Children's Aid Annual Report 2022

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2022 Annual Report

The Nikiema Family

Children’s Aid Family

As refugees fleeing persecution, the Nikiema family arrived to Harlem without knowing English or having relatives for support. Once they were introduced to us, we became like a second family, helping them realize a brighter future. Read their story on page 6.

Our work begins with a core belief — a belief that every child has limitless potential. It’s this belief that motivates 2,000 Children’s Aid staffers to come to work every day with a desire to make a difference in the lives of others, in the health of communities, and in the future of our city.

This belief is our beacon when the challenges of work feel intractable — when children are facing learning delays because of the pandemic, when teens are dealing with the mental health challenges of a modern world, and when families are struggling with prolonged food insecurity.

And this belief is also the reason why our successes feel so satisfying. When we see a child read her first word in a classroom, or a family make a breakthrough in therapy that could help keep them together, or a young person pack up for college with the security of a Children’s Aid scholarship, we know it’s because we never stopped believing in the promise of the future — and, more importantly, we never stopped believing in them.

Thank you for continuing to believe with us — and to believe in us. One thing we are sure of — this work would not be possible without your support.

With gratitude,

2022 Annual Report 1
Phoebe C. Boyer
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We young

believe in all people

Children’s Aid 2

Every child is unique and significant; their needs are neither monolithic nor interchangeable. Our approach is tailored to recognize and support the individual needs and goals of children and families in New York City. We believe that when youth have meaningful tools and increased opportunity, they can transform their lives and achieve their dreams.

In this report, you will read how belief motivates children and families, staff, supporters, and partners to action, and how every member of the Children’s Aid community is bonded by trust, hope, and possibility. It’s these very tenets that are critical now more than ever, as we navigate uncertain times, holding true to the belief that all children can triumph in the face of adversity and become thriving, independent adults.

Children’s Aid served nearly 50,000

children and families in fiscal year 2022.

2022 Annual Report 3
We believe in their potential, in their promise, and in their future. By reading this report, you are showing that you share in this incredibly powerful belief.

believe in family We

98% of families who received family crisis interventions avoided foster care placements. Nearly $1 million in emergency relief was provided to families facing financial and health crises.

Children’s Aid 4

There is no limit to what children can achieve when their families are safe and thriving. Our experienced social workers, homemakers, and therapists provide families with resources and customized plans tailored to suit their unique needs and circumstances.

Children’s Aid equips children and families to weather destabilizing events and, ultimately, to strengthen their bond.

Our family stability toolkit includes:

• family engagement activities

domestic violence interventions

• family reunification

• family life and sex education

• foster care and adoption placement and support

• food and nutrition assistance

• foster care prevention services

• housing and legal advocacy

2022 Annual Report 5
For New York City families with limited resources, maintaining a stable home can be a tough balancing act.
Children’s Aid 6

I believe in our future

Drew Hamilton Early Childhood Center

Children’s Aid Family

In Burkina Faso, Adeline, Panamesde, and their daughter faced religious persecution. When Adeline was expecting twins, they made a bold decision: fly to Central America, walk long distances, and wade through rivers to ask for asylum in America. After arriving to New York City, the family was placed in a homeless shelter in Harlem. Their daughter enrolled in one of our preschools, and the twins began our home-based program for families with infants. As teachers got to know the family, they learned they were lacking food, clothing, and diapers, so they helped with basic necessities, health insurance, and public assistance. Now, the family is thriving and is celebrating one more milestone: They secured their refugee status, thanks in part to our translation and paperwork support.

The Nikiema Family
2022 Annual Report 7

I believe in second chances

When parents or guardians have a home life that puts their children at risk of foster care placement, Children’s Aid’s Prevention Services help them build the skills necessary to keep their families strong and united. Denise is the director of one of those interventions, Homemaker Services, where staff members spend many hours each week in clients’ homes and coordinate with social workers to strengthen daily life skills and provide medical and mental health support. Our homemakers help with improving hygiene and cooking practices, organizing home finances, creating a more reliable medication plan, and providing referrals. Denise is particularly proud of her team’s recent accomplishment: earning an accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), one of the most prestigious recognitions in the family services field.

