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“Everything should be a teaching moment”

 2012-13 CPA due 15 Dec, 13

This is the advice from early childhood educator, Optimist Sandie. Recognizing that Optimists are regularly reading with children though not trained as teachers, the Sunshine Club facilitated a one-day work shop tailored to equip Optimists to read with children.

 Q2 OICD conference cancelled.

 Club Oratorical contests by mid Feb, 14

 OI Leadership

Entitled Factors Affecting Reading Readiness, the workshop covered topical areas including Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Disorder, Memory Retention and basic reading skills.

summit is 22 Mar, 2014

 Q2 dues due

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One Optimist shared a concern that by seeing the children infrequently, compared to teachers, the task can become overwhelming to the adults who fear there is insufficient time to teach a child so much in so little time. To this Optimist Sandie assured all that we must make each moment count, that everything should be

a teaching moment. With her 30+ years in the education field, she shared many stories to demonstrate how one person can have a positive impact in a child’s life from many little teaching moments which she encouraged Optimists to do. (ND)

What’s with that bird in the Governor’s logo anyway? When one thinks of the Caribbean, visions of sun, white sandy beaches and verdant landscapes lined with coconut palm trees come to mind. But what about the birds that line the blue sky and glide over the sea? With the size of an albatross; the grace of a tern; the belligerence of a skua; the speed of a swift;

the agility of a flycatcher and the attitude of...well, a frigate bird. These amazing seabirds are the undisputed, if somewhat despotic kings of the world’s tropical oceans. They are believed to be the oldest known avian specie having being traced as far back as 50 million years and they are natives of the Caribbean. (con’d on page 9)




Optimist Club of Barbados, South Progressive Optimist Club (BDS)

Pride of Barbados

OC of Barbados, Bridgetown

St. Stephen Alpha Club (BDS)

Sunset OC of Liguanea, JA







Tribute to our Youth Optimists worldwide joined together to demonstrate Optimists’ commitment to young people by recognizing them for their efforts in the arts, athletics, academics and community service work. Designed to encourage a greater exchange of ideas between young people and adults, Youth Appreciation Week was observed by clubs across the District in many ways.

“Teaching is an uphill task. You

Sunset Optimist Club of Liguanea celebrated with JOOI club, Fortis Octagon Club of Kingston College by joining them in their meeting and providing refreshments.

Pride of Barbados facilitated two training sessions for the young student leaders and concluded the sessions with the staff of St. Ambrose Primary to install the new prefects and house captains.

The folks at Optimist Club of Christina visited and made presentations to the Windsor Lodge Children’s Home and recognized two (2) students of the Sunday School at the Grace Temple Apostolic Church.

Optimist Club of Barbados, North held a week of activities with the JOOI Club at the Lester Vaughan and Colridge & Parry Schools including Dream Job For A Day and various presentations for outstanding qualities.

The Royal Optimist Club of Kingston rocked for a month with the youngsters at Dunrobin Primary School!

The Optimist Club of North St. Catherine honoured fifteen (15) youths during its annual youth awards at St. Helen’s Church Hall.

The Optimist Club of St. Thomas recognized youths across three (3) schools across the island!

cannot let the child in you, leave you”. Optimist Sandie, Sunshine Club







Inspiration from Alpha Club President Elect of the St. Stephen's Alpha Club (Barbados) was so inspiring at the installations ceremony, we had to share her message: "This will be an unforgettable year filled with lots of energy and happy moments. The club will give of its best potential and if members of the Board do what they are supposed to do, we will have an enjoyable year." She went on to say that her focus this year will be on

increasing membership. I intend to send out members knocking on classroom doors, inviting others to join the club, that way, we will be able to leave a strong JOOI club next year when most of us move on to High school."

Share your stories : OR Visit us on Facebook: caribbean.optimists

HAPPENINGS “Optimism is the

Central Circle Optimist Club

heartbeat of any

In recognition of November being both Parents Month and Youth Month, the club organized a presentation at the Women’s Centre of Jamaica Foundation which does a marvelous job in ensuring that young ladies that become pregnant while in schools are allowed to continue their educa-

nation” .Optimist Glovina Springer of OC of Barbados, Central

tion with formal classes, even as skills for their upcoming role of motherhood are addressed.

