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Friday, January 1, 2021

New Year

The virtual New Year is about to begin.... Here are some choices to kick it off! 8

The conflict in Armenia touches local, state, and global communities

12 & 13

Health Passes

Need for verification of COVID Tests and Vaccine shots suggests need for digital health pass

Photo ©2020 Isaac Hernández Herrero, courtesy of SB Neighborhood Clinics

Photo by Mark M. Whitehurst / VOICE


Dr. Susan Lawton, MD, Associate Medical Director of Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics inoculating Dr. Charles C. Fenzi, MD, CEO/CMO, SBNC



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Clinic staff are receiving the COVID-19 vaccine to help keep you safe. Your turn is coming soon.

Fiddlehead Winery reviewed by Richard and Amanda Payatt – In the Cellar 21

Ibrahima Gueye and Sophia Loren in Edoardo Ponti’s The Life Ahead, reviewed by Sigrid Toye 6

We are open for you.

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Sigrid Toye: Harbor VOICE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Harlan Green: Economic VOICE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18

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John Palminteri’s Community VOICE. . . . . . . . . . . . . 11

Photo courtesy of Fiddlehead Winery

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Marilyn Horne to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2021 Grammys 19

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January 1, 2021

January 1, 2021


Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com

Happy New Year!




As this unusual year comes to a end,

we are filled with gratitude and respect for this

wonderful community we are lucky enough to call home.

A very special thank you to our friends, family and loyal clients. Wishing you a happy and safe holiday and a healthy new year!


The Premiere Estates of Montecito & Santa Barbara CAL BRE 00622258

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Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com

January 1, 2021










NOVEMBER 27 THRU DECEMBER 31* NIGHTLY SNOWFALL AT 5:30PM, 6PM, 6:30PM, 7PM CENTER COURT *No shows on Christmas Day, December 25

Tag us in your snow photos for your chance to win weekly holiday prizes! Please practice snow-cial distancing. Face coverings required.

Scan for details

#PASEONUEVO | @ShopPaseoNuevo Text or Call Us at 805.900.7385 | PaseoNuevoShopping.com

January 1, 2021

Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com


Community News MTD Announces Temporary Bus Capacity Decrease


S SANTA BARBARA remains in the purple zone for COVID-19 health guidelines, Santa Barbara MTD has announced that it is temporarily decreasing the number of passengers permitted to board all MTD buses. Until January 8th, 12 passengers will be allowed on a 40 foot bus, and eight passengers will be allowed on a 30 foot bus. “As has been the case throughout the pandemic, a bus may pass up a person waiting at a bus stop if the amount of passengers onboard has already reached the limit,” reads MTD’s announcement. “We apologize for any inconvenience that may result.” MTD is still not collecting fares, and passengers will continue to use the rear door of the bus for boarding and leaving to minimize contact between drivers and passengers. However, those individuals using mobility devices or requiring the ramp will be allowed to use the front door. On the bus, passengers are asked to distance themselves at least six feet away from the driver and other passengers. Passengers are still required to wear face masks and MTD continues to follow enhanced disinfecting and cleaning protocols. To learn more, visit https://sbmtd.gov.

Digital Health Passes Are on the Horizon


By Mark M. Whitehurst, PhD / VOICE

EALTH PASSES COULD RESTORE FREEDOMS AND BOOST BUSINESS, but, their shadow side may unfairly exclude people from work, travel, and entertainment as the long recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Following the current wave of millions of vaccinations and tests for COVID-19, phone apps are set to play a major role as health passes. Currently, pieces of paper and phone photos of certificates from often unknown places or services and foreign countries are stop gap measures of verification. The need for these passes that verify health status will likely continue to grow in importance. To meet this need for verification and thus insure safety, United Airlines and other companies are preparing to launch a health passport that can comb through records and verify a person’s health information. The app will then issue a confirmation code allowing passengers to board and disembark globally. Record searches into privately held information will be necessary for the apps to function properly – a new reach for personal information, raising privacy concerns, as well as risk of exposure for residents without visas. Also, to provide a safe reopening of society, health credentials may soon be required by schools and camps, and at

sporting and entertainment events, as well as work. The Commons Project Foundation appears to be the lead designer of the app and has been working with the airlines on developing the CommonPass app, according to the New York Times. The foundation is a non profit organization located in Geneva, Switzerland and has been working on other projects effecting a wide swath of the world’s population. Protecting public health via records in the face of a limited number of vaccine shots could immediately lead to a division of populations into haves and have nots, raising the question of who will be last to receive the vaccine shots and thus gain free access in a post pandemic world. California has collected vaccine information for the past 25 years that is stored in the California Immunization Registry (CAIR). Now, all doctors and clinics providing the COVID-19 vaccine are required to sign a federal agreement requiring them to send patient details to the CAIR within 24 hours, according to the LA Times. Nationwide, vaccinated people will receive personal record cards showing who provided the vaccine, which brand, and details about the vaccine maker, location, and the date. As this moves forward, documentation verifying vaccination and freeing up personal access will play a major role in the reopening of Santa Barbara, the nation, and the world.

De La Guerra Plaza Advisory Committee Voted to Move Concept Design Forward


By Daisy Scott / VOICE

NE OF DOWNTOWN SANTA BARBARA’S MOST BELOVED LANDMARKS, De La Guerra Plaza, has moved a step closer toward its transformation. In its final meeting of 2020, the De La Guerra Plaza Revitalization Design Advisory Committee voted unanimously to recommend to the Santa Barbara City Council that its concept design move into the City’s Development Application process. “I will just say that as this goes out for public review that it’s subject to change quite a bit — and we want that; this is our starting place and this is not intended to be the ending place; this is a concept that we’re putting out for review,” said City Councilmember and Committee Chair Kristen Sneddon before she voted on December 18th. Founded in 2019, the committee includes ten representatives from the City Council, Planning Commission, Historic Landmarks Commission, Parks and Recreation Commission, Santa Barbara Certified Farmers’ Market, and the Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation. Its current concept design aims to rekindle the plaza through installing new features, such as a splash pad, arcade entryway, seating, updated waste management, restrooms, and opportunities for art displays. Prior to moving this design forward, however, committee members addressed three lingering points. The first was including a kiosk in the plaza, making possible the offering of services such as food and beverages. Yet, due to concerns over financing and how this kiosk would compete with other businesses in the area, the committee decided to not pursue this idea. Instead, they will recommend putting the infrastructure in place for a potential, future kiosk to allow for ongoing flexibility. The committee also discussed adding two new types of trees to the plaza — palo verdes and the thornless variety of floss silk trees. Examples of both trees can already be found downtown, with palo verdes located between Anacapa and Santa Barbara Streets on E. De La Guerra Street, and floss silk trees adorning Alice Keck Park. While the exact number and spacing of these trees are yet to be determined, it is intended that primarily palo verdes will be added, accented by floss silk trees. Finally, the committee reviewed adding new lighting to the plaza to make it more welcoming at night. Ann Kale, the president of lighting design firm Ann Kale Associates, presented the idea of installing a combination of two and three-headed light poles. “We’ve run preliminary light fixture calculations, and we anticipate that this will triple the light level that we have in the plaza right now,” said Kale. “It just makes it a little bit more vibrant, it definitely gives you a stronger sense of security, safety.” Kale and the committee further discussed adding lighting in front of the News-Press, on the arcade, under benches, on some trees and planter walls, and including lit water jets

with the splash pad. Projecting light patterns onto some of the building’s facades was also suggested, however multiple committee members voiced this would be better suited for special events. Ultimately, the committee decided to not place limitations on lighting plans to allow for flexibility. Following these conversations, the committee unanimously voted to recommend their design move forward. “The condition of the plaza now shows us why this is such an important project for us to complete for our city, to bring this very important space back to its proper name of the town square with beauty, and ties to the history that surrounds it,” said Principal Project Manager Brad Hess. The plaza’s concept design will continue to be refined when it enters the City’s Development Application process, where it will be further assessed through the Historic Landmarks Commission’s (HLC) concept review, as well as a pre-application review team. The HLC will also need to accept an archaeological report, a historic structures report, and approve the project design. The City Council will hear the committee’s progress update on February 2nd, 2021. For updates and to learn more about the De La Guerra Revitalization Design Advisory Committee, visit www.santabarbaraca.gov/gov/brdcomm/dm/dlgpr/default.asp.


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January 1, 2021

Movie Review

Sophia Loren in Edoardo Ponti’s

The Life Ahead

OPHIA LOREN’S SPECTACULAR PERFORMANCE in The Life Ahead, directed by her son Edoardo Ponti, promises to make every cinema aficionado take notice. At 86 and after a break of ten years, Loren may not be the screen goddess of Two Women (1960), but with age, her talent, artistry, and humanity have deepened in her portrayal of Madame Rosa, a former prostitute and Holocaust survivor with a big heart. In this Italian language revision of the 1978 Academy Award winning French film, Madame Rosa, featuring Simone Signoret, Loren brings her own completely Italian sensibility to the character. In an anguished flashback, the story of Madame Rosa is revealed through the eyes of an orphaned Senegalese street kid named Momo (masterfully played by first time actor, 14 year old Ibrahima Gueye). At their first encounter Momo spots Loren’s Madame Rosa shopping in a crowded street market and snatches her bag containing a couple of candle sticks. Not his first heist, this twelve year old is already an experienced drug dealer, hustler, and scrapper with the means to fence his booty and stubbornly resistant to those who attempt to rehabilitate him. Momo’s temporary guardian, a kindhearted elderly physician (Renato Carpentieri) is unable to contain him and seizes an opportunity for Momo to be transferred, and possibly redeemed, by Madame Rosa. Despite her meager means Madame Rosa has devoted her life to fostering children of prostitutes and orphans. As a result of guilt and pity, accompanied by the pleading of the good doctor, Rosa reluctantly agrees to take Momo into her household despite the animosity between them. Momo soon carves a space at Casa Rosa alongside two other boys, but scared and furious his default mode is defiance as a prickly loner against a seemly hostile world. On the other hand, Rosa

Community News Jessica Wetzel to Leave Girls Inc. of Carpinteria JESSICA WETZEL has announced her resignation from her position as Director of Strategic Initiatives for Girls Inc. of Carpinteria. She has worked with Girls Inc. of Carpinteria since 2011. She previously held the positions of academic coordinator Jessica Wetzel and programs director. Her achievements with the organization have included helping to launch the Eureka! Program to support teenage students, working with local and national leaders to promote program growth, and implementing new outcome measurement and data tracking strategies. Wetzel makes this career change after having been named Vice President of Programs and Impact at Techbridge Girls, a nonprofit that encourages girls from low-income communities to pursue STEM learning. “She will be greatly missed, but we are excited to see her pursue a national opportunity where she can continue to advocate on behalf of girls and encourage young women to reach their greatest potential,” said Jamie Collins, Executive Director of www.girlsinc-carp.org Girls Inc. Carpinteria.

has scars of her own. Her basement is her refuge and hideout; a secure space where she keeps mementos of her Jewish heritage and a place to seek protection from the haunting demons of her harrowing time as a prisoner at Auschwitz during World War II. Despite being an unlikely match, Momo and Rosa grow to understand and trust each other, forming a bond of mutual support, friendship, and love. As Madame Rosa’s dementia grows and her health begins to Ibrahima Gueye and Sophia Loren in The Life Ahead deteriorate, Momo remains by her side to aide her and fulfill her wishes. Sophia Loren, who considers herself a Neapolitan, was The Life Ahead under the direction of Ponti, Loren’s son born poor. Her father, a nobleman, refused to marry her with Carlo Ponti, her late husband and mentor, reflects the mother. “When I was a child growing up during World War importance of love, friendship, and the feelings of being II, my mind was always in the sky - I wanted to be an actress,” wanted and needed. During a Q&A with the director and she recalled. At the tender age of 15, much like the character his star, moderated by Isabella Rossellini daughter of Ingrid Momo, her mother left her with relatives in Rome and, as Bergman, Ponti held his mother’s hand. Admittedly by nature an outsider, she had to fend for herself and find her own a shy person, Loren described working with her son: “He way. The empathic connection between Loren and young knows me so well … part of my process is, ‘My God, I know Gueye’s character is genuine as both are survivors who value I can’t do this …,” she laughed, “and part of his process is ‘I connection and family. At 16, Loren entered a beauty contest, know that you can,’ which is what I need.” wearing a dress her grandmother created from the living As this is their third collaboration together, Ponti added room curtains, where she won the heart of contest judge that her process allows her to approach each role she embodies and legendary director Carlo Ponti, 22 years her senior who with a fresh view despite 71 years practicing her craft. promoted her career and made her famous. Young Ibrahima Gueye as Momo, on the other hand, brings Beautifully shot in the ancient city of Bani in Italy, inexperience and self discovery to his role. In awe of film star sensitively directed by Ponti, and magnificently acted by the Sophia Loren, Ponti decided to humanize his mother for the two principles, this film is a quiet meditation on life and living admiring 14 year old by having them live together in the same that emphasizes the influence we have on others after we are house for the duration of the film. For the boy, Loren truly no longer here. From my perspective, this is an Oscar worthy became a Rosa as she cooked pasta in the kitchen for her on performance by Sophia Loren and potentially the same by first set ‘family.’ time actor, young Ibrahima Gueye. It’s a film worth the watch! Courtesy Photo


By Sigrid Toye, Special to VOICE

SBMM’s Maritime On The Move Available in English & Spanish


HE SANTA BARBARA MARITIME MUSEUM’S Education Programs encourage curiosity through exhibits, experiential learning, and community outreach with special emphasis on California’s maritime history and human interactions with the sea. SBMM has been redefining its programs with creativity, innovation, and technology, and reimagining ways to continue to serve and educate the community while complying with social and safety restrictions. “As we start our tenth month of school and museum closures due to the COVID pandemic, SBMM is especially excited to announce that we have expanded our Maritime on the Move educational program – now for three different locations and in both Spanish and English!” shared Rita Serotkin, SBMM Marketing and Social Media Coordinator. Maritime on the Move (MotM) brings exciting outdoor and athome learning experiences directly to teachers and parents. These adventures begin outdoors and incorporate engaging activities for students to enjoy while exploring local ecosystems and biomes found in their own backyard. Each activity or field trip is tailored to meet individual needs and is adapted for all grade levels to provide an unforgettable educational experience. Adding to the program’s versatility, the booklets are now available in English and Spanish. Pioneered with more than 150 middle school students from Carpinteria in February 2020, MotM materials include various free video and virtual components, self-guided tours in the field, individual activity “kits,” teacher/parent-training materials, and guided tour maps...all of which can be customized by teachers and parents using resources available at: www.sbmm.org/at-home or looking for educational outdoor activities.

