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Spring 2013

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8779 Lc. Good Fairy ‘#1’ x Lc. Melody Fair ‘Mishima’

Welcome to our 2013 Spring Catalog!

I am excited about the new offerings inside, and I am happy about the value that we are able to offer our customers during these difficult economic times. Every page of our new catalog includes healthy virus free plants at new lower prices. You can order with confidence because we have been selling quality plants since 1947, and because we guarantee safe delivery and your satisfaction. Please consider placing an order today to insure that you continue to receive these catalogs in the coming year. Our recently updated “Terms & Conditions” are on pages 13 & 14 inside, and a brief key to the abbreviations & symbols used in our catalogs and on our website can be found on page 23. We appreciate you, and I promise that we will work to justify your trust in us.

Sta nd ar dC att ley as

We made this cross using two of our most unique semi-alba parents. Ruffled white blooms with striking purple lip markings. Fragrant. (Fall) Bare-Root plants ready for 3” pots, $9.00.

M8073 Blc. Dr. Joe Walker ‘Ray Mishima’. Lc. Good Fairy ‘#1’

Blc. Dr. Joe Walker ‘Ray Mishima’

While this clone has beautiful blushed pink coloring, the truly remarkable thing is the fragrance. The entire room will be perfumed with the scent of fresh-cut roses. (Winter) Bare-root plants ready for 3” pots, $9.00.

M9360 Blc. Edisto ‘Barney Garrison’ HCC/AOS. The photo below shows the original plant at the time of the award. Magnificent reddishpurple blooms have dark maroon lips veined with gold. Strong growing plants. Fragrant. (Summer) 2.5” pots, $12.00.

Mac Holmes President

Upcoming Events Spring Open House & Sale- February 28th, March 1st & March 2nd. Let us know you are coming and we will provide lunch. Most plants will be discounted 25% and supplies 10%. Free workshops during the sale are: Thursday February 28th at 1:30pm. Repotting & Growing Orchids in Cypress Mixes by Steve Arthur Friday March 1st at 1:30pm. Advanced Orchid Repotting by Bridget Uzar. Saturday March 2nd at 1:30pm. Home Orchid Growing by Mac Holmes. Phalaenopsis Workshop- April 13th, 2013, at 1:00pm. Part I- Learn how to grow this popular genus from expert growers. Part II- Program on Miniature Phalaenopsis Hybrids & Intergenerics

Blc. Lake Murray ‘Mendenhall’

Blc. Col. David B. Brooker

8481 Blc. Murrell’s Inlet ‘Mendenhall’ x Blc. Lake Murray ‘Mendenhall’ AM/AOS.

7791 Blc. Colonel David B. Brooker

(First bloom seedling)

Our latest cross with Blc. Oconee breeding for rich, dark purples. Plants will have broad foliage and reddish pigment. Very Fragrant. (Summer-Fall) 2.5” pots, $9.00.

Blc. Edisto ‘Barney Garrison’ (Photo taken by Ed Boyett)

(Blc. Myrtle Beach ‘Newberry’ AM/AOS x Blc. Lake Murray ‘Mendenhall’ AM/AOS). The first to flower from this stunning cross is pictured. The radiant indigo-purple blooms have a hint of petal flares and heavy substance. Very Fragrant. (Fall) 3.5” pots, $18.00.

M9095 Blc. Star of Bethlehem ‘Saluda’. Large, showy displays of lavender-purple blooms with distinctive golden eyes in the throat. Stems can carry as many as four flowers per stem. Very Fragrant. (Fall) Near Blooming Size 3.5” pots $15.00.

Mother’s Day Open House & Sale- May 9th, 10th, & 11th Mark your calenders now! (Workshops to be announced later.)

Item pictured on our cover: First Bloom Seedling of Pot. (Frank Gilmore x Whitewater Falls) -Page 5

8788 Blc. Dream Paradise ‘Temptation’ BM/JOGA x Lc. Newberry Ruffles ‘n Flares ‘Newberry’. Blc. Star of Bethlehem ‘Saluda’

Blc. Dream Paradise ‘Temptation’

This cross combines two parents with splashy purple flares and intense throat coloring. The resulting seedlings should be marvelous! Fragrant. (Winter) 2.5” pots, $12.00.

M6198 Pot. Clouds Creek ‘Heavenly Scent’.

Blc. Lake Cachuma ‘New Spring’ 8925 Lc. Lake Cachuma ‘New Spring’ x Blc. Mem. Arie Heerema ‘Mendenhall’ AM/AOS. A new cross for beautiful, fragrant lavenders. with overlapping form, smooth texture and intense yellow eyes are expected. (Winter) BareRoot plants ready for 2.5”-3” pots, $7.00.


This fragrant beauty has been a customer favorite for many years and to this day is a Carter & Holmes best seller. The cream colored blooms have a pink picotee around the petals. Very slender foliage. (Summer) 2.5” pots, $12.00.

C. Horace ‘Maxima’

Blc. Mem. Grant Eichler ‘Lenette’ M6937 C. Horace ‘Maxima’ AM/AOS. One of the most famous classic cattleyas. Large, M7189 Blc. Mem Grant Eichler ‘Lenette’ HCC/AOS. showy stems of pale lavender-pink blooms and near perfect shape. Also a proven parent plant. Sturdy growing plants with narrow foliage. Fragrant. (Winter) Hearty plants sent Bare-Root and ready for 3” pots, $9.00.

We guarantee that you have never seen anything like this clone! Huge, nine inch blooms with sparkling lavender color. Fragrant. (Winter-Spring) Offered here are overgrown plants sent Bare-Root and ready for 4” pots, $16.00.

8775 Blc. Traveling Star ‘Lipstick’ x Bc. Deborah Smith ‘Mendenhall’ AM/AOS. Pot. Cloud’s Creek ‘Heavenly Scent’

We have high hopes for this winning combination. Expect a range of well shaped white, cream and pink blush colored blooms. Very Fragrant. (Fall-Winter) 2.5” pots, $9.00.

Blc. Traveling Star ‘Lipstick’


Sta nd ar dC att ley as

Sta nd ar dC att ley as

As seen on the cover...

8885 Pot. Prince of Tides

(Pot. Susan Fender ‘Cinnamon Stick’ AM/AOS x Blc. Owen Holmes ‘Mendenhall’ AM/AOS). A exact remake of a successful earlier cross. We have combined two vibrantly colored standards and are expecting reds & oranges with heavy substance. Flowers will have a strong citrus-like fragrance. (Summer-Fall) Bare-root plants ready for 2.5” pots, $7.00.

