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Winter 2015

TABLE OF CONTENTS Have a story for us? Want to share your voice? Interested in joining the class? Drop by room 101 and talk to Mrs. Garcia, Riley Binder, or Autumn Schorr! We WILL get you heard.

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NEWS Mock Trial

Meet this year’s team!

Dance Company, Choir and Movie Classics Acquaint yourslef with these new developments!

MUSE Teacher Focus Ms. Flanagan edition!

Holiday Potpourri Gift Guide, DIY crafts, and cookie recipes!

Entertainment Local Holiday Events

Orange Circle, Disneyland, Mission Inn, and Knott’s Berry Farm!

Opinion Black Friday, New Years Resolutions, and Winter Fashion Guide Sports Hockey, Girls Waterpolo, and Basketball Sports Galore!




ello Comaches! Riley and Autumn, your editor in chiefs, are here again presenting you with the latest winter creation! Our first issue taught us so much about what works and what does not work. We learned from our mistakes and have proudly presented a spread that we believe to be better. Progress is truly our goal here in Journalism. We want every issue to be better than the last. Our editors and

writers delivered excellent work and eager attitudes. Our photo coordinators took snaps that accurately depicted every article. We even had some new artistic talent featured on the front and back page. This spread really was a mix of holiday fun, progress, and talent. Please stand by for our next publication and we look forward to hearing your comments, concerns, and questions. Have a very


happy holiday and restful winter break, Comanches. You deserve it. Yours, Autumn Schorr & Riley Binder




Pictured above August Gweon, Tori Apodaca, Gelek Wangyal, Hamilton Tran, Katrina Mogannam, Vicky Evans, Samaa Masoud, Ahnna Chu, and Autumn Schorr

Mock Trial Autumn Schorr



adies and gentleman, please rise because it is officially Orange County Mock Trial Season! Canyon High School’s very own students will be competing against other high schools beginning November 10th at the Santa Ana Courtroom. Mock Trial is a primarily student run organization that works to analyze, collaborate, and eventually litigate a criminal case. There are various different roles to constitute a successful and competitive mock trial team. The different positions, whether on the defense or prosecution side, are tantamount in importance. Witnesses work tirelessly to learn and embody their identities. Attorneys diligently dissect the given case, looking for facets of information that they can use either defensively or offensively. The job is vast. In order to organize, manage, and produce the requisite work, Canyon’s Mock Trial Team is overseen by three responsible, passionate leaders- August Gweon, Vicky Evans, and Jacqueline Lee. The team is a democracy. All decisions are voted upon. However, with so many students and roles, leaders that can shoulder much of the logistics are crucial to keeping mock trial on track. Co-captain August Gweon took a minute out of his day to share his perspective on this year’s team. “Mock Trial is truly invaluable. Everything we do today, from learning the law to enforcing it, prepares us and equips us with the tools we need to succeed tomorrow. Also, I love everyone on the team more than I can imagine.” Mock trial is evidently not just about winning. Valuable life skills such as discipline, logic, interpersonal, public speaking, and writing are derived from such a group. Senior Kamyar Mivechi finds other practical values from mock trial. “Thanks to mock, now I can argue with my parents and almost win!” There you have it Comanche’s. Your fellow classmates will be putting their long hours and work to the test this coming November. You might just want to come out and support them because, who knows? These students might just be the ones defending you one day.


Dance Company

C i n e m a C it y Cla ss ics

Scarlet Edwards STAFF WRITER


anyon’s Dance Team, The Company, has several exciting performances coming up this December. Not only is The Company performing at our band’s annual Holiday Show, but they’ll also be performing with other dancers at a festival in Santa Ana. Band’s annual Holiday Show is a mixture of holiday themed performances from band, choir, and The Company. It’s a great place to go to get in the spirit for the holiday season. Dance will be performing three separate dances at the show. Dance’s second event, a festival in Santa Ana, is also taking place in December. Mrs. Greene described it as a place where all the high schools get together and perform. Have you ever wondered what it feels like to perform? Senior Lauren O’Donnell said, “I love it. It gives you this rush, and all the attention on you makes you really happy.” Dancers get to do what they love and express themselves in ways nobody else does. Mrs. Greene just started instructing dance last year, but feels that she has formed a better bond with the team already.When asked about the team, Mrs. Greene stated, “We have a smaller team but they’re very strong and their technique is also very strong.” The Company’s future looks very bright, and hopefully the team will continue to do great things this coming year. Stacey Callinan

