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Sunriver Country Store and Sunriver Marketplace are your “LOCAL” Full Service Supermarkets!

• Produce & Meat • UPS/Fax/Copies Departments • CBD Products • Carpet Cleaner Rentals • Hot Deli • Daily Lunch & Dinner Menu • POST OFFICE • Full Service Gas Station • Full Liquor Store • Free Wi-Fi • Beer/Wine/Cigars • Propane tank exchange • Lottery • Ethanol Free Premium Unleaded • Sno-Park Permits • 1-Day Fishing Licenses

541-593-8166 In Sunriver’s north end on Cottonwood Road

• Produce & Meat Departments • Hot Deli • Daily Lunch & Dinner Menu • Money Orders • Fax • 1-Day Fishing Licenses

• CBD Products • Copies • Full Liquor Store • Extensive Beer/Wine Selection • Cigars • Lottery • Sno-Park Permits

541-593-8113 In Sunriver’s south end in the Village at Sunriver


Shop at Sunriver Marketplace or Sunriver Country Store | Redeem at Sunriver Marketplace. With any minimum purchase of $25, save .04 per gallon on gasoline. Spend $50, save .06 per gallon. | Spend $75, save .08 per gallon. | Spend $100, save .10 per gallon.

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On the Cover Sunriver Wake by David Kreitzer 2020 & 2021 Sunriver Music Festival’s Poster Artist


This Sunriver Magazine is produced in collaboration with the Sunriver Area Chamber of Commerce by Cascade Publications Inc. located at 404 NE Norton Ave., Bend, OR 97701. 541-388-5665, No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without the expressed written consent of Cascade Publications Inc. Published May 2021 Photos above courtesy of Kristine Thomas, Alpine Property Management, Mt. Bachelor Resort and East Lake Resort 2021-22 |


Welcome to Sunriver

Photo courtesy of Sunriver Resort


ithin this magazine, the Sunriver Area Chamber of Commerce has tried to capture the qualities, activities and all of those things that make our community such as special place in the world. We know, however, that you can only truly get to know Sunriver by staying and playing here, and experiencing all we have to offer. And we’d welcome your visit, recognizing that travel and vacationing over this past year in the midst of a pandemic has been challenging like no other. We hope that Sunriver, with its natural setting and wonderful outdoor recreational opportunities, can provide a respite from this difficult time, and serve to re-energize your spirit. So what are some of these unique qualities we are talking about? Let’s start with the weather. Sunriver enjoys Central Oregon’s high desert climate with about 300 days a year of sunshine. But what makes Sunriver so



comfortable are the warm summer days followed by the cool evenings and nights — just open your windows to naturally air condition your home! The winter months are special as well as the snow creates a beautiful white blanket over the trees and ground, providing for Nordic skiing and snowshoeing from your front door. That same dry, Central Oregon mountain snowfall followed soon by sunshine makes for a “Blue Bird” day of skiing at nearby Mt. Bachelor. During a typical day, Sunriver is alive with outdoor activities that go hand-in-hand with our natural setting. Families build memories for a lifetime on bike rides along the more than 34 miles of paved biking and walking paths that wind through trees and meadows throughout the Sunriver community. A network of hiking and mountain biking trails on dirt and gravel beckon adventure seekers just across Cardinal Landing Bridge. The Deschutes River, which gracefully flows along


Sunriver’s western border, provides floating, fishing and wildlife viewing opportunities. Just a short drive away are dozens of Alpine lakes, Lava Lands Visitor Center and the Newberry National Volcanic Monument. Sunriver also boasts fun-filled human-made recreational facilities that blend naturally into the Central Oregon high desert. For families, the Sunriver Homeowners Aquatic & Recreation Center (SHARC), located in the center of Sunriver, features indoor and outdoor aquatics, including a variety of pools and water slides. Golfers will be challenged by the world-class courses in Sunriver and surrounding area. Tennis courts are located throughout Sunriver, and the growing sport of pickleball has dedicated courts at Fort Rock Park. All of this activity naturally leads to a healthy appetite, so Sunriver has everything you’re looking for in dining options in The Village at Sunriver, Sunriver Resort, Sunriver Business Park and Spring River Plaza.

A choice of accommodations in Sunriver is just as wide. Many families choose from hundreds of fully furnished vacation homes for rent, many of which include a garage full of bikes and a hot tub on the deck. Renting multiple homes on the same street for family reunions and other gatherings is common. Many condominium, townhome and guestroom rental options are also available from the Sunriver Resort and property management companies. For those considering Sunriver as a permanent home or business location, we recommend doing what many residents have done first — enjoy Sunriver as a visitor or vacation home owner. It won’t be long before you’ve made a decision about moving here. The Sunriver Area Chamber of Commerce can make your vacation or move here that magical experience that so many have had. Please give us a call or check out our website. • 541-593-8149 2021-22 |


Photo by Dan Youmans

Adventure Awaits in Sunriver


unriver is truly an oasis for those eager for outdoor adventures, wonderful dining experiences, a quaint shopping village and all-around outstanding hospitality. Ponderosa pines, mountain views, lakes and rivers add to Sunriver’s Central Oregon charm, located about 18 miles south of Bend via Highway 97, about halfway between Bend and La Pine. Guests arrive by air either arriving at Redmond’s Municipal Airport (RDM), Central Oregon’s premiere commercial and general aviation airport, and is only 34 miles away from Sunriver. Air service is provided by American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, United and Delta serving the cities of Denver, Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Seattle and Phoenix. Ground transportation to and from the Redmond Airport is abundant and includes six on-site car rental agencies as well as town car, limousine and taxi service. The airport


provides exceptionally convenient parking located close to the terminal with low parking rates. The Sunriver Airport can accommodate aircraft from a small single engine piston aircraft to a Bombardier Global Express. The airport is near the Sunriver Resort and can be used for a day excursion to play golf, ski or fly fish or extended-stay and as a drop-off point for meetings. All local activities are available by a courtesy shuttle ride, a 15-minute walk to the lodge or a short bike ride, with courtesy bikes available seasonally. If you choose to drive to Sunriver, it’s about a three to four hour trip from Portland, Oregon (180 miles) and will take close to a full day from Boise, Idaho (318 miles), San Francisco, California (480 miles) and Seattle, Washington (345 miles). In all seasons, it’s a good idea to check road conditions since you will be driving over the mountains and be prepared for snow in the late fall, winter and early spring.


Sunriver Airport

he privately owned Sunriver airport is located on the west side of the community. It is open to the public and can accommodate almost any type of general aviation aircraft from a small single engine piston aircraft to a Bombardier Global Express.

Full-service fuel is available for both Jet-A and 100LL AvGas, and both fuels are available 24 hours a day at the self-service station. The pilot lounge is open 24 hours with access to restrooms, computer and internet access, and courtesy shuttles to the Sunriver Resort.


Hangar rentals are also available. Rental cars are available through Enterprise. Courtesy bicycles are available for day use for anyone flying in, and catering is available for all aircraft. For staffed hours and other information, go to or call 541-593-4603.

Photo courtesy of Sunriver Airport

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SPRING RIVER PLAZA See map, page 90

























Local Attraction Golf G Go o Course Cou Road R oad Bike Path






Pedestrian/Bicycle Pathways Shown in Red


















































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Getting Around Sunriver Sunriver’s Traffic Circles


You’ll notice several traffic circles on this street map. Though they take a bit of getting used to, they help the flow of traffic. Some traffic circle etiquette: Yield to drivers in the circle, and use your turn signal only when you’re about to exit.

New Sunriver Trails




Just across Cardinal Landing Bridge is a new network of mountain biking and hiking trails. See pages 28-29 for a complete map of these fun and exciting trails.







5 W






















10 DE R O AD










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Where is Circle 8?

In 1978, 2,185 undeveloped acres on Sunriver’s north end were sold to the US Forest Service. This is where Circle 8 would have been located.


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Sunriver History

Co-Existing with Nature Early aerial photo of the Lodge.


by John Salzer, Sunriver Resident and Historian or most of you who are reading this article it, this will mark your first visit to Sunriver. Welcome. We hope that you enjoy your stay and find our community to your liking. You may be amazed (and maybe impressed) with all that our community has to offer. Enjoy our 34 miles of bike paths, the SHARC, the Deschutes River, The Village at Sunriver and everything else our community has to offer. What you may not realize is that Sunriver isn’t what it is today by accident. Imagine it’s 1964 and you just bought 5,500 acres out in the middle of nowhere and are now trying to decide what to do with it. John Gray and Don McCallum, the original developers, faced this dilemma. So what did they do? They, and their wives, spent more than three full years planning what they wanted the development to look and be like before the first hole was dug. They finished the plan in 1968, and called it “The Plan of Sunriver.”


What made this “Plan of Sunriver” so unique? Well, it was its uniqueness. Sunriver would be the first of its kind anywhere that said, “Instead of taking over, owners would be guests of the community and would do all they could to co-exist with the native animals.” They wanted to create a community that was environmentally sensitive — years before anyone thought about the environment. (Earth Day was created in 1970). In fact, the first employee hired was a naturalist. So what did this Plan mean to us today? Well, instead of developing the 102-acre Great Meadows, it was preserved for everyone to enjoy. As was much of the river front property. The Plan called for the creation of an extensive bike path system in the hopes folks would abandon their cars once they arrived here. Did you know that you can actually go from one end of Sunriver to the other faster riding a bike on the bike path than you can getting in your car and driving? (Or did it occur to you that, if you

wish, you can come in to Sunriver and drive to your home without ever having to stop at a stop sign?) The Plan called for 11 circles (which were unheard of back then), no curbs, winding roads — all intended to slow you down so you could enjoy the beauty. Did you notice that all the homes in Sunriver are painted earth tones to blend in (rather than stand out) with nature? Sunriver has 4,200 homes and condos, but it doesn’t feel like it when you drive around. Look up at the night sky tonight… beautiful, isn’t it. Why? Because all outdoor lighting must shine down, not up — to keep the night sky pristine. Another feature of The Plan of Sunriver. Have you noticed that Sunriver has no telephone or utility poles or wires overhead? Over 50 years ago, The Plan of Sunriver called for all utilities to be buried underground — long before it became an option elsewhere. When the developers turned over much of Sunriver to the homeowners, The Plan of Sunriver became The Consolidated Plan of Sunriver, and is still the document that guides decision-making in the community. (Right) Don McCallum, wearing glasses, going over plans with others employees. Meeting at the Great Hall with Bend Chamber. Photos courtesy of Deschutes Historical Museum.

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Sunriver in the Movies


by John Salzer, Sunriver Resident and Historian ost visitors to Sunriver, and many permanent residents as well, aren’t aware that Oregon, and particularly Sunriver, has played an important role in the film industry. It started back in the early 1970’s when Oregon was the place to go to film movies. Some of the classic movies you are familiar with include The Goonies, Animal House, The Shining, Stand By Me, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Kindergarten Cop. All were filmed in Oregon. Back in the 70’s, though, Sunriver was the place to go if you wanted to film westerns. The first was The Way West starring Kirk Douglas, Robert Mitchum and Richard Widmark in 1967. The film also included a little known actress by the name of Sally Field. Much of the filming was done in and around Sunriver, and in exchange for not paying for the six weeks of filming, the film’s construction crew put on a new roof on The Great Hall. The following year, John Wayne starred in, and won, an Oscar for his performance in True Grit, which was also filmed in and around Sunriver. Also in the film were three then unknowns — singer Glen Campbell in his first and probably his last acting job — but also Robert Duvall and Dennis Hopper, who would both go on to have very successful film careers. Then in 1975, John Wayne and Katharine Hepburn actually


lived in Sunriver for most of a summer while filming Rooster Cogburn, the sequel to True Grit. Hepburn lived in a Meadow House while Wayne lived in John Gray’s house (one of the founders of Sunriver). Many locals were entertained by the two of them and others got jobs as extras during the filming. But that’s not all. In 1982, the limo used by the J.R. Ewing family in the television show Dallas ended up here and was used to transport guests back and forth from the Redmond Airport. The Cadillac Eldorado was built in 1975, and rebuilt in 1978. They took two El Dorado’s, cut the frame and added 30 inches to the wheelbase…all for $32,000. As if that’s not enough, there’s more. Many of you seniors will remember the 1951 film entitled The African Queen, starring Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn. Both won Academy Awards as Best Actor and Best Actress. No, the film wasn’t filmed in Sunriver nor on the Deschutes River, but better yet, the tugboat used in the film, called The African Queen, was purchased by Hal Bailey, a part time Sunriver resident from Eugene, who had a bike rental shop here. Well, Hal moved the boat to the Sunriver Marina, renamed it the Sunriver Queen, and got it in good enough shape to take passengers up and down the Deschutes River… making itself known by blowing it raucous steam whistle. After several state and local agencies threatened him, he moved the boat to Florida.

Emergency Contacts POLICE


Emergency 911 Non-emergency 541-693-6911 Business Office 541-593-1014

Sunriver Veterinary Clinic 541-593-8128


High Desert Family Medicine (Sunriver) 541-593-5400


Emergency 911 Non-emergency and Business Office 541-593-8622

La Pine Community Health Center 541-536-3435

ELECTRICAL 541-536-2126

St. Charles Bend South Clinic Immediate Care 541-706-5930


St. Charles Medical Center: 541-382-4321


Summit Medical Group Urgent Care 541-706-2552

888-522-1130 541-593-2483










CHECK IT! EVACUATE! Visit this website to learn what to do when the sirens go off ! SUNRIVER SERVICE DISTRICT EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT

AIR TRANSPORT Airlink 541-233-6355

LifeFlight Network 800-982-9299

DO YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO WHEN DISASTER STRIKES? Most people want to relax, tune out and just have a good time while on vacation. No one wants to spoil the fun by having to think about the potential of a disaster but, for some communities, the threat is real. The Sunriver community is equipped with siren towers that can be used to “sound the alarm” if there is an imminent threat to the community. Sunriver’s Police and Sunriver Fire & Rescue departments, with the assistance of the Sunriver Owners Association, col-

laborated to create a campaign to better educate owners and visitors on what to do in the event of a major incident that could require an evacuation – such as a catastrophic wildfire. Sunriver’s emergency alert campaign, HEAR IT – CHECK IT – EVACUATE, includes a website and text alert system that anyone can access in the event of an emergency. Visit the website at www.sunriver and sign up for text alerts today.

Emergency Preparedness Starts with You! Receive Sunriver Emergency Text Alerts 1. Create new text message 2. Type 888777 in the “To/Recipient” field 3. Type SRALERTS in the message field 4. Hit send 5. You will receive a text notification if you were successful Leaving Sunriver? Opt-out by sending STOP to 888777 2021-22 |





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(844) 868-9979 Ask how you can camp all year long with our Thousand Trails Camping Pass! Our Thousand Trails Camping Pass is offered by MHC Thousand Trails Limited Partnership, an affiliate of Equity Lifestyle Properties, Inc., Two North Riverside Plaza, Chicago, IL 60606. This advertising is being used for the purpose of soliciting sales of resort campground memberships. This document has been filed with the Department of Licensing, State of Washington as required by Washington Law. Value, quality or conditions stated and performance on promises are the responsibility of the operator, not the Department. The filing does not mean the Department has approved the merits or qualifications of any registration, advertising, or any gift or item of value as part of any promotional plan.

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Located ON THE SNOW at the Wanoga Sno-Park


541 389 0562 18 2021-22 | SUNRIVER MAGAZINE

Central Oregon Adventures operates under a special use permit from the Deschutes National Forest and Oregon State Marine Board.


Photo by Chad Copeland

Abundant Recreation in Sunriver Sunriver Area Chamber Member Businesses ATTRACTIONS

High Desert Museum 59800 S Hwy. 97, Bend, OR 97702 541-382-4754 Mt. Bachelor 13000 SW Century Dr., Bend, OR 97702 800-829-2442 Newberry National Monument Lava Lands Visitor Center Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory 57245 River Rd., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-4442 Sunriver Homeowners Aquatic and Recreational Center (SHARC) 57250 Overlook Rd., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-585-5000 Sunriver Resort 17600 Center Dr., Sunriver, OR 97707 866-482-3909

SPORTS & OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT RENTAL & SALES 4 Seasons Recreational Outfitters 57195 Beaver Dr., 2 Country Mall Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-2255 • Central Oregon Adventures PO Box 4188, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-8887

Sunriver Sports Group Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #16 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-8369 Sunriver Toy House Rentals 17345 Spring River Rd. Sunriver, OR 97707 541-647-4433 The Village Bike & Ski Shop Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #21 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-2453


Day One Outdoors 5833-HOOKSET Hook Fly Shop Cascade Guides & Outfitters Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #23 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-2358 Camp Abbot Trading Co. (Fishing Supplies) 56820 Venture Ln., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-8168


Old Back Nine at Mountain High 60650 China Hat Rd., Bend, OR 97702 541-382-1111

Moto Fantasy (Motorcycle Rental) 16693 Sprague Loop, La Pine, OR 97739 541-536-6263

Sunriver Resort-Meadows Course 541-593-4402

Outriders Northwest (ATV Rental) 541-688-7433

Sunriver Resort-Woodlands Course 541-593-4402

Quail Run Golf Course 16725 Northridge Dr., La Pine, OR 97739 541-536-1303


Crane Prairie Resort Crane Prairie Reservoir, NE Shore PO Box 1171, Bend, OR 97709 541-383-3939 East Lake Resort 22430 Paulina Lake Rd. La Pine, OR 97739 541-536-2230 Elk Lake Resort 6000 Century Dr., Bend, OR 97701 541-480-7380 Paulina Lake Lodge 22440 Paulina Lake Rd., La Pine, OR 97739 541-536-2240


Star Productions DJs PO Box 3111, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-419-4090


Chockstone Climbing Guides Smith Rock State Park 541-318-7170 Central Oregon Adventures PO Box 4188 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-8887 Sun Country Tours Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #26 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-382-6277

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SHARC Offers Family Fun for All Ages


by Sunriver Owners Association uring thousands of vacationers, residents and guests through its doors each year since opening in 2012, visitors to the Sunriver Homeowners Aquatic & Recreation Center (SHARC) report being rejuvenated by the brilliant range of activities and amenities the facility offers to all ages and interests. The vast majority of SHARC visitors come in the warmer summer months to frolic in the oversize outdoor pool, drift in the lazy river, plunge down tube and body slides, dance in the water fountains, sunbathe or watch toddlers safely play in a separate wading pool and play area. Thousands also slide down the winter tubing hill (on select dates between November and February), scramble around the playground, play hoops on the full-size basketball court, play disc golf, test their skills at bocce ball or picnic in the park. Even when the weather turns cold, SHARC’s indoor, multi-use pool continues to attract owners and


visitors. Heated to a relatively toasty 84-85 degrees, the pool’s zero entry features bubbling fountains, spinning water flower and dumping bucket to entertain youngsters and the young at heart. Schoolage children make themselves dizzy floating around in circles in the vortex water feature. Three adjacent lap lanes provide space for workouts, swim lessons, aquatic fitness classes and water volleyball. Aside from aquatics, SHARC’s 5,000-square-foot Benham Hall (which can also be split into two smaller rooms) hosts business meetings, weddings, banquets, seminars, events and fundraisers. Access to SHARC is free to members of Sunriver Owners Association with a valid Member Preference ID, those with SROA Recreation Guest Passes and guests of vacation rental properties enrolled in SROA’s Recreation Plus Program. The general public is welcome via a daily gate fee. 541-585-5000

he majority of SHARC visitors come in the warm summer months, sunbathing on the massive pool deck and lawn.



Photos courtesy of Sunriver Owners Association

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Make Your Fishing Dreams Come True

Kokanee Salmon

Rainbow Trout


entral Oregon is an angler’s dream with more than 100 lakes and 450 miles of pristine rivers and streams. All within an hour’s drive of Sunriver, these waters hold Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Brook Trout, Lake Trout, Bull Trout, Cutthroat Trout, native Redband Trout, Kokanee, Atlantic Salmon and Large and Smallmouth Bass. For many months out of the year in the lower Deschutes River you’ll find both Salmon and Steelhead that have made their return trip from the Pacific Ocean.

Brook Trout

Central Oregon’s crystal clear water and the abundance of natural food and insects produce beautiful and healthy fish. And the fish get big here. Trout over ten pounds are common. The state record Brown Trout is 28.5 pounds (caught at Paulina Lake, 20 minutes from Sunriver), the state record Lake Trout is 40.8 pounds (caught at Odell Lake, 45 minutes from Sunriver) and the state record Bull Trout is 23.2 pounds (caught at Lake Billy Chinook, about an hour from Sunriver).

Chinook Salomon

Sunriver is home to several experienced fly fishing and guide shops that have the localized knowledge to provide you with an unforgettable fishing experience.


Brown Trout

Bull Trout



The Hook Fly Shop/Cascade Guides & Outfitters, located in The Village, and the Sunriver Fly Shop, located in the Sunriver Business Park, have been assisting fly fishers for over 30 years. In addition to offering the best hand tied flies for the area, they both offer fly fishing equipment, complete guide services and of course, the real answer on where and how to catch the fish. Day One Outdoors, which features family friendly pontoon boats, offers guide services for both spin fishing and fly fishing. Camp Abbot Trading Company, located in the Sunriver Business Park, carries a complete line of fishing tackle and bait. In addition, all of the shops can help you with fishing regulations, fishing licenses and Northwest Forest Passes, which are required at many fishing locations.


Sunriver Anglers Club

he Sunriver Anglers Club was founded in 1977 as a way for like-minded people to come together to protect the natural environment, conserve resources, educate and encourage new fishermen and women, enjoy outdoor activities and, of course, to exchange fish stories. The Sunriver Anglers has invested the club’s energy and resources to improve sport fishing in Central Oregon, support organizations working on stabilizing water flows on the Upper Deschutes and Little Deschutes Rivers, remove invasive fish from our high lakes and partner with federal, state, county and other groups. A major mission of the club is to provide opportunities for school children to acquire basic fishing skills and learn about fish habitat, water safety and the principles of stewardship. From co-sponsoring the Kokanee Karnival to hosting hundreds of kids at Free Fishing Day, club members are committed to education. Other club missions are fulfilled by members who volunteer for a number of activities such as restoring river banks, improving fish habitats, removing Tui Chub from Oregon lakes, teaching young and beginning anglers and working with school groups. The Sunriver Anglers Club holds monthly meetings, open to the public, on subjects such as fly patterns, fly selection, winter steelhead fishing, fishing tactics and habitat restoration projects. The club hosts a variety of outings and fishing trips to nearby lakes and streams, giving members an opportunity to learn how and where to fish in our bountiful area. Experienced members are eager to share their knowledge, experience and enjoyment of angling with all levels of anglers. •

541-593-2358 Bldg #23 Sunriver Village Sunriver Oregon 97707 Open 7 days a week •Information on local fishing spots •Local flies, tackle, gear rentals, clothing

Cascade Guides And Outfitters Located at the Hook Fly Shop Sunriver Village

• Full & half day private guided trips throughout Central Oregon • All equipment provided including flies & lunch is provided on full day trips

The Hook Fly Shop 541-593-2358 Photo courtesy of Sunriver Owners Association

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Ad Reservation Deadline: February 16 Camera Ready Ads Due: March 2 For additional information, Contact Photo by Chad Copeland

• Bike & Accessory Rentals For All Sizes & Ages • • Snowsports Rentals And Accessories • • #1 In Tuning & Repair Services • • Expertly Maintained Rental Fleet • • Competitive Pricing •

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Sunriver Sports Has The Largest Selection Of Swim & FootwearBldg In Sunriver VillageSnow at Sunriver, #’s 13 & 16 We Boast The Ability To Outfit The Entire Family For Both Summer & Open year round Winter Outdoor Activities With A Good Variety In Both Style & Price.

Full Service Fly Shop Serving Central Oregon Since 1995 The Best Fly Selection in the Northwest!

Guided Trips • Casting Classes • Gear Rental We Want You to Catch Fish!

Located in the Sunriver Business Park 541-593-8814 |


days• Sunscreen a week • Socks & Gloves • Sunglasses • Warm7Hats • Water Toys • Goggles • Sun Hats • Skis & Boards 541-593-8369 • Bikes • Boots & Bindings • And Lots More!