Mass Inter-clubbing The Sunset Optimist Club of Liguanea took part in a mass inter-clubbing meeting hosted by the Octagon Club at Wolmer's Boys High School. This showed representation

Optimist Club of UWI, Mona Members of the Optimist Club of UWI, Mona were busy with their Beach Clean-up and getting their outreach program executed at the Mona Common Basic School (Kingston, Jamaica). Bless their cotton socks!





from multiple schools including two of our sponsored JOOI Clubs from Kingston College and the Queen's School. We also invited students from our mentorship partnership at Cumberland High School. At this event Director MarcMaurice Frankson made a presentation to the students on Leadership. It was a wonderful event.




First Installation Service Invites you to their 22nd Anniversary Service @ St. Peters Anglican Church Falmouth at 8:45 a.m. followed by Installation & Awards Brunch @ William Knibb High School Auditorium on Sunday, December 15, 2013 Starting @ 11:30 A.M. Price : $1000.00 Proceeds in aid of Childhood Cancer Care

Optimist Club of Falmouth, JA

The TLC OC of St. Anns Bay, JA

Sunset OC of Kingston, JA

Royal OC Kingston, JA (ROCK)

The OC of UWI, Mona. JA

Knutsford Circle OC, JA





Optimists from Rising Moneague (JA) and OC of North St. Andrew (JA) all send their love and best wishes to the Optimist family across the Caribbean.

For a daily does of Optimism, visit and like

Message from OI President Ron “At this special time of year, give the gift of Optimism to children. Now is the perfect time to make a real effort to add one or two new Optimists to your Club. Start the new Members off with an opportunity for a wonderful MO of their own. “

Letters & Shout Outs Dear Governor Simon, With the Holiday Season soon upon us, please allow me to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to you and your family for all that you do. The important and caring work that you, your Clubs, and Optimist volunteers do each and every day makes us proud and provides great benefit for our communities and youth. Service to children is the best work of life. THANK YOU. As you speak to your Clubs and leaders, remind them as they sell Christmas trees, provide food for the homeless or less privileged and gifts for children, to seek out new Optimists and new helpers to make our world a stronger and better place. Your efforts in your District are outstanding. With President Ron and your Vice President, together you can build a stronger District that will benefit more and more children and provide even greater service to our communities. Thank your people, provide leadership by example with boots on the ground actions to make this the best 1st Quarter ever; a great gift for your Clubs and District. God Bless you, God Bless your wonderful Clubs, And God Bless Optimist International,

To all clubs who shared this month. Keep on sharing!

Benny Ellerbe, Executive Director, Optimist International

Transferring membership is as easy as 1-2-3: 1. The member transferring needs to be deleted from the club he is leaving. 2. The new club adds him to the roster with a $5 processing fee sent to OI. 3. Club Roster Adjustment Form can be sent to OI or emailed to indicating change. (Include member’s information on the CRA form and check “Transfer”. IF the member is a Life Member, indicate on the CRA. Transfers cannot be done online)




MORE HAPPENENINGS Tree Planting South Circle Optimist Club extended it’s helping hand to the JOOI Caribbean District as a joint project for National Tree Planting Day! It was filled with fun and labor of course! We planted 3 plots of vegetables and fruits. South Circle members then treated the hard working volunteers to hot dogs and other snacks. Then, to honour late member Dancel Taylor and VP of the Immaculate High School, Barbican Pines

joined its JOOI club in an immaculate Tree Planting Ceremony.

Cleanup Day! Following its formation, they planted trees and yet again, extended help to the JOOI District to plan and execute their annual JOOI Awards!

