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Allison and Busby Kashi House Amber Books Artvoices Art Books Ayebia Clarke Publishing Big Sky Publishing Carnegie Publishing Choc Lit Classics Illustrated Comics Colourpoint CP Press Educator's International Press Enodare Eshel Books Fonthill Media Historika Formac Publishing Ltd. George F. Thompson Publishing Grub Street Cookery Liberties Press Liss Llewellyn Fine Art Litera Publications Medina Publishing Arabian Publishing Ltd. Sabrestorm Publishing Mereo Books Paul Holberton Publishing Pen and Sword Penguin Random House South Africa Protea Boekhuis Real Reads Tilde Publishing and Distribution 9crows Publishing

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Prices are higher in Canada. Please contact Login for current Canadian pricing ( Books listed as NCR are not available for sale in/into Canada. The front cover image is from 101 Contemporary Artists, Curated by Terrence Sanders, Artvoices Art Books, September 2016 “Halfway Around the World From You” (encaustic collage), Miranda Lake, 2013

Dear Reader:

It is our pleasure to present our Spring 2017 forthcoming titles. With a selection ranging from mysteries and romantic fiction, to historical biographies, photography collections, nature guides, transportation history, and more, we look forward to sharing the best new titles from around the globe with readers all across North America.

We are pleased to introduce several new publishers this season. Kashi House is a new distribution client of Allison and Busby. They specialize in books about Sikh and Indian art and culture. Find their books on page 6.

Artvoices Art Books is an independent publisher that produces limited edition art books and catalogs. They are committed to publishing artists contributing to the vibrant landscape of innovative contemporary art. View their titles on page 12.

CP Press is primarily a publisher of motoring books, such as car collector guides and manuals. Their titles are now available in the United States and Canada for the first time. Look for their books on page 22.

Historika, an imprint of Gad Publishers, publishes academic books in the humanities, including works published in cooperation with museums and cultural institutions. Find them on page 30.

Litera Publications titles are now available in the United States and Canada for the first time. They produce high quality books specializing in biography, autobiography, history, natural history, and selected fiction. View their titles on page 36.

9crows Publishing seeks to challenge and stimulate the imagination through collaborating with artists willing to put their art on the line to help make this a better world. They are a distribution client of Tilde Publishing and Distribution. Find them on page 68. We welcome your questions and comments. Please feel free to contact us, or your local sales representative, for further information on this season’s forthcoming titles.

Best Regards,

The Casemate IPM Sales & Marketing Team Tel: (610)853-9131 Email: Visit our website to see a full listing of our frontlist and backlist titles, and sign up for our new releases email alerts to be the first to know when new titles become available.

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Allison & Busby was founded in 1967 by Clive Allison and Margaret Busby and has gained a reputation for publishing quality writers of an individual cast and excellence. They have developed several main publishing themes over the years, including contemporary fiction, mystery and crime fiction, historical fiction, writers' guides, and biographies.



Edward Marston

JUNE 2017 Hardback | $25.00

978-0-7490-2110-8 384 pages | 5.3 × 8.5 Historical Mystery & Detective Fiction | NCR

On a summer’s day in London, the scene is set for a duel between a lady’s two admirers. Paul Skillen has been teaching Mark Bowerman how to shoot properly, and stands as his second. Although the duel is broken up, later that day one of the two duellists is found dead. Paul and his twin Peter are determined to see justice done and are soon enmeshed in threads of inheritance, treachery, and fraud.

MAY 2017 Hardback | $25.00

978-0-7490-1949-5 320 pages | 5.3 × 8.5 Historical Mystery & Detective Fiction | NCR

A. J. Wright lives in Croston in Lancashire. The first novel in his Lancashire Detective Series has been shortlisted for the 2016 CWA.

A full-time writer for over forty years, Edward Marston is a master of historical fiction.

AUGUST 2017 Hardback | $25.00

978-0-7490-2013-2 352 pages | 6 × 9.2 Mystery & Detective Fiction | NCR

Miss Dorothea Gadsworth is interviewed for a teaching vacancy at George Street Elementary, but is ultimately dismissed as a candidate. Shortly afterwards, her body is discovered in a locked classroom with a note by her side. DS Michael Brennan is called in to investigate what appears to be a straightforward suicide, but his instincts tell him there is more to this case.



Barbara Nadel

Fiona Sussman

Out of the blue, private investigator and ex-soldier Lee Arnold receives a visit from an old army mate. Abbas al’Barri is convinced that he’s had a message from his estranged son, who was radicalized and was last thought to be fighting for ISIL in Iraq. Abbas is desperate for Lee’s help in establishing some contact with him.

JULY 2017 Paperback | $12.95

978-0-7490-2064-4 320 pages | 5 × 7.75 Mystery & Detective Fiction | NCR

Barbara Nadel trained as an actress and worked in mental health services before becoming a writer. Her crime novel Deadly Web won the 2005 CWA Silver Dagger award. CASEMATE | IPM NEW TITLES CATALOG SPRING 2017

On the night that Carla Reid plans on celebrating her wedding anniversary with her family, Ben Toroa and another aspiring gang member brutally force their way into the house with robbery and more on their minds. As Carla struggles to come to terms with the aftermath and bereavement of different kinds, and Ben faces the consequences in prison, their stories continue to interweave.

Growing up in a publisher's home, Fiona Sussman fell in love with the written word at an early age. The manuscript of her newest novel, The Last Time We Spoke, won the Kobo/NZ Author Publishing Prize. 1

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Julian Stockwin

AVAILABLE NOW Hardback | $25.00 978-0-7490-1795-8 Paperback | $12.95 978-0-7490-1753-8 432 pages | 6 × 9.2 Moments of History 1 | Historical Fiction | NCR

After escaping the sack of Rome in 549 AD, two adventurers, the Greek Nicander and former legionary Marius, dare to steal the secret of silk from China. Rooted in the historical record, this is an epic quest across a vast geographical canvas, from legendary Sinae, to the vast steppes and deserts of Central Asia, to imperial Constaninople. It is a tale of friendship, courage, myth, and love.

Julian Stockwin is a Royal Navy veteran who currently resides in Plymouth, England. He has written over 14 historical adventure fiction titles and one nonfiction book.

Julian Stockwin

NOVEMBER 2016 Hardback | $25.00 978-0-7490-1930-3 Paperback | $12.95 978-0-7490-2084-2 384 pages | 6 × 9.2 Moments of History 2 | Historical Fiction | NCR

Julian Stockwin is a Royal Navy veteran who currently resides in Plymouth, England. He has written over 14 historical adventure fiction titles and one nonfiction book.



Suzette A. Hill

SEPTEMBER 2017 Paperback | $12.95 978-0-7490-2131-3 288 pages | 5 × 7.8 Mystery & Detective Fiction | NCR

Lady Fawcett is eager to vet her daughter Amy’s current beau, aspiring film director Bartholomew Hackle. Rosy Gilchrist is strong-armed into accompanying her to Hackle?s set in Southwold. The unambiguous death by gun-shot of a female cast member brings a drama to proceedings lacking in the film itself, and Lady Fawcett, Rosy, Felix, and even Cedric Dillworthy are once again at the center of a murder mystery in which further victims may face the cut.

Suzette A. Hill taught English for many years. Her third book in the Rosy Gilchrist series, A Southwold Mystery, has been shortlisted for the 2016 Kobo eBook Awards. 2


Oxford, 1261. An envoy returns from the land of the Tartars to meet with an English scholar and share a deadly secret. The two men vow that the knowledge of gunpowder must die with them. Hurnwych Green, England, 1290. Blacksmith Jared begins a pilgrimage to the Promised Land. Along the way he is invited to join a holy crusade for King Edward. So begins one man’s obsession with the powder of death.

Anna Jacobs

JUNE 2017 Hardback | $25.00 978-0-7490-2015-6 320 pages | 5.3 × 8.5 Honeyfield 2 Historical Romance Fiction | NCR

Bella’s fiancé is killed during the First World War. Rather than receiving sympathy in her grief, Bella is scorned by not only his family, but her own. With no one to turn to, Bella throws herself into war work and moves away from home. When a lawyer tracks her down because she’s been left something in Phillip’s will, the inheritance brings new problems and even dangers. Can she find her way through it and make a new life?

Anna Jacobs grew up in Lancashire, England. She has written almost 50 novels and has been shortlisted for several awards. Her stories are primarily about families and relationships.

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Rebecca Tope lives in England. Her Cotswolds series of mysteries has been longlisted for several awards.

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $12.95 978-0-7490-2094-1 320 pages | 5 × 7.8 Mystery | NCR

JUNE 2016 Paperback | $12.95 978-0-7490-2135-1 320 pages | 5 × 7.8 Mystery | NCR

JULY 2017 Paperback | $12.95 978-0-7490-1914-3 352 pages | 5 × 7.8 Mystery | NCR



Rebecca Tope

Rebecca Tope

The bad luck that plagues the hapless Thea and her beloved spaniel Hepzibah is never far away. With autumn drawing in, preparations for Samhain, the pagan origin of Halloween, are well underway when Ariadne discovers a very tangible reminder of the season of death: a body laid out like a sacrificial victim on Notgrove Barrow.

JUNE 2016 Paperback | $12.95 978-0-7490-2099-6 320 pages | 5 × 7.8 Mystery | NCR

The Montgomerys have asked Thea to look after their house while they take a much needed holiday. But trouble seems to follow Thea, and when a body is discovered in the house next door, she finds herself in the midst of village secrets. The erstwhile quiet area turns out to be a place of mysterious contradictions, with very sinister undertones.



Rebecca Tope

Rebecca Tope

When a skeleton is discovered at the roots of an old beech tree, Thea is grateful for the presence of her partner, DS Phil Hollis. There is no concrete evidence as to who the bones belonged to, although it isn’t long before theories abound. Thea soon finds herself drawn into a murder investigation; perhaps the countryside isn’t so quiet after all.

JUNE 2016 Paperback | $12.95 978-0-7490-2140-5 320 pages | 5 × 7.8 Mystery | NCR

With the summer lushness of the Cotswolds turned icy grey, Thea spends her first few days in Hampnett exploring the beautiful hamlet and meeting some of the locals. Then the weather turns extreme, and so do events. When she stumbles across a man lying dead in a snow-covered field, Thea finds herself once again at the heart of a mystery.



Rebecca Tope

Rebecca Tope

Thea is tasked with creating an inventory of Rita Wilshire’s possessions, requested by her son, Richard Wilshire, after moving her into a care home. All goes to plan, until Thea and her fiancé, Drew Slocombe, find Richard dead in a barn. When the clues lead them in circles, Thea’s relationship with Drew is put to the test.

FEBRUARY 2017 Hardback | $25.00 978-0-7490-2004-0 320 pages | 5.3 × 8.5 Mystery | NCR


A brand-new collection of short stories, featuring the popular characters from Rebecca Tope’s Cotswold mystery novels. A suspicious funeral, a fatal encounter at a garden center, and a country walk marred by the discovery of a hidden corpse are just some of the perplexing situations with which Thea Osborne and her friends must contend. 3

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Set in 1816, the second book in the Bow Street Rivals series gives a dangerous assignment to identical twin detectives, Peter and Paul Skillen. A scurrilous newspaper has built up a large following by publishing details of political and sexual scandals. It is remarkably well-informed and has therefore created a whole host of enemies. When the editor is killed and the printing press smashed to bits, the Invisible Detectives are hired by the man who financed the production of the paper. He wants the killer brought to justice and the scandal sheet revived. Peter and Paul find themselves in great danger as they unearth an enormous amount of scandal and corruption before the villains are brought to book. The brothers survive all kinds of setbacks, including a violent encounter in a prison, as they follow a tortuous trail that eventually takes them all the way to Paris for a final and deadly confrontation. JUNE 2017 | Paperback | $12.95 | 978-0-7490-1602-9 | 384 pages | 5 × 7.8 | Bow Street Rivals 2 | Historical Mystery & Detective Fiction | NCR


1860, Wimborne, Dorset. Rebecca Tullidge, miserably married to her callous husband, finds some escape through an affair with another man. After putting her drunk husband to bed one Saturday night, she sneaks from their lodge to meet railway officer, John Bedloe. Much to her horror, she trips over her lover’s corpse on the railway tracks. The railway director calls Inspector Colbeck and Sergeant Leeming in from London to solve the hideous crime. As the pair arrives in the countryside, they find there is no shortage of difficult personalities and conflicting alibis, making the mystery much harder to unravel. On discovering Bedloe had plenty of enemies as well as a sordid past, Colbeck and Leeming must unearth which of them is capable of plotting a murder. Could it possibly be a woman, distraught that he’d taken another lover? Or a jealous husband who detected an affair? With pressure mounting from all sides, the Railway Detective is tasked with uncovering the truth. OCTOBER 2017 | Paperback | $12.95 | 978-0-7490-2011-8 | 352 pages | 5 × 7.8 | Railway Detective 13 | Historical Mystery & Detective Fiction | NCR


1901, Wiltshire. Young Kathleen Keller is being forced into marriage with a man she despises by her cruel father. In an act of desperation, she runs away in a bid for a safer life, although one she might not have otherwise chosen. When tragedy strikes, Kathleen is left vulnerable, and one man threatens the fragile peace she has made for herself. Meanwhile, Nathan Perry works for his father’s accountancy firm but yearns for something more satisfying. He is brought in to help with the purchase of Honeyfield House, intended as a safe house for women in trouble by a charitable benefactor, and there encounters Kathleen. Their lives are set to intertwine and neither will be the same again. JUNE 2017 | Paperback | $12.95 | 978-0-7490-2010-1 | 320 pages | 5 × 7.8 | Honeyfield 1 | Historical Romance Fiction | NCR



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HEAD START Judith Cutler

Jane Cowan has changed her job, her home, and her name, but her abusive ex-husband Simon has always been able to track her down. He may finally be behind bars, but she still doesn’t feel safe. However, Jane finds courage enough to accept a promotion: she is to be headteacher of the Wrayford Primary School in Gloucestershire. Could Simon be responsible when things start going wrong on her first day as head of the school? While facing everyday battles from a lack of resources to teachers who are set in their ways, Jane encounters a persistent intruder on the school grounds. When the intruder turns violent, Jane herself is under suspicion. This time she will not be the prey but the pursuer. She finds unlikely allies in her quest for the truth, and finds personal reserves of strength she never imagined she had. OCTOBER 2016 | Paperback | $12.95 | 978-0-7490-2080-4 | 352 pages | 5 × 7.8 | Jane Cowan 1 | Thriller & Suspense Fiction NCR Judith Cutler began writing at an early age, and after studying English Literature she worked as a teacher in Birmingham, England, for many years. She is the author of several crime fiction series and standalone novels.


1842. Twenty-five-year-old Joshua Weyland is languishing in Key West, USA, desperate to return to England to marry his fiancé. He finds passage as second mate on a small brig bound for Bristol. When the ship founders on rocks off the coast of Cornwall, and Josh narrowly escapes with his life, it’s clear to him that it was deliberately wrecked. From the eccentric doctor and his daughter who nurse him back to health, to the local fishermen, tin miners, and “Preventers” tasked with subduing any smuggling activity, Joshua has plenty of questions which could land him in serious trouble. When the worst storm of the year erupts from the Atlantic and another ship is in peril, Joshua is forced to fight for his life to avert disaster and get to the bottom of the mystery. SEPTEMBER 2017 | Paperback | $12.95 | 978-0-7490-1739-2 | 352 pages | 5 × 7.8 | Historical Fiction | NCR After a number of years working as a journalist, John Wilcox was lured into industry. In the mid-nineties he sold his company in order to devote himself to his first love, writing. His Simon Fonthill novels have been published to high acclaim.

ORDEAL BY FIRE Sarah Hawkswood

September 1143. Sergeant Catchpoll hopes a fire at a Worcester silversmith’s is just an accident, but when there is a second fire, and a charred corpse is discovered, he has no choice but to call in the undersheriff, Hugh Bradecote, to help find the culprit. With further fires, a hooded figure stalking the streets, and a possible murder that has gone undiscovered for some months, the duo have to work together to avoid getting more than their fingers burnt in this puzzling investigation.

JULY 2017 | Paperback | $12.95 | 978-0-7490-2097-2 | 320 pages | 5 × 7.8 | Bradecote and Catchpoll Mysteries 1 | Historical Mystery & Detective Fiction | NCR Sarah Hawkswood describes herself as a wordsmith who is only really happy when writing. She studied Modern History at Oxford University and takes her pen name from her six times great grandmother. She is a member of the Crime Writers’ Association, the Historical Writers’ Association, and the Historical Novel Society. CASEMATE | IPM NEW TITLES CATALOG SPRING 2017


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Kashi House is an independent, not-for-profit publishing enterprise dedicated to preserving the artistic, historic, linguistic and cultural heritage of Punjab and the Sikhs. Kashi House is determined to produce illuminating books to illuminate minds for generations to come and break new ground in the field of book publishing.


In Search of Alexander Gardner John Keay

Imagine spending thirteen years fighting and travelling in disguise in the deserts of Inner Asia, then another thirteen years as an officer in the army of the Sikhs. How would you convince a disbelieving Western audience? Lively reminiscences - such as saving the city of Lahore in 1841 by singlehandedly killing 300 invaders - and numerous scars would not impress them, nor would the eccentricities of old age. Gardner’s story, like Marco Polo’s, changed people’s understanding of the world. The urge to contest or authenticate his account contributed to the scientific and political penetration of a vast chunk of Asia. JUNE 2017 | Hardback | $29.95 | 978-1-9112-7100-0 | 352 pages | 6 × 9.2 | Biography & Middle Eastern History | NCR John Keay’s narrative histories of Asia are widely regarded as standard works. In 2009 he was awarded the Royal Asiatic Society’s Sykes Medal.


Reflections of the Past (1808–1959)

Amandeep Singh Madra and Parmjit Singh

From its founding in 1588, the Golden Temple has come to symbolize the epitome of Sikh architecture as well as the undying love of its devotees. In its heyday in the early 1800s, not only was it the finest example of the unique Sikh architectural style, it was also highly regarded as a center of learning and a beacon for those in search of spiritual and educational enlightenment. This unique volume highlights the temple’s unparalleled beauty and changing fortunes. Its vast collection of paintings, sketches, lithographs, and photographs have been painstakingly sourced from archives around the world. JUNE 2017 | Hardback | $55.00 | 978-0-9560-1681-2 | 304 pages | 10 × 11.3 | Middle Eastern History | NCR Amandeep Singh Madra and Parmjit Singh have co-authored several highly acclaimed books on Sikh history and are leading players in showcasing the culture and history of the Sikhs and Punjab.


Volume 1

Amandeep Singh Madra and Parmjit Singh

This first of two volumes explores the martyrdoms and conflicts that gave rise to a unique warrior culture steeped in the teachings of the 16th-century mystic poet, Guru Nanak. He was the first of ten Sikh spiritual masters hailing from Punjab. His Sikh followers would go on to change the course of world history. When the Mughal Empire began persecuting the Sikhs in the 1600s, this community of peaceful devotees was forced to take up arms or face extinction. This volume tells the compelling story of how they fought back to establish a powerful modern-day empire. JUNE 2017 | Hardback | $50.00 | 978-0-9560-1685-0 | 140 pages | 8.3 × 11 | Military History | NCR Amandeep Singh Madra and Parmjit Singh have co-authored several highly acclaimed books on Sikh history and are leading players in showcasing the culture and history of the Sikhs and Punjab. 6


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Treasures from the Toor Collection of Sikh Art Davinder Toor

Two centuries ago, Punjab’s Sikh ruling elite lavishly patronized artists and craftsmen. A sumptuous array of objects fit for Sikh kings, queens, warriors, and saints were produced by skilled artisans to reflect a vibrant and potent new power. By the mid-19th century, the Sikh kingdom had met its demise at the hands of the British Empire. With the loss of Sikh patronage, artistic production switched to serve the tastes of the new colonial rulers, bringing to an end a unique cultural endeavor. Some of the remnants of the Sikh empire ended up in institutional collections, while others were bartered and sold by collectors. JUNE 2017 | Hardback | $65.00 | 978-1-9112-7103-1 | 208 pages | 10.2 × 14.2 | Middle Eastern History & Art | NCR Davinder Toor is a leading figure among a new generation of Sikh art collectors. He was featured along with a selection of objects from the Toor Collection on the BBC’s Lost Treasures of the Sikh Kingdom documentary (2014).


The Journey of Sikh Heritage from Imperial Loot to Auction Treasure Dr. Lucian Harris

At the heart of the royal Sikh court at Lahore laid one of the greatest treasure collections the world had ever seen. Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s spectacular treasury housed objects that are today the prized possessions of some of the world’s most famous public collections – the Koh-i-Noor diamond and his golden throne are perhaps the most well-known. The East India Company’s annexation of Punjab and capture of the treasury in 1849 saw a large volume of armor, weapons, manuscripts, jewels, and other precious artefacts brought to Britain. Collecting Sikh examines the facets of Sikh material culture, highlighting the fascinating stories accrued by these objects in their journey from the palaces of Punjab, to imperial Victorian Britain, and most recently to a global Sikh diaspora hungry to reclaim its lost heritage. AUGUST 2017 | Hardback | $45.00 | 978-1-9112-7101-7 | 240 pages | 8.3 × 11 | Art & Collecting | NCR Dr. Lucian Harris is a historian, journalist, and acknowledged expert on British collections of South Asian art. He has combined academic research with reporting on the international auction market for several important art publications.


