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Laboral News

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CONTENT What’s up.


Amazing Scien- 4-5 ce Amazing Facts


Healthy Scien-


Adopting a tree 10-1

Meeting people 12-3

Having fun


TV and Music


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Open your mind








2 0 1 4

We’re international! This term the halls of our high school have been full of students from different European countries: Italy, Greece, France, Germany… They’ve come thanks to the Comenius Project and the exchanges organized in our school. They’ve attended to some of our classes but we’ve

we could learn how teenagers live, think and have fun in other parts of the world. We have learnt a lot from them and in some occasions we’ve made friends forever. It’s been great to From Laboral walk through the News we’ll like to give thanks to all school hall and the people who listen French, German, Italian … have worked hard It’s been interest- to make this possible. Well done! ing also because also spent some free time together.


What’s up?


“Future writers here” Are you good at writing stories or poems? You can win 50€! If you want to take part in a writing contest you only have to write a story or a poem on a word document at double spacing.You have to use a nick name and write your personal data on an envelope. After that you must give it to your Spanish language teacher. There are two categories: A

The winner will be announced in the assembly hall on the book day. What are you waiting for?

Irene Toledo S2C

Read me something, baby

“In April we celebrate the

(1st, 2nd and 3rd years) and B (4th and bachillerato).You can present two stories and two poems.

Do you like books? This will be your day.

book day and in March the Music day”

The 23rd of April 1st and 2nd years celebrate the World Book Day. It’s going to be a little bit simple because There’s not money enough , but the magic of the day is going to be still there. For our surprise, some of our classmates are going to act in this day. Juan Cañada with Pinocho, Ángel Vallina, with Jack and the magical beans and Vi-



tor , with The little match girl. World Book Day is celebrated on this date because it’s the anniversary of the birth and death of William Shakespeare, the death of Miguel de Cervantes. However everyday must be the book day and Cervantes ,that this day is he anniversary, still alive in our hearts.

Alicia Tuya S2C




What’s up?


School of rock The 25th March we celebrated the Music Day in the school. There were a lot of fantastic performances but I’d like to stand out some. The first one was “Bacalao Salao” because one of my classmates, Alberto Cañada, played the clarinet in the show. All the musicians in this show were very funny dressed and the song was very entertaining. The second one that I want to mention is the chorus that was conducted by Beatriz Saracho. They played 3 songs: Let her go (The passenger), La soledad (Laura Paussini) and a country song.

I also liked the show of Jesus Mendez a lot because he played a very long and difficult song without reading the notes. So I think that he has to be highlighted. I hope everybody liked it because it was funny when it had to be funny and it was serious when it had to be serious.

Pelayo Venta S2C

Are you a Math Genius? Every year a mathematics Olympiads is celebrated in Gijón. It’s a very interesting and funny way to learn maths and a place in which the future mathematicians can show their abilities. The first round took place the 2nd of April in the “Emilio Alarcos” High school. The students qualified will go on a second round the 10th of May. Some

students of 2nd D went this year and they liked it. We recommend you to participate next year if you want to have a great time and maybe to win! Maite Alonso S2D and Pelayo Venta S2C





Amazing science


Quiet sounds Many people don't know what ultrasounds are, do you want to know?

An easy way to define ultrasounds is that they are sounds that we can't hear because they have a very high frequency. We can use ultrasounds in many different ways, but some animals can also do it. For example, dolphins and bats use them not to

hurt themselves and to orient themselves in the darkness. We use them in boats in the same way as dolphins or bats. We also use them in medicine with the ultrasound scan and to measure distances. Daniel Cueli, Alberto Cañada and Enzo Barbón S2D

Remember: don’t look! “”Do you like science? In Laboral News we think science is Amazing!”

An eclipse is a phenomenon that it is produced by an obstruction of some body in front of other. Eclipse is beautiful and bright, but it is very dangerous to look at it without protection. There are many types of eclipse. In this article we’ve only selected three of them. Solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes directly between the Sun and the Earth blocking the light of the Sun in some parts of the Earth during a short period of



time. Lunar eclipse is produced when the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon producing the Earth’s shadow on the moon for a longer time. So the Moon can not be seen. Sometimes the Moon is nearest the Sun. In this case, instead of a solar eclipse, a semidarkness is produced in the surface of the Earth. so, we only see a ring of the sun. Arselina González and Paula del Pozo S2D




Amazing science


How to do a baking volcano

Volcanoes form when magma reaches the earth’s surface, causing eruptions of lava and ash. We are studying about earthquakes and volcanoes and we decided to do an experiment to see how the magma rises up becoming lava and it spreads burning anything it touches. 1.You must use a bottle and cover it with clay and you should give it the shape of a volcano.

