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Friday, June 4, 2021

I Madonnari

Courtesy of I Madonnari

Artists around town worked to finish their materpiece in support of The Children’s Creative Project during the I Madonnari Chalk Painting Festival


Fight against ocean pollution by joining Explore Ecology for its Goleta Beach Cleanup


The Leonard-Clarke Family: Artists, Donors, and patients of Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics: Caro Clarke and Andrew Leonard with their sons

Calendar... 8-11* In This Issue

Movies... 9


2nd largest General Fund revenue

Thanks for helping

$5.5 million

us reach our goal

sales tax revenue for quarter ended March 31, 2021

to build a new

41% above 2020

Courtesy of City of Santa Barbara

Newsmakers considers CA’s surplus. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Community News. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6, 12, 13, 17 John Palminteri’s Community VOICE. . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 The Current: Reefs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Sigrid Toye: Harbor Voice. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Harlan Green: Economic Voice. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Community Market. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18-19 SBAOR President Brian Johnson. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 NatureTrack Thanks Ten Year Volunteers. . . . . . . . . 20 Galleries & Art Venues. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 1 - 2 3 * Español y Inglés

Loma Fire

City of SB Sales Tax

the same quarter

Westside Clinic!

2.2% above 2019

the same quarter Budgeted for fiscal year 2021:

$22.2 million

Projected revenue

$21.2 million

approx. 2% less than the budget

Courtesy photo

Courtesy of Explore Ecology

Beach Clean Up

Courtesy of SBPD

UC Santa Barbara Lumina Choir will perform a virtual concert, We Are One, on June 9th 10

Photo ©2021 Isaac Hernández Herrero, courtesy of SB Neighborhood Clinics

Courtesy UCSB Dept. of Music


Post Fire Open House planned for June 12th


Lupe Anguiano received WEV’s 2021 Rock Star: Life Achievement Award 17

www.SBClinics.org 844-594-0343 VOICE Magazine cover story see page



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With a Little Help From Our Friends!

SB Neighborhood Clinics Reaches Milestone


By Kerry Methner, PhD / VOICE

N UP-SWELLING OF CREATIVE GRASSROOTS RESPONSE to our community’s healthcare needs has seen the Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinic’s comprehensive fundraising campaign hit its goal to raise $20 million. Making it possible were their Santa Barbara neighbors who recognize the value of the accessible clinics for their community and for their families.

June 4, 2021

The Campaign Cabinet Rev. Mark Asman, Co-Chair Katina Zaninovich, Co-Chair Peter MacDougall, Chair James Armstrong, Past Board Chair Steve Ainsley Laurie Ashton Ed Birch Jon Clark Domenic Caluori, DMD Brian Gough Vicki Hazard Steve Hicks Fred Kass, MD Bob Knight David Landecker Marshall Rose Melinda Staveley

“We are grateful to the Santa Barbara Community. Thank you for caring for our health,” shared local artists, donors, and patients of Santa Barbara The Honorary Committee Neighborhood Clinics, Lady Leslie Ridley-Tree, Chair “We are Caro Clarke and Andrew Lois Capps Leonard. grateful to the Respresentative of the Linda Gluck Whatever You Need by Andrew Leonard Santa Barbara many supporters, Andrew Stan Hatch grew up in Goleta Community. Thank Leonard Gerd Jordano and recently returned after several years in New York, where he went to school, first at the Grand Dorothy Largay Central Academy and then the Art Students League, and sharpened his prodigious skills as an artist. you for caring for You may remember him as last year’s Fiesta poster artist. While in New York, he met artist Caro Kurt Ransohoff our health.” Clarke. The artists married and returned to Santa Barbara, where they are raising their family. Maryan Schall As artists and parents, they knew that close, affordable health care is essential and so, when the – Caro Clarke & Ron Werft campaign got under way, Leonard began sharing a portion of all of his sales in support of the clinics. Andrew Leonard At this point they’ve donated over $1,000. And, their generosity continues. Leonard’s work reflects the architecture and community where he grew up and now finds himself. Visit his website, where he’s known as “digital sunsets” (www. digitalsunsets.net) and discover places you’ve likely cruised past or hung out... Rose Cafe, El Superica, the Santa Barbara Mission, Guadalajara Market. Evoking an entirely different, mysterious feel is the work of Caro Clarke, found on her website (www. quierocaro.com). A devoted mother and artist, she studied at UC Santa Cruz before meeting Leonard when she also became a student at the Art Students League in NYC. Offering a sense of the intensely mystical feminine, Caro’s website includes original art, apparel, Tarot cards, and prints. The Campaign will fund the Clinics’ capital improvements and equipment for their current facilities, cover annual operating funds for five years, and fund a new state of the art westside neighborhood clinic. Currently, the new Westside Clinic is working its way through the local planning process. Print by Caro Clarke The groundbreaking can’t come too soon, as SBNC’s many supporters have demonstrated. In addition to their many neighbors, the Campaign Cabinet, Co-Chaired by Rev. on exhibit Mark Asman and Katrina Zaninovich and Chaired by Peter MacDougall, have been M AY 2 8 - J U LY 2 6 , 2 0 2 1 instrument in seeing the Campaign through to completion. The Honorary Committee has also offered essential support. For the Clinic, it’s been eye-opening to come to understand the depth of support the Clinics have from their neighbors and 11 E A S T A N A PA M U S T R E E T | S A N TA B A R B A R A , C A friends.


www.SBClinics.org • 844-594-0343

( 8 0 5 ) 7 3 0 - 1 4 6 0 | www.sullivangoss.com

June 4, 2021



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June 4, 2021

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June 4, 2021

Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com

Blaze On TV Hill Leads To Post-Fire Open House ACE TO FACE WITH AN EXPLOSIVE FIRE, Westside residents are asking for an opportunity to meet with fire and police officials about safety plans, exit strategies, and cell phone notifications after the dangerous Loma Fire, last week. Mayor Cathy Murillo and District 3 council member Oscar Gutierrez are taking the lead on the Loma Fire follow up, which burned ten acres on one of the most visible hillsides in Santa Barbara and scared thousands of citizens. The city council met with safety officials during an emergency meeting last week and now will meet with concerned citizens. “I think people should meet and see the Fire Chief Chris Mailes and Interim Police Chief Bernard Melekian in person and review the event and talk about the future,” commented council member Oscar Gutierrez, during an interview with Voice Magazine. The fire was fully contained by Monday and a suspect who allegedly started the fire has been arrested. "Mayor Pro Tem Oscar Gutierrez and I are organizing a post-fire open house with the community invited to hear from the Police Chief and the Fire Chief. We are focusing on lower Westside residents as we have heard from them that they wanted emergency notifications that night,” stated Mayor Cathy Murillo on Wednesday. The meeting has been set for Parque de los Ninos from 12 noon to 2pm on Saturday June 12th, according to Murillo. “It will be walking distance to families from Lower Westside neighborhood, she noted. It will be “casual... walk up to ask Fire Chief questions, Police Chief, and Liliana Encinas who will discuss disaster preparedness.” The fire was moving uphill, away from the lower Westside, and was controlled within 45 minutes, so there was focus instead on

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evacuating residents on the hill, where the fire was headed, according to Mayor Murillo. "Still, we want to connect with these concerned residents, let them know how we will adjust our notification procedures, answer their questions about stabilizing the hillside in the event of rain, and also encourage everyone related to disaster preparedness,” continued Murillo. Council member Gutierrez offered this eye witness account of the evening. “I was dining with friends downtown and our discussion turned to Sundowners and fire possibilities. After dinner I took them for a ride to Loma to see the famous view of the city and harbor and upon reaching the street we saw the entire hillside explode on fire in front of our eyes. I immediately put the car in reverse and left… it was so close and so dangerous… It was surreal and like a movie,” Gutierrez shared, still shaken by the instantaneous confrontation with the fire. According to a police report, "Due to the fast-moving fire and proximity to neighborhoods, multiple off-duty Santa Barbara Police Officers were recalled to assist with evacuations. Santa Barbara County Sheriff 's Office assisted the Santa Barbara Police Department with evacuations and road closures. Hundreds of residents in the surrounding neighborhoods were evacuated.” Apparently, residents in the path of the fire were notified by cell phone alerts, but, residents across from the fire and not in the path were not notified by cell phone, but were notified by police officers going door to door. The SBPD gave this account of the arrest: "Around midnight, City Fire Investigators noticed a suspicious subject scrambling down the lower portion of the hill and hiding in the brush between Loma Alta Drive and West Ortega Street. Investigators detained the suspect and called for immediate Police back-up. Officers, Detectives, and Fire Investigators detained Victor Hernandez, 23, a Santa Barbara resident. Hernandez has been a suspect in other recent arson cases within the city." Photo courtesy of SB Police Department


By Mark M. Whitehurst, PhD / VOICE



Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com

June 4, 2021

How Tax Pay-Outs from the 1% Fueled Gov. Gavin Newsom’s State Budget Spending Spree By Jerry Roberts / Newsmakers / www.newsmakerswithjr.com / May 26, 2021


NE YEAR AGO, the (all rise) Deputy Director of California’s Department of Finance checked in with dreadful news about how the pandemic would batter the state budget – a $54 billion deficit, vast revenue losses, painful cuts, deficits as far as the eye could see. This week, Sacramento fiscal honcho H.D. Palmer returned to Newsmakers to explain why that doomsday forecast was totally wrong. “We didn’t know where the bottom was,” Palmer recalled of the saturnine fiscal landscape of May 2020. In a seeming miracle of economic jujitsu, the Department of Finance today foresees a $56 billion surplus for the fiscal year that begins on July 1st, Palmer told us on Wednesday, within a $286 billion budget that includes an expansive spree of new spending – $600 cash payments for a large majority of citizens, whopping increases on programs for the homeless, a big boost in per-student spending, a new pre-K public school program, health care for aging undocumented citizens, H. D. Palmer for starters – which Gov. Gavin Newsom, not immodest by nature, has been trumpeting daily as his “California Comeback Plan.” In a happy surprise for Gavin, Sacramento finds itself awash in money at the very moment he’s campaigning to fight off a recall. Oh, did he mention the cash for rural broadband, the 2028 Olympics, or his parking ticket forgiveness program? Buy, buy, sell, sell... As a financial matter, California’s budget bonanza has little to do with acts of governance the governor or Legislature did or did not perform. As Palmer makes clear in our interview, the single biggest factor in the turnaround is the massive stock market gains thrown off by the COVID catastrophe – unforeseen in 2020 by state forecasters – generating capital gains that accrued to the most wealthy Californians, who in turn paid a chunk under the state’s top-heavy system of taxation. The three most critical revenues for state government are corporation, sales, and

Foothills Forever Nears Preservation Goal


HE SAN MARCOS FOOTHILLS FOREVER CAMPAIGN is on the last mile of what has turned into a golden path to the Santa Ynez Mountains, with millions of dollars rolling in for the cause, a deadline extension to June 9th, and an offer of financial assistance from Santa Barbara County to help complete the fundraising. The campaign reported the extension to June 9th and the need to raise $725,480 to make the land purchase. In a surprise move, Santa Barbara County Commissioners, on the same day, voted to unanimously support the project, potentially up to $2 million. A proposal for the project was made by 2nd District Supervisor Greg Hart, which will be voted on at the June 8th meeting, just one day before the deadline. During the last week, two major donors came forward with million dollar donations, joining more than 3,500 donors from the community. The total goal for Foothills Forever is $20 million. Along with the inclusion of $2 million for the Foothills Forever campaign, the board will also consider granting $100,000 for coastal conservation efforts in the North County unincorporated areas. If the goal is not met, a development called The Terraces will proceed. It would include eight large homes, on 20 acres each, with common open spaces. The housing project is being developed by the Chadmar Group, Santa Monica.

Tours of the San Marcos Foothills are being offered as well as information sessions: www.FoothillsForever.org

personal income taxes, and it is the latter that is largely responsible for enabling what the embattled governor has termed a “transformational...historic budget.” As Palmer noted, the top one percent cohort of taxpayers finance about 40 percent of the general fund via the state income tax. More broadly, the top 20 percent pay out 90 percent of income tax revenues, which finance two-thirds of the operating budget. Such a good deal for everyone else! Except...the market goes up, the market goes down, and state government’s heavy reliance on its fluctuations and foibles makes California’s tax system enormously volatile – and subject to sudden plunges, like the one that accompanied the first dot.com crash at the turn of the century, paving the way for the, um, recall of Gov. Gray Davis. As the Legislature begins to impose their imprint on Newsom’s latest budget proposal, their actions will affect millions of students and their teachers, hundreds of thousands of public employees, unemployed workers, and the rolls of poor, homeless, and otherwise vulnerable residents, immigrants, and children who rely on medical, welfare, and food programs – not to mention every taxpayer who uses state roads, parks, and beaches, or lives at risk of earthquake, wildfire, or flood. In our interview, Palmer clearly explicates this and many other complexities, contradictions, and complex crosscurrents of politics and policy underpinning the astonishing resurgence of state government’s wherewithal, preparedness, and ability to spend your money. Check out our conversation with H.D. Palmer via YouTube at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuERBAQqV94


Jerry Roberts is a California journalist who writes, blogs and hosts a TV talk show about politics, policy and media. Former political editor, editorial page editor and managing editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, he serves as student adviser for the Daily Nexus newspaper at UC Santa Barbara. He is the author of Never Let Them See You Cry, a biography of Senator Dianne Feinstein.

SB Public Library to Reveal New Library on the Go Van at Summer Kick-Off Event


UST IN TIME FOR SUMMER, the Santa Barbara Public Library will debut its new Library on the Go mobile library branch during its Summer Reading Kick-Off event on Saturday, June 5th. Between 2 and 3:30pm at Alameda Park, attendees will be able to sign up for library Summer Reading Programs, enjoy games and activities, and be among the first to explore the Library on the Go van. “We are thrilled to be launching our new, state of the art Library on the Go van into the community this summer,” said Library Director Jessica Cadiente. “Library staff are ready to bring all the services and programs we offer on site in our buildings to reach more people where they are at.” Following this event, the Library on the Go van will travel throughout the community, providing greater access to library materials, programming, and free Wi-Fi. Funded by the Women’s Fund of Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara Public Library Foundation, the van will especially focus on neighborhoods and communities that may have a more difficult time visiting local library buildings. www.SBPLibrary.org

June 4, 2021

Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com



Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com

In Person & Online Activities for Everyone Actividades en persona y en línea para todos


Friday • viernes



Enjoy a picture book and activities outdoors • SB Public Library, hosted at Alameda Park • Free • 10:30am-12pm, Fr, 6/4. STORYWALK EN EL PARQUE

Disfruta de un libro ilustrado y actividades al aire libre • Biblioteca pública SB, en Alameda Park • Gratis • 10:30 am-12pm, viernes, 6/4.