8359 Blc. Memoria Tara Butler

(Blc. Edisto ‘Newberry’ x Blc. Sadie Slice). These husky growing plants have displayed glowing reds and purples. Very Fragrant. (Summer) Two sizes available. 3.5” pots, $18.00 and Near Blooming Size 4” pots, $22.00.

Pot. Prince of Tides

Blc. Mem. tara Butler Pot. Frank Gilmore x Blc. Whitewater Falls (First Bloom Seedling)

Pot. Marlene Lundquist x Blc. (Bouton D’Or x Mount Yellowthorne)

8328 Pot. Frank Gilmore ‘Mendenhall’ AM/AOS x Blc. Whitewater Falls ‘Newberry Gold’.

9046 Pot. Marlene Lundquist ‘Orange Delight’ AM/AOS x Blc. (Bouton D’Or x Mount Yellowthorne).

The first to bloom from this promising cross were even better than expected. Medium sized clear yellow blooms on husky plants. Fragrant. (Summer-Fall) Near Blooming Size 3.5” pots, $18.00.

This cross from Keith Davis is blooming as peaches & concolor yellows. Excellent form and great potential. Fragrant. (Winter) 2.5” pots, $12.00.

(First Bloom Seedling)

Blc. Eagle Island ‘Sangria’ M8058 Blc. Eagle Island ‘Sangria’ AM/AOS.

Blc. Fort Watson ‘Mendenhall’ M6930 Blc. Fort Watson ‘Mendenhall’ AM/AOS.

Offered here is our best clone from this famous cross. Large, blood In the Summer of 2012 this popular clone finally was awarded by red blooms with velvety texture and a proven parent plant for future the American Orchid Society. Upright growth habit and vibrant non-fading blooms that have glistening texture. Every collection generations. Very Fragrant. (Fall) Pretty 2.5” pots, $16.00. should have this! Very Fragrant. (Summer) 3.5” pots, $22.00.

Teenage Cattleya Collections We have more Cattleya hybrids and mericlones than we can possibly offer in each catalog and here is your chance to add them to your collection. Our growers will select an assortment of healthy plants in 3.5” pots. Some will be oversized and ready for larger pots in the coming season. Further discounts and Bonus plants do not apply. (See our terms for more details).

Pot. Fortune Teller

Pot. Ceasar’s Head ‘Valencia’

8890 Pot. Caesar’s Head ‘Valencia’ 8773 Pot. (Apricot Flair x Frank Gilmore) x 8472 Pot. Fortune Teller Blc. Campobello ‘Mendenhall’ HCC/AOS. ‘Lucky Alicia’ AM/AOS x ‘Mendenhall’. x Blc. Carolina Golden D’Or ‘Lenette #2’. Both parents of this hybrid are well-shaped yellows on strong stems and we are hoping for more like the photo above. Fragrant. (Fall) 2.5” pots, $12.00.

A new offering made with our two best forms We are hoping for clusters of vibrant orange of this famous cross. We expect intense or- and gold blooms on strong growing plants. anges with bold red lip coloring. (Winter) Recommended! (Winter) 2.5” pots, $9.00. Bare-Root plants ready for 2.5” pots, $7.00.

9750/50 - Five Plants in 3.5” pots - $55.00 9750/10 - Ten Plants in 3.5” pots - $110.00 8769 Pot. Memoria Mario Lanza ‘#20’ x Blc. Chia Lin ‘New City’ AM/AOS.

Offered here is a new cross from Fender’s Flora made with Blc. Oconee breeding. Expect clusters of red and maroon blooms with a glossy sheen. Very Nice! Fragrant. (Winter) Bare Root plants ready for 2.5” pots, $7.00.

Blc. Waianae King (First Bloom Seedling)

(Photo taken by Susan Fender) >

8759 Lc. Palolo Bronze ‘Newberry’ x Blc. Chia Lin ‘Super Gold’ FCC/AOS.

We expect gold veining in the throat. Fragrant. (Fall-Win- Pot. Mem. Mario Lanza ter) Now in a new larger pot size! 3.5” pots, $18.00. ‘#20’


Blc. Governor Nikki Haley (First Bloom Seedling)

8898 Blc. Waianae King 8777 Blc. Governor Nikki Haley (Blc. Kure Beach ’Lenette #2’ AM/AOS ‘Orchidheights’ AM/AOS x ‘Kosaki’. Blc. Chia Lin ‘Super Gold’

x Blc. George King ‘Serendipity’ AM/AOS). The first to flower was a vivid tangerine orange and we are looking forward to flowering more This special hybrid is yielding delicate yellows from this cross. Beautiful dark green foliage. and peaches, some with contrasting lips. All have ruffled segments and Fragrance. (Fall) 2.5” pots, Fragrant. (Fall) 2.5” pots, $12.00. $12.00.

Blc. Carolina Orange D’or ‘Lenette #2’ M8062 Blc. Carolina Orange Glow ‘Lenette #2’.

Upright clusters of medium sized solid orange blooms on husky bifoliate plants. A dependable choice for show season. Everyone who sees this in bloom wants one! (Late Winter) 2.5” pots, $16.00.


Co N mp ove ac lty tC & att ley as

Co N mp ove ac lty tC & M8063 Blc. Walhalla ‘Frog Level’. att ley When the original cross of C. Fort Motte x Blc. Goldas en Galleon was made so many years ago, we never expected anything as unique as this fast growing clone. Waxy gold blooms are overlaid with orange bronzing and paired with bright red lips. Very Fragrant. (Fall) Bare-root plants ready for 2.5” pots, $9.00.

9123/9045 Pot. Egyptian Queen Pot. Egyptian Queen

Blc. Walhalla ‘Frog Level’ Blc. Jeremy Island x Slc. Circle of Life (First Bloom Seedling) 8808 Blc. Jeremy Island x Slc. Circle of Life ‘Lone Jack’. All we can say about our first flowering of this cross is ‘Wow!’ Vibrant pink and gold blooms with sparkling texture and an amazingly sweet Fragrance. Compact, beautiful growing plants. (Winter) Large Blooming Size plants in 2.5” pots, $12.00.

Slc. Circle of Life (Photo Taken by Keith Davis) 9212 Blc. Bryce Canyon ‘Splendiferous’ AM/AOS x Slc. Circle of Life ‘Cherry Rose’. Our thanks to Keith Davis for this new cross. Results should be similar to the cross at left with even brighter gold lip markings. Fragrant. (Winter) Bare-root plants ready for 3” pots, $9.00.