Visit Sunriver Sports Today Located in the Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #16 Open year round, 7 days a week 541-593-8369 •

• Bike & Accessory Rentals For All Sizes & Ages • • Snowsports Rentals And Accessories •



Nature’s Aquatic Adventures Await

rab your paddle board, kayak, fly fishing rod and canoe and venture to one of the many lakes and rivers near Sunriver. If you are new to the area, start at the Sunriver Resort’s commercial Marina for a canoe, kayak, paddle board or raft float. Pack a few snacks, drinks, lifejackets and suntan lotion for the six-mile float, ending at a takeout before the Benham Falls Day Use Area. A shuttle will bring you back to the Marina. The public and Resort guests must rent equipment from the Marina to utilize the shuttle service. The Sunriver Owners Association (SROA) owns a private launch and parking area next to the Marina. Access to this facility is restricted to Sunriver owners and their guests. Only those with updated Member Preference and Recreation Plus access cards issued by SROA can use this facility. Starting at Harper Bridge and ending at the Marina is another popular option for guests and residents in Sunriver. Other public launching sites include La Pine State Park, Big River and Besson Day Use Area. Please note that there are no public access points within Sunriver proper. If you need to rent river and lake-floating equipment, visit Sunriver Sports, 4 Seasons Recreational Outfitters and Sunriver Toy House Rentals. All three places have

Photo by Lee Stevenson

knowledgeable staff members who can provide you with where to go and take out, float times and shuttle information. A thrilling whitewater rafting adventure awaits you on the Upper Deschutes, McKenzie, North Umpqua or Lower Deschutes river. Contact Sun Country Raft Tours to arrange your whitewater rafting trip that varies from half-day to all-day and high desert scenery to mossy forests. They generally offer trips May through September and encourage people to make reservation early. Elk Lake, Devils Lake, Sparks Lake, Hosmer Lake, Lava Lake and Todd Lake are a few of the nearby Cascade Mountain lakes that offer incredible views of Mt. Bachelor, Broken Top and South Sister. Access to these lakes and others is along the Cascade Lakes National Scenic Byway, a 66-mile historic highway. Highway 40 from Sunriver takes you to the Byway either directly or by turning off at Highway 45. Wanderlust Tours offers interpreted, guided canoe and kayak tours of the Cascade Lakes. Day, evening and moonlight tours are available as well as transportation starting in Sunriver for families or a large group. Located in the caldera in Newberry National Volcanic Monument, East Lake and Paulina Lake offer a dramatic setting for a paddling adventure. Paulina Lake

is also popular for fishing and pleasure boating, and you’ll find Paulina Lodge on its shores. To get to the monument and the two lakes, follow Highway 97 south from Sunriver and turn east on Road 21 just before you get to La Pine. T h e Pa u l i n a P l u n g e d o w n h i l l mountain bike ride and waterfall tour is another favorite for locals and visitors. Participants ride downhill for six miles on forest trails, while stopping at various points to descend into the Paulina Creek canyon to splash and play in natural waterslides and plunge pools. For any river or lake adventure in the Sunriver area, remember that water temperatures can be cold even in August. A quick dunk may feel good for a few moments, but hypothermia is a real concern for anyone who can’t get out of the water. Life vests, safe boating practices, appropriate clothing, food and drinking water, sunscreen and knowing in advance the distance and float times are all an important part of fun on the water.

WHERE TO RENT 4 Seasons Recreational Outfitters 541-593-2255 Good2Go 541-593-0339 Sunriver Sports 541-593-8369 Sunriver Marina Opens in May each year 541-593-3492 Sunriver Toy House Rentals 541-647-4433 Village Bike & Ski 541-593-2453 2021-22 |



Hiking Trails

eciding what hiking trail to take is the greatest challenge faced by hikers visiting and living in Central Oregon. Sunriver is an incredible jump off place to explore nearby trails and those a short drive away. Alpine lakes, majestic Ponderosa pines, breathtaking waterfalls, volcanic vistas and incredible mountain views await beginning to advanced hikers. HIKING CHECKLIST Before you venture to a hiking trail, 1. Check the weather. It can be sunny in Sunriver, and snowing ten miles up the road. Weather can be unpredictable in Central Oregon so it’s important to always be prepared before heading out. 2. Pack a backpack with snacks, water, First Aid kit, extra clothes and socks and a flashlight. 3. Tell someone where you are going and when you expect to be back. 4. Pick up a season or day pass. Before you head to a hiking trail, make

Photo courtesy of Sunriver Resort


sure you have a recreational pass. Visit for passes to Oregon’s central Cascade Mountains. The U.S. Forest Service will require permits starting May 28 for some of the most popular trails in the Mount Jefferson, Three Sisters and Mount Washington wilderness areas. 5. Talk to the locals. Stop by any of the recreational stores in The Village to ask questions about hiking trails. The Sunriver Hiking Club explores Central Oregon Trails and can be reached at EASY SUNRIVER HIKES With more than 34 miles of paved paths, a hike in Sunriver will take you alongside the Deschutes River, past golf greens and among towering pine trees. Stroll across the Cardinal Landing Bridge, near Circle 5, to the new Sunriver Trails. While designed for mountain biking, the trails are open to hikers and trail runners. You’ll find a variety of terrain that leads to dramatic viewpoints while surrounded by a magnificent Ponderosa Pine forest. (See the map of the Sunriver Trails on pages 28-29.) The Sun-Lava Trail, a 5.5-mile paved bike path, connects the Sunriver Resort with the Lava Lands Visitor Center. The trailhead is near Circle 7 at the north end of Sunriver. Nearby is the trailhead for the Deschutes River Trail, a dirt trail that meanders through the woods for a couple miles before coming out on the banks of the Deschutes River. Keep going and this trail can take you all the way to Bend, passing Benham, Dillon and Lava Island waterfalls along the way. HIKES NEAR SUNRIVER The Newberry National Volcanic Monument in the Deschutes National Forest, with its diversity of geologic features, offers a variety of nearby walking and hiking opportunities. The area is the epicenter of the cataclysmic eruption that formed many of the

Bend area’s notable geologic features. Today, the Newberry Caldera remains a hotbed of geothermal activity as evidenced by the multiple hot springs found around the area. Starting at Lava Lands Visitors Center, you can enjoy interpretive walks through the Monument’s massive ancient lava flow, then take a short and vigorous hike up Lava Butte. At the Newberry Caldera, located southeast of Sunriver, there are even more trails ready to be explored, from short interpretive walks to the 21-mile Crater Rim Trail to an easy pathway out to Paulina Falls. Other moderate day hikes a short drive from Sunriver include the Tumalo Falls Loop, Soda Creek Trail, Todd Lake, and Fall River Falls. Sunriver also provides convenient access to the Cascade Lakes National Scenic Byway. Starting in Sunriver and ending in Bend, the scenic drive offers beautiful scenery as it circles Mt. Bachelor. Along the way, hikers can take a walk around one of the many mountain lakes. You’ll also find rustic resorts equipped with convenience stores and/or restaurants as well as overnight cabins for rent. Serious hikers can leave their cars at trailheads along the highway and enjoy a more rugged backcountry experience in the nearby Three Sisters Wilderness Area. If the mountains are calling your name, try the South Sister Trail, Broken Top, Green Lakes, Moraine Lakes, South Sister and Crater Ditch Trails. Hiking in the Wilderness requires filling out a Wilderness permit before entry and remember group sizes are limited to 12 people. The Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway is closed during the winter and usually does not open until Memorial Day weekend. To learn more about all of the local trails in the Deschutes National Forest, go to


Explore Oregon’s Other Craters & More on the

Newberry Country Trail


by T. Myers ime for something different! Begin your driving adventures in La Pine: ‘Pack your friends or family in the car’ and start with the High Lakes Loop, then drive to the High Desert Loop, and finish your visit to the Newberry Country Trail (NCT) on the third loop by going from Oregon’s other crater, the Newberry National Volcanic Monument to Crater Lake National Park. We say, “Have fun! Go ahead! Get loopy!” Escape the usual crowds while you share some of Central Oregon’s incredible sights, sporting locations and small towns on the Newberry County Trail’s three driving loops. Oregon’s newest city of La Pine is the launching point for your journey. Stop by the La Pine Visitor Center to learn about all three loops featuring some of Oregon’s finest destinations. Loop 1 — The High Lakes Loop. You want resort life? Shopping, golf, restaurants and award winning brews? Enjoy Sunriver on the High Lakes Loop. The resort features four area golf courses, and do not overlook La Pine’s fabulous, 18-hole, Quail Run Golf Course. It is a challenging beauty! The amenities are dazzling and natural wonders will not disappoint. The Newberry Crater, mountains, lakes and rivers wait for you to enjoy. Loop 2 — The High Desert Loop. 180 degrees from the high lakes is our gateway to the outback and exploring the desert. The High Desert Loop features the amazing Fort Rock State Park and the quaint Heritage Village Museum and a bit further down Highway 31, the Cowboy Dinner Tree is located in Silver Lake. How about some really unique shopping? Drive the loop past Fort Rock State Park to Christmas Valley and try the Willows’ two gift stores. Along the way try the high desert eateries or golf in Christmas

Valley. The huge Dunes are just right for ATVing. Driving a little further around the desert loop and you end up at Summer Lake, the famous Hot Springs and Ana Reservoir. Look at the Places to Fish brochure for some very exciting fishing spots. Paisley, with its geological wonders completes your High Desert Leg. Loop 3 — The Crater Lake Loop. Imagine enjoying one of Oregon’s monuments and, within hours, adding one of America’s National Parks. Seventy-five short miles from Paulina Lake and East Lake in the Newberry Crater, you head south on Highway 97 into a region well-known for internationally famous fishing spots located around Chiloquin and Crater Lake. While you are there, check out Train Mountain and Ft. Klamath or stop at the Klamoya Casino before heading up to the park to see beautiful Wizard Island in Crater Lake. Are you interested in sports adventures? On these trips you can camp/RV and will find golfing, fishing, skiing, ATVing, cross country, great eateries, hoteliers, spelunking, water sports, hiking, biking, horseback riding and more. Be it mountains, lakes, rivers, desert outcroppings, one of Oregon’s three national monuments or one of America’s National Parks, we have it all on the Newberry Country Trail! For more information go to or email info@lapine. org for a current visitor guide for the Newberry Country Trail. You can also call the La Pine Chamber and Visitor Center 541-536-9771 and we will send it to you.

Photo by Tammy Leseuer

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Please note there is no street parking in Sunriver at Cardinal Landing Bridge for access to the trails.






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Cascade Lakes Recreation Area BEND

The Three Sisters Wilderness Area South Sister Climbers Trailhead DEVILS LAKE 

Sunset Beach


Green Lakes Tr ailhead

TODD LAKE Soda Creek

SPARKS  LAKE Ray Atkeson Memor ial


Dutchman 

Swampy Lakes 

Quinn Meadow Horse Camp

Elk Lake  Campground  ELK Point LAKE  HOSMER LAKE Beach    Day Use Mallard Marsh South Little Fawn



Viewpoint Rd lin nk

Edison 

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 


Benham Falls






To Lava Cast Forest



 Camp

Crane Prairie Resort




Fall River Fish Hatchery


Little Cultus

Rock Creek

South Century Drive


Quinn River Osprey Observation Pt.

Fall River


Fall River Falls


 Big


LaPine Recreation Area 

Sheep Br idge

West South Tw in North Davis Creek


Pringle Falls 

North Twin Lake South Twin Lake


Wy eth Bull Bend



Newberry  Hot Springs Paulina Lake Campground






  

Newberry National Volcanic Monument Cinder Hill Paulina Falls Little Crater EAST  PAULINA CREEK PAULINA LAKE LAKE  East Lake   

Ogden "Big Tree"


Lava River Caves

 Lake


Lava Butte Lava Lands Visitors Center






The High Desert Museum


Dillon Falls  Slough Camp


Mt. Bachelor Ski & Summer Resort

Seventh Mountain Resort

Lava Island Falls  Meadow Camp  Aspen Camp


Broken Top



Reservoir 


Wickiup Junction






Stunning Views Await on the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway


ne of the most beautiful drives in the entire Northwest — the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway — is conveniently located to Sunriver. True to its name, the Byway makes a loop around Mt. Bachelor and passes several mountain lakes along the way, each with its own breathtaking view of the Cascade Mountains. The peaks of Mt. Bachelor, Broken Top and the Three Sisters will seem close enough to touch as you take a relaxing stroll around the perimeter of Todd Lake or any of the other crystal-clear, pristine alpine lakes that dot

the unforgettable landscape. Many of these lakes are accessible by car only in the summer months, but there’s still fun to be had in the winter at several Sno-Parks along the way, as well as Mt. Bachelor ski resort. Be sure to stop by the Deschutes National Forest’s Welcome Station located at the junction of Century Drive and Conklin Road (Road #41). Opened in 2016, the friendly staff at the Welcome Station can offer a wealth of information for your visit, including maps, and you can purchase recreation passes.

Directions from Sunriver To access the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway, take Forest Service Road #40 (South Century Drive, then Spring River Road) headed west, then after several miles turn right onto Road #46 headed north. Take in all the beautiful scenery as you pass access points to Lava Lake, Hosmer Lake, Elk Lake, Sparks Lake, Devils Lake and Todd Lake, finally arriving at Mt.

Bachelor. Just past Mt. Bachelor you can head back to Sunriver on Road #45, or continue to follow Road #46 to Bend. In the winter, the Byway is closed at the intersection of Road #40 and Road #45. But you can still access Mt. Bachelor via Road #45 and the Sno-Parks on the section of Road #46 from Mt. Bachelor to Bend.

PAULINA LAKE LODGE Built in 1929 - Spectacular views of Paulina Lake Summer at the Lodge

Winter at the Lodge

Cabin Rentals • Patio Boat Rentals, Paddleboards,Kayaks, Canoe and Peddle Boats • Store Open 7 Days a Week Groceries • Sundries • Beverages • Complete Tackle & Bait Shop • Hiking & Mountain Biking. Restaurant open Wed-Sat 11am to 7pm Lunch & Dinner. Sun 11am to 4pm Lunch only Mon & Tue Closed. Full cocktail bar • Sat-Prime Rib Dinner Best Bloody Marys Around!

Cabin Rentals • Sno-cat Shuttle Available Restaurant hours Friday 11am to 8pm. Saturday 11am to 8pm Lunch and dinner. Dinner reservation are recommended sno cat shuttles for lunch and dinner. Sunday 11am to 4pm lunch only. (Hours Subject to Change)

Full cocktail bar • Sat-Prime Rib Dinner Best Bloody Marys Around!

541-536-2240 • 2021-22 |



Pick a Park

or Make a Pact to Visit Them All Fort Rock Park tennis and pickleball courts, softball field and volleyball court as well as horseshoes. Located between Circles 4 and 11 in the heart of Sunriver. • 541-593-2411

Fort Rock Park features a large grassy field, pavilion shelter (available for rent) and playground equipment with several picnic tables and barbecues (propane rental required) located around the premises. The park offers basketball,

Paulina Park Paulina Park is located at the SHARC on Overlook Road near Circle 2. Nestled behind the amphitheater area, the park features a playground, bocce ball court, rock climbing wall, restrooms and several picnic tables. A pavilion and propane barbecue is available for rent. • 541-585-3144 • 541-585-3145

Photo courtesy of Bennington Properties

Paulina Park

Lava Lands Visitor Center Lava Lands Visitor Center showcases area geology, ecology, climate and culture. Open seasonally, the center also puts on a variety of educational programs to teach visitors of all ages about Central Oregon. A landmark at the center is Lava Butte, a 500-foot-tall cinder cone that erupted 7,000 years ago and covered a nine-square-

mile area with lava. Contact the Visitor Center for more information about visitor hours and activities. See information about cave tours on page 25. Location: north of Sunriver on U.S. 97. 541-593-2421

La Pine State Park

Photo courtesy of

La Pine State Park

La Pine State Park is perhaps best known as the home of Oregon’s largest Ponderosa Pine. Affectionately known as Big Tree, the behemoth ponderosa towers 162 feet tall and experts say it might be as old as 500 years. Check out the tree found along a scenic pine forest trail, and explore the rest of the ten miles of trails. The park offers year-round camping with 80 full hookup sites, as well as ten log cabins for those who don’t want to “rough it.” Two cabins are designated pet friendly. Off U.S. 97, 7 miles SW of Sunriver at 15800 State Recreation Road, La Pine. 541-536-2071

Besson Day Use Area & Boat Launch Head west on Spring River Road like you are going to Mt. Bachelor and take a right on Highway 41/Conklin Road (the next right after Besson Road). After about a mile, continue straight onto the 200 Road (this is an unimproved cinder/


gravel road) for another 2 miles until you see the Besson Day Use Area sign and turn right. The area is surrounded by the Deschutes River and features riverside picnic tables, restroom and barbecue pits.


Recreation Passes

hen planning a trip to a northwest National Forest or State SnoParks, you may want to check ahead of time if you will need a recreation pass. For National Forests, the following passes can be used: • The $30 Annual Northwest Forest Pass is honored at all Forest Service day-use sites in Oregon and Washington for a year. • A $5 one-day National Forest Recreation Day Pass is honored at all Forest Service day-use sites in Oregon and Washington for a day. • If you go to Newberry National Volcanic Monument, the recreation pass lasts three days and costs $10. • All recreation passes, except the Newberry National Volcanic pass, can be purchased at any Forest Service Office or on-line at: fs.usda. gov/main/r6/passes-permits/ recreation. The Newberry National Volcanic Pass can be purchased at sites within the Monument. • During winter, Sno-Park permits are required to park at the developed Sno-Parks located along the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway. Sno-Park permits are sold by the State of Oregon and are not available at Forest Service offices. A Sno-Park permit costs $25 for an annual permit, $9 for a threeday and $4 for a daily. The Annual Northwest Forest Pass and/or Sno-Park permits available in Sunriver at: 4 Seasons Recreational Outfitters (No NW Forest Pass) 541-593-2255 Camp Abbot Trading Company 541-593-3396 Central Oregon Adventures (No NW Forest Pass) 541-593-8887 Central Oregon Visitors Association 541-389-8799 Sunriver Country Store 541-593-8113 Sunriver Market Place 541-593-8166 Sunriver Sports 541-593-8639 Village Bike & Ski (No NW Forest Pass) 541-593-8887

Elk Lake Resort, the only thing missing is you!

Nestled amongst Three Sisters, Broken Top and Mt. Bachelor, Elk Lake Resort’s majestic views provide the perfect backdrop for all of your year round activities. Or simply come and relax in the historic lodge and dine in one of Central Oregon’s most beautiful destination spots. 541.480.7378 60000 Century Drive Bend, OR

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T�r�-�e� S�o�m�b�l� P�c�a�e�

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S�N�I�E� & B�N� O�T�I�E�S�W�C�M 5�1�6�8�7�3� 2021-22 |


Newberry National Volcanic Monument

Preserves Area’s Dramatic Eruptive History


unriver is uniquely situated near the spectacular Newberry National Volcanic Monument, consisting of more than 50,000 acres of beautiful lakes, stunning lava flows and out-of-this-world geologic features. A great place to start your exploration of the Monument is at Lava Lands Visitor Center, just north on Highway 97, or ride your bike there from Sunriver on the paved Sun-Lava Trail. At the Visitor Center you can view a 3D map of the entire Monument and learn about its eruptive history — beginning 400,000 years ago! Over the centuries the volcanic activity has created massive lava flows covering 1,200 square miles, dozens of lava tubes and more than 400 cinder cones. The Visitor Center offers daily educational films, easy hikes on the Trail of Molten Lands and the Trail of Whispering Pines, picnics among the trees, ranger interpretive talks, and a hike, drive or bus ride to the top of Lava Butte — the site of an active fire lookout tower. Just a short drive from the Visitor Center is the Lava River Cave. An ancient lava tunnel about a mile long, the cave is open seasonally. For more information, see the adjoining article and ask at the Visitor Center about the schedule. Make the next stop on your National Volcanic Monument tour the Newberry Caldera, located just southeast of Sunriver. Again follow Highway 97, this time south to the turnoff on County Road 21 just before La Pine. Within the Newberry Caldera, you’ll find the picturesque Paulina Lake and East Lake. This area offers a wealth of recreational opportunities, including fishing, kayaking, hiking and mountain biking. One of the most popular walks in Newberry Caldera is in the Big Obsidian Flow. A trail through the Flow covers about seven-tenths of a mile in a loop. While it’s an easy trail, you still must take care not to wander off. Obsidian, while beautiful, is a volcanic glass with sharp edges. Best to wear closed shoes and dogs are not allowed for safety reasons. The entire trail takes about an hour to walk and includes interpretive signs. Another must-see spot is Paulina Peak (elevation 7,985 feet), where you can view the Cascades, Newberry Caldera and see across the Central Oregon High Desert. You can either hike to Paulina Peak or drive up to the top in the spring and fall. The hike from the Paulina Peak Trailhead is two miles each way, out and back. Cars are not allowed to drive all the way up to the Paulina Peak summit in summer. Your visit to the Newberry National Volcanic Monument would not be complete without hiking the Lava Cast Forest. To get there, follow the main entrance road to Sunriver east onto unpaved Forest Service Road 9720 for almost ten miles to a parking area. The Lava Cast Forest got its name from the trees that became encased in stone by a 6,000-year-old lava flow. What remained were casts of the trees, creating large holes that go several feet below the surface. Visitors can view these tree molds within the lava flow on a paved, one-mile interpretive trail. And enjoy the beautiful native flowers breathing new life into this ancient land of lava! Photo by Chad Copeland




Exploring Underground Lava Caves

f you and your family want a unique experience, or just a place to cool off on a hot summer day, be sure to set aside an afternoon to explore the Lava River Cave near Sunriver. This is another key feature in the Newberry Volcanic National Monument. An ancient lava tunnel about a mile long and up to 50 feet wide in places, the Lava River Cave has three ecosystems: the warm, dry climate just outside the entrance; the warm, moist microclimate at the entrance and the cool, moist, dark environment inside the cave itself. Using a lantern, you can take a self-guided tour of the Lava River Cave. (At least two light sources are recommended) It takes about an hour and a half to tour the entire cave. Initial access descends 55 stairs to a combination of flat boardwalk, uneven surfaces and stairways. The cave temperature is a constant 42 degrees. Dress warmly, even in the summer! The cave is open seasonally, so check with the Lava Lands Visitors Center to find out the latest schedule. Lantern rentals are available for $5 until 4pm. 541-593-2421

Photo by Chad Copeland

2021-22 |


Summer at

Mt. Bachelor


entral Oregon fun extends well beyond the comfort of town. Escape to the mountains where Mt. Bachelor offers a variety of summer activities fit for everyone in the family. Established in the summer of 2013, the Mt. Bachelor Bike Park has grown in popularity among mountain bikers across the Northwest. Featuring a combination of machine-built flow trails and hand-built single track, the network combines over 13 miles of lift-served downhill trails. Little Pine and Pine Marten Express lifts serve everything from green circle beginner runs to double black diamond expert trails. The Skills Park provides the perfect entry level progression features to build confidence before taking it to the mountain. Rental bikes and other bike gear are available in the Gravity Sports shop. Experience Mt. Bachelor like never before with the addition of a zip line in summer 2020. This dual-line, three-stage tour launches from an elevation of 7,800 feet, above the tree line at the top of Pine Marten lift, and drops nearly 1,400 vertical feet along the volcano’s slopes to make it the Northwest’s steepest, fastest, and highest-elevation zip adventure. Ride at your own pace with the zip trolley’s self-controlled braking system and enjoy the thrill with your friends on two side-by-side lines on each span. If you are looking for a more relaxed experience, Mt. Bachelor offers scenic chairlift rides to the Pine Marten Lodge at a 7,800’ elevation. While there, take in a


Photo courtesy of Mt. Bachelor

panoramic view of the Three Sisters, Broken Top and the Cascade Lakes while enjoying lunch, a refreshing snack or a cold beverage. You can hike around the mountain or test your skills against the elevation and mountain terrain on the alpine disc golf course. A summertime visit to Central Oregon is not complete without experiencing a Sunset Dinner at Mt. Bachelor’s Pine Marten Lodge. Offered seven days a week, watch a spectacular sunset over the Cascade Mountains while enjoying a gourmet meal. After dessert, ride the chairlift back down beneath a starlit sky. Book your reservation at or call 541-382-1709 to make a dinner reservation. Mt. Bachelor’s West Village base area serves as the mountain’s summer headquarters. Start your visit at the Mountain Gateway building to purchase tickets, pick up hiking and other merchandise. Make time for lunch or an afternoon refueling beverage at Clearing Rock Bar on the West Village deck. At the base of the Skills Park and finale of the zip line, you’ll be entertained while refueling from your day of adventure! Beat the heat with a trip down the Big Eddy Thriller at Mt. Bachelor’s rafting company, Sun Country Tours. Make your best summer memories cooling off on this hour and a half tour on the beautiful Deschutes River. Family friendly, kids 6 and up, includes transportation from Bend or Sunriver, professional guiding and memories that last a lifetime! During all four seasons, Mt. Bachelor can assist you in planning your vacation needs. Call or ext 541-382-1709 or email info@ to learn more about the Mt. Bachelor experience. • 541-382-1709


Pickleball’s Popularity Grows by Leaps & Bounds

ickleball is a hit here in Sunriver for both visitors and residents. Combining elements of tennis, badminton and ping pong into an exhilarating game that’s easy to learn, pickleball makes for a fast-paced, competitive test of skill, and a fun social sport. Pickleball is commonly played in doubles format, but singles play is also popular. And it’s great exercise for the whole family. No wonder then that the popularity of pickleball has grown by leaps and bounds since 2012, when it was first played in an organized fashion in Sunriver. Now, six outdoor pickleball courts are available by reservation from Sunriver Owners Association at Fort Rock Park. For information about court reservations, clinics and lessons, go to and click on the Pickleball page. Also, an active Pickleball Club in Sunriver plays three times a week. The Club, which has grown to about 200 members, encourages participation by players from all skill levels. While the play is competitive, the focus is on having fun. Sage Springs Tennis & Spa in Sunriver offers pickleball yearround on six indoor courts that are converted over from tennis courts. Regular pickleball mixers


are offered to members and non-members. Experienced professionals provide lessons to all levels of players with an emphasis on introducing the game to new players, including those visiting Sunriver who want to try pickleball for the first time. Pickleball is now played around the world, and no doubt will continue to gain popularity in Sunriver. It’s all pretty amazing considering the sport was invented more than 50 years ago when three dads from Bainbridge Island, Washington wanted to create an activity to keep their kids busy during summer vacation. And according to legend, that’s where the sport got its name — from Pickles, the family dog, chasing after the plastic ball. The humans who now play the game can relate.