2.You need vinegar, baking soda and red pepper to give it the red colour. 3. Empty the baking soda and the red pepper and then the vinegar in the bottle. 4. Wait for the explosion. 5. Enjoy the show!

Paula Ruiz S2B and Marta Requejo S2A




Amazing Facts

What a bargain! In 1810, at Lime Regys, a famous paleontologist and fossil collector called Mary Anning sold an entire skeleton of an Ichtyosaurus for 100 pounds. Mary Anning with his dog, Tray

Thomas Edison Thomas Edison discovered electricity. When he was a child he did his experiments in a wagon of a train and once he set fire to it. He invented the electronic pen. If he hadn’t existed we might not be reading this newspaper.

Ant Antics! The fire ant has very strong venom that can kill a mouse.

Tiger Tigers are hunted because they can be sold for a lot of money.

Amazing Facts


Pink Dolphins An Amazon river dolphin turns pink when it grows up.

Amazing Animal Journeys Gray whales swim 20.000 Km. in their migrations. There is a type of wasp called Nose-bot that lay larvaes in caribous nostrils, the larvaes crawl down the caribou’s throat and can affect its breathing.

Shark Attack A great white shark attacked a man when he was swimming in the ocean, and now he lives, but he has a big scar.

Butterflies Monarch butterflies migrate 2,000 to 3,000 miles. They travel from the Oyamel Forest of Mexico to the United States and Canada, and back every year Monarch butterflies need 4 generations of butterflies to do a complete migration.

Students from S1D




Healthy Science

Food you can’t put in the fridge Cans can explode if you keep them in the fridge. If you try to freeze hot food, the temperature of the freezer will get up. This can cause bacteria. If you freeze the food again, you increase the bacteria in it. Vegetables like lettuce, tomato, melon will lose their qualities if you boil them at high temperature.



The egg contains cholesterol (200mg per egg), but is low in saturated fats, so the egg doesn’t affect the cholesterol levels in blood. The people that have got a high cholesterol level should eat egg, but they should reduce the portions.

ADVANTAGES OF GRAPEFRUIT Eating grapefruit or drink its juice can avoid the accumulation of lipids and improve the fats-burning. Grapefruit has good qualities that avoid cancer and problems of blood pressure and also avoid colds or flu. The grapefruit has a lot of C Vitamin and calcium minerals of potassium, magnesium… It contains a 90% of water so it eliminates toxins and intestineparasites. It also reduces the cholesterol. The grapefruit has a problem, it is acid, and its vitamins



The apple vinegar is an intestinal-cleaner, thanks to the acetic-acid, and it also helps to avoid the constipation and gases. It also avoids the weight-excess. It’s got a lot of potassium and helps to alkalize our sanguine Ph. It promotes satiety. It also reduces the levels of cholesterol in the blood. It increases the secretion of enzymes that has got a relation with the digestion of lipids.

GIVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO KAKI Kaki is low-fat and lowprotein. It’s got a lot of carbohydrates. It also has a lot of fibre to avoid constipation. Kaki benefits the growth and development of the bones. It’s also an antioxidant.

Eva González, Mar garcía and Raúl Pascual S3C


Healthy Science


The best breakfast A healthy breakfast is very important; it is 25% of your diet! If you skip breakfast you will overeat later. Breakfast means breaking the fast. A healthy diet contains basically carbohydrates, but we need also vitamins and some proteins. A healthy breakfast can be: 100% natural orange juice, whole grain biscuits or toast and a glass of milk. Daniel Martín and Miguel Báez S1D





DAIRY PRODUCTS Dairy products must be included in our breakfast because they give us protein and calcium, good for a healthy body! It builds and repairs your body, reinforces your bones and your immune system. Greek yogurt is a good option because it is creamy and tangy, and if you add fruit it is sweeter and healthier. Alonso Menéndez and Jesús Mazariegos S1D






