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Friday,February March 12, Friday, 26,2021 2021

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FilmWork Festival Advocacy Honored

Carey Mulligan to be honored and interviewed at SBIFF 9

An advodate for Veterans, Bob Handy was honored for his work by Congressman Salud Carbajal


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Ortega Park

De La Guerra Plaza


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New Business Farmers Market Secret Bao tickles local tasebuds SB Community Seed Swap to honor SB Farmers 13 Market with the 2021 Local Food Hero Award on Saturday, February 27, 11am at the Downtown Farmers Market Info Booth 8, 14

Photo courtesy by Krystaof Brayer Photo www.thesymphony.org

Ortega Park is slated for revitalization and the Revitalization movesdiscussed. forward one step at a time murals are being

ArtPeople & Poetry

In This Issue

Jazz Dance

Lecture Black History

Hospice of News. Santa . Barbara. . . . . . 14 .4 Community . . . . . . . . . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .4-7, Word & Life Anti-Racism Series. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SBAOR President Brian Johnson. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 56

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A new book by Author was Dianne Travis-Teague Anthony appointedWeller to the and CityArtist Fire Mary Heebner 23 & Police Commission 4

Ballet Hispánico partners with ¡Viva Derek DougetResidency Band will rock elThe Arte in a Virtual with the virtual Lobero Stage Laura Lopez leading the program 9 7

Courtesy Photo

Courtesy Photo

Galleries & & Art Art Venues. Venues. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 22 12 -- 22 33 Galleries Español yy Inglés Inglés ** Español

En Casa con Sonia Courtesy Photo Courtesy photo

SBAOR President Brian Johnson. ..5 *The Ticket: A SB Calendar. . . . . . . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .8-11 Community News. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6, 7, 17, 20 Sigrid Toye: Harbor VOICE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 *The Ticket: A SB Calendar. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-12 Harlan Green: Economic VOICE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 John Palminteri’s Community VOICE. . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Community Market. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18-19 Sigrid Toye: Harbor VOICE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Richard Jarrette: Poetic VOICE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Harlan Green: Economic VOICE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 John Palminteri: Community . . . 21 Community Market. . . . . . . .VOICE. . . . . . . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 18-19

SONIA DE LOS SANTOS Register by 10am Saturday, March 13thSanta for free access Honoring Barbara’s through Community March 20th Medical

Gregory Freeland to Steven Zipperstein, Esq. participate in the Black is will discuss law and the Beautiful Virtual Arab-Israeli conflict 11 Showcase 12

Saturday, February 27 at 7pm Sunday, February 28 at 3pm www.TheSymphony.org Magazine coversee story see3, page82 VOICEVOICE Magazine cover story page


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Symphony to Celebrate and Honor Santa Barbara’s Medical Community


N THE SPIRIT OF PROMOTING GOOD HEALTH IN 2021, the Santa Barbara Symphony’s historic season will continue this week, with Santa Barbara Celebration, on Saturday, February 27th at 7pm (with a rebroadcast on Sunday, February 28th at 3pm). Shining a light on individuals and music that make Santa Barbara special, this concert will honor the local medical community by highlighting their musical talents, including some of its local physician musicians who will perform alongside members of the Santa Barbara Symphony. “Music and healing have been linked throughout history, and now more than ever, it feels vital to illuminate that connection and celebrate it,” shared Maestro Nir Kabaretti. “The Greek god Apollo was not only god of the sun but also the god of healing and music. The skills developed in musical training – listening, collaboration, empathy, attention to detail – are skills that are equally critical in the practice of medicine. There is a dedication to excellence and lifelong commitment to practice in both medicine and music, which together, can enhance and transform a life!” For this exceptional Santa Barbara-focused performance, Kabaretti returns to the podium to lead Santa Barbara Symphony musicians and guest soloists on a socially-distanced stage. Symphony Board Chair Janet Garufis will lead a conversation with Dr. Kurt Ransohoff, CEO and Chief Medical Officer of Sansum Clinic, and Ron Werft, President & CEO of Cottage Health, about the connections between music and healing. Home viewers will enjoy a dynamic musical program of classical music featuring Beethoven’s Romance in F Major with Concertmaster Jessica Guideri, the beautiful “Elvira Madigan” movement of Mozart’s Piano Concerto No 21 with award-winning pianist and local ophthalmology specialist Dr. Toni Meyers (sister of acclaimed violinist Anne Akiko Meyers), Mozart’s Symphony No. 29, “State Street” from Bramwell Tovey’s “Santa WITH Barbara Sonata,” and Russian physician and composer Alexander Borodin’s Nocturno. Physician musicians performing with the orchestra, including Dr. John Zemjanis from THE Carpinteria, who plays the violin, along with additional physician-musicians to be announced. “We thank the Santa Barbara Symphony for honoring our local medical community, and recognizing the critical work, dedication, and bravery of our healthcare workers,” said Dr. Kurt Ransohoff, CEO and Chief Medical Officer of Sansum Clinic. “Music has long been a conduit to healing, and in what is a tremendously difficult year for everyone, the Symphony’s message through music is more powerful and appreciated than ever, and one we can all surely benefit from.” This performance will be recorded live on a socially-distanced stage, without an audience, following COVID protocols. The concert will be delivered straight to audiences through the Symphony’s new digital streaming format on Saturday, February 27th, at 7pm, Sunday, February 28, at 3pm, and then available ondemand for 30 days for ticket holders. Virtual tickets to Santa Barbara Celebration start at $43 per household with a series subscription and includes Parker, a one-time linktrumpet that provides access to both theAtkins, livestream and onAshlin • Victor piano demand access for 30 days after the premiere broadcast. Herlin Riley, drums/vocals • Jason Stewart, bass Guests are invited to tune in Saturday at 6:30pm (2:30pm on Sunday) to enjoy a pre-show & Don Vappie, banjo/guitar/vocals featuring behind-the-scenes interviews and more. The Symphony has partnered once again with DUO Catering who will offer a Symphony-inspired dinner ONavailable SALE menu and Signature Symphony cocktail, for and takeout, for guests to enjoyNOW! “an evening $15 PPV TICKETS ATdelivery LOBERO.ORG out” from the comfort of their home. During COVID-19, the loss of revenue has been Acclaimed saxophonist Douget and significant,Derek and the Symphony is grateful to thehis community for their generous financial support. stellar band bring the traditional sounds ofSanta Barbara Celebration is made possible by the 2020/21 New Orleans jazzCorporate into your homes. WeBank invite Season Sponsor: Montecito & Trust, the Grand Venue Sponsor: The Granada Theatre, you to blow the blues away and relish in the Season Sponsors: Sarah & Roger Chrisman, and music of A Night in New Selection Sponsor: Susan Orleans. Aberle.

A Night in New Orleans




The Santa Barbara Symphony was founded in 1953 on the belief that a special city deserves a special orchestra. Sponsored by the Bentson Foundation, Earl Minnis Presents, the Mithun Foundation Consistently lauded for its unique ability to present brilliant and the Whittier Foundation. Special thanks to Laurie, Bill & Kimand Kauth, Jack Mithun, concerts, engage the community, deliver dynamic music Mercedes Millington &education Susan Torrey, and Brett & Natalie Hodges. programs, the organization prizes both innovation and artistic excellence and is widely recognized as one of the GET SOCIAL WITH US Live is funded in part bycultural the Events and Festivals Program www.thesymphony.org LOBERO THEATRE ENDOWMENT FOR AMERICAN ROOTS MUSIC Lobero region’s premier institutions. @loberotheatre using funds provided by the City of Santa Barbara in partnership with the Santa Barbara County Office of Arts & Culture.

February March 26, 12, 2021

PPP loans are available to support your business.* Apply online: montecito.bank/PPPresources Tasting daily at the Margerum & Barden Tasting Room at Hotel Californian, 19 East Mason St., Santa Barbara Margerum Wines are available at margerumwines.com, fine restaurants and food & wine retailers.

1st Time PPP Borrowers (1st Draw)

Santa Barbara & Ventura County

2nd Time PPP Borrowers (2nd Draw)

We are ready to help as many organizations as we can by securing as much funding as possible for the businesses and organizations that make our communities the vibrant places we all love to call home.

The MB&T Relief Center is ready to help you and make it simple. Mon–Fri • 9a–2p: 1(833) 628-4722


www.keepthebeatsb.org *Subject to SBA eligiblity & approval. | 805-284-9125

February 2021 March 12,26, 2021


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UCSB Arts & Lectures Offers Free, On-Demand Performance

En Casa con Sonia featuring Sonia De Los Santos

F Ortega Park Grant Application for $8.5 Million Approved


By Mark M. Whitehurst, PhD / VOICE

HE MURALS AT ORTEGA PARK continue to be at the nexus of revitalization plans for the park which was last updated in 1975. Tuesday, at their council meeting, city council members unanimously agreed to authorize an application for an $8.5 million grant from the State of California to revitalize the park. “These Chicano murals are not just old paint on cement,” commented Barbara Parmet at the meeting. “They hold the keys to unlocking Santa Barbara’s rich treasures of culture and history.” The first of three public meetings concerning the future of the murals will take place on March 17th. To participate, interested individuals may register at: http://bit.ly/MuralsWorkshop The mural project at Ortega Park began in 1979 as a collaboration with Casa de la Raza and the Park and Recreation Department. Locally, it was the first of its kind and now includes 18 murals, according to Jill Zackary, Director of the Park and Recreation Department. “We can look at these murals as the birthplace of murals around the entire city… and we understand this is where it needs to be continued,” stated Zackary at the meeting.

Photo by Krysta Brayer

Mural Discussion To Be Held on March 17th

ROM LINCOLN CENTER TO UCSB ARTS & LECTURES, Sonia De Los Santos is using music to build bridges across cultural – and during the pandemic – literal divides. Arts & Lectures has arranged for a free ondemand performance that will be available to those who register by Saturday, March 13th at 10am, through March 20th. The family-friendly musical performance is titled En Casa con Sonia, and is approximately 45 minutes in length. A native of Monterrey, Mexico, De Los Santos is hailed by Billboard as “one of the Latin children’s music artists you should know.” Recognized for her career with the celebrated Dan Zanes and Friends, her first solo family music album, Mi Viaje, won a Parents’ Choice Foundation Gold Award and its follow-up, ¡Alegría!, was nominated for a Latin Grammy. With songs in Spanish and English inspired by Latin American rhythms and North American folk traditions, En Casa con Sonia serves up a personal, yet universal, musical story that highlights joyful music-making and cultural bridge-building. LatinTRENDS wrote of her, “Walls separate people, bridges connect. It’s something to consider when you see people expanding their horizons and spreading positive vibes for a change. One such woman is Sonia De Los Santos.”

While De Los Santos shared on Twitter, “I was born with a smile on my face (that’s what my mom says). Love singing for children and families,” she also has a serious side, sharing of her work, “I've given a lot of thought to the responsibility I have as an artist working with children and the importance of my role in their lives to present a message of hope and an opportunity to imagine a brighter, more inclusive tomorrow.” On her albums she includes what brings her joy, such as on ¡Alegría! (Joy!) she offers themes such as migrating butterflies, waking up early, wildflowers, maracas, being grateful to her parents, playing with her band, and of course, singing about birds! These songs in Spanish and English are inspired by various Latin American rhythms including son jarocho, cumbia, gaita, currulao and huayno hailing from Mexico, Colombia and Peru as well as the North American folk traditions from the United States. This unique concert, En Casa con Sonia, also includes songs from her debut album, Mi Viaje which reflects her experiences growing up in Mexico and moving to another country, learning about other cultures and in the process, feeling closer to her own heritage. Messages of joyful community music making and cultural bridge building will inspire and excite children and grown ups of all backgrounds. Register by March 13 at 10am by calling 805-893-3535 or visit www.ArtsAndLectures.UCSB.edu

Tasting daily at the Margerum & Barden Tasting Room at Hotel Californian, 19 East Mason St., Santa Barbara Margerum Wines are available at margerumwines.com, fine restaurants and food & wine retailers.


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Dianne Travis-Teague Appointed to SB Financial City Fire Assistance is Quality of Life & Police Commission

a lifeline for Low Income COVID-19 Positive individuals and Families


LONG TIME ADVOCATE FOR RACIAL JUSTICE AND EQUITY, Dianne TravisTeague has been appointed to the City of Santa Barbara’s Fire & Police Commission. The Director of Alumni Relations for Pacifica Graduate Institute, she has both professional and David Selberg, CEO Hospice of SB lived experiences to bring to theBycommission. “At a time when our in need of HAS BEEN PROVIDING OSPICE OFprofession SANTAisBARBARA communityFINANCIAL partnerships, Dianne has SUPPORTalready to over 100 COVID-19 positive lower income demonstrated her willingness engage and patients and theirtofamilies in aher special partnership with Santa Barbara ability to influence our department’s future,” statedparticularly difficult for these Neighborhood Clinics. It has been Lieutenant City of Santa Barbara Police impacts of a life-threatening virus families Shawn as theyHill, experience the multi-pronged Department Community Accountability Division. Travis-Teague including losing work andDianne income while quarantining A dedicated communityto member, Travis-Teague protect the rest of us by remaining home. Imagine also serves on the Board of Hospice of Santa Upon her appointment, expressed complying withBarbara. CDC guidelines by staying atshe home while,that she considers this an “opportunity helptime, shapebeing a different reality for our generations.” at the to same unable to pay for future groceries and Travis-Teague holds her bachelor science infor business from otherofessentials your management family. Theseand aremarketing families that Northwestern University. have been hardest hit by the pandemic and they’re trying With this appointment, Travis-Teague joins hundreds of Black women acrossthat thenone country their best to be safe under difficult conditions of who are stepping into civic serviceusand government leadership, exemplified in Vice President Kamala could have predicted. Harris, a multi-ethnic Black woman. HSB’s critical Quality of Life Financial Assistance helps “Dianne is a distinguished member of the community, with children these families toSanta coverBarbara basic but and grandchildren who attended the Santa Barbara Unified School District,” said Lizzie essential needs to make ends David Selberg, Rodriguez, Vice Chair of themeet Santaso Barbara Cityquarantine Fire & Police Commission. “She brings an CEO Hospice of SB they can important perspective that has from the commission, and we look forward to her andbeen get missing well. This financial participation.” assistance truly helps make a difference for them. The Santademand Barbara City Fire & PoliceHSB’s Commission formed in 1927 to ensure the smooth However, is outstripping ability was to help and professional of the fire and police departments. support thesefunctioning families financially. We’ve already served The Commission is responsible formore advising the100 Cityfamilies, Council 500 and people City Administrator in all matters related to efficient and than total including adequate fire and police protection for the City including family members, with Quality-of-Life Financial recommending rules and regulations concerning the Needs operation and conduct of both Assistance. of families range fromdepartments; purchasing annual budget recommendations to city council and city administrator; and appointment recommendations for fire and police chiefs. food, medicines, diapers, transportation, and basic

Help us reach our goal of $20,000 to Support them

March 12, 2021 February 26, 2021

PRESIDENT’S La asistencia financiera para BREAKFAST la calidad de vida es un salvavidas paraBestselling las personas y Author and familias con COVID-19 deHarvard bajosHistorian ingresos

Ayúdanos a alcanzar nuestra metaNANCY de $20,000 para apoyarlos Por David Selberg, CEO Hospice of SB





David Selberg

David Selberg

CEO, Hospice of SB

CEO, Hospice of SB

Dr. BJ Miller Entire Inventory for Sale featuring...

A hospice and palliative medicine physician who has worked in many settings—inpatient, outpatient, hospice facility, and home— and now sees patients and families at the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center. Miller speaks all over the country and beyond on the theme of living well in the face of death.

Thursday, March 18 at 6pm PDT Monday-Saturday 11-5, Closed Sunday

This event is free and open to all and will take place on Zoom. Direct Importer of Asian Antiques & Fine Furnishings

Registration is required: http://www.hospiceofsb.org/hsbseries www.anticafurnishings.com

133 E. Carrillo Street • 805.845.1285 Interpretación Simultanea Al Español Disponible.



OSPICE OF SANTA BARBARA HA ESTADO BRINDANDO APOYO FINANCIERO a más de 100 pacientes con COVID-19 de bajos ingresos y sus familias en una asociación especial con Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics. Ha Courageous sido particularmente difícil para estas familias, ya que experimentan los impactos múltiples de un virus que amenaza la vida, incluyendo la pérdida de trabajo Leadership In e ingresos mientras se encuentran en cuarentena para proteger al resto de nosotros permaneciendo en casa. Imagínate cumplir con las pautas del CDC (Los Centros para el Control y la Turbulent Times Prevención de Enfermedades) al quedarte en casa y, al mismo tiempo, no poder pagar los comestibles y otros artículos esenciales para tu familia. Estas son las familias que han sido las más afectadas por la pandemia y están haciendo todo lo posible por estar seguras en condiciones difíciles que ninguno de nosotros podría haber predicho. VIRTUAL EVENT La asistencia financiera crítica para la calidad de vida de HSB ayuda a estas familias Friday, March 5, atllegar 8 a.m. a cubrir las necesidades básicas pero esenciales para a fin$35 de mes, de modo que puedan estar en cuarentenaTICKETS y recuperarse. Esta asistencia financiera GO ON SALE FEBRUARY 12realmente les ayuda a marcar la diferencia. Sin embargo, la demanda está superando la capacidad de HSB para ayudar a mantener económicamente a estas familias. Ya hemos servido a más de 100 familias, 500 personas THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS en total, incluyendo los miembros de la familia, con asistencia financiera para la calidad de vida. Las Lead Sponsor: necesidades de las familias van desde la compra de alimentos, medicinas, pañales, transporte y gastos Westmont Choir Sponsor: David and Anna Grotenhuis básicos del hogar. Nuestro objetivo es brindar un Speaker Sponsor: In Memory of Jim Haslem apoyo básico pero importante durante este período Virtual Gold Hosts: Davies Public Affairs, HUB International Insurance Services, difícil. Nuestra meta de $20,000 puede hacerStaley mucho La Arcada Plaza, MATT Construction, Lindsay & Laurie Parton, Warren & Mary Lynn en este momento. www.santabarbaraca.gov/gov/brdcomm/dm/firepolice/default.asp household expenses. Our aim is to provide basic but Una historia de una familia a la que apoyamos important support during this difficult period. Our fue particularmente conmovedora. Rosario tiene goal of $20,000 can do a lot right now. hijo y un esposo con COVID-19. OneBEST story of a family are supporting VOTED ANTIQUE STOREwe 9 YEARS IN A ROW •was CORNER OF CARRILLO ST. & SANTA BARBARA ST. • VOTED BEST ANTIQUE STORE 9 YEARS IN A un ROW • CORNER OF CARRILLO ST. & SANTAMientras BARBARAsu ST. hijo se recupera, su esposo está conectado a un particularly moving. Rosario has a son and a husband ventilador en la UCI. Además de la pérdida de with COVID-19. While her son is recovering, her dos ingresos en su hogar, Rosario debe pagar el husband is on a ventilator in the ICU. In addition to cuidado de su hijo enfermo para pasar tiempo con the loss of two incomes in her household, Rosario su esposo, que ahora está inconsciente. Ella también must pay for child care for her sick child to spend time está experimentando inseguridad alimentaria y with her husband who is now unconscious. She is also facturas médicas. Hospice of Santa Barbara está experiencing food insecurity and medical bills. Hospice haciendo todo lo posible para ayudar a aliviar esta carga financiera para esta familia y of Santa Barbara is doing whatever we can to help ease this financial burden for otros como ellos. this family and others like them. Estamos tratando de recaudar $20,000 para apoyar a estas familias locales. ¿No We’re trying to raise $20,000 to support these local families. Won’t you please podrías considerar ayudarnos a continuar con este trabajo fundamental? Todo consider helping us continue this critical work? Anything you can give will make lo que puedas dar marcará la diferencia y puedes hacer una donación en www. a difference and you can make a donation at www.hospiceofsantabarbara.org. hospiceofsantabarbara.org. Be well, Cuídate,


March 12,26, 2021 February 2021


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Word and Life: Confronting Racism Series Word and Life: Confronting Racism Series

Community News Unbinding Ourselves through The Dual Action WHEN YOU SAY, “I’M NOT RACIST” Healing the White Body SB Historic Landmarks Commission ofinContemplation and Activism the AntiRacism Movement Discusses Future of De La Guerra Plaza noting how he “challenged the certitudes of his times.” She


By Maura Conlon-McIvor / Special to VOICE By Maura Conlon-McIvor / Special to VOICE also discerned that, within the mainstream narrative, his work

When you say, “I’m not racist,” you deny the complexity of a system built on the racist ideas born of white supremacy.

HIS WEEKEND MARKED THE 56TH ANNIVERSARY on racial and social justice and nonviolence is less known… CARRIES BOTH A DEEP HISTORICAL AND BIOLOGICAL When you say, OF ACISM BLOODY SUNDAY when 600 peaceful “I don’t see color,” THUMBPRINT, different in the United the States original formmuted.” centuries protestors marching for civiltoday rights, including latethan itssystemically you do not understand that Colvin recalled the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in ago. Matt Lowe, educator, Practitioner, speaker in Word Congressman John an Lewis, were Restorative brutally attacked by and a recent making judgements based Birmingham, AL, in 1963, how “four girls in Black bodies— & Life’s Confronting Racism series, asserted that racism has evolved “like a virus,” Alabama state troopers. According to Leslye Colvin, writer, on color is the problem, Addie Mae Collins, Cynthia Wesley, Carole Robertson, mutating through history. contemplative activist, and social commentator, Lewis— not seeing color. and today, Carol for Denise McNair were murdered” when the KKK Seeingthe racism’s historic is key to arrest—included understanding its evolution Lowe. anticipating violence and roots his potential When you say, detonated a bomb at their place of worship. Merton, struck He backpack called “ouraoriginal The Thomas DoctrineMerton, of Discovery in 1452, where Christians in his book bytrauma” the monk, whose “I was taught to treat everyone the same,” the tragedy, corresponded with one of the fathers, Chris asserted domination non-Christian,training. indigenous peoples. Theby bifurcation deepened work he had studied inover his Non-Violence you deny the limitations of your being kind McNair, whoplace was ainmilkman and photographer, writing: as Euro-centric colonizationPresenting expanded. He noted & theLife’s Bacon’s Rebellion, taking at Word when the system denies my dignity. “I saw–the pictures Virginia in 1675, where indentured servants poor whites of…Carole Denise in Look Magazine… “Confronting Racism” series, When you say, one of“the [theelite.” photos] and poor Blacksthe – together rose to challenge Thismeant so much…it…said so much, Colvin explored connection “But, I’m a Christian,” about…the markedcontemplatives the beginning of separating outprincipally the races according to way in which the goodness of the between and you deny the whitening of Jesus’ body human is invincible color, the elitefocus class situating aboveheart Blacks, wherein and overcomes the wickedness and and the distortion of his Gospel activists whose is woven poor of whites that sometimes Constitution, he may be present in other men.” for economic gain through the“enslavement same fabric.became Merton,hereditary.” a Trappist Ourevil the genocide of indigenous people, A novice Merton added, upholds rights” more so than human rights,researcher, Colvin cited how his monk, mystic, and“property author affiliated the enslavement of Africans, “contemplative practices let him…unbind himself” from adding that owning property became the cultural norm for with the Abbey of Our Lady of and other atrocities against normative beliefs of the supremacy of white bodies within maintaining Gethsemani in power. Kentucky – and people of color. Christianity, how he formed connections with journalist Marshall Trilogy of the 1820s, three knownHe fordescribed his morethe than 50 books When you say, Day, founder of the Catholic Worker Movement, racially motivated judicial actions that Dorothy further excluded including Seeds of Contemplation “My child is Black,” and how a mutual friend facilitated the scheduling of a retreat oppressed people from the sovereignty of owning property. and The Seven Storey Mountain – you conflate your love for one person Leslye MattColvin Lowe for of Martin King, Jr. with Merton at Gethsemani. It Such policy reinforced “belief system” white Luther people “to was, as Colvin said, also athe leading all. a more simplified layout, and the By Daisy Scott / VOICE with a love for of trees, was pre-empted by King’s decision to travel to Memphis own and possess that’s our way up.” He cited California’s 1978 voice advocating for– racial equality. incorporation of historic elements such as you say, GUERRA HEART in rolled support ofreal striking where he wasPLAZA, IN THEWhen law, Proposition 13 – which came “out of legalized and back estatesanitation workersE LA Colvin, whose essays and social commentary aresegregation” widely “My family never enslaved people” informative plaques. SANTA BARBARA SINCE 1853, Living School for assessments – as another exampleour of exacerbating racialthere inequality.assassinated in 1968. A graduate of The OF published, asserted: “Throughout nation’s history, you deny how the injustices of slavery However, the majority of the commission did and in need of a functional revitalization Action and reflect Contemplation in New Mexico, Colvin cited the History us of racism’s origins and our to body’s reactions it. have been meninforms and women who have contributed the biological were transformed to perpetuate support the idea of a pedestrian-oriented plaza, for decades, has now moved one step work of another contemplative activist, Franciscan author Indeed, Lowe asserted the root racism “is tied to the body” and how prejudice, your illusion of white supremacy. unmasking of racism andthat white bodyofsupremacy in each favoring eliminating grass, leveling off the plaza, the approval process Richard Rohr, who founded thecloser centerinafter witnessing the after coming before within thisPope framework, from our generation. Francis arises recognized four“fight/flight/freeze” of them when responses. When you say, and closing it to traffic. They also appreciated the the City’s Historic Landmarks last burnout of activists. She cited Rohr’s beliefs that “the conceptCommission “We arethe made of neurons…these chemical triggers…create our experiences of he addressed United States Congress….Dorothy Day, “My ancestors were wronged for being Irishthat or Italian,” proposed arcade, but commented it, along week. of posture action as everything…Triggers create habits, and habits create a posture. This is well whatas the concept of contemplation are parts Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas you deny that people of Irish andofItalian ancestry with other components the plan, needed to be “This is a–really excitingthe project for the of a whole – when they nurture each other they foster upholdsThese the position of superiority in the body,” heshe explained. now identify as white. Merton.” individuals were commemorated, added, more traditional. It’s a veryactivism.” special place for so many emergence a non-dual, thirdcommunity. path, contemplative Drawing the field of Integrative to theofvisceral “because of thefrom common thread of humanBiology dignitySystems, for thoseLowe pointed When you say, “The period of significance [which ends in in Santa Barbara with its historic buildings Born before the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting origins of racist beliefs as a dialectic between our sympathetic system (fight/flight/freeze) systemically relegated to the margins.” “My ancestors arrived after slavery,” 1951] is an important starting point to frame it andofthe events that take place Right of 1965, the tragic events injustices and theLewis, parasympathetic system which, 2015 he described, akin to that stateActs of ‘rest and both tied tosurrounding you deny that their white skin John upon hearing the pope’s address,asshe these design moves, and so that needs to be looked there,” shared Principal Project Manager Brad detailed here, Colvin believes that contemplation and action privileges you today. digest.’ Viewing racism through this neuronal lens differs from a solely external analysis of noted, “cried within to hear his words” as the pontiff recalled at as a major design guide,” said Commission Hess. “It’s been a great process go hand our in hand. “My contemplative practice…informs my creating this the issue. We go into the bodyhad to see theviolently recurring,beaten biological felt, racist Bloody Sunday – where Lewis been – link between When you say, Chair Anthony Grumbine. plan that willtonow begin the City’s conscience…to me toconcept question injustice, compel and the concomitant“to cultural habits privilege our behaviorsempower and “The Constitution says all men are created equal,” andperspectives urging elected representatives preserve theofdignity of guiding Going forward, the commission will continue Development process like any other me to act, and to restore my soul on difficult Application days,” she said. policy. you deny ongoing legal battles to make it realized. your fellow citizens in the tireless and demanding pursuit of its refinements before ultimately approving a project.” Colvin addressed what gets “whitewashed” out of Lowe echoes Beverly Daniel Tatum’s definition of racism as “a system of disadvantage the social good.” When you say, design. The Advisory Committee will continue plan was city’slives De matter,” memory, suchaas Merton’s advocacyThe forcurrent racial justice or crafted by the “All based onwas prejudice and lives power,” indicating“known that the word embodies sense Colvin born and in Alabama, before“policy ” also meeting, and public feedback is welcome. La economic Guerra Plaza Revitalization LuthertoKing, equality. “All Design Advisory of physicality, root from the “politicos” which pertains toMartin “the freedom moveJr.’s work on you deny our lived experience. as the land of theitsMuskogee,” sheGreek said. She is the daughter According to Hess, the project’s March 2019 Committee, which was formed in February of this isour easy to ignore,” she said, “except for those who around a common space.” Thus, he underscored theand connection between neuronal of “Thomas and Alma, the granddaughter of Lessie When you say, community workshop had over 150 participants, 2019. It proposes a number of dramatic changes, are in the midst of it.” The challenge is upon us to see how perspectives andand white people’s Recalling power to arrange cultural Quincy and Flora Thomas.” her sojourn intospace, that is, to protect “I want to learn,” and since then many community members, a splash we remain “bound to practices including and ways installing of knowing that pad, new landscaping, in the contemplation workplace or inand the community to confront a sense you take a step forward. thethemselves connection– say between action, she – from having groups, and businesses have continued to share arcade, art nodes, new restroom, trash and privilege some at the expense ofnew others…while unbinding of aotherness, upholding of years safety.ago at Bellarmine cited conference attendednorms several When you say, their views. recycling collection services, and a kiosk. ourselves to participate in the liberation of our brothers and “How we move throughout the worldshe reflects our racism…reflects our whiteness,” University where in the Merton archives, discovered his “I want to be anOne ally,” local leader who has voiced their support The plan further recommends that the sisters.” Lowe suggested. asserted that it’sfaith challenging for white people to admit they are racists writings reflecting He struggles around and action. She also theentire hard work begins. Director of Downtown Santa Barbara is Executive plaza, along with De La Guerra Street between as “we gethiscaught in thatwith sameJohn sympathetic To heal, we must – Leslye Colvin uncovered friendship Howardfight/flight/freeze Griffin, author ofresponse.” Word and Life series on Confronting Racism continues through Robin Elander. State and Anacapa Streets, be paved, made level, address both “what we’ve done and also what has been done to us” with an attitude of Black Like Me, a book Colvin had read in her youth. “Because March 18th. Archived presentations can be found at “A redesigned De La Guerra Plaza as a grand and closed off to daily traffic. humility. Lowe, who and who a BAshe in Black and History and an of that friendship, I feltisablind connection toholds Merton,” said, Studies www.wordandlife.us. civic plaza will add renewed vitality, energy, and The Historic Landmarks Commission will MA in Urban Studies, asserts that the white body, preconditioned by history and biology, connectivity to the greater downtown area,” serve as the project’s approving body. Yet while continues to hold “the posture of the oppressor,” one that is shaped by “fear, anger, said Elander. “It can recognize and educate the commission reacted positively to the project’s trauma.” To correct this, we must face the shame of “protecting our own fight/flight/freeze our community and visitors about Santa overall goals, De La Guerra Plaza’s future is far responses,” considered synonymous with what is called ‘white fragility.’ COVID-19 Joint Task Force. Barbara’s unique history and become a space for from finalized. Many commissioners expressed Lowe believes that Christianity, with its historic culpability using the Bible to justify Committee Chair and SBAOR Past President Thomas Schultheis shared the following, generations to gather and create memories.” concerns that certain elements of the plan did not enslavement, plays a leading role in cultural repair and reconciliation. He founded the “While COVID-19 required us to pivot from our normal fundraising methods, we Director were for the By Brian Johnson, 2021 President, SBAOR Anne Petersen, the Executive fully maintain the plaza’s historic integrity. faith-based community organization, CUREJ (Christians United for Racial and Economic fortunate enough to launch our ‘Dine & Donate’ fundraiser series which turned out to be a Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation, has “I think my biggest disappointment is T HASwith BEEN OVERofAcreating YEAR NOW COVID-19 began community. Justice) the vision healingsince around antiracism. Hisaffecting advocacyour work focuses great success! Dine & Donate proved itself to not only raise $20,000 for the COVID-19 Joint also supported the project, serving as an Advisory this seems to be a very contemporary plaza,” It has been a tumultuous time, but I am proud to say that our local REALTORS stepped on five steps, including: reckoning, re-education, de-monumentalization, undoing policy, Response Effort, but also support and bring recognition to Uncorked Tasting & Kitchen Committee member.Wine She acknowledged that voiced Commissioner Ed Lenvik during the to help with COVID-19 thetelling. pandemic hit in early 2020, the Santa Barbara anduppublic accountability in therelief. spiritWhen of truth and Shalhoob’s Funk Zone Patio who graciously offered to work with us on the fundraiser. We the design should continue evolving based on commission’s February 17th meeting. Association of REALTORS C.O.R.E. Committee quickly pivoted their annual He also underscored the importance of white people undergoing lineage work,fundraising are looking forward to continuing this fundraisingcommunity series this year in support of the Friendship feedback. An item of contention is the proposed efforts targeted our local Santa Barbaraforcommunity. addressing family histories of and struggle which—although allowing assimilationThe committee’s Center.” “The most important thing now is that it pad, which most commissioners felt goal was tostill drive business local restaurant community into white culture—nonetheless carry stories to of our intergenerational trauma. He as well as splash The Santa Barbara Association of REALTORS progresses, C.O.R.E. Committee comprised of and that a isdesign is implemented...” inappropriate. A fountain was suggested raisegermane funds for Joint Task force.ofThe COVID-19 recommended two books to the theseCOVID-19 efforts: A People’s History the United StatesJoint by Task wasdedicated local REALTORS and REALTOR Affiliates who work on behalf of the SBAOR expressed Petersen. “I hope this will be to theraise although due to drought concerns, it was ForceMirror: was established the Santa Barbara Foundation, Howard Zinn and Different A Historyby of Multicultural America by RonaldUnited Takaki.Way of instead, funds for local groups and individuals. generation to finally complete Plaza de la Guerra. determined that the fountain must be aesthetic Barbara County, and racist the Hutton Parkerbut Foundation to going provide “It’s not just about Santa looking at yourself, or your tendencies, how you are As we effort, come through thewww.sbfoundation.org other side of a worldwide If you wouldrunning like to donate to the COVID-19 Joint Response please visit even without water. grants to individuals disproportionately impacted by coronavirus and out and shaping the world and addressing systems of power,” he said. “Your antiracism pandemic and an ongoing reckoning related to The commissioners further asked for a consequences of you the pandemic. work is only as good asthe theeconomic history and context which are drawingPartnering from. Thatrestaurants is why social justice, we need our public spaces to serve stronger sense of connection between the plaza Uncorked Wine Tasting & Kitchen Shalhoob’s FunkAsian Zone Patio white folk need to know their Black history, Latinx history,and indigenous history, Brian Johnson is a California licensed real estate the community, more than ever.” and Casa De La Guerra, traditional species offered hot family sizedtomeals for pickup. Grassini Family American history. We need a peoples’ history shapeavailable our antiracism’s efforts, not just a agent and the Managing Director of Radius Vineyards with the Shalhoob’s Funk Zone Patio Dine and Donate naming of white fragility.” Commercial Real Estate. Johnson handles all types of estate transactions but has a special Event donated a beautiful wine selection. On Thursday, February 11th, To learn more and attend future Historic Landmarkscommercial Commissionreal meetings, visit Brian Word Johnson, and Life series onthe Confronting Racism continues through March 18th. Archived focus on multifamily investments. He can be reached www.santabarbaraca.gov/gov/brdcomm/dm/historic/default.asp SBAOR C.O.R.E Committee presented a check of $20,000 to the SBAOR President


Santa Barbara’s REALTORS Committed To COVID Relief


presentations can be found at www.wordandlife.us.

at 805-879-9631 or bjohnson@radiusgroup.com For information on the De La Guerra Plaza Revitalization Project, visit https://tinyurl.com/y6w9jc24


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March 26, 12, 2021 February

Community News California Missions Foundation Organizes Virtual Field Trip for CA Students

Non-Profit Boardand News Residential Street Sweeping Parking has Resumed SBCC Enforcement Foundation Residential street sweeping and parking enforcement GRACIELA MONTGOMERY has joined the Santa resumed for the City of Santa Barbara. Barbara on CityFebruary College 16th Foundation’s Board of Directors. Community follow posted consultant parking She currentlymembers works asshould a Human Resources instructions, as leadership, regular street sweeping has begun. in the areas of culture and transformational “Rememberwith thather it iscareer illegalspanning to discharge/blow management, many any waste onto a City such street,” City’s announcement. “Street industries as reads media,the finance, nonprofit, consumer Sweeping notmore. only Her keeps ourexperiences streets looking good, but also goods, and past include working improves the Officer air quality, and keeps trash and debrisasout of as Chief HR for NPR and Deckers Brands, storm creeks, the ocean.” well asdrains, holding seniorand leadership roles with Nortel Networks, ABC/Disney, andsweeping, AECOM.visit Over the course Graciela For more about local street https://tinyurl.com/y2oyn5qj of her career, she has led multiple change management Montgomery initiatives in workplace transparency, gender balance, diversity and inclusion, and pay equity.


HILE THE ONGOING PANDEMIC PREVENTS MANY STUDENTS FROM TAKING THE FIELD TRIPS they normally would have this school year, Santa Barbara-based nonprofit California Missions Foundation remains determined to offer fun, educational opportunities. Recently, the organization hosted a virtual field trip on California missions to fourth graders across the state. “This was a great opportunity for us to provide a visual component on California history to students that, for the most part, are studying at home,” said CMF Executive Director David Bolton. “Keeping history alive for the next generation is so important. The response today was tremendous.” For the past 17 years, CMF has hosted a regular in-person field trip program called “All Aboard the Bus,” which sends fourth graders to visit the California missions closest to them. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, CMF shifted their educational opportunities to a virtual platform. The virtual field trip featured information about indigenous people’s histories and several of the California missions. Over 12,000 students from across California participated, including Santa Barbara’s very own Cold Springs Elementary.