Children’s Aid 8
Children’s Aid Staff Prevention Services Denise Hodges

I believe in her legacy

Karolyn Wiede Memorial Fund

Children’s Aid Supporter

In 2003, Nicole lost her daughter, Karolyn, to sudden infant death syndrome. Her cousin, who was a Children’s Aid supporter, established a memorial fund to honor Karolyn’s memory and support our medical foster care program. For two decades, Nicole and her friends, family members, and colleagues have contributed, ensuring other families experiencing medical crises with their children have the resources they need. Nicole and her network also contribute to our holiday drives. “Christmas was the only holiday I spent with Karolyn,” Nicole said, “so it seems appropriate to align my charitable giving with it.”

2022 Annual Report 9
Nicole Mozeliak

believe in education We

91% of early childhood program participants met the cognition school readiness goal.

97% of youth in our targeted programs who applied were accepted to college.

Children’s Aid 10

Every step of the way — from the cradle through college graduation — we deeply engage parents and caregivers, educators, and supporters to ensure that children and youth have a responsive community network and can access the best opportunities to fulfill their incredible potential.

Children’s Aid’s holistic programs support children along their entire journey to acquire the academic, social-emotional, and life skills needed to achieve their dreams.

Our education toolkit includes: after-school and summer programs

• college and career readiness

• college persistence support

• community schools

• deaf and hard-of-hearing services

• early childhood development

• high school equivalency programs

• mentorship

• socio-emotional counseling

2022 Annual Report 11
An education must provide more than strong academics; it must provide a springboard to opportunity.
in education
Children’s Aid 12

I believe in my generation

Esteven, Age 18

Children’s Aid Youth

“Generational poverty” is how Esteven describes his family history. His grandparents lacked financial stability, his mother stopped school in third grade, and he was living in a homeless shelter when he joined Children’s Aid. But Esteven was determined to make sure that this history did not define his destiny. His participation in our multiple college and career readiness programs, as well as paid job apprenticeships, was just what he needed to begin financial independence. He also found his spark — social work — which he is now studying at Hunter College, aided by a Children’s Aid scholarship. “Children’s Aid really has changed my life, my confidence, and my self-worth.”

Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School
2022 Annual Report 13

I believe in advocacy


Community Schools

Children’s Aid Staff

At many busy schools, it can be easy for students to fall through the cracks. But not if Denisse is there. As a youth advocate at one of our community schools, her singular focus is the “everything else” category that falls outside the scope of what teachers and guidance counselors focus on. Whether it’s getting food to struggling families, hosting anti-violence workshops to address community gun violence, or simply offering words of encouragement, Denisse is the one-stop shop for removing roadblocks for students. Recently,

as schools across the city struggled with worsening attendance issues, Denisse’s efforts helped her school reduce chronic absenteeism.

Children’s Aid 14

I believe in inspiration

Stacey-Ann Easy

Garden of Dreams Foundation

Children’s Aid Partner

After restarting in-person arts programming, Stacey and the team at the Garden of Dreams Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Madison Square Garden, relished being able again to yell, “Lights, camera, action!” The foundation offers young people Emmy Awardwinning television production mentorship opportunities, an annual youth talent show at Radio City Music Hall, and four-year college scholarships. Stacey also loves connecting celebrities with our youth, saying, “The inspiration goes both ways. The young people are awestruck — but their courage, confidence, and resilience also wows our celebrities.”

2022 Annual Report 15

believe in health We

30,382 food packages were distributed to families in need.

50,000 medical, dental, and mental health appointments were provided.

Children’s Aid 16

By basing sites in schools and community centers, Children’s Aid is able to bring comprehensive care directly to neighborhoods that historically have been underserved and that continue to lack easy access to primary care, preventive care, and mental health services. We are able to further extend our impact by providing home-based supports virtually and in person.

Our well-being toolkit includes:

at-home care

• case management

• community- and school-based clinics

• fitness activities

• food access

• nutrition and health education

• health insurance support

• preventive, dental, and mental health care

• screenings

• teen-targeted support

• telemedicine

2022 Annual Report 17
Children’s Aid delivers high-quality services where they are needed most to reduce health disparities, ensuring that more children grow up strong.
In New York City, child health care coverage is almost universal. Unfortunately, access is not.
Children’s Aid 18

I believe in caring

Emmaley, Age 17

Health Ambassadors

Children’s Aid Youth

One might wonder where Emmaley, at just 17 years old, found her motivation to become a licensed practical nurse.

“Being a part of the Children’s Aid Health Ambassadors was extremely helpful in realizing my medical path,” said Emmaley. In this program, she has educated peers at Curtis High School on Staten Island about teen health issues and has encouraged them to visit our school-based health center for checkups. And as someone with diabetes, Emmaley was inspired to become like the caring nurses at our school-based health center who monitor her blood sugar levels, change her insulin pump, and have even intervened during medical emergencies at school.