It is a good idea to include fruit in your breakfast, because it hydrates us, gives us vitamins and mineral salts, and it keeps us healthy. Cantaloupe melon and kiwi are rich in vitamin C, bananas are a good source of potassium, grapefruit is good for weight loss and watermelon is important for vision, cancer prevention and heart health. Besides, they are yummy! Aida Caicoya and María Blanco S1D

For a healthy breakfast that vitamins the best drink is a fruit juice, such as an orange, banana, strawberry and cranberry juice. They give to us vitamins and mineral salts and keep us healthy. But if you get a little bit late and you need to go to work/school the best drink for you is tea or coffee that helps you and even makes your life longer. They both contain caffeine, but tee contains less. Mario Miranda and Diego Rea S1D




BERRIES These tiny, tasty fruits aren’t just tasty, but also super healthy. They are very high in antioxidants and low in calories. Strawberries have a great amount of vitamin C, folic acid and fibre, blueberries boost your memory and metabolism and raspberries are anti-cancer, and rich in vitamin K. They are great in your yogurt, with cereal, in smoothies or on toast! Adriano Hortal, Pedro Ávila and Pedro Vereterra S1D






So remember, never skip breakfast, and include dairy products, fruit and bread or grain in your breakfast!



They are good for you because they contain carbohydrates and fibre, and also vitamin E in wheat germ. Cereal and seeds could be helpful if you are constipated! It’s a good idea, for example, to sprinkle wheat germ or flaxseed in your daily juice. Bread and grain are 100% recommended. María Lobo and Sara García S1D



Adopting a tree


This is Emily Tree Tommlinson, my daughter, she came to our lives 96 years ago. It’s only a baby yet! She’s a very good student but she’s lazy because she’s always in the same place while me and her father don’t stop so her life is sometimes boring because me and her dad are always busy and her grandparents too. This is her family tree as you can see it’s a very special family….

“This is Emi-

Grandpa Michael Jackson

Granny Madonna

Grandpa Leonardo Dicaprio

Granny Angeli na

ly Tree Tommlinson, my daughter…” Mummy Arantxa (me)

Daddy Louis Tommlinson

Grandpa Michael Jackson

Now, you know our family. I’m going to tell you everything about Emily. When she was born we had a big surprise because… she was a tree! But we were very happy. In the hospital they made a file about my beautiful daughter:




Adopting a tree


- Apothecary


Name: Emily Tree Tommlinson. Scientific name: Cedrus Atlantica Birthday: 13th, September 1918. Type of leaves: simple leaves, entire edge, evergreen leaves, green-bluish color. Type of tree: Gymnosperm Fruits: cones Flowers: yes, small flowers Uses: it’s the toughest of all cedars and provides a good wood. Finger print: “When she (Emily’s leaf)

was born we had a big

Here it is: TAXONOMY OF EMILY: Kingdom: Plantae Phylum: Pinophyta Class: Pinopsida Order: Pinales Family: Pinaceae Genus: Cedrus Species: Cedrus Atlántica

Today is Emily’s 96th birthday and we going to the doctor. He give us some information about a strange thing called “Taxonomy” he explain us that it’s very important to classified Emily in between all the trees in the world.

It’s perfect however we miss her and sometimes we meet her. He looks the height of Emily and she measured…. 20 meters! Her trunk’s width is 2,40 meters. I am crying my baby becomes big L. by Arantxa Ibáñez Dominguez



surprise because… she was a tree! ”



Michael visited our school and we wish to see him again soon.

Meeting interesting people. This term we have counted with the invaluable collaboration of Michael Caven Rafferty. He came to give us a talk on different subjects such as music, his journeys all over the world and his life in Asturias. It was super interesting. Thanks Mike!

LN: What's your age? “I ‘m on a

M: 21. (He says 21, but he looks like 65).


LN: Where do you came from?


LN: What are you doing here? M: I'm on a permanent holiday since retiring

M: I'm from Kings Lynn in Norfolk, England. LN: Is your first time in Spain? M: No, my first time in Spain was on holidays in Marbella,



the time it is necessary to learn all instruments does not leave much time for anything else. But I make the time to teach concertina to my best friends children. LN: Why do you stay in Asturias?

