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Powerful Portable Plasma Cutting Systems

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Castolin Eutectic ■

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Powerful 65 A and 105 A plasma cutting systems Cutting capability 10mm up to 40mm thick steel Operates with compressed air Light, compact and robust design for industrial use



AirJet 65 - AirJet 105

AirJet 65 - AirJet 105 DESCRIPTION AirJet 65 and AirJet 105 are portable plasma cutters based on the latest inverter technology. The equipment uses external compressed air as plasma gas. Minimal size, light weight portability, low power consumption and electric generator operability, are important advantages for on-site usage in construction, production and repair fields. Ease of use, high reliability and efficiency are cost reducing factors in favour of AirJet 65 and AirJet 105 selection. ■

Highest reliability The torch and power source quality both benefit from improved design of air cooling tunnel technology which prevents the electronic parts from any contact with dusty circulating cooling air.

Control Panel AirJet 105 ■

TECHNICAL DATA Mains supply voltage: Fuse rating: Cutting current range: Pilot arc current: Cutting current

at 35% duty cycle *: at 100% duty cycle *:

Open circuit voltage: Power factor cosφ:

Best versatility A large choice of cutting accessories is available for complicated jobs such as cutting at an angle or gouging. All electrically conductive metals are easily cut, such as mild, high alloy and stainless steels, cast iron, aluminium, CDP wearplates and ferrous alloys. Ease of use Torch with central connection, stepless setting of cutting power, triggered ignition of the pilot arc, cutting initiated by the proximity of the torch to the work piece. All these features ensure complete ease of use.

AirJet 65

AirJet 105

3 x 400 V 50/60 Hz

3 x 400 V 50/60 Hz

16 A slow blow

32 A slow blow

20 - 65 A

20 - 105 A

20 A

20 A

60 A

100 A

30 A

50 A

540 V

540 V



Fabrication applications:

10 mm

20 mm

Repair applications:

15 mm

30 mm

Severing applications:

20 mm

40 mm

Enclosure protection class:

IP 23

IP 23

Dimensions (LxWxH) mm:

515 x 195 x 280

615 x 235 x 330

19 kg

32 kg

130 l/min

180 l/min

5 bar

5 bar

T 70 / 6 m

T 100 / 6 m

Max cutting capacity steel) 1)

Weight: Max. Air consumption: Min. Air pressure: Torch and cable length:

SAFETY The equipment is built according to the latest European Standards for safety requirements, and therefore bears the CE symbol.

* 10 min cycle, 40°C ambient air temperature, according to EN 60974-1 1) Indicated maximum cutting thickness is for information only. The results depend upon the desired quality of the cut and the cutting velocity.

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