Salsa and bachata dance classes • ME Sabor Dance Studio, Oak Park Stage at 500 W. Alamar Av • $12 • www.mesabordancestudio.com/classes • Weekly, Mo and Fr. CLASE DE ESTUDIO DE BAILE EN EL PARQUE


4:30-6:30pm Fridays via Zoom. RSVP at https://tinyurl.com/y7qs3qbf.


Se reúne de 4:30-6:30pm viernes a través de Zoom. Reserva tu lugar en https://tinyurl.com/y7qs3qbf.


A virtual fairy tale performance • UCSB Theater/ Dance • Free • https://tinyurl.com/4ydf7fjx • 7pm Fr, 6/4 and 6/5. LA VIDA ES SUEÑO

Una presentación virtual del cuento de hadas • UCSB Teatro/Danza • Gratis • https://tinyurl.com/4ydf7fjx • 7pm viernes, 6/4 y 6/5. HITCHCOCK

Clases de baile de salsa y bachata • ME Sabor Dance Studio, Oak Park Stage en 500 W. Alamar Av • $12 • www.mesabordancestudio.com/classes • Semanal, lunes y viernes.

In-person movie screening • Alcazar Theatre, 4916 Carpinteria Av, Carpinteria • $10 • www.thealcazar.org • 7pm Fr, 6/4.


Proyección de películas en persona • Teatro Alcazar, 4916 Carpinteria Ave., Carpinteria • $ 10 • www.thealcazar.org • 7pm viernes, 6/4.


Presentation by professor and author Vincent Wimbus • UCSB Interdisciplinary Humanities Center • Free • https://tinyurl.com/ybh79h2t • 12pm Fr, 6/4. RAZA, CASTA, JERARQUÍA, DIFERENCIA

Presentación del profesor y autor Vincent Wimbus • Centro Interdisciplinario de Humanidades UCSB • Gratis • https://tinyurl.com/ybh79h2t • 12pm viernes, 6/4. CLIMATE JUSTICE AND COVID-19 IN CA

Focusing on Indigenous Ecological Knowledges and COVID-19 perspectives • UCSB Interdisciplinary Humanities Center • Free • https://tinyurl.com/3hsxmhxf • 4pm Fr, 6/5. JUSTICIA CLIMÁTICA Y COVID-19 EN CALIFORNIA

Centrándose en los conocimientos ecológicos indígenas y las perspectivas del COVID-19 • Centro Interdisciplinario de Humanidades UCSB • Gratis • https://tinyurl.com/3hsxmhxf • 4pm viernes, 6/5.



Enjoy a classic adventure in this week’s SBIFF Family Fun Film, Robin Hood • Access the free activity guide https://tinyurl.com/xxt6phm5. DIVERSIÓN CINEMATOGRÁFICA FAMILIAR SBIFF - ROBIN HOOD

Disfruta de una aventura clásica en la película de diversión familiar SBIFF de esta semana, Robin Hood • Accede a la guía de actividades gratuita https://tinyurl.com/xxt6phm5. SONGS, SONNETS, & SPRINGTIME

A virtual performance of readings and songs • Pacific Conservatory Theatre • Free • www.pcpa. org/Springtime • Available through 6/27. CANCIONES, SONETOS Y PRIMAVERA

Una presentación virtual de lecturas y canciones • Pacific Conservatory Theatre • Gratis • www.pcpa.org/Springtime • Disponible hasta el 6/27. SBIFF FILM TALK

Online series of screenings & discussions between SBIFF’s programmers & filmmakers. View a short film online each week, followed by a live virtual conversation on Thursdays at 6pm. To sign up for a talk or to watch past talks visit https://sbiff.org/filmtalk/ CHARLA DE CINE SBIFF

Una serie en línea de proyecciones y debates entre los programadores y cineastas de SBIFF. Cada semana, un cortometraje estará disponible en línea, seguido de una conversación virtual en vivo los jueves a las 6pm. Para inscribirte en una charla o ver charlas anteriores, visita https://sbiff.org/filmtalk/

Santa Barbara Ghost Tours Walk with Professor Julie as she shares tales of mystery and history... & meet friendly spirits... Call or text to schedule your walking tour! • 805-905-9019


Presentation by composer Elsa Justel • UCSB Department of Music • Free • https://tinyurl.com/cmrfcm55 • 11am Fr, 6/4.


Presentación de la compositora Elsa Justel • Departamento de Música de UCSB • Gratis • https://tinyurl.com/cmrfcm55 • 11am viernes, 6/4. SYNESTHESIAS - NEW MUSIC AT UCSB 2: GRADUATES

Showcase of recent works by UCSB graduate students • UCSB Department of Music • Free • https://tinyurl.com/f3s9kjdd • 6pm Fr, 6/4. SINESTESIAS - NUEVA MÚSICA EN UCSB 2: GRADUADOS

Muestra de trabajos recientes de estudiantes graduados de UCSB • Departamento de Música de UCSB • Gratis • https://tinyurl.com/f3s9kjdd • 6pm viernes, 6/4. PLASTIC HARPOONS LIVE PERFORMANCE

Enjoy local band • Topa Topa Brewery, 120 Santa Barbara St • 8-10pm Fr, 6/4. PRESENTACIÓN EN VIVO DE PLASTIC HARPOONS

Disfruta de la banda local • Topa Topa Brewery, 120 Santa Barbara St • 8-10pm viernes, 6/4. ROAR & POUR

Live music, food, and drink The Granada, Opera Santa Barbara, and The Good Lion • Outside the Good Lion/Granada Theatre, 6pm Th. ROAR & POUR

Música en vivo, comida y bebida • The Granada, Opera Santa Barbara y The Good Lion • Afuera del Good Lion / Teatro Granada, 6pm jueves.

Photo courtesy of Explore Ecology

Safari Local

June 4, 2021

Show our local environment some love and fight against ocean pollution by joining Explore Ecology for its Goleta Beach Cleanup 4-5:30pm on Friday, June 4th. Volunteers will meet at 5986 Sandspit Rd., Goleta, and free Cleanup Kits will be available while supplies last. Face masks will be required. To learn more, visit www.exploreecology.org. Muestrale a nuestro medio ambiente local un poco de amor y lucha contra la contaminación del océano uniéndote a Explore Ecology para su limpieza de la playa de Goleta de 4 a 5:30pm el viernes, 4 de junio. Los voluntarios se reunirán en 5986 Sandspit Rd., Goleta, y los kits de limpieza gratuitos estarán disponibles hasta agotar existencias. Se requerirán cubrebocas. Para obtener más información, visita www.exploreecology.org.

Government Meetings • Reuniones gubernamentales SOUTH BOARD OF ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW MEETING • 9am Fr, 6/4. View agenda/attend https://tinyurl.com/uaywfsj6. REUNIÓN DE LA JUNTA SUR DE REVISIÓN DE ARQUITECTURA • 9am viernes, 6/4. Revisa la agenda/asiste de forma virtual en https://tinyurl.com/uaywfsj6. SB COUNTY AGRICULTURAL PRESERVE ADVISORY COMMITTEE MEETING • 9am Fr, 6/4. View agenda/attend https://tinyurl.com/uaywfsj6. REUNIÓN DEL COMITÉ ASESOR DE LA RESERVA AGRÍCOLA DEL CONDADO DE SB • 9am viernes, 6/4. Revisa la agenda/asiste de forma virtual en https://tinyurl.com/uaywfsj6. SB COUNTY ZONING ADMINISTRATOR MEETING • 9am Mo, 6/7. Agenda to be posted https://tinyurl.com/uaywfsj6. REUNIÓN DEL ADMINISTRADOR DE ZONIFICACIÓN DEL CONDADO DE SB • 9am lunes, 6/7. La agenda se publicará en https://tinyurl.com/uaywfsj6. CITY OF SB SINGLE FAMILY DESIGN BOARD CONSENT AGENDA REVIEW • 11am Mo, 6/7. Learn more/attend www.SantaBarbaraCA.gov/SFDB. REVISIÓN DE LA AGENDA DE CONSENTIMIENTO DE LA JUNTA DE DISEÑO DE VIVIENDA UNIFAMILIAR DE SB • 11am lunes, 6/7. Para más información / asiste de forma virtual en www.SantaBarbaraCA.gov/SFDB. CITY OF SB ARCHITECTURAL BOARD OF REVIEW CONSENT AGENDA REVIEW • 1pm Mo, 6/7. Learn more/attend https://tinyurl.com/5zjhmt6. REVISIÓN DE LA AGENDA DE CONSENTIMIENTO DE LA JUNTA DE REVISIÓN DE ARQUITECTURA DE LA CIUDAD DE SB • 1pm lunes, 6/7. Para más información / asiste de forma virtual en https://tinyurl.com/5zjhmt6. CITY OF SB SINGLE FAMILY DESIGN BOARD MEETING • 3pm Mo, 6/7. Learn more/attend www.SantaBarbaraCA.gov/SFDB. REUNIÓN DE LA JUNTA DE DISEÑO UNIFAMILIAR DE LA CIUDAD DE SB • 3pm lunes, 6/7. Para más información / asiste de forma virtual en www.SantaBarbaraCA.gov/SFDB. SB COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS BUDGET HEARING • 9am Tu, 6/8. Learn more/attend www.countyofsb.org/bos. AUDIENCIA DE PRESUPUESTO DE LA JUNTA DE SUPERVISORES DEL CONDADO DE SB • 9am martes, 6/8. Para más información / asiste de forma virtual en www.countyofsb.org/bos. SB CITY COUNCIL MEETING • 2pm Tu, 6/8. Learn more/attend https://tinyurl.com/zcrmn7f9. REUNIÓN DEL AYUNTAMIENTO DE SB • 2pm martes, 6/8. Para más información / asiste de forma virtual en https://tinyurl.com/zcrmn7f9.

CITY OF SB ARTS & CRAFTS SHOW ADVISORY COMMITTEE MEETING • 6pm Tu, 6/8. Learn more/attend https://tinyurl.com/4rd5rem6. REUNIÓN DEL COMITÉ ASESOR DEL SALÓN DE ARTES Y OFICIOS DE LA CIUDAD DE SB • 6pm martes, 6/8. Para más información / asiste de forma virtual en https://tinyurl.com/4rd5rem6. SB COUNTY COUNTY PLANNING COMMISSION MEETING • 9am We, 6/9. Agenda to be posted https://tinyurl.com/uaywfsj6. REUNIÓN DE LA COMISIÓN DE PLANIFICACIÓN DEL CONDADO DE SB • 9am miércoles, 6/9. La agenda se publicará en https://tinyurl. com/uaywfsj6. CITY OF SB HISTORIC LANDMARKS COMMISSION CONSENT AGENDA REVIEW • 11am We, 6/9. Learn more/attend www.SantaBarbaraCA.gov/HLC. REVISIÓN DE LA AGENDA DE CONSENTIMIENTO DE LA COMISIÓN DE MONUMENTOS HISTÓRICOS DE LA CIUDAD DE SB • 11am miércoles, 6/9. Para más información / asiste de forma virtual en www.SantaBarbaraCA.gov/HLC. CITY OF SB HISTORIC LANDMARKS COMMISSION MEETING • 1:30pm We, 6/9. Learn more/attend www.SantaBarbaraCA.gov/HLC. REUNIÓN DE LA COMISIÓN DE MONUMENTOS HISTÓRICOS DE LA CIUDAD DE SB • 1:30pm miércoles, 6/9. Para más información / asiste de forma virtual en www.SantaBarbaraCA.gov/HLC. CITY OF SB SPECIAL BUDGET WORK SESSION AND PUBLIC HEARING #8 • 6pm We, 6/9. Learn more at https://tinyurl.com/safd3a9f. AUDIENCIA PÚBLICA Y SESIÓN ESPECIAL DE TRABAJO DEL PRESUPUESTO DE LA CIUDAD DE SB #8 • 6pm miércoles, 6/9. Para más información visita https://tinyurl.com/safd3a9f. SB COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS BUDGET HEARING • 9am Th, 6/10. Learn more/attend www.countyofsb.org/bos. AUDIENCIA DE PRESUPUESTO DE LA JUNTA DE SUPERVISORES DEL CONDADO DE SB • 9am jueves, 6/10. Para más información / asiste de forma virtual en www.countyofsb.org/bos. CITY OF SB PLANNING COMMISSION MEETING • 1pm Th, 6/10. Learn more/attend www.SantaBarbaraCA.gov/PC. REUNIÓN DE LA COMISIÓN DE PLANIFICACIÓN DE LA CIUDAD DE SB • 1pm jueves, 6/10. Para más información / asiste de forma virtual en www.SantaBarbaraCA.gov/PC. CENTRAL BOARD OF ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW MEETING • 9am Fr, 6/11. Agenda to be posted https://tinyurl.com/uaywfsj6. REUNIÓN DE LA JUNTA CENTRAL DE REVISIÓN DE ARQUITECTURA • 9am viernes, 6/11. La agenda se publicará en https://tinyurl.com/uaywfsj6.


Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com



SB Singer/songwriter Mendeleyev; Resonance; Pianos at The Luke; Jackson Gillies in Concert & At Home • Free at www.luketheatre.org




El Cantante y compositor de SB Mendeleyev; Resonancia; Pianos at The Luke; Jackson Gillies en Concierto. Gratis en www.luketheatre.org LOBERO THEATRE LIVE STREAMS

Support the Lobero by watching their virtual concerts including, John Kay, KT Tunstall, and Pianos on State. For tickets (Free-$15) visit www.lobero.org/series/live-streaming TRANSMISIONES EN VIVO DEL TEATRO LOBERO

Apoya al Teatro Lobero para ver sus ofertas de conciertos virtuales, incluyendo John Kay, KT Tunstall y Pianos on State. Para boletos (Gratis-$15) visita www.lobero.org/series/live-streaming

Care for our beach and ocean • Explore Ecology at 5986 Sandspit Rd, Goleta • 4-5:30pm Fr, 6/4.

