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Police arrest 3 teens for WV muggings

Trio allegedly rob washroom cleaner James Weldon

THREE West Vancouver teens are behind bars for allegedly robbing a municipal employee and two other passersby near the Ambleside waterfront.

The suspects, two of them 16 and one 17, were reportedly wearing bandanas and balaclavas over their faces when they entered a washroom in John Lawson Park just after midnight Tuesday while the worker was cleaning it. Police say they threatened the 50-year-old victim — possibly with a weapon — and demanded he hand over some personal items. When the man complied, they fled, according to investigators. The flustered employee had no cellphone, and couldn’t at first find a pay phone, but another parkgoer called West Vancouver police to report seeing three people in the park with face coverings. The WVPD responded in force, calling in the North Vancouver RCMP to help surround the area. A West Vancouver dog team picked up the suspects’ trail, leading police toward a wooded area behind Park Royal Shopping Centre. See Police page 3

Rescue marks team’s 100th airborne operation James Weldon

A couple from Delta unwittingly marked a milestone for North Shore Rescue on the weekend when they were hauled out of a gully near Squamish in the team’s 100th airborne operation.

Open season

NEWS photo Kevin Hill

CANADA’S Steven Diez fires a shot in the opening round of the Odlum Brown Vancouver Open pro tennis tournament Monday at Hollyburn Country Club in West Vancouver. Diez lost 7-5, 6-7, 6-4 to Alex Kuznetsov of the United States. Play continues this week with finals scheduled for Sunday.

The pair got into trouble Sunday when they set out for a day hike from a hut at Elfin Lakes in Garibaldi Provincial Park. Planning for a relatively short trek to a formation called the Gargoyles, they left the bulk of their supplies behind, taking just daypacks with them. The couple soon ran into stormy weather, however. They veered off the path and descended into a steep gully in search of shelter. The terrain became increasingly treacherous, and when See Helicopter page 3

A2 - North Shore News - Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday, August 4, 2010 - North Shore News - A3

Cops pound the beat in patrol trial

4-month program increases contact and crime reporting Kerry Blackadar

IT is not just fashion going retro these days — now the cops are too.

From page 1

Since June 1, members of the North Vancouver RCMP detachment have been patrolling the Lower Lonsdale beat the old fashioned way — on foot. The shift is part of a new two-year pilot project dubbed the Lonsdale Corridor Crime Response program. “We are just looking at ways to deal with the population curve in the Lower Lonsdale area, and see if this is a viable policing method for this area in the future,” says Sergeant Paul Duffy, who is overseeing the project that will run until Sept. 30. Four days a week, Duffy heads out from the East 14th Street detachment to patrol an area that extends from Victoria Park south to the water that is bordered on the east by St. Georges Avenue and on the west by Chesterfield Avenue. “For an initial project, we wanted to isolate it at a certain point so we could manage and properly document our efforts,” says Duffy, who is a resident of the North Shore and admits that he has an vested interest in improving the perception of the neighborhood. Recently, Duffy asked me to come out with him and check out the program for myself. “Wear running shoes, we’ll cover a couple of miles,” he warned. Equipped with the appropriate gear and a water bottle, I headed out of the office for a little summer sun with Duffy. We started at the detachment and headed south along Lonsdale. Our first stop: Lower Lonsdale Community Policing Centre at 112 East Third St., where I was introduced to volunteer Doug Gavin, who helps out with various programs that operate out of the centre. Next: the liquor store. “I need a mickey,” joked Duffy, whose sense of humour is a defining feature of his personality, and one strongly appreciated by the public. While at the liquor store, Duffy responded to an employer’s concern stemming from an earlier disruption. Over the course of the morning, I also observed Duffy stop to remove graffiti from a lamppost, warn cyclists about the dangers of not wearing a helmet, visit seniors at John Braithwaite Community Centre, take crime tips from concerned passersby, and check in on homeless citizens tucked away in the hidden corners of Lower Lonsdale. “People come up and approach you for various types of reasons,” says Duffy, claiming there has been a noticeable jump in reported crimes in the area since the program began. “There was one time, I stopped at an intersection, and there were three people lined up because they all had a report,” he recalls. The increase of crime reporting can also be attributed to improved officer-access to parts of the community that would have previously been missed, or unreachable in a NEWS photo Mike Wakefield police car. According to Duffy, there was no single incident that RCMP Sgt. Paul Duffy (left), transit police Const. Jim Biring and RCMP Corp. Peter DeVries brought on the new crime response program. “This dates are collaborating in a trial crime response program in the Lower Lonsdale area that sees back to the early days of policing when officers were out on cops walking the beat this summer. foot, and sometimes it’s good to go back to what worked Chamber of Commerce. in the past,” says Duffy, who has lost 10 pounds since the program’s inception. The North Vancouver RCMP previously had a similar initiative aimed at reducing “As police, we can’t do it ourselves,” recognizes Duffy. crime in the Lower Lonsdale area, known as the City Centre Response Unit. In 2009, Anne McMullin, chamber president and general manager, says that she really this program collapsed as a result of staffing limitations and city funding constraints. welcomes the program and hopes to see the pilot project continue well into the future. The new Lower Lonsdale Corridor Crime Response program is expected to cost “When you have the police just part of the community, it makes a big difference.” the city an estimated $175,000 each year, funded through a combination of taxation After this year’s pilot project comes to a close at the end of September, Simon and grant and infrastructure money. Fraser University’s School of Criminology will be assisting the RCMP with statistical Duffy is hopeful though that this program will prove more lasting, noting that the work in order to gauge the success of the program. RCMP are now working more closely with outside community partners, like transit Next summer, expect to see Duffy and the rest of his team out again, likely sporting police and security, as well as youth outreach workers and the North Vancouver boots with a little more wear.

Police seek couple allegedly robbed in park From page 1

While the search was ongoing, an unidentified couple approached one of the officers to say they too had been robbed by three masked males in nearby Ambleside Park. The officer did not get the alleged victims’ names, instead telling them to go to WVPD headquarters on 13th Street to report the incident. They never showed up. A short time later, another officer involved in the operation heard rustling in a bush behind the mall. When the officer went to investigate, three youths

Helicopter lifts hikers out of gully

burst from their hiding place and bolted. The officer drew a gun and ordered them to the ground. Two of the suspects complied, but the third hopped a fence and headed for Marine Drive. He was brought down by another member. The young men were arrested and held at police headquarters until their first appearance at North Vancouver provincial court later on Tuesday. Police are recommending charges of robbery with a weapon, disguise with intent to commit a crime, and failure to comply with a sentence or disposition.

Investigators have recovered several items they believe belonged to the municipal employee and the other alleged victims. They planned to search the area between John Lawson and the mall for more evidence. On Tuesday, the WVPD put out a plea to the two people who approached the officer in Ambleside Park to come forward, saying their statements would be valuable to the investigation. Anyone who saw the alleged crimes or who has other information is asked to contact the WVPD at 604-925-7300. Callers should cite file 10-9912.

they reached a point where the creek plunged over a waterfall, they got stuck. With no other choices, they settled in for a chilly night in the ravine. When the victims didn’t return home at the expected time, a friend reported them missing. The volunteer Squamish Emergency Program launched a search that night. On Monday, they contacted North Shore Rescue and other groups for help. The missing couple managed to send a partial text message to an acquaintance saying they were in trouble, but they lost cell contact before they were able to give details. Seven North Shore members travelled to the area to help with the ground search, while another three piled into a Talon helicopter to search from the air. In the late afternoon, another team in a Blackcomb helicopter saw a flash of light. On a closer look, they realized it was sunlight glinting off one of the man’s hiking poles. The pair had hiked much of the way back up the drainage before turning aside to a steep rock face, which the man had been about to free climb in an effort to find help. “(It was) a highly technical climbing route,” said North Shore Rescue search manager Tim Jones. “The consensus . . . was he would have been a fatality.” The crew radioed the North Shore flight team, who swooped in to scout the area before flying away to pick up equipment. They returned, lowered one of their members to the pair by long line and flew them to safety. The victims were uninjured. As the volunteer organization’s 100th helicopter rescue, the call was an important marker, said Jones. “It really shows the effectiveness of . . . this type of thing,” he said. “It has become a much-needed tool.” The group was one of the first in the province to start doing air rescues back in 1998, said Jones. Before that, such calls generally fell to the military, but with the rising popularity of adventure tourism, extreme sports and other outdoor activities, the call volume would likely have outstripped that organization’s resources by now, said Jones. “If we had not become involved in this, it would have been a large strain for the armed forces,” he said. “It would probably be overwhelming.”

A4 - North Shore News - Wednesday, August 4, 2010




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Wednesday, August 4, 2010 - North Shore News - A5

Pilot project takes on Caulfeild knotweed

Lighthouse Park Preservation Soc. donates $3,000 to kickstart effort Kerry Blackadar

THE District of West Vancouver approved a new, unbudgeted pilot project last week in efforts to contain the spread of knotweed, an invasive species, in Caulfeild Park. The municipality will partner with the Lighthouse Park Preservation Society, a residential group that is dedicated to maintaining the natural integrity of the region’s parks. The society is offering up $3,000 to fund this year’s initiative, a generous gift that was well received by council. On July 26, Alexandra Mancini, LPPS president, pushed for

the adoption of the pilot project by council, citing the urgency of the matter. “Knotweed is a threat to the rich biodiversity and historical features in Caulfeild Park,” said Mancini. “We are approaching the ideal time for such work, which is August, we are almost there. Any patches not treated this year will double or triple in size by next season, and therefore be more costly to remove.” Due to the time-sensitive nature of the knotweed pilot project, council was quick to pass the motion. Coun. Michael Smith even suggested matching the LPPS donation with a municipal grant, but his idea was turned down because of budgetary constraints and the fact that such a decision would be unfair to other groups vying for money through the grant application process. The pilot project will control the species through a single “stem injection,” a process that involves direct insertion of a pesticide into the stems of selective plants. This particular method is one that the district’s senior parks

RCMP warn of phony rink advertising

POLICE are warning businesses about a suspected fraudster they say has been marketing arena advertising space that isn’t his to sell. The unidentified suspect came to police attention in June when several small North Vancouver businesses reported they had been swindled out of thousands of dollars. The man had allegedly been phoning stores and offices in late April and early May asking owners if they were interested in posting ads on the boards of local arenas, most commonly the Harry Jerome Recreation Centre. The man then visited those who expressed interest, pressuring them into forking over funds for what police say was a fake contract. The suspect allegedly pocketed the money and vanished. Initially, four businesses came forward with the reports, but when the North Vancouver RCMP issued a release alerting owners to the scam, two more contacted them to say they’d been had, bringing the total to six. The man is described as a white male, roughly 50 years old, six feet two inches tall, 220 pounds with brown hair, brown eyes and a scar on his left cheek. Investigators have targeted a suspect but have yet to make an arrest. No charges have been approved in the case, and

no name has been released. In the wake of the incidents, police are reminding business owners to be alive to suspicious behaviour in any unknown individual offering a service — particularly if they use high-pressure tactics. “Certainly people depend on this idea of good faith. . . .

“That’s not a value you want to obliterate from . . . a business forum,” said Cpl. Peter DeVries, a spokesman for the North Vancouver RCMP. “(But) if you’re meeting someone for the first time, and they’re offering you a service, it’s prudent — and not inappropriate — to be

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a little bit suspicious and do some background checking.” That may mean contacting the Better Business Bureau, he said. Anyone with information about the alleged fraud is asked to contact the North Vancouver RCMP at 604985-1311.


James Weldon

manager, Andrew Banks, cited as more effective than other methods, such as manual removal, or spraying. “By July or August, the plants are usually about seven feet high, so to spray would be risky to the environment and other plants as well,” said Banks. While no district money will go towards the project this year, the passage of the motion means that council will be required to consider the allocation of close to $10,000 to the Knotweed Control Pilot Project in the 2011 budget. With the passage of the knotweed initiative, council revisited the larger issue of implementing an invasive species policy, an issue that some councillors say they are keen to address.


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A6 - North Shore News - Wednesday, August 4, 2010

VIEWPOINT Published by North Shore News a division of Postmedia Network Inc., 100-126 East 15th Street, North Vancouver, B.C. V7L 2P9. Doug Foot, publisher. Canadian publications mail sales product agreement No. 40010186.

Cell out T

HE federal government’s stimulus spending may be winding down, but Treasury Board President Stockwell Day told reporters Tuesday that multi-billion investments for new prisons would be necessary in the context of unreported crimes. Day’s comments, stunningly illogical though they may be, do appear to illustrate the next step of the Conservative’s “law and order” platform designed to win that elusive outright majority. Day was the minister of public safety in 2007 who appointed a panel to draft a prison reform plan for Canada. That report, A Roadmap to Strengthening Public Safety, contains a number of recommended prison reforms including the elimination of statutory release and

the creation of regional prisons that would see several types of jails sharing facilities behind one perimeter. Quite clearly, the elimination of statutory release on its own would increasetheneedforprisonspacebyonethird. Presumably all the unreported crimes that Day knows about, if they are solvable and prosecutable, may add to the need for more cells. However, Day’s “roadmap” states that four out of five prisoners arrive with a serious substance abuse problem and that 12 per cent of male offenders and 26 per cent of female offenders are identified as having a very serious mental health problem. If we put the mentally ill where they properly belong and then abandon our pursuit of a failed U.S. drug policy, we would save both money and jail space.