On the inside, they provided and installed two (2) computers and a printer. Currently, the club is wrestling with

to Charter President Lloyd of South Circle for full collaboration

Working with the JOOI community

with the JOOI

Newly formed or rather, before its formation, South Circle Optimist Club assisted nearly 90 JOOI members to clean the beach in recognition of International Coastal


Facelift & more for Ma Worrell Day Care After two false starts due to bad weather, the Optimists of Progressive Optimist Club successfully gave the day care centre a much needed face lift. Located in one of Barbados’ oldest government housing projects, The Pines, they repaired the buidling’s eves and gutterings and repainted the entire outer structure.


the powers that be to remove derelict vehicles removed from the school’s immediate environs.

ing Corporation for agreeing to donate the two computers.

 President Edwin takes this opportunity to thank the following in this regional forum for the donation their time, effort and assets:

Berger Paint for donating all the paint need for the project.

The Caribbean Broadcast-

Lucky Horse Shoe for their refreshments.

Members and in particular Optimist Peter Kerr for his project management skills and connections and Optimist Richelle Lucas for envisioning and coordinating the entire project.

OC Anguilla - Focus on HIV/AIDS Awareness In observance of World Aids Day and to increase HIV/AIDS awareness, OC of Anguilla organized a Race Against AIDS. The race was enjoyed by participants ranging from ages 5-67 years including our

Reading Program Tour

Governor Nutilia who took part and won a category (secret category)!

The Belmont Reading Programe of OC of Barbados Bridgetown took its group to the National Library to participate in its 166th Anniversary of Literacy Service to Barbados. While there, the children were enthralled in the very informative lesson given Bullying.





still to come...

Optimists across the Caribbean have big plans for the nativity season. However possible, lend a hand and watch out for details later!

Optimist Club of Barbados, South will treat wards of the state to a party at a grand party with a visit by Santa. The children would even be provided with party clothes!

Central Circle Optimist Club is planning to host their Virtual Tea Parties!! Isn’t this something to look forward to!

Pride of Barbados OC will be packing and delivering hampers while fellowshipping.

Optimist Club of Barbados, Bridgetown will be preparing and delivering hampers for 24 families.

Sunshine Optimist Club of Barbados will add some Christmas sunshine on all the children of St. Giles School with cake, ice-cream and other goodies.

The Optimist Club of North St. Catherine will treat 700+ children in the Linstead area to food, toys, books and rides!

The Optimist Club of St. Thomas is planning an excursion to Ocho Rios as a fundraising event.

Then in early 2014...Optimist Club of St. Lisi, SLU Is putting together a grand affair in a Golf Tournament for the benefit of children with cancer and cancer research. The tournament would feature various golf challenges, a charity auction and a cocktail reception to close! Stay tuned for details…





Purposes of Optimism 

To develop optimism as a philosophy of life utilizing the tenets of the Optimist Creed;

 Optimist International Caribbean District

ernment and civic affairs; 

to inspire respect for the law;

to promote patriotism and work for international accord and friendship among all

The Secretariat


36 1/2 Lyndhurst Road, Kingston 10

to promote an active interest in good gov-

to aid and encourage the development of

Phone: 1-246-836-9005

youth, in the belief that the giving of one’s


self in service to others will advance the


E-mail: Whatsapp: 1-246-836-9005

well-being of humankind, community life and the world.

Bringing Out the Best In Kids We’re on the web! caribbeandistrict#!

What’s with that bird in the Governor’s logo anyway? Governor Nutilia chose an image that depicted a look of one Caribbean with this bird which is symbolic in more ways than one. Fascinated on her daily walk along the beach by their nature to nurture their chicks and how they nourish themselves before taking long flights, she likens these traits to what we do daily as Optimists. We care and nurture the children of our District and nourish ourselves through PGI to take us through the journey. Their eggs are incubated in turns by both male and females and the chicks are fed by both parents for the first three months after which the female does so only for another eight months. In some instances, the babies might be fed by both parents for five

to eighteen months (longest parental care shown by birds). However, despite the intense level of parental care, many chicks starve to death within a few months because they become fully dependent, not learning to feed themselves. This is a fine balance that we as careivers face every

day in our quest to shape the lives of our youth; when is it okay to give and when is it okay to say NO. Now when you think of the Caribbean, visualize the Frigate Bird gliding over the sea… (ND)

Optimist International Caribbean District - December 2013 News Desk  

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