Take a tour, support the Museum Store, or enjoy the beautiful grounds • www.goletahistory.org • 11am to 2pm weekends. RANCHO LA PATERA & STOW HOUSE

Cuida nuestra playa y el océano • Explore Ecology en 5986 Sandspit Rd, Goleta • 4-5:30pm viernes, 6/4.

Haz un recorrido, apoya la Tienda del Museo o disfruta de los hermosos jardines • www.goletahistory.org • De 11am a 2pm los fines de semana.



GHOST TOURS: Professor Julie Ann Brown

tours you through Downtown Santa Barbara sharing the stories of local resident ghosts • $35$150 • www.sbghosttour.com RECORRIDOS ESPELUZNANTES CON SANTA BARBARA GHOST TOURS

La profesora Julie Ann Brown recorre el centro de Santa Bárbara compartiendo las historias de los fantasmas residentes locales • $ 35-$150 • www.sbghosttour.com


Post why your Dad is rad for the chance to win a $50 Eureka! gift card • Paseo Nuevo • https://tinyurl.com/3pt555cm • Through 6/17. SORTEO DE “PAPÁ ES GENIAL”

Publica por qué tu papá es genial para tener la oportunidad de ganar una tarjeta de regalo Eureka! de $50 • Paseo Nuevo • https://tinyurl.com/3pt555cm • Hasta el 17 de junio.

Saturday • sábado 6.5.21 DANCE | BAILE VARIETY DANCE SHOW

Hosted by Beth Amine and Seventh Dimension Dance • Seventh Dimension Dance Studio, 706 Bond Ave, SB • $25 • https://tinyurl.com/3uc2wxz6 • 5:30pm and 7:30pm, Sa, 6/5.

Schedule subject to change. Please visit metrotheatres.com for theater updates. Thank you. Features and Showtimes for June 4-10, 2021 * = Subject to Restrictions on “SILVER MVP PASSES”




225 N FAIRVIEW AVE GOLETA 805-683-3800


Spirit Untamed* (PG): Fri: 2:45, 5:00, 7:30. Sat/Sun: 12:30, 2:45, 5:00, 7:30. Mon-Thur: 4:45, 7:00. Cruella* (PG13): Fri: 2:15, 4:00, 5:15, 7:00, 8:15.Sat/Sun: 1:00, 2:15, 4:00, 5:15, 7:00, 8:15. Mon-Wed: 4:30,5:45, 7:30. Thur: 4:30, 7:30. Peter Rabbit 2 The Runaway* (PG): Thurs: 4:15, 6:30

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It* (R): Fri-Sun: 3:00, 5:45, 8:30. Mon-Thur: 5:45, 8:30. The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It *(R):Laser Projection: Fri: 4:15, 7:15, 9:55.Sat: 1:30, 4:15, 7:15, 9:55. Sun: 1:30, 4:15, 7:15. Mon-Thur: 4:15, 7:15. A Quiet Place Part II * (PG13): Fri: 3:45, 4:30, 6:20, 7:05, 8:45. 9:30. Sat: 1:15, 2:00, 3:45, 4:30, 6:20, 7:05, 8:45, 9:30. Sun: 1:15, 2:00, 3:45, 4:30, 6:20, 7:05, 8:45. Mon-Thur: 3:45, 4:30, 6:20, 7:05, 8:45.


The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It* (R): Fri: 3:10, 4:45, 5:50, 7:30, 8:45, 10:05.Sat: 1:30, 3:10, 4:45, 5:50, 7:30, 8:45, 10:05. Sun: 1:30, 3:10, 4:45, 5:50, 7:30, 8:45. Mon-Thur: 3:10, 4:45, 5:50, 7:30, 8:45. A Quiet Place Part II* (PG13): Fri: 2:45, 3:40, 4:20, 5:15, 6:05, 7:00, 7:45, 8:30, 9:25, 10:15. Sat: 1:15, 2:00, 2:45, 3:40, 4:20, 5:15, 6:05, 7:00,7:45, 8:30, 9:25, 10:15. Sun: 1:15, 2:00, 2:45, 3:40, 4:20, 5:15, 6:05, 7:00, 7:45, 8:30. Mon-Wed: 2:45, 3:40, 4:20, 5:15, 6:05, 7:00, 7:45, 8:30. Thur: 2:45, 4:20, 5:15, 7:00, 7:45, 9:25. In the Heights* (PG13): 2:00, 5:10, 8:20. Private Rentals: available



Spirit Untamed* (PG): Fri: 4:00, 6:15, 8:30. Sat: 1:30, 4:00, 6:15, 8:30. Sun: 1:30, 4:00, 6:15. Mon-Thur: 4:00, 6:15. Cruella* (PG13): Fri 3:45, 4:45, 5:45,6:45, 7:45, 8:45. Sat: 1:45, 2:45, 3:45, 4:45, 5:45, 6:45, 7:45, 8:45. Sun: 1:45, 2:45, 3:45, 4:45, 5:45, 6:45, 7:45. Mon-Wed: 3:45, 4:45, 5:45, 6:45, 7:45. Thur: 4:45, 5:45, 7:45. Peter Rabbit 2 The Runaway* (PG): Thurs: 4:00, 6:10, 8:20. Private Rentals: available A Quiet Place Part II* (PG13): Fri, Mon-Wed: 5:30, 8:00. Sat/Sun: 3:00, 5:30, 8:00. In the Heights* (PG13): 4:15, 7:30.

¡Celebra el comienzo de las actividades de verano de la biblioteca con la fiesta inaugural de verano de la Biblioteca Pública de Santa Bárbara en el Parque Alameda! Organizado de 2 a 3:30pm el sábado, 5 de junio, el evento contará con actividades socialmente distanciadas, Kona Ice, y distribuirá materiales de lectura de verano y hojas de pistas sobre la búsqueda del tesoro de la comunidad. La Van de alcance “Library On the Go” también hará su debut. La participación es gratuita, visita https://tinyurl.com/3tt5hs3s para obtener más información.


Presentado por Beth Amine y Seventh Dimension Dance • Seventh Dimension Dance Studio, 706 Bond Ave, SB • $25 • https://tinyurl.com/3uc2wxz6 • 5:30pm y 7:30pm, sábado, 6/5.


Celebrate the beginning of Library Summer Activities with the Santa Barbara Public Library’s Summer Kick-Off Party at Alameda Park! Hosted 2-3:30pm on Saturday, June 5th, the event will feature socially-distanced activities, Kona Ice, and distribute summer reading materials and Community Scavenger Hunt Clue Sheets. The Library On the Go Outreach Van will also make its debut. Participation is free, visit https://tinyurl.com/3tt5hs3s for more information.


Photo courtesy of SB Public Library

June 4, 2021


A screening of this classic film • Alcazar Theatre, 4916 Carpinteria Ave., Carpinteria • $10 • www.thealcazar.org • 2pm Sa, 6/5. VÉRTIGO

Proyección de esta película clásica • Teatro Alcazar, 4916 Carpinteria Av, Carpinteria • $10 • www.thealcazar.org • 2pm sábado, 6/5. PSYCHO

Enjoy this thriller on the big screen • Alcazar Theatre, 4916 Carpinteria Ave., Carpinteria • $10 • www.thealcazar.org • 7pm Sa, 6/5. PSICÓPATA


Con tres presentaciones en solitario de artistas residentes • Center Stage Theatre, 751 Paseo Nuevo, SB • $28 • www.centerstagetheater.org • 2:30pm sábado, 6/5 y 6/6. UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT RECITAL

Featuring Soohyun Ryu, soprano • UCSB Dept. of Music • Free • https://tinyurl.com/2dvk2y86 • 4-5pm Sa, 6/5.


A virtual concert by UCSB Gospel Choir • UCSB Dept. of Music • Free • https://tinyurl.com/353f9e7w • 6-7pm Sa, 6/5.


Un concierto virtual de UCSB Gospel Choir • Departamento de Música de UCSB • Gratis • https://tinyurl.com/353f9e7w • 6-7pm sábado, 6/5. GEOLOGY TOUR OF SAN MARCOS FOOTHILLS

Learn more about our local landscape • Foothills Forever • Free, donations appreciated • www.foothillsforever.org • 10am Sa. TOUR GEOLÓGICO DE LAS LADERAS DE SAN MARCOS

Obten más información sobre nuestro paisaje local • Foothills Forever • Gratis, se agradecen las donaciones • www.foothillsforever.org • 10am sábado. NORTH S.B. COUNTY THEATRES Movie Listings for 6/4/21-6/10/21 HI-WAY DRIVE-IN, SANTA MARIA OPEN EVERY NIGHT (805) 937-3515 A QUITE PLACE PART II -PG13 Starts @ 8:35pm TOP GUN -PGGeneral Admission $11.50 / Kids $8.50 / Seniors $8 BOX OFFICE OPEN 7:30-10:45pm Fr & Sa 7:30-10:45 PM Fri. & Sat. • 7:45-10pm Su, We, Th RADIO ACTIVE @ 92.1 FM Find Us On Facebook – Hi Way Drive In MOVIES LOMPOC – CLOSED • (805) 736-1558 / 736-0146 PARKS PLAZA – CLOSED • (805) 688-7434 All Screens Now Presented In Dolby Digital Projection and Dolby Digital Sound!




Presentando a Soohyun Ryu, soprano • Departamento de Música de UCSB • Gratis • https://tinyurl.com/2dvk2y86 • 4-5pm sábado, 6/5.


Let’s Go To The M O V I E S

Una clase benefica para salvar Sweet Wheel Farm • Divinitree, en La Mesa Park • Donación mínima de $15 • www.divinitreesantabarbara.com/events • 11am sábado, 6/5.



Featuring three solo performances from resident artists • Center Stage Theater, 751 Paseo Nuevo, SB • $28 • www.centerstagetheater.org • 2:30pm Sa, 6/5, and 6/6.



Disfruta de este thriller en la pantalla grande • Teatro Alcazar, 4916 Carpinteria Av, Carpinteria • $ 10 • www.thealcazar.org • 7pm sábado, 6/5.


donation • www.divinitreesantabarbara.com/events • 11am Sa, 6/5.


Celebrate the start of library summer activities with games, treats, and more • SB Public Library, hosted at Alameda Park • Free • 2-3:30pm Sa, 6/5. INICIO DE VERANO

Celebra el inicio de las actividades de verano de la biblioteca con juegos, golosinas y más • Biblioteca pública SB, en Alameda Park • Gratis • 2-3:30pm sábado, 6/5. DONATION YOGA CLASS: SAVE THE SUMMERLAND FARM!

Class benefitting efforts to save Sweet Wheel Farm • Divinitree, hosted at La Mesa Park • $15 min

Supporting Organic Soup Kitchen • $150 • www.organicsoupkitchen.org/events • 4pm Sa, 6/5. Apoya a la compañia sin fines de lucro Organic Soup Kitchen • $150 • www.organicsoupkitchen.org/ events • 4pm sábado, 6/5.


An in-person movie screening • Alcazar Theatre, 4916 Carpinteria Ave., Carpinteria • $10 • www.thealcazar.org • 7pm Su, 6/6. LA VENTANA TRASERA

Proyección de una película en persona • Teatro Alcazar, 4916 Carpinteria Ave., Carpinteria • $ 10 • www.thealcazar.org • 7pm domingo, 6/6.


10am Sundays, Camerata Pacifica streams music & interviews from their video library. View at https://cameratapacifica.org/concerts-at-home/# CONCIERTOS EN CASA

A las 10am los domingos, Camerata Pacifica transmite música y entrevistas de su biblioteca de videos. Disfrútalo en https://cameratapacifica.org/concerts-at-home/# LIVE PERFORMANCE - BOB THACKARA

Enjoy an outdoor music performance • Topa Topa Brewery, 120 Santa Barbara St. • 4-6pm Su, 6/6. PRESENTACIÓN EN VIVO - BOB THACKARA

Disfruta de una presentación musical al aire


Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com

In CONTINUES Person & /Online Activities for Everyone CONTINÚA Actividades en persona y en línea para todos

Photo by Robin V. Brown


Únete al autor de bestsellers Daniel James Brown para una conversación sobre su nuevo libro, Frente a la montaña: una historia real de los héroes japoneses estadounidenses en la Segunda Guerra Mundial durante el debate sobre el autor virtual de Chaucer’s Books, el lunes, 7 de junio a las 6pm. Basado en extensas entrevistas e investigaciones, el libro de Brown explora la historia de cuatro familias japonesas estadounidenses y sus hijos. La participación es gratuita, visita https://tinyurl.com/m6k84yxt.


Explore and learn about this local land • Foothills Forever & Channel Islands Restoration • Free, donations appreciated • www.foothillsforever.org • 10am Su. RECORRIDO A PIE Y CHARLA POR LAS ESTRIBACIONES DE SAN MARCOS

Explora y aprende sobre esta tierra local • Foothills Forever & Channel Islands Restoration • www.foothillsforever.org • Gratuito, se agradecen las donaciones • 10am domingo. PADDLE OUT FOR SBMM

Celebrate the channel by registering to paddle or sponsoring • SB Maritime Museum, hosted at Leadbetter Beach • $25-125 • https://tinyurl.com/7ckr8b5s • 1-4pm Su, 6/6. REMA PARA SBMM

Celebra el canal registrándote para remar o patrocinar • SB Maritime Museum, en Leadbetter Beach • $25-125 • https://tinyurl.com/7ckr8b5s • 1-4pm domingo, 6/6.


Support local creators & artists • 523 N Milpas St • www.instagram.com/mujeresmakersmarket • 11am-4pm Su, 6/6. MERCADO DE MUJERES FABRICANTES

Apoya a los creadores y artistas locales • 523 N Milpas St, SB • www.instagram.com/mujeresmakersmarket • 11am-4pm domingo, 6/6. VIRTUAL WILDERNESS SPIRIT AWARDS

Honoring Richard Salas & benefiting the Wildling Museum • $50-250 • www.wildlingmuseum.org • 4pm Su, 6/6. EVENTO Y PARA RECAUDAR FONDOS PREMIO VIRTUAL WILDERNESS SPIRIT

Honrando a Richard Salas y para beneficiar al Museo Wildling • $50-250 • www.wildlingmuseum.org • 4pm domingo, 6/6. VIRTUAL VINEYARD

Virtual wine tasting with Judd’s Hill Winery • Jewish Federation of Greater SB • $56-90 • https://tinyurl.com/5mdp79pk • 5:30pm Su, 6/6.