Here comes t r e b l e



rs. May, the choir teacher here at Canyon, has come a long way from playing the piano at the age of four to being a section leader for her high school choir to graduating from UCI with a BA in Music and a Masters from Chapman. She is currently on her second year teaching here at Canyon and has made a huge impact on her students. She starts class daily by waking everyone up with vocal exercises and manages to make her students smile with her silly sayings. Paul DePaola, a Canyon High School Chamber Singer and Bass Clef Choir member, attests that his ability to sing has improved tremendously with the help and guidance of Mrs. May. When Mrs. May was a student, she had a teacher in high school that helped her realize her music potential and Paul feels like she has done this for him. Mrs.May is a wonderful teacher and has expanded everyone’s true ability to sing.

Pictured above Sthephanie Manalo, Mrs. May, Kat Brown, Paul DePola, and Adam Alluis



f you are into movies and you love fun and relaxed outings, you should check out one of Cinema City's classic movie nights! You may not know this, but your local movie theater often shows ancient movies that you all love. These movies include black and white movies, movies with subtitles, and even old Disney films. If you are looking for a night out with a huge tub of buttery popcorn and your best friends or even a fun date, you should catch one of the classics you love on the big screen. For an example, a few of these classics are: Footloose, The Exorcist, Indiana Jones, The Last Crusade and many other old films! With the holiday season in full swing you can even watch incredible holiday movies such as Its A Wonderful Life playing December 16 or A Christmas Story on December 21! These classics come on select Wednesdays for the reasonable price of just $7... go see for yourself!



Isabel Rivera STAFF WRITER


had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with the art teacher here at Canyon, Ms. Flanagan, to chat about her job and experience at CHS.

Isabel: “What are your favorite things about art?” Flanagan: “The creativity, process, inspiration, and hard work that the students bring.” Isabel: “How long have you been teaching art?” Flanagan: “I have been teaching art for nineteen years!”

This is a testament to her dedication and knowledge. Isabel: “Ms. Flanagan, who inspires you?” Flanagan: “My inspiration is a lady named Annette Messager - she was a French visual artist.” Flanagan further elaborated by explaining that she first saw Messager’s work at an art show and was moved by the experience. One of her goals is to introduce and expand the art world to students at Canyon and spread her passion.

Ms. Flanagan always welcomes students with an interest in the arts and helps direct them towards suitable career and educational oppurtunities. Stop by room 301 to get a head start on your artistic future.



Framed Ornament Wreath:

Why not add a twist to the traditional wreath on the front door? To create a unique decoration, you will need an old frame, paint, glaze spray, ornaments, white ribbons, a staple gun, and a bow. To start, paint the frame the color of your choosing and spray it with a pearly glaze. Then dangle the ornaments to the frame by using a staple gun to staple their white ribbons to the back of the frame. Place a bow at the top of the front of the frame to make it look like a present, and you’ve made a new and creative wreath to hang on your front door this holiday season!

Candy Cane Mason Jars:

Decorating mason jars is a simple and festive craft that anyone can do. All you need are white and red acrylic paint, tape, finisher, and sandpaper. Begin by removing the lid and painting the outside of the jar white. Then tape off the stripes by winding it around the jar starting from the bottom. Paint the entire jar red, keeping the tape on. After painting, peel off the tape to reveal the white stripes, touch up the white paint if needed. Once dry, you can sand the jar for a distressed look and spray the paint with an acrylic finisher. It’s the perfect finishing touch to your winter home.

Window Ornament Decoration:

To spice up your windows this season, you will need ornaments, string, a curtain rod, a garland, and a bow. To start, tie string to an ornament and the other end to the curtain rod. Repeat this with as many ornaments as you want, dangling them from various lengths. Then add a garland onto the rod to cover up the string. Now your house will be festive from the inside and out, of course, no project is complete without the bow to top it all off!


“What Should I Buy?”