Photo by Dave Cassing

Sunriver Offers World-Class Tennis

Central Oregon’s “Tennis Town” is Right Here in Sunriver


ith an abundance of courts, sunshine and fresh air, Sunriver traditionally ranks high on the lists of the top tennis resorts from around the world. Most of the activity on Sunriver’s 20 tennis courts can be found at the North Courts next to Woodlands Golf Course and at Tennis Hill, adjacent to Fort Rock Park. Smaller court complexes nestled within the pines dot the community, creating a private court experience. Neighborhood courts, available first to Sunriver Owners Association (SROA) members, can be found at Meadow Village, Ranch Cabins and Cottonwood. Condominium courts, available to condo owners and guests, are located at Quelah Condos, Stoneridge Condos, The Pines, Alberello Condos and North Course Estates. To ensure a high-quality playing experience, the SROA continues to rebuild many of its existing courts when

needed, which proves to be quite a draw for state and national tennis tournaments. SROA’s Sunriver Tennis programs are coordinated by a certified tennis pro and seasoned staff. Reservations are required for the use of SROA-owned tennis courts. You can rent a ball hopper and other equipment at Tennis Hill. Tennis Sunriver also offers a variety of clinics and lessons between June and September. For information call 541-593-5707 or go to Owned and managed by Sunriver Resort, Sage Springs Club & Spa features Sunriver’s only indoor courts, and are open to resort guests and club members. The Resort also maintains four outdoor courts across the street from Sage Springs. The courts are available to Resort guests and the general public for a fee. Lessons and clinics are also offered from certified tennis professionals. Visit or call 541-593-7890 for information. 2021-22 |


Family Fun on the Paved Pathways of Sunriver


roup bike rides and walks on the more than 34 miles of paved pathways in Sunriver provide one of the most memorable experiences for families visiting here. These wide, user-friendly trails go around the golf courses, under roads, through pine forests, along the Deschutes River, and across scenic meadows. Pathway maps, including rules, are available at the local bike shops and from kiosks along the pathways and roads. The pathways are clearly marked on Sunriver maps. If you think you are lost, just travel a little farther, and you’ll soon come to a kiosk or intersection where signs will point you in the right direction. On your ride or walk, learn all about Sunriver from the 20 interpretive signs along the pathways (see adjoining article). In addition to the asphalt pathways through Sunriver, the 5.5-mile Sun-Lava multi-use paved pathway connects to the Lava Lands Visitor Center. Starting at a well-marked trailhead near Circle 7, the pathway is ten-feet wide with nice views, gradual curves and slopes, and is a joy to navigate. Riding a bike or walking through the majestic ponderosa pines creates a sense of freedom from not having to drive to reach special places. The Sun-Lava pathway features mileage markers and intersection signage to help users navigate to their intended destination. Sun-Lava will also lead you to the Benham Falls East Day Use Area on the bank of the Deschutes River. From there, pedestrians and cyclists can cross the river on a wooden bridge and proceed


Recreation downstream about a quarter mile on a wide dirt trail to the spectacular Benham Falls. Just about all uses — hiking, biking, roller skating, skateboards and wheelchairs — are permitted on the Sun-Lava pathway. The pathway is not plowed in winter, providing a delightful and well-marked cross-country ski trail. Please observe signage in Sunriver where different rules (no roller skates or skateboards in Sunriver due to higher volumes of traffic) apply. Also, for your safety, bicycles must be walked through pathway tunnels, unless noted otherwise. You can also use the paved pathways in Sunriver to reach the new Sunriver Trails located just across Cardinal Landing Bridge. The Sunriver Trails offer miles of dirt and gravel paths for mountain biking, hiking and trail running. Since there is no parking on residential streets near Cardinal Landing Bridge, the paved pathways offer one of the best ways to access the Sunriver Trails. Many rental homes come equipped with bikes, but if they aren’t included and you didn’t bring your own, there are local bike rental shops where you can rent every conceivable kind of bicycle and accessory including toddler trailers, tandem and recumbent bikes.

tral n e C ng 84 Servin since 19 Orego

4 Seasons Recreational Outfitters 541-593-2255 Bike Barn 541-593-3721 Sunriver Sports 541-593-8369 Village Bike & Ski 541-593-2453 Didn’t bring your bike? Rent one at the Sunriver Resort Bike Barn, Sunriver Sports, 4 Seasons Recreational Outfitters, or Village Bike & Ski where you can take your pick from several types of bikes and accessories. Your rental will include a helmet, lock and bike map.

Interpretive Trail Signs A

re you goal oriented? Assign yourself or your entire family a mission one day to really discover Sunriver. You can learn more than you ever wanted to know about Sunriver by visiting each of the 20 interpretive trail signs on the pathways. The Sunriver Anglers Club created the signs to showcase Sunriver’s geology, history, ecology, flora and fauna. The majority of the interpretive signs are on the loop around the Great Meadow. All are marked on the community maps found in roadside and pathway kiosks. Whether on foot, bike or horse, it’s worth a stop when you come upon these learning opportunities.


Sunriver Bike and Ski Rental Headquarters


s Demo Bike #2 Country Mall, Sun

• X-Country • Downhill • Snowshoes • Sleds • Bikes • Trailers • Bikes • Trailers •

Rentals, Repair, Sales & Service

541-593-2255 • #2 Country Mall Suite D • 57195 Beaver Drive Sunriver, OR 97707

Rental an

ww 2021-22 |


Mountain Bikers

Photo by Lee Stevenson

Adventure Awaits All Levels of Riders on New Sunriver Trails


rom challenging single track to a family-friendly gravel path along the Deschutes River, the Sunriver Trails are just a short pedal away across Cardinal Landing Bridge. This network of fun and fast trails takes mountain bikers through the majestic Ponderosa Pine forest just west of Sunriver, while connecting with the larger world-renowned network of single track west of Bend, including the Wanoga complex and Phil’s Trails (see trail map on pages 28-29). The best way to access the trails from Sunriver is to use the paved pathways that lead to Cardinal Landing Bridge, since parking is not allowed on residential streets near the bridge. The Sunriver Trails are also used by hikers and trail runners, so please take care around other trail users. Many other riding options are available to mountain bikers visiting or living in Sunriver. A long-time favorite ride for locals is the Deschutes River Trail connecting to the Black Rock Trail, taking riders all the way to the Lava Lands Visitor Center on single track, except for a short paved connector ride between the two trails. The Deschutes River Trail starts on the north end of Sunriver next to the trailhead for the Sun-Lava pathway. Several miles of easy single track will greet mountain bikers at La Pine State Park, just south of Sunriver off of Highway 97. You may also choose to drive from Sunriver to the trails west of Bend. Explore the Phil’s Trails starting at the main trailhead on Skyliner Road northwest of town. The Wanoga complex,


featuring modern design with great flow and a playful feel, can be accessed at the Tyler’s Traverse trailhead off of Forest Road 41. Tons of fun loops start at Swampy Lakes Sno-Park. The crown jewel here is the Flagline Loop. This is a long and at times strenuous ride, with scenery you’ll never forget. Another starting point is the Edison Butte Sno-Park. Here you can do a 17-mile one-way ride to Sunriver with great views, low traffic and incredible single track. Expect some grinding climbs, but also hundreds of fast swooping corners. The Sunriver area bike shops can provide everything you need, including equipment, helmets, supplies, maps and information about special conditions that might exist. Get the most out of these amazing rides by being knowledgeable and fully prepared. At Village Bike & Ski, Sunriver Sports and 4 Seasons Recreational Outfitters — located in The Village at Sunriver — visitors can learn about the myriad riding opportunities in the area from the knowledgeable staff and choose from a wide variety of mountain bikes for rent. Sunriver Resort’s Bike Barn or Sunriver Virtual Reality located in the Business Park also offer bike rentals. Guide books on local mountain bike trails are available at Sunriver Books & Music, or go to the Central Oregon Trail Alliance (COTA) website at and for trail maps and conditions.


Maximize Your Outdoor Adventures with a Guide


ocal knowledge is invaluable when it comes to getting the most out of an outdoor adventure. In Sunriver, guide services are available for wide variety of Central Oregon activities, including rafting, fishing, biking, climbing and more. Our local guides — combining expertise and experience — can make all the difference when it comes to these activities, especially if this is your first visit. For rafting adventurers, the Deschutes River has it all — from the heart pounding thrill of roller-coaster rapids to floating quietly on serene waters surrounded by dramatic canyon landscapes. To book your trip, contact Sun Country Raft Tours, which offers a variety of options, including the exciting and nearby Big Eddy float, an all-day trip on the Lower Deschutes River starting in Maupin, or excursions on the McKenzie River or North Umpqua River. Central Oregon River Adventures in partnership with Good 2 Go offers both guided and unguided trips on the Deschutes River and Little Deschutes River. Shuttle service is available to take you to the section of the river you want to explore. Sunriver is fortunate to have three first-class fishing guide services, all offering both river and lake options. And with so many choices when it comes the various water in the area — more than 400 miles of rivers and 100 lakes in the Central Oregon/Cascade Mountains area — you’ll appreciate their recommendations on where to go and their expert advice. Contact Day One Outdoors, Sunriver Fly Shop or The Hook Fly Shop/Cascade Guides & Outfitters for everything you’ll need to catch one of those big “�O�-�R�V�” T�U�S & R�N�A�S beautiful fish lurking just under the surface. They also offer a selection of fly fishing schools and a complete line F�m�l�e�/�r�u�s�C�m�a�y of equipment and supplies. If you prefer an adventure on two wheels, take bicycling to the next level with Cog Wild tours. Various mountain bike, fat-tire bike and road riding tours start around Bend and Sunriver and expand throughout the Cascades and Central Oregon. Up for a vertical expedition? Get climbing lessons and guide services with First Ascent Climbing Services at S�N�I�E� & B�N� Smith Rock, a world-class rock climbing O�T�I�E�S�W�C�M destination about an hour away.

Y�u� U�t�m�t� A�v�n�u�e




Photo by Chad Copeland

2021-22 |



xceptional Mountain Golf

Home to Four Standout Courses, Sunriver’s Golf Scene is Unrivaled

Photo courtesy of Sunriver Resort


or over 50 years, Sunriver Resort has been a favorite vacation destination among travelers to the Pacific Northwest. Known for its scenic vistas, abundant recreation and exceptional golf, here’s what vacationers appreciate most about playing at Sunriver Resort and why to make it your next getaway.


Golf Digest has named Crosswater one of America’s greatest courses, and once you stand on its fairways, it’s easy to see why. With perfectly manicured bent grass greens strategically placed along the Deschutes River, the course offers stellar views and serious challenges. There’s a reason Crosswater has been a four time host of the PGA Professional National Championship.

Insider Tip Depending on tee selection the Deschutes and Little Deschutes Rivers can come into play as often as seven times in a round.

Crosswater Awards • #2 overall for Best Course in Oregon — Golf Advisor Golfers Choice Award 2019 “It is simply not possible to find a better manicured course anywhere in the world. Period.” ~ Golf Digest


• Named one of the Top 10 Destinations for Family Golf by Golf Digest, January 2016 • Top 10 for the best courses you can play in Oregon in 2014 — Golf Week • #17 of America’s Best Residential Golf Courses — Golf Week • #28 of America’s top 100 Greatest Golf Courses — Golf Digest • America’s Top 100 Modern Courses — Golf Week Magazine • Certified Audubon Sanctuary — Audubon International • #3 out of the Top 25 courses in the U.S. for course conditions — Golf Advisor Golfers Choice Award 2019 • #3 out of the Top 25 courses in the U.S. for off-course amenities — Golf Advisor Golfers Choice Award 2019 • #20 out of the Top 50 courses in the U.S. based on reviews from 2019 — Golf Advisor Golfers Choice Award 2019 “Save your strength and a few extra sleeves of balls for Crosswater, which is one of the most spectacular designs in America.” ~ Links Magazine • Top 100 Golf Resort for Buddies (2019) — • Golf Digest, Best Golf Resorts in the Pacific Northwest in 2018, 2019 and 2020


Private Courses Caldera Links


(Sunriver Resort guests, Caldera Springs Homeowners and guests, & Crosswater Club Members only). 541-593-4402 tee times 9 Holes Max/min Yardage 777 to 1,162 Course Rating N/A Slope Index N/A $40-$55

Designed by acclaimed architect and PGA Tour pro John Fought, the Meadows course at Sunriver Resort pays homage to golf courses from the 20s and 30s. Offering interesting variety, expansive views and deliberate use of directional and fore-bunkers, the course creates challenging play for golfers of all skill levels. Situated along the meandering Sun River, Meadows is also home to the Resort’s popular 9-hole putting course.

Crosswater Club

Meadows is an award-winning course that has hosted numerous USGA and NCAA golf championships.

(Members and Resort guests only) 541-593-4402 tee times 18 Holes Max/min Yardage 5,213 to 7,683 Course Rating 69.7 to 76.5 Slope Index 131 to 145 $85-$215 (golf cart and range balls included in green fee)

Insider Tip


Recognized as perhaps Sunriver’s most challenging course, Woodlands is also known for its dramatic scenery. Tree-lined corridors and sloping greens are punctuated by forests of Ponderosa and Lodgepole pines, outcroppings of lava rock, views of Mt. Bachelor and abundant natural water features. Golfers are invited to test their skill on this par 72 course — one of the best championship courses in the Pacific Northwest.

Public Courses Sunriver Resort Meadows Course

18 Holes 541-593-4402 tee times Max/min Yardage 5,341 to 6,933 Course Rating 69.1 to 73.4 Slope Index 133 to 142 $55-$145

Sunriver Resort Woodlands Course

18 Holes 541-593-4402 tee times Max/min Yardage 5,341 to 6,933 Course Rating 69.1 to 73.4 Slope Index 133 to 142 $55-$145

Quail Run Golf Course 18 Holes 541-536-1303 Max/min Yardage 5422 to 6897 Course Rating 65.2 to 75.9 Slope Rating 113 to 142 Rates also $25-$62

Insider Tip Ask locals for advice on which high risk, high reward tee shots might be worth the reward.

Caldera Links

Created by the same team that designed Crosswater, Caldera Links offers an approachable, fun family-friendly 9-hole golf experience. Featuring tour quality bent grass greens and bluegrass tees that are maintained daily, holes range from 60 to 185 yards in length, making it the ideal course to hone your skills or introduce children to the game.

Insider Tip Children under age 12 play free at Caldera Links when accompanied by a paying adult.


unriver Resort serves as host to the Pacific Amateur Golf Classic (canceled this year due to social distancing standards). A three-day, 54hole, stroke-play tournament, and participants will play one round on the Crosswater, Meadows and Woodlands courses.

Ready to plan your next golf vacation? Sunriver Resort’s Unlimited Golf Stay & Play package starts at $79 per person, includes accommodations for two in a Sunriver Resort guestroom, and unlimited play on Meadows, Woodlands or Caldera Links, as well as one round at Crosswater.

2021-22 |


Recreation Central Oregon has been ranked 23rd among Golf Digest’s 50 Greatest Golf Destinations tendering award-winning courses designed by some of the best golf architects in the world. Photo courtesy of Sunriver Resort


Quail Run

Green Fees $25 to $62 • Great Twilight Rates


uail Run Golf Course is a beautifully maintained, 18-hole championship course with panoramic views of the surrounding Central Oregon mountain ranges. With four sets of tees ranging from 5,400 to more than 6,800 yards, Quail Run provides a challenge for golfers of all skill levels, accommodating serious players and also those who just want to relax with friends or host a corporate event amid the beautiful Pacific Northwest scenery. Play a resort-quality course at half the resort course fees. We offer all the perks without the wallet-straining prices. Quail Run is Central Oregon golf ’s best value, offering players some of the lowest green fees in the area. Located just 10 minutes from Sunriver, it’s well worth the short drive to enjoy this favorite of locals and visitors alike. It’s a secret Oregonians have known for years – Quail Run Golf Course boasts one of the best courses in Central Oregon golf. You don’t want to miss it.

Quail Run Golf Course 16725 Northridge La Pine, OR 97739 (800) 895-GOLF (4653) Photo courtesy of Sunriver Resort

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To The Dalles

Warm Springs Indian Reservation

Mt. Hood


Mutton Mountains

Kah-Nee-Ta High Desert Lodge Resort & Casino







Kah-Nee-Ta Village


Warm Springs

Mt. Jefferson

3 Fingered Jack

METO Wizard Falls Fish Hatchery



Head of the Metolius





Ray Hoodoo Benson Ski Bowl




11 242


Middle Sister Broken Top GREEN LAKES




Mt. Bachelor


45 Edison





The High Desert Museum


Pine Mountain Observatory


Six Mile Ten Mile








Gilchrist Crescent



Big Hole

To Silver Lake, Summer Lake, Lakeview, Reno


Windigo Junction

To Burns

Paulina Peak 7,984’


To Roseburg


Millican Valley









Junction Sno-Park


Powell Butte





Diamond Peak



Powell Butte

Lava Lands Visitor Center Lava River Caves




Lookout Mtn.

Lava Cast Forest




Walton EEK



LaPine State Park

Pringle Falls

Willamette Pass

Gold Lake

To John Day

Ochoco Divide Marks Creek




To Eugene

97 VER


Ochoco Divide



Bowman Dam




Forest Area

Bend Airport



Fall River Fish Hatchery


Stein's Pillar

42 Cultus Mtn.





Pilot Butte State Park




County Road


Seventh Mountain Resort



Petersen Rock Garden

Lava Island Falls Lava Butte Dillon Falls Benham 9702 Falls




Redmond Airport

Tumalo State Park


Forest Service Road

See chambers of commerce for Scenic Byway detailed tour information.



Swampy Virginia Lakes Meissner





Eagle Crest



Closed in the Winter

Vista Butte





State HW

Desert Area

Smith Rock State Park CRO OK ED R


Tumalo Falls




Cline Falls State Park

Lower Three Creek Upper Three Creek

4. Museum at Warm Springs 5. Richardson’s Rock Ranch










South Sister

# Richardson's Rock Ranch



Crooked River Ranch

Black Butte

Black Butte Ranch

North Sister

Cove Palisades State Park


Camp Sherman


To Trout Creek




1. Hoodoo Ski Area 2. KOA Madras, Culver 3. Mt. Bachelor


Round Butte Dam


Mt. Washington

To McKenzie River Area, Eugene

Pelton Dam





The numbering sequence below corresponds with the red numbered boxes on this map.


To South Jct.

The Museum at Warm Springs

To Salem, Portland

To Albany


To Biggs

Fort Rock State Park


Mt. Bailey


Mt. Thielsen 9772



South Diamond





To Medford Thousand Springs

Mt. Scott

To Klamath Falls

Recreation Pass at Sno-Parks You’ll need a permit to park at all Sno-Parks and at national forests, national parks, state parks or other public land recreation sites. See page 33 for details.

Snow Play



ake Sunriver’s close proximity to worldclass Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort, add a wide choice of convenient Sno-Parks, mix in the dry Central Oregon snow, and you have the formula for a wonderful winter adventure. Whether your winter sport is Nordic, Alpine or skate-skiing, snowshoeing, fat-tire biking or snowmobiling (or all of the above), you’ll find some of the best terrain and snow conditions anywhere in the surrounding hills.

Photo by Eric Ness, Central Oregon Nordic Club



Photo by John Wiley

he Sno-Parks in the area are your gateway to miles of snow-covered trails and open space. Edison Sno-Park is the closest to Sunriver, just off of Road #45. Between Bend and Mt. Bachelor on Road #46 you’ll find the Virginia Meissner, Swampy Lakes, Vista Butte and Dutchman Sno-Parks. Wanoga Sno-Park on this same road offers sledding, tubing and groomed trails for fat-tire biking. South of Sunriver, there are several more SnoParks, including Ten-Mile on the road to Paulina Lake, Junction Sno-Park on Highway 58 near Crescent Lake and Walt Haring near Chemult. Local shops rent all the equipment you’ll need, like snowshoes, skis, sleds and fat-tire bikes, so stop by 4 Seasons Recreational Outfitters, Sunriver Sports or Village Bike & Ski. Rent snowmobiles at Good 2 Go, Central Oregon Adventures and Adventure Motor Sports. Remember that a recreational pass is required to park at all Sno-Parks. 2021-22 |


Conquer the Snow on a Fat-tire Bike


at-tire bikes, also called Fatbikes, offer a whole new dimension (literally) to the mountain bike scene here in Sunriver. With tires up to five inches wide, fat-tire bikes can conquer just about any terrain, especially snow. That makes the trails in and around Sunriver, and the nearby mountains, accessible year-round. Upon first observation, fat-tire bikes may appear really heavy. But the frames and rims are actually designed to make the bikes surprisingly light and easy to handle. As for navigating the snow, the tire pressure is reduced to less than five pounds, providing amazing traction and stability. So even when covered with snow, the many miles of paved pathways in Sunriver are rideable, although there are limits when the white stuff piles up too high. A special trail network accessed from the Wanoga Sno-Park is also now being groomed for fat-tire bikes by volunteers from the Central Oregon Trail Alliance. As the sport becomes more popular, watch for even more fat-tire bike trails easily accessible from Sunriver. The local bike shops in Sunriver rent fattire bikes. If you are new to this style of riding, especially in the winter, the helpful shop staff can get you all set up with the proper bike and equipment, and provide advice on where to ride.