Disfruta de una cata de vinos virtual con Judd’s Hill Winery • Jewish Federation of Greater SB • $56-90 • https://tinyurl.com/5mdp79pk • 5:30pm domingo, 6/6.

los lunes y miércoles de 12:30 a 3pm y el primer y tercer fin de semana del mes, sábados y domingos de 10am a 12:30pm y de 12:30pm a 3pm. La visita es gratuita • https://tinyurl.com/ya3pgxge


Children up to age 18 can pick up a free, nutritious meal • Central Library, Santa Barbara • Free, no registration needed • 11:30am12:30pm Mo-Fr, through 8/13. ALMUERZO EN LA BIBLIOTECA

Los niños de hasta 18 años pueden recoger una comida nutritiva y gratuita • Biblioteca Central, Santa Bárbara • Gratis, no es necesario registrarse • De 11:30am a 12:30pm de lunes a viernes hasta el 8/13. ZOOM INFO SESSION - SAVE SAN MARCOS FOOTHILLS WEST MESA

Learn more about efforts to save this local land • Foothills Forever • Free, donations appreciated • https://tinyurl.com/2cdfu4r7 • 5:30pm Mo. Obtén más información sobre los esfuerzos para salvar esta tierra local • Foothills Forever • Gratis, se agradecen las donaciones • https://tinyurl.com/2cdfu4r7 • 5:30pm lunes.

6.7.21 Tuesday • martes 6.8.21


A conversation on employment and recruitment • SB South Coast Chamber of Commerce • Free • https://tinyurl.com/9h8nhjdc • 11am Mo, 6/7. MESA REDONDA SOBRE LA ESCASEZ DE MANO DE OBRA DE LA CÁMARA

Una conversación sobre empleo y contratación • SB Cámara de Comercio de la Costa Sur • Gratis • https://tinyurl.com/9h8nhjdc • 11am lunes, 6/7. ONLINE KOMBUCHA MAKING CLASS

Learn how to make your own probiotic rich Kombucha tea • Artemisia Academy • Free • https://tinyurl.com/8ujm53kk • 5pm Mo, 6/7. CLASE DE FABRICACIÓN DE KOMBUCHA EN LÍNEA

Aprende a hacer tu propio té de Kombucha rico en probióticos • Artemisia Academy • Gratis • https://tinyurl.com/8ujm53kk • 5pm lunes, 6/7. CHAUCER’S VIRTUAL AUTHOR DISCUSSION

Author Daniel James Brown discusses Facing the Mountain • Chaucer’s Books • Free • https://tinyurl.com/m6k84yxt • 6pm Mo, 6/7. DISCUSIÓN CON EL AUTOR VIRTUAL DE CHAUCER’S

El autor Daniel James Brown habla sobre Enfrentando la montaña • Chaucer’s Books • Gratis • https://tinyurl.com/m6k84yxt • 6pm lunes, 6/7.


Presented by UCSB Chamber Orchestra • UCSB Department of Music • Free • https://tinyurl.com/e5rdm2ec • 6pm Mo, 6/7. OBERTURA DE DON GIOVANNI

Mondays & Wednesdays, 12:30 to 3pm and the first & third weekends, Saturdays & Sundays from 10am to 12:30pm and 12:30pm to 3pm. Free • https://tinyurl.com/ya3pgxge



Monday • lunes



Join bestselling author Daniel James Brown for a conversation on his new book, Facing the Mountain: A True Story of Japanese American Heroes in World War II during Chaucer’s Books Virtual Author Discussion 6pm, Monday, June 7th. Based on extensive interviews and research, Brown’s book explores the history of four Japanese American families and their sons. Participation is free, visit https://tinyurl.com/m6k84yxt.

libre • Topa Topa Brewery, 120 Santa Barbara St. • 4-6pm domingo, 6/6.


Presentado por UCSB Chamber Orchestra • Departamento de Música de UCSB • Gratis • https://tinyurl.com/e5rdm2ec • 6pm lunes, 6/7.


Photo courtesy of UCSB Dept. of Music

Safari Local

June 4, 2021

Enjoy an evening of music and a celebration of unity as the UC Santa Barbara Lumina Choir performs its virtual concert, We Are One, at 6pm Wednesday, June 9th. Highlights will include performances of Ubi Caritas by composer Victor C. Johnson as well as Sisi Ni Moja by Jacob Narverud. Attendance is free, visit https://tinyurl.com/mkaefpna. Disfruta de una noche de música y una celebración de la unidad mientras el Coro Lumina de UC Santa Bárbara presenta su concierto virtual, Somos uno, a las 6pm el miércoles, 9 de junio. Los aspectos más destacados incluirán presentaciones de Ubi Caritas del compositor Victor C. Johnson, así como Sisi Ni Moja de Jacob Narverud. La asistencia es gratuita, visita https://tinyurl.com/mkaefpna.

de asesoramiento y defensa de seguros de salud • Gratis • www.CentralCoastSeniors.org • 3pm martes, 6/8. VIRTUAL SPANISH CONVERSATION GROUP INTERMEDIATE

Practice Spanish language in a natural way • SB Public Library • Free • www.santabarbaraca.gov/gov/depts/lib/default.asp • 4:30-5:30pm Tu. GRUPO VIRTUAL DE CONVERSACIÓN EN ESPAÑOL – INTERMEDIO

For ages 12-18 • Sam Bear Comedy • $60 • www.samanthabearman.com/comedy-classes • 1-2:15pm Tu & Th, additional sessions Mo & We. Through 6/30.

Practica el idioma español de forma natural • Biblioteca pública SB • Gratis • www.santabarbaraca.gov/gov/depts/lib/default. asp • 4:30-5:30pm martes.



Para niños de 12 a 18 años • Sam Bear Comedy • $60 • www.samanthabearman.com/comedy-classes • 1-2:15pm martes y jueves, sesiones adicionales lunes y miércoles. Hasta el 6/30. STORYWALK IN THE PARK

Enjoy a picture book and activities outdoors • SB Public Library, hosted at Harding Elementary Playground • Free • 2-3:30pm Tu, 6/8. STORYWALK EN EL PARQUE

Disfruta de un libro ilustrado y actividades al aire libre • Biblioteca pública SB, alojada en Harding Elementary Playground • Gratis • 2-3:30pm martes, 6/8.


One-on-one tutoring sessions • Montecito Library • Free • By appointment, www.santabarbaraca.gov/gov/depts/lib/default.asp • 10am-12pm Tu. TUTORÍA TÉCNICA PARA RECURSOS DE LA BIBLIOTECA

Sesiones de tutoría individual • Biblioteca Montecito • Gratis • Con cita, www.santabarbaraca.gov/gov/depts/lib/default.asp • 10 am-12pm martes. UNDERSTANDING MEDICARE

Better understand your benefits • Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program • Free • www.CentralCoastSeniors.org • 3pm Tu, 6/8. ENTENDIENDO MEDICARE

Comprende mejor tus beneficios • Programa


Join Opera Santa Barbara for this free, weekly digital concert series at 12pm each Tuesday. Learn more and view at https://tinyurl.com/y76xkfdn MEDIODÍA EN CASA

Únete a Opera Santa Barbara para esta serie de conciertos digitales semanales gratuitos a las 12pm todos los martes. Obtén más información y disfruta en https://tinyurl.com/y76xkfdn


Virtual conference to link regional healthcare providers with community partners • ACEs Aware • Free • www.bridgestoresilience.com • 8am-3pm We, 6/9. CONFERENCIA PUENTES A LA RESILIENCIA

Conferencia virtual para vincular a los proveedores de atención médica regionales con socios de la comunidad • ACEs Aware • Gratis • www.bridgestoresilience.com • 8am-3pm miércoles, 6/9. NEW TO MEDICARE SPANISH CLASS

Learn about available resources • Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program • Free • www.CentralCoastSeniors.org • 1pm We, 6/9. NUEVO EN LA CLASE DE ESPAÑOL DE MEDICARE

Conoce los recursos disponibles • Programa de asesoramiento y defensa de seguros de salud • Gratis • www.CentralCoastSeniors.org • 1pm miércoles, 6/9.

Wednesday • miércoles 6.9.21 CHILDREN | NIÑOS STORYWALK IN THE PARK

Enjoy a picture book and activities outdoors • SB Public Library, hosted at MacKenzie Park • Free • 10:30am-12pm We, 6/9. STORYWALK EN EL PARQUE

Disfruta de un libro ilustrado y actividades al aire libre • Biblioteca pública SB, en MacKenzie Park • Gratis • 10:30am-12pm miércoles, 6/9. WEDNESDAY GIRLS EMPOWERMENT CAMP

A camp to support and inspire girls • Camps with Coaches, hosted at Leadbetter Beach • $35 • https://tinyurl.com/32xavf6s • 4-6pm We. CAMPAMENTO DE EMPODERAMIENTO DE LAS NIÑAS DE LOS MIÉRCOLES

Un campamento para apoyar e inspirar a las niñas • Campamentos con entrenadores, organizados en Leadbetter Beach • $35 • https://tinyurl.com/32xavf6s • 4-6pm miércoles.

Feeling anxious, fatigued, depressed, or just experiencing isolation challenges?

Hypnosis can help.

Reaching into the depths of our unconscious mind, we are able to find the resources needed to remain calm, feel inner peace, and even find joy in the midst of the chaos in our lives and the world. In-person or on-line sessions.

Dr. Ginger Swanson

Certified Medical Support Hypnotherapist

805-886-4716 www.DrGingerSwanson.com




For all English language learners • Free • www.santabarbaraca.gov/gov/depts/lib/default.asp • 4:30-5:30pm We.

Se enfoca en el desarrollo de las habilidades previas a la alfabetización de los bebés • Biblioteca pública SB • Gratis • Parque Alameda • 11:15-11:45am jueves.



Un concierto de UCSB Ensemble for Contemporary Music • Departamento de Música de UCSB • Gratis • https://tinyurl.com/v3hajpbm • Jueves, 6/10 a las 6pm.



Para todos los estudiantes del idioma inglés • Gratis • www.santabarbaraca.gov/gov/depts/lib/default.asp • 4:30-5:30pm los miércoles.

For kids aged 6 to 10 • ME Sabor Dance Studio, Oak Park Stage, 600 W Junipero St • Open enrollment https://tinyurl.com/ycljdnsx • 4-5pm Th.


Para niños de 6 a 10 años • ME Sabor Dance Studio, Oak Park Stage, 600 W Junipero St. • Inscripción abierta https://tinyurl.com/ycljdnsx • 4-5pm jueves.

A guided visualization session • The Shift Network • Free • https://tinyurl.com/berbzyk3 • 5:30pm We, 6/9. ACTIVA LA SABIDURÍA Y LA AUDACIA DE LAS DIOSAS INTERNAS

Una sesión de visualización guiada • The Shift Network • Gratis • https://tinyurl.com/berbzyk3 • 5:30pm miércoles, 6/9.



For LGBTQ+ folks & allies ages 50+ • Pacific Pride Fdn • Free • https://tinyurl.com/86s5ry5p • 12-1pm Th. GRUPO DE ADULTOS MAYORES ORGULLOSOS

OUTDOORS | AL AIRE LIBRE Evening birdwatching classes • Free, all ages & ability levels. 4-5:15pm Thursdays via Zoom: https://tinyurl.com/y9rheypj REUNIONES VIRTUALES DE OBSERVADORES DE AVES DE CARPINTERIA

Clases nocturnas de observación de aves • Gratis, todas las edades y niveles de habilidad. 4-5:15pm los jueves a través de Zoom: https://tinyurl.com/y9rheypj STATE STREET PROMENADE MARKET

Located on the 900 & 1000 blocks of State St between Carrillo and Figueroa Sts • 3 to 7:30pm Thursdays • https://tinyurl.com/yx9v4pmd

Presented by UCSB Lumina Choir • UCSB Department of Music • Free • https://tinyurl.com/mkaefpna • 6pm We, 6/9.

Para personas y aliados LGBTQ + mayores de 50 años • Pacific Pride Foundation • Gratis • https://tinyurl.com/86s5ry5p • 12-1pm jueves.



Ubicado en las cuadras 900 y 1000 de la Calle State entre las Calles Carrillo y Figueroa • 3 a 7:30pm los jueves • https://tinyurl.com/yx9v4pmd



Presentado por UCSB Lumina Choir • Departamento de Música de UCSB • Gratis • https://tinyurl.com/mkaefpna • 6pm miércoles, 6/9.


Featuring Ires Alliston, coach for introverted entrepreneurs • SB Business Network • Free • https://tinyurl.com/9n8b8bzn • 12pm Th, 6/10.




Presentando a Ires Alliston, entrenadora para emprendedoras introvertidas • SB Business Network • Gratis • https://tinyurl.com/9n8b8bzn • jueves, 6/10 a las 12pm.




Thursday • jueves 6.10.21

Presentation by curator emeritus Paul ValentichScott • SB Museum of Natural History • Free-$10 • https://tinyurl.com/mr8vzarm • 5pm Th, 6/10.

Un espectáculo de música y comedia de Eric Schwartz • The Red Piano, 519 State St, SB • $30-60 • https://tinyurl.com/5ap87zdh • 7-9pm jueves, 6/10.


Friday • viernes 6.11.21

Enjoy local comedians • Mel’s Cocktail Lounge, 209 W Carrillo St., SB • 7pm We. Disfruta de los comediantes locales • Mel’s Cocktail Lounge, 209 W Carrillo St., SB • 7pm miércoles.


Class for children and their caregivers • SB Public Library • Free • Alameda Park • 10:3011am Th. MÚSICA Y MOVIMIENTO

Clase para niños y sus cuidadores • Biblioteca pública SB • Gratis • Parque Alameda • 10:3011am jueves,. BABY AND ME

Focuses on developing babies’ pre-literacy skills • SB Public Library • Free • Alameda Park • 11:1511:45am Th.

Presentación del curador emérito Paul Valentich-Scott • SB Museo de Historia Natural • Gratis- $10 • https://tinyurl.com/mr8vzarm • jueves, 6/10 a las 5pm. BOOKS, BREWS, AND BUBBLY!

Virtual BYO book and beverage party • SB Public Library • Free • https://tinyurl.com/x2fcjx2d • 5:30pm Th, 6/10. ¡LIBROS, CERVEZAS Y BURBUJEANTES!