A Gift Guide for all of your holiday needs! Jenna Albaroudi

For your brother…


Yes, your brother may be the most irritating person on the planet but remember he is also the guy that will always stand by your side and make you laugh. “Try buying him those shoes he’s been wanting,” Nadia Masri (grade 11) suggests, or maybe a simple gift card if you are on a budget.


tressed out on what to gift for the holidays? You are not alone. Everyone goes through this mental creative block, but never fear, the gift guide is here!

For your mom… A relaxing bath set is a perfect gift to show appreciation for her years of hard work. She will be eternally grateful for an opportunity to kick back and let her mind take a break- she deserves it. The relaxing bubbles and soothing winter scent will put her right at ease. A bath fit for a queen!

For your dad… Snazzy cologne for the man of the house is a great idea. He’ll feel as sophisticated and cool as James Bond- you can’t go wrong! He might even pull out his fancy black shades to fit the look.

For your sister… A nice but simple infinity scarf would do the trick. Your sister may get on your nerves at times, but you know you still love her. Try getting a cute winter color scarf to fit the season like dark blue or white. Trust me, everyone needs a scarf in their closet.

Still Need to do Some Holiday Baking?

Shanya Rod For your girlfriend… An elegant necklace or charm bracelet would make any girl smile. Add a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a heartfelt card and the gift is complete. She will adore it and it’s a great way to show how much she means to you.

For your boyfriend… “I would write him a sincere letter and get tickets to his favorite game,” Maria Kim explains (grade 10). He will definitely appreciate the gift, It’s a great way to spend time together doing something he loves.

For your best friend… A cozy sweater is the perfect holiday gift for your best girl or guy friend. Everyone loves a sweater and they’re great for around the house or for going out. It will be greatly appreciated, especially when the cold sets in.



ookies are always a warm and delicious treat to make all year round, but during the holidays, why not have a little more fun with them and try these delectable recipes? From simple favorites to bold and festive, The Food Network has them all. To begin with, some simple cookies you should take note of include snickerdoodles, which are basically just plain cookies covered in cinnamon sugar, and hazelnut tea cookies, that aren’t too sweet, full of hazelnuts, and covered in powdered sugar. Next up are some traditional cookies that everyone loves. The classic chocolate chip cookie is super easy to make and always a sweet choice. Iced sugar cookies, which are plain cookies cut out into holiday shapes and designed in anyway you want using icing and sprinkles, lend a tasty and creative element. Lastly, some of the more unique cookies you should definitely keep in mind are cocoa thumbprints, which are chocolate cookies covered in powdered sugar and finished off with a little savory holiday decoration of your choice, and ginger cookies with garam masala spices (gingerbread cookies with icing). So this season, whether you just want a simple recipe or you’re up to try something new, make sure you catch sight of what Food Network (to whom we owe credit to these delectable treat recipes) has to offer, because they have a multitude of sweet recipes perfect for the baking season!


Entertainment DISNEYLAND

Stacey Callinan STAFF WRITER


Dylan Slazyk


During the winter holidays, Disneyland How would you like to go outside of Orange County and see some amazing holiday decorations?! Mission Inn puts up the lights and brings family and is Located at Mission Avenue in Riverside, California. The friends closer to share a cup of hot chocolate. Mission Inn was built in 1876 and the hotel was remodThere is something more this holiday to share eled in 1903. The architecture takes on the look of the with loved ones instead of gifts: time spent early Californian missions. The historic Mission is the site together, pictures taken, memorable moments of the annual Festival of Lights. It is an amazing display of animatronic characters dressed like carolers, millions of spent at “The Happiest strings of lights, and holiday decoration. Orange County Place on Earth”. Decoraresident Debbie Flores states: “Every year our whole famtions cover the park and ily goes there. It is incredible! We even get to go a horse drawn carriage ride.” It looks like a throwback to the amuse the little ones with wide eyes as they enter 1800 era of old Charles Dicken’s classic holidays. There are strolling carolers, bakeries with fresh cupcakes, hot cocoa, the park looking left and and my personal favorite, funnel cakes. If you are looking looking right and stopfor a great dinig spot, try Las Campanas Mexican Cuisine ping in their tracks. Dis- or the Bella Trattoria Italian Bistro. Don’t forget to take a romantic horse drawn carriage ride ney spirit fills the hearts through the entire downtown historic Riverside or if you of kids, grownups, and are feeling adventourous, there is also an ice skating rink. elders while they walk around the park and Either way, you won’t be disappointed and you will love the holiday feel at the Mission Inn this season. go on rides and eat yummy foods. The park is loud and it’s filled with laughter from the whole family as they take every moment they How to survive this year’s hectic have encountered. Park employees are happy holiday events! to help anyone as the holiday always puts a smile on their faces. A visit to Disneyland is a - Always have your phone and charger! gift in itself. Come spend a day with your loved - Have a designating meeting spot! ones at the happiest place on earth. - Bring a bag! - Have spending money... just in case! - Bring water! - Get clear directions before you leave! - Research the parking situation before!


