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By Sxedia Stin Poli

By Sxedia Stin Poli Management: Andrea Amado & Carmen MartĂ­nez Edition and design: Carmen MartĂ­nez

As part of “Youth and the city” we have created the first Fanzine of Sxedia Stin Poli, with the tittle of “Winged Words”. The aim of this Fanzine is to create a collaborative publication, joining the creative work of more than twenty people from all around the world. All the works that are included in these forty pages are inspired by word in different languages such as Greek, Portuguese, English, Italian or Spanish. Words that have the power to bring memories, represent ideas or objects and being a powerful call to inspiration. Thanks to all the people who participated in this zine and invested some part of their time to be part of this collective creation.



Η θάλασσα είναι σαν τον έρωτα: μπαίνεις και δεν ξέρεις αν θα βγεις. Πόσοι δεν έφαγαν τα νιάτα τους – μοιραίες βουτιές, θανατερές καταδύσεις, κράμπες, πηγάδια, βράχια αθέατα, ρουφήχτρες, καρχαρίες, μέδουσες. Αλίμονο αν κόψουμε τα μπάνια Μόνο και μόνο γιατί πνίγηκαν πεντέξι. Αλίμονο αν προδώσουμε τη θάλασσα Γιατί έχει τρόπους να μας καταπίνει. Η θάλασσα είναι σαν τον έρωτα: χίλιοι τη χαίρονται – ένας την πληρώνει. Ντίνος Χριστιανόπουλος: Η θάλασσα

Ήσουν αυτ@ που Μου άρεσε να φιλώ Δίχως αύριο

Το μουστάκι σου Διψώ να γλύψω τωρα Κι ας με ξυρίσουν

Ο έρωτας δεν Θα σε ρωτήσει ποτέ Τη γνώμη σου


Τραγούδια για την απογοήτευση ή την ανεμελιά! - Dean Martin/ That’s Amore - Daniel Johnston/ True Love Will Find You In The End - Joy Division/ Love will tear us apart again -The Hillbilly Moon Explosion/ My Love For Evermore - Elvis Prisley/ Love me tender - The Raveonettes/ Love In A Trashcan - Monophonics/ Strange Love -Nick Cave/ Do you Love me

“...διότι οι άνθρωποι δεν συγχωρούν αυτούς που από έρωτα εκπέσανε”.

-Vodka Juniors/Walk with me -Απόστολος Χατζηχρήστος/ Ας Μην Ξημέρωνε Ποτέ -Γιάννης Αγγελάκας & Επισκέπτες/ Η αγάπη

-Ας περιμένουν οι γυναίκεςΣταύτρος Τσιόλης

ορμάει μπροστά -Ξύλινα Σπαθιά/ Αφού Σου Το ‘πα -Παύλος Παυλίδης/ Ο χρόνος -Τρύπες/ Γιορτή

Love 5

Silvana Valente 6

Νοσταλγíα Την νοσταλγία την συνδυάζω με ένα ηλιοβασίλεμα στην παραλία της Θεσσαλονίκης, βλέποντας το μέσα μου δημιουργείται μια μελαγχολία λόγω μιας έντονης επιθυμίας για επιστροφή σε ευχάριστες καταστάσεις που έχω ζήσει στο παρελθόν.

Ζωή Γιαννηνάσιου


ΦΙΛΟΝΕΜΕΣΙΑ Φιλονεμέσια (This would be the Greek word for the Portuguese Art of loving the enemy…) After all, there is no need for anybody to get hurt: one can simply adore the opponent! You see, there’s nothing more overwhelming and disarming than doing so! It takes a lot of strength and courage from the Creative Mind, it’s true… However, by finding good reasons to appreciate the adversary, to unexpectedly enjoy the differences, even the most profound ones, the battle is won! And: why not?! Instead of digging a trench – dig in a dinner invitation, settle the battlefield around a table mined with wine and terrific food; swipe the soup, then duck in the main dish, and BAM, make a full frontal charge on the dessert!


