma Hebert Hooper

Helen J. Cumbo

Richard Alonzo Hughes

Catherine June Heroman Scheffy

Louis Douglas Curet

Cpl. Montrell Lyle Jackson

Fannie Bell Schilling

Evelyn Margaret Mary Dalmatin

Otis Smith James Jr.

Evelyn Beatrice Fangue Short

Ronald Joseph DeLouise ’72

John A LeBlanc Sr.

Kathleen Patricia Ward Stuckey

Alton C. Ducote

George R. Lefebvre Jr. ’46

Josie Rosso Vicknair

William Anthony Efferson Sr. ’47

Michael Henry Landry ’63

Daryl Wayne Whitte Sr. ’52


Kurt Michael Miller Jr. ’09 Joseph S. “Joe” Modicut ’48 Falcon A. Morgan ’53 Frank Joseph Petkovsek Joseph Charles “Joe” Roberts Jr. ’52 Carlos Anthony Scardina ’65 Mary Rose Scardina

FALL 2016

Sports in the By David Butler ’77

LAST SPRING, Catholic High School was awarded a Golden

into the LSU Athletic Hall of Fame, one of three Catholic High

Football from the NFL commemorating Warren Capone’s ’70

graduates to receive that honor. Professionally, Capone played with

participation in Super Bowl X. Playing for the Dallas Cowboys,

the Birmingham Americans of the World Football League, Dallas

Capone blocked a punt in the title game. In his journey to Super

Cowboys and New Orleans Saints.

Bowl Champion, Capone had to prove himself again and again.

While at Catholic High, Warren was the city wrestling champ in

After playing football at Our Lady of Mercy, he found himself

the heavyweight division and was state runner-up. “The wrestling

at Catholic High playing linebacker for coach Joel Smith and

blended in and I think it made a difference. It made me quicker,”

defensive coordinator Barrett Murphy ’55. The staunch defense,

recalled Capone. “I was not the greatest in the 40. I wasn’t slow,

led by Capone, allowed only 33 points in the 1969 regular season,

but I was not fast. I did what I needed to do to make plays and the

advancing to State playoffs.

wrestling helped.”

Capone forced himself into the middle of a recruiting battle

Capone attributes much of his success to coaches Smith and

between LSU’s Charlie McClendon and Alabama’s Paul “Bear”

Murphy. “My entire career as a player, there was a feeling I was

Bryant. “Alabama came on

not big enough, strong enough, or fast

really hard. I had a great visit to

enough to play the game. I never let that

Alabama,” said Capone. “I sat across

get into my mind and I was set to prove

the desk from Bear Bryant, talking

them wrong. Joel Smith and Barrett

30 minutes. It is one of my most

Murphy had tremendous faith in me and

cherished memories. My dad and

believed in me. Other people doubted

mom worked at the family service

my ability. They never did. I cherish

station and I knew it would be

them to this day,” said Capone.

a hardship for them if I went to Alabama. I chose LSU and have

When Coach “Bear” Bryant was

never regretted that decision.”

viewing film on Capone with Smith and Murphy, Alabama Coach Tommy

Capone quickly found success at

Tollison commented that Capone’s time

LSU where he was all SEC and a

in the 40 needed to be improved on.

two-time All American. When

Before his reply, coach Bryant thought

highly ranked Notre Dame came to

for a moment, took a long drag off his

town, Capone made eight tackles

Chesterfield, and noted, “As long as the

and intercepted two passes, one

football field is 53 yards – 10 ½ inches

of which he almost returned for a

wide, he can play football for anyone.

touchdown. He was named to LSU’s

You can recruit him but you won’t sign

All-Century Team and inducted


A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894


SEPTEMBER 30 is the anniversary of the founding of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. In 1821, ten men climbed a hill in Lyons, France, to commit themselves to God and to one another through the bond of religious profession for one mission: to rescue young people from ignorance, to prepare them for life, and to give them a sound foundation in their faith. They wanted to reach out in a special way to youth who were poor and without hope, the young for whom no one else was concerned. It sounds easy. It sounds romantic. But it wasn’t back then and it isn’t so today. It’s demanding and challenging work, and the nearly 1,000 Brothers who continue that mission in 31 countries today, wouldn’t have it any other way! What better way to spend your life than by helping young people, especially the marginalized, to come to the knowledge and love of God, of themselves and of God’s creation? CHS is just one of the success stories of that mission. So are you!

- Brother Ronald Hingle, SC, Vocation Director, Province of the United States

Where are you being called? (732) 718.8559 (504) 913.0005

If you’re not already committed, won’t you consider life as a Brother of the Sacred Heart?


FALL 2016

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CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL P.O. BOX 65004 • BATON ROUGE, LA 70896-5004 Electronic Service Requested

CHS Parents: If your son no longer lives at home, please send us his new address. If you also wish to receive Bear Facts, please phone 225.389.0978 and let us know. Thank you.

BROTHER ELDON 5K and One-Mile Run/Walk/Jog

THE MISSION of Catholic High School is to teach Gospel values in an environment of academic excellence according to Catholic tradition and the spirit of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart.

Saturday, March 11, 2017 Registration opens January 5, 2017 A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

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Bear Facts - Fall 2016  

Bear Facts - Fall 2016