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www.voicesb.com June 23, 2023 VOICE Magazine cover story see page 2 In This Issue Calendar..20-21 Movies..........22, 23 Community News 7-10 2023 Fiesta Ranchera....................... 12, 13 2023 Fiesta Fashion Sale 1 3 SBMA Art Matters 14 John Palminteri’s Community Voice 15 Harlan Green: Economic Voice.................. 18 Community Market & Legals 24 -25 Galleries & Art Venues.....................28-31 Art Candelario Medrano, The Surrealist Folk Genius at Casa Dolores 29 EBikes Santa Barbara Library begins promotion with BCycle to encourage EBike riding 9 Photo courtesy of BCycyle Photo courtesy of Casa Dolores Photo courtesy of Summer Solstice Celebration Photo by Zach Mendoza Courtesy photo Courtesy image Governor Newsom has proposed improving gun laws with a constitutional amendment 7 Amendment Last weekend to catch Ensemble Theatre Company’s production of Seared 21 Theatre Cover image by Drew Farrell, courtesy of The Music Academy Summer Solstice Solstice Parade is on June 24th 3, 16, 17 Stéphane Denève to conduct Berlioz’s Symphonie fantastique Dalíland reviewed by Isaac Hernandez 22 Maestro Stéphane Denève and the Academy Festival Orchestra June 24th The Granada Theatre musicacademy.org Cinema

Symphonie fantastique

Stéphane Denève to Conduct the Academy Festival Orchestra

SONIC STORYTELLING WILL RESONATE throughout the Granada Theatre when the 2023 Music Academy Festival Orchestra performs its June 24th debut under the baton of Miami Beach’s New World Symphony Artistic Director Stéphane Denève.

Boasting an all-Berlioz program, the night will show off the professional range of the Academy’s emerging musicians, from the delicate sounds of Les nuits d’eté to the incomparable Symphonie fantastique, famously known as the first psychedelic piece of music.

“What I want to explore with the young musicians is, how do we tell a story? ” shared Denève in a Zoom interview with VOICE. “How do we make music visual, and how do we make a movie from notes on the paper?”

A highlight of each Summer Festival, the Academy Festival Orchestra unites dozens of Music Academy fellows with world-renowned conductors. The 2023 season marks Denève’s third season participating in the series, speaking to his passion for working with young musicians.

“What I love is that you can try to push the boundaries, be open-minded to the idea that we can always do something new, always change the world,” explained Denève, who also serves as the Music Director of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. “It’s my feeling that as you get older, you feel a lot of things get pushed into boundaries and habits. I love the idea that at this time of life, you can think the sky’s the limit.”

Saturday’s concert — which is endowed in memory of nationallyacclaimed conductor and longtime Academy supporter Larry Rachleff — is a tribute to one of France’s greatest Romantic composers: Hector Berlioz.

Symphonie fantastique, Berlioz’s defining masterpiece, will dominate the spotlight. A story of obsessive love, the symphony’s ardent movements weave the tale of a man who grows infatuated with a woman he’s just met. To cope with his unrequited feelings, he takes a generous dose of opium and suffers wild hallucinations.

Berlioz composed the piece when he was just 26 years old, lending a sense of connection to the Academy’s orchestra of young musicians.

“He was the same generation as the musicians that will play it,” said Denève. “I don’t know why we always think about composers and

forget their age when they composed the piece.”

This sentiment is shared by the Music Academy’s Haley Hoffman, who has returned for her second summer as a fellow. She expressed her excitement at being able to play the English horn for Symphonie fantastique, which is one of the first orchestral pieces to feature the instrument.

“Berlioz’s Symphonie fantastique is such a substantial work in the world of classical music,” said Hoffman. “While I, a current 26 year-old, could not imagine writing a symphony, I do find the piece’s overarching theme of unrequited love to be universally relatable. With many Music Academy fellows being close to this age, and perhaps knowing the feeling of unrequited love in some sense, I believe this will bring a lively and fresh energy to our interpretation and performance of the piece.”

Before this powerful showcase, mezzo-soprano Sasha Cooke’s soaring vocals will take center stage for a performance of Berlioz’s Les nuits d’eté, or Summer Nights. A song cycle drawing upon the poetry of Théophile Gautier, the work explores the theme of love in all its forms, from the hopeful thrills of new romance to the grief of losing a loved one.

Academy supporters may recall Cooke’s magnificent performance of Villanelle, the first of the cycle’s songs, at last summer’s 75th anniversary gala.

“Berlioz has such a distinct sound, it’s very beautiful, lyrical, expressive,” Cooke shared with VOICE. “I love singing it because he is one of the first brilliant orchestrators. He knows how to write for an orchestra.”

Attendees eager for personal and educational insights prior to each of the Academy Festival Orchestra’s performances can now sign up for the Meet the Conductor series, which consists of private, pre-concert receptions with each guest conductor. Denève will host his Meet the Conductor reception from 6pm to 7pm at Sullivan Goss - An American Gallery.

For tickets to Academy Festival Orchestra concerts and the Music Academy’s Summer Festival, visit www.musicacademy.org

2 Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com June 23, 2023
The all-Berlioz program will be conducted by Stéphane Denève Academy Fellow Haley Hoffman will be featured on English Horn in Berlioz’s Symphonie fantastique Sasha Cooke will perform Berlioz’s Les nuits d’eté, or Summer Nights Photo Courtesy of IMG Artists Photo by Stephanie Gerard
Photo Courtesy of the artist

Don’t Let The PARADE (orFestival) PASS YOU BY!

SANTA BARBARA’S ANSWER TO MARDI GRAS AND NEW YORK CITY’S SAINT PATRICK’S DAY PARADE, the 2023 Summer Solstice Celebration hits Alameda Park on Friday, June 23rd, Saturday, June 24th, and Sunday, June 25th with the amazing flourish of a full-blown performance art parade on Saturday, June 24th starting at noon at Santa Barbara and Ortega Streets. The Parade with all its floats and ensembles will launch from the Community Arts Workshop at 631 Garden Street. Expect non-stop music, arts and crafts, food booths, and a beer and wine garden at Alameda Park all weekend.

The theme this year is Roots, and the community has come out in force with creative interpretations for the many ensembles in the Parade.

“Roots are our foundation, and we are rebuilding post-COVID so that we may thrive into the future!” shared Solctice Executive Director Penny Little. “Everyone has roots, where we come from, what we believe, part of our essence. Each person has a different view. It could be root vegetables, rootin’ tootin’ brass band, roots of heritage, culture, so many things.” This is Little’s first year as Executive Director, though she has worked with Solstice for many years.

“Our band the Away Team played on the Court House Garden stage in 1997. The highlight was seeing the giant puppets, Techno Coyote, and some of the amazing acts from the Parade on stage,” Little recalled.

“I also worked with a group of kids to develop a song, a story, and their theatrical performance for that. Malay Malay was based on African rhythms, with my friend Alison Zuber doing the narration. I’d love to see more of that in the future, integrating the Parade with the stage acts in the Festival.”

Parade highlights this year include: Claudia Bratton’s float – a boat carrying her ancestors –her roots. There will be

a Root Beer Float and Barbecue Ensemble created by Irene Ramirez, La Boheme “Birds of a Feather” in a jungle rainforest; Punch and Judy giant puppets created by EmmaJane Huerta and Rich McLaughlin; Ents created by Mae Logan; Kaleidoscope King by David Machacek, Mystical Trees, Solstice Royalty, Brazilians, drummers, dancers, roller skaters, hula hoopers, and a giant inflatable Cosmic Mushroom sculpture by Pali X-Mano.

“This year's Summer Solstice Festival will have an extra whimsical touch that you will not want to miss,” revealed Festival Activation Coordinator Olivia Sorgman. “We want our guests to enjoy being participants, not just spectators.”

During the parade invitations will be handed out to parade goers inviting them to interact in the park with activations. Invites include instructions like: “pass from Spring to Summer by going through the portal sponsored by Santa Barbara Beautiful” (built by Luke Holden); “find the Angel Wings to take a picture” or “find the SB Bubble Guy blowing bubbles and be a part of the Bubble Flash Mob at 3:12pm.”

Little continued, the “Solstice Celebration is all about joy, connection, community and celebration. I love it when a plan comes together, seeing all the different elements and threads coming together.” She added - “We need hundreds of volunteers!”

At the Festival at Alameda Park, there is the new Roots of Culture Zone and the return of the Children’s Mini-Fest on the Kid’s World Side for Saturday and Sunday only, with the Children’s Elves and Fairies Parade at 1:30pm on Sunday starting near the Santa Barbara Bowl CommUnity Stage. The CommUnity Stage will feature young performers and ethnic music and dance. There will also be yoga classes, the Creation Station, puppets, activities for kids and adults of all ages, photo ops with the solstice giant puppets, a Solstice art gallery, cultural exhibitions from West Africa, India, photo booths. In addition, the talented Seventh Dimension dance studio will perform an aerial performance on Saturday and dance with hula hoops as a part of their flow arts program on Sunday. Pali X Mano's Solar Creature with 27 colorful moving eyeballs on long necks will also be on display.

The three day festival in the park and parade is free to the public, produced by Summer Solstice Celebration, a small non-profit whose mission is to “bring the community together through the arts.” Find out more in this issue on pages 16 & 17 and online at: www.solsticeparade.com

June 23, 2023 Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com 3
Photos courtesy of Summer Solstice Celebration
4 Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com June 23, 2023 Your gastronomic Mecca awaits. Hotel Californian 36 State Street, Santa Barbara | (805) 882-0100 hotelcalifornian.com | @hotelcalifornian Dip into Happy Hour 4PM-6PM Daily Fried chicken sandwich + champagne = hump day done right. Available only on Wednesdays.
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Governor Newsom Proposes Constitutional Convention



has been proposed by California Governor Gavin Newsom, to combine several broadly supported gun safety measures into a proposed 28th Amendment. He is calling for a constitutional convention to address the Amendment and suggested that the 2nd Amendment remain in place and unchanged.

“Our ability to make a more perfect union is literally written into the Constitution,” said Governor Gavin Newsom. “So today, I’m proposing the 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution to do just that. The 28th Amendment will enshrine in the Constitution common sense gun safety measures that Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and gun owners overwhelmingly support – while leaving the 2nd Amendment unchanged and respecting America’s gun-owning tradition.”

The propsed 28th Amendment would include universal background checks, raising the firearm purchase age to 21, instituting a firearm purchase waiting period, and bar the civilian purchase of assault weapons.

Additionally, the 28th Amendment would affirm Congress, states, and local governments can enact additional laws.

A constitutional convention will be required to pass the 28th Amendment, which is known as an Article V Convention or amendatory convention. Working in partnership with members of the California State Senate and Assembly, California will be the first state in the nation to call for such a convention with a joint resolution being introduced by California State Senator Aisha Wahab and Assemblymember Reggie Jones-Sawyer. The Governor will work with grassroots supporters, elected and civic leaders, and broad and diverse coalitions across the nation to fight for the passage of similar resolutions in other state legislatures to ensure the convening of a constitutional convention limited to this subject. 33 other states, in addition to California, would need to take action to convene such a convention.

“A man of action, Governor Gavin Newsom has the backbone to actually do something about the gun fetish culture around weapons of war, and tackle the relentless problem of gun violence and mass

State Street Master Plan Solstice Booth

shootings,” said Senator Aisha Wahab. “As someone impacted by gun violence, I have an obligation to elevate the voices of victims and those of us left behind in the wake of tragedy.”

Gun violence claims the lives of over 110 Americans a day, California’s nationleading gun safety laws serve as a valuable blueprint for other states and Congress to save lives. California’s gun safety laws work. In its most recent scorecard, California ranked as the #1 state for gun safety by the Giffords Law Center, and according to the most recent data, the state saw a 37 percent lower gun death rate than the national average. According to the CDC, California’s

gun death rate was the 44th lowest in the nation, with nine gun deaths per 100,000 people – compared to 16.36 deaths per 100,000 nationally, 33.9 in Mississippi, 21.2 in Oklahoma, and 15.6 in Texas.

“I am proud to introduce this resolution to protect the common sense gun reform legislation our Assembly Public Safety Committee has championed over the years,” said Assemblymember Reggie Jones-Sawyer. “We cannot stand idly while courts roll back our work and diminish the ability of our Legislature to keep Californians safe. This bold but fair resolution calls on other states to join us in protecting some of the most effective ways of reducing gun violence.”

Dr. Cornel West Announces Presidential Campaign

PROGRESSIVE ADVOCATE AND ACTIVIST, Dr. Cornel West announced he is seeking the Green Party nomination for president in 2024, last week.

“In the spirit of a broad United Front and coalition strategy, I am pursuing the nomination of the Green Party for President of the United,” tweeted Cornel West, Ivy League professor, author, and internationally renowned intellectual.

“Dr. West is an important voice for social and economic justice in line with our party’s platform. We look forward to him participating in the nomination process,” the Green Party tweeted.

Dr. West is the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Chair at Union Theological Seminary, in New York. He is the former Professor of the Practice of Public Philosophy at Harvard University and Professor Emeritus at Princeton University.

West graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard and obtained his M.A. and Ph.D. in Philosophy at Princeton. He has written 20 books and is best known for his classics, Race Matters, and Democracy Matters.