orange circle

Sunday, December 6, 2015 Old Towne Plaza Area Holiday Festivities begin at 3:30 p.m. Main Musical Program & Tree Lighting Ceremony begins at 5:15 p.m.

Isabel Rivera


Happy Holidays! This year in the city of Orange they are having their annual Tree Lighting Ceremony and Candle Light Choir in Old Towne Orange. The city lights up the entire Orange Circle in elegant lights and decorations to celebrate the holidays. They absolutely go over the top, so expectations for this year are extremely high. Many people may not be aware of this quaint antique town, but it truly is worth going to. You don’t even have to get out of your car, you can simply take a nice, slow drive around the circle and stay toasty warm while enjoying the sights. Or you can always park and go to Starbucks, grab some tasty hot chocolate and see everything in person. It truly should become a family tradition; you can even sit with Santa Claus and snap a quick photo with him. All should come out and celebrate at Old Towne Orange.


Isabel Rivera


Every year during the winter holiday season, Knott’s Berry Farm puts together a beautiful winter wonderland. You can go and meet the happy Charlie Brown crew and the one and only Snoopy. This is a wonderful time of the year where you can spend time with your family and create unforgettable memories to keep and share with loved ones. You can celebrate the holidays with the Merry Christmas, Snoopy Ice Show, a Calico Christmas , or at the Crafts Village. Every night, thousands of sparkling lights dance to the beat of holiday music while snow gently falls on Ghost Town. From November 21st through January 3, Knott’s is the place to ring in 2016 with a night full of memorable experiences, including live musical acts, exclusive stage shows, and Merry Farm entertainment, culminating in a fantastic fireworks show. You can find more of this information on the website at events.


Jenna Albaroudi STAFF WRITER

When you first start your three week winter break, the excitement is still fresh. Ideas spinning, plans forming, and feeling as if you can conquer the world. By the second week things start to calm down, more days spent inside and the T.V. becomes your best friend. When those mellow days start creeping up, remember it’s still good to go out and taste the fresh air sometimes. Bored with the typical shopping and movie nights with friends? A great new idea would be going to see the Holiday Boat Parade at Newport Landing. The parade will show for five nights, starting from December 16 to December 20, glittering the harbor with it’s dazzling lights. It’s such a beautiful sight, the decorative lights from the boats reflect onto the water and color the night sky. It’s a great way to hang out with your friends while getting in the holiday spirit. If you want to go all out, why not rent a boat and watch the parade from an exclusive view? Many sail out into the water to watch the sparkling parade, gaining such a spectacular sight you certainly do not want to miss. For more details you can visit their website at Hope to see you there!



Latest Winter Trends Jenna Albaroudi & Shanya Rod STAFF WRITERS

Yes, we all know California isn’t particularly the coldest state in the U.S, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t ever get cold. For all you Californians who are so unused to these rare, low temperature weeks, we, journalism, are here to help you look fab! The top winter trends of the season include turtlenecks, peacoats, and wrinkled leather boots.

Turtlenecks are making a comeback this season! Get cozy with an adorable turtleneck sweater for those days when the weather is chilly. Some cool colors for the season include grey, white, and blue. Matching a turtleneck with a pair of whitewashed ripped jeans and boots makes a perfect winter look.

Don’t ever overlook the shoes; they can pull any outfit together. Wrinkled leather boots are dominating this winter. These boots can work for anything depending on the color and what you pair them with, ranging from Bohemian to edgy.