LABORAL NEWS: What’s your name? Michael: Michael Caven Rafferty “Banjo Paddy o´Raffety”

Holiday in

1975. And my second time I visited Spain was on holidays on a motorcycle in 1984.

Michael Caven Rafferty.

from my work in England. LN: Where do you live in Spain? M: I live in Deva close to Gijón in the Principality of Asturias. LN: What do you do in your free time? M: I play the concertina, the guitar, and the banjo. The amount of

M: I stay here because, having visited many of the countries in the world, I find the people, the pace of life and the traditional music of Asturias the best in the world. LN: How long did it take to learn to speak Spanish? M: Desgraciadamente el idioma Español y especialmente las diferentes palabras Asturianas… I do not speak Spanish very well. Lo siento.” Zoe Prieto. S2A



Great New Teachers. This term we’ve had a lot of master’s degree students with us. Charo and María José have been our new English teachers. They are great and we’ve interviewed them so that you can get to know them a little bit more.

money to teach yourself how to be humble?

LN: Did you like English when you were young?

-Yes, you discovered my secret.

MJ: I remember that when I was a little girl English was a difficult subject for me, but when I was at secondary school I suddenly found it very easy and I started to like it a lot.

LN: Do you like teaching this group? -Yes, I like.

LABORAL NEWS: Where were you born?

LN: Do you like sports?

CHARO: I was born in León.


MJ: Well, I’m not quite a sporty girl, but I like jogging, walking and swimming.

LN: When were you born? CH: I was born the 22nd July of an unknown year. LN: Why are you going to be a teacher?

LN: Do you like this school?

María José.

CH: Because I enjoy helping people to study English. LN: Where did you live when you were young? CH: I have lived in Gijón since I were young. LN: Did you like English when you were young? CH: Yes, I loved it but I also liked maths and science.

“We like this

LN: Do you like sports?


CH: Yes, I love football and roller skating. LN: Do you like school? -Yes, I like this high school. LN: Would you like to have a unitato machine™? -Yes, I would love to. LN: Are you a millionaire and you don't spend that




LABORAL NEWS: Where were you born? M.JOSÉ: I was born in Almería. LN: When were you born? I was born the 13th May in 1987. LN: Why are you going to be a teacher? MJ: Because I enjoy helping people to study English. LN: Where did you live when you were young? MJ: I first lived in a town called El Ejido until I was 7, then my family and I moved to the city where we lived until I was 15 and we finally ended up in Roquetas de Mar.

MJ: Yes, I think your school is great. LN: Would you like to have a Unitato Machine™? MJ: Of course! Who doesn’t want to have their own potatounicorns? LN: Are you a millionaire and you don't spend that money to teach yourself how to be humble? MJ: If I were a millionaire I would surely spend my money. You can’t learn how to be humble, you either are or not. LN: Do you like teaching this group? MJ: Yes, it’s been fun. Jose Noval and Daniel Aira S1A



Having Fun


Do you like reading? The Infernal Devices Books

“Don’t miss out anything

If you read Shadow Hunters and you liked it, this book is for you. It tells the story of the origins of shadow hunters and at the same time the love story of Tessa, Will and Jem, the principal characters. The author, Cassandra Clare, is a very good writer. The book is easy to read and I

recommend you all of Cassandra’s books. Paz Lezcano S2A


The Book Thief This book tells us the story about Liesel, a girl that lived in Nazi’s Germany. Her mother didn’t have money, so she had to send Liesel with other family, the Hubberman. Liesel was afraid, but then she saw that the Hubberman were good people that wanted to help her. In Himmelstrasse, the street where the Hubberman family lived, Liesel met Rudy, a boy that was very nice and Liesel became his best friend. On Hitler’s birthday, Liesel and LABORAL


her family went to the book’s burning. Suddenly, Liesel saw a book that wasn’t burnt and she stole it. One night after that, a Jew man knocked on the door. He needed help because he was running away from the Nazis. The Hubberman helped him and they gave him a space in the house where he could live. Will Nazis find the Jew man? Will Liesel steal more books? Read the book to find the answers. Paz Lezcano S2A




Having Fun


Don’t miss out... Birthmarked

The Fault in our

Gaia lives in the future, where water is a privilege and people are divided in two groups. Rich members live inside the Enclave while the rest (including Gaia) live in poverty Outside. She is a sixteen-year-old midwife that gives some healthy babies every month to the Enclave. But one day they arrest Gaia's parents and she decides to enter the Enclave and save them. It has romance, action and drama. It's easy to read and the main character is always doing something amazing. So I think the book is very interesting and exciting.

