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New forklift provides quiet comfort

Kalmar continuously strives to develop, refine and improve its machines in order to put the most reliable machine on the market. The new Kalmar DCF50-90 forklift, launched this June, is the latest model in the light range of forklift trucks (5–9 tonne capacity) and designed for even greater reliability. The forklift has several new features for greater customer experience and improved benefits for drivers. It is designed for customers who need industrial handling capabilities in demanding applications, such as, wood, pulp, paper and steel. The machine operates in temperatures ranging from -20 degrees to +45 degrees Celsius. “The machine is designed for reliable, nonstop 24/7 operations in all conditions,� says Thomas Malmborg, Head of Kalmar Forklift Business.

Designed for comfort Drivers who work long shifts will find several benefits that will make their work more comfortable. “You can get a tailored machine with different chairs. In addition to the standard steering wheel, there are two ergonomic steering systems available. One comes with a mini-wheel on the left armrest and the other lets you control the machine with levers. Both are easy on the shoulders and neck,� says Malmborg.

A new, hydraulically driven fan keeps the engine room cooler. The engine is mounted under the cabin, keeping the driver cooler. The temperature controlled fan saves fuel by running only when it is needed. “The new DCF55 runs more quietly and is less vibrant. After a hard day’s work you can feel that the cabin is cooler compared to its predecessor the DCE50-90L,� says Henrik Andersson, forklift truck driver for Volvo Group Trucks Operations, who has been operating one of the first DCF50-90 units.

Fewer vibrations

Henrik Andersson


3GDMDV*@KL@Q#"%  forklift is designed for reliable, 24/7 operations and gives drivers better handling control and superior comfort.

The forklift is also more fuel efficient with a new ACGO engine that meets the latest EU emission requirements. It not only saves fuel but, equally important, it also produces fewer vibrations. Cast engine mounts with isolators have been introduced in this model and an engine balance axle is standard. Another new feature is the reverse airflow option which makes it possible to clean the filters and engine room even in dusty environments, such as, sawmills. The new design allows dust to be flushed out of the cooler.

Forklift improvements + New AGCO (former Sisu diesel) engines produce fewer vibrations and consume less fuel. Both the 77kW and 85kW versions meet the latest EU emission requirements (Stage IIIB, Tier 4i). 3GDNOSHNM@KO@QSHBTK@SDjKSDQ makes indoor operations even cleaner. + New hydraulically driven fan keeps engine and cabin cooler. + New hydraulic pump system for heavy-duty handling. Service interval for hydraulic breathing jKSDQCNTAKDCSN running hours. + Environmentally-friendly machine for the driver and people in the vicinity due to reduced noise levels and fewer vibrations. + An optional reversible cooling fan keeps the radiator clean from potentially harmful dirt, dust or particles. + 3GDjQRSRDQUHBDMNVBNLDR@ESDQ CQHUHMFGNTQR

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