A Guidebook Guru Kaur

In the pursuit of woman’s full potential, there lies the opportunity to rejuvenate our society based on health, contentment, and well-being. Weaving wisdom drawn from ancient and modern cultures with personal experiences from The City, Europe, and India, Be the Woman does away with spiritual mumbo-jumbo to enable women to put into action the life skills and concepts we neglected to learn from our ancestors. This comprehensive how-to manual (based on the successful “Be the Woman” online course that has changed many women’s lives for the better) explores facets of the daily life and evolution of a woman to provoke the reader to reflect on how to implement practical changes to become happier, feel younger, enjoy fulfilling relationships, and create a healthy life without regret. OCTOBER 2017 | Hardback | $40.00 | 978-1-9112-7102-4 | 528 pages | 6 × 9.2 | Self Help | NCR Guru Kaur is highly regarded for her masterful soft delivery of hard lessons, her unconventional attitudes, and her insights into yogic philosophy. In 2014, the International Kundalini Yoga Association recognized her as an Inspirational Teacher. CASEMATE | IPM NEW TITLES CATALOG SPRING 2017


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Amber Books is an independent, London-based company that has been publishing illustrated history titles for adults and children for over 25 years. Their titles are packed full of photographs, maps and/or artworks that bring the subject to life. The engaging, informative books are valuable for general readers and experts alike.


AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $14.95 978-1-7827-4260-9 320 pages | 6.5 × 4.75 Mini Encylopedia Series Science


Understanding the Universe

Understanding Anatomy

Giles Sparrow

Jane de Burgh

Stars and Planets is an ideal reference book for anyone interested in astronomy, featuring 300 of the most well-known stars, planets, moons, constellations, and other cosmological phenomena. Each entry includes an image – a photograph, artist’s impression, or diagram – and a key information table. Stars and Planets reveals the world of the Cosmos.

Giles Sparrow studied astronomy at University College London and science communication at Imperial College London. He has acted as consultant and contributor on numerous popular science books.

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $14.95 978-1-7827-4377-4 320 pages | 6.5 × 4.75 Mini Encylopedia Series Science & Anatomy

Jane de Burgh worked for almost twenty years in the British National Health Service. She has edited several medical books for the lay reader.



From Tropical Fish to Mighty Sharks

300 Amazing Animals Chris McNab

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $14.95 978-1-7827-4385-9 320 pages | 6.5 × 4.75 Mini Encylopedia Series Animals & Nature

This book profiles the mammals of the world. By including fascinating examples from all of the world’s major mammal families, Mammals offers a truly comprehensive overview of mammals from every continent and gives a sense of the incredible diversity of mammal types. The entries are grouped by order, then within each order by family, and each family section contains examples of the key species.

Chris McNab is a prolific author of children’s and adult books. He holds a PhD from the University of Wales and lives in South Wales, UK. 8


In The Human Body, discover how the body works. In this comprehensive guide to human anatomy, everything you will ever need to know about the workings of your body is presented in full color detail. Each section includes detailed and easyto-understand color artworks with extensive annotations on the various bones, muscles, internal organs, blood vessels, and nerves, allowing you to quickly build up a complete picture of a specific area of the body.

Michael Wright and Giles Sparrow

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $14.95 978-1-7827-4445-0 320 pages | 6.5 × 4.75 Mini Encylopedia Series Animals & Nature

Shores, seas, and oceans are home to thousands of animals. This book provides a guide to marine creatures, using an entry by entry approach. By including fascinating examples from all of the world’s major marine families, Marine Life offers a truly comprehensive overview of marine dwellers and gives a sense of the incredible diversity of marine life.

Michael Wright has authored, edited, and contributed to many books in the field of wildlife, natural history, health, and the environment.

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Nature’s Tiniest and Terrifying Creatures

300 Prehistoric Creatures Gerrie McCall

Paula Hammond

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $14.95 978-1-7827-4324-8 320 pages | 6.5 × 4.75 Mini Encylopedia Series Animals & Nature

The strangest and scariest monsters aren?t always the Bugs profiles biggest. nature’s tiniest terrors, drawn from regions and habitats as diverse as the rainforests of South America, the deep oceans, and urban homes and gardens. The book is divided into eight sections covering lizards, snakes, amphibians, spiders, sea creatures, crustaceans and mollusks, bugs and beetles, and other insects. Each creature is illustrated with beautifully detailed, full-color artworks.

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $14.95 978-1-7827-4384-2 320 pages | 6.5 × 4.75 Mini Encylopedia Series Animals & Nature

Gerrie McCall is a graduate from the University of Houston and now works as a freelance writer living in Austin, Texas.

Paula Hammond is the author of a range of nonfiction children?s books about animals. She lives in London.



Over 300 Species

Gerrie McCall

Michael Wright

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $14.95 978-1-7827-4323-1 320 pages | 6.5 × 4.75 Mini Encylopedia Series Animals & Nature

From the penguins of the Arctic to the flamboyant inhabitants of the Amazon rainforests, The World of Birds includes fascinating examples from all of the world’s major bird families. Each family section contains examples of the key species, which are illustrated with beautifully detailed, full-color artworks. Presented in a pocket-book size, the book is handy for taking with you when bird watching. Birds will appeal to anyone interested in the natural world.

For 150 million years, dinosaurs were the undisputed rulers of the Earth. Dinosaurs profiles the creatures who lived during the great Age of Reptiles. Also featured are many of the prehistoric world’s other most fearsome and aweinspiring creatures, from birds of prey to saber-toothed cats. The entries are grouped chronologically, with examples drawn mainly from the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous Periods. Engaging, accessible text provides an introduction to each dinosaur’s behavior, habits, and other key information.

APRIL 2017 Paperback | $29.95 978-1-7827-4493-1 192 pages | 7.5 × 9.5 Nature

Michael Wright has authored, edited, and contributed to many books in the field of wildlife, natural history, health, and the environment. CASEMATE | IPM NEW TITLES CATALOG SPRING 2017

The earth’s weather system is capable of almost unimaginable destruction. Extreme Weather is a comprehensive singlevolume guide to surviving and coping with extreme weather. The text is packed with real-life examples and uses the latest research from disaster organizations. Practical measures are explained with the assistance of 120 detailed black-and-white artworks showing the step-by-step processes of survival. It is invaluable reading and an essential reference work for any home.

Gerrie McCall is a graduate from the University of Houston and now works as a freelance writer living in Austin, Texas. 9

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From Vinyl Records to Digital Downloads

Kieron Connolly

Dan Auty

JANUARY 2017 Hardback | $24.95 978-1-7827-4298-2 224 pages | 10.5 × 10.5 Music History & Collecting

Thriller, Sgt. Pepper, Dark Side of the Moon, Born in the USA... these are just some of music’s defining albums. Best-Selling Albums is the definitive guide to more than 100 chart-topping records of the past six decades. Every album is illustrated with a sleeve artwork, providing an overview of the evolution of record cover design. Each entry is full of information, including background on the recording of the album and its place in cultural history.

Dan Auty is a respected music journalist with many decades of experience in writing about popular music and culture for magazines, including Billboard.

MAY 2017 Hardback | $29.95 978-1-7827-4496-2 224 pages | 7.5 × 9.75 Bloody History Series History

Kieron Connolly studied history at Edinburgh University. A journalist and editor, he has worked for the Daily Mail, the Mail on Sunday, and The Literary Consultancy.



John D. Wright

Ben Hubbard

From plagues and poverty to financial scandals, serial killers to public executions, mad monarchs to barbaric mental asylums, Bloody History of London ranges widely across the social, political, and cultural life of the metropolis. From political skullduggery among the Tudors to the Cold War Profumo scandal, the book is a lively account across almost 2,000 years of London history. Immensely entertaining and illustrated with 180 color and black&-white artworks, this is an engaging and highly informative book.

John D. Wright was a reporter for Time magazine, has written for People and Reader’s Digest, and has taught at three universities in the United States. 10

MAY 2017 Hardback | $29.95 978-1-7827-4497-9 224 pages | 7.5 × 9.75 Bloody History Series History

The story of the United States is that of both civil war and world war, of the Pilgrim Fathers and religious cults, of Prohibition and the Mafia, of the Salem Witch Trials and the McCarthy witch-hunts. Featuring such characters as Thomas Jefferson and John Brown, Bugsy Siegel and J.P. Morgan, Calamity Jane and Bonnie & Clyde, this book tells the story of the first the first “new nation” and how it became the world’s most powerful country.


MAY 2017 Hardback | $29.95 978-1-7827-4495-5 224 pages | 7.5 × 9.75 Bloody History Series History

Paris has been sacked by the Vikings, and occupied by the Nazis; it has nurtured the artistic heights of ToulouseLautrec, Modigliani, and Edith Piaf, but also witnessed their selfdestructive lives. It has been the site of a Catholic massacre of Protestants in 1572, and the execution of thousands in religious and political conflicts. Expertly written with 180 color and black-&-white illustrations, Bloody History of Paris tells the vibrant tale of one of the world’s most romantic cities.

Ben Hubbard is a non-fiction author who specializes in books about the history of civilizations. Subjects include ancient societies, gladiators, medieval Europe, and more.

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An Illustrated History

Kat Scratching

JANUARY 2017 Hardback | $9.95 978-1-7827-4429-0 96 pages | 6 × 6 Humor

We all know of someone who has indulged themselves a little too much. Fat Cats features photographs of engorged felines, such as one squeezed into a fridge tucking into its contents, celebrating with champagne, or rolling on piles of dollar bills. Along with amusing text to accompany each image, there is also a paragraph on real-life fat cats caught in the act – the kind of fat cats who give Wall Street and excess a bad name.

Brenda Ralph Lewis

APRIL 2017 Paperback | $29.95 978-1-7827-4490-0 192 pages | 7.5 × 9.5 History

Brenda Ralph Lewis has more than 85 books to her name. She is a former contributor to War Monthly, as well as The Retired Officer and Army.

Kat Scratching is an author and editor living and working in London, UK. She has written numerous articles on animal (mis)behavior.

APRIL 2017 Paperback | $29.95 978-1-7827-4489-4 192 pages | 7.5 × 9.5 History

Piracy has been a curse of sea travelers and traders since records began. This book looks at the reality of how pirates lived and operated, from the ancient world right up to the pirates of today’s cargo ships or luxury yachts in the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea. It illuminates the broader historical and geographical scope of piracy and provides a fascinating introduction to the reality of life on board a buccaneer ship.



Lewis Lyons

Michael Kerrigan

Crime has been part of human society for centuries. This book takes a wide view of legally imposed punishment, looking at how it has been used in different societies and different times, from ancient Greece right up to the present day. Alongside the clear and informative text, historical etchings and artworks, as well as archive and press photographs, offer a complete portrait of imprisonment, deportation, corporal punishment, and the death penalty.

APRIL 2017 Paperback | $29.95 978-1-7827-4491-7 192 pages | 7.5 × 9.5 History

Lewis Lyons is a freelance author and journalist based in London, England. He lived in the United States for seven years, mostly in New York City.


Death is universal, but each culture has found a different way of dealing with it. This book examines the compelling subject of death, funeral rites, and burial in different cultures and societies. Funerals can be solemn but also celebratory, drunken and even lascivious. From human sacrifice to ritual killings, from burial to cremation, from ancestor worship to concepts of the afterlife, The History of Death examines how through our passing we define our lives.

Michael Kerrigan is a prolific history author. He is a columnist, book reviewer, and feature writer for publications including the Scotsman and the Times Literary Supplement.


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Artvoices Art Books is committed to publishing artists contributing to the vibrant landscape of innovative contemporary art. They create limited edition works of art in the form of books and catalogues, to celebrate and recognize great artists for the now and next generations of contemporary art. Their concept is to champion artists who are important and relevant to the challenges of our times.


Photography of Jamel Shabazz: 1980–2015

AVAILABLE NOW Hardback | $60.00 978-0-6926-3185-0 330 pages | 11 × 8.5 Art & Photography

Photography by Jamel Shabazz, edited by Terrence Smith, with Jen Zhao, with foreword by Paul Farber, and with introductions by Akintola Hanif, Terrence Jennings, and Terrence Sanders

Pieces of a Man brings together 25 years of street photographs by noted American photographer Jamel Shabazz. Shabazz found solace from injustice in the power of the still photograph.

Jamel Shabazz was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. At the age of fifteen, he picked up his first camera and started to document his peers.

DEAD LOST OR DISPLACED Curated by Terrence Sanders, with Chris Rose, with Britt Benoit, and with foreward by Shantrelle Lewis

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $40.00 978-1-6080-1007-3 88 pages | 11 × 8.5 Art & Photography

This stands as a memorial to Louisiana natives, mostly in and around New Orleans and Baton Rouge, who are dead, lost, or displaced due to Hurricane Katrina. Terrence Sanders created this series during the days he spent fighting to survive following the storm.

Terrence Sanders has contributed to the landscape of contemporary art in many forms, including as editor-inchief of Artvoices Magazine. Chris Rose won a Pulitzer Prize for his contributions to the Times-Picayune’s Public Service Award. 12


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101 CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS Edited by Terrence Sanders, with Jen Zhao

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $40.00 978-0-6926-5082-0 218 pages | 8.5 × 11 Art

101 Contemporary Artists is survey of dynamic a contemporary visual artists. It is an anthology of artists whose work is daring, truthful, and unafraid offering testimony to the great diversity of this pivotal moment in our social fabric. 101 Contemporary Artists primarily focuses on its contribution to the landscape of contemporary art.

Terrence Sanders has contributed to the landscape of contemporary art as a poet, filmmaker, artist, photographer, gallerist, curator, musician, publisher, and editor-in-chief of Artvoices Magazine.

60 AMERICANS Curated by Terrence Sanders, Noah Becker, and Alexander Venet, with indroduction by Sol Sax, and with foreward by Johnathan Goodman

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $60.00 978-0-6925-1581-5 146 pages | 8.5 × 11 Art

60 Americans is a response to the ill-gotten gains of flipper based collectors, money corrupted and trend obsessed gallerists, shopping mallinspired art fairs, and the nepotism and favoritism of the made men and women of fast track MFA programs in America. It offers an alternative perspective on what’s arguably important in the current landscape of American contemporary art.

Terrence Sanders is editor-in-chief of Artvoices Magazine. Sol Sax is a multi-disciplinary artist of performance work, sculptures, and videos. Jonathan Goodman is an art writer and editor. Noah Becker is the founder and editor-in-chief of Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art. CASEMATE | IPM NEW TITLES CATALOG SPRING 2017


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Ayebia Clarke Publishing specializes in quality African and Caribbean writing. Their mission is to publish books that will open new spaces and bring fresh insights into African and Caribbean life, culture, and literature in a way that will enlighten, stimulate, and entertain.


An Anthology of African Short Stories Edited by Ivor Agyeman-Duah

OCTOBER 2016 Paperback | $18.95 978-0-9928-4366-3 384 pages | Short Story Collection

This collection, edited by Ivor Agyeman-Duah, is an important and timely publication that brings together the bright voices of budding and accomplished African writers under one roof. The collection is dynamic and engaging in covering different experiences within Africa and its diaspora. There are stories of harrowing, emotionally-charged experiences of human interaction that are full of pain and sadness. However, there are also several life-affirming narratives throughout the collection. These tales give hope to the possibilities of human bonding in multiple, appealing ways and bear testimony to the ultimate power of human goodness. The writers are skilled artisans who display their dexterity in the way that they deploy language and images to engage their readers� attention and imagination.

Ivor Agyeman-Duah was the inaugural curator of The John A. Kufuor Foundation Museum and Presidential Library. He is also the Development Policy Advisor to The Lumina Foundation, administrator of the Wole Soyinka Prize for Literature in Africa, and was chair of the Literature Jury for the Millennium Excellence Foundation. He has edited several volumes on the culture, history, literature, and economic development of Ghana and Africa.


Wole Soyinka and the Oxford Professorship of Poetry Edited by Ivor Agyeman-Duah and Lucy Newlyn

This important book documents stimulating and engaging reflections and thoughts from international writers and commentators who collectively validate and establish Soyinka as more than deserving of the honor of the Oxford Professorship of Poetry. The coeditors Ivor Agyeman-Duah and Lucy Newlyn campaigned for the election of Soyinka, and they provide insightful analyses of the campaign while arguing for electoral reform. This is a must-read for anyone interested in the future of world literature and inclusiveness. OCTOBER 2016 Paperback | $14.95 978-0-9928-4367-0 96 pages | Essay Collection Ivor Agyeman-Duah was the inaugural curator of The John A. Kufuor Foundation Museum and Presidential Library. He is also the Development Policy Advisor to The Lumina Foundation, administrator of the Wole Soyinka Prize for Literature in Africa, and was chair of the Literature Jury for the Millennium Excellence Foundation. He has edited several volumes on the culture, history, literature, and economic development of Ghana and Africa. Lucy Newlyn is Professor of English and Literature at Oxford University and a Fellow of St. Edmund Hall.



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Big Sky Publishing is an Australian owned, independent publisher specializing in producing the highest quality non-fiction books and corporate products. Their areas of expertise include: history, military history, self-help, autobiography, business and careers, environment, “how to” and practical guides, health, humor, lifestyle, indigenous studies, women’s and men’s interest, and corporate publications.


The 25th Battalion in Peace and War, 1918–1945 Doneley Bob

MARCH 2017 Hardback | $24.99 978-1-9219-4158-0 448 pages | 6 × 9 Military History

In 1942 Australia faced its greatest peril as Japanese forces advanced rapidly southward. The Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaya, Singapore, and Indonesia had all fallen, and the only land mass of significance between the Japanese and Australia was the island of Papua and New Guinea. If it fell, Australia, too, would eventually fall. One of the Militia units that held the Japanese at Milne Bay was the 25th Battalion from Toowoomba and the Darling Downs, originally raised prior to the First World War. From Milne Bay, the 25th Battalion went on to fight in Bougainville, clearing the Japanese from one of their last strongholds north of Australia. Toowoomba to Torokina traces the proud history of the 25th Battalion from the end of one war to end of the next. It tells the story of the men from Toowoomba and the Darling Downs who answered the call to fight a war that would threaten their country’s very existence. Like their First World War predecessors, they fought a determined foe in hellish conditions with, as the Battalion’s motto decrees, “Never a Backwards Step”.

Bob Doneley was born in Warwick, Queensland and grew up in Brisbane. In 1978, as a first year university student, Bob enlisted in the Army Reserve. He served as an infantryman and infantry officer for the next 18 years.


Major-General ‘Ginger’ Burston and the Army Medical Service in World War II Dr. Ian Howie-Willis

MARCH 2017 Hardback | $24.99 978-1-9219-4157-3 480 pages | 6 × 9 Military History & Biography

Australian soldiers and their American Allies won the land war against Japan in the Pacific Islands because they were healthier than their enemies. The troops’ fighting spirit, their armaments, their naval and air support, and their generals were certainly key ingredients in the Allied victory. Without good health, however, these other factors would have been nullified. Major-General ‘Ginger’ Burston led the Army Medical Service throughout the Pacific campaigns. This pivotal book explains how Burston and his medical team kept Allied troops healthy in primitive and hostile conditions and during the greatest medical emergency of World War II – the struggle against malaria. By keeping the soldiers healthy, and particularly by reducing malaria infection rates from 100 to less than one case per 1000 troops per week, the Army Medical Service assured an Allied victory over Japan. A Medical Emergency tells this remarkable story for the first time. In engrossing detail and using contemporary accounts, veteran historian Ian Howy-Willis brings to life the struggle of ‘Ginger’ Burston and his Medical Service to fight a deadly opponent that decimated the ranks of friend and foe alike.

Dr. Ian Howie-Willis is a professional historian. The author of 17 books, he is the historian to St. John Ambulance Australia. He and Margaret (his wife of 49 years) have three children and seven grandchildren.



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Carnegie Publishing has grown to be a significant publisher of high-quality history and non-fiction titles. Specializing in British history, Carnegie is expanding into subject areas of interest to a wider readership, both nationally and internationally. Carnegie has very high production standards; most books are very well illustrated, written by established experts in their fields, yet aimed at the informed general reader.



Jeremy Black

AVAILABLE NOW Hardback | $31.95 978-1-8593-6172-6 British History

London’s landmarks have been used in a hundred films, its skyline is instantly recognizable, and the winding course of its river is familiar. It is at the center of the United Kingdom’s attention, and has been, on and off, for two thousand years. This book is a general overview and attempts to distil and explain, from an immense mountain of information, why London developed in the particular and fascinating way that it did.

Jeremy Black is Professor of History at the University of Exeter. He has lectured extensively abroad, especially in the United States.

Steve Koerner

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $32.00 978-1-9054-7203-1 British & Automotive History

Steve Koerner is a writer and educator, as well as a long-time British motor cycle enthusiast who lives in Victoria, BC, Canada.



Jennet Preston and the Lancashire Witches, 1612 Jonathan Lumby

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $12.95 978-1-8593-6025-5 British History & Witchcraft

On his deathbed, Thomas Lister named Jennet Preston as the cause of his demise. Jennet was convicted of witchcraft. Was there really a satanic coven on Pendle side? Or was Jennet framed by Lister’s son? In this best-selling account, Jonathan Lumby presents a remarkable series of new insights.

Jonathan Lumby taught in Zimbabwe and in England, and was Vicar of Gisburn, near Pendle Hill. During his time there, he researched the tragedy of the Pendle Witches. 16


The British motorcycle industry once stood “at the top level of world production.” After 1945, when the German industry failed to develop, British bikes continued to be untouchable. Then it all began to go horribly wrong. This is an original and in-depth analysis of what really happened.

Thomas Pott’s Original Account Modernized & Introduced by Robert Poole Robert Poole

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $12.95 978-1-8741-8178-1 British History & Witchcraft

This book presents an up-todate version of Thomas Potts’s original account of the famous witch hunt of 1612, in which 19 Lancashire witches, mostly from the Pendle area, were tried at Lancaster.

Robert Poole is Reader in History at the University of Cumbria in Lancaster. He has written widely on Britain in the “long 18th Century” (1689–1832).

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Choc Lit is an independent publisher specializing in quality romantic fiction, where the writing clearly develops the hero’s point of view. Since launch they have won several awards. Their subgenres include contemporary, historical, suspense, paranormal, fantasy, and time-travel romance. Not surprisingly, Choc Lit believes the enjoyment of a good read is enhanced by the taste of chocolate; a match made in heaven!