The virtual field trip is currently posted on the CMF website for viewing. For info or to donate to CMF, visit www.californiamissionsfoundation.org

JOYCE COLEMAN joins the Santa Barbara City College Foundation’s Board of Directors with more than 28 years of serving as a community college educator and administrator. Having spent ten years working in Minnesota and Oregon, and 18 years in California, her past positions include Dean of Students at Bakersfield College, Vice President of Student Services at Umpqua Community College, and Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management at Century College. Upon accepting ESPITE this THE ONGOING COVID-19 PANDEMIC, the Community Environmental Joyce Coleman Council remains determined to celebrate Earth Day and promote continuing awareness new role, she expressed that she has always intended to lead by example with and activism for our environment. Between April 22nd to the 24th, the CEC will host a her heart, head, and hands. Coleman completed her undergraduate education virtual #CelebrateClimate Leadership Earth Day Festival, featuring music performances, at Sam Houston State University, and holds her master’s degree from University inspirational speakers, environmental groups, and more. of Houston. “In 1970, 20 million Americans took to the streets and parks on the first Earth Day to learn ROBERT K. MILLER was appointed to the Santa about how they could protect the environment, creating a national shock wave that fueled rapid Barbara City College Foundation Board of Directors and impactful action,” said CEC CEO Sigrid Wright. “This is the kind of inspired action we need in December 2020. Having retired from a national today, and it can happen here if we each lean in and commit – to learning, to leading, and taking litigation UE law THE firmJURASSIC in 2015, Miller nowTHEME works as a PARK MUSIC — bold action every day toward environmental solutions.” legal mediator, volunteering for the Santa Barbara this February, the popular Prehistoric Forest The event will be free and completely live-streamed at https://sbearthday.org. Each day Superior Court. active community he ExhibitAn returned to the Santamember, Barbara Museum will focus on a different aspect of climate leadership: youth leadership, business leadership, also servedofon the Goleta Planning Commission from Natural History. Featuring animatronic and community leadership. The CEC will also explain its plan as an organization for how our 2017 to 2020, held theplaques, positionthis of President the dinosaurs and and informative exhibit is of a fun, community can take action against climate change. SBCC Boardexperience of Trusteesthat from 2018 to 2020. He was educational truly brings learning about Featured musicians will include Kenny Loggins, Jackson Gillies, Glen Phillips, and more. There re-electedtotolife. the board in November 2020. Miller holds Robert K. Miller dinosaurs will also be art and poetry contests, opportunities to support and learn more about local businesses his Reservations B.S. degree from Iowa State and hisand J.D. are required to University visit the exhibit, and organizations, and noteworthy speakers on each topic, including Congressman Salud Carbajal. degree from University attendance is the limited in orderoftoMinnesota. ensure safe distancing. www.sbccfoundation.org N the ANidea ACTthat OFeven COMMUNITY SUPPORT, theperson, Kiwanis “We remain committed to though we can’t gather in weOrganization can come of Santa Barbara has donated Face masks are required for all visitors ages three and older. $5,000 to Downtown Santa Barbara in order to support two student interns’ work between January to together with amazing artists, youth activists, and esteemed environmentalists to take collective Indoor exhibits remain closed at this time. 2021. Thesesaid interns help support theFestival organization’s action and lessen our impactJune on the Earth,” Santawill Barbara Earth Day Directorspecial Kathi downtown projects and initiatives, including but not limited to the weekly State Street Promenade For more information and to schedule your visit, go the to former mayor King. of strong federal leadership. This HELENE SCHNEIDER, of “We are proud to celebrate Climate Leadership in a year when we are seeing the returnMarket. “The internship designedsolutions to give the students thecrisis.” valuable leadership experience of working alongside www.mysbnature.org/event-detail/museum-admission https://sbearthday.org inspires toward rapid, is equitable to the climate Santa Barbara, has joined the Santa Barbara Artsus to work even harder community leaders and businesses that are collectively striving to enhance the economic vitality and Collaborative Board. Currently, she serves as the recovery of downtown despite the challenges of the pandemic,” reads a statement from Downtown Santa Regional Development Director for CSU Channel Barbara. Islands and as a Regional Coordinator for the U.S. This donation was made as a part of local Kiwanis members’ celebration of the organization’s 100th Interagency Council on Homelessness. Schneider anniversary. www.kiwanisclubofsantabarbara.org | www.downtownsb.org assumes this new position with a history of supporting Santa Barbara’s artistic economy, having started the “Art the Johnson, Mayor’s Office” project during Byin Brian 2021 President, SBAORher tenure After several recent victories across the state, Californians for Homeownership has as mayor. She also contributed to the creation of the filed suit against the City of Coronado over practices meant to discourage the building Helene Schneider ALIFORNIA CONTINUES TO FACE AN UNPRECEDENTED HOUSING Community Arts Workshop and Pianos on State. In of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in the community. ADUs are secondary CRISIS. The biggest factor is a lack in the supply of new housing. 2016, she won the U.S. Conference of Mayors & Americans for the Arts National housing structures built on single-family properties. Often referred to as Policies related to the supply of new housing are created at a local Award for Arts Leadership. www.sbartscollaborative.org “granny flats”, these are an innovative way to increase the supply of housing level and local governments often create those policies based on voter PAUL W. COLLINS, the Santa Barbara Museum throughout the state. The of suit states that City staff denies ADUs when interests and do not consider our local and regional housing needs. NIMBYs Natural History’s Curator of Vertebrate Zoology, has for the construction of a new home and an homeowners file for permits (Not in My Backyard) and municipalities using exclusionary housing policies retired after 47 and a ADU half years. Ever enchanted withviolates the at the same time. This the City’s written ADU policies and state are a major driver of the housing crisis. These policies are used across the state natural world around him, Collins began volunteering ADU law. to restrict or deny new housing projects, including housing projects that would with the museum while studying at UCcrisis Santa cannot Barbara,be solved by cities and communities working The housing increase access to affordable housing. While the state of California continues JEFFREY ANDERSON has been promoted to the position of where he earned both his undergraduate and Master’s against their own residents in denying or restricting the creation of new to pass laws designed to limit these practices and to make it easier for property President of Electro Optical Industries, Inc. (EOI). With EOI degrees in zoology. Hehousing. holds theOnly longest tenurecooperation and collaboration will we be able to through owners to build there is not a lot they can do to monitor implementation at the having been acquired by HGH Infrared Systems, Anderson out of the museum’s current full-time staff, having solve our housing crisis. Organizations like Californians for Homeownership Brian Johnson, local level. Without a strong organization to stand up for individuals’ property will guide and lead the company to become HGH USA. He authored 72 peer-reviewed publications, 19 other work to help protect the rights of property owners and to further the supply SBAOR President rights there is often little that property owners can do to force these cities to joined EOI as its General Manager in 2019, being especially 69housing contract reports, andstate. 120 To learn more about Californians for of new across the change their practices. Californians for Homeownership is a non-profit organizationpublications/manuscripts, knowledgeable in the areas of optical sciences, systems environmental consulting reports over the course of Homeownership please visit their website at www.caforhomes.org. that was founded to work on behalf of the citizens of California against these policies. engineering, and technical leadership. His past experiences his career. His experiences also included hosting public Californians for Homeownership monitors compliance with the laws and when include working with Lockheed Martin, Teledyne Scientific lectures, collections management, and working with the Brian Johnson is a California licensed real estate necessary they will file suits to make sure they are enforced. This can come in the form & Imaging and L3Harris Technologies. Recently, thanks museum’s education and field trip efforts. In retirement,agent and the Managing Director of Radius of lawsuits aimed at making sure cities review and approve projects in a timely manner, to investments from HGH, Anderson has led research and Jeffrey Anderson Collins has shared that he plans to finish writing his Commercial Real Estate. Johnson handles all types of Paul W. Collins do not overcharge for development fees or to make sure that cities do not discriminate commercial real estate transactions but has a special development initiatives and product innovations such as the book called Birds of California’s Channel Islands: Their with regards to the approval of projects. rapid development mIRcury, a crowd temperature screening solution that will prove Status and Abundance. www.sbnature.orgfocus on multifamily investments. He can be reached at 805-879-9631 or bjohnson@radiusgroup.com useful amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. www.electro-optical.com

CEC to Hold #CelebrateClimateLeadership Virtual Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival

Prehistoric Forest Exhibit Returns to SB Museum of Natural History



Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative

Kiwanis SB Donates $5,000 to Downtown Santa Barbara for Student Interns


Californians for Homeownership Tackles Anti-housing Policies across the State


Electro Optical Industries

Paul W. Collins Retires from SB Museum of Natural History

February 2021 March 12,26, 2021

Local Local News News for for a a Global Global Village Village | | www.VoiceSB.com www.VoiceSB.com


Community Community News SB Unified Approves Plan for Elementary Non-Profit News News Students to Begin Hybrid Learning Junior to League Local Rotary Clubs Host LaunchPoint Welcomes New CFO in March $375,000 Gifted SBCCand Foundation ANTA BARBARA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT will begin welcoming back elementary Soccer Ball & Jump Rope Drives for Students and Board Member To Support Music Programs



students next month with a phased-in, hybrid learning model. The decision was made by the SBUSD BoardLaunchPoint members in their February 23rd school meeting. Aerospace startup has welcomed a new CFOboard and Board of N A HEARTWARMING DISPLAY OF PHILANTHROPY, anonymous donors have donated $375,000 to the “We are ready to see our students back on campus and to continue to serve ourSanta families Directors Member. www.launchpnt.com Barbara City College Foundation in order to benefit the SBCC Music Department’s Jazz and Symphony who chose to remain in our distance learning program,” said SBUSD Superintendent Hilda programs. CYRUS MORICI has joined the LaunchPoint Maldonado. “We also acknowledge and thank our elementary teachers and staff and welcome“Personal them enjoyment of numerous Santa Barbara City College Music Department classes inspired this team as its Chief Financial Officer. He assumes back to their classrooms. Their work and commitment since day ONE has been key to supporting donation,” reads a statement from the anonymous donors. “The faculty’s teaching excellence and personal this role with more than two decades of and guiding our students during this challenging time.” musicianship is world class. We are honored to support the SBCC Music Department’s goal of educating music experience in finance and accounting, with his The hybrid learning model will begin the week of Monday, March 1st through Friday, Marchin our community.” students most recent position being the CFO for Pacific 5th. According to the state Department of Public Health, Santa Barbara County’s adjusted The funding will support the Music Department’s programs in a number of ways, allowing faculty members Design Technologies. There, he played a key role COVID-19 case rate is 16, and has remained under 25 for five consecutive days. This means to finance special projects as well as the immediate needs of the programs. SBCC is internationally known for its in streamlining financial reporting, increasing elementary schools are able to reopen. Music Department and programs, which aim to prepare students for pursuing professional music careers and go the company’s valuation, and offered strategic “If COVID rates continue to decline to seven per 100,000, the state will allow secondary on to four-year music schools. This past summer, SBCC Summer Jazz Program was the only program of its kind guidance that culminated in a successful exit. campuses to reopen,” reads a statement from SBUSD. “Per the district’s labor agreement, therealized and able to continue on a remote basis in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. to today be fully His past experiences also include working as Cyrus Morici district issued a ten-day notice to all certificated secondary educators to return to campus on March “This generous gift is a manifestation of the immense appreciation our community has for SBCC Music and Director of Finance for NuSil Technology, where 9 in preparation for in-person learning.” its renowned jazz and symphony programs,” said CEO of the SBCC Foundation Geoff Green. “We are grateful he helped raise more than $700 million in term loans. He was also a key Each SBUSD offer specific to students andisfamilies. To view the vision inherent in this support that will make it possible for students to benefit for years to come.” contributor onprincipal buy andwillsell-side M&A details transactions. Morici a veteran Big- the SBUSDforCOVID-19 Safety Plan and read other return to in-person resources, visit For more information about the Santa Barbara City College Music Department, visit www.sbcc.edu/music. 4 accounting firm alumnus. www.sbunified.org/support/covid-19-resources. To learn more about the SBCC Foundation or donate, visit www.sbccfoundation.org. DR. BURTON TRIPATHI is LaunchPoint’s newest board member, currently working as General Manager and Head of Visualization R&D at Alcon. His past experiences include working as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology S THE PANDEMIC SURPASSES ITS ONE YEAR ANCE OFFERS STUDENTS THE OPPORTUNITY TO NOT ONLY MOVE AND Officer at TrueVision Systems. There, he helped ANNIVERSARY, many individuals continue to struggle EXPRESStoTHEMSELVES, but with also explore cultural identity. With this in mind, nationallyguide the company a successful exit, a SB Unified PE Teacher Ethan Zolt and Junior League of Santa Barbara representative Jessica Burns Latinxnon-ophthalmology dance organization Ballet Hispánico is partnering with Arts & Lectureswith food insecurity. In order to expand nutritional spinout of renowned the company’s arts program ¡Viva el Arte de Santa Bárbara! for a virtual residency. Betweenservices and enhance food security, Organic Soup Kitchen business atcommunity the same time. Tripathi is a McKinsey ORE nonprofits SANTA BARBARA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT STUDENTS WILL BE hasCounty partnered with more than a dozen across Santa 26th and March 18th, veteran, 40 onlineand workshops taughtTrippathi at three Santa Barbara & January Co. management consultant holds willDr.beBurton RUNNING, JUMPING, AND PLAYING this spring thanks to the efforts of the Barbara County. dance. expertise in the areas of life sciences, advanced schools, pushing students to learn through League of Santa Barbara and local Rotary Clubs. Upon realizing the need for “It’sel more important than everJunior to unify efforts to reach the most “We are thrilled to collaborate with Viva technology, and corporate finance. equipment so students can continue their physical education classes at home, these underserved Arte Santa Bárbara again. This partnership helps residents struggling to put food on the table,” says organizations teamed up with the Santa Barbara Education Foundation to host soccer ball and Andrea Slaby, Chief Operating Officer at Organic Soup Kitchen. bring our teaching and performances to many drives.most vulnerable residents “Our mission to servejump Santarope Barbara’s communities lacking access to arts programming need for all kidsand to have access aligns with these“The incredible agencies, together weto sports equipment in the home is especially crucial and in turn ignites cultural pride with directly a sense of during remote learning,” said SB Unified have a greater impact on the health and well being of our PE Teacher Ethan Zolt. “The joy and excitement of belonging for those communities,” saidcan Eduardo receiving this gift were evident, as smiling students proudly displayed their new soccer balls at community.” Vilaro, CEO and Artistic Director of Ballet recent PE Zoom classes!” ill More than 1,000 our low most income seniors and chronically Hispánico. “Now more than ever, our presence The Junior League of Santa the efforts forSanta the soccer ballFoundation, drive this past individuals month. led According to the Barbara about and work with Black and Brown communities is are served by Organic Soup Kitchen eachBarbara January. Local law firm Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck sponsored the drive, with Kitchen community ten percent of adults and 18.5 percent of children in our county confront food insecurity. Organic Soup essential.” members donating and gently balls. A total of 640 soccer ballshigh werequality gathered is working to meet the increased need forboth foodnew services amidstused the pandemic, taking pride in the andfor Over 130 students ranging from elementary Unified elementary students. healthy value of theirSB meals. through high school will have the opportunity for new wasorganization raised by local clubs, including Rotary Cluband of “Since 2009, OrganicFunding Soup Kitchen hasjump beenropes the only in Rotary Santa Barbara County to handcraft to partake in these workshops. Ballet Hispánico Santa Barbara Sunrise, Rotary Club of Santa Barbara North, and Rotary Club of Santa Barbara. deliver metabolic oncology SoupMeals to the homes of low income cancer patients, seniors, and chronically ill,” company dancer and teaching artist Laura Lopez ToOrganic date, 850Soup jumpKitchen. ropes have already distributed to SB Unified elementary students, reads athe statement from “Clients arebeen referred to Organic Soup Kitchen from nearly 20 of with will lead the program, with students having over a thousand more expected. the mostand prominent agencies in the County’s public health and human services sector.” https://sbefoundation.org chance to engage with expert choreographers Organic Soup Kitchen’s partnerships include Cottage Hospital, Sansum Clinic, Ridley Tree Cancer Center, cultural contexts through the company’s repertory. VNA Health, Ultimately, there will be a live, virtual event to Hospice of Santa Barbara, Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation, PATH, Salvation Army, New Beginnings, Self-Help Housing, American Cancer Society, Adult Protective Services, Pacific Bridge Wellness Center, share the residencies’ process with the Peoples’ communities Yoga Soup, Santa Barbara Housing Authority, Veggie Rescue, Center for Successful Aging, and Community of Isla Vista Elementary, Kermit McKenzie, Learn more or donate at: www.organicsoupkitchen.org PartnersaIn Caring. and Santa Barbara High School. Additionally, broadcast of Ballet Hispánico’s “En Familia” will be DANA REED has been selected to serve as the chairman of the LOSSAN available from March 19th to the 26th on the TVSB Agency Board. The Mayor Pro Tem for the City of Indian Wells, he also www.ballethispanico.org community channel. currently serves on the Riverside County Transportation Commission. RE YOU INTERESTED IN TRYING OUT AN ELECTRIC BIKE, Ballet Hispánico company dancer and His past experiences within the transportation industry include acting but don’t teaching artist Laura have Lopezaccess or rental fees? Recently, the Santa Barbara as the Undersecretary County Association of Governments (SBCAG) launched its EZ O SUPPORT LOCAL NONPROFITS,of the Business, Transportation, and Housing Agency, Executive Director of the California Toll Bridge Authority, a Bike Project demo program, offering residents the chance to try humanitarian causes, and individuals, member of the Orange County Transportation Authority Board, and different electric bike models free of charge. In doing so, SBCAG hopes TV Santa Barbara has announced of the Orange County Transportation Commission. Reed is a to encourage locals to utilize electric bikes in their own lives, ultimately the launching ofchairman its communityfounding partner of Los Angeles-based law firm Reed & Davidson, LLP, decreasing traffic and air pollution. wide TVSB Give Forward Program. As the N“Greater A SEASON OF AWARDS AND RECOGNITION FOR SANTA and holds his Juris Doctor degree from Loyola Law School. competition and economies of scale have brought down BARBARA CITY Dana Reed operator of the region’s channels 17 and 71, PROGRAMS, the college’s Vocational Nursing by ranking theCOLLEGE’S price and increased the accessibility, quality, and selection ofprogram e-bikes,” has been listed this program will offer video production service as SBCAG #10 in the western U.S. “The EZ Bike GREGG HART, Santa Barbara County Supervisor, Second District, said Kent NursingProcess.org Epperson, Director of Traffic Solutions. resources for event coverage and live“We applaud the efforts of Santa Barbara City College toward nurturing the academic and will serve as the vice chairman of the LOSSAN Agency Board. An Project has a fleet of ten e-bikes from local and online retailers that range streams, fundraising videos, public service career goals ofless nursing reads NursingProcess.org’s to SBCC on its recent win. engaged county resident, Hart has held a number of positions in local in price from than students,” $1,000 to $3,500. The selection offers statement participants announcements, and more. “Congratulations to the students, faculty, and administrators of the college!” government over the years, including acting as a Santa Barbara City the opportunity to compare features, pricing, and ride quality between the “TV Santa Barbara is in a unique NursingProcess.org examined 423 Licensed Practical Nurse programs across the western U.S. Council Member, a Planning Commissioner, and a California Coastal different demo bikes. Either way, the investment one makes in an e-bike position to meet the media needs of our community safely and responsibly,” said Erik Davis, Executive Director of in its efforts to determine the top ten programs. Each program was evaluated on four components Commissioner. He has also been involved with local transportation will save money compared to driving a car.” TV Santa Barbara. “By providing video resources, individuals and organizations are able to share their stories and – theUnlike nursing school’s reputation, academic and National Council Licensure efforts, having served as the original manager of the Santa Barbara other bicycle shops, theaffordability, EZ Bike Project allowsquality, individuals to expand their impact within Santa Barbara, building a stronger community for us all.” Examination (NCLEX-PN) pass rates. County Association of Government’s (SBCAG) Traffic Solutions test an electric bike over the course of a weekend at their own rate, letting Applications for the TVSB Give Forward program are open through Friday, April 30th at SBCC’s Vocational Nursing program lasts three semesters, with its graduates leaving prepared program, which promotes sustainable and environmentally-conscious them test ride the bike across different routes and conditions. Moreover, as http://tvsb.tv/giveforward. Applicants are able to apply for either full or discounted media services, with preference to act as ethical, caring, and competent Licensed Vocational Nurses in a range of environments, transportation. He has also held the position of Deputy Executive Hart this is a demo program, individuals can try different models free of charge given to productions Gregg that could be aired on community access television. including hospices, clinics, homes, extended care, and more. Students learn about topics such Director for SBCAG, and supported efforts to improve bus and without the pressure to purchase. “Additional preference will be given to those who are underrepresented in traditional media and applications as medical-surgical nursing, pharmacology, administration of therapeutic agents, nutrition and passenger rail service and widen the 101 freeway. that focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion,” reads TVSB’s announcement. Reservations are available between Thursdays and Mondays. Individuals care for patients with gastrointestinal problems, and the foundation of nursing practice in both can make their reservation and learn more at To learn more about the Los Angeles - San San Luis Obispo Corridor Agency To learn more and fillDiego out an- application, visitRail http://tvsb.tv/giveforward laboratory and classroom style classes. www.sbcc.edu/nursing/vn/index.php www.trafficsolutions.org/ezbike.

Organic Soup Kitchen Collaborates to Improve Ballet Hispánico Partners with ¡Viva el Arte de Santa Bárbara! for Virtual Residency Local Food Security

EZ Bike Project Invites Locals to Try Electric Bikes




Dana Reed and Gregg Hart Selected for LOSSAN Agency Board of Directors Leadership

TV Santa Barbara Launches TVSB Give Forward Program


SB City College Vocational Nursing Program Ranks in Top 10 of Western U.S.

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(LOSSAN Agency), visit www.pacificsurfliner.com/about/lossan-updates.


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February March 26, 12, 2021 2021

