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C MPASS Winter 2020-2021

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Keeping the Faith…While Keeping Distance Multicultural Center to Open Late Winter New Collegiate-Level Fitness Center Corsairs Return to Campus


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Winter 2020-2021, Volume 6, Issue 3

C MPASS The Community Magazine of Carmel Catholic High School

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Students returned to campus in August, with a hybrid learning model that has been well received.

Go Green COMPASS is available online as an easy and fun-to-view digital format as part of the school’s green initiative. To view COMPASS online, visit www.carmelhs.org/publications/. If you would like to stop receiving COMPASS in the mail, please send your request to mstanimirova@carmelhs.org.

Early in January, we had the pleasure of hosting Cardinal Cupich and the Archdiocesan Right to Life car rally. Many from across the state of Illinois and Wisconsin attended the socially-distant event. I couldn’t help but notice the irony of a high school hosting an event where almost everyone stayed in their cars and showed their support by flashing their car lights and honking their horns. Usually, at Carmel Catholic, horns honking with teenage drivers in our parking lots tend to be a combination that is unwelcomed— but seeing this scenario brought a smile to my face.


Dear Families, Friends, and Alumni of Carmel Catholic High School,

The car rally was a celebration of the gift of life and a call to recognize the sanctity of all human life. In the welcome speech that I presented, I communicated that “We (Carmel Catholic) believe in Christ’s teachings that life is a gift. We all are gifted with a soul, with the purpose to love God and one another.” This lesson of care and love for the individual has never been more apparent than it is today. A simple smile or the warm greeting of another has never meant so much. Our students are craving this caring interaction.

Thank you for your prayers and continued support for our students. Truly, our school could not deliver a quality, faith-based education without the generosity of those who give so much for the betterment of our students. As always, our prayers and thoughts are with you. Blessings to all of you,

Brad Bonham, Ph.D. President of Carmel Catholic High School

COMPASS | Winter 2020-2021

Educational content is important, but nothing can take the place of our students’ need to be with one another. Carmel Catholic is committed to in-person instruction for this very reason. Despite the struggles and the difficulties, we know that our students are better when they are with one another. We are a faith-filled school community providing care and love for all.


Keeping the Faith... While Keeping Distance Amidst a pandemic, Carmel finds new ways to minister

As the one-year anniversary of the pivot to eLearning approaches, hope wanes at times for Carmel senior Hannah Arends. That’s usually when she begins to pray.

cannot be in person. They anchor students in a certain place. They reduce stress and anxiety.

“It is even more essential to remember that we find our “At Carmel, prayer is a reflex,” she says. hope in Christ,” she notes. “Carmel Campus Ministry is always encouraging students to not only find ways The spiritual reflex for Carmel Campus Ministry during to improve but to spend time reflecting on the many remote and hybrid learning has been to re-shape current blessings in our lives. Throughout remote and hybrid programming, get creative with additional offerings, learning, Campus Ministry has helped me to pause and encourage student leadership. By continuing to and spend time in prayer. My nights are filled with deepen its Catholic identity in such an uncertain time, homework, working, and extracurriculars, but during Carmel has aimed to keep faith—and hope—alive. our times of nightly Corsairs Pray (@corsairspray on Instagram), those few minutes give me an opportunity Virtual and outdoor retreat programs have taken hold. to pause and refocus my heart and mind on God.” Prayer has moved online. Campus Ministry staff has grown. Chapel renovations are underway. The mission- In addition to Corsairs Pray, virtual nightly studentbased makeover of hallways and common spaces led prayer during eLearning, the Campus Ministry continues. brain trust, featuring Kammie French, Erin Kerger, Ray Krawzak, and Fr. Christian Shiu, introduced two According to Arends, the different religious events and retreats, Set Aflame and Contemplative Prayer Walks. initiatives provide experiences to which students can These new experiences have helped compensate for the look forward. They foster community when students absence of the popular Kairos retreat, which has been 4

Set Aflame, a weekly, virtual mini-retreat, was developed to fight quarantine apathy and accommodates approximately 30 students per session. Krawzak ran the first edition and has since guided students to lead Set Aflame, via Zoom video conferencing, as they plan short talks, discussion groups, and prayer. Kerger, Krawzak, and French also made use of the outdoors for the Contemplative Prayers Walks, distancing 25-30 students on the spacious grounds of the Mundelein Seminary. During the walking retreat, students would stop at strategic locations, listen to talks, and then reflect on follow-up questions. Group prayer was also incorporated. “We’re able to do more, but we’re also able to differentiate more,” French says, referring to both Carmel’s increased investment in the Campus Ministry program and the need to be nimble at this time. “It’s not always about getting huge numbers at every event. We have more flexibility to do specialized things that appeal to each student’s faith journey. All that was done in the past laid the groundwork to do more now. It’s about adding to it, being as responsive to the individual as possible.” In October, Arends helped create and organize a new event, Power of Praise, along with seniors Nia Daniels, Izzy Dassow, Maura Green, and Bella Jansen. It included witness talks, as well as praise and worship music, and culminated in Adoration and Benediction led by Fr. Shiu. Attendance was capped, and social distancing and mask-wearing were practiced.

Fr. Shiu continues to minister by being present in the hallways and at lunch, offering Sacraments, and providing pastoral care. He has assisted with other live-streamed events such as an online rosary. He looks to ensure the Carmel community is supported and united spiritually while recognizing life looks different at this moment.


“Carmel helps students to retain hope by remaining grounded in Christ,” he says. “It is on Christ, the solid rock, we stand. Our hope is built upon Christ, and because of that Good News, there is always a reason to dream and aspire, there is always a reason to celebrate.” An excerpt of a prayer Arends authored for Corsairs Pray is reprinted below with her permission.

Lord God, Thank you for the gift of life. Thank you for the holy men and women in our lives that inspire us to grow closer to you. Inspire us to learn more about saints so that we may be inspired by their holy lives and ask them for their intercession in times of trouble. Help us to become great saints with eyes focused on Heaven. Give us the strength and courage to boldly live out our faith. Make us strong in service to you…In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

COMPASS | Winter 2020-2021

on hiatus since January 2020. (French says Kairos may return in some form this spring).

Indeed, Masses did occur at Carmel this fall in the chapel and in an outdoor tent, as allowed by local health department restrictions. Fr. Shiu planned Masses with a core team that included the student broadcast arm, the Carmel Digital Network, led by Eric Franklin. Most students could view the Mass online, while a small number of masked students and staff could register to worship in person.


“The Carmel community has helped me to build my relationship with God through prayer,” Arends says. “Along with the daily prayer throughout the day at Carmel, Campus Ministry has helped me to build community with my peers on a deeper level by sharing our faith together.”