Fiesta virtual de bebidas y libros BYO • Biblioteca pública SB • Gratis • https://tinyurl.com/x2fcjx2d • 5:30pm jueves, 6/10. NURTURING KNOW-HOW: BUDGETING BASICS

Learn tools and tricks to help strengthen your finances • SB Public Library • Free • https://tinyurl.com/242ysdzr • 6pm Th, 6/10.


Aprende herramientas y trucos para ayudar a fortalecer tus finanzas • Biblioteca pública SB • Gratis • https://tinyurl.com/242ysdzr • jueves 6pm, 6/10.


Stories about reconciling being LGBTQ and Hispanic Culture • PFLAG • Free • Email pflagsantabarbara@gmail.com to register • 7pm Th, 6/10. REUNIÓN VIRTUAL DE HABLA HISPANA DE PFLAG

Eco-friendly Land Management Noxious Weed Abatement Sustainable Agriculture Fire Mitigation Scott Rothdeutsch | Owner scott@sbgoats.com



Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com

Historias sobre cómo reconciliar el ser LGBTQ y la cultura hispana • PFLAG • Gratis • Envía un correo electrónico a pflagsantabarbara@gmail. com para registrarte • 7pm jueves, 6/10.


A concert by UCSB Ensemble for Contemporary Music • UCSB Department of Music • Free • https://tinyurl.com/v3hajpbm • 6pm Th, 6/10.

A show of music and comedy from Eric Schwartz • The Red Piano, 519 State St, SB • $30-60 • https://tinyurl.com/5ap87zdh • 7-9pm Th, 6/10.


A workshop best for ages 6-10 • Carpinteria Community Garden, 4855 5th St, Carpinteria • Free • https://tinyurl.com/25ymp8nt • 2-3:30pm Fr, 6/11. CREA UNA MACETA COLGANTE

Un taller ideal para niños de 6 a 10 años • Carpinteria Community Garden, 4855 5th St, Carpinteria • Gratis • https://tinyurl.com/25ymp8nt • 2-3:30pm viernes, 6/11.


Learn about hydroponic tower gardens and enjoy lunch • The Terrace Foundation • Pilgrim Terrace Homes, 649 Pilgrim Terrace Dr, SB • $20 • https://tinyurl.com/55p9v8nm • 11am Fr, 6/11. TOUR Y ALMUERZO EN LA GRANJA DEL JARDÍN

Aprende sobre los jardines de torres hidropónicas y disfruta del almuerzo • The Terrace Foundation • Pilgrim Terrace Homes, 649 Pilgrim Terrace Dr, SB • $20 • https://tinyurl.com/55p9v8nm • 11am viernes, 6/11.

Saturday • sábado 6.12.21 DANCE | BAILE THE GRATITUDE GALA

Performance by Momentum Dance Company • Center Stage Theater, in-person and livestreamed • $28-35 • www.centerstagetheater.org • 2pm & 7pm Sa, 6/12 and 6/13.

Photo courtesy of Bridges to Resiliencer

June 4, 2021

Learn how our community can establish stronger, local networks of care as ACEs Aware and the KIDS Network host the 5th annual Bridges to Resilience Conference from 8am to 3pm Wednesday, June 9th. Held virtually, this event encourages community partners and healthcare professionals to increase engagement throughout Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Ventura Counties. Participation is free, visit www.bridgestoresilience.com. Descubre cómo nuestra comunidad puede establecer redes de atención locales más sólidas, ya que ACE Aware y KIDS Network organizan la quinta conferencia anual “Puentes hacia la resiliencia” de 8am a 3pm el miércoles, 9 de junio. Este evento, que se llevará a cabo virtualmente, anima a los socios de la comunidad y a los profesionales de la salud a aumentar la participación en los condados de Santa Bárbara, San Luis Obispo y Ventura. La participación es gratuita, visita www.bridgestoresilience.com.





Presentación de Momentum Dance Company • Center Stage Theatre, en persona y en vivo • $28-35 • www.centerstagetheater.org • 2pm y 7pm sábado, 6/12 y 6/13. VOLUNTEER WORKDAY AT TUNNEL & JESUSITA TRAILS

Care for nature this National Trails Day • City of SB, meet at gate end of Tunnel Road, SB • https://tinyurl.com/yvz35f4b • 8am-1pm Sa, 6/12. DÍA DE TRABAJO VOLUNTARIO EN LOS SENDEROS TUNNEL & JESUSITA

Cuida la naturaleza este Día Nacional de los Senderos • Ciudad de SB, punto de reunión al final de la puerta de Tunnel Rd • https://tinyurl.com/yvz35f4b • 8am1pm sábado, 6/12.


Honoring Special Olympics athletes • Special Olympics Southern California • Free, donations appreciated • www.sosc.org/bwc • 10am Sa, 6/12. DESAYUNO DE RAFER JOHNSON CON CAMPEONES

Honrando a los atletas de Olimpiadas Especiales • Olimpiadas Especiales del Sur de California • Gratis, se agradecen las donaciones • www.sosc.org/bwc • 10am sábado, 6/12.

Sunday • domingo 6.13.21 MUSIC | MÚSICA THE BRYAN TITUS TRIO

Live music performance • Lucky Penny, 127 Anacapa St., SB • 12pm Su, 6/13.

Presentación de música en vivo • Lucky Penny, 127 Anacapa St., SB • 12pm domingo, 6/13.

OUTDOORS | AL AIRE LIBRE Care for our ocean and community • Explore Ecology • Meet at beach’s Watershed Resource Center • 10am-12pm Su, 6/13. LIMPIEZA DE LA PLAYA DE ARROYO BURRO

Cuida nuestro océano y nuestra comunidad • Explore Ecology • Punto de reunión en el Watershed Resource Center de la playa • 10am12pm domingo, 6/13.



estoration & esurfacing

Get ready for Summer! Restore & Protect your valuable sculpture in stone, bronze or other material.


805.794.6618 joanne@joanneduby.com


805.692.8430 francine.kirsch@gmail.com

30+ years of experience References available


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June 4, 2021

Congressman Carbajal Reintroduces Small Transit Communities Modernization Act


By Daisy Scottt / VOICE

Photos courtesy of https://sbmtd.gov/plan-your-trip/accessibility/

N A SIGNIFICANT STEP TOWARD SUPPORTING SMALL PUBLIC TRANSIT PROVIDERS, Congressman Salud Carbajal has reintroduced the Small Transit Communities Modernization Act. If passed, the bill would phase out Small Transit Intensive Cities (STIC) funding over the course of three years for non-qualifying transit providers, rather than immediately halt funding. This would prove especially valuable for the Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District, which is expected to no longer qualify for STIC funding following 2020 census results. “Many people on the Central Coast depend on community transit providers to get to work, school, and go about their daily lives,” said Congressman Carbajal in a statement. “It is important that we continue to support local transit operators as their customer base grows and they plan for the future. I’m proud to introduce this bill to prevent an abrupt and significant funding cut in order to preserve transportation options as we come out of the pandemic and return to normal activities.” The STIC program distributes federal funding to transit providers that serve urban areas with a population between 50,000 and 200,000 individuals, and surpass average service levels in comparison to larger transit companies. Six criteria determine STIC apportionment amounts, including data such as passenger miles per capita and passenger trips per capita. According to Hillary Blackerby, MTD’s Planning and Marketing Manager, MTD has consistently received STIC funding on the basis of all six of these criteria, historically being awarded approximately $1.9 to $2 million per year. This funding in turn has supported a range of MTD’s capital and operational costs. Yet as of this year, MTD anticipates that it will go over the STIC population threshold in the 2020 census results,

and will subsequently lose this source of significant funding. By reintroducing the Small Transit Communities Modernization Act, Congressman Carbajal has proposed a way for MTD and other non-qualifying agencies to gradually adjust to this loss of funds. First introduced in 2020, the bill calls for a three-year phasing out period, during which time non-qualifying agencies would receive half of the funding they did during the previous fiscal year. “We do think that this Small Transit Communities Modernization Act would provide that softer landing for us and for any other agency,” commented Blackerby. “Just because we have a few more people in our region doesn't mean that more money is pouring in from somewhere else to backfill those funds that we’ve come to rely on.” Looking ahead, MTD continues to prepare its budget plans around the fact that it will, in all likelihood, ultimately lose its STIC funding. However, Blackerby remains optimistic for the future in light of Congressman Carbajal’s action, as well as the current administration’s interest in supporting public transportation. “We’re really appreciative to Congressman Carbajal for introducing this, he really has a good understanding of what’s at stake here,” shared Blackerby. “It remains to be seen what’s going to take place in Washington and in Sacramento when it comes to investment in transit and making sure that we’re able to not just keep things together... but to actually thrive and invest further in transit infrastructure and operations. It’s actually a pretty exciting time, things on the horizon look bright, but obviously we’ve got to make sure it happens.” For more information on Congressman Carbajal and the Small Transit Communities Modernization Act, visit www.carbajal.house.gov. To learn about Santa Barbara MTD and view its routes, visit www.sbmtd.gov.

9-Unit Multifamily Trophy Asset For Sale in Santa Barbara’s Upper East Neighborhood 2024 Anacapa St. | Santa Barbara, CA 93101 • • • •

Historic Stewart Apartments Offered at $4,350,000 ±0.49 acre/±21,344 SF Lot | $204/SF Land Features Victorian craftsmanship, parquet floors & coffered ceilings First time on the market in 37 years!

Contact the Golis Team today for more details & to schedule a showing. Tasting daily at the Margerum & Barden Tasting Room at Hotel Californian, 19 East Mason St., Santa Barbara

The Golis Team | 8 05.879.9606 ∙ GolisTeam@radiusgroup.com RADIUSGROUP.COM

Margerum Wines are available at margerumwines.com, fine restaurants and food & wine retailers.

DRE 01334755


Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com

Discover The Soul of SB’s Summer Solstice Parade ~ Music!


ACH YEAR SANTA BARBARA’S SUMMER SOLSTICE CELEBRATION EVOLVES and community members find new ways to share in it’s unique spirit. This year Best Event DJ, Darla Bea has curated a two hour music playlist on the Summer Solstice’s Spotify Channel. With Santa Barbara’s Summer Solstice Parade turning 47 years old, the playlist will evoke the costumes, music, floats, troupes & groups that have brought festival alive. “I made sure to include songs heard in the parade on floats, heard in the park, and genres relating to the groups seen over the past 40+ years - including Randy Tico’s music, Brazilian, African, Drums, Romani, Middle Eastern Beats for Bellydancing, Pride Songs LGBTQIA, La Boheme Dance Songs, songs I’ve DJ’d as a space cadet, Pirates etc.” Darla Bea shared. “The two hour playlist will have you walking like an Egyptian and DJ Darla Bea at Summer Solstice Celebration Workshop in a “Bloom” themed Wig rocking out like a lobster! It’s a playlist for you to enjoy any time of the year in honor of Solstice founder, Michael Gonzalez.” A feast for your ears - the music will evoke the parade, including throwbacks to the late 70’s, early 80’s when the parade was a lot smaller, on a different street, and offered no after party. It also includes bands like Area 51 who play party favorites. Photo by Fritz Olenberger

June 4, 2021

Find the playlist at: Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7tl09t444iQ80y6VXrBsHD?si=97feedf04c044326 Find out more about Solstice festivities at: www.solsticeparade.com

New Cottage Health Urgent Care Opens in Santa Maria


T A TIME WHEN LOCAL ACCESS TO HEALTHCARE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER, Cottage Health has opened a new Urgent Care Center in Santa Maria at 3596 Skyway Drive. Holding the goal of offering patients complete care within 45 minutes, the center is now open from 8am to 8pm every day. The Urgent Care Center is staffed by a licensed nurse practitioner, radiology technician, and clinical concierges. Together, this team will care for individuals with minor ailments and injuries including scrapes and minor cuts, minor burns, sprains, earaches, poison oak, cold and flu symptoms, urinary infections, and skin conditions. The location further provides physical exams for student sports participation, and offers point of care lab services and X-ray services onsite. This is the third Cottage Urgent Care to serve the Santa Maria community, with other centers located at the North Broadway Plaza and the Orcutt Hills Plaza. For information or to make an appointment to visit a Cottage Urgent Care Center, visit www.cottagehealth.org/urgent-care


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June 4, 2021

Palminteri’s Community VOICE John Palminteri

It’s Happening Around Town... Memorial Day

Washed Ashore & Destroyed

Making Local Waters Safer

DESTROYED BY WAVES, a beach boat is cleaned up with an all out effort at dawn along Santa Claus Beach near Carpinteria. It broke loose from its anchorage and first hit the shoreline Saturday.

MEMORIAL DAY 2021 in Goleta, Santa Barbara, and Carpinteria. Impressive turnouts and great respect for those who fought and died for our freedoms. (Santa Barbara did not have a program this year, but flags were out and they will be back in 2022.) Boaters get advice and safety inspections during SAFE BOATING WEEK with Memorial Day weekend and summer ahead. Santa Barbara Harbor entrance often gets very crowded with several types of water craft. Hear from the Santa Barbara Harbor Patrol while on board BOAT 2. https://tinyurl.com/2n2ydxrk

Hard Times

I hope this isn’t a trend in Montecito or anywhere this close to the tracks.

A Buggy Crash

The Santa Barbara offshore earthquake was felt on shore but no impacts. Described as a jolt not a roller. Did you feel it? (if so...What area do you live in?)

JEANNINE’S Bakery and Restaurant is expanding to the corner of State St. and Cabrillo Blvd. at the base of Stearns Wharf. They will bake at Harbor View Inn kitchen next door (the owner). Goleta and two other Santa Barbara sites make it four again. (Figueroa closed). ROLLOVER RENTAL BUGGY CRASH - Cliff at La Marina. Santa Barbara Fire, AMR, police on it. No serious injuries.

Photos by John Palminteri • www.facebook.com/john.palminteri.5 • Twitter @JohnPalminteri • Instagram @JohnPalminteriNews

Starting Local June 4, 2021

Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com


Managing local conditions could help coral reefs persevere in the face of climate crisis


By Harrison Tasoff / The UC Santa Barbara Current

ORALS ARE IN TROUBLE. All across the globe diverse and dynamic ecosystems are taking huge hits year after year. The Great Barrier Reef has lost half of its coral since 1995. Scientists are seeing similar declines in reefs from Hawai‘i to the Florida Keys and across the Indo-Pacific region.