2022 Annual Report 19

I believe in empowerment

Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention

As the lead educator of our Carrera Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program, Cameron knows a thing or two about trusting young people to make responsible decisions. He oversees a “waist-up” sex ed curriculum, which includes lessons about reproduction and safe sex while also focusing heavily on the most important sex organ in the body: the brain. This past year, Cameron helped hundreds of youth understand Roe v. Wade, the contraceptives and medical tests at our health clinics, and our academic and career opportunities, all while emphasizing that having a plan for the future is the best strategy to make good decisions about sexual health.

Children’s Aid 20
Children’s Aid Staff Cameron Rodriguez

I believe in outreach

NYC Health + Hospitals, Test & Treat

Children’s Aid Partner

When NYC Test & Treat Corps looked for partners to test and vaccinate America’s most populated city for COVID-19, they turned to a leader working in the hardest-hit communities: Children’s Aid. The Corps stationed mobile units at our sites, administering 2,500-plus vaccinations and nearly 16,000 tests. They also worked with us and recording artist Cher to offer the CherCares mobile vaccination unit to teens at our sites and at city public schools. Lenord, a mobile unit nurse, said, “This was the best experience in my 15 years of nursing — caring for children who hold our future in their hands.”

Lenord Antoine
2022 Annual Report 21

connects Belief us all

For 170 years, Children’s Aid has helped New York children and families thrive during even the most uncertain times.

This has required continuous adaptation to fine-tune our program models, expand the reach of our services, and provide greater access to resources. Moreover, we have responded to the shifting landscape of child poverty by advocating for policies (at the local, state, and national levels) that benefit our young people. Ultimately, the ability to transform as an organization stems from our desire to help others see beyond limitations and lead successful, healthy, and productive lives.

Children’s Aid 22

Program Sites

Brooklyn, Harlem, northern Staten Island, the South Bronx, and Washington Heights are among the areas in New York City that are hardest hit by poverty and its attendant challenges. We concentrate our services in these neighborhoods where they are needed most and work hard to become trusted members of the communities that we serve.

As of December 31, 2022

Bronx Career and College Preparatory High School

Bronx Early Childhood Center

Bronx Family Services Center

Bronx Health Center and Foster Care Services

New Bronx Program Site (formal name forthcoming)

Brooklyn Family Services Center

Brooklyn Prevention Services Center

Central Park East II

Charles Drew Campus

• Frederick Douglass Academy III Secondary School

• I.S. 219 New Venture School

• Kappa

Children’s Aid College Prep Charter School (Gr. Pre-K-5)

C.S. 61 Francisco Oller

Curtis High School

Drew Hamilton Early Childhood Center

Dunlevy Milbank Community Center

East Harlem Community Center

Executive Headquarters

Fairmont-Samara Campus

• Fairmont Neighborhood School

• Samara Community School

Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School

Fort Washington Armory

Frederick Douglass Community Center

Goodhue Community Center

Harlem Family Services Center

Hope Leadership Academy

I.S. 61 William A. Morris

The Lexington Academy

Manhattan Family Services Center

Mirabal Sisters Campus

• M.S. 319 Maria Teresa

• M.S. 324 Patria Mirabal

M.S. 301 Paul L. Dunbar

National Center for Community Schools

Next Generation Center

P.S. 5 Ellen Lurie

P.S. 8 Luis Belliard

P.S. 152 Dyckman Valley

Richmond Early Learning Center

Salomé Ureña Campus

• City College Academy of the Arts

• M.S. 322

Staten Island Family Services Center

Taft Early Childhood Center

Wagon Road Camp (Chappaqua, NY)

Whitney Young Jr. Campus

• Children’s Aid College Prep Charter School (Gr. 6-8)

• C.S. 211

• I.S. X318 Math, Science & Technology Through Arts

Children’s Aid Headquarters

Children’s Aid Program Site

2022 Annual Report 23
Manhattan Queens Brooklyn StatenIsland Bronx

FY 2022 Financial Report

Donors who invest in our work understand the importance of this strategy and the interconnectedness of our work. And, as validated by a four-star rating from Charity Navigator, Children’s Aid ensures donor gifts are both efficiently and effectively used.