A look is never finished without your touch of jewelry. Chunky necklaces bring out any simple sweater and creates an eye -catching look. Lots of rings put together any outfit and emphasize the colors. No need to worry, we’ve got your back this season. Your closet will be fully stocked and prepared for this Californian winter. Pictured above is Scarlet Edwards




Sufganiyot is a dessert of small sugar-crusted doughnuts that can either be filled with jam or custard. It is a common dessert for people who STAFF WRITERS celebrate Hanukkah. Tired of the same old food every The dessert dates back to 1948. Joey Danque and Jenna Albraoudi

winter? Try adding different meals to the table this holiday season! These 5. England: six international foods from delish. com will surely satisfy your diverse A classic English dessert is the Mince Pie. and cultural cravings... Bursting with flavor, the fruity pastry is famous

during the holidays. The granny smith apples, mincemeat, and ginger creates a mouthwatering and traditional holiday dessert for the entire family. 6. Korea: Kimchi is a popular food in Korea, especially around the holidays. It’s typically made with cabbage, but you can use cucumbers or turnips to add a modern twist. It’s served with rice cake soup and a variety of vegetables. It’s perfect for a light, healthy holiday dinner.

1. Japan: Toshikoshi Soba is a meal consumed on New Year’s Eve. The buckwheat noodles are very long which symbolize a long, prosperous life! 2. Sicily: Seafood adds a unique touch to the table. The most popular is the Baccala (salted cod fish), calamari, and shrimp. They bring forth classic italian flavors for a diverse holiday feast that everyone will enjoy. 3. France: A forest themed cake, Buche De Noel, is a famous French holiday dessert. You can almost smell the chestnut. It’s log shaped with small edible treats that look like items found on the forest floor.






Joey Danque


In my opinion, Black Friday is the most hectic day/ holiday of the year. It kicks off the holiday shopping season in which stores and companies give mindboggling sales on a variety of products. The term “Black Friday” was created in the 60’s when accounting records were hand written in red to signal a loss while black signaled a profit. The Friday following Thanksgiving is Black Friday because companies start advertising sales the day after that start on Friday. It has become a worldwide phenomenon because retailers give sales on products that are common holiday gifts. People would do anything for their loved

ones to get what they want. Most stores enjoy a little mischief with the customers by mixing up their layout. This creates a chaotic vibe. Black Friday is considered the best shopping day of the year by the news media. The most popular stores that people tend to shop at are Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Costco, and Target. My dad had an encounter with Black Friday. He went to a Sears in the state of Illinois back in the 90’s and was overwhelmed by the amount of people. He was there just to experience the craziness of Black Friday; he had already bought his holiday presents beforehand. So, he went through the store calmly and collected some products that he personally needed like toothpaste and deodorant.

ome c e b s a “It h wide a world n” no phenome

Journalism wants to ensure all Comache’s participate in safe Black Friday shopping! Follow these tips to maximize safety while still having a blast:

1. Plan a designated time and place with your whole party. 2. Put all purchases in a trunk to eliminate the chance of a car break in. 3. Make sure everyone’s phones are charged, turned on, and audible. 4. Keep bags/purses very close to yourself. 5. Write down or take a picture of where your car is parked.

New Year, New Resolutions


Scarlet Edwards STAFF WRITER

With the new year just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about a resolution. Many people plan to break out of old habits, lose weight, and procrastinate less, among other things. Others choose to not make a resolution and just take things as they come. While all of the aforementioned goals seem like great ways to start off a year, how frequently do people really follow through with them? According to a fifty student survey, only 24% of students made a resolution and committed to it. The other 76% of students have either never made a resolution, or made one but didn’t persevere with it. There’s a myriad of reasons as to why people don’t persist with their New Year’s resolutions; some of which are credible, and others that are not. A majority of resolutions are just sheer forgotten about, but it may also be the simple fact that old habits are hard to break. Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that New Year’s resolutions can be difficult to follow through with. Even so, fulfilling a resolution feels like an amazing feat and it can definitely pay off. According to sophomore David Proulx, following through with a resolution is “Really rewarding.” The feeling of making something happen that once seemed unachievable really does feel amazing. With 2015 coming to an end, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll start the next year, resolution or not.

