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Mixed Media A Merrymeeting Art House Publication

A Journey Into a Mixed Media Holiday

Mixed Media Volume four

Mixed Media Artists Catherine Scanlon + Mandy Collins and their guests share how to create, decorate and cook a mixed media holiday + more in easy these to follow, step-by-step instructions!

Mixed Media

A Merrymeeting Art House Publication

VOLUME FOUR In this Issue 2

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Our Holiday Traditions


Let's Eat


Let's Decorate

12 Let's Recycle

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Catherine Scanlon

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About the Authors Catherine Scanlon Author,

Mandy Collins, Publisher

Illustrator and Mixed Media Artist

Mixed Media Artist, Teacher

Catherine Scanlon is a Mixed Media Artist, Illustrator, Paper Crafter, Card Maker, Watercolorist, Collage Artist, and Art Journaler loving life in Maine with her family.

Mandy Collins can be called a global citizen. Born in Canada’s eastern Maritimes or Anne of Green Gables country, raised on the foggy shores of The Cape (USA) and currently living under tropical skies of Australia, Mandy has travelled the world. Her journey into mail art started a long time ago with many letters from home or postcards for friends travelling overseas. Many international publications have featured Mandy’s creative projects and editorials. Mandy teaches on-line at Pearl Maple and at regional events.

She works from her studio as a Licensed Artist for Art Gone Wild. Catherine is also a full-time free–lance designer and Mixed Media Art ist and Instructor. She teaches Art Journaling and Mixed Media Art classes on-line at Merrymeeting Art House, and in-person workshops at her studio in Brunswick, Maine. On-line Classroom Website: http://www.merrymeetingarthouse.com

On-line Classroom Website: http://www.pearlmaple.com/

Guests + Contributors

Jennie Atkinson


Peggy Baker


Kathie DeLuca kookydelucy.blogspot.com/

Our holiday traditions • Since we first married 38 years ago my husband and I have always made presents for each other - initially as we didn't have much money for presents but over the years it has become a tradition, particularly as our craft skills and interests have changed. What is really lovely is the secrecy leading up to Christmas where we are not allowed into each other's craft space! • I have three beautiful daughters. Olivia who began college this past fall, Sophia who is a junior in high school, and Emily who is a high school freshman. They are all close in age and ever since they were babies I have dressed the in matching Christmas pajamas. It is a holiday tradition that they love and look forward to every year. This Christmas will be no different. On Christmas Eve we will take a picture of them in their pj’s all giddy with laughter, and then it all begins. They do whatever it takes (usually mimicking their mother) to get me screaming, “Why do I bother doing this every year….” and then we all laugh! • On Christmas Eve we pick one gift under the tree and open it while in our (new) jammies and watch Christmas movies. • When it's time to put up the Christmas tree, we make it a family night and decorate it while enjoying hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies. • On Christmas Morning, we enjoy homemade cinnamon rolls and coffee in our jammies while we open our Christmas gifts. • My Husband gives usually spends the day cooking a delicious Christmas Meal for our extended family. A typical Christmas meal would be prime rib, twice-baked potatoes and bacon sautéed Brussels sprouts, I usually try a new dessert recipe from Pinterest. • I wait until Christmas Eve to wrap all the presents for the family and spend the evening trying to remember who I bought each present for. • For the daughter of a couple of choir singers, music and signing have always been a big part of the ‘holidays’ for us. In Europe we walked to friends houses to deliver our cards, singing a carol outside their door in the old fashioned traditional way. Carols by candlelight in public parks is a big part of tropical holiday traditions where big crowds come together to enjoy a sing along. Instead of mittens and boots our outfits include bug spray and sandals.

Let's Eat! Many of our holiday traditions are founded around food, so we thought we'd share some of our favorite recipes with you!

Great Places to look for Holiday Recipes • Pinterest: this is a great resource for everything from art to cars to science and fashion. I find a lot of great recipes that quickly become family favorites. To find great recipes, enter "Holiday Recipes" in the Search Box and be inspired with hundreds of delicious looking foods. If you are looking for something specific, enter that and be prepared to have lots of choices to make. Most of the recipes that I pin and tried have been great, but not all are. • The Pioneer Woman: I have found a lot of great recipes here – and very realistic photos of what your dish "should" look like. Great photos, combined with easy recipes make this a favorite resource for me. (We make her French Toast Bake for our Christmas Morning meal and it is DELICIOUS.) • Simply Recipes: another great blogger that combines great recipes + photography that are easy to find and printing is easy with her print button. Comments are allowed at the bottom so you know what readers think of each recipe. This site has advertising too, but it's not super distracting. • When all else fails, open a cookbook to try a new recipe. No cookbooks? Try the library or bookstore.

