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If you are one of the millions of Americans who has found that it is time to lower their cholesterol levels, then you will want to become aware of the most effective types of high cholesterol diet food that is available to you. These foods that are especially powerful for lowering cholesterol levels have been shown to be even more effective than the statin medications that your doctor may have recommended to you. Most people do not realize that the best foods for lowering cholesterol such as fruit, vegetables and whole grains provide far more for your body than just vitamins and minerals to support your health. They actually contain some powerful substances that are only found in nature that work to reduce cholesterol levels. You see, these foods contain both plant sterols and fiber, the two most recognized cholesterol lowering agents that are found in food. Most individuals are aware of soluble fiber and what it can do for them, but for many people sterols are a mystery. All plants contain natural substances called sterols. The highest levels of sterols are found in vegetables and nuts. The interesting thing about these natural substances is that their molecular design is nearly identical to that of cholesterol. It is believed by most scientists that these sterols compete with cholesterol for absorption into the bloodstream. The ability of sterols to reduce high cholesterol is so universally recognized that even the FDA has approved labeling indicating the cholesterol lowering ability of products that have had sterols added to them. However, the most effective way to reduce your high cholesterol is to consume foods that naturally contain high amounts of both fiber and plant sterols. The most effective cholesterol lowering diet will be one that contains large amounts of these high cholesterol diet foods while reducing the amounts of foods highest in saturated fats such as beef and pork Take note that I am not saying you need to eliminate fat from your diet. As a matter of fact the essential fatty acids that are found in nuts are extremely helpful in reducing triglycerides and balancing out cholesterol readings. Visit my website to learn more about natural ways to reduce high cholesterol. I have included a thorough discussion of cholesterol lowering foods and diets that will help you get started on reducing high cholesterol without having to resort to medication.

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==== ==== How To Lower Cholesterol While Eating Things You Love? Click The Link Below To Find Out And Get A FREE Cholesterol e-Cource! ==== ====

High Cholesterol Diet Food - Powerful Foods You Can Use to Lower Your Cholesterol