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Best Areas to Rent Best Areas to Rent Apartments in Atlanta Apartments in Atlanta

The term "best areas" is relative and depends on your lifestyle. For some people the best area to live is in the heart of the city where you can walk to everything. For others the best area is outside of town in the suburbs where you have tree-lined sidewalks and a big open backyard. For others still the best areas are those that are rural and quite a distance away from the pollution and negatively of cities. But thankfully since we are talking about Atlanta then it is safe for us to say you are looking for Atlanta apartments for rent and not in the surrounding suburbs.

Emory is of course home to Emory University and as such it is a thriving for young people, both collegiate and young professional just out of college who work there or in close proximity to the college. If you are young or young at heart and want to live in a place where social interactions are high this is an ideal area to find Atlanta apartments for rent. If you are moving out on your own for the first time and need a roommate this is also a great area where you will definitely be able to find just the right type of roommate for you.

If you love shopping and dinning and upbeat nightlife Virginia Highland is the place to live. Here you won't find apartment buildings per se but instead you may find houses, bungalows or detached units. You may need to get a roommate or two depending on what you choose. But if what you live in doesn't matter too much you will be glad to know that everything will be within walking distance of your home. Piedmont Park is within walking distance of the Highlands so even though you won't be in the centre of things you will still be close enough. If you have a dog you will love this area as there is the Park right there which is ideal for walking your dog. This is what most of the locals use it for anyway. One of the Atlanta apartments you can check out here is Madi's Penthouse Sweet Suite.

If you don't mind driving or hate the idea of walking everywhere then Buckhead will be ideal for you. There are many Atlanta apartments for rent in this area but there is also a good amount of traffic since you will have to drive everywhere. It isn't that close to a lot of happening spots so if you love the social scene you probably shouldn't live here. It also comes with high price tags so this area is better for conservative types who don't want to be too much in the city but don't want to leave entirely. If you are into clubbing and constant dinning out then without a doubt downtown Atlanta is where you want to be. Here you will find a wide variety of Atlanta apartments including lofts, apartments and condos to choose from. These are often readily available and so you don't have to worry about waiting lists, plus there are always new developments as the demand for housing in this area has always been high.

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