LET'S MAKE SOMETHING Delicious To Snack On Seafood Dip From Mandy Collins Natives of the Canadian Maritimes and New England can nod their head to this one – a lobster roll – is always a tasty treat. No matter where I am in the world, our ‘seafood dip’ is the number one request for a hostess gift or any Pot Luck Dinner. The recipe is based on left over lobster or crabmeat so the measurements are a bit loose. Adjust the quantities to ensure you have enough to serve your guests. • 2 cups finely chopped white meat of cooked lobster or crab • ¼ cup finely diced red salad onion • ½ cup diced bell peppers • ½ cup mayonnaise dressing Sneaky extras that can become your special twist: o Add a tablespoon of ranch salad dressing to the mayonnaise for a gentle kick and additional flavor o A light dusting of smoky paprika across the top can be a spicy accent In a mixing bowl, mix together ingredients and refrigerate until ready to serve or package in a pretty decorated package and give as a hostess gift when attending a holiday party. Serve on crispy bruschetta bread or with hearty wheat crackers. 6

Variations in Flavor • Mint: Replace Vanilla with Mint Flavoring + Remove the Instant Coffee • Baileys Irish Cream: Replace Vanilla with Baileys Irish Cream • Coconut: Use 1 cup (180 grams) White Chocolate Bits, ½ cup cream, 1 teaspoon vanilla, 1 cup coconut flakes, 1 cup desiccated coconut for the filling.

Use cute candy liners like these from Ikea (or Wilton) when packaging your truffles.

Truffles… Doesn't everyone love chocolate? Basic Truffle Recipe From Catherine Scanlon • • • • •

1 pkg. Ghirardelli Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips ½ cup Whipping or Whole Cream 1 tablespoons Butter 1 Package Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee – about 1 teaspoon 1 teaspoon Vanilla

• Combine the first 4 ingredients in a double boiler and let melt together. When melted, stir to combine and remove from the heat. • Mix in vanilla and pour in a glass pan to cool. It’s usually cold here in Maine so I put the pan outside on the porch. I don’t like to cover it with foil or plastic because that retains heat and causes condensation so I open the cover to the grill and put it inside with the cover down for a couple of hours. You can also use the freezer but I have a tendency to forget it there and it’s too hard when I need it. • When the chocolate mixture is cool, form the mixture into small 1” or so balls. It’s a good idea to use plastic gloves so your hands don’t get covered in chocolate. The smaller the balls the more you get, but if they are too small it's a pain to dip them in melted chocolate. I recommend you experiment and also this is a good opportunity to sample the goods. • Place the balls back outside (or in the refrigerator) to cool. • At this point, you can roll the balls in cocoa, confectionary sugar, fancy sugar, coconut, chopped nuts or anything you want to coat them with. I usually dip them in melted chocolate and add a fancy decoration to the top. I have the best luck using Wilton Candy Melts for the chocolate coating. • When the chocolate are cool, package them in fancy metal tins and create a fancy tag and you’ve got a beautiful, hand-made gift that any chocolate lover will go crazy over. I use a different decoration on the top of each of the different flavors to tell them apart. For example, white nonpareils for mint, a candy snowflake for another flavor, or a nut for peanut butter and so on. It makes for pretty packages full of truffles. I have my son add the decoration after each chocolate is dipped and before it cools so the decoration will stay in place, he loves being a part of candy day!