State Street Ballet presenta Ballroom: La producción de Transmisiones en vivo del Teatro Lobero: Apoya al Teatro Lobero para Justice Book Club - They Called Us Enemy: SB Fun Public2019 de Ballroom se transmitirá Virtual gratis enSocial YouTube como SBIFF Family Film ver sus ofertas de conciertos virtuales, incluyendo John Kay, KT Tunstall y Library’s Social Justicede Book Club will host this online on George parte de la serie de primavera Compartiendo el centro Chicken Run:discussion Join Ginger Theya las Called Us Enemy from 5:45 to 6:45pm Thursday, February 25th. atención • Estreno del jueves, 11 Takei’s de marzo 7:30pm, and her feathered friends as Pianos on State. Para boletos (Gratis-$15) visita www.lobero.org/series/live-streaming Co-moderated by historical archaeologist Lau-Ozawa.toRegister (free) at disponible hasta el 17 de marzo en theyKoji attempt fly the coop https://tinyurl.com/yyw5mp78. in this weekend’s Family Fun www.youtube.com/c/StateStreetBallet Nightly Met Opera Streams: Streams begin at 7:30pm EDT at Film,Nos Chicken Run! Access www.metopera.org and are available for 20 hours. Club de lectura de justicia social virtual: llamaron enemigo: El club the free guideestaat: LECTURES | MEETINGSde lectura | WORKSHOPS de justicia social de la biblioteca públicaactivity de SB organizará Transmisiones nocturnas de Met Opera: Las transmisiones comienzan a las https://tinyurl.com/y99swcwq discusión en línea sobre Nos llamaron enemigo de George Takei de 5:45 a CONFERENCIAS | REUNIONES 7:30pm EDT en www.metopera.org y están disponibles durante 20 horas. 6:45pm el jueves, 25 de febrero. Co-moderado por el arqueólogo histórico New to Medicare Presentation: Koji The Health Insurance CAMA at Home Presents An Interview with Stephen Hough: Filmed Lau-Ozawa. Regístrate (gratis) en Diversión Counseling and Advocacy Program will sponsor this free cinematográfica familiar interview with critically acclaimed British pianist, composer, teacher, and https://tinyurl.com/yyw5mp78. virtual presentation at 10am Thursday, March 11th. To SBIFF - Chicken Run: writer • https://tinyurl.com/y4uu8jub. register, call 1-800-434-0222, 1-805-928-5663, ¡Únete Ginger y sus MOVIES or&Seniors@ THEATRE | CINE Y aTEATRO CAMA en Casa presenta una entrevista con Stephen Hough: entrevista kcbx.net or visit www.CentralCoastSeniors.org amigos emplumados multi-unit housing projects • through Wednesday March 3rd, visit filmada con el pianista, compositor, profesor y escritor británico aclamado SBIFF Family Film Fun - Snow White and the Seven Dwarves: Enjoy this mientras intentan dejar Presentación de nuevo al Medicare: El Programa https://tinyurl.com/y7jwrn26. timeless Disney classic about the beautiful White and her de por la crítica • https://tinyurl.com/y4uu8jub . suprincess casaSnow en la película de Asesoramiento y Defensa sobre Seguros de Salud Family Funfamiliar Film! Access diversión detheeste The Home Project: The Marjorie Luke Theatre Virtual Concert Series and Taller en línea sobre nuevas regulaciones de tamaño de edificios: La ciudad efforts to escape an evil queen in this week’s patrocinará esta presentación virtual gratuita las 10am activity guidea(free) at https://tinyurl.com/y8edferp. fin de semana, Chicken On the Verge Theatre Festival present The Home Project, featuring local de Santa Bárbara te invita a enviar tus comentarios para ayudar a desarrollar el jueves, 11 de marzo. Para registrarte, llama al 1-800CHILDREN nuevos | NIÑOS Run! Accede a la guía de poets, playwrights, spoken and visual artists. Free • www.luketheatre.org. estándares para proyectos de viviendas de unidades múltiples • hasta Diversión cinematográfica 434-0222, 1-805-928-5663, o envía un correo electrónico a familiar de SBIFF - Blancanieves y los Siete actividades miércoles, 3 de marzo, visita of https://tinyurl.com/y7jwrn26. Registrations forel the Santa Barbara Museum Natural Enanos: ¡Disfruta de este clásico de Disney sobre la hermosagratuita princesa en: El proyecto de la casa: La Serie de Conciertos Virtuales del Teatro Marjorie Seniors@kcbx.net o visita www.CentralCoastSeniors.org History’s NatureVolunteer Adventures Camps & session Classes hosted are openby Community Partners in Caring Blancanieves y sus esfuerzos por escaparhttps://tinyurl.com/y99swcwq de una reina malvada en la película information Luke y el Festival de Teatro On the Verge presentan El proyecto de la casa, A Webinar on COVID-19 Vaccines: Independent Living for Spring and Summer / pricestovary. for thosesessions, interestedageinranges volunteering help Santa Barbara and Goleta seniors de diversión familiar de esta semana! Accede a la guía de actividades (gratis) con poetas locales, dramaturgos, artistas hablados y visuales • Gratis • Resource Center will host this free about how the Sign up at https://tinyurl.com/ych7wenb en webinar https://tinyurl.com/y8edferp. • 12:30pm Thursday, February 25th. Attend Zoom via this link: www.luketheatre.org. habilidades de los niños y cómo se evalúa su preparación discussions between SBIFF’s programmers and filmmakers. vaccine works, possible side-effects, and how to sign up for https://tinyurl.com/y8f3keg8. Las inscripciones para los campamentos y clases de – Though be dark... PCPA Plays11On! para lamay escuela • 1-2pm jueves, de ismarzo • Regístrate Each week a short film will be available for viewing online, the vaccine • 10:30am Thursday,PCPA MarchPlays 11th On! • Register by their stages aventuras en la Sesión naturaleza del Museo depara Historia Naturalorganizado sharing a variety of virtual programs for all that are fun, educational, OUTDOORS | AL LIBRE (gratis) enages https://tinyurl.com/y72uu4bx followed by aAIRE live virtual conversation on Thursdays at March at www.ilrc-trico.org/covid-19/registration.php de información voluntarios por4th Community de Santa Bárbara están abiertas parapara las sesiones engaging, and theatre focused. www.pcpa.org/PCPAPlaysOn/ 6pm. To sign up for a talk or to900watch pastblocks talks visit https:// Partners in Caring aquellos de interesados en ofrecerse como voluntarios State Street Promenade Market: Located on the & 1000 of State Downtown Business Spotlight Taking a Bite Out of Un seminario web sobre vacunas del COVID-19: El Centro primavera y verano, rangos edad / precios varían. sbiff.org/filmtalk/ para los ayudar a lasdepersonas mayores de Santa Bárbara y Goleta • 12:30pm el PCPA Continúa! – Aunque sus escenarios esten oscuros ... ¡PCPA Continúa! Street between Carrillo and Figueroa Sts • Burger Week: Join Matt Kettmann, as he speaks with Clay de Recursos para la Vida Independiente será el anfitrión de Regístrate en https://tinyurl.com/ych7wenb jueves, 25 de febrero. Asiste por Zoom a través de este enlace: compartiendo variedad de programas virtuales todas (Little las Kitchen),3 to https://tinyurl.com/yx9v4pmd Adams (Natural Cafe), para Bob Stout and7:30pm Thursdays Charla• de cine SBIFF: Una serie en línea de proyecciones y este seminario web gratuito sobreestácómo funciona launa vacuna, https://tinyurl.com/y8f3keg8. Kids Salsa Classes: ME Sabor Dance Studio is hosting salsa son divertidos, atractivos centrados• 3pm en el Thursday, teatro. March 11th • Jay Ferro (Kyle’sy Kitchen) debates entre los programadores y cineastas de SBIFF. los posibles efectos secundarios yedades cómoque inscribirte para la educativos, Mercado del State Street Promenade: Ubicado en las cuadras 900 y 1000Cada de la classes for kids aged 6-10 from 4-5pmSpotlight: every Thursday www.pcpa.org/PCPAPlaysOn/ Register (free) https://tinyurl.com/y8mlgk2r. Calle State entre las semana, un cortometraje estará disponible enjueves línea,• seguido vacunaTravel: • 10:30am • Inscríbete antes del Downtown Business Returnatof Experiential Joinjueves, Matt 11 de marzo Calles Carrillo y Figueroa • 3 a 7:30pm los Oak Park Stage,Kettmann 600 W Junipero St, Santa Barbara. Open de una conversación virtual en vivo los jueves a las 6pm. 4 de(SBmarzo www.ilrc-trico.org/covid-19/registration.php for a conversation with David De L’Arbre TravelenBureau), SBIFF Film Talk: An online seriesDowntown of screenings and discussions https://tinyurl.com/yx9v4pmd Business Spotlightbetween - Tomando un bocado de enrollment, participants must RSVP at Sonia De Los Santos: UCSB Arts & Para inscribirte en una charla o ver charlas anteriores, visita Michael Cohen (SB Adventure Company), and Kathy Janega-Dykes (Visit SBIFF’s programmers and filmmakers. Each week a short film will be la Semana de la hamburguesa: Únete a Matt Kettmann, Ladies & Lattes Network Meetup: Hosted by SB Business https://tinyurl.com/ycljdnsx Spooky Tours with Santa Barbara Ghost Tours: Join Professor Julie Ann Lectures will present free, family-friendly https://sbiff.org/filmtalk/ Santa Barbara) • 3pm Thursday, February 25th • Register for Zoom at available for viewing online, followed by a live virtual conversation on mientras habla con Clay Adams (Natural Cafe), Bob Stout Network • 12pm Thursday, March 11th • Register (members Brown as she tours you through Downtown Santa Barbara sharing the stories music in a filmed performance titled https://tinyurl.com/y74ghqpl. Clases de salsa para niños: ME Sabor Dance Studio ofrece Thursdays at 6pm. To sign up for a talk or to watch past talks visit (Little Kitchen) y Jay Ferro (Kyle’s Kitchen) • jueves, 11 de free, $10 general admission) https://tinyurl.com/yd5dqytt. of local resident ghosts.A of tours: Downtown Paranormal Wine and En Casa con Sonia. Register by 10am MUSICvariety | MÚSICA clases de salsa para niños deBusiness 6 a 10 años de 4 a 5pm todosde viajes experienciales: Únete https://sbiff.org/filmtalk/ marzo a las 3pm • Regístrate (gratis) Downtown Spotlight: Regreso Spirits; Legends, Myths, and Mayhem; Dead of the Night • $35-$150 • Saturday, March 13th to receive access Reunión de Ladies & Lattes Network: organizada por los jueves en Oaka Matt Park Kettmann Stage, 600 para W Junipero St, Santa https://tinyurl.com/y8mlgk2r. Opera SB Operation Eurydice: Opera Santa Barbara is una conversación con David De L’Arbre (SB Travel de cine www.sbghosttour.com to the video through March 20th at Network • jueves, 11Charla de marzo a lasSBIFF: 12pm Una serie en línea de proyecciones y debates entre los Barbara. Inscripción abierta, los participantes deben Company)SBy Business offering free, live community music performances each Bureau), Michael Cohen (SB Adventure Kathy Janega-Dykes programadores y cineastas de SBIFF. Cada semana, un cortometraje estará https://tinyurl.com/ycaaedj6 Chaucer’s Books Virtual Author Discussion with Dr. • Regístrate (miembros gratis, entrada general de $10) confirmar su asistencia en https://tinyurl.com/ycljdnsx Recorridos espeluznantes conmore Santaand Barbara Ghost Tours: Únete a la near week. Learn view upcoming performances (Visit Santa Barbara) • jueves, 25 de febrero a las 3pm • Regístrate para conversación virtualchair en vivo los jueves a of Human E. Lieberman, of the Department https://tinyurl.com/yd5dqytt. disponible en línea, seguido de unaDaniel profesora Julie Ann Brown mientras recorre por el centro de Santa Bárbara you at https://tinyurl.com/y85kbbuv. Zoom en https://tinyurl.com/y74ghqpl. 2021Sonia Virtual SB Annual Community Seed Swap: las 6pm. Para inscribirte en una charla o ver charlas anteriores, visitaUniversity, on his new De Los Santos: UCSB Arts Evolutionary Biology at Harvard compartiendo las historias de los fantasmas residentes locales. Una variedad DANCE | BAILE Nurturing Know-how: Boostinghttps://sbiff.org/filmtalk/ School Readiness: Join Santa Barbarapresentará Permaculture Network’s 13th & Lectures música book Exercised: Why Something We Never Evolveddetorecorridos: Do Is Opera SB Operación Eurídice: OperaLeyendas, Santa Barbara February B2B Virtual Networking: The SB South Coast Chamber of Vinos y licores paranormales del centro; mitos y the SB Public Library for this virtual class on how caregivers Annual Community Seed Swap en is ongoing, gratuita para toda la familia una State Street Ballet presents Ballroom: 2019 production of Healthy and Rewarding • 5pm Thursday, March 11 • Access ofrece presentaciones de música comunitaria en vivo gratis Commerce will host this virtual networking event from 9-10am Thursday, caos; Muerto de la noche • $ 35-$150 • www.sbghosttour.com can support children’s skills and how they are assessed for through Februaryfilmada 27th. Totitulada view activities and presentación En Ballroom will stream for free on YouTube as part of Sharing MUSIC | MÚSICA Zoom link (free) at https://tinyurl.com/yawhvhoh cada semana. Obtén más información y ve las próximas February 25th. Register ($10 for members, $20 general admission) at school readiness • 1-2pm Thursday, March 11th • Register participate, the Regístrate event’s Facebook at Santa Barbara Botanic Garden from 10am to 5pm daily. Visitors Casa convisit Sonia. antes de page the Spotlight spring series • 7:30pm Thursday, March 11th presentaciones cerca• daily de ti en https://tinyurl.com/y85kbbuv https://tinyurl.com/yy4tm3va. Opera SB Operation Eurydice: Opera Santa Barbara is offering free, live BooksThe Discusión virtual del autor de Chaucer’s con (free) at https://tinyurl.com/y72uu4bx https://tinyurl.com/y68om8t3 must wear a mask and practice social distancing • www.sbbg.org las 10am del sábado, 13 de marzo premiere, available for viewing through March 17th at community music performances each week. Learn more and view upcoming el Dr. Daniel E. Lieberman, profesor y presidente del Luke Theatre’s Virtual Concert Series: SB Singer/ Redes virtuales B2B de febrero: La Cámara de Comercio de la Costa Sur para recibir acceso al video hasta www.youtube.com/c/StateStreetBallet Cultivar el conocimiento: impulsar la preparación paraat https://tinyurl.com/y85kbbuv. performances near you de Santa Mendeleyev; Bárbara • abierto todos los días de 10amLuke; a 5pm. Departamento de Biología Evolutiva Humana deElla jardín botánicosongwriter Resonance; Pianos at The de SB organizará este evento de redes virtuales de 9 a 10am el jueves, 25 de Intercambio anual el 20 de marzo en virtual de semillas la escuela: Únete a la Biblioteca Pública de SB para esta Los visitantes usar Gillies cubrebocas y practicar elat distanciamiento social • Universidad de Harvard, en su nuevo libro Ejercitado: Por deben Opera SB Operación Eurídice: Opera Santa Barbara ofrece presentaciones de Jackson in Concert. Free www.luketheatre.org febrero. Regístrate ($10 para miembros, $20 de admisión general) en de la comunidad de SB del 2021: El 13º https://tinyurl.com/ycaaedj6 clase virtual sobre cómo los cuidadores pueden apoyar las www.sbbg.org que nunca parayhacer y música comunitaria en vivo gratis qué cadaalgo semana. Obténevolucionamos más información ve es saludable https://tinyurl.com/yy4tm3va. intercambio anual de semillas de la Serie de conciertos virtuales del Teatro Luke: El Cantante gratificante • 5pm jueves, 11 de marzo • Accede alThe enlace de Coast las próximas presentaciones cerca de ti en https://tinyurl.com/y85kbbuv. comunidad de la Red de Permacultura de Gaviota Conservancy: Recommends walks thatPianos you can y compositor de SB Mendeleyev;three Resonancia; at Living Democracy Talk - Halfway Home: Race, Punishment, and the Zoom (gratis) en https://tinyurl.com/yawhvhoh Santa Bárbara está en curso, hasta el 27 de Luke Theatre’s Virtual Concert Series: SB Singer/songwriter Mendeleyev; take on the Gaviota Oil Gillies Point Reserve and Devereux TheCoast: Luke;Coal Jackson en Concierto. Gratis enSlough, www. Afterlife of Mass Incarceration: The UCSB Interdisciplinary Humanities febrero. Para ver las actividades y participar, Artists reflecting on ourWhat’s diverseNext cultures with songs, musical Baron Ranch, andluketheatre.org Arroyo Hondo Preserve. https://tinyurl.com/y7rn6jyt for Immigration Advocates? The Interfaith Center welcomesReunión Reuben Jonathan Miller, an Assistant Professor in the del Concejo Municipal de Santa Bárbara • 2pm martes,Resonance: 16 de marzo. Aprende visita la página de Facebook del evento en compositions, and spoken word; Pianos at The Luke: SB artists diverse Sanctuary Alliance of SB willplay hostathis virtual panel University of Chicago Schooldeofforma Socialvirtual ServiceenAdministration, for a virtual más/asiste https://tinyurl.com/yap8xgar The Gaviota Coast Conservancy: Recomienda caminatas que puedes Lobero Theatre Live Streams:tres Support the Lobero by https://tinyurl.com/y68om8t3 selection; Singer/songwriter and producer Jackson Gillies Concert. Watch former director discussion with Rev. Dr.inAlexia Salvatierra, talk on the afterlife of mass incarceration from 4-5pm Thursday, February realizar en la costawatching de Gaviota: Coal Oil Point Reserve y Devereux Slough, their offerings of virtual concerts including, John Montecito Planning Commission Meeting • 9am Wednesday, March 17th. Agenda to be free at www.luketheatre.org of CLUE LA; Frank Rodriguez, policy advocate with 25th. ASL and Spanish interpretation provided. Register (free) at Baron Ranch y Arroyo Hondo Preserve. https://tinyurl.com/y7rn6jyt Kay, KT Tunstall, and Pianos on State. For tickets (Free-$15) posted https://tinyurl.com/y6cm7nq4 CAUSE;Luke: and more on howy tocompositor support immigrants rights Serie de conciertos virtuales del Teatro El Cantante https://tinyurl.com/y4w5yseg. City of SB Planning Commission Meeting • 1pm Thursday, March 11th. Learn more/ visitTo www.lobero.org/series/live-streaming Lotusland is open. reserve a Self-Guided Tour call 805.969.9990 • movement and nationally • 7-8:30pm Thursday, de SB Mendeleyev; Resonancia: Artistas que locally reflexionan sobre nuestras Reunión de la Comisión de Planificación de Montecito • 9am miércoles, 17 de marzo. attend https://tinyurl.com/y7p9hamq Charla sobre la democracia viva - A mitad de camino a casa: raza, castigo www.lotusland.org March 11th • Register (free) at https://tinyurl.com/ydgpshvz diversas culturas con canciones, composiciones musicales y la palabra Transmisiones en vivo del Teatro Lobero: Apoya al Teatro La agenda se publicará en https://tinyurl.com/y6cm7nq4 el más allá del encarcelamiento masivo: El Centro Interdisciplinario Reunión de la Comisión de Planificación de la Ciudad de SB • 1pm jueves, 11y de marzo. hablada; Pianos at The Luke: Los¿Qué artistas de SB tocan una selección Lobero Para para reservar ver sus ofertas de conciertos virtuales, Lotusland esta abierto. una visita autoguiada, llamaincluyendo al sigue para los defensores de diversa; la inmigración? La de HumanidadesCity de UCSB la bienvenida a Reuben Jonathanconsent Miller, agenda review of SBda Historic Landmarks Commission • 11am Wednesday,y productor Jackson Obtén más información/asiste de forma virtual en Cantante / compositor Gillies en Alliance Concierto. John Kay, KT Tunstall y Pianos on State. Para boletos 805.969.9990. www.lotusland.org Interfaith Sanctuary of Disfrútalos SB será el anfitrión de LECTURES | MEETINGS | WORKSHOPS profesor asistente de la Escuela de Administración de Servicios Sociales de March 17th. Learn more/attend https://tinyurl.com/ybt8ztba https://tinyurl.com/y7p9hamq gratis en www.luketheatre.org este panel de discusión virtual con la Rev. Dra. Alexia (Gratis-$15) visita www.lobero.org/series/live-streaming la Universidad de Chicago, para una charla virtual sobre la vida después de Carpinteria Birdwatchers Virtual Meetings: Evening birdwatching classes CONFERENCIAS | REUNIONES Revisión de la agenda de consentimiento de la Comisión de Monumentos Históricos Salvatierra, ex directora de CLUE Montecito Board of Architectural Review Meeting • 1pm Thursday, March 11th. Lobero Theatre Live Streams: Support the Lobero by watching theirLA; Frank Rodríguez, Nightly Metoutings Opera• Streams: Streams beginlevels. at 7:30pm EDT la muerte de encarcelamiento masivo de 4 a 5pm el jueves, 25 de febrero. Se and morning birdwatching Free , all ages & ability 4-5:15pm de la Ciudad de SB • 11am miércoles, 17 de marzo. Aprende más /asiste de forma virtual defensor políticas de CAUSE; más sobre apoyar via Zoom: NewAgenda BuildingtoSize Regulations Online Workshop: The City of Santa be posted at https://tinyurl.com/y6cm7nq4 offerings of virtual concerts including, JohndeKay, KT Tunstall, and yPianos on cómo at www.metopera.org and are available for 20 hours. proporciona interpretación en ASL y español. Regístrate (gratis) en Thursdays https://tinyurl.com/y9rheypj en https://tinyurl.com/ybt8ztba movimiento por los derechos de los inmigrantes a nivel Barbara invites you to submit your input to help develop new standards for State. For tickets (Free-$15) visit elwww.lobero.org/series/live-streaming Reunión de la Junta de Revisión de Arquitectura de Montecito • 1pm jueves,https://tinyurl.com/y4w5yseg. 11 de Transmisiones nocturnas de Met Opera: Las transmisiones de Observadores de Aves de Carpinteria: Clases local y nacional • 7-8:30pm jueves, 11 de marzo •Reuniones Regístrate Virtuales City of SB Historic Landmarks Commission Meeting • 1:30pm Wednesday, March marzo. La agenda se publicará en https://tinyurl.com/y6cm7nq4 comienzandeaaves las 7:30pm EDT en www.metopera.org y están nocturnas de observación y salidas matutinas de observación de aves (gratis) en https://tinyurl.com/ydgpshvz 17th. Learn more/attend https://tinyurl.com/ybt8ztba durante 20 horas. 4-5:15pm los jueves a través • Gratis, todas lasdisponibles edades y niveles de habilidad. Central Board of Architectural Review Meeting • Friday, March 12th. Agenda to be PFLAG Spanish Speaking March Meeting • 7pmde Zoom: https://tinyurl.com/y9rheypj Reunión de la Comisión de Monumentos Históricos de la Ciudad de SB • 1:30pm posted at https://tinyurl.com/y6cm7nq4 The Home Project: The Marjorie Luke Theatre Virtual Revisión de la agenda de consentimiento de la Junta de Revisión de City of SB Historic Landmarks Commission Meeting • 1:30pm Thursday, March 11th. Pre-registration is required, contact miércoles, 17 de marzo. Aprende más /asiste de forma virtual en https://tinyurl.com/ybt8ztba Concert Series and On the Verge Theatre Festival present Arquitectura de la Ciudad de SB • 1pm lunes, 1 de marzo. Obtén más Wednesday, March 3rd. Learn more/attend https://tinyurl.com/ybt8ztba. pflagsantabarbara@gmail.com Reunión de la Junta Central de Revisión de Arquitectura • viernes, 12 de marzo. La The Home Project, featuring local poets, playwrights, spoken información /veCounty la reunión enPlanning https://tinyurl.com/y8aauqma. of SB and Development Department Special Problems Committee agenda se publicará en https://tinyurl.com/y6cm7nq4 Reunión de la Comisión de Monumentos Históricos de la Ciudad de SB Reunión de marzo de habla hispana de PFLAG • jueves, 11 and visual artists. Free • www.luketheatre.org Meeting • 1:30pm Thursday, March 18th. Agenda to be posted City of SB Single Family Design Board Meeting • 3pm Monday, March • 1:30pm miércoles, 3 de marzo. Obtén más información /ve la reunión en de marzo a las 7pm. Se requiere preinscripción, envía un City of SB Single Family Design Board consent agenda review • 11am Monday, March https://tinyurl.com/y6cm7nq4 1st. Learn more/attend https://tinyurl.com/y9q2ng9v. https://tinyurl.com/ybt8ztba. The of Santa Barbarahttps://tinyurl.com/y9q2ng9v Fire & Police Commission • 4pm Thursday, correo electrónico a pflagsantabarbara@gmail.com 15th.City Learn more/attend Reunión del Comité de Problemas Especiales del Departamento de Planificación y February 25th. Learn more/attend at https://tinyurl.com/yxmqq52j. Reunión de la junta de diseño unifamiliar de la ciudad de SB • 3pm City of SB Street Tree Advisory Committee Meeting • 8:30am Thursday, Revisión de la agenda de consentimiento de la Junta de Diseño de Vivienda Desarrollo del Condado de SB • 1:30pm jueves, 18 de marzo. La agenda se publicará en MOVIES & THEATRE | CINE Y TEATRO lunes, de 1 de marzo. Obtén más información /ve la reunión en March 4th. Learn more/attend https://tinyurl.com/y8f765sf. La Comisiónde delaPolicía y Bomberos de la15Ciudad de Santa Bárbara Unifamiliar Ciudad de SB • lunes, de marzo a las 11am. Aprende más /asiste https://tinyurl.com/y6cm7nq4 https://tinyurl.com/y9q2ng9v. •forma 4pm jueves, febrero. Obtén más información /ve la reunión en virtual25endehttps://tinyurl.com/y9q2ng9v SBIFFdeFamily Film Fun - Chicken Reunión del Comité Asesor de Árboles Calle de la Ciudad de SB •Run: Join Ginger and City of SB Planning Commission Meeting • 1pm Thursday, March 18th. Learn more/ https://tinyurl.com/yxmqq52j. her feathered friends as they attempt 8:30am jueves, 4 de marzo. Obtén más información /ve la reunión en to fly the coop in Santa Barbara City Council Meeting • 2pm Tuesday, March 2nd. Learn City of SB Architectural Board of Review consent agenda review • 1pm Monday, March attend https://tinyurl.com/y7p9hamq this weekend’s Family Fun Film, Chicken Run! Access the https://tinyurl.com/y8f765sf. more/attend https://tinyurl.com/yap8xgar. Montecito of Architectural Review • 1pm Thursday, February 15th. LearnBoard more/attend https://tinyurl.com/y8aauqma free activity guide at: https://tinyurl.com/y99swcwq Reunión de la Comisión de Planificación de la Ciudad de SB • 1pm jueves, 18 de marzo. 25th. Agenda/meeting link: https://tinyurl.com/y6cm7nq4. City of SB Planning Commission Meeting • 1pm Thursday, March 4th. Reunión Municipal de Santa Bárbara • 2pm martes, 2 de Revisión de la agenda de consentimiento de la Junta de Revisión de Arquitectura de la del Concejo Aprende más /asiste de forma virtual en https://tinyurl.com/y7p9hamq Diversión cinematográfica familiar SBIFF - Chicken Learn more/attend https://tinyurl.com/y6zgomxe. Obtén más información /ve la reunión en Junta dede Revisión de lunes, Arquitectura de Montecito 1pm/asiste jueves,de25forma de virtual enmarzo. Ciudad SB • 1pm 15 de marzo. Aprende•más https:// Run: ¡Únete a Ginger y sus amigos emplumados mientras https://tinyurl.com/yap8xgar. City of SB Harbor Commission Meeting • 6:30pm Thursday, March 18th. Learn more/ febrero. Enlace de agenda/reunión: https://tinyurl.com/y6cm7nq4. tinyurl.com/y8aauqma Reunión de la Comisión de Planificación de la Ciudad de SB • 1pm intentan dejar su casa en la película de diversión familiar attend https://tinyurl.com/yymaqnpp jueves, 4 de marzo. Obtén más información /ve la reunión en County of SB Planning Commission Meeting • 9am Wednesday, March North of Architectural Review Friday, February 26th.March 15th. Learn City ofBoard SB Single Family Design Board• 9am Meeting • 3pm Monday, de este fin de semana, Chicken Run! Accede a la guía de 3rd. Agenda: https://tinyurl.com/y6cm7nq4. Reunión de la Comisión del Puerto de la Ciudad de SB • 6:30pmhttps://tinyurl.com/y6zgomxe. el jueves, 18 de marzo. Agenda/meeting link https://tinyurl.com/y6cm7nq4. more/attend https://tinyurl.com/y9q2ng9v actividades gratuita en: https://tinyurl.com/y99swcwq Aprende más /asiste de forma virtual en https://tinyurl.com/yymaqnpp Reunión de la Comisión de Planificación del Condado de SB • 9am County of SB South Board of Architectural Review Meeting • 9am Junta Norte Revisión de Arquitectura • viernes, 26 de febrero a las de SB • 3pm Reunión de de la Junta de Diseño de Vivienda Unifamiliar de la Ciudad PCPA Plays On! – Though their stages may be dark... miércoles, 3 de marzo. Agenda: Friday, March 5th.toAgenda: South Board of https://tinyurl.com/y6cm7nq4. Architectural Review Meeting • 9am Friday, March 19th. Agenda be https://tinyurl.com/y6cm7nq4. 9am. agenda/reunión lunes,Enlace 15 de de marzo. Aprende máshttps://tinyurl.com/y6cm7nq4. /asiste de forma virtual en PCPA Plays On! is sharing a variety of virtual programs posted https://tinyurl.com/y6cm7nq4 https://tinyurl.com/y9q2ng9v all ages that del are Condado fun, educational, engaging, and City of SB Historic Landmarks Commission consent agenda review • Reunión de la Junta de Revisión deforArquitectura Sur de SB City of SB Single Family Design Board consent agenda review • 11am theatre focused. www.pcpa.org/PCPAPlaysOn/ 11am Wednesday, March 3rd. Learn more/attend • 9am viernes, 5 de marzo. Agenda: https://tinyurl.com/y6cm7nq4. Reunión de la Junta de Revisión de Arquitectura del Sur • viernes, 19 de marzo a las Monday, March 1st. Learn more/attend https://tinyurl.com/y9q2ng9v. County of SB Board of Supervisors Meeting • 9am Tuesday, March 16th. Agenda to be Santa Barbara Ghost ToursTours https://tinyurl.com/ybt8ztba. 9am. La agenda se publicará en https://tinyurl.com/y6cm7nq4 Santa Barbara Ghost posted atdehttps://tinyurl.com/ycques42 Continúa! – Aunque sus escenarios County of SB Agricultural PreservePCPA Advisory Committee Meeting • 9am esten oscuros Revisión la agenda de consentimiento de la Junta de Diseño de Walk with Professor Julie as sheas she ... ¡PCPA Continúa! está compartiendo una variedad Friday, March 5th. Agenda: https://tinyurl.com/y6cm7nq4. Revisión de la agenda de consentimiento de la Comisión de City of SB Creeks Advisory Committee Meeting • 5:30pm Saturday, March 20th. Learn Walk with Professor Julie Vivienda la Ciudad de del SB •Condado lunes, 1 dedemarzo a las 11am. Reunión Unifamiliar de la Junta dedeSupervisores SB • martes, 16 de marzo a las sharesshares tales of mystery and and de programas virtuales para todas las edades que son Monumentos Históricos de la Ciudad de SB • 11am miércoles, 3 de more/attend https://tinyurl.com/yyv6ml4f tales of mystery Obtén más información /ve la reunión en https://tinyurl.com/y9q2ng9v. 9am. La agenda se publicará en https://tinyurl.com/ycques42 Reunión del Comité Asesor de la Reserva Agrícola del Condado de SB • & meet friendly spirits... divertidos, educativos, atractivos y centrados en el teatro. history... marzo. Obtén más información /ve la reunión en history... & meet friendly spirits... viernes, 5 demarzo. marzo. Agenda: https://tinyurl.com/y6cm7nq4. Reunión del Comité Asesor de la Ciudad de SB Creeks • 5:30pm9am sábado, 20 de City SB Architectural Board of Review agenda review 1pm more/attend SantaofBarbara City Council Meeting • 2pmconsent Tuesday, March 16th.• Learn www.pcpa.org/PCPAPlaysOn/ https://tinyurl.com/ybt8ztba. Call or text to schedule your Aprende más /asiste de forma virtual en https://tinyurl.com/yyv6ml4f Call or text to schedule your Monday, March 1st. Learn more/attend https://tinyurl.com/y8aauqma. https://tinyurl.com/yap8xgar walking tour! •tour! 805-905-9019 SBIFF Film Talk: An online series of screenings and walking • 805-905-9019

In Person Online & InOnline Person&Activities forActivities Everyonefor Everyone línea y para en persona ActividadesActividades en línea y enenpersona todos para todos BILINGUALBILINGUAL / BILINGÜE/ BILINGÜE

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Thursday • jueves 3.11.21

Government Meetings Reuniones gubernamentales Thursday • jueves 2.25.21

Government Meetings Reuniones gubernamentales

March 12,26, 2021 February 2021


Local Local News News for for a a Global Global Village Village | | www.VoiceSB.com www.VoiceSB.com

Carey Mulligan To Be Honored By SBIFF OUTDOORS | AL AIRE LIBRE


Rancho La Patera & Stow House: Take a a tour of the newly-opened Ranch Yard, drop off a donation, support the include Laura Museum Dern,Store, Michael William DeFoe, or enjoyB. theJordan, beautiful grounds of Rancho La Casey Affleck, Michelle Mara, Eddie Redmayne, PateraWilliams, • 11am to 2pmRooney weekends. www.goletahistory.org

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HE CINEMA VANGUARD AWARD will be bestowed on Carey Mulligan at the 36th annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Jones, Scorsese, Rancho LaFelicity Patera & Stow House:Martin Haz un recorrido por el Leonardo Mulligan will be honored on DiCaprio, AmyYard, Adams, Dujardin, recientemente inaugurado Ranch deja una Jean donación, apoya la tienda del museo o disfruta de los hermosos April 5th and will be recognized for Bernice Bejo, Nicole Kidman, Peter terrenos deSarsgaard, Rancho La PateraChristoph los fines de 11am a 2pm los her remarkable career and most recent Waltz, Vera Farmiga, fines de semana. www.goletahistory.org performance in Focus Features’ dark Kristin Scott Thomas, Stanley Tucci, and comedy Promising Young Woman written, Gosling. SPECIALRyan EVENTS | EVENTOS ESPECIALES produced and directed by Emerald FESTIVAL FILM LINE UP Black is Beautiful Showcase:ANNOUNCES Join Healing Justice Santa Fennell (Killing Eve, The Crown). Barbara for this online celebration, featuring performances The 36th Festival, presented by UGG Mulligan’s performance in Promising and talents such as spoken word, visual arts, music, dance, , running March 31st April 10th, will Young Woman has already garnered and more, from 4-8pm Friday, February 26th.to Free, feature 47 world premieres and 37 U.S.BLACK HISTORY MONTH Continues... donations to HJSB welcome. Register at her significant Valdis Jansonsawards will singrecognition, the dual roles of the infamous Don Giovanni and his https://tinyurl.com/y6gou3wl. premieres from 45 countries, along with including Best Actress from theand National personal attendant, Leporello April Amante will sing the challenging role of Race to Justice Virtual Event - Michelle Alexander: UCSB Arts & Lectures thea Healing year’sJustice top talent, panel Espectáculotributes de Negro esfeaturing hermoso: Únete DonnaofAnna. Board Review, the Los Angeles Film welcomes legal scholar, social advocate, and author Invisible Valley willjustice be SBIFF’s opening night film.Michelle Alexander Santa Barbara para esta celebración en línea, que presenta discussions, and free community education Critics Association, and over 20 national for a conversation and Q&A. Writer of the bestselling book The New Jim Crow: presentaciones y talentos como la palabra hablada, las artes UCSB Opera Theatre & Department of Music presents Wolfgang Amadeus and outreach programs. Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, she will discuss racial injustice in and Mozart’s regional critics groups around visuales, la música, la danza y más, de 4 a 8pm el viernes, 26 Don Giovanni: at 6pm Friday, February 26th. Sung in Italian with in theatres with the WORLD Premiere of Invisible Valley directed the legal and mass incarceration • 5pm Thursday, March 4th • Register The festival will take on an entirely new system the country. She has also received de febrero. Donaciones gratuitas a HJSB son bienvenidas. English surtitles. Directed by UCSB Associate Professor Dr. Isabel Bayrakdarian. by Aaron Maurer. (free for UCSB students, $10 general admission) at look this year, as well, with the build-out Regístrate en https://tinyurl.com/y6gou3wl. Free, Streamed a YouTube nominations for BestasActress fromPremiere. the Invisible Valley skillfully weaves together the seemingly https://tinyurl.com/yca3podt For info visit https://tinyurl.com/yyvunrxk of two state-of-the-art, beachside drive-in Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild®, disparate stories of undocumented farmworkers, wealthy theaters sponsored by Toyota Mirai, where and the Critics’ Choice Association. Evento virtual de La Raza la justicia - Michelle Alexander: UCSB snowbirds, and amusic festival-goers over the course of aArts year& Teatro de ópera y Departamento de Música de UCSB presenta Don Giovanni every film screening will be offered to the Lectures le da la bienvenida a la académica legal, defensora de la justicia In Promising Young Woman, nothing de Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: el viernes, 26 de febrero a las 6pm. Cantada en in California’s Coachella Valley. The intimate, on-the-ground social y autora Michelle Alexander para una conversación y sesión de community for free, alongside a ticketed in Cassie’s (Mulligan) is whatDirigido it italiano con subtítulos life en inglés. por la profesora asociada de UCSB Dra. drive home thedel incongruity the lifestyles thatJimcoexist preguntas y respuestas. Escritora libro más of vendido El nuevo Crow:in CHILDREN | NIÑOS online component that will feature the entire profiles Isabel Bayrakdarian. Gratis, transmitido como estreno en YouTube. Para obtener seems. Following a mysterious event that encarcelamiento masivo en la eraIndel daltonismo, ella hablará sobre la as an affluent community. exploring the history of the region información, visitaher https://tinyurl.com/yyvunrxk program addition to SBIFF’s notable Chocolate film Baby Story Time: Joinin Healing Justice Santa abruptly derailed future, she lives a injusticia racial enitselfuture, sistemathe legal y uncovers el encarcelamiento masivoof•a5pm el Carey Mulligan to receive the Cinema well as film an undercurrent looming Barbara for a reading of I Am Perfectly Designed by Karamo celebrity tributes, industry panels, and jueves, 4 de marzo • Regístrate (gratis para estudiantes de UCSB, $10 de secret double life, until an unexpected Vanguard Award ecological crisis threatening it all. Brown andfilmmaker Mixed Me by TayeQ&As. Diggs at 10am Saturday, admisión general) en https://tinyurl.com/yca3podt encounter gives her the chance to right February 27th. Register (free or by donation to HJSB) at sobre varios temas el segundo y cuarto viernes de SBIFF’s cada mes Executive SPECIAL EVENTS | EVENTOS ESPECIALES CLOSING NIGHT Director Roger Durling noted, “This year’s the wrongs of the past in what will surely be a day ofviernes, reckoning for• Regístrate www.hjsb.org/chocolate-baby-story-time. • 9:30-10:30am 26 de febrero Festival will look different on many fronts, but we are unchanged 2021 Virtual SB Annual Community Seed Swap: Santa everyone. https://tinyurl.com/ycskf3jj SBIFF’s Closing Night Film on Saturday, autores de libros de cocina y chefsApril Samin 10th, Nosrat ythe Yotam de cuentos Bebé de chocolate: Únete a Healing Justice SPECIAL EVENTS | For EVENTOS ESPECIALES Barbara Network’son 13thstage Annualin Community when it comesHora to what’s most important: our love of film, and our “IPermaculture saw Mulligan 2008 in TheTheSeagull—she was such Ottolenghi, galardonados con el premio James Beard, para Santa Barbara para una lectura de Estoy perfectamente diseñado spotlight will turn to Santa Barbara and highlight a series of short Science Behind COVID-19 Vaccines and Other Seed Swap is ongoing, through February 27th. To view Black History Month Virtual Culture House: Interview dedication to bringing forward of10am unmatched quality aactivities magnetic combination ofFacebook fearlessness vulnerability there, una conversación virtual sobre sus experiencias y pasión de Karamo Brown y Mezcladoa deprogram Taye Diggs a las el Interventions: Join UCSB medical and microbiology documentaries by local filmmakers. and participate, visit the event’s page at and founding with 27our community. Weo por aredonación so excited towith have the member of the funk/rock/jazz band Mandrill por la comida a las 11am del domingo, 28 de febrero. de febrero. Regístrate (gratis a this onlineher panelbest discussion andand Q&A •sharing 12:30pm it sábado, and she continues to instill awe in all of us.experts She for delivers https://tinyurl.com/y68om8t3 Dr. Ricardo Wilson from 2-5pmOCEAN-FRONT Saturday, February 27th. DRIVE-IN FREE THEATRES Regístrate (gratis para estudiantes de UCSB, admisión HJSB) en www.hjsb.org/chocolate-baby-story-time. Thursday, February 25th • Register (free) at opportunity to be a source of joy and optimism.” work so far Promising Woman,” stated SBIFF’s Executive with concert footage of Mandrill’s performances. Register Intercambio anualinvirtual de semillasYoung de la comunidad general de $10) en https://tinyurl.com/y6gs4qh3. https://tinyurl.com/yao928t2. Surf Happens Camp • registration open for small group Director Roger Durling. Next week SBIFF will announce the schedule for the drive ins. (free) at https://tinyurl.com/y69az5so de SB del 2021: El 13º intercambio anual de semillas de la OPENING NIGHT The24 ABC’s of College Admissions: La Monica surf camps • spring (March 22-26) and summer (June 7 La ciencia detrás de lashave vacunas COVID-19 y otras comunidad la Red de Permacultura Santa Bárbara The deCinema Vanguardde Award recognizes actors who RSVPs for each film will open hours in advance Dr. of Gina showtime. Casa de Cultura Virtual del Mes de la Historia Negra: of Avenues College and Career Advisement will lead this August 27)start • Register ($450-550) at SBIFF 2021 will with the Opening Night Film, presented intervenciones: Únete a los expertos médicos y está en curso, hasta el 27 de febrero. Para ver las actividades forged their own path, taking artistic risks and making a www.sbiff.org Stayfundador tuneddefor more info! free online workshop from 7-8pm Sunday, Entrevista con el miembro la banda de funk February 28th. https://tinyurl.com/y77m6ra5. microbiológicos de UCSB para este panel deby discusión en on Wednesday, y participar, visita la página de Facebook del evento en UGG®, March 31th, online and at both Drive/ rock / jazz Mandrill Dr. Ricardo Wilson de 2 a 5pm el significant and unique contribution to film. Previous honorees RSVP & info: avenuescollegeadmission@gmail.com or línea y sesión de preguntas y respuestas • 12:30pm, jueves, https://tinyurl.com/y68om8t3

Blood Santa Barbara County ElVirtual proyecto de laDrive casa:sponsored La Serie debyConciertos Virtuales Museums & CulturalLuke Artsy Organizations • through March del Teatro Marjorie el Festival de Teatro On the 26th • Sign up: https://tinyurl.com/ycowswwk Verge presentan El proyecto de la casa, con poetas locales, dramaturgos, habladospatrocinada y visuales •por Gratis • Donación de artistas sangre virtual los museos www.luketheatre.org y organizaciones de artes culturales del condado de Santa BárbaraChamber • hasta elPlayers: 26 de marzo • Inscríbete: UCSB A virtual concert performed by https://tinyurl.com/ycowswwk the UCSB Chamber Players and directed by Johnathan Moerschel, featuring the music of Beethoven, Mozart, Debussy, and more • 6pm Thursday, March 11th • a free YouTube Premiere, visit https://tinyurl.com/ybr4ep3w

Friday • viernes


Músicos de cámara de UCSB: Un concierto virtual DANCE realizado por los músicos de cámara de UCSB y dirigido por Johnathan conSabor la música de Studio Beethoven, Dance Class inMoerschel, the Park: ME Dance is hosting outdoor salsa and bachata dance classes at the Oak Park Stage at 500 W. Alamar Ave. on Mondays and Fridays. Participants must wear face masks, and register in advance ($12) at www.mesabordancestudio.com/classes. Clase de baile en el parque: ME Sabor Dance Studio está organizando clases de baile de salsa y bachata al aire libre en el escenario de Oak Park en 500 W. Alamar Ave. los lunes y viernes. Los participantes deben usar cubrebocas y registrarse con anticipación ($12) en www.mesabordancestudio.com/classes.

LECTURES | MEETINGS | WORKSHOPS CONFERENCIAS | REUNIONES Virtual Diversify Our Narrative Book Club: SB Public Library in collaboration with Diversify Our Narrative Carpinteria will host its next meeting from 3:30-4:30pm Friday, February 26th Allegedly by Tiffany D. Jackson. Register (free) at https://tinyurl.com/yyuyrmns Derek Douget Band - A Night in New Círculo de lectores virtual - Diversify Our Narrative: La Orleans: Live from the Lobero presents Biblioteca Pública SB en colaboración con Diversify Our saxophonist Derek Douget and his Narrative Carpinteria organizará su próxima reunión de band for a virtual concert • Friday, 3:30-4:30pm el viernes, 26 de febrero. Supuestamente por March 19-Sun, Mar 21 • Tickets ($15) Tiffany D. Jackson. Regístrate (gratis) en https://tinyurl.com/ybl7nwxm https://tinyurl.com/yyuyrmns - Una noche TED &Derek Joe in theDouget Morning -Band Sleep: Join the Santa Barbara Nueva from the Publicen Library to watchOrleans: and discuss Live TED Talks on various al saxofonista topicsLobero the second presenta and fourth Fridays of each month • 9:30Derek y su banda para un 10:30am Friday,Douget February 26th • Register concierto virtual • viernes, 19 de https://tinyurl.com/ycskf3jj marzo-domingo, 21 de marzo • TED y Joe en la mañana - Dormir: Únete a la Biblioteca Boletos ($15) Pública de Santa Bárbara para ver y discutir TED Talks https://tinyurl.com/ybl7nwxm

25 de febrero • Regístrate (gratis) en https://tinyurl.com/yao928t2 Mozart, Debussy y más • jueves, 11 de marzo a las 6pm • Estreno gratuito en YouTube, visita https://tinyurl.com/ybr4ep3w MOVIES & THEATRE | CINE Y TEATRO

Roar & Pour: A series ofoflive food, andbydrink offered A virtual performance Themusic, Mountaintop Katori Hall, weekly by TheRev. Granada, OperaLuther SantaKing’s Barbara, reimagining Dr. Martin lastand nightTheon Good Lion. Heldbyat The 6pmPacific every Thursday outside the Good earth presented Conservatory Theatre, at Lion/Granada Theatre.26th and 1:30pm Saturday, February 7pm Friday, February 27th. For tickets ($10): https://tinyurl.com/y65jn7pf Roar & Pour: una serie de música en vivo, comida y bebidas ofrecida Teatro Conservatory Granada, Opera Santa La cimasemanalmente de la montaña:por Theel Pacific Theatre Barbara y The Lion. Todos los de jueves a las de6pm presentará unaGood presentación virtual La cima la frente almontaña Teatro Granada/ por KatoriGood Hall,Lion. reinventando la última noche en la tierra del reverendo Dr. Martin Luther King, a las 7pm el viernes, 26 de febrero la 1:30pm el sábado, 27 de febrero. OUTDOORS | ALy a AIRE LIBRE Para boletos ($10): https://tinyurl.com/y65jn7pf State Street Promenade Market: Located on the 900 & 1000 Fires inofthe Mirror: and Other blocks State StreetCrown betweenHeights, CarrilloBrooklyn and Figueroa Sts • 3 The UCSB•Department of Theatre/Dance will toIdentities: 7:30pm Thursdays https://tinyurl.com/yx9v4pmd present a virtual performance of Fires in the Mirror: Crown Mercado del Stateand Street Promenade: las Heights, Brooklyn Other Identities,Ubicado by Anna en Deavere cuadras 900directed y 1000 de Calle State entre lasFriday, Calles Carrillo Smith and bylaRisa Brainin, at 7pm February y26th; Figueroa 3 a 7:30pm jueves • on 27thth & 28th. 7pm •February 27thlosand at 1pm https://tinyurl.com/yx9v4pmd Access the viewing link (free) at https://tinyurl.com/y4bbna27 Spooky Tours with Santa Barbara Ghost Tours: Join Professor Julie en Annel Brown she tours you through Los incendios Espejo:asCrown Heights, Brooklyn y Downtown Santa Barbara sharing thedestories otras identidades: El Departamento Teatroof/ local Danza de resident ghosts.A variety of tours: Downtown UCSB presentará una presentación virtual de Paranormal Los incendios Wine and Spirits; andyMayhem; Dead of de en el Espejo: CrownLegends, Heights,Myths, Brooklyn otras identidades, the Night • $35-$150 Anna Deavere Smith •ywww.sbghosttour.com dirigida por Risa Brainin, a las 7pm el viernes, 26 de febrero; 7pm el 27 Barbara de febrero y 1pm el 27 Recorridos espeluznantes con Santa Ghost Tours: y 28 dea lafebrero. Accede enlace paramientras ver la presentación Únete profesora Julie alAnn Brown recorre por https://tinyurl.com/y4bbna27 elvirtual centro(gratis) de SantaenBárbara compartiendo las historias de los fantasmas residentes locales. Una variedad de recorridos: Vinos yMUSIC licores paranormales del centro; Leyendas, mitos y caos; | MÚSICA Muerto de la noche • $ 35-$150 • www.sbghosttour.com UCSB Opera Theatre & Department of Music presents The Santa Amadeus Barbara Botanic • daily from 10am to Wolfgang Mozart’sGarden Don Giovanni: at 6pm 5pm daily. Visitors26th. mustSung wearinaItalian mask and Friday, February withpractice Englishsocial distancing • www.sbbg.org surtitles. Directed by UCSB Associate Professor Dr. Isabel Bayrakdarian. Free, Streamed as a YouTube Premiere. For El jardín botánico de Santa Bárbara • abierto todos los info visit https://tinyurl.com/yyvunrxk días de 10am a 5pm. Los visitantes deben usar cubrebocas y practicar distanciamiento social de • www.sbbg.org Teatro deelópera y Departamento Música de UCSB presenta Don Giovanni de Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: el The Gaviota Coast Conservancy: Recommends three walks viernes, 26 de febrero a las 6pm. Cantada en italiano con that you can take on the Gaviota Coast: Coal Oil Point subtítulos en inglés. Dirigido por la profesora asociada Reserve and Devereux Slough, Baron Ranch, and Arroyo de UCSB Dra. Isabel Bayrakdarian. Gratis, transmitido Hondo Preserve. https://tinyurl.com/y7rn6jyt como estreno en YouTube. Para obtener información, visita The Gaviota Coast Conservancy: Recomienda tres https://tinyurl.com/yyvunrxk caminatas que puedes realizar en la costa de Gaviota: Coal

Saturday • sábado


Campamento de Surf Happens • inscripción abierta para campamentos de surf de grupos pequeños • primavera (22Oil Point Reserve y Devereux Slough, Baron Ranch• Regístrate y Arroyo 26 de marzo) y verano (7 de junio-27 de agosto) Hondo Preserve. https://tinyurl.com/y7rn6jyt ($450-$550) en https://tinyurl.com/y77m6ra5. Carpinteria Birdwatchers Virtual Meetings: Evening MUSIC |classes MÚSICA birdwatching and morning birdwatching outings •Santa Free ,Barbara all ages &Symphony’s ability levels.Santa 4-5:15pm Thursdays via Barbara Celebration: Zoom: https://tinyurl.com/y9rheypj A program highlighting Santa Barbara’s musical talents

and a tribute to local de medical professionals. Performances Reuniones Virtuales Observadores de Aves de including State Streetnocturnas from Bramwell Tovey’s Santa Carpinteria: Clases de observación de avesBarbara y Sonata,matutinas Beethoven’s in FdeMajor concertmaster salidas de Romance observación aves •with Gratis, todas las Jessica yGuideri. at 7pm Saturday, February edades niveles Livestreamed de habilidad. 4-5:15pm los jueves a través 27th & re-broadcast at 3pm Sunday, Feb. 28th. For tickets de Zoom: https://tinyurl.com/y9rheypj ($65-$300/household) visit https://tinyurl.com/yxs2dvus.