Multicultural Center Unveiling Expected in February Students should expect to see a sizable new addition to the campus in the coming weeks. President Brad Bonham is eyeing a February completion date for a brand-new multicultural center. Construction of the center has incorporated two existing rooms where walls have been knocked down, and both large windows and a new entrance added. According to Bonham, the multicultural center will provide an area for students to congregate, socialize, and have an opportunity to experience an environment that values who they are. “This has been a priority of mine for well over a year and something we needed to accomplish for our students,” said Bonham. “The timing made perfect sense, and we’re going to model it the way colleges and universities do. Not only will it serve as a drop-in center, but it will also provide resources that promote and celebrate the diversity that exists within our school.” Plans also call for the multicultural center to serve as a hub for guest speakers, advocacy programs to promote certain needs throughout Mundelein and the surrounding area, and tying in community service opportunities that Carmel Catholic requires its students to partake in during the school year. Carmel has hired Andrea Fitzpatrick to serve as both director of the multicultural center and director of Carmel’s new 2050 Program, geared towards low income, underrepresented, and first-generation college-bound students. “The multicultural center will serve as a space that will be open to all students,” said Fitzpatrick. “It will be an inclusive place, one where kids can feel welcome, safe, and respected. It’s here where they’ll experience different types of programming to introduce them to different cultures, ethnicities, and religions. They’ll not only learn about what makes us different but also what makes us the same.” In addition to earning a degree in psychology from the University of Michigan and a Master’s degree in clinical child psychology from the University of Memphis, Fitzpatrick has two children who have graduated from Carmel and another two currently enrolled. “The multicultural center is needed now more than ever because of several recent events that have taken place in our country,” added Fitzpatrick. “It’s important that students feel they belong at Carmel, that they have something to contribute, and that we can all work together to make Carmel a welcoming, inclusive environment.” “The multicultural center is one of many projects happening related to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the coming year, added Bonham. “Carmel is committed to continuous improvement in our DEI and to a plethora of additional programs and initiatives which allows us to operate as a tight-knit community, to celebrate our diversity, and to provide health and wellness for our kids.” 6


Corsairs to Benefit from Collegiate-Level Fitness Center

Carmel Catholic has entered into a strategic partnership with Health Performance Institute (HPI), the personal training and strength and conditioning branch of Illinois Bone and Joint Institute. Led by Cory Leman, HPI will have full-time, bootson-the-ground fitness training professionals leading the Carmel program. In addition to a brand-new

weight room that would impress any college athlete, Carmel worked with Tim Green ’85, owner of Mundelein-based Direct Fitness Solutions, to bring in 35 pieces of cardio equipment geared toward all students.

heavy cardio. Carmel, on the other hand, has created a perfect balance in what school officials have set out to accomplish with their fitness center and weight room.”

The cardio area includes custombuilt flooring, 10 treadmills, 10 ellipticals, 8 upright bikes, assault trainers, and a selection of rowing machines.

Not only serving as a great recruiting tool for prospective students who may consider attending Carmel for its athletics, but the school has also embraced the idea of fitness for all students.

“We’ve outfitted some amazing high schools, but you can always tell the vision of the athletic director or person in charge,” explained Green, whose four siblings and two children all attended Carmel. “It’s always geared towards either athletics or physical education with

“The new facility is state of the art and without a doubt has made Carmel one of the best outfitted high schools in Illinois,” added Direct Fitness Solutions Regional Manager Justin Mitchell. “They’re providing students with an area that really sets them apart from a physical education perspective—

COMPASS | Winter 2020-2021

Carmel Catholic High School has officially unveiled its newlybuilt, $1 million fitness center that will serve a dual purpose: ensure that student-athletes have the best equipment and strength training available while providing all students with a fitness center worthy of a college campus.


treating everyone as an athlete, whether they are one or not, giving them a foundation for fitness for the rest of their lives.” Separating this project from other suburban high schools is the unique relationship with Illinois Bone and Joint’s Health Performance Institute. HPI’s Lincoln Howard will serve as head strength coach, while Carmel alum Josh Walinski ’13 of the HPI staff will assist with personal training. In addition, assistant girls’ softball coach Nicole LaBeck is also a member of the HPI Team, while Illinois Bone and Joint orthopedic surgeon Dr. Roger Chams will oversee the medical side of the program. “We’re so excited,” said Leman. “The goal was never tied to bringing in professionals who 8

have ties to Carmel, but Lincoln, Josh and Nicole all have Master’s degrees (in exercise physiology) and are so well qualified. We knew it was a way to bring even more value and further solidify this relationship.” Leman added that Carmel Catholic and his team set out to create a whole new ecosystem for the school, bringing in strength and conditioning professionals to provide expert support all the way through the process for students. “The goal from Carmel’s standpoint was to create a place the school feels very proud of,” said Leman. “Dr. Chams had already been an integral part of the program, so it’s just something that has happened organically over the past year. All the pieces just fell into place, and it just feels right.”

While the fitness center is state of the art, visitors will be blown away by the new weight room, built with custom flooring and Carmelbranded machines and weight equipment. When the fitness center opened to students at the end of January, all recommended CDC safety guidelines for COVID-19 and social distancing have been followed. A Blessing and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was held on November 11, 2020. Thank you to Alexander and Patricia Pissios, Paul and Michele Kelly, and Illinois Bone and Joint Institute for their support of the Carmel Catholic Fitness Center.

Q: How long have you been in Admissions at Carmel? A: This is my fifth year working in Admissions at Carmel. I am still enjoying it as much as ever! Q: How many families are in need this year? A: For the 2020-21 school year, 360 students received aid. We are currently outpacing last year’s average at a rapid rate. Last year we had 45 incoming freshmen apply for a scholarship above and beyond our financial aid support. To date, we have 66 students currently applying and a month to go before the deadline. Q: Are there some typical financial challenges that inhibit prospective families from attending Carmel? A: The pandemic has hit our community very hard. Parents have suffered job losses and a decrease in hours at all levels of income. We have had families that have applied for financial aid for the very first time. Q: What emotions do you feel when a family finds the financial path to Carmel? A: I feel blessed being a Financial Aid Consultant. Coupling needs with support brings me great joy and immense satisfaction knowing that Carmel has helped change the

trajectory for a student and his/ her whole family. You can see the stress melt away from a parent’s face when they receive financial support, knowing their child will have the opportunity to have a Carmel education. Q: How does a donor change a student’s future by making a gift to support scholarships? A: The Carmel vision states that our community is a “haven for kindness, where virtue is our aspiration, purpose our quest, and opportunity abundant for all who seek to commit to our mission.” By making a gift, a donor is supporting a child so s/he can have such an opportunity. Q: Is there anything else you would like to share? A: There was an encounter I had with a student a while back that inspires me to continue helping students like her every day. One night I happened to find myself grabbing a late-night dinner from the drive-thru window of a local fast-food restaurant. When I pulled up to the window, I recognized the cashier as one of our students. When I mentioned that I hoped her work schedule wasn’t interfering with her studies, she shared her incredible story with me.