By the end of it, the conflict, whatever it was, should be solved, with the general surrender to the tolerance gun – pointed to heart and head. Yes, it takes a lot of strength and courage from the Creative Mind; nevertheless, Φιλονεμέσια is the right weapon – it has both the power and the element of surprise, it makes your stomach and liver stronger (or it may also go the exact opposite way, depending on the number of enemies of have); it’s also the most environmental-friendly approach to war!... Furthermore, by fighting with affection and unconditional Love (detaining the anatomical technology of the hug), one is able to capture pieces of Truth spread through each and every thesis (and then finally understand how strange and almost irrelevant Truth is). The higher on the peaks of tolerance, greater the glance at the beauty of Human Diversity!

Bernardo Machado


10 MagdalĂŠna Kokonezis


Argyro Skitsa


ήλιος Ήλιος. Κάποιες μέρες ζεστός και λαμπερός άλλες τσουχτερός. Ξέρεις ότι κάθε μέρα είναι εκεί, αν και καμιά φορά κρύβεται πίσω απ’ τα σύννεφα και δεν τον βλέπεις. Ξυπνάς το πρωί, τρέχεις στο παράθυρο, ανοίγεις τις κουρτίνες διάπλατα και τον ψάχνεις. Να ΄τος. Σήμερα σε ψάχνει και εκείνος. Χαμογελάς. Βγαίνεις έξω. Οι ακτίνες του σ΄ αγκαλιάζουν. Παίρνεις μια βαθιά ανάσα και συνεχίζεις. Πιο αισιόδοξος. Πιο κεφάτος. Όλη μέρα είναι εκεί και σε καρτερεί .Στο γραφείο, ρίχνεις που και που μια κλεφτή ματιά απ’ το παράθυρο για να τον δεις. Σου δίνει δύναμη. Ήρθε η ώρα για επιστροφή στο σπίτι. Ακόμη εκεί. Με μια πιο πορτοκαλί απόχρωση, απλώνεται κατά μήκος του ουρανού. Σε συντροφεύει. Περπατάς πλάι του. Ώσπου έρχεται η στιγμή να φύγει. Τον αποχαιρετάς και πέφτεις στο κρεβάτι με τη γλυκιά ανάμνησή του. Ξυπνάς το επόμενο πρωί ,…

Mαριανθη τ


hope hope hope hope hope hope hope hope hope hope

Sophia Christofidou



To the touch, it is just a huge collection of books that follows you century after century. To see the magic, you will need to leaf through their pages as they will carry you around different times and places: stories from the dawn of time or about dystopian worlds, it is only a matter of taste. Literature is a term that applies to any collections of human knowledge expressed in a written form: it is the compass our predecessors offer us as a gift, it is the baton they pass on us in order to continue the search for the meaning of life, it is the mentor that empowered men and women have chosen to illuminate their path towards freedom. Speaking of collection... The synonym of Literature is Anthology: an ancient Greek word that originally meant flower-gathering until the flowers became a metaphor for the best selection of verses the author offered to the readers. Chiara Parrucci

Chiara Parrucci




Smaro Ignatiadou

Katerina Iordanidou


Empathy (n) The ability to understand and share the feelings of another. 16

Friends Γιατί δεν θα ‘τανε οι λύπες μου και οι χαρές ίδιες δίχως εσάς γιατί στον κόσμο αυτό που πατώ διάλεξα να αγαπώ δέκα ανθρώπους…

Ελένη Καρακώτια

Patience The word PATIENCE includes lots of meanings. We can find there the word love, creation, friendships.Patience can be the guide of life. Τhe patience is the success.

