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Contact us It’s the service we give our customers that sets us apart from our competitors. Every customer is unique and they all have their own individual set of requirements. We will work closely with you to ensure you get the right product/service for your needs. Please get in touch today! Meet our Sales Team

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Cardwave Services Ltd 6c Hopton Industrial Est Devizes, Wiltshire, SN10 2EU Tel: +44 (0) 1380 738395

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About us Specialists Cardwave Services Ltd is a multi-award winning, pioneering services company, specialising in removable and embedded flash storage solutions. Cardwave's global customer base includes IT and storage OEMs, mobile handset manufacturers, automotive manufacturers, navigation database owners, industrial system builders, mobile network operators, CE device manufacturers, authors, movie studios, telecommunication, software and embedded system developers plus many, many more.

Reliable Cardwave Services Ltd is an innovative company with over a decade of experience supporting content owners and device manufacturers to use flash memory products in their business.

We are recognised for our innovative thinking, our project management services and commercial expertise, as well as our technical and engineering capabilities.

Connected Cardwave has high-level, strategic partnerships in place with industry leading manufacturers and provides a comprehensive range of services to an established blue-chip customer base across EMEA, the US and the rest of the world, offering cost effective off the shelf and bespoke solutions for memory, packaging and fulfilment services.

Trusted Memory is a brand of Cardwave Services Limited

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We take time to understand your requirements to provide you with the right solution.

Service overview We offer the following services:

Access to a wide range of flash memory product choices from all the leading manufacturers.

Fixed BOM (bill of materials) products.

Software customisation options.

ESD protection zones.

Temporary or permanent write protection.

Life expectancy advice.

Analysis tools.

Testing and qualification.

Labelling, printing and engraving options.

Product packaging and insert options.

Pre-delivery audit.

Logistics and tracking.

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With new opportunities come new challenges. Customers using flash memory need to understand that not all cards are created alike. Choosing flash memory that is right for an application can be a daunting and challenging process. This is where Cardwave can become an integral part of your operations and decision making process.

Memory products We consult closely with you to deliver products that best fit the market needs and requirements of the specific application. High quality BOM and long term support are important to all of our customers and some markets demand higher performance - faster data rates, better shock resilience or the ability to operate in extreme temperatures. We have access to the largest range of products from the best suppliers in the world. When others can’t access what you want, we can.

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We care as much about your customer experience as you do. Outstanding customer service is our goal and of utmost importance to us. Our infrastructure is built around these needs with streamlined testing, production processes and a high speed data network for swift uploads and downloads.

Testing and Qualification Offering a variety of tests to meet your memory testing and qualification needs, a leader in flash memory for over 14 years Cardwave has developed one of the most comprehensive and impartial testing facilities for its customers, ensuring consistent product reliability and compatibility. Our services include: •

Functional memory area read/write test.

Bit level testing.

Soak testing / reliability testing.

Read / Write speed test and qualification.

Secure erase (Custom levels for DoD and above).

Specification testing and qualification.

SMART commands.

Full reporting available for quality assurance.

Cardwave is committed to ensuring you have reliable product which is fit for purpose.

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Packaging We can provide a full range of packaging solutions from off the shelf simple boxes and trays to eye catching product packaging. We have automated packaging machinery as well as other packaging being put together by hand. Need bespoke packaging for your business? Adding value to any product or service our design partners can create original packaging for a huge variety of markets and uses. We can offer bespoke solutions tailored to your needs and budget. Adopting a friendly consultative approach to our customers, our team will listen very carefully to your requirements and ideas before translating them into something tangible. Sustainable packaging We will work with you to limit the carbon impact of your packaging using a blend of supply chain assurance and sustainable working practices. Cardwave is constantly looking at opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint and impact. We are also encouraging our customers to follow our lead and switch from plastic to cardboard packaging. Furthermore, we don’t like to see anything go to waste and therefore recycle whatever we can, and regularly donate reusable materials such as foam packaging to local charitable organisations.

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Labelling, printing and engraving We have in-house and external labelling options to enable a start to finish process from automated labelling to bespoke customised options by hand. We can also engrave and print onto selected products.

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Duplication and customisation With production facilities in the UK and US, Cardwave works with you to ensure the right product/s are delivered to specification and to the right timescales, giving you the best possible end user experience. Our reputation for customisation and personalisation services is highly regarded. We support licence management services and have various methods of content protection to help you implement the right solution, whether it be an encrypted code for security or custom programming scripts. We are also duplication machine resellers please contact us for further details.

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Cardwave functions best as an integrated part of your logistics network.

Distribution Cardwave functions best as an integrated part of your logistics network. We send products worldwide every day and have a clear understanding of import and export which makes it easier for you to get your finished goods where you need them to be. We are experienced in working to ‘just-in-time’ distribution and with freight forwarders.

Quality and reassurance Cardwave operates a comprehensive quality system and is ISO 9001 and ISO l4001 accredited. Cardwave’s processes and products are regularly audited for quality. By meeting the rigorous criteria for quality standards, Cardwave continues to reaffirm its ability to consistently deliver an effective quality management system and drive continuous improvements to its internal processes to provide the best products and services to all of its customers. ISO 9001 is the world’s most widely recognised Quality Management System and helps organisations to meet the expectations and needs of their customers.

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Memory, packaging and fulfilment services  

Cardwave Services Ltd is a multi-award winning, pioneering services company, specialising in removable and embedded flash storage solutions....

Memory, packaging and fulfilment services  

Cardwave Services Ltd is a multi-award winning, pioneering services company, specialising in removable and embedded flash storage solutions....

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