Mortgage business full of perils

Dear Editor: In the process of playing banker to Millennium’s $1-billion Olympic Village project, the City of Vancouver ended up with subsidized apartments at double the going cost and put Vancouver taxpayers on the hook for several hundred millions of dollars in financial guarantees. The latter scenario will play out one way or the other over the next several years. One would have thought this would have deterred other municipalities from taking on subprime mortgages. Not the City of North Vancouver. On June 28 its council agreed to provide a $1.6-million second mortgage (at a significantly below-market rate of four per cent) and a $300,000 grant to the Vancouver Resource Society, a non-profit group dedicated to helping people with disabilities. On July 20, council expressed “confusion” about this decision and considered eliminating the grant, although by that time the VRS had already purchased

the property. Agreeing to a mortgage and then considering reducing the borrower’s revenues (by eliminating the grant) suggests muddled thinking and a critical absence of due diligence. Due diligence involves an assessment of the borrower’s capacity to make payments and avoid default and is done to protect the lender (i.e. the CNV taxpayers). When the mortgage matures in five years is the VRS then in a position to repay the principal owed? Banks do professional credit risk assessments in approving mortgages, and in Canada we do this very well. We are just coming out of a global recession precipitated by a country where this was done very poorly (the United States). Non-financial institutions such as the cities of Vancouver and North Vancouver that fail to apply proper due diligence put their taxpayers at peril. Garrett H. Polman West Vancouver

Quick-thinking action prevents further injury

Dear Editor: I want to thank the man whose quick action may have saved a local lady from being seriously injured. On Thursday, July 17, I was driving west along Marine Drive when I saw a young man working on a sign at the corner of Bridgman Avenue and Marine Drive. Suddenly he stopped, raced down his ladder and ran to the corner of the street. I drove up a few seconds later and found that he was busy putting up a barricade around a lady who had fallen down at the street corner. His instant action may have saved her from further injuries as her fall had left her on the road near the corner and perhaps out of sight of someone turning north onto Bridgman. His kindness should be applauded.


I was able to stop and return to the scene and assist the people attending the injured woman and thank him for his kindness. In my few seconds of being away, a few other local helpers had stepped up and an ambulance soon arrived. I thanked the young tradesman for his actions. Pattison Signs has a great employee. Recently in Squamish a local man about the age of the young rescuer had fallen down on the edge of a traffic lane in the middle of the night. A few people had seen him and driven around the injured man, but finally he was run over and killed by someone who didn’t see him on the road edge. So sad, but it highlights the importance of activity in lifesaving. Murray Purdie Squamish

Sell municipal land by auction Dear Editor: Regarding Jane Seyd’s July 25 story Seymour Highrise’s Land Valuation Disputed: One way to ensure a fair price is for the city to auction land, not sell it, and to take a percentage of the profit for the life of the project being built. Councillors who have accepted campaign contributions from developers, including the mayor, should recuse themselves from voting on this matter. Stuart Matthews Vancouver

Getting serious about intrusion

Dear Editor: So Andrew Saxton does not take the long-form census seriously. I beg to advise him that I don’t take the plethora of form letters I get in the mail from him seriously either. Please stop. Jim Battershill North Vancouver





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Wednesday, August 4, 2010 - North Shore News - A7

The curse of 2010 proves a powerful one

“Florence Bartlett was born on a Thursday 101 years ago . . . but mention the momentous birthday, and the longtime Vancouver resident will tell you she’s not turning 101 on Aug. 12, she’s turning one. ‘I’m not going to add the hundred to it . . . gonna start all over,’” she said. Todd Coyne, Vancouver Sun, July 30

WAY to go, Flo. I like your style. Best news I’ve heard all year; and I needed your encouragement because it means I still have lots of time to get it right. Get what right? Well consider this: Every time I heard 2010 this, or 2010 that, I grumbled. Tired of the constant repetition, I insulted the year — and for that I’ve been paying the price. Despite all the expensive efforts out of Victoria and Whistler, the year was set in motion early for me, on Dec. 11, 2009. That was when, despite a few mechanical misgivings, I decided to buy out my 2005 sedan at the end of its fiveyear lease, due to expire at the

Just Asking

Elizabeth James end of that month. In my own defence, I was persuaded by the idea that the buy-out total, plus the cost of possible repairs, still made the deal more economical than buying a new car. There were, after all, only 66,000 kilometres on the odometer. The theory sounded reasonable. Infallible hindsight tells me now it was the wrong move. I should have known that when, as dealership staff processed the papers, I mentioned to another staffer the fact that, “The heater doesn’t heat when it’s cold and does when it’s mild; I froze all the way here.” To which his immediate reply was, “Let me have your keys,


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we can fix that.” And they did — within 10 minutes — by topping up the coolant. I was used to the “solution,” it had happened before. As I would discover, my reaction at that point should have been to tear up the papers and walk away, because the year wasn’t done — in fact, it had barely begun. . . . No sooner had the buy-out hit to my budget shown signs of recovery than, seated at the computer on March 4, I heard a muffled “thwup” behind me and then nothing. Believing the noise to be the sound of a bird hitting the window, a common occurrence, I continued writing. And you’re right; it was the wrong move. Silently, relentlessly, the burst pipe continued to leak. What more is there to tell? You know what that means. The good news? Ericfrom-Starfleet’s bill was only $77 for a small plastic fitting, the wet-dry vacuum did its job and the weather was warm enough to air out the storage compartments which had escaped most of the flood

— and the water didn’t come even close to the furnace motor — that died around the ides of March! Eric’s good news? A new motor was actually in stock and, gee, a $383 bill could have been worse, right? Is the year done yet? Hah! The name is Liz James; don’t you get it? The car had sulked at all of the attention deployed elsewhere. So, within weeks, the hitherto undiagnosable Check Engine light flicked on again, off again, on again until one morning the small green pile at the curb refused to start at all. In case you’re wondering, yes, I maintain my car; but as with visits to the doctor, this type of problem is not easily diagnosed unless it happens again at the clinic. (This car was a lemon that should have been recalled; but that sorry tale is a lesson for another day.) Suffice it to say there are many more events and months to the pre-buyout history. And even more to be told about the tows and the trials that led to an eventual May 27

bill of $1,900 for a valve job and head-gasket refit. But why allow that to ruin my year when so many worse things beset others around the world? I didn’t. After all, as angry with my own decisions as I was at the car, I’d found a new dealership over in Burnaby where, led by Fred, the staff actually live up to the name of their “service” department. New friends and a car that runs; life was good again, so I took a deep breath, dusted myself off and moved on. That had to be it, right? Oh, darn, I forgot; this is yours truly we’re talking about here . . . and what the

heck was that pain in my back? Sciatica? Again! Now that one deserved a video. As it is, you’ll just have to use your imagination. The only hint I’ll allow is that I lost more sleep, and had a much closer relationship to the floor than the mattress in June and July than I care to remember — that, and the fact that a year’s work at the gym has all gone for naught, and that a Wal-Mart shopping cart makes a great pre-walker-walker to pick up the basics than ever I would have believed. See Proposal page 8


FUTURE SHOP CORRECTION NOTICE Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction 10125847. On the July 30 flyer, page 1, please be advised that the gaming accessories beside this video game are NOT available for purchase. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our valued customers.


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A8 - North Shore News - Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Proposal rejected; 2010 not a leap year From page 7 Now what came next? I’m running out of neurons. . . . Ah, yes; about July: Like the 22nd, when the valve behind the toilet blew and the (fresh) water had a second try at the floor and the storage compartments. You gotta hand it to me though; I knew where the shut-off was this time — which sort of explains why I’m running out of neur– Once again I was saved from myself when, already married and some 30 years my junior, Eric-the-saviour turned down my offer of marriage and handed me the bill for $200.

“Not the first time I’ve heard that suggestion,” he laughed as he drove away. Rather unkind I thought under the circumstances. So that’s it folks — except for the wrong armchair that was delivered. And the replacement that was far too big and had to be returned. And the Mother’s Day gift card hair-do I had decided would make the back pain go away for a while that ended up with the hairdresser exclaiming, “I just can’t believe your hair took up the colour like that!” You really have to know me to believe me. That one kept me head down, chastened and undercover for more than a week.

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W. Van council adopts new dog regulations AS of this week, you can expect to see a few more four-legged friends in and around Ambleside Park.



OK, I give up; this is not my year. But for readers there’s a real silver lining: Think about the taxes you’d have to pay were I a politician making million-dollar decisions. Hmmm, I wonder. . . . Nah — it’s too much fun out here. I’m right up there with Florence Bartlett: healthy, and able, at last, to see the funny side of life. And, like her, I credit “an independent streak and fresh mountain air” — plus patient family and friends — for the fact that I’ve made it this far. All I need to do now is check the stars with Tim Stephens, and figure out how to duck my personal Mercury-in-retrograde and survive the next quarter century.


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On July 26, District of West Vancouver Council approved an amendment to its animal control bylaw in a move that is intended to end confusion surrounding just where owners can walk their dogs in Ambleside Park. With the passage of the amendment, on-leash dogs are now allowed to walk along the newly created Ambleside dog path in order to gain access to the nearby off-leash area. At the same council meeting, an amendment proposed the See Ferry page 10

Find the City on Facebook |

Civic Centre Redevelopment Update

Be Bear Aware This Summer

Redevelopment of the City's Civic Centre is scheduled for completion in September 2011. This work is underway and includes redeveloping the former library building, renovations to areas of City Hall and further enhancements to Civic Plaza. The lower east entrance to City Hall is now closed in preparation for future construction. Access to the upper doors near the Finance and Engineering departments is currently open however this entrance will be closed occasionally to allow construction activities to continue. When this entrance closure occurs, staff and visitors are asked to access City Hall from the main 13th Street entrance. Short term handicap parking and drop off parking is located in the 13th Street laneway. For more information, visit

During the summer months bears often move into neighbourhoods in search of food. City bylaws require that all garbage is safely stored so it is not accessible by wildlife. Garbage cans should be brought to the curb only on the morning of your designated garbage pick-up day. Visit for tips on bear-proofing your property.

Lower Lonsdale: Characters, Costumes & Stories of the 1920's

Lawn Sprinkling Regulations June 1 - September 30

The summer exhibit at the PGE Railway Station features photographs, artifacts, and historic clothing. Admire the fashions of passengers who worked and lived in the Lower Lonsdale area and travelled the Pacific Great Eastern Railway. The PGE Railway Station is open from 1-5pm, Wednesday through Sunday until Labour Day. For more information please contact the North Vancouver Museum & Archives at 604-990-3700 (ext. 8016)

Go Wireless in the Plaza

The City offers free wireless internet service in Civic Plaza during library hours. Located at 14th Street & Lonsdale, next to the City Library and City Hall, Civic Plaza is a welcoming and unique gathering place. A password is not required, however, you must have a laptop or mobile device with wireless capability. Details at

141 West 14th Street, North Vancouver BC V7M 1H9 | Tel: 604.985.7761 | Fax: 604.985.9417 |

Lawn sprinkling restrictions are in effect throughout the City of North Vancouver from June 1 - September 30. Sprinkling is permitted from 4am-9am and 7pm-10pm. Even numbered addresses can use sprinklers on Wednesdays and Saturdays, while odd numbered addresses are permitted on Thursdays and Sundays. Hand watering and sprinkling of vegetable gardens, shrubs and flowers are unrestricted. Details at

Wednesday, August 4, 2010 - North Shore News - A9

Circulation going up, says annual report More books – and more readers – in District of North Vancouver

Niamh Scallan

DISTRICT of North Vancouver public library staff saw a surge of new readers and 7,000 more books lining their shelves in 2009.

Library membership soared from 72,282 in 2008 to nearly 100,000 in 2009, the library’s annual report notes, with district residents borrowing more than 1.8 million items from the library’s three branches: Capilano, Parkgate and Lynn Valley. And just one year after the provincial government threatened to pull the plug on library funding and ended up reducing funds by 22 per cent, the district library managed to increase its revenue sources through donations and municipal grants, and launched a number of new initiatives. The district library’s new interactive website was made available in 2009, allowing residents to request books for free and transfer library material to the branch of their choice. Since its launch, the website saw more than 230,000 visits in the year. “Now, when you’re looking for books online, you can actually see other peoples’ comments about books they’ve read . . . we’re one of the first to have this,” Heather Scoular, director of library services, said. “You can interact with our collection virtually, and this is something we were really trying to achieve.” Library board members are also considering a pilot eBook program for the public, hot on the heels of West Vancouver Memorial Library where a Kindle eBook pilot program was launched in July 2010. “We’re going to be very, very close behind,” Scoular said. “I can’t reveal the details but . . . the library is always there when

NEWS photo Paul McGrath

SUSAN Larsen (right), acting director of the District of North Vancouver’s public library services, and other library staff members gather at Lynn Valley library with their copies of the 2009 annual report. things happen. We move with the times.” The 2009 report notes that public focus groups and surveys regarding the eBook will be conducted this year. The report also highlighted the district library’s accomplishments in 2009. Topping the list was the recently renovated Capilano branch’s achievement of LEED gold status — a certification provided to sustainable green buildings. “We were quite excited about LEED status,” Scoular said. “All of our HVAC, all of our low-flush toilets . . . everything that we do reduces our carbon footprint for the district so residents

can feel good that they got a beautiful library but also one that doesn’t add to the carbon footprint of the district.” For Scoular, the upgrades and developments made in the last year helped to make services available to all District of North Vancouver residents. “I think the key thing for us now is that we are three locations in one library system to serve our community,” she said. “It doesn’t matter if you’re a Deep Cove resident or a Lynn Valley resident, you are going to have access to all of our resources with nothing stopping you.”

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A10 - North Shore News - Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Lions fall leads to airlift High elevation snow causes hiker to slip

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James Weldon


A Burnaby woman had to be airlifted to hospital July 25 after she tumbled down a slope near the Lions and struck her head.




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a waiting ambulance. The woman was taken to Lions Gate Hospital for further assessment. The incident should serve as a lesson to the public to be prepared for winter conditions when venturing to the North Shore’s upper elevations, said George Zilahi a search manager with North Shore Rescue. That means carrying an ice axe. Despite the balmy weather, a substantial amount of snow has survived the thaw in sheltered areas of the mountains. In some places, it’s as much as a metre deep, he said, and the ongoing freeze-thaw process has left it extremely treacherous. The woman involved in Sunday’s accident was wearing light hiking boots and a heavy pack. When she lost her footing, there was little she could do to slow her fall, said Zilahi. Had she had an ice axe, she might have been able to stop herself.

Ferry Building on-leash dog area defined From page 8

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The 23-year-old had set out on a hike with a partner Saturday from Cypress Bowl to the top of nearby Mount Unnecessary where they camped overnight. At about noon the next day, the pair were heading back along Howe Sound Crest trail when they crossed a snow slope and the victim lost her footing. She skidded 15 metres down a steep incline and

plunged into a two-metredeep melt-water moat. The fall left her with a head injury and cuts to the face and legs, although she apparently escaped without broken bones. The woman’s companion scrambled down to her, helped her out of the crevasse and back up the slope before calling 9-1-1. The call was patched through to North Shore Rescue. Given the potentially serious injury, the organization called in a helicopter for help. The chopper rendezvoused with members at the Cleveland Dam and flew them to the area, dropping them on to the slope about an hour and 40 minutes after the woman fell. When a paramedic on the team had determined the woman didn’t have a spinal injury, they strapped her into a neck brace and harness, hooked her onto a long line and flew her and her partner to

previous week by Coun. Trish Panz was also passed, permitting on-leash dogs within an area surrounding the Ferry Building on Argyle Avenue. Previously, dogs were not allowed within a five-metre boundary of the building.