Key financial highlights for fiscal year 2022, ending June 30, 2022, are presented below. Our $157.2M operating revenue and $149.5M operating expenses resulted in a $7.7M operating surplus. Programs accounted for 81% of expenses; management, general, and fundraising accounted for the remaining 19%. Non-operating items for investment performance and pension results often have large swings in a given year. In fiscal year 2022, these created an overall deficit, while in the previous year they created a surplus. We continue our strong financial standing with diversified sources of government, private, and internal funding, and a balance sheet with total assets of $513M.

Visit for the full audited financial statements and more information.

Five-Year Financial Analysis

Children’s Aid 24
Child poverty is caused by a wide variety of complex factors, which is why our comprehensive network of 100-plus programs addresses all aspects of a child’s development.
Revenue Expenses Net Assets $50M $100M $150M $200M $250M $300M $350M 2018 2021 2022 2019 2020

FY 2022 Revenue FY 2022 Expense

$157.2 Million

Government: $98.30M • 63%

Contributions: $24.61M • 16%

Board-Approved Use of Reserves: $13.29M • 8%

Program Fees: $11.74M • 7%

Other Income: $9.25M • 6%

Contributions Spotlight

Special Events: $2.6M

400 supporters attended our annual Children’s Aid Benefit, 243 golfers sold out two Golf Classic tournaments, and 15 charity runners logged 314 race miles to help fund our programs and services.

$149.5 Million

Program Services

Child Welfare and Family Services: $52.23M • 35%

Youth: $33.62M • 22%

Health and Wellness: $19.27M • 13%

Early Childhood: $14.95M • 10%

Collective Impact and National Center for Community Schools: $2.13M • 1%

Support Services

Management and General: $23.28M • 16%

Fundraising: $4.06M • 3%

In-Kind Donations: $2.3M

Tributes: $278K

There’s nothing quite like seeing a child’s face light up when they receive a holiday gift or a much-needed winter coat. In-kind gifts help us meet the individual needs of each child.

During times of personal joy or sorrow, thinking of others is a uniquely selfless act. Tribute gifts infuse meaning into milestones and prolong legacies of those we’ve lost.

2022 Annual Report 25

Thank you for believing FY 2022 Patrons


Children’s Aid is extremely grateful to the following foundations, individuals, trusts, and estates for their generous support. Amounts shown reflect gifts of $2,500 and more in fiscal year 2022.


The Carson Family Charitable Trust Coleman Family Ventures

Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

Robin Hood Foundation


Ballmer Group

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The New York Times Neediest Cases Fund

The Taft Foundation

Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz Foundation



Booth Ferris Foundation

Boys & Girls Clubs of America

The Clark Foundation

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

The Fund for Public Schools

Becky and Mike Goss

Charles Hayden Foundation

Beth and Ira Leventhal

The Pinkerton Foundation

In Memory of Melvin R. Seiden Tiger Foundation


Leslie and Ashish Bhutani

Carmel Hill Fund

Michelle and Christopher DeLong

Grace & Mercy Foundation

Lazard Foundation

Melkus Family Foundation

Jill and Brian Olson

Redlich Horwitz Foundation

Lauren Razook Roth and John Roth

Shonni Silverberg, M.D. and John Shapiro


Kate Stroup and Matthew Berger

The Wallace Foundation


Sheila M. Baird

Bank of America Foundation

Bayer Fund

Marjorie and William Berkley

Charina Endowment Fund

Ira W. DeCamp Foundation

Cleveland H. Dodge Foundation

Stella and Charles Guttman Foundation, Inc.

The Hagedorn Fund

Janet and Jon Harrington

Adrian H. Jackson Charitable Trust

Cathy and Christopher Lawrence

Susan and Martin Lipton

Richard K. Lubin Family Foundation

Estelle A. Manning Residuary Trust

Lynn and Rick McNabb

The Monarch Foundation

Amy and Charles Scharf

Edith M. Schweckendieck Charitable Trusts

Select Equity Group Foundation

Sirus Fund

Staten Island Foundation

Lise Strickler and Mark Gallogly Charitable Fund

Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

Sabra Turnbull and Clifford Burnstein

Suzanne Waltman and Martin Friedman

Wasily Family Foundation

Leonard & Robert Weintraub Family Foundation

Joseph and Laura Wortman Foundation


Iris Abrons

Shari and Jeffrey Aronson

Heather Baker, Ph.D. and Felix Baker, Ph.D.

