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Help us to avoid delays in getting your grant processed. Here are the top ten reasons why we have had to send applications back. We are sending grant applications back to students because we are not getting the right documents. We are really sorry about this but the documents you send us have to be exactly right. 1: Birth Certificate We need the official long form version of your birth certificate We need one photocopy of the long version of your birth certificate not the short one. All of the sections of the long form of your birth certificate need to appear in the photocopy.

2: Proof of Nationality We need you to supply proof of nationality. The documentary evidence to prove nationality should include at least one of the following: • a long form Irish birth certificate if the applicant was born on the island of Ireland before  1 January 2005; • a certified copy of the applicant’s passport – this means a copy that has been stamped and signed by a member of the Garda Siochána or a Commissioner of Oaths. • a national identity card issued by an EU Member State; • a certificate of naturalisation together with a certified copy of the applicant’s passport or  other official documentation; • a foreign births registration certificate together with a certified copy of the applicant’s  passport.

Copies of passports are not being certified by a member of the Garda Siochána or a Commissioner of Oaths. An age card is not an accepted form of proof for nationality.

3. Immigration SUSI requires an immigration certificate of registration (GNIB Registration Card) which is issued by the Garda National Immigration Bureau to a non-EEA national who so registers. Your GNIB card must be certified by a member of the Garda Siochána or a Commissioner of Oaths. GNIB cards are not being certified

SUSI also requires a letter in relation to immigration status from the Department of Equality and Justice. These letters are not being returned to us.

4. Residency Residency can be proved through the submission of a copy of both the Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate. In a large percentage of cases the Junior Cert is being submitted without the Leaving Certificate. Residency can also be proved by: • • • • • • •

a letter from a school principal in Ireland, the EU, EEA or Switzerland confirming the applicant’s attendance at a school; social welfare statements or equivalents from the EU, EEA or Switzerland; utility bills showing residence for a three year period out of the last five years; registration with the Private Residential Tenancies Board (PRTB), or equivalent from the EU, EEA or Switzerland; if the applicant is a non-EEA national, a letter from the Department of Justice and Equality confirming the period of lawful presence in Ireland. Periods of unlawful presence cannot be considered.

5. Self employment A notice of assessment is issued by the Revenue Commissioners, following the submission of accounts. SUSI requires the notice of assessment issued in 2011. SUSI requires the full notice of assessment. Notices for 2010 are being submitted, The cover page of notice of assessment is being submitted, SUSI requires a set of accounts to be submitted. These are the accounts drawn up at the end of the financial year for the business and submitted to the Revenue Commissioners. Forms 11 are being submitted instead of a set of accounts.

6. P60 A P60 is a form issued by an employer to an employee certifying details of the employee's pay, tax and PRSI contributions for the tax year. SUSI needs your P60 for 2011 – not 2010. A Pension-Related Deduction End of Year Certificate is being sent in instead of the P60. The P60 submitted does not cover the full year. The P60 must cover the full year.

7. P21 A P21 is a PAYE Balancing Statement from the Revenue Commissioners. SUSI requires a photocopy of the full P21 Photocopies of the first page of the P21 are being submitted - second page which contains required information is omitted.

8. Independent Residency SUSI need proof of residency. These are: • • •

utility bills, such as a land line telephone, gas or electricity; registration with the Private Residential Tenancies Board; documentation received, for example, a bank statement or a correspondence from a government department showing the address at which the applicant is residing independently.

Mobile phone bills are being submitted instead of land line bills. Bank statements without date of issue are being submitted Proof of residence must be provided for both a start and finish date e.g. October 2011 to August 2012. Evidence is often provided for only one date and not sufficient to cover the entire period required.

9. Social Welfare The SUSI social welfare form must be submitted – this can be downloaded from Frequently students submit weekly/monthly payment receipts instead of the official form - or a social welfare form that does not cover the full year

10. Evidence of previous education For this SUSI requires: • • •

a letter from a college or institution confirming attendance a copy of the award received if the applicant completed a course examination results

Examination results are being omitted


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