Spiced Pecans • • • • • • • • • •

1 teaspoon kosher salt 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon dried ground orange peel 1 pound pecan halves 4 tablespoons unsalted butter 1/4 cup packed light brown sugar 2 tablespoons packed dark brown sugar 2 tablespoons water

Directions: • •

Cherry Winks From Venice Matthews

Preheat Oven to 375. Sift Together: 2 ¼ cups Flour 1 tsp. baking powder ½ tsp. baking soda ½ tsp. salt Cream together: ¾ cups butter 1 cup Sugar – added gradually. Cream well. Add and beat together: 2 eggs 2 tblsp. milk 1 tsp. vanilla

Line a sheet pan with parchment paper and set aside. Mix salt, cumin, cayenne, cinnamon and orange peel together in a small bowl and set aside. Place nuts in a 10-inch cast iron skillet and set over medium heat. Cook, stirring frequently, for 4 to 5 minutes until they just start to brown and smell toasted. Add butter and stir until it melts. Add spice mixture and stir to combine. Once combined, add both sugars and water, stirring until the mixture thickens and coats the nuts, approximately 2 to 3 minutes. Transfer to a prepared sheet pan and separate with a fork or spatula. Allow to cool completely before transferring to an airtight container.

Blend in dry ingredients and then add: 1cup chopped pecans 1cup chopped dates ⅓ cup chopped Maraschino cherries Chill dough. Drop by rounded teaspoon in 2 ½ cups corn flake crumbs. Toss lightly in the crumbs to coat each ball. Remove and shape into a ball. Place on ungreased baking sheet and top with ¼ maraschino cherry on each cookie. Bake at 375 for 12 – 15 minutes. 8

Let's Decorate! Decorating doesn't have to be expensive, but it certainly can be beautiful.


Country living makes holiday decorating a very affordable project. As a family we walk through the woods foraging for boughs, berries, pine cones and acorn sprays to use to decorate our holiday home. Various varieties of pine boughs trimmed to 12 – 15" long and tied together with wire form a beautiful door decoration. Adorn with berries, and pinecones to give texture and add small glass balls for a pop of color. A big red bow hides the wire and gives your front door a great bit of holiday charm!

Include your kids in holiday decorating by asking them to help you look for pretty pinecones in the forest. Bake in the oven at 350 for a half hour to remove any pesky bugs. When cool, attach a screw eye to the top of the pinecone to use as a hanger. Have the kids apply glue and shimmery glitter to the outside of the pinecone and let dry. Attach a string hanger and hang from your holiday tree. Make a cluster of glittered pinecones to hang on your front door. 10

Simple but elegant decorations make the most pleasing ones. In the wooden bowl above, I recycled the balls from a decorative light string that no longer worked. The balls were glittery and etched and look perfect with the vintage mercury glass tree that sitting on top. We don't have a large house, so a Charlie Brown Christmas tree that we cut down in our backyard is the perfect size for our small living area; it's also very affordable!

Use those pinecones you've collected outside to create wreaths, make bird feeders and here I've used them to decorate a table centerpiece. Put those die-cutting machines to work cutting felt and stitching the pieces together to create vintage inspired tree and package decorations. A winter white and silver color scheme is no only pleasing but very elegant. 11

Let's Recycle! When I looked at the projects that were submitted for this issue, I was really surprised that all the submissions used recycled or repurposed items in one way or another. Kathie DeLuca used recycled leather belts, Jennie used a recycled yogurt container, both Mandy and Peggy used recycled book pages and I used quite a few different things for my projects. Let's talk about other items you can recycle at the holidays: • Put those broken vintage or new glass Christmas tree ornaments in a heavy-duty plastic freezer bag and roll over them carefully with a rolling pin. Once the pieces are fairly small use a spoon to break the pieces down further. The goal is to make the broken ornaments in to vintage glass glitter. If you have an old blender or coffee grinder (that you won't use for food again) you might try to get a finer grind and further remove any sharp edges, but be careful. Store your vintage glass glitter in a jar and apply with glitter glue. • Ask your husband, father or brother to cut branches that have fallen from trees into ½ thick disks with their table saw. Depending on the size of the disk, you can use the disks for coasters, decorate and use as tree ornaments or as the base for a painting. • Turn old game pieces into ornaments to use on your tree. Drill a hold in wood chess pieces; add some paint and bling and a hanger and you're done. This would make a great kids craft. • Take apart old wool sweaters and make stuffed ornaments, plush toys, tree skirts, hats, bags, pillows and more. •

Use old clip on earrings as embellishments for your mixed media collage projects. 12

Let's Create! There's something about holidays that make us want to craft a beautiful table, package decorations and more, so let's get creative and create a sparkly holiday.