The only councillor to raise an eyebrow was Michael Lewis, who was eager for further clarification of the Ferry Building Gallery amendment. “I got some calls about that issue — and they were not happy ones,” he announced. Lewis previously asked for a map to show him specifically

where the dogs would be allowed. July 26 his request was delivered, providing ample clarification of the boundaries. Dogs will, of course, remain prohibited from inside the Ferry Building itself, as well as the beach and Ambleside Pier. — Kerry Blackadar

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010 - North Shore News - A11

Electronics don’t go in trash

B.C. recycling program expands Tessa Holloway

THE garbage bag should feel a little lighter now that three North Shore recycling depots are accepting more types of electronics.

Recycling depots have been collecting computers, monitors, T.V.s, keyboards, mice, desktop printers and laptops since 2007, but July 1 that was expanded to include audio-visual equipment like stereos and DVD’s, landline phones and answering machines. “We’ve been a lot busier since the changes started,” North Shore Bottle worker Taeho Kin said. “During the last program, we only accepted T.V.s, monitors and a few other things . . . now, we’re seeing a lot more different types of electronics.” And this means a big diversion from the landfill, said Joyce Thayer, executive director of the Electronic Stewardship Association of B.C. “We’re collecting about 1,200 to 1,300 metric tons a month (and) we’re anticipating that with the phase 2 expansion

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NEWS photo Mike Wakefield

SUB Chung, owner of North Shore Bottle Depot at 235 Donaghy Ave., behind Capilano Mall, loads up another pallet of unwanted computers and electronics. we will see a 20 to 30 per cent increase in those materials,” she said. The North Shore drop-off locations for electronics are: the North Shore Bottle Depot at 235 Donaghy Ave.; the North Vancouver Bottle & Return-ItDepot at 310 Brooksbank Ave.; and, the Salvation Army at 241 Lonsdale Ave.

Electronics in the program can be dropped off for free as the cost is tacked onto the purchase price in stores. After electronics are collected, they are sent to one of five approved recyclers and taken apart into their base products and reused in manufacturing. All of the products are recycled here, said Thayer, and

therecyclersareauditedtoensure they’re meeting standards. The program is scheduled to be expanded again in the next few years, she added. “By July 2012, virtually everything with a battery and a cord is going to be regulated.” A full list of recyclable materials is available online at


if you see news happening

call our news tips line

604 985 2131

Bob Rae

Dan Veniez

We invite you for an informal conversation with the Honourable Bob Rae, Member of Parliament for Toronto Centre and Dan Veniez, federal Liberal candidate for West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country. Monday, August 9, 2010

7:30am to 8:45am, St. David’s United Church 1525 Taylor Way, West Vancouver Located north of Upper Levels Hwy. 1 exit 13 (Access parking lot at back of church from Taylor Way to Westcott Rd. Enter church from parking lot.) Complimentary refreshments will be available.

A12 - North Shore News - Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Harmony Arts Festival

by Paul McGrath

Chloe Grambow gets creative with a recycled art project.

West Vancouver’s visual arts co-ordinator Ruth Payne (left) joins artist Alfonso Tejada and Cathy Matheson of West Vancouver’s Office of Cultural Affairs and Partnerships. The 20th annual Harmony Arts Festival kicked off with an opening reception on Friday July 30. Arts and music lovers gathered around the Park Royal Fountain Stage at Ambleside Landing to listen to a performance by the gyspsy, jazz and swing influenced Redboot Trio. The 10-day arts extravaganza features craft markets, a record 82 performances, plein air painting competitions, art demos, as well as a North Shore-wide studio tour of artist residences. The celebrations wrap up Sunday, Aug. 8. Visit for more info.

Artist Laura vander Linde presents her “Urban Tree” garden decorations.

West Vancouver Mayor Pamela Goldsmith-Jones attends the opening reception together with Odlum Brown president and CEO Debra Hewsom, MLA Joan McIntyre and Pacific Arbour chairman Rainer Muller.

Don Francis shows off his stainless steel eagle sculpture.

Volunteers Deirdre Bickford and Fran MacRae sell Harmony Arts T-shirts.

Michael Tickner, signature artist for the Harmony Arts Festival, stands beside his latest masterpiece.

Luis Sopena and Gabrielle Loren volunteer and take in the summer festivities.

Please direct requests for event coverage to Bright Lights c/o North Shore News. Email: Fax: 604-985-2104






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Wednesday, August 4, 2010 - North Shore News - A13



Building by Design Kevin Vallely

Asbestos is a cause for concern, but not for panic THE very mention of the word asbestos sends a jolt of anxiety through most homeowners — and for good reason.

other Rudbeckia species that are grown, more often by collectors and native plant lovers, but most of the popular hybrids and cultivars come from the four mentioned species. Rudbeckias are great companion plants for ornamental grasses, sedums, Joe pye weed, Echinacea, liatris, gladiolus, asters and mixed into a flowering border. The annual Rudbeckia varieties are good for containers and in bedding displays. Traditionally Rudbeckia is used in cottage gardens, North American native and wildflower gardens, but don’t let that limit you, a tall blooming clump looks good in any sunny garden. Reported but not scientifically confirmed, Rudbeckias have been used medicinally as an infusion of the roots for the treatment of colds and worms in children. A warm infusion of the root is also used to wash sores and snake bites. The ooze from the roots has been used as drops to treat earaches. The flowers can be processed to make a yellow dye for fabrics, painting and skin colouring. The flowers attract butterflies, hoverflies, bees and other

The utilization of asbestos fibre in construction materials was widespread until the early 1980s when it was proven that exposure to it posed a significant health risk. There’s a lot of it out there and no one wants it in their home. Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous mineral found in rock that for centuries has been recognized for its superior strength, durability and resistance to high temperatures. Until its dangers were discovered, this multifunctional super mineral proved very valuable in the building industry and was widely incorporated in floor and ceiling tiles, insulation board, asbestos cement, shingles, exterior siding, roofing felt, wall board and textured and latex paints as well as in loose-fill vermiculite insulation where the more dangerous type of asbestos called “amphibole” was utilized. If you live in an older home, chances are you have asbestos somewhere inside it, but don’t panic, asbestos only poses a danger when the fibres become airborne. If the likelihood of this is minimized so is the risk. That said, when asbestos is inhaled in any significant quantity it is very dangerous and can cause asbestosis (a scarring of the lungs) or cancer. It needs to be treated with the utmost care. For dense materials such as insulation board, exterior siding, clapboard and floor and ceiling tiles, risk only arises if the material starts to deteriorate or is cut, sanded or disturbed in some way that might allow fibres to become airborne. For loose-fill vermiculite insulation it’s critical that it remains undisturbed and contained behind walls, floors or ceilings and doesn’t become exposed to the

See Deer page 16

See Fibres page 14

NEWS photo Paul McGrath

RUDBECKIA, also known as black-eyed Susan or coneflower, is available in yellows, burgundies and now also reds. It is used in many dyes and paints and some believe it to have medicinal properties as well.

HOME IDEAS Barb Lunter turns used jars into summer lanterns. page 17

Rudbeckia tough but pretty Dig Deep

Todd Major THERE are plenty of plants in bloom in summer but few can outperform the robust and perhaps weedy tenacity of Rudbeckia. This North American native plant from the Asteraceae family was brought in from the wild long ago and cultivated to produce some of the brightest yellow, burgundy and now also reds available in summer blooming perennials and annuals. Rudbeckia is also known as the coneflower or black-eyed Susan. It is also known as the gloriosa daisy or yellow ox-eye daisy, probably due to the appearance of the daisy-like flowers. Rudbeckia hirta hybrids are tough herbaceous biennials or short-

lived perennials and many cultivated varieties of this species are grown as annuals and tossed into the compost in the fall. Most ornamental Rudbeckia species grown in our region bloom from mid summer until frost. The native North American Rudbeckia species can be found growing in open rangeland, farmland, along roadsides, in fields and at forest edges. Most Rudbeckias species grow well in average soil and in dry locations. Pampering these plants will only lead to powdery mildew problems and lush floppy growth that requires staking. I have seen a few Rudbeckias growing in semi-shaded gardens, but generally, they perform better with fewer problems when grown in full, hot sunshine. Older Rudbeckia varieties were chronically prone to powdery mildew, especially when grown too close together, in shade or on lush soils with poor air drainage. However, modern breeding of new tetraploid seed strains has produced new cultivars that are less prone to mildew. When choosing a location to plant Rudbeckias, choose an area that receives at least seven or eight hours a day of direct sunlight, that has

average to good and free draining soil, preferably deep soil even if it is poor quality, but most importantly choose a location that has good air drainage to help control foliar diseases. Chemical fertilization of these tough prairie plants is not required, but they do benefit from surface-applied compost or manure. As with all perennials, deadheading will help extend the blooming season. Some people consider Rudbeckias to have a weedy appearance, most likely due to their single stemmed growth habit, and perhaps they are a bit rangy looking at certain times of the year, especially when they are planted singly out in the open. However, when planted en-masse in the middle of the border, fronted by lower growing plants, their upright habit can be softened to good effect. The height of the Rudbeckia depends on the species you choose. Rudbeckia hirta hybrids range in height from 30 to 80 centimetres. Rudbeckia fulgida hybrids grow to approximately 50 centimetres in height. Rudbeckia laciniata and R. nitida cultivars grow from one to two metres tall, depending on the selection. There are

A14 - North Shore News - Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Western Watch & Clock IMPORTERS OF FINE CLOCKS FROM GERMANY Mantel, wall, cuckoo and grandfather clocks. • SALES • • SERVICE • • REPAIRS •

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Master Watchmaker & Master Clock Smith Ste. 206-2233 Burrard St., Vancouver



174 Pemberton, North Vancouver


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Fibres dangerous when airborne

From page 13

interior environment. The real risk with asbestos is when construction disrupts it, disturbing its otherwise benign condition. Here are a few scenarios that could be of concern: ■ Coming in contact with loose-fill vermiculite insulation. This is easy enough to do if you’re removing a wall or moving around an attic space. ■ Removing vinyl asbestos floor tiles or asbestos acoustical ceiling tiles by crumbling, scraping or sanding. ■ Sanding or scraping older water-based asbestos coatings in drywall, roof coatings, sealants, paint or caulking. ■ Sanding or scraping older plasters that contain asbestos. ■ Generally, any sanding, scraping, drilling or sawing (or any similar means) of an asbestos containing product that might allow it to become airborne. When demolishing a home the standard protocol is to have the various materials within

the house laboratory tested for asbestos. This is a simple procedure and is not expensive and can be done right here on the North Shore. I’m currently working on a project requiring the demolition of a 1950s-era home that we discovered has asbestos in its floor tiles. The floor tiles are in good condition and pose no threat to the inhabitants but the upcoming process of demolition will pulverize them and potentially send asbestos particulate into the air. As a result the floor tiles must be removed by a certified removal team before demolition starts. Asbestos is always a concern for the prudent homeowner but is not something to panic about. The most important thing a homeowner can remember is that asbestos fibre is only a danger when it’s airborne. So if you’re planning on making some alterations to your home make sure you know what’s in what you’re altering before you begin.

Kevin Vallely is a residential designer in North Vancouver. His website is

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010 - North Shore News - A15

HOME Gardeners can return empty plant pots and flats to any garden centre at Real Canadian Superstores for recycling. North Shore location: 333 Seymour Blvd., North Vancouver.

green guide

The North Shore Fruit Tree Project is looking for volunteer pickers to collect tree fruit from homeowners who do not want it and distribute it to organizations like the Harvest Project. For further information: 604983-6444, ext. 640 or www. northshorefruittreeproject. ca/donate/.

Summer Water Restrictions: Lawn sprinkling regulations are in effect to Sept. 30. Sprinkling will be permitted from 4 to 9 a.m. and from 7 to 10 p.m. on Wednesdays and Saturdays for even-numbered addresses, Thursdays and Sundays for odd-numbered addresses. Additional lawn care tips are available in English, Chinese and Punjabi at: www.metrovancouver. org. Residents can contact their local municipality for information on how lawn sprinkling regulations are enforced.


There’s a Bear in my Tree:



Learn how to grow fruit in bear country, Sunday, Aug. 8, 10:30 a.m.-noon at Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre, 3663 Park Rd., North Vancouver. Admission by donation. Registration required: 604990-3755. Composting in Bear Country: Tips and techniques for co-existing with bears when you have a backyard composter, Sunday, Aug. 8, 1-2:30 p.m. at Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre, 3663 Park Rd., North Vancouver. Admission by donation. Registration required: 604990-3755. Introduction to Horticultural Therapy: A workshop introducing the effectiveness of using plants, gardening and nature based activities to meet therapeutic goals, Saturday, Aug. 14, 10 a.m.-3:30 p.m. at

VanDusen Botanical Garden, 5251 Oak St., Vancouver. Fee: $60. Info and registration: www.vandusengarden. org or 604-257-8332. Garden Makeover: Learn about controlling weeds, Saturday, Aug. 21, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. at VanDusen Botanical Garden, 5251 Oak St., Vancouver. Fee: $52. Info and registration: www. or 604257-8332. GardenSmart Workshop — Transform Your Lawn: Learn how to create a raised vegetable garden bed without digging up the sod, Sunday, Aug. 29, 3-5 p.m. at a private home in North Vancouver (the address will be given out upon registration). Workshop is free, but registration is See more page 16

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A16 - North Shore News - Wednesday, August 4, 2010

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From page 15 required: 604-990-3755. Bird Survey: All levels of birders welcome on the first Saturday of the month, 8 a.m. at Maplewood Flats Conservation Area, 2645 Dollarton Hwy., North Vancouver. Info: 604-9875586. Bird Walk: Join the Wild Bird Trust nature walks the second Saturday of the month, 10

a.m. Meet in the parking lot at 2645 Dollarton Highway, North Vancouver. For further information: 604-987-5586. Capilano Flower Arranging Club meets the second Wednesday of each month (except July and August), 7 p.m. at Delbrook recreation centre, 600 West Queens Rd., North Vancouver. Demonstrations, guest speakers and workshops. New members and guests welcome. Info: Donna, 604-9869360 or Heather, 604-9875382.