Photo by Woody Keen


Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort


Mt. Bachelor, the crown jewel of Central Oregon’s winter sports mecca, is the sixth-largest ski resort in North America.


pen for skiing and snowboarding from November through May, the 9,065-foot volcano is the tallest resort peak in all of Oregon and Washington and offers 4,323 acres of skiable terrain. Known for quality snow, diverse terrain and 360 degrees of skiing from the top of the Summit, Mt. Bachelor has a taste of everything. Whether you prefer powder stashes in the trees, steep heart-pumping descents or cruising corduroy, there is something well suited for skiers and riders of all abilities. Twelve chairlifts, including eight high-speed quads, and three surface lifts serve a varied mix of over 100 runs with about 15 percent of the terrain rated as easier, 35 percent more difficult, 30 percent most difficult and 20 percent extremely difficult. New in 2016, the Cloudchaser lift opened 635 additional acres of intermediate and advanced terrain. Not only is Mt. Bachelor a great place for expert skiers and riders to feel the thrill, it is also a fantastic place to learn a snow sport or take the family for an exciting day out. The Sunrise area is a great place to get started with beginner lifts that offer an easy ride up and gentle slope down with a family friendly atmosphere. The Mountain Gateway building in West Village is the one stop shop for everything you need to start your day on the mountain, including tickets, passes and rental equipment. Gravity Sports, one of the premiere ski and snowboard shops in Central Oregon, has a large assortment of skis, snowboards, boots, apparel and accessories. Walk right across the way from Gateway to West Village Lodge for a cold beer with a view in Clearing Rock Bar or an array of excellent lunch or breakfast options. If you’d like to try a mountain adventure of a different sort, Mt. Bachelor’s Snowblast Tubing Park is popular with groups and families while the Nordic Center offers the longest groomed Nordic ski season in North America. Cross-country skiers can explore more than a dozen daily, groomed trails covering 56 kilometers. In the Sunrise base area, take a scenic ride behind an Iditarod sled dog team with the Oregon Trail of Dreams. Stay snug and warm in the sled while the team and a professional musher take you on an exciting adventure through the Deschutes National Forest. The standard trip lasts about an hour, including orientation and

an option to help take care of the dogs after the ride. Conveniently located just 22 miles west of Bend, Mt. Bachelor is surrounded by the tall hemlocks and pines of the Deschutes National Forest and breathtaking views of the Three Sisters and other Cascade peaks. With endless options for family and friends, you are sure to enjoy a true mountain experience at Mt. Bachelor. • 800-829-2442

Photos courtesy of Mt. Bachelor

2021-22 |


Sunriver Area Event Schedule for 2021-2022


Photo courtesy of Sunriver Owners Association


ne of the traditions of the Sunriver Magazine has been to provide readers with a comprehensive calendar of events for the coming year. But with the COVID-19 pandemic, event scheduling has become and remains extremely challenging. So this year we have decided not to include the calendar. At the same time, however, we know that many fun events will happen in Sunriver in the coming year as our economy opens up and we meet the challenge of this global health crisis. Our local businesses and organizations will find ways to offer the exciting and joyful activities and events you are looking for in Sunriver, especially in our wonderful outdoors. Our local businesses have also adapted to the health protocols needed to keep their customers safe, while still providing those special dining, shopping and other experiences visitors and residents have come to expect in Sunriver. To receive the latest information on events in Sunriver, please contact the Sunriver Area Chamber of Commerce at 541-593-8149 or email at

The Wall That Heals

raveling for eight months, with four-day stops in 25+ cities in almost as many states, The Wall That Heals (TWTH) has a full schedule for its 2021 nationwide tour. And no destination is more eager to welcome the ¾-scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. than La Pine, Oregon (30 miles south of Bend). As the only city in Oregon selected to host this tribute to the more than three million Americans who served in the Vietnam War — and which bears the names of 58,279 men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice — La Pine will host The Wall That Heals from September 30 — October 3, 2021. The display is free to the public, open 24 hours each day, and closes at 2pm on Sunday, October 3, 2021. The 53-foot trailer that carries The Wall That Heals transforms into a Mobile Education Center with exhibits

designed to tell the story of the Vietnam War, and put American experiences in Vietnam in a historical and cultural context. Visitors will be able to locate names of specific service members on The Wall, and do rubbings of individual names. In recognition of the COVID-19 pandemic — which cut short scheduled 2020 stops in La Pine and many other cities — local organizers will take every necessary precaution to safeguard the health and safety of its volunteers and visitors. Vietnam veterans are the largest veteran demographic in Oregon by era of service, with more than one-third of the state’s 300,000 veterans having served in the Vietnam War era.

The Wall That Heals, being hosted in La Pine, Oregon from September 30 – October 3, will be open 24 hours a day. Admission is free.



4th of July


in The Village at Sunriver

ndependence Day the Sunriver way with The Village at Sunriver*. This year, bring the family out for a patriotic photo scavenger hunt! Wear your festive red, white and blue gear for this funfilled activity, and compete to win! All photo spots will be outdoors in the pedestrian areas of The Village at Sunriver. Participation will be limited based on existing government mandates at the time of the event. Visit our website for the most up-to-date information and full event details! *It is possible for activities in The Village at Sunriver to expand or lessen due to COVID-19 regulations. Please visit our

Photo b y Aman

da May


website for the most up-to-date information.

Bennington Properties’

Dog Day in May

urtesy Photo co

illage at of The V




o you and your dog like to walk, run or jog? If so, register to participate in the 2021 Dog Day 5K on May 30. Participants and their pups will receive a swag bag of K9 related items, with all proceeds benefitting local charities.

The 5K will not be timed, but you are welcome to share your results with us via social media. Virtual contests will be held for participants in categories such as best trick, owner look-alike and more! For full event details, visit

The Village at Sunriver

Park-In Cinemas


oin us in The Village at Sunriver for family-friendly movies* under the stars from the comfort of your car! Grab dinner or snacks from local eateries, and meet us in the upper parking lot for movie night fun. Space is limited, so reservations are required. Secure your spot before they’re all gone!

There will be multiple movies in September visit our website for full event details!

*It is possible for activities in The Village at Sunriver to expand or lessen due to COVID-19 regulations. Please visit our website for the most up-to-date information.

Phot o

court e

sy of

The V il


at Su n

river • 2021-22 |


The Village at Sunriver

Family Fun Zone


y Photo b

hotogra ilkens P Robert W


o you have some high-energy kids, or even adults, that need to get out of the house and burn some fuel? Come to the Family Fun Zone in the Village at Sunriver from May to September! With attractions suitable for all ages, you’re sure to find something to spark the interest of everyone.

Grab an all-day pass to the Inflatable Island Bounce Houses, for kids 12 and under, and spend the day jumping to your heart’s content. There’s even a toddler bounce house just for children aged four and under to enjoy. While you’re there, hop on over to the Power Jump, reverse bungee for a ride that’s sure to thrill. Children between 40 and 200 pounds can safely jump and flip as high as 15 feet in the air! And any aged adventurer between 40 and 240 pounds can challenge their body and their mind on all four sides of the 25-foot Rock Wall! The whole family will enjoy a round of miniature golf at the Wild West-themed 18-hole course. Purchase a novelty ball for a souvenir reminder of the fun had by all! After golfing, up to eight family members, 44 inches or taller, can pick a colorful car and spin and crash amid an array of lights on the Bumper Cars. Finish off your long day by taking a leisurely ride around The Village at Sunriver on the Alpine Express Trackless Train. Ask about all-day and combo passes to get the most out of everything The Village at Sunriver Family Fun Zone has to offer. Stop by during the winter to see the ice rink replace the miniature golf and bumper cars. With Alpine Entertainment, you’ll find year-round opportunities to create memories that will last a lifetime. • 541-593-5948

Sunriver Brewing Co.

K9 Keg Pull


very February, dogs of all breeds and sizes come out to The Village at Sunriver to compete in the annual Sunriver Brewing Company K9 Keg Pull.* Join us Saturday, February 5, 2022, for another year of furry fun!

Pups race down the runway, cheered by spectators, pulling an empty keg and striving to be the top dog. Dog owners can enter their beloved pets in one of six weight categories, which will dictate what size keg their dog should bring down the snow runway. Dogs will pull everything from an empty, full-sized keg to an empty Foster’s beer can.

Phot o

by Ro b

ert W ilken

s Pho

togra p


Proud pet parents call, treat and encourage their dogs across the finish line, hoping to bring home a champion. The three Fastest Fidos in each weight class will earn a medal, but all dogs, owners and spectators will walk away with funfilled memories. The Sunriver Brewing Company K9 Keg Pull is one event you will not want to miss! All proceeds benefit The Humane Society of Central Oregon and Ronald McDonald House Charities of Oregon and SW Washington. Visit our website for full event details and registration! *It is possible for activities in The Village at Sunriver to expand or lessen due to COVID-19 regulations. Please visit our website for the most up-to-date information.



100 Days of Treasures


isit the Village at Sunriver any day from May 29-September 5* for your chance to be a treasure hunter! Unique one-of-a-kind keepsakes are hidden daily in the pedestrian areas of The Village at Sunriver for families to find. Treasures will not be hidden inside businesses or in parking or driving areas. If you find a Sunriver treasure, it is yours to keep! Share your finds with us on Facebook or Instagram @ TheVillageAtSunriver. Visit our website for full event details! *It is possible for activities in The Village at Sunriver to expand or lessen due to COVID-19 regulations. Please visit our website for the most up-to-date information.

Photo c o


of The V illage a t Sunriv er

Ice Skating


lide on into the area’s longest-running ice skating pavilion in the Village at Sunriver. Ice skating in The Village is an activity you won’t want to miss on your Sunriver vacation. With skate sizes ranging from toddler seven to men’s 15, ice skating is a pastime the entire family can enjoy! Bring skates or rent ours and practice your award-winning jumps, spins and crossovers to the sound of top hits and seasonal melodies. For little beginners, we have plastic ice skating aids wards d E to help you stay upright. l e u y Mig Photo b For those who want to enjoy the fun from afar, or take a break from the action, the Warming Hut is the perfect place. Warm up by the indoor/outdoor fireplace and watch the skaters swirl through the large, plexiglass window, or stop by between sessions to watch the Zamboni resurface the ice. Open mid-November through mid-April, pending weather. Open Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day! • 541-593-5948

Sunriver Village Park-It Cinemas:



ring the whole family and some warm blankets for a Halloween movie under the stars! The Sunriver Park-It Cinemas offer park-in movies for families.* Phot o cou Movies begin at dusk, and parking will be open from 5:30-6:45pm on Saturday, rtesy of Th e Villa October 23. Parking attendants will help you to your spot and provide you with ge at Sunriv er information about the show, where you can get food to enjoy while you watch, and more! Reservations are required, and space is limited. Parking spots are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis and are assigned based on vehicle height to ensure every car has a good view. Once you are parked, you will not be able to move except to exit. Movie sound will be transmitted via FM radio directly to your car. Alternatively, speakers will be playing the sound from the screen. Visit our website to reserve your spot! See you at the movies! *It is possible for activities in The Village at Sunriver to expand or lessen due to COVID-19 regulations. Please visit our website for the most up-to-date information. 2021-22 |


Lodging & Resorts Sunriver Area Chamber Member Businesses NIGHTLY RENTALS

Sunriver Resort 17600 Center Dr., Sunriver, OR 97707 866-482-3909 • Diamond Stone Guest Lodges 16693 Sprague Loop, La Pine, OR 97739 541-536-6263 •


Arrived - Your Vacation Rental Destination 2754 NW Crossing Dr., #201 Bend, OR 97703 800-215-9880 • Cascara Vacation Rentals 57100 Beaver Dr., Bldg. #106 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-3225 • Central Oregon Vacation Homes 63055 Yampa Place, Bend, OR 97701 541-316-8833 Meredith Lodging 57100 Beaver Dr., Bldg. #13, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-3050 •

Photo courtesy of Sunriver Resort


Mountain Resort Properties/ Century 21 Gold Country Realty 57084 Grizzly Ln. Sunriver, OR 97707 800-346-6337 •

Village Properties 56835 Venture Ln., Ste. 109 Sunriver, OR 97707

StoneRidge Townhomes 1 Peppermill Circle Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-1502


Sunset Lodging 56935 Enterprise Dr., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-5018


Sunriver Resort Property Management 57057 Beaver Dr., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-4840 • Turnkey Vacation Rentals 655 NE Isabella Ln., Bend, OR 97701 503-964-0228 • Vacasa Rentals 2390 NW Thurman, Portland, OR 97210 541-390-9304

Thousand Trails Resort 17480 S Century Dr., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-8494 •

Crane Prairie Resort Crane Prairie Reservoir, NE Shore PO Box 1171, Bend, OR 97709 541-383-3939 • East Lake Resort 22430 Paulina Lake Rd., La Pine, OR 97739 541-536-2230 • Elk Lake Resort & Marina, Inc 6000 Century Dr., Bend, OR 97701 541-480-7380 • Paulina Lake Lodge 22440 Paulina Lake Rd., La Pine, OR 97739 541-536-2240 •

Make sure to secure your ad space in the 2022-23 edition of Sunriver Magazine.

Find Your Home Away From Home Find Your Perfect Vacation Rental Find Your Perfect Vacation Rental Find Your Perfect Vacation Rental

Happy Guests – Happy Owners | Local and Friendly | Exceptional Housekeeping | Personalized Management Services Ad Reservation Deadline: February 16 Happy Guests | Local and Friendly | Exceptional Housekeeping | Personalized Management Services Management Serv Happy Guests – Happy Owners | Local and Friendly | Exceptional Housekeeping | Personalized Camera Ready Ads Due: March 2 – Happy Owners

For additional information, Contact



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estled in the pristine Cascade Mountains, Central Oregon’s Sunriver Resort melds the beauty of the natural world with premier resort guestroom accommodations and condo and home rentals for an unforgettable vacation, recreation, wedding and/or meeting experience. Year-round outdoor adventure is abundant in Sunriver including world-class golf, skiing, rafting, biking, kayaking, rock climbing, fly fishing and so much more.


Lodging & Resorts

Photo courtesy of Sunriver Resort

2021-22 |


Enjoy the comfort of the Resort accommodations Photo by Tyler Roemer

Lodging Start your adventure by selecting the perfect home base. Accommodations are designed to meet your individual needs. Sunriver Resort offers 245 well-appointed resort guestrooms, suites and chalets, as well as fully-furnished condos and luxury vacation home rentals, many with their own private hot tub. Pet-friendly units are available so your furry family companion can enjoy the fun too! A complete refresh of the 190 guestrooms and suites at Sunriver Resort has begun. The $12 million project is being phased to allow for minimum guest disruption, and is scheduled for completion in 2022. Golf Sunriver Resort offers four award-winning golf courses: Crosswater, Caldera Links, Meadows and Woodlands, featuring 63 holes of world-class golf with T1 bentgrass greens. The distinct courses are surrounded by the high desert landscape and offer challenges suitable for all skill levels. (Crosswater and Caldera Links are private courses open to resort guests and members only). Golf Passes and Memberships are available at 541-593-4402. Spa & Club Sage Springs Spa & Fitness at Sunriver Resort is a full service spa, which encapsulates the spirit of the Oregon high desert with its warm ambiance, signature services and indigenous products. Enjoy signature massages, facials, body treatments and salon services. You can start your spa experience with an invigorating workout or a game of tennis or pickleball at the fitness center that features state-of-the-art cardio and weight equipment, more than 40 group-exercise classes a week, indoor tennis courts, steam rooms an indoor lap pool and hot tub. Memberships available for both spa and fitness at 541-593-7891. Dining Sunriver Resort has 11 dining venues to suit any taste. With a Pacific Northwest sensibility, our seasonally-driven menus offer a fun and delicious experience for everyone. At the Sunriver Resort Lodge, Carson’s American Kitchen offers


satisfying American fare and spectacular views, while Twisted River Tavern is a favorite place to let loose with crave-worthy food and drinks. Guests can also relax and enjoy local bites and beverages in the lobby bar. The Grille at Crosswater is available for upscale dining (for resort guests and members only) and for more casual fare or a quick cup of coffee, visit Starbucks coffee shop, McDivots at Woodlands golf course, Zeppa Bistro at Caldera Springs, The Spotted Frog at The Cove (guests only) or The Living Room at the lodge. Airport Hidden away on the west side of the resort is the convenient Sunriver Airport that allows private aircraft for daily excursions, drop-offs or extended vacations. Marina Located on the bank of the Deschutes River, the Marina at Sunriver Resort encourages you to explore your adventurous side by renting a kayak, canoe, tube or raft to float the Deschutes River. Stand-up paddle boards are also a popular experience for guests of all ages. Stables The Sunriver Resort Stables provide a great adventure with pony rides, riding lessons, trail rides and hay rides, as well as carriage rides in the fall and sleigh rides in the winter. Meetings Many who know Sunriver Resort are accustomed to enjoying vacation time on the property. But Sunriver Resort is also an excellent place to hold a meeting, conference or group gathering. Sunriver Resort provides over 44,000 square feet of flexible meeting and banquet space. From Northwest-style indoor meeting facilities to outdoor spaces with stunning views, the resort offers the perfect venue to create a flawless event or host a productive meeting. Expert convention service managers, audiovisual staff and business staff take care of every detail to ensure any gathering is a memorable one. New to 2021 — The Cove Event Yard, offering 12,000 square feet of gorgeous lawn space.

Lodging & Resorts feature an indoor pool, a large spa, a waterslide and a flowing Signature Events eddy. Roll-up doors will bring the outdoors in during warmer Sunriver Resort hosts several signature events. Here is the months, with the indoor facility providing shade and offering lineup for 2021: convenient access to the resort’s existing outdoor zero-entry • Easter Brunch Buffet (April 4) pool, hot tub, outdoor slide and splash pool. • Mother’s Day Brunch (May 9) Designed to match the aesthetic of other historic resort • Summer Concert Series (July 4-September 5)* facilities, the Aquatic Center’s architecture will include use of • Sunriver Resort Fall Festival (October 9-10 and 16-17)* wood columns, wood roofing and lava rock. The new facility • Grand Illumination Tree Lighting Ceremony (November 20)* will also include a poolside bar, full-service poolside wait staff • Winter Traditions (November 20-January 1)* and expanded offerings from The Spotted Frog, the resort’s • Sunriver Holiday Light Show (November 20-January 1)* previously seasonal poolside restaurant. An additional 12,000 • Thanksgiving Dinners (November 25)* square feet of new outdoor activity and event space is also • Holiday Marketplace (November 26-27)* included in the design. • Gingerbread Junction (December 4-January 1)* Sunriver Resort Property Management • Elf Tuck In’s (November 27 and December 17-24)* Homeowners who rent their homes through Sunriver Resort • Christmas Brunch (December 25)* Property Management are entitled to exclusive benefits not • Christmas Dinners (December 25)* offered by any other property management company in • Horse-Drawn Sleigh Rides * Sunriver such as access to Crosswater and Caldera Springs golf • New Year’s Eve Dinners (December 31)* courses, Sage Springs Fitness Center and The Cove at Sunriver. • New Year’s Eve Party (December 31)* 800-801-8765, • New Year’s Eve Family Night (December 31)* Caldera Springs *Subject to change. Please call in advance or refer to our Located adjacent to Sunriver Resort, Caldera Springs is an website to ensure these events will be taking place in 2021 due to exclusive resort community featuring single-family homesites possible social distancing measures. Modifications may be made with lot sizes ranging from about a quarter acre to more than to adhere to state and community wellness standards. one acre, as well as 45 Caldera Cabins. Weddings Amenities include acres of lakes and streams, nine miles No wedding venue in the world captures the grandeur of of natural and paved trails for biking, walking and hiking, the Pacific Northwest quite like Sunriver Resort. Surround playground, tennis courts, basketball court, Harper’s Outpost yourselves and your guests with elegance and privacy under picnic pavilion, Ponderosa Park and Sable Rock Park, The Lake brilliant clear skies and views that go on forever. We are thrilled House and Caldera Links. to add another outdoor venue in 2021, the Cove Meadow and Sunriver Realty Cove Event Yard. Whether you envision an indoor wedding Sunriver Realty has been the leader in the Sunriver real looking out to a snow-filled winter wonderland or an outdoor estate market for over 50 years. Brokers specialize in residential reception on a gorgeous lawn surrounded by pine trees and real estate in Sunriver, Caldera Springs, Crosswater, Vandevert wildflowers, you will not be disappointed. Ranch, Three Rivers South, La Pine and the surrounding areas Sunriver’s professional catering management staff in Central Oregon. From property search to closing, Sunriver recognizes the importance of your wedding day. No detail Realty’s unrivaled local experience and expertise make the is overlooked. Each bride and groom receives the Resort’s home buying process smooth and successful for our clients. undivided attention, creativity and expertise. The outcome is an unforgettable occasion and a lifetime of memories. The Cove at Sunriver The Cove features a large outdoor pool area with zero-entry design, hot tub, spacious deck and lawn areas, waterslide, kid’s discovery area, nature trails, The Spotted Frog cafe and private cabanas, all in a setting that boasts spectacular views of Mt. Bachelor and the Great Meadow. Open seasonally, The Cove offers guests an exclusive oasis where they can relax and enjoy the beautiful summer weather. Cove Aquatic Center Coming in May of 2021 is the new Cove Aquatic Center. This year-round aquatic Cove Aquatic Center indoor pool, coming 2021. Rendering courtesy of Sunriver Resort complex is a 10,000-square-foot facility that will 2021-22 |


Lodging & Resorts

Caldera Springs Healthier, Happier Families It’s All in a Day’s Fun

Photo courtesy of Caldera Springs


eing a Family First Community says it all. Located near Sunriver Resort, Caldera Springs was designed to bring the entire family together — from the littlest tykes to independent teens and fun-loving adults. With a breath full of fresh, pine-scented mountain air, Caldera Springs is a place where you and your family can connect, relax and enjoy a variety of activities with one another. At the heart of Caldera Springs is Obsidian Lake — ideal for kayaking, canoeing, sailing and catching a wiggly prize on the fly. The community features miles of paved pathways — perfect for biking, walking and running. During summer, adults and kids alike enjoy the sunshine while splashing in the famously popular Quarry Pool located next to the Lake House. A marvel of moving and falling water, the zero-entry Quarry Pool offers areas of safe play for toddlers. The Quarry Pool’s mesmerizing infinity edge overlooks the lake. Sunriver offers golf like no other area and Caldera Springs


is home to one of the top spots to play. Caldera Links and Golf Park is a 9-hole family-friendly course, so you can grab your clubs and the newest golfer in your family, and show them the ropes. Tennis, pickleball and basketball courts, in addition to an expansive grass park and an interactive kids’ playground, offer additional opportunities to enjoy the sunshine and play outside. Guests and homeowners in Caldera Springs have access to the community’s Quarry Fitness Center and outdoor hot tub. The Lake House is the social and activity center of Caldera Springs. It has a warm and friendly atmosphere with lodgestyle entertainment room showcasing views of Obsidian Lake and Mt. Bachelor as well as a family room with a pool table, shuffleboard and games aplenty. The outdoor deck and beach features both a fire pit and stone fireplace, as well as an area to launch your kayak, canoe, paddleboard or sailboat onto Obsidian Lake.

Caldera Springs brings together families and friends to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Casual dining is a part of the memorable Caldera Springs experience. The acclaimed Zeppa Bistro’s wood-fired ovens produce gourmet pizzas that are slices of heaven. Other culinary treats include Panini’s, salads and gelato. Residents of Caldera Springs say one of their favorite aspects of the community is the peacefulness and serenity they enjoy at their homes. Real estate offerings include generously sized homesites, easy-living Caldera Cabins and new custom homes. A broker is onsite to answer your questions about making Caldera Springs a place to call home. Vacation rentals are also available for those who like to try before they buy! Caldera Springs welcomed its first owners and guests in 2006. Since then, more than 160 new homes have been built. The community is located one mile south of Sunriver on S Century Drive, opposite the entrance to Crosswater. • 541-593-3000

Adventure say yes

Jewelr y for your next adventure.

StoneRidge Townhomes Resort


toneRidge Townhomes Resort provides a unique Sunriver vacation experience with recently renovated vacation homes in a park-like setting all within a few minutes’ walk of The Village at Sunriver. Property rentals are very nicely appointed and are reasonably priced.

The StoneRidge Resort Club offers a (salt water) pool and spa, exercise room, steam room, sauna, library, bicycles and tennis courts. The grounds are private and beautifully landscaped ensuring a relaxing environment. Townhomes are available for vacation rental or fractional shared ownership. Each luxury two or three bedroom townhome is fully furnished and accessorized with just about anything you’d want or dream of in a second home. 800-255-2506

StoneRidge Townhomes provide a great getaway during your stay in Sunriver.

Photos courtesy of StoneRidge


Lodging & Resorts

Sunriver Vacation Home Ownership

at a FRACTION of the Cost!

Deeded Fractional Ownership 10% & 20% Deeded Fractional Ownership. A practical and carefree arrngement for those who want a vacation home without the big price tag.


Guy Pforsich, Principal Broker Office: 800.255.2506 Cell: 541.408.5598 Vacation Rentals Available!

Offered By: Peppermill Development Company 1 Peppermill Circle, Sunriver, OR 97707 DCCA # 100

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What do your taste buds desire?

