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January 8, 2021

President Trump Incites Protesters Before Destructive Chaos

U.S. Capital Building Stormed by Pro Trump Rioters


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ROTESTERS WAVING TRUMP FLAGS OVERRAN CAPITOL POLICE AND THEIR BARRICADES, breaking windows and doors to gain access to the House and Senate Floors. Police officers were hurt, a protester shot, and a explosive device discovered all while rioters rifled through the desks of members of congress and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. The riot was aimed at interrupting the certification of electoral votes for the Presidency of Joe Biden during a joint meeting of the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. Members of congress were endangered as they evacuated. Three hours before the riot, President Trump told protesters, “We will never concede” and “I will be with you.” During the chaos, President Elect Joe Biden called for peace and asked the nation for calm — then called the actions of the rioters “seditious” and “acts of insurrection.” He also called on President Trump to quell his supporters. President Trump, later in the day, released a tape reiterating first, “They stole the election,” and then he called for peace. The National Guard was called, Homeland Security, and numerous law enforcement agencies were being deployed to the nations Capital Building,

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and DC called for a 6pm curfew. At the congressional hearing, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell addressed the senate and attempted to persuade members to vote against the challenges to the electoral process, saying “the nation cannot keep drifting apart into two separate tribes” with “separate facts.... The voters, the courts, and the states all have spoken.” “Today, the United States Capitol — the world’s greatest symbol of self-government — was ransacked while the leader of the free world cowered behind his keyboard — tweeting against his vice president for fulfilling the duties of his oath to the Constitution,” said Senator Ben Sasse, Republican of Nebraska, in an official statement on the day’s events. “Lies have consequences,” he continued. “This violence was the inevitable and ugly outcome of the president’s addiction to constantly stoking division.” Regardless of President Trump’s repeated claims of voter fraud, election officials as well as his own former attorney general have stated there were no problems on a scale that would change the outcome of the national election. All 50 states have certified their election results Drawn from VOICE Staff Reports as fair and accurate, by state officials from both parties.

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