Photo by Reef Check Australia

Photo by Tom Shlesinger

Photo by Red Sea Environmental Centre

Photos courtesy of UC Santa Barbara

Photo by Tom Shlesinger

The widespread decline is fueled in part by climate-driven heatwaves that induce coral bleaching — the breakdown of the relationship between shallow-water coral and the symbiotic algae they rely upon for nutrients. Climate change is a clear and present danger to the persistence of coral reefs, and global reductions in carbon emissions is critical for the future of reefs. But according to a new study published in the journal Science, managing local environmental conditions can help give coral a fighting chance. “Some have argued that climate change is so overwhelming that conserving coral reefs on a local scale is futile,” said lead author Mary Donovan, a former postdoctoral researcher at UC Santa Barbara, now Sea goldie school around a large coral in the Gulf of Aqaba off Eilat, Israel. an assistant professor at Arizona State University. “But our study found that local impacts on coral reefs magnified the effects of climate-driven for their livelihoods. However, local factors offer opportunities for management heatwaves. This suggests that local action to conserve coral reefs can that could boost coral reefs’ resistance to climate change, according to Burkepile. help reefs withstand the effects of climate change.” Mary Donovan “When we think where most coral reefs are, they’re in parts of the world where Scientists and trained community members have collected data the communities can do little about climate change,” he said. from 223 sites across the world on behalf of Reef Check, a non“These results imply that there is something that we all can do,” Donovan added. profit organization that promotes reef stewardship “There are opportunities for us to take through citizen science initiatives. Donovan and her concerted action on climate change as colleagues analyzed local data collected during and well as local action.” after climate-driven bleaching events to determine Traditional fishery management the health of reefs. techniques, like bag limits and The researchers found that local factors could regulations on gear, could promote exacerbate coral loss in the year following bleaching. the recovery of herbivorous fishes, she The presence of macroalgae, or seaweeds, was suggested, which could help remove particularly associated with coral mortality, the macroalgae and help corals survive researchers noted. Reefs with more macroalgae Deron Burkepile heat waves. Marine protected areas experienced up to ten times more coral die-off, like the Kahekili Herbivore Fisheries even at similar levels of heat stress, they found. And the effect Management Area in Hawai‘i are increased at higher temperatures. another tool that communities could In addition to competing with coral for space on the reef, just employ, as are better wastewater the presence of macroalgae can change the water chemistry in treatment methods that could reduce ways that make coral more susceptible to bleaching, explained the nutrient runoff on which the algae coauthor Deron Burkepile, a professor in UC Santa Barbara’s thrive. A Reef Check EcoDiver conducts a substrate survey. Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology. These The researchers intend to continue changes can also make coral more vulnerable to disease, as can their work investigating the effects of local conservation strategies on coral reef elevated temperatures. The two factors in concert could give coral a one-two punch. resilience. For instance, in summer 2022, they plan to remove algae from reefs “When we think about the impact of these big marine heatwaves, we often around the island think it’s all about the heat,” Burkepile said. “We don’t think about the local biotic of Mo’orea, French interactions as much. Polynesia to examine “But these local interactions matter,” he continued, “and it’s the local interactions that how these removals impact corals’ response we can manage in a relatively effective way.” to heat waves both as a The abundance of macroalgae is highly potential conservation receptive to local dynamics like overfishing strategy as well as a and nutrient pollution. Overfishing depletes controlled experiment. the number of fish that eat algae and keep “Coral reefs take up the reef ’s ecosystem in balance. Meanwhile, some of the smallest nutrient pollution from land — including area on our planet, but runoff from golf courses, agriculture, and harbor the most species coastal development — threaten reefs by of any ecosystem on fostering the growth of algae, in addition to other threats to reefs such as disrupting coral Earth,” Donovan said. “And people all over Coral reefs like this one in Papua New Guinea are at risk of microbiomes. the world rely on reefs bleaching. Fortunately, local management, alongside global efforts These issues can even allow algae to to mitigate climate change, can help coral reefs survive. dominate over coral. And once that occurs, it for food security, for coastal protection can be challenging to restore the ecosystem from storms, and for other aspects of their livelihoods. In many parts of the to the way it was, according to a previous world, it isn’t only a question of beauty, but of survival.” This only underscores the study out of UC Santa Barbara. importance of identifying local actions that communities can take to protect and The importance of local conditions to reef survival in relation to the overwhelming manage the natural resources coral reefs provide. The research was funded by the National Science Foundation and a grant from effects of marine heatwaves is often the Zegar Family Foundation. dismissed, the authors argue, and can Printed with permission of UCSB Office of Public Affairs and Communications instill a sense of hopelessness in scientists, An EcoDiver searches for invertebrates on the Great conservationists, and those who rely on reefs Barrier Reef

Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com

Excitement Above & Below the Ocean’s Surface


By Sigrid Toye, Special to VOICE

Photo courtesy of www.oceanfathoms.com

AST WEEKEND’S MEMORIAL DAY CELEBRATIONS extended to the entire city of Santa Barbara and appeared to attract visitors in droves. Along the waterfront, the hotels, Stearns Wharf, beaches, and parking lots were filled to the brim. Navigating my way along the harbor walkway seemed like a slalom course but I was determined to watch the annual Memorial Day yacht race. The conditions were perfect, just the right wind, and the sand was filled with beach lovers of all ages watching the sails floating by. From my comfortable spot on the strand a thought occurred to me: Do any of the mariners sailing in the direction of Montecito know that they could be navigating over a hidden wine cellar located in the depths beneath their race course? That’s right, you heard it here, a deep sea wine cellar! Ocean Fathoms, a California company, has been aging a cache of 1,800 bottles of wine on the ocean floor at a spot about 1.2 miles off the coast of Montecito. From Rick Caruso’s Rosewood Miramar somewhere on a direct line toward the islands is their secret location, the optimum cellar in the sea. With a yearly temperature of 54 to 55 degrees and no oxygen, the wines are kept fresh in an environment lacking ultraviolet light or sound. Thanks to the constant current as its squeezed through the channel, the sea provides a perpetual pulsation of the bottles. A team of divers in thick wetsuits and a commercial fishing boat loaded with gear made this underwater aging location a reality. The venture began when Emanuele Azzaretto, who grew up in Italy making wine with his family, longed to have a bottle of ocean aged wine for himself. After failing to get his hands on a a bottle, he decided to make his own. With Todd Hahn, Jordane Andrieu, and Rajat Parr completing the team, they founded Ocean Fathoms here in Santa Barbara with the blessing of the Santa Barbara Harbormaster, the California Coastal Commission, and the U.S. Coast Guard. The concept of the ocean being a preservative began with a shipwreck in the Baltic Sea that left 168 bottles of French champagne submerged for 170 years. The sunken trade schooner was discovered off the coast of Finland in 2010 and scattered amongst the wreckage 160-feet below the surface, were the bottles of bubbly. The tops were popped and experts who tasted the contents said the champagne preserved its taste even after decades thanks to near-perfect wine aging conditions found at the bottom of the Baltic

Sea with a temperature 35-40 degrees Fahrenheit, relatively low salinity, low levels of light, and high pressure. The plethora of marine life in the nutrient-rich waters off Santa Barbara’s shores plays a role as well. The underwater environment creates its own patterns turning each bottle into Mother Nature’s palette. Studded with barnacles, shells, coral, and traces of creatures like sea worms and octopi, each and every bottle is a unique work of art, definitely a conversation piece to be treasured and kept as a memento. Ocean Fathoms’ drops – recently done in March - include wines made with Santa Ynez Valley fruit, as well as bottles by other select winemakers. Although as yet a fairly unknown concept, there are high-profile partnerships in the works with labels like Dierberg and Star Lane, Francis Ford Coppola, and Taittinger. So how is that for an interesting thing going on just below the surface off-shore in the Santa Barbara Channel? I had no clue until it was pointed out to me – what a concept that is! Feedback from those who have had the pleasure of tasting those wines nested in our cellar in the sea have given them a huge thumbs up! Do check Ocean Fathoms out for yourself at: 2016 Domaine de La Côte Memorious www.oceanfathoms.com. Pinot Noir Santa Rita Hills, AVA Photo courtesy of www.oceanfathoms.com


June 4, 2021

Photo by Sigrid Toye


Sigrid Toye volunteers for the Breakwater Flag Project. She is on the board of directors of the Maritime Museum and participates in Yacht Club activities. An educational/behavior therapist, Sigrid holds a Ph.D in clinical psychology. She loves all things creative, including her two grown children who are working artists. Send Harbor tips to: Itssigrid@gmail.com

Santa BarBara’S Great neiGhBorhood Spot! Now open for outdoor dining & take-out!

Open 5-9pm Tues-Thurs/Sun• 5-9:30pm Fri/Sat

Try some of our house favorites and new additions u Comfort Fried Chicken Dinner with mashed potatoes, gravy, and Brussels u

LK’s Famous Chicken Tikka Masala u

Mac and Cheese Skillet

u Classic Cobb Salad with grilled or fried chicken u u

Vegan Impossible Burger

Authentic Swedish Meatballs u Also featuring local craft beer and wine!

delicious, healthy food at a price you can afford!

17 W ORTEGA ST. | LITTLEKITCHENSB.COM | 805.770.2299 www.littlekitchensb.com

June 4, 2021

Rachel Van Mullem to Become County Counsel

RACHEL VAN MULLEM has been appointed to become the next Santa Barbara County Counsel following the retirement of current County Counsel Michael Ghizzoni in late June. Van Mullem has worked with the County of Santa Barbara for 15 years, holding the positions of Deputy County Counsel, Senior Rachel Van Mullem Deputy County Counsel, and Chief Deputy County Counsel before beginning to serve in her current role as Chief Assistant County Counsel in 2014. In this position, she has not only overseen the County Counsel Office’s daily operations, but also assisted the County with local emergency work and projects amidst the Tea Fire, Thomas Fire, 1/9 Debris Flow, and more. Van Mullem holds her bachelor’s degree from University of NebraskaLincoln, and her J.D. from Pennsylvania State University, Dickson School of Law. www.CountyofSB.org

AHA! Welcomes New Board Members NATALIA ALARCON has joined the AHA! Board of Directors. The Assistant Director of the Community Services Department at CommUnify, Alarcon also currently serves the community as the first elected Latina of the Carpinteria City Council. In the past, she has worked as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, providing therapy to victims of Natalia Alarcon domestic violence, adolescent women on probation, and working with individuals diagnosed with severe mental illness. A born and raised Carpinteria local, Alarcon feels that giving back is a crucial element of strengthening one’s community. JENNIFER BLAISE KRAMER has also joined the AHA! Board of Directors. Co-author of the 2020 book Small Garden Style, Kramer studied creative writing at the University of Arizona before earning her master’s degree in journalism from Boston University. She currently writes about design, travel, food, lifestyle, and parenting for a wide range of publications, including Jennifer Blaise Domino, House Beautiful, Sunset, Kramer Better Homes & Gardens, and Condé Nast Traveler. Kramer lives in Santa Barbara with her husband and three daughters. www.ahasb.org

SBUSD Board of Education Welcomes Dawson Kelly


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DAWSON KELLY, a San Marcos High School sophomore student, has been chosen to serve as the student board member for the Santa Barbara Unified School District Board of Education. Kelly will hold this position for one year beginning July 1st, and will engage in board discussions. He will provide preferential votes Dawson Kelly on select matters, which will be recorded in meeting minutes but will not affect an item’s ultimate voting outcome. A dedicated student, Kelly’s extracurricular activities also include San Marcos’ Mock Trial team, the Youth Wellness Connection Council, and Santa Barbara Youth & Government. www.sbunified.org

Community News 2021 Spirit of Entrepreneurship Award Winners

Devyn Duex

Pam Plesons

Jill Agonias

Gabrielle Moes

Lynnette Coverly

Mary Maranville

Laurice Tamura

Ashe Browne

Rashi Bahri Chitnis

Reyna Chavez


O CELEBRATE AND HONOR LOCAL WOMEN BUSINESS OWNERS, Women’s Economic Ventures has bestowed its 2021 Spirit of Entrepreneurship Awards on ten outstanding individuals from Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. The awards were presented according to industry category in a May 21st virtual event, with a special Lifetime Achievement Award going to Oxnard local Lupe Anguiano. “The SOE Awards are a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge and honor these amazing women for the hard work they have put in to keep their businesses thriving,” said Kathy Odell, CEO of Women’s Economic Ventures. “This year’s winners are even more inspirational when you factor in the challenges presented throughout the past year.” This year’s Arts & Entertainment category honored Devyn Duex of Nebula Dance Lab. Pam Plesons was recognized as the 2021 Green & Social Entrepreneur for Plow to Porch Organics, Inc., while Mary Maranville of Students for Eco-Education and Agriculture, Inc. was honored in the Nonprofit category. For Health & Wellness, Jill Agonias was awarded for her work with Divinitree Yoga. The Professional Services category recognized Laurice Tamura with Urban Planning Concepts, Inc. In the Hospitality & Tourism category, the award went to Gabrielle Moes with Seasons Catering. The 2021 Media & Communications award was presented to Lynnette Coverly of Coverly Professional Services, and Rashi Bahri Chitnis was honored in Science & Technology for her work with Shoonya. Finally, Ashe Browne from Pura Luna Apothecary received the 2021 Retail award, while the Wholesale, Lupe Anguiano Mfg, Online Retail category recognized Reyna Chavez of Scrubs on the Run. In addition to these awards, Women’s Economic Ventures honored local activist and entrepreneur Lupe Anguiano with the 2021 Rock Star: Life Achievement Award. Born to Oxnard fieldworkers, Anguiano has served our community and nation for over 70 years. Her accomplishments have included organizing grape boycotts for Cesar Chavez, helping to found the National Women’s Political Caucus along with Gloria Steinem, and developing a program for East LA gang members. She also worked on the United State’s first bilingual education bill, and worked in various positions throughout the Johnson, Nixon, Carter, and www.soefoundation.org Reagan administrations.