Photo courtesy of Sunriver Resort

Sunriver Area Chamber Member Businesses CASUAL DINING

Big Belly Burger and Brew 56815 Venture Ln., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-639-8929

The Fold Kitchen Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #18 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-598-3040 •

Blondie’s Pizza of Sunriver 57195 Beaver Dr., 2 Country Mall, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-1019 •

Village Bar & Grill Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #7, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-1100 •

Café Sintra Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #27, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-1222 •

Wallow Bar & Grill 17363 Spring River Dr., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-639-3178 •

El Caporal Family Mexican Restaurant 57100 Beaver Dr., Bldg. #19, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-3335 •

Zeppa Bistro at Caldera Springs Caldera Springs, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-4855 •

Hola! 57235 River Rd., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-8880 • Hot Lava Baking & Coffee Co. Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #17, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-678-4791 Sunriver Brew Pub Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #4, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-3007 • Sunriver Subway 612 95 Mtn. Breezes Ct., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-647-2963



Carson’s American Kitchen Sunriver Resort, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-1000 • Marcello’s Cucina Italiana #4 Ponderosa Rd., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-8300 • South Bend Bistro 57080 Abbot Dr., Bldg. 26, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-3881 •


Bleu Bite Catering 63060 Nels Anderson Rd., Bend, OR 97703 541-388-1104 •


Brewed Awakenings Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #2, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-678-5288 • Starbucks 57057 Beaver Dr., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-4999 •


Sunriver Country Store IGA Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #1 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-8113 Sunriver Marketplace IGA 18160 Cottonwood Dr., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-8166 Crossroads Shell Service Station and Convenience Store 59896 Venture Ln., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-8767


Twisted River Tavern Sunriver Resort, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-3730 • Sunriver Brewing Co. 56840 Venture Ln., Sunriver, OR 97707 514-390-0214


Dining in Sunriver

Photos courtesy of Sunriver Brewing Company


unriver’s restaurants reflect the community’s adventurous spirit. Just as there is an activity or something fun to do for every season and every person, there is a restaurant to conquer everyone’s appetite. From fried pickles to Cajun barbecued prawns over a polenta cake, hearty hamburgers to filet mignon, American to Central Oregon cuisine and traditional Italian with a Northwest twist to nouveau Mexican Peruvian cuisine, even the pickiest eater you know will discover a restaurant serving a dozen or more of their favorite dishes. Sunriver restaurants truly delight diners with an unmatched dining experience. What makes dining incredibly wonderful in Sunriver is that you can arrive to a


restaurant dressed up or after a day skiing at Mt. Bachelor, kayaking at Elk Lake, hiking on Broken Top or bicycling on the trails. Let your appetite be your guide in exploring the various Sunriver dining experiences. All the restaurants are following the current state health guidelines, and many are offering both indoor and outdoor dining options. Carson’s American Kitchen, located in the Sunriver Resort’s Main Lodge, combines satisfying American fare with amazing views of Mt. Bachelor, Broken Top and South Sister. The seasonally driven menu offers a whimsical, fun and delicious dining experience. Invite a few friends to meet you at the Twister River Tavern, offering tavern bites and a selection of regional

Pacific Northwest beers and wines, and classic cocktails. The Backyard restaurant and bar is located on the backside of the Lodge overlooking the Meadows Golf Course. Here you’ll find a large selection of regional beers and wine in a patio-style outdoor beer garden that’s kid and dog friendly. Quality, family friendly and affordable meals can be found at Sunriver Brewing Co., the Village Bar and Grill, The Wallow, Base Camp Grill, Big Belly Burger & Grill, El Caporal and Hola! Sunriver is home to some of the best pizza offered anywhere, with the long-established Blondie’s Pizza and the newly opened The Fold Craft Pizza + Kitchen. South Bend Bistro in The Village offers a uniquely flavorful dining experience. A local favorite, the restaurant’s romantic atmosphere and expertly prepared dishes are a special treat. Another dining option in a warm and inviting setting is Marcello’s Cucina Italiana, located on Ponderosa Road, just across from The Village. Marcello’s features an extensive menu of contemporary and traditional Italian food, with a Northwest twist, ranging from pastas and hand-tossed pizzas to seafood and steak. Also check for the popular wine pairing dinners at Marcello’s. Right next door to Marcello’s is one of the best breakfast and lunch places you’ll find in Sunriver — Café Sintra. This casual and friendly restaurant specializes in dishes that pay tribute to Portuguese cuisine, noted for its bold use of herbs and spices. For coffee lovers, you’ll find Brewed Awakenings located in The Village in front of the Country Store. This family-owned business puts quality first with its hand roasted artisan coffee. Go inside and get cozy by the fireplace or use the convenient driveContinued on page 69

From mouth-watering steak to delicious mac & cheese, Sunriver’s restaurants will satisfy the whole family!

Open Every Day At 11am Through The Evening • American Cuisine • Indoor/Outdoor Dining • 10 Big Screens To Watch Your Favorite Teams • Oregon Lottery Games


Alfresco Dining in The VillAge Casual • Comfortable • ClassiC sunriver Centrally loCated in the village at sunriver THE VILLAGE BAR & GRILL HAS BEEN SERVING UP GREAT FOOD AND DRINKS IN THE HEART OF SUNRIVER FOR 37 YEARS. Building #7 Village At Sunriver

2021-22 |


Photos courtesy of Sunriver Brewing Company


Dining Continued from page 67 up window. Fans of Starbucks will find their familiar brand of coffee at the shop across the street from the Country Store. Another option for pastries, donuts, breads and bagels — and an espresso or smoothie — is the Hot Lava Baking & Coffee Company in The Village. Or have lunch with a homemade sandwich on freshly baked bread. Got a sweet tooth? You’ll feel like a kid again at Goody’s Soda Fountain & Candy Store in The Village. For a quick lunch on the way to the mountains or lakes, stop by Subway for a freshly made sub or salad, or use its catering service for your family reunion or special event. The go-to place to fill your growler is also in the Business Park at the Mountain Jug. You’ll find a large selection of rotating taps. On the go and need a driveup coffee stand? Stop by T&S Espresso Awakenings in the parking lot of the Circle K convenience store. Continued on page 70

Italian with a Northwest Flair

“GET IN MY BELLY!” Free Appetizer with the Purchase of $45

56815 Venture Ln # 501 Sunriver, OR 97707 (541) 639-8929

- A Sunriver tradition since 1980 -

541.593.8300 Open 7 Days a Week Reservations Accepted Gluten-Free & Vegan Options Take-Out & Catering Available

2021-22 |



Continued from page 69 Take a short drive south on Highway 97 to Legend NW Cider Company, located in the northern section of the City of La Pine, to enjoy a wide variety of hard ciders, all brewed using natural ingredients. There you will also find the Mauna Kea Grill food truck, serving authentic Hawaiian grub. In the Spring River Plaza, just outside of Sunriver on Spring River Road on the way to Mt. Bachelor, you can experience one of the locals’ favorite watering holes: The Wallow Bar & Grill. Once inside you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a hunting lodge with wildlife donning the walls around you. Pick from a great selection of salads, burgers, steaks and seafood, and drinks from a full bar. You’ll also find Base Camp Grill at Spring River Plaza, known for its hearty breakfasts (a favorite among skiers heading up to Mt. Bachelor) and its top-notch hamburgers, all in a setting described as “western funky.” Out at the Sunriver Resort Marina on River Road, the


restaurant Hola! offers up nouveau Mexican and Peruvian cuisine, and is known for its selection of tequilas and margaritas. The Sunriver location of Hola! is open seasonally, so be sure to check before venturing there. You’ll also find Hola! restaurants in Bend and Redmond. At Zeppa Bistro at Caldera Springs you’ll find a playful interpretation of a slice of wood-fired pizza while enjoying an Italian soda or glass of wine. Local IGA supermarkets include the Country Store in The Village and the Marketplace on the north end of Sunriver. Both stores offer deli services and a wide selection of groceries for cooking at home. If you’re looking for catering services, check out Bleu Bite Catering, a full-service company serving weddings, business luncheons, special events and private parties. To learn more about Sunriver restaurants, visit

Now serving Bloody Mary’s & Screw Drivers

Join us for Breakfast & Lunch

Featuring Portuguese Mediterranean Cuisine Breakfast 7am-11am • Lunch 11am-3pm Mimosas • Beer • Wine homemade pastries espresso drinks Open 7 Days a Week

541-593-1222 Photo courtesy of Sunriver Brewing Company

Photo by Kristine Thomas

Ponderosa Building • Sunriver Across from Sunriver Village 2021-22 |


Marketplace Sunriver Area Chamber Member Businesses THE VILLAGE AT SUNRIVER AmeriTitle Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #5 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-1613

Artists’ Gallery at Sunriver Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #19 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-4382 Brewed Awakenings Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #2 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-678-5288 Café Sintra Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #27 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-1222 Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #5. Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-2122 Central Oregon Visitors Association Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #6 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-389-8799 El Caporal Family Mexican Restaurant 57100 Beaver Dr., Bldg. #19 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-3335 First American Title Insurance 57100 Beaver Dr., Bldg. #6, Ste. 140 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-5242 First Interstate Bank 57150 Beaver Dr., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-5288 Flowers at Sunriver Village Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #23 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-1300 Hot Lava Baking & Coffee Co. Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #17 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-678-4791


Hook Fly Shop/Cascade Guides & Outfitters Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #23 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-2358

The Village Bike & Ski Shop Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #21 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-2453

Live Laugh Love Art Sunriver 57100 Beaver Dr., Bldg. #23 Sunriver, OR 97707 402-657-1754

The Village at Sunriver Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #22 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-8704

Marcello’s Cucina Italiana #4 Ponderosa Rd., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-8300

Tumbleweed Toys Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #5, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-5900

Meredith Lodging Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #5. Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-3050 South Bend Bistro 57080 Abbot Dr., Bldg. #26 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-3881 Sunriver Books & Music Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #25 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-2525 Sunriver Brew Pub Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #4 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-3007 Sunriver Country Store IGA Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #1 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-8113 Sun Country Tours Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #26 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-382-6277 Sunriver Music Festival Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #13, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-1084 • Sunriver Sports Group Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #16, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-8369 The Fold Kitchen Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #18, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-598-3040

West of the Moon Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #6, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-8819 Your Store Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #24 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-5023


4 Seasons Recreational Outfitters 57195 Beaver Dr., 2 Country Mall Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-2255 Active Care Physical Therapy 57067 Beaver Dr., Sunriver, OR 977707 541-390-7518 Blondies Pizza of Sunriver 57195 Beaver Dr., 2 Country Mall Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-1019 High Desert Family Medicine 57067 Beaver Dr., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-5400 Massage Sunriver 57195 Beaver Dr., 2 Country Mall Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-7499 Mountain Resort Properties Century 21 Gold Country Realty 57084 Grizzly Ln., Sunriver, OR 97707 800-346-6337


Big Belly Burger and Brew 56815 Venture Ln., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-639-8929

Camp Abbot Trading Co. 56820 Venture Ln. Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-8168 Carrell Mortgage Company 56825 Venture Ln., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-610-7205 Cooper Racing and Repair 56815 Venture Ln., Ste. #708-710 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-598-9170


Come Experience Your Best Skin

Crossroads Shell Service Station and Convenience Store 59896 Venture Ln., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-8767 David Schweitzer, DMD 56845 Venture Ln., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-8343 Gibson Realty 56825 Enterprise Ln., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-5000 Ginny Kansas Real Estate 56825 Venture Ln., Ste. 110 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-977-2710

Open Fridays + Saturdays 10am - 3pm


17377 Spring River Road • Sunriver, OR 97707

H2O Specialties 56815 Venture Ln., #704 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-1239 Habitat for Humanity of La Pine-Sunriver 56780 Venture Ln., Ste. 105-S Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-5005 Mike’s Tire & Auto Center 56841 Venture Ln., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-2554 Salon Sunriver & Beauty Supply 56870 Venture Ln., 101 South Sunriver, OR 97707 Skin and Body Care by Machaela 56825 Venture Ln., #109, Sunriver, OR 97707 951-240-8803 Spacemaker Storage 56850 Enterprise Dr., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-5133 Sunriver Beauty Salon 56825 Venture Ln., Ste. 107, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-728-2070

2021-22 |



Village Bike & Ski

Second Tern Thrift Shop

Sunriver Brewing Co.

Brewed Awakenings

Sunriver Sports


Artists’ Gallery Sunriver

Goody’s Chocolates & Ice Cream

Camp Abbot

West of the Moon


unriver S Marketplace

Tumbleweed Toys

Live Laugh Love Art Sunriver The Hook Fly Shop

Sunriver Rocks

Sunriver Books & Music 2021-22 |



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Year-round Shopping, Dining & Entertainment — All Right Here

our Sunriver vacation isn’t complete without a visit to The Village at Sunriver! You’ll find the supplies you need for your home, unique souvenirs, tasty local cuisine and family-friendly activities for memories that last a lifetime. Once you get settled into one of the many lovely vacation rentals available from Vacasa, Cascara Vacation Rentals or Meredith Lodging, head out to The Village at Sunriver. Start your morning bright and refreshed with a lovely sit-down meal at Café Sintra, Brewed Awakenings Coffee Roasters or Hot Lava Bakery. Need a grab-and-go option instead? Get your order to go at any of the three, or hit the drive-through at Brewed Awakenings. After breakfast, head over to the Central Oregon Visitors Association (COVA) to gather information on all there is to see and do in Sunriver. Including the variety of fun activities The Village at Sunriver offers! In the summer, take a serene, guided stand up paddleboard trip with Sun Country Tours or a guided raft trip with Good 2 Go Food and Fun. Give fly fishing a go or take a guided fishing trip with Cascade Guides and Outfitters in The Hook Fly Shop. If you’re feeling brave, try one of Sun Country Tours’ whitewater rafting trips or rent water sports equipment from Good 2 Go and create your own river adventure. If you’d rather have an adventure on land, rent some bikes from Sunriver Sports or Village Bike and Ski. Pedal around the miles of beautiful bike paths Sunriver has to offer. Or try your hand at miniature golf, rock climbing and other family-friendly activities at The Family Fun Zone. In the winter, get everything you need for the mountain before you go! Purchase lift tickets and book reservations at Mt. Bachelor’s Sunriver location. Rent skis, snowboards and related equipment from Sunriver Sports or Village Bike and Ski. Stop by Good 2 Go Food and Fun for other fun snowsport rentals, or stay in The Village and skate at the Ice Rink.

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If you’re going for a more relaxed vacation, treat yourself to a trip to Obsidian hair spa to unwind. Pick up a gorgeous floral arrangement from Flowers at Sunriver Village, then relax with a good book from Sunriver Books and Music. Afterward, visit the Artists’ Gallery to browse exceptional works of art from local artists, and drop into Live Laugh Love Art Sunriver to create a masterpiece of your own. Before heading out, stop by the Sunriver Country Store to purchase all the supplies you will need for a home-cooked meal. And finish the evening off with a concert put on by the Sunriver Music Festival. The year-round shops in The Village have something for all ages and interests! Village Threads provides unique boutique women’s fashion and trendy accessories for the fashionista, while Sunriver Sports, The Hook Fly Shop and Village Bike and Ski offer seasonal clothing and outerwear, along with high-end gear for the outdoor enthusiast. For those hoping to find a one-of-a-kind souvenir, specialty shops like The Lazy Daisy, Sunriver Rocks, West of the Moon and Your Store are the place to be! And of course, Tumbleweed Toys has offerings for both the young and the youngat-heart, with offerings ranging from baby toys to board games. The Village at Sunriver also offers family-friendly events throughout the year! Visit our website to see which events are scheduled to take place during your trip. Make the most of your vacation time, and let us cook for you at one of the many restaurants here in The Village at Sunriver! For delicious pub food and brews, try The Village Bar and Grill and the Sunriver Brewing Company; or take your taste buds on a trip at El Caporal Family Mexican Restaurant and The Fold Pizza Kitchen. For fine dining dinner service, make a reservation at Marcello’s Cucina Italiana or South Bend Bistro. After you’ve filled up on delicious food at one of the restaurants, finish off the evening with a trip to Goody’s Chocolates and Ice Cream for treats that are sure to delight. It’s hard not to fall in love after a vacation in beautiful Sunriver, Oregon. Are you ready to make Sunriver a permanent vacation spot, or even to call it home? Make sure you stop by Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services and Windermere Real Estate to search the local market for the perfect place. Amerititle, First American Title and First Interstate Bank offer almost all of the additional resources you will need to make that dream Sunriver house a home. So stop by The Village at Sunriver, an open-air mall nestled neatly among the pines in stunning Sunriver, Oregon; proudly serving visitors and the community since 1974. Facebook & Instagram: @TheVillageAtSunriver

Retail 5

Tumbleweed Toys


West of the Moon

19 Artists’ Gallery Sunriver 21

Village Threads A Boutique for all Seasons

22 The Lazy Daisy

Décor, Gifts, Garden


Flowers at Sunriver Village

23 The Hook Fly Shop 23 Live Laugh Love Art 24 Sunriver Rocks 24 Your Store


25 Sunriver Books & Music

Recreation & Rentals 13 Sunriver Music Festival 13

Personal Services & Info 5

Wells Fargo ATM

Sunriver Sports Rental/Service


Central Oregon Visitors Association

Inflatable Kids Area

12 First Interstate Bank

15 Rock Wall / Power Jump (summer) 16 Sunriver Sports 17 Good 2 Go Activity Rentals

Village Ice Rink (winter) 20 Bumper Cars/Mini Golf (summer) Alpine Express Train Station (weather permitting) 21 Village Bike & Ski Shop


All common areas of Sunriver Village close at 10pm each day. Areas used by the public are private property and use of these areas may be limited at any time. Your cooperation in maintaining the clean environment of Sunriver is appreciated.

17 Obsidian Hair Spa 22 Alpine Entertainment 22 Village at Sunriver

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5 Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty 6

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Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

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Sunriver Country Store


Brewed Awakenings Coffee Roasters


Sunriver Brewing Company


Village Bar & Grill

17 Good 2 Go Deli 17 Hot Lava Bakery 18 The Fold Pizza Kitchen

13 Meredith Lodging

19 El Caporal Sunriver

22 Windermere Real Estate

22 Goody’s

23 Cascade Outfitters, Inc

26 South Bend Bistro

26 Mt. Bachelor

27 Café Sintra

26 Sun Country Tours

27 Marcello’s

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Marketplace Sunriver Area Chamber Member Businesses SUNRIVER BUSINESS PARK CONTINUED

Sunriver Brewing Company’s Brewery Building 56840 Venture Ln., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-3007

Sunriver Subway 56896 Venture Ln., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-647-2963

Village Properties 56835 Venture Ln., Ste. 109, Sunriver, OR 97707 800-786-7483 •

Sunriver Virtual Reality 59896 Venture Ln., Sunriver, OR 97707 503-407-8936 •

Wild Poppy Florist, LLC 56825 Venture Ln., Ste. 108, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-2027 •

Sunriver Library 56855 Venture Ln., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-312-1080 •

Sunriver Veterinary Clinic 56825 Enterprise Ln., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-8128 •

Sunriver Office Services 56835 Venture Ln., Ste. 201 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-8010

Sunset Lodging 56935 Enterprise Dr., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-5018 •

Sunriver Preschool 56890 Venture Ln., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-633-9337 Sunriver Post Office 56857 Enterprise Dr., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-598-7674 Sunriver Storage Systems 56898 Enterprise Dr., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-598-7146


The Door at Three Rivers 56885 Enterprises Dr., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-280-2171 • The Water Works Spas 56825 Venture Ln., #106, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-2148 •


Second Tern Thrift Shop 17377 Spring River Dr., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-3367 Spring River Tree Service PO Box 1987, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-8360 Springtime Landscape & Irrigation, Inc. 17235 Spring River Rd., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-389-4974

Three Rivers School (K-8) 56900 Enterprise Dr., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-355-3000 •

Sunriver Toy House Rentals 17345 Spring River Rd., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-647-4433

United Risk Insurance 56825 Venture Ln., Ste. 109, Sunriver, OR 97707 503-927-0264 •

Wallow Bar & Grill 17363 Spring River Dr., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-639-3178 •

Sunriver Books & Music Books, fine pens, journals & distinctive dog collars. Author events and book clubs scheduled throughout the year. Check for dates

Village at Sunriver Bldg. 25 #C 541-593-2525

Servicing Sunriver for 19 Years The Largest Salon in Sunriver Full Service Family Salon We can accommodate your every salon need:

Hairstyling: Color, weaves, haircuts Nails: Shellac, dipped acrylic, manicures and pedicures, tanning and facial waxing.

541-598-0505 Summer Hours: M-F 9am - 5pm Winter Hours: M-F 10 - close *Saturday by appointment only Walk-Ins Welcome ~ When Available

56870 Venture Lane Suite 101 South in the Sunriver Plaza Business Park next to Rebound

Round up your family and friends & come make some memories!

A Sunriver tradition since 2011.

Village at Sunriver Building 5 541.593.5900 • Arts & Crafts • Melissa & Doug • Games • Stuffed Animals 2021-22 |

• Water Toys • Ravensburger • Baby Toys • Science & Exploration •

The Original Salon of Sunriver

Puzzles • Nostalgic Toys • Novelty • Toddler Toys • Squishables •



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Business Park Serves Sunriver


he Sunriver Business Park is the place to start to find what you need for your vacation stay or your home. Visit the Sunriver Area Chamber of Commerce’s office to find information on local restaurants and businesses, recreational and tourist attractions and more. Camp Abbot Trading Co., an Ace Hardware store, offers everything from pet supplies to camping gear and house paint to kitchen gadgets and fishing gear to clothing. Stop here to purchase your fishing licenses and parking permits. Camp Abbot’s Hallmark shop has a card or gift for every celebration. It’s the place locals go to find what they need. Food and Beverages The Circle K Convenience Store has a selection of food and drink options to fill your backpack or ice cooler. T&S Espresso Awakenings and Sunriver Subway offer quick meals options, too. Big Belly Burgers and Brew was recently purchased by new owners who have remodeled the dining room and made some slight changes to the menu adding more gluten free choices to go with their delicious hamburgers and sandwiches. They have daily specials, including some incredible homemade desserts. Craft beer enthusiasts should visit The Mountain Jug to fill their growler or taste the specially selected craft beers locally produced in Central Oregon. With 12 constantly rotating taps of local brew, more than 2,000 vinyl records and vintage arcade games, the Mountain Jug is a favorite hangout for locals and guests. Personal Services Health service providers include the La Pine Community Health Center, Rebound Physical Therapy, Sunriver Physical Therapy and David Switzer, DMD, who provides residents with all their dental needs. Nobility Fitness offers a first-class exercise and fitness studio. Salon Sunriver & Beauty Supply, and Sunriver Beauty Salon, where you’ll also find Skin and Body Care by Michaela are in the Sunriver Business Park. Beards & Bangs is a locally owned barbershop. For your pets, the Sunriver Veterinary Clinic provides preventive, dental, holistic care and surgery.


Something Fun For more than 20 years, The Sunriver Fly Shop has offered its expert advice on fishing gear, where to go and what’s biting. Sunriver VR (virtual reality) offers interactive computer games that can be enjoyed by individuals, groups or teams. Public services in the Business Park include the award-winning Three Rivers School; the Sunriver Library, part of the Deschutes Public Library system; and the Sunriver Post Office. The newly opened Sunriver Preschool, operating Monday through Friday, serves infants, toddlers and three- and fouryear-olds. You’ll find creative floral designs as well as locally made gifts at Wild Poppy Florist. Houser House Creations specializes in unique signs and other décor for your home or business and has a wonderful collection of custom-made beads and jewelry. Vehicles Fill-up at Cross Roads Shell and Car Wash before venturing to the mountains, lakes or hiking trails. Mike’s Tire and Auto Center is a full-service automobile repair shop. Cooper Racing and Repair features a hobby and small engine repair shop, including service for your boat, ATV and motorcycle. Home and Business Three hot tub businesses are located here: H2O Specialties, Water Works Spas and Hot Tubs at Sunriver. Vacation home rental management services and/or real estate services are provided by Village Properties, Bennington Properties and Sunset Lodging. Professional real estate services are supplied by Gibson Realty and Ginny Kansas Real Estate. Sunriver Brewing Co. has its production facility in the Business Park. Enjoy its locally-made beer at the Sunriver Brew Pub in The Village at Sunriver. Sunriver Office Services features business services for local business owners, and Sunriver Computer Services has the knowledge and expertise to service and maintain your computer.