Capilano Garden Club meets the second Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at Canyon Heights Church, 4840 Capilano Rd., North Vancouver. New members welcome. Guests: $5. Deep Cove Garden Club meets the fourth Thursday of each month at 7:30 p.m. on the second floor of Parkgate Community Centre. Meetings include speakers, workshops and more. For more information call Elaine at 604-9292928.

Delbrook Garden Club meets the fourth Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at St. Catherines Church, 1058 Ridgewood Dr., North Vancouver. New members welcome. Guests: $5. Info: Linda at 604-987-3896. Green Thumbs Garden Club: A club for beginner or intermediate gardeners meets on the third Monday of the month, 7 p.m., on the North Shore. Info: 604-990-9394 or See more page 18

Deer don’t eat Rudbeckias

From page 13

pollinating insects and the seed heads attract birds in the fall, especially goldfinches. Many gardeners in wilderness areas report having no problems with deer eating their Rudbeckias. Well it’s good to know that there is at least one plant that deer don’t eat. One of the newest annual varieties to come onto the market is the British Rudbeckia hirta “Cherry Brandy,” bred by Thompson and Morgan. Their breeders have produced the first-ever red Rudbeckia, from seed. Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy is a robust plant, producing a mass of attractive cherry-

coloured blooms all summer long. The plants are resistant to heat, drought and poor soils. Flowers average seven to 10 centimetres in width, in a cherry red colour and the plants reach 60 centimetres in height. Cherry Brandy Rudbeckia may be worth a try in my garden next year, but for now I am sticking to the perennial varieties like R. Indian Summer, an All-American selection and R. Goldstrum, a good old standby that blooms its head off from July until first frost.

Todd Major is a journeyman horticulturist, garden designer, writer, lecturer and organic horticulture teacher. For advice contact him at

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010 - North Shore News - A17


Reuse jars as lanterns


Home Ideas

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When the sun is out and the temperature heats up Vancouver is a stunning place to live or visit during the summer months. If you are planning to host guests this summer or NEWS photo Paul McGrath perhaps an intimate dinner WITH almost no money and only a few minutes work, party outdoors then this idea may be for you: Next time you you can turn a used jar into an ornamental lantern. finish that favorite jar of jam or Begin by placing your glass jar in the preserves, save it for another purpose. There are so many pretty glass jars that are filled with dishwasher to have it thoroughly clean. Measure around the circumference of the lip condiments in stores today. It seems a shame of the jar to determine the quantity of wire to recycle them too early. required to make a fairly loose loop. Cut This year keep a few around the house and make simple, outdoor lanterns. All you require the wire with a pair of wire cutters or sharp is a roll of thin wire and a tea light to make your deck and surrounding trees sparkle. See A Lantern page 18

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A18 - North Shore News - Wednesday, August 4, 2010


See where your water comes from.

green guide From page 16

DRINK IT. Tours of our mountainous Capilano and Coquitlam watersheds take place this summer every

Thursday through Sunday, from July 1 – September 19, 2010 Tours run 8 am - 12 pm & 12:30 - 4:30 pm

To register call: 604-432-6430

Monday to Friday, 9 am – 3 pm or Visit search”watershed tours” for a detailed schedule.

COQUITLAM WATERSHED Thursday afternoons and twice a day on Saturdays Bus tours and walking tours available

CAPILANO WATERSHED Friday afternoons and twice a day on Sundays Bus tours and walking tours available

if you see news happening call our news tips line 604 985 2131

Invasive Plants: Report invasive plants in B.C. communities by dialing 1888-WEEDSBC (1-888933-3722). The Invasive Plant Council of B.C., in partnership with the Agriculture Environment and Wildlife Fund, operates the provincial toll-free hotline to help your community protect local resources. The hotline is part of Eyes Across B.C., an outreach and awareness initiative. Invasive plants are the second greatest threat to biodiversity. They can cause damage to the environment,

economy and human health. Tofindoutmoreaboutinvasive plants you can also visit www. The IPCBC is a grassroots, non-profit society that provides workshops, activities, and events to educate the public and professionals. Membership is free and open to anyone willing to work collaboratively. Mahon Park Stewards: Help pull invasive plant species every fourth Saturday, 9 a.m.noon in Mahon Park, North Vancouver. Meet at the 15th Street and Forbes Avenue trailhead. Tools, gloves and refreshments will be provided. Rain or shine, so prepare for the weather. Info: 604-689-

0766, ext. 23. Native Plants Demonstration Garden Work Party: Meet every second Thursday, 6:30-8 p.m. from April to September at Mahon Park, North Vancouver, to help clean up the garden. The garden is located in the recreational area of Mahon Park near the water park, north of the running track. Tools, gloves and refreshments provided. Rain or shine. For more information: 604-689-0766, ext. 23. Seed Collectors: Learn how to collect, clean and package seeds from plants, Tuesday or Sunday mornings at VanDusen Botanical Garden, 5251 Oak St., Vancouver. For more information call Judy Aird at 604-257-8674. West Coast Bonsai Society welcomes new members at all stages of ability who are interested in the art of miniature trees. Meetings with experts on hand are every third Wednesday of the month, February through November, 7:30-9:30 p.m., Delbrook recreation centre, 600 West Queens Rd., North Vancouver. For more information call 604-9226608. West Vancouver Garden Club meets the first Tuesday of every month from September to July with the exception of January. Coffee and guest speakers, 7:30 p.m. at St. David’s United Church, 1525 Taylor Way, West Vancouver. Cost: $25 per year or $35 for a couple, drop-in is $5. Info: www. — Compiled by Debbie Caldwell and Pamela Stone Email information for your North Shore non-profit, by donation or nominal fee event to

A lantern can be an elegant ornament From page 17 household scissors. Wind the wire around the neck of the jar and twist to secure. Be sure to leave enough room to fasten on handles. The next step is to cut a piece of wire long enough to fasten to each side of the jar. You want a piece long enough for a generous size handle, approximately four inches from the top. Once the wire is cut, attach it to each side. Place a standard tea light inside the jar and hang the lantern from a tree branch. Be sure to hang the lantern with enough space away from any intruding tree branches and never leave the lantern unattended.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010 - North Shore News - A19


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A20 - North Shore News - Wednesday, August 4, 2010

PARENTING kids’ stuff

BCAA Child Car Seat Checks: Using the proper child car seat will protect your child’s life in a crash. Learn the proper installation and use of child car

seats and find answers to any questions you have at www. or by calling 1877-247-5551. Teen Reading Club: North Vancouver City Library welcomes readers ages 1318 to the annual online club, which provides teens with opportunities to read books, post their own reviews and personal writing, participate in chats, discuss books and win prizes for the reviews they submit. Sign up at www.teenrc. ca. Info: 604-998-3480. Read to Me: A summer program for children under the

age of six at North Vancouver City Library, 120 West 14th St., that encourages reading with someone special and recording it in a reading log. There will be a wrap-up party Wednesday, Aug. 18 from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. Registration: 604-9983480 or drop by the children’s department at the library. Info: Summer Reading Club: A program for children in grades one to seven at North Vancouver City Library, 120 West 14th St., to promote reading while kids are out of school. This year’s theme is Reading Rocks. There will be

a wrap-up party, Saturday, Aug. 21 from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. Registration: 604-998-3480 or drop by the library. Info: www.

Young artist of the week

Table Tennis: Drop-in program for all ages, Fridays, 45:30 p.m. at John Braithwaite Community Centre, 145 West First St., North Vancouver. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. $2. — Compiled by Pamela Stone and Debbie Caldwell E-mail information for your non-profit, by donation or nominal fee event to listings@

NEWS photo Mike Wakefield

Lukas Forssander, 8, Blueridge elementary Art teachers: Diane Silverwood and Marnie Armstrong Favourite art: Drawing Favourite artist: Lukas likes them all His teacher writes: Lukas is a very creative and meticulous artist. He puts a lot of thought and time into his work and is proud of his creations. Young Artists of the Week are selected from North Shore schools by Artists for Kids for displaying exceptional ability in their classroom artwork. For details, visit the website

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for using a ladder to reach the roof of a house safely. Falls are one of the most common causes of injury for workers aged 15-24, according to a media release. Between 2004-2008, WorkSafeBC recorded 1,706 claims from young workers that were related to falls from higher elevation. So far, 10,000 entries have been received. The contest is open until Aug. 31. — Manisha Krishnan

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010 - North Shore News - A21

The intangible Furry Creek Mark Hood

Contributing Writer

I tend to go on about how fortunate we are as golfers to live in a part of the world where our choice of beautiful places to play is almost boundless. From oceanside links to classic parkland and soaring mountain venues, we truly have it all and we are blessed. One recent Sunday, I was joined by my colleague Larry Verigin and we made a pilgrimage to perhaps the brightest star in the dazzling galaxy of British Columbia golf courses: Furry Creek. Summer was fully upon us and the day was spectacular — clear blue sky and warm midday sun. The improvements to the Sea to Sky Highway make Furry Creek closer than ever and it’s now only about 20 minutes from West Vancouver, even at a leisurely pace. The vista on the way up is what people from all over the world come here to see, and it served as an appetizer for what we were about to experience. An indifferent spring meant there was still snow on the higher peaks that ring Howe Sound and the view up the Squamish Valley revealed glaciers and jagged mountain tops. As you turn off the highway to the course, you slip into the cool shade of the rugged West Coast forest that defines Furry Creek’s fairways. It’s a portal to a day of golf that people who live in other parts of the world can only dream about. Furry Creek’s great gift to those who play it is the level of service provided and it begins right away at the bag drop. Staff are friendly and welcomingly efficient. There is no sense that they are permitting you to play their course. They are genuinely happy to see you and it helps accelerate the relaxing calm you’ll experience there. We were joined that day by Dan Souder, sales manager at North Vancouver’s Cam Clark Ford, and Laurel Francis of CIB Insurance. Friends of Larry’s, they are both big fans of Furry Creek and were eager to begin play. We had all opted for their golf and dinner package. For $10 on top of your matinee green fee you end your day in their Sea to Sky Grill, which on its own is worth the trip. It’s hard to describe the feeling that comes over you as you arrive at the first tee for the first time. You ride by power cart through dense forest, over a bridge, across the thundering cascades of Furry Creek with no sense of what lies ahead. Then, just beyond the snack shack, you emerge into golden sunlight and the staggering majesty of the setting is revealed in an instant. You look across Howe Sound to the islands, the Sunshine Coast beyond and marvel that you also get to play golf there. The starter gently brings you back to earth as he confirms your tee time and wishes you a happy round. For all its beauty, Furry Creek is a very challenging course. Carved out of the side of a mountain, there are steep elevation changes, creeks, ravines, water and wind to contend with and it begins on the opening hole. The first hole is a 352-yard par-4 and the tee box sits about 200 feet above the fairway. There is a water hazard to the left and forest and Furry Creek to the right. The landing area is actually fairly wide, but from the tee box, it seems a small target indeed. Thoughts are easily distracted to where you want to avoid rather than where you want to end up. From there, you begin a journey that takes you up, down and around the mountainside and everywhere you go, the view is dazzling. On the front nine, there are a series of back-to-back holes that force you to think hard and use every shot you can See Movie page 22

FROM the first tee (above) to the 18th green, at right, the staggering majesty of Furry Creek is impossible to overlook. There’s no way to take it for granted: players find themselves looking across Howe Sound to the islands and the Sunshine Coast, and marvel that they get to play golf here. But for all its beauty, this is a challenging course: there are elevation changes, creeks, ravines, water and wind to contend with.

NEWS photos Mark Hood

A22 - North Shore News - Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Movie in contrast to tranquil setting From page 21

NEWS photo Mark Hood

GOLFER Laurel Francis prepares to tee off at Hole 14, Furry Creek’s signature hole. The green rests on a heavily bunkered peninsula that juts out into Howe Sound and the tee boxes are right at the water’s edge.

muster. The long 485-yard, uphill par-5 third, an ordeal in itself, is followed by the even longer 575-yard, par-5 fourth. This extended double dogleg leads you first left, then right to a green that — from the tee box — is just a concept. Number 6, a 441-yard par5 bisected by a steep ravine and a long iron or fairway wood, will leave you in position to cross and attack the pin. While technically reachable in two, I’ve never played with anyone who has managed it. The level of visual intimidation is extremely high and most are thankful just to make it safely across the hazard in one stroke. The seventh hole, a 238yard par-3, leads you back across the ravine to an elevated green. This is target golf at its best. There is the crevasse immediately in front of you with about 150 yards of carry, the left of the green is a wild grassy upslope and the right is all downslope. There are

bunkers in front of the green and you’ve really got to trust your shot. It’s brilliant. One of the most memorable spots on this remarkable course is just above the ninth green. Here you can see up and down the Sound and there’s a peacefulness to the setting that’s in stark contrast to what people around the world know it for: the fight scene between Adam Sandler and Bob Barker in the movie Happy Gilmore. The actual serenity you feel makes the scene even funnier. The arduous pairings continue on the back half of the course. Number 11 is a 485-yard dogleg left par-5 to an elevated green. It’s rated third most difficult on the course and par here is a very good result. Number 12 is a 374-yard par-4 with a steep drop to a landing area and another ravine in front of the green. It’s tempting for long hitters to let out some shaft and attempt the green in one, but the riskSee All page 23

A limited collection of view and golf course lots situated on a quiet cul de sac close to Fairwinds Community Centre and only minutes from Fairwinds Golf Club and Schooner Cove Marina.