Learn more at carmelhs.org/scholarshipgiving/ or scan the QR Code.

She told me that she was currently working full time because she was paying 100% of her own tuition at Carmel. When I asked why, she reminded me that she had a freshman sister and there was no way her single mother could afford two tuition payments. It was important for this student to give her sister the same opportunities that her mother had provided her. I was blown away. I couldn’t stop thinking if my children would be so selfless. As I pulled away, she said goodnight and that she gave me her 10% discount. It breaks my heart to think other students like this young woman and her family need support. Carmel Catholic awards more than $2 million in financial aid each year, yet many families are left wondering how they can afford a Carmel education. You can help by considering a gift to a Carmel scholarship fund.


Q&A with Carmel Catholic Associate Director of Admissions and Financial Aid Consultant, Debbie Eppel

COMPASS | Winter 2020-2021

Admissions Spotlight


Around School Corsairs Return to Campus

Carmel students and teachers returned to campus in August with many COVID-19 precautions in place – thermal scanners, a hybrid educational plan, television-style classroom cameras, mobile app symptom check, and more. The return to in-person learning, buoyed by a spirit of cooperation, ingenuity, and gratitude for the opportunity, received high marks. “In the darkness, we have seen Christ’s light shine in our community,” President Brad Bonham notes. For senior Owen Hodges, the return to school has been reassuring in many ways. When

he notices Principal Jason Huther or Chaplain Fr. Christian Shiu scrubbing desks, he feels safe. Hodges could not be more impressed at how teachers and staff seek to proactively guard students’ well-being, from mask enforcement to constant sanitizing. Carmel staff worked through the summer to set this tone, leaving students to now enjoy and benefit from teaching in a way not possible via eLearning. The social interaction with classmates, though limited, also provides a lift. “Being able to see my classmates in person has made discussion more genuine,” Hodges says. “Our eagerness to participate stems from this physical, in-person connection we are privileged to receive at Carmel.”

Returning to school has left Hodges deeply appreciative of Carmel’s efforts. “The work and effort of the Carmel administration show how dedicated they are to their students’ education and safety,” he says. “I am proud to be a Corsair, and I am so very glad that my parents made the sacrifices they needed to make to get me involved in such a tight-knit, caring Catholic community.”

More than 300 Accepted Into Class of 2025 Admissions decision boxes have been delivered to more than 300 admitted freshmen, with more still to come! This winter, Carmel saw a 10 percent increase in those who took the entrance exam. Welcome, to our Class of 2025!

Carmel Experiences Increase in Mid-Year Transfer Student Population This spring semester saw more than 19 transfers to Carmel from approximately 10 schools within Lake and McHenry Counties. According to Chief Enrollment and Advancement Officer Brian Stith, in a typical year, Carmel can expect two or three transfers, with five transfers being on the higher end. Stith believes the increase is due to Carmel’s success with its hybrid learning model during the coronavirus pandemic. 10


March for Life Rally Draws Large Audience On January 17, Carmel Catholic hosted the March for Life Chicago’s Moving the Movement Tour, a pro-life drive-in and socially-distanced rally. The event featured inspiring speakers, including Cardinal Blase J. Cupich, Melissa Villalobos, Dr. Brad Bonham, Mark Curran, Carmel Catholic Senior Hannah Arends, and more.

Engineering Department Receives $10,000 Grant The Carmel Catholic Engineering Department is the proud recipient of a $10,000 grant from The Grainger Foundation. These funds are intended to support the advancement of the school’s engineering curriculum for the STEM program through the purchase of six laptop computers to run engineering-specific software.

Carmel Catholic is participating in Stanford University’s STEP-UP program, which aims to reduce barriers for underrepresented minorities, first-generation college-goers, and disadvantaged students interested in pursuing a major in STEM fields. The program is funded by the National Institutes of Health.

Professional Counseling Services Available for Students Carmel Catholic is proud to announce that professional counseling services are available to its students through a relationship with Youth & Family Counseling of Libertyville (YFC). YFC strives to make its services affordable for families from all walks of life and has partnered with Carmel Catholic to make sure that no student is denied care based on ability to pay.

Youth & Family Counseling

COMPASS | Winter 2020-2021

Carmel Catholic Partners with Stanford to Help Underrepresented Students Break into STEM Careers


Two Students Named National Merit Semifinalists; Seven Achieve Commended Status National Merit Scholarship Corp. officials announced the names of approximately 16,000 semifinalists in the 66th annual National Merit Scholarship Program. Among these students are Carmel Catholic’s William De Keyser ’21 and Lauren Kelley ’21. These academically talented high school seniors have an opportunity to continue in the competition for some 7,600 National Merit Scholarships worth more than $30 million that will be offered this spring. Additionally, seven seniors were named Commended Students. The seven Commended Students, all seniors, are Daniel Dickmann, Henry Dziechciarz, Kyle Heinz, Ava Kolar, Sullivan Kuhfahl, Michaela Miller, and Katarina Rivera. Commended Students are recognized for the exceptional academic promise demonstrated by their outstanding performance on the qualifying test used for program entry. They will not, however, continue in the competition for National Merit Scholarships to be offered next spring.

Four Members of the Class of 2021 Earn Top ACT Composite Score Congratulations to seniors Lauren Kelley, William DeKeyser, Kyle Heinz, and Matthew Wolf for earning the highest possible ACT composite score of 36. Less than one-half of one percent of all test takers earn the top score. These students’ exceptional scores will provide any college or university with ample evidence of their readiness for the academic rigors that lie ahead.

Stay up to date on the latest news from Carmel at carmelhs.org or scan the QR Code. 12

The portraits help the children feel valued, show them that many people care about their well-being, and provide them with a special childhood memory for the future. Despite limitations due to the pandemic, Carmel students worked together to achieve a project that promotes kindness, international friendship, and care on a pure humanto-human level.

Congratulations to Victoria (Tori) Nagode ’22 for her Honorable Mention in the Midwest Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. This distinction is only awarded to the top 10-15% of all entries in this extremely competitive contest. Tori’s submission is a digital art portrait titled “Jamais Vu.”