Captain Alex Altavilla

Captain Alex Altavilla Retires After 36 Years of Service

CAPTAIN ALEX ALTAVILLA recently retired from the Santa Barbara Police Department after 36 years of distinguished service to the City. Captain Altavilla started his career in 1983. During his tenure he had several assignments which included Police Officer, Field Training Officer, Detective, Narcotics Detective, Patrol Operations Sergeant, Patrol Operations Lieutenant, Patrol Operations Captain and his most recent position as Investigative Division Captain.

January 1, 2021

Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com

The Promenade Market Will Be Back

Thursday, January 14th www.downtownsb.org



Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com

January 1, 2021


Meditación por la paz mundial de Nochevieja: Únete al Centro Budista Mahakankala para celebrar nuestro deseo colectivo de eliminar el sufrimiento del mundo a través de la meditación el jueves, 31 de diciembre, de 6:30 a 7:45pm (llega cinco minutos antes para instalarte) a través de Zoom. El programa de la noche incluirá una meditación guiada y oraciones a Avalokiteshvara, Buda de la Compasión. Únete a la reunión en https://us02web.zoom.us/j/5195140560

Happy NewYear! FRIDAY, JAN. 1ST

THURSDAY, DEC. 31ST MUSIC Luke Theatre’s Virtual Concert Series - Seraphonium Live!: This special offering is a New Year’s gift to the community and will begin streaming December 31st. Seraphonium Live! was filmed in 2015 and features 45 of Santa Barbara’s most esteemed vocalists and musicians performing a two-hour set of original music by composer/author Monte Schultz (son of Charles). Watch the free concert at www.luketheatre.org


Estella Scrooge: Combining the excitement of live theatre with the magic of movies, this new musical, presented by PCPA Theatre, features a cast of 24 award-winning Broadway notables and is the creation of John Caird and Paul Gordon. Streaming through January 31st. Tickets are ($29.99/$44.99, $5 off when you order by 12/18 with code: ESTELLA72) https://tinyurl.com/y9xvsgdn

Serie de conciertos virtuales del Teatro Luke - Seraphonium Live!: Esta oferta especial es un regalo de Año Nuevo para la comunidad y comenzará a transmitirse el 31 de diciembre. Seraphonium Live! fue filmada en 2015 y presenta a 45 de los vocalistas y músicos más estimados de Santa Bárbara interpretando un conjunto de música original de dos horas del compositor/autor Monte Schultz (hijo de Charles). Mira el concierto gratuito en www.luketheatre.org

The Testicles Monologues: If These Balls Could Talk by Peter Fox and directed by Maggie Mixsell will feature Gary Buktenica, Peter Fox, Tom Hinshaw, Justin Stark, and Cary Thompson. The performance, filmed at Center Stage Theater, will be available to stream through January 31st. For tickets ($10$50) visit https://tinyurl.com/yd5sfbc4 Los monólogos de los testículos: si estas bolas pudieran hablar por Peter Fox y dirigida por Maggie Mixsell contará con Gary Buktenica, Peter Fox, Tom Hinshaw, Justin Stark y Cary Thompson. La presentación, filmada en el Teatro Center Stage , estará disponible para transmitirla hasta el 31 de enero. Para boletos ($10-$50) visita https://tinyurl.com/yd5sfbc4

SPECIAL EVENTS A Virtual Blood Drive: Lobero Theatre Foundation and Vitalant have teamed up to host a blood drive through January 7th. There is a critical shortage of blood as supplies have been significantly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. All blood types are critically needed. To reserve your appointment visit https://tinyurl.com/y5w7x9kf Una campaña de donación de sangre virtual: La Fundación del Teatro Lobero y Vitalant se han unido para organizar una campaña de donación de sangre hasta el 7 de enero. Existe una escasez crítica de sangre ya que los suministros se han visto afectados significativamente por la pandemia de

Estella Scrooge: Combinando la emoción del teatro en vivo con la magia de las películas, este nuevo musical, presentado por PCPA Theatre, cuenta con un elenco de 24 notables de Broadway galardonados y es creación de John Caird y Paul Gordon. Se transmitirá hasta el 31 de enero. Los boletos cuestan ($29.99/$44.99, $5 de descuento cuando realizas el pedido antes del 12/18 con el código: ESTELLA72) https://tinyurl.com/y9xvsgdn

SPECIAL EVENTS A Toast Heard ‘Round the World’: Each year event organizer and Pacifica Graduate Institute Director of Alumni Relations Dianne Travis-Teague invites members of the school’s global community to join the global celebration on New Year’s Eve. At 12 midnight on December 31st, wherever in the world they are, PGIAA alumni and friends are encouraged to raise a glass and Tweet, Facebook, or Instagram their dreams for the coming year using the hashtag #ToastPacifica2020.

Center Stage Digital Arts Festival: From vocal performances to storytelling, and a journey to the place where arts and technology connect, Center Stage is offering a variety of digital programming available to enjoy from home. For tickets ($10-$50) to enjoy Holiday Memories (through Jan. 15th) and Lifeline + Re:forming (through Jan. 1st) visit https://tinyurl.com/yd5sfbc4

Un brindis escuchado “alrededor del mundo”: Cada año, la organizadora del evento y directora de relaciones con ex alumnos de Pacifica Graduate Institute, Dianne Travis-Teague, invita a los miembros de la comunidad global de la escuela a unirse a la celebración global en la víspera de Año Nuevo. A las 12 de la medianoche del 31 de diciembre, en cualquier lugar del mundo en el que se encuentren, se anima a los antiguos alumnos y amigos de PGIAA a que levanten una copa y escriban sus sueños para el próximo año en Twitter, Facebook o Instagram utilizando el hashtag #ToastPacifica2020.

Festival de artes digitales Center Stage: Desde presentaciones vocales hasta narraciones, y un viaje al lugar donde las artes y la tecnología se conectan, Center Stage ofrece una variedad de programación digital disponible para disfrutar desde casa. Para boletos ($10-$50) para disfrutar de Holiday Memories (hasta el 15 de enero) y Lifeline + Re :forming (hasta el 1 de enero), visita https://tinyurl.com/yd5sfbc4

From 12:00 noon to after midnight on December 31st, PGIAA will host a


Santa Barbara Ghost Tours Walk with Professor Julie as she shares tales of mystery and history... & meet friendly spirits... Call or text to schedule your walking tour! • 805-905-9019


New Year’s Eve Burning Bowl Service: Release anything that no longer serves you and move forward in peace and freedom in the year ahead during the 5pm service on Thursday, December 31st at Unity of Santa Barbara (227 E. Arrellaga St.). Register to ensure you get a seat or watch the live-stream via the website or Facebook. To register visit https://tinyurl.com/yczvlcrv

New Year’s Eve World Peace Meditation: Join the Mahakankala Buddhist Center to celebrate our collective wish to remove suffering from the world through meditation on Thursday, December 31st, from 6:30 to 7:45pm (arrive five minutes early to settle in) via Zoom. The evening’s program will include a guided meditation and prayers to Avalokiteshvara, Buddha of Compassion. Join the meeting at https://us02web.zoom.us/j/5195140560

And don’t forget that you can Tweet or Instagram your thoughts, hopes, and dreams for the community, your family, friends, and the future, with the hashtag

Courtesy photo

Servicio de Tazón ardiente de Nochevieja: Libera todo lo que ya no te sirva y avanza en paz y libertad durante el próximo año durante el servicio de las 5pm el jueves, 31 de diciembre en Unity of Santa Barbara (227 E. Arrellaga St.). Regístrate para asegurarte de tener un asiento o ve la transmisión en vivo a través del sitio web o Facebook. Para registrarte visita https://tinyurl.com/yczvlcrv

with special guests, talks, performances, and more—expanding beyond our campus and reaching out to our global community at

Enjoy Crescendo and a broad spectrum of movies that celebrate the diversity of the Jewish experience from the comfort of your home when the 11th Annual San Luis Obispo Jewish Film Festival runs from January 7th through 28th. For tickets and passes visit https://slojff.com Disfruta Crescendo y una amplia gama de películas que celebran la diversidad de la experiencia judía desde la comodidad de tu hogar cuando el 11° Festival Anual de Cine Judío de San Luis Obispo se lleve a cabo del 7 al 28 de enero. Para boletos y pases, visita https://slojff.com


for Women in Communications — SB Chapter will be hosting a conversation on the film RBG and the book Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Life during its January 6th Zoom meeting at 5:30pm. Retired State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson and author Jane Sherron De Hart will be featured speakers. No charge for AWC-SB members, $10 for nonmembers. To register, visit https://tinyurl.com/ y8t9ejgp

Scott Rothdeutsch | Owner scott@sbgoats.com

805-460-8898 coronavirus. Todos los tipos de sangre son muy necesarios. Para reservar tu cita visita https://tinyurl.com/y5w7x9kf Santa Barbara Public Library Holiday Closure: All Santa Barbara Public Library locations will be closed through January 4th. No materials will be due during this time. Library Book Returns will be closed through January 1st. Assistance over the phone, via chat, or through email will resume January 5th. Grab ‘n Go Service will resume January 5th at Montecito Library and January 6th at other locations. Cierre festivo de la biblioteca pública de Santa Bárbara: Todas las ubicaciones de la Biblioteca Pública de Santa Bárbara estarán cerradas hasta el 4 de enero. No se entregarán materiales durante este tiempo. Las devoluciones de libros de la biblioteca estarán cerradas hata el 1 de enero. La asistencia por teléfono, chat o correo electrónico se reanudará el 5 de enero. El servicio Grab ‘n Go se reanudará el 5 de enero en la biblioteca de Montecito y el 6 de enero en los otros lugares.

WEDNESDAY, JAN. 6TH LECTURES & WORKSHOPS Discussion on Ruth Bader Ginsburg Film and Book: The Association

Taller de contenedores de gratitud: Únete a la coordinadora de arte de Explore Ecology, Rachel, mientras muestra técnicas de “collage” para crear un contenedor de gratitud y luego para llenarlo con algunas cosas por las que estamos agradecidos el 6 de enero de 3 a 4pm a través de Zoom. Para registrarte (Gratis-$15) visita https://tinyurl.com/y8e8dkyo

THURSDAY, JAN. 7TH LECTURES & WORKSHOPS Adult Studio Art Workshop (via Zoom): Create loose, gestural drawings of Ganesha, the Hindu deity believed to be the remover of obstacles with a SB Museum of Art Teaching Artist on Thursday, January 7th, from 5 to 6pm via Zoom. Free, to register, visit https://tinyurl.com/y84oesxa Taller de arte de estudio para adultos (a través de Zoom): Crea dibujos sueltos y gestuales de Ganesha, la deidad hindú que se cree que quita obstáculos con un Artista Docente del Museo de Arte de SB el jueves, 7 de enero, de 5 a 6pm a través de Zoom. Gratis, para registrarte, visita https://tinyurl.com/y84oesxa Downtown Business Spotlight Interview Series continues on Thursday, January 7th at 3pm with Robin Elander in conversation with Adrienne Smith (Power of Your Om) and Mikki Reilly (Fitness Transform) as they discuss taking care of your mind, body, and soul. Each Thursday different business owners will interviewed via Zoom. Register at https://tinyurl.com/y9fpx3r9 La serie de entrevistas Negocios del Centro Destacados continúa el jueves, 7 de enero a las 3pm con Robin Elander en conversación con Adrienne Smith (Power of Your Om) y Mikki Reilly (Fitness Transform) mientras hablan sobre el cuidado de su mente, cuerpo, y alma. Cada jueves, diferentes empresarios serán entrevistados a través de Zoom. Regístrate en https://tinyurl.com/y9fpx3r9

Let’s Go To The M O V I E S

Feeling anxious, fatigued, depressed, or just experiencing isolation challenges?

Hypnosis can help.

Reaching into the depths of our unconscious mind, we are able to find the resources needed to remain calm, feel inner peace, and even find joy in the midst of the chaos in our lives and the world. In-person or on-line sessions.

Dr. Ginger Swanson

Certified Medical Support Hypnotherapist

805-886-4716 www.DrGingerSwanson.com

Due to COVID-19 precautions taking place, event cancellations are fluid at this time. Please follow up with event organizers to confirm the event is still taking place. Debido a las precauciones de COVID-19, las cancelaciones de eventos son fluidas en este momento. Informate con los organizadores del evento para confirmar que el evento aún se está llevando a cabo.

NORTH S.B. COUNTY THEATRES Movie Listings for 01/01/21-01/07/21


(805) 937-3515 WONDER WOMAN 1984 -PG13

OPEN EVERY DAY Starts @ 7:00pm

Irresistible sensuality... All Shows - General Admission $10.00 / Kids $4.00 Expressive presence...

BOX OFFICE OPEN 5:45-8:50pm Fr & Sa | 6:15-8:50pm Su-Th skip– Hi–Way Drive In Radio Active @ 92.1 FMA / Finjoyful d Us On Facebook

Sculpture engages body, MOVIES LOMPOC – CLOSED • (805)&736-1558 mind, soul. / 736-0146 PARKS PLAZA – CLOSED • (805) 688-7434 Add an aesthetic wake-up to your www.playingtoday.com environment.