Jackie Barth and Jay Nydick

Phoebe Boyer and Todd Snyder

Andrea Wahlquist Brown and Alvin Brown

Josephine T. Brown

Susan and Frank Brown

Elizabeth and Richard Cashin

Centerbridge Foundation

Chapman Hanson Foundation

Estate of June M. Dyson

Lisa and Mark Edmiston

Martin Elias

Family Disco Foundation

Hope for Poor Children Foundation / Helen and Desmond FitzGerald

Kathryn Quadracci Flores, M.D. and Raja Flores, M.D.

Charles A. Frueauff Foundation

Garden of Dreams Foundation

Children’s Aid 26

Judith Gibbons and Francesco Scattone

Jonathan Gray

Gray Foundation

Russel T. Hamilton

Helen Hoffritz Charitable Trust

Alexandra and Russell Horwitz

Ellen Jewett and Richard Kauffman

Susan and Ronald Kaufmann

The Klein Family Foundation

Elaine and Kenneth Langone

Barbara and Todd Leland

Levitt Foundation

The Ambrose Monell Foundation

Laurie and David Pauker

Estate of Christine Marie Pisani

Pumpkin Foundation / Joe Reich

Belden Roach Trust

Eren Rosenfeld and John Dunne

Ian A. Rosenthal

Madeleine Schachter

Kelli and James Stanton

Stern Family Charitable Foundation

George P. Wakefield Residuary Trust

Jennifer and Peter Wallace

Estate of Eleanore Weiss

Tracy Weller and Michael Ranson

Anonymous (2)


Cynthia Arato and Daniel Weisberg, Esq.

Aviv Foundation, Inc.

Barker Welfare Foundation

Theodore H. Barth Foundation

Sandra Atlas Bass

King Baudouin Foundation

Ann and Lear Beyer

Lyn and Steven Black

Cheyenne and David Bocchi

The Bondi Foundation

Blair Boyer

Nancy S. Calcagnini

Kimberly and Matt Cantor

Celtic Football Club Foundation

Conscious Kids

Filomen M. D’Agostino Foundation Corp.

Valerie de Lavalette and David Loo

Nicholas De Martini

Estate of Hester Diamond

Mica and Russell Diamond

Nancy and John Donnelly

Chris Draper

Andrea Dunham and Crugie Riccio

Michaelene and Jonathan Durst

Tracy and Clinton Factor

The Ferriday Fund

Kathleen Fisher

Ellen Sydney Fox Fund

Barbara and Stephen Friedman

Howard Genderson

Lisa Beth Gerstman Foundation

Suzanne Gluck and Thomas Dyja

Goldie Anna Charitable Trust

Maria Green

Sebastian and Julie Guth

Lane H. Katz

Bernadette Keller and William Daley

Martha and George Kellner

Gregory E. Kerr, M.D. and David Vaucher

Martin N. Kon

Janet Kuhl and John Orberg

Joseph Kusnan

Chani and Steven Laufer

Dennis H. Leibowitz

Leibowitz and Greenway Family Charitable Foundation

Longhill Charitable Foundation Inc

Brian Madden

The Mancheski Foundation, Inc.

Lynn and Kenneth Melkus

Melrose Fund

Ronay and Richard Menschel

Jeremy Mindich

Morgan Stanley Foundation

Henry and Lucy Moses Fund, Inc.

Origo-Levy Child Welfare Fund

Nancy and Larry Pantirer

The Edward and Dorothy Perkins Foundation

Sarah Peterson

Vaso Petsagourakis

Rite Aid Healthy Futures

Elizabeth and Elihu Robertson

Virginia M. Schirrmeister

Nancie and Steven Schnur

Marilyn and James Simons

Sarah and Christopher Snow

Trust U/A for St. John’s Guild (Z. Palmer)

Sunshine Foundation

Katrin Theodoli

Thigpen Hill Family Fund

Kelly Tullier and Hugh Johnston

Laura and Charles Utley

Venable Foundation

Christine Wachter-Campbell and William Campbell

Susan N. Wagner

Estate of Daniel D. Waxman

Amy and John Weinberg

Lucille Werlinich

Robert W. Wilson Charitable Trust

Workforce Professionals

Training Institute

Glenn Yarnis

Zimmer Biomet Foundation Anonymous (5)


Barbara A. Abeles

Alvin Adell and Troy Wolfe

Jacqueline and Scott Alfieri

Andante Fund

Susan and Edward Babbitt

Lori and Roger Bahnik

Barbara Becker and Jonathan Gallant

Belson Family Fund

Amy and Kenneth Berkowitz

Richard E. Besser, M.D. and Jeanne Besser

Sofia and Peter Blanchard

2022 Annual Report 27
The Children’s Aid Annual Report celebrates gifts made during the fiscal year 2022, from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022. Every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of this report. Should you notice an error or omission, please accept our apologies and notify the Development Office at 212.949.4936.