(First Bloom Seedling)

8701 Potinara Keep Me In Mind

(Pot Esther Costa ‘Orange Fantasy’ x C. bicolor ‘Straight Lip’). Another fantastic remake from grower Keith Davis. The original cross from Stewart’s produced a range of cranberry, orange, bronze and gold blooms. (Summer) Two sizes available. Bareroot plants, $7.00 and 2.5” pots, $12.00.

(Pot. Beaufort Gold ‘Susan Fender’ AM/AOS x C. Horace ‘Maxima’ AM/AOS (see photo on pg 2) A new compact cattleya from Bill Fender. We are hoping for a range of lavenders, yellows and peaches with excellent round form. *L* (Winter-Various) 2.5” pots, $12.00 and 3” pots, $16.00.

M7930 Hasegawara Red Stella ‘Hawaii’ AM/AOS This compact and vigorous growing clone has upright stems with intense reddish-orange blooms. Recommended for beginners. A great choice for mount culture and very warmth tolerant. (Fall-Various) Near Blooming 2.5” pots, $12.00.

Pot. Beaufort Gold ‘Susan Fender’

Hasegawara Red Stella ‘Hawaii’

M7850 Sc. June Bug ‘Venice Sunshine’ AM/AOS. Compact growing plants with bright yellow and red blooms. Perfect for basket or mount culture. In warmer climates this clone is free-flowering. *L* (Fall-Various) Two sizes available. Bare-root plants, $7.00 and 2.5” pots, $12.00.

C. Mrs. Mahler ‘Mem. Fred Thompins’ 8866 Cattleya Cella Bella

(Mrs. Mahler ‘Mem. Fred Thompins’ AM/AOS x aclandiae ‘Verde’ AM/AOS). A compact remake that will produce waxy, heavily spotted blooms. Great for basket or mount culture. Very Fragrant. (Summer) Near Blooming Size BareRoot plants ready for at least 3” pots, $9.00.

Blc. Waianae leopard ‘Ching Hua’ M7946 Blc. Waianae Leopard ‘Ching Hua’ HCC/AOS. We love this compact bifoliate and know that you will too! Clusters of waxy, bronze blooms covered in bold cinnamon-red spots. Very unusual. (Fall) 2.5” pots, $16.00.

8734 Blc. Oconee ‘Mendenhall’ AM/AOS x Blc. Dennis Kone ‘Kone’ AM/AOS.

C. Orchidom Brabant ‘Flamingo’s Child’ 8623 C. Orchidom Brabant ‘Flamingo’s Child’ x C. Caudebec ‘Breckinridge’ 4N.

A promising cross from Keith Davis. Upright stems are expected to yield round cream and rose blooms with deep magenta-purple freckles. Tetraploid parentage adds vigor. (Summer) BareRoot plants ready for at least 3” pots, $9.00.

Clusters of lustrous ruby-red blooms on bifoliate plants. Fragrant. (Fall) 2.5” pots, $12.00

Sc. June Bug ‘Venice Sunshine’

8743 Blc. Bryce Canyon ‘Splendiferous’ AM/AOS x Blc. Dennis Kone ‘Kone’ AM/AOS.

Blc. Dennis Kone ‘Kone’

Similar to above but with fuchsia petals and gold throat coloring (Photo Taken by Keith Davis) expected. (Fall) Bare-root plants ready for at least 3” pots, $9.00.

M8564 Lc. Purple Cascade ‘Beauty of Perfume’ HCC/AOS. A compact growing novelty clone with upright stems of purple splashed blooms. Several flowers per stem. As the plants mature expect multiple bloom stems per season. Faintly Fragrant. *L* (Winter-Various) Near Blooming Size 2.5” pots, $16.00.

Lc. Mishima Luster ‘Jean’

Slc. Natalie Canipelli ‘Moonshot’

M7134 Lc. Mishima Luster ‘Jean’ FCC/AOS.

Recently upgraded to a First Class Certificate, this clone has raspberry-wine colored petals with darker freckles and a bright magenta lip edged with white. A perfect choice for basket culture. Intensely fragrant. (Summer) Oversized 2.5” pots ready for larger pots, $16.00.


M8562 Slc. Natalie Canipelli ‘Moon Shot’ AM/AOS.

Lc. Purple Cascade ‘Beauty of Perfume’

This hard to find heritage clone originally came from the Rod McLellan company. Clusters of fuchsia-pink blooms with smooth texture. (Fall) Offered here are well-grown plants in 2.5” pots, $16.00.

Blc. Everything Nice ‘Showtime’ M9897 Blc. Everything Nice ‘Showtime’ HCC/AOS. From the cross of Blc. Mem. Helen Brown x Brassavola perinni. Star-shaped chartreuse and cream blooms. This selection has narrow upright foliage and is perfect for basket or mount culture. (Summer) 2.5” pots, 16.00.

Blc. Mem. Helen Brown ‘Sweet Afton’ M7942 Blc. Memoria Helen Brown ‘Sweet Afton’ AM/AOS. A beautiful vintage clone that always sells out faster than we can grow them! Showy heads of chartreuse green blooms appear in late Summer. Fragrant. 2.5” pots, $16.00.

Blc. Hwa Yuan Grace ‘King Cat’ M7854 Blc. Hwa Yuan Grace ‘King Cat’. This popular clone has long-lasting light green blooms with bold fuchsia petal flares and a spicy, peppery fragrance. (Summer) Overgrown Bare-Root plants, ready for 4” pots, $16.00.


Pr Sp im ec ar ies yC & att ley as

Pr Sp im ec ar ies 9153 Brassavola cucullata yC & att ‘Nora’s Red’ x self. ley Our thanks to Nora Dyke for this special species as offering. Semi-pendant stems of cream blooms with red and gold bronzing. Unique and easy to grow. Free flowering at maturity. (Summer-Various) Blooming Size plants established on tree fern mounts, $25.00.

8607/9008 Leptotes bicolor. C. loddigesii var. coerulea

Lc. Egerland ‘Blueshape’

(Photos taken by Keith Davis)

Leptotes bicolor

Brassavola cucullata (First bloom seedling)

9154 C. loddigesii ‘Blue Sky’ AM/AOS x Lc. Egerland ‘Blushape’ AM/AOS. We are very excited to offer this new cross from grower Keith Davis. Though not a primary hybrid, this offering has strong species influence and is expected to yield upright clusters of light and medium blue flowers with deeper indigo lips. Fantastic! (Summer) Beautiful Bare-Root plants ready for 3” pots, $12.00.