Gratitude Container Workshop: Join Explore Ecology art coordinator Rachel as she shows you collage techniques to create a gratitude container and then fill it with some things we are grateful for on January 6th from 3 to 4pm via Zoom. To register (Free-$15) visit https://tinyurl.com/y8e8dkyo


The Association for Women in Communications – SB Chapter will host a conversation on the film RBG and the book Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Life during its January 6th Zoom meeting at 5:30pm. Retired State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson and author Jane Sherron De Hart will be featured speakers. To register, visit https://tinyurl.com/y8t9ejgp La Asociación de Mujeres en las Comunicaciones - Capítulo SB presentará una conversación sobre la película RBG y el libro Ruth Bader Ginsburg: una vida durante su reunión de Zoom del 6 de enero a las 5:30pm. La senadora estatal jubilada Hannah-Beth Jackson y la autora Jane Sherron De Hart serán oradoras destacadas. Para registrarte, visita https://tinyurl.com/y8t9ejgp

www.TheTouchofStone.com ❧ Kerry Methner ❧ 805-570-2011

Fire Mitigation

Centro Carsey-Wolf virtual: Subversivos: Lingua Franca: Únete a la directora / escritora / actriz / editora Isabel Sandoval y al moderador Miguel Penabella (Estudios de Cine y Medios, UCSB) para una discusión sobre Lingua Franca el jueves, 7 de enero de 4 a 5pm a través de Zoom. Este evento no incluirá una proyección, mírala con anticipación en Netflix. Gratis, se requiere registro. https://tinyurl.com/yczghheq

Discusión sobre la película y el libro de Ruth Bader Ginsburg: La Asociación de Mujeres en las Comunicaciones - Capítulo SB será el anfitrión de una conversación sobre la película RBG y el libro Ruth Bader Ginsburg: una vida durante su reunión de Zoom del 6 de enero a las 5:30pm. La Senadora estatal jubilada Hannah-Beth Jackson y la autora Jane Sherron De Hart serán oradores destacadas. Gratis para miembros de AWC-SB, $10 para no miembros. Para registrarte, visita https://tinyurl.com/y8t9ejgp

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Eco-friendly Land Manaagement Noxious Weed Abatement Sustainable Agriculture


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Virtual Author Talk: Louise Ann Noeth - Bonneville Salt Flats: Join Chaucer’s Books for an online conversation with Louise Ann Noeth as she discusses her latest book Bonneville Salt Flats on Thursday, January 7th at 6pm. Join the webinar at https://zoom.us/j/99853469945 Charla de autor virtual: Louise Ann Noeth - Bonneville Salt Flats: Únete a Chaucer’s Books para una conversación en línea con Louise Ann Noeth mientras habla sobre su último libro Bonneville Salt Flats el jueves, 7 de enero a las 6pm. Únete al seminario web en https://zoom.us/j/99853469945

MOVIES & THEATRE 11th Annual San Luis Obispo Jewish Film Festival: Enjoy a broad spectrum of movies that celebrate the diversity of the Jewish experience from the comfort of your home from January 7th through 28th. Ticket holders can watch selections multiple times during the run dates. For tickets and passes ($10-$50) visit https://slojff.com XI Festival Anual de Cine Judío de San Luis Obispo: Disfruta de un amplio espectro de películas que celebran la diversidad de la experiencia judía desde la comodidad de tu hogar del 7 al 28 de enero. Los titulares de entradas pueden ver las selecciones varias veces durante las fechas de ejecución. Para boletos y Sensual... Expressive... pases ($10-$50) visita https://slojff.com Sculpture engages mind, & soul. Carsey-Wolf Center Virtual body, - Subversives: Lingua Franca: Join Director/writer/actress/editor Isabelan Sandoval and moderator Add aesthetic Miguel Penabella (Film andwake-up Media Studies,to UCSB) for a your discussion of Lingua Franca onenvironment. Thursday, January 7th from 4 to 5pm via Zoom. This event will not include a screening, watch in advance on Netflix. Free, registration required. https://tinyurl.com/yczghheq

Littlest Little Farm: Teens will learn biodynamic farming skills in a fun, supportive, caring community with AHa! social-emotional learning facilitators. The next session begins on January 9th, 2021. Contact Julian Castillo to reserve a spot or for more info email juliansean.ahasb@gmail.com.

Courtesy photos

January 1, 2021

La pequeña granja más pequeña: Los adolescentes aprenderán habilidades agrícolas biodinámicas en una comunidad divertida y solidaria con facilitadores del aprendizaje socioemocional de AHa! La próxima sesión comienza el 9 de enero de 2021. Para reservar un lugar o para más información comunicate con Julian Castillo por correo electrónico juliansean.ahasb@gmail.com

Miroslava ChávezGarcía recreates and gives meaning to the hope, fear, and longing migrants experienced Miroslava in their everyday lives Chávez-García during Migrant Longing: Letter Writing Across the U.S.-Mexico borderlands, a virtual webinar on January 10th at 4pm. Register at https://tinyurl.com/y84edkr Pacifica Graduate Institute Online - On Longing: A Pilgrimage Toward Our Heart’s Deepest Desires: Program begins with two live Zoom sessions (three hours each), then continues online for six weeks. Each week will contain a small presentation by Jennifer Leigh Selig, PhD, followed by a set of reflective questions. Participants will share their discoveries on the discussion boards and exchange written dialogue with Selig and a small group of individuals with similar longings. The program runs from January 9th through February 21st. To register by Jan. 4th ($450-$650) visit https://tinyurl.com/yaknl5y8

Pacifica Graduate Institute en línea - Sobre el anhelo: una peregrinación hacia los deseos más profundos de nuestro corazón: El programa comienza con dos sesiones de Zoom en vivo (tres horas cada una), luego continúa en línea durante seis semanas. Cada semana contendrá una pequeña presentación por Jennifer Leigh Selig, PhD, seguida de una serie de preguntas reflexivas. Los participantes compartirán sus descubrimientos en los foros de discusión e intercambiarán un diálogo escrito con Selig y un pequeño grupo de personas con anhelos similares. El programa se extiende desde el 9 de enero hasta el 21 de febrero. Para registrarte antes del 4 de enero ($450-$650) visita https://tinyurl.com/yaknl5y8

SUNDAY, JAN. 10TH LECTURES & WORKSHOPS Migrant Longing: Letter Writing Across the U.S.-Mexico borderlands: Drawing upon a personal collection of more than 300 letters exchanged between her parents and other family members across the U.S.-Mexico border, Miroslava Chávez-García recreates and gives meaning to the hope, fear, and longing migrants experienced in their everyday lives during a virtual webinar on January 10th at 4pm. Register at https://tinyurl.com/y84edkr Anhelo migratorio: escritura de cartas en las zonas fronterizas entre Estados Unidos y México: Basándose en una colección personal de más de 300 cartas intercambiadas entre sus padres y otros miembros de la familia a través de la frontera entre Estados Unidos y México, Miroslava Chávez-García recrea y da sentido a la esperanza, el miedo y el anhelo que experimentan los emigrantes en su vida cotidiana durante un seminario virtual el 10 de enero a las 4pm. Regístrate en https://tinyurl.com/y84edkr Write. for Self-Discovery & Meaning: Move deliberately into the New Year by exploring creative ways to support your intentions through the process of therapeutic writing during a virtual workshop with Chantal Wunderlich, MFT on Sunday, January 10th from 2 to 3:15pm. To register ($40) visit https://tinyurl.com/y727kdw7

Miroslava Chávez-García recrea y da significado a la esperanza, el miedo y el anhelo que los emigrantes experimentan en su vida cotidiana durante Anhelo migratorio: escritura de cartas en las zonas fronterizas entre Estados Unidos y México, un seminario virtual el 10 de enero a las 4pm. Regístrate en https://tinyurl.com/y84edkr Escribir. para el autodescubrimiento y el significado: Avanza deliberadamente hacia el Año Nuevo explorando formas creativas de apoyar tus intenciones a través del proceso de escritura terapéutica durante un taller virtual con Chantal Wunderlich, MFT el domingo, 10 de enero de 2 a 3:15pm. Para registrarte ($40) visita https://tinyurl.com/y727kdw7

UPCOMING... SB Museum of Natural History - Nature Adventures at Home Winter Classes for kids ages two to 12 years will take place from January 11th to March 4th via Zoom. To register ($21-$155) visit https://tinyurl.com/y63qm8j4 Museo de Historia Natural SB - Clases de Invierno de Aventuras en la naturaleza en casa para niños de dos a 12 años se llevará a cabo del 11 de enero al 4 de marzo a través de Zoom. Para registrarte ($21-$155) visita https://tinyurl.com/y63qm8j4 Register for Spring semester at SBCC: Looking to earn an associate degree, transfer to a four-year university, or enroll in the School of Extended Learning for life enrichment classes, career skills training, a high school diploma or GED, register for classes at www.sbcc.edu/classes. Spring semester starts January 11th. Regístrate para el semestre de primavera en SBCC: Si deseas obtener un título de asociado, transferirte a una universidad de cuatro años o inscribirte en la Escuela de Aprendizaje Extendido para clases de enriquecimiento para la vida, capacitación en habilidades profesionales, un diploma de escuela secundaria o GED, regístrate para clases en www.sbcc.edu/classes. El semestre de primavera comienza el 11 de enero.

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Irresistible sensuality... Quiet, expressive presence... or a joyful skip – Sculpture engages body, mind, & soul. Consider adding an aesthetic wake-up to your environment.


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January 1, 2021

Protecting Health Workers: SB Neighborhood Clinic Staff Take Vaccine


Photos ©2020 Isaac Hernández Herrero

AFETY DURING THE PANDEMIC BEGINS with the doctors, nurses, and staff the community trusts for information and care. SB Neighborhood Clinics staff, which was allocated 200 doses of the Moderna vaccine by the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department, have begun taking shots of the COVID-19 vaccine so that they can continue to serve their local community. “We trust the vaccine shots to save lives in our community and want everyone to know how important this medicine is to the recovery from the pandemic,” shared Susan Lawton MD, Associate Medical Director of SBNC. “This is a time to celebrate! This is the beginning of the end of the COVID-19 Pandemic. I hope you can be excited to be a part of this historic time as we finally get the edge on this infection that has changed our lives so profoundly for almost a year.” As soon as enough people take the vaccine, everyone will be able to again visit family and friends without the fear of becoming infected or of bringing the infection back to our loved ones. And for medical professionals, they won’t have to worry they will spread COVID-19 to their vulnerable patients and coworkers. People have had a difficult time staying away from family and friends, even knowing the risk, during this time and have taken chances frequently to see them, even when it would be

best not to see them, sometimes leading to missed work and weeks of quarantine. "This vaccine will be a first step toward moving back to a life of shared dinners, family birthday parties, eating our tamales over the Christmas dinner table,” Lawton continued. “Our children will be able to return to school, to see their friends and beloved teachers, and to laugh together as they play on the playgrounds. We will be able to watch our favorite sports live and even cheer our kids from the sidelines as they resume soccer and other sports that Leslie Kearney, Director of Quality receives inoculation from are so good for them." As everyone has heard, the COVID-19 virus can cause severe Dr. Susan Lawton, MD, Associate Medical Director of SBNC complications and lead to death. Unfortunately, there isn’t any undergone rigorous study to demonstrate its safety and way to know how COVID-19 will affect any individual. On top effectiveness. It was found to be 94.5 percent effective in of that, if a person gets COVID-19, they may spread the disease preventing confirmed COVID-19 from occurring at least 14 to family, friends, and others. Getting a COVID-19 vaccine may days after the second dose of vaccine. The Moderna vaccine help protect a person by creating an antibody response in the requires two doses, 28 days apart to be fully effective. That is the body without becoming sick with COVID-19. way the vaccine was designed. Usually the first dose “primes” Health providers have a special responsibility to lead our the immune system and the second dose “boosts” the immune community into a future of health and out of the oppression of system to maintain protection. this pandemic. Them taking the vaccine is a step The COVID-19 vaccination will be an important tool to in that direction. help stop the pandemic. Wearing “I understand your fears masks and social distancing help and concerns about this reduce your chance of being vaccine, but want you to exposed to the virus or spreading remember and balance that it to others, and are important, but fear with the fear you should these measures are not enough. feel about continuing to live Vaccines will work with your under the dark cloud that immune system so it will be ready COVID has brought to our We are open for you. to fight the virus if you are exposed. lives,” reiterated Lawton. For more information, contact This vaccine has SB Neighborhood Clinics at www.SBClinics.org

Rosalind Gilbert, Director of Human Resources, receives her inoculation

805-617-6868 or www.SBClinics.org.

Wishing you a healthy and happy holiday from our MB&T family to yours!

January 1, 2021


Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com

Palminteri’s Community VOICE John Palminteri

Welcoming in 2021...

Winter Wonder

Farewell & Welcome!

First Responders: All three on board SURVIVE - light plane crash. Santa Ynez airport area. Eyewitness says it was close to Chumash Casino. No major injuries.

First Responders: The angle of the sunlight created this image on the GEORGE FLOYD MURAL in Santa Barbara this week.

Hail in Santa Barbara! DOG RESCUE down a Goleta cliff. SSanta Barbara County Fire – Urban Search and Rescue – on it. The owner got up from the cliff, but the dog is there. Multiple fire fighters attempting. Mockingbird Lane.

Sunday: Thank you MELY’S FASHIONS for 30 years on the Santa Barbara Westside. Your tiny store was one of a kind from top to bottom, jammed with colorful items. You will be missed. I LOOKED MY BEST during Old Spanish Days Fiesta when I wore Mely’s. (Viva Santa Barbara is now open at Paseo Nuevo with Rafa Martel from Mely’s and it’s packed with clothing, hats, jewelry, and seasonal items.)

Boxing Day A SNEAKER HAIL STORM kicked off rains in Santa Barbara on Sunday night, leaving damage to several businesses, flooding, choked drains, and outside dining areas twisted up. #Sneakerhail #cawx @NWSLosAngeles

Just caught the whoosh of a spirited BOXING DAY bike ride through the Santa Barbara Harbor.

First Responders: Order Extended December 28th: New the LIMITED STAY AT HOME ORDER has been extended through January 21st. ICU availability in SB County has dropped to 13.9 percent, and the Southern California Region’s ICU availability is at 0 percent.

Monday: ALERT - CLOSURE - Hwy 154 due to a large mudslide. About three miles up from Santa Barbara. The area received over 3.5 inches of rain Sunday- Monday. CalTrans on it!

Photos by John Palminteri • www.facebook.com/john.palminteri.5 • Twitter @JohnPalminteri • Instagram @JohnPalminteriNews


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January 1, 2021

Armenian Americans marvel at an elder’s generosity as they grieve over an ancestral home