His campaign video states his candidacy will be centered around health care, living wages, housing, reproductive rights, and “de-escalating the destruction” of the planet and democracy.

2023 Summer Solstice Parade: Street Closure & Traffic Advisory

SANTA BARBARA’S SUMMER SOLSTICE PARADE will take place on Saturday, June 24th. Due to the closure of State Street, the parade will occur on Santa Barbara Street, between East Cota Street and East Micheltorena Street.

Partial road closures around the Summer Solstice workshop (631 Garden Street) will begin around 7am. Complete street closures of the nine blocks of Santa Barbara Street (between East Cota & East Micheltorena Street), as well as east/west cross traffic for those nine blocks, will be diverted either onto Anacapa Street or Garden Street between 11am to 3pm. (estimated conclusion of the event). Santa Barbara Street will not be accessible to vehicles during this time.

Temporary no parking along the parade route (Santa Barbara Street and other adjoining cross streets) will be enforced. Vehicles parked within the no parking zone during the posted no parking times could be issued a citation and/or towed. No parking signs have been posted on the impacted streets.

Expect traffic delays in this area during that time.

Float Staging Area: Closed at 7am.

600 Garden St (Between Cota & Ortega)

Forming Area: Closed at 8am • 100 & 200 E. Ortega (Between Garden & Anacapa)

Santa Barbara St • Closed at 10am

Parade Route: Closed at 11am (Santa Barbara St. & East/West Adjoining Rds)

Parade Start Time: 12pm

Parade Route: North on Santa Barbara St from Ortega St. to Sola/Micheltorena St.

Parade Disbands on Santa Barbara and uses Alameda Park

Parade End & Roads Open: 3pm - Estimate

June 23, 2023 Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com 7 COMMUNITY NEWS
Governor Gavin Newsom
a Bring your ideas! a Tell us what you want! a Tell us what you need. Find the input booth for the State Street Master Plan on June 23rd & 24th at the Alameda Park Solstice Celebration. https://statestreet.santabarbaraca.gov Tess Harris, State Street Master Planner, (805) 564-5563 StateStreetMasterPlan@SantaBarbaraCA.gov
Courtesy Photo
Dr. Cornell West Courtesy of Cornel West via REUTERS

SB Unified High School Class of 2023

CAPS AND TASSELS SOARED across Santa Barbara as 1,536 students graduated from Santa Barbara Unified high schools. La Cuesta Continuation and Alta Vista Alternative High Schools awarded their diplomas to 72 graduating seniors at the Santa Barbara County Courthouse Sunken Gardens on June 7th. Santa Barbara, San Marcos, and Dos Pueblos High Schools celebrated the graduation of 1,464 students on June 8th.

The class of 2023 will go on to attend a wide range of prestigious universities, including those in the Ivy League, CalTech, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Stanford, NYU, Northwestern, and beyond.

Locally, 691 students will attend Santa Barbara City College, 33 will attend UCSB, 23 will attend Westmont College, 36 will go to Cal Poly, and four will attend Cal Lutheran. Nine students will enlist in the military.

“We are so proud of the Class of 2023. These students were just starting their high school careers when the pandemic hit,” said Dr. Hilda Maldonado, SBUSD Superintendent. “They had to set up remote learning in their homes while facing unprecedented challenges brought about by COVID. However, the Class of 2023 is resilient and overcame the obstacles to return to the classroom and finish high school strong. We also know this class has an energy and passion that will be a huge benefit to our community, country, and world. The class of 2023 is full of leaders who are not afraid to speak their minds when they feel there’s inequality that needs to be addressed.”

Additional promotion ceremonies were held for TK, kindergarten, sixth grade, and junior high school classes as well. www.sbunified.org

Santa Barbara Zoo to Celebrate 60th Anniversary with Zoofari Ball: Sparkle & Shine

DANCE A NIGHT ON THE WILD SIDE when the Santa Barbara Zoo celebrates its 60th anniversary with the Zoofari Ball: Sparkle & Shine on Saturday, August 26th. One of Santa Barbara’s premier charitable events, the night invites attendees to enjoy the Zoo after dark while unleashing their inner sparkle and celebrating the brilliance of the Zoo. The event benefits the Zoo’s community of animals as well as its larger environmental conservation work.

Presented by Rincon Events, the night will feature food, libations, live music, and dancing. This year’s Travel Raffle will offer the chance to win a six-night luxury vacation for two to Peru. The raffle is not limited to event guests, anyone 18+ can participate. Tickets cost $100 each and only 300 will be sold.

“We could think of no better way to celebrate our 60th Anniversary than a sparkling evening filled with our incredible friends of the Zoo,” shared Rich Block, President and CEO of the Santa Barbara Zoo. “Sparkle aside, the funds raised at Zoofari Ball help us continue to advance the Zoo’s mission and continue the critical work we do every day, and we are incredibly grateful for the generosity of so many sponsors and donors who make it all possible.”

For Zoofari tickets & info, visit www.sbzoo.org/zoofari-2023

Stephanie Ramírez Zárate Joins Santa Barbara Education Foundation’s Board of Directors

THE SANTA BARBARA EDUCATION FOUNDATION recently elected Stephanie Ramírez Zárate to its Board of Directors. Ramírez Zárate brings a wealth of experience in policy, advocacy, and community service to her new role.

The Santa Barbara Education Foundation promotes private support of Santa Barbara’s public education system, serving over 12,500 students in 19 schools. For more information, visit santabarbaraeducation.org.

Ramírez Zárate serves as the District Director for California State Senator Monique Limón. Prior to this role, she was the Senior Program Manager at Hispanas Organized for Political Equality (HOPE) and worked as a Field Representative for Assemblymember Monique Limón.

Ramírez Zárate earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Public Policy from UCLA, after transferring from Santa Barbara City College. While studying at UCLA, she served on the board for IDEAS, a student advocacy group that supported undocumented students. In her role as Fundraising Chair, she led the efforts to secure financial support for undocumented students pursuing higher education in the Los Angeles area.

Make Your Voice Heard, Help Improve Internet Access Across SB County

Take CA Digital Equity Survey before June 30, 2023

THE INTERNET IS A CRITICAL PART of everyday life. Yet one in five Californians, including many across Santa Barbara County do not have access to affordable, reliable broadband service, devices, and the skills to use them. Going without a reliable broadband connection can affect the ability to land a better job, provide a better education to the next generation, or fully access medical care. The gap between those with broadband connections and those without is known as the “digital divide.” The California State Digital Equity Plan aims to close the digital divide.

Over the next few months, the California Department of Technology will be leveraging a federal planning grant to develop a state Digital Equity Plan. When completed, the plan has the ability to deliver hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding to California and ensure our residents have affordable, high-speed internet access, as well as the skills and tools needed to participate in the digital economy.

To produce a Digital Equity Plan that works for all Californians, Santa Barbara County needs community members to take the California Digital Equity Survey by June 30th, 2023. The survey results will help determine how much federal funding will be allocated to California.

“The more input and feedback we receive from our residents, the better tools and resources we will have for bringing reliable internet, computers, and the skills to use them to our local communities that need it most. I encourage you to fill out the survey and if you are a service provider that works with people with limited internet access, please help them fill out this survey,” said Chair of the Board of Supervisors, Das Williams.

Our state needs to hear especially from those who struggle most with accessing the internet. This includes English language learners, veterans, immigrants, adults over 60 years old, people who live in rural areas, individuals with disabilities, minorities, and those living at or below the federal poverty level. The survey is available in 13 languages and is mobile friendly.

Drafting the plan will be a major milestone toward enabling better digital access for those in rural sections of Santa Barbara County, so it is crucial that as many community members as possible participate in this planning process while there is still time. Take

8 Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com June 23, 2023
Stephanie Ramírez Zárate
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the California Digital Equity Online Survey at: bit.ly/CADigitalEquitySurvey


EBikes Zoom Into Santa Barbara

OVERNIGHT, EBIKES HAVE ARRIVED IN DROVES TO SANTA BARBARA, one of the nations premier bicycle cities, and have moved the excitement level up as well as the average speed on bike paths, becoming a part of a national trend.

The Santa Barbara Library has partnered with a local EBike sharing company BCycle, which holds the city franchise with 250 EBikes and 500 charging stations around the city. Their EBikes are rated class I in California and travel up to 20 mph and are available for all ages.

Since May 26th, library cardholders have been able to check out a BCycle pass from the Central Library as part of the library’s Library of Things collection.

"The rollout and community response to BCycle’s electric bike share system has been incredible,” said Bosch eBike Systems Senior Sales Manager Rick Hoak. “We’re proud to continue our support of BCycle and the Santa Barbara Public Library with their continued efforts to expand eBike mobility to more Santa Barbara families.”

The available BCycle passes at a the Library can be borrowed for up to one week at a time, and patrons can access unlimited one-hour rides for the duration of the checkout period. Additional passes will be available from Eastside Library and the Library on the Go van later this summer.

California EBike laws have a tiered system of class I, II, III. Class I and II EBikes can travel up to 20 mph or more with pedal power, and are considered regular bikes and

have few restrictions. Class III EBikes can travel 28 mph and require the rider to be 16 years old, and wear a helmet, but do not require a license or insurance. EBikes that can travel over 28 mph are considered to be in another class.

A national trend is reflected in 880,000 EBikes sold in 2021 at an average cost of $2,000. Worldwide sales this year are expected to exceed 300 million EBikes, with middle age customers buying the largest portion of the EBikes.

Stop by the Library on the Go to get a Library card, check out books, and take an BCycle electric bike for a test ride!

Weekly Kickball at Elings Park

KICKING UP ITS HEALS FOR KICKBALL, Elings Park will hosts ten weeks of free, co-ed, pickup games starting Friday, June 16th and continuing through August 25th from 6:30 to 8pm at the Softball Field. These games will be open for ages 18 and older, with no set teams and no umpires.

“We’ve heard stories about the legendary kickball league at Elings many years ago,” said Executive Director Dean Noble. “We’ll see if there is enough interest to support a more organized program. Right now, it’s for fun, camaraderie, and that satisfying ‘prhing’ sound of a homerun kick.”

Interested players simply come to the field with a photo ID and sign a waiver form.

Remaining pickup kickball games include the following Fridays: June 23; July 7, 14, 21, and 28; and August 4, 11, 18, and 25.

For more info, visit www.elingspark.org or email bkeefer@elingspark.org

SBYSF Names Nick Kaschak Coach of the Year!

HONORED FOR LEADERSHIP AND DEDICATION, Nick Kaschak was named Coach of the Year by the Santa Barbara Youth Sailing Foundation.

“Nick’s coaching philosophy goes beyond winning trophies; he believes in instilling important life skills in his sailors such as discipline, teamwork, and determination,” shared Eric Stokke, SBYSF President. “Nick has become a mentor and role model to his sailors, and his impact extends far beyond the race course.”

Kaschak is Program Director and Head Coach of the SBYSF. He is widely regarded as one of the top youth sailing coaches in the United States. Over the course of his ten year career, his sailors have won over 20 National, North American, and Midwinters Championships. Additionally, over 20 of Kaschak’s sailors have gone on to Collegiate All-American honors.

“Under Nick's leadership, our young sailors have developed a love for sailing that will last a lifetime. His coaching style has helped them learn valuable life lessons that will serve them well in all areas of their lives,” continued Stokke.


Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

SANTA BARBARA'S OWN PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL TEAM, the Santa Barbara Foresters is in the heat of their season, playing games nearly every day. Before Independence Day see them on the field nine times, with a tenth game set for the holiday.

Up next, on June 23rd, are the Ventura Pirates, at 6pm, in Pershing Park. The Island Valley Pirates will challenge on the 24th at the same time and place.

June 25th brings the Inland Valley Bucs for an afternoon, 2pm home game, at Pershing Park.

The Foresters will travel to Great Park on June 27th and face the OC Riptide at 7pm.

For more info on the season and schedule, visit www.sbforesters.org

June 23, 2023 Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com 9 Courtesy
Courtesy image Tulane Public Relations, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons
Photo courtesy of BCycle

Community Emergency Response Team Program Celebrates 15 Advanced Academy Graduates

DURING ITS TUESDAY, JUNE 13TH MEETING, the City Council recognized 15 community members for passing the advanced Spanish language community emergency response team academy.

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program educates community members about disaster preparedness for the hazards that may impact their area and trains them in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations.

The Santa Barbara City Fire Department has a robust CERT program which offers courses in both English and Spanish languages. Two courses in Spanish and two courses in English are offered yearly and graduate an average of 20 participants per course.

Over the past ten weeks, the Fire Department conducted a Spanish language CERT Advanced Academy in partnership with Immigrant Hope Santa Barbara, a local faithbased community organization that provides English and Civics classes for adults who want to naturalize or become U.S. citizens. It also provides legal representation to immigrants applying for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

This Spanish Advanced CERT Academy curriculum was taught, translated, and customized by the City of Santa Barbara Fire Bilingual Public Outreach Coordinator.

The curriculum includes both new material and advanced versions of information taught in the basic CERT course. The topics covered during this first all-Spanish CERT Academy include Tools for Leadership Success, Psychological First Aid, Navigating Language and Cultural Barriers in Preparedness and Response, Working with People with Access and Functional Needs, Animal Response I, Assistance in Evacuation Centers and with spontaneous volunteers. Participants were also required to complete the 24-hour CERT basic curriculum and online FEMA courses ICS 100, 200, and 700.