‘As the velvet cloak of moonlight settled over the ruined towers of Raglan Castle, the shadows beneath them stirred…” When newly widowed Tess returns to Merrick Court, her husband’s home, it’s to confront her past head-on. But during a visit to the nearby Raglan Castle, an extraordinary hallucination transports her to a past that existed long before her own - to seventeenth-century Wales and to a castle on the brink of a siege. When Tess leaves Raglan, the strangeness continues as her life becomes increasingly intertwined with her dreams and visions. And when she meets Josh Owens, a stranger from New Zealand, the parallels become even more obvious. Perhaps the voices from the past are trying to tell their own story… or is it something more? JANUARY 2017 | Paperback | $11.95 | 978-1-7818-9320-3 | 352 pages | 5.9 × 8.26 | Paranormal Romance Christina Courtenay’s books have won several awards, including the 2012 Best Historical Read Award from the Festival of Romance and the 2014 Best Historical Romantic Novel of the Year Award from the RNA.


When Rebecca’s friend Abi convinces her to get away from it all at the fabulous Hawksley Manor hotel in York, it seems too good to be true. Pampering and relaxation is just what Rebecca needs to distract herself from the creeping suspicion that her husband, Greg, is hiding something from her. She never imagined that by the end of the weekend she would have dined with celebrities or danced the night away in exclusive clubs. Nor could she have predicted she would meet famous footballer, Alex Heath, or that he would be the one to show her that she deserved so much more. But no matter how amazing a weekend is, it’s always back to reality come Monday morning… isn’t it? DECEMBER 2016 | Paperback | $11.95 | 978-1-7818-9252-7 | 307 pages | 5.9 × 8.26 | Contemporary Romance Jan Brigden is a contemporary romance writer. An avid reader, reviewer, and all around book devotee, she is one eighth of online group blog The Romaniacs.


When Tia Walsh rides into the small town of Coorah Creek on a Harley Davidson, Sergeant Max Delaney senses that everything about her spells trouble. But Tia’s trouble is not all of her own making, and the dangerous past she tried to leave behind is hot on her heels. Sarah Travers has returned home after three years of college to find that her parents have been keeping a devastating secret. Her teenage crush, Pete Rankin, is facing his own struggle with a tough reality that will take him away from the girl and the life that he loves. Tia, Max, Sarah, and Pete are all trying to find their future, but when a little girl goes missing, nothing else matters except finding her safe. FEBRUARY 2017 | Paperback | $11.95 | 978-1-7818-9322-7 | 288 pages | 5.9 × 8.26 | Contemporary Romance Janet Gover grew up in the Australian outback surrounded by books. Her novel Flight to Coorah Creek won the 2015 Aspen Gold Award for Excellence. CASEMATE | IPM NEW TITLES CATALOG SPRING 2017


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What if you were trapped between two cultures? Life is tough in 1870s Wyoming, and it’s tougher still when you’re a girl who looks Chinese but speaks like an American. Orphaned as a baby and taken in by an American family, Charity Walker knows this only too well. The mounting tensions between the new Chinese immigrants and the locals in the mining town of Carter see her shunned by both communities. When Charity’s one friend, Joe, leaves town, she finds herself isolated. In his absence, a new friendship with the only other Chinese girl in Carter makes her feel like she finally belongs somewhere. But, for a lost girl like Charity, finding a place to call home was never going to be that easy. NOVEMBER 2016 | Paperback | $11.95 | 978-1-7818-9301-2 | 352 pages | 5.9 × 8.26 | Historical Romance After graduating in Law in the UK, Liz Harris moved to California where she led a very varied life. Upon returning to England, she taught for a number of years before developing her writing career.


Life isn’t all love and cupcakes… Katie has had her fair share of bad luck, but when she finally realizes her dream of opening a bakery it seems things can only get better. The reality of running a business hits Katie hard and whilst her partner, Steve, tries to help, she can’t help but feel that the situation is driving them further apart. Could Katie be set to lose her relationship and her dream job? Then, one winter’s day, a man walks into her shop – and, in the space of that moment, the course of Katie’s life is changed. But nobody finds happiness in the blink of an eye. Sometimes it takes two Christmases, three birthdays, and a whole lot of cake to get there. JANUARY 2017 | Paperback | $11.95 | 978-1-7818-9321-0 | 320 pages | 5.9 × 8.26 | Contemporary Romance Linn B. Halton lives in the small village of Lydbrook. She’s a hopeless romantic, self-confessed chocaholic, and lover of coffee. Linn’s novels have been shortlisted for the UK’s Festival of Romance and the eFestival of Words Book Awards.


Three girls, three kisses, three gorgeous Christmas stories… Holly hates Christmas with a passion and can’t wait to escape it – until the flight to her once-in-a-lifetime holiday destination is canceled. Cora has had the year from hell, and faces a bleak Christmas working in Golding’s department store in the most unflattering reindeer costume imaginable. Jessica is in denial after her husband’s betrayal, and can’t help but think back to when her life still seemed so full of hope and promise. Three years from hell, three sets of broken dreams, three girls in desperate need of Christmas spirit. Is the perfect Christmas kiss all it takes? This collection includes Holly’s Christmas Kiss, Cora’s Christmas Kiss, and Jessica’s Christmas Kiss. JANUARY 2017 | Paperback | $11.95 | 978-1-7818-9323-4 | 352 pages | 5.9 × 8.7 | Contemporary Romance Alison May lives in Worcester. She won the Elizabeth Goudge Trophy in 2012. Her novella, Cora’s Christmas Kiss was shortlisted for the 2015 Love Stories Awards, and for the 2016 RoNA Rose. Alison writes contemporary romantic comedies and short stories. 18


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Classics Illustrated is a comic book series featuring adaptations of literary classics. Created by Albert Kanter, the series began publication in 1941. These new editions are specifically tailored to engage and educate young readers with some of the greatest works ever written, while still thrilling older readers who have loving memories of the series of old.


The Oregon Trail

Francis Parkman, illustrated by Henry C. Kiefer

The true story of author Francis Parkman’s adventures in Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, and Kansas in the summer of 1846. Classics Illustrated tells this wonderful tale in colorful comic strip form, offering an excellent introduction for younger readers. This edition also includes a biography of Francis Parkman, theme discussions, and study questions, which can be used both in the classroom and at home to further engage the reader in the story. These new editions of Classics Illustrated comics are specifically tailored to engage and educate young readers with some of the greatest works ever written, while still thrilling older readers who have loving memories of the series of old. MAY 2017 | Paperback | $9.95 | 978-1-9112-3836-2 | 48 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 | Comics & Graphic Novels

MAY 2017 Paperback | $9.95 978-1-9112-3837-9 48 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 Comics & Graphic Novels

MAY 2017 Paperback | $9.95 978-1-9112-3831-7 48 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 Comics & Graphic Novels



James Fenimore Cooper, illustrated by Rudolph Palais, cover art by Taylor Oughton

Illustrated by Medio Iorio and Sal Trapani, cover art by Mort Künstler

The first of James Fenimore Cooper’s Leatherstocking Tales, The Pioneers tells the story of the elderly Natty Bumppo and his ongoing friendship with the Mohican, Chingachgook. It is set on the rapidly advancing frontier of New York in the mid-1790s.

MAY 2017 Paperback | $9.95 978-1-9112-3838-6 48 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 Comics & Graphic Novels

This is the life story of James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok, the famous lawman, gunfighter, and gambler of the Old West, told in beautifully illustrated, comic book format. “Wild Bill” was known for his skills as a farmer, vigilante, soldier, spy, scout, detective, lawman, gunfighter, and actor, among other things.



William F. Cody, illustrated by Maurice del Bourgo, cover art by Mort Künstler

Illustrated by Rudolph Palais, cover art by Mort Künstler

This is the exciting life story of “Buffalo Bill” Cody and his Wild West Show, presented in beautifullyillustrated comic book format. “Buffalo Bill” was a pony express rider and a Medal of Honor recipient. His traveling show, Buffalo Bill’s Wild West, toured in America and Europe.


MAY 2017 Paperback | $9.95 978-1-9112-3834-8 48 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 Comics & Graphic Novels

This is the life story and adventures of Christopher Houston “Kit” Carson, the famous American frontiersman. He was known as a mountain man, wilderness guide, and Army officer, and exaggerated versions of his exploits were written as dime novels. He became nationally famous while working as a guide. 19

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Also in Hardback

JUNE 2017 Hardback | $15.95 978-1-9112-3814-0 52 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 Alexandre Dumas

JANUARY 2017 Hardback | $15.95 978-1-9112-3811-9 52 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 Charles Dickens

JUNE 2017 Hardback | $15.95 978-1-9112-3816-4 52 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 Charles Dickens

JANUARY 2017 Hardback | $15.95 978-1-9112-3812-6 52 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 H. G. Wells

JANUARY 2017 Hardback | $15.95 978-1-9112-3813-3 52 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 William Shakespeare

JUNE 2017 Hardback | $15.95 978-1-9112-3815-7 52 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 William Shakespeare

MARCH 2017 Hardback | $15.95 978-1-9112-3817-1 52 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 Anna Sewell

MARCH 2017 Hardback | $15.95 978-1-9112-3818-8 52 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 Victor Hugo

MARCH 2017 Hardback | $15.95 978-1-9112-3819-5 52 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 Charles Dickens

AVAILABLE NOW Hardback | $15.95 978-1-9106-1967-4 52 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 H.G. Wells

AVAILABLE NOW Hardback | $15.95 978-1-9112-3800-3 52 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 James Fenimore Cooper

AVAILABLE NOW Hardback | $15.95 978-1-9106-1987-2 52 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 Mark Twain



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Colourpoint Books is the largest Northern Ireland-based, educational publisher. They specialize in a range of subjects, and their titles cover historical, social, political, biographical, and topical interests, as well as the long-standing field of transport history and heritage. They take pride in their content and production quality and have a highly respected reputation in UK and Ireland transport publishing.



A Memoir

My search for the truth behind my brother John’s murder

Ken Newell

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $21.95 978-1-7807-3103-2 288 pages | Biography NCR

Ken Newell’s work of religious bridge-building and a special friendship with Fr. Gerry Reynolds triggered many ground-breaking initiatives within the turbulent life of Belfast during the Troubles. With considerable courage, Ken became involved in secret discussions with Republican and Loyalist paramilitary groups, contributing to the IRA and Loyalist ceasefires of 1994. For this work he and Fr. Reynolds were awarded the Pax Christi International Peace Prize for a “grassroots reconciliation initiative’. This is his memoir.

George Larmour

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $16.95 978-1-7807-3104-9 232 pages | True Crime NCR



Limerick to Tralee and Branches

Jonathan Beaumont and Barry Carse

Edwin McMillan

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $29.95 978-1-7807-3094-3 288 pages Transportation | NCR

The railway system that makes up Northern Ireland Railways remains open to this day despite threats of closure and the devastating effects of the Troubles. This new book records its history through the eyes of an NIR employee of 40 years. With first-hand detail, it recounts the dark days on this small network. Featuring a comprehensive and unique timeline of incidents during the Troubles, this record is illustrated with many images from the author’s personal collection.


John Larmour was a police officer in the RUC.ˇOn 11 October 1988 he was off-duty and looking after the familyrun ice cream parlor, Barnam’s World of Ice Cream. That night, the IRA entered the ice cream shop and killed Larmour, also opening fire on a teenage couple in the shop. The murder was immortalized in the poem “The Ice Cream Man” by Michael Longley. This is the story of his brother’s search for the truth after Larmour’s brutal murder.

NOVEMBER 2017 Paperback | $26.95 978-1-7807-3105-6 140 pages Transportation | NCR

This is a pictorial journey along the North Kerry line, which carried traffic between Limerick City and Tralee. Illustrating the twilight years of these lines from 1955 onwards, and using mainly color photography, the book draws primarily from the photographic collection of Barry Carse and other contributors. Adjacent branch lines are covered and the range of images includes the day-to-day goods traffic and special passenger trains. 21

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CP Press is a United Kingdom-based publisher primarily specializing in producing motoring books, such as car collector guides and manuals. They also publish books on railways, regimental and military history, travel, exploration, and anthropology.


This book is a look at the cultures and history of South African tribes and native peoples. The cultures included within are: the Tribes of South Africa, the Tribes of Southern and Northern Rhodesia, the Tribes of Nyasaland and Portuguese East Africa, the Natives of the Congo Basin, the Tribes of Angola, the Tribes of Kenya of the Uganda Protectorate, the Tribes of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, and the Natives of Egypt and Nubia. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in African history.

AVAILABLE NOW | Paperback | $44.95 | 978-1-9102-4134-9 | 103 pages | 7.5 × 10.5 | African History Colin Pitt is a car enthusiast and collector from Hockley, England, who has been writing car guides and manuals for many years.


From the R Type Bentley Continental of the 1950’s, including the prototype OLG 490, through to the latest Bentley Continental GT V8, this is the definitive history of Bentley Continental cars. Detailed chassis numbers and engine numbers are given for all cars from the R type through to the Series 3 Bentley Continental models, including special-bodied cars from Franay, Graber, H.J. Mulliner, Hooper, Park Ward, and James Young. Detailed specifications and production numbers make this a must for the Bentley Continental enthusiast. The latest facelifted Bentley Continental GT models are also covered, along with the Bentley Continental Supersports. AVAILABLE NOW | Paperback | $40.00 | 978-1-9102-4128-8 | 140 pages | 7.75 × 10 | Automotives Colin Pitt is a car enthusiast and collector from Hockley, England, who has been writing car guides and manuals for many years.

JAGUAR XK8 * XKR * XKR-S Colin Pitt

As well as looking at the Jaguar XK180 project car, this book looks at both generations of this car. Jaguar XK8’s and XKR’s, coupes and convertibles, are all covered along with production figures and specifications. The latest Jaguar XKR-S is also featured.

AVAILABLE NOW | Paperback | $25.95 | 978-0-9576-6641-2 | 64 pages | 7.75 × 10 | Automotives Colin Pitt is a car enthusiast and collector from Hockley, England, who has been writing car guides and manuals for many years. 22


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AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $24.95 978-0-9571-9403-8 96 pages | 7.75 × 10 Automotives



Colin Pitt

Colin Pitt

The Aston Martin DB4 was the first car to be manufactured in the former & Tickfords Salmons coachbuilding works. It was followed by the Aston Martin DB5 and the Aston Martin DB6. Special-bodied cars such as the Aston Martin DB4 Bertone Jet and the Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato are covered and specifications, chassis numbers, and production figures are also given.

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $39.95 978-0-9571-9402-1 150 pages | 7.75 × 10 Automotives



Colin Pitt

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $24.95 978-0-9571-9405-2 112 pages | 7.75 × 10 Automotives

This book covers the Aston Martin DB7. The Aston Martin DB7 Zagato and its convertible counterpart, the Aston Martin DBAR1, are also covered. The Aston Martin DB9 was the first car to come out of Gaydon, and was designed by Henrik Fisker, while the DBS was styled by Marek Reichmen.

Colin Pitt

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $24.95 978-0-9576-6643-6 80 pages | 7.75 × 10 Automotives

Aston Martin’s V8 Vantage Roadster was unveiled on November 29, 2006 at the Los Angeles Show. The new Aston Martin Vantage Roadster had the same running gear as the V8 Vantage coupe. This book looks at the Vantage Coupe, Vantage Roadster, Vantage race cars and the Vantage N24, and the Prodrive Rally GT Vantage.



Colin Pitt

Colin Pitt

This book looks at both the first generation Aston Martin Vanquish and Vanquish S as well as the second generation Aston Martin Vanquish.

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $25.95 978-0-9102-4121-2 64 pages | 7.75 × 10 Automotives

Cars from the six-cylinder Aston Martin DBS through to the Aston Martin Vantage Volante of 1989 are covered. The four-door Aston Martin Lagonda cars, and Sir David Brown’s prototype MP230/1 (JPP 5G) are also covered. It also includes the unique Aston Martin DBS Shooting Brake. Race versions are included as well as the Prince of Wales specification Aston Martin Vantage Volantes.

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $39.95 978-1-9102-4135-6 80 pages | 7.75 × 10 Automotives


This book looks at the various Zagato-bodied Aston Martins that have been made over the years. It covers those from the 1960’s Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato through to the Aston Martin DB7 Zagato and the DB AR 1, the 1980’s Aston Martin Vantage Zagato, in both coupe and convertible forms, and the latest V12 Aston Martin Zagato. 23

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AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $25.95 978-0-9571-9408-3 86 pages | 7.75 × 10 Automotives

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $24.95 978-1-9102-4122-6 96 pages | 7.75 × 10 Automotives



Colin Pitt

Colin Pitt

The Ford Lotus Cortina, designated the Type 28, was produced from 1963 to 1970. This book looks at these cars, including Jim Clark’s Lotus Cortina (550 VAR) and other significant cars. It also looks at the twin cam engine used in the Lotus Cortina. The Lotus Cortina Mark II Series 1 and the Lotus Cortina Mark II Series 2 are also featured and the differences between them illustrated.

AVAILABLE NOW Hardback | $75.00 978-1-8415-5623-9 144 pages | 10.5 × 10.5 Automotives



Colin Pitt

Colin Pitt

This book looks at the Lotus Twin Cam Engine used in the Lotus Cortina and Lotus Elan. Famous cars such as Jim Clark’s Lotus Elan and Lotus Cortina and the IWR Elan race car are covered, as well as Weber Carburettors, Dellorto Carburettors, and Stromberg Carburettors.

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $29.95 978-1-9102-4129-5 120 pages | 7.75 × 10 Automotives



The Porsche 997 first appeared in 2004. In their first year, 1,464 Porsche 997 Carrera models were produced along with 1,917 Carrera S models. This book looks at all the variants, including the 997 Targa and Targa 4S, the 997 Turbo and Turbo S, Carrera and Carrera 4S, 997 GT3 RS and 997 GT2 RS, along with the Porsche 997 GTS.


From the original Porsche 911R through to the Porsche 997 GT3 RS and 997 GT2 RS, this book looks at all the RS versions. The Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7RS and Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0RS are covered, as well as the very latest 991 Series GT3 RS.


Colin Pitt

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $25.95 978-0-9576-6642-9 90 pages | 7.75 × 10 Automotives

A look at the road and race cars produced by Lotus with superb period photographs, including Jim Clark at Indianapolis, and Graham Hill at Indianapolis. There is also a detailed look at the Lotus 49 and the Lotus 72 with accompanying race results. The book has been produced on a very high quality 150 gram gloss art paper.

Colin Pitt

From the first Porsche 993 GT2 through to the latest Porsche 991 GT3, this book looks at all the GT2 and GT3 models that Porsche produced.

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $25.95 978-1-9102-4108-0 82 pages | 7.75 × 10 Automotives

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Colin Pitt

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $25.95 978-0-9571-9409-0 112 pages | 7.75 × 10 Automotives

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $115.95 978-1-9102-4123-3 727 pages | 8.5 × 11.5 African History

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $115.95 978-1-9102-4125-7 454 pages | 8.5 × 11.5 African History

From the original 1950’s Interceptor, to the car first seen at the October 1966 Earl’s Court Motor Show and designed by Touring of Milan, the Jensen Interceptor was an instant success. This book looks at all the variants, including the sole surviving prototype Jensen P66, the Jensen Interceptor prototype EXP/115 (HEA ID), the Jensen Interceptor Coupe, and the latest reinventions of the Jensen Interceptor S and the Jensen Interceptor R.

1989–2005 Colin Pitt

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $39.95 978-1-9102-4127-1 140 pages | 7.75 × 10 Automotives

This book contains a history of the engines from the initial forming of the design team, to its merits and downfalls, with solutions to the most common failures. It is a comprehensive guide to rebuilding failed engines.



Colin Pitt

Colin Pitt

A plan was initiated at the end of the 19th century to connect African possessions of the British Empire. This volume includes: the Cape to Cairo Scheme, Memoirs of the Cape to Cairo Pioneers, The Romance of the Route, Financial Aspects, the life and work of Cecil John Rhodes, and more.

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $115.95 978-1-9102-4124-0 510 pages | 8.5 × 11.5 African History

This volume covers the Southern Railway Section, The Rhodesian Railways, The Great Zambezi Bridge, The Victoria Falls, The Kafue River Bridge, The Kafue River Valley, The Northern Express, Bukama to Stanleyville, The Congo Railways and Steamer Services, The Lever Interests, and more.



Colin Pitt

Colin Pitt

A plan was initiated at the end of the 19th century, largely under the vision of Cecil Rhodes, in an attempt to connect adjacent African possessions of the British Empire. Volume 3 covers Alternative Routes in the Equatorial Zone, The Ribs of the Iron Spine, The Natives along the Route, Wild Game on the Route, and more.

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $59.95 978-1-9102-4126-4 50 pages | 8.5 × 11.5 African History


A plan was initiated at the end of the 19th century, during the time of Western colonial rule, largely under the vision of Cecil Rhodes, in the attempt to connect adjacent African possessions of the British Empire. Volume 4 is the illustrated synopsis of the Cape to Cairo Railway and the River Route.


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Established in 1997, the focus of the Educator’s International Press (EIP) publishing program has been in the educational market. They specialize in high-quality scholarly and educational texts, and they deliver content in both print and electronic forms.

WE ONCE WERE ENEMIES Bruce Frazer and Carol Glasgow

MARCH 2017 Hardback | $39.95 978-1-891928-51-2 Paperback | $23.95 978-1-891928-52-9 256 pages | 5.5 × 8.5 Military History

This is a story about hundreds of very young, very brave men who overcame their selfpreservation instincts to fight in one of the most costly and fiercely fought aerial engagements in history. It was Mission 115 flown by the 8th U.S. Air Force on October 14, 1943. The objective was to cripple Germany’s ball-bearing manufacturing capability. Sixty aircraft with 10-man crews were shot down, an additional 5 crashed in England, 12 others were so severely damaged they were scrapped, and 121 were battle damaged. Hundreds of Americans were killed, wounded, or imprisoned for the remainder of the war. There were few winners, mostly losers – in the air or on the ground. The Mission Commander, Col. Budd Peaslee, and Lead Pilot Captain J. Kemp McLaughlin (now a retired Brigadier General [BG]) sat side-by-side as they led the 291 plane, 30 mile-long, “bomber stream.” The book includes BG McLaughlin’s first- hand descriptions of the mission as only the lead pilot could recount. Personal narratives from the men who flew this mission and after-action reports say much about these gutwrenching experiences, but where, when and how did it all start? Equally important, how did it end?