Stay up to date on the latest news from Fine Arts at carmelhs.org or scan the QR Code. Student-Athletes Sign Letters of Intent Congratulations to our student-athletes who will move on to the next level in their respective sports. • Annie Bart (Girls Volleyball, Binghamton University) • Reagan Danner (Girls Lacrosse, Rockhurst University) • Hailie Swiatkowski (Softball, Austin College) • Jalen Burton (Football, Bowling Green State University) • Hannah Lennon (Girls Lacrosse, Concordia University St. Paul) • Riley Clark (Girls Volleyball, North Central College) • Aidan Day (Boys Cross Country, Loyola University Maryland) • Will McCorkle (Football, University of Central Missouri)

Justine Baladad ’21 and Reilly McGinn ’21 Named 1st Team All-State in Doubles On February 4, seniors Justine Baladad and Reilly McGinn were recognized by Carmel for earning Illinois High School Tennis Coaches Association 1st team all-state in doubles.


Carmel students in Drawing and Painting Honors partnered with The Memory Project to create portraits for youth who have faced substantial challenges, including neglect, abuse, loss of parents, and poverty and homelessness. These children have few special belongings to help capture their life stories. Carmel students focused on children of the Syrian refugee crisis, creating portraits during the Fall 2020 semester.

Midwest Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

Girls’ Tennis Wins Sectionals

The girls’ varsity tennis team won the 2020 Sectional Championship at Vernon Hills in October. Justine Baladad ’21 and Reilly McGinn ’21 were also first doubles Sectional Champs. Had there been a State Tournament, all six girls would have made it!

Stay up to date on the latest news from Athletics at carmelhs.org or scan the QR Code.

COMPASS | Winter 2020-2021

Art Students Partner with The Memory Project


Advancing Carmel Catholic Street Scenes “Goes Virtual, Home Sweet Home!” April 9-15

Now in its 47th year, Carmel Catholic High School’s widely popular Street Scenes fundraiser features a stellar lineup of entertainment, local food and beverage vendors, and the renowned Student Show!




tu Vir

Street Scenes will take on a new look this year as it is held virtually April 9-15, 2021. We are committed to keeping this long-standing tradition full of lively entertainment. This year’s theme is “Street Scenes Goes Virtual, Home Sweet Home!” Visit carmelstreetscenes.com for more information on our lineup of entertainment, including great bands, student performances, silent auction, behind the scenes clips, and interviews.

Queen of Hearts Raffle


Carmel Catholic High School

2021 Queen of Hearts Raffle

Test your luck while supporting a good cause! Carmel Catholic is hosting its first-ever virtual Queen of Hearts Raffle, a game of chance made popular for its record jackpot prizes awarded in community fundraisers. The weekly raffle will supplement Carmel Street Scenes as an important fundraising tool for the school. Ticket sales started on Thursday, February 11. First draw is on Thursday, February 25. Visit carmelhs.org/queenofhearts/ for more information. 14

The Tradition Continues…Carmel Catholic’s Golf Classic is Back! 2021


MONDAY, AUGUST 23 CARMEL CATHOLIC GOLF CLASSIC 2021 Join us at Glen Flora Country Club and play like the pros... and have a great time with friends, while supporting CCHS.

Join us on August 23, 2021, at Glen Flora Country Club for this community-wide event that supports tuition assistance. Sponsorship and volunteer opportunities are available. Please contact Denise Spokas at dspokas@carmelhs.org to find out how you can make a positive impact on students’ lives through the Carmel Catholic Golf Classic.

“Today’s dedication is a celebration of three things: Life, Light, and Love. Life, because the old lobby and chapel have been given new life as the Kathy A. Nemmers Welcome Center. Light, because light is synonymous with ’Welcome.’ Love, Carmel Catholic was founded on the teaching and example of Jesus Christ, who was only about love,” said Joe Nemmers ’73. Kathy served on the Board of Directors at Carmel Catholic High School, and she and Joe have four sons, Sam ’01, Mike ’03, Max ’06, and Tom ’10 Nemmers. Kathy was a member of the Carmel community for a long time, and this Welcome Center will ensure that her presence will remain vibrant.


On September 9, President Brad Bonham, Ph.D., welcomed an intimate gathering of family and friends to the Dedication and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of the Kathy A. Nemmers Welcome Center. Sr. Mary Frances McLaughlin, BVM, gave a reflection followed by readings by Sam Nemmers ’01 and Mike Nemmers ’03. Kathy’s favorite song, The Isle of Issisfree, was sung by Jane Lambiris ’75. Fr. Robert Carroll, O.Carm., Ph.D., blessed the Welcome Center, followed by a ribbon-cutting by grandson, Leo Nemmers.

COMPASS | Winter 2020-2021

Kathy A. Nemmers Welcome Center Opened to Community This Past September


Alumni News and Events Carmel Catholic Alumni is on Instagram! Follow us and tell your fellow Corsair alums! Search for: carmelcatholicalumni Tell Us You’re a Corsair, Without Telling Us You’re a Corsair We want to see and share your pictures that show your pride in being a Carmel Catholic alumnus/alumna! Do you think we can tell you’re a Corsair from a simple picture? Share a picture of your favorite Carmel item: Does it sit on your desk? Something you wear? Hang on your wall? You can be in the picture or not; no rules. Send it to alumni@carmelhs.org Tag us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Your picture may be shared on Alumni social media, Alumni emails, or in future printed publications!

Stay in Touch We are always adding and expanding the opportunities for alumni to be connected with Carmel Catholic. It’s essential that we have your current contact information so we can notify you of such opportunities. If you’re not receiving monthly Alumni e-newsletters, we might not have your correct email address. Be sure to keep us up-to-date: alumni@carmelhs.org. You can find current event information on our alumni website: corsairalumni.org. Carmel High School Alumni


Carmel Catholic High School Alumni Assocation


We also continue to develop a network of alumni professionally through our LinkedIn page, which is exclusive to Carmel Alumni. Stay connected and post opportunities for other Carmel Catholic alumni. 16

s Goe


Street Scenes “Home Sweet Home” April 9-15, 2021




For the first time, alumni who live coast to coast can “attend” the event! Perhaps you’ve been unable in the past because you don’t live locally — here’s your chance! Please look for more communication regarding alumni virtual “gatherings” in connection with Street Scenes…continuing our tradition of an “alumni booth” in a new way!



1967 Alumni Derby Finishes Strong The final horses in the class fundraising competition were separated by just a few donations. In the end, the Class of 1967 held on for the victory, with 1994 having a strong final push for 2nd place. 1983 (last year’s winner) and 1989 followed close behind. Corsairs from across the country (24 states to be exact!) gave to the campaign. Thank you for your continued support of Carmel Catholic! View the full class results at corsairalumni.org.