Stella Sotiraki



Marina Faure


Hélène Vallée


Επανεκκίνηση Εκεί, επινοώ φανταστικά πλάσματα, όπως

Εκεί, επινοώ φανταστικά πλάσματα, όπως



















την καθημερινότητα και την φύση, ενώ τα

την καθημερινότητα και την φύση, ενώ τα

ονειρεύομαι ξύπνιος είναι για μένα ένα μέσο

ονειρεύομαι ξύπνιος είναι για μένα ένα μέσο

να μπω στο κόσμο των μεγάλων.>>

να μπω στο κόσμο των μεγάλων.>>

Εγώ εμπνεύστηκα από τον Τοτόρο και έκανα

Εγώ εμπνεύστηκα από τον Τοτόρο και έκανα

αυτό το σκίτσο με μένα και τον γιο μου δίπλα

αυτό το σκίτσο με μένα και τον γιο μου δίπλα

απλά γιατί πολλές φορές νιώθω την ανάγκη

απλά γιατί πολλές φορές νιώθω την ανάγκη

να μπαίνω στον κόσμο τον μικρών, κι έχω

να μπαίνω στον κόσμο τον μικρών, κι έχω

απομακρυνθεί τόσο από αυτή την διαδικασία

απομακρυνθεί τόσο από αυτή την διαδικασία

που δεν κατάφερα τουλάχιστον αυτή την

που δεν κατάφερα τουλάχιστον αυτή την

φορά να επινοήσω κάτι δικό μου ωστόσο και

φορά να επινοήσω κάτι δικό μου ωστόσο και

αυτό το λίγο είναι μια μικρή επανεκκίνηση!

αυτό το λίγο είναι μια μικρή επανεκκίνηση!

Eirini Karikos


Written by Filippo Massariol

THE “STI CAZZI” PHILOSOPHY Just breath and say sti cazzi A way to enlighten your soul and find a balance by using a simple Roman sentence DANGER! Attention please: Sti cazzi litteraly is a vulgar expression and IN CERTAIN CASES can be seen as offensive by some people. Anyway the aim of this article is enlighting the FRIENDLY, but also POWERFUL meaning of the sentence. Thank you!

MY PATH TOWARDS THE STI CAZZI´S MINDSET Being Italian is wonderful, and

In this nice and incredible country,

come on, be honest, who wouldn’t

where the sun always shines like a

like it? It gives you the privilege to

golden ring, or where the food is so

taste the food, get angry with the

tasty you only want to roll up your

restaurant any time and yell, “This is

sleeves and eat all the time... Huh,

not good!” in every country you go to.

I don’t want to say this. Still, I have

Jokes apart, I think that Italy’s beauty

to: Yes, I was born in the area I would

is the chance to live in a different sta-

have never felt appreciated: The Ve-

te while still in the same country. Italy

neto’s region, in the cold north-east,

is not huge, but it’s so different! Just a

the economic machine of the country.

couple of kilometers can make a sig-

The most shining thing you can see

nificant diversity, not only as climate

there is a white dish you use for po-

but also as a cultural environment.

lenta, typical north-Italian food, or the money you make that will not make you happy.


Poem in Roman Slang in the Trullo Block, South-West Rome Picture by Filippo Massariol

Benvenuti al Nord, credits: Filippo Massariol

“Sotto il Po l’Italia comincia.” There is a proverb in Italy that says:

“Sotto il Po comincia l’Italia” (“Un-

According to the stereotype, “Veneti” are not welcoming people as average

der the Po River Italy begins”)—refe-

Italians are supposed to be: they’re

rring to the fact that the north has a

cold, distant, and closed-minded.

whole other mentality. In fact, Veneto is one of the wealthiest regions of

Of course, a place doesn’t define you


as a person. Of course, not all the people from here are the same: you

The economic welfare and the enor-

can’t judge someone before meeting

mous employment rate brought a lot

him or her. But unfortunately, I have to

of material prosperity in our lives. In

admit that in part, this is true. That’s

contrast, the work-work and be-on-

why I never felt in armony with my

the-schedule mindset made us poor


as human beings.


Regioni Italiane. Source:

Do you know what did it mean to me? To be Italian and pay a glass of water when you drink the coffee? Or to be a chronic latecomer and always have to be punctual?

Huhh, that carefreeness, that “live and let live” (and since we’re living in social media times, imagine a love emoji now). I love everything from Rome, even the bad things, like hours of traffic every morning in the legendary Grande Raccordo Anulare (Big Circular Highway) or the bus that either never comes or goes on fire (yes, it does and often).

While the foggy weather surrounds you, you walk by the street and see people in silence, with their heads down. Like if we were all strangers instead of brothers and sisters. You go out at the restaurant, then split the bill and spend one-hour counting coins because offering something is like walking naked around the northpole in my region. I’m not from Veneto. I neither have the accent nor speak our local dialect. My family knows that my friends do, and all the people they know me do. And it’s so embarrassing when you go abroad, meet someone that asks you where you come from, and you’re like, “I don’t know, I don’t belong to anything.”