Bruce Frazer is a former Army Aviator and test pilot for Bell Helicopter Company. He continues to fly for enjoyment and writes articles about aviation and other subjects. Carol Glasgow’s degree in Toxicology and Comparative Pharmacology is from UCSF. She has joined Bruce while flying hot air balloons, fixed-wing airplanes, and helicopters.

EXTREME FORGIVENESS Bruce Frazier and Carol Glasgow

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $19.95 978-1-8919-2850-5 154 pages | 5.5 × 8.5 Military History

The theme of Extreme Forgiveness is forgiveness, reconciliation, and assimilation. WWII German bomber pilot Kurt Fox sank the USS Maddox, an American destroyer, in 1943 killing 210 men and leaving seventy-four survivors. After the war, he earned a medical degree and emigrated to America where he practiced family medicine for twenty-nine years in rural Virginia. He then volunteered to provide medical care for two Indian reservations. Fellow practitioners and members of his community accorded him considerable respect. In 1995, fifty-two years after the sinking, Dr. Fox received an unexpected call inviting him to a reunion of Maddox survivors. There, they inducted him into their association as an honorary member. This book is not only an account of Fox’s life; it describes his interaction with the USA survivors” group. It is a moving, poignant story of extreme forgiveness.

Bruce Frazer is a former Army Aviator and test pilot for Bell Helicopter Company. He continues to fly for enjoyment and writes articles about aviation and other subjects. Carol Glasgow’s degree in Toxicology and Comparative Pharmacology is from UCSF. She has joined Bruce while flying hot air balloons, fixed-wing airplanes, and helicopters. 26


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Enodare is an international self-help publisher. Their aim is simple – to provide access to quality business and legal products and information at affordable prices. Enodare’s publications provide customers with the confidence and knowledge to help them deal with everyday issues such as setting up a company, running a business, preparing a tenancy agreement, making a last will and testament, and much more.


APRIL 2017 Paperback | $14.99 978-1-9061-4490-6 212 pages | 9.6 × 7.4 Law & Self-Help

Through proper funeral planning, you can ensure that your loved ones are not confronted with the unnecessary burden of having to plan a funeral at a time which is already very traumatic for them. By having a clear funeral plan, you can have every detail of your funeral arranged in advance or, at the least, have a clear plan that your loved ones can follow when the time comes. This comprehensive funeral planning book will take you step-by-step through the process of planning a funeral. It will introduce you to issues such as organ donations, purchasing caskets, cremation, burial, purchasing grave plots, organization of funeral services, the legal and financial issues relating to funerals, the cost of pre-arranging a funeral, how to save money on funerals, how to finance funerals, and much more. Once you have gained an understanding of the various issues involved in planning a funeral, you will be ready to complete the accompanying step-by-step funeral planning worksheets to help plan the funeral you want.


MAY 2017 Paperback | $19.99 978-1-9061-4491-3 130 pages | 7.9 × 9.9 Law & Self-Help

Due to increased media attention, most of us are now aware of the substantial costs and delays associated with probate. Fortunately, these problems can be avoided by simply creating a living trust. A living trust is a trust used for the purpose of avoiding probate. It is easy to set up and simply involves completing and signing a trust agreement in which you name yourself as both grantor (creator of the trust) and trustee of the trust. Once the trust is set up, you then transfer some or all of your assets to it. As trustee, you are responsible for the management of the trust assets. When you die, the assets are distributed to the beneficiaries named in the trust agreement. However, as the assets are held in the trust’s name rather than in your personal name, they will not form part of your probate estate, and therefore do not need to go through probate. This allows for the assets to be distributed quickly after your death. This self-help kit provides you with step-by-step instructions, detailed information, and all the legal forms necessary to help you create your own revocable living trust and avoid probate.



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Eshel Books, part of the Jackson Westgate Group, is a United States-based publisher specializing in Jewish interest publications. Their subject areas include Jewish history, Holocaust history, Kosher guides, Jewish art, biographies, and memoirs.


Rebel and Statesman-The Early Years

Joseph B. Schechtman, with foreward by Menachem Begin

MAY 2017 Paperback | $17.50 978-0-9354-3748-5 468 pages | 6 × 9 Biography & Religion

Now available in paperback, this two-volume work constitutes the definitive biography of Vladimir (Ze’ev) Jabotinsky. Many historians call Jabotinsky a great Jewish patriot and statesman, but to others he was an opportunist. A man whose memory commands both reverent loyalty and fierce hatred at the same time, he is one of the giants of modem Jewish history, and one whose life story reads like a history of the creation of the State of Israel. Volume One, Rebel and Statesman, delves into his background as a journalist in Russia, the creator of the Jewish Legion that fought with the British in World War I, a soldier who fought in the liberation of Palestine from the Turks, and the organizer of the defense of Jerusalem against Arab pogroms. It shows the development of character that would drive him to become a political prisoner of the British, member of the Zionist World Executive, and eventually founder of the Jewish military underground. This volume closes with his resignation in 1923 from the World Zionist Organization in protest against the views of its leaders – a turning point in both his career and his life.

Joseph B. Schechtman was a close associate of Jabotinsky for over thirty years. In addition to being a journalist, author, editor, and political scientist of note, Dr. Schechtman was active in Jewish political organizations. He died in 1970.


Fighter and Prophet-The Last Years Joseph B. Schechtman

MAY 2017 Paperback | $19.50 978-0-9354-3749-2 640 pages | 6 × 9 Biography & Religion

Fighter and Prophet is the second volume in the definitive biography of Vladimir (Ze’ev) Jabotinsky. This volume picks up the story of his life in 1923, at the crossroads of his political career. Deeply hurt and disillusioned at what he considered a defection of the World Zionist Organization from its true purpose, he resigned in protest and sought to devote himself to cultural work and journalism. His retirement proved to be short-lived, however. With a prophetic vision of the future, Jabotinsky called for the “evacuation” of East European Jewry, and launched a program of illegal immigration in defiance of British immigration rules. He also aided the creation of the Jrgun Zvai Leumi, an underground brigade. His tactics and philosophy earned him the devotion of the lrgun commandoes, who came to consider him their spiritual leader. The story of Jabotinsky’s life is a story of soaring hopes and shattering disappointments, of brilliant achievement and devastating failure. It is the story of a man’s spiritual and creative growth, and of the incredible effort he invested in reviving Herzlian Zionism as he forged a strong Zionist-Revisionist organization of his own.

Joseph B. Schechtman was a close associate of Jabotinsky for over thirty years. In addition to being a journalist, author, editor, and political scientist of note, Dr. Schechtman was active in Jewish political organizations. He died in 1970.



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Fonthill Media is an independent publishing company with offices in the United States in Charleston, SC, and the United Kingdom in Oxford. Their titles cover a variety of subjects including Archaeology and Ancient History, Aviation, Biography, Local History and Heritage, Military and General History, Sport, Transport, and Industrial History. Most of their titles are aimed at the general reader, with an in-depth, specialist focus on the subject at hand.


Everything you always wanted to know about the Beatles but were afraid to ask John Van der Kiste

MARCH 2017 Paperback | $24.95 978-1-7815-5582-8 160 pages | 6.15 × 9.25 Music History

This fact-filled volume includes UK and US discographies with full track listings and chart positions; a complete list of live performances from 1960 to 1969; a look at the origins of the group’s name; quotes about them from such names as Mick Jagger, Steven Spielberg, Tony Blair, and Francis Rossi; other musicians who temporarily or nearly joined them, from early stand-in drummers to heavyweights such as Eric Clapton and Billy Preston; their producers, management, and “inner circle”; their connections with Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, Donovan, Badfinger, and others; their British radio and TV appearances; the “Paul is dead” story that gripped some of the media in the late 60s; the album titles and films that nearly were but ultimately weren’t; and much more. Although the focus is on The Beatles up to their split in 1970, there are also brief surveys of the members’ solo careers and solo album listings. As they might have said, “and you know that can’t be bad.”

John Van der Kiste has published over forty books, including works on royal and historical biography, local history, true crime, music, and fiction, and is a contributor to the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. His previous titles include Jeff Lynne: Electric Light Orchestra, Alfred: Queen Victoria’s Second Son, and Prussian Princesses.


The Queen Mary and the Cunard Queens William Miller

MAY 2017 Paperback | $32.95 978-1-7815-5567-5 128 pages | 9.25 × 9 Maritime History

2016 will be the 80th anniversary of the maiden voyage of one of the greatest of all ocean liners. The Queen Mary, constructed in the 1930s, sailed until 1967 and today lives on as a museum & hotel in southern California. She is one of the most famous ocean liners of all time. She served valiantly in wartime, and altogether crossed the Atlantic more than 1,000 times. A beloved ship, the Queen Mary was favored by crew and passengers alike, including some Hollywood stars. She had an undefinable chemistry; “Something in the woodwork that embraced everyone,” according to one staff member. She was also part of Cunard, perhaps the most famous shipping line on the Atlantic. Along with a history of the Queen Mary, this book looks at her runningmate, the Queen Elizabeth, as well as the subsequent Queen—the QE2 and the current day Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria, and Queen Elizabeth. This book stands as a salute to the Queen Mary, and also to the rest of the great Queens and Cunard itself.

Bill Miller has written over 80 books about passenger ships. He has been a popular guest lecturer aboard several ocean liners for over 30 years. Born in Hoboken, New Jersey, Miller has appeared in numerous TV documentaries and news programs, and he is the subject of a documentary called Mr. Ocean Liner. Miller is the recipient of numerous maritime awards.



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Historika, an imprint of Gad Publishers, publishes academic books in the humanities, including works published in cooperation with museums and cultural institutions. Gad Publishers was founded by Gottlieb Ernst Clausen Gad in 1855.

17 BIG BETS FOR A BETTER WORLD Edited by Stig Tackman, Kristian Kampmann, and Henrik Skovby

NOVEMBER 2016 Paperback | $20.00 978-8-7932-2954-9 198 pages | 6.69 × 9.44 Political Science Essay Collection

The adoption of the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals was a landmark for the global community and our global sustainability. Now, one year after the initiation of the goals, it is time to really start thinking about implementing and realizing the new global agenda. It is already obvious that traditional thinking will not suffice. To reach the new global goals by 2030, there is a pressing need to think creatively and innovatively. The annual investment gap amounts to US $2.5 trillion and the shortcoming of sufficient funding requires smart solutions, leverage of private sector capital, and inclusion of civil society in new ways. This book allows some of the world’s most renowned thought-leaders to provide their perspectives on how we can collectively reach the global goals. From an artist and a Michelin-chef to a bank president and a Nobel Peace Prize winner, this book presents innovative, bold, and credible solutions to the challenges we face as humanity.

Stig Tackmann is heading Dalberg’s Big Bet Initiative and leading a number of media initiatives focusing on international affairs and global development. Kristian Kampmann is part of the editorial team behind Dalberg’s Big Bet initiative. Henrik Skovby is the founder and executive chairman of Dalberg Group, an international consultancy specializing in global development. Formac Publishing specializes in books about Canada’s Maritime Provinces and books written by Maritime Canadian authors. Their titles treat familiar subjects – like Oak Island, the Titanic, and the Halifax Explosion – in new and interesting ways. Formac aims to produce the most beautiful, innovative, challenging, and technically sophisticated books coming out of the Canadian Maritime region.


Healthy, delicious, easy-to-make dishes for the food-truck-loving, noodle-slurping, tacocrunching, mac-n-cheese-–loving student! Krista McLellan

APRIL 2017 Paperback | $16.95 978-1-4595-0455-4 192 pages | 8 × 9 International Cuisine & Cooking | NCR

A student cookbook with a difference, World Food for Student Cooks offers 170 quick, cheap, and tasty recipes featuring the best of the world’s cuisines. These are recipes for food that students want to eat, can afford, and can make at home with only basic cooking skills! The ingredients are inexpensive and the results are healthy as well as tasty. Tacos and noodle bowls, mac n cheese, curries and pizzas, smoothies, cookies, brownies, and more! The recipes highlight fresh veggies, fruit, and non-processed foods, and they use cheap ingredients that can be found at any grocery store. This cookbook also features many vegan and vegetarian recipes and options. It will be a favorite for students, and will help parents rest easy knowing that young people can use it to cook the food they love—and can afford.

Krista McLellan is a registered dietitian, passionate home cook, and ethnic food enthusiast who has lived the student life in some of Canada’s most multicultural cities. She lives in Halifax. 30


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George F. Thompson Publishing continues to advance our understanding of the places and spaces that surround us through well-conceived, smartly written, elegantly designed, and beautifully produced books. Their titles have won more than 100 top editorial awards and prizes, including multiple best-book honors in 31 academic, artistic, and professional fields.


Between Here and There Tom Young, with an essay by John Rohrback

AVAILABLE NOW | Hardback | $50.00 978-1-9380-8638-0 | 112 pages | 9 × 12 Photography & Art

“Backscatter” is the reflection of particles, waves, or signals back to the direction from which they came: in underwater photography, back to the lens. For this book, Tom Young has embraced backscatter as both subject and metaphor to render spaces below and above the water’s surface in highly original ways. Our senses are awakened as Young creates images that evoke an evolutionary path from sea to land, that speak of a global environment increasingly threatened by human action, and that enlighten our consciousness with an abiding spirit larger than ourselves. Metaphorically, Backscatter is about looking head on into a void where what lies above and below the water’s surface can seem harmonious yet helter-skelter. This book brings us to a myriad of places, conveying an overall sense of the human journey through life.

To m You ng lives in Buckland, Massachusetts. He is currently a professor of art, emeritus, at Greenfield Community College in Greenfield, Massachusetts. Young’s work has been exhibited internationally. CASEMATE | IPM NEW TITLES CATALOG SPRING 2017

Invitation, 2015 (left) from page 49 of Backscatter; New Formation, 2013 (above) from page 12 of Backscatter.


IPM Spring 2017_29-48_Layout 1 08/10/16 2:36 PM Page 32


Grub Street Cookery brings readers, authentic, tried and tested, delicious recipes time and time again. They publish what readers can’t find elsewhere. Publishing approximately twelve new books each year, many of which have been translated into English for the first time, Grub Street Cookery produces new and innovative cookery books while also maintaining an extensive and well-researched backlist.


Cakes, Cookies, Pies, Desserts and Quick Sweet Snacks Philip Hochuli

This book offers uncomplicated recipes and shows how chocolate can be used in a multitude of vegan dishes. Within this book, you’ll find recipes for cookies, cupcakes, and brownies, and a separate chapter on cakes, pies, and cheesecakes, including chocolate spreads and vegan Nutella (heavenly). There is also a great chapter for chocoholics with marzipan chocolate bars and a chocolate focaccia with rosemary and sea salt. For each recipe, there are icons that tell at a glance whether it is gluten free, sugar free, or soy free. They also have information on the level of difficulty and time required to facilitate painless planning. JANUARY 2017 | Hardback | $29.95 | 978-1-9106-9032-1 | 128 pages | 7.4 × 9.6 | Vegan Cooking | NCR Philip Hochuli is considered the rising star of the vegan cooking scene in Switzerland. He gives cooking classes, and appears in cooking shows, print media, radio, and TV.


Here in almost 500 pages is a descriptive compendium of just about everything we eat and how we cook it. Arranged alphabetically from Abalone to Zampone, the majority of entries in this book deal with ingredients and processes used in cooking. Hundreds of ingredients are described, with English and foreign synonyms and scientific names, and recipes are given in many cases to illustrate the use of the foodstuff in question. Cooking processes are explained in great and illuminating detail. The aim is both to entertain and to instruct—in particular, to give a sense of the essence and individuality of each ingredient. Many fans say they would be lost without this book, which segues effortlessly between exhaustive reference work and handy recipe book, and back again. JANUARY 2017 | Paperback | $29.95 | 978-1-9106-9009-3 | 464 pages | 7 × 9.5 | Cooking | NCR Tom Stobart traveled widely, both as an explorer and a filmmaker, and his book was informed by an eye for telling details.


Real British Food from the Family Home Vicky Bhogul

This book was first published to great acclaim in 2003 but has been unavailable for almost 10 years. It won the Jeremy Round Award for Best First Book at the Guild of Food Writers Awards and was short-listed for Best Book at the Glenfiddich Awards. Now back in a fully revised, redesigned edition with newly commissioned photography, the author reveals in over 100 recipes the secrets of British Asian food. This is Indian cooking, adapted using British ingredients. Vicky says, “The same ingredients are generally used for everything but, like musical notes, can be combined in many different ways to create beautiful melodies.” JANUARY 2017 | Hardback | $49.95 | 978-1-9106-9030-7 | 224 pages | 7.4 × 9.6 | British-Indian Cuisine & Cooking | NCR Vicky Bhogal was born in the Midlands to Sikh parents. Her authentic chilled foods range won her a Grocer Award in 2006 and short-listing for Entrepreneur of the Year at the 2006 Asian Jewel Awards. 32


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Liberties Press was founded in July 2003 and in the course of the past 10 years has become established as one of Ireland's leading independent publishers. Their subjects include nonfiction, literary fiction, crime fiction, and poetry. Liberties Press believes in and is excited by books of all genres and is committed to publishing books that appeal to and represent the Irish public.

ONE STAR AWAKE Andrew Meehan

APRIL 2017 Paperback | $15.99 978-1-9107-4272-3 224 pages | 6 × 9 Mystery & Literary Fiction

As far as anyone can tell, the young heroine of One Star Awake survived some kind of trauma, but her memory didn’t. On the day she came to, she was in the kitchen of Parisian restaurant chopping vegetables like an absolute pro. She knows she is Irish because she pronounces “oil” as “aisle”—otherwise, she has a defiant lack of curiosity about her own past. Her present is taken care of by her strident boss, Ségo, and her guileless American boyfriend, Lowell. One Good Friday morning she sees a familiar face in a queue in a pâtisserie. She follows the man, whom she christens “Eagleback”, across Paris’ 11th arrondissement and, over the course of a sticky summer, discovers what they know about each other. Her curiosity starts to grow, and she begins to solve the emotional puzzle of how she came to be in Ségo’s restaurant in the first place. One Star Awake is an emotional journey that combines both mystery and humor into one captivating narrative. Surprising, moving, and persistently witty, it is a novel that’s simply impossible to put down.

Andrew Meehan worked as the head of Development at the Irish Film Board, where he nurtured feature-films, including the Oscar-nominated Song of the Sea. He has been a winner of the Cúirt Literary Festival’s New Writing Award. One Star Awake is his first novel.

HELLO LOVE Carmen Cullen

MARCH 2017 Paperback | $15.99 978-1-9107-4271-6 224 pages | 5.25 × 8.5 Contemporary Romance

Four-year old Jacqueline Clancy leads a carefree existence in the friendly town of Toorandulla, until one day her mother disappears. Filled with unanswered questions, Jacqueline must adjust to life with her formidable Auntie Mina and the possibility of a new step-mother, all while continuing a desperate search to retrieve her lost mother. Almost forty years later, Jacqueline’s husband has left her for a younger woman. Despite the number of men who come knocking at her door, Jacqueline resolves to stay faithful to her estranged husband. When Auntie Mina returns, Jacqueline must decide whether she will allow her inability to say goodbye to an old love to rule her life. Complex and emotionally driven, Hello Love seamlessly weaves together the voice and viewpoint of a young child with that of a woman well into adulthood. Bursting with vivid descriptions and detailed dialogue, Carmen Cullen’s second novel centers around the thought-provoking question: can a person trust in love when it has been taken away from her before?

Carmen Cullen is an award winning poet, author, and teacher. She received an M.Phil. in Creative Writing from Trinity College Dublin. She continues to tour as a singer and story-teller while working on a third novel.



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Eddie N. Ventor is growing up in the small town of Middelton, England, the oncecelebrated birthplace of the Garden Gnome. Eddie’s head is full of questions, answers (sometimes wrong ones), and ideas. Put questions, answers, and ideas together, and you get inventions. When the Gnomes of Middelton start mysteriously vanishing, Eddie starts getting interested. With his inseparable best pal Vicram, and Vic’s incomparable dog, Ninjam, they set out to catch a thief and claim a just reward. But they’d better hurry; the 300th anniversary of the Father of the Garden Gnome is looming, and the Queen is on her way to honor him. Both hilariously silly and deeply heartwarming, Eddie Inventor is a book for people of all ages who like to wonder “Why?” APRIL 2017 | Paperback | $11.95 | 978-1-9107-4270-9 | 128 pages | 5.25 × 8.5 | Mystery & Humor Fiction Raised in Dublin, John Chambers moved to New York as a young adult and now resides in Berlin. John is the three time winner of the Best Animated Screenplay Award at the Stuttgart International Animated Film Festival.

EUREKA DUNES Philip Davison

Magnus, an ambitious and high-powered young man returns home to intervene in his parents’ separation. His father married the wrong sister, and his beautiful, flirtatious mother compensates for this with affairs. The narrative flits back and forth between the present day and Magnus’s childhood. Several events in Magnus’s youth have a lasting impact on his personal life and his relationship with his parents. As the bonds of family life are tested time and again, each character must come to terms with their own complexes, conflicts, and ghosts from the past. Finally, Magnus’s father’s attempt to poison Stella in their later years brings the drama to a head, and navigates a difficult landscape of unhappy marriage and making amends for past actions. JULY 2017 | Paperback | $15.99 | 978-1-9107-4264-8 | 288 pages | 5.25 × 8.5 | Contemporary Fiction Philip Davison is an Irish novelist, screenwriter, and playwright. His novel, The Crooked Man was televised for ITV.