Products we love: 1.

Liquitex Soft Body Acrylic Paint 2. Strathmore Visual Journals 3. Wendy Vecchi Crackle Paste 4. Pentel Color Brush 5. Vintage Tart Tins 6. 3L Adhesive Sheets 7. Faber-Castell Pitt Pen Bullet Tip – 1.5 8. Laser Cut Wood Snowflakes 9. Liquitex Matte Gel 10. Gold Leaf Sheets 11. Jacquard Squeeze Bottle with Stainless Steel Tips


Supply List • Wooden Picture Frame • Golden Gesso • Paper Artsy Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylic : Ice Blue (Opaque) • Tim Holtz Harlequin Stencil • Wendy Vecchi (Studio 490) Crackled Texture Paste • Light Sandpaper • Prima Lace and Paper Flowers • Prima Metal Flowers • Wooden Snowflakes • Liquitex Matte Super Heavy Gel • Luminarte Silks Acrylic Glaze : Honey Amber • Tissue Paper • Music Stamp • Ranger Archival Ink : Watering Can • Pion Design Wintertime Collection papers • Paper Artsy Fresco Finish Paints

Mixed Media Winter Wonderland Frame by Jennie Atkinson You can find many beautiful mixed media projects created by Jennie on her amazing blog:

Live the Dream

You can make this beautiful project: 1. Apply a thick coat of Gesso to a Wood Frame. 2. Brush Paper Artsy Fresco Finish Chalk Paint (Ice Blue) to the whole frame. Let Dry. 3. Distress entire frame sandpaper to bring back some of the white. 4. Apply Wendy Vecchi Crackle Paste with a harlequin stencil create the inner border. 5. And now the fun part! I went through my stash looking for Christmas bits and pieces – metal flowers, wooden stars, lace and paper flowers, seed heads from an old Christmas wreath and some twirled paper twine. I wasn’t concerned with the color just about creating a pleasing cluster. I used a good strong gel to stick everything down. 6. Apply several couple of coats of Gesso to the dimensional item. Some items of the covered very easily but the seed heads were more difficult. I even added some gesso to the lace and paper flowers, even though they were white. 7. Build up the color on the dimensional items using the Fresco Finish Ice Blue paint. Just here and there, adding a little more as it dried. If you are not happy with the color you can always put some gesso back on again. 8. Apply Luminarte Honey Amber Silk Acrylic Glaze to highlight the flowers and parts of the metal. 9. Finish the inside of the frame with a vintage photo from Pion Design’s Wintertime Collection.

Supply List • Burlap Canvas • Gesso • Liquitex Matte Gel • Liquitex Flexible Modeling Paste • The Crafters Workshop Stencils Mini Cubist #TCW248s • Stampers Anonymous Tim Holtz Stencil Dot Faded #THS006 • Ranger Distress Ink Walnut Stain • Petaloo Textured Elements Burlap Blossoms Ivory #1201200 • Tattered Angels/Canvas Corp Brands Lridescent Silver #20970 • Sizzix TH Alterations Music Notes Embossing folder • Sizzix Dies Hearts, Primitive • Sizzix Dies Wings, Angel • Viva Precious Metal Color Mother of Pearl • Vintage Mother of Pearl Buttons • Old Book Paper • Twine • Cheese Clothe/lace trims • Glittered Snowflake • Chipboard

Altered Joy Heart with Wings Canvas by Peggy Baker Peggy creates beautiful cards and mixed media art, make sure to visit her on her blog:

Creative Scraps by Peggy Lee Baker

Make this Project: 1.

On a burlap canvas, lightly brush Gesso randomly over the burlap canvas. Add great textures with drywall tape down with matte gel.


For more texture, layer stencils and modeling paste randomly over the burlap canvas. Make sure you dry each layer between applying the next layer.


Add a touch of color with glimmer mist and paint in shades of whites...all over the canvas.


Tear old book pages out of an old book into small pieces. Age the pieces with distress ink and adhere with matte gel. Brush matte gel to the canvas and over the top of old book pieces. Dry with heat tool.


Apply a light white wash over the old book pieces.


Die cut out the wings on chipboard and emboss with a music sheet embossing folder. Paint with gesso, stencils and modeling paste. Once dry ink the edges of the wings with distress ink.