After completing the 24-hour Basic Cert Class in 2022, a group of 15 community members have met weekly on Thursday evenings to enhance their skills as CERT members and become a team of trained individuals that can assist their organization, Immigrant Hope, and the surrounding community, in disaster response for the City of Santa Barbara.

The following 15 individuals completed the course:

Maria Salgado, Romelia Reyes, Lila Luna Hernandez, Feliciana Moran, Juan Sanchez, Vicky Estrada, Marcelo Silva, Alma Rosa Serrano, Isabel Beveridge, Lizbeth Zamora, Monica Gastelum, Lidia Cordero, Johana Garzon. Isael Castellano, and Catalina Moreno.

"We are extremely proud to add this cadre of trained community members to our disaster preparedness and response efforts and extend our gratitude to Immigrant Hope for their outstanding commitment to the community. Join us in recognizing this first of its kind accomplishment."

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Sidewalk Vending in Santa Barbara: City Takes Proactive Measures to Ensure Community Health and Safety

Submitted by The City of Santa Barbara

COMMITTED TO ENSURING THE HEALTH AND SAFETY OF THE COMMUNITY, the City of Santa Barbara has begun overseeing and enforcing ordinances related to sidewalk vendors.

The City Administrator initiated a Sidewalk Vending Task Force in early May 2023. This Task Force includes representation from across City Departments and focuses primarily on education and outreach to facilitate permitted and lawful sidewalk vending. Prior to 2019, most sidewalk vending was prohibited in the City of Santa Barbara, but this changed because of State law, (Senate Bill 946) the Safe Sidewalk Vending Act.

As part of this Task Force, an Enforcement Team is addressing the more egregious and dangerous vendors that have been operating without a business license, proper health certifications, and seller’s permits. This Team includes County Public Health, City Fire, and Police (to ensure the safety of the team). County Public Health is enforcing food safety and handling violations. Large outdoor restaurant-style vendors have been identified as a primary concern. Simply put, large open flames, propane tanks and grease create a dangerous situation that could escalate at a moment’s notice - requiring first responders to step in, resulting in severe injury or a fatality. The lack of adequate food handling, including hand washing stations, is another area of concern that compromises public health and safety.

Working with the City Attorney’s Office, City Fire is enforcing violations of the Fire Code for mobile food operations using open flames in a public right-of-way. The criminal investigations relating to the fire code violations are being led by the Fire Department. Two investigations have been initiated to date, and subsequently the City Attorney’s Office has filed two cases. This is the strongest enforcement tool that we have available to us to protect public health and safety.

The City Task Force continues to work with smaller, local vendors to educate them on how to become licensed, permitted, and compliant.

In light of these efforts, the City encourages both its residents and visitors to support licensed and permitted vendors. By doing so, they not only contribute to the welfare of the community, but also extend their support to local businesses and local families who rely on their patronage. Our local businesses are the backbone of Santa Barbara, and the City will continue to partner with them in creating a pathway for compliant and safe operations.

The next community meeting on Sidewalk Vending is scheduled for Monday, June 26th at Casa Azteca (1433 State Street) at 6m. Hosted by the Greater Santa Barbara Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the City invites all stakeholders to attend and participate in the discussions that will shape the future of public safety and local business operations.

More information on the Sidewalk Vending Program is available at: https://santabarbaraca.gov/business/business-licenses/sidewalk-vending

10 Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com June 23, 2023
Photo by John Palminteri


4th of July Concert

TUESDAY, JULY 4, 2023 5:00 PM

Santa Barbara Courthouse Sunken Gardens, 1100 Anacapa St, Santa Barbara

Arrive early to claim your spot on the grass; Bring your picnic, blanket, and low beach chairs for this annual concert featuring Vandenberg Space Force Base Honor guard, The Prime Time Band, and Polynesian dancers from Hula Anyone. Enjoy pop tunes, family favorites and patriotic classics!

Sunscreen and hats are recommended.

June 23, 2023 Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com 11
www.pcvf.org H

Old Spanish Days Fiesta

Ranchera is A Fiesta To Remember


2023 presented extraordinary flamenco performances by 2023 Spirit of Fiesta Jack Harwood and Junior Spirit of Fiesta Olivia Nelson – and some of the best food on the South Coast. This was the 15th annual Fiesta Ranchera.

"Fifteen years ago, Goleta Valley Historical Society and Old Spanish Days joined forces to bring Fiesta to Goleta, honoring the rich heritage of both organizations. It was an absolute joy to celebrate this milestone with my esteemed inaugural co-chair, Dacia Harwood, reminiscing on the fun-filled journey we embarked upon together," shared Rhonda Henderson, 2017 La Presidente.

Rancho La Patera and Stowe House were filled to the brim with participants enjoying the 26 vendors and

their wares including wine, brews, and music. After presentations and performances the dance floor rocked.

El Presidente David Bolton presided over the event, which is a benefit for Old Spanish Days and the Goleta Valley Historical Society. The presenting sponsor was Community West Bank.

12 Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com June 23, 2023
Photos by Fritz Olenberger 2023 Junior Spirit of Fiesta Olivia Nelson and 2023 Spirit of Fiesta Jack Harwood Folklórico dancers performed
June 23, 2023 Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com 13
Old Spanish Days Annual Fiesta Fashion Sale 2023 Find Your Fiesta Attire HERE! Saturday, July 8 from 9am to 1pm SB Carriage & Western Art Museum 129 Castillo Street Santa Barbara www.sbfiesta.org
Dacia Harwood and Rhonda Henderson Photo courtesy of Rhonda Henderson
Photos by Fritz Olenberger El Presidente David Bolton with El Primer Caballero Gonzalo Sarmiento


Zurbarán and Murillo: Observations on 17th-century Spanish Painting from the Conservation Studio

Claire Barry

Director of Conservation Emerita, Kimbell Art Museum

thursday, july 6, 5:30–6:30pm

mary craig auditorium

Santa Barbara Museum of Art

Students and Museum Circle Members: Free

SBMA Members: $10 Non-Members: $15

Reserve or purchase tickets at the Visitor Services desks in person, by phone 805.884.6423, or online at tickets.sbma.net. For more information, visit www.sbma.net/artmatters

During the 1620s and 1630s, the Church kept Francisco de Zurbarán and his large workshop busy with commissions, well suited to his sober style. Bartolomé Murillo succeeded Zurbarán as Seville’s leading artist. He animated his engaging subjects with an uncanny narrative skill. Aspects of Murillo’s studio practice, materials and artistic intentions, revealed through close examination of the artist’s genre paintings in the conservation studio will be discussed.

Generous support for Art Matters was provided by the SBMA Women’s Board.

1130 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA

Tuesday–Sunday 11 am–5 pm

Thursday 11 am–8 pm


Since 2017, Art Matters speakers have been selected, introduced, and mediated by SBMA Deputy Director & Chief Curator, Eik Kahng.

14 Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com June 23, 2023
Figures on a Step c. 1655–60. Oil on canvas. 43 ¼ × 56 ½ in. (109.9 x 143.5 cm). Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth, Texas, AP 1984.18.
Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, Four
“A savory, well-cooked production!” MAGGIE
INDEPENDENT BY THERESA REBECK DIRECTED BY JONATHAN FOX SANTA BARBARA’S PROFESSIONAL THEATER COMPANY etcsb.org Box Office: 805.965.5400 Tickets starting at $40! ON STAGE JUNE 8-25 Performance justadded June24th @2pm
A l l L o t s C l o s e J u l y 6 t h O R G O T O : h t t p s : / / c o n s i g n m e n t s b y m m d . c o m / p a g e s / a u c t i o n s 3 8 4 5 S t a t e S t , L a C u m b r e P l a z a O p e n 1 1 a - 5 p C l o s e d T u e s d a y 805-770-7715 T a k i n g S i n g l e I t e m s T o W h o l e E s t a t e s B I D D I N G I S N O W O P E N f o r t h e L e s l i e R i d l e y - T r e e E s t a t e C o l l e c t i o n ! P r e v i e w L e s l i e ' s W a r d r o b e N o w t h r u J u l y 6 t h a t L o u i s J o h n B o u t i q u e T e x t L o u i s a t 4 1 5 - 5 1 3 - 2 9 5 3 C o n s i g n m e n t s B y M M D . c o m i n f o @ m o v i n g m i s s d a i s y c o m ( L o w e r L e v e l F o r m e r S e a r s ) S c a n t o B i d
Ronald Auguste, Andrew Elvis Miller, Gary Patent and Angela Sauer Photo: Zach Mendez

Graduations Bring Change & Traffic


16TH: Significant changes taking place at UC Santa Barbara and in Isla Vista with thousands moving out this weekend.



Grants To Assist People in Encampments Obtain Housing

THURSDAY, JUNE 15TH: Governor Gavin Newsom says California has awarded an additional $199 million to assist 7,300 individuals in encampments move off the streets and into housing. The grants will go to 23 projects in 22 communities statewide with more than half of the projects resolving encampments along state rights-of-way. Santa Barbara County will receive $6 million

to serve 250 people from encampments along state rights of way and waterways. The City of Oxnard will receive $4 million to serve 110 people. San Luis Obispo County will receive $13.4 million.

Mural Repaired by Artist!

Commencement ceremonies will also bring extra traffic to Highway 101.

The changing population of Isla Vista this weekend will be directly linked to the end of the school year at nearby UC Santa Barbara.

Commencement ceremonies will take place all weekend with six set for Saturday and Sunday. They start at 9am. The graduates will all pick up their diplomas at the ceremonies located by the UCSB lagoon. This will bring in family members and friends and fill the area with onlookers.

Traffic is expected to be heavy on the on and off ramps going into Isla Vista and also on the streets around the campus. Many students who are leaving the area will be loading up their cars and rented trucks. https://tinyurl.com/yckupck2

Shark Behavior in Local Waters

MONDAY, JUNE 19TH: Shark behavior in Santa Barbara and Carpinteria waters brought out about 200 people to the Saturday night presentation by Shark Lab from Cal State Long Beach and Reef Guardians. There was also new video shown from The Malibu Artist - a shark photographer. Research shows both a good food source of bat rays and moderate water temperatures are the main attractions. Not humans. The event was held at the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21ST: A mural on the side of Brownie’s market in Santa Barbara, tagged and destroyed recently has now been repaired by the artist.

The site is on the corner of Haley and De La Vina Streets. It features a brown hand and a white hand together, and a quote by Nelson Mandela about teaching love over hate.

Artist Danny Meza created it in 2020 at the request of the building owner.

He came back from San Diego where he lives now, to repair the recent tagging that had white paint over much of the art.

Danny Meza said, “Yeah it sucks. I think murals get hit up and tagged on all the time. No matter what the subject is, for tons of

reasons. They don’t like the mural, they want to vandalize for the sake of it, they don’t like the artist that actually did it, stuff like that.”

The mural has been tagged over another time too, and repainted. Meza says he wanted to preserve the art and the message.

Santa Barbara City Councilmember Oscar Gutierrez met Meza there and thanked him for the commitment. He also gave him a city pin. Longtime westside resident Beebe Longstreet also stopped to make a donation for the paint supplies.

Both Meza and Gutierrez said they would like to see a site where those who want to learn street art or large spray painted projects can have a learning area and even work with mentors. They say it would give them a place for expression and teach a valuable skill.

For more visit https://tinyurl.com/bdemj5aj

John Palminteri is a veteran news reporter and anchor for Newschannel 3-12 TV and both KJEE and KCLU radio in Santa Barbara/Santa Maria/ Ventura. Off the air, he’s often bringing his smile and positive energy to the microphone at fundraisers and civic events. John’s social media presence has one of the largest followings in Santa Barbara, and this page has the weekly highlights.

Twitter: @JohnPalminteri

Instagram: @JohnPalminteriNews www.facebook.com/john.palminteri.5

June 23, 2023 Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com 15 On The Street
with John Palminteri John Palminteri By John Palminteri

Summer Solstice Celebration’s 49th annual event will be a rootsy parade with floats, costumes, giant puppets, music and dance, bringing the streets of Santa Barbara alive to the beat of the drums!

Our workshop at 631 Garden Street is where all the activity begins. The paid staff of artists, costumers and mask makers teach, mentor and work sideby-side with a diverse cross section of the Santa Barbara community to produce the magical creations for the parade. Solstice provides the materials,

Solstice “Pass the Hat” Ensemble

This year’s Pass the Hat Float will honor the roots of Holywood in Santa Barbara: the Flying A Studio. Look for the sun and local dignitaries adorned in 1920’s swimming attire: the Mayor and City Council, SB Poet Laureate. Bring your dollars to put in the hat or find the QR Codes along the Parade Route and in the Festival to make a donation to keep Solstice alive and thriving!

tools and the place where we bring the community together through the arts. In addition to fostering this creative spirit of collaboration and cooperation in the community, Solstice also has a positive fiscal impact on Santa Barbara, bringing thousands of visitors to local hotels, restaurants and businesses.

The Solstice Celebration is an independent nonprofit, community oriented organization dedicated to multi-cultural visual and performing arts.