By Diana Marcum, Los Angeles Times NOV. 22, 2020, FRESNO —

Poem and photo by Varoujan Der Simonian

Photo by Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times

ERSIMMONS WERE DRYING IN THE KITCHEN and a bowl of cracked walnuts sat on the table on this November day. Clara Margossian, 102, wore her favorite scarf tied around her head, knotted beneath her chin. The one she saves for company. In the house she had built on old fig orchard land 40 years ago, she asked her caretakers, Nunufar Khalatian and Margo Ellison, to fetch a box of the See’s candy kept on hand for all occasions. But then she noticed the women, both Armenian immigrants, checking their phones, trying to hide tears. “What happened?” Margossian asked, going suddenly still. “Is it the war?” Six weeks earlier, as fighting escalated between Azerbaijan and Armenia over NagornoKarabakh, an enclave of antiquity and beauty in the Caucasus Mountains, Khalatian and Ellison had been too shocked to hide their emotions. They cried. They discussed how much money they were going to send to the Armenia Fund, a Los Angeles-based humanitarian relief organization. Khalatian sent $1,000. Ellison came up with $700. For both it was a sacrifice. Margossian said she wanted to help too. No Varoujan Der Simonian, 59, reflects on the recent conflict and truce between Armenia and Azerbaijan from the center of the eternity circle in the one in her family had ever been known for giving courtyard of Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church in downtown Fresno. The eternity circle is an Armenian symbol of infinity. away money. But Margossian, the last of her clan Margossian’s older brother was born April 25, the day after the and with no living relatives, told the church deacon in charge of date recognized each year as the anniversary of the massacre. Her her affairs to arrange a $1-million donation. parents’ Turkish neighbors hid them. When the order went out Quickly it spread throughout the diaspora that such a gift that any Turkish families protecting Armenians would be killed, came to Armenia from a Fresno woman more than a century old her parents began walking to Russia with a 3-day-old baby. Clara — a daughter of the Armenian genocide of 1915. and her younger sister were born in Russia. One by one, their Ellison’s cousin in Armenia, home from the front lines, a bullet surviving relatives joined them. in his knee, called to ask if she knew who the woman could be. The family of watchmakers prospered but remained cloistered She told him it was her Clara, the woman she worked for. She and wary of outsiders. Neither Clara nor her siblings ever held up her tablet so he could speak to Margossian over video. He married. In the 1940s, like many Armenian families before them, tearfully thanked her for helping a homeland she had never seen. they moved to Fresno, the first center of the Armenian diaspora in He said that the money brought a special hope coming from a California. A family friend told them that if they set aside a little survivor of Armenia’s greatest tragedy. money each month for investing, they would be rich in their old Knarik Clara Margossian’s life spans the sweeps of history age. Margossian still includes that man’s memory in her prayers. that define the Armenian experience. She was born in the shadow The Armenian connection is written on the landscape of of the genocide and now, in old age, nightly watched YouTube the Central Valley. The winter-gold grapevines on the outskirts updates of a war over lands her family fled. of town, trays of raisins recently harvested, were first planted Her mother was pregnant with Clara’s older brother when by Armenian settlers in the late 1800s. Holy Trinity Armenian an estimated 1.5 million Armenians were killed and expelled by Apostolic Church is still the jewel of downtown, even now, Ottoman Turk soldiers and police. Turkey continues to deny it The war on Artsakh flanked by a flashy car dealership. Across the street, Valley Lahvosh was genocide. In front of William Saroyan bust bakery makes Armenian cracker bread shaped like hearts. Many of the city’s family names end in “i-a-n,” the ancient Do busts perceive? or simply stare? suffix meaning “son of.” It is the setting of The Human Do they feel, Comedy by native son William Saroyan. His novel of ordinary or stay still? people on the home front during World War II is considered Do they sense, or remain in peace? an American antiwar classic. Fresno became a de facto home front to the 2020 Are they deaf, blind or dumb? Azerbaijani-Armenian war. At the Armenian school, the eyes Dead, like some who are alive? of a mother dropping her children off were red and swollen Do they remember...? from crying all night. Almost every day there was a “Pastries for Peace” or a kebab sale to raise money for Armenia. As in Do they howl and roar When deceived and fooled? larger cities, people protested on street corners, fruitlessly demanding the United States intercede. In a country Do the whispers of tormented corps grappling with a momentous election, pandemic and civil Shiver the blood in their dry veins? unrest, their voices gained little traction. Or perhaps their spirit lives in them When Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan backed To grieve the sorrow of mankind oil-rich Azerbaijan with advanced weapons, Armenians And simply cry in silence... in Fresno and elsewhere quaked, fearing the end goal was


Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com

Photo by Serouj

destroying Armenia itself. In the evenings, Margossian usually liked to watch her favorite show, Poldark, a PBS saga tracing generations of a family through wars. But now she watched realtime Armenian war coverage. They always reported that Armenia was winning, despite the odds and even though Khalatian and Ellison received messages from home telling of terrible losses. On Nov. 9, the reality was announced. Armenia’s forces were broken and facing certain defeat. The Armenian government accepted a Russia-brokered peace deal returning much of NagornoKarabakh to Azerbaijan. Russian soldiers will patrol the area and enforce new borders. The day Margossian noticed her caregivers crying was when they first saw photos of the Azerbaijani flag flying over Shusha, the hilltop city The oldest of Armenian genocide memorials in the Armenians call Shushi, and which U.S. is the Armenian Genocide Memorial at Bicknell both Armenians and Azeris treasure. Park in Montebello, California. Khalatian didn’t directly answer when Margossian asked: “Is it the war?” “Clara-jan,” she said, adding an endearment often used by Armenians. “Your money will help people who need medicine and places to live, even more now.” Margossian seemed to understand what that meant. Her eyes filled with tears. “I want to give a message to the Armenian people,” said Margossian, who is deeply religious. “Tell them to keep faith in God and each other.” Grief spread through the community as Armenians realized the region they call Artsakh, home to their oldest churches and monasteries, was lost. Ellison got word that family members, two young brothers on her father’s side, had been killed 25 minutes before the truce was announced. Varoujan Der Simonian, director of the Armenian Museum of Fresno, grew up in Lebanon and has lived in Fresno for 41 years. He asked himself why the loss of this

blood-soaked land devastated him and others even more generations removed from Armenia. “I realized it’s because it’s inside me. It’s part of me,” he said. In the courtyard of the church downtown, he knelt in front of the eternity circle, an Armenian symbol of infinity that is also carved in countless crosses throughout NagornoKarabakh, a place he’s visited many times on agricultural missions. “I had trouble coming here today,” he said, looking at the symbol’s looping, unbroken lines. “This circle holds the love and creativity of the Armenian people. We will endure and continue to contribute to humanity.” During the Soviet era, Turkish Azerbaijan and Armenia lived peacefully side by side. But Josef Stalin tried to erase religious and cultural identities by making NagornoKarabakh, an Armenian cultural touchstone, part of Azerbaijan. The Armenian Genocide memorial at the Armenian When the Soviet Union Seminary in Bikfaya, Lebanon. (built in 1965) broke up, both countries became independent. NagornoKarabakh, with its large Armenian population, tried to break away from Azerbaijan. Armenia invaded the disputed territory it considers a homeland but is internationally recognized as Azerbaijan, and drove 600,000 ethnic Turks from their homes. The war ended in 1994, with 20,000 dead and Azerbaijanis vowing to someday reclaim what they consider their land. The Armenian commander in that war was Monte Melkonian, an Armenian American who grew up playing Little League baseball in the Central Valley. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, 5,000 were killed in this war. Many of the dead were civilians. Refugees are ARLIER THIS YEAR, the Santa Barbara Armenian flooding into Yerevan, the capital of Community, with more than 250 members, celebrated Armenia, even as a pandemic continues to the formal recognition by the U.S. Congress of the kill. The power in a volatile region has tilted Armenian genocide which forced millions of Armenians to Turkey and Russia. to leave their homeland. Currently there are about eleven At Margossian’s house, she watched on million Armenians in the video as people in Armenia rioted over their world with about 80,000 country’s surrender and Armenians fled residing in California. Nagorno-Karabakh, some of them burning The Armenian their houses behind them. Community in Santa Barbara Margossian asked if people were glad was established in 1933 and the war had ended. Khalatian reached for has held countless picnics, Margossian’s hand and gave it a comforting galas, and women’s groups squeeze. for Armenian locals and “I think the people whose children will for the public at large. The make it home alive, on both sides,” she said, independent organization is “are happy that it’s over.” run by all volunteers. In 1983, the Community erected a Diana Marcum writes about life in the small fountain in front of City Hall towns and rural areas of California for the Los Angeles Times. In 2015, she won the Pulitzer dedicated to the City of Santa Prize for narrative portraits of farm workers, Barbara’s bicentennial. farmers and others in California’s droughtOn behalf of all the volunteers, Ohan Arakelian stricken Central Valley. She is the author of The Tenth Island, Finding Joy, Beauty and commented, “We are thankful for the local cultural Unexpected Love in the Azores. agencies, UCSB, the City of Santa Barbara, and its Public Printed with permission, Los Angeles Times Works Department for their strong in-kind support of our Submitted by Ohan Arakelian, Santa Barbara organization over the years.”

The Santa Barbara Armenian Community

Photo by Mark M. Whitehurst / VOICE


The Fountain dedicated by the Armenian Community in front of City Hall, Santa Barbara, California in 1982.

Photo by Serouj (courtesy of Rita)

January 1, 2021


Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com

January 1, 2021

Someone’s In The Wine Cellar

Fiddlehead Cellars – Definitely Worth A Beautiful Drive to Lompoc By Richard and Amanda Payatt, Special to VOICE


E ALL NEED SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO in these gloomy times of COVID lockdowns. How about this? Once the Stay-at-Home order is lifted and we can go somewhere for the day, why not hop on Highway 1 and keep driving through the lovely rambling hills up to the “Wine Ghetto” in Lompoc? There you can have a wonderful wine tasting afternoon at Fiddlehead Cellars. If you are lucky, you can spend an afternoon with the trailblazing woman winemaker, Kathy Joseph. You won’t regret it. Kathy started out at UC Davis’s Enology program and spent a lot of time in and around California’s North Coast vineyards. In 1989 she made the leap of faith and founded Fiddlehead Cellars, owing to her interest in the Santa Rita Hills and Happy Canyon. Those interests create what Kathy does best: fabulous Pinot Noir, Grüner Veltliner, and Sauvignon Blanc. Her Pinot Noirs are rightly famous. She approaches the bottle by starting with an end point in mind. Then she meticulously constructs that series of flavors by relentlessly blind tasting her own barrels. In doing so, she finds just the right fruit, tannin, acid, and flavor characteristics.

Kathy Joseph

“It is all about balanced wines. Drink now, or ten years from now, or 20 years from now,” says Kathy. Depending upon which bottle you buy, her team will tell you what the target is for the wine. And she nails down the flavors: black cherry cola, black pepper, blood orange citrus, with deep rich mushroom earthiness to perfectly balance the fruit. This is a prime example of why the cool of the Santa Rita Hills is one of the best places in the world to make Pinot Noir. Adding to the excitement, she lets the Pinot grape run in different directions by bottling different expressions of the grape. She bottles three different varieties of single clone Pinot. She focuses on Pinots picked in very small corners of her estate vineyard. Or she combines the fields in different areas to make stunning blends. Like a proper winemaker should, she holds her wines until they are ready to release. Current releases are 2013 and earlier for her beloved Pinot Noirs. You won’t find any rushed out 2018 Pinot Noir bottles on her shelf! But she also makes a very, very fine Pinot from the Chehalem Mountains AVA of the Willamette Valley AVA in Oregon. The two could not be a better counterpoint to each other, as both are lovely expressions of their soil and weather. A good Sauvignon Blanc is hard to grow in Southern California, but Happy Canyon has the heat to do the job. She brings out green apple skin, grass, and wet stones to the expected tang of grapefruit. Kathy sweats the details on the balance and the finish, and the results are very drinkable, very integrated wines. They are wines to compare with the best that the Loire Valley can produce. She also makes a Bordeaux style Sauvignon Blanc, and a

New World style. If this makes you curious, call and ask when she will be doing a tasting day featuring all three styles. Most people have never heard of Grüner Veltliner, let alone tasted it. It is a classic Austrian wine filled with flavors of starfruit, green citrus, and sweet asparagus, with hints of jasmine and pepper. It is a wine that is magnificent with a rich meal, and for us, it is love at first sip. Of her wines, she says, “I want everybody to embrace the details. You don’t have to get technical to understand fine wine. Besides, who wants to lead a boring life and drink the same wine anyway?” Because of COVID, she has built an outdoor tasting room annex with all of the expected precautions that you would wish for. It is simple and spare, but also pleasant and comfortable. And, after a few sips of wine you will be so focused on the contents of the glass that none of the rest will matter anyway. The drive to the cellars will relax you. But the wines? They will enchant you. Richard and Amanda Payatt have 40+ years of publishing experience between them. With decades in the food and wine industries (both are sommeliers), they bring readers “In the Kitchen/In the Cellar” with a focus on the people that create the food and wine we enjoy.

New Listing | Ocean View Delight SA N TA BA R BA R A , CA

1 5 8 5 OV E R LO O K L A N E .C O M | O F F E R E D AT $ 2 , 1 8 5,0 0 0

Maureen McDermut@sothebyshomes.com | 805.570.5545

Beautifully remodeled in 2002, and again in 2018, this home captures the lifestyle of Santa Barbara. An entertainer’s delight, this home features bountiful room to host friends. Enjoy the downstairs open concept kitchen adjoining the dining room, and den, or dine al fresco in the spacious backyard, escape to the upstairs deck and watch the shimmering ocean and island views by the warmth of the fireplace, this is a home to cherish.

Sotheby’s International Realty and the Sotheby’s International Realty logo are registered (or unregistered) service marks used with permission. Operated by Sotheby’s International Realty, Inc. Real estate agents affiliated with Sotheby’s International Realty, Inc. are independent contractor sales associates and are not employees of Sotheby’s International Realty, Inc. Equal Housing Opportunity. Maureen McDermut DRE: 01175027

January 1, 2021


Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com

Setting Ourselves Apart with Expertise and Integrity to Deliver the Best Mortgage Solutions for Our Clients

Annette Jorgensen American Riviera Bank SBA Lender 805-979-3846

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Harbor VOICE

January 1, 2021

Welcoming 2021! [Virtually]

Courtesy photos


Photo Courtesy Cielo Foundation for the Performing Arts

will have to do, while expressing our muffled feelings through the confines of our colorcoordinated fashionable masks. At least, that’s what happened at our house. Outside on the patio on a chilly Christmas Eve with our brightly lit APPY NEW YEAR! Another holiday season has passed and the crazy year 2020 tree inside for us to see has finally drawn to an end. And what a year it has been! As I drove down Cabrillo on the other side of the Boulevard past the normally crowded restaurants, even outdoor seating was no longer. glass. The anticipated Stearns Wharf, still an attraction, was far quieter than normal and offered a few open rain didn’t appear and shops, ice cream cones, and the ‘take-out’ fish eatery at the end of the pier. Sadly, the Harbor our greatly reduced gift Restaurant and Moby Dick’s were shuttered, a peek through the glass doors revealed empty stash was perched on the tables. Despite the area’s momentary (we hope!) shutdown, Stearns Wharf does have the most garden furniture nearby Usually the Harbor is a great place for fireworks! spectacular view of the shoreline and the Santa Barbara channel, a reminder that some things as we sat around the don’t change. table looking at one another from a distance. Strange? Maybe so, but, despite all Along the harbor the restrictions, we managed to enjoy one another’s company: our grandkids walkway I strolled looking forward to Santa’s arrival the next day, and all the dogs eventually past the candy cane munching on the discarded gift wrappings. Let’s hope that next year the Ghost decorated street lights, of Christmas Past will have added these distanced gatherings to his book of a reminder that the memories! much awaited, yet odd, New Year’s Eve 2021 also looked a little different, needless to say. Even Christmas celebrations the benchmark Ball Drop in the Big Apple was modified. Due to the ongoing are over. Perhaps (or pandemic, Times Square was not open to the public, but virtual celebrations hopefully) not as strange took place safely from the comfort of home. The great ball drop was it for our as anticipated, but still family instead of the usual New Year’s Eve party. The saying, “this too shall not quite a Christmas... pass,” comes to mind, with hopes that 2020’s lessons of patience and kindness Christmas! With the toward ourselves, our loved ones, and all of humankind will remain. Looking coronavirus spreading out toward the evening sky gracing Santa Barbara’s snug harbor, I’m reminded like wildfire, I hope that these are pleasures that are there for us to enjoy, all day, every day, 24/7! that most revelers This year NYC’s Times Square features a A most happy and healthy New Year to all and, in the New Year, please, remained cautious, broadcast of a live ball drop continue to stay safe and stay tuned... masked up and deferred to social distancing. During this time of year Sigrid Toye volunteers for the Breakwater Flag Project. She is on the board of directors of the Maritime and circumstance when hugs are needed, will an Museum and participates in Yacht Club activities. An educational/behavior therapist, Sigrid holds a Ph.D in clinical psychology. She loves all things creative, including her two grown children who are elbow bump do? That’s a tough one! To stay safe working artists. Send Harbor tips to: Itssigrid@gmail.com for ourselves and for those we love, I guess that it

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January 1, 2021

SBCFAN Distributes $150,000 in Grants to Local Nonprofits


S 2020 DRAWS TO A CLOSE, the Santa Barbara County Food Action Network remains dedicated to supporting local nonprofits and working toward its larger Food Action Plan goals. To this end, SBCFAN has distributed $150,000 among its 2020 Food System Resilience Grant recipients to support individual projects that will help our community. “This grant funding will contribute to long term sustainable food models with a countywide scope,” said Shakira Miracle, Executive Director of SBCFAN. “For this reason, it is important that the Network grant funding to communities throughout the County. We’re doing our part to support the development and growth of innovative solutions that will localize and improve our food and farming systems.” Eight local nonprofits received grant funding from SBCFAN this year. Applications were reviewed by an external, experienced volunteer committee, with funding provided by the Santa Barbara Foundation.The nonprofit grantees include: Blue Sky Sustainable Living Center, which was awarded $14,500 for grow their Cuyama Valley Healthy Foods Initiative, Victory Gardens Program. El Centro Santa Barbara, which received $20,000 for their Somos Semillas Garden, where individuals can participate in and learn more about public health, nutrition education, community empowerment, and more. Central Coast Regenerative Equipment Sharing Alliance, which received $21,500 for purchasing and sharing a mobile seed cleaner and no-till planter. Organic Soup Kitchen, which was awarded $10,000 for staff support as their Cancer and Chronic Illness Recovery Program serves more individuals during the pandemic. Route One Farmers Market, which received $25,000 to launch the first Mobile Farmers Market as a pilot program to improve food accessibility. St. Mark’s in the Valley, which received $9,000 to help with the launch of community kitchens. White Buffalo Land Trust, which was awarded $25,000 for their Holistic Management Intensive Course, which provides a systems approach to livestock operations management. SYV Fruit and Vegetable Rescue, which received $25,000 to build a mobile solar refrigeration unit and launch field trials across the county.