Diary of a War Correspondent Anonymous

Numb thrusts us into the memoir of “Alan Buckby”. A war correspondent for more than two decades, he led a double life, appearing to be a regular family man while at home in London, but immersed in sadism and depravity while on overseas assignments. He became directly involved in the violence. After Buckby’s death, his wife Kay discovered his secrets in his diaries and notebooks. Working with a ghost writer, she reconstructed her husband’s real life. This book is a chronicle of Buckby’s life and work, his efforts to understand his own fascination with torture, sexual violence, and murder, and his wife’s attempt to understand how the man she knew as her husband and the father to her children could have been involved in such horrors. AVAILABLE NOW | Paperback | $15.95 | 978-1-9097-1892-0 | 266 pages | 5.25 × 8.5 | Memoir “Alan Buckby” is the pseudonym for the author of the journals and diaries featured in Numb, whose family wishes to remain anonymous.



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Liss Llewellyn Fine Art is an exhibition organizer, publisher, and Fine Art dealer specializing in the unsung heroines and heroes of British art from 1880 to 1980. During the last 25 years, LLFA has worked in association with museums and cultural institutions in the United Kingdom and abroad to develop a series of in-depth exhibitions to encourage the reappraisal of some of the lesser known figures of 20th century British Art.

WW2: WAR PICTURES BY BRITISH ARTISTS Elaine Andrews, Margaret Bear, Brian Foss, and Paul Liss

JANUARY 2016 | Paperback | $38.00 978-0-9930-8842-1 | 140 pages | 6.3 × 8.3 Art & Military History

This book is published on the eve of the seventy-fifth anniversary of the launch of the War Artists’ Advisory Committee and the iconic War Pictures by British Artists series. The scheme, devised by Kenneth Clark, played a vital role in how the Second World War was perceived at the time and how it has been perceived by future generations. Brian Foss’s introductory essay gives a fascinating account of the origins of the scheme and its aims and evolution. Using the format established in the War Pictures by British Artists publications, the chapters are organized into 8 sections. Alongside the work of the better known Official War Artists, this publication also includes examples of work by less wellknown war artists, adding resonance to the remarkable story of War Pictures by British Artists. The book is completed by an appendix providing a statistical analysis of how many artists were involved, who they were, what they produced, an account of Morley College London during the war, and a description of the ICI’s commissioning of employee portraits for a prestigious advertising project.



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Litera Publications is an independent publishing house based in South Africa. Through the years, their commitment to high quality products and service has become well-known in the South African book industry. They specialize in the genres of biography, autobiography, history, natural history, and selected fiction.



South Africa’s Nuclear Weapons Programme

Theresa Papenfus

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $28.95 978-1-9201-8834-4 1208 pages | 6 × 9 Biography

This is the story of an inspiring politician who wrote verses on the back of cigarette boxes, a minister with the finesse of a battering ram, a peacemaker, an ambassador who never had to take “No” for an answer, and a man who was happiest when sitting next to a campfire in the bush.

Theresa Papenfus started her career as a journalist at one of South Africa’s leading Afrikaans newspapers.

Nic von Wielligh and Lydia von Wielligh-Steyn

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $30.00 978-1-920- 8848-1 550 pages | 6 × 9 Military History

Dr. Nic von Wielligh is an internationally respected nuclear physicist. He is the author of various international scientific publications.


A Practical Guide


By Dirk Botes, Pieter Smit, and Gerhard Swan

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $29.95 978-1-9201- 8839-9 374 pages | 6 × 9 Nature & Hunting

This is a full-color guide to hunting in Africa for beginners and professionals alike. Africa is one of the last natural frontiers for the serious hunter. Since its publication in 2000, Hunting Africa has become known as a trusted standard guide for hunters, an essential source of African hunting information, and a scientific field guide to over 130 African species.This edition is fully updated.

Dirk Botes served as Board Chairman of the Bushveld Hunters and Game Conservation Association for many years. Pieter Smit was a founding member of the Bushveld Hunters and Game Conservation Association. Gerhard Swan was President of the Bushveld Hunters Association.



In 1993, South African President F.W. de Klerk announced that six-and-ahalf nuclear bombs had been secretly built and destroyed. No other country has ever voluntarily destroyed its nuclear arsenal. In this book, nuclear physicist Nic von Wielligh and his daughter tell the gripping story of the splitting of the atom.

Henry D. Jackson

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $16.95 978-1-9201-8840-5 374 pages | 5.5 × 8 Memoir

This is an account of Henry Jackson’s life in Zimbabwe. As a family man, businessman, farmer, and minister in a traumatized community, Jackson’s story deals with his childhood in Rhodesia, the war, and the economic collapse of the country. He conducted sermons and wrote e-mails of encouragement to farmers facing the loss of their farms, and lives, during the farm invasions of 2000. It is a story about Africa, for Africa.

Henry D. Jackson is a farmer and minister from Zimbabwe. He now resides in South Africa, where he is a motivational speaker and preacher.

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Medina Publishing Ltd is an independent publishing house with offices in Surrey and the Isle of Wight. Medina has established a reputation for high quality books on the Arabian Peninsula and Islamic affairs, from academic works to illustrated children’s books and, most significantly, the Arabian horse. More recently, it has branched out into more diverse subjects, including biographies and memoirs, young adult, photography, politics, and music history.


Stealing Dylan from Woodstock & The Last Great Event Ray Foulk and Caroline Foulk

This special edition is comprised of signed, hardback copies of Stealing Dylan From Woodstock and The Last Great Event. Festival organizer Ray Foulk records his experience organizing the original Isle of Wight Festivals in 1968, 1969, and 1970, which hosted musical legends including Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, and the Who. The festival’s legacy continues today, and these books mark an important moment in rock history. Wrapped in an eye-catching bellyband and shrink-wrapped together, these books will make the perfect gift for any musical enthusiast. NOVEMBER 2016 | Hardback | $50.00 | 978-1-9114-8700-5 | 672 pages | 6 × 9 | Music History Ray Foulk spent his early days as a promoter. He made important contributions to rock music history via his involvement with the Isle of Wight Festival.


Japanese Proverbs

Primrose Arnander and Ritsuko Nishimae

The latest in the popular series of proverbs from many nations is Japanese; it follows the Arabic (three titles), Italian, Chinese and French editions. Each book sets a foreign language proverb beside an English one and is humorously illustrated by the cartoonist Kathryn Lamb. The books in this entertaining series are designed as gifts rather than academic works, but are nonetheless useful for students of both English and other languages, whatever their native tongue.

JUNE 2017 | Hardback | $13.00 | 978-1-9093-3999-6 | 8.5 × 5.9 | Far Eastern Philosophy Primrose Arnander is co-author of the three collections of Arabic proverbs and one of French proverbs, all with English equivalents.


Newspaper articles of the 1970s Dr. Athol Yates

Like any country, the United Arab Emirates have had their share of criminals, accidents, natural disasters, and downright weird incidents. Most of these events merit a few pages in the newspapers before disappearing from history. This book brings the tragic, strange, and illuminating stories from the 1970s back to life in a compilation of 168 of the best, drawn from past UAE newspapers. The common theme of the articles are that they have all had an impact on safety, security, and stability of the UAE, and cover a vast range of topics from smuggling deaths to murders, from assassinations to plane hijackings, and from mermaid hoaxes to UFO sightings. JUNE 2017 | Paperback | $13.00 | 978-1-9093-3990-3 | 192 pages | 8.26 × 9.84 | True Crime Dr. Athol Yates teaches at the Institute for International and Civil Security, Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi. He teaches civil security - which covers professional security practice, internal security, and disaster management. CASEMATE | IPM NEW TITLES CATALOG SPRING 2017


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Summer of the Rhino Julia Johnson, illustrated by Bug Fawcett

A young girl called Thembile and her father, a wildlife ranger, are out patrolling the African Savannah on horseback. They find a terrified rhino calf shivering beside the mutilated body of his mother. Far away in Dubai, a school comes to the rescue and agrees to support the orphaned rhino until he is old enough to be released back into the wild. George watches the calf ’s progress on the CCTV set up by his school and Thembile’s father. He is fascinated by the way the African girl and the rhino seem to bond. When, one afternoon, the young girl doesn’t appear at her usual time, George is convinced that she is in danger. Ubuntu: Summer of the Rhino is brilliantly told and beautifully illustrated. AVAILABLE NOW | Hardback | $18.00 | 978-1-9093-3985-9 | 72 pages | 7.3 × 10.4 | Children’s Books Julia Johnson is a drama teacher turned children’s author, storyteller and performer. Her stories frequently focus on the history and culture of the Arabian Peninsula. Born in Zimbabwe, Bug Fawcett was raised on a citrus, cattle & wildlife farm. She lives and works in Dubai as a designer and illustrator.



Julia Johnson, illustrated by Emily Styles

Julia Johnson, illustrated by Emily Styles

One humpy grumpy camel... five silly billy goats... nine busy beetles... they all appear in this charming, colorful book, illustrated with lively watercolor images of Arabian life.

Everyone knows Humpy Grumpy – he’s a celebrity in Dubai and far beyond. In this tale, Humpy braves the desert and shows his courage in a crisis.

AVAILABLE NOW | Paperback | $7.50 | 978-1-9093-3989-7 32 pages | 6.7 × 8.7 | Children’s Books

AVAILABLE NOW | Paperback | $7.50 | 978-1-9093-3988-0 32 pages | 6.7 × 8.7 | Children’s Books

Julia Johnson is a children’s author, storyteller, and performer. Emily Styles was born in Dubai, and now lives in Hertfordshire. Being creative is her passion.

Julia Johnson is a children’s author, storyteller, and performer. Emily Styles was born in Dubai, and now lives in Hertfordshire. Being creative is her passion.



Julia Johnson, illustrated by Emily Styles

Julia Johnson, illustrated by Charlene Kasdorf

Humpy dreams of being an action star - driving fast cars, scaling tall buildings, and catching criminals. One day all his wishes come true as he is thrown straight into the action for real. AVAILABLE NOW | Paperback | $12.00 | 978-1-9093-3959-0 32 pages | 8.3 × 10.1 | Children’s Books Julia Johnson is a children’s author, storyteller, and performer. Emily Styles was born in Dubai, and now lives in Hertfordshire. Being creative is her passion. 38


Abu and his donkey bring water to the village in the mountains every day. One day a young man in a shiny truck rolls up. What will become of Abu and his donkey? FEBRUARY 2017 | Hardback | $12.00 | 978-1-9093-3994-1 28 pages | 8.26 × 10.15 | Children’s Books Julia Johnson is a children’s author, storyteller, and performer. Charlene Kasdorf grew up in Canada. She now lives in Qatar works in illustration, art, and education.

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Arabian Publishing Ltd, an imprint of Medina Publishing, is a niche publisher based in central London, focusing on the Arabia Peninsula and related regions and topics. AP books are researched, edited, designed, and produced to the highest standards, to appeal to both scholars and general readers.


MARCH 2017 Hardback | $45.00 978-0-9929-8084-9 256 pages | 6 × 9 Middle Eastern Politics & Religion

Law and organization of society are viewed by Muslims as being based on Islamic Shari’ah (literally, the “the Way”), the body of moral precepts, laws, and rules divinely revealed in the Holy Qur’an and through the life and sayings (Sunnah) of the Prophet Muhammad. Inevitably, much is not explicitly covered in the Qur’an and the Sunnah, so legal scholars have had to employ ijtihad, or human intellectual judgement and interpretation based on the universal guidelines set down in the scriptures, to generate the laws and rules necessary to regulate all aspects of Muslim life, including politics and constitutional matters. In this study developed from his PhD thesis, the author shows that the principles of ijtihad are not so different from those of Western legal thinking. He goes on to compare Islamic political concepts such as shura, or consultation, with Western expressions of democracy. In arguing the ultimate sovereignty lies with the community, he shows that so far from being antithetical to Islam, democratic ideals in fact form the basis of the ideal Muslim political entity.

Ebraheem Duaij Al-Ebraheem Al-Sabah, a member of the Kuwaiti ruling family, obtained his PhD from the University of Birmingham. He has served the Kuwaiti government in various capacities. Sabrestorm Publishing specializes in books on British history, fashion, and design with a particular emphasis on the British Home Front and military history during the Second World War. As a small publisher they strive to make their books a little more detailed and put that extra bit of effort into their design and production, giving readers not only the facts they want but a colorful, enjoyable reading experience.


Spivs, Scoundrels, Rogues and Worse Penny Legg

JUNE 2017 Hardback | $32.95 978-1-7812-2009-2 160 pages | 5.5 × 8.25 True Crime | NCR

Was there crime in the Second World War? At a time of national emergency, the average person could be forgiven for thinking that crime rates would go down as everyone tried to help the war effort. However, the reality was that criminals saw the war as an opportunity to exploit the emergency conditions, and those with a previously unblemished reputation found themselves tempted off the straight and narrow. Criminal activity wasn’t just a civilian occupation. The military services had its share of crime, and the influx of foreign troops added to the problem. Heavily illustrated with both contemporary and modern photographs, this book takes you back to some of the most infamous wartime crimes, such as the blackout ripper, the bath chair murderer, and the last person to be prosecuted in Britain for witchcraft. At a time when rationing, shortages, and the blitz meant feeding the family became ever more difficult, it was all too easy for the increasingly blurred line of criminality to be crossed.

Penny Legg is a journalist, magazine editor, public speaker, and the author of over twelve books. She is a member of the Society of Authors and the National Union of Journalists. CASEMATE | IPM NEW TITLES CATALOG SPRING 2017


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Mereo Books publishes a wide range of genres, including biographies, self-help, popular science, travel, true crime, and humor, as well as award-winning fiction titles for every interest, from fantasy and sci-fi to romance, mystery, and crime. Mereo has very high standards in editing, production, and design, and their non-fiction titles are written by authoritative authors in their field and aimed at an informed general audience.


The Loving, Lonely Struggles of an ‘Autism Mom’ Angela Conrad

“Everyone deals with storms in their life. The storm I live every day isn’t an easy storm by any means, but it could be worse. Nonetheless, it is my storm. I own it and I will make the most of it. Dance in your storm!”

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $16.95 978-1-8615-1623-7 278 pages | 5 × 8 Memoir

Angela Conrad’s two young sons have both been diagnosed with autism, making normal family life quite a challenge. Every day Angela has a mountain to climb, just to get somewhere close to keeping her children safe and happy, and her house from looking like a war zone. This is her story of how she successfully battled the effects of a life-changing condition and learned how to handle an insensitive world. It is a moving, inspiring read for all those whose lives are touched by autism.

Angela Conrad is the devoted mother of two boys on the autism spectrum. She has a bachelor’s degree in special education. Her degree led to years of experience with children with various special needs before she had her own two children with autism. Angela is a dedicated autism advocate, freelance writer, author, and celebrated speaker. She resides in Indiana with her two sons.


AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $21.95 978-1-8615-1409-7 186 pages | 5 × 8 Writers’ Guide


AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $17.95 978-1-8615-1112-6 144 pages | 5 × 7 Reference


AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $15.95 978-1-8615-1415-8 152 pages | 5 × 8 Short Story Collection

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AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $21.95 978-1-8615-1460-8 300 pages | 5 × 8 Historical Romance

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Paul Holberton Publishing produces art books at a consistently high standard. They work with museums, galleries, institutions, and collectors in the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, and the United States, for whom they publish, produce, and distribute fine and decorative arts catalogs, specializing in exhibition catalogs. They aim to combine the latest scholarship with the highest quality illustrations.


Charles Le Brun and the Image of Louis XIV Wolf Burchard, with foreword by Christopher Le Brun

JANUARY 2017 | Hardback $60.00 | 978-1-9113-0005-2 248 pages | Art & Biography

This monograph examines the wide artistic production of Louis XIV’s most prolific and powerful artist, Charles Le Brun (1619–1690), illustrating the magnificence of his paintings and focusing particularly on the interiors and decorative art works produced according to his designs. In his joint capacities of Premier peintre du roi, director of the Gobelins manufactory, and rector of the Académie royale de peinture et de sculpture, Le Brun exercised a previously unprecedented influence on the production of the visual arts–so much so that some scholars have repeatedly described him as “dictator” of the arts in France. The Sovereign Artist explores how Le Brun operated in his diverse fields of activities, linking and juxtaposing his portraiture, history painting, and pictorial theory with his designs for architecture, tapestries, carpets, and furniture. It argues that Le Brun sought to create a repeatable and easily recognizable visual language associated with Louis XIV, in order to translate the king’s political claims for absolute power into a visual form.



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OF MODERISM Edited by Grace Brockington and C.F.B. Miller

Silver Jewellery and Ornament in the Late Qing Dynasty Elizabeth Herridge

JANUARY 2017 Paperback | $60.00 978-0-9955-5770-3 200 pages | 9.4 × 11 Art & Collecting

The prowess of Chinese creative abilities in the decorative arts in the 19th and early 20th centuries was well known globally, but, the story of the influence of Western formats and tastes on the manufacture of Chinese jewelry in the period has never been told. In examining 50 objects of extraordinary quality, this book seeks to redress the situation and reveal the splendor of silver and silver-gilt jewelry of the late Qing dynasty.

Elizabeth Herridge is a graduate of Wellesley College, and is a specialist in Late Qing Dynasty jewelery and related materials.

JUNE 2017 Paperback | $35.00 978-1-9113-0013-7 240 pages | 9.4 × 10.6 Art & Collecting

Grace Brockington is Lecturer in History of Art, University of Bristol. C.F.B. Miller is Lecturer in Art History and Theory, University of Manchester.



Edited by Bart Cornelis, Ger Luijten, Louis van Tilborgh, and Tim Zeedjik

Sam Fogg

Works that made a difference

AVAILABLE NOW Hardback | $45.00 978-1-9113-0004-5 240 pages | 8.5 × 10.25 Art & Collecting

In this celebration of collecting, renowned curators and art historians discuss the acquisition of works of art, medieval to modern, by museums in Europe and the United States – crucial acquisitions that have made a difference. The volume is dedicated to Peter Hecht, the great champion of public art collections. We hope that it will bring people the world over to realize the importance of collecting for the public.

Bart Cornelis is the Deputy Editor of Burlington Magazine. 42

This book is a collection of essays by pupils of the renowned scholar Professor Green. Christopher Of Modernism brings together twelve original essays by leading scholars in modernist art history, offering new perspectives on key questions in European modernism. These richly illustrated texts present a fascinating cross-section of current research in modernist art history, at the cutting edge of contemporary scholarship.


JANUARY 2017 Paperback | $30.00 978-1-9113-0012-0 72 pages | 9.6 × 11.5 Art & Collecting

The rich variety of languages, religious traditions, and schools of art of the Indian subcontinent are brought together in this exceptional library of Indian manuscripts. Religious and philosophical texts from Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic, Jain, Sikh, and Zoroastrian schools of thought are all represented in illustrated manuscripts. This library shows how these various faiths borrowed, interacted, and influenced one another in the subcontinent.

Sam Fogg is a specialist in the art of the European Middle Ages, with departments also focusing on Islamic and Indian art.

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THE ART OF G.F. WATTS Nicholas Tromans

Michael Backman

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback | $35.00 978-1-9113-0003-8 128 pages | 9.64 × 11.8 Art & Collecting

The decorative arts of South and Southeast Asia, and especially those of the 18th and 19th centuries, and trade items produced during the same period, constitute a much neglected area. This lively, lavishly illustrated volume presents rare decorative arts from Asia – all of exceptional quality – from ornate handled daggers and exquisite silver filigree boxes, to diamond-studded jewels, magnificent embroidered silk, and divination bowls by master craftsmen.

APRIL 2017 Paperback | $30.00 978-1-9113-0007-6 112 pages | 6.69 × 9.44 Art & Biography

Michael Backman is widely published on Asian culture, art, and politics. He is the author of six books that cover all aspects of Asia.

Nicholas Tromans is curator at Watts Gallery. He has published widely on nineteenth-century British art.



Edited by Rosemary Shirley and Verity Elson

Sam Smiles

The Rural Idyll 1600–2017

MAY 2017 Paperback | $40.00 978-1-9113-0010-6 120 pages | 8.5 × 10.25 Art History

Published to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of G.F. Watts, this book provides a lively and engaging introduction to one of the most charismatic figures in the history of British art. It covers all aspects of Watts’ career. By the end of his life, Watts was a national figure, an inspirational artist who had found a meaningful role for art as a catalyst for social change and community integration.

The rural idyll is a powerful force in the British national imagination. This highly original and vibrant study will examine how key moments in art history have shaped the concept of the idyll and how contemporary artists continue to access and often challenge this concept. This publication offers new ways of thinking about the rural idyll and the countryside more broadly.

JUNE 2017 Paperback | $35.00 978-1-9113-0014-4 120 pages | 8.5 × 11 Art History

Rosemary Shirley is a professor of Art Theory and Practice at Manchester School of Art. Verity Elson is Exhibitions and Collections Manager at Compton Verney. CASEMATE | IPM NEW TITLES CATALOG SPRING 2017

This book presents the best and most imaginative creative responses by artists to the British prehistoric landscape over the last 250 years. This is the first significant publication to range over the entire field, from Stonehenge and the Merry Maidens, to the White Horse and the Long Man of Wilmington, by the likes of Turner, Constable, Blake, Nash, Ravilious, Piper, Hepworth, Moore, Ackroyd, Jarman, Deller, and Long.

Sam Smiles is the author of The Image of Antiquity, Flight and the Artistic Imagination, and West Country to World’s End. 43

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Pen and Sword Books is one of the leading publishers of nonfiction and historical titles in the United Kingdom, with over 6,000 titles currently available, and an additional 500 new titles published each year. Their subjects include military history, naval and maritime history, aviation, family history and genealogy, transport, discovery and exploration, collectibles and antiques, and true crime.