View from the “Pincio”, Piazza del Popolo, Rome Er Pincio, credits: Filippo Massariol

But in 2019, I moved to Rome, where I found my inner peace back, besides having discovered that deep down, I was a mezzo-terrone* inside.


ROMAN SLANG CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE Whether you come from Milan, Naples, Australia, Ca-

CAUTIOUS: It can be used as an insult, because lit-

nada, or whatever country in the world, there are a few

teraly it means “curse on your ancestors”, but at the

roman expressions that, willingly or not, will remain stuck

same time (and this is the funny thing) it can be use to

up in your mind till the end of time or even after.

express love or appreciation towards a person.

1. Li mortacci tua!!

A: “Hey, Marco I bought you a present, Francesco told me you had a bad day at work.”

It is a must, to begin with this sentence: it is used to ex-

B: “Mortacci tua, te vojo bene!” (Mortacci tua, I

press disappointment towards a person or a situation:

love you!”)

A: “Hey sweetie, we need to go! When are you ready?”-

B:”Oh, dear, I’m still gonna need to do the makeup!” –

B: “Li mortacci tua e der tuo make-up sbrigate che stamo a fa’ tardi.”

Suppose you want to stretch it even more. In that case, you can add a substantive beforehand, for example, “Le lacrime de li mortacci tua”, “The tears of li mortacci tua.” You will sound angrier but also more passional.

Li Mortacci Tua means I love you, credits: Filippo Massariol


1. Daje This is so remarkable that it helps you out whenever you are in trouble with any situation. The literal meaning is “hold on!” “stay strong!” “come on!” but the inner meaning and the impact that your heart has when it hears that sound is much more stunning than a driller or an earthquake right next to you. It’s a universal expression, and you can use it also for other cases for different meanings, for example, yes, intended as a happy and strong response. A: “Will you join us for the English course?” B: “I will”

A: “Daje, t’ aspettamo! (Yes, excellent! We’re waiting for you!” )

A: “What’s happening Flavio? Why are you crying?”

Romanesco vs the rest of the world, credits: Filippo Massariol

B: “I just broke up with my girl.”

A: “Dajeee, non t’ arrendee!! (“Come on, don’t

give up!”)

A: “Are you coming to the football game?” B: “Yes, but a bit later.”

A: “Daje, se beccamo dopo!” (“Allright, see you later!”)

Alberto Sordi, one of the most famous people for Romanità.


WHAT DOES “STI CAZZI” MEAN? There is one phrase, only one phrase, composed of

three syllables, that can make you solve all your problems in not even a second. Because this is life and

good or bad, you can’t do anything else except accepting it and smile.

Sti cazzi- It’s like “I don’t care,” but with a more substantial meaning.

Troubles are part of our life. One way to respond is to complain and pretend to be innocent victims of a horrible destiny like religion does. But “daje” come’ on, “God is dead!” It’s unuseful to think that we need to pray to an invisible man to keep our lives in order as if our inner power was limited/not enough.

NIETZSCHE, The ancestor of Sti Cazzi

You spent a whole day during an extra shift for a promo-

ATENTION Nietzsche never knew or mentioned the expresion, but his philosophy is somehow connected with “sti cazzi”, that’s why I see him as the ancestor of it.

tion, and your boss gives it to someone else, maybe a girl he’s sleeping with? Sti cazzi. che c’e posso fa?

In Italy there is a new lockdown, and we can’t go out anymore? Sti cazzi.

And as you probably realized, I’ll call out my dear Friedrich Nietzsche, the ancestor of “sti cazzi.”

I just lost my job, and I don’t have any money? Sti cazzi, io so felice.

In fact, he said according to his eternal return’s theory” that all events in the world repeat themselves in the

“Sti cazzi” doesn’t mean not to care about. Sti cazzi doesn’t mean you gave up on a situation. Sti cazzi means that you are strong enough to accept any circumstance and keep your head up.

same sequence through an eternal series of cycles.” This is why it is absurd to be sad or worried about our lives, because willingly or not, we’ll be facing our obstacles forever ever and ever even after these lives. We’ll be slaughtered like a pig, we’ll be hit by a car, we’ll be

“Sti cazzi” is like a revolution for me. It has enriched my life with a deeper meaning. We can’t control ourselves, and so we can’t control the world

betrayed by our person in love or our nail will break. No matter what, there is nothing to worry about except taking a deep breath and then say “sti cazzi” and just smile.

that is around us. No matter if we agree or not, so many bad things can and will happen to us.