COMPASS | Winter 2020-2021

1967 1994 1983 1989 1988 1985 1977 1976 1974 1980 1991 1997 1970 1978 1995 1969 1979 1981 1984 1966 1971 1987 1990 1992 1998 1999 2010 1968





Orchesis Dance Company Celebrates 10 Consecutive Years with Annual Concert







Orchesis Dance Company CELEBRATING 10 YEARS

This year marks the 10th Consecutive Anniversary for Carmel Catholic High School’s Orchesis Dance Company. Carmel Orchesis officially became a recognized organization in 2011. Over the last 10 years, Orchesis has hosted over 15 dance concerts and graduated over 300 senior dancers. In celebration of 10 years, the Carmel Orchesis Dance Company will host their annual concerts on Friday, May 14 and Saturday, May 15 at 7 pm, held both in-person and virtually. The hope is Orchesis alumni all over the country will be able to tune in and watch the concerts live. There will be new student-choreographed works and a variety of iconic dance pieces that were previously performed over the last 10 years that will be brought back to life on stage.

New Cardinal is Former CCHS Teacher On October 25, Pope Francis named 13 new cardinals, including Washington D.C. Archbishop Wilton Gregory—the first Black U.S. prelate. Archbishop Gregory taught at Carmel when he was a seminarian in the early 70s. The prayers of the Carmel Catholic community are with you, Cardinal Gregory!

Class REUNIONS Reunions of classes that were to be held in 2020 are indefinitely postponed. As more information and regulations regarding gatherings become available, we will try to reschedule these as well as plan for the classes that will hold their reunions in 2021. If you are a member of any of these classes and would like to help in the planning of your reunion, please contact Ken Kordick, Director of Alumni Relations, kkordick@carmelhs.org. 18

Carmel Catholic attempts to remain in contact with all alumni but unfortunately we have lost contact with some individuals. We rely on the lifelong friendships made at Carmel to help us find alumni who have moved or changed names over the years. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated for either your classmates or perhaps someone in another class. If our lost alumni is still getting mail at your house, help us get their contact information updated! Email alumni@carmelhs.org to update contact information. We’d love to reconnect with our lost Corsairs and we appreciate your help! Thank you!

Haley (Hunter ’12) Adams Jennifer (Hanna ’00) Arvidson Steve Ballerine ’89 Laura Budris ’90 Jennifer (Slater ’90) Burkhalter Molly Daluga ’06 Julie (Stith ’99) Donner Sarah (Mikrut ’93) Doyle Mary (Bowes ’81) Fitzgibbons Brad Geary ’81 Tara Gille ’07 Kathleen (McMahon ’68) Griffin Joyce (Thompson ’89) Haqq Dan Henrichs ’92 Shannon (Kouba ’11) Lanphier Tyler Lees ’12 Michael Looby ’75 Erin (LoBue ’00) Major Rebecca (Monterastelli ’02) Norton Kevin Nylen ’98 Dave Pazely ’01 Michelle (Karrigan ’92) Ptasienski Tylee Resetich ’11 Emily (Tourdot ’09) Solarz Colin Spude ’05 Brian Stith ’01 Rita (Simon ’84) Tarpey Patricia Van Spankeren ’95 Gail (Hoffmann ’71) Wegener



This school year’s alumni faculty and staff include:

COMPASS | Winter 2020-2021

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Featured Alumni

Jay Sharp ’91 Among the many Carmel alumni on the front lines of the pandemic is Dr. Jay Sharp ’91. He is currently an Emergency Room physician at Amita Resurrection Medical Center in Chicago. Jay has found this time to be challenging and a test of his skills and training.

Mary Sandberg Boyle ’94 In the 96-year history of WGN Radio, there has never been a female in the top job...until now. Mary Sandberg Boyle ’94 is VP and general manager of WGN Radio.

Mike Belmont ’77 Mike Belmont ’77’s connection to Carmel Catholic remains strong. Mike’s brother, Frank, was a staple in Carmel history as a teacher, head boys basketball coach, and Athletic Director. Sadly, Frank passed away in April of 2016. Mike decided to make a very generous donation and started the Frank Belmont Memorial Scholarship in honor of his brother.

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Amy (Claffey ’84) Benjamin, Mother of Gabrielle Benjamin Greg Benjamin ’83, Father of Gabrielle Benjamin Jennifer (Strutzel ’89) Berg †, Mother of Benjamin Berg David Bertaud ’89, Father of Xavier Bertaud Laura Budris ’90, Mother of Joshua Bolger William Bolger ’91, Father of Joshua Bolger Charmayne (Smith ’91) Brewster, Mother of Dylan Brewster Charles Brewster ’90, Father of Dylan Brewster Martin Cappelle ’95, Father of Gabrielle Cappelle Jaime (Wegener ’93) Clesceri, Mother of Anna Clesceri Anthony Clesceri ’93, Father of Anna Clesceri Gail (Hoffmann ’71) Wegener, Grandmother of Anna Clesceri Mark Wegener ’68, Grandfather of Anna Clesceri Anthony Collins ’87, Father of Brendan Collins Melissa (Skriba ’90) Long, Mother of Magdalene Csiha Joseph Csiha ’90 †, Father of Magdalene Csiha Daniel Curley ’84, Father of Rebecca Curley Nanette (Tako ’89) Donton, Mother of Kaitlyn Donton Catherine (Permoda ’78) Geier, Mother of Mitchell Geier Patrick Graham ’84, Father of Hannah Graham Robert Graham ’87, Father of Megan Graham Joseph Grandt ’78, Father of Anne Grandt Patrick Halverson ’88, Father of Margaret Halverson Joyce (Thompson ’89) Haqq, Mother of Ethan Haqq Kurt Hironimus ’89, Father of Jason Hironimus David Hoetzer ’80, Father of Toni Hoetzer Robert Hoffman ’85, Father of Eleonore Hoffman Filomena (Bellini ’94) Kropiwiec, Mother of Isabella Kropiwiec Mariann (Edlmann ’72) Bellini, Grandmother of Isabella Kropiwiec James Landree ’82 †, Father of Jenna Landree Kristen (Kwasiborski ’91) Leaf, Mother of Zachary Leaf Cynthia (Kipp ’88) Lenihan, Mother of Caitlyn Lenihan Daniel Machamer ’80, Father of Michael Machamer John McHugh ’91, Father of Emily McHugh Amy (Stanczak ’85) McKernan, Mother of Ian McKernan Michael McMahon ’78, Father of Michael McMahon