Sunriver Business Park Recreation & Rental 4 Camp Abbot Trading Co. 1 Sunriver Fly Stop 18 Stillwater Fly Shop 15 Sunriver Toy House and VR

Contacting Services 3 North West Custom Log Homes 14 Precise Painting, Inc. 14 Twin Pines Landscape Contracting 14 Sunriver Iron & Wood 14 Sunriver Glass and Mirror 14 Youngblood & Sons Flooring & Design

Spa & Hot Tub Sales & Service 2 H2O Specialists 11 Hot Tubs at Sunriver 3 Waterworks Spas

Food & Beverages 2 Big Belly Burger & Brew 16 Circle K Convenience Store 16 Subway 5 Sunriver Brewing Company 16 T&S Espresso Awakenings 1

SERVING THE NORTHWEST’S YEAR-ROUND PLAYGROUND 56825 Venture Lane #110 Sunriver OR 97707 (541) 593-8149 Fax (541) 593-3581

Vacation Home Rentals 10 Bennington Properties 7 Powder Village Condominiums 14 Sunset Lodging 11 Village Properties

Health & Fitness 14 David Schweitzer-DMD 14 Earth Touch Massage 3 Nobility Fitness 14 2 Sunriver Dance Academy 18

ot D Abb

Vehicle Maintenance & Engine Repair 2 Cooper Racing & Small Engine Repair 16 Cross Roads Car Wash 16 Cross Roads Shell 12 Mike’s Tire & Auto Center

r iv

e Sunriver Resort

Personal Services 2 Beards and Bangs Barbershop 11 Central Oregon Electrology 2 Houser House Creations 16 Keep M Clean Laundromat 14 Salon Sunriver 6 Spacemaker Storage 3 Sunriver Beauty Salon 13 Sunriver Pre School 18 Sunriver Storage Systems 3 Sunriver Veterinary Clinic 8 3 Wild Poppy Floral


Public Services 11 Newberry Habitat for Humanity 13 Sunriver Library 9 17 20


Real Estate/ Business Services 11 Accountable Tax Services 3 Carrell Mortgage 3 Gibson Realty 3 Ginny Kansas Real Estate 3 Sunriver Area Chamber of Commerce 11 14 Sunriver Computer Services 3 United Risk Services

19 16 15

le path








Ven tur


Spring River Plaza Spring River Rd

2 12

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1 1/2 miles Spring River Rd

Hwy 97

le path

South Century Drive


C ut h

tu en


Ent er p

ri s e D r

South Century Drive

5 4

7 8

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Relaxation Deep Tissue Pre-Natal Cranial Sacral

Featuring: Johnny Was Dylan P.J. Salvage Driftwood Home Decor & more

Sofft Liberty Black A.S. 98 Jewelry Gifts

Individual • Couples 541-593-7499 | Directly from the source since 1984

The Village at Sunriver Open Daily 541.593.8819

Sunriver ~ Seaside ~ Cannon Beach 82 2021-22 | SUNRIVER MAGAZINE

933 NW Bond Street Downtown Bend 541.749.9980


Meeting & Event Space at Sunriver Homeowners Aquatic & Recreation Center (SHARC)


HARC may be best known as an aquatics facility, but did you know you could also rent space to host a wedding, reunion, conference or business meeting? SHARC’s event space features a variety of indoor and outdoor rentable spaces including Benham Hall, Crescent Room, a 1,000-square-foot outdoor patio and adjoining 25,000-square-foot grass amphitheater capable of seating 1,250. Benham Hall can accommodate all your event needs from family reunions, birthday parties and weddings, to business meetings, company outings and holiday parties. Benham Hall can be divided into two, 2,500-square-foot spaces (Dillon and Pringle rooms) to accommodate multiple functions at the same time or smaller functions. Plan a catered lunch, wedding ceremony or picnic on the patio and amphitheater. State-of-the-art audio/visual services, stage and dance floor are also available. With no food minimum, SHARC staff can provide a list of preferred caterers to complete your event needs. SHARC does have a hospitality prep kitchen available to rent. The

kitchen includes a warming oven, refrigerator, ice machine, sinks and plenty of counter space. • 541-585-3144

Photos courtesy of Sunriver Owners Association

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Spring River Plaza

he Spring River Plaza is the place to go for bargain hunting, casual dining, recreational equipment and landscaping services. The Plaza is located on Spring River Drive, just past the Deschutes River on your way to Mt. Bachelor. Whether you are looking for a good book to take to the lake, recreational equipment, furniture or household items, the Second Tern Thrift Shop is the place to start. A volunteer-run, second-hand store, bargain hunters throughout Central Oregon know Second Tern Thrift Shop is a gold mine for two reasons — it has amazing items, and all the proceeds support the Sunriver Nature Center and Observatory, which equates to shopping for a good cause. The store is open 10am to 3pm on Fridays and Saturdays. The Spring River Plaza has three places to grab a bite to eat on the way to the mountains, lakes or hiking trails or on the way home. A local favorite, The Wallow Bar & Grill restaurant is open seven days a week and serves

breakfast, lunch and dinner. Right next door, the Base Camp Grill provides quality food for people on-the-go and is conveniently located on the way to Mt. Bachelor. The Summit Express Convenience Store is available for you to grab some last-minute items. Local homeowners depend on Spring River Tree Service, the community expert on ponderosa and lodge pole pine trees, with a certified arborist on staff. Services include tree removal, brush removal and stump grinding. They are experts at keeping Sunriver homes and lots fire free. Just off of Spring River Road, you’ll find Springtime Landscaping & Irrigation, which offers a variety of landscaping services for all four seasons, including full service construction, winterization, snow removal and spring and fall clean-up. Sunriver Toy House offers recreational rentals and Adventure Motor Sports rents a wide selection of snowmobiles in the winter.

Spring River Plaza DE SCHUTES RIVER Mt Bachelor - 18 miles










Azusa Road





Land & Yard Services 7 Springtime Landscape and Irrigation 6 Spring River Tree Service


Lu nar Dr

Retail 2 Second Tern Thrift Store 4 Summit Express Convenience Store 1 Cannabis Nation

Harper’s Bridge



Solar Drive

Recreation & Rentals 5 Adventure Motor Sports 4 Sunriver Toy House

Sunriver - 1/2 mile

Spring River Road


Foods & Beverages 4 Base Camp Grill 3 Wallow Restaurant

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Our Prescribed Forest Living Community Community Assessment Recognition Program


he COMMUNITY ASSESSMENT TEMPLATE at portlandwoolenmills. com states the following: “The Firewise Communities/USA program is designed to provide an effective management approach for preserving wildland living aesthetics. … The plan developed from the information should be implemented in a collaborative manner, and updated and modified as needed. … Definition of the Home Ignition Zone.” PRESCRIBED FOREST LIVING Sunriver is located in a wildfire environment. It’s a Wildland Urban Interface (WUI). Under Definition of the Home Ignition Zone appears the following: “Wildfires will happen — exclusion is not a choice. Under point six, the program “…seeks to create a sustainable balance that will allow communities to live safely while maintaining environmental harmony in a WUI setting. Homeowners already balance their decisions about fire protection measures against their desire for certain flammable components on their properties.” PRESCRIBED FOREST LIVING COMMUNITY encourages home owners to unite into a community under Firewise. This includes people who live Sunriver as their full-time residence, those who use their property as a second home and those who rent their home to the public. The balance of knowledge from Firewise will help us when we are on public lands that adjoin Sunriver during hiking, biking, camping, fishing, hunting and any other environmentally-aware activities. Our company, Portland Woolen Mills, has chosen to name our outdoor camping blankets and hoodie poncho robes “Deschutes” in honor of the centuries of the river’s existence, and how we must protect the surrounding areas from wildfires. Currently, the river offers canoeing, rafting, fishing and birdwatching activities. Protecting these diverse opportunities in our PRESCRIBED FOREST LIVING COMMUNITY. Our goal in featuring the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on our portlandwoolenmills website is to heighten awareness.

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Art & Culture

Art & Culture in Sunriver

In addition to two free concert series, Turf Tunes Sunriver Style on Sunday evenings in July and August, and Alfresco Fridays in September, Sunriver hosts events all year round that any art and music lover will appreciate. Photo courtesy of Sunriver Resort

Sunriver Area Chamber Member Businesses ART & CULTURE

Artists’ Gallery of Sunriver Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #19 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-4382 Cascade Arts & Entertainment Magazine 404 NE Norton Ave. Bend, OR 97701 541-388-5665 High Desert Museum 59800 S Hwy. 97, Bend, OR 97702 541-382-4754 Houser House Creations 56815 Venture Ln., #708 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-647-4158


Live Laugh Love Art Sunriver 57100 Beaver Dr., Bldg. #23, Sunriver, OR 97707 402-657-1754 Marjorie Wood Hamlin Fine Art Merchant Trader at the Sunriver Lodge 831-372-5273 • Oregon Observatory at Sunriver 57245 River Rd., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-598-4406

Sunriver Music Festival Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #13 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-1084 Sunriver Nature Center and Oregon Observatory 57245 River Rd., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-4394

River Art Adventures 503-367-3555 •

Sunriver Stars Community Theater PO Box 3712, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-598-0650

Sunriver Books & Music Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #25 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-2525 •

West of the Moon Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #6 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-8819

Sunriver’s Nature Inspires Art

Art by Jesse Pemberton

St ain ed

Gl as sb yB



He nse n


riters, poets, painters, photographers, musicians and actors will find the inspiration for their craft in Sunriver’s harmonious nature. Locals and visitors who enjoy arts and cultural experiences will discover an array of events to enjoy from music and art festivals to a quilt show and local theater. Events like the Sunriver Art Fair, Sunriver Music Festival and Sunriver Quilt Show each year attract visitors from all over the world to Sunriver with awe-inspiring works of art and performances. Arts events in nearby Bend include the First Friday Art Walk, concerts at Les Schwab Amphitheater and the BendFilm Festival. Visit The Artists’ Gallery in the Village at Sunriver to see the work of local artists who bring their own unique talents and personality to the gallery. If you are inspired to create something, attend a Sip and Paint class at The Artists’ Gallery or visit Live Laugh Love Art Sunriver. Located in Three Rivers South, River ART Adventures offers workshops in Enameling and Woodblock Printing to individuals and groups and hosts open studio events for the community. You won’t want to miss the Sunriver Lodge Betty Gray Art Gallery in the Sunriver Resort’s main lodge, where Central Oregon artists are featured. Each month, the Sunriver Library in the Business Park also displays the works of local artists. The Sunriver Books & Music store in The Village provides an inviting venue for author events and a gathering place for the highly active reading community in the area. Art by Peter Roussel For performing arts lovers, the community theatre troupe the Sunriver STARS delivers hilarious and inspiring productions multiple times a year. Learn about the history and ecology of the local area with visits to the Sunriver Nature Center and Observatory, and the High Desert Museum.

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Art & Culture

Explore Nature, Seek the Stars

Photos courtesy of Sunriver Nature Center

Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory


visit to Sunriver is not complete without a stop at Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory. Whether you are an early bird or a night owl, there’s an activity for everyone. Located next to Lake Aspen and nestled among eight acres of pine forest, wetland and meadow habitats, Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory is your gateway to the natural world, distant galaxies and everything in between!


During the day, gather the family, hop on your bikes and head along Sunriver’s bike paths toward the nature center. A team of naturalists await your visit and are

eager to introduce the natural world to curious minds. Once you step inside the nature center, you can explore nature from the forest floor to the sky while learning about the wildlife that call Oregon home. Children and adults will enjoy seeking out live snakes, lizards, frogs and salamanders in dark corners before getting an up close look at thousands of dancing bees inside a beehive. Next, take a stroll through the botanical garden, an oasis for native wildflowers, pollinators and birds. Visit with live owls, hawks and an eagle and learn about their amazing survival strategies. Complete your daytime visit with swan and otter watching on the shores of Lake Aspen, and at the observatory for special views of the sun through filtered telescopes. After dark, plan to visit the observatory, home to the largest collection of publicly-accessible telescopes in the country, for awe-inspiring views of the night sky. Sunriver’s elevation, dark skies free of light pollution and crisp clear air, make it the perfect location for stargazing. Over a dozen telescopes ranging in size and focused at different objects in the night sky are available for enjoying spectacular views and learning about our universe. From crystal clear views of the moon and various planets, to star clusters and nebulas, the observatory’s views will amaze first time stargazers and amateur astronomers alike. Round out the evening by joining an astronomer for a special presentation and a laser-guided constellation tour. Looking for more ways to enjoy the great outdoors during your visit to Sunriver? Programs and activities geared for children, adults and families, are held throughout the year. Bird walks, lectures and workshops are offered year-round and provide ample opportunities for the lifelong learner to enjoy nature and the cosmos. Families can enjoy a naturalist-guided hike, meet an owl up close, build and launch rockets or join in the many other family experiences offered weekly. Finally, make sure your budding scientist has a memorable and educational summer vacation by signing them up for an immersive outdoor camp experience! For current hours, tickets and a calendar of programs and events, visit

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Art & Culture

Artists’ Gallery Sunriver


Celebrates 11 Years of Unique Art by Central Oregon Artists

he Artists’ Gallery Sunriver has earned a welldeserved reputation for eye-catching, unique, hand-made art to suit every budget and taste. Upon entering the gallery, visitors have a creative experience unlike any other. There is something for everyone and the art covers many media and styles. Bursting with color, the gallery features original, handcrafted gifts and fine art from 30 artists. The Central Oregon artists have supplied sculpture, paintings, fused and blown glass, textiles, woodcraft, custom jewelry, furnishings, metal art, photography and ceramics. The highlight of the month at the Artists’ Gallery Sunriver is their Second Saturday celebration. During this ever-popular event, held on the second Saturday of Photo courtesy of Artists’ Gallery Sunriver each month from 4-6pm, the gallery hosts a reception where the public can meet and mingle with the artists. Complimentary light refreshments are served and sometimes from fine acrylic and oil painting to collage, watercolor, fine live entertainment is included. There is no charge for these wood and gourd art to unique photography, many types of events, and the artists can help shoppers peruse new art, mixed media, jewelry and more. Some 30 artists participate in suggest the perfect gift for the person who has everything the gallery including Deni Porter, Bonnie Junell, Karla Proud, or for yourself! There are often art demonstrations by the Diane Miyauchi and Dori Kite. Information on all the artists is artists and they are always happy to discuss their style and available on the gallery website. techniques. Currently, the reception might be “virtual” due When you step into the gallery you will see the work of to COVID restrictions, but we look forward to when the both established and emerging artists. Customers often Second Saturday receptions can resume in person. For more exclaim that the gallery is one of the finest galleries they information, go to have ever been in. Customers also note that prices are fair Operated by local Central Oregon artists, the artwork ranges and reasonable. And the variety of art is amazing! Many customers return year after year when they visit Sunriver and make a trip to the gallery one of their destinations. The art is always changing, so a visit to the gallery is mandatory. The gallery is an artists’ co-op — each artist volunteers to work in the gallery and on committees, so the artists are included in many decisions about the direction of the gallery. “We are all very excited to be a part of the Sunriver Village and this gallery,” say the artist members. The Artists’ Gallery Sunriver is open seven days a week and is located in the Sunriver Village Mall, Bldg. #19. Summer Hours: 10am to 7pm daily, fall through spring hours are 10am to 5pm. Stop by and see all the eye candy created by our talented local artists. • 541-593-4382 Photo by Vern Bartley


Sunriver Celebrates Reading


by Deon Stonehouse, Owner — Sunriver Books & Music ooks are simply magic. They have the power to bring inspiration to the darkest days, travel back in time to understand how others dealt with similar situations, allow us to walk in another person’s shoes and be swept away to another country or an imaginary world. More than ever, the last year has shown us the incredible value of books. Sunriver Books & Music is honored to be part of the Sunriver community that treasures and values the importance of literature. That’s why we have taken every precaution in 2020 and this year to ensure our customers’ safety by going above and beyond to follow state health guidelines, including limiting the number of guests in the bookstore at one time and offering curbside delivery. Whatever your literary taste, you are bound to find a few or several books at Sunriver Books & Music to enjoy while sipping hot cocoa by the fireplace after a day playing in the snow or relaxing on the deck in the late afternoon shade with a tantalizing book and a glass of lemonade. Understanding the importance of people still having the opportunity to meet and discuss books, Sunriver Books & Music has moved its Book Clubs and Author Events to an online platform. We have four active book clubs: Fiction, Mystery, Non-Fiction and Classic. Our book clubs welcome everyone and everyone is respectful of one another’s thoughts, ideas and opinions. We all value the opportunity to learn from one another. Our book club meetings are held at 6 p.m. on Mondays. The Sunriver community has several wonderful book clubs including The Sunriver Public Library, Sunriver Women’s Club and the Sage Bookies. Sunriver Books & Music is proud to welcome nationally recognized authors to speak at our events. Hearing authors speak about their books gives even greater insight and enriches the reading experience. New York Times bestsellers, talented authors and regional writers give presentations here in Sunriver. Two of the most popular authors who have appeared here are Craig Johnson, author of the Longmire series; Garth Stein, a New York Times bestseller; Pam Houston, author of Deep Creek; Vikram Chandra, author of Sacred Games, Thor Hanson, author of Buzz; and many others. Discussing an interesting book with other readers adds new perspectives. I always leave the book club delighted at the many interpretations, and I cherish the gift of another point of view. At Sunriver Books & Music, we are happy to recommend books (actually, we LOVE recommending books) or for you to browse the shelves and make your own discoveries. May your reading life be Sunriver Village, Building 25C fulfilling and entertaining! 541-593-2525

Sunriver Books & Music

The Sunriver Books & Music Book Clubs are a wonderful way to meet other passionate readers and enjoy interesting discussions on an array of books. There are currently four active book clubs: Mystery, Classic, Fiction and Nonfiction. Visit sunriverbooks. com/book-clubs-2021 to see this year’s selections.

Author Melissa Crandall presents Elephant Speak: A Devoted Keeper’s Life Among the Herd, at Sunriver Books & Music.

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Art & Culture

Sunriver Resort’s Winter Traditions


Annual Festivities Bring Holiday Magic to Life

unriver celebrates the brilliance of the holiday season with over 150 activities and events for guests of all ages. From nightly holiday light shows to old-fashioned, horsedrawn sleigh rides through snowy meadows and visits to Santa’s Workshop, guests are invited to experience the spirit of the season at Sunriver Resort.

Grand Illumination* Grand Illumination festivities kick off the season on November 20, featuring a tree lighting ceremony, live music, fireworks, children’s activities and more. Holiday Light Show November 20-January 1. Enjoy a hot toddy or hot cocoa while listening to holiday songs and watching an extraordinary light show as thousands of lights dance to the beat. Three shows, nightly. Holiday Dining Events Relax and let Sunriver Resort do the cooking at one of several holiday dining events including Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s buffets. And the kids’ favorite — Brunch with Santa at The Great Hall! Holiday Marketplace* November 26-27. Find the perfect holiday gifts from local and regional artisans including pottery, jewelry, fine arts, textiles and more! Gingerbread Junction* December 4-January 1. Enjoy a large collection of extravagantly decorated gingerbread houses on display in the Sunriver Lodge.

Elf Tuck-Ins* November 27 and December 17-24. Guests of Sunriver Resort can request one of the resort’s elves to stop by for an “Elf Tuck-In” to read a magical story and bid the children goodnight. In Room Kits Enhance your Central Oregon vacation with our locally crafted, in-room add on kits! From making your very own Takoda Bear to bring home with you, or cookie decorating kits, you and your family will be sure to make memories that last. Outdoor Activities Sunriver Resort offers an abundance of outdoor activities in the wintertime. Whether you would like to hit the trail in your snow shoes from the patio at your guestroom to a sleigh ride in our Victorian sleigh, Sunriver Resort has everything you need for a winter wonderland experience. *Subject to change due to Oregon COVID guidelines.

Photo courtesy of Sunriver Resort

Sunriver Quilt Show


ach summer in August, over 200 brightly colored quilts go on display in The Village at Sunriver. The 2021 Sunriver Quilt Show and Sale on Saturday, August 7, is presented by the Mountain Meadow Quilters Guild members. The group consists of more than 100 quilters who meet twice a month to share their love of quilts and quilting. The quilts displayed in the show are made by members of the Guild and cover a wide spectrum in color and style, from traditional patterns to modern art. Some of these quilts will be available for sale. Photo courtesy of Sunriver Quilt Show A special exhibit this year will include featured quilters Marleen Fugate and Dorothy Spain. In addition to quilts on display, there will be a sale area of handcrafted items made by Guild members including potholders, tote bags, table runners and small quilts. It is never too early to do some holiday shopping. The sale of these items supports area charities and educational opportunities for Guild members. Admission is free and hours are from 9am-4pm. See small quilts inside the shops in The Village at Sunriver during July, with large quilts decorating the exterior during the August 7 event. For more information contact Bonnie Schaefer, Mountain Meadow Quilters, 503-709-6198.


Experience the High Desert Museum


Where Memories are Made

day at the High Desert Museum is the perfect way to discover what makes Central Oregon unique. Nestled on 135 wooded acres just north of Sunriver, the Museum offers indoor and outdoor exhibits that spark curiosity and inspire exploration in visitors of all ages. Consistently ranked as a top thing to do in Central Oregon by TripAdvisor, this regional treasure is a must for your visit. Here you’ll find yourself face to face with wildlife native to the High Desert. In the Desertarium, you’ll learn about creatures including burrowing owls and Western pond turtles. Visit the Autzen Otter Exhibit, where you’ll giggle at the playful antics of Brook, Rogue and Pitch as they swim, run and tumble. See eagles and owls up close in the Donald M. Kerr Birds of Prey Center, and learn about them during daily Bird of Prey Encounters. In the summer, experience the speed and power of nature’s most spectacular predators during the daily Raptors of the Desert Sky free-flight program. Step back in time and connect to the region’s past to present as you wander through dynamic, permanent exhibits such as By Hand Through Memory, which shares the culture of Plateau tribes, and Spirit of the West, which journeys through how the High Desert changed in the 19th century. Discover what life was like more than a century ago from the living history characters at the 1904 Miller Family Ranch, where Mrs. Miller will encourage you to explore her log cabin, tend to her garden, meet her chickens and play games. Wander up the hill to see the authentic Lazinka Sawmill, which was used at the turn of the 20th century. With up to nine changing exhibits each year, there’s always something new to explore at the Museum. Meet the rockstar engineer of riparian and aquatic habitats, the North American beaver, in the dynamic original exhibit Dam It! Beavers and Us, open through October 3, 2021. Discover what ancient pieces of

Photos courtesy of High Desert Museum

cooled magma from the Moon and Mars have in common with samples of lava rock from our own backyard in Cosmic Microscapes through July 18, 2021. The exhibit blends art and science, and the mesmerizing result is large-scale iridescent abstracts that resemble unearthly landscapes you can get lost in. Throughout the year, the Museum presents fantastic workshops, events, kids camps and special programs, offering something for everyone. Enjoy a freshly made lunch in the Museum’s Rimrock Café and pick up a unique gift or souvenir in the Museum’s store. “Fun museum with indoor and outdoor activities for yearround visits. Tons of culturally interesting, hands-on exhibits that are great for families, dates or just going by yourself. If you are visiting Bend or Sunriver, you should definitely visit the High Desert Museum.” ~ Trip Advisor Reviewer Exhibit: Dam It! Beavers and Us

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2019 Westwater Arts and George Hanson Photos courtesy of Sunriver Music Festival

Central Oregon’s Classical Music Experience

S Eroica Trio


unriver Music Festival is committed to expanding the audience for classical music by nurturing the next generation of artistic talent and by presenting a world-class musical experience for Central Oregon residents and visitors. The 44th Season moves forward with resilience, creativity and imagination!

Our 44th Season: The Maestro in Action!

Summer Festival 2021, “The Maestro in Action,” offers concert patrons a unique opportunity. Acclaimed Artistic Director finalists Kelly Kuo and Brett Mitchell will each conduct multiple concerts in Sunriver featuring world-class soloists and the Festival Orchestra. The August arrival of these two outstanding professionals is culmination of a year-long Maestro search by the Festival Board of Trustees. Kelly Kuo, the current Artistic Director of the Oregon Mozart Players, brings musical versatility including work on over 90 operas plus an expansive symphonic repertoire. In 2008, Maestro Kuo became the first conductor of Asian descent to lead a performance at the Lyric Opera of Chicago, making his company debut with Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess. Kuo continues to concertize as the only pianist to have studied with two pupils of Russian virtuoso Vladimir Horowitz. Audiences have long appreciated Kuo’s flexible approach to the podium. “I try to

Art & Culture analyze what I have to do to inspire musicians and performers to deliver their best, to bring their A-game. This makes the audience the real winner,” says Kuo. Brett Mitchell, the current Music Director of the Colorado Symphony, has been hailed for presenting engaging, indepth explorations of a variety of classical programs. Throughout his Colorado tenure, he has led the orchestra in the majority of its classical performances, as well as a wide variety of special programs featuring such guest artists as Renée Fleming, Yo-Yo Ma and Itzhak Perlman. His distinguished career also includes serving on the conducting staff of the Cleveland Orchestra and Assistant Conductor of the Houston Symphony and guest conductor engagements with the Los Angeles Philharmonic among several others. Communication is also a critical part of Mitchell’s approach to conducting. “Music is about communications. The whole purpose is to create a musical intimacy, so you must have a relationship with the musicians and with the audience,” adds Mitchell. Musicians from prestigious orchestras from the United States and abroad come for two weeks of classical and pops concerts. An outdoor concert series will highlight the 44th season with performances at the Sunriver Resort Besson Commons and the Sunriver SHARC Amphitheater. Sunriver Music Festival consistently features multiple world-class performers and this year is no exception. The outdoor concert series opens with the most sought-after trio in the world, the Eroica Trio. These Grammy-nominated performers enrapture audiences with flawless technical virtuosity, irresistible enthusiasm and sensual elegance. This chamber ensemble has reached the top echelon of the field, all while shattering the age-old gender barrier. In addition to the Eroica Trio, soloists this summer include recent Cliburn medalist Daniel Hsu, a pianist recognized for his easy virtuosity and bold musicianship who presents powerful, thoughtful and sensitive performances and the return of Amit Peled, an Israeli-American cellist, conductor and pedagogue. A musician of profound artistry and charismatic stage presence, Peled is a favorite of Sunriver audiences and acclaimed worldwide as one of the most exciting and virtuosic instrumentalists on the concert stage today. Each summer season kicks off with Festival Faire — This lively fundraiser directly supports Sunriver Music Festival’s Young Artists Scholarship program and the Summer Festival. During its 26-year history, the Festival’s Young Artists Scholarship program has awarded over $600,000 in scholarships to Central Oregon’s most advanced classical music students. Along with the renowned Summer Festival concert series and thriving music education programs, Sunriver Music Festival’s Fireside Series throughout the year includes a Christmas Concert and a Valentine’s Dinner & Concert, both featuring well-known jazz and crossover artists, plus the two-day Piano Showcase at the Tower.