I think that sti cazzi is more than a sentence, it is Will to Power (Thank you Friedrich). In “Thus Zharatustra spoke”

And I’m feeling like if I was some sort of divine messen-

ger, spreading God’s word to say: “Look, it’s unuseful

, Zarathustra saw a man being attacked by a snake, the

to worry about, just say sti cazzi!” So if I can give you

man didn’t know what to do and was about to be eaten

this advice again, if you’re full of indecision and regrets,

by the snake, but Zarathustra said: “Rip his head off!” The

take some time off and enjoy a trip to Rome. You will

shepherd bited his head and torn it off its neck, than spit

learn to be more relaxed and that after all, even if so-

it on the ground, and when he did that he was laughing as

metimes it’s a davero ‘n dito ar culo, vivi e lascia vive,

he never did before.

life is nice!

I think that the shepherd in that moment said, “Ao a’ser-

pente! O te dai oppure sti cazzi te magno e ce faccio pure na carbonara cor cervello tuo, testa de *****! “All-

right, snake, either you leave me alone or sti cazzi, i

will eat your head and do a carbonara with that!” (huh, sounds not even close to the way roman slang emphasizes the sentence). Life is like that snake, one day she will show up and try to mess with us, we can either surrender and die a million times, or put our head up, stay sti cazzi and tell her she should have backed off. A coward dies a thousand times, a soldier dies but once so on which side do you wanna stand? Since I left Rome, “sti cazzi” has become my motto, and when I see people who are so stressed or that see things like they were complicated, I try to calm them down and say sti cazzi, why are you complaining?


Parco degli Acquedotti, Rome, one of the best places in the world to watch the sunset and say: “Sti cazzi, che ce posso fa’?

Froso Asp



Katarzyna Ciszewska

Energy Energy is contagious. Energy is a concert, a theater play, a one-man show. Energy is meeting people from all over the world. Energy is making games in all languages. Energy is watching a movie together and laughing about a culture. Energy is the song Diavolo Rosso by Paolo Conte live. Energy is when you know you are going to die, and you decide to live. Energy is when you are invited to dance, and without knowing how to dance, your body comes alive. Energy is when you drink your rst co ee. Energy is the morning hug. Energy is a beer. Energy is an evening with friends. Energy can also be one joint, two joints, four joints. Energy is a ashmob. Energy is when you meet a beautiful person in the street and the eyes catch. But the energy is also in knowing that you will never nd it again. Energy is a lm of love, action, drama, family, animated. Energy is a festival. Energy is hugs at a concert, hugs at home. Energy is when you dance in the street. Energy is reciprocal. Energy is anger, joy, sadness. Energy is a manifestation. Energy is ghting injustice. Energy is creative. Energy is an action of loving, painting, writing, eating. Energy is obviously in food. Energy allows to change things, people, the environment. Energy is a story or History with a capital H. Energy is mother of will. Energy is in the family. Energy is solidarity. Energy can be delicate as well as violent. Energy is in the body. Energy is in bodies that merge in a passionate love relationship. Energy is sexual. Energy is sensual. Energy is in trying. Energy is in getting lost. Energy is in succeeding.


Energy is in the mountains, in the elds, in the sea. Energy is hiking. Energy is a grandfather too talkative. Energy is a dog, a cat, a rabbit. The hardest energy and the most important is to love yourself. Energy is invisible. Energy is in a room with light Energy is in the sun as in the rain, in the snow as in the wind. Energy is hot and cold at the same time. Energy is in silence. Energy is when you propose a book, a lm, a series that you liked a lot. Energy is when people come back to you to tell you that they loved it. Energy is an “I love you�. Energy is when you leave your love for an adventure. Energy is also in loving it every day despite everything. Energy is my friends. Energy is a mess, it’s vivid, it explodes in our hearts and takes us away. Energy is reworks. But energy is also a nap in the sun under a tree. Energy is a smile. Energy is a laugh. Energy is everywhere. Energy is in life. Life is everywhere.