Hook & Press Donuts Moving to La Arcada Plaza


OCAL CRAFT DONUT SHOP HOOK & PRESS DONUTS will soon be moving into downtown Santa Barbara’s historic La Arcada Plaza. Scheduled to open between late summer and early fall of this year, the shop owned by Santa Barbara locals John Burnett and Denisse Salinas will be taking over the former site of Jeannine’s Bakery. “We’re beyond thrilled for our shop’s new home in the impossibly charming La Arcada Plaza and look forward to creating a warm, welcoming environment for our community in the iconic former home of Jeannine’s Bakery, a longtime favorite spot of ours, ” said shop coowner Denisse Salinas. Hook & Press Donuts has operated inside Mosaic Locale on State Street since 2018, with production taking place in an off-site, shared kitchen. By moving into this new space, the business will be able to increase its operating hours and offer more menu items, including savory breakfast/brunch dishes and cake-style, vegan and gluten-free donuts. For more information, follow Hook & Press Donuts on Facebook and Instagram at @hookandpressdonuts. Left: Denisse Salinas and John Burnett


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EconomicVOICE Job Openings Soar “The number of job openings reached a series high of 8.1 million on the last business day of March, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Hires were little changed at 6.0 million. Total separations were little changed at 5.3 million. Within separations, the quits rate was unchanged at 2.4 percent while the layoffs and discharges rate decreased to a series low of 1.0 percent.”


By Harlan Green / Special to VOICE

And we have yet to see the enactment of an American Jobs Plan for massive infrastructure spending that will create even more jobs. Does that mean we have a labor shortage with more then eight million still out of work who say they are looking for work? There are supply bottlenecks while companies ramp up production again, and the inflation rate is hitting new highs since the Great Recession. Will wages begin to rise as well from their lows of the last 40 years? The consumer price index soared 0.8 percent to match the biggest monthly increase since 2009, the government. Economists had forecast a smaller rise. The rate of inflation over the past year jumped to 4.2 percent from 2.6 percent in the prior month — the highest level since 2008. Wages have been held down for most workers by the rising power of corporations and weakening of labor unions since 1980. However, the trend is about to reverse as the demand for workers increases. Will it cause the Fed to boost their short term interest rates? Fed Chair Powell doesn’t want to, but Treasury Secretary Yellen believes rates will have to rise if higher inflation Job Openings continues. Who is right? It is too early to tell. This also means the U.S. economy is in for a wild ride this decade. Hires Harlan Green © 2021 Follow Harlan Green on Twitter: https://twitter.com/HarlanGreen


In the arts, entertainment, and recreation industry, vacancies increased by 81,000 jobs, Reuters has reported. Vacancies also increased in manufacturing, trade, transportation, and utilities industries, as well as in finance. Job openings rose in the Northeast and Midwest regions. But vacancies dropped in the healthcare and social assistance industry. There is a red-hot demand for workers after what I call the pandemic recession. So we are essentially at the starting gate of the next growth cycle with first quarter GDP already showing 6.4 percent growth. So economic indicators will have crazy numbers until we reach herd immunity and everyone—including teachers, day-care workers, and government workers—are able to return to work. There are still two million fewer women and 1.5 million fewer men in the labor force than pre-pandemic levels. This Calculated Risk graph shows that companies are holding on to more of their employees with lower separations and quits, while the recent unemployment report actually showed some one million new jobs were created, but just 266,000 above the normal seasonal rate of hiring. The two million gap between Hires and Job Openings in the graph means companies are looking for workers. But it will take time for workers to find suitable jobs, and employers perhaps to begin to raise their minimum wages for essential workers in the service sector (that are the lowest paid). A record number of small businesses said they could not fill open jobs in April, as well, adding to a growing national controversy over whether extra unemployment benefits are keeping scores of people from re-entering the labor force. The extra $300 in jobless benefits was extended to September in Biden’s $1.9 trillion American Recovery Act. Some 44 percent of small businesses said job openings went unfilled in April, according to the National Federation of Independent Business. The NFIB is the nation’s largest smallbusiness lobbying group.



June 4, 2021

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Harlan Green has been the 16-year Editor-Publisher of PopularEconomics.com, a weekly syndicated financial wire service. He writes a Popular Economics Weekly Blog. He is an economic forecaster and teacher of real estate finance with 30-years experience as a banker and mortgage broker. To reach Harlan call (805)452-7696 or email editor@populareconomics.com.

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June 4, 2021


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T WAS MAY OF 2009 AND THE JESUSITA FIRE WAS QUICKLY SPREADING through the hills above San Roque and threatening to cross Foothill Road in several areas, potentially turning catastrophic. We raced to evacuate the area and headed to Los Angeles to stay with friends. In what felt like a sign of sympathy to our situation, the Grateful Dead played Fire on the Mountain at their May 9th show at the Forum. That fire ended up burning almost 9,000 acres and destroyed or damaged 80+ homes. It does not even come close to Brian Johnson, the impact from the Thomas Fire or other historic SBAOR President fires, but it was the first one that caused us to evacuate, so it will always stand out in my mind. Summer is almost here and that means fire season is here as well. New laws are going into effect this summer that will affect homes sold in the high or very high fire severity zones. A good bit of Santa Barbara falls into those zones and that means that homes being sold will have to provide documentation that they are in compliance with maintaining a defensible space or “buffer zone” between the home and flammable materials such as grass, trees, or wildland areas around the property. There are a few ways to comply with this law. There will be some areas without a local ordinance requiring an owner to obtain documentation of compliance with the defensible space laws. In this case, the buyer must agree to obtain documentation of compliance within one year after closing escrow. Alternatively, if the seller has obtained documentation of compliance within six months prior to entering into contract, the seller must provide that documentation to the buyer and provide information on the local agency from which a copy of that documentation may be obtained. For areas that have a local ordinance requiring an owner to obtain documentation that the property complies with defensible space laws then one of two things can happen. The buyer can agree to comply with the requirements of the local ordinance, if the ordinance allows the buyer to do so. Alternatively, the seller shall provide the buyer with a copy of the documentation that complies with the requirements of that local ordinance and information on the local agency from which a copy of that documentation may be obtained. It is critical to remember these requirements when purchasing your home. Discuss the requirements with your agent and your insurance carrier. Vigilance is a small price to pay to live among such beauty. Brian Johnson is a California licensed real estate agent and the Managing Director of Radius Commercial Real Estate. Johnson handles all types of commercial real estate transactions but has a special focus on multifamily investments. He can be reached at 805-879-9631 or bjohnson@radiusgroup.com

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By Brian Johnson, 2021 President, SBAOR


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Fire on the Mountain – California Fire Season is Upon Us

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June 4, 2021

NatureTrack Celebrates Tenth Anniversary


DVENTURES IN THE WOODS, a free activity for youth, was an idea launched ten years ago by Sue Eisaguirre, when she formed NatureTrack. The organization celebrated its Tenth Anniversary Docent Appreciation Banquet under the majestic oaks at the Zaca Creek Ranch, last weekend. “I wanted K-12 students to have the opportunity to learn outdoors, where learning literally comes alive! And, I wanted the program to supplement student’s in-classroom units of study to support the teacher’s efforts cost free,” said founder Eisaguirre. To date, more than 25,000 students have experienced a NatureTrack docent-led hike on local trails and beaches throughout North and South Santa Ten-year docents gather after receiving their ten-year pins and Nesting Socks. Barbara County. Standing: Lisa Palmer, Kristen Savage, Kelly O’Neill, Sparky Miller, Dennis Nord, Carole During the event, Sam Babcock was honored with the Dan Conaway Docent Nord, Dennis Beebe, Sam Babcock Lew Eisaguirre, Steve Palmer, and Betsy Cramer. of the Year Award for outstanding service, with Dan’s widow, Margee Lennard, Seated: Pam Stover, Pam Miller, and Susie Bartz. (Not all ten-year pin recipients were presenting him a beautiful hand-painted present.) gourd. Tucked inside the gourd were messages of appreciation from former winners, messages only known to the recipients of this honor. The event also celebrated those who have contributed to the success of NatureTrack, with Eisaguirre presenting ten-year pins to Becky Reid, Betsy Cramer, Carole Nord, Dennis Nord, Dennis Beebe, Don Layton, Gary Crispin, Gary Nett, Ian Palmer, Jacqueline Hynes, Kristen Savage, Lew Eisaguirre, Lisa Palmer, Pam Layton, Pam Miller, Pam Stover, Sam Babcock, Sparky Miller, Steve Palmer and Rob Miller, NatureTrack donor, with the co-directors of the The Kett Family: Rachel, Catalina, and Eric. Susie Bartz; and five-year pins were given to NatureTrack Film Festival KC Murphy Thompson, and Holly Cline Catalina, a graduating senior from Santa Ynez Valley Barbara Young, Bob Altavilla, Chris Armstead, with her husband, David Christina Nelson, Dawn O’Bar, Jake Eisaguirre, High School is the recipient of the first Nancy Sterns NatureTrack Scholarship Jan Wagener, Julie Kennedy, Karen Osland, Marguerite Tibben, Mary Jane Delado, Mike Delgado, Mike Patarak, Nancy Deacon-Davis, Pam Fisher, Patty Dedrick Terry, and Ryan Layton. Also introduced was the first NatureTrack Nancy Stearns Scholarship, with the first recipient being, Catalina Kett. Kett will graduate from Santa Ynez Valley High School in June and will attend High Point University in North Carolina this fall. Brett Stearns, Nancy’s spouse, has committed to underwriting this $5,000 scholarship in honor of his late wife. Dennis Patrick and Haley Firestone, owners of Zaca In addition to Eisaguirre Creek Ranch. Haley is also president of the Santa thanking NatureTrack Ynez Valley Foundation. and the NatureTrack Film Festival volunteers, she recognized Jenny Morrell, Program Director – a.k.a. Quail Covey Wrangler saying, “She does a tremendous job corralling the covey and keeping their spirits high on the trail.” Sue thanked her for her dedication to NatureTrack. Sue then Betsy Cramer with her hand-knitted Nesting acknowledge the sponsors and donors, and, of course, thanked her family. Socks which were given to the trail docents Sam Babcock, recipient of the Dan In a milestone for NatureTrack, the “NewTracks” program was introduced. honored at the event. Betsy is also a ten-year Conaway Award for Outstanding Through the use of a Freedom Trax unit, people who use wheelchairs or have docent for NatureTrack. Service other mobility challenges can now participate in NatureTrack field trips. This Freedom Trax device quickly transforms a manual wheelchair into a battery-powered all-terrain vehicle that can easily traverse beach sand and trails. A shout out was given to Alfred and Katie Holzheu, owners of El Rancho Market, for the generous donation of all the food for this soiree. and Hartley-Ostini Hitching Post Wines, Carhartt Family Wines and beer from Firestone Walker Brewing Company, for their donations, they were treated to music from O.n.E. NatureTrack Film Festival was launched as an extension of NatureTrack to recognize filmmakers and present the best international nature films. Eisaguirre, along with CoDirectors, KC Murphy Thompson and Holly Cline, have produced three festivals to date. Planning for the fourth annual film fest later this year.

The Eisaguirre Family: Sue and Lew are on either end with their son Jake and Lew’s mother Wilma. Sue founded NatureTrack in 2011

www.NatureTrack.org • https://NatureTrackFilmFestival.org

Photos by Richard Carter Photography

Sue Eisaguirre, Founder of NatureTrack and Margee Lennard presented the Dan Conaway Award to Sam Babcock

June 4, 2021

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In case you missed them...

2021 I Madonnari

Masterpieces Find more at: www.facebook.com/imadonnarisantabarbara/

Featured Artists: Sharyn Chan, Ann Hefferman, and Jay Schwartz. Photo credit: Nell Campbell

Artist: Jen LeMay Sponsor: Corbu Construction

Artist: Lori Escalera Sponsor: Empowerment Holdings Coaching

Artist: Dawn Morrison Wagner Sponsor: Pierre Lafond Wendy Foster

Artist: Rod Tryon Sponsor: UNICO Artist: Kyle Hollingsworth Sponsor: Haagen Printing/Typecraft Inc

Artist: Tracy Lee Stum Sponsor: So Cal IP Law Group

Artist: Blair Looker Sponsor: Goleta Education Foundation Artist: Andrew Leonard Sponsor: Pat & Kat Ward Artist: Lorelle Miller Sponsor: Northwestern Mutual

Artist: Genna Panzarella Sponsor: Advanced Veterinary Specialists

Artist: Jessie Alstatt Sponsor: American Riviera Bank

Artists: Wanda Venturelli & Ginny Brush Sponsor: SB Arts Collective


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Art | Arte


GALLERIES • STUDIOS • MUSEUMS • PUBLIC PLACES 10 WEST GALLERY: Summer Solstice Exhibit ~ Jul 18 and Mata Ortiz Pottery • 10 W Anapamu • Thu-Sun 11-5 • 805770-7711 • www.10westgallery.com ARCHITECTURAL FDN GALLERY: Beauty Out Of Ashes by Sophia Beccue ~ Jul 8 • 229 E Victoria • 805-965-6307 • www.afsb.org ART, DESIGN & ARCHITECTURE MUSEUM, UCSB: On-line: Outside In: The Architecture of Smith and Williams; & more • 805-893-2951 • www.museum.ucsb.edu ART FROM SCRAP GALLERY: www.exploreecology.org/art-from-scrap ATKINSON GALLERY @ SBCC: Fight for Liberation (augmented reality) http://gallery.sbcc.edu • Maxwell Winslow Overlook adjacent to the Humanities Building’s East Campus • AR link: https://adobeaero.app.link/HIBtng54Bgb BELLA ROSA GALLERIES: 1103-A State St • 11-5 daily • 805-966-1707 CASA DE LA GUERRA • 805-965-0093 CASA DOLORES: Splendors of “The Tree of Life” / Esplendores de “El Árbol de la Vida” ~ Sept 18 • 1023 Bath Str • www.casadolores.org CHANNING PEAKE GALLERY: 805-568-3994 CLAY STUDIO GALLERY: Selections from the Don Reitz Collection • 805-565-CLAY • By appt • www.claystudiosb.org • 1351 Holiday Hill Rd, Goleta COLETTE COSENTINO ATELIER + GALLERY: 11 W Anapamu • By Appt • 805-570-9863 CORRIDAN GALLERY: Landscapes and Seascapes by Karen Fedderson • 125 N Milpas • 805-966-7939 • www.corridan-gallery.com CYPRESS GALLERY: • 119 E Cypress Ave • 805-737-1129 • www.lompocart.org DISTINCTIVE FRAMING N’ ART: 1333 State St • Mon-Fri 10-5:30; Sat 10-4:30 • 805-882-2108 • www.distinctiveframingnart.com

June 4, 2021

ELIZABETH GORDON GALLERY: 15 W Gutierrez St • 805-963-1157 • www.elizabethgordongallery.com