Ann (Schneider ’86) Meny, Mother of Patrick Meny Deanna (Hertel ’93) Gill, Mother of Timothy Milner Christopher Molsen ’87, Father of Meghan Molsen Maria (Zupec ’86) Monroe, Mother of Carina Monroe Christopher Monroe ’87, Father of Carina Monroe Kerick Morabito ’83, Father of Evan Morabito Dona (Renaud ’85) Morrill, Mother of Madalaina Morrill Caroline (Casten ’98) Ogurek, Mother of Isabel Ogurek Daniel Ogurek ’97, Father of Isabel Ogurek Ralph Casten ’66, Grandfather of Isabel Ogurek Margaret Freeman ’80, Mother of Charles Pilling Michelle (Karrigan ’92) Ptasienski, Mother of Abraham Ptasienski Andrew Ptasienski ’92, Father of Abraham Ptasienski Jay Reid ’81, Father of Jacqueline Reid Pandora (Fillipp ’90) Rouleau, Mother of Charlotte Rouleau Violet Santi ’98, Mother of Cailee Santi Raymond Santi ’72, Grandfather of Cailee Santi Jacqueline (Bond ’88) Senger, Mother of Katherine Senger Sheila (Conarchy ’88) Shrofe, Mother of Caitlin Shrofe David Shrofe ’88, Father of Caitlin Shrofe Cynthia (Amato ’82) Swindell, Mother of Vincent Swindell Franklin Swindell ’81, Father of Vincent Swindell Christine (Velican ’90) Thomas, Mother of Emma Thomas Thomas Thomas ’89, Father of Emma Thomas Theresa (Freeman ’82) Tutaj, Mother of Erin Tutaj David Waldschmidt ’88, Father of Stephanie Waldschmidt Michelle Wheeler ’97, Mother of Zoey Wheeler David Willems ’78, Father of Kevin Willems Sandra (Jesenovec ’88) Williams, Mother of Ryan Williams Colleen (Flanigan ’81) Zawaski, Mother of Kiernan Zawaski Randy Zitella ’91, Father of Sofia Zitella †



Each year at graduation, we recognize the legacy families of graduating seniors. Congratulations to the following alumni whose children or grandchildren graduated this past year.

COMPASS | Winter 2020-2021

Alumni Parents and Grandparents of the Class of 2020


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Callison (Randolph ’12) LaBelle married David LaBelle on November 7, 2020

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Nora Ann Sponseller was born on March 19, 2020, to proud parents Joe Sponseller ’08 and Molly (Fitzgibbons ’08) Sponseller. She was 8 pounds and 18.75 inches long.

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Joseph Holguin ’06 and his wife, Kira Boswell Holguin, welcomed their daughter, Brae Marlis, on April 26, 2020.

Nikki (Young ’98) Scully and John Scully ’98 of Alexandria, VA, welcomed a son, Thomas Kolbe, on July 27, 2020. Thomas joins siblings Jack, 9, Nora, 7, and Sarah, 4.

On January 9, 2021, Sheriff John D. Idleburg presented Auxiliary Deputy Thomas Brasuell ’82 with the Lake County Sheriff’s Purple Heart Award. Sheriff Idleburg surprised Auxiliary Deputy Brasuell with the award at his residence with members of the sheriff’s office. The Purple Heart Award is reserved for members of the sheriff’s office who are severely injured in the line of duty. On December 23, 2019, Auxiliary Deputy Brasuell was at the scene of a fatal traffic crash in Volo. Auxiliary Deputy Brasuell was blocking the scene and directing traffic away, so sheriff’s crash investigators could conduct the fatal crash investigation. While directing traffic, a drunk driver drove his car into Auxiliary Deputy Brasuell, severely injuring him. It took months for Auxiliary Deputy Brasuell to recover from the significant injuries he sustained in the crash.


Class Notes

Sheriff Idleburg said, “I am proud to present Auxiliary Deputy Brasuell the Purple Heart Award, and while he was severely injured, we are thankful he was not killed by the reckless intoxicated driver who struck him. Our staff report for duty ready to serve the community every day knowing the risks and dangers they potentially face. I am honored to serve alongside such a dedicated group who are deeply devoted to the Lake County community.”

The Honorable Mary Cay Marubio was named a 2020 Top Women Lawyer in Leadership by the Women’s Bar Association of Illinois (WBAI). The WBAI honored Judge Marubio during a virtual ceremony on December 1.


Jennifer (Scifo) Juarez was recently profiled in Emerging Lawyers Magazine, a Chicago Law Bulletin Publication. Additionally, she was named to their list of top ten emerging women.


Patrick Canning has published a new book, “Hawthorn Woods.” “It was great growing up in Hawthorn Woods. I have great memories of this place,” says Canning. Nestled in the nature separating Mundelein and Vernon Hills from Lake Zurich, the suburb of Hawthorn Woods has more trees than people. He adds some dark secrets to that setting in his new thriller.

Midwestern University in March 2020 and is working in the specialty pharmacy sector.


Matthew F. Howeth has recently been named a new partner in The Wifler Law Group, specializing in Real Estate and Family Law.

2008 Daniel Gucwa received his Doctorate of Pharmacy from

Charles W. Wifler has recently been named a new partner in The Wifler Law Group, specializing in Real Estate and Family Law.

COMPASS | Winter 2020-2021




William Fernandez, MD, recently completed medical school and is doing his residency. In addition, out of about 400 applicants, he was one of the three selected to be a part of the NASA/UTMB aerospace medicine residency/ fellowship program in Houston. This program trains him to become a NASA aerospace physician. His responsibilities will include: taking care of astronauts, designing and optimizing medical kits for various mission types, and more. As part of the fellowship, he will be spending a couple of months each in Antarctica, Japan, Russia, and Germany. (This is a repeated entry from the last COMPASS in which Will’s last name was incorrectly spelled. Our apologies for the error.)


Alexander T. Matelski, MD, graduated with the University of Illinois College of Medicine Class of 2020 with Honors/James Scholar on the merit of outstanding academic performance. Alexander was also selected to deliver the Convocation Address. He will complete his residency in Internal Medicine/ Infectious diseases at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, GA.


William Riedl is part of a team studying infectious diseases, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. 24

William received his Doctorate in Microbiology from the University of Chicago in June. He is currently employed by the Cleveland Clinic in Pt. St. Lucie, Florida.


Sean Foster, captain and offensive tackle for the Iowa State Cyclones, was part of the team’s Fiesta Bowl victory over Oregon on January 2.


Elizabeth Gutiérrez recently graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a B.S. in Physics and a B.S. in Astronomy. She was awarded graduation distinctions in Research and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion from the College of Natural Sciences. The college awards these two distinctions to less than 5% of graduating seniors for having significantly impacted the university and greater Austin area during their time as students. Elizabeth thanks her parents, CCHS staff members Ana and Jose Gutiérrez, for her educational success.

Flynn Johnson was recently named to the Midwest Conference AllAcademic Team for the 2020 season. Johnson, a first baseman for Grinnell College in Iowa, has led the Pioneers’ resurgence in recent years and holds down 17 spots on the program’s alltime top 10 record board.



Juliana Nikolich graduated from the University of South Carolina in May and is pursuing a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at Northwestern University.

As a member of Notre Dame’s Sophomore Class Council, George Yacu, a biochemistry major, worked with his team to create the commemorative Victory Beanies worn by students during the Clemson game Green-Out. Each purchase raises funds for the courtyard beautification project underway at St. Adalbert’s School in South Bend.