Santa Barbara Bowl CommUnity Stage

SAT. June 24

Noon: Scarlet Lustfield and Nelly Ludkovski Santa Barbara Youth Music Academy

12:45 Wyn Wolf Puppets

1:00 Chumash Land Acknowledgement presented by the Barracuda & Blackbird Dancers

1:15 Douglas Clegg Songs for Children of all ages and stages

2:00 Brascals Brass Band

2:15 Irish Fire Dance

2:30 Ewe Drummers

2:50 Jagannath Love Tribe

3:30 KleinDance Arts Teen Dance Company

3:50 Aubrey Romero 2023 Jr. Spirit of Fiesta Runner Up from Zermeño Dance Academy

4:00 Alexandra King Ensemble

4:30 Abigail Fierce

5:00 SBEF Drumline Directed by Charlie Ortega.

5:20 Community Song: Led by Executive Director Penny Little

Solstice T-shirts & Hats

Order your shirts and other fun Solstice merchandise by visiting our online store (using the QR Code to the left). You can get t-shirts and a limited edition Solstice Hat at the Festival in the Center of the Universe. This year’s t-shirt artwork was created by two local artists, Karen Folsom (the Adult t-shirts) and Judy Nilsen (Children’s t-shirts).

parade highlights:

Brawlin’ Betties a professional women’s roller derby group performing as “Parade Flow Patrol” return to lead and open the Parade.

Children are our Future Float. Lark Batteau has manifested a magical environment to inspire children and the child in all of us. Accompanied by the Brascals Marching Band!

La Boheme Dance Troupe Birds of a Feather: 70 fantastic dancers in a jungle rainforest with DJ Darla Bea spinnning tunes.

Mariano Silva, Director of the Brazilian Cultural Arts Center of Santa Barbara - A bright orange float with music, dance and Capoeira brings the spirit of Carnival to Solstice, Bahia style.

Geoffrey Barber’s “All you Need is Love” is a tie-dyed heart on a diamond.

Grace Fisher Foundation and friends of all abilities dancing in front of a painting by Gracie. Watch for a stroller ensemble of over 50 astronauts and planets.

Watch for the Jagannath Love Tribe!

Claudia Bratton of Miss Tickle Hats has created a ghost ship honoring the ancestors. Check out those hats and headresses!  World Dance for Humanity. Director Janet Reineck brings 65 sequined dancers with a tribute to Tina Turner on Santa Barbara Street.

Shelly Woods of Maison Santa Barbara has created a float honoring the Western roots of California.

Kaleidscope King David Machacek and Jeff Dutcher are rockin’ in a musical garden of butterflies and flowers.

SB Rollers A giant roller skate surrounded by Skaters

Mae Logan is bringing the Ents, tree people, from Lord of the Rings to life as giant puppets. accompanied by BellaDonnaas the White Elf Queen.

Katreece Montgomery Sponsored by Arthur Murray Dance; it’s the orangest dancing carrot you’ve ever seen!

Punch and Judy, With roots in Commedia dell’arte, Emma Jane “EJ” Huerta assisted by Rich Mclaughlin, honor Michael Gonzales and the Mime Caravan, the roots of Solstice.

SUN June 25

12:30 Hula Hoops on the grass with Katlyn Seventh Dimension

1:30 Fairies and Elves Parade Gather at 1 near Fairy Corner

2:15 Healing Sounds of Sudama

2:45 Joss Jaffe & Alla Rakha, World music

3:15 Community Song: Put Your Roots Down led by Solstice Executive Director Penny Little

3:30 Gueria Gaston - The Venice Beach Boardwalk Band - West African Drum

4:00 Wyn Wolf Puppets

The Solstice Festival this year includes some extra whimsical touches throughout that you will not want to miss. Be sure to walk through the Portal sponsored by Santa Barbara Beautiful, enjoy a yoga class or dance at the Silent Disco with Santa Barbara Beach Yoga, check out the SB Bubble Guy & the Bubble Flash Mob at 3:12 PM, get a poem written for you by Noah Shachar, write or draw how you feel on the Expression Wall or take pictures with the solstice puppets. or Angel wings.

For more information and Solstice Products: www.SolsticeParade.com

ensembles and floats to watch for

The Green Dragon rises out of it’s swampy roots. BUDdunkafunk is playing and the drums are pounding. Ensemble created by Greg Beeman and Tech Director Jim Sunbear.

The Cosmic Golden Tree of Life by Phyliss Cohen and Amisha Zuber represents the roots of humanity, to remind people of the golden rule.

A Giant ROOT BEER Float created by Irene Ramirez, Courtney Richardson, Ellen Dameron, and Lulu Ramierez-Moretto.

The Web of Life. Jessie Astatt, Scott and friends from the Audubon Society and Botanical Gardens. “From the root to the Fruit, the web of life sustains and connects us all. Family of Carlos Cuellar, Jr. of Sublime Gardens, remembers their beloved dog Marley in a forrest root heaven.

Sarah & Tilman Brisendine celebrate their 10th year anniversary., the cherry tree is a symbol of rebirth and renewal: “The power of love and our next generation rising up.”

Hathor Hammet Parade mask creator since 1995 returns as Wizard Cat.

Look for The FUNd TEAM on street corners, jointly supporting Solstice and 9/11 Project Harmony first responders.

Tribute to Gloria Liggett and Parsons

Former Solstice heroes.

Solstice Royalty This year’s winners are Erik Davis (TVSB) and Eric Dawallo. The winners are picked in a random drawing. They will be riding in their thrones down the street with their royal attendants Please give them a royal wave!

Mystical Roots The Carey Family bring to life a mystical tree with music and dancers.

Diane Arnold has brought images from this year’s Poster to life.

Barry Judson Loyal Solstice volunteer brings the roots of music with a small family of instruments.

Pali X-Mano Fabulous artist of inflatable sculptures has created a 25’ cosmic mushroom filled with air and aerial artists.

16 Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com June 23, 2023
Artwork from Children’s Poster by Judy Nilsen


Parade Day: Saturday, June 24, 2023

Parade starts at Noon on Ortega & Santa Barbara Street. Goes to Alameda Park. Festival: Alameda Park: Fri. 4-9 pm, Sat. 12-8 pm, Sun. 12-6 pm

FRIDAY The Festival Begins!

The Main Stage in the Festival will feature a variety of musical acts and performances including local favorites: David Segall, GrooveShine BUDunkafunk, plus Something

This Way Magic, and Ray Fresco returning as headliner. SEE FULL FESTIVAL SCHEDULES on our website and on the Kiosks in the Festival.

Arts and Crafts, Food, Beer & Wine

Beer & Wine Garden, Food booths for all three days of the Festival! Find one-of- a-kind treasures in the arts and crafts area.

Santa Barbara Bowl CommUnity Stage

Saturday and Sunday Noon to 6 pm. Entertainment on the SB Bowl CommUnity Stage, featuring young performers, performers for youth, puppets, ethnic music and dance.

DJ Stage


1:30 G.DUBZ






Solstice Main Stage

Children’s Mini Fest & Roots of Culture Zone

Saturday and Sunday Noon to 6 pm. Booths, cultural and arts display, activities for kids and the whole family, Silent Disco, Yoga classes, SB Bubble Guy & more!

Elves & Fairies Parade 1:30 Sunday

June 23, 2023 Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com 17
City of Santa Barbara • The Oshay Family Foundation Art from Scrap • Global Music & Art Designs • Michael Bishop American Silk Screen • Gary Atkins Sound • A Litter Free Event Friday 6/23, from 4:00 – 9:00 pm Saturday 6/24, from Noon– 8:00 pm Sunday 6/25, from Noon– 6:00 pm 12:00 Love Lightning 12:45 Chumash Land Acknowledgement 1:00 Pocket Fox 1:40 La Boheme and DJ Darla Bea 2:00 Will Breman and Band4:00 3:12 Bubble Flash Mob 3:20 Area 51 4:40 Mashugana 6:00 Down Mountain Lights 7:00 Petty Set Go 4:00 David Segall 4:50 Grooveshine 5:40 BUDunkafunk 6:20 World Dance for Humanity 6:40 Something This Way Magic 8:00 Rey Fresc KJEE & One Plant Presents - Roots Reggae Solstice Sunday 1:30 ONEPEOPLE 2:40 Jacob Marquez & The Good Vibes 3:50 Morie & The Heavy Hitters 5:05 Cornerstone MC Friday: MC/DJ Darla Bea MC Friday: MC/DJ Sandwich
Artwork from 2023 Poster by Karen Folsom
in Alameda Park Three Days! Friday, Saturday & Sunday MC KJEE’s Cool Ruler / DJ Katnip

No More Inflation?

THE FEDERAL RESERVE HAS ANNOUNCED ITS FIRST RATE PAUSE since it began to raise short term rates last year. But it threatened to raise rates twice more this year after a six week pause to study the impact of its policies to date.

Inflation may have all but disappeared by then, at least for wholesale goods and services that took a sudden plunge in May.

to prices for final demand goods, which fell 1.6 percent. The index for final demand services increased 0.2 percent,” said the BLS. “Prices for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services were unchanged in May after inching up 0.1 percent in April.”

The Producer Price Index (PPI), the Federal Government’s wholesale inflation indicator, shows the Federal Reserve has already overreacted to the inflation surge. Its index for final demand plunged from 2.3 percent to 1.2 percent YoY in just one month, April to May 2023.

“In May, the decline in the final demand index can be traced

These changes will also be reflected in the retail Consumer Price Index in coming months, and we could begin to experience a close to zero overall inflation rate if it continues its downward trend very soon.

Another inflation indicator is moving quickly downward, U.S. import prices, which fell 4.6 percent from March 2022 to March 2023. This was their largest over-the-year drop since import prices declined 6.3 percent from May 2019 to May 2020.

All signs are now pointing to lessening demand from consumers

and businesses. So, do consumers and businesses want to live in a zero-inflation rate environment if the Fed keeps raising interest rates?

No, is the short answer because when prices stop rising they quickly begin to fall in such a consumeroriented economy as ours. That’s good, isn’t it? But not too much, because it’s a sign of falling demand for products, and less demand means businesses see shrinking markets and soon begin to cut jobs.

This hasn’t happened yet, but we have a good example in the last decade as it recovered from the Great Recession. PPI for Final Demand was at zero inflation from January 2015 to August 2016 YoY, and quarterly GDP growth was less than one percent during the period, per the St. Louis FRED.

It looks like Ian Shepherdson’s remarks are coming true, that I quoted recently.

“The forces that drove up inflation since the onset of the COVID pandemic are reversing rapidly,” said Ian Shepherdson, chief

economist at Pantheon Economics, in a recent Barron’s article. “Over the next year, both the headline and core rates—the latter excludes food and energy prices—will drop sharply. By the end of 2024, inflation is likely to be below the Federal Reserve’s two percent target, and policy makers will be trying to stop it falling too far.”

The irony is that Fed Chair Powell has said they may have to continue to raise rates even if it causes job losses, if they are to meet their two percent inflation target.

He just said inflation has not moved down as much as they would like at his latest press conference. What would it take to convince him and the Fed Governors otherwise, a recession?

Harlan Green © 2023 Follow Harlan Green on Twitter: https://twitter.com/HarlanGreen

Harlan Green has been the 16-year Editor-Publisher of PopularEconomics.com, a weekly syndicated financial wire service. He writes a Popular Economics Weekly Blog. He is an economic forecaster and teacher of real estate finance with 30-years experience as a banker and mortgage broker. To reach Harlan call (805)452-7696 or email editor@populareconomics.com.

2023 call for entries:


Submissions are open for VOICE Gallery’s July 2023 exhibition:

Midsummer: Santa Barbara

To participate: Email up to three entries to artcall@voicesb.art by June 24th

• Label Image with Artist Name, Title

• Include in the email: Artist name, title, material, dimensions, price

• Entry fee for accepted admissions: $40–1st; $35–2nd, $30–3rd piece.

• All artwork must be wired or pedestal ready. No sawtooth hangers.

• Sales: 70% to artist / 30% to gallery.

•Art Drop Off: Accepted art will be dropped off 10am-noon, July 1st.

• Exhibition Dates: July 3rd to 30th, 2023

Receptions: 1st Thursday reception will take place July 6th from 5 to 8pm

3rd Friday Artwalk will take place July 21st from 5 to 8pm

Rain or shine, water conservation is a way of life in Santa Barbara.

With rebates like the Sustainable Lawn Replacement Rebate, residents and businesses can replace their water-thirsty lawn with waterwise plants and receive a rebate of up to $2/square foot. Rebate amount is based upon square footage of turf removed. Projects must be approved in advance.

Economic VOICE
BUSINESS 18 Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com June 23, 2023
Juried and curated by Kerry Methner, PhD & Mark Whitehurst, PhD SantaBarbaraCA.gov/WaterWise
APPLY FOR A REBATE NOW. Scan here or visit SantaBarbaraCA.gov/Rebates to learn more about our rebate programs.
Long-term Water Conservation Save water and money in the long term with a waterwise garden.
June 23, 2023 Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com 19 Are you ready to thrive? Our Business Power Pack can help accelerate your business and save you up to $1,040*. Power up your business! Learn More $1040 Savings: Up to $150 on Positive Pay – Check & ACH monthly fees; save on monthly maintenance fees per new Business Basic Checking (up to $40) or Business Interest Checking (up to $90) account through September 2023; $300 credit toward purchase of one CheckCapture Small Business I:Deal ® single-feed scanner; $250 saved on processing fees for Business Maximizer ® Loan/Line of Credit; $250 credit applied on client’s third statement for i3 Merchant Solutions. Available for new service sign ups only. Offer ends June 30, 2023. montecito.bank/SBM • (805) 963-7511 Limited time offer! learn more today! Business Power Pack (Choose one or all) Business Maximizer ® Loan and Line of Credit Postive Pay Check and ACH Merchant Payment Processing CheckCapture Small Business SAVE UP TO $1,040* AD_Voice_FP_10x12.5_Small Business_042823.indd 1 5/1/23 11:41 AM

Safari Local

Safari Local



Learn about local biodiversity with Botanic Garden reps • Elings Park • Free, info: www.sbbotanicgarden.org • 9am Sa, 6/24.