SPECIAL | EVENTOS ESPECIALES Celebración EVENTS de Santa Bárbara de la Sinfónica de Santa

Bárbara:Blood un programa que destaca los talentos Virtual Drive sponsored by Santa Barbaramusicales County de Santa Bárbara y unArts tributo a los profesionales Museums & Cultural Organizations • throughmédicos March locales. Presentaciones que incluyen State Street de la Sonata 26th • Sign up: https://tinyurl.com/ycowswwk de Santa Bárbara de Bramwell Tovey, Romance en F mayor Donación de sangre virtual patrocinada por losTransmitido museos de Beethoven con la concertista Jessica Guideri. yenorganizaciones culturales del condado de Santa a vivo a las 7pmdeel artes sábado, 27 de febrero y re-transmitido Bárbara el 26 de • Inscríbete: las 3pm •elhasta domingo, 28 marzo de febrero. Para boletos ($65-$300/ https://tinyurl.com/ycowswwk hogar) visita https://tinyurl.com/yxs2dvus. SBWPC Presidents’ Circle Event: The Santa Barbara OUTDOORS | AL AIRE Women’s Political Committee welcomesLIBRE LA County Supervisor Holly Mitchell for a conversation on her Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History outdoor experiences of feminist politicsrequired, • 5:30-7pm exhibitionsand openthetofuture the public. Face masks Thursday, March 11thReservations: • Purchase tickets ($25 members, $50 limited reservations. non-members) at https://sbwpc.org/events. https://tinyurl.com/y59egp4r. Evento del CírculoaldeairePresidentes de SBWPC: Comité Las exhibiciones libre del Museo de Historia Político MujerBárbara de Santaestán Bárbara le daallapúblico. bienvenida NaturaldedelaSanta abiertas Se a larequieren Supervisora del Condado de Los Ángeles Holly Mitchell cubrebocas, reservaciones limitadas. Reservas: para una conversación sobre sus experiencias y el futuro https://tinyurl.com/y59egp4r. de la política feminista • 5:30-7pm jueves, 11 de Marzo • Open Days at Arroyo Hondo Preserve: Hike at the en Compra boletos ($25 miembros, $50 no-miembros) Arroyo Hondo Preserve on Mondays and Wednesdays, https://sbwpc.org/events 12:30 to 3pm and the first and third weekends of the month, Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 12:30pm and 12:30pm to 3pm. It’s free to visit and reservations are required. Pets are not allowed. Fill out the reservation form. https://tinyurl.com/yd6so7uk

Friday • viernes CHILDREN | NIÑOS


Días abiertos en la reserva Arroyo Hondo: Camina en Storywalk in the Park - LalosMesa The SB Public la reserva Arroyo Hondo lunesPark: y miércoles de 12:30 a Library and your to enjoy activities, 3pm y elinvites primeryouy tercer fin defamily semana del mes, sábadosBen Gundersheimer’s booka Señorita and a free y domingos de 10am 12:30pmMariposa, y de 12:30pm 3pm.takehome activity kit from Friday, March La visita es gratuita y se10:30am-12pm requieren reservaciones. No se12th atpermiten La Mesamascotas. Park. No Completa registrationel needed, facedemasks and formulario reserva. social distancing required. https://tinyurl.com/yd6so7uk

sábado, 27 de febrero. Con imágenes de conciertos de las presentaciones de Mandrill. Regístrate (gratis) en Storywalk en el parque - La Mesa Park: La Biblioteca https://tinyurl.com/y69az5so Pública de SB te invita a ti ya tu familia a disfrutar de actividades, el libro Señorita Mariposa de Ben Gundersheimer y un kit de actividades para llevar a casa gratis de 10:30am a 12pm el viernes, 12 de marzo en La Mesa Park. No es necesario registrarse, se requieren cubrebocas y distanciamiento social.| WORKSHOPS LECTURES | MEETINGS

Sunday • domingo 2.28.21


Soulful Healing Through Gentle Yoga: Join Dr. Azure Dance the Park: Sabor Dance Studio is hosting StewartClass for aninonline yogaME workshop at 10am Sunday, outdoor dance classes at theevent Oak Park Februarysalsa 28th.and Partbachata of Black History Month Stage at 500 W. Alamar Mondays and Fridays. programming. Free. ToAve. RSVPonemail Participants must wear face masks, HealingJusticeSB@protonmail.com.and register in advance ($12) at www.mesabordancestudio.com/classes. Sanación conmovedora a través del yoga suave: Únete a Clase baile Stewart en el parque: MEtaller Sabor la Dra.deAzure para un de Dance yoga enStudio línea aestá las organizando clases 28 de de baile de salsa y bachata al aire libre 10am el domingo, febrero. Parte de la programación en escenario de Oak en 500Negra. W. Alamar delelevento del Mes de laPark Historia Gratis.Ave. Paralos lunes y viernes. Los participantes cubrebocas confirmar tu asistencia, envía un deben correo usar electrónico a y registrarse con anticipación ($12) en HealingJusticeSB@protonmail.com. www.mesabordancestudio.com/classes. Chefs in Conversation - Samin Nosrat and Yotam Ottolenghi: UCSB Arts & Lectures |willWORKSHOPS host James Beard LECTURES | MEETINGS award-winning cookbook authors and chefs Samin Nosrat CONFERENCIAS and Yotam Ottolenghi for|aREUNIONES virtual conversation on their experiences for Women food at 11am Sunday, February TED & Joe inand thepassion Morning: in Leadership: Hosted 28th. for UCSB students, $10 general by theRegister SB Public(free Library discover TED Talks on the theme https://tinyurl.com/y6gs4qh3. ofadmission) Women inatLeadership - Political, Military and Labor Perspectives • 9:30-10:30am Friday,Nosrat Marchy 12th Chefs en Conversation - Samin Yotam• Register (free) https://tinyurl.com/y9m8kxpx Ottolenghi: UCSB Arts & Lectures presentará a los

Let’s Go To The M O V I E S NORTH NORTH S.B. S.B. COUNTY COUNTY THEATRES THEATRES Movie Listings for 3/12/21-3/18/21 Movie Listings for 2/26/21-3/4/21

HI-WAY DRIVE-IN, SANTA MARIA Closed Monday & Tuesday SANTA (805)MARIA 937-3515 HI-WAY DRIVE-IN, RAYA & THE LAST DRAGON–PG (805) 937-3515 Open Wed-Sun Starts @ 7pm Fri & Sat JUDAS&AND THE MESSIAH -RStarts @ 7pm RAYA THE LAST DRAGON–PG Starts @ 7:40pm Sun, Wed, Thur MONSTER HUNTER -PG13THE WAR WITH GRANPA All Shows - General Admission $10 / Kids $4 All Shows - General Admission $10 / Kids $4 BOX OFFICE OPEN 5:45-9:05pm Fr & Sa | 6:15-8:45pm Su, We, Th BOXRadi OFFICE 5:45-9pm | 6:15-7:45pm o ActivOPEN e @ 92.1 FM / Find FrUs &OnSaFacebook – Hi Way DriSu, ve InWe, Th • Radio Active @ 92.1 FM / Find Us On Facebook – MOVIES LOMPOC CLOSED • (805)Mon 736-1558 & Tues / 736-0146 Hi Way–Drive In • Closed MOVIES LOMPOC– CLOSED – CLOSED•• (805) (805) 736-1558 PARKS PLAZA 688-7434/ 736-0146 PARKS PLAZA – CLOSED • (805) 688-7434


(818) 359-0859. TED & Joe poradmisiones la mañana:universitarias: Mujeres en el liderazgo: El ABC de las la Dra. Gina Organizado la biblioteca de SB,Advisement descubre las La Monica deporAvenues Collegepública and Career charlas sobre elentema las Mujeres el liderazgo: dirigiráTED este taller líneadegratuito de 7 aen8pm el domingo, perspectivas políticas, militarestuylugar laborales • 9:30-10:30am 28 de febrero. Para reservar o para información: viernes, 12 de marzo • Regístrate (gratis) avenuescollegeadmission@gmail.com o (818) 359-0859. https://tinyurl.com/y9m8kxpx

MUSIC | Chamber MÚSICA SB South Coast of Commerce Legislative Update: Informative10am webinar on legislative Concerts@Home: Sundays, Camerataupdates, Pacifica business trends,&economic and issues streams music interviewsdevelopment, from their video library.that affect the South Coast • 9:30am Friday, March 12th • View at https://cameratapacifica.org/concerts-at-home/#. Register (free) at https://tinyurl.com/yae4ubmp Conciertos en casa: a las 10am los domingos, Camerata Actualización legislativa la Cámara de de su Comercio Pacifica transmite músicadey entrevistas bibliotecadede lavideos. CostaDisfrútalo Sur de SB:enSeminario web informativo sobre actualizaciones legislativas, tendencias comerciales, https://cameratapacifica.org/concerts-at-home/#. desarrollo económico y problemas que afectan la costa sur • 9:30am viernes, 12 de marzo • Regístrate (gratis) en SPECIAL EVENTS | EVENTOS ESPECIALES https://tinyurl.com/yae4ubmp Black History Virtual Culture House - Comedy CEC’s Climate Month Resilience Roundtable: Community While Black: A candid, raw, Climate humorous, and irreverent Solutions to Protect Against Change: Free virtual analysis of modern comedyleaders titled Comedy While roundtable featuringBlack community and guided Black: They• 10am-2:30pm Haven’t Shot UsFriday, for ThisMarch (Yet)12th. fromSpanish 2-5pm discussion Sunday, February 28th. Learn more interpretation provided. Register at & register (free) at https://tinyurl.com/y5kl4crb. www.cecsb.org/event/crr-cs Casa redonda de la cultura del Mes de la Historia Negra Mesa sobrevirtual resiliencia climática del Consejo -Ambiental Comedia Comunitario: mientras negro: un análisis sincero, crudo, Soluciones comunitarias para humorístico e irreverente la comedia moderna proteger contra el cambio de climático: Mesanegra redonda virtual titulada Comedia mientras negro: no nos han disparado gratuita con líderes comunitarios y discusión guiada • por esto (todavía) de 2 a 5pm el domingo, 28 de febrero. 10am-2:30pm viernes, 12 de marzo. Se proporcionaráObtén más información y regístrate (gratis)enen interpretación al español. Regístrate https://tinyurl.com/y5kl4crb. www.cecsb.org/event/crr-cs

Monday • lunes


Corwin Chair Series Lecture - Francis Dhomont: The UCSB Department of Music will present composer Francis Dhomont’s lecture Abstraction and Figuration in My Music, exploring his music and influences • 11am Friday, March LECTURES | link MEETINGS 12th. Access Zoom (free) at | WORKSHOPS https://tinyurl.com/ydeaesqb CONFERENCIAS | REUNIONES

Conferencia la serieJoin de sillas - Francis Writing FromdeHome: UCSBCorwin professor and writer Kara Dhomont: Departamento de Música de UCSB presentará Mae BrownEland explore Writing the Frozen Moments offered labyconferencia Abstracción figuración Monday, en mi música del1 • the SB Museum of Art y• 5:30-7pm March compositor Francis Dhomont, explorando su música e Register (free) at https://tinyurl.com/yccmcoek influencias • viernes, 12 de marzo a las 11am. Accede al Escribiendo Únete a la profesora y escritora de enlace Zoom desde (gratis)casa: en https://tinyurl.com/ydeaesqb UCSB Kara Mae Brown y explora Escribiendo los momentos Pacific Pride Foundation PROUD Youth meets congelados que ofrece el Museo de Arte de Group SB • 5:30-7pm, from Friday(gratis) via Zoom. lunes,4:30-6:30pm 1 de marzo •every Regístrate en RSVP at https://tinyurl.com/y7qs3qbf. https://tinyurl.com/yccmcoek

10 10

Local Local News News for for a a Global Global Village Village | | www.VoiceSB.com www.VoiceSB.com

Safari Virtual

Photo Courtesy of SBMA


Art Matters Lecture: The SB Museum of Art welcomes McGill University Associate Professor Mary Hunter for her presentation on artist Berthe Morisot’s work, Expert Hands, Infectious Touch: Painting and Pregnancy in Morisot’s The Mother and Whatof You in Flight: A Conversation withRegister Ellen O’Connell Sister theBecome Artist • 3-4pm Thursday, March 4th. (free) at Whittet: The SB Museum of Art invites you to join this virtual discussion about Whittet’s raw https://tinyurl.com/y72usvvj and graceful memoir, What You Become in Flight • 5pm Tuesday, March 16th • Register (free) https://tinyurl.com/y9d7paqq Conferencia de El arte importa: El Museo de Arte SB le da la bienvenida a la profesora asociada de la Universidad McGill, Mary Hunter, por su En lo que te conviertes en vuelo: Una infeccioso: conversación con Ellen O’Connell presentación Manos expertas, toque pintura y embarazo en La Whittet:yElhermana Museo de Arte de SB invita a• unirte a esta discusión sobre madre del artista deteMorisot 3 a 4pm el jueves, 4 devirtual marzo. las memorias crudas elegantes de Whittet, En lo que te conviertes en vuelo Regístrate (gratis) en yhttps://tinyurl.com/y72usvvj • 5pm martes, 16 de marzo • Regístrate (gratis) https://tinyurl.com/y9d7paqq

Tuesday • martes

Virtual English Conversation Group: TheaSB Publicen Materiales necesarios, kits de suministros la venta Library hosts for all English Lotusland porthis unaworkshop tarifa adicional • 2-3pmlanguage sábado, 13 learners 4:30-5:30pm Wednesday.amantes Registerde(free) de marzofrom • Registro (gratis every para miembros atloshttps://tinyurl.com/ycjf6xam. jardines, $10 miembros generales, $15 no miembros) https://tinyurl.com/ychcxz8h Grupo de conversación virtual en inglés: La biblioteca pública de SB organiza este taller para todos los estudiantes del idioma inglés de 4:30-5:30pm todos los MOVIES & THEATRE | CINE Y miércoles. TEATRO Regístrate (gratis) en https://tinyurl.com/ycjf6xam. Movie Night: Stories from our Undocumented Neighbors: The of Poetry: Tapping intowill Your Inner Poet as ThePower Interfaith Sanctuary Alliance host a virtual filma Communications Professional: The Association for Women screening of a movie sharing stories from our immigrant inneighbors, Communications will host poets Melinda followed -bySBa chapter panel discussion with local Palacios Kundai Chikowero • 5:30pm activistsand • 7-8:30pm Saturday, March 13thWednesday, • Register (free) March 3rd • Register ($10 general admission, free for AWCat https://tinyurl.com/y9ygkpfu SB members) at https://tinyurl.com/yapc7ukc Noche de cine: Historias de nuestros vecinos Elindocumentadas: poder de la poesía: Aprovechar a tu poeta interior como Interfaith Sanctuary Alliance presentará profesional de la virtual comunicación: El capítulo de la Asociación una proyección de una película compartiendo dehistorias Mujeresdeennuestros las Comunicaciones - SB recibirá a lasdepoetas vecinos inmigrantes, seguida un Melinda y Kundai Chikowero • 5:30pm miércoles, panel dePalacios discusión con activistas locales • 7-8:30pm el 3sábado, de marzo (entrada general gratis para 13 •deRegístrate marzo • Regístrate (gratis)$10, en https://tinyurl. miembros de AWC-SB) en https://tinyurl.com/yapc7ukc com/y9ygkpfu Virtual Climate Brainstorming Session: The City of MUSIC | MÚSICA Santa Barbara invites the community to participate in this meeting explore climate opportunities to help Sonia DetoLos Santos: UCSB Arts & Lectures willreach present carbon neutrality by 2035 free, family-friendly music• 11am-1pm in a filmed Wednesday, performanceMarch titled 3rd Register https://tinyurl.com/ycle2b6z. En •Casa con Sonia. A Latin Grammy nominated artist, Santos’virtual songs in English inspiredLabyciudad Latin Sesión deSpanish lluvia deand ideas sobreare el clima: rhythms andaNorth Americana participar folk traditions deAmerican Santa Bárbara invita la comunidad en • Register by 10am Saturday,oportunidades March 13th toclimáticas receive access esta reunión para explorar parato the video throughlaMarch 20th atde carbono para el 2035 • ayudar a alcanzar neutralidad https://tinyurl.com/ycaaedj6 11am-1pm miércoles, 3 de marzo • Regístrate en https://tinyurl.com/ycle2b6z. Sonia De Los Santos: UCSB Arts & Lectures presentará música gratuitaBuddhist para todaCenter la familia en una presentación Mahakankala Online Classes: Evening filmada6:30-7:30pm titulada En Casa con Sonia. nominado classes, Wednesdays andArtista Thursdays, and al Latin Grammy, las canciones Santos endonation/class español e 10:30-11:45am Sunday morning.deSuggested inglésRegister están inspiradas en los ritmos latinoamericanos y las $10. at https://tinyurl.com/y9ea3wpj tradiciones folclóricas norteamericanas • Regístrate antes Clases en línea Mahakankala Buddhist Center: Clases de las 10am deldel sábado, 13 de marzo para recibir acceso al nocturnas, losen miércoles y jueves, y 10:30video hasta6:30-7:30pm el 20 de marzo https://tinyurl.com/ycaaedj6 11:45am los domingos por la mañana. Donación sugerida por clase $10. Regístrate en https://tinyurl.com/y9ea3wpj

3.2.21 Wednesday • miércoles 3.3.21 MOVIES Sunday& THEATRE • domingo 3.14.21 | CINE Y TEATRO

Grupo juvenil ORGULLOSO de Pacific Pride Foundation se reúne de 4:30-6:30pm todos los viernes a través de Zoom. Reserva tu lugar en https://tinyurl.com/y7qs3qbf.

CHILDREN | NIÑOS MOVIES THEATRE CINE Y Public TEATRO Stories at the&Park - Alameda|Park: The SB Library

invites you and your family to enjoy activities and Señorita Pacific Conservatory Theatre’s virtual performance Mariposa by Ben Gundersheimer from 10:30am-12pm of Two Degrees by Tira Palmquist, telling the tale of a Tuesday, March 2nd at Alameda Park • No registration paleoclimatologist who must prepare to testify on climate required, social distancing and face masks required. change before a Senate Committee while processing her husband’sendeath • 7pm -Friday, 12thLaandBiblioteca 1:30pm Historias el Parque ParqueMarch Alameda: Saturday,deMarch 13th •aPurchase ticketsa disfrutar ($10) at de las Pública SB te invita ti y tu familia www.pcpa.org/TwoDegrees actividades y Señorita Mariposa de Ben Gundersheimer de 10:30am a 12pm el martes, 2 de marzo en Alameda La presentación virtual del Pacific Conservatory Theatre Park • No se requiere registro. Se requiere distancia social de Dos grados de Tira Palmquist, que cuenta la historia de y cubrebocas. una paleoclimatóloga que debe prepararse para testificar sobre el cambio climático ante un Comité del Senado LECTURES | WORKSHOPS mientras procesa|laMEETINGS muerte de su esposo • 7pm viernes, 12 de marzo y 1:30pm sábado, 13 marzo • Compra boletos CONFERENCIAS |deREUNIONES ($10) en www.pcpa.org/TwoDegrees Understanding Medicare: Join the Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program (HICAP) for this free MUSIC | MÚSICA presentation at 11am Tuesday, March 2nd. Registration required, registerConcert: by contacting 1-800-434-0222, 1-805-928Corwin Series Synchresis - the Alchemy of Visual 5663, or onlineofatMusic CentralCoastSeniors.org. Music:Seniors@kcbx.net The UCSB Department will present this virtual concert, featuring the merger of diverse visual and Entendiendo Medicare: Únete al Programa de Consejería musical universes and the works of Elsa Justel, Chikashi y Defensa de Seguros de Salud (HICAP) para esta Miyama, Francis Dhomont, and more • 6pm Friday, March presentación gratuita a las 11am del martes, 2 de marzo. 12th • The performance will be posted as a free YouTube Se requiere registro, regístrate llamando al 1-800-434Premiere, for more information visit 0222, 1-805-928-5663, Seniors@kcbx.net o en línea en https://tinyurl.com/y8bhgjnm CentralCoastSeniors.org. Concierto de la serie Corwin: Síncresis - la alquimia de la música visual: El Departamento de Música UCSB MOVIES & THEATRE | CINE Y deTEATRO presentará este concierto virtual, que presenta la fusión de Gather: The Carsey-Wolf Center will host director Sanjay diversos universos visuales y musicales y las obras de Elsa Rawal editorMiyama, Alexander Meillier for a conversation on Justel, and Chikashi Francis Dhomont, y más • viernes, the making film Gather. Participantsse will receivecomo link 12 de marzoofa the las 6pm • La presentación publicará tounview filmde prior to eventpara • 4-5pm Tuesday, March 2nd • Estreno YouTube, obtener más información, Register (free) at https://tinyurl.com/ycm5a8fc. visita https://tinyurl.com/y8bhgjnm Gather: El Centro Carsey-Wolf presentará al director Sanjay Rawal y al editor Alexander Meillier para una conversación OUTDOORS | AL AIRE LIBRE sobre la realización de la película Gather. Los participantes Rancho La Patera & Stow House: Take a tour of the recibirán un enlace para ver la película antes del evento • 4 a newly-opened Ranch Yard, drop off a donation, support the 5pm el martes, 2 de marzo • Regístrate (gratis) en Museum Store, or enjoy the beautiful grounds of Rancho La https://tinyurl.com/ycm5a8fc. Patera • 11am to 2pm weekends. www.goletahistory.org Rancho La Patera & Stow House: Haz un recorrido por el MUSIC | MÚSICA

recientemente inaugurado Ranch Yard, deja una donación, Noontime at Home: Join Opera SantadeBarbara for this free, apoya la tienda del museo o disfruta los hermosos weekly concertLaseries 12pm Tuesday. Learn terrenosdigital de Rancho Pateraatlos fineseach de 11am a 2pm los more andsemana. view atwww.goletahistory.org https://tinyurl.com/y76xkfdn fines de Mediodía en casa: Únete a Opera Santa Barbara para esta serie de conciertos digitales gratuitos a las 12pm SPECIAL EVENTS | semanales EVENTOS ESPECIALES todos los martes. Obtén más información y disfruta en Register for Golf Tournament Benefiting CALM: https://tinyurl.com/y76xkfdn Registrations ($50) close at 5pm, Friday March 12th. Participants may play at any 18-hole course in Santa

Barbara County between March 13th-28th. Learn more and register at https://calm4kids.org/events/golf

CHILDREN NIÑOS Regístrate para el|torneo de golf para beneficiar a CALM:

Las inscripciones ($50)Explore cierranEcology a las 5pm, 12 deBeth Spring Fairy Houses: andviernes guest artist marzo.will Los teach participantes pueden jugar enhouse cualquier Amine you to craft the perfect for a campo fairy de 18materials hoyos en found el condado de your Santahome Bárbara entreweek’s el 13art y el from around in this 28 de marzo. más información regístrate workshop for Obtén kids • 3-4pm Wednesday,yMarch 3rden• Register https://calm4kids.org/events/golf (free-$15) at https://tinyurl.com/ycxp3opr Casas De Hadas De Primavera: Explore Ecology y la artista invitada Beth Amine te enseñará a crear la casa perfecta para un hada con materiales que se encuentran alrededor de tu hogar en el taller de arte para niños de esta semana • 3 aLECTURES 4pm el miércoles, 3 de marzo • Regístrate (gratis-$15) en | MEETINGS | WORKSHOPS https://tinyurl.com/ycxp3opr

Saturday • sábado 3.13.21 CONFERENCIAS | REUNIONES

Stories at the Park - Carpinteria Children’s Project: The Returning Volunteers: SB Public Library invitesThomas you andFire yourRecovery family toTraining: enjoy The SB Botanic GardenMariposa invites returning volunteer activities and Señorita by Ben Gundersheimer community scientistsWednesday, to participate in this training from 10:30am-12pm March 3rdyear’s at Carpinteria taught by applied Josie Lesage • Twosocial sessions Children’s Project •ecologist No registration required, will be heldand 9-10am and 12-1pm Saturday, March 13th • distancing face masks required. Register (free) for a virtual session at Historias en el Parque - Carpinteria Children’s Project: https://tinyurl.com/y7uw87ze or https://tinyurl.com/y7nxexzm La biblioteca pública de SB te invita a ti y tu familia a Voluntarios regresan:yEntrenamiento de recuperación disfrutar de lasqueactividades Señorita Mariposa de Ben del Incendio Thomas: El SBaBotanic invita Gundersheimer de 10:30am 12pm elGarden miércoles, 3 dea los científicos comunitarios voluntarios que regresen a marzo en Carpinteria Children’s Project • No se requiere participar en la capacitación de este año impartida por registro. Se requiere distanciamiento social y cubrebocas.la ecologista aplicada Josie Lesage • Se llevarán a cabo dos Children’s the Santa Barbara sesiones deArt 9 a Classes 10am y through de 12 a 1pm el sábado, 13 deArts marzo • Collaborative at thepara Community Workshop. Regístrate (gratis) una sesiónArts virtual en 3:30 to 5pm Wednesdays through April 21st. Free for those that https://tinyurl.com/y7uw87ze o https://tinyurl.com/y7nxexzm need it most. Register/questions: foundcre8@gmail.com or New Volunteers: Thomas Fire Recovery Training: The 805-895-1134. SB Botanic Garden invites you to learn how to become Las clases de arte para and niñoshelp a través Santa Barbara a community scientist recorddeinformation on Arts Collaborative el Community Workshop. targeted plantenspecies as you hikeArts trails in the LosMiércoles, Padres de 3:30 a 5pm el 21 de abril. GratisMarch para quienes National Foresthasta • 10am-12pm Saturday, 13th • más loRegister necesitan. o haz preguntas, (free)Regístrate for the virtual session at en foundcre8@gmail.com o llamando al 805-895-1134. https://tinyurl.com/ybfkpn2k Nuevos voluntarios: Entrenamiento de recuperación

LECTURES | MEETINGS WORKSHOPS del Incendio Thomas: El SB Botanic|Garden te invita a aprender cómo convertirte en un científico comunitario CONFERENCIAS | REUNIONES

y ayudar a registrar información sobre especies de plantas Women in Construction: Join the SB Contractors específicas mientras recorres senderos en el Bosque Association in partnership with the AIA Santa Barbara for Nacional Los Padres • 10am-12pm sábado, 13 de marzo • this moderated panel and webinar • 3-4pm Wednesday, Regístrate (gratis) para la sesión virtual en March 3rd • Register ($15 for SBCA & AIA Members, $20 https://tinyurl.com/ybfkpn2k general admission) at https://tinyurl.com/yddyysws Lessons from Lotusland – Kokedama: Hanging Gardens: Mujeres en la construcción: Únete a la Asociación de Hands-on, virtual lesson exploring the art of Kokedama. Contratistas SB en asociación con AIA Santa Barbara para Materials needed, supply kits available for purchase from este panel moderado y seminario web • 3 de marzo de 3 a Lotusland for an additional fee • 2-3pm Saturday, March 4pm • Regístrate ($15 para miembros de SBCA y AIA, $20 13th • Register (free for garden lover members, $10 general de admisión general) en https://tinyurl.com/yddyysws. members, $15 non-members) https://tinyurl.com/ychcxz8h Lecciones de Lotusland - Kokedama: Jardines colgantes: Lección virtual práctica que explora el arte de Kokedama.

Mulan: The UCSB Multicultural Center will host an online CHILDREN | NIÑOS screening of the 2020 film Mulan followed by discussion • Celebrate Pi DayMarch at Home: Wolf Museumlink of at 6pm Wednesday, 3rd MOXI, • AccessThe screening/Zoom Exploration + Innovation invites you to purchase its Home https://tinyurl.com/yyyqwffa Event kit for Pi Day, including materials for fun crafts, Mulan: El Centro ofrecerá una14th • games, and Rusty’sMulticultural gift certificateUCSB • Sunday, March proyección la película de 2020 Mulanatseguida Order yourenkitlínea ($70degeneral, $63 for members) de una discusión • 6pm, miércoles, 3 de marzo • Acceso a la https://tinyurl.com/ya4xy4xy proyección / Enlace de Zoom en Celebra el Día del Pi en casa: MOXI, The Wolf Museum https://tinyurl.com/yyyqwffa of Exploration + Innovation te invita a comprar su Kit de eventos en casa para el día de Pi, que incluye materiales para divertidas manualidades, juegos y el certificado de regalo para Rusty’s • domingo, 14 de marzo • Ordena tu kit ($70 general, $63 para miembros) en CHILDREN | NIÑOS https://tinyurl.com/ya4xy4xy

Thursday • jueves


Kids Salsa Classes: ME Sabor Dance Studio is hosting salsa LECTURES | MEETINGS | every WORKSHOPS classes for kids aged 6-10 from 4-5pm Thursday at Oak Park Stage, 600 W Junipero St, Santa Barbara. Open CONFERENCIAS | REUNIONES enrollment, participants must RSVP at COVID-19 with a Focus on Vaccines and Variants: A https://tinyurl.com/ycljdnsx presentation given by Dave Flattery of the Humanist Society Clases salsa para niños: ME Sabor of SantadeBarbara • 3pm Sunday, MarchDance 14th •Studio Zoomofrece link: clases de salsa para niños de 6 a 10 años de 4 a 5pm todos https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82598900099. los jueves en Oak Park Stage, 600 W Junipero St, Santa Barbara. Inscripción abierta, los participantes deben confirmar su asistencia en https://tinyurl.com/ycljdnsx

LECTURES | MEETINGS | WORKSHOPS CONFERENCIAS | REUNIONES Ending Nuclear Weapons Before They End Us Opportunities Under the Biden Administration to Take Action: The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation invites you to participate in this virtual policy briefing and interactive workshop • 8-11:30am (PST) Thursday, March 4th. Register (free) at https://tinyurl.com/yafq5het. Poner fin a las armas nucleares antes de que acaben con nosotros – Oportunidades bajo la administración de Biden para tomar medidas: La Nuclear Age Peace Feelingteanxious, fatigued, Foundation invita a participar en estedepressed, taller interactivoory just experiencing isolation de información sobre políticas virtuales •challenges? 8-11:30am (PST) el jueves, 4 deHypnosis marzo. Regístratecan (gratis)help. en Reaching into the depths of our https://tinyurl.com/yafq5het unconscious mind, we are able to find Worry-Free Lobbying needed & Advocacy to for remain Nonprofits:calm, The the resources Fundfeel for Santa will host Nona Randois, innerBarbara peace, and even findAlliance joy in For the Justicemidst Bolderof Advocacy Project in at 10am Thursday, the chaos our lives and March RegisterIn-person (free) at https://tinyurl.com/yb67a783 the4th. world. or on-line sessions. Cabildeo y defensa sin preocupaciones para Dr. Ginger Swanson organizaciones sin fines de lucro: Fund for Santa Barbara Support Hypnotherapist seráCertified el anfitriónMedical de Nona Randois, Alliance For Justice Bolder Advocacy805-886-4716 Project a las 10am el jueves, 4 de marzo. Regístrate (gratis) en https://tinyurl.com/yb67a783 www.DrGingerSwanson.com

February March 26, 12, 2021 2021

Art Matters con Lecture: The SBen Museum welcomes COVID-19 un enfoque vacunasofyArt variantes: Una McGill University Associate Professor Mary for her presentación ofrecida por Dave Flattery de laHunter Sociedad presentation artistBárbara Berthe Morisot’s work, Expert Hands,• Humanista deonSanta • 3pm domingo, 14 de marzo Infectious and Pregnancy in Morisot’s The Enlace deTouch: zoom: Painting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82598900099. Mother and Sister of the Artist • 3-4pm Thursday, March 4th. Write for(free) Self-Discovery & Meaning Virtual Workshop: Register at https://tinyurl.com/y72usvvj Taught by Chantal Wunderlich • 2-3:25pm Sunday, March Conferencia de El arte importa: El Museoavailable) de Arte SB le 14th • Register ($40, limited scholarships da la bienvenida a la profesora asociada de la Universidad https://tinyurl.com/ycy3m7sb. McGill, Mary Hunter, por su presentación Manos expertas, Tallerinfeccioso: virtual depintura escritura para el autodescubrimiento y el toque y embarazo en La madre y hermana significado: Chantal Wunderlich • 2-3:25pm del artista de Impartido Morisot • 3por a 4pm el jueves, 4 de marzo. domingo, (gratis) 14 de marzo • Regístrate ($40, becas limitadas Regístrate en https://tinyurl.com/y72usvvj disponibles) https://tinyurl.com/ycy3m7sb. Making Art Work: How Cold War Engineers and José Andrés the World Through the Power of Artists Forged- Changing a New Creative Culture: The UCSB Food: UCSB ArtsHumanities & Lectures welcomes two-starprofessor Michelin Interdisciplinary Center welcomes chef, restaurateur José Andrés for a W. Patrick McGrayand for humanitarian an online discussion with professor conversation K-LITE FM. Alan Liu aboutwith his Catherine new book,Remak followedof by a Q&A101.7 • 4pm Andrés, with his nonprofit World Central Thursday, March 4th. Register (free) at Kitchen, led the charge to offer food relief amidst the pandemic • 5pm https://tinyurl.com/ybhnqugp Sunday, March 14th • Register (free for UCSB students, $20 Haz queadmission) el arte funcione: cómo los ingenieros y artistas general at https://tinyurl.com/yd656ebt. de la Guerra Fría forjaron una nueva cultura creativa: Andrés - Cambiando eldemundo a través del poder ElJosé Centro Interdisciplinario Humanidades de UCSB de lalabienvenida comida: UCSB Arts & W. Lectures da la bienvenida da al profesor PatrickleMcGray para unaal chef de dosenestrellas propietario restaurantes discusión línea conMichelin, el profesor Alan Liu de sobre su nuevo y humanitario una conversación con• 4pm libro, seguida deJosé unaAndrés sesión para de preguntas y respuestas de K-LITE 101.7 FM. en Andrés, con su elCatherine jueves, 4 Remak de marzo. Regístrate (gratis) organización sin fines de lucro World Central Kitchen, https://tinyurl.com/ybhnqugp encabezó la carga para ofrecer ayuda alimentaria en medio Race Justice Virtual Event - Michelle Alexander: UCSB de la to pandemia • 5pm domingo, 14 de marzo • Regístrate Arts & Lectures welcomesdelegal scholar, social justicede $20) (gratis para estudiantes UCSB, entrada general advocate, and author Michelle Alexander for a conversation en https://tinyurl.com/yd656ebt. and Q&A. Writer of the bestselling book The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, she MOVIES & THEATRE | CINE Y TEATRO will discuss racial injustice in the legal system and mass incarceration • 5pmCompany Thursday,will March • Register (free for Rubicon Theatre host 4th Hershey Felder UCSB students, general at Presents Puccini,$10Live from admission) Florence, live-streamed • 5pm https://tinyurl.com/yca3podt Sunday, March 14th, with access through March 21st • Purchase tickets ($55) at https://tinyurl.com/y5zn4hlc. Evento virtual de La Raza a la justicia - Michelle Alexander: UCSB Company Arts & Lectures le da la bienvenida Rubicon Theatre acogerá Hershey Felder a laPresenta académica legal, En defensora de laFlorencia, justicia social y autora en Puccini, vivo desde retransmitido Michelle para 14 unadeconversación y sesiónhasta de el 21 directo • Alexander 5pm domingo, marzo, con acceso preguntas respuestas. Escritora de marzo •yCompra boletos ($55)delenlibro más vendido Elhttps://tinyurl.com/y5zn4hlc. nuevo Jim Crow: encarcelamiento masivo en la era del daltonismo, ella hablará sobre la injusticia racial en el sistema legal|yMÚSICA el encarcelamiento masivo • 5pm el jueves, 4 MUSIC de marzo • Regístrate (gratis para estudiantes de UCSB, $10 Concerts@Home: 10am Sundays, Camerata Pacifica de admisión general) en https://tinyurl.com/yca3podt streams music & interviews from their video library. View at Homesteading and Vegetable & Herb Gardening: Learn https://cameratapacifica.org/concerts-at-home/# from local herbalist & horticulturist Mary Andrews in this Conciertos en casa: a lasby10am los domingos, free online event hosted California Chapter Camerata of Herbal Pacifica• transmite músicaMarch y entrevistas de su atbiblioteca de Medics 5pm Thursday, 4th. Register videos. Disfrútalo en https://tinyurl.com/yau7jz3t https://cameratapacifica.org/concerts-at-home/# Granjas y horticultura y hierbas: Aprende de la herbolaria yOUTDOORS horticultura local|Mary en este evento gratuito AL Andrews AIRE LIBRE en línea organizado por el Capítulo de Medicina Herbal de Arroyo Burro Cleanup: socially-distanced California • 5pmBeach el jueves, 4 de marzo. Regístrate enbeach cleanup hosted by Explore Ecology • 10am-12pm Sunday, https://tinyurl.com/yau7jz3t March 14th. Face masks required, bring your own supplies Learn Access Library Ebooks and EAudio: The or useHow thosetoprovided. https://tinyurl.com/y82htt9m SB Public Library will answer library patrons’ questions Limpieza de la playa Arroyo limpieza de playa and teach them how todeuse onlineBurro: resources • 5:30-6:30pm socialmente distanciada organizada Thursday, March 4th. Register (free) por at Explore Ecology • 10am-12pm domingo, 14 de marzo. Se requieren https://tinyurl.com/ybaj6hba cubrebocas, trae tus propios suministros o usa los previstos. Aprende a acceder a los libros electrónicos de la biblioteca https://tinyurl.com/y82htt9m y EAudio: La Biblioteca Pública de SB responderá las preguntas de los usuarios de la biblioteca y les enseñará SPECIAL cómo usar losEVENTS recursos en línea • 5:30-6:30pm el jueves, 4 de marzo. (gratis) Free PieRegístrate for Pi Day: Joe’s en Caféhttps://tinyurl.com/ybaj6hba will serve slices of pecan, blueberry, blackberry, cherry or appleThe pieUCSB with purchase of Joy Through Radical Sex Positivity: any entrée from 12-9pm Sunday, March 14th. Multicultural Center welcomes Black queer femme activist, writer, acclaimed sexuality educator Ericka Pie gratis para elspeaker, día de Pi:andJoe’s Café servirá rebanadas Hart Thursday, March 4th cereza • Accesso manzana Zoom linkcon (free) de pie• 6pm de nuez, arándano, mora, atla https://tinyurl.com/yyyqwffa compra de cualquier platillo principal de 12 a 9pm el domingo, 14 de de marzo. Alegría a través la positividad sexual radical: El Centro Multicultural UCSB le da la bienvenida a Ericka Hart, activista, escritora, oradora aclamada y educadora en sexualidad negra queer • jueves, 4 de marzo a las 6pm • Enlace de acceso a Zoom (gratis) en https://tinyurl.com/yyyqwffa OUTDOORS | AL AIRE LIBRE

Monday • lunes


Indy Club: Hondo Hosted Preserve by the SBon Public Library HikeBook the Arroyo Mondays andand The Santa Barbara12:30 Independent, this the month’s discussion will be Wednesdays, to 3pm and first and third weekends on Parable of theSaturdays Sower byand Octavia Butler Thursday, of the month, Sundays from• 6-7pm 10am to March 4thand • Register (free) at https://tinyurl.com/yarzperr 12:30pm 12:30pm to 3pm. Free • reservations required. No Pets. Reserve at: https://tinyurl.com/ya3pgxge Club de lectura Indy: Organizado por la biblioteca pública SB y The en Santa BarbaraArroyo Independent, de este Camina la reserva Hondolalosdiscusión lunes y miércoles mes será sobre sembrador Octavia de 12:30 a 3pmLay elparábola primer del y tercer fin de de semana delButler mes, •sábados 6 a 7pmyjueves, 4 dedemarzo en a domingos 10am• Regístrate a 12:30pm(gratis) y de 12:30pm https://tinyurl.com/yarzperr 3pm. La visita es gratuita y se requieren reservaciones. No se permiten el formulario de reserva: Change in themascotas. Weather:Completa Climate Communication https://tinyurl.com/ya3pgxge Workshop: Join UCSB Professor Lisa Leombruni and meteorologists andoutdoor Anthony Santa Barbara Bernadette Museum ofWoods NaturalPlacky History Yanez for anopen onlinetoworkshop by SBrequired, Museum limited of exhibitions the public.hosted Face masks Natural History, CEC, and Climate Central • 7pm Thursday, reservations. Reservations: https://tinyurl.com/y59egp4r March 4th • Register (free) at https://tinyurl.com/ycqh6kmd

Cambio en el clima: Taller de del comunicación climática: Las exhibiciones al aire libre Museo de Historia Únete de UCSB Lisaabiertas Leombruni y los Se Naturala ladeprofesora Santa Bárbara están al público. meteorólogos Bernadette Woods Placky y Anthony Yanez requieren cubrebocas, reservaciones limitadas. Reservas: para un taller en línea organizado por el Museo de Historia https://tinyurl.com/y59egp4r Natural SB, CEC y Climate Central • 7pm jueves, 4 de marzo • Regístrate (gratis) en MUSIC | MÚSICA https://tinyurl.com/ycqh6kmd UCSB Lumina: A Life of Peace: (formerly the UCSB Women’s Chorus) will present a|virtual mini-concert MOVIES & THEATRE CINE Y TEATRO accompanied by graduate pianist Pinshu Yu • 6-6:15pm Screening of I’ll be Me documentary about Glen Monday, March 15th • Available for free viewing via Campbell’s struggle https://tinyurl.com/ybc6jfxl with Alzheimer’s • part of VNA’s 8th YouTube Premiere, annual Phorum: Perspectives in Healthcare • $10/$50VIP UCSB vidaWind de paz: (anteriormente Coro per car Lumina: up to fouruna • West Drive-In • 6:15pmelThurs, de Mujeres UCSB)atpresentará un mini concierto virtual March 4th • de Register www.vna.health/phorum acompañado por la pianista graduada Pinshu Yu • 6 a Proyección del documental be Me (Serépara yo) disfrutar sobre la de 6:15pm el lunes, 15 de marzoI’ll• Disponible lucha Glen Campbell la enfermedad formadegratuita a través decon YouTube Premiere,de Alzheimer • Parte de la octava edición anual de PHORUM: Perspectivas https://tinyurl.com/ybc6jfxl de salud • $10/$50 VIP por automóvil con hasta cuatro personas • West Wind Drive-In • 6:15pm jueves, 4 de marzo • Regístrate en www.vna.health/phorum

Tuesday • martes 3.16.21

Airness: The UCSB Department of Theatre/Dance will present Airness, a comedy about the air guitar community CHILDREN | NIÑOS by Chelsea Marcantel and directed by Kate Bergstrom • 6pm Thursday, available streaming StorywalkMarch in the 4th. Park:Performance The SB Public Libraryforinvites until 12pm Sunday, 7th.activities Access the you and your familyMarch to enjoy andlink Ben(free) at https://tinyurl.com/y5dxed7g Gundersheimer’s book Señorita Mariposa from 10:30am12pm Tuesday, March 16thdeatTeatro Parque/ Danza de los Ninos. No Airness: El Departamento de UCSB registrationAirness, needed,una facecomedia masks and distancingde presentará sobresocial la comunidad required.aéreas por Chelsea Marcantel y dirigida por guitarras Kate Bergstrom • 6pmLael jueves, 4 dePública marzo.dePresentación Parque de los Niños: Biblioteca SB te invita disponible para transmisión las 12pmy del domingo, a ti ya tu familia a disfrutar dehasta actividades libro de 7 de Accede al enlace (gratis) en de 10:30am a Benmarzo. Gundersheimer, Señorita Mariposa, https://tinyurl.com/y5dxed7g 12pm el martes, 16 de marzo en el Parque de los Niños. No es necesario registrarse, se requieren cubrebocas y distanciamiento social.