To learn more about SBCFAN or the 2020 Food System Resilience Grant, visit www.sbcfoodaction.org.

Commemorative Tree Plaques Make Great Gifts! Designate a tree as a tribute to a family member or friend. For more information visit: www.sbbeautiful.org/commemorativetrees.html


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Community News

Cottage Health Announces 2020 Physician of the Year Awards


020 TRULY HIGHLIGHTED the importance of high-quality and devoted local healthcare professionals. To honor the achievements of those medical staff members who went above and beyond this year, Cottage Health has announced its 2020 Physicians of the Year Awards. “Our award winners have distinguished themselves by earning the highest nominations from Cottage staff for their outstanding work during this extremely challenging year for health care,” said Dr. Ed Wroblewski, Vice President of Medical Affairs & Chief Medical Officer at Cottage Health. “We congratulate and thank them for caring for our patients and the community.” Recipients are nominated on an annual basis by Cottage Health staff members, with winners based on the most nominations across four categories: dedication to the profession and patients, collaborative practices, respect and courtesy, and efficient use of resources. The winners are:

Dr. Lori Brown

DR. LORI BROWN: Pediatrics, Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, appointed 1998.

Dr. Lynn Fitzgibbons

Dr. Daniel Litten

DR. DAVID FISK: Internal Medicine/Infectious Diseases, Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, appointed 2006. DR. LYNN FITZGIBBONS: Internal Medicine/Infectious Diseases, Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, appointed 2014. DR. DANIEL LITTEN: Internal Medicine/Hospitalist, Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital, appointed 2005. DR. THOMAS WATSON: Cardiovascular Services, Santa Ynez Valley Cottage Hospital, appointed 2014. To learn more about Cottage Health or this project, visit cottagehealth.org

Dr. Thomas Watson

Dr. David Fisk

Persona Pizzeria Reopens Under New Ownership


DOWNTOWN SANTA BARBARA CLASSIC, Persona Pizzeria has reopened as of last week under new ownership and management. Located at 905 State Street, the restaurant is now co-owned by Shawn Noormand and Kiona Gross, and managed by Sawyer Diaz. “Persona Pizzeria is a community restaurant and we take great pride in our beautiful city and its people,” reads a joint statement from Noormand, Gross, and Diaz. “We appreciate your support and patience during these difficult times.” Persona Pizzeria will continue to offer the same menu it did prior to closing, including freshly-sourced pizzas, salads, pastas, and sandwiches. However, due to the pandemic’s impact on local families and out of gratitude for the community’s continued support, the restaurant has lowered its original prices. Currently, Persona Pizzeria is open Thursdays and Sundays from 11am to 8pm, and Fridays and Saturdays 11am to 9pm for pick-up and take-out orders. Orders can be placed via phone, at the front door, or online at www.persona-pizzeria.com.

Shawn Noormand and Kiona Gross

Cottage Health’s Community Health Ambassadors Aid Latino Community Amidst COVID-19


VER THE PAST TEN MONTHS, the Latino community both nationwide and in our county has been disproportionately affected by COVID-19. In an effort to slow the spread of infection for our local Latino community, Cottage Center for Population Health, partnered with Latino community-based organizations and leaders, will begin offering COVID-19 prevention training for Community Health Ambassadors (CHAs). “CHAs are community members who provide trusted and culturally relevant health education and support Cottage Center for Population Health in addressing racial and ethnic disparities in health,” explains Cottage Health’s announcement of the program. The new project, which is currently being piloted, will consist of three main, bilingual elements: training CHAs on COVID-19 prevention and outreach, distributing COVID19 prevention kits to Latino community members, and

connecting individuals in need with resource navigators who can help them with accessing services for basic needs. The project will center on mid to south Santa Barbara County, from Lompoc through Carpinteria. As of this month, CHAs are distributing COVID19 prevention kits, which include face masks, sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizer, vitamin D supplements, COVID-19 information and resources, as well as a coloring booklet, stickers, and crayons. Eventually, a total of 2,400 kits will be given to local individuals and families. The project’s partners include Santa Barbara County Promotores Network, Family Service Agency, Isla Vista Youth Projects, La Casa de la Raza, Mi Vida Mi Voz, and the Cottage Infection Prevention and Control Department. Dr. Sergio Rubio, Internal Medicine Specialist and Dr. Lynn Fitzgibbons, Cottage Health Chair of Infectious Disease, are also involved. wwwcottagehealth.org


Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com

January 1, 2021

Economic VOICE Economic Recovery Slows As Pandemic Spreads By Harlan Green / Special to VOICE


HIS CHICAGO FEDERAL RESERVE GRAPH OF NATIONAL ACTIVITY starkly portrays the present state of the U.S. economy. The multi-colored bar represents deviations from the historical growth average, which is the zero line on graph. It is still barely positive, though down sharply from May and June when the business lockdown ended. “Led by slower growth in employment- and production-related indicators, the Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) declined to +0.27 in November from +1.01 in October. Three of the four broad categories of indicators used to construct the index (production and income, employment, sales and inventories)

made positive contributions in November, while personal consumption and housing declined slightly, but all four categories decreased from October. The index’s three-month moving average, CFNAI-MA3, decreased to +0.56 in November from +0.85 in October.” This is because successive surges in infections have had consumers saving more and spending less, while manufacturing continues to chug along. The pandemic is just not manageable at the current infections rate with more than 200,000 per day now testing positive and more than 100,000 per day being hospitalized with the virus. It is easy to see the positive correlation in these graphs. As total infections in cases per day rises economic activity in the Chicago Fed bar graph declines. There is better news coming as more than 144,000 vaccinations have already been administered in 21 states, according to the COVID Tracking Project. MarketWatch reports that new daily cases of COVID-19 fell to 179,801 a week ago Sunday from 193,947 on Saturday, and down from 251,447 on Friday, according to data provided by the New York Times. The daily death toll was 1,422 on Sunday,

down from 2,628 on Saturday and from 2,815 on Friday. And hospitalizations dropped to 113,630 on Sunday from 113,929 on Saturday and 113,955 on Friday, according to the COVID Tracking Project. That three-day streak of declines snapped a 12-day streak of record hospitalizations. But the holidays are not over with many traveling to family and vacation destinations, which will cause another surge in the new year and keep most consumers at home for a longer period. In looking back at the history of the Spanish flu, there was another infection surge in the spring of 1919, even as the warm weather returned. It actually took several more years for that economy to stutter back to life. And it will in fact take much more federal aid than the just passed $900 billion coronavirus relief package to bring back any meaningful recovery for most Americans because so many lost jobs; something the incoming Biden administration will have to tackle. Harlan Green © 2020 Follow Harlan Green on Twitter: https://twitter.com/HarlanGreen Harlan Green has been the 16-year Editor-Publisher of PopularEconomics.com, a weekly syndicated financial wire service. He writes a Popular Economics Weekly Blog. He is an economic forecaster and teacher of real estate finance with 30-years experience as a banker and mortgage broker. To reach Harlan call (805)452-7696 or email editor@populareconomics.com.

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January 1, 2021

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Community News Marilyn Horne to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award at 2021 Grammys

MARILYN HORNE will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2021 Grammys Awards. A Music Academy of the West alumna, Horne’s career as a mezzo soprano opera singer has spanned six decades. She has repeatedly received national and global recognition for her remarkable talent, including being inducted into the American Classical Music and Hollywood Bowl Halls of Fame, receiving the Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters from France’s Ministry of Culture, and being awarded the National Medal of Arts in 1992. Beyond her career as a performer, Horne founded the nonprofit Marilyn Horne Foundation in 1994, which promotes vocal recitals nationwide. An especially familiar face to Montecito locals, Horne acted as the Music Academy of the West’s Voice Program director from 1997 to 2018. Today, she serves as the academy’s Marilyn Horne Honorary Voice Program Director.


Ventura County Community Fdn Welcomes New Board Members VENKAT YEPURI has joined the Ventura County Community Foundation’s Board of Directors as of this month. In addition to this role, Yepuri acts as the Vice President of Global Business Solutions and Chief Procurement Officer for Amgen, where he has worked for almost 20 years. A Ventura County resident for the last 25 years, he also previously served on the Dean’s Leadership Council at California State University, Channel Islands. Yepuri earned a bachelor’s degree in electronics and communication engineering from Delhi Venkat Yepuri University, and also holds a master’s degree in biomedical engineering from Case Western Reserve University. MERYL CHASE has also joined the Ventura County Community Foundation’s Board of Directors. She has lived in Camarillo since 2007, and is the co-owner of Clearmont, LLC, a real estate investment company. Her past experience includes working in advertising, film, and TV production with her Los Angeles-based company Zystar Films, Inc. Chase currently volunteers with local organizations, such as Women’s Economic Ventures and Women United. She was also recently awarded emeritus status by the Camarillo-based nonprofit Meryl Chase kidSTREAM’s Board of Directors, where she served a three-year term as its Founding Vice President of Finance. She is an alumna of the Anderson Graduate School of Management at University www.vccf.org of California, Los Angeles.

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January 1, 2021

256 New Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 in Santa Barbara County On December 29, 2020 Santa Barbara County reported 256 new cases of COVID-19 with 127 COVID-19 patients hospitalized, 33 in ICU. The report also noted the loss of three community members related to COVID-19. The County warned that Hospital beds are filling up at an alarming rate, saying, “ACT NOW: Stay Home. Do NOT Gather.” For more information, visit: http://ow.ly/fiVl50CVQXL

COVID-19 Update from Cottage Health Status update as of December 30, 2020. • Cottage Health is caring for a total of 278 patients across all campuses. • 214 are acute care patients; 154 acute care beds remain available. • Of the 214 acute care patients, 19 patients are on ventilators. 92 ventilators remain available (adult, pediatric and neonatal ventilators). • Of the 214 acute care patients, 71 are in isolation with COVID-19 symptoms; 65 are confirmed COVID-19 positive. • Of the 71 patients in isolation, 16 are in critical care. • Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital adult critical care available capacity: 15.6% From Dec 14-20: • 4,458 COVID-19 laboratory tests were collected by Cottage Health. • Results: 452 positive, 4,006 negative From Dec 21-27: • 3,451 COVID-19 laboratory tests were collected by Cottage Health. • Results: 386 positive, 2,911 negative, 154 pending

Actualización COVID-19: 29 de deciembre del 2020 El 29 de diciembre de 2020, el condado de Santa Bárbara reportó 256 nuevos casos de COVID-19 con 127 pacientes de COVID-19 hospitalizados, 33 en UCI. El informe también señaló que tres miembros de la comunidad han fallecido debido al COVID-19. El condado advirtió que las camas de los hospitales se están llenando a un ritmo alarmante, diciendo: “ACTÚE AHORA: Quédese en casa. Evite reuniones.” Para obtener más información, visite http://ow.ly/ctpS50CVQZ2

Actualización de COVID-19 de Cottage Health Aactualización de estado del 30 de diciembre de 2020. • Cottage Health atiende a un total de 278 pacientes en todos los campus. • 214 son pacientes de cuidados agudos; Quedan disponibles 154 camas de cuidados intensivos. • De los 214 pacientes de cuidados agudos, 19 están conectados a ventiladores. Quedan disponibles 92 ventiladores (ventiladores para adultos, pediátricos y neonatales). • De los 214 pacientes de cuidados agudos, 71 están aislados con síntomas de COVID-19; 65 son positivos confirmados para COVID-19. • De los 71 pacientes aislados, 16 se encuentran en cuidados intensivos. • Capacidad disponible de cuidados intensivos para adultos del Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital: 15.6% Del 14 al 20 de diciembre: • 4,458 pruebas de laboratorio de COVID-19 fueron recolectadas por Cottage Health. • Resultados: 452 positivos, 4,006 negativos. Del 21 al 27 de diciembre: • 3,451 pruebas de laboratorio de COVID-19 fueron recolectadas por Cottage Health. • Resultados: 386 positivos, 2,911 negativos, 154 pendientes

January 1, 2021 18

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21 December 18, 2020

Cottage quality. Urgent care. Now Open in Goleta

Two convenient Goleta locations: Hollister Village 7070 Hollister Ave #103 Calle Real Shopping Center 5652 Calle Real

Open 8 a.m.–8 p.m., 365 days a year Goal of complete care in 45 minutes Walk-ins and online appointments X-ray and lab services Cottage clinical providers



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January 1, 2021

Celebrating Santa Barbara Artists & Art Destinations GALLERIES • STUDIOS • MUSEUMS • PUBLIC PLACES ATKINSON GALLERY @ SBCC: http://gallery.sbcc.edu BELLA ROSA GALLERIES: 1103-A State St • 11-5pm daily • 805-966-1707 CASA DE LA GUERRA • 805-965-0093 CASA DOLORES: outdoors: Old Postcard from México / Tarjetas Postales Antigüas de México ~ Dec 31 • 1023 Bath St • 805963-1032 • www.casadolores.org CHANNING PEAKE GALLERY: 805-568-3994 COLETTE COSENTINO ATELIER + GALLERY: 11 W Anapamu • By Appt • 805-570-9863