Tales of the Unexpected since the days of Tutankhamun Paul Harrison

This is the definitive book on Ancient Egyptian tomb curses, providing new information and data never before published whilst exploring the many incidents and deaths associated with tomb curses. The book puts the record straight on matters which have been wrongly recorded by others, such as the legend of Tutankhamun, as well as presenting new data never before published on matters like the torment Howard Carter suffered before his death. It also contains exclusive interviews with the family members and archaeologists associated with the curses. APRIL 2017 | Hardback | $39.95 | 978-1-7815-9366-0 | 184 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 | Ancient History Paul Harrison is the author of thirty-six books. A retired police officer, he uses investigative techniques to uncover new facts to help rationalize myths and legends.


When the Gods Were Human Sabine Franke

Sabina Franke has gathered the best stories of ancient Near Eastern literature surrounding the Mesopotamian gods, men, and kings. This book takes the reader on a journey back to the birth of literature in Mesopotamia, which seems to us so far and yet so near. Fairy tales, myths, and epics of ancient Near Eastern literature are still able to charm readers today and allow us to delve into the fascinating life of the ancient Near East. This book includes fables such as the tooth worm, and the great myth of Innanas, which describes the transition of the goddess Ishtar into the underworld. FEBRUARY 2017 | Hardback | $32.95 | 978-1-4738-3434-7 | 96 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 | Ancient History Dr. Sabina Franke holds a master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania and a PhD from the University of Hamburg.


This book describes a selection of people caught up in the turmoil that presaged the reformation - a period of change instigated by a king who brutally swept aside an entire way of life. The most famous and influential of the victims were the two people closest to Henry VIII: his mentor, Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, a great churchman and a diplomat of consummate skill, and the King’s second wife, Anne Boleyn. These two adversaries, equally determined to succeed, had risen above the usual expectations of their time. They were brought down by the factions surrounding them and the selfish indifference of the man they thought they could trust. Though they succumbed to the forces aligned against them, their places in history are assured. JANUARY 2017 | Hardback | $39.95 | 978-1-4738-3403-3 | 256 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 | Tudor History Lynda Telford is passionate about history. She is a member of the Richard III society, regularly writing articles and giving talks on the later medieval period. 44


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Sex, Scandal and Satire in the 18th Century Mike Rendell

This book provides a fascinating insight into life under the bedclothes in Georgian England, where the madams and pimps were able to thrive like never before. It looks at high-class seraglios as well as the brothels, jelly-houses, and bagnios which flourished openly. It looks at courtesans from the highest echelons of society, the kept women, the sex-workers in “houses of pleasure”, down through to the street walkers and common whores. It shows the way that the sex scene was portrayed in contemporary letters and press reports, and focuses on royal scandals, aristocratic shenanigans, and immoral behavior. It also looks at the way courtesans occupied a demimonde of great popularity. This book is lavishly illustrated in color and contains a useful glossary of many aspects of the world of the Georgian London sex trade. FEBRUARY 2017 | Paperback | $24.95 | 978-1-4738-3774-4 | 176 pages | 7 × 9.75 | Georgian History This is Mike Rendell’s eighth book about Georgian England. His interest in the period was inspired by a fascinating cache of papers left by his 18th-century ancestors. He divides his time between homes in Spain and Dartmoor.


For over a century of turmoil, upheaval, and scandal, Great Britain was a Georgian land. From the day the German-speaking George I stepped off the boat from Hanover, to the night that George IV, bloated and diseased, breathed his last at Windsor, the four kings had presided over a changing nation. Kings of Georgian Britain offers a fresh perspective on the lives of the four Georges and the events that shaped their characters and reigns. From love affairs to family feuds, political wrangling and beyond, it is a chance to peer behind the pomp and follow these iconic figures from cradle to grave. As their very different lives will show, being a king isn’t always about grand parties and jaw-dropping jewels, and sometimes following in a father’s footsteps can be the hardest job around. JUNE 2017 | Hardback | $39.95 | 978-1-4738-7122-9 | 256 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 | Georgian History Catherine Curzon is a royal historian who writes on all matters 18th century. She holds a Master’s degree in Film and when not dodging the furies of the guillotine, writes fiction set deep in the underbelly of Georgian London.


Two Marriages That Changed History Joanne Major and Sarah Murden

This book recounts the fascinating history of the irregular love matches contracted by two generations of the Cavendish-Bentinck family, ancestors of the British Royal Family. The first part looks at the scandal that erupted in Regency London, when the widowed Lord Charles Bentinck eloped with the Duke of Wellington’s married niece. Over two decades later, Lord Charles’ eldest son, known to his family as Charley, fell in love with a beautiful gypsy girl and secretly married her. When his alliance was discovered, Charley was cast adrift by his family with devastating consequences. A love story as well as a brilliantly researched historical biography, this is a continuation of Joanne and Sarah’s first biography, An Infamous Mistress, about the courtesan Grace Dalrymple Elliott, whose daughter was the first wife of Lord Charles Bentinick. FEBRUARY 2017 | Hardback | $39.95 | 978-1-4738-6342-2 | 192 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 | Historical Biography Sarah Murden and Joanne Major were brought together through their passion for history and genealogy. Living hundreds of miles apart from each other, lengthy telephone conversations to discuss “long dead folk” became the norm, and this book is the result. CASEMATE | IPM NEW TITLES CATALOG SPRING 2017


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England’s Dukes, Marquesses and Earls: 1066-1707 Andrew Rawson

This is the history of England’s turbulent times, told through the stories of the country’s nobility. The book begins with the Norman Conquest in 1066 and ends with the union of England and Scotland in 1707. The nobility fought wars against Scotland in the north and against France on the Continent. This is the story of their abduction plots and assassination attempts and the brutal retribution when the treachery failed. Also covered are the noble marriages arranged by the king. It tells of the children betrothed to marry, the failed marriages of convenience, and the secret marriages for love. The story ends with the union of England and Scotland. It was also the end of the period of treachery and retribution which had plagued the English crown for nearly 650 years. MAY 2017 | Paperback | $19.95 | 978-1-4738-7624-8 | 192 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 | British History Andrew Rawson has thirty history books to his name, which cover a wide array subjects ranging from medieval times, to the modern Iraq War. Andrew has a master’s degree from Birmingham University’s history department and he now lives in Spain.


The Beginning of the Modern Holiday Neil Matthews

This book reveals a story never told before: the early years of one of Britain’s leading modern travel agencies, the Polytechnic Touring Association (PTA). Created in 1888, the PTA was an emblem of the era. It served a growing mass of middle-class and lower middle-class consumers, who found for the first time that they had the time and money to take extended holidays, often abroad. This book uncovers the recollections of those who went on “Poly holidays” before 1914: how they experienced the journeys, what they did when they reached their destinations, and what they thought holidays should be about. Also included are a selection of postcards, photographs, and promotional items from the PTA archives. Victorians and Edwardians Abroad is a fascinating glimpse into holidays as they were, just over a hundred years ago. FEBRUARY 2017 | Paperback | $29.95 | 978-1-4738-3427-9 | 256 pages | 7 × 9.75 | British History Neil Matthews was born in London and studied History at UCL and the University of Westminster. His research into the PTA has been featured in Educating Mind, Body and Spirit and in Leisure Studies.


Based upon the author’s large personal collection of beautiful fashion postcards from Edwardian times, this book takes the reader on a journey through that era. Delve further into the carnage that took place around the world, in which unscrupulous and money-grabbing individuals would callously slaughter whole colonies of birds purely to provide the millinery trade with ornate feathers to decorate fashionable hats. The book also takes the reader into the world of millinery sweatshops in poverty-stricken New York. You’ll even learn about the background, history, and amazing life of one of the world’s greatest fashion designers, Coco Chanel. With superb fashion color plates of the day, together with images of creative and colorful hat pins from both the UK and America, the author shares the fruits of his 40 years of postcard collecting.

APRIL 2017 | Hardback | $50.00 | 978-1-4738-8129-7 | 256 pages | 7 × 9.5 | Images of the Past Edwardian History & Fashion History

Peter Kimpton is the world’s only Christmas Cracker historian. For nearly forty years he has been a collector of beautiful, hand-tinted, early twentieth-century Photographic Glamour postcards. He lives in Norwich.



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Thomas Holloway’s Victorian Patent Medicine Empire Verity Holloway

Three Men in a Cavern Mark John White

FEBRUARY 2017 Hardback | $39.95 978-1-4738-2335-8 176 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 Victorian History

William Boyd Dawkins was a controversial Victorian figure. For some, he was a pioneer of Darwinian science, while for others he was little more than a reckless vandal. This book provides an unbiased account of Boyd Dawkins’career by drawing on almost twenty years of research.

JANUARY 2017 Paperback | $29.95 978-1-4738-5567-0 256 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 Victorian History



The Life of John Pitt - 2nd Earl of Chatham

Simon Webb

Jacqueline Reiter

APRIL 2017 Hardback | $39.95 978-1-4738-5695-0 256 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 Historical Biography

John Pitt, 2nd Earl of Chatham is one of the most overlooked figures of early nineteenth century British history. His poor reputation obscures a fascinating and complex man. Using a variety of manuscript sources to tease Chatham from the records, this biography places him for the first time in proper familial, political, and military context.

JANUARY 2017 Hardback | $39.95 978-1-4738-6286-9 176 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 British History


Caroline Jowett

Summer Strevens

APRIL 2017 Paperback | $24.95 978-1-4738-6387-3 256 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 Historical Biography & Witchcraft

Drawing chiefly upon contemporary sources, this book describes the sequence of events which looked as though they might be the precursor to a revolution along the lines of those sweeping across Europe at that time. To some observers, it seemed only a matter of time before Britain transformed itself from a constitutional monarchy into a Soviet Republic.


The Life and Trial of Mary Bateman

Meticulously researched, this accessible and at times shocking retelling of Mary Bateman’s life and death is the first since the publication chronicling her criminal career appeared in print in 1811. Not only focusing on the details of her felonies and the consequences to her victims, it examines the macabre legacy of her mortal remains.

Advertising as far away as Giza, it was said Holloway’s Ointment could cure lesions on a wooden leg. Thomas’s dubious cure-alls made him one of the richest self-made men in England. This book charts Thomas’s rise and the realization of his worst fear. It draws on primary and secondary sources to ground Thomas’s life in the social issues of the day.

MAY 2017 Paperback | $24.95 978-1-4738-7640-8 256 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 Prison History


As the place where prisoners awaited trial, execution, or transportation, Newgate was Britain’s most feared gaol for over 700 years. There is much is more to Newgate than nineteenth century notoriety. This book takes you from the gaol’s 12th century beginnings to its final closure in 1904 and looks at daily life, as well as major events in its history. 47

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Crime and Insanity in Victorian Britain

Foul Deeds Among the South Wales Valleys 1845–2016

David J. Vaughan

APRIL 2017 Paperback | $24.95 978-1-4738-6413-9 | 256 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 True Crime

In the 19th century, desperate attempts by the alienists brought the insanity plea into Victorian courts. They faced ridicule and professional ruin as they strove for acceptance and change. It left “mad people” hanged for offenses they could not remember, and “bad” people freed on unscrupulous pleas. Written in accessible language

Gary Dobbs

JANUARY 2017 Paperback | $24.95 978-1-4738-6178-7 144 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 True Crime



Francesco Maria Galassi and Hutan Ashrafian

FEBRUARY 2017 Hardback | $39.95 978-1-4738-7078-9 192 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 Ancient History

It is generally accepted as fact that Julius Caesar suffered from epilepsy, an illness which in classical times was associated with divinely bestowed genius. But does the evidence really fit with the diagnosis of epilepsy? Doctors Galassi and Ashrafian seek to answer this question by applying modern medical knowledge to the symptoms described by Caesar’s peers.

MAY 2017 Paperback | $24.95 978-1-7815-9003-4 256 pages | 5.5 × 8 Battleground I Travel & Military History


The Home Front Diaries of Gabrielle West 1914–1917

Caroline Scott

APRIL 2017 Hardback | $39.95 978-1-7838-3112-8 224 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 Military History 48


The city of Ypres will forever be associated with the Great War. From 1914 to 1918 it was the key strong point in the northern sector of the Western Front, and the epic story of its defense has taken on almost legendary status. This walking guide is an essential travelling companion for anyone who is eager to explore the battlefields.


The Women’s Land Army in The First World War

In recent years, the Second World War’s Land Girl has caught the public imagination, but the Women’s Land Army started well before 1939. Using previously unpublished accounts and photographs, this book describes how the return of women to the fields impacted agriculture and how that experience affected them.

This book describes more than a century of murders that took place in and around the valleys of South Wales. These true stories are often gruesome and harrowing, with no details spared. The reasons behind such violent crime are explored, and in all cases the author has painstakingly collected every available piece of evidence to provide a clear picture.

Avalon Weston

JANUARY 2017 Hardback | $39.95 978-1-4738-7086-4 256 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 War Diary & Military History

CALL 1-610-853-9131

When Gabrielle West wrote diaries about her war, she had no idea that a hundred years later they would be of interest to anyone. Gabrielle wrote about and drew what she saw. She had no interest in opinion or politics. She took her bicycle and her dog Rip everywhere.

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The Genealogists’ ABC Jonathan Scott

Part encyclopedia, part dictionary, and part almanac, this book doesn’t claim to be exhaustive, but it is practical, easy to use, entertaining, and genuinely informative. It is the kind of book you can dip into or use as a starting point for deeper study, and it is the essential companion for experienced family historians and for anyone who is approaching this fascinating subject for the first time. Thousands of A to Z entries are full of intriguing facts. Longer entries explaining the mechanics of the first census and other major sources and records rub shoulders with simple, one-line definitions of obscure terms, useful addresses, and signposts to little-known corners of family history. MAY 2017 |Paperback | $24.95 | 978-1-4738-9252-1 | 256 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 | Ancestry & Genealogy Jonathan Scott is a freelance writer specializing in family history. He is a former deputy editor of Family History Monthly and has penned the “Best Websites” column for Who Do You Think You Are? magazine since 2007.


A Guide for Family Historians Ruth Alexandra Symes

Could your ancestors write their own names or did they mark official documents with a cross? Why did great-grandfather write so cryptically on a postcard home during the First World War? Why did great-grandmother copy all the letters she wrote into letter-books? How unusual was it that great-uncle sat down and wrote a poem? This book looks at the kinds of writing that could turn up amongst family papers from the Victorian period onwards. With industrialization, improved education, and far more geographical mobility, British people of all classes were writing for new purposes, with new implements, using new modes of expression and new methods of communication. FEBRUARY 2017 | Paperback | $24.95 | 978-1-4738-5543-4 | 256 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 | Ancestry & Genealogy After a career in academia and editing, freelance writer and historian Ruth A. Symes now writes for several genealogical magazines including Family Tree Magazine and the BBC’s Who Do You Think You Are? magazine.


A Guide to Research Methods for Family Historians John Wintrip

This is the ideal handbook for family historians whose research has reached back to the early nineteenth century and are finding it difficult to go further. It guides readers through all the steps they can take in order to delve even more deeply into the past. Researchers often encounter obstacles they don’t know how to overcome. But, as this book demonstrates, greater understanding of the sources and the specific records within them, along with a wider knowledge of the historical context, often allows progress to be made. Most important, John Wintrip concentrates on how to do research – on the practical steps that can be taken in order to break through these barriers. Throughout the book he emphasizes the process of research and the variety of resources and search tools that can be used. MAY 2017 | Paperback | $24.95 | 978-1-4738-8065-8 | 224 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 | Ancestry & Genealogy John Wintrip became a professional genealogist following an earlier career as a science librarian in universities. He was awarded a Diploma in Genealogy by the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies (IHGS) in 2008. CASEMATE | IPM NEW TITLES CATALOG SPRING 2017


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JANUARY 2017 Paperback | $24.95 978-1-7838-3103-6 176 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 Ancestry & Genealogy


A Guide for Family Historians

A Guide for Family Historians

Karen Bali

Simon Fowler

The recent past can be one of the most rewarding periods to explore, and so much evidence is fascinating available. In a sequence of concise, fact-filled chapters this book describes the key events of the twentieth century and identifies the sources that can give researchers an insight into the personal stories of individuals who lived through it. It also explains census and civil records, particularly those of the early twentieth century.

Karen Bali is an expert genealogist who specializes in family history research of the recent past. She also provides adoption research and tracing services.

MAY 2017 Paperback | $24.95 978-1-4738-7636-1 256 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 Ancestry & Genealogy

Simon Fowler is a professional researcher, writer, and tutor specializing in military history and the world wars. He has written several well-known books on military and family history



Soldiers of a Forgotten War

A Guide for Family & Local Historians

Jane Marchese Robinson

FEBRUARY 2017 Paperback | $24.95 978-1-4738-2242-9 224 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 Ancestry & Genealogy

This book is an informative research guide for those seeking to discover and uncover the stories of the men who fought in the Boer War and the families they left behind. It will look in particular at the kind of support the men and families received. It explores a variety of research materials such as newspapers; military records; census, electoral, marriage, and death records; records at the National Archives; and others.

Jane Marchese Robinson spent some thirty years working as an advocate for marginalized groups. She is now a full-time writer. 50


Whether you are interested in the career of an individual officer, researching medals awarded to a soldier, or just want to know more about a particular battle or campaign, this book will point you in the right direction. It shows how to make the best use of the increasing number of resources to be found online, and pays particular attention to explaining records and the reasons behind their creation.

Ian Maxwell

MAY 2017 Paperback | $24.95 978-1-4738-6721-5 192 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 Ancestry & Genealogy

This book is an informational guide for readers and researchers who want to find out about life in Glasgow in the past and learn where the key sources for its history can be found. In vivid detail, it describes the rise of Glasgow from a minor cathedral town to the cosmopolitan center of the present day. This is an essential guide for anyone researching its history or the life of an individual ancestor.

Dr. Ian Maxwell, a former record officer at the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, is now a freelance writer and a leading expert on Scottish and Irish genealogy.

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Charlotte Carroll

APRIL 2017 Paperback | $19.95 978-1-4738-7879-2 160 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 Lifestyle & Dieting

Diets come and go, but medical advice on what constitutes as a good diet has stayed the same. This book helps you change your lifestyle for the better through positive reinforcement. It includes diets from around the world that influence our own eating habits, healthy lifestyle swaps, and how to overcome any barriers you feel around weight loss.

Kathy Martin

FEBRUARY 2017 Paperback | $24.95 978-1-7815-9015-7 192 pages | 7 × 9.75 Pop Culture & History



Mike Olbinski

FEBRUARY 2017 Hardback | $39.95 978-1-4738-8585-1 192 pages | 11.5 × 8.5 Memoir

Mike Olbinski started chasing storms about 7 years ago. It’s hard for him to describe why he’s drawn to weather and storms; it’s what he’s known his whole life. As an adult, he became interested in storm photography. He began chasing storms further from home, and even chased tornadoes on the plains. This memoir contains 80 dramatic storm photographs.

Brian Elliott

MAY 2017 Paperback | $24.95 978-1-4738-5884-8 176 pages | 7.5 × 9.75 Images of the Past History


FEBRUARY 2017 Paperback | $24.95 978-1-4738-7865-5 264 pages | 6.5 × 9.5 Maritime History


Using previously unpublished images, and a carefully supportive text, this book provides an overview of mining disasters in the modern era. It is the first of its kind to attempt such a large project in pictorial form. It is published at a poignant time, after the recent closure of Britain’s last deep coal mine.


Canal Construction from 2,500 BC to the Early 20th Century Anthony Burton

Caroline Rochford

Stirring tales of heroism at sea have been ingrained in the annals of maritime history since time immemorial. But what about lesser-known tales from the seafaring past? This book consists of 200 traditional songs and stories which offer an exciting, entertaining glimpse into Britain’s long lost maritime past.

Many brands were named after their founders, whilst others have less obvious origins. This book explores the stories behind the brands, their names, and their founders. Bursting with facts and period advertising, this must-read book will appeal to everyone interested in advertising, social history, food, and famous names.

APRIL 2017 Hardback | $39.95 978-1-4738-6049-0 208 pages | 7 × 9.75 Maritime History

This is the story of canals from the earliest times, up to the end of the nineteenth century. It is a very long history: stones for the pyramids of Egypt were brought to the site by canal, and the Grand Canal of China, was begun in the sixth century BC.


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Anthony Burton

MAY 2017 Hardback | $39.95 978-1-4738-6045-2 128 pages | 8.5 × 11 Transportation

Anthony Burton has traveled from the Highlands of Scotland, to the south west of England in pursuit of his passion for the steam engine in all its forms. These experiences are brought together in this lively narrative. Above all, this book is a tribute to all those anonymous volunteers whose hard work and dedication have kept this great tradition alive.

Alan Whitehouse

FEBRUARY 2017 Hardback | $39.95 978-1-4738-9271-2 136 pages | 10 × 9.5 Trains & Transportation



Thirty Years of Change and Colour

My Journey Behind Steam and Modern Traction

David Cable

APRIL 2017 Hardback | $44.95 978-1-4738-4913-6 224 pages | 7.5 × 9.75 Rails Across… Series Trains & Transportation

This is a collection of full-size color photographs of trains that have operated in Great Britain over the last thirty years. It book covers the period from 1986 to the present day, and brilliantly illustrates the various classes and myriad of color schemes that have been used in that time. It emphasizes the beauty of the train in its surroundings.

Don Benn

MAY 2017 Hardback | $44.95 978-1-4738-5844-2 264 pages | 8.5 × 11 Trains & Transportation


Keith Langston and Fred Kerr

FEBRUARY 2017 Paperback 978-1-4738-9992-6 136 pages | 10 × 9.5 Trains & Transportation



This is a collection of mainly previously unpublished articles and short stories, covering a lifelong interest in railways. It spans a wide spectrum over the years, from the early days in Kent in 1960, to the current steam scene. This book contains about 350 illustrations, many in color.