With Architectural Fdn of SB • meet SB City Hall on Sa; Central Library Anapamu St. entrance on Su • Suggested $10 cash donation • www.afsb.org • 10am Sa & Sun.


Take a tour • www.goletahistory.org • 11am to 2pm weekends.



Dancing, floats, and art welcomes summer! • SB Summer Solstice • Santa Barbara St. from Ortega to Alameda Park • Free • 12pm Sa, 6/24.

SB RIDING CLUB SUMMER FESTIVAL Horse shows and demonstrations

• Earl Warren Showgrounds • Free • www.sbcrc.com • 7am to end of classes, Sa, 6/24 & 6/25.


Classic car show • Bishop Diego High School • Free attendance, entry $55 • www.classicswiththecardinals.org • 9am-3pm Sa, 6/24.


Celebrate pride with family-centric day of fun • Downtown Solvang & Solvang Park • Free • 11am Sa, 6/24.


Fun, food, and spirits! • SB Museum of Natural History • Sold Out • 2-5pm Sa, 6/24.


Monday • June 26th



All levels • Arnoldi’s Cafe, 600 Garden St. • http://parliamo.yolasite.com • Free • 5-7pm Mon.



Bossa/jazz with Nicole Lvoff and Joe Woodard • SOhO • $10 • www.sohosb.com • 7:30pm Mo, 7/26.

Tuesday • June 27th



Provide input on library programming • Eastside Library • Free • 4-5pm Tu.



Free virtual talk: Determining the Best ETFs for You • Jewish Federation of Greater SB • https://tinyurl.com/ tb326c4s • 11am-12pm Tu, 6/27.


Discuss Parable of the Sower by Octavia E. Butler • Montecito Library • Register: https://tinyurl.com/ mtmnhj8c • 12-1pm Tu, 6/27.


Local Author Will Sofrin, All Hands on Deck • Chaucer’s Books • Free • 6pm Tu, 6/27.



Observe a Japanese tea ceremony • SB Botanic Garden, Tea Garden • Free with admission • 9:30am-1:30pm Tu, 6/27.

Friday • June 23rd



Connect with writers at workshops & panels • Mar Monte Hotel • $100+ • www.sbwriters.com • Through 6/25.


HAND HABITS WITH GREG UHLMANN Indie rock concert • SOhO • $18 • www.sohosb.com • 9pm Fr, 6/23.



Music, art, and community booths • SB Summer Solstice • Alameda Park • Free • 4-9pm Fr, 6/23; 11am-9pm Sa, 6/24; 11am-4pm Su, 6/25.


Free arts and sports activities for teens 12-17 • SB Parks & Rec • Westside Boys and Girls Club (602 W. Anapamu St.) and Bohnett Park • 5-8pm Fr, through 7/7.


Night of play & drinks, ages 21+ • MOXI • Free-$14 • https://moxi.org •

5:30-8pm Fr, 6/23.


With Jeff Ross & Dave Attell • Chumash Casino • $49-79 • www.chumashcasino.com

• 8pm Fr, 6/23.

Saturday • June 24th


Tap, hip hop, jazz, and more • The Dance Network • Center Stage Theater

• $15-25 • www.centerstagetheater.org

• 11am, 2:30pm, & 7pm Sa, 6/24.



Music Academy Festival Orchestra • Granada Theatre • $61-106 • www.granadasb.org • 7:30pm Sa, 6/24.


Alternative/indie concert • SOhO • $22

• www.sohosb.com • 9pm Sa, 6/24.

Outdoor dinner benefit for SYV projects • St. Mark’s-in-the-Valley • $250 • www.smitv.org/the-summerclassic.html • 5:30pm Sa, 6/24.

Sunday • June 25th



Visit interactive learning stations • SB Trust for Historic Preservation • El Presidio • Free • 11am-2pm Su, 6/25.



Open mic battle contest • SOhO • $10 • www.sohosb.com • 4:30pm Su, 6/25.


Jazz concert • SOhO • $10 • www.sohosb.com • 12:30pm Su, 6/25.



Rollerskate with an ocean view • SB City College Lot 3 • Free • 3pm Su.



Hosted by Vivian Storm & Angel D’Mon • Wildcat Lounge • $5 • https://glitterbrunch.com • Brunch 11am-3pm, Show 12:30pm, Sun.



Fresh, local produce & treats • 600, 700, & 800 blocks of State St • 3-7pm Tu.

Wednesday • June 28th



Network with entrepreneurs • Free • www.1millioncups.com/santabarbara

• 9-10am We.

El Presidio de Santa Bárbara State Historic Park: Earn a Junior Ranger Badge!

Come to the Park and earn a Junior Ranger badge at this free event for youth on Sunday, June 25th, from 11 am to 2pm. Visit six interactive stations: archaeology, geology, history, leave no trace, plants, and wildlife and get the chance to meet a Park Ranger. Youth will take a pledge to explore, learn about, and protect parks! www.sbthp.org


French conversation, all levels • Arnoldi’s Cafe, 600 Olive St. • http://sbfrenchgroup.yolasite.com • Free • 5-7pm We.



Free concert series • Downtown SB • 1028 State St. • 6-8pm We, through 7/26.



Led by Director of Education Scot Pipkin • SB Botanic Garden • $20-30 • www.sbbotanicgarden.org • 8:30-10am We, 6/28.

HIKE ARROYO HONDO PRESERVE Mon & Wed, 12:30-3pm and the first & third weekends, Sat & Sun 10am12:30pm and 12:30pm-3pm. Free • https://tinyurl.com/ya3pgxge

Thursday • June 29th



For kids ages 0-5 • Eastside Library • Free • 11-11:30am Th.



Practice naturally • Eastside Library • Free • 1-2pm Th.


Knit and embroider with others • Montecito Library • Free • 2-3:30pm Th.


All ages craft workshop • Art From Scrap, 302 E. Cota St. • $8 • https:// tinyurl.com/4xp8vtud • 3:30-5pm Th.

20 Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com June 23, 2023 Santa
Tours Walk with Professor Julie as she shares tales of mystery and history... & meet friendly spirits Call or text to schedule your walking tour! • 805-905-9019 Solstice is here! Find Your Creative Roots at the parade & festival! See pages 5, 16, 17 in this issue
Barbara Ghost
Courtesy Photo In Person & Online Activities for Everyone
Photo by Fritz Olenberger
In Person
Activities for Everyone

In Person & Online Activities for Everyone

Safari Local

In Person & Online Activities for Everyone


An additonal performance of Seared has been added on Saturday, June 24th at 2pm due to popular demand!


Hilarity ensues when a chef refuses to make his signature dish • Ensemble Theatre Co's The New Vic • $40-84 • www.etcsb.org • ~ 6/25.


Wacky comedy about the Little Sisters of Hoboken • Ojai Art Center Theater • $25-30 • www.ojaiact.org • 6/30 ~ 7/23.




Meet & learn more about Noah's Anchorage YMCA Youth Shelter • Central Library • Free • 3-5pm Th, 6/29.


Local author Connard Hogan, Barbwire, Brothels and Bombs in the Night • Wylde Works • Free • 6pm Th, 6/29.



Indie rock concert • SOhO • $10-15 • www.sohosb.com • 8:30pm Th, 6/29.



Guided hike of the San Antonio Creek Trail • Land Trust SB County • Free, RSVP: https://tinyurl.com/z8wv6dar • 9-11am Th, 6/29.

Friday • June 30th



Stand-up comedy show • Lobero Theatre • $30.50-76.50 • www.lobero.org • 7pm Fr, 7/30.



Acoustic Hawaiian music • SOhO • $3035 • www.sohosb.com • 7pm Fr, 6/30.

Saturday • July 1st



Picture book reading & family activities


PLanning a Visit to the Music Academy?

From instrumental and vocal masterclasses to Guest Artist recitals to concerts featuring the entire Music Academy Festival Orchestra, the Music Academy offers the best in classical music. Discover it for yourself at www.musicacademy.org

Friday • June 23rd


• Lehmann Hall, 1:30pm

VIOLA MASTERCLASS • Karen Dreyfus • Weinman Hall, 1:30pm

SOLO PIANO MASTERCLASS • Jeremy Denk • Hahn Hall, 3:30pm

Wednesday • June 28th

HARP MASTERCLASS • Joann Turovsky • Lehmann Hall, 1:30pm

CHAMBER NIGHT 1 • Lehmann Hall, 7:30pm

Thursday • June 29th

Student production

• Rubicon Theatre • www.rubicontheatre.org • 2pm & 5pm Sa, 7/1.


Jun 22 - Jul 2 | Solvang Festival Theater Romantic misadventures and matchmaking in Highbury. Joseph Hanreddy's (PCPA's Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility) charming new adaptation • 6/22 ~ 7/2.

• SB Maritime Museum patio • Free, RSVP: www.sbmm.org • 1pm Sa, 7/1.





It’s Your Library • Es Tu Biblioteca

UNA NOCHE EN MIRAFLORES • Curated by Ana María Martínez and César Cañón • Hahn Hall, 7:30pm

Saturday • June 24th

MEET THE CONDUCTOR • Meet Stéphane Denève @ Sullivan Goss, 6pm


• Stéphane Denève Conducts Symphonie Fantastique with MezzoSoprano Sasha Cooke • Granada Theatre, 7:30pm

Monday • June 26th


• Lehmann Hall, 1:30pm

PERCUSSION MASTERCLASS • Joseph Pereira • Hahn Hall, 3:30pm

Tuesday • June 27th


HORN MASTERCLASS • Julie Landsman • Weinman Hall, 3:30pm

JEREMY DENK IN RECITAL • Hahn Hall, 7:30pm

VIOLIN MASTERCLASS • Tai Murray • Lehmann Hall, 1:30pm

CLARINET MASTERCLASS • Richie Hawley • Hahn Hall, 3:30pm

TRUMPET MASTERCLASS • Paul Merkelo • Weinman Hall, 3:30pm

X2 SERIES • Brahms Piano Quartet No.1 • Hahn Hall, 7:30pm

Friday • June 30th

SOLO PIANO COMPETITION • Hahn Hall, 11am-5:15pm Intermission: 1-2:30pm

OBOE MASTERCLASS • Xiomara Mass • Lehmann Hall, 1:30pm

PICNIC CONCERT #1 • Hahn Hall, 7:30pm

Saturday • July 1st

MEET THE CONDUCTOR • Meet Osmo Vänskä at Sullivan Goss, 6pm

ACADEMY FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA • Osmo Vänskä Conducts The Planets and a Jessie Montgomery West Coast Premiere • Granada Theatre, 7:30pm

NIGHT with ME Sabor
9pm Sa, 7/1.
VÄNSKÄ CONDUCTS Academy Festival Orchestra
• $61-106 • www.granadasb.org • 7:30pm Sa, 7/1.
& Holst • Granada Theatre
• July 2nd SPECIAL EVENTS MUJERES MAKERS MARKET Shop local women-owned businesses • El Presidio • Free • 10am-4pm Su, 7/2. June 23, 2023 Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com 21 fix pain sports massage Gabriela Radu, CMT 805-453-1139 v.gabriela@yahoo.com sports • trigger point • deep tissue • pregnancy • Swedish specializing in injuries, sports and repetitive motion STAY & PLAY • Share stories with kids • Eastside Library ~ 8:30-10am Tu • Montecito Library ~ 9-10:30am Tu MUSIC & MOVEMENT • For ages 2-5 • Shoreline Park • 10:30-11am Th • Central Library ~ 10-10:30am Th. WIGGLY STORYTIME • For toddlers 14 months - 3 years • Central Library ~ 10:15-10:45am We BABY AND ME • For babies 0-14 months • Central Library ~ 1111:30am We • Eastside Library ~ Bilingual ~ 11-11:30am Th LIBRARY ON THE GO • Visit the library’s van • Carrillo Castillo Commuter Lot ~ 10am-noon Tu, 6/27 • Shoreline Park ~ 10am-noon Th, 6/29 • Bohnett Park ~ 3:30-5pm Th, 6/29 • Ortega Park ~ 10am12pm Fr, 6/30 READ TO A DOG • For grades 3-6 • Eastside Library ~ 3-4pm We.
Courtesy Photo
Angela Sauer, Andrew Elvis Miller, Ronald Auguste, and Gary Patent star in the Ensemble Theatre Co.'s production of Seared by Theresa Rebeck, directed by Jonathan Fox at the New Vic Theatre. Photo by Zach Mendez Percussion Masterclasses give audiences a glimpse into fellows’ journey to classical greatness. It’s an opportunity to observe a one-on-one teaching session between teaching artist and fellow. Michael Werner will lead on June 26, July 3, and July 10.