Stars Hazel is sixteen years old and her life is very special, she has a terminal cancer and lives in a hospital. Then, she meet Gus in a Cancer Kid Support Group and all changes. They embark on an adventure to meet their favourite writter, Peter Van Houten, that is in Amsterdam. This an extraordinary story about love, friendship, fun, suffering and overcoming. Silvia Papay S2A

Laura Gallego. This Spanish author is very good and she wrote a lot of fantastic stories. I recommend you Memorias de Idhún, her most famous book. It’s about the story of the Resistance, a group of people that want to save Idhún from Ashran: he destroyed it and he murdered all dragons and unicorns.



I also recommend you Finis Mundi one of her first novels. It’s about Michel, the only person that knows that the world will be destroyed in three years. He is the only one that can save the planet. Will he find other people that believe his story and help him? Paz Lezcano S2A



TV and Music


The walking dead My favourite TV programme is “The Walking Dead”. It’s an American series that is broadcasted on AMC in the USA and Fox and La Sexta in Spain. It is based on a comic. It’s the story about a group of people that meet each other after the zombie apocalypse. They try to survive in a new world controlled by “walkers”, as they called the zombies. They help other people in their way to a safe place. They finally find a prison which they have to defend from the attacks of the zombies and other groups of alive people. I like “The Walking Dead” because it’s exciting and it sometimes scares me. There is a lot of blood and there are also many bites. My favourite character is Maggie, she’s Hershel’s daughter. I like her because she is brave. The character I hate the most is the Governor, because he is a killer and he destroyed the prison. Fortunately, he is dead now. Claudia Rivera Rodríguez, S2A “Do you like TV Series? Then this is your section!

The Big Bang Theory It is a comedy about four friends. In the episodes you can watch how difficult is for the males main characters mingle with other people outside their environment. All of the episodes are really funny. It’s entertaining, but the season seven has a lot of episodes that are really similar the first season’s episodes. It is created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady. The main actors are Johnny Galecki as Leonard, Jim Parsons as Sheldon, Kaley Cuoco as Penny, Simon Helberg as Howard and Kunal Nayyar as Ragis. Celia Joglar S2A and Claudia García S2B.




TV and Music


Two and a half men It is another comedy about two men and the son of one of them. Charlie, Alan, and Jake, Alan’s son, are the main characters. Charlie is really womanizer, but Alan is divorced. They have a lot of funny adventures. In season nine, Charlie dies, and his character is changed to a guy called Walden who is billionaire and he buys Charlie’s house. It’s really good, but the series was better with Charlie. It is created by Chuck Lorre too, and Lee Aronsohn. The main actors are Charlie Sheen as Charlie, Jon Cryer as Alan, Angus T. Jones as Jake, and Ashton Kutcher as Walden. Celia Joglar S2A and Claudia García S2B.

How I met your mother It’s a TV comedy about a man, Ted, who tells his children how did he met their mother. It is very original and funny. The series started in 2005 and it tells a lot of funny and crazy moments that Ted and his four best friends spend during he tries to find his future wife. It compared to the series “Friends”. It is created by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas. The main actors are Josh Radnor as Ted, Jason Segel as Marshal, Cobie Smulders as Robin, Neil Patrick Harris as Barney and Alyson Hannigan as Lily. Celia Joglar S2A and Claudia García S2B.

Music review The number one in Spain is “Happy” by Pharrel Williams, we listened to him in “Blurred Lines” and now he’s number one. The number 2 is “Can’t remember to forget you” by the hottest Shakira and Rihanna. Their amazing song climbs for the number two. And the number 3 is “Hey Brother” by the Dj of the moment Avicii. Next to them are “Terriblemente cruel” (Leiva) “Diez mil maneras” (David Bisbal) “Talk dirty” (Jason Derulo), “The Monster” (Rihanna feat. Eminem) and “Royals” (Lorde) The number one in the UK is “Rather be” by Clean Bandit feat Jess Glynne,. The number 2 is “Timber” by Kesha and Pitbull. This song is going to be in all dance floors. And the number 3 is Katy Perry with “Dark horse” from her new CD “Prism”. Next to them are “Happy” (Pharrel Williams), “Feeling myself” (Will I am feat. Miley Cyrus), “Drunk in love” (Beyoncé feat. Jay-Z) “Stay the night”, “Pompeii” (Bastille), “Royals” (Lorde) and the last one “Hey Brother” (Avicii) That’s all and remember, pay attention to the new songs by our favourite stars. Irina, Andrea and Arantxa S1B. LABORAL