A Journey in Photographs A great many words have been written about the engineering specification and “in service” performance of Flying Scotsman. Accordingly, this keepsake publication simply uses carefully selected images, dating from the BR steam era to the present day, to celebrate the “Return of the Legend”. It includes a selection of QR Codes with links to items of film footage.

Barnsley was once the center of a railway universe. In Victorian times, competing companies put forward schemes to build railways across, through, and around the town. The full story of how the railways aided the town’s prosperity has rarely been told.

Sheffield to Bristol 1957 - 1963 John Palmer

MAY 2017 Hardback | $50.00 978-1-4738-8557-8 224 pages | 8.5 × 11 Trains & Transportation

CALL 1-610-853-9131

This book details, year by year, the changes that took place due to the Modernisation Plan of 1955 and provides an insight into the reasons why decisions were made. In addition to tracing the history of the routes, the profusely illustrated book includes performance logs and more.

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The Blake Paterson Collection

Laurence Waters

Kevin McCormack and Martin Jenkins

FEBRUARY 2017 Hardback | $50.00 978-1-4738-6029-2 168 pages | 10 × 9.5 Trains & Transportation

JUNE 2017 Hardback | $44.95 978-1-4738-8574-5 224 pages | 10 × 9.5 Locomotive Portfolio Series | Trains & Transportation

This is an evocative selection of high quality color views, each of which recaptures the lost age of Britain’s branch lines and secondary railways, of which so many were axed during the 1960s. This book is a unique record of one man’s railway portraits.

APRIL 2017 Hardback | $50.00 978-1-4738-5034-7 160 pages | 10 × 9.5 Trains & Transportation


1946 - 1972

Tim Hillier-Graves

Charles Woodley

Turbomotive was unique in Britain’s railway history. This book presents the fascinating story of this remarkable locomotive, drawn from a wide variety of sources, many previously untapped and unpublished, including memories of the designers, the crew who drove her, accountants and hardheaded business men, PR teams, the press, the passengers, and many more.


JANUARY 2017 Paperback | $29.95 978-1-4738-8662-9 208 pages | 7 × 9.75 Aviation History


Matthew Wharmby

Jim Blake

This book looks at the variety of buses and coaches operated by British Electric Traction group fleets in the 1960s, featuring previously unpublished photographs. The years covered by this book are the final years of the BET group. Many of the photographs show the older types in their final days – pure nostalgia for the transport enthusiast!

This book looks at BEA’s predecessors, its formation, and its early operation. The evolving structure is explained with chapters covering engineering bases, terminals, European and domestic services, cargo services, and helicopter operations. The aircraft flown are all described in detail and the book is illustrated throughout.


The Final Years

MAY 2017 Hardback | $44.95 978-1-4738-5726-1 144 pages | 8.5 × 11 Buses & Transportation

Churchward’s 2-cylinder Saint Class 4-6-0s were arguably one of the most important locomotive developments of the twentieth century. This book charts the history of the class from the construction of the prototype in 1902, to the final withdrawals in 1953, using many previously unpublished photographs.

FEBRUARY 2017 Hardback | $50.00 978-1-7838-3173-9 200 pages | 8.5 × 11 Buses & Transportation


This is the first full, in-depth history of the DMS buses in London. Vilified as the great failure of all London Transport bus classes, the DMS family of Daimler Fleetline was more like an unlucky victim of straitened times. With vivid, color images throughout, this is a perfect book for automotive enthusiasts.


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Penguin Random House South Africa is the largest general trade publisher in southern Africa. The company has a reputation, established over more than 50 years, for publishing many of South Africa’s leading fiction and nonfiction writers, as well as producing beautifully illustrated, expertly researched, and elegantly designed books about Africa.


Nelson Mandela said nothing about his personal religious beliefs in his writings or in his public pronouncements. But those who were close to him know that he held Christian views, and, at his request, the final part of his funeral followed the Methodist service rather than a traditional Xhosa ceremony. This book traces the spiritual aspect of Mandela’s life, from his youth in a traditional Thembu village, to his education at Wesleyan and Methodist mission schools, to his time as an activist, his period on Robben Island, and the years thereafter. Based on interviews with some of Mandela’s colleagues, as well as priests and other religious figures with whom he interacted, this book unearths an unknown dimension of recent history's most famous man. FEBRUARY 2017 | Paperback | $14.00 | 978-1-7702-2782-8 | 224 pages | 6 × 9 | Biography & Religion Dennis Cruywagen is an acclaimed South African journalist and political commentator, as well as a former parliamentary spokesperson for the ANC.


A Memoir

Bridget Hilton-Barber

When Bridget Hilton-Barber got on a train to Grahamstown in 1982 to study journalism at Rhodes University, she had no idea of the brutal drama that would unfold. She became politically involved in anti-apartheid organizations and was caught up in the massive resistance and repression. She ended up spending three months in detention without trial, and after her release discovered she had been betrayed by one of her best friends, Olivia Forsyth, who was a spy for the South African security police. Thirty years later, Bridget journeys back to the Eastern Cape to see if she can forgive her betrayer and finally let go of the extraordinary violence she encountered in the final days of apartheid.

FEBRUARY 2017 | Paperback | $15.00 | 978-1-7702-2800-9 | 272 pages | 6 × 9 | Biography & Political History Bridget Hilton-Barber is a well-known travel writer and author based in Limpopo province. She has had a colorful career in the South African media spanning some twenty years.


Selected Writings, 1970–2016 Bill Nasson

History Matters is an eloquent selection of writings over four decades by Bill Nasson, one of South Africa’s most popular and highly respected historians. The pieces in this compendium are lively and entertaining, written with wit, humor, and a finely tuned sense of irony. Chapters cover the Anglo-Boer War, the two World Wars, cricket, District Six, schooldays and education, Spike Lee, Hollywood and history, Mandela and other political biographies, and a great many other topics. Resembling a pudding of spicy plums, this is a perfect book for anyone interested in South Africa and its history, and in a broader appreciation of tweaking the tail of life in the past. FEBRUARY 2017 | Hardback | $20.00 | 978-1-7760-9027-3 | 204 pages | 6 × 9 | History Bill Nasson is an award-winning author. He has held visiting fellowships at Cambridge University, the Australian National University, the University of Illinois, and the University of Kent in Canterbury. 54


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In 1993, South Africa is on the brink of total transformation. In Walmer Estate, a busy suburb on the slopes of Devil’s Peak, fourteen-year-old Alia Dawood is about to undergo a transformation of her own. She watches as the national drama unfolds, longing to be a part of what she knows to be history in the making. As her revolutionary aspirations strengthen in the months before the elections, her intense, radical Uncle Waleed reappears, forcing her parents and sister Nasreen to confront his subversive and dangerous past. Nadia David’s first novel moves across generations and communities, through the suburbs to the city center, through evictions, rebellions, political assassinations, and first loves. The book places one family’s story at the heart of a country’s rebirth and interrogates issues of faith, race, belonging, and freedom. AVAILABLE NOW | Paperback | $16.00 | 978-1-4152-0769-7 | 416 pages | 5.3 × 8.3 | African Political Fiction Nadia Davids is an award-winning writer who works across a range of forms: plays, articles, short stories, and screen plays. An Imperfect Blessing, her first novel, was shortlisted for the 2014 Etisalat Prize for Literature.

HUNGER EATS A MAN Nkosinathi Sithole

When Father Gumede, known as Priest, loses his job as a farmhand, he realizes he can’t afford to love his neighbor as he does himself. Despondent and enraged, Priest cuts off all ties to the church and politics, determined to make a living – at whatever cost. It will take a strange story written by his son Sandile – a comical, terrifying, and prophetic tale in which the downtrodden rise up to march on the wealth of a neighboring suburb – to show Priest the hope and humanity inherent in the human spirit. Beautifully poetic, funny, and highly relevant, Nkosinathi Sithole’s debut novel highlights the ongoing plight of many rural South Africans and the power of a community working together to bring about change. AVAILABLE NOW | Paperback | $15.95 | 978-0-1435-3896-7 | 170 pages | 6 × 9.2 | Literary & Religious Fiction Nkosinathi Sithole grew up in Hlathikhulu near Estcourt, KwaZulu-Natal. He studied at Wits and the University of KwaZulu-Natal, where he obtained a PhD in English Studies. He teaches English at the University of Zululand.


Risto Mahuno’s agony is what happens to his sweetheart Néné, to his cousin, and to himself. In the east of the Congo, where the border with Rwanda is also the border between life and death, the boys are abducted and forced to become soldiers, and the girls are raped. Far too much happens for 15-year-old children. Néné is claimed by the warlord, Risto’s cousin is killed, and Risto, his eyes already dead, is beaten to the brink. His fate flings him south, on a fraught journey by foot or whatever ride he can get, to Mozambique, where he arrives with even less of himself left. And yet the gods are laughing, for Risto’s journey back holds the promise of love, peace, and family. Risto’s story is based on real experiences. APRIL 2017 | Paperback | $12.95 | 978-1-4152-0176-3 | 208 pages | 5.7 × 8.7 | Literary Fiction Jamala Safari is a poet based in Cape Town. He was born and grew up in the eastern part of the DRC. After arriving in South Africa, he taught himself English and graduated in Biotechnology from the University of the Western Cape. CASEMATE | IPM NEW TITLES CATALOG SPRING 2017


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FEBRUARY 2017 Paperback | $22.00 978-1-4323-0794-3 192 pages | 9 × 10 African Cuisine & Cooking



Beate Joubert

Melinda Roodt

The Little Karoo is a region unique in its rugged beauty, culinary tradition, and the hardy character of its people. In Taste the Little Karoo, Beate Joubert captures the essence of this region with every tasty bite and anecdote, often providing modern or quirky twists to classic or traditional dishes. The recipes cover a breathtaking array of tapas, comfort foods, salads, celebratory platters, braai dishes, sweet treats, and preserves.

Beate Joubert owns and manages the Alfresco Deli on her family farm, where she serves Karoo dishes with a twist. She has also worked in wine cellars in the Napa Valley.

FEBRUARY 2017 Hardback | $26.00 978-1-4323-0673-1 320 pages | 8.5 × 10 African Cuisine & Cooking

Melinda Roodt is a seasoned host and organizer of various conferences, catering for a few hundred people at a time. She has run several cooking courses at her home.


ALL SORTS OF SALADS Chantal Lascaris

Cooking for my Father Cariema Isaacs

FEBRUARY 2017 Paperback | $23.00 978-1-4323-0565-9 208 pages | 7 × 9 African Cuisine & Cooking

This is a breathtakingly beautiful presentation of some 80 traditional Cap Malay recipes as well as a selection of modern dishes. These are accompanied by Cariema’s depiction of her childhood. She includes the religious and cultural ceremonies, as well as events that have shaped her unique community. But My Cape Malay Kitchen is still a cookbook, packed with flavorful food, richly spiced curries, and decadent desserts.

Cariema Isaacs was born in Schotsche Kloof in Bo-Kaap. She has a natural flair in the kitchen. My Cape Malay Kitchen is her first book. 56


The Classic South African Cookbook is exactly that – classic home cooking for South Africans. In line with the country’s diverse cultures, which often blend most harmoniously in the kitchen, this book is a kaleidoscope of modern lifestyle with influences from grandma’s kitchen, popular Mediterranean cuisine, as well as both Indian and African culture. The more than 180 recipes have been refined to guarantee mouth-watering results, no matter the skill level.

FEBRUARY 2017 Paperback | $18.00 978-1-4323-0479-9 176 pages | 8 × 8 Cooking

Gone are the days of having lettuce as your main ingredient, as All Sorts of Salads will take you out of your salad rut! This book features over 70 delicious recipes for main and side salads which will appeal to anyone who wants a greater choice of salads in their daily diets. The recipes are simple enough for novice home cooks, yet also provide inspiration for experienced home chefs.

Chantal Lascaris’s quest for a healthy lifestyle led her to experiment with food, particularly salads. This book is a result of that journey.

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Phillippa Cheifitz

FEBRUARY 2017 Paperback | $23.00 978-1-4323-0440-9 176 pages | 8.5 × 10 Cooking

Well-known food writer Phillippa Cheifitz and a group of foodies get together once a season for supper. Cooking together, they come up with some stunning meals. Each couple submits a 4-course menu, and then they vote to decide which choices will make the most memorable meal. These fabulous feasts are the inspiration for her book. Why not start your own supper club using the collection of easy-to-follow and delicious recipes featured here?

Your low-carb guide to permanent weight loss Bernadine Douglas and Bridgette Allan

FEBRUARY 2017 Paperback | $18.95 978-1-7760-9098-3 304 pages | 6 × 9 Lifestyle & Dieting

Phillippa Cheifitz is an award-winning, Cape Town-based author, who currently contributes to Woolworths TASTE magazine.

FEBRUARY 2017 Paperback | $11.00 978-1-7758-4358-0 144 pages | 6 × 8 Natural Health & Wellness

The Banting Solution not only explains what Banting is all about, but also: Banters’ most answers pressing questions; busts the myths that have cropped up around Banting; provides helpful meal plans and Banting-friendly food lists; offers tips on how to avoid weight-loss stalls; helps you to understand food labels; and teaches you how to Bant on a budget, making this lifestyle accessible to everyone.

Bernadine Douglas is the founder of the Slender Slim 4 U Banting Clinics group. She has diplomas in personal nutrition and nutritional therapy.



Margaret Roberts

Margaret Roberts

Tissue salts are minerals that our bodies need to ensure optimal health. They are found in the Earth’s rocks and soil, and in food that is grown organically in mineralrich soil. This book draws on decades of experience to advise readers on using the 12 key tissue salts to slow the ageing process, promote vitality, and enhance health. It is an indispensable guide for anyone interested in health, wellness, and using natural remedies.

FEBRUARY 2017 Paperback | $11.00 978-1-7700-7773-7 128 pages | 6 × 8 Natural Health & Wellness

Margaret Roberts is a household name in South Africa. She has published many books and articles on how to ensure good health naturally. CASEMATE | IPM NEW TITLES CATALOG SPRING 2017

This book presents the qualities and uses of 12 minerals (salts) that should be present in our bodies in perfect balance. Modern lifestyles and processed foodstuffs lead to a depletion of these substances in our bodies and make us susceptible to a wide range of ailments. Margaret Roberts shares her vast knowledge of how supplementing our diet with tissue salts can promote good health and treat ailments.

Margaret Roberts is a household name in South Africa. She has published many books and articles on how to ensure good health naturally. 57

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The secret world of southern African insects Erik Holm

This book uncovers the complex and fascinating world of insects, from movement and locomotion, metamorphosis and reproduction, to sound and hearing, smell, adaptations, and their role in nature. The main focus is on behavior and biology, but the book concludes with a brief ID section. It is a fascinating read that’s written by a specialist in the field, richly illustrated with photographs and line drawings.

AUGUST 2017 | Paperback | $23.00 | 978-1-7758-4198-2 | 272 pages | 7 × 8.5 | Animals & Nature Erik Holm was Chair of Entomology at Pretoria University for 20 years, and is now retired. He has given many public talks on the topic of insects and for 32 years has answered questions submitted by the public on a widely acclaimed radio show. He has written six popular books on insects.


A field guide to the animals and plants of the region Vincent Carruthers

This new edition of the best-selling and highly regarded illustrated field guide to the animals and plants of southern Africa is fully updated with all the latest taxonomy and common names. It features over 2,000 carefully selected plants and animals, large and small, which are likely to be encountered during a visit to any part of the region. Each chapter has been written by a leading expert in the field. Each group is color coded for easy reference; and for quick identification, diagnostic features are in bold text within the concise descriptions. It is the ideal companion for all who venture outdoors – visitors to game parks, hikers, holiday-makers, birders, game viewers, and gardeners. MAY 2017 | Paperback | $24.95 | 978-1-7758-4353-5 | 360 pages | 6 × 7 | Animals & Nature Vincent Carruthers is a well-known environmentalist, who has written and contributed to a range of highly regarded publications. He serves on the board of a number of environmental organizations.


This is a field guide to the seabirds that occur around the southern African coastline. Written by a specialist in the field of seabirds, the book focuses on the identification and behavior of 135 species of seabird commonly seen around the coast and in the seas of the region. The text is supported with photographs (multiple images per bird where available) and distribution maps for all species.

AUGUST 2017 | Paperback | $14.00 | 978-1-7758-4519-5 | 160 pages | 5.5 × 8 | Animals & Nature Peter Ryan is Director of the FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology at the University of Cape Town. He is a keen bird photographer, has travelled widely in pursuit of birds and has authored several key books on the subject.



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A guide to the marine life of southern Africa George Branch, Margo Branch, Lynnath Beckley and Charles Griffiths

For over two decades Two Oceans has been the pre-eminent book to which scientists, students, divers, and beachcombers turn to identify and learn about marine life, from sponges to whales, from seaweeds to dune forests. In this exuberantly colorful, fully revised fourth edition, over 2,000 species are now covered, names and other details have been updated to reflect the latest taxonomy, and many new photographs have been added.

AUGUST 2017 | Paperback | $20.00 | 978-1-7758-4275-0 | 464 pages | 6.5 × 9 | Marine Life & Nature The authors, George and Margo Branch, Charles Griffiths, and Lynnath Beckley are internationally acclaimed scientists with a passion for communicating the excitement of our marine world.

AFRICA’S TOP GEOLOGICAL SITES Edited by Richard Viljoen, Morris Viljoen, and Carl Anhaeusser

Africa was the core of the ancient supercontinent Pangaea, and comprises some of the oldest and most extraordinary geology on planet Earth. This detailed and colorful book features 44 of the continent’s most spectacular and interesting ‘geosites’, from Table Mountain in the south, to the eroded necks and plugs of the Hoggar region in Algeria; and from the volcanic islands of the Atlantic Ocean, to the continental fragments off the African east coast. Each site is authored by a geologist (or specialist in a related field) with in-depth knowledge about the particular feature or landform: how it formed, its current geological status, its ecological impact, and its archaeological and cultural interest. Supported with many photographs, maps, satellite images, and explanatory illustrations, the text is accessible to geologists and lay enthusiasts alike.

FEBRUARY 2017 | Paperback | $30.00 | 978-1-7758-4448-8 | 312 pages | 8.5 × 11 | Geology & Nature Richard Viljoen, Morris Viljoen, and Carl Anhaeusser are an Honorary Professors of Geology at Witwatersrand University. They have overseen and edited submissions from more than 40 contributors to this volume, ensuring quality, accuracy, and readability throughout.


South Africa is a vast country, extending from pristine coastal plains through rugged mountain passes and across wide stretches of semidesert and forest, hills and valleys. Even travelling South Africans are unprepared for the sheer scale and enormous diversity of this grand landscape. Every day, everywhere, there are new sights to behold and new experiences to share – a graceful old Cape Dutch homestead set against lush vineyards, blue-purple mountain ranges in the distance, the demure smile of a Zulu bride, an arid landscape filled with flowers. It is the sun, the sand, the textures, the colors, and the sounds that conjure up the spirit of South Africa. This volume is a fine tribute to the country, showing its people, its landscapes, and its cityscapes in all their glorious colors and moods. DECEMBER 2016 | Paperback | $18.95 | 978-1-7758-4511-9 | 176 pages | 9.5 × 9.5 | Travel & Photography Sean Fraser is a graduate of journalism from Rhodes University and the author of a number of books on the people and places of southern Africa. He is also an established editor and publishing consultant. CASEMATE | IPM NEW TITLES CATALOG SPRING 2017


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FEBRUARY 2017 Paperback | $6.00 978-1-4323-0686-1 32 pages | 8 × 8 Children’s Books



Lindsay Norman, illustrated by Izak Vollgraaff

Lindsay Norman, illustrated by Izak Vollgraaff

Ten-year-old Themba dreams of joining his father and older brother in chasing the elephants away if they should come to eat their corn. Sadly, everyone tells him that he is too young and must stay at home to protect his mother, sister, and grandfather while his father and brother are away. But danger lurks much closer to home! Readers will have to find out if Themba is brave enough for the challenge.

Cape Town-based Lindsay Norman is involved in educational publishing and is passionate about child literacy. Izak Vollgraaff is a Cape Town-based illustrator, painter, and art teacher.

FEBRUARY 2017 Paperback | $6.00 978-1-4323-0687-8 32 pages | 8 × 8 Children’s Books

Cape Town-based Lindsay Norman is involved in educational publishing and is passionate about child literacy. Izak Vollgraaff is a Cape Town-based illustrator, painter, and art teacher.



Alison’s Journey

The Autobiography

Marianne Thamm

FEBRUARY 2017 Paperback | $14.00 978-1-7760-9116-4 312 pages | 6 × 9 True Crime

When two men stepped out of the darkness, Alison’s nightmare journey began with the two callous killers who were to rape her, stab her so many times doctors could not count the wounds, slit her throat, and leave her for dead. But Alison defied death. I Have Life is the triumphant story of a woman who refused to become a victim. It is an inspiration to people everywhere.

Marianne Thamm is an award-winning journalist who has worked for a variety of publications, and has authored several books. She is currently assistant editor at the Daily Maverick. 60


Themba and his siblings are excited that Aunt Alice is coming to visit. When they arrive at the station to meet her, the children find Aunt Alice in a tree! She explains that she’s hiding from a lion. There’s no sign of a lion, but as the days pass and to the family’s great amusement, Aunt Alice remains convinced that there’s a hungry lion lurking behind every bush. Could Aunt Alice be right?

Helen Zille

JUNE 2017 Hardback | $27.00 978-1-7760-9042-6 560 pages | 6 × 9 Autobiography & Politics

Not Without a Fight is the long-awaited autobiography of Helen Zille, one of South Africa’s most important political figures. Zille takes the reader back to her humble family origins, her early career as a journalist, and her involvement with the End Conscription Campaign and the Black Sash. This book is as frank, honest and uncompromising as Helen Zille herself, and will appeal to anyone interested in the story of South Africa politics.

Helen Zille made a name for herself as a political journalist and an outspoken critic of apartheid. She is currently premier of the Western Cape Province.