I couldn’t help thinking of my father, Enrique Hernández Luike (1928-2022), as he’d once interviewed Dalí. The Spanish surrealist artist even painted his large signature on the hood of my dad’s car.

We join Dalí at the New York St. Regis Hotel in 1974, at his temporary home and the setting for many cocainesprinkled parties, as seen through the wide eyes of James (Christopher Briney). James reminded me of Claude Bukowski (John Savage) in Hair (Milos Forman, 1979) and Joe Buck (Jon Voight) in Midnight Cowboy (John Schlesinger, 1969)... which incidentally will have a new 4K restoration screening at the SBIFF Riviera, from June 30 to July 3.

These three characters are innocent outsiders entering a New York underworld. But Dalíland lacks the drama of those earlier films. There were lives at stake in those, yet in Harron’s film only the lifestyle of the artist is at risk, which makes it more difficult to care for him, or for the cast of characters.

The film seems strongest when showing the relationship of Salvador Dalí (Ben Kingsley), and Gala (Barbara Sukowa), including their younger versions, played by Ezra Miller and Avital Lvov, with superb characterization, despite Mr. Kingsley lacking a real “Espanish” accent.

The film is a work of fiction and does not have the approval of the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation. As such, it doesn’t show any of the artist’s copyrighted work, which could be a disappointment to some.

Still, the story is based on real facts, even though James is a fictional character. For example, in the film, Dalí signed hundreds of blank lithographic papers so they could be later printed with his work. In real life, he signed tens of thousands of these blanks, at speeds of up to 1,800 sheets per hour, as reported by El País on March 12, 1981. James also makes a booklet of “several dozens” signatures Dalí used throughout his life. Philosopher Milagros Esteve actually counted 678 of them.

Which brings me back to my father’s car hood that Dalí signed: family legend has it that someone at his office cleaned the “dirty” hood, erasing all traces of the black paint. When they realized what they had done, they repainted it badly. I remember seeing the hood on display at the office as a kid, not realizing that it wasn’t an original Dalí autograph, but rather an unauthorized version, number 679.

Even though these are “fun facts”, Dalíland is best when sticking to the surreal drama of the Gala-Dalí relationship. Many of the other characters feel superfluous and unnecessary. Personally, I think that a biopic about the co-writer of Un chien andalou (Luis Buñuel,1929) could have been crazier instead of trying to stick too much to facts. It feels like a missed opportunity.

22 Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com June 23, 2023 DALÍLAND THE MOSTLY SURREAL LIFE OF DALÍ IN NEW YORK (805) 893-3535 | www.ArtsAndLectures.UCSB.edu Films presented by: Special Thanks: UCSB Summer Events & Entertainment Grant Program Media Sponsors: Premier Sponsor: July 7 | Close Encounters of the Third Kind July 14 | Alien July 21 | Mars Attacks! July 28 | The Fifth Element August 11 | Star Trek August 18 | Guardians of the Galaxy August 25 | Nope Friday nights at 8:30 PM Santa Barbara County Courthouse
Ben Kingsley is Dalí, oil pastel by Isaac Hernandez de Lipa

updates. Thank you.

Free community movie screening of Shrek & Shrek 2 • Casa de la Raza • 7-9pm Fr, 6/23. METRO


Stop by Casa de la Raza's free community film screening of Shrek and Shrek II this Friday, June 23rd at

Let’s Go To The M O V I E S

All Screens Now Presented In Dolby Digital Projection and Dolby Digital Sound!

Camino Real
• $2 •
June 23, 2023 Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com 23 225 N FAIRVIEW AVE GOLETA 805-683-3800 FAIRVIEW METRO 4 618 STATE STREET SANTA BARBARA 805-965-7684 LP = Laser Projection FIESTA 5 916 STATE STREET SANTA BARBARA 805-963-0455 PASEO NUEVO 8 WEST DE LA GUERRA STREET SANTA BARBARA 805-965-7451 HITCHCOCK 371 South Hitchcock Way SANTA BARBARA 805-682-6512 Paseo • Hitchcock • Fairvew CAMINO REAL 7040 MARKETPLACE DR GOLETA 805-688-4140 ARLINGTON 1317 STATE STREET SANTA BARBARA 805-963-9580 Asteroid City* (PG13): Fri, Mon-Thur: 4:45, 7:15. Sat/Sun: 2:20, 4:45, 7:15. Past Lives (PG13): Fri, Mon-Thur: 5:05, 7:40. Sat/Sun: 2:30, 5:55, 7:40. No Hard Feelings* (R): Fri-Thur: 11:45, 2:20, 4;55, 7:30, 10:05. The Flash (PG13): Fri-Wed: 12:00, 1:30, 3:15, 4:45, 6:30, 8:05, 9:45. Thur: 12:00, 1:30, 3:15, 6:30, 9:45. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (PG): Fri-Wed: 12:20, 2:00, 3:30, 5:15, 6:50, 8:20, 9:55. Thur: 12:20, 2:00, 3:30, 6:50, 9:55. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts (PG13): Fri-Wed: 12:30, 3:25, 6:30, 9:30. Thur: 12:30. Indiana Jones: Dial of Destiny* (PG13): Thur: 3:15, 4:20, 5:35, 6:40, 7:45, 9:00, 10:15. $2 Summer Series: Space Jam (PG): Thur: 10am. Elemental* (PG): Fri, Tue/Wed: 1:30, 3:00, 4:15, 7:00, 8:15. Sat/Sun: 12:20, 1:30, 3:00, 4:15, 7:00, 8:15. Mon, Thur: 3:00,4:15, 7:00, 8:15. You Hurt My Feelings (R): Fri-Thur: 2:00, 5:45 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 (PG13): Fri-Thur: 1:05,4:25, 7:45. Asteroid City* (PG13): Fri/Sat: 1:40, 4:05, 6:30, 9:00. Sun: 12:45, 3”10, 5:35, 8:00. The Flash (PG13): Fri, Mon-Wed: 4:15, 7:30. Sat/Sun: 1:00, 4:15, 7:30. Thur: 1:00. Indiana Jones* (PG13): Thur: 4:15, 7:40. No Hard Feelings* (R): Fri/Sat: 12:15, 1:45, 4:25, 7:00, 9:35.Sun-Thur: 12:45, 3:10, 5:45, 8:20. The Blackening (R): Fri/Sat: 3:00, 5:35, 8:10. Sun-Wed:12:35, 3:00, 5:35, 8:10. Thur: 8:10. The Little Mermaid (PG): Fri-Sun: 1:10, 4:15, 7:20. The Last Rider (PG13): Fri-Wed: 12:25, 2:50, 5:15, 7:40. Thur: 12:25, 2:50, 5:15. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts (PG13): Fri/Sat: 12:20, 3:20, 6:20, 9:20. Sun-Thur: 2:00. 5:00, 8:00. Ruby Gilman, Teenage Kraken* (PG): Thur: 3:00, 5:25, 7:40. $2 Summer Series: Sing 2: (PG): Wed: 10am. The Flash (PG13): Fri: 2:05, 3:15, 5:20, 6:30, 8:40, 9:45.Sat: 12:00, 2:05, 3:15, 5:20, 6:30, 8:40, 9:45.Sun: 12:00, 2:05, 3:15, 5:20, 6:30, 8:40. Mon-Wed: 2:05, 3:15, 5:20, 6:30, 8:40. Thur: 12:00, 2:05, 5:20, 8:40, 9:45. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (PG): Fri: 1:40, 3:00, 4:45, 6:20, 8:00, 9:30. Sat: 11:45, 1:40, 3:00, 4:45, 6:20, 8:00, 9:30.Sun: 11:45, 1:40, 3:00, 4:45, 6:20, 8:00.Mon-Wed: 1:40, 3:00, 4:45, 6:20, 8:00.Thur:11:45, 1:40, 4:45, 8:00, 9:30. Indiana Jones: Dial of Destiny* (PG13): Thur:3:05, 5:20, 8:45, 9:55. Elemental* (PG): Fri, Mon-Thur: 2:10, 4:50, 7:30. Sat/Sun: 11:30, 2:10, 4:50, 7:30. Asteroid City* (PG13): Fri, Mon-Thur: 2:45, 5:15, 7:40. Sat/Sun: 12:20, 2:45, 5:15, 7:40. The Little Mermaid (PG): Fri-Wed: 1:30, 4:40, 7:50. Thur: 1:30. Ruby Gilman, Teenage Kraken* (PG): Thur: 5:00, 7:20. Fiesta • Fairview Hitchcock Arlington Metro • Camino Fiesta INDIANA JONES THE LAST RIDER Thur 6/22: Camino Thur 6/29: Camino Thur 6/28: Fiesta Schedule subject to change. Please visit metrotheatres.com for theater
Features and Showtimes
29, 2023 * = Subject to Restrictions on “SILVER MVP PASSES; and No Passes” www.metrotheatres.com Advance Preview: 6/29 RUBY GILLMAN PAST LIVES
family-friendly favorites at Fiesta 5 Theatre and
10am We at Fiesta 5; 10am Th at Camino Real.
for June 23 -
THE FLASH -PG13Thu-Fri 4-7 | Sat-Sun 1-4-7 | Mon-Tue-Wed 4-7 ELEMENTAL -PGThu-Fri 2-4:30-7 | Sat-Sun 11:30-2-4:30-7 | Mon-Tue-Wed 2-4:30-7
BEASTS -PG13Thu-Fri 4-7 |Sat-Sun 1-4-7 | Mon-Tue-Wed 4-7
for 6/22/23-6/28/23
LOMPOC • (805) 736-1558 / 736-0146
4-7 |
1-4-7 |
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1. Petitioner: Samantha Kay Valdovinos filed a petition with this court for a decree changing names as follows: PRESENT NAME: SAMANTHA KAY VALDOVINOS to proposed name SAMANTHA KAY TRUJILLO. THE COURT ORDERS that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court at the hearing indicated below to show cause, if any, why the petition for change of name should not be granted. Any person objecting to the name changes described above must file a written objection that includes the reasons for the objection at least two court days before the matter is scheduled to be heard and must appear at the hearing to show cause why the petition should not be granted. If no written objection is timely filed, the court may grant the petition without a hearing. NOTICE OF HEARING:

Date: 07/26/2023; Time: 10:00 am; Dept.: 3; ROOM: [ ] other (specify): at the: SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF SANTA BARBARA, 1100 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 (To appear remotely, check in advance of the hearing for information about how to do so on the courts website. To find your courts website, go to www.courts.ca.gov/find-mycourt.htm.) 3 a. [X] A copy of this Order to Show Cause shall be published at least once each week for four successive weeks before the date set for hearing on the petition in a newspaper of general circulation: [ ] (for resident of this county) printed in this county: VOICE MAGAZINE. Date: 05/30/2023

/s/: Thomas P. Anderle, Judge of the Superior Court. Legal #23CV02190 Pub

Dates: June 9, 16, 23, 30, 2023

Insertion Date: Print: 6.23.23

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The above captioned ordinance was adopted at a regular meeting of the Santa Barbara City Council held on June 13, 2023. The publication of this ordinance is made pursuant to the provisions of Section 512 of the Santa Barbara City Charter as amended, and the original ordinance in its entirety may be obtained at the City Clerk’s Office, City Hall, Santa Barbara, California. (SEAL)

/s/ Sarah Gorman, MMC City Clerk Services Manager




I HEREBY CERTIFY that the foregoing ordinance was introduced on June 6, 2023, and adopted by the Council of the City of Santa Barbara at a meeting held on June 13, 2023 by the following roll call vote:

AYES: Councilmembers Eric Friedman, Alejandra Gutierrez, Oscar Gutierrez, Meagan Harmon, Mike Jordan, Kristen W. Sneddon, Mayor Randy Rowse.

NOES: None



IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereto set my hand and affixed the official seal of the City of Santa Barbara on June 14, 2023.

/s/ Sarah Gorman, MMC City Clerk Services Manager

I HEREBY APPROVE the foregoing ordinance on June 14, 2023

/s/ Randy Rowse Mayor


FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: The following Corporation/Limited Liability Company is/are doing business as SANTA CRUZ MARKET at 5757 Hollister Ave, Goleta, CA 93117. SANTA BARBARA MARKET CORP at 1217 Honeysuckle Ave, Ventura, CA 93004. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara on June 1, 2023. This statement expires five years from the date it was filed in the office of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on file in my office. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL). FBN No. 20230001391. Published June 16, 23, 30, July 7, 2023.

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: The following Corporation/Limited Liability Company is/are doing business as SANTA CRUZ MARKET at 324 W Montecito St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. SANTA BARBARA MARKET CORP at 1217 Honeysuckle Ave, Ventura, CA 93004. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara on June 1, 2023. This statement expires five years from the date it was filed in the office of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on file in my office. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL). FBN No. 2023-0001390. Published June 16, 23, 30, July 7, 2023.

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: The following Corporation/Limited Liability Company is/are doing business as DEEP CLEAN CREW at 800 South Broadway Suite 208, Santa Maria, CA 93454. ADIANT FACILITY SUPPORT INC at 800 South Broadway Suite 208, Santa Maria, CA 93454. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara on May 15, 2023. This statement expires five years from the date it was filed in the office of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on file in my office. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL). FBN No. 2023-0001271. Published June 16, 23, 30, July 7, 2023.


