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Furniture & Accessories

DEC079 Limed Effect Console Table & Mirror


H:830 W:990 D:370mm. (Table)

DEC098 Limed Effect 3 Panel Screen

H:1220 W:1000mm. (Mirror)

H:2080 W:1800mm.

Furniture & Accessories

DEC106 Limed Effect Nest of Tables H:570 W:570 D:480mm. H:510 W:450 D:330mm. H:460 W:310 D:285mm.

DEC077 Limed Effect Small Hall Table

DEC085 Limed Effect Round Lamp Table

H:830 W:620 D:340mm.

H:800 D:460mm.

DEC102 Limed Effect Writing Desk

DEC100 Limed Effect 5-tier Shelf Unit

H:1080 W:850 D:450mm.

H:1400 W:920 D:450mm.


Furniture & Accessories

XJW012 Grey-wash Key Box H:290 W:235 D:85mm.

FOR099 Wall Cabinet W/Drawer & Pegs

FOR105 Sml Brown Distressed Wall Shelves

H:640 W:360 D:130mm.

H:600 W:390 D:140mm.

DEC099 Limed Effect Key/Letter Holder H:600 W:300 D:120mm.

STN291 Pale Blue Carved Wall Rack H:710 W:980 D:180mm.


STN326 Painted Small Wall Plate Rack

STN587 Cream/Pink Carved Wall Rack

H:820 W:515 D:230mm.

H:710 W:980 D:180mm.

Furniture & Accessories

STN616 Cream Painted 3 Drawer Chest H:770 W:580 D:380mm.

MJ016 4 Drawer Rattan Chest

XJW001 Grey-wash Cabinet with Mesh

H:800 W:500 D:370mm.

H:860 W:530 D:380mm.

DEC086 Limed Effect Display Cabinet

FOR080 Small 4 Drawer Floral Cabinet

STN618 Grey-wash Slatted Bottle Rack

H:1330 W:750 D:350mm.

H:925 W:325 D:255mm.

H:810 W:710 D:310mm.


Furniture & Accessories

WU650 Small Round Decorative Table

QTR016 Black/Gold 2 Drawer Lamp Table



GUA019 Gold Painted Glass Mirror H:1080 W:810mm.

GUA020 Gold Painted Glass Console Table H:750 W:1010 D:350mm.

QTR011 Decorated Wooden Console Table H:785 W:1135mm.


Furniture & Accessories

PSH003 Metal Finish End Table

PSH001 Metal Finish Writing Table

H:560 W:590 D:590mm.

H:790 W:1200 D:600mm.

PSH005 Metal Finish Ram's Head Chair

PSH002 Metal Finish Console Table

H:860 W:530 D:430mm.

H:800 W:1400 D:450mm.


Furniture & Accessories


DHA008 Long Faux Leather Footstool

DEC035 Faux Leather Embroidered Stool

KWL003 Miniature White Wooden Chair

H:435 L:1000mm.


H:500 W:530 D:350mm.

OBW1001 Antler Effect Chair

OBW995 Gilt Single Leg Console Table

H:1060 W:530 D:850mm.


Furniture & Accessories

STN390 Grey Coat Stand Ceramic Ends

SDG029 White Hat Stand

STN055 Shanxi Ladder Shelf Unit



H:1770 W:430 D:500mm.


Furniture & Accessories

FIB034 “Twiggy” Mannequin

DEC087 Limed Finish Dressmaker’s Dummy

JC154 Black Velvet Mannequin




All finished colours are for catalogue purposes only and due to printing restrictions can not be guaranteed as representative. Dimensions are included as a guide only. We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notification. All items are offered subject to availability. © This Catalogue is on loan and remains the property of Chairs Ltd., trading as Coach House, at all times. Chairs Ltd., reserve the right to terminate the loan and repossess this catalogue at their discretion.


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Furniture and Accessories.pdf

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