Picasso’s Elf by Adria Abraham The Goleta Valley Art Association 10th Annual

MARCIA BURT T Marcia Burtt Gallery 517 Laguna St., Santa Barbara

Picassos 4 Peanuts

Virtual Show & Sale All work $300 or less • Through March TheGoletaValleyArtAssociation.org

805 962-5588 www.artlacuna.com

10 WEST GALLERY: Holiday Show ~ Jan 17 • 10 W Anapamu • Fri-Sun 11-5 • www.10westgallery.com • 805-770-7711 ARCHITECTURAL FOUNDATION GALLERY: www.afsb.org/programs/art-gallery • 229 E Victoria • 805-965-6307

ART, DESIGN & ARCHITECTURE MUSEUM, UCSB: On-line: Outside In: The Architecture of Smith and Williams; Carefree California: and more • 805-893-2951 • www.museum.ucsb.edu/exhibitions/

CORRIDAN GALLERY: California Coastal Landscape and Seascape Oil Paintings by Karen Fedderson • 125 N Milpas by appt • www.corridan-gallery.com • 805-966-7939 CYPRESS GALLERY: www.lompocart.org • 119 E Cypress Ave • 805-737-1129 DISTINCTIVE FRAMING N’ ART: 1333 State St • Mon-Fri 10-5:30; Sat 10-4:30 • 805-8822108 • www.distinctiveframingnart.com ELIZABETH GORDON GALLERY: 15 W Gutierrez St • 805-963-1157 • www.elizabethgordongallery.com EL PRESIDIO DE SANTA BÁRBARA: www.sbthp.org/presidio • 805-965-0093

ART FROM SCRAP GALLERY: www.exploreecology.org/art-from-scrap

REH Fine Art

REH Fine Art

219 Gray Avenue, in the Funk Zone

219 Gray Avenue, in the Funk Zone



A. Michael Marzolla

Contemporary Art / Excogitation Services

www.marzozart.com 805-452-7108


Gone (detail) by Charlene Brody


www.GraySpaceArt.com/store to shop online or call 805-689-0858 to visit in person.

Gallery Open thru January 17th Featuring Work By: Anthony Askew • Charlene Broudy Joan Rosenberg-Dent Pamela Enticknap • Ruth Ellen Hoag Rod Lathim • Chris Rupp

OR THOSE SEEKING some PEACE & QUIET following the excitement of New Years, Sullivan Goss has curated an exhibition devoted to quietude that opens January 8th and runs through March 1st. “Battered by the pandemic, a hotly contested election, and an atmosphere marked by dread and hysteria, Gallery curators felt that the world could use a space for peace and contemplation,” they explained when announcing Peace & Quiet. Drawn from its artists’ studios, collector consignments, and its own treasure vault, Sullivan Goss was able to assemble 16 works spanning from 1890 to today that invite a meditative or peaceful state of mind. Installed with ample breathing Time Flies (detail) room in the Gallery’s largest exhibition space, Sullivan Goss hopes to by Rod Visit offerLathim a refuge to weary artists, collectors, and visitors. Each work has been carefully selected both to typify the artist’s best work and to help viewers slip away into reverie. “Art can be effective emotional trigger,” the gallery wrote. toanshop online “High contrast works with bright, hyper-saturated colors and dynamic or callcan excite us - stimulating increased energy and mental compositions activity. Paintings andin drawings that use a more restrained and to visit person. harmonized palette or whose imagery and compositions invoke the pastoral or the dreamy have the opposite effect. They calm us. They Gallery Open thru January 17th soothe.” Consider taking a quiet moment downtown and experience it for yourself. Featuring Work By: Artists Askew whose work in the exhibition include: Whitney Brooks Anthony • isCharlene Broudy Abbott, Meredith Brooks Abbott, Eric Beltz, Ken Bortolazzo, Colin Joan Rosenberg-Dent Campbell Cooper, Leon Dabo, Lockwood de Forest, William Dole, Oskar Pamela Enticknap • Ruth Ellen Hoag Fischinger, Susan McDonnell, Chris Peters, Nicole Strasburg, and Sarah Rod Lathim • Chris Rupp Vedder. www.sullivangoss.com

Roe Anne White p h o t o g R A p h y


ELVERHØJ MUSEUM • 805-686-1211 • www.elverhoj.org

JARDIN DE LAS GRANADAS: re[visit] 1925 by Cochran & Smith • 21 E Anapamu

GALLERY 113: SB Art Assn • 1114 State St, #8 La Arcada Ct • www.gallery113sb.com • 2-5pm daily • 805-965-6611


GALLERY LOS OLIVOS: Salon Style Art Exhibit ~ Jan 21 • 2920 Grand Ave, LO ThurMo 10-5 • 805-688-7517 • www.gallerylosolivos.com

KARPELES MUSEUM & MANUSCRIPT LIBRARY: 21 W Anapamu • 805-962-5322. KATHRYNE DESIGNS: 1225 Coast Village Rd, Suite A • 805-565-4700

GOLETA VALLEY ART ASSOCIATION: Picassos for Peanuts ~ (online) www.thegoletavalleyartassociation.org

LA CUMBRE CENTER FOR CREATIVE ARTS: La Cumbre Plaza • Wed-Sun 1-6 • lacumbrecenterforcreativearts@gmail.com

GOLETA VALLEY COMMUNITY CENTER: El Corazón de Goleta by Barbara Eberhart • 55679 Hollister • www.thegvcc.org

LINDEN STUDIO AND GALLERY: Schock, Snyder, Sparks, and Speirs • By appt • 963 Linden Av, Carpinteria • 805-570-9195

HOSPICE OF SB, LEIGH BLOCK GALLERY: 2050 Alameda Padre Serra, #100 • Mo-Fr 9-5pm, By Appt • 805-563-8820

LYNDA FAIRLY CARPINTERIA ARTS CENTER: Gift It ~ Jan 7 • Fri-Sun Noon-4 • www.carpinteriaartscenter.org • 805-684-7789

INSPIRATION GALLERY OF FINE ART: 1528 State St • 805-962-6444. Carpinteria Field by Sarah Vedder


JAMES MAIN FINE ART: 19th & 20th Cent American & European Fine art & antiques • 27 E De La Guerra St • Tu-Sa 12-5pm • Appts Suggested • 805-962-8347

MARCIA BURTT STUDIO: Holiday Exhibition ~ Jan 31 • 517 Laguna St • Th-Su 1-5pm • 805-962-5588 • www.artlacuna.com

www.GraySpaceArt.com/store 805-689-0858

Elizabeth U. Flanagan Artist (805) 886-0020 euflanagan@gmail.com

Mary Dee Thompson La Cumbre Center for Creative Arts Illuminations Gallery La Cumbre PLaza

January 1, 2021


Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com

Celebrating Santa Barbara Artists & Art Destinations GALLERIES • STUDIOS • MUSEUMS • PUBLIC PLACES

Evening Glow - Douglas Preserve Original Oil Painting by

Ralph Waterhouse Waterhouse Gallery La Arcada at State & Figueroa Santa Barbara, CA 93101 805-962-8885 www.waterhousegallery.com

Brian Woolford Illuminations Gallery La Cumbre Center for Creative Arts La Cumbre PLaza Available via Art on Loan Program

MICHAELKATE INTERIORS & ART GALLERY: Contemporary Art & Interior Design • 132 Santa Barbara St • Open Tu-Sat 10-6 • 805-963-1411

REYNOLDS GALLERY: The Art of California: Sandy Ostrau, Ken Auster, Marge Cafarelli, Terry Miura ~ 1331 State St • by Appt • www.thomasreynolds.com

MOXI, THE WOLF MUSEUM: Exploration + Innovation • 805-770-5000 • www.moxi.org

RODEO of the Arts GALLERY: Wallace Piatt • www.shoploveworn.com • 805-636-5611

MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART SB: www.mcasantabarbara.org

RUTH ELLEN HOAG FINE ART @ GRAYSPACE GALLERY: Magic of the Holidays ~ Jan 17 • Painting classes • 219 Gray Av • Thur-Sun 12-5, RSVPs welcome • 805-689-0858

MUSEUM OF SENSORY & MOVEMENT EXPERIENCES: La Cumbre Plaza • 120 S Hope Ave #F119 • online • www.seehearmove.com MUSEUM OF VENTURA COUNTY: https://venturamuseum.org • 805-653-0323 PALM LOFT GALLERY: 410 Palm Av, Loft A1, Carp • By Appt • 805-684-9700 PEREGRINE GALLERIES: 1133 Coast Village Rd • 805-969-9673 PORCH: GALLERY: 2346 Lillie Av • Mon-Sat 10-6; Sun 11-5 • 805-684-0300 PORTICO GALLERY: Notable California and national artists • www.porticofinearts.com • 805-695-8850

SANSUM CLINIC LOWER LEVEL: The Art of Ballet II by Malcolm Tuffnell ~ Ongoing • 317 W Pueblo St • 805-898-3070 SANTA BARBARA ART WORKS: Juxtapose online exhibit • Artists with Disabilities • www.sbartworks.org • 805-260-6705 SANTA BARBARA ARTS: Thurs-Sun 11-5 • 805-884-1938 SANTA BARBARA FINE ART: Fall in Santa Barbara • 1321 State St • Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri 12-6pm; Sat 11-6pm; Sun 12-5pm • 805845-4270 • www.santabarbarafineart.com SANTA BARBARA TENNIS CLUB: Wings ~ Jan 1 • 9-2:30 daily • 2375 Foothill Rd • 805-682-4722

Kerry Methner sculpture

www.TheTouchofStone.com At Sullivan Goss ~ December SB BOTANIC GARDEN: members 9-10/ public 10-5 daily • www.sbbg.org • 805-682-4726 SB HISTORICAL MUSEUM: • 136 E De la Guerra • Thur noon-5, Fri noon-7; Sat 12-5 • 805-966-1601 SB MARITIME MUSEUM: Online Exhibits: Dwight Brooks Model Boat Collection; Arthur Beaumont: Art of the Sea Exhibit • View lectures & art online www.SBMM.org • 805-962-8404 SB MUSEUM OF ART: Online: Small-Format American Paintings from the Permanent Collection • In the Meanwhile...Recent Acquisitions of Contemporary Art • www.sbma.net • 805-963-4364 SB MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY: Outside exhibitions: Beneath a Wild Sky ~ Jan 3 • Wed - Sun 10-5 • www.sbnature.org • 805-682-4711 SILO 118: www.silo118.com SLINGSHOT: AN ALPHA ART FORUM: www.slingshotart.org • 805-770-3878. SOLVANG ANTIQUES FINE ART GALLERY: Contemporary & Vintage Art • 1693 Copenhagen Dr • 805-686-2322 • www.solvangantiques.com


WEST GALLERY is featuring Mata Ortiz Pottery again this holiday season. Mata Ortiz is a small village in Chihuahua, Mexico that is known for its artistic pottery, a cottage industry that has grown since its inception in the 1950’s. Utilizing both indigenous designs as well as unique contemporary stylings, each generation of new potters brings something new to the craft. See them online or in the gallery! The gallery is also offering their 2020 Holiday exhibition both online and in the gallery. The exhibition includes the work of 24 contemporary artists from the South and Central Coast and an array of beautiful expression. www.10westgallery.com

SULLIVAN GOSS: AN AMERICAN GALLERY: Drewes | Fischinger | Gordin: The Invention Of American Abstract Art ~ Jan 4 • 100 Grand ~ Jan • 11 E Anapamu St • 805-730-1460 • www.sullivangoss.com SYV HISTORICAL MUSEUM & CARRIAGE HOUSE: www.santaynezmuseum.org • 805-688-7889 UCSB LIBRARY: www.library.ucsb.edu VILLAGE FRAME & GALLERY: 1485 E Valley Rd #1 • 805-969-0524 WATERHOUSE GALLERY: Nationally recognized artists • La Arcada Ct, 1114 State St, #9 • 11-5pm Mon-Sat, 12-4pm Sun • www.waterhousegallery.com • 805-962-8885

WESTMONT RIDLEY-TREE MUSEUM OF ART: On-Line: Making A Fine Impression; Adjacent: Westmont Graduate Exhibition 2020; Matter + Spirit: A Chinese/American Exhibition; Modern & Contemporary Works on Paper ~ Online • 805-565-6162 • www.westmont.edu/museum WILDLING MUSEUM: Online: Starry Nights: Visions of the Night Sky ~ Jan 31; 20/20: A Retrospective: Celebrating 20 Years of the Wildling Museum ~ Feb 14; A Mighty Oak: Mural by John Iwerks • 1511 B Mission Drive, Solvang • www.wildlingmuseum.org Due to COVID-19 safety concerns, many galleries and art venues are closed. Before traveling anywhere, please call ahead or check on-line where many local Galleries and Museums have created on-line exhibitions.

As Bi r nam Wo o d R e s i d e nt s , pl e as e l e t ou r Bi r nam h istor y and Monte c ito e x p e r i e nc e s work for you. featuring...

Katy Butler: Ritual and Resilience:

Building meaning and connection in a world turned upside down Virtual Event, hosted by Hospice of Santa Barbara.