8814 Laelia purpurata carnea ‘Adventure-1’ x ‘Newberry Perfection’. This new grex is expected to have showy displays of whites blooms with soft pink trumpets and darker pink veining. (Spring-Early Summer) 2.5” pots, $12.00.

M7937 Lc. Eximia v. coerulea ‘Sea God’. (C. warneri x L. purpurata). Our mother plant of this clone

came from Raymond Burr’s collection. Delicate trumpet shaped blooms of pale lavender-blue. Gardenia like fragrance. (SummerFall) Now larger sized plants in 3.5” pots, $22.00.

Laelia purpurata flamea ‘Jean Webster’

Laelia purpurata semi-alba

M8069 C. Portia v. coerulea ‘Sir Jeremiah Colman’. (Cattleya bowringiana x Cattleya labiata).

This antique clone is always a customer favorite. Clusters of shimmering blooms in shades of lilac and darker blue. Easily grown to specimen size. Fragrant. (Fall) 3” pots, $18.00.

Native to Brazil and a miniature member of the Cattleya family. Small terete foliage becomes pendant as the plant matures. Interestingly, the seedpods are used as a vanilla substitute in Brazil and Paraguay. (Winter-Spring) Blooming Size plants mounted on crepe myrtle branches for $20.00.

8730 Laelia pupurata semi-alba ‘Lenette #20’ x ‘Newberry Red Lip’. Lc. Eximia coerulea ‘Sea God’

C. Portia coerulea ‘Sir Jerermiah Colman’

8800 Laelia purpurata flammea ‘Jean Webster’ AM/AOS x self.

This color form has intense reddish-purple trumpets paired with snowy white petals. (Spring-Early Summer) 2.5” pots, $12.00.

9140 Laelia purpurata. Blooms are simi-

lar to above but with lavender blushed petals and redder lips. Bare-Root plants ready for at least 3” pots, $9.00.

laelia purpurata carnea ‘Newberry Perfection’

The only seedlings bred from this awarded specimen. Large blooms are generously flared with dark purple striations. Recommended. (SpringEarly Summer) Very Nice 2.5” pots, $12.00.

8609 Laelia tenebrosa ‘Taylor Bronze’ AM/AOS x (aurea x ‘Rainforest’ FCC/AOS).

Bc. Angel Lace ‘Perfection’ M8059 Bc. Angel Lace ‘Perfection’. The blooms on this heavily fringed clone have round form that open in shades of cream and mint green and age to a luminous light pink. Lush, dark green foliage on fast growing plants. Fragrant. (Summer) Very Nice 2.5” pots, $16.00.

Cattleya schroderae 8612 Cattleya schroderae ‘Newberry’ x Cattleya schroderae ‘#2’. Rare, Colombian species that is somewhat compact at only 8”-10” tall. Ours are flowering in shades of pink with solid yellow in throat. Very Fragrant. (Spring) 2.5” pots, $16.00.

Laelia perrinii 8744 Laelia perrinii. This species is native to Brazil and is hard to find in cultivation. Our select form has extra wide pink petals and should have a higher bloom count than average. Requires a winter resting period and good air movement at all times. (Fall) 2.5” pots, $16.00.

9687 Brassavola (Rhyncholaelia) glauca ‘Woltman’ x self.


Laelia tenebrosa ‘Taylor Bronze’

Cattleya leopoldii ‘Mendenhall’

Large growing plants with stunning displays of glossy boldly colored blooms. Mature plants can produce as many as twenty blooms per stem. Very Fragrant with a candy-like scent. (Summer) 3” pots, $18.00.

The species Cattleya bowringiana is considered one of the easiest for beginner growers and this clone is no exception. Bifoliate growths produce showy clusters of deep rosy-lavender blooms. Provide a winter resting period for best results. (Fall) Blooming Size 3” pots, $12.00.

9302 Encyclia (Prosthechea) radiata ‘Jeff’s Select’ AM/AOS x ‘Cole’. Brassavola glauca

M7144 Cattleya leopoldii ‘Mendenhall’ AM/AOS.

M7431 Cattleya bowringiana superba ‘Augusta’ AM/AOS.

A diminutive species native to Mexico and Central America, this prefers warm to hot growing conditions. At least one plant from this grex has received an First Class Certificate. Excellent for mount culture. (Spring) We have Limited Quantities in 2.5” clay pots, $20.00.

An interesting and easy to grow species. Pale green blooms with maroon striping appear from the center of each years new growth. (Spring) Near Blooming Size 2.5” pots, $12.00.

Popular Brazilian species that prefers bright, filtered light and warm temperatures. Large blooms are intensely colored with bronzed petals and contrasting fuchsia trumpets. The foliage on this grex is very long and narrow with a light scattering of purple freckles. (Summer) Large, overgrown 2.5” pots ready for 4” pots, $12.00. (These plants may be sent bare-root due to size).

8393 Cattleya amethystoglossa ‘El Camino’ AM/AOS x self.

Clusters of waxy pink blooms with purple spotting ap-

Encyclia radiata ‘Jeff’s Select’

C. bowringiana superba pear on elegant upright stems. Strong bifoliate grower. (Winter-Spring) 2.5” pots, $16.00. ‘Augusta’

C. amethystoglossa


Di s Ca cou ttl nte eya d s


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7954 Blc. Malworth x Blc. Carolina Orange D’or. 2.5” pots, $9.00.

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8413 Lc. Twilight Song 4N. Overgrown 2.5” pots, $9.00.

8414 Potinara My Precious Overgrown 2.5” pots, $9.00.


8722 Lc. Canhamiana coerulea x C. warneri rosea. 2.5” pots, $9.00.


8838 Blc. Lester McDonald. 2.5” pots, $9.00.


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Supply orders: Key to Shipping Zones ZONE A ZONE B ZONE C

Small supply items are generally enclosed with orchid orders unless doing so might damage the plants or make the order significantly more expensive to ship. Otherwise, supply items are generally packed and shipped separately by ground delivery services. Either way, we charge $3.50 per box for packing supply orders. In addition, when we ship supplies separately from plants, we charge our actual cost of shipping. We can estimate packing and shipping charges if requested. In that case, if our actual cost is significantly less than the estimated charges, we refund or credit to customers’ accounts any amount in excess of the packing charge plus our actual cost of shipping. Likewise, if our actual cost is more than the estimated charges, we confirm with customers by telephone or email before shipping.

Your patronage is appreciated. If we can be of service regarding any of your orchid interests or concerns, please do not hesitate contact us.


As 9401 Cym. Gloria Naugle ‘Everglades’ x Cym. Western Movie ‘Key Lime’ .