Friday • viernes



GrantQueen Seeking & Proposal Writing Q&A hosted by the Drag Story Hour with Miss Angel: Join The Fund for Santa Barbara willfeaturing happen online • 11:30am-1pm UCSB Multicultural Center children’s books Tuesday, Marchdiverse 16th. voices Registerand(free) that highlight focushttps://tinyurl.com/ on themes such as y8rgun57acceptance, and more • Craft materials needed empathy, for activities • 5pm Friday, March 5th • Access link (free) at Sesión de preguntas y respuestas sobre búsqueda de https://tinyurl.com/yyyqwffa. subvenciones y redacción de propuestas organizadas por el Fondo de SantadeBárbara se llevarán a cabo en línea • Hora del cuento Drag Queen con Miss Angel: Únete el martes,de16UCSB de marzo. Regístratelibros (gratis) al11:30am-1pm Centro Multicultural que presenta https://tinyurl.com/y8rgun57 para niños que destacan voces diversas y se enfocan en temas como la empatía, la aceptación y más • Materiales Learn How to Access Library Ebooks and EAudio: The SB de artesanía necesarios para las actividades • Viernes, 5 de Public Library will answer library patrons’ questions and marzo a las 5pm • Enlace de acceso (gratis) en teach them how to use online resources • 2-3pm Tuesday, https://tinyurl.com/yyyqwffa. March 16th. Register (free) at https://tinyurl.com/ybaj6hba Aprende a acceder a los libros electrónicos de la biblioteca LECTURES | MEETINGS | WORKSHOPS y a EAudio: La Biblioteca Pública de SB responderá las CONFERENCIAS REUNIONES preguntas de los usuarios de| la biblioteca y les enseñará cómoAnnual usar losWestmont’s recursos enPresident’s línea. • De 2(Virtual) a 3pm elBreakfast martes, 16 16th de marzo.speaker Regístrate (gratis) en a Harvard historian and featuring Nancy Koehn, https://tinyurl.com/ybaj6hba bestselling author • 8am Friday, March 5th • Purchase tickets ($35) at https://westmont.edu/breakfast. Understanding Medicare Virtual Presentation: Sponsored by Health Insurance Counseling AdvocacydeProgram Decimosexto desayuno anual deland presidente Westmont (HICAP)con • 4pm Tuesday,Nancy MarchKoehn, 16th • historiadora To register, contact (virtual) la oradora 1-800-434-0222, 1-805-928-5663, de Harvard y autora de bestsellers, Seniors@kcbx.net se llevará a cabo or visit www.CentralCoastSeniors.org virtualmente este año • viernes, 5 de marzo a las 8am • Compra boletosde($35) https://westmont.edu/breakfast. Comprensión la presentación virtual de Medicare: Patrocinado por el Programa de Consejería y Defensa de Seguros de Salud (HICAP) • 4pm martes, 16 de marzo • Para registrarte, llama al 1-800-434-0222, 1-805-928-5663, Seniors@kcbx.net o visita www.CentralCoastSeniors.org What You Become in Flight: A Conversation with Ellen O’Connell Whittet: The SB Museum of Art invites you to join this virtual discussion about Whittet’s raw and graceful memoir, What You Become in Flight • 5pm Tuesday, March 16th • Register (free) https://tinyurl.com/y9d7paqq En lo que te conviertes en vuelo: Una conversación con Ellen O’Connell Whittet: El Museo de Arte de SB te invita a unirte a esta discusión virtual sobre las memorias crudas y elegantes de Whittet, En lo que te conviertes en vuelo • 5pm martes, 16 de marzo • Regístrate (gratis) https://tinyurl.com/y9d7paqq Feeling anxious, fatigued, depressed, or just experiencing isolation challenges?


Hypnosis can help.

Noontime at Home: Join Barbara Reaching intoOpera theSanta depths of for ourthis free, weekly digital concertmind, series atwe 12pmare eachable Tuesday. unconscious to Learn find more view at https://tinyurl.com/y76xkfdn theand resources needed to remain calm, feel inner andSanta even find para joy esta in Mediodía en casa:peace, Únete a Opera Barbara midst ofdigitales the chaos in gratuitos our lives seriethe de conciertos semanales a lasand 12pm thelosworld. In-person or on-line sessions. todos martes. Obtén más información y disfruta en https://tinyurl.com/y76xkfdn Dr. Ginger


Beethoven CellObration! Virtual concert by members Certified Medical Support Hypnotherapist of the UCSB Cello Squad, directed by Professor Jennifer 805-886-4716 Kloetzel • 6pm Tuesday, March 16th • Free viewing via YouTube Premiere: https://tinyurl.com/yd6ujpsr www.DrGingerSwanson.com

February 2021 March 12,26, 2021

MOVIES THEATREon | Law CINEand Y TEATRO Spark!&Lecture the

groups, and more. For a complete schedule visit https://tinyurl.com/ybolucly

The Arab-Israeli Pacific ConservatoryConflict Theatre will present Into the Programación Virtual de la Biblioteca Pública de SB: Breeches! George Brant, of sharing the tale of a director’s In its by next installment the Spark! Lecture Series, the Desde niños pequeños hasta adultos, la biblioteca pública wifeRotary and anClub unlikely troupe of players putting on a of Santa Barbara Sunrise will welcome Steve SB ofrece una variedad de programas virtuales que incluyen production of Shakespeare’s Henriad duringUnited WWIIStates • Zipperstein, the former Chief Assistant cuentos, clubes de lectura, grupos de conversación y más. 7pmAttorney Friday, March with an additional in Los5th, Angeles. Held virtuallyperformance at 6pm Thursday, Para obtener un horario completo, visita at 1:30pm Saturday, March 6th. Purchase tickets ($10) at March 18th, Zipperstein will be giving a free presentation https://tinyurl.com/ybolucly https://tinyurl.com/yathtjvd. on his most recent book, Law and the Arab-Israeli Conflict: The Trials of Palestine.Theatre presentará Into the El Pacific Conservatory Nature At Your Fingertips: From art projects, to stories, TheGeorge series isBrant, designed to promotelainsight Breeches! por compartiendo historiaand de la to natural recipes, Wilderness Youth Project is providing understanding by ypresenting in science, politics, esposa de un director un grupo experts poco probable de actores resources that deeply engage children and adults with the issues, and innovation. que social montan una producción de Henriad de Shakespeare natural world. Access the Free Nature Resource Portal at the course his career, Zipperstein acted https://wyp.org/resource-portal/ and check back every week durante laOver Segunda GuerraofMundial. Compra boletoshas($10) as Counselor to Attorney General Janet Reno, as well as en https://tinyurl.com/yathtjvd to see what fun new offerings are added. Counselor to then Assistant Attorney General Robert La naturaleza al alcance de tu mano: Desde proyectos Mueller. | He MÚSICA also worked as the Chief Legal Officer of MUSIC de arte hasta historias y recetas naturales, Wilderness Verizon Wireless and BlackBerry before embarking on his Youth Project proporciona recursos que involucran Firstteaching Fridays career. at FourCurrently, Concerts:heThe SantaatMaria teaches UC Los Angeles in Steven Zipperstein profundamente a niños y adultos con el mundo natural. Philharmonic Society releases free, recorded concerts the the Global Studies and Public Policy Departments, and is a Accede al portal gratuito de recursos naturales en first Senior Friday Fellow of eachatmonth on its YouTube ViewEast Development. the university’s Centerchannel. for Middle Register at https://tinyurl.com/y9mtdzwp https://wyp.org/resource-portal/ y vuelve cada semana para this month’s performance at https://tinyurl.com/y8vh5k8r ver qué nuevas y divertidas ofertas se agregan. Conferencia Spark! sobre la ley y el conflicto árabe-israelí Primeros viernes en cuatro conciertos: La Sociedad Health’s Online Resources Families: EndesuSanta próxima entrega la serie degrabados conferencias Spark!,Cottage el Rotary Club ofFree Santa Barbara Sunrisefor le dará Filarmónica María lanzadeconciertos fun and educational resources to help families la bienvenida a Steve Zipperstein, el exenfiscal adjunto los Estados Unidos en Los Ángeles. Realizado y gratuitos el primer viernes de cada mes su canal de en jefe deOffering spend productive virtualmente a las 6pm eldejueves, 18 en de marzo, Zipperstein darácope unaand presentación gratuitatime sobretogether. su libroThe máspage reciente, YouTube. Ve el rendimiento este mes La ley y el conflicto árabe-israelí: Los juicios de Palestina. has everything from free coloring book pages to online https://tinyurl.com/y8vh5k8r plays tomediante NASA tours. Choose a new activity every La serie está diseñada para promover el conocimiento yBroadway la comprensión la presentación de expertos day at https://tinyurl.com/yc6t9uxa en ciencia, política, problemas sociales e innovación. view moredeonline resources A lo largo de su carrera, Zipperstein se ha desempeñado comoToConsejero la FiscalCOVID-19 General Janet Reno,for asíparents and children visit trabajó https://tinyurl.com/y8ffq28m como Consejero del entonces Fiscal General Adjunto Robert Mueller. También como director legal de Verizon Wireless y BlackBerry antes de embarcarse en su carrera de enseñanza. enseñapara en UC Los Ángeles en RecursosActualmente, gratuitos en línea familias de Cottage OUTDOORS | deALEstudios AIREGlobales LIBREy Políticas Públicas, yHealth: los Departamentos es “Senior Fellow” en el Centro para elydesarrollo Ofreciendo recursos divertidos educativosdepara Medio de la universidad. en https://tinyurl.com/y9mtdzwp ayudar a las Regístrate familias a sobrellevar y pasar un tiempo HikeOriente the Arroyo Hondo Preserve on Mondays and productivo juntos. La página tiene de todo, desde páginas de Wednesdays, 12:30 to 3pm and the first and third weekends libros para colorear gratis hasta obras de Broadway en línea of the month, Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to y recorridos de la NASA. Elije una nueva actividad todos los 12:30pm and 12:30pm to 3pm. It’s free to visit and ¡Celebraciónare derequired. Beethoven! Almuerzo y Aprende con Land Trust - Taller de fotografía días en https://tinyurl.com/yc6t9uxa reservations PetsVeareestenotconcierto allowed.virtual Fill outdethelos miembros del UCSB Cello Squad, dirigido por la profesora de naturaleza: Ofrecido porde LTSBC y Luis Escobar Para ver más recursos COVID-19 en línea de para reservation form: https://tinyurl.com/ya3pgxge Jennifer Kloetzel • 6pm martes, 16 de marzo • Disfrútala de Reflections Photography Studio • 12:30-1:30pm miércoles, padres e hijos, visita https://tinyurl.com/y8ffq28m Camina en la reserva HondoPremiere: los lunes y miércoles forma gratuita a travésArroyo de YouTube 17 de marzo • Reserva tu lugar (gratis) Webinars for Your Business to Navigate COVID-19: de 12:30 a 3pm y el primer y tercer fin de semana del mes, https://tinyurl.com/yd6ujpsr https://tinyurl.com/y7y793pw. Webinars on a variety of topics to help the business sábados y domingos de 10am a 12:30pm y de 12:30pm a The SB Public Library Conversation community survive andVirtual navigateEnglish the COVID-19 public 3pm. La visita es gratuita y se requieren reservaciones. No Group:crisis. for allEconomic English language learners • 4:30-5:30pm health Development Collaborative se permiten mascotas. Completa el formulario de reserva: Wednesdays. Register (free) at https://tinyurl.com/ybvv72zg www.EDCollaborative.com https://tinyurl.com/ya3pgxge Womens Ventures (WEV) www.WEVOnline.org Grupo deEconomic conversación virtual en inglés de la biblioteca Traffic www.trafficsolutions.org CHILDREN | NIÑOS públicaSolutions de SB: para todos los estudiantes del idioma inglés • SCORE Santalos Barbara https://tinyurl.com/yxh2qz5c 4:30-5:30pm miércoles. Regístrate (gratis) en Storywalk in the Park - Lower Manning Park: The SB The Chamber of the Santa Barbara Region https://tinyurl.com/ybvv72zg Public Library invites you and your family to enjoy activities www.SBChamber.org and Ben Gundersheimer’s book Señorita mariposa from SBCC at a Crossroads: A panel conversation hosted by LECTURES | MEETINGS | WORKSHOPS Seminarios webCity para que tu• 4pm empresa navegueMarch por 17th • 2-3:30pm Wednesday, March 17th at Lower Manning Park. No Santa Barbara College Wednesday, CONFERENCIAS | REUNIONES COVID-19: Seminarios web sobre una variedad de temas registration needed, face masks and social distancing required. Register (free) https://tinyurl.com/yalw43th para ayudar a la comunidad empresarial a sobrevivir y House CallsenVirtual Event - AnnManning Patchett:Park: UCSBLaArts & Storywalk el parque - Lower SBCC enlauna una conversación de Economic panel navegar crisisencrucijada: de salud pública de COVID-19. Lectures will host award-winning writer Ann Patchett for biblioteca pública de SB te invita a ti y tu familia a disfrutar organizada porCollaborative Santa Barbarawww.EDCollaborative.com City College • 4pm miércoles, Development adeconversation with Lily King, author of Writers & Lovers, actividades y del libro de Ben Gundersheimer, Señorita 17 de marzo • Regístrate (gratis) Womens Economic Ventures (WEV) followed Patchett will be calling mariposa,bydea 2Q&A. a 3:30pm el miércoles, 17 defrom marzoParnassus en Lower https://tinyurl.com/yalw43th www.WEVOnline.org Books, which in Nashville in 2011 • Register Manning Park.sheNoopened es necesario registrarse, se requieren Traffic Solutions www.trafficsolutions.org (free for UCSB students, $10 general cubrebocas y distanciamiento social. admission) at MUSICSanta | MÚSICA SCORE Barbara https://tinyurl.com/yxh2qz5c https://tinyurl.com/yb4nkpej La Cámara de la Región de Santa Bárbara Children’s Art Classes through the Santa Barbara Arts The Virtual Gospel. An Infusion of Gospel Music, Gospel Evento virtualatdetheVisitas a domicilio Ann Patchett: www.SBChamber.org Collaborative Community Arts -Workshop. 3:30 to Music History, and Gospel Testimonies: UCSB Gospel UCSB Arts & Lectures recibirá a la galardonada escritora 5pm Wednesdays through April 21st. Free for those that Choir virtualCenter’s event. Special guests Connect Daniel Ozan Rhiann Friendship Community AdultandProgram: Ann una conversación con Lily King, autoraor needPatchett it most. para Register/questions: foundcre8@gmail.com Joshua • are 6pmoffered Wednesday, March 17th •membership Free viewing via Services through an online de Writers & Lovers, seguida de una sesión de preguntas 805-895-1134. YouTubeatPremiere: starting $200 per https://tinyurl.com/y8hszlny month, with options for low income y respuestas. Patchett llamará desde Parnassus Books, individuals: www.friendshipcentersb.org/services/ccap/ Las clases de Nashville arte para en niños de Santa Barbara que abrió en 2011a •través Regístrate (gratis para Arts El evangelio virtual. Una infusión de música gospel, Collaborative el Community Arts Workshop. estudiantes deen UCSB, entrada general de $10) enMiércoles, historia de la música gospel y testimonios gospel: Evento de 3:30 a 5pm hasta el 21 de abril. Gratis para quienes más https://tinyurl.com/yb4nkpej virtual del UCSB Gospel Choir. Invitados especiales Daniel lo necesitan. Regístrate o haz preguntas, en Ozan y Rhiann Joshua • 6pm miércoles, 17 de marzo Virtual Climate Brainstorming Session: The City of foundcre8@gmail.com o llamando al 805-895-1134. Santa Barbara invites the community to participate in this meeting to explore climate opportunities to help reach LECTURES | MEETINGS | WORKSHOPS carbon neutrality by 2035 • 1-3pm Sunday, March 7th • CONFERENCIAS | REUNIONES Register https://tinyurl.com/ycle2b6z

Saturday • sábado


Wednesday • miércoles 3.17.21

Sunday • domingo


Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com


Direct Service Providers Sesión virtual de lluvia deConvening ideas sobreonelImmigration clima: La ciudad webinar be hosted Fund for aSanta Barbara de Santa will Bárbara invitabya laThe comunidad participar en from 10-11:45am 17th. Register (free) para esta reunión Wednesday, para explorarMarch oportunidades climáticas https://tinyurl.com/y8rgun57. ayudar a alcanzar la neutralidad de carbono para el 2035 • 1-3pm domingo, 7 de marzo • Regístrate en sobre Proveedores de servicios directos convocados https://tinyurl.com/ycle2b6z inmigración el seminario web será organizado por The Fund for Santa Barbara de 10 a 11:45am el miércoles, 17 de

SPECIAL EVENTS EVENTOS ESPECIALES marzo. Regístrate (gratis)|https://tinyurl.com/y8rgun57. Paseo Nuevo willSouth host an International Women’s DayJoin Housing on the Coast in 2030: What’s Ahead? Market featuring closeVoters to 40 women owners 11amthe League of Women of SB forbusiness this community 6pm Sunday,Wednesday, March 7th.March View list forumon• 12pm 17thof•vendors Registerat(free) https://tinyurl.com/y8matkp2 https://tinyurl.com/y9l44ue2. Paseo Nuevo delnos Díaespera? Internacional Vivienda en laalbergará costa surun enmercado 2030: ¿Qué Únete de Mujer con cercaVotantes de 40 mujeres propietarias a lalaLiga de Mujeres de SB para este forodede la negocios de •11am 6pm el domingo, 7 de marzo. Ve la lista comunidad 12pma miércoles, 17 de marzo • Regístrate de proveedores en https://tinyurl.com/y8matkp2 (gratis) https://tinyurl.com/y9l44ue2. Land Trust Lunch & Learns - Nature Photography Workshop: Offered by LTSBC and Luis Escobar of Reflections Photography Studio • 12:30-1:30pm Wednesday, March 17thLibrary • RSVPVirtual (free) https://tinyurl.com/y7y793pw. SB Public Programming: From toddlers to adults, the SB Public Library offers a variety of virtual programs including story time, book clubs, conversation

Online Resources • Recursos en línea

Eco-friendlyLand LandManaagement Management Eco-friendly Noxious Weed Abatement Sustainable Agriculture Fire Mitigation Scott Rothdeutsch | Owner scott@sbgoats.com


Celebración de ChangeMakers: Únete a la rama LompocVandenberg de la Asociación Estadounidense de Mujeres Universitarias para este evento en vivo en dos idiomas con Dolores Huerta y la senadora Monique Limón • jueves, 18 HE PERSONAL JOURNEY OF GLEN STRUGGLE WITH ALZHEIMER’S, told through the de marzoCAMPBELL’S a las 7pm • Regístrate (gratis) https://lompocvandenberg-ca.aauw.net documentary film I’ll Be Me, will be the lead presentation for the 8th annual PHORUM: Perspectives in

• Disfrútala de forma gratuita a través del estreno de YouTube: https://tinyurl.com/y8hszlny

Glen Campbell Documentary to Open VNA Health PHorum


Thursday • jueves 3.18.21

Healthcare, hosted by the VNA Health. It offers a touching personal LECTURES | MEETINGS | WORKSHOPS narrative focused on Campbell, Oscar® Nominee, GRAMMY® Lifetime CONFERENCIAS | REUNIONES Achievement Award Recipient, and Country Music Hall of Fame

Friday2021 • viernes



Lawmember, and the Arab-Israeli The Trialson of Palestine: as heConflict: embarked his nationwide “Good-Bye Tour.” The Doc Hosted by the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise, LECTURES | MEETINGS | WORKSHOPS will screen on March 4th at the West Wind Drive-In. Gates open at featuring guest speaker Steven Zipperstein • 6pm Thursday, CONFERENCIAS | REUNIONES 5:45pm and the film starts at 6:15pm. March 18th • Register (free) https://tinyurl.com/y9mtdzwp. The benefit screening will take place anState evening willpresentation 2021during Carpinteria of the City:that A virtual La ley y el conflicto árabe-israelí: Los juicios de Palestina: hosted by the Santa Barbara South Coast Chamber also include conversation S. Kosik, MD;of P EofRSanta S P Barbara E C T with ISunrise, V E SKim I N Campbell; H E A L T H CKenneth ARE Organizado por el Rotarya Club Commerce • 9am Friday, March 19thof• Register (free) Michael Bordofsky, MD; and actress and executive producer the con el orador invitado Steven Zipperstein • jueves, 18 de https://tinyurl.com/ybay5sef marzo a las 6pm • RegístrateJane (gratis) documentary, Seymour. 2021 Estado la ciudadCampaign de Carpinteria:to Una presentación https://tinyurl.com/y9mtdzwp. The event isSee part How of the Give Well,Upstages Live Wellde2021 Music Alzheimer’s in virtual organizada por la Cámara de Comercio de la Costa Radius Insight: Real EstateHealth & Economic Update - Q1/2021: support VNA services. SurUnforgettable de Santa Bárbara • viernes, 19Tour de marzo a las 9am • GlenRealCampbell’s A webinarAdmission hosted by Radius and Commercial Estate • (pre registration is required) with up to registration Regístrate (gratis) https://tinyurl.com/ybay5sef 9:30am Thursday, March 18th • Register (free) I’LL BE ME four people per car is $10 per car with VIP Premier parking costing $50 https://tinyurl.com/y82t87p5

BJ Miller

Join Hospice Santa Barbara in welcoming hospice and palliative medicine physician Dr. BJ Miller for MOVIES & THEATRE | CINE Y TEATRO per car. his virtual presentation Let It Fall: The Visión de Radius: Actualización económica y inmobiliaria Power of Existential Crises • 6-7pm Attendance can also provide 2.5 CE hours, approved by the Fade: The Pacific Conservatory Theatre will host a virtual - Q1/2021: Un seminario web organizado por Radius GlenThursday, Campbell March 18th • Register (free) California Board of Registered Nurses. performance of Fade, telling the tale of Mexican-born Commercial Real Estate • 9:30am el jueves, 18 de marzo • https://tinyurl.com/y8frpk2j novelist Lucia as she begins her new job writing for a major Regístrate (gratis) https://tinyurl.com/y82t87p5 Pre registration is required. Register online at www.vna.health/phorum TV show • 7pm Friday, March 19th and 1:30pm Saturday, Gates open at 5:45 PM–Film begins at 6:15 PM Únete a Hospice Santa Barbara Michelangelo: The First Modern Artist: Join The SB March 20th • Tickets ($10) www.pcpa.org/Fade para darle la bienvenida al Museum of Art for this virtual Armchair Travel Lecture Fade: El Teatro Pacific Conservatory ofrecerá una médico de hospicio y medicina with Dr. Rocky Ruggiero • 10:30-11:30am Thursday, March presentación virtual de Fade, que contará la historia de paliativainvite Dr. BJ su th 18th • Register (free) https://tinyurl.com/ydeua5ok VNA Health Foundation and Emmy Award-winning Actress Jane Seymour youMiller to thepara L VIAJE PERSONALPH DEORUM LA: Perspectives LUCHA DEinenGLEN CAMPBELL EL ALZHEIMER, contado a8 a Annual la novelista nacida México Lucía cuandoSeymour comienzaCON suwill present presentación Déjalo caer: Healthcare. Jane the documentary,virtual I’ll Be Me, touching Miguel Ángel: el primer Únete al Museo nuevo trabajo escribiendo para unNominee, importante programa de Lifetime poder las crisisanual existenciales travésartista delmoderno: documental I’llabout Be Me (Seré yo), será la presentación principal deEllaAchievement octavadeedición film Glen Campbell — Oscar® GRAMMY® Award Recipient, de Arte de SB para esta conferencia “Armchair Travel” viernes, de marzo a lasVNA 7pm—y sábado, 20 personal de Ofrecejourney • 6 narrativa awith 7pm jueves, 18 de marzo and Country Music•organizado Hall of19Fame member and his Alzheimer’s Disease as he • PHORUM: Perspectivas de televisión salud, por Health. una personal virtual con el Dr. de Rocky Ruggiero • 10:30-11:30am jueves, 1:30pm • Boletos ($10) www.pcpa.org/Fade Regístrate (gratis) embarked marzo on hisa lanationwide “Goodbye Tour”. conmovedora centrada en Campbell, nominado al Oscar®, ganador del premio GRAMMY® Premio a la 18 de marzo • Regístrate (gratis) https://tinyurl.com/y8frpk2j Enjoy your from a Country, safe distance, for a meaningful and en inspirational evening. “Tour https://tinyurl.com/ydeua5ok Trayectoria y miembro del Salón dethela event Famain de lacar, Música cuando se embarcó su gira nacional MUSIC | MÚSICA

Thursday, MARCH 4 at the west wind drive-in

Documental de Glen Campbell inaugurara el Foro de salud de VNA


Following the movie will be a never before seen conversation with Jane and:

12/11/20, 2'34 PM

de despedida.” El documental se proyectará el 4 de marzo en West Wind Drive-In. Las puertas abren a las 5:45pm General & Biosecurity Program Updates for Channel Derek Douget Band - A Night in New Orleans: Live from Se requieren cubrebocas. • Horarios de llegada 1:15, 1:30 y laNational película comienza a lasMuseum 6:15pm. Islands Parks: Join the SB Maritime for the Lobero presents saxophonist Derek Douget and his o 1:45pm sábado, 20 de marzo • Espacio limitado, llama al GETnoche TO-GOque DINNERS this ZoomLa webinar presentation featuring Superintendentfondos proyección para recaudar se llevará a cabo durante una también incluirá una (miembros $40, no band for a virtual concert • Friday, March 19-Sun, Mar 21 • Kim Campbell 805.969.9990 para25% hacerofreservaciones Ethan McKinley and Biosecurity Manager Juliana Matos • event salesejecutiva will be Tickets ($15) https://tinyurl.com/ybl7nwxm conversación con Kim Campbell; Kenneth S. Kosik, MD; Michael Bordofsky, MD; y actriz y productora Alzheimer’s Disease Advocate miembros $60). donated to VNA Health 7pm Thursday, March 18th • Register (free) and widow of legendary singer del documental, Jane Seymour. Derek Douget Band - Una noche en Nueva Orleans: Live Place Dr, Goleta https://tinyurl.com/yam5zwo5 Spring Cleaning:6990 BeachMarket Yoga & Community Cleanup: and guitarist Glen Campbell El evento es parte de la campaña Give Well, Live Well 2021 para apoyar de805.685.2039 VNA Health.Beach • 11:30am from the Lobero presenta al saxofonista Derek Douget y los servicios Hosted by Divinitree SB at Leadbetter Actualizaciones del programa general y de bioseguridad thenaturalcafe.com su banda para un previo) concierto virtual de marzo-personas La admisión (se requiere registro con• viernes, hasta19cuatro automóvil $10 por Saturday,por March 20th • Register es ($15de minimum donation, para los parques nacionales de ylasel Islasregistro del Canal: Únete Dr. al Kenneth S. Kosik domingo, 21que de marzo • Boletos ($15)por automóvil. with half of donations raised going to Channel Islands automóvil, estacionamiento VIP Premier cuesta $50 Museo Marítimo de SBcon para esta presentación del seminario FREE 2.5 CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDIT HOURS* Internationally renowned https://tinyurl.com/ybl7nwxm Wildlife Enfermeras Institute) https://tinyurl.com/y8ancd99 web ZoomLa conasistencia el Superintendente Ethan McKinley y la proporcionar también puede 2.5 horas de EC, aprobadas porLVNs laMarine Junta Registradas Alzheimer’s Disease Researcher *For RNs and earn 2.5de CE Credit Hours when you attend. TheInvestigator Idiomatiquesofwill Gerente Bioseguridad Juliana Matos • jueves, 18 deand Principal thebe giving a free, outdoor CEconcert Form will be given upon Attendees Form Limpieza de arrival. primavera: yoga en lasubmit playa yCE limpieza de deCalifornia. from Se the balcony the registro SB Arts & Culture Bldg., corner Kosik Neurobiology Lab atofUCSB marzo a las 7pm • Regístrate (gratis) atRegístrate the end of theen event. comunitaria: Organizado por Divinitree SB en Leadbetter requiere previo. línea en www.vna.health/phorum of State & Sola (across the street from the Arlington) * Provider,•Visiting Nurse & Hospice Care Santael Barbara DBA20 VNA by the https://tinyurl.com/yam5zwo5 Beach • 11:30am sábado, deHealth, marzoapproved • Regístrate California Board of Registered Nurses, Provider #CEP5310 for 2.5 contact hours. 6-7:30pm Friday, March 19th. Dr. Michael Bordofsky (donación mínima de $15, y la mitad de las donaciones Illuminate Speaker Series - Dr. BJ Miller: Join Hospice VNA Health Director PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED recaudadas se destinarán al Channel Islands Marine Wildlife LosMedical Idiomatiques ofrecerán un concierto gratuito al aire Santa Barbara in welcoming hospice and palliative medicine and Board-certified physician in General $10/carhttps://tinyurl.com/y8ancd99 Institute) libre desde el balcón del edificio de SB Arts &•Culture, en Parking: la physician Dr. BJ Miller for his virtual presentation LetInternal It Medicine and Hospice Regístrate en la lista• de Programa para adultos Conexión comunitaria de informar coreano$50/car y vietnamita. Regístrate en: Premier esquina dea lalascomunidad. calles State y Sola (al otro lado deVIP lacorreo calle del Parking: Fall: The Power of Existential Crises • 6-7pm Thursday, Palliative Medicine • sobre 4 people (Limited parking spaces available) Friendship Center: Los servicios se ofrecen a través deand una electrónico de6-7:30pm ADL parael recibir notificaciones el per carhttps://tinyurl.com/y37tcjzx Arlington) • viernes, 19 de marzo. SPECIAL EVENTS | EVENTOS ESPECIALES March 18th • Register (free) https://tinyurl.com/y8frpk2j membresía en línea desde $200 por mes, con opciones para próximo seminario web. www.adl.org/webinars Surf How To Surf willfor offer free online LoveHappens’ in Every Language: Join- Pro theSeries SB Trust Historic Serie de altavoces Illuminate - Dr. BJ Miller: Únete a personas de bajos ingresos: Ve los seminarios web archivados en tutorial videosforshowcasing pro tips from the basic to elitelearn Preservation a virtual tour of the Presidio Chapel, Hospice Santa Barbara para darle la bienvenida al médico https://tinyurl.com/yc6ynu6z www.friendshipcentersb.org/services/ccap/ levels Conner Peterson, Coffin, aboutfrom Presidio loveCoffin, stories,Lakey and more • 6pmParker Sunday, March de hospicio y medicina paliativa Dr. BJ Miller para su Library & Community Resources for Mental Wellness: AHA! Programs: Trained facilitators support a wide range Eithan Osborne,tickets and Mickey Clarke. Videos will be released 20th • Purchase ($30-150) www.sbthp.org/love presentación virtual Déjalo caer: El poder de las crisis Find links to community and national resources about of groups with social-emotional learning. Preregistration is weekly on www.surfhappens.com existenciales • 6 a 7pm jueves, 18 de marzo • Regístrate DANCE Amor en todos los idiomas: Únete a SB Trust for Historic mental health| atBAILE https://tinyurl.com/yalfwj9m required. For more info visit https://ahasb.org/programs/ (gratis) https://tinyurl.com/y8frpk2j Surf Happenspara ‘Cómo surfear - Serie Propor ofrecerá videos Preservation un recorrido virtual la Capilla del The Library alsoStage has books and resources forview youthis to Fantasyland: Center Theater invites you to Programas AHA!: Los facilitadores capacitados apoyan una tutoriales en línea gratuitos que muestran consejos Presidio, aprende sobre las historias de amor del Presidio y Cuidando Niños Sabiamente: Preparación para la Escuela: help you cope. Browse Mentalwith Health Awareness Month video performance by the Dance Harout Performance amplia gama de grupos con aprendizaje socioemocional. Se profesionales desde el 20 nivel el de élite de Conner más • 6pm domingo, de básico marzohasta • Compra boletos ($30Join the SB Public Library for this virtual class on how collection Overdrive https://tinyurl.com/yamjtph6 Company on • Livestreamed premiere at 6pm, Saturday, March requiere preinscripción. Para más información visita Coffin, Lakey Peterson, Parker Coffin, Eithan Osborne y $150) www.sbthp.org/love caregivers can support children’s skills and how they are 20th, with the video available throughpara April 4th • Purchase Biblioteca y recursos comunitarios el bienestar https://ahasb.org/programs/ Mickey Clarke. Los videos se publicarán semanalmente en assessed for school readiness • 1-2pm Thursday, March 18th • tickets ($10-250) at https://tinyurl.com/yb84xtp7 mental: Encuentra enlaces a recursos comunitarios y www.surfhappens.com Register (free)offers at https://tinyurl.com/yd6axyvn (in Spanish) SBPL Works! Help for Job Seekers: Looking for a job nacionales sobre salud mental enTheatre te invita a ver esta Tierra de fantasía: Center Stage “Navigating the Pandemic Pandemonium” Business or to improve your career skills? The SB Public Library’s Cuidando Niños Sabiamente: Preparación para la Escuela: https://tinyurl.com/yalfwj9m presentación en video de Dance with Harout Performance Strategy Call: Schedule a business strategy call with professional staff in their workforce development program Únete a la Biblioteca Pública de SB para esta clase virtual La biblioteca también tiene libros y recursos para Company • Estreno en vivo a las 6pm, sábado, 20 de marzo, Downtown Santa Barbara’s Executive Director, Robin SBPL Works! are ready to help you with one-to-one sobre cómo los cuidadores pueden apoyar las habilidades de ayudarte a sobrellevar situación. la colección con el video disponiblelahasta el 4 deExplora abril • Compre boletos LECTURES | MEETINGS | WORKSHOPS Elander. The team at Downtown Santa Barbara will help consultations in English or Spanish remotely. Free and open los niños y cómo se evalúa su preparación para la escuela • 1 del Mes de laenconciencia sobre la salud mental en ($10-$250) https://tinyurl.com/yb84xtp7 you navigate your business through these challenging times. to all and by appointment. Complete the survey at: CONFERENCIAS | REUNIONES a 2pm el jueves, 18 de marzo • Regístrate (gratis) en Overdrivehttps://tinyurl.com/yamjtph6 Email Administrative Assistant https://tinyurl.com/y9jmn8fx https://tinyurl.com/yd6axyvn. Medieval Studies Annual Colloquium: Global/Premodern/ LECTURES | MEETINGS | WORKSHOPS COVID-19 Isolation Support Group: New Beginnings amy@downtownsb.org to schedule a strategy call. SBPL funciona! ofrece ayuda para solicitantes de empleo: Race: An online symposium hosted by the UCSB isCONFERENCIAS offering a free COVID-19 Isolation Support Group on | REUNIONES ¿Buscas o mejorar tus habilidades profesionales? El Llamada de estrategia comercial “Navegando por Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, featuring scholars MUSICtrabajo | MÚSICA Mondays from 5:30 to 7pm via Zoom. To sign up call or personal profesional de la Biblioteca Pública de SB en su laworking pandemia pandémica”: unaMedieval llamada de in Iberian, Middleprograma Eastern, and Studies • New805-419-3212. Volunteers: Thomas Fire Recovery Training: The text https://tinyurl.com/y235zn2r A JourneydeThrough thedeImpossible: The UCSB programa desarrollo la fuerza laboral SBPLEnsemble funciona! estrategia con la21st directora ejecutiva 9am-3pm comercial Sunday, March • Register (free)de Downtown SB Botanic Garden invites you to learn how to become for Contemporary Music con will consultas present thisindividuales virtual concert, Grupo de soporte de aislamiento de COVID-19: están listos para ayudarte en Santa Barbara, Robin Elander. El equipo de Downtown https://tinyurl.com/ydamft5m a community scientist and help record informationNew on featuring new student works as wellGratis as they works Beginnings ofrece un grupo de apoyoSaturday, gratuitoMarch para el20th • inglés o español de forma remota. abiertoofa Julius todos y Santa Barbara te ayudará a navegar tu negocio a través targeted plant species • 10am-12pm Coloquio Anual desafiantes. de EstudiosEnvía Medievales: Global / Eastman, Dai Fujikura, and more • 6pm Thursday, March aislamiento de https://tinyurl.com/ybfxahxv COVID-19 los lunes de 5:30 a 7pm a través con cita previa. Completa la encuesta en: de estos tiempos un correo electrónico Register (free) / Raza: Un simposio en línea organizado por 18th • Free viewing via YouTube Premiere: de Zoom. Para registrarte, llama o envía un mensaje de https://tinyurl.com/y9jmn8fx aPremoderno la asistente administrativa amy@downtownsb.org para el Centro Interdisciplinario de Humanidades de UCSB, con https://tinyurl.com/y88fqwqy Nuevos voluntarios: Entrenamiento de recuperación del texto al 805-419-3212. https://tinyurl.com/y235zn2r programar una llamada de estrategia. Fighting Hate From Home Webinars: At a time when we académicos que trabajan en Estudios Ibéricos, del Medio Incendio Thomas: SB Botanic Garden te invita a aprender Un viaje por lo imposible: Conjunto UCSB de Música Free ServSafe Handlers Courses and can all feel isolated, we need to pull together more than ever Cabrillo School•Aquarium available Oriente yHigh Medievales 9am-3pm Virtual domingo,Tours 21 dearemarzo • cómoOnline convertirte en unFood científico comunitario y ayudar a Contemporánea presentará este concierto virtual,The conAntiCertifications: ServSafesobre Foodespecies Handler® California Online to stand up against antisemitism and extremism. for students(gratis) in grades TK to 5th grade. CHS students will Regístrate https://tinyurl.com/ydamft5m registrar información de plantas específicas nuevos trabajos de estudiantes, como trabajosFighting de Course and Assessment solution that Defamation League is offering aasí series of los webinars, deliver information about each exhibit, and then answer • 10am-12pm sábado, 20isdea comprehensive marzo • Regístrate (gratis) Juliusfrom Eastman, jueves,the 18 de marzo a delivers consistent food safety training to employees. The Hate Home,DaitoFujikura help unitey más and •inform community. questions end of the|tour. For more info and to https://tinyurl.com/ybfxahxv SPECIALat the EVENTS EVENTOS ESPECIALES las 6pm • Disfrútalo de forma gratuita a través de YouTube online course is offered in English, Spanish, Simplified Sign up for ADL’s email list to receive notifications about request a tour visit https://tinyurl.com/yynw9s83 Premiere: https://tinyurl.com/y88fqwqy Circle of Life Online Fundraiser: Learn how your donation Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese. Register at: the next webinar. www.adl.org/webinars OUTDOORS | AL AIRE LIBRE Los recorridos virtuales la escuelafor to Alpha Resource Centerdel willacuario make adedifference Watch archived webinars at https://tinyurl.com/yc6ynu6z https://tinyurl.com/y37tcjzx secundaria Cabrillo estánBarbara disponibles para los estudiantes individuals across Santa County • 4-5pm Sunday, SPECIAL EVENTS | EVENTOS ESPECIALES Picnic in Paradise: Enjoy a socially-distanced picnic and Seminarios web sobre la lucha contra el odio desde Cursos certificaciones gratuitos en Lotusland. línea para Face de los grados TK a quinto Los estudiantes de CHS March 21st • Register (free)grado. https://tinyurl.com/y88ltoh9. explore ythe gardens at Ganna Walska ChangeMakers Celebration: Jointodos the Lompoc-Vandenberg casa: En un momento en el que podemos sentirnos manipuladores alimentos y la entregarán información sobre cada exhibición y luego masks required. de • Arrival timesServSafe: 1:15, 1:30,Elorcurso 1:45pm Recaudaciónpreguntas de fondosalenfinal líneadelCírculo de laPara vida: Conoce Branch ofdebemos the American of University Women aislados, unirnosAssociation más que nunca para luchar evaluación en línea Californiafor responderán recorrido. obtener Saturday, March 20thde•ServSafe Limited Food space,Handler® call 805.969.9990 cómoinformación tu donacióny alsolicitar Alpha Resource Center marcará la for thisellive, dual-language featuringLaDolores Huerta contra antisemitismo y elevent extremismo. Liga Anties una solución integral que brinda capacitación constante más un recorrido, visita reservations (Members $40, Non-Members $60). diferencia para las personas en todo el condado de Santa and Senator está Monique Limónuna • 7pm Marchweb, 18th • Difamación ofreciendo serieThursday, de seminarios sobre seguridad alimentaria a los empleados. El curso https://tinyurl.com/yynw9s83 Bárbara • 4 a 5pm domingo, 21 de marzo • Regístrate Register Picnic paraíso: Disfruta de un chino picnicsimplificado, con distancia La lucha (free) contrahttps://lompocvandenberg-ca.aauw.net el odio desde casa, para ayudar a unir e en líneaenseelofrece en inglés, español, (gratis) https://tinyurl.com/y88ltoh9. social y explora los jardines en Ganna Walska Lotusland. about:blank