Thursday, January 21st from 6-7pm PDT The free event will take place on Zoom. Registration is required: http://www.hospiceofsb.org/hsbseries


Broker | Principal | Realtor® CalDRE#00660866

N A N E T T E VA U G H A N Sales Agent & Principal CalDRE#01927919



Cell B i r n a m Wo o d P r o p e r t i e s

w w w. B i r n a m Wo o d E s t a t e s . c o m w w w. M o n t e c i t o Vi l l a g e . c o m ®


Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com

January 1, 2021

Ongoing Community Resources & Activities

In the Time of COVID-19 homepage at www.metopera.org for 20 hours. Schedule of streams www.metopera.org

and provide resources for everyone to build skills with tools and materials inspired by MOXI’s favorite making activities. Available for Purchase for Pickup or Contactless Delivery. To purchase ($21.25-$65) visit http://www.moxi.org/makerkits


Courtesy photo

Explore Ecology’s New Virtual Learning Page: It’s an online classroom that showcases virtual workshops and lessons, field trips for schools, and their latest videos. The learning opportunities are endless! https://exploreecology.org/virtual-learning

The Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara Gift Studio at 651 Paseo Nuevo, Suite 317 (across from GAP Kids) will be open through January 3rd

MUSEUMS & THE ARTS SBNature From Home: The Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History’s SBNature From Home page is organized by activities that the community can do outdoors, indoors, or online. Check back for new content. www.sbnature.org/visit/sbnature-from-home Live, Interactive, Virtual Field Trips programs for students grades K to 12, organized by the SB Museum of Natural History, are now available for student groups of up to 30. Museum educators will be joining students for journeys that start in the Museum halls and then transport them in space and time to explore the wonders and secrets beyond the exhibits. All programs align with Next Generation Science Standards. Each class group is $100 per program. Register at https://tinyurl.com/y6284qyp Santa Barbara Museum of Art: The Museum continues to digitally engage the public by offering instructional videos for at-home art projects; a virtual tour of their current exhibition and other works in the collection; as well as lectures, and musical performances from their Video Library. Museum galleries closed to the public until further notice. www.sbma.net The Lynda Fairly Carpinteria Arts Center - Online: The Arts Center will be posting daily activities on Facebook and Instagram to inspire the community to create, engage, and connect. Find virtual art classes, live concerts, and music streams, art activities for all ages, and virtual galleries at: https://carpinteriaartscenter.org MOXI@Home - Weekly Topics to Inspire Exploration at Home: Programming will include videos based on weekly themes that will invite you to explore a variety of different scientific phenomena or activities and guide you to exploring it further at home with easy experiments and design challenges. www.moxi.org/athome MOXI Innovation Workshop Maker Kits: Bringing the learning, creative thinking, and fun of the museum to your home

Spooky Tours with Santa Barbara Ghost Tours: Join Professor Julie Ann Brown as she tours you through the streets of Downtown Santa Barbara sharing the stories of local resident ghosts. Santa Barbara Ghost Tours offers a variety of tours including the Downtown Paranormal Wine and Spirits Tour; Legends, Myths, and Mayhem Tour; Dead of the Night Tour; and more. For tickets ($35 to $150 depending on the tour selected) visit www.sbghosttour.com

PCPA Plays On!: Though their stages may be dark this summer... PCPA Plays On! will be sharing a variety of virtual programs for all ages that are fun, educational, engaging, and theatre focused to keep you playing too! www.pcpa.org/PCPAPlaysOn/

Casa del Herrero is open to the general public. While indoor spaces remain closed, guests will now engage in a reimagined self-guided garden tour utilizing QR codes. Book your tour by calling 805-565-5653. Each tour is first come, first serve with a maximum of six visitors allowed per tour. Admission is $25 per person. For guidelines visit www.casadelherrero.com/tours

SBMM Maritime On The Move: Brings museum-quality experiences to sites throughout Santa Barbara County. These adventures begin outdoors and incorporate engaging activities for students to enjoy while exploring local ecosystems and biomes found in their own backyard. Programs can be customized and are now available in English and Spanish. www.sbmm.org/at-home

Zoom & Bloom Outdoor Learning Camp: The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is offering a school-time outdoor camp to supplement virtual school for two-week sessions through December 18th for elementary school children, ages seven through 12. To register ($50) visit https://tinyurl.com/y2c27uyq

SBIFF Family Film Fun – Abominable: Get ready for an unforgettable adventure and join Yi and her two friends as they embark on an epic quest in this week’s Family Fun Film, Abominable. Download the activity guide at https://tinyurl.com/ycz3vtxr

The Gaviota Coast Conservancy: Recommends three walks that you can take on the Gaviota Coast: Coal Oil Point Reserve and Devereux Slough, Baron Ranch, and Arroyo Hondo Preserve. https://tinyurl.com/y7rn6jyt

SBIFF Film Talk: An online series of screenings and discussions between SBIFF’s programmers and filmmakers. Each week a short film will be available for viewing online, followed by a live virtual conversation on Thursdays at 6pm. To sign up for a talk or to watch past talks visit https://sbiff.org/filmtalk/

Open Days at Arroyo Hondo Preserve: [Closed through December 27th] Hike at the Arroyo Hondo Preserve on Mondays and Wednesdays, 12:30 to 3pm and the first and third weekends of the month, Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 12:30pm and 12:30pm to 3pm. It’s free to visit and reservations are required. Pets are not allowed. Fill out the reservation form. https://tinyurl.com/yd6so7uk

Cabrillo High School Aquarium Virtual Tours are available for students in grades TK to 5th grade. CHS students will deliver information about each exhibit, and then answer questions at the end of the tour. For more info and to request a tour visit https://tinyurl.com/yynw9s83 Complete Works: Table Top Shakespeare: At Home, tells each of Shakespeare’s 36 plays with a single performer, a collection of household objects, and a table top. Broadcasts will be available on-demand through December 31st for free. Watch the performances at https://tinyurl.com/yxvlfbes

The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is Open daily from 10am to 5pm and to members only from 9am to 10am. No reservations are required, but visitors must wear a mask and practice social distancing. For those who can’t visit in person, visit the Garden at Home page for virtual tours, livestreams, and activities. www.sbbg.org Register for online classes/events: www.sbbg.org/classes-events


SB Museum of Natural History and Sea Center Stores: are open seven days a week from 10am to 5pm for in-person shopping (following health and safety guidelines). Online stores are open 24/7 with unique items for all ages and daily contact-free curbside pickup or shipping. www.sbnature.org

Luke Theatre’s Virtual Concert Series: Mendeleyev is a singer/songwriter born and raised in Santa Barbara who lights up the Luke stage with his fresh, folk yet funky take on music. Resonance: Artists reflect on our diverse cultures with songs, musical compositions, and spoken word selections that resonate with the times in which we live. Pianos at The Luke: Santa Barbara artists play a diverse selection of improvisational, original works, jazz, classical and more. Jackson Gillies in Concert: Singer/songwriter and now producer Jackson Gillies presents an acoustic concert Watch the free concerts at www.luketheatre.org

Lotusland: Is safe, spacious, and socially-distant by its very nature. Reservations will have staggered arrival times and all visitors will be limited to no more than two-hours in the Garden. Face masks required. To reserve a Self-Guided Tour call 805.969.9990. www.lotusland.org Carpinteria Birdwatchers Virtual Meetings: Carpinteria Birdwatchers have evening birdwatching classes and morning birdwatching outings, all free and open to all ages and ability levels. Meetings are weekly and online via Zoom until further notice Thursdays, from 4 to 5:15pm. Each week will focus on a different topic. Join the current meeting by visiting https://tinyurl.com/y9rheypj

Lobero Theatre Live Streams: Support the Lobero Theatre by watching their offerings of virtual concerts including, John Kay, KT Tunstall, and Pianos on State. For tickets (Free-$15) visit www.lobero.org/series/live-streaming Nightly Met Opera Streams: The Metropolitan Opera streams begin at 7:30pm EDT and will remain available on the

Rancho La Patera & Stow House: Take a a tour of the newlyopened Ranch Yard, drop off a donation, support the Museum Store, or enjoy the beautiful grounds of Rancho La Patera on the weekends, from 11am to 2pm. www.goletahistory.org

Photo by Jutta Maue Kay


Support the Lobero Theatre by watching their offerings of virtual concerts including, John Kay, KT Tunstall, and Pianos on State. For tickets visit www.lobero.org/series/live-streaming

SB Public Library Virtual Programming: From toddlers to adults, the SB Public Library offers a variety of virtual programs including story time, book clubs, conversation groups, and more. For a complete schedule visit https://tinyurl.com/ybolucly Nature At Your Fingertips: From art projects, to stories, to natural recipes, Wilderness Youth Project is providing resources that deeply engage children and adults with the natural world. Access the Free Nature Resource Portal at

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden remains open

https://wyp.org/resource-portal/ and check back every week to see what fun new offerings are added. Cottage Health’s Free Online Resources for Families: Offering fun and educational resources to help families cope and spend productive time together. The page has everything from free coloring book pages to online Broadway plays to NASA tours. Choose a new activity every day at https://tinyurl.com/yc6t9uxa To view more online COVID-19 resources for parents and children visit https://tinyurl.com/y8ffq28m Webinars for Your Business to Navigate COVID-19: Webinars on a variety of topics to help the business community survive and navigate the COVID-19 public health crisis. Visit the following websites to see what they have to offer: Economic Development Collaborative (EDC) www.EDCollaborative.com; Womens Economic Ventures (WEV) www.WEVOnline.org; Traffic Solutions www.trafficsolutions.org; SCORE Santa Barbara https://tinyurl.com/yxh2qz5c; and The Chamber of the Santa Barbara Region www.SBChamber.org Friendship Center’s Community Connect Adult Program: Services are offered through an online membership starting at $200 per month, with options for low income individuals: www.friendshipcentersb.org/services/ccap/ AHA! Programs: Trained facilitators support a wide range of groups with social-emotional learning. Preregistration is required. For more info visit https://ahasb.org/programs/ Mahakankala Buddhist Center Online Classes: Center classes have been moved online. The center offers evening classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 6:30 to 7:30pm and a Sunday morning class from 10:30 to 11:45am. Suggested donation per class is $10. Register at https://tinyurl.com/y9ea3wpj SBPL Works! offers Help for Job Seekers: Looking for a job or to improve your career skills? The SB Public Library’s professional staff in their workforce development program SBPL Works! are ready to help you with one-to-one consultations in English or Spanish remotely. Free and open to all and by appointment. Complete the survey at: https://tinyurl.com/y9jmn8fx Fighting Hate From Home Webinars: At a time when we can all feel isolated, we need to pull together more than ever to stand up against antisemitism and extremism. The AntiDefamation League is offering a series of webinars, Fighting Hate from Home, to help unite and inform the community. Sign up for ADL’s email list to receive notifications each week about the next event in the webinar series. www.adl.org/webinars Watch archived webinars at https://tinyurl.com/yc6ynu6z

from 5:30 to 7pm via Zoom. To sign up call or text 805-4193212. https://tinyurl.com/y235zn2r Free Online ServSafe Food Handlers Courses and Certifications: ServSafe Food Handler® California Online Course and Assessment is a comprehensive solution that delivers consistent food safety training to employees. The online course is offered in English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese. Register at: https://tinyurl.com/y37tcjzx Surf Happens’ How To Surf - Pro Series will offer free online tutorial videos showcasing pro tips from the basic to elite levels from Conner Coffin, Lakey Peterson, Parker Coffin, Eithan Osborne, and Mickey Clarke. Videos will be released weekly on www.surfhappens.com “Navigating the Pandemic Pandemonium” Business Strategy Call: Schedule a business strategy call with Downtown Santa Barbara’s Executive Director, Robin Elander. The team at Downtown Santa Barbara will help you navigate your business through these challenging times. Email Administrative Assistant amy@downtownsb.org to schedule a strategy session.

SHOP LOCAL State Street Promenade Market: Located on the 900 & 1000 blocks of State Street between the blocks of Carrillo Street and Figueroa Street, the Promenade Market will continue throughout the year, every Thursday from 3 to 7:30pm. The market will highlight downtown businesses and local artisans • https://tinyurl.com/yx9v4pmd The Locals’ Collective: Several local small businesses launched the Locals’ Collective, an event taking place at 931 State St (across from the Apple store) through January 3rd, featuring products from Anna Janelle Jewelry, (In) Larkin, Jilli Vanilli, La Calle Studios, Menchaca Chocolates, Art by Rod Lathim, RoHo, and others. Open Thursday through Sunday from 11am to 8pm (7pm on Sundays). Private appointments are also available • www.localscollective.com

SB Maritime Museum Gift Shop: From antique nautical reproductions to books, clothes, toys, gifts and home décor, the Museum Store has something for everyone. Open Thursday through Sunday, 12 noon to 5pm, and the 4th floor Outdoors Visitor Center is open Saturdays and Sundays from 12 noon to 5pm • 113 Harbor Way, Ste 190 • https://sbmm.org/museum-store SB Museum of Art Store: Discover carefully curated selections of unique, creative, and artistic gifts. Open Tuesday through Sunday, 10am to 5pm. Closed on Mondays and Holidays. Online shopping also available • 1130 State St • www.sbmastore.net

Library & Community Resources for Mental Wellness: Find links to community and national resources about mental health at https://tinyurl.com/yalfwj9m The Library also has books and resources for you to help you cope. Browse the Mental Health Awareness Month collection on Overdrive https://tinyurl.com/yamjtph6

SB Museum of Natural History and Sea Center Stores: Open seven days a week from 10am to 5pm for in-person shopping (following health and safety guidelines). Online stores are open 24/7 with unique items for all ages and daily contactfree curbside pickup or shipping • Museum: 2559 Puesta del Sol • Sea Center: 211 Stearns Wharf • www.sbnature.org

COVID-19 Isolation Support Group: New Beginnings is offering a free COVID-19 Isolation Support Group on Mondays

Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara Gift Studio: Purchase original and limited edition artwork from local and internationally acclaimed artists to support the Museum and the Santa Barbara arts community • 651 Paseo Nuevo, Suite 317 (across from GAP Kids) • Open Thursday through Sunday 11am to 6pm, through January 3rd • www.mcasantabarbara.org

In accordance with the Regional Stay-At-Home Orders, along with state and local public health officials, the Santa Barbara Zoo and Museums are temporarily closed.

>>>>>>> <<<<<<< Due to COVID-19 precautions taking place, event cancellations are fluid at this time. Please follow up with event organizers to confirm the event is still taking place.

January 1, 2021

Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com

- VIRTUAL EVENTS Groundbreaking Author and Essayist

Bestselling Author

Tue, Jan 12 / 5 PM Pacific $10 / UCSB students: FREE!

Notes on Hope

Ta-Nehisi Coates

Anne Lamott Thu, Jan 14 / 5 PM Pacific

(UCSB student registration required)

$10 / UCSB students: FREE!

Drawing comparisons to James Baldwin, Ta-Nehisi Coates is the author of Between the World and Me, Beautiful Struggle, We Were Eight Years in Power and The Water Dancer.

(UCSB student registration required)

“Anne Lamott is our wickedly funny, self-deprecating, insightful guardian angel, and she’s given us the gift of hope.” Pasadena Star News In this candid, caring, insightful and hilarious House Calls program and Q&A, Anne Lamott will help us rediscover the nuggets of hope that are buried within, as only she can.

Hawai'i’s Ukulele Rockstar

Jake Shimabukuro Tue, Jan 19 / 5 PM Pacific

$10 / UCSB students: FREE!

(UCSB student registration required)

With his out-of-the-box blend of stunning virtuosity and deep musicality, ukulele master Jake Shimabukuro takes the four-string, two-octave instrument to places no one has gone before.

Pulitzer Prize-winning Author

Isabel Wilkerson Caste: The Origins of our Discontents

Tue, Jan 26 / 5 PM Pacific $10 / UCSB students: FREE!

New York Times Crossword Editor and NPR Puzzlemaster

(UCSB student registration required)

“Wilkerson’s work is the missing puzzle piece of our country’s history.” The American Prospect

Puzzles & Ping-Pong with Will Shortz Thu, Jan 28 / 5 PM Pacific

$10 / UCSB students: FREE!

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents, Isabel Wilkerson examines the unspoken caste system that has shaped America.

