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Timeline and schedule

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Applications are due on June 1, and interviews will be conducted during the week of June 11. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance into the program during the week of June 18. Required classes and meetings are listed below; in addition, there will be a multitude of bike rides and other fun opportunities along the way.

We want you to continue working with us once you complete the program and will offer you support and encouragement as you build upon your commitment to making Seattle the best city for bicycling in the nation.

Class 1 – July 11, 2012 Story of the campaign

Class 2 – July 18, 2012

In return, we’ll continue to offer opportunities for you to develop new skills and apply them, network with other leaders within the bike movement and engage with Cascade Bicycle Club’s staff, board members, and executive director.

Elements of a campaign plan: goals and organizational considerations

Class 3 – July 25, 2012

Elements of a campaign plan: constituents, allies, opponents and targets

Seattle Bike Advisory Board Meeting Aug. 1, 2012

Must attend at least one during the program

Cascade Bicycle Club 7400 Sand Point Way NE Suite 101S Seattle, WA 98115 p: 206-522-3222

Class 4 – Aug. 8, 2012

Strategic vehicle – how we win

Class 5 – Aug. 15, 2012

Elements of a campaign plan: strategies and tactics

Class 6 – Aug. 22, 2012

Leadership development and team building

Class 7 – Aug. 29, 2012

Communications and media strategy

Seattle Bike Advisory Board Meeting Sept. 5, 2012

Apply today! People of all ages, backgrounds, and bicycling abilities are encouraged to apply. To do so, please submit your resume and completed application by June 1, 2012. Applications are available for download at:

Must attend at least one during the program

Questions and applications can be directed to:

Class 8 – Sept. 19, 2012

Max Hepp-Buchanan Advocacy Campaigns Manager Phone: 206-226-1040 Email:

Putting it all together

Graduation party – Sept. 26, 2012

Celebrate your achievements and the journey ahead

Advocacy Leadership Institute creating advocates for bikeable communities

Learn to lead the pack

Add to your toolbox

Where the rubber hits the road

The Advocacy Leadership Institute (ALI) at Cascade Bicycle Club will develop local bicycle advocates and enthusiasts into leaders that advocate—and inspire others to advocate—for a bike-friendly Seattle.

Upon completion of the program, graduates (Community Bicycle Advocates) will have the skills and knowledge to organize, advocate, and hold City of Seattle staff and other leaders accountable for making Seattle a more bike-friendly city. ALI starts with the basics of organizing and progresses each week as participants learn and practice new skills.

The Seattle Bicycle Master Plan (BMP) is in the process of being updated this year. While the original BMP—adopted in 2007—was a strong plan at the time, we have the opportunity right now to update the old plan and ensure Seattle does what it takes to lead the nation in bicycling infrastructure, innovation, and policy.

Building on Cascade’s mission to create better communities through bicycling, ALI will train a diverse group of 15 people from across Seattle to organize in their communities, advocate for bicycle-friendly transportation plans and policies, and get better bicycling infrastructure built on the ground.

By the end September, you’ll have the know-how—as well as the encouragement and support—to effectively: • Communicate your position • Gather like-minded individuals • Run an efficient meeting • Identify needs and present demands • Map your route to success • Put your plan into action • Lead a team to victory

To mix things up, we’ll host a different guest speaker at every session who can speak passionately and in detail about the topic at hand, giving you access to experts’ first-hand knowledge. The 2012 Advocacy Leadership Institute will run from July 11 through Sept. 24, meeting nearly weekly on Wednesday nights from 6 to 8 p.m. in downtown Seattle. Participants are expected to attend at least six of the eight trainings. Though the program is free, participants must be truly committed to making Seattle a great city for bicycling.

The 2012 BMP update should—and with your help, will—result in a world-class plan that incorporates new tools and best practices from around the world, helping us diversify bicycling and vault Seattle into a position of national leadership. This is our chance to help create a Seattle that bicycles, where bicycling is normal, and where it is convenient and safe for everyone. In addition to the eight trainings this summer, we will deploy a variety of fun, hands-on tactics to get our positions heard loud and clear, inspire others to take action and inform what goes into the final BMP.

2012 Advocacy Leadership Institute brochure  

The Advocacy Leadership Institute (ALI) will develop local bicycle proponents and enthusiasts into leaders who advocate - and inspire others...

2012 Advocacy Leadership Institute brochure  

The Advocacy Leadership Institute (ALI) will develop local bicycle proponents and enthusiasts into leaders who advocate - and inspire others...