Guaranteed Safe Delivery: We guarantee safe delivery of orchid orders within the contiguous United States if we are allowed to choose the shipping allowed to ship to a business address or to an address where someone will be available to sign a delivery receipt. We pack orchids in bud or in bloom carefully, but we do not guarantee that buds or blooms will not be damaged in shipment for




9797 Cym. Gloria Naugle ‘Everglades Cinnamon Stick’ x Cym. Autumn Crisp ‘Wally’s Choice’.

reasons beyond our control.

Bonus plants: societies. If any of the five plants ordered are dug-up, bare-root plants, then the bonus plant may also be a dug-up, bare-


Warmth tolerant breeding from Milton Carpenter of Everglades Orchids. Large sprays of chartreuse and green blooms with red lip markings. (Summer) Bare-root plants ready for at least 3.5” pots, $7.00 & Large 2.5” pots, $12.00.

method, if we are allowed to withhold shipment until weather conditions are conducive to safe delivery, and if we are

We generally enclose one free bonus plant (our selection) for every five plants ordered by retail customers and by orchid


An intriguing hybrid from Milton Carpenter which is expected to produce large bronze and gold blooms such as the photo at left. (Fall) Bare-root plants ready for at least 2.5” pots,, $7.00.

Cym. Western Movie ‘Key Lime’

9624/9625 Cym. Everglades ‘Diamond Jubilee’ AM/AOS x sib.

root plant. Likewise, if any of the plants ordered are houseplants, then the free bonus plant may also be a houseplant. These bonus plants are “grower’s choice” and may not be the same types or the same sizes as the plants ordered. Unless

Bred from Everglades Orchids parentage, this cross will produce quality pinks and creams with bold red lip markings. Warmth tolerant with excellent stem presentation. (Winter) Bare-root plants ready for at least 2.5” pots, $7.00.

otherwise stated, bonus plants will also be included with our collections.

Damaged shipments: We take great care in packing your order. If damage is evident upon receipt of an order, please keep all packaging material and plants and please report the damage to us immediately. We may request that you return the damaged items.

Retail volume discounts, wholesale discounts and orchid society discounts: We offer volume discounts to retail customers for orchid purchases of $100 or more at our nursery in Newberry. Please inquire for details. We offer wholesale discounts to customers who resell plants. Kindly forward a copy of your business license or other documentation that you resell plants with any such request. We offer orchid societies a discount of 25% plus bonus plants for every five plants ordered in orchid orders of $200 or

Cym. High Hopes ‘Everglades’

Cym. Maureen Carter ‘Oriental Star’ M7947 Cym. Maureen Carter ‘Oriental Star’ HCC/AOS.

9134 Cym. High Hopes ‘Everglades’ (4N) x parishii ‘Emma Menninger’ HCC/AOS (4N)

One of the parents of this awarded clone is the extremely fragrant species Cym. sinense and this clone carries that sweet scent. Upright stems of pale yellow blooms with a green flush. (Winter) 2.5” pots, $12.00.

Tall, arching sprays of pale pink to cream blooms with rose markings. Vigorous tetraploid plants. (Winter-Spring) Bare-root plants ready for at least 3.5” pots, $7.00.

Cym. Everglades ‘Diamond Jubilee’

9233 Cym. dayanum album ‘Lady Elizabeth’ CHM/AOS x self .

more. We welcome society group orders as well as orders for society auctions, raffles, and sales. Please do not ask us to package plants separately.

The seedpod for this rare offering came to us from grower Joe Francis. Easy to grow species that produces pendant stems. Blooms are ivory with a mint green band in the center of each petal. Recommended! (Fall) Bare-root plants ready for at least 2.5” pots,, $12.00.

These discounts (and AOS Coupons) are not applicable for supplies, collections, or otherwise discounted plants. (We do not generally honor more than one discount per order.) Discounts do not apply to packing and shipping charges. We invite orchid societies to schedule group visits to our nursery. We will provide lunch and extend discounts of 10%

8376 Dracula bella.

for supplies and 25% for plants for groups of twelve or more orchid society members who schedule visits on Saturdays. Each year we are happy to contribute $50 gift certificates to societies in exchange for copies of their current rosters for the purpose of adding them to our mailing list. (We do not share our mailing list or information about our customers.)

Cym. dayanum album

These gift certificates are meant to be used only for orchid purchases at our regular prices, and not for purchases with

(Photo taken by James Osen)

society discounts, wholesale discounts, or AOS Coupons or for packing and shipping charges.

Catalog requests: Catalog requests from anywhere with a United States Postal Service Zip code should send $2.00 for each catalog request. Catalog requests from Canada and Mexico should send $2.50 for each catalog requested. Catalog requests from all other countries should send $7.50 for each catalog request.

Dracula bella

A rare and interesting species native to high altitudes in Colombia and Ecuador. Prefers cool to intermediate temperatures, moderate light and high humidity with constant moisture at the roots. Pendant stems of red spotted blooms emerge from base of plant. Free Flowering. Blooming Size 4” Hanging Baskets, $25.00.

9065 Zygopetalum mackayi ‘Jean Webster’ HCC/AOS x self. Upright stems of fragrant blooms. Petals are lime green with olive markings and the white lip is veined with indigo purple. (Fall) Near Blooming Size 4” pots, $22.00.

9151 Stanhopea jenischiana.

Pendant stems of two-tone yellow blooms. The column and the inside of the petals carry blood-red spots. Best suited for basket culture. (Summer-Various) Bare-root plants ready for 3” or larger containers, $9.00.

9260 Stanhopea stevensonii.

Similar to the photo but lacking the spots. Brighter golden-yellow coloring expected. (Summer-Various) BareStanhopea jenischiana root plants ready for 3” or larger containers, $9.00.



As so rte


en era

La dy sli pp ers

Ranantanda Little Fiery Dancers (First Bloom Seedling)

Holcoglossum amesiana 8998 Holcoglossum (Vanda) amesiana.

8638 Ranantanda Little Fiery Dancers (Renanthera Bill Crocker x Vanda cristata). We were pleasantly surprised when this novelty cross first bloomed on a very young plant. Compact, with stems of heavily spotted blooms and trademark Vanda cristata red lip. (Late Summer) Limited Blooming Size 3.5” pots, $18.00.

This beautiful species is native to Southeast Asia and has upright terete foliage. Stems of white and pink blooms appear in mid-winter. Intensely fragrant with a candy-like scent that fills the room (or greenhouse!) Near Blooming Size plants in at least 2.5” pots, $20.00. (Limit One).