Die cut the heart with chipboard and glue crumbled pieces of tinfoil to add texture.


Paint the tinfoil heart with a few layers of gesso, dry and add some modeling paste with a stencil for great texture. When dry distress the edges with distress ink.


Cut a plastic snowflake apart.

10. Adhere cheesecloth under the heart with wings. Hot glue is great to adhere down the altered embellishments to the canvas. 11. Cut out tiny banner shapes out of burlap and old book pages, then stamp your favorite word, I used "joy" adhered them together...glued to a piece of twine. Lay your twine with banner over the heart with wings. Once you find your spot (your pleasing eye spot) commit to gluing down your pieces. 12. Adhere the flowers and white wash with gesso. Tuck in the extra glitter snowflakes pieces around the flower cluster. I also tucked in extra fibers, and mother of pearl vintage buttons. 13. For some final touches, spray the whole canvas with some glimmer mist and add touches of paint over the flowers, buttons, heart with wings and burlap. 14. Brush the Glimmer Mist where you think it needs a touch of shine.

Supply List • • • • • • • • •

• • • • •

A2 Card Base Gold Embossing Powder Snow Flake Die + Embossing Folder Pearl Rhinestones Krylon Gold Pen Foam Tape Ribbon + Twine Card Stock: Cream + White Catherine Scanlon Designs Leaf Stamp Embossing Tool Recycled Belts Acrylic Paint Metal Rivets, Snaps Metal Letter Stamps

Repurposed Cuff Bracelets: When I began, these beautiful bracelets were worn-out, old discarded belts I found at Salvation Army. 1. Paint found belts with

acrylic paint, white and gold are great holiday colors. 2. Add a closure with embossed metal rivets and snaps. 3. Personalize with metal shapes embossed with metal letter stamps. 4. Add lace + rhinestones with heavy-duty fabric adhesive.

Golden Wonders Embossed Leather Cuffs, cards + Tags by Kathie DeLuca Kathie a very fun, creative woman and blogs now and then at her blog:

Kooky DeLooky

You can make these projects in a few easy steps: 1. Start with a base Blank A2 Card in Kraft card stock. 2. Add gold touches around the edges of the card with a Krylon 18kt. Gold Leafing. This adds a little bit of festive gold detail. 3. Next, trim a piece of shimmery cream-colored card stock to 4’ x 5 1/4” and ran it through s die-cutting machine to emboss with a Sizzix snowflake embossing folder. 4. Wrap gold cord from May Arts around the piece of card stock a few times and then add foam tape to pop up the embossed piece of card stock on the blank card base. 5. Cut out the Sizzix snowflake using a diecutting machine and a piece of gold glitter paper. 6. Add a piece of foam tape to pop up the snowflake. 7. Use adhesive flat back pearls here and there around the embossed card and snowflake. 8. This card has a simple elegance and is easy to create multiples for your holiday cards! 1. Emboss a leaf pattern with a stamp from

Catherine Scanlon Designs using VersaMark Ink + gold embossing powder. 2. Stamp the “to & from” with VersaMark and embossed with gold embossing powder. 3. Use a Krylon Gold Leafing pen around the edges of the tag to create some depth. 4. Add vintage seam binding and gold cord to create a hanger 5. The small tag is a simple tag that can be used on a wrapped gift. Diecut the gold snowflake from gold paper and use a Uni-Ball gold pen to outline the tag. Add “to & from” with gold embossing powder. When cool, add the snowflake with a piece of foam tape for dimension and glue a pearl to the center.

Supply List •

Recycled Glass Yogurt Jar or

Claudine Hellmuth Multi-Medium Matte Gel

Ranger Clear Rock Candy Distress Crackle Paint

Prima Lace Flowers

Wendy Vecchi Clearly for Art Modeling Film

Tim Holtz Frosted Film

Sizzix Tattered Leaves Die

Sizzix Layered Leaf Embossing Folder

Coordinating Flowers – handmade or purchased

Vintage Ribbon and Crystal Pins

Battery Operated Votive Candle

Crackled Ice Recycled Votive Candle Holder by Jennie Atkinson You can find many more creative mixed media projects using recycled items created by Jennie on her amazing blog:

Make this little project with any Recycled Glass Jar that you can fit a votive candle in! 1. I started this project by painting the jar with Claudine Hellmuth multi-medium matte gel and when dry applied Ranger Rock Candy Distress Crackle Paint. It is not a complete coverage of the jar, but I quite like the rustic look and without the gel base the Crackle Paint would not have adhered to the glass. 2. Then I had fun decorating. To add texture, I wrapped some twine around the top of the jar secured it with a knot. 3. I also created a pretty flower cluster using a couple of handmade flowers (there is a tutorial here on my blog), lace, vintage ribbon, crystal pins and finally some frosted leaves. 4. I made the leaves were by adhering Tim Holtz Frosted Film to Wendy Vecchi Clearly for Art Modeling Film. This was then put through the Big Shot with the Tattered Leaves Die. I love this film as when heated you can shape the leaves and when cool they hold their shape permanently. When I was happy with the shape I embossed them with a leaves folder and attached them to the ribbon, tucking the ends underneath the flower. 5. The crackle glaze is very effective when a battery votive light is placed inside. 6. Please do not use a lit candle!

Supply List •

Ranger Craft Tag #12 (giant) manila

• Tattered Angels Products:

o Chalkboard Paint (white) o Glimmer Glam Tide Pool o Glimmer Glam Chandelier o Sea Glass Glimmer Mist Ribbon or string

Post Card Embossing Folder

String of plastic beads or lace trim 4 inches or 10 cm

Small match box approx. 1 inch or 3 cm

A small open box about 3inches or 6cm high the inside of a larger match box

Printed Tissue paper 7Gypsies or Tim Holtz

3L Scrapbook Adhesives foam squares and adhesive sheets

Small tags of different sizes

Shells or trinkets

Peace on Earth Tag by Mandy Collins

Celebrate Christmas in the Tropics with this Beach themed Home DÊcor Tag 1. Trim 2 ½ inches (6cm) from the bottom of the tag to refashion for the bottom tag. Glue torn text to the background of the tag. Edge with Tattered Angels white chalkboard paint and let dry. 2. Add a seasonal message with a stamp or your own handwriting. Use Chandelier and a tiny paintbrush to create a resist and raise the profile of the words. 3. Use the Tattered Angels worn wood technique with Chandelier as the glaze and Chalk and Sea Glass Glimmer Mist as the top coat. Use a fan brush to paint long strips of Chandelier up the length of the tag and let dry. Spritz on Glimmer Mist as light or as dark as you like. 4. Trim the bottom strip of the tag to a small tag shape. Stamp or emboss with the post card image. A handy hint for embossing small pieces inside a folder, use a couple of spots of repositionable tape to hold the cardstock in place. Use the worn wood technique to finish the tag. Pop holes in the tags and tie together with ribbon or string. 5. One of my favorite budget stretching techniques is to use Tattered Angels paint systems to tint different products and trims to look like a color matched collection. The Tattered Angels Tide Pool over clear bead trims is the perfect finishing touch. 6. Splash a combination of Sea Glass Mist and Tide Pool onto a craft mat or saucer and swirl ribbon, a mix of colors is always more fun.

Supply List •

Vintage Aluminum Tart Tins and Jell-O Molds

Metal Hole Punch

Laser Cut Wood Snowflakes

Pewter Glitter

Glitter Glue

Sizzix Snowflake Die

Corrugated Cardboard

EK Success Tag Punch

Flat Back Pearls

Jewelry Making Supplies: Crimp Tool, Beading Wire, Crimp Beads, Metal and Glass Beads

Vintage Cubic Zirconia Button

Hot Glue Gun

18 ga. Annealed Wire

Small Bird

Faux Glittered Berries

Vintage Velvet Leaves

Shredded Paper for Nesting Material

Foam Dots


Holiday Related Sentiment Stamps

Black Stamping Ink

Brown Pigment Ink

Christmas Tree Ornaments by Catherine Scanlon

Peace Snowflake Tart Tin 1. Use a metal hole punch to punch a hole where you will add the beaded hanger. 2. Sand the hole with a metal file to remove any rough edges. 3. Add the pewter glitter to the wood snowflake and set aside to dry. 4. Add a piece of foam tape to the center of the tarn tin and hot glue the wood snowflake to the center. 5. Die-Cut the corrugated cardboard using the Sizzix Snowflake die. Coat with Glossy Accents if you want it to have a little glisten. 6. Hot Glue the cut glass button to the center of the snowflake and add the flat back pearl rhinestones to each arm of the corrugated cardboard snowflake. 7. Cut a 12" piece of beading wire and add about 3" of beads to it to form a hanger and add to the tart tin, this will be the hanger. 8. Stamp "peace" on a piece of scrap cardstock and punch using the EK Success Tag Punch. 9. Add to the ornament with twine.