Br. Sean Keefe, O.Carm., former faculty 1979-1990

Timothy R. Bowes ’77, father of Bridget ’10 and Madison ’12 Bowes; brother of Judith (Bowes ’69) Foy, John Bowes ’70, William Bowes ’71, Robert Bowes ’75, Mary (Bowes ’81) Fitzgibbons (current CCHS faculty), Margaret (Bowes ’84) Quinn, and Michael Bowes ’88

Br. Sean was a beloved part of the Carmel community, having taught here from 1979-1990, as well as many other schools in the United States. In 2001, Brother Sean relocated to Australia and brought his love for education and social justice with him to Whitefriars College, joining their staff as Chaplain and teacher. While living in Australia, he was recognized for his contribution to and involvement in the local community in the Manningham area, being named ’Citizen of the Year’ by Manningham Council in 2011. Brother Sean’s involvement and service to the people and the Carmelites in Timor-Leste was recognized in 2016 when he was awarded the Order of Australia Medal in the Australia Day Honours. He had kept in touch with many Carmel connections and had returned and spoke at Carmel Catholic in 2016.

William A. “BJ” Coleman ’94 Brian J. Dam ’92, brother of Christine (Dam ’87) Kornak and Robert Dam ’88 Patricia L. Dinschel ’86, sister of Aimee Dinschel-McWherter ’91 Randall Edward “Randy” Firnbach ’77, brother of Janice (Firnbach ’71) Dietz, Patrice (Firnbach ’72) Molidor, and George Anne (Firnbach ’75) Roberts Karyn (Roy ’76) Grado, sister of Cynthia (Roy ’69) George, Joanne Roy ’71, Janet (Roy ’75) Giertych, and Michele Roy ’81 Stephen Lee Herchenbach ’74 James Henry Lubkeman ’66, brother of Susan (Lubkeman ’67) Ludford Laurell Marie (Schuck ’68) Moore, sister of Cynthia (Schuck ’71) Barrett and Leon Schuck ’72 Norbert Platt ’72, brother of Christine (Platt ’69) Dunn Robert F. Schuerings ’67 Robert G. Sobon ’71, brother of Rebecca (Sobon ’92) Maynard Alan R. Wetzel ’69 Edward Yells ’90


Helen L. Adams-Arvin, mother-inlaw of Art Baker ’70, grandmother of Peter Baker ’06 Sandra R. Adamski, mother of Elizabeth (Adamski ’03) Leep, Edwin Adamski III ’05, and Sarah (Adamski ’06) Garner Carl Joseph Aiello, father of Sandra (Aiello ’81) Anderson

Linda Bettini, mother of Crystal Bettini ’90 Donald Paul Blindauer, grandfather of Matthew ’92, Daniel ’94, Timothy ’96, and Jonathan ’01 Stasiek; Brian ’06 (former CCHS staff), Caitlin ’08, Kevin ’09, Timothy ’11, and Michael ’14 Hendricks; and Erin Reilly ’08

Thomas W. Ambrus, father of Julie (Ambrus ’89) Garthwaite

Vivian Brunette, mother of Cynthia Brunette ’78, Margaret (Brunette ’80) Hercek, Paul Brunette ’85, and Jennifer (Brunette ’86) Forcht

Frederick A. Antonelli, grandfather of Amanda Peczkowicz ’05

Ann Button, mother of Kathyrn (Button ’77) Zorc and Judy Button ’79

Kenneth Mathias Bates, friend of Carmel HS

Thomas A. Cerwin, grandfather of Jake ’18 and Luke ’23 Cerwin

Edward F. “Eddie” Bauer, grandfather of Megan Bauer ’22

Jack L. Clooney, father of Laurel (Clooney ’71) Schwery, Patrick Clooney ’87, and Ryan Clooney ’89

Richard Becker Sr., father of Diane (Becker ’77) Swiniuch and Patricia (Becker ’79) Smetters Marlene J. Benjamin, mother of Dawn (Benjamin ’84) Abernathy and Glenn Benjamin ’86, grandmother of Akaysha Abernathy ’12

Howard Corcoran, husband of Sara Guerrero De Corcoran, CCHS Admissions Interpreter; father of Vincent Corcoran ’22 Joseph S. Cox, son of Gary Cox ’68 and Janet (Teresi ’70) Cox

COMPASS | Winter 2020-2021

Edward L. Biondi Jr. ’69, brother of David Biondi ’74


In Memoriam


John Cudahy, grandfather of Corey Simpson ’87 Betty DeWitt, mother of Richard DeWitt ’71, Judith (DeWitt ’76) Kasperczyk; grandmother of Marguerite (Kasperczyk ’96)Tagawa, Mark Kasperczyk ’06, Eric Kasperczyk ’08

Edward Joseph Hendricks, grandfather of Brian ’06 (former CCHS staff), Caitlin ’08, Kevin ’09, Timothy ’11, and Michael ’14 Hendricks

Timothy Dodge, father of Kelley Dodge ’12

Jill L. Hill, mother of Matthew ’83 and Vincent ’86 Hill

Robert Charles Donnelly, father-inlaw of Dr. Brad Bonham, President of Carmel Catholic High School; grandfather of Erin ’21 and Sarah ’22 Bonham

Janice M. Huber, mother of Monte Huber ’90 and Kyla (Huber ’97) Marabella

Terrence Duffy, husband of Ilene (Terrien ’70) Duffy Mary Elizabeth Eaton, mother of Dr. James Rigg, Carmel Dad, CCHS Committee Member and Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Archdiocese of Chicago; grandmother of Matthew ’23 and JonMichael ’24 Rigg Leo G. “Bud” Elfering Jr., grandfather of Katlyn Elfering ’12 and Margaret Elfering ’16 Antoinette D. Fabianski, mother of Paulette Stith, former faculty member; grandmother of Andrew Stith ’97, Julie (Stith) Donner ’99 (current faculty), and Brian Stith ’01 (current staff) Shirley Fedor, mother of James Fedor ’68 Allen Thomas Friello, grandfather of Jacqueline ’15 and Carissa ’16 Friello Joseph John Geraldi, father of Michael J. Geraldi ’67; grandfather of Michael Geraldi ’01 Marilyn Halvorsen, grandmother of Ava Grasso ’22 Rosemary Harrington, mother of Mark Harrington ’94