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REGISTER ONLINE AT vna.health/phorum

Saturday • sábado 3.20.21

Sunday • domingo 3.21.21


Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com

March 26, 12, 2021 February

Healing Justice Santa Barbara Invites the Community:


JOIN US ONLINE & AT FREE Black is Beautiful Virtual Showcase OCEAN-FRONT DRIVE-INS By Daisy Scott / VOICE

Leticia Forney Resch, a leader with Healing Justice and event organizer. “I see all the submissions and it just reminds me they want a platform, they want to be showcased, HE VOICES, EXPERIENCES, AND CREATIVITY OF THE BLACK and I’m honored to be able to facilitate that and provide that platform.” COMMUNITY, laced with local tales of black history and accomplishment The event will also include a historical component, featuring three elders within will come together to inspire, Santa Barbara’s Black community: and inform during Healing Pastor David Moore, California Justice Santa Barbara’s Black is Lutheran University professor Beautiful Virtual Showcase on Gregory Freeland, and former Santa Friday, February 26th from 5 to Barbara Poet Laureate Sojourner 8pm. Free and open to the public, Kincaide-Rolle. Each presentation this event will amplify voices in the will highlight a different part of Black community, featuring filmed Santa Barbara’s Black History, performances from artists across dating back as far as a century ago. the country, as well as presentations “We are going through a period from local experts. of time – we have been for years – “For me, it is about storytelling, where we designate Black history as representation, and access,” shared something that is celebrated during Jordan Killebrew, a leader with the month or at an event or for Healing Justice and the event’s certain holidays, however, it’s still master of ceremonies. “We are a part of the whole of history, it’s showcasing Black talent, creating everybody’s history,” commented a platform for us to communicate Kincaide-Rolle. She will speak to our world and vision for a more the history of the complex area inclusive and equitable future. We Featured local artists will include: painters Chante Glover, Shakir Ahmad, and Mariah Jones-Bisquera, bordered by Franklin School, the photographer Terra Chobian, performer Vivian Storm, spoken word artists Rashad Hedgepeth and Essence hope that participants enjoy every Franklin center, and the Eastside Wynter, poets Sojourner Kincaide-Rolle and Jordan Finley, singer Dyna Erie, rappers Soledad and Jon Jinx, part of the showcase and connect Paris Celeyne and Mariano Silva, musician Talitha Blackwell, filmmaker and rapper Rex Bridgeforth, Library. with these talented individuals and Dancers singer Saturne Tchabong, filmmaker Hana Lekaand, and documentarian Chris Ragland. Throughout February, Healing uplift their art, their work, and Justice along with other Santa Barbara County organizations and businesses have showcase them in the future.” hosted events centered around the theme “The Black Family: Representation, Born out of the Healing Justice’s desire to host more in person events, but limited Identity, and Diversity.” According to Resch, this theme will continue to inspire by the pandemic, the Black is Beautiful Virtual Showcase will feature approximately the collective’s future efforts as it looks toward gathering and telling Black people’s 25 individuals from our community, across the nation, and even Canada. Each stories year-round. participant will be highlighted in a pre-recorded video, with all the videos being live“We would like to interview families specifically because there are so many streamed together to make up the virtual event. influential families in Santa Barbara that have stories that have never been told Performances will include music, singing, dancing, spoken word, poetry, paintings, photography, and more. To ensure accessibility for all viewers, subtitles will before,” Resch continued. To register for the Black is Beautiful Virtual Showcase, visit https://tinyurl.com/y6gou3wl. To rewatch be provided. the event’s videos once they are posted, learn more, or donate to Healing Justice Santa Barbara, “Santa Barbara has such an array of talent, why not showcase them?” said visit www.hjsb.org.

Gregory Freeland — Preserving Santa Barbara’s Black History


By Daisy Scott / VOICE

REGORY FREELAND WANTS SANTA BARBARA TO REMEMBER its Black history. A Santa Barbara resident since 1964, he has witnessed firsthand the decline in both presence and knowledge of its Black community. To preserve this history and encourage others to do the same, he will share his stories at the February 26th Black is Beautiful event. “I hope the whole Black community views it in some way or another, and it sort of sparks a fire in them to want to do it over again, or to dig deeper, or maybe to come out with their own stories, and not necessarily Gregory Freeland to feel apart from anybody but certainly to have a collective identity,” shared Freeland. Currently, Freeland is a political science professor at California Lutheran University, also sitting on the city’s Living Wage Advisory Committee and serving with the local organization CAUSE. Having grown up in Durham, North Carolina, he moved to Santa Barbara in 1964. He returned to the community after serving in the Vietnam War, eventually graduating from UC Santa Barbara. Recently, Freeland participated in The Atlantic’s reexamination of its Federal Writers’ Project, which

interviewed formerly enslaved people in the 1930s. getting haircuts at the Black-owned barbershop, and Among those interviewed was Freeland’s great-greatenjoying dances at the Elks Lodge. grandmother, Lucy Brown. After 1980, Freeland noted a decline in the “I heard about some things I really hadn’t heard population of the local Black community, and about and also some things you know about slavery in subsequent decrease in awareness of the city’s Black general,” he shared. “But to have it come from history. a relative was really moving for me and really “Tourism is based on the Spanish motif, the beach, inspirational.” the volleyballers, and all this other kind of stuff,” said Speaking to the importance of keeping Freeland. “No mention of any black community, so history through personal testimonies, he a lot of people assume that there is no Black history highlighted the need to speak with those who here in Santa Barbara. I’m pretty sure this is the case, lived through the Civil Rights Movement that the majority of the white people in Santa Barbara and segregation. However, as Freeland is probably do not know anything about the history of approaching the end of his career, he realizes the Black community here in Santa Barbara.” this task will fall upon younger generations. Yet Freeland hopes that this will change, starting This is why he hopes to inspire with this week’s virtual Black is viewers of the Black is Beautiful event Beautiful event. where he will talk about his roots in the “This might be the beginning of area. a repository that people can go to if Freeland shared about his step-grandfather, they want to find out something about a Santa Barbara businessman who built on Blacks in Santa Barbara,” expressed the corner of Santa Barbara and Haley Streets. Freeland. “This whole project could be He will also speak about the Black business the beginning of that.” community that enlivened the area from To register for Healing Justice Santa Anacapa and Haley Streets to Anacapa and Barbara’s Black is Beautiful virtual Laguna Streets. event, 5 to 8pm Friday, February 26th, It was there that Freeland spent his visit https://tinyurl.com/y6gou3wl. Gregory Freeland when early time in Santa Barbara, enjoying food he was a soldier in 1967, Those interested in reading Gregory that reminded him of his North Carolina three years after he Freeland’s interview in The Atlantic can find moved to Santa Barbara it at: https://tinyurl.com/y78mgwgf upbringing at the Golden Bird Restaurant,

Celebrity tributes, panel discussions and over 100 films, all from home. GET YOUR PASS & TICKETS AT SBIFF.ORG And stay tuned for signing up for our FREE Drive-In Theatres

March 12,26, 2021 February 2021 19,

Secret Bao —


1313 3

Local LocalNews Newsfor foraaGlobal GlobalVillage Village||www.VoiceSB.com www.VoiceSB.com

New Business

Soon 2021to be Santa Barbara'’s Worst Kept Secret

PHORUM By Daisy Scott / VOICE

began selling their original dishes via an Instagram account called “Secret Bao.” The orders grew each week, with the team HEFS PETER LEE AND FELICIA MEDINA finished eventually hosting a regular pop-up shop with Handlebar their last day of work at Loquita Santa Barbara Coffee Roasters. Ultimately, they signed on March 14th, 2020, to give a lease in December to turn their themselves time to prepare to pandemic-driven Instagram account into open their own restaurant. But, just days the restaurant they envisioned. later, the statewide COVID-19 shelter-inEach of Secret Bao’s dishes are the E Rtheir S Pplans E ConTindefinite IVES IN HEALTHCARE place orderPplaced chef’s original creations, and feature hold. Now, after a year of unexpected a blend of East Asian cuisines, mainly surprises and hard work, Lee and Medina Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. However, have finally realized their dream and the chefs also incorporate flavors from opened Secret Bao, a modern Asian cuisine other cuisines depending on what they restaurant. feel contributes to a dish’s overall taste. “It’s been a pretty good feeling to be in Medina commented that she feels a small community because everybody’s their unique flavor combinations present been very welcoming and helpful,” shared a new experience to the Santa Barbara Lee. “There are a lot of small-time business Asian restaurant scene. “It’s a little more owners in town that constantly message us homey,” she explained. “Homey, not and say ‘If you need any help, if you need any kind of advice, let us know.’” Chef Peter Lee and Chef Felicia Medina in the thought of you’ve had it before, but flavors of stuff that we get from the Having first met while in culinary different culinary backgrounds that we’ve school, Lee and Medina have worked at had — so you get a little bit of Italian, a little bit of Mexican, but restaurants across Los Angeles, Catalina, and Las Vegas. In it still comes across as Korean or Japanese with just those little 2016, they moved to Santa Barbara to help open Loquita Santa bits of flares in the back — and I think that’s what really sets us Barbara, where Lee acted as Executive Chef and Medina as apart from most of the Asian restaurants in Santa Barbara.” Executive Sous-chef. On top of that, Secret Bao’s affordably-priced menu is not After the pandemic haulted their initial plans, the team – meaningat that6:15 its menuPM selections fluctuate depending Gates open at 5:45 PM–Filmstatic begins on the chefs’ newest recipes. Secret Bao: 1201 Anacapa “In order to keep that fire going we like to invent new dishes Street, Santa Barbara • 12 - 8pm Wed-Sun • and try new stuff,” Lee said. “I think that’s the biggest thing a Take-out / Patio dining • lot of the people who have been continuously eating our food www.secretbaosb.com • always talk about. You can come here one week, come here the (805) VNA259-3BAO Health Foundation and Award-winning second week, and Emmy there’s usually something new to try.”Actress

Thursday, MARCH 4 at the west wind drive-in

Photos by Carter Hiyama of Datsufilms

See How Music Upstages Alzheimer’s in Glen Campbell’s Unforgettable Tour I’LL BE ME

Jane Seymour invite you to the 8th Annual PHORUM: Perspectives in Healthcare. Jane Seymour will present the documentary, I’ll Be Me, a touching film about Glen Campbell — Oscar® Nominee, GRAMMY® Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient, and Country Music Hall of Fame member — and his personal journey with Alzheimer’s Disease as he embarked on his nationwide “Goodbye Tour”.


Enjoy the event in your car, from a safe distance, for a meaningful and inspirational evening. Following the movie will be a never before seen conversation with Jane and:

12/11/20, 2'34 PM

Kim Campbell Alzheimer’s Disease Advocate and widow of legendary singer and guitarist Glen Campbell

Chef, Restaurateur and Humanitarian

José Andrés


of event sales will be Changing25% the donatedWorld to VNA Health Market Through the6990 Power ofPlace FoodDr, Goleta 805.685.2039

in Conversation with Catherine Remak thenaturalcafe.com about:blank

Dr. Kenneth S. Kosik Page 1 of 2

Internationally renowned Alzheimer’s Disease Researcher and Principal Investigator of the Kosik Neurobiology Lab at UCSB

Dr. Michael Bordofsky VNA Health Medical Director and Board-certified physician in Internal Medicine and Hospice and Palliative Medicine

Sun, Mar 14 / 5 PM Pacific (Note daylight saving time change) FREE 2.5 CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDIT HOURS* FREE! *For RNs and LVNs$20 earn/ UCSB 2.5 CE students: Credit Hours when you attend. (UCSB student registration required) CE Form will be given upon arrival. Attendees submit CE Form at the end of Athe event.Michelin chef with an award-winning two-star * Provider, Visitinggroup Nurse &ofHospice Care Santa Barbara DBA and VNA his Health, approved by the restaurants, José Andrés nonprofit California Board of Registered Nurses, Provider #CEP5310 for 2.5 contact hours. World Central Kitchen use the power of food to empower communities and strengthen economies. PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED • GeneralCommunity Parking: Partners: $10/carNatalie Orfalea Foundation & Lou Buglioli • VIP Premier Parking: $50/car • 4 people perThanks: car (Limited parking spaces available) Special

(805) 893-3535 | www.ArtsAndLectures.UCSB.edu

REGISTER ONLINE AT vna.health/phorum

14 14

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N AN INNOVATIVE EFFORT TO A L ALL I V OF E ITS DR IVE-IN OPERA ACCOMMODATE USERS, Carpinteria-based Kind Cup has released a smaller size of its sustainable menstrual cup. Ideal for those new to menstrual cups and younger users, the small cup is made from high quality, medical-grade silicone and offers a sustainable alternative to traditional menstrual products. Founded in 2019 by Carpinteria local Christine Brown, Kind Cup’s products go through a 20 point ergonomic design exercise for comfort and protection. “It was important to source the highest quality materials and manufacture our cup, carry bag, and packaging locally so that Kind Cup not only went above industry standards in terms of material quality and sustainability, but did so within as small a footprint as possible so that we as a company practiced environmental sustainability,” said Brown. “In this pursuit, I wanted to make sure that our guiding ethos was met every step of the way in creating a product and brand that was truly ‘kind to your body, the earth, and others.” Kind Cup also has a partnership with ZACH MENDEZ PHOTO Goleta-based organization Direct Relief, with donations of Kind Cups going toward those who need them through health clinic donations. CONCERTS IN YOUR CAR, VENTURA CO. FAIRGROUNDS To learn more about Kind Cup or purchase a

SAT, APRIL 10, 7:30PM

menstrual cup, visit www.kindcup.com


Celebrate the Santa Barbara Community Seed Swap

2021 Local Food Hero Award

1666 Eucalyptus Dr Solvang JUST SOLD!


Welcome To EVERYTHING MUST Santa Barbara Cryotherapy!

Step into our Cryosauna and become a whole new you. Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is a dynamic modality which uniquely harnesses the power of cold. WBC effectively and comfortably treats pain, inflammation, Rheumatiod Arthritis, autoimmune disorders of the joints, MS, chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Eczema, depression, anxiety, insomnia and many other conditions. Our mission is to bring health and wellness to everybody with our cold therapy treatments. We want to help our clients have an energized and rejuvenated mind and body, to look and feel refreshed and invigorated.

What Clients Say:

Jonathan ~ It feels like I get two days rolled into one day and it gives me more mental clarity, helps me with headaches, inflammation and it is overall the best health investment I’ve ever made.


We look forward to helping you: • Experience Pain Relief • Feel Energized and Renewed • Lose Weight with Increased Metabolism • Soothe your Mind and Body • Heal more quickly from workouts, injuries, surgeries, and more with restorative and anti-aging Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) and Cryofacial treatments.

Entire Inventory for Sale

Monika ~ Getting frozen has helped calm sciatic nerve pain, helped me with athletic injuries, given me energy before ultimate frisbee games, and even induced blissful feelings.

Call Us Now! 805.770.7437 Or visit:


Matthew ~ After my first 30 days ….I am in better condition than I have been in 2 years and am now able to further the intensity of my workouts. I am in the best shape I have been since my [back] injury. I have nothing but gratitude and appreciation for the two lovely, approachable women who made this accessible to Santa Barbarians like myself. They worked with me and were Direct Importer of always Asian available at a moments notice.

Antiques & Fine Furnishings

133 E. Carrillo St • 805.845.1285 Mon-Sat 11-5, Closed Sunday


4410 Hollister Avenue #A • Santa Barbara, CA 93110






Local Bussiness, Kind Cup, Launches New Small Cup Size

March 2021 February 26,12, 2021




Honoring the Santa Barbara Farmers Market Saturday, February 27, 11am Lori Zahn successfully representedFarmers her 1031 Market exchangeInfo buyer in the purchase of At the Downtown Booth this nicely located Tri-Plex near the downtown area of Solvang. All units are 2 bedroom/1 bathroom with full washer/dryer hook ups, high beam ceilings, private patios, and off-street parking! Sold for $963,800

Please join us!

13th Annual Santa Barbara Lori Zahn Community Seed Swap

Associate Broker | DRE#01914851 Sponsored by Santa Barbara Permaculture Network 805-451-2712 www.sbpermaculture.org Lori@beachsidepartners.com

Beachsidepartners.com | 128 E. Carrillo Street Santa Barbara, Ca 93101

ss Most Mostlocal, local,30+ 30+years years ssMost responsive

Most responsive ss Permits & Well Drilling Permits & Well Drilling ss Pumps-Tanks-Controls Pumps-Tanks-Controls ss Buried Tanks Buried Tanks ssBest value Best value

Call us: STEWART, JESUS, & CREW s (805) 331-0845 s Call us: STEWART, JESUS, & CREW 331-0845 s (805) 331-0847 En Español Llame(805) En Español Llame s (805) 331-0847 CA Lic. 584595 GC - C33 - C57

CA Lic. 584595 GC - C33 - C57

March 12,26, 2021 February 2021


Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com

CommunityGO VOICE THE Palminteri’s SHOW MUST ON!

There’s So Much Happening...


Community Servant

It’s Rockfish Season

FISH FOR A FOOD SOURCE during tough times, and fishing for recreation – both are very popular reasons why boats are full with the start of the rockfish season from Point Conception to the Mexican border. https://keyt.com/lifestyle/outdoors/2021/03/08/new-fishing-season-brings-outanglers-hooking-their-daily-food-and-out-for-recreational/?fbclid=IwAR15C_8zK0D3-NfFmr8EIdKA1qH1dvLUw15kd56f-ut0oap4IRt7-h7FG0


Photo by NewsChannel 3

John Palminteri

Santa Barbara County Health Director Van DoReynoso will be given the 37TH ASSEMBLY DISTRICT WOMAN OF THE YEAR AWARD Monday by Assemblyman Steve Bennett. It’s part of Women’s History Month events sponsored by the California Assembly Women’s Caucus.

Photo courtesy of UCSB

Downtown Transformation

The NEW LIME GREEN INTERSECTION MARKINGS in downtown Santa Barbara encourage pedestrians and bike riders to keep a safe distance.

Stormy Weather? Icy Road, San Marcos Pass

Ready for Whale Watching! With FOUR NEW ENGINES, the CONDOR EXPRESS is back in Santa Barbara at Sea Landing ready for whale watching trips Monday. About three months worth of work was done at the Ventura boatyard. The Gray whale migration is underway.

Wednesday: HARD CLOSURE at Hwy 154 and Hwy 192 - four vehicle accident with an injured child in SLEET ON COLD SPRING BRIDGE. ROADWAY ICY. CHP, AMR, Santa Barbara Co. Fire, Caltrans on it. Expect delays on both sides. Top of San Marcos Pass.

Listen to the year’s best and see over 100 films, all from home. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW AT SBIFF.ORG And stay tuned for signing up for our FREE Drive-In Theatres

WEAK STORMS WORRY WEATHER WATCHERS with below average rainfall so far this winter. Very little ahead except a few “spritzers” on the horizon.

Photos by John Palminteri • www.facebook.com/john.palminteri.5 • Twitter @JohnPalminteri • Instagram @JohnPalminteriNews

16 16

Local News News for for a a Global Global Village Village | | www.VoiceSB.com www.VoiceSB.com Local

March 26, 12, 2021 2021 February


challenging waters of the COVID culture of the last eleven months). The national anthem and a brief talk by the Commodore was followed by a series of videos presenting the essential elements of past traditional opening day contributors. Finally, the presentation and ringing of ‘Eight Bells’ in memory of those members who have passed during the last year was read in person by the Commodore’s father, Staff Commodore Ed Marini. After a rendition of God Bless America, Commodore Escola officially opened the Santa Barbara Yacht Club’s 2021 Racing Season. As is the tradition, The Parade of Fleet was scheduled within an ATHER OMINOUS LOOKING CLOUD COVER on N A BEACHFRONT WALK, on this very beautiful weekend, bathed in summerhour of the ceremony to honor Commodore Escola and to celebrate Sunday, 7th,I was greeted Santa BarbaraofYacht Club like March weather, in the company others who also seemed to sense the arrivaltheofpassing of the helm for the 149th time. Opening DayThe revelers, perhaps an Spring. blue expanse of the ocean was dotted with sailboats competing in the Yacht This was planned to take place on the water, indication that this might not be thecourse, observing the mariner’s restrictions determined Club’s Spring series race – of but with the ominous gray of the clouds kind of day to which the members and outby the (diminishing) coronavirus pandemic. It was just a perfect day for a walk on the sand… overhead – even as we headed to the docks of-towners from neighboring until I accidentally stumbledyacht over clubs a big had pile of seaweed that had washed up on shore. So much I wondered how many of the SBYC fleet grown accustomed. Advance notice had been along the strand! What to do about the bane of– the for watching the sailboat race while strolling would be interested in bobbing around on sent that the Yacht Club would be celebrating unaware beach walker, those piles of drying seaweed fouling beaches and mariner’s propellers? one million dollars by the World Wildlife Foundation and the Bezos Earth Fund to further this chilly dayalmost accompanied by a brisk breeze its first opening day on you guessed it – A quick visit to Professor Google set me straight on that subject in a great big hurry! In and my the chanceinvestigate the plant’s uses and future potential. of a downpour. Passing by the ZOOM! Nonetheless, the event took place with boats participated, the partnerships overall winnertooffurther the day’sunderstand race was Bernard first session with the Professor, I learned to thinkarray of of colorful flags Thison influx of fundingwe allows researchers to develop kelp’s the breakwater, the usual pomp and ceremony that would have Girod’s J111 sailboat, Rock & Roll. Congratulations, Bernie! seaweed – properly referred to as Kelp – as the canopy environmental impact and potential applications as we transition into a low carbon lifestyle. motored past the entrance to the harbor along happened had it been of the ‘in-person’ variety. All in all, despite inconvenience of theconcentration Coronavirus along of an extensive aquatic rainforest. These plants anchor Information beenofgathered carbon dioxide,the oxygen, and nutrient with (what I thought) were has a couple other to track At home, and at the appointed time, we themselves to the rocks underwater while their air restrictions, it was apparent that fun was had by the entire gang. The filled with ocean salinity and temperature. Researchers will use this information to create a computer courageous boats. activated the link and … Voila! there we were sacs allow the upper elements of the plant to float joy of being out of the water and an exciting ride in the First Class near model water circulation, and resulting water quality changes to better understand in for aofhuge surprise! On thekelp growth, in the company of a skeleton crew of ‘real the surface where they can absorb energy from the Boy, was Ikelp’s section located on the bow of my husband’s boat, Ferdinand, added to in a series of study farms and to predict it’s effects. gray expanse outsideimpact of the breakwater, theinternational live pesons’ in the clubhouse which included sun. Kelp not only protects thousands of underwater how good it felt to be out after the months long confinement dictated hasthe the possibility to provide diversification and profit for struggling working entire horizon was“Seaweed filled withfarming boats from Commodore Andra Escola, her husband by the pandemic. A happy day, indeed! Commodore Andra hersponge, husband species and functions as Escola a carbon it also Yacht has the waterfronts, butout alsotocritical ecosystem services for coastal marine systems,” states Senior Research Club’s fleet on their way circle the Jeff Escola Jeff, and their daughter, Taylor. Included was potential to sustain those of us on land… that is,Commodore’s if we Scientist Nicholeflagship, Price ofSul the Bigelow website. “However, to earn thewatching social Hotlaboratory news flashon justtheir in from Hiroko Benko: The whale newly renovated Staff (past) Commodore Garry Pawlitski and take the time to understand it. acceptance of aquaculture, we need to rigorously document evidence of these water quality benefits super-boat the Condor Express is back in Santa Barbara after Mare. It seemed as if every member of the fleet – each boat loaded his wife, Suesan, (both Sainted, in my opinion, forUntil navigating the now, research on with howrevelers marine–photosynthetic across a range of settings.” kelp growsinquickly, requires the three months dry dock. It’s nowminimal sportingresources, new Scaniahas (Swedish was up for the party! Sailboats, motorized yachts, Cultivated (sun-nourished) plants serve to soften effects of of water crafts potential protect sea life, and develop into a quieter, major food and technology) engines thatpossibly are smaller, lightweight, and fuel dingys, and antheassortment joinedtoinmitigate the fun. global The warming, climate change has focusedHarbor on sea Patrol grass, christened mangroves, product resource geyser on land. Findings will inform policymakers and impact. the public the benefits our with low environmental TheofCondor Expressofwill have theand event with their fireboat’s salute, a efficient salt marches. Kelp has beengreeting relatively unexplored despite seaweed aquaculture and develop science-based solutions in support of the environment. it’s first voyage very soon and I can’t wait to be aboard. I’ll update you from the Waterfront Department. As of this writing, I haven’t its unlimited potential to reduce carbon dioxide and on the water,Trust on seaweed certainly whenagain! I knowI’ve more, so staylearned tuned...my lesson from Professor a clue how many boats were but atme, leastI’ll30never plus. bag As we saltwater acidity created bycircled human Google about one of the many important gifts Mother Nature has to offer. Maybe COVID’s theconsumption flagship to theand sound of horns, cheers, congratulations, waste products that add toand global warming. acidityfrom allconfinement is expanding my horizons… well,volunteers at least a for little. Stay tuned... Sigrid Toye theSo... Breakwater Flag Project. She is on applause couldThe be heard quadrants. Commodore Andra the board of directors of the Maritime Museum and participates in the ocean that has affected mollusks and other forms and Jeff greeted each and every one of us as we passed the flagship. in Yacht activities. therapist, Sigrid of sea life - is currently being by the Bigelow Toye volunteers for thethe Breakwater FlagClub Project. She is An on educational/behavior the board of directors of the Maritime By investigated the time the boat parade began itsSigrid journey back to the harbor, holdsactivities. a Ph.D inAn clinical psychology. She loves all things creative, Museum and participates in Yacht Club educational/behavior therapist, Sigrid holds a Laboratory for Ocean Sciences in Maine. The discovery sun began to peek out from behind the clouds in happy anticipation two grown children are working artists. Ph.D in clinical psychology. She lovesincluding all thingsher creative, including her who two grown children whoSend are Kelp forest that kelp can reduce acidityofhas led to a grant of Harbor tips to: Itssigrid@gmail.com the Opening Day Race, the next event on the agenda. Although 18 to: Itssigrid@gmail.com working artists. Send Harbor tips Photo by Eric Kilby / Wikimedia Commons

Photo by Sigrid Toye


Photos by Sigrid Toye

Opening Day! Kelp in the Springtime

Shop! Downtown Shop

Santa BarBara’S Great neiGhBorhood Spot! Now open for outdoor dining & take-out!

Open 5-9pm Tues-Thurs/Sun• 5-9:30pm Fri/Sat

Santa BarBara’S Great neiGhBorhood Spot! Now open for outdoor dining & take-out!

Open 5-9pm Tues-Thurs/Sun• 5-9:30pm Fri/Sat

Try some of our house favorites and new additions

Try some of our house favorites and new additions

u Comfort Fried Chicken Dinner with mashed potatoes, gravy, and Brussels

u Comfort Fried Chicken Dinner with mashed potatoes, gravy, and Brussels

10-5pm uOpen LK’s Tu-Sa Famous Chicken


Tikka Masala

Faitellu Attr actions Mac and Cheese Skillet

Vintage Furniture Consignment Store and Interior Design Classic Cobb Salad770-3163 Service • 619 State Street,uSanta Barbara • (805)

with grilled or fried chicken


Fiesta attire, party dresses, t-shirts and accessories; Men’s, Women’s and Children clothing and gifts! 505 Paseo Nuevo, Santa Barbara • (805) 403-4074

Authentic Swedish Meatballs VIVA SANTA BARBARA


Vegan Impossible Burger

u Also featuring local craft beer and wine!

delicious, healthy food at a price you can afford!

17 W ORTEGA ST. | LITTLEKITCHENSB.COM | 805.770.2299 www.littlekitchensb.com

LK’s Famous Chicken Tikka Masala u

Mac and Cheese Skillet

Eagles Nest Ocean Views

u Classic Cobb Salad with grilled or fried chicken

Santa Barbara’s Premiere Ocean View Apartments

u island Vegan Burger • Every apartment has outstanding ocean views with the very best andImpossible sunset views in town. u Authentic Swedish Meatballs • 31 one bedroom apartments, each with granite counter tops and a magnificent view. Also featuring • Recently updated on a dead end street with a reserved parking spot foru each unit. beer and wine! • Only six blocks to the ocean and on a bluff top with mild ocean local breezescraft year round. All the top floor units have high beamed ceilings and no steps, so easy access for all ages. • With 10 furnished apartments, there is short term as well as long term flexibility in rental agreements. • See the best of Santa Barbara from this park-like setting.

For more information or to schedule an appointment call John at 805-451-4551.

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February 2021 March 12,26, 2021

Local News News for for aa Global Global Village Village || www.VoiceSB.com www.VoiceSB.com Local

17 17

Community News Jim Clark Wins CIOSA Technology Planning Award JIM CLARK, Santa Barbara City College’s Director of Information Technology Infrastructure and Security, has won the CIOSA Technology Planning Award for 2021. Bestowed by the Chief Information Systems Officers Association of the California Community Colleges (CISOA), this award is presented to individuals who have proven vital to evaluating information technology variables and developing a strategic plan of action that furthers their institution’s mission. At SBCC, Clark has greatly improved Jim Clark the college’s security culture by efficiently and diligently assessing weaknesses and implementing plans to address these issues. His accomplishments include creating an auditing system that led to decreased exposure of student information, and developing a process to efficiently deal with data breaches. Congratulations! www.sbcc.edu/it

People’s Self-Help Housing Gifted $8,500 From National Equity Fund


N A DISPLAY OF INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT FOR PEOPLE’S SELF-HELP HOUSING, the National Equity Fund has presented the local nonprofit with $8,500 in funding to support its groundbreaking education program, “Camino Scholars.” “Education is a key building block for a successful future,” said Joanna Dominguez, PSHH Director of Education. “Thanks to this support from NEF, our Camino Scholars program will continue to provide students of all ages with the tools and resources to not only reach higher education, but to thrive in it.” Currently, PSHH’s Camino Scholars program offers academic support to more than 400 students each year via its various onsite learning centers. In addition to working to improve students’ literacy and math skills and encourage a passion for learning, the program further helps prepare students for college by offering a number of resources. These resources include financial aid navigation, career exploration workshops, campus visits, mentorship, and application assistance. Moreover, support continues for students once they are enrolled at a college.