Lynn and Douglas Borck

Laurence Boschetto and Steven Kinder

W. T. Bourke

Gala Brabhu and Rajeev Bhaman

Thomas W. Brock

Ann and Peter Case

Yolanda Ciancia

Anne and Jacob Citrin

The Charles and Margaret Clark Family Charitable Fund

Stephanie and Jerry Coughlan

Ruth and John Cowles

Merril Delon and Harold Gunderson

Peter Dimon

John D. Eckstein, M.D. and Diane Eckstein

Mitzi and Warren Eisenberg

Lisa and Brian Enslow

Andrew Ertman

Amy Feinstein

Susan and Leonard Feinstein

Victoria and Josh Feltman

Lynne and Donald Flexner

Evelyn and William Follit, Jr.

Leslye and Darryl Fraser

Daniel Fry

Fund for the City of New York

The Gage Fund, Inc.

Frances and Thomas Gambino

Betsy Glans and Rich Langberg

Emily Glasser and William Susman


Jane and Budd Goldman

Barbara Gottesman

Susannah Gray and John Lyons

Susan and Bradford Gruby

H. Peter Haveles, Jr.

Here to Here

Alison Hoffman and Kevin Rakin

Catherine Johnson and Mark DiMichael

Linda Kao and David Woo

Ellen and Robert Kapito

Amy Katz

Kaufmann Foundation

Rachel and William Knobler

Guy Kohles

Jane Lebow

Diane and Anthony Lembke

Thalia & George Liberatos Foundation, Inc.

Bari Lipp Foundation

Martha Berman Lipp and Robert Lipp

Helen and John Lobrano

Mancosh Family 2018 Irrevocable Non GST Ex Trust

Dale Mathias

Jane and James McGraw

Martha B. McLanahan

Ellen Moskowitz and Bruce Birenboim

Michael A. Nash

The Asha and D.V. Nayak Fund

Margaret Neal and Gregory Cashman

Racquel and Walter Oden

Michelle Ores and Charles Schorin

Todd Ouida Children’s Foundation

Henrik P. Patel

Fredeliza Perez

Stowe and Charlton Phelps

Charitable Fund

Prudential Foundation

The Public Theater

Race Forward

Susan and Anthony Roberts

Lisa Rosenblum

Harry & Andrew H. Rosenthal Foundation, Inc.

Phyllis Ross and Michael Minard

Nicholas C. Roth

Pamela and Richard Rubinstein Foundation

Sarah I. Schieffelin Residuary Trust

The Schiff Foundation

Mervin Livingston Schloss, Ph.D.

Sharon and Peter Schuur

Seventh District Foundation

Randy Sheinberg and Marty Cohen

Nicole and Brad I. Silver

Yuka and Robert Stern

Ingrid C. Swenson

Susan Taylor and Khephra Burns

The Telesco Family Foundation

TJX Foundation

Jane E. Turley

Unalane Foundation

Reggie Van Lee

Joyce A. Vastola, Psy.D. and Raymond Vastola

Jane Veron and Andrew Feldstein

Rielly and Dax Vlassis

Ilene and Edwin Vroom

Jason Weinberg

Ellen West and Evan Newmark

The Raymond and Nora Wong Family Fund

Nancy Workman and Jonathan Miller

Deann Wright and Luke Evnin

Cynthia Young and George Eberstadt

Merryl and Charles Zegar

Wendy Zimmermann and Stephen Cutler

Barbara and Donald Zucker

Dana Zucker and Brahm Cramer



Suzanne and John Adams, Jr.

Stephanie and Christopher Ade

W. Mark Allen

Ellie and Dylan Aluise

Michele and Michael Ankuda

The Apter-Linkin Family Fund

The Bachman Family Charitable Fund

Dianne Balfour and Carl Adkins

Valari and James Beloyianis

Eunice and David Bigelow

Bull’s Head Foundation, Inc.

Barbara Burns

Andrew Burych

Maile Carpenter

Jennifer Chu

Jennifer and David Clausen

The Raymond E. and Ellen F. Crane Foundation

Laura and Timothy Curry

Susan and Lawrence Daniels

Barbara DeFina

Judy and Jamie Dimon

Norman S. Dong

Caroline R. Donhauser

Isabel and Scott Draves

The Deborah and Ronald Eisenberg Family Foundation, Inc.