9553 Paph. Newberry Halo ‘#6’ x Paph. Emerald Brocade ‘Green Glow’ (photo above).

This hybrid combines two proven breeding lines in a promising new cross for glowing greens. Dorsals should have a white halo and some will carry the mid-rib line seen in the parent above. Award potential! (Winter) 2.5” pots, $25.00 and Limited Blooming Size 3.5” pots, $35.00.

9390/9391 Paph. Nimit (Paph. primulinum x Paph. Greyi). Our remake of a popular cross. Flowers are varying shades of cream with green blushing and maroon freckles. Glossy foliage is variegated with silvery green. Semi-sequential blooming habit. *L* (Winter-Various) Near Blooming Size 2.5” pots, $16.00.

Paph. Hsinying Jewel Darwinara Walnut Valley

Dendrobium crumenatum

9680 Darwinara Walnut Valley.

8491 Dendrobium crumenatum.

This dwarf Vandaceous cross will have a range of blooms in deep blue, lavenders, whites and light pinks. Recommended for beginners and windowsill growers. Very fragrant with a honeysuckle scent. *L* Blooming Size 2.5” pots, $20.00. (Limit One).

Known as the Thunderstorm Orchid. Pure white blooms appear on evergreen stems in response to a drop in temperature and barometric pressure. Flowers may only last for one day but what a show! Very Fragrant. Bare-root plants, $9.00.

Paph. delenatii

Dendrobium loddigesii 9137 Dendrobium loddigesii.

A miniature species best suited for mounts and totems. These are semi-deciduous and will drop foliage during winter months with new leaves emerging in the spring after flowering. Blooming Size plants established on tree fern mounts, $20.00.

8943 Paph. Emerald Fairy Cup (Paph. Hsinying Jewel ‘Greenspots’ x Paph. Maudiae ‘Newberry’). The first to flower from this recently registered cross have been delicate greens with green and white striped dorsals. Striking variegated foliage. Free Flowering. Blooming Size 2.5” pots, 16.00.

8942 Paph. rothschildianum ‘Raye’ x ‘Chester Hills’ AM/AOS. Line bred from awarded parents, this grex is expected to give tall, stately stems of handsome blooms with intense coloring. Requires bright, filtered light to flower. (Spring) 2.5” pots, 12.00.

9018 Paphiopedilum delenatii. Anytime we are asked to recommend a special ladyslipper this one comes to mind. This species has darkly variegated foliage and beautiful delicate pink blooms. In addition, flowers carry a faint fresh rose fragrance. *L* (Late Winter) Near Blooming Size 2.5” pots, $16.00.

9542 Vanda Paki x Vanda Bill Burke. Very compact growing plants should yield green and cream blooms and start blooming on young plants. Due to the Vanda cristata influence, we are also expecting darker cinnamon markings on petals and lips. (Summer) 2.5” pots, $12.00.

Nakamotoara Newberry Apricot 8640 Nakamotoara Newberry Apricot

Ascocentrum curvifolium 8806 Ascocenda Rumrill (Vanda cristata x Ascocentrum curvifolium). These compact plants will have round reddish-orange blooms with even darker red lip markings. Vigorous growers. (Summer) 2.5” pots, $12.00.


Vanda cristata

Back for a limited time, is our popular remake of an earlier cross. Compact-miniature plants with clusters of peach and orange blooms. Great for windowsill growers or those with space concerns. *L* Fragrant. Blooming Size 3” pots, $16.00.

Paph. Greyi album

Paph. Newberry Jade Dream

9576 Paphiopedilum Lalita [Paph. godefroyae var. leucochilum x Greyi album (F2)].

We are excited and proud to offer this new remake. Compact plants with oversized white and cream blooms heavily freckled with maroon spots. Recommended for collectors and advanced growers. *L* (Winter-Spring) Near Blooming Size 2.5” pots, 25.00.

9025/9026 Paphiopedilum Newberry Jade Dream (Paph. Newberry Halo x Newberry Golden Delicious).

Hearty plants with glossy green and chartreuse blooms. All of those we have flowered have showed a distinct white halo on the dorsal and incredible substance. *L* (Winter) 2.5” pots, $25.00 and Limited Blooming Size 3.5” pots, $35.00.


Ph ala en op sis

M9310 Dtps. Sogo Manager ‘Newberry Sunshine’.

9512 Phal. Green Tetra (Phal. tetraspis alba x Green Jewel).

This stunning yellow mericlone is probably the best clear yellow we have ever offered. Large, round blooms combine with vigorous plant habit. As these mature you can also expect multiple, branched bloom stems. *L* (Spring) Blooming Size 4” pots, $20.00.

The first to flower on these miniature-compact plants have been cream to green in color and we expect more of the same. Well suited for mounts or basket culture. Waxy, long lasting flowers. *L* (Fall-Various) 2.5” pots, $16.00.

8882 Phal. amboinensis ‘Yellow Jacket’ HCC/AOS x Phal. amboinensis ‘Golden Chalice’. A new grex of this hard-to-find Indonesian species. Stems produce creamy-yellow blooms with bronze or chestnut brown markings. Prefers warm temperatures year round and low-medium light. (SpringSummer) *L* 2.5” pots, $16.00.

M9550 Phal. Mistral’s Sunrise Flame ‘Mendenhall’.

Phal. Green Jewel

Phal. amboinensis

9488 Phal. Taipei Gold x Phal. (Orchidview Sunsplash x King’s Ransom).

8888 Phal. gigantea ‘Johnette’ x self Our parent plant is bred from the awarded ‘Harford’ clone. Pendant stems show off cream blooms heavily marked with reddishbrown to beet-red spots. A large growing species, these will be worth the wait! Do not to repot this species too often. (Summer) Beautiful plants established in 3” pots, $25.00.

Dtps. Sogo Manager ‘Newberry Sunshine’

This rare coloring comes from crossing a soft lavender-pink with a waxy bright yellow. We have never seen another plant Phal. Mistral’s Sunrise with the texture and rich apricot color of this clone. Gorgeous Flame ‘Mendenhall’ plants with dark, glossy foliage. Recommended! *L* (WinterSpring) Blooming Size 4” pots, $20.00.

Phalaenopsis Bench Clearing Special

This cross will have long-lasting displays of waxy yellow blooms with concentric amber markings. Compact plants have dark green foliage tinged with a reddish-hue. We are looking forward to these! *L* (Summer) Blooming Size 3” pots, $10.00.