NOW SELLING Single Family Lots starting at $209,000

1.866.468.5957 Nanoose Bay, British Columbia

Colette Maeers 1.888.243.1071 This is not an offering for sale. An offering can only be made by way of a disclosure statement

Wednesday, August 4, 2010 - North Shore News - A23

All smiles after a satisfying round on a tough course From page 22

reward quotient for most of us makes a well considered shot to the landing area below the most sensible option. The most interesting hole on this fascinating course is the 211-yard par-3 14th, Furry Creek’s signature hole. The green rests on a heavily bunkered peninsula that juts out into Howe Sound and the tee boxes are right at the water’s edge. Beyond the green there’s usually a strong breeze blowing south in the morning and north in the afternoon presenting you with a bewildering number of factors to constrain your shot. On this trip, however, I learned a secret. Even at its fiercest, the wind rarely photo Mark Hood comes close enough to green’s sheltered setting to become a THE view from the 11th tee; but don’t get distracted. The 485-yard factor. It’s a small mercy, but dogleg left par-5 is rated third most difficult on the course. one less thing to worry about. From the 14th, you play Laurel played particularly well. along level benchland to the 18th tee you with a clear shot at the putting where a 336-yard dogleg left to an surface on your second. With her smooth swing and quiet elevated green awaits. You can’t see As we putted out in the early focus, she had stitched together a the green and the left corner is guarded evening light, we were all smiles. score that left Dan and I more than a by deep woods and tall evergreens so There had been the usual “others” little envious. attempting the pin in one is only for on the score card, but there had also After, over dinner on the patio the supremely confident. been a birdie or two and the odd par See Value page 24 Here a mid- to long-iron will leave that made the round very satisfying.





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These are start dates. Each class runs four consecutive weeks from the date you choose. A great package to learn the game or improve your game!!

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A24 - North Shore News - Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Value terrific in clubhouse From page 23

NEWS photo Mark Hood

ENJOY the food and the views in the Sea to Sky Grill in the Furry Creek clubhouse.


at the Sea to Sky Grill, we discussed the day and ordered our meals perched above the 18th green. The Sea to Sky Grill has quietly earned a reputation for outstanding food and excellent value. For many, it’s the destination of choice for special occasions and Sunday brunch. The setting is unparalleled and the feel is casual elegance. Some items on the menu require an extra investment over the $10 meal charge, but the quality and presentation are well worth it. Dan chose the rib eye steak, Laurel the chicken clubhouse, Larry the beef short rib and I chose the wild sockeye. Dan opted for the daily soup and the rest of us selected the Creek House Salad — a mix of fresh greens, oven-dried grape tomatoes,pumpkinseeds,chick peas and dried cranberries in a citrus vinaigrette. Our server, Sonny, was

gracious and attentive and as the food arrived we swapped stories and got to know each other better. It was an ideal finish to a spectacular day. More than anything I suppose, Furry Creek is great value. You get what you pay for and then some. Cost per person that day was $109 plus tax, but it included a power cart, a great meal, superb service and the beauty of the location. Its real value lies in the intangibles: the view, the smiles of the staff, and the sheer joy of playing at this special course. You can’t actually put a price on beauty, but Furry Creek comes closer than any other place I know. Online video: This season all destinations featured in Tee Time will also be available to see in online video taken the day we played. Furry Creek is the fifth for 2010. Go to nsnews. com and click on the video tag in the red menu bar across the top of the page, then pick the video of your choice and enjoy.



One of the World’s most scenic drives up Sea to Sky redefined pace of play with Olympic size upgrades to the highway. Over a million golfers have enjoyed the mature trees, snow capped mountain backdrops with walking a choice. A Canadian Championship course rated as “The Best Value in BC” in 2009 by Score Golf Magazine and “Drop Dead Gorgeous Scenery” according to the Vancouver Province. Experience Metro Vancouver's Premier Public Golf Course today. NORTHLANDS IS HST-FREE! Starting May 1, it's the return of our popular 9 and Dine.

Wednesday Women and to Wine and Friday that Familygreen Golf Night now in full Northlands is proud announce feesarewill not beswing. raised. Thank you to all of our loyal customers and a big welcome to our new ones! With our 60 day advanced reservation option, it makes booking that special golf day a breeze. Northlands introduces thedates “TheareMonday Mingler”: Do you have a group of 16-48 players? Good still available, but not for long. for burger more information all our special offers.•See on the • Visit $ after 6pm! • $10 & beeronspecials all day! $3you draft & tee! wine!

Check our website for even more great specials available all summer long.

NORTHL ANDS golf course NORTHL ANDS golf course

To book your tee time call (604) 280-1111 or visit

Wednesday, August 4, 2010 - North Shore News - A25

North Van’s Peak Golf joins in Guatemalan aid effort Mark Hood

Contributing Writer

THE last time golf was an Olympic sport, in 1904 at St. Louis, Canadian George S. Lyon won the gold medal in the individual competition. Today his great-grandson, Roger Cosgrave, still has the game running deep in his veins. As the owner and operator of the Peak Golf Equipment store at #800-801 Marine Drive in North Vancouver, he provides local golfers with the latest in golf products, gadgets and accessories. On Sunday, July 18 at Squamish Valley Golf Club, he joined forces with father-in-law Harold Gienger of Lions Bay to raise funds for Project HANDS Society, a local charity dedicated to providing medical support to indigenous Maya people in rural Guatemala. The society’s current aim is to send medical teams to run outreach clinics and perform elective surgery in areas where there is little or no medical care available. Their long-term goal is to construct a small rural surgical facility or hospitalito. This year’s event grew out of the annual

Lions Bay Village Golf Tournament. “This year’s event took on a new look with Project Hands getting involved,” said Cosgrave. “The tournament attendance almost doubled from last year; $8,000 was raised for Project Hands through the golf event. All money raised will be used to send two triage units and two surgical units to Guatemala to help those that can’t afford medical attention.” “Project Hands is a Lions Bay based charity,” said Cosgrave. “My in-laws have been living there for 40 years now and my wife and I are property owners in Lions Bay so we saw it as a good fit for us to get involved. I did the prizing and tournament scoring.” It’s something the long time North Shore resident believes in. “As a North Shore-owned and independently operated business, Peak Golf looks to support and promote North Shore based charities. Ideally we like to work with golf events for fundraising, so this was perfect for us.” It’s a great cause and something we can do locally to make a difference in the daily lives of the less fortunate. If you would like to help or find out more, check out Project HANDS online at www. or call 604-628-4433.

tell your community about your upcoming events e-mail Open - Monday - Friday 8am - 9pm Saturday & Sunday 7am - 9pm

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A26 - North Shore News - Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Society introduces golf to the younger set

ONCE again, the North Shore Public Golf Course Society has sponsored its introduction-to-golf program at elementary schools on the North


This year, more than 400 children in Grade 3 classes at 10 schools (Caulfield, Eagle Harbour, Carisbrooke, Lynnmour, Ridgeview, Highland, Westview, Blueridge, Canyon Heights and Cove

It’s par for the course that North Shore residents spend $17 million* to play golf including courses, equipment and supplies. Tap into this swinging market by placing an ad in the North Shore News’ special Golf features that run every month. It’s a must read for both serious and recreational golfers. Put your business closer to the green and book your advertising space by Thursday, August 26. Display Advertising 604-980-0511 * 2004 Stats Canada

Cliff) participated in the onehour SNAG program under the direction of the Royal Canadian Golf Association professionals from Seymour Golf and Country Club and assisted by the school’s teachers. The purpose of the program is to introduce the students to golf, and to encourage their parents or guardians to take them to local driving ranges and other golf facilities so that they may take up golf as a life sport. The SNAG program is a kidfriendly program that teaches elementary golf techniques and assists in personal behaviour, decision making, consideration of others and appreciation. Equipment for the program was purchased by the Society with financial assistance from the members of the Gleneagles Golf Club and the Province of British Columbia’s Gaming Branch. In the program, the professionals first assemble the students in the school gymnasium to discuss safety and the divide the students into two groups. The students rotate between five stations including putting, chipping, SNAG-a-zoo, snapper and bulls-eye target. The students

finally reassemble to discuss receive information on where to golf on the North Shore and learn about offers for club cutdowns and lessons from North Shore golf business. The society played a significant role in the establishment of Northland Municipal Golf Course in the District of North Vancouver and continues to remain active in encouraging all aspects of public golf including ensuring accessibility to local courses and considering new opportunities for public golf. Currently, it sponsors the school program and supports the Gleneagles Golf Club in its staging of junior tournaments at Ambleside Pitch and Putt and Gleneagles Municipal Golf Course. The society is also monitoring the First Tee program, in association with the YMCA, that is currently underway at Vancouver’s municipal golf courses in an effort to determine if that program should be brought to the North Shore. If you would like to join the Society, participate directly in its operation or provide financial or technical assistance to its programs, please contact Mel Turner, at

photo submitted

A student in the SNAG program gets instruction from golf pros from Seymour Golf and Country Club.

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Find out more.

(But hurry - deadline is Friday, August 27) - 604 947 GOLF (4653)

Display Advertising 604.980.0511


Wednesday, August 4, 2010 - North Shore News - A27


THE Plastic Dining Room (above), floats on 1,675 empty pop bottles this summer, drawing attention to the plight of the world’s oceans and raising funds for education. The meal’s not bad either: a giant Bayne Sound scallop is finished at the table with hot dashi broth (top right), and wild Coho salmon is served on Israeli cous cous and smashed peas.

NEWS photos Deana Lancaster

Hope floats in Plastic Dining Room

Deana Lancaster

IT’S sunset at False Creek Marina. A CHEF IN YOUR KITCHEN cools off with ice cream. See story PAGE 28

The sky blushes pink behind the buildings of Granville Island as halcyon rollers gently pitch our floating dining room just enough to swing the crystal chandelier over the table. Underneath it, sandaled feet rest on a raft of 1,675 two-litre pop bottles. That’s right — I said pop bottles. This is the plastic dining room, an airy and elegant prism with seating for 12, which will float in False Creek until the end of September. If it sounds like a gimmick designed to get your attention and pique your appetite for a six-course meal in it, it is. But it’s a gimmick for a good cause: our oceans. ■■■ We’ve all been doing our little bit to help the planet: driving less, recycling more, remembering to take our reusable grocery bags into the store (usually). But our biggest

environmental crisis is not one you come face-to-face with in your car or at the store. It’s our primary life support system: the world’s oceans. According to Conservation International, pollution-caused dead zones in the ocean cover an area larger than the United Kingdom. Eighty per cent of the world’s fisheries are exploited, over-exploited or depleted; and seven million metric tons of bycatch is discarded every year. Plastic pollution is a growing plague, massing in the ocean’s currents, leaking toxins and entering the food web. It’s a crisis that is often lost on over-consuming, waterbottle buying, seafood-loving North Americans. When Shannon Ronalds arrived back in Vancouver after a lengthy stint in Los Angeles — where he managed restaurants and served as sommelier at The Peninsula Beverly Hills Hotel — he was impressed by the ocean-friendly direction the city’s restaurant community had moved in. “Ocean Wise started after I left Vancouver. It’s such an important message to get out.” By ensuring their menus offer seafood that is sustainable, which means that it wasn’t reeled in with unwanted bycatch, and isn’t causing damage to ocean environments, Ocean Wise restaurants allow consumers to eat responsibly without first acquiring a degree in marine biology. Inspired, Ronalds wanted to take the concept even further. Together with chef Robert

Clark — already an industry leader in sustainable seafood — he founded the School of Fish Foundation, which aims to insert ocean-friendly seafood curriculum into culinary schools around the world. It’s a big idea, but it needs money and it needs support; the kind Ronalds hopes will be floated by the Plastic Dining Room. “I am in no way a scientist or a chef,” he says. “I’m simply someone who wants to do the right thing.” Vancouver is the perfect city to launch the project, he adds, because we’re already more aware than most. “Los Angeles wouldn’t have worked. The city is too big, it’s a victim of its geography; the message just isn’t received. You might have advocates in Malibu, but people in East LA would never get the message.” Though it’s modelled after other rafts underpinned by salvaged plastic bottles — like the Junk Raft Project, a vessel of salvaged sailboat and airplane components that sailed from Long Beach, Calif. to Hawaii in the summer of 2008; and Plastiki, a boat that sailed from San Francisco to Sydney this year — the dining room is decidedly more upscale. And, unlike other pop bottle rafts, it allows interested members of the public to get onboard. Literally. My dinner was last week, when I previewed it with other members of the media. Environmental education — which can sometimes be dull and depressing — doesn’t come

tastier than this. Ronalds and his wife Caroline Crochet offered expert service, and smoothly shuttled plates down the pier from C restaurant, where Clark was skillfully constructing them. The couple thoroughly explained each dish and picks for wine pairings; and provided excellent guidance regarding the origin of the ingredients. They will be here every night of the Plastic Dining Room’s maiden voyage, serving a menu similar to ours. First up, they set a glass dish containing a pretty arrangement of previously frozen and very sustainable B.C. spot prawns, shredded cucumber and radish in front of us, then poured on frosty sunomono dressing from a shot glass made of ice. It was well matched by the vibrant gooseberry of the 2009 Mud House Sauvignon Blanc, from New Zealand. An enormous Bayne Sound scallop was next, still attached to its half-shell and so fresh “it was alive 20 minutes ago,” said Clark, when he dropped by the raft to check in. Chatter ceased as hot dashi broth was poured from a teapot, which finished cooking the lush meat. Shimeji and shiitake mushrooms added earthy punctuation to the dish and the 2008 Summerhill Pinot Gris provided balance. As we ate in quiet awe we could hear the water sucking at the raft and the tranquil creaking of the wood frame (made from beetle-damaged pine, of course). We were on to tilapia next, not a local fish, explained

Ronalds, but since the aim of the foundation is to teach young chefs around the world, he wanted to showcase a sustainable product from elsewhere, Indonesia in this case. Aromatic lobster saffron cream sauce and sockeye roe gave weight to what can be a mild-flavoured fish, and the stone fruit and citrus flavours of 2009 Twisted Tree Marsanne Roussanne from Osoyoos held up beautifully. I don’t like to pick favourites, but if pressed, I’d point to the gleaming slice of wild Coho Salmon resting on a bed of Israeli cous cous, smoky chorizo and smashed peas, paired with the full-bodied, toasty 2009 Benziger Chardonnay, made from certified organic and biodynamic grapes in Sonoma. Dessert was a delicate berry “fool” (a classic British dessert): filo pastry loaded with custard and fresh raspberries, paired with the 2008 Tinhorn Creek Late Harvest Kerner. And we finished with the Pacific Breeze GSM (Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre) and our cheese course: wedges from Poplar Grove and Salt Spring Island along with fruit compote and Terra crisps. This is environmental accountability in action, readers. To do your part, book a seat on the Plastic Dining Room. The six-course dinner with wine pairings is $215; group discounts are available if booking the entire dining room. Call 778-9976977 or email contact@

A28 - North Shore News - Wednesday, August 4, 2010


JULY 30 TO AUGUST 8, 2010 wednesday august 4 KinderTunes Presented by jack & lola Bobs and Lolo

Growing up on Vancouver Island, Robyn and Lorraine have always shared a love of the natural world and a passion for working with children. Creating the dynamic duo Bobs & Lolo has allowed them to combine their diverse academic backgrounds with a mutual love of teaching and the creative arts. Since debuting as Bobs & Lolo in 2003, Robyn and Lorraine have been capturing the hearts and minds of children, parents and educators alike and are recent winners of a West Coast Music Award and JUNO Award nominees. They regularly perform at schools, children’s festivals and performing arts centres throughout North America. Sharing musical stories that engage, inspire and educate, they teach kids to care about themselves, their neighbours and the planet. From up in the trees to down in the seas, get on your feet with Bobs & Lolo!