David A. Hemmerling, father of Timothy Hemmerling ’72 and Jerome Hemmerling ’78

Virginia Lou Husko, grandmother of Carrie (Berk ’94) Medina Gerald L. Johnson, grandfather of Abigail Johnson ’14 and Madeline Johnson ’17 Marie V. Kaminski, mother of Marilyn Kaminski ’75 Br. Sean Keefe, O.Carm., former faculty 1979-1990 Catherine Kelly, grandmother of Katie ’08, James ’11, and Matthew ’14 Kelly Maxine Kisselburg, grandmother of Mark ’94 and Brian ’95 Kisselburg, and Erin (Kisselburg ’00) Pyrchla Teresa Knigge, mother of Kevin Knigge ’73, Kim (Knigge ’75) Ramlow, Kurt Knigge ’76; grandmother of Ryan Patrick Knigge ’03 Victor Kordas, father of Ralph Kordas ’74 Joan Krichbaum, mother of Eileen De Spain (retired staff member) and grandmother of Matthew De Spain ’04 John C. Lawrence, father of Michael Lawrence ’71, grandfather of Erin Lawrence ’97

Alice Marie Levasseur, mother of Noel Levasseur, former CCHS Coach and Denise (Levasseur ’70) Zwit; mother-inlaw of Patricia (Ratican ’75) Levasseur; grandmother of Elizabeth (Levasseur ’98) Levine, Elizabeth ’03, James ’04 and Michael ’08 Levasseur Richard Lindas, grandfather Arielle Lindas ’18 and Ashley Lindas’18 Gerald L. Mateja, father-in-Law of Patrick Drennan ’82, grandfather of Frankie Drennan ’13 and Jake Drennan ’14 Helen N. McGowan, grandmother of Jessica ’15, Christine ’18, and Maureen ’20 McGowan Reverend Joseph McGowan, O.Carm., former staff member 1971-75 Thomas F. McGuire Esq., father of Suzanne McGuire ’90 Frank E. Merlo, father of James Merlo ’76, grandfather of Jimmy ’07 and Bobby ’10 Merlo Margarete C. Molidor, mother of Marcia (Molidor ’74) Wilhelmi, Gerald Molidor ’75, Christa Molidor ’80, Susan (Molidor ’82) McClelland, and Cara (Molidor ’87) Lovrien Michael Mooney, father of Daniel ’11, Mary Kate ’17, and Rachel ’20 Mooney Kathleen Naureckas, mother of Karen (Naureckas ’77) Christiansen Catherine Mary Nieds, mother of Cynthia (Nieds ’66) Birkmeier, Carin (Nieds ’68) Jelinek, Catherine (Nieds ’68) Olbrantz, Walter Nieds ’71, Cheryl (Nieds ’74) Flynn, Warren Nieds ’74, Christine (Nieds ’76) Grooms, and Ward Nieds ’78 Kathleen Ponzo O’Neill, mother of Anne (Ponzo ’71) Schrishuhn Louise B. Ozmun, grandmother of Remington ’16, Brianne ’18, and Emma ’20 Chitwood

Tina Pattarozzi, mother of Nancy (Pattarozzi ’73) Fiore Ann Elizabeth Petraitis, former faculty 1988-2015, mother of Mark Petraitis ’93 Paul Petraitis, father of Mark Petraitis ’93 Anthony Pocorobba, son of Cheryl (Azzato ’68) Eisman Bernadette Pucci, grandmother of Anna (Pucci ’04) Morgan and Chrissy Pucci ’08 Gloria A. Ricica, mother of Sharon (Ricica ’72) Bogoff and Bonnie Lynn Ricica ’82 Donald Sadowski, grandfather of Cameron ’17 and Carter ’17 Kukla Gary H. Schuberth, father of Nicholas Schuberth ’13 Dennis J. Siena, father of Sheryl (Siena ’86) Vlk Patricia Soppe, mother of Teresa (Soppe ’85) Biondo, Wilfred Soppe III ’87 and Karen (Soppe ’88) King Alfonso Mario Sotomayor Jr., father of Janysa Sotomayor ’05

Robert Wallberg, grandfather of R.J. ’12, Craig ’13, and Jonathan ’17 Paulson

John Francis Sweeney, father of Eugene ’77, Robert ’78, Ellen ’80, Mary ’81 Sweeney, and Catherine (Sweeney ’82) Dickinson; grandfather of Margaret Gramhofer ’02

Michael Webb, father of Steph (Webb ’94) Gates, Andrew Webb ’97, Rebekah Webb ’00, and Victoria Webb ’02; father-in-law of Julie (Mors ’97) Webb

Mary Lou Thompson, mother of Carrie (Thompson ’73) Tepper, Joanne (Thompson ’73) Bauer, Kathleen Thompson ’77, Michael Thompson ’82, and Joyce (Thompson ’89) Haqq; grandmother of Ethan Haqq ’20

Raymond A. Wegener, father of Mark Wegener ’68, Marytherese (Wegener ’71) Ambacher, Spring (Wegener ’72) Richardson, Michael Wegener ’75, and Christine (Wegener ’82) Fisch; grandfather of Jaime (Wegener ’93) Clesceri, Rebecca (Ambacher ’94) DeRosa, and Jason Wegener ’95; great grandfather of Luca Clesceri ’18, Anna Clesceri ’20, Vincent Wegener ’22, and Nicholas Wegener ’24

Lorraine Thomson, mother of Tim Thomson ’67, Pamela (Thomson ’72) Von Oepen, Bonnie (Thomson ’73) Carter, and Gina (Thomson ’76) Giannola Frances L. “Fay” Tierney, mother of Thomas Tierney ’67 and Peg Tierney ’69 Harold Tritz, father of Don Tritz ’69 and Marilyn (Tritz ’70) Mapes Mary V. Van Heirseele, mother of Paulette (Van Heirseele ’71) Miller, Thomas Van Heirseele ’77, Joseph Van Heirseele ’80, Teresa (Van Heirseele ’81) Miller, Michelle (Van Heirseele ’82) Crowley, Maureen Van Heirseele ’84, Karyn (Van Heirseele ’85) Hughes, Kevin Van Heirseele ’88, Eileen (Van Heirseele ’91) Broske; grandmother of Jessica Van Heirseele ’08 and Bridget Hill ’13


Georgia Emily Pastirik, motherin-law of Teri (Reschke ’80) Grossi, grandmother of Nick Grossi ’14

John Suydam, grandfather of Nicole ’94, Amanda ’06, and Carlie ’08 Suydam

Ellen Louise Williams, mother of Scott Williams ’74; grandmother of Michael Williams ’05 Daniel Wisowaty, brother Damian Wisowaty ’76 Ammishaddae Wright, father of Kayla Wright ’22 Robert Wygant, father of Riley Wygant ’23 Susan Mary Zimmer, mother of Benjamin Zimmer ’99 and Elizabeth Zimmer ’02 Only immediate family and Carmel Catholic graduates are included in this section.

COMPASS | Winter 2020-2021

Kenneth Parrish, grandfather of Bryan ’11 and Amy ’13 Parrish


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