Phal. Taipei Gold

Ph ala en op sis

Phal. gigantea ‘Johnette’

We have an abundance of seedling Phalaenopsis crosses still in community flats so for a Limited Time we are offering them at a special net price of $5.00 per plant. Our growers will select vigorous named plants in an assortment of colors to be shipped bare-root, ready to be potted into your media of choice. These plants should flower within the coming twelve months, in season. Please note that no other discounts, free shipping offers or bonus plants apply and we can not take orders for specific hybrids, colors or blooming seasons at these prices. (See our terms for more details).

M9722 Phal. Be Tris ‘Newberry’ Our select clone from this world famous cross. Compact, almost tea-cup sized plants with ever-blooming stems of purple and white flowers. *L* (Spring) Two sizes available. Blooming Size plants in 3” pots, $15.00 and 4” pots, $20.00.

M9106 Dtps. Newberry Perfection ‘Pink Giant’.

Phal. Be Tris ‘Newberry’

(First Bloom Seedling from Cross Below) 9447 Phal. (Carolina Spotted Mancini x Dolicissimo) x Phal. Looking for Matthew ‘Mendenhall’ AM/AOS. This new hybrid has bloomed some of the ‘spottiest’ flowers we have seen in a long time. White blooms are overlaid with almost a solid layer of very fine reddish-purple freckles. *L* (Spring) Offered here are Blooming Size Bare-Root plants ready for 3” or larger pots, $7.00.

Phal. Newberry Pink Sensation ‘Shapely’ M9724 Phal. Newberry Pink Sensation ‘Shapely’.

A new cross using proven parents for classic ‘French Spotted’ blooms. Creamy white flowers with reddish-purple markings. *L* (Spring) Blooming Size 3” pots, $10.00.

9459 Phal. Looking for Matthew ‘Mendenhall’ AM/AOS x ‘#3’.


Dtps. Newberry Perfection ‘Pink Giant’

Mature plants produce tall, arching stems with sparkling pinklavender blooms. Long-lasting with non-fading color and smooth texture. Dark, sturdy foliage. *L* (Spring) Blooming Size plants in 3” pots, $10.00.

9665 Phal. Looking for Matthew x Phal. (Grand Cascade x Jennifer Matthews).

Phalaenopsis Jennifer Matthews

This beautiful clone is our largest pink and has porcelain smooth texture. Flowers measure at almost five inches across. (Late Spring) *L* Two sizes available. Blooming Size plants in 3” pots, $10.00 and 4” pots, $15.00.

Phalaenopsis Looking for Matthew

This sib cross uses our awarded parent pictured at left. We expect long, showy stems of purple spotted blooms with award potential. *L* (Spring) Blooming Size 3” pots, $10.00.

Phal. Newberry Pink Sensation

Phal. Michael Crocker

Phal. formosana

(First Bloom Seedling)

9660 Phal. Newberry Pink Sensation x sib. In this new sibling cross we chose two select forms with stunning color and form. Rich, smooth lavenders with a white center halo. Beautiful dark foliage. *L* (Spring) Blooming Size 3” pots, $10.00.

9402 Phal. Michael Crocker ‘Contrast’ AM/AOS x ‘#33’. It has been almost a decade since we have been able to offer seedlings bred from this Carter & Holmes exclusive. Waxy, long-lasting blooms have intense red-purple barred markings. *L* (Late SpringSummer) Blooming Size 3” pots, $10.00.

9548/9549 Phal. formosana. This species is native to Taiwan and is recommended for beginner growers. Compact plants produce showers of medium sized pure white blooms. Many modern day multi-floral hybrids have this in their pedigree. *L* (Spring) Near Blooming Size Bare-Root plants, $7.00.


Su pp lie s

Su pp

Orchid Growing Supplies

We are pleased to list a selection of orchid supplies for the hobby grower. These are products we use at our nursery and we recommend them to you without hesitation. If you require items or sizes not listed, we will be happy to check availability and phone with pricing or you may visit our Website. Prices listed do not include packing & shipping. Heavy or bulky supplies may be shipped separately from orchid orders to reduce shipping costs and avoid damage to plants. In this case, we charge our customers actual shipping cost for supplies. See order form for more details. GENERAL SUPPLIES Sterile Single-edge Razor Blades 100@ $ 9.95 Snip ‘N Twist Plastic Tie (250 foot spool) $ 9.50 Light Intensity Meter $29.95 Labels - white 4” stick-in type $ 0.10 4” Tie-on type $ 0.15 6-7/8” Propagators $ 0.35 Sticky Strips (yellow) covered with adhesive goo to trap destructive insects. (No chemicals!) 5 for $3.95

WATERING SUPPLIES $ 8.50 Brass Fogg-It Nozzles Specify: Superfine, Fine, Low or Heavy Volume Water Breaker Plastic Water Breaker Plastic Shut-Off Valve

small large plastic

13½” x 10½” 26” x 10½” 29½” x 13½” 38½” x 6½” 26¼” x 6½” 26” x 19½”

$15.95 $27.95 $36.95 $29.95 $18.95 $39.95



Pot Hangers (single) 6” Mini 6” Standard 18” Pot Hangers (double) 24” Rhizome (Pot) Clips, Specify size 3”, 4”, 5” & 6” Green Bamboo Stakes 18” 24” 14” Metal Stakes with Eye 24” 8” Phalaenopsis Stakes, (Metal w/open loop at top) 12” 18” 24” “S” Hooks, For suspending orchids with hangars 6” 12” 18” 4-Way Wire Hangers (for Cedar Baskets) 20” 30” 40” 20

$ 7.95 $ 8.95 $ 8.95

Bayer “Advanced Garden” Rose & Flowers Insect Killer For mealy bugs, scale and other insects. (Ready to use spray bottle) 24 oz $10.00 Quart $16.95 Deadline Slug Bait 32 oz $12.00 Safer’s Insecticidal Soap 8 oz $12.00 Dyna-Gro pure Neem Oil 6 oz $14.00 Dithane M45 Fungicide 1/2 oz $24.99 Keiki Pro (Concentrated liquid) 1 oz $39.99 Physan 20, Disinfectant/Fungicide 8 oz $ 6.50 Pint $ 9.50 Gallon $ 49.95 Superthrive 1 oz $ 6.50 Vitamins 2 oz $ 8.50 4 oz $ 13.95 & Hormones Pint $ 42.95 Please be careful with all fertilizers, insecticides and other chemicals. Keep them away from children and follow package instructions.