Children’s Aid 28

Rebecca and Martin Eisenberg

Marcy Engel and Stuart Cobert

Carol and Richard Feinstein


Corina and Andreas Fibig

Joan Granlund

Patricia Haegele

Anne and John Hall

Lynn Harman and Philip Coltoff

Rena and Scott Hoffman

Estate of Bertha F. Hoops

Yvonne T. Jackson

Roni Jacobson and David Feldman

Jill Johnson and Tom Reynolds

Annmarie and Kevin Jonsson

Laura and Alan Katz

Peter B. Kellner

Helen and J. Halisey Kennedy

Sung-Eun Stephan Kim

Elizabeth and Charles King

Diamond, Age 3 Richmond Early Learning Center

Children’s Aid Preschooler

When Diamond encountered severe challenges communicating and interacting with others, we provided just what she needed to find her voice. Our customized interventions helped her develop her language skills, and our low student-teacher ratio offered Diamond the face-to-face verbal interaction she needed to excel. She was one of 150 preschoolers with developmental delays supported by our dedicated early childhood staff last year. Now, Diamond has made noticeable progress and is displaying greater confidence in everything from speaking to socializing and playing. Diamond is incredibly happy that she can keep up with her classroom activities, often turning to her friends to say: “I did it!”

Virginia and Richard Kirkland, Jr.

James A. Kirsch

Ellen Klein and Michael Gunther

Margot E. Landman

Beverly Landstrom

Amy R. Laskey

Amanda and Patrick Lawenda

Tiffany Le and Philippe Trouvé

Michelle and Andrew Levine

Donna Levy and Richard Leroy

Leslie and Victor Lewkow

Robert Malitz

Lauren and Jay Mandelbaum

Gail and Andrew Marks

Michelle Marks

Noreen and Tim Marsek

Jean Matthews

Kevin P. McAuliffe, Ph.D. and Katharine Frase

Shelly and Neil Mitchell

Donna Morea

Carole and Harold Moskowitz Family Foundation

Erica Jade Mullen and Paul S. Mishkin

Laurel and Steve Odom

Adrienne Orlan

Steven Pilgrim

Tracey and Robert Pruzan

Lori and John Reinsberg

Pamela Reis and Kevin Hyman

John Rhea

Cory Robbins

Robinson Foundation

Elise M. Romanik, M.D. and John Field

Jonathan Root, M.D. and Betsy Blumenthal

Serpil T. Rosenfeld


Andrew Sabin Family Foundation

Ann Sacher, M.D. and Bill Sacher

Julie and Richard Schechter

Susan and Stephen Scherr

Michael Schwalberg

Jessica Seaton and Linda Swartz

Joyce and Joel Seligman

Randi and Eric Sellinger Family Foundation, Inc.

Peter Sills

Chia Siu

Lois and Arthur Stainman

Sharon and John Tompkins

Susan and James Tryforos

Jacqueline and Ed Waldman

Peter Waltman

Patricia Wang

Warburg Pincus Foundation

Kathy and Kevin Watson

Jason Weinstein

Wells College Trust

Jordan Wertlieb

Rosemary and Kenneth Willman

Kira and Leonard Wood

Amelia J. Zoler



Children’s Aid salutes our corporate donors, whose generosity advanced our mission to help children in poverty during fiscal year 2022.

3400 Park Palace LLC

Abbott Laboratories


Adrienne Landau Designs, Inc.

Aetna, Inc.


Agon Ltd.


Alleghany Corporation

Allen & Company Inc.

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

American Benefits Consulting

American Express

American Multi-Cinema, Inc.

Apollo Global Management


Aspen Insurance, Inc.


Baltusrol Golf Club

Bank of America

Bari Lynn

Bayer Corporation

Beam Suntory

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Bistro Seven Three

BlackRock Financial Management, Inc.

Bloomberg L.P.

BNY Mellon


Boogie Down Books

Boston Consulting Group, Inc.

Bright Funds

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Brunello Cucinelli


Charities Aid Foundation of America

Cisco Systems, Inc.


ClearBridge Investments

Colgate-Palmolive Company

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Children’s Aid 30

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One of the most personal ways to honor loved ones is to support an organization close to their hearts. Children’s Aid received many thoughtful gifts in honor and memory of family and friends this past year. We have included those tributes for which Children’s Aid received gifts totaling $1,000 or more during fiscal year 2022.