Sunriver Music Festival Annual Events February: Valentine’s Dinner & Concert October: Piano Showcase at the Tower June: Swings fore Strings Golf Tournament June: Young Artists Scholarship Auditions & Concert

July: Festival Faire Fundraiser December: Christmas Concert September-June: Ongoing music education programs at South Deschutes County public schools

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Sunriver Wake

Sunriver Wake by David Kreitzer

Presenting Sunriver Music Festival’s Poster Artist & Sunriver Magazine Cover Artist


David Kreitzer

avid Kreitzer’s original painting, Sunriver Wake, was selected as Sunriver Music Festival’s poster artwork for 2020 and for 2021. Each year, the Festival features an artist local to Central Oregon for the annual festival poster. Artists were invited to submit a piece for consideration, and a jury of professional artists from the Artist’s Gallery Sunriver selected David’s artwork.


Art & Culture

In the tradition of Turner and Cezanne, painter David Kreitzer’s love of nature propels him to create exquisitely detailed, mood-invoking and stunning oil and watercolor landscapes, figure, fantasy, Nishigoi koi, wine country, still life, Mid-West heritage and floral studies.

A full-time painter for over 55 years, David grew up as the son of a Lutheran minister who, due to his job, moved his family frequently throughout the Nebraska countryside. Kreitzer has exhibited his work in numerous one-man shows in museums, universities and galleries across the country, and his paintings have served as posters for the Mozart Festival in San Luis Obispo, California, Atlantic Magazine and the Seattle Opera. He was a featured artist for the American Artist Magazine, and his collectors include Michael Douglas, Mary Tyler Moore, the Howard Ahmansons, the Robert Takkens, the Cargill Corporation and the Hind and Hirshhorn Foundations.

The San Francisco Chronicle’s Thomas Albright, in his review of David Kreitzer’s first solo exhibit at Maxwell Galleries in San Francisco, wrote: “Kreitzer demonstrates how much poetic intensity the old tradition can still contain.”

David Kreitzer

KREITZER ...demonstrates how much poetic intensity the old tradition can still contain. –Thomas Albright, San Francisco Chronicle

He has recently moved to Bend from the California coast, where he resides with his, wife celebrated opera singer Jacalyn Kreitzer. They have two children, Anatol and Fredricka.

Sunriver Wake, the 36x24 oil on canvas, is custom-framed by Eastlake Framing and on display at the Sunriver Music Festival office in the Village at Sunriver. The artwork will be a featured auction item at the annual Festival Faire fundraiser on July 24, 2021. Call 541-593-9310 for tickets. Private showings on request. | 805-234-2048 | |

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Photography by Greg Johnson

Photography by Marjorie Wood Hamlin

Photography by Phil Fischer



Photography by Emily Volz

Art & Culture Photography by Renee Anderson

unriver S Images of

Cover Contest Submissions ~ 2021

Photography by Kristine Thomas

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Art & Culture

Sunriver Art Fair


Celebrating Fine Art & Crafts in Central Oregon

he Sunriver Art Fair is a threeday, juried art event held in the popular outdoor shopping and entertainment destination, The Village at Sunriver. August 13-15, will mark the 11th year the fair has brought accomplished artists to Sunriver to display, demonstrate and sell their original work. The wide variety of art includes ceramics, glass, jewelry, painting, photography, sculpture, textiles, woodworking, drawing and mixed media. There is a mix of styles to meet a range of personal tastes and budgets. The fair provides a dramatic outdoor gallery where the whole family can enjoy original art in a relaxed, scenic setting, for a great weekend of creativity and sunshine, and has been voted America’s Favorite Small Town Art Fair. Several perennial favorites will return in 2021, as well as many new artists who will exhibit for the first time this year. New in 2021, the fair has been expanded to include the opportunity to shop online at a virtual store. The virtual online dates are August 13 to September 26, 2021. Should COVID restrictions not allow an in-person event, the online fair option will still be available. Shoppers can go to to view and buy directly from the artist beginning August 13. Sponsored by the Sunriver Women’s Club (SRWC), net proceeds from the Fair help support nonprofits in south Deschutes County. The SRWC has been partnering with local

Photo courtesy of Sunriver Art Fair

nonprofit organizations for more than 20 years investing over $700,000 in programs that serve women, children, families and/or seniors. The goal of the SRWC philanthropy program for 2021 is to ensure that our nonprofit partners continue to have the resources necessary to meet the increased need in the areas of: child abuse, education, food, mental health and shelter. Join art lovers and collectors to browse the Fair on FridaySaturday, August 13-14, 9:30am-6pm; and Sunday, August 15, 9:30am-4 pm. • @sunriverartfair

Bells of Sunriver


he Bells of Sunriver, an ecumenical group of handbell ringers created by Sunriver Christian Fellowship out of its music ministry, participates regularly in services at the church and is active in the community.

Look for them playing flashmobs and concerts in the Sunriver area as well as Bend and Central Oregon.

Photo courtesy of Bells of Sunriver


Shelley Giaier:

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Living in Sunriver, Sunriver Style

Buying • Building • Remodeling • Maintaining Your Sunriver Home Living in Sunriver, Sunriver Style Sunriver Area Chamber Member Businesses ANIMAL CARE

Sunriver Veterinary Clinic 56825 Venture Ln., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-8128 Camp Abbot Trading Co. (Pet Supplies) 56820 Venture Ln. Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-8168


Sage Springs Club Spa Sunriver Resort Sunriver, OR 97707 1-800-801-8765 Salon Sunriver & Beauty Supply 56870 Venture Ln., 101 South Sunriver, OR 97707 541-598-0505


Sunriver Beauty Salon 56825 Venture Ln., Ste. 107 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-728-2070

Central Oregon Community College 2600 NW College Way, Bend, OR 97701 541-383-7210 •


Deschutes Public Library 56855 Venture Ln., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-312-1082 •


Habitat for Humanity of La Pine-Sunriver 56780 Venture Ln., Ste. 105 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-5005

Snappy Sitters 541-419-0997

Band of Brothers, La Pine Chapter PO Box 555, La Pine, OR 97739 970-371-6260 Central Oregon Association of Realtors 2112 NE Fourth St., Bend, OR 97701 541-382-6027

Heart ‘n Home Hospice 51681 Huntington Rd., La Pine, OR 97739 541-536-7399 • La Pine Fire Protection District 51590 Huntington Rd., La Pine, OR 97739 541-536-2935 •

Sunriver Residents Enjoy the Resort Lifestyle Year-round

Partners In Care 2075 NE Wyatt Court, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-382-5882 •

Skin and Body Care by Machaela 56825 Venture Ln., #109, Sunriver, OR 97707 951-240-8803

Rotary Club of Sunriver-La Pine PO Box 4761, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-1756 •

Stress Relievers Now 415-302-7320 •

Second Tern Thrift Shore 17377 Spring River Rd., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-3367 St. Vincent DePaul of La Pine 51661 Huntington Rd., La Pine, OR 97739 541-536-1956 Sunriver Anglers Club PO Box 4273, Sunriver, OR 97707 Sunriver Fire Department 57475 Abbot Dr., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-8622 • Sunriver Police Department 57455 Abbot Dr., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-1040 Sunriver Owners Association 57455 Abbot Dr., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-2411 • Sunriver Men’s Club Sunriver Women’s Club PO Box 3334, Sunriver, OR 97707

Photo by Phil Fischer

Upper Deschutes River Communities PO Box 3042, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-2777 •

CHURCHES La Pine Park & Recreation District 16405 First St., La Pine, OR 97739 541-536-2223 La Pine Rodeo Association PO Box 674, La Pine, OR 97739 541-536-7500 La Pine Rural Fire Protection District 51590 Huntington Rd., La Pine, OR 97739 541-536-2935 • La Pine Senior Activity Center 16450 Victory Way, La Pine, OR 97739 541-536-6237 • Mountain Meadows Quilters PO Box 3254, Sunriver, OR, 97707

Community Bible Church at Sunriver Beaver at Theater Dr., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-8341 • Holy Trinity Catholic Church 18160 Cottonwood Rd., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-5990 Sunriver Christian Fellowship 18160 Cottonwood Rd., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-1183 The Door at Three Rivers 56885 Enterprises Dr., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-280-2171 •


Lifescape Wellness 541-815-8901


Sunriver Homeowners Aquatic and Recreational Center (SHARC) 57250 Overlook Rd., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-585-5000 • Sage Springs Club Spa Sunriver Resort, Sunriver, OR 97707 1-800-801-8765


Flowers at Sunriver Village Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #23 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-1300 • Wild Poppy Florist, LLC 56825 Venture Ln., Ste. 108, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-2027 •


David Schweitzer, DMD 56845 Venture Ln., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-8843 • High Desert Family Medicine 57067 Beaver Dr., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-5400 La Pine Eyecare Clinic 16410 Third St., Ste. A, La Pine, OR 97739 541-536-2911 • Massage Sunriver 57195 Beaver Dr., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-7466 • Niswonger-Reynolds Funeral Home 105 NW Irving Ave., Bend, OR 97701 541-382-2471 •


Active Physical Therapy 57067 Beaver Dr., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-390-7518 Rebound Physical Therapy 56870 Venture Ln., Ste. 103, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-585-3148


William Wood Photography PO Box 1983, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-5512


Sunriver Preschool 56890 Venture Ln., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-633-9337 •

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Living in Sunriver, Sunriver Style


Life in Sunriver

by Jane Boubel, 18-year Permanent Resident o our Sunriver visitors: I hope you enjoy your stay! More than 50 years ago John Gray, one of the Sunriver developers, stated, “We are visitors here, we want future visitors to have the same experience we do today.” Thanks to his vision, I can answer that commitment with a resounding YES. One of the most common questions I get from visitors I meet while waiting in line for coffee, or the grocery store, is, “What is it like to live here?” My response: “It’s beautiful, the owners love it here and we live in nature.” Like many residents, we first visited Sunriver for vacations. Then, when it was time to retire, or even before that, we asked ourselves, “Where would we like to live in retirement? What if we could…?” When the pros and cons were weighed, the decision was easy. We moved to Sunriver permanently, and joined about a thousand other people who call this special place home. While most of us are now retired, a growing number of us are still working. A recent study found that Central Oregon, including Sunriver, has the one of the highest percentages of work-at-home workers in the country. Think of being able to get up from your office desk to take a break and go out your back door for a walk or bike ride on our 34 miles of paths, or snowshoe on the golf course, or head to the SHARC to exercise or swim, and then come back and go back to work… all without having to get in your car. Since 2003, the City of Bend has grown from 52,000 to close to 100,000. Additionally, more folks are choosing to live in Sunriver even if they work in Bend. After all, it’s only a 20-minute drive on a four-lane divided highway. For those of you still working, how long is your commute to and from work? Why not live where you can breathe, not fight the traffic and have a real sense of community? Living in Sunriver, we have most of the services you could need. We have our own fire and police department, our own K-8th school, library and mall with stores, brew houses and restaurants. And where else can you live with the beautiful


Deschutes River running along the edge of your community, and a major ski area 30 minutes from your front door? One of the attractive features of Sunriver is that we all came here from somewhere else. We are accepting of newcomers, and eager to make new friends. Name a community that still has a monthly Community Potluck… ours has been going almost non-stop for about 50 years. Additionally, this community is designed around living in the natural world, preserving significant open space and common ground, with respectful buildings and reduced environmental impacts. Speaking of 50 years… that’s how old our community is. One might think that makes us old. But look around and you’ll see that we aren’t, as we continue to make enhancements to keep our community modern, vibrant and fun. Most recently, these improvements included creating a new boat launch on the Deschutes River for homeowners and their guests, and a complete remodel of the Sunriver owners’ North Pool complex with a new lap pool, children’s pool, hot tub and grass sunbathing area. Sunriver is a vibrant community that supports and cares about our friends and neighbors. We work together as volunteers to assist our homeowners association govern, we work together to support our neighbors and we work together to be a community that cares. Sunriver is an active, beautiful community, and we want you to enjoy your time here. In closing, this Sunriver community is what it is today because of the vision of Gray, and fellow developer Don McCallum, to respect the natural aspects of our community. In 1967, Gray stated, “We are visitors here and we want future visitors to have the same experience we do.” And in the words of John Salzer, our current Sunriver resident historian, “That vision is alive and well today.” So if you are giving some thought to making Sunriver your home, please contact the Sunriver Area Chamber of Commerce at 541-593-8149 or I look forward to welcoming you, as a neighbor.

Photo by Dan Youmans

Sunday, June 6

Woodlands Golf Course $130 Player Entry • $520 Foursome Entry Register NOW at or by phoning 541-593-1084 Benefiting Sunriver Music Festival


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LEGEND PUBLIC LAND Bureau of Land Management United States Forest Service State of Oregon PO Box 3042 Sunriver OR 97707 501(c)3 Organization


Living in Sunriver, Sunriver Style


Upper Deschutes River Communities he focus of the Upper Deschutes River Communities (UDRC) is communication and outreach to community residents, the U.S. Forest Service, the State of Oregon, Deschutes County and community partners.

Activities of the UDRC include public informational meetings and large community meetings that focus on understanding the issues relating to water flows on the Upper Deschutes River, the Deschutes river basin and protection of our neighborhoods from wildfires. The UDRC promotes and helps homeowners to be “fire wise” by creating defensible space on their property. Defensible space is a 30-100-foot fire-resistant buffer around a home that reduces the spread of fire and the likelihood of a smoldering ember igniting a home. Reducing flammable vegetation and brush around a

home and under nearby trees reduces the potential of fire spreading to a home. Pruning trees away from a roof and other vegetation will reduce the “ladder effect” of fire. Once home owners create a defensible space around their home it is important to maintain the space. The UDRC has grant funds for senior homeowners and for other property owners who live south and west of Sunriver to help protect their properties from wildfires. More information on the grant program is available at Since forming in 2004, the UDRC has invested over $700,000 in creating defensible spaces, fire adapted communities, and educational programs on water and wildfire issues. To learn more about the UDRC, visit


Ad Reservation Deadline: February 16 Camera Ready Ads Due: March 2 For additional information, Contact

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Spirit of Giving Thrives in Sunriver


hile people move to Sunriver from all over the world, we all share the same sense of caring for those in need. With this spirit of giving, volunteers here are engaged in a wide variety of organizations. And with the health and economic challenges we have faced over the past year, it has been especially important and meaningful to give back to our community. On the next page you’ll find information about groups that would welcome your assistance.


Photo courtesy of Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory

Living in Sunriver, Sunriver Style Care & Share Care & Share provides nourishing food to about 200 lowincome families in South Deschutes County on the last Friday of every month, a time when other sources of support may be depleted. Volunteers pick up food at various retail outlets, package fresh fruit, pack the donated food in boxes and help load clients’ cars. Madeline Bednarek, 541-593-3653

Second Tern Thrift Store One of the largest groups of volunteers in Sunriver works at the Second Tern Thrift Store, located in Spring River Plaza. This expansive second-hand store sells a huge array of preowned merchandise with the proceeds going to the Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory.

La Pine-Sunriver Habitat for Humanity The La Pine-Sunriver Habitat for Humanity provides volunteer opportunities to help build homes for lower income families. Volunteers also work at the ReStore with all proceeds going to home construction.

St. Vincent de Paul Helping low-income individuals and families with food, utility bills and prescription medicine is the goal of St. Vincent de Paul in La Pine. People of all faiths work and volunteer at St. Vincent de Paul’s Retail Thrift Store in La Pine.

Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory (SNCO) typically serves more than 5,000 students each year with educational programs that advance scientific literacy and nurture STEM skills. Volunteers give educational presentations, assist with classes, greet visitors, assist behind the scenes by feeding and caring for the ambassador animals and provide raptor rehabilitation. At the Oregon Observatory, volunteers give astronomy presentations, and help with rocketry classes. In partnership with SNCO and the Sunriver Owners Association, Project Ponderosa is an award-winning educational and environmental program founded by Sunriver resident and retired life science teacher Lee Stevenson. Volunteers plant and care for the trees at the local nursery, and help present educational programs.

Upper Deschutes River Communities The mission of the Upper Deschutes River Communities (UDRC) is to enable neighborhoods along the area’s rivers to work together to resolve natural resources issues. Volunteer activities include an annual river cleanup, hazardous fuels reduction projects and promoting Firewise Communities.

Central Oregon Trail Alliance — SoDeCo Chapter The SoDeCo Chapter of the Central Oregon Trail Alliance builds and maintains mountain bike trails in South Deschutes County. The group collaborates with land owners to promote sustainable trails and advocates for recreational trails throughout Central Oregon.

La Pine Community Kitchen Volunteers play a key role at the La Pine Community Kitchen, which provides assistance, including free food, clothing and produce to those experiencing hunger and a lack of resources.

Sunriver Police Department — Citizens Patrol The Sunriver Police Department’s Citizens Patrol utilizes volunteers to help keep the community safe by assisting with traffic control during events and patrolling the community.

SMART Reading Enjoy working with kids? The SMART Reading program invites adult volunteers to read to children from Three Rivers School, located in the Business Park, one or two days a week.

Sunriver Area Chamber of Commerce The Sunriver Area Chamber of Commerce seeks volunteers to represent the Chamber in the community and help staff the Chamber’s office.

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Sunriver, the

Perfect Pooch Playground


unriver is the perfect pooch playground for those travelers who would not dream of leaving their canine companions at home. After all, Rover is part of the family, right? With 34 miles of paved pathways in Sunriver and a wonderful network of trails in the National Forest just across Cardinal Landing Bridge, you and your dog will never run out of places to explore. Enjoy the serenity of the outdoors and allow the magic of the forest to stimulate all human and canine senses. Dogs are allowed off-leash on Sunriver pathways and at Fort


Rock Park as long as they mind their manners and are under effective voice control of their humans. Please remember to carry a leash at all times and clean up after your pet, even in the forest. There are numerous clean up/ disposal stations along the pathways and at Fort Rock park for your convenience. Whether you are staying in a vacation rental or the Sunriver Resort, you will be able to find many dog-friendly accommodations. Most rental properties allow dogs. Be sure to verify with your property manager. The Village at Sunr iver offers al fresco dining

Living in Sunriver, Sunriver Style

opportunities as well as many dog-friendly shops. In the Business Park, Bennington Properties provides an offleash play area for dogs. If you didn’t bring all the pet essentials, such as high quality canned or dry food, or even if you just want a new toy, the Sunriver Country Store IGA in The Village and the Camp Abbot Trading Co. in the Sunriver Business Park will surely have what you need. For those who are ready to explore the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway, many of the lakes provide dogs with a welcome relief

from the summer heat. Elk Lake is a wonderful place for dogs to play in the water and the lodge is pet-friendly as well. For a quieter experience and fewer crowds, try Little Lava Lake. During the winter, Edison and Wanoga Sno-Parks have family and dog-friendly activity areas where you can safely enjoy exploring the snow covered hills, including snow shoeing and cross country skiing. So bring your pooch to Sunriver and get ready to create some memories for every member of your family. And Toto, too! 2021-22 |


Living in Sunriver, Sunriver Style


Sunriver Women’s Club

he Sunriver Women’s Club (SRWC) is a group of active, engaged women who strive to provide members with as many avenues as possible to engage with each other. As caring partners in our community, we also strive to improve our local community through philanthropy. The SRWC has been active in the community since 1972 and our members are looking forward to celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2022. The SRWC welcomes permanent and part-time residents from Sunriver and the surrounding communities; we currently have 300 members. The SRWC offers a variety of social activities with something for everyone, no matter the time of year. Activities include monthly luncheons with interesting speakers, winter activities such as cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, hiking groups, dinner club, book clubs, monthly birthday lunches, a knitting group and a small social group offering a variety of activities. The SRWC also sponsors several community events. Every July, as a thank you to the community, the SRWC organizes a Community Picnic in Mary McCallum Park, a popular event with great food and music. In August 2021 we look forward to the return of our Sunriver Art Fair, with both in-person and virtual formats. Our other events, the Winter Gala and the Sunriver Art Auction & Wine Event, are tentative for 2021. During the pandemic, the SRWC is following state-mandated requirements for masking and social-distancing with some events postponed. The SRWC looks forward to returning to all events and activities when the pandemic is over. The SRWC has a long history of supporting nonprofit organizations in south Deschutes County. Since 1999, the SRWC has granted nearly $750,000. In April 2020, in response to COVID-19, we created the COVID-19 Nonprofit Fund to assist nonprofits in south Deschutes County experiencing


Photo courtesy of Sunriver Women’s Club

an increased demand for their services. In 2020, we granted $36,000 from the COVID-19 Nonprofit Fund and over $27,000 from our Community Grant Program. The Sunriver Women’s Club Community Grant Program awards 100 percent of our net proceeds to nonprofit agencies providing essential services to women, children, families and seniors, and educational opportunities for at-risk children and teens in south Deschutes County. Our Power of 100+ initiative, where 100+ people each donate $100 resulting in an impactful $10,000+ donation to a local nonprofit, was put on hold due to the pandemic. We are looking forward to funding our Power of 100+ project in 2021. Thanks to the generosity of our members, community organizations and businesses, we continued our successful philanthropy program even without any fundraising events in 2020. Our theme, “Steppin’ Up During this Difficult Time,” captures what the SRWC is all about. We continue to respond to our nonprofits in south Deschutes County, engage with each other and support our local community.

Sunriver Men’s Club

he Sunriver Men’s Club started out as a few guys getting together for lunch. Very informal. It’s still pretty informal, but has grown to a larger group of both men and women from the greater Sunriver area, who meet once a month for lunch, fellowship and to listen to an enjoyable speaker. Our speakers are the highlight of the luncheons. Most are local and have an interesting story, or insights on local issues or an educational message. For example, previous speakers include the GM of Mt. Bachelor, the local police


and fire chiefs, the CEO of St. Charles, the 2017 eclipse, the oldest gentleman to climb Mt. Everest and raptor rehab at the Sunriver Nature Center. Like the original group, we still have no dues, no service projects, no commitments and no business meetings. We announce our luncheons in the Sunriver Scene and via a timely email. You are invited to participate. Come once or come every time. Connect with old friends or make a new friend at one of our monthly luncheons. Contact us at

Rotary Club of Sunriver



erving Sunriver, La Pine and all South Deschutes County, the local Rotary Club’s main objective is service to youth, seniors and low-income people of need in our local communities, in the workplace and around the globe. The 1.2 million Rotarians who make up the 34,000 Rotary clubs in nearly every country in the world share a dedication to the ideal of Service Above Self. Individual Rotary clubs belong to Rotary International. Individual members, or Rotarians, belong to a club. The club is where most of the meaningful service work is carried out. Clubs can be engaged in their communities and internationally. The Mission of Rotary International is to provide service to others, promote integrity and advance world understanding, goodwill and peace through its fellowship of business, professional and community leaders. Rotary clubs are open to people of all cultures and ethnicities and are secular and apolitical. You can join a Rotary Fellowship to network with others who share your vocation, avocation, hobby or interest. By participating in international activities, you become part of a global network of professionals seeking world peace and understanding. All Rotarians are united in a global campaign to eradicate polio. Polio Plus is Rotary’s flagship program. Along with the World Health Organization, UNICEF and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, Rotary is spear heading partner in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. Rotary’s programs for students and youth change the lives of those who participate. Through these programs young people can earn scholarships, learn leadership skills and engage in cultural exchanges. As community volunteers we reach out, we build, we support and organize. We work locally and globally. We Take Action!

