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Care Profile is a complete healthcare software solution for Health Care Professionals designed with the participation of Nurse Managers, Hospital Managers, Nurses and Care Assistants. As a software solution Care Profile centralises your care planning requirements, thereby assisting you in fulfilling the HIQA requirements. Unsure of what you require? With our team of skilled software and hardware engineers we can tailor a package to suit your establishments’ needs and meet the physical as well virtual requirements of your business. We at Care Profile are fully aware of the business requirements in providing excellent care and have ensured our software provides the necessary add on functionality to maximise growth and profitability, enabling you to plan and grow your future.

How can Care Profile help?  Hardware and software installation, training and maintenance  Individual care planning assessments  Resident billing and invoice management  Staff management and rota’s  CRM functionality for marketing and communication needs

What we can do for you‌ Care Profile is a modular software solution which is expandable for individual requirements and contains currently recommended Nursing Care records, along with Task orientated modules, a diary and reminder system. Individual care planning assessments include a variety of sources, and can easily be added to suit your Care System's specific needs, or those of a particular client or resident of your establishment. Care Profile is based centrally on each client so specific client records are easily found and linked to each other. As such, Care Profile has been designed to ensure you spend less time on paperwork and administration, allowing you to focus more on patient care.

Care Profile’s uncomplicated friendly design incorporates touch screen functionality with an activity based care assistant section allowing for all relevant patient information to be viewed and recorded on one screen making it easy to train staff and to assist staff in the performance of their daily duties. A PIMM’s area for recording falls, diarrhoea/vomiting, MRSA and other significant incidents and the ability to handover notes between staff during working hours allows senior staff to monitor situations as they arise. Care Profile provides the ability to archive all patient and staff information for review when required, thus assisting in the management of daily operations and tracing of accountability. Staff management functionality is available to assist in the following:    

Roster planning Daily, Weekly, Monthly workloads Holiday booking and tracking Payroll

A system to suit your business… Care Profile can be used with a single PC using a minimum of 100gb Hard Disk and 2 GB RAM on the following operating systems; XP, VISTA, Windows7, Server 2003. Care Profile can also be networked within an organisation’s network, Lan or Wan, and can be configured as a client server system with the db on a separate PC. Care Profile can also be hosted on the "Cloud" so data can be accessed on demand, making Care Profile ideal for units with many off-site locations. All data in Care Profile is encrypted using des encryption and is MS supported so security and confidentiality is assured. System administration rights are built into Care Profile so security groups with access rights can assign users limited access to sensitive data and screens.

A system to manage your business…

A system to grow your business…

Care Profile provides a range of features and standard reports such as

Care Profile also provides a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application to link emails, documents, pictures, and other records, allowing business information to be securely recorded.

    

Resident fees Fee payers’ details Calculation of additional expenses Generation of invoices to predefined fee payers Optional links to integrate with accounting software

Care Profile allows for split payment recording and invoicing to provide for full or part payment by family members and associated parties.

Physical documents and letters can be scanned and uploaded to Care Profile allowing a paper trail to be recorded electronically from prospective clients, referrers and residents ensuring a comprehensive communication history for all parties. Care Profile can record how patients were referred to your establishment allowing you to monitor the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. All CRM data stored on Care Profile can be printed to word and excel spreadsheets providing the ability to target relevant groups and individuals.

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Care Profile is a software package for the Health Care Industry

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