STATEMENT: The following Person / Persons is/are doing business as BALLOONTIQUE at 4839 San Gordiano Ave, Apt D, Santa Barbara, CA 93111. VALERIA REYES at 4 839 San Gordiano Ave, Apt D, Santa Barbara, CA 93111. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara on May 19, 2023. This statement expires five years from the date it was filed in the office of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on file in my office. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL). FBN No. 2023-0001312.

Published June 2, 9, 16, 23, 2023.

Legal Notices



STATEMENT: The following Person / Persons is/are doing business as BEAVER ARBORISTS; BEAVER TREE

SB at 720 W Arrellaga St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. AUTUMN L FISH at 720 W Arrellaga St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara on May 22, 2023. This statement expires five years from the date it was filed in the office of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on file in my office. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL). FBN No. 2023-0001320.

Published June 2, 9, 16, 23, 2023.

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: The following Corporation / Limited Liability Company is/are doing business as HIMELSEIN GOLD REFINERY; SANTA BARBARA JEWELRY; SYSTEMS INDUSTRIES; HIMELSEIN, INC; HIMELSEIN DIAMONDS; HIMELSEIN GROUP at 1129 State Street Suite 6, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. NATIONAL PACIFIC CORPORATION at 1129 State Street Suite 6, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara on May 30, 2023. This statement expires five years from the date it was filed in the office of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on file in my office. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL). FBN No. 2023-0001370.

Published June 9, 16, 23, 30, 2023.

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: The following Person / Persons is/are doing business as JMM HANDYMAN SERVICES at 891 Cieneguitas Rd, Santa Barbara, CA 93110. JAE M MERCADO at 891 Cieneguitas Rd, Santa Barbara, CA 93110. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara on May 25, 2023. This statement expires five years from the date it was filed in the office of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on file in my office. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL). FBN No. 2023-0001346.

Published June 2, 9, 16, 23, 2023.


The following Person / Persons is/are doing business as BRIX REALTY GROUP at 18872 MacArthur Blvd, Suite 330, Irvine, CA 92612. JOSEPH S ECKHOFF at 110 S Ammons St, Lakewood, CO 80226. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara on June 7, 2023. This statement expires five years from the date it was filed in the office of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on file in my office. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL). FBN No. 2023-0001450.

Published June 16, 23, 30, July 7, 2023.


STATEMENT: The following Corporation / Limited Liability Company is/are doing business as SANTA BARBARA LOAN & JEWELRY; PAWN SHOP OF SANTA BARBARA at 136 East Victoria Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. NATIONAL PACIFIC CORPORATION at 1129 State Street Suite 6, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara on May 30, 2023. This statement expires five years from the date it was filed in the office of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on file in my office. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL). FBN No. 2023-0001369.

Published June 9, 16, 23, 30, 2023.


STATEMENT: The following Corporation / Limited Liability Company is/are doing business as RANCH & COAST REAL ESTATE GROUP; RANCH & COAST REAL ESTATE at 415 Stanley Dr, Santa Barbara, CA 93105. RANCH & COAST MORTGAGE GROUP, INC. at 415 Stanley Dr, Santa Barbara, CA 93105. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara on May 19, 2023. This statement expires five years from the date it was filed in the office of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on file in my office. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL). FBN No. 2023-0001313.

Published June 2, 9, 16, 23, 2023.

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information & rates: Publisher@VoiceSB.com
your legal notice in VOICE Magazine Fictitious Business Name Alcohol License Summons Name Change Petition to Administer Estate Trustee Sale Public Entities
The Multi-family Investment Specialist
www.radiusgroup.com 805-879-9606
GOLIS CA Lic. 00772218
26 Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com June 23, 2023 For more info, visit www.lcccasb.com or email at lacumbrecenterforcreativearts@gmail.com La Cumbre Center for Creative Arts | 121 S. Hope Ave, Santa Barbara, CA 93105

Featured Lender of the Month ~ Meet Eric

Eric actively serves and advocates for the older population in Santa Barbara County. His 37 years in the Financial Services industry have centered on wealth management and lending. At Mutual of Omaha, the country’s most trusted reverse mortgage lender, his focus is on assisting borrowers, their children and trusted advisors with Mutual of Omaha’s suite of Portfolio Jumbo Reverse Mortgages in addition to FHA’s Home Equity Conversion Mortgages. He enjoys helping clients plan for and maintain a secure and comfortable retirement using these valuable financial planning tools.

Eric can be reached at emiller@mutualmortgage.com or by phone at 805-570-8885.

www.LeadingLendersSB.com www.LeaderingLendersSB.com Leading Lenders. This is not a commitment to lend. Loan approval is subject to qualification. Loan Officers and their affiliated companies do not guarantee that each application will receive a loan. Setting Ourselves Apart with Expertise and Integrity to Deliver the Best Mortgage Solutions for Our Clients Collaborate By sharing our knowledge and experience, our clients benefit by having access to more options because we put their interests ahead of our own. Educate Leading Lenders are committed to continually educating ourselves and our clients about the ongoing changes and nuances of the real estate industry to remain at the top of our field. Execute Leading Lenders have the experience and professionalism to provide creative solutions in a timely fashion to meet our clients’ financial goals. LeadingLendersSB.com ©2023 Leading Lenders. This is not a commitment to lend. Loan approval is subject to qualification. Loan Officers and their affiliated companies do not guarantee that each application will receive a loan. Setting Ourselves Apart with Expertise and Integrity to Deliver the Best Mortgage Solutions for Our Clients Collaborate By sharing our knowledge and experience, our clients benefit by having access to more options because we put their interests ahead of our own. Educate Leading Lenders are committed to continually educating ourselves and our clients about the ongoing changes and nuances of the real estate industry to remain at the top of our field. Execute Leading Lenders have the experience and professionalism to provide creative solutions in a timely fashion to meet our clients’ financial goals. LeadingLendersSB.com ©2020 Leading Lenders. This is not a commitment to lend. Loan approval is subject to qualification. Loan Officers and their affiliated companies do not guarantee that each application will receive a loan. Setting Ourselves Apart with Expertise and Integrity to Deliver the Best Mortgage Solutions for Our Clients Collaborate By sharing our knowledge and experience, our clients benefit by having access to more options because we put their interests ahead of our own. Educate Leading Lenders are committed to continually educating ourselves and our clients about the ongoing changes and nuances of the real estate industry to remain at the top of our field. Execute
Lenders have the experience and professionalism to provide creative solutions in a timely fashion to meet our clients’ financial goals. LeadingLendersSB.com Annette Jorgensen American Riviera Bank SBA Lender 805-979-3846 Lori Murray American Riviera Bank NMLS 742373 805-730-4987 Liz Heitmann Guaranteed Rate NMLS 777583 805-455-0772 Eric D. Miller Reverse Mortgage Mutual of Omaha NMLS 582959 805-570-8885 Lora Fisher U.S. Bank NMLS 613184 805-245-9678 Peter Trent Paragon Mortgage Group NMLS 243483 805-881-3752 Mark Johnson Guaranteed Rate NMLS 451091 805-563-1100 Susan Bonanno Synergy One Lending, Inc. NMLS 245778 805-252-6324 June 23, 2023 Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com 27

Abstract is Everything

June 1st - June 29th, 2023

Closing Reception: 5-8pm, Thursday, June 29th

Paintings, Photography & Sculptures by Santa Barbara local artists:

Karin Aggeler • Sophia Beccue • Pamela Benham •

Cody Cammbell • Denise Carey • Merith Cosden •

Jillian Critelli • Lee Anne Dollison • Thore Edgren •

Tricia Evenson • Mary Freericks • Piri Friedman • Karen

Frishman • Bay Hallowell • Barbara Cronin Hershberg

• Ruth Ellen Hoag • Carolyn Hubbs • Holly Hungett •

Mary Ince • Pamela Kaganoff • Janice Lober • Martha

Inman Lorch • Laurie MacMillan • Cynthia Martin • A.

Michael Marzolla • Patrick McGinnis • Jo Merit • Eve

Mero • Anette Power • Manuel Reyes-Otalora • Sarah

Reynolds • Joan Rosenberg-Dent • Andrea Roy • Nurit

Ruckenstein • Eric Saint Georges • Kathi Scarminach

• Mary Kolada Scott • Marlise Senzamici • Ashley

Shellhause • Kerrie Smith • Marlene Struss • Carol

Talley • Wanda Venturelli • Iben Vestergaard • Susan

Vodonick • Lawrene Wallin • Ken Weintrub • Elaine

Wilson • Joyce Wilson • Sara Yerkes • Karen Zazon

Juried by Jane Callister

Professor of Art UCSB & Contemporary Artist

Castels 3 by Nurit Ruckenstein - 1st Place Cymbidium Fecunda Elixir, by Kerrie Smith - 3rd Place
www.abstractartcollective.com @aacgallery @abstractartcollective www.abstractartcollective.com @aacgallery @abstractartcollective www.abstractartcollective.com @aacgallery @abstractartcollective La Cumbre Plaza 110 S. Hope Ave, H124 Santa Barbara Free & Easy Parking! Open M-F 10-5:30; Sat & Sun 1-6 28 Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com June 23, 2023
In the Groove by Jo Merrit - 2nd Place

Candelario Medrano

The Surrealist Folk Genius

Through August 22nd

CASA DOLORES INVITES YOU TO EXPLORE THE IMAGINATIVE WORLD of Candelario Medrano, the surrealist folk genius.

Medrano (1918–1986) was one of the top figural ceramicists in México. He was the finest toy ceramic maker and also created large-scale objects in the village of Santa Cruz de las Huertas in the state of Jalisco.

Medrano’s works reflected a surprising creativity and imagination.

He was also the creator of animal naguales that were created from histories that his grandmother told him when he was an escuincle (small child), mariacheros, circuses with the fattest woman, churches, cathedrals with tall towers full of pigeons, and passenger buses with chickens and wild turkeys, planes with pot-bellied angels, aliens, derailed trains, bullrings, and more.

Candelario’s pieces were collected by Nelson Rockefeller and other savvy connoisseurs of Mexican popular art. Medrano remains a celebrated master of folk ceramics and his work continues to be celebrated and prized around the world.

Candelario Medrano El Genio

Del Folklor Surrealista

Del 22 de Junio al 22 de Agosto


A EXPLORAR EL MUNDO IMAGINARIO del genio del folklor surrealista; Candelario Medrano. Candelario Medrano (1918-1986) fue uno de los artistas populares principales en México. Era el mejor creador de juguetes de cerámica y objetos a gran escala en el pueblo de Santa Cruz de las Huertas en el estado de Jalisco.Tenía una sorprendente creatividad e imaginación, fue creador de animales naguales que fueron creados por historias que su abuela le contaba cuando era un escuicle (niño pequeño), mariacheros, kioskos que casi vuelan y circos con la mujer más gorda; Iglesias y catedrales con altas torres llenas de palomas y camiones de pasajeros con gallinas y guajolotes, aviones con ángeles barrigüdos, extraterrestres, trenes descarrilados, plazas de toros y más. Las piezas de Candelario fueron coleccionadas por Nelson Rockefeller y otros coleccionistas de arte popular mexicano. Candelario permanece como un maestro muy celebrado de cerámicas folklóricas y su trabajo sigue siendo coleccionado por todo el mundo.

June 23, 2023 Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com 29
CASA Dolores
Casa Dolores is located at 1023 Bath St (Between Carrillo & Figueroa) and is open: 12-4pm Tues-Sat. 805-963-1032 • www.casadolores.org


Saturation ~ July 16 • 10 W

Anapamu • Wed-Mon 11-5 • 805770-7711 • www.10westgallery.com

ARCHITECTURAL FDN GALLERY: A Natural Curiosity by Nadya Brown ~ Aug 12 • 229 E Victoria • 805-9656307 • www.afsb.org


MUSEUM: Sandy Rodriguez — Unfolding Histories: 200 Years of Resistance ~March 3 • www.museum.ucsb.edu

ART FROM SCRAP GALLERY: 302 E Cota St • We 11-4; Th 11-5; Fr, Sat 11-4 • 805-884-0459 • www.exploreecology.org/art-from-scrap

THE ARTS FUND: Never One Without the Other ~ June • La Cumbre Plaza, 120 S Hope Av • Su-Thu 11-6; Fri, Sa 11-7 • www.artsfundsb.org • 805233-3395

ATKINSON GALLERY: Closed for summer • http://gallery.sbcc.edu

BELLA ROSA GALLERIES: 1103-A State St • 11-5 daily • 805-966-1707

CASA DE LA GUERRA: Haas Adobe Watercolors • $5/Free • 15 East De la Guerra St • Th-Sun 12-4 • www.sbthp.org/casadelaguerra

CASA DOLORES: Candelario Medrano: the surrealist folk genius ~ Aug 22 • Bandera Ware / traditional outfits ~ ongoing • 1023 Bath St • www.casadolores.org

CHANNING PEAKE GALLERY: Sunshine on Tuesdays • 1st fl, 105 E Anacapa St • 805-568-3994

CLAY STUDIO GALLERY: 10-4pm Daily • 1351 Holiday Hill Rd • 805565-CLAY • www.claystudiosb.org

CORRIDAN GALLERY: A Summer Group: Elliott Ciampi’s Koi pond painting meditations ~ July • 125 N Milpas • We-Sa 11-6 • 805-966-7939 • www.corridan-gallery.com