In Honor Of

Marjorie and William Berkley

Joe Bernstein

Leslie and Ashish Bhutani

Phoebe Boyer and Todd Snyder

Michelle and Christopher DeLong

Katherine Eckstein and Dan Nadel

Jane Goldman

Alexandra and Russell Horwitz

Johnson & DiMichael’s Wedding Guests

Martha Bicknell Kellner

Edgar R. Koerner

Janine Luke

Mona Malone

Lauren Melkus

Jay Nydick

Lauren Razook Roth and John Roth

Amy and Charles Scharf

Claudette Scheffold

Jeanette Volpi

Jennifer and Peter Wallace

Kristina Wallison

Suzanne Waltman and Martin Friedman

In Memory Of

Karen Abanilla, M.D.

Honorable Gloria M. Dabiri

Alison Cragin Herzig

Lynne Mozeliak

Sol Eckstein Nadel

Melvin R. Seiden

Maria T. Swenson

Morris Wolf

2022 Annual Report 31

Board of Trustees


Jill Olson


Gregory E. Kerr, M.D.

Beth Leventhal

Vice Chairs


Ashish Bhutani

Andrea Wahlquist Brown

Raja M. Flores, M.D.

Mike F. Goss

Sebastian Guth, Ph.D.

Ellen Jewett

Linda S. Kao

Alan E. Katz

Christopher R. Lawrence

Janine E. Luke

Trustees Emeriti

Iris Abrons

Chair Emerita

Sheila M. Baird

Elly Christophersen

Susan M. Coupey, M.D.

Bart J. Eagle

Mark M. Edmiston

Chair Emeritus

Desmond G. FitzGerald

Marshall M. Green

Lolita K. Jackson

Leadership Staff

Phoebe C. Boyer

President and CEO

Georgia Boothe

Executive Vice President

Rhonda Braxton

Vice President of Health and Wellness

Drema Brown

Vice President of Education and Head of School

Moria Cappio

Vice President of Early Childhood Programs

Joann Casado

Compliance Officer

Pat Cioffi

Director of Real Estate and Facilities Operations

Robyn Dietz

Head of Talent Management and Human Resources

Sandra Escamilla-Davies

Executive Vice President

Abe Fernández

Vice President of Collective Impact and Director of National Center for Community Schools

Russell Diamond Treasurer

Eren Rosenfeld


Peter Wallace

Assistant Treasurer

Rick D. McNabb

Yasmeen S. Mock

Jay S. Nydick

Tom Reynolds

Lauren Razook Roth

Madeleine Schachter

Brad I. Silver

Jose L. Tavarez

Marisol Tepetitla

Suzanne Waltman

Lane H. Katz

Ronald H. Kaufmann

Martha Bicknell Kellner

Edgar R. Koerner*

Chair Emeritus

Felix A. Orbe

Amy Engel Scharf

Chair Emerita

As of December 31, 2022 Daniela,

Kevin J. Watson


Susan Fojas

Director of Performance Management

Caroline Gallagher

Chief Development Officer

Michael Greenberg

Chief Financial Officer

Courtenaye Jackson

General Counsel

Sarah Jonas

Vice President of the Youth Division

Yolanda McBride

Director of Public Policy

Alethea Pratt

Chief Information Officer

Anthony Ramos

Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Ali Tan

Chief of Staff

When Dani had reading challenges, her caring network stepped in: her parents; our after-school and summer camp staff; and her Children’s Aid teacher, Cameron, who you read about earlier in this report. Now, she’s more confident, excels at school, and realizes her own potential.

Children’s Aid 32
Age 12
The Lexington Academy Children’s Aid Youth

Belief is an action

There are many ways to support Children’s Aid:

Make a one-time or monthly gift, attend our annual Children’s Aid Benefit or Golf Classic, or fundraise by running a marathon.

Encourage your employer to become an official partner or harness the power of your circle by crowdfunding.

Support future generations with a planned gift or create new beginnings by becoming a foster parent.

To learn more about ways to show your belief in Children’s Aid and its mission, email us at or call us at 212.949.4936.

33 2022 Annual Report
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Our Mission Children’s Aid helps children living in poverty to succeed and thrive. We do this by providing comprehensive supports to children, youth, and their families in targeted high-needs New York City neighborhoods.

Our Vision

All children have access to the opportunities and supports they need to realize their fullest potential and lead successful, healthy, and productive lives.


117 West 124th Street, 5th Floor New York, NY 10027
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