West Vancouver Community Centre, 2121 Marine Drive, Front lawn, 10:00am-11:30am

Evening Fountain Concert

Keith Bennett & David Sinclair

Two of the west coast’s hottest players — harmonica virtuoso Keith Bennett and acclaimed guitarist David Sinclair — captivate audiences and listeners alike with their rootsy blend of acoustic blues, jazz and modern folk... a seamless mix of instrumentals and vocals.

Park Royal Fountain Stage Ambleside Landing, 9:00pm

thursday august 5

KinderTunes Presented by jack & lola Chris Hamilton Chris is quickly becoming one of Canada’s favourite children’s musicians by constantly performing at festivals, theatres, schools, shopping centres, libraries and anywhere else kids are. He has been performing for children since 2003 and now averages 80 shows per year. His Sticky Situations CD was nominated for a Western Canadian Music Award for “Outstanding Children’s Recording” and for two “Just Plain Folks Music Awards” in the Children’s Album and Children’s Song categories. Known for his humour, his latest CD “Boogie Child”, an all-new collection of 15 lively, original songs celebrate the sillier side of modern life for school-age kids.

West Vancouver Community Centre, 2121 Marine Drive, Front Lawn, 10:00am-11:30am

Evening Fountain Concert

Tangent Featuring Linda Kidder and Rae Armour

Tangent is a digression into the playfully sublime. These two talented singer/songwriters tell stories that can spontaneously combust into moments of extreme delight. Linda Kidder, a two-time Juno award nominee, has traveled the world playing with kd Lang, has appeared on Leno and Letterman, and can be heard on the albums of Bon Jovi, Rita McNeil, Gary Fjellgaard and Connie Caldor. Armour and Kidder are also members of the all woman group AUGUST.

Park Royal Fountain Stage Ambleside Landing, 9:00pm

friday august 6

KinderTunes Presented by jack & lola Shé Shé is a children’s singer and songwriter who performs upbeat, high-energy interactive shows for children aged 2-10 years. She has a charming way with children and keeps them captivated throughout her show. Shé wishes to inspire creativity and educate children with quality music that is fun, upbeat and socially responsible. She writes and performs songs that are relevant to children’s everyday experiences, reflecting on their feelings and attitudes about themselves and others. Her latest release, “Shimmy, Shimmy with Shé” continues to delight and entertain children. The adults love the catchy and upbeat songs as well!

West Vancouver Community Centre, Front lawn, 10:00am-11:30am

Evening Garden Concert Adam Woodall Band With 9 years of live shows, a TON of songwriting, lots of great new friends and fans along the way, it is no surprise that this band has a loyal following and that Adam Woodall is touted as one of the North Shore’s most celebrated musicans. The Adam Woodall Band are: Jesse Godin, drums; Dave Hall, bass; Adam Woodall, vocals, guitar; Jesse Tucker, guitar, vocals.

Pacific Arbour Garden Stage Millennium Park, 9:00pm The Harmony Arts Festival would like to thank our long time top tier donors Godfrey Lynum, Ron & Barbara Howard, Terry & Bonnie Gordon Sponsored by

Produced by

604-925-7268 | |

NEWS photo Mike Wakefield

THERE’S nothing like homemade ice cream for cooling off on a hot summer day.

Make it sweet and simple

THE list of ingredients on a tub of plain vanilla ice cream should bring a smile to the face of a food chemist.

“Cream, sugar, modified milk ingredients, glucose solids, mono and diglycerides, cellulose gum, guar gum, polysorbate 80, carrageen, natural flavours and colours. May contain peanuts and tree nuts.” I want to emphasize that all these strange sounding ingredients are legal and permitted; and to boot they are there for our benefit. The various starches and stabilizers are present to make the ice cream smoother, more flavourful and to give it a longer shelf life. I can’t help but wonder if we want all this in our plain vanilla ice cream though? For my part, I do not. So, after doing some research I took the plunge and purchased a “home size” ice cream maker. Since its arrival we have made ice cream three times; vanilla twice, and strawberry ice cream once (made with fresh local strawberries). They were a great hit! The machine we purchased is a Cuisinart ice cream and sorbet maker for just under $50 at a local “drug store” that sells a lot more than just prescription drugs. The capacity of the machine is 1½ quarts or 1.4 litres. There are larger capacity machines available; purchase the unit that is suitable for your needs. Following the instructions from the manufacturer; it takes about 20 minutes for the ice cream to reach a soft ice cream stage and then an additional two hours to freeze it solid in the freezer. There are two basic ice cream versions. One is the frozen, dairy-only ice cream. The other is the custard base ice

A Chef in Your Kitchen Julius Pokomandy

cream which contains cooked egg yolks. This ice cream is smoother and richer; it is often called gourmet ice cream. Both versions are excellent. The basic version (no egg) is a little simpler to make and a little lower in the calorie count. But make no mistake, good ice cream should not be consumed in large amounts. One half cup contains about 300-450 calories with most of those calories coming from milk fat. The taste and mouth-feel quality of our homemade ice cream was excellent. It was lighter on the palate; little wonder, the list of the ingredients was short and sweet: milk, (light cream) whipping cream, sugar and vanilla. This week we have four ice cream recipes for your summer enjoyment. One is with egg yolks, luxurious and very rich. They are all yummy.

Basic Vanilla Ice Cream 1 cup coffee cream 10% MF well chilled ½ cup granulated sugar 2 cups whipping cream 33% MF well chilled 1-2 tsp pure real vanilla extract Carefully read the machine instructions. Prepare and line up all ingredients. Select a bowl and whisk all the ingredients together until the sugar is

dissolved. Refrigerate to chill. Remove the machine bowl from the freezer and pour in the chilled ingredients. Place in the paddle, cover and turn on the machine. The ice cream will be ready to a soft ice cream stage in about 20 minutes. If a harder, more firm ice cream is desired, transfer into an airtight container, cover and freeze for a couple of hours. We made our ice cream ahead of serving; and we made two batches. Approximate recipe cost for about six cups of ice cream: $4.

Chocolate Ice Cream 1 cup coffee cream 10% MF well chilled ½ cup granulated sugar 8 ounces dark chocolate (try Lindt) broken into small pieces 2 cups whipping cream 33% MF well chilled 1 tsp pure real vanilla extract Carefully read the machine instructions. Measure and line up all ingredients. Heat the coffee cream in a small saucepan, heat to hot, add in the small chocolate pieces and the sugar. Whisk to dissolve and melt completely. Transfer to a bowl and cool. Add and stir in the whipping cream and the vanilla. Cover and refrigerate to chill for two hours. Pour the mixture into the freezer bowl and mix to thicken for 20-25 minutes. Transfer the soft ice cream into an airtight container, cover and freeze for a couple of hours. Remove from freezer a few minutes before serving. Approximate recipe cost for six cups of ice cream: $6.

Fresh B.C. Berry Ice Cream Now is the optimal time to make this great ice cream using our delicious raspberries and blueberries. See ‘Gourmet’ page 29

Wednesday, August 4, 2010 - North Shore News - A29

TASTE food calendar

Pick a Peck of Peppers: Herons Restaurant is launching a new local source tasting menu for the summer featuring three regionally inspired courses with pairings of Okanagan wines for $46 per person. Herons is located in the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel, 900 Canada Place Way, Vancouver. Reservations: 604691-1818 or www.opentable. com. Summer




‘Gourmet’ ice cream requires more time From page 28

2 cups BC berries stemmed, washed and sliced 3 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice 1 cup granulated sugar in two parts 1 cup coffee cream 10% MF well chilled 2 cups whipping cream 33% MF well chilled 1 tsp pure real vanilla extract Carefully read the machine instructions. In a small bowl, combine the sliced strawberries, lemon juice and half of the sugar. Stir gently and allow the berries to macerate for about two hours. Strain the berries, reserving the juices. Mash to puree half the berries. In a mixing bowl combine the coffee cream and the rest of the sugar, mix until dissolve. Stir in the whipping cream the strawberry juice, vanilla and the pureed berries. Pour the mixture into the freezer machine bowl, mix until thickened for about 20 minutes. Five minutes before the mixing is complete, add in the reserved strawberries and continue mixing. If a firmer consistency is desired spoon into an airtight container and freeze for a couple of hours. Approximate recipe cost for six cups of ice cream: $7.

“Gourmet” Vanilla Ice Cream 1¾ cups coffee cream 10% MF well chilled 1¾ cups whipping cream 33% MF well chilled 1 whole vanilla bean about 6 inches long 4 large egg yolks ¾ cup granulated sugar 1½ tsp pure real vanilla extract Carefully read the machine instructions. In a medium saucepan combine the whipping cream and the coffee cream. Using a sharp knife split the vanilla bean and scrape out the seeds. Stir the seeds and the pod into the cream mixture. Bring the mixture to a slow boil and simmer for 25-30 minutes. (If you want to be sure it won’t burn use a double boiler). Combine the egg yolks and the sugar in a medium bowl. Whisk for two minutes until pale yellow in colour about two minutes. Remove

showcase of wines from German riesling producer Joh Jos Prum paired with cheese and charcuterie. Taste wines from the highly regarded 2007 vintage, Tuesday, Aug. 10, 7-9:30 p.m. at Au Petit Chavignol, 843 East Hastings St., Vancouver. Price: $80 per person. Reservations: 604255-4218. Hart House Summer Garden Party Dates: Each evening will start with a casual wine tasting from a featured region followed by an al fresco dinner on the estate lawn overlooking Deer Lake. There will also be live music. Dates and regions: Wednesday, Aug. 11, Provence and Wednesday,

the vanilla pod from the hot cream, very slowly add one cup of the hot cream into the egg sugar mixture, whisk vigorously. When fully incorporated slowly pour the egg mixture back into the hot cream while whisking to combine. Cook on low heat stirring constantly until it thickens to coat a spoon. Stir in the vanilla. Pour into a container, cover and refrigerate for several hours. Pour the chilled custard mixture into the machine freezer bowl. Mix until thickened for about 20-30 minutes. If a firmer ice cream is desired spoon into an airtight container cover and freeze for about two hours. Approximate recipe cost: $8. —

Two 1 piece

Sept. 1, Spain. Each dinner is $48 per person plus taxes and gratuity. Hart House is located at 6664 Deer Lake Ave., Burnaby. Reservations: 604-298-4278. Tasting Touring on Two Wheels: The Slow Food Cycle Tour returns to the Agassiz and Harrison Mills area, Aug. 21, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. The route starts at the Fall Fair Grounds in Agassiz with a self guided cycling tour along 25 kilometres of flat country roads. Stops feature special events, guided tours and taste plates to sample, as well as fresh produce, cheeses and other locally produced food products to take home.


Fee: $10. Following the tour there will be a Chehalis salmon feast at 6 p.m. at the Charlie Long House. Info and registration: www. index.php/agassiztour/. Wild B.C. Seafood Fest: This free outdoor public event will take place Saturday, Aug. 28, 11 a.m.-4 p.m. at the Steveston Harbour Authority Fisherman’s Park, 12138 Fourth Ave., Richmond. Celebrate and enjoy wild B.C. salmon, sablefish and sardines. There will also be demonstrations of a variety of recipes and tips on buying, storing and preparing wild B.C. seafood.

*Annual Feast of Fields: This year’s theme “A Taste of History” will not only showcase second generation farm production, but will also highlight the long standing relationships that some of B.C.’s best chefs have with B.C. farmers. Farmers, restaurateurs, vintners, brewers and food artisans will share with the public their passion and knowledge of local fare. Feast of Fields will take place Saturday, Aug. 29, 1-5 p.m. at Wellbrook Winery on Bremner Farm, 4626 88th St., Delta. Admission: $85. Tickets: — Compiled by Pamela Stone and Debbie Caldwell



with fries & coleslaw

*WITH PURCHASE OF 2 BEVERAGES Come in any day before 6pm. Please present coupon when ordering. Expires August 24/10. Dine in only. *Prices subject to change without notice. Not valid with any other promotional offer. Sorry, no substitutions on specials. Celebrating 14 years on the North Shore All specials at N.V location only


Open Mondays!

1660 Pemberton Ave., N. Van

Marine Drive & Pemberton (behind the Shell station)


Summer Hours


LUNCH WED-FRI 11:30-2:30PM Open for Dinner Tuesday-Sunday 4pm Come & Enjoy Our Patio Sunsets






Minimum purchase $30 Valid to August 8 2010 One coupon per customer

)2.,1-2% 41&28$/ 721#(.

+"" 61&28$/ '1,$.03 *(&&$(03 &16/(1$(0 5 !61(

Steaks & Fresh Seafood Selections NEW Summer Menu & Shared Plates Selection


1Sunday - Thursday



WINNER FAVOURITE FRENCH RESTAURANT Reader’s Choice 2002, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

224 West Esplanade, North Vancouver 604-924-4913

*#)1 $#)(-. !-+ /-&)0 ,+3).2& %0"#'#++2#( (*0 .+ -) !# '+$ 1# ,% %*/"& Saturday 9 - 4, Sunday 10 - 2. 1479 Hunter St., North Van. (off lower Mountain Hwy) 604-983-6657

Home and office delivery available.

A30 - North Shore News - Wednesday, August 4, 2010

NEIGHBOURHOODS Noteworthy neighbours

Students display art at the Quay

Time Traveller

MR. Palmer’s Grade 5/6 class at Ridgeway elementary spent a day at Lonsdale Quay Market in May, each creating a piece of art which reflects their impression of the Quay and its surrounding area.