CPC GALLERY: Garden of Pixels | David Mark Lane ~ July • By appt. • 36 E Victoria St. • joyce@cpcsb.org

CYPRESS GALLERY: California Pathways by Kristine Kelly ~ Jul 2 • 119 E Cypress Av, Lompoc • Sat & Sun 1-4 • 805-737-1129 • www.lompocart.org

EL PRESIDIO DE SANTA BÁRBARA: Nihonmachi Revisited; Memorias y Facturas • 123 E Canon Perdido St • Th-Sun 11-4 • www.sbthp.org

ELVERHØJ MUSEUM: Music is Love: Photographs from Henry Diltz / Tribute to David Crosby ~ Aug 31 • 1624 Elverhoy Way, Solvang • 805686-1211 • Th-Mo 11-5 • www.elverhoj.org

FAULKNER GALLERY: Channel City Camera Club ~ Jul 5-29 • 40 E Anapamu St • 805-962-7653

GALLERY 113: SB Art Assn, Denise Carey: It’s Not All Black & White Featured Artist ~ Jun 29 • 1114 State St, #8, La Arcada Ct • 805-965-6611 • Mo-Sa 11-5; Sun 1-5 • www.gallery113sb.com

GALLERY LOS OLIVOS: Vicki Andersen & Neil Andersson - Shades Of Light ~ Jun 30 • Thu-Mo 10-5 • 805-688-7517 • www.gallerylosolivos.com

GANNA WALSKA LOTUSLAND: 805.969.9990 • www.lotusland.org

GOLETA VALLEY LIBRARY: 500 N. Fairview Ave • Tu-Thu: 10-7pm; Fri & Sa 10-5:30pm; Su 1-5pm • www.TheGoletaValleyArtAssociation.org

HELENA MASON ART GALLERY: Work by Pedro De La Cruz • 48 Helena Av • 2-6pm, Fri-Sat • www.helenamasonartgallery.com

JAMES MAIN FINE ART: 19th & 20th Fine art & antiques • 27 E De La Guerra St • Tu-Sa 12-5 • Appt Suggested • 805-962-8347

KARPELES MANUSCRIPT LIBRARY & MUSEUM: 21 W Anapamu • Tu-Su 10-4 • 805-962-5322 • https://karpeles.com/museums/sb.php

KATHRYNE DESIGNS: Local Artists • 1225 Coast Village Rd, A • M-Sa 10-5; Su 11-5 • 805-565-4700

LA CUMBRE CENTER FOR CREATIVE ARTS: Three Multi-Artist Galleries at La Cumbre Plaza - Elevate, Fine Line, and Illuminations Galleries • TuesSun noon-5 • www.lcccasb.com

Evening Glow - Douglas Preserve Original Oil Painting by Ralph

Waterhouse Gallery

La Arcada at State & Figueroa Santa Barbara, CA 93101 805-962-8885


GALLERY: 501 E North Av, Lompoc • 805-588-3459.


CENTER: Summer Bounty ~ Aug 6 • Thu-Su 12-4 • 865 Linden Av • 805-684-7789 • www.carpinteriaartscenter.org

MARCIA BURTT GALLERY: Bill Dewey: Delta and Watershed ~ Aug 13 • 517 Laguna St • Th-Su 1-5 • 805-962-5588 • www.artlacuna.com

MAUNE CONTEMPORARY: Tom Wesselmann, Ross Bleckner, Donald Baechler • 1309 State St • Tu-Su 11-5 & By appt • 805-869-2524 • www.maune.com

MOXI, THE WOLF MUSEUM: Exploration + Innovation • Daily 10-5 • 805-770-5000 • 125 State St • www.moxi.org


SANTA BARBARA: Sarah Rosalena: Pointing Star; Diego Melgoza and Marisa de la Peña; David Horvitz: Seaea ~ Jul 30 • 653 Paseo Nuevo.

JO MERIT Modernist Artist www.jomerit.com
VOICE Gallery
30 Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com June 23, 2023 A rt
A rte GALLERIES • STUDIOS • MUSEUMS • PUBLIC PLACES Kerry Methner www.TheTouchofStone.com 805-570-2011 • VOICE Gallery ARTISTS: SEE YOUR WORK HERE! Join VOICE Magazine’s Print & Virtual Gallery! Affordable Advertising opportunity –just for Artists Find out more & reserve a space by emailing Publisher@VoiceSB.com
ELLEN HOAG www.ruthellenhoag.com @ruthellenhoag 805-689-0858 ~inquire for studio classes~ www.peterandrews61.com
Andrews Elevate Gallery La Cumbre Center for Creative Arts peterandrews61.com La Cumbre PLaza

Art Events Eventos de Arte

TRIBUTARIES - 2023 UNDERGRADUATE EXHIBITION CLOSING RECEPTION: Located in the courtyard behind the Art, Design, And Architecture Museum • 2:30-4:30 Sat, 6/18.



Mixed Up: 2023 Tri-County Juried Exhibition patprime@earthlink.net

Art | Arte



EXPERIENCES: La Cumbre Plaza, 120 S. Hope Av #F119 • www.seehearmove.com

MY PET RAM: Windward: Ida Badal and Ryan Nord Kitchen ~ June 25 • 16 Helena Av • Fri-Sun noon-7pm • 805-637-1424 • www.mypetram.com

OLD MISSION SANTA BARBARA: Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, The Exhibition ~ Sept 4 • 22o1 Laguna St • www.sboldmission.org

PALM LOFT GALLERY: 410 Palm Av, Loft A1, Carp • By Appt • 805-6849700 • www.Palmloft.com

PEREGRINE GALLERIES: Early California and American paintings; fine vintage jewelry • 1133 Coast Village Rd • 805-252-9659 • www.Peregrine.shop

PORTICO GALLERY: Open Daily • 1235 Coast Village Rd • 805-7298454 • www.porticofinearts.com

SANTA BARBARA ART WORKS: Artists with disabilities programs, virtual exhibits • 805-260-6705 • www.sbartworks.org

SANTA BARBARA FINE ART: Winter Show ~ Spring • 1321 State St • MoSa 12-5; Su 12-4 • 805-845-4270 • www.santabarbarafineart.com

SB BOTANIC GARDEN: At the Edge • 1212 Mission Canyon Rd • 10-5 daily • 805-682-4726 • www.sbbg.org

SB HISTORICAL MUSEUM: Clarence Mattei: Portrait of a Community; Memories of Mountain Drive ~ June

• 136 E De la Guerra • Thu 12-5, Fri 12-7; Sat 12-5 • 805-966-1601 • www.sbhistorical.org

SB MARITIME MUSEUM: Dan Merkel: The Lure of Lighthouses and Dancing Waves ~ Aug 27; The Chumash, Whaling, Commercial Diving, Surfing, Shipwrecks, First Order Fresnel Lens, and Santa Barbara Lighthouse Women Keepers ~ Ongoing • 113 Harbor Way, Ste 190 • Thu-Su 10-5 • 805-962-8404 • www.SBMM.org

SB MUSEUM OF ART: Inside/Outside ~ Feb 18, 2024; The Private Universe of James Castle ~ Jun 25-Sep 17; Portrait of Mexico Today; Highlights of East Asian Art - Ongoing • Tu-Su, 11-5; Thu, 11-8 • www.sbma.net • 805-963-4364

SB MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY: Drawn by a Lady: Early Women Illustrators ~ July 2; Butterflies Alive! ~ Sept 4; Mineral exhibition ~ ongoing • Wed-Sun 10-5 • 2559 Puesta del Sol • www.sbnature.org

SANTA BARBARA SEA CENTER: Dive In: Our Changing Channel ~ Ongoing • Daily 10-5 • 805-6824711 • 211 Stearns Wharf • www.sbnature.org


CLUB: AQUATIC Annual Jury Competition ~ Jul 5 • 10-6 daily • 2375 Foothill Rd • 805-682-4722 • www.2ndfridaysart.com

SILO 118: Adam Licsko & Brian Kuhlmann ~ June 30 • 118 Gray St • 12-5 Th-Sa/by appt • www.silo118.com

SULLIVAN GOSS: Recent Acquisitions ~ June 26; Robin Gowen: Last Shadow & First Light; The Summer Salon ~ Jul 24; Where The Wild Things Grow in collaboration with Lotusland ~ Jun 30Jul 24 • 11 E Anapamu St • 805-7301460 • www.sullivangoss.com

SUSAN QUINLAN DOLL & TEDDY BEAR MUSEUM: 122 W. Canon Perdido • Fr-Sa 11-4; Su-Th by appt • 805-687-4623 • www.quinlanmuseum.com

Shop locally made jewelry, art, ceramics, and more • Lynda Fairly Carpinteria Arts Center • Free • 10am-4pm Sa, 7/1.

SB ARTS & CRAFTS SHOW • Local artists & artisans • 236 E. Cabrillo Blvd., SB • 10am5pm Sundays.


ARTS • Shop locally made pottery, beach art, cards, jewelry, and sewn articles • 8th St & Linden Av, Carpinteria • Free • 2:30 - 6 Thursdays.

Send your art openings, receptions, and events to Editor@VoiceSB.com to be included in this free listing. Envía tus inauguraciones de arte, recepciones, y eventos a Editor@VoiceSB.com para ser incluido en este listado gratuito.

SYV HISTORICAL MUSEUM & CARRIAGE HOUSE: Art Of The Western Saddle • 3596 Sagunto St, Santa Ynez • Sa, Su 12-4 • 805-6887889 • www.santaynezmuseum.org

TAMSEN GALLERY: Work by Robert W. Firestone • 911.5 State St, 805705-2208 • www.tamsengallery.com

UCSB LIBRARY: www.library.ucsb.edu

VOICE GALLERY: Abstract Is Everything! An Abstract Art Collective exhibition ~ Jun 29 • La Cumbre Plaza H-124 • 105:30 M-F; 1-6 Sa & Su • 805-965-6448

WATERHOUSE GALLERY MONTECITO: Rick Delanty & Ray Hunter & Notable CA & National Artists • 1187 Coast Village Rd • 11-5 MonSun • 805-962-8885 • www.waterhousegallery.com

WATERHOUSE GALLERY SB: Notable CA & National Artists • La Arcada Ct, 1114 State St, #9 • 11-5 Mon-Sat • 805-962-8885 • www.waterhousegallery.com

WESTMONT RIDLEY-TREE MUSEUM OF ART: 805-565-6162 • Mo-Fr 10-4; Sat 11-5 • www.westmont.edu/museum

WILDLING MUSEUM: Bird’s Eye View: Four Perspectives ~ Sept 4 • 1511 B Mission Dr, Solvang • www.wildlingmuseum.org

Outstanding Young Artists

Recognized in MTD Poster Contest

THE CREATIVE IMAGINATIONS OF LOCAL STUDENTS were front and center when Santa Barbara MTD held its 7th Annual Youth Art Poster Contest this spring. Storybook Buses was the theme of the competition open to Grades 1 through 6 MTD employees voted on the winners from among over 85 entries. The winning works of art will be featured inside MTD buses for the next year. Participating sites included several South Coast afterschool programs and libraries. Entries came from the Goleta, Eastside, Central, and Carpinteria Libraries, City of Santa Barbara RAP Program, the Carpinteria and Greater Santa Barbara Girls, Inc., and the Downtown Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, Westside, and Goleta Boys & Girls Clubs.

1st-3rd Grade Winners

1st Place- Brinley Kiefer, 2nd Grade, El Camino Elementary School

2nd Place- Lana Howard, 3rd Grade, Hollister Elementary School

3rd Place- Malia Alvarado, 2nd Grade, Canalino Elementary School

Honorable Mention- Isa Aguilar, 2nd Grade, El Camino Elementary School

4th-6th Grade Winners

1st Place- Kylie Kleen – 6th Grade, Trivium Charter School

2nd Place- Elisha Wu & Miranda Li, 6th Grade, Kellogg Elementary School

3rd Place- Kevin Carlos Mendoza, 4th Grade, Adams Elementary School

June 23, 2023 Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com 31
Patrick Winners Lana Howard and Brinley Kiefer at Girls, Inc. Winner Kylie Kleen at the Goleta Library Winner Isa Aguilar at the Goleta Library Honorable Mention Montserrat Campuzano at Aliso Elementary School Winner Kevin Carlos Mendoza at Adams Elementary
32 Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com June 23, 2023
June 23, 2023 Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com 33

June is National Homeownership Month!

Sharpen your financial expertise on home buying!

Which is right for you? Fixed or Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM).



• Rates never change

• Stable monthly payment

• Defined end date

Easy Budgeting

• Can pay extra toward principal

• Loan payments never increase

Simpler to Understand

• Easier to compare loan offers

• No need to learn industry lingo like rate caps, reference rates or margin

Retain Optionality

• Maintain your rate

• Can try to refinance if rates fall


Lower Initial Rates

• Typically 0.25% to 0.50% lower

• Rates can adjust up and down after initial fixed period

Lower Initial Monthly Payment

• About $15–$20 per $100,000 borrowed

Possibilities for More Options

• More houses may be within reach due to lower upfront payments

Can be Easier to Qualify

• With lower monthly upfront payments, borrowers may stay below debt-to-income limits

Montecito Bank & Trust offers both!

NMLS ID#: 472185
AD_Voice_Homeowner Month_Week 3_061523.indd 1 6/16/23 12:32 PM
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