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FEBRUARY 2017 Paperback | $15.00 978-1-7760-9015-0 244 pages | 6 × 9 Humor


The musings of a black woman in the Rainbow Nation

Insights from one of Africa’s most creative strategic thinkers

Lerato Tshabalala

Chantell Ilbury and Daryl Ilbury

Lerato Tshabalala first came to our attention with her “Urban Miss” column in the Sunday Times, and since then she has entertained, exasperated, amused, and confounded her fans and critics alike. Now, she looks set to become the national institution she deserves to be. With her customary wit and keen insight into social, political, and cultural affairs, Lerato shines a bright – and controversial – light on South African society.

FEBRUARY 2017 Paperback | $16.00 978-1-7702-2995-2 208 pages | 6 × 9 Business & Economics

Lerato Tshabala is a writer and editor. In 2013 Mail & Guardian named her one of media’s 200 young people to watch. She studied business at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana.

Chantell Ilbury is a bestselling business author and one of Africa’s leading strategists and facilitators. Daryl Ilbury is a former multi-award-winning broadcaster, now a journalist, writer, and author.



How the Next Three Years Will Shape South Africa’s Next Three Decades

Fred Khumalo

FEBRUARY 2017 Paperback | $15.00 978-1-7760-9107-2 244 pages | 6 × 9 Pop Culture & Society

In #ZuptasMustFall, and other rants, Fred Khumalo runs riot, contemplating the pressing issues that continue to confound, infuriate, and exasperate South Africa – or to sink it into further controversy. Covering a wide range of topics, including politics, history, current events, and celebrity gossip, this compilation of recent and new writings contains Khumalo’s trademark blend of humor and shrewd analysis, as well as his treatment of everyday issues from a uniquely South African perspective.

Sit down with one of Africa’s most creative strategic minds, and get to know her and how she thinks. In this book, for the first time, Chantell Ilbury tells her story. She provides refreshing perspectives on entrepreneurism, working in Africa, balancing the demands of family and business, and on women in the corporate working environment.

Richard Calland

FEBRUARY 2017 Paperback | $16.00 978-1-7760-9076-1 208 pages | 6 × 9 Political Science

Fred Khumalo has an MA in Creative Writing from Wits University with distinction and is the recipient of a Nieman Fellowship from Harvard University. His writing has appeared in various publications. CASEMATE | IPM NEW TITLES CATALOG SPRING 2017

This book raises a compelling argument: South Africa is at a critical juncture, and events over the next three years are going to shape the country’s next three decades. Looking at political and economic issues, it explores possible futures for South Africa, showing how the next few years are the most critical since the 1990s, and how South Africa can set itself on a path to success or failure.

Richard Calland is one of South Africa’s most incisive political analysts. He is currently an associate professor in public law at the University of Cape Town. 61

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Protea Boekhuis began as an intimate book store in Pretoria, and soon afterwards the publishing division was born. Today Protea is the biggest independent publisher in South Africa, with six retail outlets across the country. With publications ranging from children's books to important academic works, fiction, poetry, history, and biographies, Protea is constantly encouraging important literature in both English and Afrikaans


The Rise and Fall of an African Eden Brian J. Huntley

This book describes in fascinating detail the wildlife, wild places, and wild personalities that occupied Angola’s conservation landscape through four decades of war and a decade of peace. Intrigues, assassinations, corruption, greed, and incompetence during the colonial era, through the horrific war, and most especially throughout the crony-capitalist kleptocracy of President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, have resulted in the extinction of most of its formerly abundant wildlife populations and the decay and erosion of a once endless Eden. This is the first book to integrate the political, economic JUNE 2017 | Paperback | $25.00 | 978-1-4853-0611-5 | 388 pages | 6 × 9 | Nature & Military History Brian J. Huntley is an internationally respected conservationist with over 50 years of field research and management experience in many African countries and sub-Antarctic islands.


The Story of the Kalahari Lion Fritz Eloff

Written in an accessible style, Eloff imparts information about the physical characteristics of the Kalahari lion, its habitat, its role in the ecosystem, and its interaction with humans. The book concludes with the stories of a number of legendary male and female lions, and the author’s view on the survival of these magnificent animals in an ever changing environment. This book is the result of 40 years of extensive research and numerous exciting adventures while studying the Kalahari lion.

NOVEMBER 2016 | Paperback | $22.00 | 978-1-4853-0600-9 | 180 pages | 8.4 × 11 | Animals & Nature Fritz Eloff was professor of Zoology at the University of Pretoria and was also well known in rugby circles. He regularly participated in radio programs on nature, thus becoming known for his expertise throughout South Africa.

THE GOLDEN REPUBLIC T.V. Bulpin, illustrated by Charles Thomas Astley-Maberly

The Golden Republic tells of the adventure that raised the Republic to its peak and the complex intrigues that brought it down to the dust. It tells of misfortune and riches, and despair of such magnitude that the birth of a Republic seemed inevitable, considering the economic disaster it at times experienced, until gold poked out its shiny head and gave hope again. The characters who crowded into diggers’ towns were some of the wildest and most colorful ever known in the Transvaal. From all over South Africa they flocked to the scene, in the hope of finding fortune. Most of them were just opportunists, who knew nothing about gold except how to spend it. SEPTEMBER 2016 | Paperback | $20.00 | 978-1-4853-0568-2 | 288 pages | 6 × 9 | African History Thomas Victor Bulpin wrote about African big game hunters, and South African travel and history. He was a wellknown and very prolific travel writer – he wrote 29 books and thousands of pamphlets and features on southern Africa for magazines and newspapers. 62


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Real Reads are accessible texts designed to support the literacy development of primary and lower secondary age children, while introducing them to the riches of our international literary heritage. Each book is a retelling of a work of great literature from one of the world’s greatest cultures, fitted into a 64page book, making classic stories, dramas, and histories available to intelligent young readers.


JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH Jules Verne, retold by Tony Evans, illustrated by Stephen Lillie

Jules Verne, retold by Tony Evans, illustrated by Stephen Lillie

JULY 2017 Paperback | $6.95 978-1-9110-9106-6 64 pages | 5.25 × 7.75 Classic Juvenile Fiction

JULY 2017 Paperback | $6.95 978-1-9110-9108-0 64 pages | 5.25 × 7.75 Classic Juvenile Fiction

When Professor Aronnax and his two companions find themselves aboard the Nautilus, they are amazed by the huge and powerful submarine and its mysterious owner, Captain Nemo. The three friends travel vast distances beneath the oceans, exploring an undersea realm full of excitement, discoveries, and danger. Captain Nemo seems to have some secret purpose. Why has he shut himself off from the world, and what are his plans for the Nautilus?

JULY 2017 Paperback | $6.95 978-1-9110-9107-3 64 pages | 5.25 × 7.75 Classic Juvenile Fiction

Most scientists believed that the fierce heat and tremendous pressure would make a journey to the Earth’s center impossible. When Professor Lindenbrock decides to prove them wrong it is the beginning of an amazing adventure, full of surprising discoveries and unpredictable threats. When Axel agrees to join his uncle’s expedition, he has no idea of the dangers which lie ahead of him. Can he and his companions survive their encounters with the strange creatures which inhabit the depths of the Earth?



Robert Louis Stevenson, retold by Tony Evans, illustrated by Sarah Wimpers

Robert Louis Stevenson, retold by Tony Evans, illustrated by Sarah Wimpers

When young David Balfour visits his uncle Ebenezer, he hopes for some good news about his inheritance. Instead, he is kidnapped. After David befriends a Scottish soldier, Alan Breck Stewart, he discovers that Alan has rebelled against the King of England. David is a loyal subject of King George – so should he help when he discovers that Alan’s life is in danger? Can David escape from the wild and hazardous Highlands of Scotland before he is captured?

JULY 2017 Paperback | $6.95 978-1-9110-9109-7 64 pages | 5.25 × 7.75 Classic Juvenile Fiction


After the discovery of a map, young Jim Hawkins joins an expedition to the island with Dr. Livesey and the squire. Soon Jim and his companions find that they are in a desperate fight for survival with Captain Flint’s old shipmates, who are determined to kill everyone who stands between them and the hidden gold. When Jim is separated from his friends, can he think of a way to outwit the pirates before they capture him? 63

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Tilde Publishing and Distribution is an academic publisher of up-to-date textbooks, casebooks, and business books based on the latest scholarly research. Their style is accessible, and their perspective is global. Tilde currently publishes in the fields of management, leadership, human resources, international business, small business management, marketing, business law, research methods, economics, and study skills


Just Do It

Anona Armstrong

Whistleblowers have always existed. In general, we are all reluctant to disclose bad news. And bad news has long been associated with shooting the messenger. Today, whistleblowing is still associated with the risk of retribution for the whistleblower, but the messages are now usually directed at the institutions of society. Governance of Whistleblowing: Just Do It examines the value of whistleblowing and its impact on corruption. In short, corruption can flourish in an environment of secrecy, and whistleblowing is one of the best inhibitors of fraudulent conduct. Whistleblowing can be defined as a disclosure of illegal conduct or other wrongdoing. JUNE 2017 | Paperback | $69.95 | 978-0-7346-1262-5 | 200 pages | 8 × 10 | TUP Research | Business & Ethics Anona Armstrong is the Director of Research and Research Training and the Head of the Governance Research Program in the College of Law and Justice at Victoria University.


The Challenges of Finance, Taxation and Regulation Yongqiang Li

Small businesses are the engine of the Australian economy – and likewise of most national economies in the world. Whether they are one-person firms, family businesses, small proprietary companies, or SMEs, they all face similar challenges in the startup and finance seeking stages. This book explores the impact of regulations and regulatory bodies on SMEs. Questions raised include exploring whether large corporates have an unfair advantage over SMEs when engaging with and interacting with governments and regulatory bodies. Ultimately, this book looks at whether there is a relationship between government regulation and the performance of SMEs. FEBRUARY 2017 | Paperback | $69.95 | 978-0-7346-1264-9 | 280 pages | 8 × 10 | TUP Research Small Business Management Yongqiang Li is a research fellow in the Governance Research Program at the College of Law and Justice at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia. His PhD is also from Victoria University.


Creating Great Brand Experiences for Customers Dale Miller and Bill Merrilees

The dynamic world of retailing in the 21st century takes us on an exciting and enjoyable journey. But while travel is said to broaden the mind, the modern retailing world continues to change dramatically and irrevocably before our eyes. The 21st century presents an expanding scope of retailing possibilities, including online stores, pop-up shops, the revitalization of shopping malls, an extensive use of flagship stores, and more. This book emphasizes the relevance of branding and innovation to firms anywhere in the retail supply chain. The challenge is to add value at every stage. JUNE 2017 | Paperback | $69.95 | 978-0-7346-1263-2 | 340 pages | 8 × 10 | TUP Textbooks | Business & Retailing Dale Miller has an international reputation anchored particularly in retail innovation and branding. She has been published in various international scholarly journals, and has authored a number of books on retailing. 64


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Building Vibrant and Sustainable Entreprenurial Ecosystems Edited by Delwyn Clark, Tui McKeown, and Martina Battisti

Growing and sustaining entrepreneurial ecosystems will drive the success of future SMEs. This book examines areas such as: the law and access to justice for small firms, opportunities for collaboration and support between large and small firms, growing indigenous enterprises, improving the manufacturing sector, collaboration within cooperatives and mutual enterprises, and more. This book contains ten chapters from a range of specialist authors, with particular emphasis on: understanding specific issues for SMEs and/or components of the entrepreneurial ecosystem; reviewing prior research; identifying best practices; and revealing gaps in current policies, practices or research. NOVEMBER 2016 | Paperback | $69.95 | 978-0-7346-1257-1 | 246 pages | 8 × 10 | TUP Research Business & Entrepreneurship Delwyn Clark is Professor of Strategic Management and Associate Dean of Research at the Faculty of Management at University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand.


Small businesses, like all businesses, operate in an increasingly regulated environment. Increasing business regulation is being driven by public desire for greater protection of consumers, workers and the physical environment. This book outlines the necessary steps for small businesses to take in order to avoid breaches of the law. It advises new businesses, firstly, to identify and implement all relevant regulatory requirements. It then delves deeply into the intricacies of contracts, the legally enforceable documents that create rights and obligations. Specific chapters focus on the need to negotiate and arrange contracts applying to work relationships, insurance cover, commercial leasing and other land dealings. NOVEMBER 2016 | Paperback | $29.95 | 978-0-7346-1258-8 | 180 pages | 7.75 × 9.75 | TILDE Business Small Business Management Ian Birt is an accountant and registered tax agent, with degrees in accounting and law. He has worked extensively in small business, and for an accounting firm specializing in small business clients.


Better Government, Better Decisions and Stronger Communities Peter Demediuk

Community engagement has a history stretching back to ancient Athenian direct democracy where citizens participated in local government decision-making. When done well, engaging citizens continues to result in better government, better decisions, and stronger communities. This book explores the forces, form, and function of community engagement initiatives by local governments. The quest for community engagement is a significant global phenomenon, and mounting pressure for more citizen participation presents professional practice with the challenge and opportunity of determining appropriate actions and outcomes. The nine in-depth case studied within provide interesting, innovative, and instructive examples of the successful application of community engagement which can inform international practice at all levels of government. FEBRUARY 2017 | Paperback | $69.95 | 978-0-7346-1261-8 | 280 pages | 8 × 10 | TUP Research | Business & Politics Peter Demediuk holds a Doctor of Business Administration, is a Chartered Accountant and Certified Practicing Accountant, and teaches financial management, international business, and ethics and sustainability at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia. CASEMATE | IPM NEW TITLES CATALOG SPRING 2017


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Options, Futures, Swaps, MBSs, CDOs and Others Robert A. Strong and Nagaratnam Jeyasreedharan

Although most universities now have an undergraduate derivatives course, many instructors were, and still are, in desperate need of a book with coverage that is both adequate and accessible – as most textbooks on financial derivatives are either too basic or too advanced for undergraduate students. This book provides a broad introduction to the options, futures, swaps, and interest rate options markets, and also provides the intuition needed to understand the fundamental mathematics of pricing. In addition, coverage of innovative derivative products such as exotic options, weather derivatives, catastrophe futures, and volatility spreads has not been neglected. We cover these concepts and conclude with a contemporary issues chapter that discusses the latest developments in the field.

JUNE 2017 | Paperback | $69.95 | 978-0-7346-1256-4 | 440 pages | 8 × 10 | TUP Textbooks | Business & Mathematics Robert A. Strong is a retired University of Maine professor. His BS in Engineering is from West Point, his Master’s in Business Administration from Boston University, and his Ph.D. in Finance from Penn State.


Guidelines for International Trade Sebastian Ioppolo

Most businesses will be affected by international trade. Businesses, therefore, need to be dynamic and respond to the changing business environment to prosper or, in many cases, just to survive. This book is designed to help business professionals and students gain specific international trade related knowledge. This will assist participants in identifying and capitalizing on opportunities and reducing their risks, leading to improved business outcomes. It provides up-to-date and practical “how to” information for anyone involved in international trade. Suitable for beginners, experienced traders, or students, the book’s fourteen chapters fully explain the process of transacting with international customers or suppliers. FEBRUARY 2017 | Paperback | $39.95 | 978-0-7346-1259-5 | 190 pages | 7.75 × 9.75 | TILDE Business International Business Sebastian Ioppolo has over 20 years of hands-on experience as an importer and exporter, and now uses this knowledge for trade consulting work with organizations in Australia and abroad.


This book is pitched exactly at the right level – in terms of both content and language – for business students, law students, and international students. This fifth edition has been fully updated to include changes in the law. This text consists of 12 chapters, divided into four parts. To support the learning process, each of the 12 chapters includes highlighted Legal principles and Case studies, plus new Test your understanding questions to encourage legal research. Each chapter concludes with Terms & concepts review questions, Consolidation questions, and Discussion questions or challenging Problems. In addition to being an accessible and affordable textbook for Australian Business Law students, it is also the most up-to-date. JUNE 2017 | Paperback | $69.95 | 978-0-7346-1252-6 | 380 pages | 8 × 10.5 | TUP Textbooks | Business & Law Callie Harvey has taught at RMIT University since 1995, teaching law subjects in many programs including those designed for international students. She has also completed a Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training. 66


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Word 2016

The Tilde Group

This book contributes directly to achieving the unit of competency needed to design and produce text documents in the Business Services Training Package. This would be of interest to students seeking to build on their basic word processing skills. Key features of this book include: providing the skills to prepare, design, and produce text documents in Word 2016; presenting detailed steps and knowledge on a range of advanced word processing skills, e.g. applying and creating styles, using and creating templates, advanced tables, inserting graphics, shapes and objects, newsletter layouts, working with multi-page documents, more on merging, tracking edits, and comparing document versions; and providing 83 hands-on exercises, 19 consolidation tasks, 6 workplace scenarios, 13 Skills challenges, and 6 Assessment tasks. The Tilde Skills series is suitable for classroom and self-paced courses, as well as distance and fee-for-service education. It makes no assumptions about prior student knowledge. APRIL 2017 | Paperback | $32.95 | 978-0-7346-0881-9 | 244 pages | 8.25 × 11.75 | TILDE Skills | Business & Technology


Excel 2016

The Tilde Group

Produce Spreadsheets: Microsoft Excel 2016 contributes directly to achieving the unit of competency needed to produce spreadsheets in the Business Services Training Package. This book would also be of interest to any student requiring a spreadsheet course which encompasses formulas, functions, formatting, and charts. Key features of this book include: planning, designing, and creating spreadsheets with charts; providing a calculations-first approach which integrates formatting and organizing data at appropriate times; supplying 90 hands-on exercises, 15 consolidation tasks, 4 workplace scenarios, 3 Skills Challenges, and 4 Assessment tasks to bring skills together; plus supplying additional appendix material on keyboard shortcuts, saving to PDF & Help. The Tilde Skills series is suitable for classroom and self-paced courses, as well as distance and fee-for-service education. APRIL 2017 | Paperback | $32.95 | 978-0-7346-0885-7 | 200 pages | 8.25 × 11.75 | TILDE Skills | Business & Technology


PowerPoint 2016 The Tilde Group

This book contributes directly to achieving the unit of competency needed to create electronic presentations in the Business Services Training Package. This book would be of interest to anyone wanting to acquire electronic presentation skills. Key features of this book include: exploring the Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 environment; preparing, creating, running, and finalizing an electronic presentation which is engaging and balanced; presenting advanced features including slide masters, charts, organizational charts, slide transitions, object animations, importing text, custom shows, and packaging a presentation onto a CD; providing 51 hands-on exercises, 6 consolidation tasks, 3 Skills challenges, and 7 Assessment tasks; plus supplying additional appendix material on shortcut keys, customizing the Quick Access Toolbar & Help. The Tilde Skills series is suitable for classroom and self-paced courses, as well as distance and fee-for-service education. APRIL 2017 | Paperback | $30.95 | 978-0-7346-0887-1 | 144 pages | 8.25 × 11.75 | TILDE Skills | Business & Technology CASEMATE | IPM NEW TITLES CATALOG SPRING 2017


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Publisher 2016

The Tilde Group

This book would be of interest to those undertaking a first course in desktop publishing skills. Key features include: exploring the Microsoft Publisher 2016 environment; creating and finalizing desktop published documents; detailed steps and knowledge on a range of desktop publishing skills, e.g. page layout and design, page setup, working with text and text boxes, importing text, linking text boxes, working with pictures and drawing objects, tables master pages, styles, and templates; 68 hands-on exercises, 14 consolidation tasks, 3 Skills challenges, and 4 Assessment tasks; plus additional appendix material on shortcut keys, Help, exporting to Word, and saving to a PDF for distribution. The Tilde Skills series is suitable for classroom and self-paced courses, as well as distance and fee-for-service education. APRIL 2017 | Paperback | $30.95 | 978-0-7346-0888-8 | 160 pages | 8.25 × 11.75 | TILDE Skills | Business & Technology


Office 2016

The Tilde Group

This book contributes directly to achieving the unit of competency BSBITU306A Design and Produce business documents in the Business Services Training Package (BSB07). The aim of this book is to teach and put into practice integration skills between Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. All Business tasks use a simulated business, “Your Books” where the learner works as an Administrative Assistant. Key features of this book include: an applied look at computer integration skills using Microsoft Office 2016, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access; a streamlined, task-focused, and fasterpaced approach to acquiring business computing skills; a new, expanded chapter on tables in Word; and more Business tasks: 31 in total. The Tilde Getting Results series offers a task-focused approach to student learning. APRIL 2017 | Paperback | $32.95 | 978-0-7346-0889-5 | 138 pages | 8.25 × 11.75 | TILDE Skills | Business & Technology 9Crows Publishing, a distribution client of Tilde Publishing and Distribution, is the publishing arm of Nine Crows Pty Ltd. They are a creative team involved in collaborating with artists willing to put their art on the line to help make this a better world. Based in Australia, the creative output of 9Crows seeks to challenge and stimulate the imagination and spiritual aspect of our many intelligences.


Murder, Madness and Magic in the Blue Mountains of Australia Victor Spiegel, with John Galea

This is not your typical novel. Nor is it your typical story. The author’s time in the Blue Mountains, combined with meeting the indigenous people of the area and collaborative inspiration with his good friend John Galea, contributed to this story. It came about first a radio play, next as a screenplay, then as a musical, and now as a novel. Possible subtitles for this novel included “when Australian indigenous spirits and the Fae of Ireland clash”, “the evolution of the first were-kangaroo”, “the history behind the Death Train Engineer”, “Bob’s your [demonic gnome] uncle”, and “meet the feral Giant Strawberry”. DECEMBER 2016 | Paperback | $24.95 | 978-0-7346-7100-4 | 194 pages | 6 × 9 | Psychological Fiction & Mythology Victor Spiegel grew up in Los Angeles. He now lives in Sydney, Australia where he has been directing short films, teaching at a contemporary music school, and continuing to score and write. 68


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