National Equity Fund is a Chicago-based affiliate of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation, as well as a nonprofit syndicator of Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC). www.nationalequityfund.org For info on PSHH’s Camino Scholars, visit www.pshhc.org/education

CEC to Host Virtual Affordable Electric Vehicle Clinic


N ORDER TO EMPHASIZE THE BENEFITS OF OWNING AN ELECTRIC VEHICLE and support lowto-moderate income households interested in using one, the Community Environmental Council will host its free webinar Affordable Electric Vehicle Clinic: How to Qualify for a Free or Low-Cost EV. Held in partnership with Ecology Action, this webinar will take place from 12 to 1pm Tuesday, March 23rd. Spanish interpretation will be provided. “By helping low- and moderate-income households find all of the state incentives and rebates that they are eligible for, we can help more drivers move forward with applications, save money, and switch to an electric vehicle that fits their needs,” said Ecology Action Vice President Community Programs Kirsten Liske. Providing EV purchase guidance is part of a long-term effort to make electric vehicle options more accessible to lowerincome families and communities of color. The webinar, while intended for anyone interested in purchasing or leasing an electric vehicle, will be especially valuable for low-to-moderate income households. These households might qualify for increased rebates and incentives, meaning they could get a low cost or even free electric vehicle. The presentation will be taught by CEC’s Energy and Climate Programs Director Michael Chiacos and CEC’s Energy and Climate Associate Jen Hernández. Topics that will be covered include: financial considerations of incentives, leasing versus buying, and pure electric vehicles vs. plug-in hybrids. It will also be discussed how to stack incentives and purchase a new electric vehicle for the price of a Toyota Corolla, lease one for free or very low cost, or buy a used EV for as little as $5,000. To register for the webinar or learn more about CEC, visit www.cecsb.org/event/affordable-ev

SB Public Library Offers New Online Resource for Job Seekers, Veterans, and their Families


N AN EFFORT TO FURTHER SUPPORT OUR COMMUNITY, the Santa Barbara Public Library has launched Brainfuse JobNow/VetNow, a new online resource for job seekers, veterans, and their families. “This versatile online service supports job seekers, veterans, and their families with all stages of job searching, employment transition assistance, navigating the VA, preparing for standardized tests, and building marketable academic skills,” reads SBPL’s announcement. JobNow/VetNow is available online to all library patrons. It offers live online navigators to answer questions, connect veterans and families to benefits and resources, as well as direct individuals to community resources for healthcare, education benefits, and housing. Additionally, the online service provides various job tools, including resume and cover letter templates and live interview preparation, and learning tools for building academic skills. This includes practice tests for a number of standardized tests, including GED, SAT, ACT, GRE, and more.

To access JobNow/VetNow, visit https://tinyurl.com/y5fum2fr

Non-Profit News SB Education Foundation Launches Student Fund-a-Need Campaign to Give Students Jackets


S SANTA BARBARA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT ELEMENTARY STUDENTS begin returning to in-person learning, the classroom can get a bit chilly. Many instructors are turning to teaching in outdoor spaces, and classrooms need to have open doors, windows, and fans to improve airflow. To support students’ learning conditions, the Santa Barbara Education Foundation has launched efforts to raise money to provide jackets to students in need. “Teachers find that some students do not own the warm clothing needed for the new classroom conditions,” expressed SBEF’s announcement. These efforts are a part of SBEF’s larger Student Fund-aNeed campaign, which raises money for SB Unified students’ critical needs, whatever they may be. Currently, the campaign is focusing on raising funds to purchase jackets for students, allowing them to better focus on their studies. Yet as students’ needs shift and SB Unified Administrative staff continues to communicate with SBEF, the organization will accordingly refocus the Student Fund-a-Need campaign efforts to address new initiatives. “The Student Fund-a-Need campaign will not only allow us to quickly support the current needs of SB Unified students, but it will give us the flexibility to better support our students as future needs arise,” commented Santa Barbara Education Foundation Executive Director Margie Yahyavi.

To donate, visit https://sbefoundation.org

City of Santa Barbara Reports Sales and Transient Occupancy Tax Results


HE CITY OF SANTA BARBARA RECEIVED $5.6 MILLION IN SALES TAX REVENUE over the course of the last quarter, which ended on December 31st, 2020. This amount is 12.6 percent lower than that same quarter in 2019. Additionally, the City reported that it collected $348,987 in transient occupancy taxes (TOT) in January 2021, which is 68 percent below the amount collected in January 2019. The City’s statement attributed both declines to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, citing a lower amount of economic activity and less travel. “Despite a steady recovery since April 2020, lodging operators have experienced a difficult travel environment, as the most recent surge and additional State advisories against leisure travel have further depressed demand for accommodations,” reads the City’s statement. “Staff expect this reduction in demand to continue at least until the spring months.” The sales tax budget for fiscal year 2021 is $22.2 million, with City Staff anticipating sales tax revenue to end the fiscal year at about 5 percent less than the budget, approximately $21 million. Moreover, the City has collected $7.6 million in TOT over the course of seven months of its fiscal year. It is projected that the TOT will end the fiscal year about 16 percent below budget, at $14.5 million. The City’s adopted TOT budget is $17.2 million.


Economic VOICE Employment Surge Boosts Retail Sales Start 2020’s Boom Recovery Prospects

Nobel laureate Paul Krugman does not think so, because those that need it will spend it T LOOKS LIKE THE 2020’S ECONOMY is immediately, while the less needy will squirrel it By Harlan Green / Special to VOICE beginning to roar as retail sales jumped 5.3 away for another rainy day;out, a good thing given percentNOTHER in JanuarySIGN 2021,OF andA7.4ROARING percent since 2020’S ECONOMY just came per the Bureau these uncertain last January. ThisStatistics is just as(BLS). President of Labor TheBiden’s February employment reporttimes. added 355,000 jobs just to And, therecasinos, is little inflation now,inasthe theservice approximately $1.9intrillion Rescue— restaurants, payrolls leisureAmerican and hospitality hotels, theaters—all Consumer Price Index (CPI) retail inflation Plan is wending sector.its way through congress. didAnot increase at all jobs last month and is Advance estimates of lost U.S.500,000 retail and food These industries had jobs during themeasure pandemic. total of 379,000 were created just one percent services sales for January 2021, adjusted forretail salesup with manufacturing, wholesale trade, and adding to the total. over the past year. every seasonal holiday andintrading-day “Thevariation rebound and in job creation February is likely theSales startwere of a strong major in new cyclecategory. of hiring. Department store chains, Internet retailers, differences, but not for price changes,cases, were rising vaccinations, and another massive increase Warmer weather, falling coronavirus in electronic stores, and home-furnishing outlets all $568.2 billion, increase of act 5.3as percent federal stimulusanare likely to jet fuelfrom for the economy in the spring and summer,” commented recorded double digit gains in percentage terms. the previous month, 7.4 percent above MarketWatch’s Jeffryand Bartash. Barsbeen and waiting restaurants registered January 2020, said theservice US Census A rebound in the sectorBureau is whatreport. economists have for. also It means morea nearly seven percent increase in sales after receipts Punditsspending and some worry consumer oneconomists travel, dining out,that andthis visits to public venues like sports and museums. had fallen three months in a row. Cold weather is too much money sloshing There is “untargeted” one caveat, however. Dr. Fauciaround and other health experts are warning that the pandemic andspring new business restrictions the economy, an additional $1,400surge per in the fight isn’t over.including There could be an infection with new variants ofimposed the virusafter a record increase in coronavirus cases, slammed person thattowill supplement thethe $600 payments beginning appear for which current vaccines are not as effective. restaurants toward the end 2020, buthave states made in January to Rochelle those making less than CDC head, Dr. Walensky, has repeatedly warned that declining caseofnumbers started to lift restrictions early in the new year $75,000atper person. stalled a high level, and urged Americans to stick with the recommended safeguards — frequent the to pandemic hand washing, social distancing, and wearing a face mask in public — until it’s theirasturn be began to wane vaccinated. again, reported “Things are tenuous,” Dr. Rochelle Walensky said at a White House briefing. “Now is not the time MarketWatch’s to relax restrictions.” The U.S. is still averaging about 70,000 cases a day and the seven-day average is Jeffry Bartash. higher today than it was earlier in the week, she said. “This recent shift in the pandemic must be taken “The increase seriously.” If the infection rate remains at such a high level, the virus, and new variants of the virus, in spending will continue to spread, she said. “We may be done with the virus, but the virus is not done with us.” was This happened with the Spanish flu pandemic of 100 years ago, which prolongedlastthemonth original fueled in part to ‘roaring 20’s’ recovery for another year. It is literally a race to vaccinate as many people as possible by $600 federal limit the spread of these new variants. By Harlan Green / Special to VOICE



February 26, 2021 March 12,


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stimulus checks for millions of Americans and a changing climate (droughts, immigration woes, more generous unemployment benefits. What increasing wildfires, hurricanes, etc.). also helped were loosened state restrictions The Texas freeze from the current Polar on business brought on by a sharp decline in Vortex episode that could last through this coronavirus cases,” said Bartash. weekend is but one example. As reported in Now is not the time to worry about the LA Times by a Houston reporter, “Extreme inflation, in other words. Rising prices increase weather events are becoming more frequent and profits and wages, especially in the recovery more severe as the climate crisis worsens. And stage of this recession. Slow real personal income the U.S. power grid is not prepared to handle the growth portrayed in this FRED graph has been hotter heat storms, more frigid cold snaps, and one reason for slow economic growth since the stronger hurricanes of a changing planet.” Great Recession ended some eleven years ago and What better time is there to prepare for such kept the U.S. from spending more on upgrading future emergencies? our deteriorating infrastructure. Harlan Green © 2021 Follow Harlan Green on Personal income has fluctuated between two Twitter: https://twitter.com/HarlanGreen to three percent since then, which is not enough Harlan Green has been the 16-year Editor-Publisher of to boost household incomes above the longPopularEconomics.com, a weekly syndicated financial term inflation fact, household income wire service. He writes a Popular Economics Weekly Harlan Green ©rate. 2021InFollow Harlan Green on Twitter: https://twitter.com/HarlanGreen has not risen enough for most Americans to Blog. He is an economic forecaster and teacher of real Harlan Green has been the 16-year Editor-Publisher of PopularEconomics.com, a weekly syndicated estate finance with 30-years experience as a banker weather such natural disasters as this pandemic, financial wire service. He writes a Popular Economics Weekly Blog. He is an economic forecaster and and mortgage broker. To reach Harlan call and what is to come with global warming and teacher of real estate finance with 30-years experience as a banker and mortgage broker. To reach future geopolitical uncertainty that accompanies (805)452-7696 or email editor@populareconomics.com. Harlan call (805)452-7696 or email editor@populareconomics.com.

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FOR THE COUNTY FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME OFFSANTA I C T I T IBARBARA OUS BUSINESS NAME S T A T E M E N T : T h e f o l l oAnacapa w i n g SDivision TATEMENT: The following persons are doing business as: person(s) is/are doing business In theETE Matter the No. 21PR00061 BON at of 114 E. Haley St, Ste )as CASE LABORDE & DAUGHERTY; ) P, Santa Barbara, CA 93101; LAW OFFICE OF LABORDE & JEAN M. NELL ) NOTICE TO CREDITORS M a d e l i e n eLIVING P a g d i l a o , 6 4 9 )D A U GJEAN H E R TM.NELL, Y 924 Anacapa REVOCABLE OF Cachuma Ave, Ventura, Suite 1-T, Santa Barbara, TRUST DATED MARCH 23, 1995 CA )Street, DECEDENT 93004; Thao Huynh, 1607 Chino )California 93101. Jeff Daugherty, St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. )952-5 Miramonte Drive, Santa PROBATE CODE 19040 This business is conducted by Barbara, California 93109. This NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN toSigned: the creditors and contingent creditors of the a General Partnership statement was filed with the having claims againstBarbara the 0above-named 2 / 2 4 / 2 0 2 1 . decedent, F i l e d w i tthat h t all h epersons County Clerk of Santa decedent are required file them with Superior Court, 1100 This County Clerk of SantatoBarbara onthe February 26, at 2021. Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101, and deliver pursuant to County on Feb 24, 2021. This statement expires five years from Section 1215 of the California Probate Code copy to HAROLD K. KONO, statement expires five years the date it was filed in the office as successor trustee of the trust dated March 23, 1995, wherein the from the was date was at: filed in of the County Clerk. I hereby decedent theitsettlor, the Office of the County Clerk. certify that this is a correct copy Joseph E. Holland, HAROLD CountyK. KONO, of theEsq. original statement on file Trustee Clerk (SEAL). FBN Number:Successor 2021- in my office. Joseph E. Holland, JEAN12, M. NELL TRUST Clerk (SEAL). FBN No. 0000621. Published: March County Suite 289 19, 26, April 2, 2021. 831 State Sueet, 2021-0000540. Published March Santa Barbara, CA 12, 19,93101 26, April 2, 2021.

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TRACY K. SMITH has been appointed to the Music Academy of the West’s National her major influences and I know he will Advisory Council. Having served as Poet love her book. One of Ted’s best friends, Laureate of the United States for two terms, our own Dan Gerber, has this to say on the Smith is a nationally celebrated writer, poet, back cover of Mother Lode—“Peg Quinn and educator. She is the author of multiple brings the visual acuity of a fine painter poetry collections, including The Body’s to the poems of her debut collection. Her Question, Duende, Wade in the Water, and Life depictions of life often elicit a familiar on Mars, which won the 2012 Pulitzer Prize echo and a sense of wonder in our in SheJarrette is also supportive of the Music Tracy Bypoetry. Richard / Special to VOICE a rueful “almost maybe” and because they K. Smith experience of a world we look at everyday Academy’s are artists try again, and again. And there I bring thework, boyshaving dark, first juicyinteracted plums. with and most often don’t see. These are fine the Academy sweet in 2015forwhen the Academy above Master Quinn lays it all right in Something someone’s sons. and poems from the very heart of things.” Like Town Hall Seattle commissioned– composer and cellist Joshua Roman our arms—“an empty grasp” that thrills. Peg Quinn Kobayashi Issa (1763-1828), one of the to set poems from Life on Mars to music. In her new role a National This is as her genius. Of herself she says, “four immortals” of Japanese poetry, and Advisory Smith will insight and advice, for my childhood in ever-thankful OUCouncil CAN member, FEEL WAVES OFprovide key“I’m Juan Ramon Jiménez (1881-1958), Nobel including helping to review applications for the Academy’s annual I don’t remember having rural Nebraska. SPARKLING DELIGHT Prize for Literature 1956, she manifests a Alumniflowing Enterprise Awards. www.musicacademy.org toys, but a treehouse and a from Santa profound empathy and tenderness toward tire swing, fruit trees, a large Barbara—our own the world. vegetable garden, a sandbox, Peg Quinn has a debut poetry I watched you flirt with the girl and nearby woods where collection right off the press. I N ‘Be AN home IMPRESSIVE Nesting DISPLAYSeason OF KNOWLEDGE AND SKILL, a team of dedicated Barbara City College students behind theSanta counter, MIRELL CASTELLANOSthe hasonly rule was, am not the only one who ARIANNA has for Chris won Firstfish, Place for the two-year colleges division of the Southern California International Collegiate as she nervously refoldedProgramming by sundown.’ We could joined the Board of Directors for the Family been collaring Gunpowder Contest (ICPC). In a nested dent of drain pipe perfectly-folded napkins. swim, endlessly explore the Service Agency of Santa Barbara County. Press publishers David Starkey “I the am very proudswaying of these outstanding young computer above the library door scientists,” said Computer Science professor and coach creek serves and sled down and Chryss Yost for years In to addition to this role, she currentlywoods, Strenn. “It was aanwren honorisand a privilege to see their hard work and teamPoem spirit after come poem, to fruition. students’ calling his mate— PegSBCC Quinn delivers I remember on the Santa Barbara County Publicbanks Healthin winter.Stephen publish this solidly good and success in pitting themselves against students from world-class universities isthe a testament to the hard work, determination unsayable, the unreachable, right watching my family watching Department’s Health Center Board and consistent presence. Master of our students.” silent, she waits, here, again and again—Mother Lode TV, their faces litand byintellect the screen, works as the President of Programs poets and poet laureates are PegVice Quinn Held online on February 27th, theoncontest asks teams of three students to(Gunpowder solve eleven programming toes curled the edge Press, 2021)problems over the andthat I’d take off for the woods. at SEE International. It is anticipated unified in praise for Mother course of five hours. 15 of different Southern California Institutions were represented, with a total of 70 teams competing. the garden gate, www.gunpowderpress.com. Her own The I’m guessing it created a very she will bring a great deal of valuable Lode—abrazos y besos many. Years winning SBCC team, called SBCC Yellow,her wasreply. made up of students Jaden Baptista, Daniel Schaffield, and Qimin Tao. In before singing painting graces the cover, and blesses calming psychological foundation. knowledge to the Board, with her past agoArianna she won an essay contest through Mirell addition to their first place win in their category, they also outscored teams from four year universities such as UC Irvine, there. I neveratflinch at wind driven rainstorms in experiences including CenCal, Castellanos Adult Ed awarding her a scholarship with working UCLA, UC Riverside, and more. When we met for lunch, California, having walked a mile to school Allergan Medical, City of Santa Santa Barbara Writer’s Conference. She and the AdditionalStill, SBCC teams performed well, outranking multiple teams from the other competing universities and you also smelled of pine. blizzards. There earned her B.S.Perie in Sociology in from California State were no options.” Richard Jarrette is author of Beso the Donkey fellBarbara. in withCastellanos poetry master teacher colleges. These participating SBCC students were: Monica Aguilar, Jordan Ayvazian, Christian Foley, Berkelly Gonzalez, Jack she chose a brave path by majoring in Art University, Northridge, and has also completed Leading from Within’s (2010), A Hundred Million Years of Nectar Dances Longo, SB Poet Laureate Emerita, who Jebef, Jacob Lee, Patrick Maher, Gina McCaffrey, Dylan Moon, Riley Peterlinz, Vanessa Dillon Rooke, Wyatt Spivak, (2015), The Ponce, Beatitudes of Ekaterina (2017), The at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, “Emerging Leaders” program. roused her already waking gift. Now this Ethan Stucky, and Leyla Zokhidova. To learn more, visit www.sbcc.edu/computerscience Pond (2019), and Strange Antlers (Fall 2021). where an elective poetry class with Greg is what Perie has to say printed straight H. TRAN has also joinedpoems the in Kuzma was the most memorable. outEDWARD in Peg’s book—“Peg Quinn’s Family Service Agency of Santa Barbara Mother Lode are songs that pull you ‘like a County’s of Directors. Currently, Someone’s Sons sturdy handBoard toward the dance floor’ that Tran acts as the Senior Public Health Nurse is her life. They embrace the earthiness Glancing in his rearview mirror Operationsfields Director for The Health of Nebraska where herPublic childhood the foreman cracks a beer, floors his Company the (Goleta). His past experiences is ‘planted,’ holiness of nature where monster truck and roars away include as thethe Assistant a barn is aworking ‘cathedral,’ oceanDeputy a place leaving two illegal boys on their knees O YOU, OR DOES SOMEONE YOU KNOW, have an especially Director forand Community at theor Santa of ‘worship,’ death inHealth its sorrow above my steaming driveway, impressive and water-efficient landscape? If so, consider applying Barbara County Public Health Department. horror, a ‘reckoning.’ She writes with a filling cracks with bottled blacktop. for the 2021 WaterWise Garden Recognition Contest, hosted by the In that role, he oversaw a number of grace and voice uniquely hers. I found Edward H. Tran Santa Barbara County Water Agency and participating local water programs, such as Maternal Child Health, myself bowing after each poem.” I bring them paper masks,providers. simple The deadline to apply is April 30th. Adolescent Health, Health Education/ borders between toxic dust and “This has been an extremely dry winter, with rainfall currently 40 percent of our annual average,” commented Water Promotion, Epidemiology, and more. Tran earned his bachelor’s Cautious Horses Eyed Us young, well-traveled lungs, Agency Manager Matt Young. “Installing and maintaining water-efficient gardens is a great way to conserve this precious degree in nursing from the University of Southern California, his them cans of coconut water. resource.” Great-Uncle Ed said if we from UC Los Angeles, hand master’s degree in nursing and holds his Public Residents of single-family homes in areas served by the City of Santa Barbara, Vandenberg Village Community Services could grab one ofcertificate. the carp https://fsacares.org/ Health Nursing Earlier, I’d read a messageDistrict, from my son, Valley Water District, or Montecito Water District are eligible to apply. Both agency awards and the Carpinteria swimming in the horse tank rear-ended by a motorcycle last nightgrand prize are available, with winners receiving an engraved stone boulder and having their gardens featured countywide down by the barn, UCSB MULTICULTURAL on the Hollywood Freeway, online. Visit www.waterwisesb.org/GardenContest for more information or to submit an application. we could take it home. CENTER PRESENTS everyone pulled over, KIAH JORDAN is the new Executive CUP OF there in minutes— With sleeves rolled to ourCommittee shoulders,Chair for thefirst-responders Santa Barbara CULTURE no one seriously injured. arms dangling in cold water, County Food Action Network (SBCFAN). SERIES bodies baking in the sun, Beyond this role, he acts as the founder of S THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC CONTINUES, many families with young children are having to piece together I bring the boys dark, juicy plums. cautious horses eyed us. local financial consulting company Impact childcare plans involving a range of caregivers, including friends, family, and neighbors. In order to support these Something sweet for someone’s sons. friends, family, and neighbor (FFN) caregivers, the Santa Barbara Public Library has launched a series of classes to Family Office. His past experiences include As we justified details of how instruct FFN caregivers as well as individuals interested in becoming licensed childcare providers. working for real estate investment firm Santa I’ve always thought of Peg“The as aNurturing kind the last one got away, Know-How Series will offer free virtual learning opportunities for caregivers on topics of daycare Barbara Capital, where he dealt with clients of Grapes of Wrath character bearing an enormous, indifferent in fish licensure, early literacy, child health, safety practices/first aid, small business skills, school readiness, and developmentally tech sectors, international manufacturing, memory of a flour sack dress—one bare eased up from the depthsand the wine industry. Jordan appropriate learning activities, and related topics,” reads SBPL’s announcement. in foot inbelieves a Nebraska barnyard and other will include representatives from a number of community organizations and library staff. Classes will justKiah outJordan of reach. Classthe presenters giving back to our community, and currently one on Santa Barbara shores washing it English and Spanish, with SBPL offering laptop and Wi-Fi hotspot checkouts to anyone with a library be offered in both serves as a board member for the Santa her toes, flower from between and seagull We’d spring for the catch, card to allow anyone who wishes to participate the proper connectivity. Barbara Rescue Mission and Leading from Within. He is also an hair, holding Emperor mobilizes his troops to fight the onslaught of invaders from feather in her John Keats’ high-qualityWhen brushing just a slip of life “Providing earlythe literacy classes has always been a library goal, and now we are working with community alumnus of the Katherine Harvey Fellows program and a founding the North, a young Chinese maiden disguises herself as a male warrior in order Sonnets aloft above the waves. She’s a as it moved past, partners to expand our offerings ourailing reach andunder impact,” saidHua Library Director Jessica Cadiente. grateful to taketo thebroaden place of her father the name Jun, setting her on an To uphold our“We’re weekly film board member of the Sustainable Change Alliance. He holds his sophisticated educator, fine screenings and discussions, adventure that will transform her that into aallows legendary 2 hrs,Stay 2020and Play and leaving us thrilled forpainter, the grantand funding from the California State Library us warrior. to expand offer these additional we will be transforming undergraduate degrees in Economics/Business and Spanish from terrific poet simpatico with Nebraska’s our cup of culture series by Westmont the feel ofCollege, and his master’s degree in Social services for caregivers.” into a virtual setting. Every TedEntrepreneurship Kooser who never quit his day job as an from empty grasp. Classes in English will be offered at 1pm on the second Thursday of each month, with the first class being “Boosting Wednesday, we will watch USC’s Marshall School of Business. www.sbcfoodaction.org documentary or movie an insurance underwriter,School yet a Pulitzer Readiness: Social/Emotional Development and Language” on March 11th. Spanish classesasawill be held a collective andat we1pm will on Prize winner and USA Poet have a post-film discussion Poetry is the say of the unsayable and theLaureate third Thursday of each month, with the first class being “Preparación para la Escuela: Desarrollo Social/Emocional y de Zoom Link: https://ucsb.zoom.us/j/92939106309 afterwards. Emeritus. I do believe himLenguaje” to be one great poets look at their great poems with onof March 18th. To register, visit https://tinyurl.com/ybolucly.

We Are So Happy

Peg Quinn • Mother Lode

Editor’s Choice • Gunpowder Press, 2021


Family Service Agency

SBCC Computer Science Team Wins First Place at Southern California Programming Contest


2021 WaterWise Garden Recognition Contest Opens Applications


SB County Food Action Network

SB Public Library Offers Series of Caregiver Classes



February 2021 March 12,26, 2021

Art | Arte


Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com conversación sobre su práctica artística, trabajo de justicia social y más • 6 a 7pm jueves, 18 de marzo • Regístrate (gratis) https://tinyurl.com/yblw6xfv

Palminteri’s Community VOICE

Adult Studio Art Workshop - Drawing: In honor of International Women’s Day, SB Museum of Art Teaching Artist Tina Villdolid will host a virtual workshop based on the work of artist Barbara Kasten • 5-6pm Thursday, March 11 • Register (free) at https://tinyurl.com/y83nnb3d John Taller dePalminteri arte de estudio para adultos Dibujo: En honor al Día Internacional de la Mujer, la Artista Docente del Museo de Arte de SB Tina Villdolid organizará un taller virtual basado en el trabajo de la artista Barbara Kasten • 5 a 6pm, jueves 11 de marzo • Regístrate (gratis) at https://tinyurl.com/y83nnb3d

Adult Studio Art Workshop - Drawing: In honor of International Women’s Day, The SB Museum of Art will host this virtual workshop based on the work of artist Barbara Kasten • 5-6pm Thursday, March 18th • Register (free) https://tinyurl.com/ycrfm7hg

There’s So Much Happening... Taller de arte de estudio para adultos - Dibujo: En honor al Día Internacional de la Mujer, el Museo de Arte de SB ofrecerá este taller virtual basado en el trabajo de la artista Barbara Kasten • 5 a 6pm el jueves, 18 de marzo • Regístrate (gratis) https://tinyurl.com/ycrfm7hg

Adult Studio Workshop Downtown Sip and Paint with Goleta Red andSB Thanks BobPainting: Handy for your work Watercolor Join the Paint Jam USA: 5:30-7pm Thursday, SB Museum of Art for this MM Rainbow by Ed Lister, AFSB Gallery Local March 11th • Materials required,to Evolve Continues with free, onlineVeterans workshop inspired register ($39) at Bebe y pinta con Goleta Red and Paint Jam USA: 5:30-7pm jueves, 11 de marzo • Materiales requeridos, regístrate ($39) en https://tinyurl.com/y8szemtt Impossible Objects: The AFSB Art Gallery at the Architectural Foundation of Santa Barbara will open its Impossible Objects exhibit, featuring vibrant, abstract silk screen prints and serigraphs by Ed Lister • Open 1-4pm Saturdays through May 6th, with weekday visits available by appointment (call 805-965-6307).

by George Rickey’s Study of Drapery (1978) • 5-6pm Sunday, March 21st • Register https://tinyurl.com/yame45dg

Taller de estudio para adultos - Pintura de acuarela: Únete al Museo de Arte SB para este taller en línea gratuito inspirado en el Estudio de cortinas de George Rickey (1978) • 5-6pm domingo, 21 de marzo • Regístrate https://tinyurl.com/yame45dg

Wind At The Door by Dorothy Churchill-Johnson

Work by Dorothy Churchill-Johnson to be featured at Butler Institute of American Art


ANTA BARBARA BASED ARTIST DOROTHY CHURCHILL-JOHNSON, a respected and influential member of the local arts community, will open an exhibition with the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio, this spring. Titled Dorothy Churchill-Johnson: PATTERN and VEHICLE INTO A HOUSE. 1318 Carpinteria St. REALISM, in Search of the Big Picture, the exhibit willBarbara feature a selection of Churchill-Johnson’s large scale Santa City Fire on scene checking for surrealist paintings, which signal to “the ephemeral nature of all human events. ” a gas odor Tuesday night 7:40pm. No major “I start all my paintings with a red undercoat and build image withwith manythe layers of thin glazes, injuries. 805 the Roadside flatbed tow. sometimes allowing the color underneath to show through to achieve complex but subtle variations,” explained Churchill-Johnson’s artist statement. “My hope is that the combination of color and enormous size will make the viewer feel as if [they are] looking at something familiar for the first time.” In Santa Barbara since 1976, Churchill-Johnson is a founding board member and president emeritus of the Santa Barbara Studio Artists. The exhibit with the Butler Institute of American Art includes pieces from three of her work’s themes: kaleidoscopes, pavement and groundscapes, and surreal landscapes. It be open through Longtime Santa Barbara ADVOCATE for will VETERANS, BOB May. HANDY

Objetos imposibles: La Galería de arte AFSB en la Fundación arquitectónica de Santa Bárbara abrirá su exhibición de Objetos Imposibles, con serigrafías y serigrafías abstractas y vibrantes de Ed Lister • Abierto de 1 a 4pm los sábados hasta el 6 de mayo, con visitas de lunes a viernes disponibles con cita previa (llama al 805-965-6307). Artist Talk - DJ Javier: The Museum of Contemporary Art SB welcomes artist and designer DJ Javier for a conversation on his artistic practice, social justice work, and more • 6-7pm Thursday, March 18th • Register (free) https://tinyurl.com/yblw6xfv Charla de Artista - DJ Javier: El Museo de Arte Contemporáneo SB le da la bienvenida al artista y diseñador DJ Javier para una

Photo by Laura and Bruce Wallace



been honored by Rep. Salud Carbajal District) for Find(D-24th more at www. churchill-johnson.com or Artist Talk withhas DJ Javier his work on behalf of Central Coast Vets.www.butlerart.com/portfolio-item/dorothy-churchill-johnson Framed comments in the Congressional record were presented recently to Handy at Shoreline Park in Santa Barbara. Handy is the founder and Chairman of Veterans United for Truth, Inc. (VUFT), a veterans’ support non-profit that played a critical role in addressing the Veterans Administration’s (VA) mishandling of veterans’ medical services, particularly of PostTraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) cases, and restrictive policies within the VA that prevented veterans with PTSD from appealing Expect PARKLETS, PATIOS, AND THE negative findings in their cases. PROMENADE to be around for many more months. However, some sorting out still needs to take place in Santa Barbara.

Store Closing at La Arcada: Peanuts Maternity & Kids

https://keyt.com/news/money-andbusiness/2021/02/22/promenade-plans-extending-outto-the-fall-in-santa-barbara/?fbclid=IwAR0MkLsnWRAV OoPZKbZ2Pfy2vuZilDi-LmsS38956DIMzOWJhY46IOJcTss

Hope on the Horizon? Rick Garcia “Ojai Apples” 12 x 9

Rick Garcia “Santa Cruz Island Rock Concert” (triptych) 11 x 27 Oil

Rick Garcia “Hills at Camp Roberts” 11 x 14 Oil

Rick Garcia “Cambria Cove” 24 x 20 Oil on Linen

If the Shoe Fits!

HOMELESS issues continue to climb, but priority solutions in Santa Barbara County could help in certain areas, for example, housing veterans, the youth, and families.

Steve Curry “Wetlands” 7 x 11 Oil on Linen Custom Deco Frame A very large, gigantic eye-catching RED STILETTO SHOE has been spotted in an agricultural field between Ventura and the Rincon.

Steve Curry “Jenner Splendor” 24 x 48 Oil on Linen

Steve Curry & Rick Garcia Exhibition - Now Open with masks & Social Distancing


Photo courtesy of Heal The Ocean

Photo by Tracy Lehr

https://keyt.com/news/safety/2021/02/23/homeless-solutions-involveconsistent-efforts-and-priority-populations-in-santa-barbara-county/?fbclid =IwAR1DIAvpYQZcXmzyQ3p7Psvzu4PcMVWoxkqa556gKw7NMgHIXpUt0Ejl3ws

PEANUTS MATERNITY & KIDS store is closing at La Arcada Court after ten years in Santa Barbara. To the left of Peanuts, Chocolats du CaliBressan, (just closed but still open in Carpinteria) and on the right of Peanuts, Jeannine’s closed (open at three other sites.) Now there are opportunities again for new businesses in this prime downtown space.

Steve Curry “Oak Lore” 12 x 18 Oil on Linen Custom Deco Frame

Waterhouse Gallery

1114 State Street, Suite 9, Santa Barbara 805-962-8885

Photos by John Palminteri • www.facebook.com/john.palminteri.5 • Twitteremail: @JohnPalminteri • Instagram @JohnPalminteriNews www.waterhousegallery.com/events art@waterhousegallery.com

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February 19, 2021 2021 March 12,


Cynthia Martin Contemporary Art


Cynthia Martin Contemporary Art


Evening Glow - Douglas Preserve

Evening Glow - Douglas Preserve

Original Oil Painting by

Original Oil Painting by

Ralph Waterhouse S ON N E T S OF DE AT H A ND LO VE

Represented by www.Silo118.com www.cynthiamartinpaintings.com East Valley I www.roeannewhite.com roeannewhite.com (805) 708-3054 10 WEST WEST GALLERY: Year 2021 10 GALLERY:New New Year 2021 March 14 Anapamu ~~ March 14••1010WW Anapamu Fri-Sun 11-5 • • •• Fri-Sun 11-5••805-770-7711 805-770-7711 www.10westgallery.com www.10westgallery.com ARCHITECTURAL FDN GALLERY: Pat ARCHITECTURAL FDN GALLERY: McGinis: Historic Presersation Impossible Objects: ScreenSeries Prints~ MarEd 4 •Lister 229 E~Victoria 805-965-6307 by March•13-May 6• • www.afsb.org 229 E Victoria • 805-965-6307 • www.afsb.org ART, DESIGN & ARCHITECTURE MUSEUM, UCSB: Outside In: ART, DESIGN & On-line: ARCHITECTURE The Architecture Smith and Williams; MUSEUM, UCSB: of On-line: Outside andThe more • 805-893-2951 • In: Architecture of Smith and www.museum.ucsb.edu Williams; & more • 805-893-2951 • www.museum.ucsb.edu ART FROM SCRAP GALLERY: www.exploreecology.org/art-from-scrap ART FROM SCRAP GALLERY: www.exploreecology.org/art-from-scrap ATKINSON GALLERY @ SBCC: Muna Malik:GALLERY Blessing of@the Boats ATKINSON SBCC: (outside) • http://gallery.sbcc.edu Muna Malik: Blessing of the Boats ~ May 2021 (outside) • BELLA ROSA GALLERIES: 1103-A State St http://gallery.sbcc.edu • 11-5pm daily • 805-966-1707 BELLA ROSA GALLERIES: 1103-A CASA DE LA GUERRA • 805-965-0093 State St • 11-5 daily • 805-966-1707 CASA DOLORES: 1023 Bath St • CASA DE LA GUERRA • www.casadolores.org • 805-963-1032 805-965-0093 CHANNING PEAKE GALLERY: CASA DOLORES: 1023 Bath St • 805-568-3994 www.casadolores.org • COLETTE COSENTINO ATELIER + GALLERY: 11 W Anapamu • By Appt • 805-570-9863 CORRIDAN GALLERY: CA Coastal Landscapes and Seascapes by Karen

Waterhouse Gallery

*A New Book* Marcia Burtt Gallery Poetry Anthony Weller & Images Mary Heebner 517 Laguna St., Santa Barbara inquiries and pre-orders

La Arcada at State & Figueroa Santa Barbara, CA 93101 Represented by www.Silo118.com 805-962-8885 www.cynthiamartinpaintings.com (805) 708-3054 www.waterhousegallery.com

805-963-1032 Fedderson • 125 N Milpas • 805-9667939 • www.corridan-gallery.com CHANNING PEAKE GALLERY: 805-568-3994 CYPRESS GALLERY: www.lompocart.org • CLAY STUDIOAve GALLERY: Selections 119 E Cypress • 805-737-1129 from the Don Reitz Collection • 805-565-CLAY • By appt • DISTINCTIVE FRAMING N’ ART: www.claystudiosb.org/current-exhibitions/ 1333 State St • Mon-Fri 10-5:30; •Sat 1351 Holiday Hill Rd, Goleta 10-4:30 • 805-882-2108 • www.distinctiveframingnart.com COLETTE COSENTINO ATELIER + GALLERY: 11 W Anapamu ELIZABETH GORDON GALLERY:• By • 805-570-9863 15 Appt W Gutierrez St • 805-963-1157 • www.elizabethgordongallery.com CORRIDAN GALLERY: CA Coastal Landscapes Seascapes EL PRESIDIO DEand SANTA BÁRBARA:by Karen Fedderson • 125• N Milpas • www.sbthp.org/presidio 805-966-7939 805-965-0093 • www.corridan-gallery.com ELVERHØJ MUSEUM • 805-686-1211 • CYPRESS GALLERY: • 119 E Cypress www.elverhoj.org Ave • 805-737-1129 • GALLERY 113: SB Art Assn & www.lompocart.org Marie Arnold: California Abstract DISTINCTIVE Landscapes •FRAMING 1114 StateN’ St,ART: #8, La 1333 State • Mon-Fri 10-5:30; Arcada Ct •St805-965-6611 • 2-5pm Sat • 805-882-2108 • daily10-4:30 • www.gallery113sb.com www.distinctiveframingnart.com GALLERY LOS OLIVOS: New ELIZABETH GORDON Perspectives ~ Mar 1 •GALLERY: 2920 Grand 15 WLO Gutierrez St 10-5 • 805-963-1157 Ave, • Thur-Mo • 805-688-7517• www.elizabethgordongallery.com • www.gallerylosolivos.com

EL PRESIDIO SANTA BÁRBARA: #100 • Mo-Fr DE 9-5pm, By Appt • www.sbthp.org/presidio 805-563-8820 • 805-965-0093 INSPIRATION GALLERY OF FINE ART: ELVERHØJ MUSEUM • 805-686-1211 1528 State St • 805-962-6444. • www.elverhoj.org JAMES MAIN FINE ART: 19th & 20th GALLERY 113: SB Art Assn &Fine art Cent American & European Marie Arnold: Abstract & antiques • 27California E De La Guerra St • Landscapes 1114 State St, #8, Tu-Sa 12-5pm •• Appts Suggested • La Arcada Ct • 805-965-6611 • 2-5 805-962-8347 daily • www.gallery113sb.com JEWISH FEDERATION OF GREATER SB GALLERY LOS OLIVOS: Color & • 805-957-1115 Light: Neil Andersson & Vicki KARPELES MUSEUM & MANUSCRIPT Andersen ~ Mar 29 • 2920 Grand LIBRARY: 805-962-5322. Ave, LO • Thur-Mo 10-5 • www.gallerylosolivos.com KATHRYNE DESIGNS: 1225 Coast •Village 805-688-7517 Rd, Suite A • 805-565-4700

GOLETA VALLEY ART ASSOCIATION: Picassos for Peanuts ~ March • (online) www.thegoletavalleyartassociation.org

MARCIA BURTT STUDIO: Summer in Winter ~ March 28 • 517 Laguna St • Th-Su 1-5pm • 805-962-5588 • www. artlacuna.com

805.962.2497 805info@maryheebner.com 962-5588 instagram @maryheebner www.artlacuna.com



Art | Arte

GOLETA ARTCREATIVE ARTS: La LA CUMBREVALLEY CENTER FOR ASSOCIATION: Picassos Cumbre Plaza • Wed-Sun 1-6 •for Peanuts ~ March 31 • (online) lacumbrecenterforcreativearts@gmail.com www .thegoletavalleyartassociation.org LINDEN STUDIO AND GALLERY: Schock, GOLETA VALLEY COMMUNITY Snyder, Sparks, and Speirs • By appt • CENTER: El Av, Corazón de Goleta by 963 Linden Carpinteria • Barbara Eberhart • 55679 Hollister 805-570-9195 • www.thegvcc.org LYNDA FAIRLY CARPINTERIA ARTS CENTER: Fri-Sun 12-4 • 805-684-7789 • www.carpinteriaartscenter.org

Ralph Waterhouse SONNE T S OF DE AT H A N D LO V E 10 WEST GALLERY *A New Book*

Waterhouse Gallery

Happy Valentine’s Day!

