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Varese, Italy, 02/05/1992 P.zza LibertĂ 3, Cantello (VA) Italy +39 3471424604

italian english french japanese

_native _proficiency _competent _JLPT N5 certificate

Autocad, Photoshop, Indesign, Rhino, Cinema4D (with Corona)

_good level

Illustrator, Revit, Archicad, Cinema4D (with _beginner VRay) Manual skills_


model making_wood, plaster, concrete, plexiglass, fabric, wax, metal

_good level

hand drawing, digital drawing

_good level

Accademia di architettura di Mendrisio_CH _USI AAM MSA graduated 2011-8 BSC1: atelier Blumer BSC2: atelier Bearth BSC3: atelier Sumi + atelier Zermani MSC1: atelier DVVT + atelier Sanchez GarcĂŹa MSC2: atelier Nunes/ Gomes da Silva Diploma: atelier Tropeano

Work experience_

_BSC1 _BSC2 _BSC3 _MSC1 _MSC2 _Diploma

_Internship Mikou Design Studio_ Paris 2013-2014 _internship Tomoyuki Kurokawa Architecs_Tokyo 2017 DIMA - Digital Images of Architecture_Milan _3D / visual artist 2018-2019

Atelier Tropeano Diploma_2018

Urban Mending_ The diploma semester was set win the italian city of Bergamo. The venue I chose was an abandoned empty green space laid fo canals covered by the lot and design a secret garden not visible from he street, uncovered by the sound of the water stream and create a neuter passage to the secret garden, memory of ancient times of this area of Bergamo. In each of those spaces, an ope The public space is delined by concrete walls, directing the walking streams with their presence and glimpses of the vegetation.T city of Bergamo. Minute passages and views, recreating a water context, foundamental in the city’s history but forgotten nowa General axonometry_

Site plan

Selected Works

four meters below the street level,in the proximity of a parking lot. I decided to uncoover wo d the vegetation. Two of thew entrances to the actual secret garden are concrete blocks, which ening gives a glimpse of the garden, inviting the visitor to discover what lays behind the walls. The goal of my proposition is to invite visitorsto discover intestitial spaces, common in the low adays.

Entrance representation

General ax




Atelier DVVT MSC1_2016

Two Houses_ Starting from the study of two spaces and two pieces of fourniture, we were asked to design our own pieces and then to think The venue set in the flemish city of Ostend was narrow and sourrounded by 7 and 8-stories buildings. I decided to mantain th The venue of the other project is into suburban Bruxelles, and it’s a two-family structure. Here I wanted once again to mantain private housing, and the third in a shared winter garden for the two families.


k around them two houses uited to four-elements families. he existing 4-stories facade. n the original facades. In plan, the block is divided into three squares: two are destined to the

Furniture piece study

Project 1 plans Project 1

Project 1 axonometric section elevation

Project 2 plans

Project 2 axon

nometric view

Project 2 section

Atelier Sanchez GarcĂŹa MSC1_2016

Opposite Traces_ The project propose a revitalization of a little agricultural centre, Isla Mayor, in Andalusia (Spain). The village is surrounded b The relation between these two opposite traces, human formed landscape and natural landscape defines the strategies that w some of them are abandoned. My idea in this agricultural area was for a University of Gastronomic Sciences. I tried to keep with bridges. Inside the stuctures various functions take place: a library, a little museum, classrooms, labs, a cafeteria, a restaura

Project repr


by rice fields, in proximity of the river Guadalquivir and his characteristic marsh, the DoĂąana. were concieved during the semester.Large venues in town are not occupied by buildings, and he project simple, posing metallic modular structures into urban voids and connecting them ant, anevent hall etc. etc.



General axonometry

Constructive axonometry

Atelier Zermani BSC3_2015

Il Nuovo Sopra l’Antico, uno Spazio Sacro in Italia_ The venue of this project is in the Galluzzo, in southern Florence. It is a huge green field declining from the old centre to the convent on the southern side of the venue. In proximity of this one convent I thought to have my project, a parish complex of and the centre of Galluzzo.The church, in relation with the other spaces of the complex tries to compose a “broken cross“ that

Situation plan Ground floor plan

e new road. Around this venue we have notable sites, such as the Charterhouse of Ema and a of 2000 sq.m circa. I decided to place it here in order to create a relation between the convent t fulfills its uncompleteness with the convent and the old church.

Complex representation First floor plan

Atelier Bearth BSC2_2014

Louisiana Pavillion_ Set in Denmark in the Louisiana Museum Park, this project is as the theme suggests a pavillion. Its purpose it is to seasonally h artists. The building stands solitary in an introvert position into a small bamboo grove, resembling a fortress where the guests ca work. The approach to the building follows the structure of a path, even inside the structure itself.The path ends when the ho

General plan

house guests of the museum that have to hold speech or to perform in the auditorium, such as an peacefully spend their time away from the visitors of the museum and concentrate on their ost finds the door that leads to the small terrace and returns to dive into nature.

Interior model

General ax


Atelier Sumi BSC3_2015

Latrabjarg panoramic hotel_ The project is set in Latrabjarg, Iceland. This area is almost unhabited, so we thought as a program to plan a hotel on a cliff h As the visitor approaches the place, he can only percieve a small construction resembling a house. This is the entrance: inside th has its place. From here, the visitor shall ascend to the rooms, passing in the outside. We planned the rooms block as a statuary Coupled semester with Francesco Borromeo_

GSEducationalVersion GSPublisherEngine

Hall plan Night view general representation

hanging on the Atlantic ocean sourrounded by wild nature. the building there is a lift taking the customers to the main hall, where the restaurant also y object.

General model Entrance representation

Atelier Bearth BSC2_2012/13

Ospiti a Tavolara_ The venue of this project is the island of Tavolara, Sardinia. It is a holiday house for a family. It is not placed with direct acces something that could give a feeling of enclosure, surrounded by nature. The house itself is composed by 3 blocks disposed arou

Inner courtyard model

ss to the sea, but into a small glade between shrubbery, on the edge of a cliff. I tried to create ound the central courtyard.

Cardboard model

Tomoyuki Kurokawa Architects Internship_2017

During my permanence at Tomoyuki Kurokawa Architects, a small office in Tokyo, I was given the chance to participate actively to project and competitions designs. The final result of this is renderings, plans and models I did for clients and for the competitions.

Ookayama Apartments, Tokyo

DIMA Internship_3D/visual artist

Between the end of 2018 and the first part of 2019, I had the chance to spend some time at Digital Images of Architecture, a small digital illustration for architecture office, collaborating with clients such as Yan De Vylder and Baukunst. During the time there, my duties have been mostly 3D modeling and post-production on Photoshop.

Provate house in Montagnola, Fondamenta Architects

School in Currendlin, Atelier GM6

Competition in Salzburg, Yan De Vylder

Watercolors, views of Italy Watercolors, views of Italy

Drawing Skills

Self portrait

Fictional advertising

Fictional advertising

Digital illu



Profile for Carlo Calderini

Carlo Calderini Portfolio  

Architect and illustrator. Currently working at DIMA, architectural visualization office based in Milan.

Carlo Calderini Portfolio  

Architect and illustrator. Currently working at DIMA, architectural visualization office based in Milan.