Moving on


Acrosport The students of 3rd year have done Acrosport in Physical Education in the 2nd term. It is a very enjoyable and funny sport, where the creativity, the collaboration and participation among all the partners are very important. If you don’t know what Acrosport is, we will try to explain to you. Acrosport is making shapes or human pyramids; it is part of the dance and gymnastic with jumps and pirouettes. This is an acrobatic sport performed in groups. The body is used differently for each position. There are three main roles Lifter: A person who handles the weight. Agile person: Who stands over the lifter. Helper: A person who helps to lift and watches for accidents.





LIFTER Although it may seem like complicated and dangerous with a minimum safety measures and training it is easy and safe. Once we learned to make the figures, we join them, put a beginning and one end, and we add music. The result is choreography of Acrosport. As a picture is worth more a thousand words, on the web of high school on the bilingual section you can see the films of our choreography. Hope you like it.

3rd year students.


Moving on Swimming

Woman’s bathing suit in 1858

Swimming is a very difficult sport, I train every days in the real Grupo de Cultura Covadonga. I train after and before school. Before school I train half and hour and after school I train 3 hours (two for water and one for gym) There are four styles: Freestyle Breaststroke Backstroke Butterfly Last year, I went to a championship of Spain and I was second of Spain in 200 meters backstroke, fourth in 100 meters backstroke and sixth in 100 meters butterfly, I swam others styles but there wasn’t


Woman´s competition suit (it costs 300$)

good results for me. Most swimming sport events are held in special competition swimming pools, which are either long course pools (50 meters) such as those used in the Olympic Games or short course pools. such as those used in the FINA World Swimming Championships. Competition pools have starting blocks from which the competitor can dive in, and possibly also touchsensitive pads to electronically record the swimming time of each competitor. Carmen Vigil S2B





Moving on We like sports

All students from this school are young people. Many people, from the youngest to the older people, including some teachers play sports. For example, some people play football or basketball, go swimming or make athletics. Normally, people do sports in teams, but others go running or surfing alone. Many students like sports, because they can be funny and exiting, or you can do it just because you like. Other people mane sports because you can have a very well-built and you get muscle and improve the

physical form. But other students, don’t like sports, and they prefer go to the cinema or go shipping. We asked to some people of this school about sports and if the practise them. Many people told us yes, but others persons, told us no. We asked what the easiest sport is and which one is the most difficult sport, but I think that there aren’t easy or difficult sports, if you like this sport and you wont to practice it, you can. Claudia Martínez, Sara Piñera and Sara Solar S3C

Tournament news Basketball tournament has been cancelled because many of the teams have not attended to their matches. Paula Ladero, the organizer has decided to cancel the games and not continues with the tournaments. Only two matches had been played when the teams began to miss their meetings.



On the contrary, the volleyball tournament has finished and the final between 3ºE and 4ºB was held on last Thursday. The winner was 4ºB (2-1 sets). David Calvo and Juan González S3C

Open your mind


Ana Yañez (art bachiller) 1. Because I love sculpture. 2. Yes but I would miss my classmates. 3. I think I am good at volume. 4. History, I think you must study a lot. 5. There´re a lot of differences: bachiller is more difficult and it has more subjects. 6. Yes, I thought it was going to be easy but no there are a lot of tasks. 7. For people that really enjoy art and have a talent. 8. I don’t know yet, a military maybe. 9. Yes, I think so.

Enol Navarro Murillo (science bachiller) 1. Because I like science and I think I’m good at it. 2. Yes, I’m waiting for it. 3. Biology, it’s easy for me. 4. History because you have to study a lot. 5. They are similar it is not too hard . 6. No it isn’t. 7. If you like science you should choose this bachiller. 8. I would like to be a doctor. 9. I think so.

We made some questions to “Bachiller” students to know their opinion about their studies: 1. Why did you choose this bachiller? 2. Do you want to graduate? 3. What’s your favourite subject? 4. What’s the hardest subject for you? 5. What are the differences between ESO and bachiller? 6. Is your bachiller difficult? 7. Why can you recommend your bachiller? 8. Where would you want to work in the future? 9. Are your marks good?