La Arcada at State & Figueroa Santa Barbara, CA 93101 805-962-8885 www.TheTouchofStone.com www.waterhousegallery.com 805-570-2011

HOSPICE OF SB, LEIGH BLOCK MICHAELKATE INTERIORS & ART GALLERY: 2050 Alameda GALLERY: Contemporary Art,Padre Interior Serra, Mo-Fr 9-5, ByStAppt • Design#100 • 132 •Santa Barbara • Tu-Sat 805-563-8820 10-6 • 805-963-1411

RUTH ELLEN HOAG FINE ART @ ARTS LYNDA FAIRLY CARPINTERIA GRAYSPACE: Pairings 219 Gray Av • CENTER: Through the• Lens Exhibit 12-5, appt • •805-689-0858 ~Sat Apr 11 or (virtual) 805-684-7789 • www.carpinteriaartscenter.org SANTA BARBARA ART WORKS: JuxtaposeBURTT onlineSTUDIO: exhibit •Summer Artists within MARCIA Disabilities • 805-260-6705 Winter ~ March 28 • 517•Laguna www.sbartworks.org St • Th-Su 1-5 • 805-962-5588 • www.artlacuna.com SANTA BARBARA ARTS: Thurs-Sun 11-5 • 805-884-1938 INTERIORS & ART MICHAELKATE GALLERY: Contemporary Art & SANTA BARBARA FINE Barbara ART: Fall inStSanta Design • 132 Santa • Barbara • 1321 State St • Mon, Tue, Tu-Sat 10-6 • 805-963-1411 Thur, Fri 12-6pm; Sat 11-6pm; Sun 125pm • 805-845-4270 • MOXI, THE WOLF MUSEUM: www.santabarbarafineart.com Exploration + Innovation • 805-770-5000 • www.moxi.org SANTA BARBARA TENNIS CLUB: Abstract Nine ~ Mar 5 • 10-2 dailyART • MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY 2375Shana FoothillMoulton: Rd • SB: The Invisible 805-682-4722 Seventh is the Mystic Column ~ Mar 31-Jul 31 • 653 Paseo Nuevo BOTANIC GARDEN: 10-5 daily • •SBwww.mcasantabarbara.org 805-682-4726 • www.sbbg.org MUSEUM OF SENSORY & SB HISTORICALEXPERIENCES: MUSEUM: • 136LaE De la MOVEMENT Guerra • Thur noon-5, noon-7; Cumbre Plaza, 120 SFriHope Av Sat 12-5 • 805-966-1601 #F119 • www.seehearmove.com SB MARITIME MUSEUM: Online Exhibits: Dwight Brooks Model Boat Collection; Arthur Beaumont: Art of the Sea

Poetry Anthony Weller & Images Mary Heebner inquiries and pre-orders info@maryheebner.com 805.962.2497

10westgallery.com instagram @maryheebner director@10westgallery.com

INSPIRATION GALLERY OFExploration FINE MOXI, THE WOLF MUSEUM: ART: 1528 State St • 805-962-6444. + Innovation • 805-770-5000 • www.moxi.org JAMES MAIN FINE ART: 19th & 20th Cent & European MUSEUM OFAmerican CONTEMPORARY ART SB: Fine art & antiques • 27 E De La www.mcasantabarbara.org Guerra St • Tu-Sa 12-5 • Appts MUSEUM OF •SENSORY & MOVEMENT Suggested 805-962-8347 EXPERIENCES: La Cumbre Plaza, 120 S JEWISH Hope AvFEDERATION #F119 • onlineOF• GREATER SB • 805-957-1115 www.seehearmove.com KARPELES & MANUSCRIPT PALM LOFT MUSEUM GALLERY: 410 Palm Av, Loft LIBRARY: A1, Carp •805-962-5322. By Appt • 805-684-9700 KATHRYNE DESIGNS: 1133 1225Coast Coast PEREGRINE GALLERIES: Village Rd,• Suite A • 805-565-4700 Village Rd 805-969-9673 LA CUMBRE CENTER2346 FOR CREATIVE PORCH: GALLERY: Lillie Av • ARTS: MonLa Plaza 1-6 • SatCumbre 10-6; Sun 11-5••Wed-Sun 805-684-0300 lacumbrecenterforcreativearts@gmail.com PORTICO GALLERY: Notable CA and LINDEN AND GALLERY: nationalSTUDIO artists • 805-695-8850 • Schock, Snyder, Sparks, and www.porticofinearts.com Speirs • By appt • 963 Linden Av, THOMAS REYNOLDS GALLERY: The Art Carpinteria • 805-570-9195 of California • Thur-Sat 12-5 & By Appt • www.thomasreynolds.com

Kerry Methner


línea a las 5pm el jueves, 25 de febrero. Regístrate (gratis para estudiantes de UCSB, admisión general de $10) en https://tinyurl.com/y3n3hzdn

A Conversation with the Artists: The UCSB Multicultural Center will host a virtual panel discussion featuring the artists behind its online art exhibit Abstractions of Black Citizenship • 6pm Thursday, February 25th • Register (free) at https://tiny.cc/Abstractions

Adult Studio Workshop - Watercolor Painting: The Santa Barbara Museum of Art will host this online, free watercolor painting workshop inspired by Marsden Hartley’s Still Life from 10-11am Saturday, February 27th. Materials required, register at https://tinyurl.com/y4m2vrjr

Una conversación con los artistas: El Centro Multicultural de UCSB ofrecerá un panel virtual de discusión con los artistas detrás de su exhibición de arte en línea Abstracciones de la ciudadanía negra • 6pm jueves, 25 de febrero • Regístrate (gratis) en https://tiny.cc/Abstractions

Taller de estudio para adultos - Pintura de acuarela: El Museo de Arte de Santa Bárbara ofrecerá este taller de pintura de acuarela gratuito en línea inspirado en Still Life de Marsden Hartley de 10-11am sábado, 27 de febrero. • Materiales necesarios, regístrate en https://tinyurl.com/y4m2vrjr

LaToya Ruby Frazier - Art as Transformation: Using Photography for Social Change: UCSB Arts & Lectures welcomes visual artist, photographer, and advocate LaToya Ruby Frazier for an online conversation at 5pm Thursday, February 25th. Register (free for UCSB students, $10 general admission) at https://tinyurl.com/y3n3hzdn

A Conversation with Claudia Rankine: The SB Museum of Art will host critically-acclaimed author and poet Claudia Rankine for a virtual conversation “on the path to understanding” • 2-3pm Sunday, March 7th • Register (free) at https://tinyurl.com/yaw5ajau

10 WEST GALLERY Mano Una conversación con ClaudiaA. Rankine: El Museo de Arte Marzolla SB acogerá a la Pali XA. Michael Marzolla 10 WEST GALLERY Michael 10westgallery.com poeta y autora aclamada por la crítica Claudia Rankine para una conversación La Cumbre Center for Creative Arts

Kerry LaToya RubyMethner Frazier - El arte como transformación: Usando la fotografía

Contemporary Art / Excogitation Services

Contemporary Art / Excogitation Services

virtual “en el camino hacia la comprensión” • 2-3pm, domingo 7 de marzoIlluminations • director@10westgallery.com Gallery para el cambio social: UCSB Arts & Lectures le da la bienvenida 10westgallery.com a la artista www.marzozart.com www.TheTouchofStone.com www.marzozart.com Regístrate (gratis) en https://tinyurl.com/yaw5ajau visual, fotógrafa y defensora LaToya Ruby Frazier para una conversación en director@10westgallery.com 805-770-7711 L a C umbre P Laza 805-452-7108 805-452-7108 805-570-2011

Marie Pali XArnold Mano Center for for Creative Creative Arts Arts La Cumbre Center The Fine Line Gallery Gallery Illuminations La Cumbre PLaza La Cumbre PLaza

February 2021 March 12,19, 2021

23 23

Local Local News News for for a a Global Global Village Village | | www.VoiceSB.com www.VoiceSB.com

Sonnets of Death andBarbara Love – AnArtists Examination Love Throughcontinued Art and Poetry Celebrating Santa & ArtofDestinations,


By Daisy Scott / VOICE

and Nights on the Grand Trunk Road:

GALLERIES • STUDIOS • MUSEUMS Calcutta • PUBLIC to Khyber PLACES and The Garden of ALKING THE EDGE BETWEEN POWERFUL the Peacocks. His over 150 published Rick Garcia BEAUTY AND HEARTACHE, joyous celebration articles have been featured in National melancholic ruminations, Anthony Weller’s new Rock Concert” and (triptych) 11 x 27 Oil Geographic Traveler, Forbes, The Paris book Sonnets of Death and Love is a testament to the

Rick Garcia “Ojai Apples” 12 x 9

Rick Garcia “Hills at Camp Roberts” 11 x 14

New Works by Steve Curry and Rick Garcia at Waterhouse Gallery

Review, and more. Prior to his diagnosis, truest of loves. Having been diagnosed with primary progressive Weller also composed, performed, and multiple sclerosis in 2006, Weller’s sonnets span his relationship Rick Garcia with his wife, Kylée, exploring the range of emotions he has faced, taught music as a jazz and classical “Cambria guitarist Cove”and24 x 20 Oil on Linen composer. from pure happiness to challenging truths. AND FRESH NEW WORKS BY LOCAL ARTISTS STEVE CURRY AND RICK GARCIA Since 2010, Weller hasISTINCTIVE been paralyzed Each sonnet is accompanied by the intimately beautiful are now on view from the neck down. Having previously at Waterhouse Gallery, in La Arcada collages of Santa Barbara-based artist Mary Heebner, which Court. written 29 of the total 40 sonnets emphasize the tender nature of what will be Weller’s final paintings move the viewer into personal included in this collection, heTheir finished published book. space with their exceptional use of light and nuance, though Sonnets of Death and Love by dictating “I met Kylée Smith back in 1992 and am still getting to both artists work reflect their own unique perspectives and his poems to typists. know her,” reads Weller’s author’s note. “We fell in love almost influences. The majority of these sonnets are immediately. Soon it became my habit to write her occasional Rick Garcia’slargely paintings are a sidelong glance into the written in pentameter, following poems several times a year: for birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s, vibrance of flora and Shakespearean or Petrarchan forms. the influence of natural color in the etc. Eventually I turned some into sonnets. About a year ago, I environment. He is realized these sonnets made a sequence, so I wrote more. After all, Each poem fully encapsulates a specific an award winning memory, feeling, or idea, allowing the plenty of people fall in love and stay in love.” Santa Barbara reader slight glimpses into both Weller’s Having had successful careers as a novelist and journalist, based artist who psyche and his life with Kylée. In adeptly Marcia Burtt Gallery Sonnets of Death and Love is Weller’s only book of poetry. He is works in oils. navigating these emotions so artfully, 517 Laguna St., Santa the author of two travel memoirs and four novels, including Days Barbara Rick Garcia Rick GarciaGarcia recieved readers are presented with a profoundly “Ojai Apples” 12 x 9 “Santa Cruz Island Rock Concert” (triptych) 11 x 27 Oil 805 962-5588 formal training moving and deeply personal collection www.roeannewhite.com www.artlacuna.com roeannewhite.com in biological Rick Garcia of poetry. Oak Lore by Steve Curry sensual and modern teve Curry the at Mediterranean, depicting delicately “Cambria Cove” 24 x 20 Oil on Linen illustration Steve Curry “My world has changed,” expresses Weller’s author’s note. “I interpretations of nude forms. 7 x 11Exhibit Oil •on Linen • California SYV HISTORICAL MUSEUM & CARRIAGE www.SBMM.org do what I can: poetry is all that’s left me.” “Oak Lore” 12 x 18 Oil on Linen College of Heebner shared that her decision to use these images was HOUSE: www.santaynezmuseum.org • 805-962-8404 Alongside each sonnet lies a collage by artist Mary m Deco Frame rooted in both her memories of exploring Rome for the best Custom Deco Frame Steve Curry 805-688-7889 Heebner, the founder of Simplemente Maria Press, which Arts andespresso with Weller, as well as the almost classical nature of his SB MUSEUM OF ART: Online: SmallCrafts in creates handmade, artistLinen books. A UC Santa “Jenner Splendor” 24limited x 48edition Oil on UCSB LIBRARY: www.library.ucsb.edu Format American Paintings from Oaklandand Kylée’s romance. Barbara alumna, Heebner is experienced in pairing her art with the Permanent Collection • In the “It just seemed like a really nice fit, and I saw these collages VILLAGE FRAME & GALLERY: 1485 E Meanwhile...Recent Acquisitions of poetry, including the works of Alastair Reid, Sienna Craig, andCa whenasheall one gesture; it was one piece and I didn’t want to break up Valley Rd #1 • 805-969-0524 atttended Contemporary Art • translations of Pablo Neruda. this series, and so it was really a perfect way to use this imagery,” www.sbma.net • 805-963-4364 WATERHOUSE GALLERY: ExhibitionHeebner’s Of friendship with Weller dates back more than from 1979 to 1981, commented Heebner on the book’s artist’s note. “And it seemed New Paintings by Steve Curry20& years. Rick They first Ojaimet Apples by Rick Garcia Curry in India, when Heebner’sSteve husband, SB MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY: appropriate withRick the love poems to use this classical sculpture majoring in design/ Garcia ~ opens Feb 20 in gallery • La 7 x 11At Oil on Linen RickwasGarcia Garcia photographer Macduff Everton, on “Wetlands” an assignment. “Oak L www.sbnature.org • 805-682-4711 because... I speak to an enduring love through the terrible Custom Deco Frame illustration. Arcada Ct, 1114 State St, #9 the • 11-5pm Jenner Splendor by Steve Curry C Steve Curry time, Weller was intrigued by Heebner’s project to pair hardships they’ve had, but also incredible times of joy.” “Ojai Apples” 12 x 9He attended “Hills at Camp 14 Oil 27 Oil SANTA BARBARA VISUAL ARTISTS: Mon-Sat, 12-4pm Sun • 805-962-8885 • “JennerRoberts” Splendor” 24 x 48 11 Oil on x Linen her artwork with Pablo Neruda’s poetry. This past August, he Heebner further1973 spoketoto1977 whatand emotions hopes readers www.waterhousegallery.com Spring Virtual Exhibition ~ Spring • University at Berkeley, receivedshe a Bachelor of of approached Heebner to provide illustrations for his own book ofof California Sonnets of Death and Love will feel. www.sbvisualartists.com/spring-virtual-gallery.html Arts Degree in Conservation of Natural Resources. WESTMONT RIDLEY-TREE MUSEUM poetry. “Maybe get California, a sense of the bravery of this book,” shared Steve born 1957 inthey’ll Milbrae began drawing and painting OF ART: On-Line: Making A Fine “I really took it not only as a gesture of friendship, but SILO 118: www.silo118.com Rick Garcia a realCurry, 1114 Street, Suite 9, Exhibition Opens February 20th Heebner. “Those are braveinpoems that are putand out by State someone at a very early age with dedicated studies art between 1975 1982, Impression; Adjacent: Westmont honor,” said Heebner. “I think my pictures are better because of maskswho 805-962-8885 “Cambria 24Graduate x 20Exhibition Oil on Linen with & Social Distancing SLINGSHOT: AN ALPHA ARTCove” FORUM: knows they’re not going to live much longer. They’re brave receiving a BFA from California State University, Long Beach. He has had 2020; & more • his poems.” www.slingshotart.org • 805-770-3878. because they’re as wellinasthe speaking to death, and inart@waterhouseg 805-565-6162 • separate works selected to joyful be archived permanent collection ofa way, www.waterhousegallery.com/events email: The collages included in Sonnets of Death and Lovethree are from inofour culture we disassociate the In two... I think it’sretired a bravefrom little www.westmont.edu/museum the United State America Library of Congress. 2003, Steven SOLVANG ANTIQUES FINE ART Heebner’s Rome Sketches series, which she created in Rome book.” GALLERY: Contemporary & Vintage commercial work in order to pursue painting full-time. Moving to the Ojai WILDLING MUSEUM: Where Art inMeets 2017. Made with ochre-toned paper from China, inks, and Art • 1693 Copenhagen Dr • 805-686Individuals in purchasing a paperback copy of Sonnets his subsequent workinterested reflects the rich and seemlingly endless resource Nature - online • graphite on Shojoshi handmade paper, the works drawValley, inspiration Rick Garcia RickMary Garcia Rick Garcia of Death and Love, featuring Heebner’s autograph and 2322 • that is Ojai’s natural beauty. www.wildlingmuseum.org from the ancient Greek and Roman sculptures of



Curry & Rick Garcia Exhibition Opens February 20th with masks & Social Distancing



“Santa Cruz Island Rock Concert” (triptych) 11 x 27 Oil www.solvangantiques.com Sonnet 9 by Anthony Weller ZFOLIO GALLERY, SOLVANG: Pas de SULLIVAN GOSS: AN AMERICAN Deux ~ Feb 28 • 1685 Copenhagen GALLERY: Peace & Quiet ~ Mar 1; Dr • 10:30-5:30 daily • 805-693-8480 • Pattern Recognition ~ Mar 29 • 11 E www.zfolio.com Anapamu St • 805-730-1460 • www.sullivangoss.com

Waterhouse Gallery

1114 State Street, Suite 9, Santa Barbara 805-962-8885

Steve Curry & Rick Garcia


Waterhouse Ga

email: art@waterhousegallery.com

Rick by Garcia Cambira Cove Rick Garcia “Cambria Cove” 24 x 20 Oil on Linen

“Ojai Apples” 12 x 9 Weller’s “Hills at Camp($55), Roberts” 11contact x 14 OilMary Heebner at Anthony thumbprint should Waterhouse Gallery is located at 1114 State St, #9, in La Arcada Ct in downtown info@maryheebner.com. Santa Barbara. Reach them at 805-962 8885 or www.waterhousegallery.com

Celebrating Santa Barbara Artists & Art Destinations, continued Creative Excogitation by A. Michael Marzolla TRIMBLE A Santa Barbara Artist:


Boat Collection; Arthur Beaumont: GALLERY: Contemporary & Garcia • La Arcada Ct, 1114 Art of the Sea Exhibit • Vintage Art • 1693 Copenhagen State St, #9 • 11-5 Mon-Sat, 12-4 Dr • 805-686-2322 • Sun • 805-962-8885 • www.SBMM.org • 805-962-8404 ERGING ART AND EXCOGITATION, A. Michael Marzolla SANTA BARBARA ARTS: Thurs-Sun www.solvangantiques.com www.waterhousegallery.com is continually creating 11-5 • 805-884-1938 SB MUSEUM OF ART: Online: Small-outside the box with fresh ideas and Steve Curry Steve Curry materials. Format American Paintings from PEREGRINE GALLERIES: 1133 Coast SULLIVAN GOSS: AN AMERICAN WESTMONT RIDLEY-TREE MUSEUM “Wetlands” 7 x 11BARBARA Oil on Linen SANTA FINE ART: John “Oak Lore” onART: Linen the Permanent Collection • In thewith mylar, Village Rd • 805-969-9673 GALLERY: Winter ~ an Mar12 x 18 OilOF On-Line: Making A Fine Recently working Marzolla hasSalon created Custom Deco Frame Wullbrandt 2021 • 1321 State St • Steveof Curry Meanwhile...Recent Acquisitions 22;years. Pattern RecognitionCustom ~ Mar Deco Frame Impression; Adjacent: Westmont eclectic portfolio work over the past 30 Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri, Sat 12-5; Sun PORTICO GALLERY: Notable CA “Jenner 24 x•48 Oil on Linen closed of Contemporary ArtMarzolla 29; Real Women ~ Apr 26 • 11 E Graduate Exhibition 2020; & more AsSplendor” a local artist, recently a show a the Channing 12-4 • 805-845-4270 • & national artists • Open Daily • Anapamu St • finished 805-730-1460 • • 805-565-6162 • www.sbma.net • 805-963-4364 Peak, exhibits regularly at 10 West Gallery, and also just a photo 1235 Coast Village Rd • 805-729www.santabarbarafineart.com www.sullivangoss.com www.westmont.edu/museum essay, Witness to 8454 • www.porticofinearts.com SB MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY: SANTA BARBARA TENNIS CLUB: www.sbnature.org • 805-682-4711 SYV HISTORICALa Dream/Testigo MUSEUM & WILDLING MUSEUM: Art Through 1114 State Street, Suite 9, Santa Barbara Exhibition 20th THOMAS REYNOLDS GALLERY: The Abstract Nine ~ MarOpens 5 • 10-2February daily CARRIAGE HOUSE: the Window: Holli Harmon and a un Sueño to be Life is but a dream by A. Michael Art of California • Thur-Sat 12-5 & • 2375 Foothill • 805-682-4722 SANTA BARBARA VISUAL ARTISTS:805-962-8885 withRd masks & Social Distancing www.santaynezmuseum.org Nicole Strasburg • 1511 B Mission released in book• Marzolla By Appt • www.thomasreynolds.com Spring Virtual Exhibition ~ Spring • 805-688-7889 format. The photos Dr, Solvang • Where Art Meets SBwww.waterhousegallery.com/events BOTANIC GARDEN: 10-5 daily • www.sbvisualartists.com/spring-virtual-gallery.html email: art@waterhousegallery.com Nature - online • 805-682-4726 • www.sbbg.org RUTH ELLEN HOAG FINE ART @ with an agricultural cooperative UCSB LIBRARY: describe the time he spentwww.wildlingmuseum.org GRAYSPACE: Pairings • 219 Gray Av SILO 118: www.silo118.com in El Salvador in 1976 and 1977. www.library.ucsb.edu SB HISTORICAL MUSEUM: • 136 E • Sat 12-5, or appt • 805-689-0858 • Marzolla majored in art at Humboldt State ZFOLIO GALLERY, SOLVANG: SLINGSHOT: AN ALPHA ART 10 WEST GALLERY De la Guerra • Thur noon-5, Fri www.grayspaceart.com VILLAGE FRAMEUniversity & GALLERY: E Pas de Deux ~ Feb 28includes • 1685 and1485 graduated in 1973. His portfolio noon-7; Sat 12-5 • 805-966-1601 FORUM: www.slingshotart.org • Valley Rd #1 • 805-969-0524 Copenhagen Drphotography, • 10:30-5:30 daily representational pieces, prints, abstract art, 805-770-3878. SANTA10westgallery.com BARBARA ART WORKS: SB MARITIME MUSEUM: Online director@10westgallery.com 805-693-8480 • www.zfolio.com WATERHOUSE GALLERY: New Discover• his Juxtapose online exhibit • Artists and publications. work at: www.marzozart.com Painting by A. Michael Marzolla Exhibits:lenorehughes.com Dwight Brooks Model SOLVANG ANTIQUES FINE ART 805-770-7711 Paintings by Steve Curry & Rick PALM LOFT GALLERY: Expressions of Love (virtual) • 410 Palm Av, Loft A1, Carp • By Appt • 805-684-9700 • www.Palmloft.com

with Disabilities • 805-260-6705 • www.sbartworks.org

Steve Curry


Steve 24 Curry & on Rick Garcia “Jenner Splendor” x 48 Oil Linen

k Garcia

February 20th cial Distancing




Steve Curry “Oak Lore” 12 x 18 Oil on Linen Custom Deco Frame

Waterhouse Gallery

Waterhouse Gallery

1114 State Street, Suite 9, Santa Barbara Lenore Tolegian Hughes 805-962-8885 email: art@waterhousegallery.com

24 24

Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com

March 12, 2021 February 26, 2021

Poking the Paradigm

New research on sea urchins challenges long-held assumptions about marine reserves


By Harrison Tasoff / The UC Santa Barbara Current

Photo by Katie Davis / Caselle Lab

Photo Courtesy of UC Santa Barbara

Photo by Scott Hamilton

Photos Courtesy of Katrina Malakhoff

Photo by Ron McPeek

EPRIVE A MOUNTAIN RANGE OF ITS WOLVES, and soon the burgeoning deer population will strip its slopes bare. “I now suspect that just as a deer herd lives in mortal fear of its wolves, so does a mountain live in mortal fear of its deer,” wrote ecologist Aldo Leopold in his landmark 1949 title A Sand County Almanac. Leopold proposed that predators keep herbivore populations in check to the benefit of an ecosystem’s plant life. Remove one link in the food chain, and the effects cascade down its length. The idea of a trophic cascade has since become a mainstay in conservation ecology, with sea urchins as a prime example just off the California coast. “Urchins play a key role in the kelp forest because they eat kelp,” said Katrina Malakhoff, a doctoral student in UC Santa Barbara’s Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Marine Science. “And there are times and places when urchins eat so much kelp that they actually end up removing it all and creating urchin barrens.” Scientists noticed that urchin populations seemed to explode after hunters decimated California’s sea otters. The prickly critters went on to mow down entire kelp forests. Their conclusion: Predators like otters had kept the urchins in check. In Southern California, the otter’s predatory role was thought to be filled by other species, particularly spiny lobster and sheephead fish. But a new study by Malakhoff and her advisor, Robert Miller, suggests that the truth is much more nuanced. The researchers examined urchin populations inside and outside marine reserves, An orange Garabaldi and several señorita fish swim past a mixed group of red and purple sea where protection from fishing should have enabled urchin predators urchins off the coast of California. to rebound and control their populations. But instead of finding fewer probably isn’t the primary factor controlling urchin populations. For instance, larval dispersal and urchins, they found that one species was unaffected by the reserves, Katrina Malakhoff while the other flourished. Their work was supported by the National recruitment — as well as the oceanographic regimes that affect them — likely have greater effects on urchin populations, Miller said. Science Foundation’s Long-Term Ecological Research program, and results appear in the Proceedings This study invites scientists to reconsider how common trophic cascades are, and whether marine of the Royal Society B. reserves will always induce them. “Katrina’s study Marine reserves cordon off areas of the ocean from fishing. adds to a growing body of evidence that suggests that They’re often put in place to protect ecosystems by allowing species trophic cascades are confined to a pretty narrow set to recover, Malakhoff explained. In fact, California has a renowned of situations in the natural world,” Miller said. network of marine protected areas along its coast, and many people The two researchers acknowledge that some hoped that the reserves could help control the region’s two urchin of their fellow scientists and species: the red sea urchin, which is fished for its roe, and the purple resource managers might sea urchin, which isn’t. be reluctant to accept their “We predicted that by protecting these areas we’re increasing the conclusions. “The relationship number and density of urchin predators that will then control urchin between marine reserves populations and prevent them from overgrazing the kelp forest and and trophic cascades has turning it into an urchin barren,” Malakhoff said. She sought to approached paradigm status,” investigate this assumption, as well as the tendency of scientists and Miller explained, “and it’s resource managers to lump the two species together and treat them as always difficult to push back ecologically equivalent. against a paradigm.” Malakhoff’s project was made possible by the wealth of data Bob Miller The study also calls into ripe for analysis in the Channel Islands National Park Kelp Forest question the benefit to kelp forests of simply placing Monitoring Program, which has records stretching back to 1982. The more area inside reserves. “One of the justifications data she used covers multiple sites from 13 years before, and roughly that’s been offered for expanding reserve coverage is 15 years after, the establishment of marine reserves. As she examined saving kelp forests by increasing urchin predators,” figures on urchin populations, a peculiar trend began to emerge. A California sheephead snacks on a purple urchin. Miller said. “And this study suggests that this goal The reserves seemed to have no affect at all on unfished purple alone is not a good justification. urchin populations. What’s more, instead of decreasing in numbers, red urchins proliferated within “I can see some controversy arising from this,” he added, “but I think, as scientists, we have to the borders of some marine reserves. Their size, number, and density increased once they no longer maintain objectivity. We’re fortunate that the Park Service and other monitoring programs collect faced fishing pressures. Reserves the data we need to do this kind of analysis.” also had no clear effect on giant kelp This doesn’t mean that marine reserves are a bad idea, or that we should not expand them,” he density. explained. “They clearly work very well for protecting fished species,” Miller noted. “It’s just that “I was pretty surprised,” Malakhoff some of these popularly held ideas — like that they’ll cause trophic cascades to save the kelp — said. “It contradicted what I expected might be less valid.” to be happening in the kelp forest.” If Marine protected areas may not be a panacea, but they do have their place. For one, they can a rise in predation within the reserve serve as excellent natural experiments for scientists to investigate the effects of removing fishing from influenced urchin populations, then the equation. Stakeholders simply need to remember, the researchers said, that reserves are only one both species should have decreased in means of managing our oceans, and it’s crucial to take advantage of all the strategies at their disposal. number, and there ought to have been Additionally, what scientists think will happen in a marine reserve may not always be what fewer small urchins, which provide an transpires, Malakhoff said, but that’s not inherently a bad thing. “Just because we have more urchins easier snack for predators. inside the reserves doesn’t necessarily mean we have less kelp,” she pointed out, “because the story is “There’s a simplistic picture that’s complicated.” been promulgated of kelp forests “These findings also highlight that we shouldn’t necessarily adopt simplistic management versus urchin barrens, and that approaches like smashing sea urchins to save kelp forests,” Miller added. predators are preventing this phase Other factors T H A N K Y O U S P O N influence S O RhowSmuch kelp urchins eat, aside from their density. Urchin behavior shift from happening,” Miller said. The also comes into play. Malakhoff is currently investigating how urchins digest different types of algae, corollary is that, by restoring predator and whether giant kelp truly is their preferred meal. This could shed light on the impact diet and populations, reserves should allow the other variables have on their grazing behavior. lush kelp forests to return. “Sea urchins, they’re sort of an enigma,” said Miller. “Across the world, people are either trying to Other studies have documented restore them or smash them based on a simple dichotomy: urchin good, urchin bad. But, like Katrina that the urchins’ predators are thriving said, the truth may be somewhere in between.” under the reserves’ protection. The Printed with permission of UCSB Office of Public Affairs and Communications new results indicate that predation Left uncontrolled, urchins can demolish a kelp forest

March 12, 2021

Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com

Visit Virtually!



Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com

The IHC South Asian Religions and Cultures Research Focus Group Presents

The Blood Files: Epidemic, Medium, Milieu Bishnupriya Ghosh

Global Studies and English, University of California, Santa Barbara

Friday, March 12 / 12:00 pm PST / Zoom


Epidemics make us keenly aware of our multispecies distributions: of changes to our microbial makeup, of the mediums (body fluids to the elements) that enable transmission. While our body makes us aware of fevers and aches, we need technical mediation beyond the everyday thermometer to track and understand changing microbial-human relations. Epidemic media—a range of technologies, microscopes to PCR machines—are the subject of Bishnupriya Ghosh’s book, The Virus Touch: Theorizing Epidemic Media. Drawing on two research sites thousands of miles apart yet embedded in the global biomedical complex—a retrovirus laboratory at the University of Washington, Seattle, and a modest clinical point of care at the Humsafar offices in Mumbai—Ghosh considers how the ordinary technology of the “blood file” (samples, data, and pictures) makes the medium intelligible as a milieu. Bishnupriya Ghosh is Professor of Global Studies and English at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her first two books, When Borne Across: Literary Cosmopolitics in the Contemporary Indian Novel (Rutgers University Press, 2004) and Global Icons: Apertures to the Popular (Duke University Press, 2011), addressed cultures of globalization. Her recent work includes the co-edited Routledge Companion to Media and Risk (Routledge, 2020) and a new monograph on viral emergence, The Virus Touch: Theorizing Epidemic Media.

March 12, 2021

March 12, 2021


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Medieval Studies Annual Colloquium:

Global/Premodern/Race MAR

21 SUN

9:00 AM – 3:00 PM PST Register via email by March 19: global.premodern.race@gmail.com

This symposium brings together scholars working in Iberian, Middle Eastern, and Medieval Studies to engage in a critical discussion concerning race—reevaluating both its utility as a category of analysis in the premodern world and how it has structured medieval and early modern studies as academic fields.

Participants include: PAMELA PATTON (Art History, Princeton University) M. LINDSAY KAPLAN (English, Georgetown University) HANNAH BARKER (History, Arizona State University) MOHAMAD BALLAN (History, SUNY Stonybrook) AMBEREEN DADABHOY (Literature, Harvey Mudd College) JOSH COHEN (Committee on the Study of Religion, Harvard University) ABDULHAMIT ARVAS (English, University of Pennsylvania) TERENCE KEEL (African American Studies & Institute for Society and Genetics, UCLA) KATHY LAVEZZO (English, University of Iowa)

Sponsored by the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center; Medieval Studies; Early Modern Center, English Department; Center for Middle Eastern Studies; College of Letters & Science; History Department; and Latin American and Iberian Studies www.ihc.ucsb.edu



Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com

March 12, 2021

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March 12, 2021


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History, Reconsidered

New book takes a broader, more inclusive look at the Chicano Movement

United Farm Workers protest, circa 1970.

García said. “The history of any social movement cannot and should not remain static and fixed in stone. It cannot become an orthodox history,” he said. “Instead, the histories of social movements like the Chicano Movement have to continue to grow and bring in new winds of revisionist studies. “The essays in our book,” García continued, “bring in new historical actors to the movement that had earlier been excluded and, secondly, the book attempts to nationalize the movement in that it made Chicanos and other Latinos for the first time into national political actors and laid the foundation for today’s recognized Latino political power. It is not excluding or downplaying earlier histories of the movement but rather expanding them.” As García noted, the Chicano Movement was crucial in the history of Mexican Americans in the U.S. It made Chicanos and other Latinos into national political actors and opened up new opportunities that were barely available, such as in higher education. The movement may be consigned to history, he said, but it remains a vibrant part of American life today. “Later generations have been influenced by the legacy of the movement set in the struggle for civil rights, community empowerment and social justice,” García said. “It is the spirit of the movement that still exists.” The University Of Arizona Press

Photos Courtesy of UCSB

Y NOW, THE BARE-BONES STORY OF THE CHICANO MOVEMENT is well known: Brave, determined men like César Chavez and Sal Castro in California 50 years ago pushed society to recognize the civil rights of Latinos and opened new opportunities in politics and education. A new book, however, demonstrates that El Movimiento was much more diverse and dynamic than the casual history recounts. Rewriting the Chicano Movement: New Histories of Mexican American Activism in the Civil Rights Era (The University of Arizona Press, 2021), edited by UC Santa Barbara scholars Mario T. Garcíaand Ellen McCracken, brings a fresh depth and inclusionary take on the decades-long struggle. “Some 50 years after the key manifestations of the movement, it is necessary to reexamine the history of the Chicano Movement in a more encompassing way to include, for example, the role of women in the movement, the greater stress on the role of artists in the movement, and to stress other Southwestern urban areas not often discussed in movement histories,” said García, a professor of Chicano and Chicana Mario T. García Studies. “It is important to rewrite the history of the Chicano Movement so that younger generations can greater appreciate the importance of the movement and be inspired by its commitment to expand American democracy to all Americans.” The ten essays in the book were initially prepared for the 2018 Sal Castro Memorial Conference at UCSB, a bi-annual event named for the teacher who urged thousands of Chicano students to walk out of their high schools in Los Angeles to protest substandard education in “Mexican Schools.” The essays cover a broad swath of time and geography in examining the movement. From the 1936 El Paso school strike to the Chicana mural movement to antiwar protests in Houston in the 1960s and ’70s and more, the essays expand our Ellen McCracken understanding and appreciation of the Chicano Movement,

Photo by Patricia López-Boron


By Jim Logan / The UC Santa Barbara Current

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Stories written and performed by members of the SBCC Community; students, staff and faculty. Presented in 3 different chapters.



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