Pauline Quentel



Love.. Such an incredible word Love.. So many feelings Love.. All over the world Love.. When I hear you heart beating Love is like a puzzle Love is such a struggle So hard to find, but yet so glad you never stopped trying


Feelings can be good, feelings can be bad. Feelings can show the road or break your heart. You might want them to disappear or get stronger every day, but in the end, your heart will decide what (it) aims. Feelings filled the place once again. Feelings that you want them to go away. So take a sec and just breathe in, Cause without them you wouldn’t be still here.

Katerina and Stella Symferi



Alexandra Garyfalia Fardi



EMOTION Written by Anna Gkioura

Some thoughts about the word “emotion” Κατηγοριοποίηση των συναισθημάτων So when I started thinking about emotion, I realized that I did not know exactly what that meant. So I started by being able to understand what emotion means. In addition, I remembered something that has always been difficult for me; first, to understand the feeling inside me and second, to express it. During this fanzine I tried to fill my gaps and however, I realized that finding emotions is not as simple as it may seem at first glance...

Πρωτογενή/βασικά ή Δευτερογενή - Βασικά : είναι εγγενή και φαίνονται στο πρόσωπο -







συναισθημάτων: χαρά, λύπη, θυμός, φόβος, έκπληξη, αποστροφή/αηδία, ενώ αργότερα πρόσθεσε και την περιφρόνηση - Τα δευτερογενή συναισθήματα προκύπτουν από τη σύνθεση δύο ή περισσότερων πρωτογενών.

Αίσθημα ή Συναίσθημα (Feeling or Emotion)

- Έτσι, για παράδειγμα η ζήλια (ως δευτερογενές

Αίσθημα είναι η εντύπωση που δημιουργείται από τον ερεθισμό των αισθητηρίων οργάνων (βλέπω, ακούω, οσμίζομαι, γεύομαι, αγγίζω).

συναίσθημα) αποτελείται συνήθως από θυμό + φόβο Θετικά ή αρνητικά

Επιπλέον είναι η εντύπωση που δύναται να δημιουργηθεί εξαιτίας επεξεργασίας ερεθισμάτων λόγω σύγκρισης και τότε αισθάνομαι αίσθημα ανωτερότητας και κατωτερότητας..

- Θετικό πρωτογενές συναίσθημα: η χαρά, ενώ

Συναίσθημα είναι, κυρίως, η ψυχική διέγερσηκατάσταση που συνοδεύεται από ανάλογη διάθεση (π.χ. χαρά, λύπη)

μπορεί να είναι ή θετικό ή αρνητικό


- Αρνητικά είναι ο φόβος, ο θυμός, η λύπη, η αηδία/ αποστρ οφή - Η έκπληξη είναι το μόνο πρωτογενές συναίσθημα που

The Basic emotions for Paul Eckman

Ήπια ή έντονα - Κάθε συναίσθημα πρωτογενές ή δευτερογενές έχει διαβαθμίσεις, είναι μικρής ή μεγάλης έντασης - Οι διαβαθμίσεις αυτές δεν είναι μετρήσιμες και ούτε υπάρχουν πάντοτε λέξεις που να τις αποδίδουν -






περιφραστικά: λίγο, πολύ λίγο, ελάχιστα, πολύ, πάρα

In 1970, psychologist Paul Eckman identified six basic emotions that he suggested were universally experienced in all human cultures. The emotions he identified were happiness, sadness, disgust, fear, surprise, and anger. He later expanded his list

πολύ, υπέρμετρα πολύ, μέτρια κτλ.

of basic emotions to include such things as embarrass-

Different types of classification of emotions during the time

and amusementexample, basic emotions such as joy and

ment, excitement, contempt, shame, pride, satisfaction, trust can be combined to create love.

- In 1972, psychologist Paul Eckman suggested that there are six basic emotions that are universal throughout human cultures: fear, disgust, anger, surprise, happiness, and sadness. - In the 1980s, Robert Plutchik introduced another emotion classification system known as the “wheel of emo-

The theory of Combining Emotions according to Robert Plutchik Psychologist Robert Plutchik put forth a “wheel of emotions” that worked something like the color wheel. Emotions can be combined to form different feelings, much like colors can be mixed to create other shades.

tions.” This model demonstrated how different emotions can be combined or mixed together, much the way an artist mixes primary colors to create other colors. - In 1999, Eckman expanded his list to include a number of other basic emotions, including embarrassment, excitement, contempt, shame, pride, satisfaction, and amusement.