(UCSB student registration required)

New York Times crossword editor and avid table tennis player Will Shortz answers your puzzle-related puzzlements from his famed Westchester Table Tennis Center. Event Sponsors: Siri & Bob Marshall

Order dinn

er from

Lucky Pe


(805) 893-3535 www.ArtsAndLectures.UCSB.edu

Special Thanks:



Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com

January 1, 2021

Art Matters

Looking Back At 2020 Through Art

Image via The Art Newspaper

From So Cool, So Smart, So Sweet - 8/18/20 The longer you are looking at the portrait of two boys taken by Henri Cartier-Bresson in Mississippi (1947) the more you get intrigued and charmed by their self-awareness and confidence. Seeing them wearing their Sunday’s best, one wonders if Cartier-Bresson captured them on their way to or out of Church.

From Strange Beast, Paradisical Pictures, Optimistically Melting! - 11/26/19 Wives and Lovers by Maxine Smith. Bright, hallucinogenic L to R: Peggy Guggenheim, 2019. Alice B. Toklas, 2019. Marie-Thérèse Walter, 2019. colors are a trademark of their Skidmore Contemporary Art. art, along with a willingness to make fun of themselves. It’s always refreshing to see artists taking their art, but not themselves, so seriously. You might not realize it at first, but their work is centered on issues like fear, sex, religion, and death.

Photo Courtesy Mel Melcon

Irina Antonova with Chagall during his visit to the Pushkin Museum in 1973 ©. Pushkin Museum.

Chuck Arnoldi in his Studio, 2020.

Photo Courtesy Skidmore Contemporary Art

From Portraits, Abstractions, Photography - 10/22/19 .... Portraits of Picasso’s wife, Russian ballerina Olga Picasso, and his 17-year-old mistress Marie-Thérèse Walter are there, along with images of Gertrude Stein’s partner Alice B. Toklas, and patron Peggy Guggenheim who had numerous affairs with the artists whose work she collected. If you could talk to these ladies, they would tell you heartbreaking stories of their unconventional lives with their “difficult and self-centered” partners. Maxine Smith’s paintings with bold colors capture the spirit of these strong women who lived in the shadow of their famous partners.

Photo by Edward Goldman

HAT A YEAR IT’S BEEN, BUT THANK GOD, WE HAVE SURVIVED... In spite of the dark clouds that have been hovering above us through the year, there were also rays of sun breaking through. Of course, I am talking about Art. Great exhibitions at museums and galleries, a peek at private collections, visits to artist’s studios - all that and more, thankfully, kept me going. So, in these times of isolation we stayed together through my weekly Art Matters, and through your much appreciated responses to it.

From So Cool, So Smart, So Sweet - 8/18/20 Last week LA Times published an article paying tribute to recently passed away Los Angeles artist, Luchita Hurtado (19202020) who became well-known only at the end of her long life. In its biennial show, Made in L.A. (2018) The Hammer Museum had a mini-retrospective of Hurtado’s works, which gave the artist overnight fame.

Image courtesy Peter Fetterman Gallery


By Edward Goldman, ART Matters

Natchez, Mississippi, U.S.A., 1947 by Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908-2004)

Photo by Edward Goldman

From Our Farewell And Thanks To Irina Antonova; Grande Painter Luchita Hurtado, 97, is photographed before an installation of her paintings Dame of Russian Art World at the Made in LA biennial at the Hammer Museum. Los Angeles Times. - 12/8/20 ...I remember a similar story which happened in Leningrad (St. Petersburg), which Chagall visited on the same trip. There, he was greeted at The State Russian Museum, and was brought to the gallery dedicated to his art. What Chagall didn’t know, was that all of his paintings on display were hanged on the gallery walls just the day before his visit. He was lied to by museum officials, claiming that his works were Installation shot: Gilbert & George: The Paradisical Pictures. part of the Museum’s permanent display. Shortly Sprüth Magers Los Angeles. after his departure, his art was removed from the galleries’ walls and returned to storage, where it was kept locked for decades. Edward Goldman was art critic and host of “Art Talk,” So my friends, with the new 2021 a weekly program which aired prime-time Tuesday year approaching, let’s raise a toast evenings during All Things Considered on LA’s largest - vodka? champagne? - for a Happy, NPR affiliate, KCRW 89.9 FM, for more than 30 years. Safe, and Healthy New Year with a lot Along the way, he also contributed weekly art reports of good art! Discover more Art Matters

Edward at Hermitage Museum, 2016, in front of Conversation by Henri Matisse, 1908.

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January 1, 2021


Local News for a Global Village | www.VoiceSB.com

EMERGENCY FOOD DISTRIBUTIONS UPDATED DECEMBER 18 Foodbank of Santa Barbara County will distribute free groceries and fresh produce at the following locations. No documentation/registration required. Everyone is welcome. Measures have been taken to ensure the safety and cleanliness of each site. For a complete list of sites where you can receive groceries, fresh produce, or prepared meals, please visit FoodbankSBC.org.


Orcutt Presbyterian Church 993 Patterson Rd. Every Friday, 2pm-4pm Catholic Charities 607 W. Main St. Every Tuesday and Friday, 12pm-2pm Elks Lodge 1309 N. Bradley Rd. Every Thursday, 9am

Coast Valley Worship Center 2548 S. Broadway Every Tuesday, 10am-11am Angel Food/Pacific Christian 1217D S. Blosser Rd. Every Saturday, 9am-12pm Salvation Army 200 W. Cook Ave. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 9am-4pm St. John Neumann Church 966 W. Orchard St. 2nd Wednesday, 9am-10am Oasis Orcutt Senior Center 420 Soares Ave. 3rd Thursday, 9:30am-11am

LOMPOC FSA Dorothy Jackson Resource Center 646 N.H St. Every Friday, 10am-12pm Lompoc High School 515 W. College Ave. Last Saturday of the month, 8:30am

Catholic Charities 352 N. 2nd St. Monday-Friday, 10am-11:45am 12:30pm-2pm Santa Rita Village 926 W. Apricot Ave 4th Wednesday, 10:30am

LOS ALAMOS Los Alamos Senior Center 690 Bell St. Every Saturday, 10am-11:30am 2nd Wednesday, 3pm People Helping People 260 Gonzales Dr. Every other Thursday (10/22), 10am-11am





Westside Community Center 423 W. Victoria St. Every Monday 1pm-3pm CLOSED Dec. 21 - Jan 1

Isla Vista Youth Projects 5638 Hollister Ave., Suite 200 1st and 3rd Thursday 11:30-5:30 By Appointment ONLY Contact Ana Maya, 805-869-3303 Good Shepherd Pantry 380 N. Fairview Ave. 1st Saturday, 9am Goleta Valley Church 595 N. Fairview Ave. 3rd Saturday, 8am-10am

Salvation Army 4849 Hollister Ave. Every Tuesday, 9am-12pm & 1pm-4pm Every Wednesday 1pm-4pm & 5:30pm-7pm Regular distribution CLOSED until Jan. 12

Children’s Park (Lower Westside) 520 Wentworth Ave. 1st Tuesday, 1pm 2nd Tuesday, 1pm Franklin Community Center 1136 E. Montecito St. 3rd Tuesday, 1:30pm Every Thursday, 1pm CLOSED Dec. 21 - Jan 1


Guadalupe Senior Center 4545 10th St. Every Thursday, 11:30am-2pm

Presidio Springs 721 Laguna St. 3rd Wednesday, 4pm-6pm Catholic Charities 609 E. Haley St. Monday-Friday, 9am-4:30pm

Sandpiper Apartments 375 Ellwood Beach Dr. 1st Thursday, 9am

UCSB 2837 UCEN (UCSB Students Only) Every Wednesday and Friday 10am-3pm


Carpinteria Children's Project 5201 8th St. Distributions once a month 3rd Wednesdays, 3pm-5:30pm August 2021 will be 4th Wednesday


New Life Church 50 E. Alamar Ave. 3rd Tuesday, 1pm-2:30pm

Bethania Lutheran Church 603 Atterdag Rd. Every Tuesday, 5:15pm-6:45pm

Grace Food Pantry 3869 State St. 1st, 2nd & 4th Saturday, 9am-10am (1st, 2nd and 3rd Saturdays in December)

Golden Inn Village Family 890 Refugio Rd. 4th Monday, 2:30pm-4pm

Evans Park 200 W. Williams St. 3rd Friday, 2pm

Beatitude House 267 Campodonico Ave. Every Tuesday, 11:30am-12:45pm

Rancho Hermosa 235 E. Inger Dr. 1st Friday, 3pm

Family Service Center 4681 11th St. Last Thursday of the month, 12pm

Allan Hancock College 800 S. College Dr. Tuesday and Thursday, 11am

Ranch Acres 1050 Escalante Dr. 4th Tuesday, 3pm



Santa Barbara City College 721 Cliff Drive Every Wednesday, 2:30p-4pm Every Tuesday, 2:30-4pm starting January 12

Buellton Senior Center 164 W. Hwy 246 (Behind post office) Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm

Positano Apartments 11 Camino De Vida 3rd Monday, 3pm

Nipomo Food Basket 197 W. Tefft St. Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 10am-1pm


People Helping People 1760 Mission Drive Every Thursday, 12pm-4pm

NEW CUYAMA Cuyama Family Resource Center 4689 Highway 166 3rd Wednesday, 12pm


St. Patrick’s Church 501 Fair Oaks Ave. Tuesday-Thursday, 4pm-5pm


El Banco de Comida del Condado de Santa Barbara distribuirá comestibles saludables y productos frescos gratuitos a la communidad en los siguientes sitios. No se requiere documentos ni cita previa para asistir los sitios. Todos son bienvenidos. Se han tomado medidas para garantizar la seguridad y limpieza de cada sitio. Por favor visite FoodbankSBC.org para ver la lista completa de los lugares donde puede recibir alimentos, productos frescos o comidas preparadas.


Orcutt Presbyterian Church 993 Patterson Rd. Cada viernes, 2pm-4pm

Catholic Charities 607 W. Main St. Cada martes y viernes, 12pm-2pm Elks Lodge 1309 N. Bradley Rd. Cada jueves, 9am Cerrado hasta 5 de noviembre. Vea a continuación Allan Hancock College, los jueves a las 11am.

Coast Valley Worship Center 2548 S. Broadway Cada martes, 10am-11am Angel Food/Pacific Christian 1217D S. Blosser Rd. Cada sábado, 9am-12pm Salvation Army 200 W. Cook Ave. Cada lunes, miércoles y viernes 9am-4pm St. John Neumann Church 966 W. Orchard St. 2do miércoles, 9am-10am Oasis Orcutt Senior Center 420 Soares Ave. 3er jueves, 9:30am-11am Evans Park 200 W. Williams St. 3er viernes, 2pm Rancho Hermosa 235 E. Inger Dr. 1er viernes, 3pm Allan Hancock College 800 S. College Dr. martes y jueves, 11am

NIPOMO Nipomo Food Basket 197 W. Tefft St. Cada lunes, martes y jueves 10am-1pm

LOMPOC FSA Dorothy Jackson Resource Center 646 N.H St. Cada viernes, 10am-12pm Lompoc High School 515 W. College Ave. El último sábado de cada mes, 8:30am Catholic Charities 352 N. 2nd St. De lunes a viernes, 10am-11:45am 12:30pm-2pm Santa Rita Village 926 W. Apricot Ave 4to miércoles, 10:30am


Los Alamos Senior Center 690 Bell St. Cada sábado, 10am-11:30am 2do miércoles, 3pm People Helping People 260 Gonzales Dr. Cada dos jueves, 10am-11am (22 de octubre)

GUADALUPE Guadalupe Senior Center 4545 10th St. Cada jueves, 11:30am-2pm Beatitude House 267 Campodonico Ave. Cada martes, 11:30am-12:45pm Family Service Center 4681 11th St. El último jueves de cada mes, 12pm Ranch Acres 1050 Escalante Dr. 4to martes, 3pm

BUELLTON Buellton Senior Center 164 W. Hwy 246 (Detras de la oficina de correos) De lunes a viernes, 9am-3pm



LLAME 805-357-5761



Westside Community Center 423 W. Victoria St. Cada lunes 1pm-3pm CERRADO 21 de diciembre - 1 de enero

Good Shepherd Pantry 380 N. Fairview Ave. 1er sábado, 9am Goleta Valley Church 595 N. Fairview Ave. 3er sábado, 8am-10am

Salvation Army 4849 Hollister Ave. Cada martes, 9am-12pm & 1pm-4pm Cada miércoles 1pm-4pm & 5:30pm-7pm Distribución regular cerrada hasta 12 de enero

Children’s Park (Lower Westside) 520 Wentworth Ave. 1er martes, 1pm 2do martes, 1pm Franklin Community Center 1136 E. Montecito St. 3er martes, 1:30pm Cada jueves, 1pm CERRADO 21 de diciembre - 1 de enero Presidio Springs 721 Laguna St. 2do miércoles, 4pm-6pm Catholic Charities 609 E. Haley St. De lunes a viernes, 9am-4:30pm New Life Church 50 E. Alamar Ave. 3er martes, 1pm-2:30pm Grace Food Pantry 3869 State St. 1er, 2do y 4to sábado, 9am-10am (1er, 2do y 3er en diciembre)

Santa Barbara City College 721 Cliff Drive Cada miércoles, 2:30p-4pm Cada martes, 2:30-4pm comenzando 12 de enero Positano Apartments 11 Camino De Vida 3er lunes, 3pm

Isla Vista Youth Projects 5638 Hollister Ave., Suite 200 1er y 3er jueves 11: 30-5: 30pm SOLO por cita, contáctese Ana Maya, 805-869-3303

Sandpiper Apartments 375 Ellwood Beach Dr. 1er jueves, 9am UCSB 2837 UCEN (Solo estudiantes de UCSB) Cada miércoles y viernes, 10am-3pm

CARPINTERIA Carpinteria Children's Project 5201 8th St. 3er Miércoles, 3pm-5:30pm agosto 2021 estarán 4to Miércoles

SOLVANG/SANTA YNEZ Bethania Lutheran Church 603 Atterdag Rd. Cada martes, 5:15pm-6:45pm Golden Inn Village Family 890 Refugio Rd. 4to lunes, 2:30pm-4pm People Helping People 1760 Mission Drive Cada jueves, 12pm-4pm

NEW CUYAMA Cuyama Family Resource Center 4689 Highway 166 3er miércoles, 12pm


St. Patrick’s Church 501 Fair Oaks Ave. De martes a jueves, 4pm-5pm

“It’s Like Banking With Friends”

“I love American Riviera Bank. The level of service is very personalized. It’s like banking with friends that you trust.” — Sasha Ablitt, Owner Ablitt’s Fine Cleaners What does True Community Banking mean? It means working together to find solutions under even the most trying of circumstances. OWNER OCCUPIED REAL ESTATE LOANS | BUSINESS LINES OF CREDIT | EQUIPMENT LOANS

Preferred SBA Lender

AmericanRivieraBank.com • 805.965.5942 Santa Barbara • Montecito • Goleta • San Luis Obispo • Paso Robles

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