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Annual Report 2013-14

Awareness As a   charity,   we   want   to   raise   awareness  and  gain  external  profile  of   Caring  Ma,ers  Now.       We  want  to  raise  awareness  of  CMN  in   the   medical   field,   so   pa@ents   are   given   correct   informa@on   and   advice   about   CMN.   We   are   also   very   keen   to   raise   our   profile   na@onally   and   interna@onally   through   media   coverage,   corporate   support   and   fundraising   projects   for   the  general  public.  

A Global  Footprint  for  Caring  Ma,ers  Now  

Corporate Support  

This year   we   have   seen   an   increase   in   the   number   of   businesses,   organisa@ons   and   schools   who   have   chosen   to   support   Caring   Ma,ers   Now.     This   is   as   a   result   of   the   CMN   Champions   awards   scheme  which  was  established  in  January  2013.       We   have   also   developed   this   year   corporate   challenges,   where   corporates  can  sign  up  to  a  team  challenge  and  raise  funds  for  Caring   Ma,ers  Now.  

This year   we   have   spent   @me   developing   our   charity   footprint   globally.     We   a,ended   the   2013   CMN   Expert   Interna@onal   Mee@ng   along   with   Dr   Kinsler   who   presented   her  research  findings  to  all  the  conference  a,endees.       Caring   Ma,ers   Now   has   also   been   an   integral   part   in   developing   the   ‘Naevus   Global’   ini@a@ve.     Naevus   Global   is   an  umbrella  organisa@on  that  aims  to  bring  together  all  the   CMN  support  associa@ons  across  the  world.    A  Naevus  Global   website  has  been  established,  in  which  Caring  Ma,ers  Now   features.     Jodi   Whitehouse   is   on   the   board   of   Naevus   Global,   represen@ng  Caring  Ma,ers  Now.  

Profile for Caring Matters Now

Caring Matters Now Annual Report 2013 14  

Caring Matters Now Annual Report 2013 14