Alejandro Piñera (social bachiller) 1. Because I already knew what I wanted to study and this was the best. 2. Yes, it is one of my plans. 3. It is English basically because I’m quite good. 4. The hardest is philosophy because I don’t understand anything. I hate it. 5. Well, ESO is much easier now you have to study more. 6. I don’t think there are difficult bachilleres. 7. I would recommend it to people who would like to study something related to economics marketing or something like that. 8. I would like to study retailing and marketing. 9. They usually are not. I try it but there is no way.

Luis Ángel Sanchez (musical bachiller) 1. Because I can play the trumpet and I’m good at it. 2. Yes, I would like to study “magisterio”. 3. I hate all the subjects jajaja but I think “musical language” is the best. 4. I’m not good at Philosophy and I hate CMC. 5. There are a lot of differences: ESO is much easier. 6. All bachilleres are difficult I think. 7. I can recommend it because in the musical bachiller you learn a lot. 8. I would like to play the trumpet or be a music teacher. 9. Well more or less because I haven’t got enough time. I spend to many hours in the conservatory.

Estela Sesar, Paula López, Eva Mª García and Alba Dosal S3C





Super Heroes


Saurus Thomas Ridgewell was a normal teenager that loved dinosaurs and superheroes until he found a meteorite that was a little gem. He was crossing a zebra crossing, with the gem in his hand, and a car crashed with him, but he wished that he could be an anqilosaurus and the driver broke the glass and crashed with a trailer with radioactive materials. Then Thomas knew that he would be a superhero. He has superstrength, super-speed and super resistance

Ice age Dimitri Pizliekov was a robber until he crashed with a trailer with radioactive materials. He stole things to make a costume and he got superpowers like controlling ice or flying. Adriano Hortal, Pedro Ávila and Alonso Menéndez S1D

Selby Sealby became a superhero when a Tsunami killed all his family in Hawaii. His superpowers are controlling water and air. If you need his help, he’s always ready to help you and everyone, only to save more lives. He usually wears a blue and grey costume with black boots. In the ear he has got an earring that gives him more strength.

Blackman His supervillain is Blackman, who became a villain when a ray impacted his body while he was checking the electricity of the town. His superpowers are throwing rays, controlling the weather and super speed. He usually wears a black costume with yellow belt, boots and gloves. Mario Miranda and Jesús Mazariegos S1D.

Monkeyman One day Monkey ate a banana, but it wasn’t a normal banana. It was a radioactive banana and became a superhero. He throws bananas and he can fly, he can use his tail like a helicopter. He wears a red costume with double M and a banana in the middle, and fights against Devilman, a villain with no face. María Blanco and Aida Caicoya.



Super Heroes


Supersheep She became a superhero when a magic sheep bit her. She wears a red cape with the letters “SS” that stand for “Super sheep”, and she protects all the cattle. She can fly and throw ninja stars, and she has a lot of wool so she can camouflage her guns. Her villain is a wolf, Evil, that pretends to be a sheep. María Lobo and Sara García S1D.

Kragle Kragle was a normal toy, but it didn’t work properly. Some scientists broke the toy, and a crazy scientist built it again and it turned into a superhero. In another part of the world, a secret force is making a killing toy so he was called Vitrubius and he was programmed to destroy the Earth. One day, Kragle escaped the lab and found Vitrubius, at that moment he knew Vitrubius was his nemesis. Kragle wears orange reflective jacket and trousers and a red hard hat. Kragle’s super powers are regeneration, X-rays, super speed, and Vitrubius has the power to fly and he is super strong. Daniel Martín and Pedro Veterra S1D

Super Pudding Man Alfredo was a normal boy, but one day he went to a fair and he fell into a giant pudding, becoming Super pudding maniac. He has the amazing powers of throwing pudding with juice inside. His costume is a white, red and yellow T-shirt, blue underpants and yellow trainers. Later, a man called Manolo became Mega Fat Villain to eat Super Pudding Maniac because he was very hungry. He wears a yellow T-shirt, boxer shorts with hearts and blue sandals. Miguel Baez and Diego Rea S1D




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Book day In the three years that I’ve been at this school we have done many activities. The one that I remember most is the book’s day. Each student reads a short fragment from the book that they like the most. As a prize the reader is given a rose and everyone claps. It takes place in the assembly room and they do it year by year. This activity is usually organized by the Language department on 23 rd April. It’s a fun day. I recommend everyone who likes books to participate in this activity. Natalia Martínez S3C