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Around the same time, they approached Tim Dearman, their longtime friend and residential subcontractor, about working for them full-time. Four years later in 2014, Dearman decided he was ready to take the Wrights up on their offer so he could focus on his craft instead of the business side of things. “He went up and

Karen notes that while they lack an official mission statement, they “have always asked the Lord to send people that we can take care of for a while and provide for, like Tim. That’s how Levi got trained and earned certification as a gas piper; when a retiring plumber wanted to finish his last three career years with us and trained him.” T he Wr i g ht s a r e t he type of people that perhaps could have made any bu si ne s s work. It ’s not necessarily a passion for fireplaces that have kept them in business all these years, but their passion for people. However, wanting the best for your employees can also mean letting them go on to pursue other business opportunities. “When people move on to the next level, it leaves a hole, but it’s still a tremendous success to us,” Tom says. Viewing themselves as a sort of training ground for some employees hasn’t always been easy since they’ve cultivated a

“I think we have another ten-year spot where we can grow through this next stage, but it all depends on our people—both customers and employees,” Tom shares, adding, “Our business is no different than anyone else’s. It’s all about our people; our customers.” down just like we have, and we were turning people down daily who wanted a fireplace, but also needed a room to put it in. It has been a good fit.” They hope that adding remodeling as a featured service can help balance out the slower summer months, since they still do 75% of their business between October and January.

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| December 2015

Profile for Capital at Play Magazine

Capital at Play December 2015  

Vol 5 | Ed 12 - Western North Carolina's Business Lifestyle Magazine - Featuring Clyde Hollifield

Capital at Play December 2015  

Vol 5 | Ed 12 - Western North Carolina's Business Lifestyle Magazine - Featuring Clyde Hollifield