According to this theory, the more basic emotions act something like building blocks. More complex, sometimes mixed emotions, are blendings of these more basic ones. For example, basic emotions such as joy and trust can be combined to create love.


Plutchik proposed eight primary emotional dimensions:

Η κατηγοριοποίηση των συναισθημάτων αποτελεί

Joy vs. Sadness,

σημαντικό εργαλείο για κάθε άνθρωπο γενικά,

Anger vs. Fear,

αλλά ειδικότερα και για το γονιό συναισθηματικό

Trust vs. Disgust,

μέντορα, ο οποίος εφαρμόζει τις αρχές της

Surprise vs. Anticipation

συναισθηματικής νοημοσύνης στην ανατροφή του παιδιού του, βοηθώντας το να αναγνωρίσει

These emotions can then be combined to create others

τα συναισθήματά του, να τα κατανοήσει, να

(such as happiness + anticipation = excitement)

τα κατονομάσει και τέλος, να τα διαχειριστεί αποτελεσματικά

Πως προκύπτουν τα συναισθήματα; Τα συναισθήματα προκύπτουν από τις ανάγκες.

Τι είναι τελικά το συναίσθημα;

Η κάλυψη ή η μη κάλυψη των αναγκών μας δημιουργεί συναισθήματα, τα οποία, με τη σειρά τους, οδηγούν σε συμπεριφορά.

Κάθε άνθρωπος έχει ανάγκη για αγάπη, αποδοχή και Οι ανάγκες μοιάζουν πολύ με τις αξίες, ταυτίζονται σε μεγάλο βαθμό ή προκύπτουν από αυτές. Oταν οι ανάγκες ικανοποιούνται, προκύπτουν θετικά συναισθήματα, όπως χαρά, ικανοποίηση, περηφάνια.

Η μη κάλυψη των αναγκών δημιουργεί στενοχώρια, λύπη, θυμό, φόβο.




ψυχοσωματικών εκφράσεων και βιολογικών αντιδράσεων

απλή αίσθηση αλλά ως κάτι βαθύ, εσωτερικό, που επιδρά

προσοχή, αλλά και πολλές άλλες ανάγκες


Είναι αυτό που ένας άνθρωπος «αισθάνεται», όχι ως

Ανάγκες και Συναισθήματα


του σώματος.

Ανάγκες → Συναισθήματα → Συμπεριφορά

Το συναίσθημα είναι μια σύνθετη υποκειμενική συνειδητή

στο σώμα (πχ καρδιακός ρυθμός) και την «ψυχή» του και σχεδόν πάντα εκφράζεται (στο πρόσωπο, στη φωνή, στη στάση του σώματος) και είναι παρατηρήσιμο από τους άλλους. What is emotion? Emotions are biological states associated with the nervous system brought on by neurophysiological changes variously associated with thoughts, feelings, behavioural responses, and a degree of pleasure or displeasure.


5 Αλήθειες για τα συναισθήματα • • • • •

We are not bothered by what is happening to us, but by what we think is happening to us.

Συνδέονται με σκέψεις Είναι προσωπική σου αντίδραση Μπορεί να είναι σύνθετα και ανάμεικτα Είναι μεταδοτικά Oταν δεν εκφράζονται είναι επιζήμια

Epictetus Only shallow people need years to get rid of a strong emotion. A person with self-control can put an end to sorrow as easily as inventing a pleasure.



We live with emotions, not with the hours on the sundial. We should measure time with heartbeats. Aristotle The most torturous torment is not hell. Hell is the empty heart. Khalil Gibran We are not bothered by what is happening to us, but by what we think is happening to us. Epictetus


As long as there are highly developed emotions and a heart that feels deeply, there sadness and pain are not excluded. Fyodor Dostoyevsky We are never as happy or as unhappy as we think. François de la Rosfoucault Be careful that books do not swallow you! A gram of love is worth as much as a kilo of knowledge. ohn Wesley


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