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Decorate Your Floor with Elegant Bliss Carpets Generally, the women look after and clean their homes! They make most purchase decisions regarding the décor of their personal space. The way they choose carpets and rugs is also a reflection of their personal style and taste. For instance, if you as a woman, love neutral tones, your living spaces will have a soft touch of pastel shades around; but if you love bright colors then your home will have the warmth of darker shades. The designers and experts at Bliss Carpets have interviewed many female shoppers across America to learn what they like and expect from floor coverings. After gathering all the information, they are imbibing the same in their designs for producing beautiful carpets with fabulous patterns and features to make you say ‘Love it’. Environment-Friendly Bliss Carpets Are carpets the best flooring option for you if you have small kids and pets running around the house? Yes, Bliss carpets, which have been appropriately rated as the ‘Nicest Carpets in the World’, are not only pet and kid friendly but also perform very well in high foot traffic zones in offices and homes. They leave the overall décor and floors looking and feeling beautiful at all times. Magic Fresh Magic Fresh is an environment-friendly carpet treatment that is exclusive to Bliss carpets. It is applied to the carpet fibers during the manufacturing process itself; therefore Magic Fresh feature is in-built. Generally, carpets have the tendency to absorb all the odors around the house, and the smell lingers in them for a long time. But, this treatment is specially formulated to neutralize all the household odors like the smell of pet urine, odors of all the sumptuous food that you cook for the family, or the offensive odor of cigarette smoke. This unique feature is guaranteed to last as long as your carpets do, which means that you will always have a clean-smelling

home. Now, isn’t that something that you have always been looking for? Silver Release Since ancient times, silver has been known to prevent diseases. Here, at Bliss Carpets, Silver Release, which is an anti-microbial carpet treatment, is added to the fibers of the carpet during the manufacturing process for arresting the growth of mould, mildew, bacteria and other household odors. These silver ions in the carpets fibers last for a lifetime and are always at work for providing fresher, healthier feelings for you, your family members, and all guests. Scotchgard Protector by 3M Like other treatment means, Scotchgard Protector by 3M is a specially formulated treatment that is added to the carpet fibers during the manufacturing process. This treatment mode provides an invisible barrier to make Bliss carpets dust resistant, as well as resistant against water stains and oil-based stains. The seven year limited warranty period of this protective agent shields your Bliss carpets against permanent stains caused by strongly colored foods and beverages. So, you need not worry about small spills and dirt, all that you need to do is soak up the spills at the earliest to keep your carpet looking like new for a long time. It is also recommended that you get your carpet cleaned with professionally managed hot water extraction remedies every two years. A little bit of care and maintenance will make sure that your carpets last you for years in a row. The Perfect Canvas for Your Homes The Stylish Beauty Collection, as the name suggests, belongs to trendy carpets that are stylish, durable, and versatile. There are two types of nylon fibres that are used for making these elegant carpets, one is the Stainmaster’s 6.6 nylon fiber and the other variety is the unbranded 6 nylon. Both the varieties of nylon fibres are easy to clean, have excellent strength, and can resist soil and grime stains. The dyeing flexibility and the precise loop and cut placement of these nylon fibres assure that you get to

install a carpet that matches and enhances the dĂŠcor of your living space to perfection. Certification from Green Label Plus further ensures that the carpets from this collection keep the indoor air clean, thereby providing a healthy environment for you and your family. The new carpet collection by Bliss carpets is the Indulgence Collection. The carpets in this range are soft and constructed with 100% solution-dyed nylon fibres that are color fast and resistant to all kinds of spills and stains. Additionally, the Wrinkle Guard Protection on the carpet backing ensures that your carpets always lie flat on the floor and do not wrinkle or buckle up in any way. You can easily spot-clean and maintain these elegant and incredibly soft carpets at home with a 50% solution of household bleach and water. Care and Maintenance A little care can go a long way in maintaining the good health of your carpet. If you want your carpets to last a life time then some preventive measures can be adopted for them to perform well. - Use doormats at all entrances to your house, so that all the dirt and grime from your shoes can be trapped at the entrance, right on the foot mat itself. - Try and walk without your shoes on the carpet, so that the levels of wear and tear can be reduced and less dirt gets transferred on to them. - In order to keep your Bliss carpet dust-free, you need to regularly vacuum clean it. The act also ensures that the air quality in your living spaces is allergen free. - Throw a few rugs and mats around your house, especially in the high foot traffic zones, so that there is less wear and tear to your carpets. It is also advisable to move your furniture around every now and then, and also use furniture cups on the legs of

your furniture, so that the weight of the furniture does not damage your carpets. - It is very important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines in cleaning and maintaining your Bliss carpets. It is also recommended that apart from the preventive measures mentioned above, you should get your carpets professionally cleaned every two years to make them more long-lasting and durable. Enjoy blissful home dÊcor experiences with Bliss Carpets! For more information visit:

Decorate your floor with elegant bliss carpets  

The designers and experts at Bliss Carpets have interviewed many female shoppers across America to learn what they like and expect from floo...

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