According to a written statement, the result is 22 individual oil pastel works, entitled Lonsdale Quay. These works can now be viewed in vacant shop windows on the second level of Lonsdale Quay Market, and will remain on display throughout the summer. Lonsdale Quay Market strives to support local and student artists, most recently through the installation Viewfinder, a sculpture garden on the East Plaza of the market. Other community art works include the mosaic fountain, entitled Tidal Waves, the mosaic rotunda floor, called Perspectives, and the starfish-shaped bench on the waterfront plaza, Tidal Encounters. ••• At the recent 100th anniversary of the naming of King Edward high school, held at the Bayshore Hotel, two North Shore residents received Lifetime Achievement Awards: Hilary Yates Clark (class of 1948) and Ralph Sultan, MLA for West Vancouver-Capilano (class of 1950). The criteria included community service, academic and professional achievement, and athletic and arts contributions. The committee chairs were Bill Lee and Bill Turpin (class of 1961). ••• To celebrate that women can lead healthy and active lives after breast cancer, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, B.C./Yukon Region, awarded a total of $50,000 to 22 dragon boat breast cancer survivor teams for the 2010 season, including Deep Cove’s own North Shore Dragon Busters. The region has supported dragon boat breast cancer survivor teams since 1997, says a spokeswoman for the organization in a statement. The dragon boat movement for breast cancer survivors began in 1996 as the result of a groundbreaking study led by Dr. Don McKenzie, professor of sports medicine at the University of

photo courtesy of the West Vancouver Archives/submitted by the West Vancouver Historical Society.

THIS 1919 photo shows the shingle mill situated at what’s now 17th and Inglewood in West Vancouver. This site became the future home of West Vancouver high school. British Columbia. McKenzie set out to investigate the link between upper body exercise and the development of lymphedema in women with breast cancer. Lymphedema is the significant swelling some women experience due to accumulation of fluid in the arm and chest after the removal of lymph nodes for the treatment of breast cancer. Twenty-four women, all with a history of breast cancer, volunteered for Dr. McKenzie’s research project and began training as dragon boaters. At the conclusion of the study, McKenzie found that de-

spite rigorous repetitive upper-body exercise, which dragon boating required, no new cases of lymphedema occurred and none of the existing cases progressed. In addition, the women who participated showed a marked improvement in both physical and mental health. From this initial project in Vancouver, an international movement of breast cancer survivor dragon boat teams has evolved. Send details, along with your contact information, for our regular Noteworthy Neighbours section to

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010 - North Shore News - A31

Aug. 16, 7:30-9 p.m. at John Braithwaite Community Centre, 145 West First St., North Van. Info: or 604-629-5890.

2010 North Vancouver Community Craft Fairs: The North Vancouver Community Arts Council provides an opportunity to experience unique, locally made crafts. There is something for everyone, with free children’s art workshops, face painting and musical performances, Aug. 14, 15, 21 and 22 at Lynn Valley Village, 1277 Lynn Valley Rd. Info: fairs.

Small wonder

NEWS photo Mike Wakefield

LIZ Calvin (centre) helps her kids Colin and Caitlyn in trying out one of the activities Liz will be leading during the Harmony Arts Festival Aug. 7 to 8. Drop by and craft your own mosaic-themed piece. Calvin will be in the tent south of the Ferry Building Gallery between noon and 4 p.m. A $6 fee will be charged for each piece. For more information about other Harmony Arts Festival events, call 604-925-7268 or visit

Become a Medic in a Month Tired of hanging around hospital waiting rooms, frustrated by having to wait in line for important medical procedures? Now your wait is over because the Vancouver Medical School (VMS) has finally opened its doors. Situated in picturesque downtown Vancouver, the VMS offers crash courses in subjects from Biochemistry to Medical Genetics and Microbiology to Veterinary Medicine. In less than four weeks you could be carrying out your very own surgical procedures on yourself, your family or your friends in the comfort of your own home!

Sign up today and avail of our special offer of a free doctorate in Cosmetic Surgery. TO REGISTER, CALL 604 998 3517


North Vancouver High School 100th Anniversary Reunion will take place Saturday, Aug. 14, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. at Norseman Field, 23rd Street and St. Georges Avenue. Join former students, teachers and guests in a celebration of memories. There will be a barbecue, car display, sports, North Van “High” tea and archives display. Admission: $25. To register go to Publishing for Fun and Profit: A free seminar for writers will take place Monday,

Deep Cove Daze Festival: A celebration of the community, Sunday, Aug. 29, noon-8 p.m. at Panorama Park in Deep Cove, North Vancouver. This event features local artists, artisans and vendors. There will be a beer garden and an array of rides and activities for children. Admission is free, donations are greatly appreciated. Info: Keith Road Greenway: The city will host a public workshop, Saturday, Sept. 11, 9:30 a.m.-noon at the city hall, 141 West 14th St., North Vancouver. Teams of residents, city council, staff and consultants will discuss issues and work together to explore design options for the alignment of the proposed multi-use path between St. Andrew’s Avenue and West Grand Boulevard. Info: Computers at the Library: North and West Vancouver public libraries offer free ongoing computer classes. Visit or for info. — Compiled by Pamela Stone and Debbie Caldwell Email information for your non-profit, by donation or nominal fee event to listings@

A32 - North Shore News - Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Julie and John Lishman

Bud Marlow

Julie and John Lishman will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary on Aug. 5. Love and best wishes from Peter, Karen, Chad and David.

Bud Marlow blew out nine candles representing nine decades at his birthday party on July 28. Neighbours and friends gathered together to celebrate their friend’s special day.

Jill and Peter Martin Kent and Joan Martin are pleased to announce the marriage of their son, Peter, to Jill Werk, daughter of Gary and Edna Werk. The wedding took place on June 19, 2010 on the beach of Oyster Bay near Campbell River where the couple reside.

Ben Silva Ben Silva will celebrate his 90th birthday on Aug. 7. Ben has spent his life on the North Shore and worked for Kings Mill and Burrard Dry Dock prior to his retirement. His children, grandchildren and great grandchildren send him their love.

Christopher and Rebecca Flack Christopher and Rebecca Flack were married on Aug. 7, 2009 on the top of Grouse Mountain. Their family and friends wish them both a very happy first anniversary.

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Darryl and Carrie Penner Darryl and Carrie Penner were married on Aug. 10, 1985 in West Vancouver. Their family wishes them a happy 25th anniversary.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010 - North Shore News - A33



Mulder off to cycling junior worlds Andy Prest

NORTH Vancouver’s Scott Mulder was one of four racers selected to represent Canada at the International Cycling Union’s 2010 Track World Junior Championships scheduled for Aug. 1115 in Montichiari, Italy.

■ Caitlan Millham, towed water sports, girls 10-13 jumps ■ Caitlan Millham, towed water sports, girls 14-17 wakeboarding ■ Liam Phillips, towed water sports, boys 10-13 wakeboarding ■ Clarrissa Fong, swimming, 100-m breaststroke Silver ■ James Elson, athletics, boys triple jump ■ Kye Fedor, athletics, girls pole vault ■ Alex Southham, towed water sports, girls 10-13 wakeboarding ■ Thomas Kramer, towed water sports, boys 10-13 wakeboarding ■ Ariel Fraser, towed water sports, girls 14-17 wakeboarding ■ Conor Doherty, triathlon, boys aquathlon Bronze ■ Alana Mussatto, athletics, girls 300 m ■ James Elson, athletics, boys high jump ■ Kristin Heuer, athletics, girls high jump ■ Kye Fedor, athletics, girls 80-m hurdles ■ Christopher More O’Ferrell, athletics, boys 200-m hurdles ■ Caitlan Millham, towed water sports, girls 10-13 slalom

“The main objective of this selection was to put our best cyclists on the start lines. These cyclists have demonstrated through results that they are Canada’s best and will ride for podium results at this worldclass event,” said Canadian Cycling Association chief technical officer Jacques Landry in a press release. The selection came after Mulder helped Canada race to a bronze medal in the men’s team sprint at the 2010 Junior Pan American Cycling Championships held recently in Mexico City. Mulder teamed up with Daniel McKenzie-Picot and Kristofer Ovsenek, both of London, Ont., to knock off an older and more experienced Chilean team in the bronze medal final after finishing fourth in qualifying. Mulder appeared poised to win another medal after strong performances in the first two rounds of the high-traffic Keirin race but a nasty fall, as he attempted a pass in the final round, knocked him out of the race. ••• North Vancouver’s Devan McClelland scored a thirdplace finish at the 2010 Canadian Junior Road Cycling Championships road race held

See Rowers page 35

See Pinfold page 35

photo submitted

NORTH Vancouver’s Caitlan Millham negotiates the water ski slalom course during the B.C. Summer Games held July 22-25 in the Township of Langley. Millham won medals in water skiing and wakeboarding.

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Stars shine at B.C. Games Andy Prest

HUNDREDS of the North Shore’s budding athletic stars showed their stuff at the 2010 B.C. Summer games held July 22-25 in the Township of Langley.

Young athletes from North Vancouver and West Vancouver scored numerous individual and team medals, helping the Vancouver-Squamish zone finish third in the standings with 111 total medals, trailing only Vancouver Island-Central Coast with 170 medals and Fraser Valley with 167. Kye Fedor and Caitlan Millham led the way for the North Shore contingent, scoring four medals each. Millham racked up two individual golds and one bronze while also adding a team silver in towed water sports, claiming medals in both water skiing and wakeboarding events. Fedor ruled in athletics, winning gold in girls triple jump, silver in pole vault and bronze in 80-metre hurdles while also helping the zone team score silver in the 4x400-m relay. Other individual gold medalists included

North Shore’s Millham, Fedor each score four medals

Liam Phillips in boys wakeboarding and swimmer Clarrissa Fong in the girls 100m breaststroke. James Elson scored two medals in athletics, claiming silver in boys triple jump and bronze in high jump. On the team side Adam Karmali helped the zone’s boys basketball team earn gold while North Shore cores powered the boys soccer and inline hockey teams to silver medals and the boys rugby and girls soccer teams to bronze. North Shore athletes also cleaned up in rowing, picking up a number of team medals including three from the foursome of Sam Cato, Jacob Lunter, Amelia Hill, and Chloe Noel in mixed fours events. Here are all of the medalists listed as North Vancouver or West Vancouver residents, according to the website www. Individual sports Gold ■ Kye Fedor, athletics, girls triple jump






FRIDAY, AUG 6th - 1:05 Power Smart ’Nooner Gates Open at Noon


SUNDAY, AUG 8th - 1:05 SATURDAY, AUG 7th - 7:05 Fireworks Extravaganza A&W Family Fun Sunday & Photo Ball Giveaway Gates Open at 6pm

First 500 Kids 12 & Under. Gates Open at Noon



MONDAY, AUG 9th - 7:05 Superstar Series Appearance by Baseball Legend Andre Dawson Gates Open at 6pm


A34 - North Shore News - Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Your BC Lions — In Their Own Words I’m a B.C. boy – born and raised in Richmond. I began playing football while attending high school at Vancouver College and continued to develop my skills during my university career at Simon Fraser. I have been a fan of the Black and Orange all my life and distinctly remember attending Lions games at BC Place in the 1980s. My brother Mark was briefly a Lion in 1990 – so football genes definitely run in my family! After 10 seasons with the Lions, I still can’t believe that I get to come to work every day and play the game I love, and I’m more determined than ever to bring the Grey Cup home to B.C. at least one more time during my career. As one of the longest-serving veterans on the team and the guy anchoring the offensive line in the centre position, I take a leadership role in the locker room and am sometimes looked to for advice by the younger players. Our team — and the O-line in particular — is like a family to me and I’m proud of my contributions in the locker room and on the field. As the second-youngest of six kids in my family, I looked up to my older siblings when I was growing up for inspiration and guidance. For that reason, I love taking part in the Lions’ community programs throughout the year, particularly the club’s Lions in the House initiative. It makes me feel proud to know that I could have a positive influence on a young person who is at a very important time in their life. As much as I love playing professional football, I believe it’s also important to give back to the community you grew up in and set a good example for the next generation. Angus Reid in action. Photo courtesy BC Lions.

Angus Reid - 64 Centre Non-Import Height: 6.01 | Weight: 305 Born: Sept. 23, 1976, Richmond, BC College: Simon Fraser Years: 10 BC / 10 CFL

Angus Reid in action. Photo courtesy BC Lions.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010 - North Shore News - A35


Rowers make a big splash

From page 33

International waters

NEWS photo Paul McGrath

DANIEL Sullivan (left) and Gaelan Patterson of North Vancouver’s Cruisers Aquatics hone their skills before heading off to join Canada’s under-16 national water polo team for an international tournament in Serbia at the end of August. The pair are also representing the B.C. provincial team at an event in Croatia this month.

Pinfold 2nd in brutal hill climb From page 33

Tour de White Rock during the BC Superweek cycling series held last month. The race involved a 700-metre ascent up a 16 per cent grade from White Rock beach to the top of Buena Vista Avenue. The “lucky” riders who posted the fastest times up the hill got to go back down to the bottom for a five-man drag race up the hill again to determine the stage’s winner. Pinfold, riding for the California-based United Healthcare Pro Cycling Team, finished behind Will Routley in the five-man final, edging out Shawn Bunnin to claim silver. Pinfold also claimed second place at the Yaletown Grand Prix held in Vancouver on Canada Day, finishing sandwiched between winner Svein Tuft and third-place finisher Christian Meier of the Garmin-Transitions team.