Pictured Kalen Hatzfeld and Emily Probst



Are you still in shock? I know I am. What occurred at the Honda Center on March 7, 2015 was something you will never see again. Arguably the best comeback in the history of basketball was by OUR Canyon’s Varsity Basketball Team. Now, onto the present, with no returning starting players from last year, Coach Nate Harrison has to figure out what he has to do to win another CIF championship. If accomplished, that would make 3 consecutive titles. But when asked about the season he said “I am excited about this challenge and ready to conquer it.” Coach Nate Harrison is entering his 14th year coaching basketball at Canyon. He has established one of the best basketball programs in the state of California. With so many accolades and achievements, he still strives to win every game, which is a testament to his competitive spirit. The one thing that many people do not look at is how important the underclassmen teams are. Entering his 7th year, Coach Gregg

Green, who coaches the freshman team, is in charge of making sure that the players get better in every aspect in basketball. He also gets the new kids ready for the varsity level. Coach Stephen Coyne is entering his 10th year coaching the junior varsity team. Harrison receives the players that Coach Green says are ready to play varsity basketball. Green makes sure that after the season, the players are more mature and ready for varsity. This year, the team is scheduled to play 28 games this season. They open the season on November 30 against Servite. Their first league game is on January 12, 2016 against El Modena. I hope to see The Tribe cheering their hearts out every time this team steps on the court.

Good luck in the season boys!



Jessica Flores


Although they might not get as much attention as say football or basketball, our girl’s water polo teams are quite good at what they do. Last year, junior varsity went undefeated in their respective league and varsity was nearly undefeated in their league. Since they have had such good luck in previous seasons, we can only expect our girls to do just as well this season. The girls have been training for a few months and are playing scrimmages in preparation for their upcoming season. Many of these girls started out not really knowing what water polo is or how it’s played, but soon came to love it as much as others love their respective sports. It is a game of aggression, with a combination of stamina and swim- it looks like soccer in water. All the girls must work as a team to win, and when it’s played properly, it looks like art. The way the players try their hardest to get open for the chance to score or the way the goalie catches the ball in the name of preventing a goal is inspiring. Water polo truly is a fierce sport in every sense of the word. The first league varsity and junior varsity game is on December 15 against El Modena at Canyon and the first league junior varsity game is also on December 15 against El Modena at Canyon.



Trinity Emry


​ Winter time is here and you know what that means! Winter sports are back in business! Winter means its wrestling season for our school and that means another great season is ahead of us. Wrestling is unique at Canyon because it’s generally seen as a boys’ sport , but our diverse school has its very own girls’ team! Aleeah Gould is on this new girls’ team and exclaimed that she is “incredibly excited for the upcoming season and how she and her team will do”. Boy’s league finals are February 5th and our girl’s are February 7th. This is a season you should not miss out on! Coach Gould on the girl’s team says her goal this season is to “expand the program and obtain a full team of all weight classes and also to be in the top ten placers,” She also wants to explain that the fundamentals wrestling teaches are “hard work, determination, getting up more than you are knocked down, and enjoying the sport”. On the boy’s team, Coach Rich said that his ultimate goal this year is to be CIF champs and have many state qualifiers.” He explained the fundamentals he teaches are “to have physical and mental toughness on the daily grind, making this the toughest sport on the planet!” If you have never been to a dual your missing out. Check out wrestling’s next meet for some competitive matches as your peers pin their opponents!

Hockey Stacey Callinan STAFF WRITER

Hockey is an aggressive, physical and mental sport always thinking of the the next move. In California we have two teams that split our family and friends apart when their season rolls around during the holiday season. The Kings took the cup in 2012 and 2014. While the Ducks took the cup in 2007. The captain of the LA Kings is Dustin Brown # 23 (right winger) and the captain of the Ducks is Ryan Getzlaf #15 (center) as they go head to head on January 17th at the Honda Center. The fans motivate the player up to the last minute of the game. The die hard fans from each team come out in full numbers in the team gear and they get loud to motivate them to win. Each player brings something to the team whether it’s deffense or offense trick shots or the amazing goalie saves. There’s never a boring moment in hockey and the puck never stops moving and it will keep you on your feet and holding your breath the entire time!


Stacey Callinan and Isabel Rivera for their photgraphic genius! Also, to Anna Metcalf and Patty Salls for their artwork on the front and back page. We could not have produced this issue with out their skills and hard work!

Winter Final 2015  
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