Marcia Burtt Gallery 517 Laguna St., Santa Barbara 805 962-5588 www.artlacuna.com

EL PRESIDIO DE SANTA BÁRBARA: www.sbthp.org/presidio ELVERHØJ MUSEUM • Legacy of Decency: Rembrandt, Jews and Danes • 805-686-1211 •11-5 Fri-Mon & appts 10-11 Fri-Mon • www.elverhoj.org GALLERY 113: SB Art Assn & A. Michael Marzolla (June) • 1114 State St, #8, La Arcada Ct • 805-965-6611 • 2-5 daily • www.gallery113sb.com GALLERY LOS OLIVOS: Summer Bloom: by Kris Buck and Deborah Breedon ~ (June) • 2920 Grand Ave, LO • Thur-Mo 10-5 • www.gallerylosolivos.com • 805-688-7517 GANNA WALSKA LOTUSLAND: We-Sa & 3rd Sun • Reservations 805.969.9990 • www.lotusland.org GOLETA VALLEY ART ASSOCIATION: Spring, Sprang, Sprung ~ July • www.thegoletavalleyartassociation.org HOSPICE OF SB, LEIGH BLOCK GALLERY: 2050 Alameda Padre Serra, #100 • MoFr 9-5, By Appt • 805-563-8820 INSPIRATION GALLERY OF FINE ART: 1528 State St • Weekdays • 805-962-6444 JAMES MAIN FINE ART: 19th & 20th Cent American & European Fine art & antiques • 27 E De La Guerra St • Tu-Sa 12-5 • Appts Suggested • 805-962-8347 JARDIN DE LAS GRANADAS: re[visit] 1925 by Cochran & Smith • 21 E Anapamu JEWISH FEDERATION OF GREATER SB • 805-957-1115 KARPELES MANUSCRIPT LIBRARY & MUSEUM: 21 W Anapamu St • We-Su 12-4 • 805-962-5322 KATHRYNE DESIGNS: 1225 Coast Village Rd, Suite A • 805-565-4700 LA CUMBRE CENTER FOR CREATIVE ARTS: La Cumbre Plaza • Wed-Sun 1-6 • lacumbrecenterforcreativearts@gmail.com

A. Michael Marzolla

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LINDEN STUDIO AND GALLERY: Schock, Snyder, Sparks, and Speirs • By appt • 963 Linden Av, Carpinteria • 805-570-9195 LYNDA FAIRLY CARPINTERIA ARTS CENTER: Human Forms ~ Jun 18-Aug 22 • 12-4 Fr-Su • 865 Linden Av • 805-684-7789 • www.carpinteriaartscenter.org MARCIA BURTT STUDIO: In Color ~ June 113; Susan Petty: Drawings ~ June 6; Online: Overcast & Clearing • 517 Laguna St • Th-Su 1-5 • 805-962-5588 • www.artlacuna.com MICHAELKATE INTERIORS & ART GALLERY: Contemporary Art & Design • 132 Santa Barbara St • Tu-Sat 10-6 • 805-963-1411 MOXI, THE WOLF MUSEUM: Exploration + Innovation • Thur-Sun 10-5 • 805-7705000 • 125 State St, SB • www.moxi.org MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART SB: Shana Moulton: The Invisible Seventh is the Mystic Column ~ Jul 31 • 653 Paseo Nuevo • www.mcasantabarbara.org MUSEUM OF SENSORY & MOVEMENT EXPERIENCES: La Cumbre Plaza, 120 S Hope Av #F119 • www.seehearmove.com PALM LOFT GALLERY: Expressions of Love (virtual) • 410 Palm Av, Loft A1, Carp • By Appt • 805-684-9700 • www.Palmloft.com

PEREGRINE GALLERIES: 1133 Coast Village Rd • 805-969-9673 PORTICO GALLERY: Notable CA & national artists • Open Daily • 1235 Coast Village Rd • 805-729-8454 • www.porticofinearts.com THOMAS REYNOLDS GALLERY: The Art of California • Thur-Sat 12-5 & By Appt • www.thomasreynolds.com RUTH ELLEN HOAG FINE ART @ GRAYSPACE: Accession ~ Jun 13 • 219 Gray Av • By appt • 805-689-0858 • www.grayspaceart.com SANTA BARBARA ART WORKS: Artists with Disabilities • 805-260-6705 • www.sbartworks.org SANTA BARBARA ARTS: Local artists • Thurs-Sun 11-5 • 805-884-1938 SANTA BARBARA FINE ART: John Comer: This Sacred Land ~ June 5-Sep 1 • 1321 State St • Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri, Sat 12-5; Sun 12-4 • 805-845-4270 • www.santabarbarafineart.com SANTA BARBARA TENNIS CLUB: Aquatic ~ June 7 - Jul 1 • 10-2 daily • 2375 Foothill Rd • 805-682-4722 SB BOTANIC GARDEN: 10-5 daily • 805-682-4726 • www.sbbg.org


Loon Point 3 www.roeannewhite.com


SB HISTORICAL MUSEUM: Queen on the Hill, Edward Borein, Henry Ford Chapman • The Story of SB • 136 E De la Guerra • Thur noon-5, Fri noon-7; Sat 12-5 • 805-966-1601 • www.sbhistorical.org SB MARITIME MUSEUM: Love Letters to the Sea, Santa Cruz Acoustic Range Facility, History of Oil in the Santa Barbara Channel • 113 Harbor Way, Ste 190 • Thurs-Sun 10-5 • www.SBMM.org • 805-962-8404 SB MUSEUM OF ART: Small-Format American Paintings from the Permanent Collection • In the Meanwhile...Recent Acquisitions of Contemporary Art • Tu – Su, 11 –5; Thu, 11-8 • www.sbma.net • 805-963-4364 SB MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY: Museum and THE SEA CENTER are now open Wed-Sun 10-4, RSVP required • www.sbnature.org • 805-682-4711 SANTA BARBARA VISUAL ARTISTS: Summer Virtual Exhibition ~ Aug 10 • www.sbvisualartists.com SILO 118: www.silo118.com SLINGSHOT: AN ALPHA ART FORUM • www.slingshotart.org • 805-770-3878. SOLVANG ANTIQUES FINE ART GALLERY: Contemporary & Vintage Art • 1693 Copenhagen Dr • 805-686-2322 • www.solvangantiques.com

Rosemarie C. Gebhart MARY HEEBNER

Contemporary Art


Evening Glow - Douglas Preserve


Original Oil Painting by

Ralph Waterhouse Brian Woolford

info@maryheebner.com 805.962.2497 instagram@maryheebner



Illuminations Gallery La Cumbre Center for Creative Arts La Cumbre PLaza

Waterhouse Gallery La Arcada at State & Figueroa Santa Barbara, CA 93101 805-962-8885 www.waterhousegallery.com

Kerry Methner



June 4, 2021

Art | Arte

SULLIVAN GOSS: AN AMERICAN GALLERY: Robin Gowen: Sight Lines ~ Jul 26; Summer Salon ~ Jul 26; Hank Pitcher: Just Now ~ Jun 21 • 11 E Anapamu St • 805-730-1460 • www.sullivangoss.com SYV HISTORICAL MUSEUM & CARRIAGE HOUSE: 805-688-7889 • www.santaynezmuseum.org

UCSB LIBRARY: Immeasurable Loss ~ online • www.library.ucsb.edu


Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com

WATERHOUSE GALLERY: Notable CA and National Artists • La Arcada Ct, 1114 State St, #9 • 11-5 Mon-Sat, 12-4 Sun • 805-9628885 • www.waterhousegallery.com WESTMONT RIDLEY-TREE MUSEUM OF ART: At the Edges Tri-County Artists ~ June 19 • 805565-6162 • www.westmont.edu/museum WILDLING MUSEUM: Bio/Mass: Contemporary Meditations on Nature ~ Sept 5; Art From the Trail ~ Oct 3 • 1511 B Mission Dr, Solvang • www.wildlingmuseum.org

VILLAGE FRAME & GALLERY: 1485 E Valley Rd #1 • 805-969-0524

Art Events | Eventos de arte

SB ARTS & CRAFTS SHOW RESUMES! • The Santa Barbara Arts & Crafts Show has resumed, with safety protocols in place to protect members and the public. The show operates 10am to 6pm on Sundays and some holiday Saturdays from Stearns Wharf and east along Cabrillo Blvd. • (805) 897-2519 • https://tinyurl.com/4vt6j5ex ¡SE REANUDA LA EXHIBICIÓN DE ARTES Y MANUALIDADES DE SB! • Se reanudó la Exhibición de Artes y Manualidades de Santa Bárbara, con protocolos de seguridad para proteger a los miembros y al público. La exhibición opera de 10am hasta las 6pm los domingos y algunos sábados festivos desde Stearns Wharf y hacia el este a lo largo de Cabrillo Blvd. • (805) 897-2519 • https://tinyurl.com/4vt6j5ex GUILD MEETING WITH LESLEY ROBERTS • Roberts will present on her art practice • Santa Barbara Fiber Arts Guild • Free • www.sbfiberarts.org • 10am Sa, 6/5. REUNIÓN DEL GUILD CON LESLEY ROBERTS • Roberts presentará su práctica artística • Santa Barbara Fiber Arts Guild • Gratis • www.sbfiberarts.org • 10am sábado, 6/5. PULSE ART CLUB MEETING • Featuring artist Rebecca Marder • JBR Visuals • $20 • https://tinyurl.com/fbupjh22 • 2-3:30pm Sa, 6/5. REUNIÓN DEL CLUB DE ARTE PULSE Con la artista invitada Rebecca Marder • JBR Visuals • $20 • https://tinyurl.com/fbupjh22 • 2-3:30pm sábado, 6/5.

Step into the future and

experience augmented reality in an exhibition at The Atkinson Gallery at SB City College. The work Fight for Liberation by Santa Barbara based artist Adrianna Arriaga (Adrianna La Artista) coincides with this year’s June pride celebration, featuring portraits of two important historical activists: Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera. The installation celebrates their legacies in fighting for LGBTQA + rights. This AR project consists of large portraits of

ARTIST STUDIO TOUR ARTISTS AND EXHIBIT • Lynda Fairly Carpinteria Arts Center courtyard, 865 Linden Ave, Carpinteria • www.carpinteriaartscenter.org • 12-4pm Su, 6/6. CASA ABIERTA COMUNITARIA Y BRINDIS • Con artistas del Tour por los estudios de los artistas y exhibición • Patio del Lynda Fairly Carpinteria Arts Center, 865 Linden Ave, Carpinteria • www.carpinteriaartscenter.org • 12-4pm domingo, 6/6. THE SEVENTH SCHISM: LUCID OOEY GOOEY • Virtual performance art festival featuring UCSB students’ works • Museum of Contemporary Art SB • Free • https://tinyurl.com/baahruca • 5pm Fr, 6/4. EL SÉPTIMO CISMA: LUCID OOEY GOOEY • Festival virtual de artes escénicas con obras de estudiantes de UCSB • Museo de Arte Contemporáneo SB • Gratis • https://tinyurl.com/baahruca • 5pm viernes, 6/4. NUESTRA LOTERÍA EXHIBIT • Enjoy an exhibit created by Santa Maria high school artists • Corazón del Pueblo • Free • https://tinyurl.com/LoteriaRSVP • 6pm Fr, 6/4. EXHIBICIÓN DE NUESTRA LOTERÍA • Disfruta de una exhibición creada por artistas de Santa Maria high school • Corazón del Pueblo • Gratis • https://tinyurl.com/LoteriaRSVP • 6pm viernes, 6/4.

Sylvia and Marsha that can be experienced on the Santa Barbara City College Campus by accessing a link to the project, situated at the school’s Maxwell Winslow Overlook adjacent to the Humanities Building’s East Campus location. It can be viewed 24 hrs a day, seven days a week for the entire month of June. Take a picture of yourself and/or a friend with the installation and post with the hashtags #atkinsongallerysbcc #fightforliberation #adrianalaartista #pride2021 AR Link: https://adobeaero.app.link/HIBtng54Bgb

SERIE “SUMMER SPARK” - VIRTUAL • Clase de arte virtual para niños de 9 a 12 años • Biblioteca pública SB • Gratis • https://tinyurl.com/ccd865aw • 3-4:30pm miércoles, 6/9. SUMMER SPARK SERIES - EASTSIDE • In-person art class for ages 9-12 • Eastside Library Courtyard, SB • Free • https://tinyurl.com/rhtt8rde • 3-4:30pm Th, 6/10. SERIE “SUMMER SPARK” - LADO ESTE • Clase de arte en persona para niños de 9 a 12 años • Patio de la biblioteca del lado este, SB • Gratis • https://tinyurl.com/rhtt8rde • 3-4:30pm jueves, 6/10. ADULT STUDIO ART WORKSHOP • Draw inspired by Brad Eberhard’s Foreign Affairs • SB Museum of Art • Free • https://tinyurl.com/27up9ra4 • 5pm Th, 6/10. TALLER DE ARTE DE ESTUDIO PARA ADULTOS • Sorteo inspirado en Foreign Affairs de Brad Eberhard • SB Museum of Art • Gratis • https://tinyurl.com/27up9ra4 • 5pm jueves, 6/10. TALL TEXTURAL VASE WORKSHOP • Create your very own ceramic vase • Clay Studio • $80 • https://tinyurl.com/y5sue8sz • 10am Sa, 6/12. TALLER DE JARRONES ALTOS CON TEXTURA • Crea tu propio jarrón de cerámica • Clay Studio • $80 • https://tinyurl.com/y5sue8sz • 10am sábado, 6/12.

SUMMER SPARK SERIES - VIRTUAL • Virtual art class for ages 9-12 • SB Public Library • Free • https://tinyurl.com/ccd865aw • 3-4:30pm We, 6/9.


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8/16/16 11:44 AM

“They Get to Know Your Business”

“It’s great to bank with American Riviera, because you get to know bankers who are involved in your community, and they get to know about your business, too.” — Willie Contreras, Owner Top Shop Automotive True Community Banking means working together to find solutions. COMMERCIAL LOANS | COMMERCIAL LINES OF CREDIT | COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE LENDING

Preferred SBA Lender

• 805.965.5942 AmericanRiviera.Bank www.AmericanRiviera.Bank Santa Barbara • Montecito • Goleta • San Luis Obispo • Paso Robles

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