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White (K)not


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Judith Bahta

30th of July, 1983 Skellefte책, Sweden

The King and His Kingdom Ink and tipax 15cm x 10cm

Lucy Barge

8th of January, 1987 Scotland

The Tummy Project Photography 18cm x 10cm

Joanna Barros

25th of May, 1981 Brazil

Untitled Tinta China Sobre Papel 30cm x 40cm

Stephanie Bartscht

14th of June, 1987 Wandsworth, London

La Cabrona Mixed metal 190cm x 50cm

Flo Bell

4th of February, 1987 England

Untitled Digital color photo 50cm x 12,48cm

Neriya Ben-Ari

22nd of December, 1981 Israel

Painted Light Installations:

top: Illustration 1 100cm x 100cm

bottom left: Bird 1 70cm x 70cm

bottom right: Bird 2 100cm x 100cm

Carmen Frandsen

1st of May 1984 Denmark

Shared Box (Elapse) Oil and chalk on canvas 105x185

Dora Good

July 16th, 1986 Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Luna Llena Oil on Canvas 60cm x 49cm

Noelle Hilario

9th of December, 1982 The Philippines

Brown Skin Digital Photography 22cm x 28cm

Hanna Holmquist

20th of December, 1986 Sweden

abnormal body digital photographs (series of 18) 15cm x 20cm

Monika Hopland

18th of August, 1982 Denmark

No Title Color photograph 25cm x 25cm

Alice Masson-Taylor

18th of February, 1987 London, England

Untitled Digital Color Photograph 10cm x 15cm

Kristin Maberry

29th of August, 1983 California, USA

top: Layers of Life wire sculpture 20cm x 60cm

bottom left: The White Box Mixed medium 37cm x 37cm x 37cm

bottom right: Barcelona Lives Thread mapping 100cm x 70cm

Remi Melander

19th of September, 1980 Norway

Untitled Metal 25cm x 25cm x25cm

Helen Morgan

18th of September, 1985 Bristol, England

Untitled 3 Mixed media 2,5 cm x 4 cm

Therese Ă–hrvall

13th of December, 1983 Sweden

Arte en Persona Photography (series of 22) 20cm x15cm

Manon Racloz

27th of April, 1986 Guadeloupe F.W.I.

Body and Limits Project Video (2,5 minutes)

Anne Richard

16th of January, 1959 Canada

top left: Untitled Charcoal, acrylics and marble dust on board, 83cm x 122cm

bottom left: Microscope 1 Oil and paper on canvas 54cm x 65cm

right: Plaรงa de la Cucurulla Gesso, charcoal and acrylics on board, 90cm x 122cm

Gabriela C. Salinas SaldaĂąa

24th of March, 1979 Monterrey, MĂŠxico

Vertice Wire, metal and black plastic bags 200m x 300m x 180cm (approximate)

Dan Sjolund

30th of August, 1981 Skellefte책, Sweden

I am BCN Installation Raval, Born & Barri Gotic

Marie Thams

11th of February, 1982 Denmark marie_thams@yahoo

Body as an object Wire, moulding latex Full size bodies

Sophie Venturi

4th of October, 1983 England

three...falling upwards Oil and chalk on canvas 130cm x 130cm

Charlie Welch

29th of June, 1967 New York, USA

Untitled Color print from polaroid 20cm x 20cm

Lotte Zoeftig

17th of December, 1985 Bristol, England

top left: Untitled 1 Acrylic on canvas 90cm x 100cm

bottom left: Untitled 2 Gouache on card 50cm x 70cm

bottom right: Untitled 3 Ink on paper 40cm x 30cm

Ida Zwilgmeyer

31st of December, 1983 Norway

Untitled photography (series of 10) 40,6cm x50,8cm

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White (K)not  

Exhibition Catalogue Summer 2006

White (K)not  

Exhibition Catalogue Summer 2006