Bird of joy Jell-o Mold 1. Use a metal hole punch to punch two holes in the Jell-0 Mold – opposite each other and approximately Ÿ" from the top edge. 2. Cut a piece of 18-gauge wire and use the two holes to form a hanger. 3. Fill the mold with shredded paper and use hot glue keep it in place. 4. Add the holly leaves and berries, securing with hot glue. 5. Add the bird, and secure in place with hot glue. 6. Position more berries (or beads) around the bird to make it look more natural. 7. Create a stamped tag: stamp snowflakes on cream cardstock with brown pigment ink. Stamp sentiment over top in black. Punch using the EK Success Tag Punch and ink the edges of the tag with brown pigment ink. 8. Attach tag to handle with twine.

Supply List • Ranger Craft Tag Manila • Tattered Angels Red Glimmer Mist • Snowflake Ribbon • Chipboard Snowflakes • Red and Gold Rhinestones • Velvet Holly Leaves • Vintage Tree Bulbs • Battery Operated Drill • 1/16" Drill Bit • 26 gauge Wire • Cutting Board • Twine • Hot Glue Gun • Stapler

Have a Joyous Holiday Snowflake Tags by Catherine Scanlon

Beautiful Package Decorations 1. Drill a hole in each of the vintage bulbs, at the metal end using the 1/16th" drill bit. BE CAREFUL of your fingers and work on a cutting board. 2. Position wood and chipboard snowflakes on the cream tags and spritz with white and red Glimmer Mist. Let Dry. 3. Remove the snowflake masks and stamp a sentiment in the center of each tag. 4. Staple a white chipboard snowflake to each tag, crisscrossing two in the center. 5. Add a snowflake ribbon hanger and tie two velvet holly leaves to the ribbon with twine. 6. Add a wire hanger to the drilled bulb and attach to the twine. 7. Use a hot glue gun to add rhinestones to the center of the chipboard snowflakes.


From Top Left to Right: Wool Felt Angel Ornament, Wood House Ornaments, Wool Felt Stocking Ornaments, Wood House Snowflake Ornaments, Quilted Houses

Be inspired by these ornaments

Supply List • Large Glass Candle Holder, Ikea • Snowflake Punches and Dies • Masking Material • Etching Cream • Timer • 1" Ribbon • Twine • Laser Cut Wood Snowflakes • Glitter Glue • Pewter Glitter • Holiday Greeting Stamp • Black Stamping Ink • Brown Ink • Scissors • Adhesive Flat Backed Rhinestones

Shimmering Snowflake Table Centerpiece by Catherine Scanlon

Make your Own Centerpiece to cherish for years! This centerpiece is a stunning addition to your holiday decorating, and couldn't be any easier! I used an inexpensive jar from Ikea, but have used Mason Jars, Pillar Candle Jars and other recycled jars found at Goodwill for this project. 1. Wash jar to remove any dirt or finger oils from the surface and wipe dry. 2. Punch and die-cut a variety of sized snowflakes from the Masking Sheet. Apply largest mask to glass jar and brush on Armour Etch with a paint brush. 3. Set a timer for 5 minutes. 4. Take jar to the sink and rinse of the etching cream and discard mask. Repeat with as many masks to create a ring around the center of the jar. 5. Apply Rhinestones to centers of snowflakes. 6. Add ribbon around top edge of jar and tie in a bow. 7. Add glitter to snowflakes and when dry attach to bow with twine. 8. Stamp sentiment on cardstock and diecut or fussy cut with scissors. Attach to center of bow with twine. Use with a tart tin in the center or a large pillar candle.

Mixed Media A Merrymeeting Art House Publication A Journey Into A Mixed Media Holiday Volume Four

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