lie s


$ 0.65 $ 0.85 $ 2.00 $ 2.50 $ 0.25 $ 0.15 $ 0.25 $ 0.55 $ 0.65 $ 0.50 $ 0.60 $ 0.70 $ 0.80 $ 0.35 $ 0.50 $ 0.75 $ 0.95 $ 1.10 $ 1.25

Fish Fertilizer Dyna-Gro 3-12-6 Dyna-Gro Orchid Pro 7-8-6 Dyna-Gro Pro-Tekt 0-0-3 Dyna-Gro K-L-N

Pint Quart 8 fl oz Pint 8 fl oz 8 fl oz Quart 8 fl oz

$ 8.95 $12.95 $ 8.95 $12.95 $ 8.25 $ 8.25 $17.50 $12.95

Grow-More 20-10-20 (Urea free) New Size! Grow-More 30-10-10 (High Nitrogen) Grow-More 6-30-30 (Bloom) CAL-MAG (15-5-15)

10 oz 1.25 lb 3 lbs 1 lb 43 oz 1.25 lb 3 lbs 1.25 lb 5 lbs

$ 6.25 $ 8.95 $19.50 $ 8.95 $19.50 $ 8.95 $19.50 $ 5.95 $17.00

Nutricote (10-10-17) Time Release Fertilizer

1.25 lb

$ 5.95


Su pp lie s


( W x H)

2½”x 2½” 2½”x 3¼” 3” x 2 ¾” 3½”x 3 ¼” 4”x 3 ¾” 4”x 3 ½”

Square Square Round Standard Round Standard Square Round Standard

5”x 3 ¾” 6”x 4 ½” 8”x 6 ¼” 6”x 3 ¾” 8”x 4” 10”x 5”

$ 0.25 $ 0.30 $ 0.35 $ 0.45 $ 0.50 $ 0.50

Round Azalea Round Azalea Round Azalea Bulb Pan Bulb Pan Bulb Pan

$ 0.60 $ 0.75 $ 1.75 $ 1.00 $ 2.00 $ 2.50

Su pp

lie s

Carter & Holmes Orchid Mixes - (Specify the type mix you need or the type & size of orchids being repotted.) Available in four container sizes: Single Size $ 2.50 (Enough mix for One - 6” pot) 1/4 cubic foot $ 6.50 (Enough mix for approx 5- 6” pots) 1 cubic foot $15.00 (Enough mix for approx 20- 6” pots) 2 cubic feet $25.00 (Enough mix for approx 40+-6” pots)

Peat Mix - We use this mix for most Phalaenopsis up to 6” pots. Also recommended for Jewel Orchids in small pots and young Cymbidiums up to 5”-6” pots.

CLEAR PLASTIC POTS 4”x 3 ½” 5”x 3 ¾” 6”x 5” 8”x 5 ¾”

Round Round Round Round

Standard $ 0.60 Azalea $ 0.75 Azalea $ 1.00 Azalea $ 2.00

Cypress Blend Mix- (Made using Cypress Wood Blend and Spongerock) Recommended for most orchids in 2.5” pots – 6” pots. We are using this for many of our orchids now including cattleyas, ladyslippers, oncidiums, cymbidiums etc.. (Can also be used as a base mix with other ingredients such as charcoal, tree fern or sphagnum moss added)

BLACK PLASTIC MESH BASKETS Polyethylene plastic and UV Resistant Can be used as a pot or hanging basket

4” x 3 ¾” Octagonal

$ 2.50

6” x 4 ¼” Octagonal

$ 3.50

8” x 5 ¾” Octagonal

$ 4.00

10” x 5 ¾” Octagonal

$ 4.50

4” x 3½” 8” x 5”


$ 4.50 $ 8.50

Square $ 3.00 $ 3.75 $ 5.50 $ 7.00

6 x 4” 6 x 6” 8 x 8”

“Blooming Size” indicates plants that are large enough to flower in season, within 12

$ 3.00 $ 3.50 $ 4.00

months. “Near Blooming Size” indicates plants that are large enough to flower in season within 12-18 months. “Bare-Root” plants may be from overgrown pots or community flats. All are ready for at least 2.5”-3” pots and may be larger as descriptions state.

Octagonal N/A $ 6.00 $ 6.75 $ 9.25

Items with “M” preceding the number are mericlones (produced from tissue culture) and are expected to be identical to the photo shown. Seedlings (produced from seedpods) are simply listed with the four-digit number. You should expect some variation in size, shape, color, markings and form among these plants.


(Approximate sizes) Great for mounting orchids. Charcoal (Medium or Fine grade) 3” x 5” 5” x 6” 6” x 12”

and symbols used in our catalogs and on the website.

sills, due to mature plant size and/or light requirements.


CEDAR BASKETS (4-Way Hangers purchased separately) (See page 20) 4” 6” 8” 10”

See below for a brief key to the abbreviations

“ *L* ” Indicates plants are suitable for artificial light culture or for growing on window-

TREE FERN PRODUCTS Totems 2 x 2 x 24” $ 5.50 2 x 2 x 30” $ 6.25

Due to limited supply we are no longer always able to offer Douglas Fir Bark and mixes made from it. Please inquire as to specific availability by emailing or calling our offices.

$ 2.50 $ 4.50 $ 7.50

¼ cu ft Chilean Sphagnum 150 grams Coco Husk Fiber 1/4 cu ft

For standard sized cattleyas we generally estimate time till first flowering as the following:

$ 7.95 $ 5.95 $ 5.95

2.5”-3” pots - 3+ years 3.5” pots - 2-3 years

4” pots - 12-18 months 5”+ pots - 12 months or less.

Miniature cattleyas are Blooming Size in a 2.5”-3” pot. Compact cattleyas are Blooming Size in a 3.5” pot.



Our highest awarded butterfly orchid and the beginning of our Psychopsis breeding that has become world famous for quality seedlings. We offer here true mericlone of this parent plant that won a 90 pt First Class Certificate from the AOS in 1985. (Spring-Various) Blooming Size plants in 2.5” pots, $75.00. Limited Quantities available, No Discounts or Coupons apply.

M9102 Psychopsis papilio ‘Mendenhall’ FCC/AOS.

Visitors are welcome to our nursery Monday through Saturday, 9am-5pm. We are only a ten minute drive from I-26. Visit our website for directions.

(800) 873-7086 order * (803) 276-0579 (803) 276-0588 fax Visit our Nursery: Monday-Saturday, 9am-5pm.

CARTER AND HOLMES ORCHIDS Post Office Box 668 629 Mendenhall Road Newberry, South Carolina 29108 PRSRT STD U.S. Postage PAID PPCO

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