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Store POS Software I have always wondered whenever I have entered a shop, mall or store, how does the owner keep stock of things? How does the owner perceive which good has more demand or less? Is it humanly possible for a person to keep track of all the merchandise with its details in the shop? All these years I’ve thought that these stores employ people to keep a daily check on its goods and sales. Maybe that was true before systems were in place. Now with the store POS software, an owner can keep track of sales, customers, inventory, purchase orders, work orders and more. The best feature of store POS software is that it is web based. This makes it accessible through a web browser from anywhere through the net. Store owners still sceptical of this software need to keep in mind the following advantages and the ways in which it can improve business.

• • • •

Its fast and efficient, quickly handles orders, work orders deposits, refunds, credit transactions, gift cards etc without making the customer wait. Supplier catalogs are pre-loaded onto the inventory making creation of purchase orders easy. Keeping track of all the customers is easy along with their purchase history, work order history and credit accounts. Your stock information is stored in real time making it easy for you to keep track if an item is in stock or needs to be ordered. Keeping track of store information in real time helps you as sales are made and inventory checked. You can track work orders and the service management of a particular customer. This even helps you in looking up the previous work orders of any customer.

I am sure with this software installed in a store many annoying things such as • • • •

Backups Updating the software Virus damage Recovering precious data after hardware breakdown

Closing the store in order to take inventory will be a thing of the past and store owners can continue with selling and raking in profits with ease!

Store POS Software