Serving Bend & Sunriver • Full Service Construction • Award Winning Design • Low Voltage Lighting • Outdoor Kitchens • Water Features • Hardscapes

• Custom Tailored Maintenance • Start-ups & Winterization • Spring & Fall Clean-ups • Irrigation Monitoring • Holiday Lighting • Snow Removal



License #6044

2021-22 |


Living in Sunriver, Sunriver Style Sunriver Area Chamber Businesses REAL ESTATE SERVICES

Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty 101 NE Greenwood, Ste. 100, Bend, OR 97701 541-312-9449 • Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #5, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-2122 • Central Oregon Association of Realtors 2112 NE Fourth St., Bend, OR 97701 541-382-6027 • Gibson Realty 56825 Venture Ln., Ste. 104, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-5000 • Ginny Kansas Real Estate 56825 Venture Ln., Ste. 110, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-977-2710 • Keith Peterson-Sunriver Real Estate 57084 Grizzly Ln., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-815-0906 • Mountain Resort Properties Century 21 Gold Country Realty 57084 Grizzly Ln., Sunriver, OR 97707 800-346-6337 • Summa Real Estate Group Bend 17443 Egret Dr., Bend, OR 97707 541-639-5799 •


AmeriTitle Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #5, Bend, OR 97709 541-593-1613 • Bancorp Insurance Agency 51477 Hwy. 97, La Pine, OR 97739 541-536-1726 •

Photo by Chad Copeland


Carrell Mortgage Company 56825 Venture Ln., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-610- 7205 First American Title Insurance 57100 Beaver Dr., Bldg. #6, Ste. 140 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-5242 First Interstate Bank 57150 Beaver Dr., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-5288 Freshwaters Surveying, Inc. PO Box 4524, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-1792 Mid Oregon Credit Union 1386 NE Cushing Dr., Bend, OR 97701 541-382-1795 • Obsidian Home Inspections PO Box 1456, La Pine, OR 97739 541-480-6047 Providence Medicare Advantage Plans 164310 Cassidy Ct., La Pine, OR 97739 541-905-0300 Stearns Home Loans 384 SW Upper Terrace Dr., Ste. 201 Bend, OR, 97801 541-610-7205 • United Risk & Insurance Advisors 56825 Venture Ln., Ste. 109, Sunriver, OR 97707 503-927-0264

Watkinson Laird Rubenstein PC 56870 Venture Ln., Ste. 105N Sunriver, OR 97707 541-484-2277 •


BendBroadband 63090 Sherman Rd., Bend, OR 97701 541-312-6442 Cascade Disposal 1300 SE Wilson, Bend, OR 97702 541-382-6660 • Cascade Natural Gas 64500 OB Riley Rd., Bend, OR 97701 541-706-6281 • Midstate Electric Cooperative 16755 Finley Butte Rd., La Pine, OR 97739 541-536-2126 • Three Rivers Vector Control 214 First Ave., Chiloquin, OR 97624 541-238-2272 • Wilderness Garbage & Recycling Services 51420 Russell Rd., La Pine, OR 97739 541-536-1194 •


Sign Pro 512 SE Glenwood Dr., Bend, OR 97702 541-382-7446 • The Marketing Dept. 541-610-6770 Visuality 541-280-1488

Need a Cultural Fix?


Photo by Chad Copeland

2021-22 |


Living in Sunriver, Sunriver Style

Sunriver Area Chamber of Commerce Meeting the Challenge

Photo by Mike Jensen


aced with a global pandemic this past year, the Sunriver Area Chamber of Commerce is proud of the role we played in joining with our community to support our local businesses during this challenging time. During 2020 and going into 2021, we saw life change for all of us — adapting to the difficult but necessary restrictions on human interaction, including participating in the social and recreational activities that are integral to the special “Sunriver Experience.” Through it all, however, our community stayed strong and together. As a Chamber, we adapted, as well. Whether distributing Personal Protection Equipment, like masks and hand sanitizer

to local businesses, or serving as a key communications link between customers and restaurants on take-out and delivery options, we looked for every way we could help meet the challenges facing our community. Of course, we continued to play our traditional role as a Chamber in promoting Sunriver as a wonderful place to visit. As you have seen in the pages of the Sunriver Magazine, we have so much to offer the world in the way of scenic beauty, outdoor recreation, top quality dining experiences, world class arts, and family experiences that build memories for a lifetime. Despite limits on travel during the pandemic, Sunriver even became somewhat of a tourist oasis, providing a healthy and refreshing environment, while still following Continued on page 120






“Your” trusted Real Estate Advisor with your best interests at heart.



• LOAD • UNLOAD • • PACK • UNPACK • • RESIDENTIAL • • COMMERCIAL • • STORAGE • Licensed with the State of Oregon Bonded and Insured

Bradley H. Thomas Experienced & Efficient


541-420-2986 owner

Established Since 1980 email:

Ginny Kansas-Meszaros Principal Broker/Owner

Certified Residential Specialist Seller Representative Specialist 541-977-2710 • Dedicated to serving you and the Central Oregon community. Advisory Board Member, Sunriver-La Pine Economic Development Advisory Board (SLED of EDCO), Volunteer, Sunriver Chamber of Commerce

Neighborhood Expert 56825 Venture Lane Suite #110 Located in the Sunriver Chamber in the Business Park across from Camp Abbot Trading Co.

Volunteer or Donate to the Humane Society of Central Oregon. Make Your House a Home. ADOPT TODAY. 541.382.3537 2021-22 |


Living in Sunriver, Sunriver Style Continued from page 118 the COVID protocols to keep each other safe. For the Chamber, the other critical task at hand has been to maintain support for our local economy by those who make their home here. This has been accomplished through an innovative and effective “Buy Local” campaign that provides the information Sunriver residents need to confidently dine and shop here, and demonstrates that our local restaurants and stores care deeply about their welfare and welcome their business. Looking ahead, the Chamber is optimistic about the future. As a community, nation and world, we will get past this difficult time in our history and life will return to normal. For our Chamber, that will mean fully focusing on promoting the Sunriver area as a great place to visit as well as work, build a business, and live. From small businesses to established companies, to up-and-coming entrepreneurs, the business community here will always be vibrant, energized and connected. To help businesses thrive, the Chamber offers a variety of services, including: • Educational programming and training on key business functions, such as marketing, accounting, technology and security; • Business referrals made to Sunriver visitors and residents;

• Business-to-business networking opportunities; • Engagement in community issues that impact the Sunriver economy and quality of life, such as public safety and transportation; • Advertising and promotions through the Chamber’s Web Site, Facebook, Sunriver Magazine and Weekly Newsletter to the Sunriver community. Guidance for providing these services comes from our Board of Directors, Advisors, and Staff, who represent a broad cross-section of Sunriver businesses and organizations. Their leadership and experience ensures that the Chamber achieves its mission: To Promote and Enhance the Economic Vitality of the Sunriver Area Communities. We encourage you to contact us for any information you need. Please visit our web site at or call 541-593-8149. Sunriver Area Chamber of Commerce Mailing Address: PO Box 3246 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-8149 Year Established: 1986

Photo by Chad Copeland


Sunriver Area Chamber of Commerce 2021 Board of Directors

Call us today to customize a schedule right for you!

President and Board Chair: Dan Youmans Government Relations Consultant Treasurer: Aaron Schofield Branch Manager First Interstate Bank Secretary: Keith Kessaris Assistant General Manager Sunriver Owners Association Director: Patti Adair Commissioner Deschutes County Director: Debbie Baker Board Administrator Sunriver Service District

Landscape Renovation • Landscape Design & Installation Landscape Maintenance Options • Irrigation Start Up, Winterization & Repairs Backflow Testing & Repairs • Water Features Irrigation Start Up, Winterization & Repairs Hardscapes • Paver Patios • Backyard Living Area • Snow Removal


Greg & Tereasa BROXSON Owners

PO Box 4803, Sunriver OR 97707 • LCB#8215

Director: Colin Gladden Pub Manager Sunriver Brewing Company Director: Kelly Newcombe General Manager — Central Oregon Meredith Lodging Director: Thomas Samwel Director of Finance Sunriver Resort Limited Partnership Executive Director: Kent Elliott Board Advisor: John Holland Retired Developer Board Advisor Julia Theisen President & CEO Central Oregon Visitors Association Board Advisor: John Salzer Retired 2021-22 |


Living in Sunriver, Sunriver Style

Living the Dream Buying & Maintaining a Home in Sunriver & Three Rivers South

Sunriver homes offer quality and comfort for the whole family.

Photo courtesy of Norman Building & Design


ith an abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities at your doorstep, Sunriver offers the lifestyle that many are looking for, no matter what stage of life you may be in — from retirement to raising a young family. It’s no wonder

Photos courtesy of Sun Forest Construction

then that many visitors decide to purchase a home here. The Sunriver community and the nearby 27 neighborhoods that comprise Three Rivers South (TRS) both have a lot to offer. While just 20 minutes from Bend, residents enjoy little traffic, a small population and less building density. Continued on page 124



IN THE 2022-23 SUNRIVER MAGAZINE Make sure to secure your ad space in the 2022-23 edition of Sunriver Magazine.

An industry leader in:






For additional information, Contact Ad Reservation Deadline: February 16 Camera Ready Ads Due: March 2



Household • Commercial & Outside Storage

Fenced & Secure With Onsite Manager

541-593-5133 •


Bend 541-593-8310


17900 Finley Butte Rd ~ PO Box 2520 La Pine, OR 97739

www.vicrussellconstructi tio

La Pine 541-536-3478 Bend 541-593-8310

17900 Finley Butte Rd. PO Box 2520 La Pine, OR 97739 2021-22 |


Living in Sunriver, Sunriver Style Continued from page 122 Both Sunriver and TRS offer sanctuary to nature, wildlife and people who have moved here to escape urban noise and haste. At the same time, the locals here have all the creature comforts, and value community connections and new friendships. Amenities in Sunriver include the 34 miles of paved pathways, so that many people walk or ride their bikes to nearby shopping, services and athletic facilities. Another attraction is the newly renovated owner’s-only North Pool complex with a lap/leisure pool, kids’ pool with water slide and expansive lawn area surrounded by native vegetation. The roads in Sunriver are well maintained, including in the winter, and the community is served by its own police and fire departments. Many visitors start out by purchasing a vacation or shortterm rental home. It’s a great way to get to know Sunriver and the surrounding area. Vacation rental homes here average between 100-125 nights per year.

Photos courtesy of Norman Building & Design


Three Rivers South continues to grow in popularity. These neighborhoods, located to the south between Sunriver and La Pine, are intersected by the Deschutes, Spring and Fall Rivers. There is great diversity in housing here. For example, some areas may allow manufactured homes, while others have the option of living in gated communities. Purchasing Your Dream Home People looking to buy a home, whether in Sunriver or TRS, have a host of choices when it comes to the cost of housing — from starter cabins in the $300,000 range to custom-built luxury homes nearing $3 million. Purchasing a home in this area is a good investment, including for first-time buyers, says local real estate broker Ginny Kansas-Meszaros, especially if you hold the property for 10-15 years. The quality of life offered in the greater Sunriver area — country living, resort amenities and the surrounding public lands that protect views —

Brent Redenius

President all contribute to home values appreciating over time. And Sunriver is becoming increasingly popular as a place to work from home.

Since 1974 Since 1974

“If you budget wisely and make smart home improvements, you can weather any economic storms, while Sunriver and Three Rivers South — surrounded by forests, rivers and mountains — will always make this area a highly desirable place to live, work and vacation,” notes Kansas-Meszaros. Local business, including the Sunriver Resort, continue to make capital investments that also increase the overall value of the community, Since 1974 adds Kansas-Meszaros.

Office: 541-593-8360 Cell: 541-977-6274 Fax: 541-593-1963 Sales – Service – Repair

A Full Service Tree Co. Tree removal Brush removal sTump GrindinG Certified Arborist On Staff Brent Redenius PO Box 1987, Sunriver, OR 97707 President CCB#112460

A Full Service Tree Co. removal MaintainingTree a Home Brush removal in SunriversTump and TRS GrindinG

Office: 541-593-8360 Cell: 541-977-6274 Fax: 541-593-1963

• All major brands • Free Estimates Andyspring Smith • Broken repair Certified Arborist • Custom wood doors • Prompt professional service Find us on

Visit our showroom at 2747 SW 6th St. Redmond, OR 97756

Find us on

PO Box 1987 Sunriver, OR 97707 Andy Smith CCB# Certified112460 Arborist


Certified Arborist

On Staff When it comes to maintaining a home in Sunriver Rivers PO Boxand 1987,Three Sunriver, OR 97707 CCB#112460 South, residents need not worry about finding contractors to help maintain their home. Whether you’re looking to do a major remodel, roofing, painting, plumbing or landscaping, there are highly skilled experts available who take great pride in their work. Camp Abbot Trading Company, the local hardware store, also has what the do-it-yourselfer needs for home maintenance.

Homeowners do face some weather-related challenges. While enjoying about 300 days of sunshine per year, Sunriver and TRS are at about 4,000-feet elevation. This means real winters with real snow. Homes here require foam vent covers in the foundation to protect pipes, and snow buildup on the roof can cause ice dams. To help local Continued on page 126

Find us on

Your Re-Roof Specialists! •Composition•Metal Your Re-Roof •Tile•New Construction •Maintenance Specialists! •”Green” Roofs Your Re-Roof Specialists! •PVC/TPO Flat Roofs • CompositionGutters •Continuous • MetalRemoval • Tile •Snow • New •24 HrConstruction Emergency Service • Maintenance CCB#187751 • • • •

PVC/TPO Flat Roofs Continous Gutters Snow Removal 24 Hr Emergency Service • Ice Dam Removal with Steam

•Composition•Metal •Tile•New Construction 5 41. 6 47.10 6 0 •Maintenance nw q u a l it y r Standard” o of i ng.c om “Raising •”Green” the Roofs •PVC/TPO Flat Roofs 541.647.1060 •Continuous Gutters •Snow Removal •24 Hr Emergency Service

nw q

CCB#187751 2021-22 |

5 41


Living in Sunriver, Sunriver Style

Photo courtesy of Norman Building & Design

Continued from page 125 homeowners with these and other cold weather challenges, businesses like roofers and landscapers switch gears in the winter months to provide snow removal services. During summer months, residents take advantage of the dry days to paint their homes and rake pine needles. Again, the weather can be taxing for projects like deck maintenance, with heavy moisture and cold in the winter, and dry heat in the summer. “Most homes in Sunriver include a wood deck to allow homeowners and visitors alike to enjoy the splendor of the outdoors inches from their back door. If decks could talk, however, they would tell you they would prefer to live inside,” says Gavin Hepp, owner of Web Foot Painting. But Hepp advises that with proper care, like a woodpenetrating stain, and the right timing – when the deck is dry and the spring pollen has fallen — decks can look great and last a long time.


Working with Home Owners Associations One of the benefits of living in Sunriver is the quality and aesthetic standards for homes set by the Sunriver Owners Association (SROA), and the services that are provided by SROA to help residents maintain these standards. These guidelines help preserve Sunriver’s nature-based lifestyle. For example, residents who want to make changes to the outside of their homes, like a change in color, landscaping, or an addition, must receive approval from a citizens design committee. Some neighborhoods in Three Rivers South may also be governed by Home Owners Associations. Those looking to purchase a home should learn about the HOA for a particular community. Whether buying a home or planning a maintenance project, you can obtain a local business referral from the Sunriver Area Chamber of Commerce at 541-593-8149 or

Church Services in Sunriver Four Churches Offer Opportunities for Worship in the Sunriver Area Community Bible Church

Holy Trinity Catholic Church

Community Bible Church at Sunriver is located on Theater Drive near The Village. The Church also makes meeting space available to the public in its large Commons Room and small Fireside room. For information, go to

Holy Trinity Catholic Church is located in the north end of Sunriver on Cottonwood Road. Information is available at Also meeting at the same location is the Sunriver Christian Fellowship. Please go to for more information.

Community Bible Church 1 Theater Dr., Sunriver 541-593-8341

The DOOR at Three Rivers The DOOR church is located in the Sunriver Business Park on Enterprise Drive. Learn more at The DOOR at Three Rivers 56885 Enterprise Dr., Sunriver 541-550-3088

Holy Trinity Catholic Church 18143 Cottonwood Rd., Sunriver 541-593-5990

Sunriver Christian Fellowship

Also meeting at Holy Trinity Catholic Church is the Sunriver Christian Fellowship. Please go to for more information. Sunriver Christian Fellowship at Holy Trinity Catholic Church 18143 Cottonwood Rd., Sunriver

Sunriver Christian Fellowship Ecumenical Caring and Welcoming to All Special Music – Choir, Bells, & More! Serving Our Community • Habitat for Humanity • Three Rivers School • Scholarships • Food Share • Emergency Assistance • Respite Care • Volunteering • Firewood Program • International Mission • Litter Patrol • Facebook Church Office (M-T-W & F) 541-593-1183

2021-22 |


Living in Sunriver, Sunriver Style

Photo by William Wood

Sunriver Area Chamber Member Businesses BUSINESS SERVICES

Bigfoot Beverages 2440 NE Fourth St. Bend, OR 97701 541-382-4495 Juniper Paper & Supply 1028 SE Paiute Way, Bend, OR 97702 541-312-4070 La Pine Business Center 16388 Third St., La Pine, OR 97739 541-536-5580 Sunriver Area Chamber of Commerce Local Information & Business Center 56825 Venture Ln., Ste. 110, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-8149 Sunriver Office Services 56835 Venture Ln., Ste. 201, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-8010 Swire Coca-Cola USA 62911 Peerless Ct., Bend, OR 97707 541-382-3161


Little d Technology 16410 Third St., La Pine, OR 97739 541-536-1079


Mousetrap Strategies 503-781-7499


Camp Abbot Trading Co. 56820 Venture Ln., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-8168


Young Electric 57113 River Rd., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-919-6295


Fiddleback Furniture Makers 55820 Blue Eagle Rd., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-815-457


Central Oregon Garage Door 54995 Tamack Rd., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-5700


Hooker Creek Companies, LLC 95 SW Scalehouse Lp., Ste. 100, Bend, OR 97702 541-389-0981

Neil Kelly Company 190 NE Irving St., Bend, OR 97701 541-382-7580 Norman Building & Design 1016 SW Emkay Dr., Bend, OR 97702 541-389-1670 Northwest Custom Log Homes 56825 Venture Ln., Ste. 104 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-5610 Pine River Homes 56870 Venture Ln., Sunriver, OR 97707 541-213-0072 Sun Forest Construction 209 NE Greenwood, Bend, OR 97701 541-385-8522 Sunriver Watchmen 17199 Mergauser Dr. Sunriver, OR 97707 541-799-1550


Bend Heating & Sheet Metal 61540 American Ln. Bend, OR 97708 541-382-1231

Midstate electric cooperative delivers safe, reliable and cost-effective energy services While providing outstanding service to our MeMbers and coMMunities.

16755 Finley Butte Rd., La Pine, Oregon • 800-722-7219 or 541-536-2126

Photo by Chad Copeland

2021-22 |


Living in Sunriver, Sunriver Style

Sunriver Area Chamber Member Businesses LAND MAINTENANCE

Springtime Landscape & Irrigation, Inc. 17235 Spring River Rd. Sunriver, OR 97707 541-389-4974 Spring River Tree Service PO Box 1987 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-8360


Sunriver Locksmith PO Box 3212 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-8855


Hardie Finishes 501 SE Glengarry Pl. Bend, OR 97702 541-213-8570 Webfoot Painting Company 20585 Brinson Blvd., Ste. 4 Bend, OR 97701 541-390-0590



Integra-Built PO Box 3013, Sunriver, OR 97707 971-235-6214


More Roof Life, LLC 541-639-3255 Northwest Quality Roofing PO Box 2237, Bend, OR 97709 541-647-1060


Sunriver Glass & Mirror PO Box 3164, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-389-6350


Sign Pro 512 SE Glenwood, Bend, OR 97702 541-382-7446


Water Works Spas 56825 Venture Ln., #106, Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-2148

H2O Specialties 56815 Venture Ln., #704 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-1239


Sunriver Towncar and Tours 541-706-0626


Vic Russell Construction 17900 Finley Butte Rd. La Pine, OR 97739 541-536-3478 Wool Blankets and Clothing Portland Woolen Mills PO Box 4039 Sunriver, OR 97707 503-929-4222


Cooper Racing and Engine Repair 56815 Venture Ln. Ste. #708-710 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-598-9170

Photo by Chad Copeland

Sunriver Area Chamber Member Businesses Sunriver Marketplace IGA & Shell Service Station 18160 Cottonwood Dr. Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-8166

Central Oregon Visitors Association Village at Sunriver, Bldg. #6 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-389-8799

Prineville-Crook County Chamber of Commerce 785 NW Third St. Prineville, OR 97754 541-447-6304

Mike’s Tire & Auto Center 56841 Venture Ln. Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-2554

Economic Development for Central Oregon 705 SW Bonnett Way, Bend, OR 97702 541-388-3236

Redmond Chamber of Commerce 446 SW Seventh St., Redmond, OR 97756 541-923-5191

Precision Body & Paint, Inc. 61530 S Hwy. 97 Bend, OR 97702 541-382-3995

La Pine Chamber of Commerce 51425 Hwy. 97, Ste. A, La Pine, OR 97739 541-536-9771


Bend Chamber of Commerce 777 NW Wall St., #200 Bend, OR 97701 541-382-3221 Cascade Publications Cascade Business News 404 NE Norton Ave. Bend, OR 97701 541-388-5665

Sisters Area Chamber of Commerce 291 E Main, Sisters, OR 97759 541-549-0251

Madras - Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce 274 SW Fourth St., Madras, OR 97741 541-475-2350

Sunriver Area Chamber of Commerce Local Information & Business Center 56825 Venture Ln., Ste. 110 Sunriver, OR 97707 541-593-8149

Newberry Eagle 16405 First St., La Pine, OR 97739 541-536-3972

The Bulletin 320 SW Upper Terrace Dr., Ste. 200 Bend, OR 97702 541-382-1811 •

Oregon Resource Guide 3854 Lancaster Dr., Eugene, OR 97404 541-335-1912

Visit Bend 750 NW Lava Rd., Bend, OR 97701 541-382-8048

2021-22 |


Index 4 Seasons Recreational Outfitters......................................39

Professional Moving Services........................................... 119

AmeriTitle, LLC........................................................................117

Quail Run.....................................................................................45


Salon Sunriver............................................................................79

Artists’ Gallery Sunriver................................................... 88-89

Saxon’s Fine Jewelers..............................................................61

Bend Factory Stores.................................................................79

Second Tern Thrift Store.........................................................73

Big Belly Burgers & Brew........................................................69

Skin Logic....................................................................................73

Budget Blinds..........................................................................115

Spacemaker Storage............................................................123

Café Sintra...................................................................................71

Spring River Tree Service.................................................... 125

Camp Abbot Trading Co.....................1, Inside Back Cover

Springtime Landscape & Irrigation................................. 115

Cascade Arts & Entertainment Magazine..................... 117

StoneRidge Townhomes at Sunriver.................................63

Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty.............................3

Sun Forest Construction..................................................... 123

Cascara Vacation Rentals.........................................................4

Sunriver Area Chamber of Commerce..................109, 119

Central Oregon Adventures..................................................18

Sunriver Art Fair.....................................................................103

Central Oregon Garage Door............................................ 125

Sunriver Books & Music..........................................................79

Chockstone Climbing Guides..............................................18

Sunriver Brewing Company..................................................65

Desperado Boutique...............................................................82

Sunriver Christian Fellowship........................................... 127

Elk Lake Resort..........................................................................33

Sunriver Country Store & Marketplace...............................2

First Interstate Bank.............................................................. 129

Sunriver Fly Shop......................................................................24

Ginny Kansas Real Estate.................................................... 119

Sunriver Music Festival................................................. 93, 107

High Desert Museum...........................................................103

Sunriver Nature Center/Oregon Observatory..................6

John Paul Designs....................................................................73

Sunriver Owners Association..................................... 38, 107


Sunriver Resort.......................................... Inside Front Cover

Marcello’s Cucina Italiana......................................................69

Sunriver Sports..........................................................................24

Massage Sunriver.....................................................................82

Sunriver Veterinary Clinic................................................... 107

Meredith Lodging....................................................................55

The Hook Fly Shop...................................................................23

Midstate Electric....................................................................129

The Village at Sunriver............................................................78

Mountain Resort Properties.................................................11

The Wall That Heals....................................................................5

Mt. Bachelor.............................................Outside Back Cover

Thousand Trails.........................................................................18

Northwest Quality Roofing................................................ 125

Tumbleweed Toys.....................................................................79

Old Back 9...................................................................................44

Twin Pines Landscape Contracting................................. 121

Oregon Observatory/Sunriver Nature Center..................6

Vic Russell Construction......................................................123

Outriders Northwest........................................................33, 41

Village Bar & Grill......................................................................67

Paulina Lake Lodge..................................................................31

Village Bike & Ski.......................................................................24

Paulina Plunge...........................................................................18

Webfoot Painting..................................................................121

Portland Woolen Mills.............................................................85

West of the Moon.....................................................................82


Sunriver's Holiday Headquarters!

Tourists and locals alike flock to Camp Abbot Trading Co. during the winter holidays for more than just shopping. Camp Abbot has everything you need for winter, but many now come just for the holiday experience. You can come daily and see live reindeer or stop in on the weekends and say hi to Santa. If you're in Sunriver this winter, bring the family into Camp Abbot Trading Co.

56820 Venture Lane, Sunriver, Oregon 97707 | (541) 593-8168 | campabbo Mon - Sat: 8:00am -7:00pm Sunday: 9:00am - 6:00pm

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