■ Dustin Gillis, wrestling, male 63 kg ■ Eric Fast, canoe/kayak, male K-1 500 m open ■ Ariana Momen, swimming, girls 50-m freestyle ■ James Palmer, cycling, BMX male time trial ■ Ben Bethune, cycling, road male criterium ■ Alexa Komlos, diving, girls C group 1 m ■ Alix Kong, golf, girls tournament Team sports Gold ■ Basketball, boys: Adam Karmali Silver ■ Soccer, boys: Dave Madill, Joel PallesonStallan, Brian Madill, Brendan Artley, Joey Marshall, Brennan Martinek, Parsa Tajbakhsh, Leonardo Marcel Sillas ■ Rowing, male/female quads time trial: Sam Cato, Jacob Lunter, Amelia Hill, Chloe Noel ■ Swimming, girls 4x50-m medley relay: Ariana Momen, Emily Overholt, Clarrissa Fong ■ Athletics, girls 4x400-m relay: Kye Fedor, Alana Mussatto ■ Towed water sports, team: Liam Phillips, Caitlan Millham, Thomas Kramer, Abby Jorgenson, Ariel Fraser, Alex Southam, Jamie Frandsen ■ Inline hockey, boys: Chris Gharakhanian, Evan Anderson, Connor Baugh, Michael Beck, Taylor Bowman, Sam Curleigh, Gavin Gould, Lucas Johnston, Eric Margo, Trevor McWilliams, Jimmy Ghuman, THIS WEEK’S HIGHLIGHTS: Jeff Lichimo, Owen Hope 2010 North Shore Coaches’ League ■ Rowing, female doubles time trial: Ileana O’Keefe, Brynn soccer playoffs Danvers ■ Rowing, female doubles COMING NEXT WEEK: double elimination: Amelia 2010 NORTH SHORE Hill COACHES’ LEAGUE FINAL ■ Swimming, girls 4x50-m GET THE SCORES AS THEY HAPPEN — freestyle relay: Ariana Momen, FOLLOW SPORTSWEEK ON TWITTER. Clarrissa Fong Bronze ■ Rugby, boys: Andrew Ablett, Nicholas Allen, James Cormier, GOT A BIG GAME OR EVENT? Thor Eggertson, Ryan Gray, GIVE US A CALL! Connor Hughes, Dax Inman, 604-998-3508 or email us at




C A R T E R ’ S






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Loaded, 3 available










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4x4, Z71, leather




06 BMW X5 3.0I







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Convertible, mint




James Carter

4x4, longbox, ex cab, 5.3L, rare





Sunil Desai


Ken Weiler



Phil Mitchell

Stan Lawler

Jamie Hudson




JLX, loaded, sunroof, leather


$13,998 LOCAL


Davide Ditrolio


Loaded, 4x4, nice

$24,998 LOCAL

4x4, sunroof, leather




Navigation, loaded, low kms

4x4, limted, mint


Loaded, 3 available




Kerry Renaud

Steve Hunt



Ken Wind

Denzil Owen

Reza Akhavan


Louie Liu

John Proctor



Northshore Auto Mall, 800 Automall Dr. North Van

DL# 10743










last month in Devon, Alta. McClelland was part of an eight-man breakaway that pulled away from the field 45 minutes into the race on a relatively flat but very windy Alberta countryside course. Ryan MacDonald put in the decisive move, pulling away to win with Frederic Poisson right behind and McClelland crossing in third spot, one minute 24 seconds behind the winner. “It (was) the most amazing day of my cycling career, and a finish that I will always remember,” McClelland wrote in an email message after the race. ••• North Vancouver’s Andrew Pinfold finished second in the grueling hill climb stage of the

Cole Keffer, Jakob Knapton, Eli Matsell, Jonny Wolverton, Austin Wright, Connor Moss, Josh Paisley, Carlos Sheppard, Joe Heilman, Jeremy Sinclair, Adrian Vicente, Peter Dreuitt ■ Soccer, girls: Maya Bennett, Sarah Cortese, Leah Donen, Megan Fedak, Janna MacLean, Megan Parker, Danielle Payne, Cassandra Wakefield, Bruce Dutnall, Scott Christie, Sarah Ostler, Kyra Bennett ■ Rowing, male/female quads double elimination: Sam Cato, Jacob Lunter, Amelia Hill, Chloe Noel ■ Rowing, male doubles skills competition: Sam Cato, Jacob Lunter ■ Rowing, male/female quads skills competition: Sam Cato, Jacob Lunter, Amelia Hill, Chloe Noel ■ Swimming, boys 4x50-m freestyle relay: Levent Shah, Josh Carter ■ Athletics, boys 4x100-m relay: Christopher More O’Ferrell ■ Wrestling, team: Dustin Gillis, Max Gillis, Dallan Bhatti ■ Rowing, female doubles time trial: Amelia Hill ■ Rowing, female doubles double elimination: Ileana O’Keefe, Brynn Danvers ■ Canoe/kayak, male/female K4 open: Eric Fast

A36 - North Shore News - Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday, August 4, 2010 – North Shore News – A37



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In Memoriam HARTWIG Arlis (Arlie)

Sept, 07, 1914 - Aug 03, 1994 In our hearts you will stay, loved and remembered everyday. Daughters, Veronica, Glenda (Rich), & Family.



GODKIN, Sandra Marie June 21, 1966 - July 28, 2010 After she bravely and gracefully fought a short battle with cancer, Sandy passed away peacefully at Lions Gate Hospital with her family at her side. She will be dearly missed by her husband Dave, her daughters Jessica, Amanda and Grace, her mother Audrey and her large extended family and many friends. Sandy was predeceased by her father Larry. Although Sandy had medical issues for a lot of her life she never let it slow her down. Her passion for life was legendary and she was an inspiration for everyone that knew her. Motherhood was her chosen vocation and her pride and joy was her wonderful children. A memorial service will be held on Thursday, August 5th, 2010 at 1pm at Queens Avenue United Church, 529 Queens Avenue, New Westminster. In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to the Canadian Cancer Society or the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada.



MOSTERD - Sharron Anne . August 26, 1943 - July 31, 2010. Our beloved Mother, grandmother, sister and Aunt, passed away July 31st, 2010 after a courageous battle with cancer. She was predeceased by her mother and father, Jim & Belle Donnelly and brother Richard Donnelly. Sharron is survived by her loving daughters, Debbie Harder (Stuart), Carolyn Hansen (Terry). Grandchildren Bryan Harder, Tyler Hansen, Courtenay Harder, Coltyn Hansen. Her sister Mavis Preston, brother Jim Donnelly (Marlene), nephews Patrick Preston (Barbara), Jim Donnelly (Kim) and niece Erin Traverse (Martin) and great nephews Conner Preston, Jimmy and Ricky Donnelly and great niece Christina Donnelly and other family members and friends. Special thanks to Dr. Edmunds and the nurses in Pallitative Care in Lions Gate Hospital. A celebration of Sharron’s life will be held at Boal Chapel, 1505 Lillooet Rd. North Vancouver, on Friday, August 6 at 10am. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to BC Cancer Research Foundation.

When we are sad and lonely And everything goes wrong, We seem to hear you whisper, “Cheer up and carry on.” Each time we see your photo You seem to smile and say, “Don’t cry I’m only sleeping We’ll meet again someday.”


Alcoholics Anonymous




CAT LONG hair, tri-color & vry friendly, white paws & underbelly, adopted us in Queensbury area. Someone must be missing it! No Collar, soft meow 604-715-9366 FOUND PRESCRIPTION glasses July 17th on front lawn 130 East 17th St. Diane 604-980-6004



CAT, Black/white, long hair, lost L. Valley, 'Panda'. Reward $500. 604-218-3326 CAT, ORANGE short-hair tabby lost Ambleside, ear tattoo. Reward offered.. 604-922-2644

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Shirley Clarke

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If you want to drink that’s your business; If you want to stop drinking it’s ours.

September 14, 1953 – July 27, 2010 Shirley Clarke (nee French) passed away peacefully at home on July 27, 2010 after a two year battle with ALS. Shirley was born in Toronto, Ontario on September 14, 1953 to Ron and Irene French and was older sister to brother Greg. She met her husband John in 1969 in the pickle aisle of the grocery store where he worked. They have been together ever since, having just celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary in June. Shirley attended the University of Toronto and graduated with a Political Science degree in 1976. After graduation Shirley was elected the first female president of the U of T Student Council in 1977. Shirley and John moved to Windsor, Ont. where daughter Laura was born (1978), and then onto London, Ont. where son Jordan (1982) and daughter Brooke (1984) were born. Shirley was a devoted “stay-at-home” mom to her three children. In 1988, Shirley and John moved their family out West to North Vancouver. Shirley quickly became an active member in her new community volunteering her time at the kids’ schools. Shirley was always so giving with her time and energy. In 1997 Shirley became a licensed Realtor. Her goal was to be the #1 Realtor in North Vancouver in five years, a goal she accomplished in three years. She held this position for four years before forming a team and becoming the #1 Team in North Vancouver for six years, a position Team Clarke still holds today – a true testament to Shirley’s hard work, and her mentoring of her children and her staff. Shirley was delighted to have her entire family working together in the family real estate business. She was truly gifted at selling real estate and was proud to serve the North Shore community that she loved so dearly. Shirley was diagnosed with ALS in October of 2008 and chose to battle this devastating disease in private, with her family. Over the last two years she had the joy of seeing each of her children marry. Shirley was a loving mother-in-law to Chris, Lauren and Rob. Shirley’s greatest joy was becoming a grandmother to Emerson and Charlotte. Shirley will be dearly missed by her family, friends and all who had the pleasure to know her. So beautiful in so many ways, Shirley was a living angel who loved to give and help others. She will forever be in our hearts. A celebration of Shirley’s life will be held at Highlands United Church, 3255 Edgemont Blvd, North Vancouver on Monday, August 9th at 2pm. In lieu of flowers, please send a donation to The ALS Society of B.C, 208-1600 West 6th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V6J 1R3.




Catherine Ann Maddin Sept. 12, 1954 - July 30, 2010

Surrounded by her family and friends, Catherine passed away peacefully after a battle with pancreatic cancer. Always positive, she made the most of the little time she had and is to be admired for her incredible courage and dignity. Catherine is survived by her sisters - Gail (Dave) Owen, Bev (Bruce) McLean, Tricia (Doug) Adams, seven nieces and nephews and her great friends forever - Maureen, Margo and Heather. Raised in West Vancouver, she enjoyed travelling and spent time living in Toronto and Calgary before settling down in Vancouver’s False Creek. She had an insatiable love of life and the oceans and mountains were her playground and boating and skiing her passion. She was an active member of the business community and enjoyed successful careers with the Vancouver Board of Trade, the hospitality industry and recently property management. A compassionate person, Catherine gave generously to the underprivileged and participated for over 24 years with World Vision sponsoring children from Africa, India and Southeast Asia. Her caring nature translated into a love of animals and in addition to being a pet owner she supported animal shelters in her community. Catherine had a great gift of making and keeping friendships and to know her was to love her. She will be remembered forever for her warm and infectious personality and her genuine love of life. We will all sadly miss her adventurous spirit, her sparkle and the warmth of her smile. The Celebration of Life will be held at the Capilano Golf & Country Club, 420 Southborough Dr, West Vancouver, on Wednesday, August 11th from 3:00pm to 5:00pm. In lieu of flowers, please send donations to BC Cancer Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research; visit www.bccancerfoundation. com for more information on how to donate.

The Coho Society of the North Shore needs


The Coho Festival is the largest environmental event on the North Shore and there are lots of ways to get involved and have fun at the same time. Bring a friend with you and help with the set up in the morning, the take down in the afternoon or one of the many events that make up the Festival. If you want to be involved in this year’s biggest ever Coho Festival, call the Coho office at 604-926-6956 or email us at: cohosociety@

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FEATURED EMPLOYMENT SALES CONSULTANT Capilano Audi requires a motivated, positive, and enthusiastic professional to join our top-performing sales team at our new North Vancouver location. Previous automotive sales experience required and fluency in a second language preferred. A current BC Motor Vehicle Sales Person License, a valid BC Drivers License and a clean driver’s abstract are required. We provide an extremely competitive remuneration with six-figure income earning potential to top-performers and an opportunity for career growth within a highly established brand.

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PERSONNEL OFFICER Reporting to the Human Resources Superintendent, the incumbent will be responsible for assisting and providing the human resources department with a full range of recruitment support to various mining sites to ensure that the staffing needs of Procon are provided in the most efficient and effective means possible on a day-to-day basis. Requirements: • Minimum of 3 years of experience in recruiting (experience with mining recruitment is essential) • Excellent knowledge with MS Office along with advanced Excel skills • Knowledge of Labour Standards Legislation respecting worker’s compensation, worker’s rights, employment equity and employment standards • Understanding and experience in dealing with Collective Agreements/ Union Environments • Mining knowledge an asset • The ability to verbally communicate in both English and French would be an asset. If this position interests you submit an application to our Human Resources Department via e-mail to or fax to: (604) 291-8082 no later than August 13, 2010. We wish to thank all applicants for their interest and effort in applying for the position, however, only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.

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A38 – North Shore News – Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Beauticians/ Barbers

Bowen Island Beauty Spa

a full service salon and spa are looking for f/t, p/t Esthetician and f/t Hair Stylist to join our professional fun & dynamic team. Please email your resume to or apply in person at 303 - 566 Artisan Lane


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MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION is rated #2 for at-home jobs. Train from home with the only industry approved school in Canada. Contact CanScribe today! 1-800-466-1535.


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Molly Maid

North & West Vancouver Mature f/t housecleaners required Mon to Fri, days. $11 to $16/hr. Valid BC drivers licence required. For interview. Call 604-987-4112 CHEVRON POSITIONS available at Westmount & at Lonsdale Evening & late night (11pm-7am) Email resume & availability to PARK PLACE DAYCARE requires a F/T Early Childhood Educator w/B.A or college diploma in ECE. $15/hr. E-resume:


Hotel Restaurant



SOUTH ROCK LTD. is seeking experienced roller operators, road signing crew, milling crew and other asphalt paving personnel. Fax 403-568-1327 or


is seeking an experienced Landscaper to join our team. The position requires working knowledge of plants, pruning and general landscaping. The applicants must have a strong work ethic. Sierra Landscaping has been working on the North Shore for over 30 years. Our work consists of mainly new installations with some maintenance work, pruning and irrigation. This position is a fulltime permanent position with opportunity for advancement. Wages offered $20/hr. Please send resume to: or fax to 604-980-7324


POSITIONS AVAILABLE for experienced Class 1 and 3 drivers with clean abstract, H2S, GODI, First Aid Tickets. Send resumes to joe— or fax 250-774-6248. No phone calls.




We are looking for a P/T Server

Please drop off resume: 1660 Pemberton Ave, North Vancouver.

General Employment

BOOKKEEPER / SECRETARY PERSON FRIDAY Part time. Call Monday to Friday, 9am-3pm. Call 604-988-6181.

has a f/t service position open in our North Van Truck Centre. Current driver’s licence and abstract required. Competitive wages and benefits. Fax or email resume to: 604-986-7399 See

LABORATORY ASSISTANT Acme Analytical Laboratories (Vancouver), a premier BC mining laboratory, is looking to fill various Laboratory Assistant positions for the graveyard shift (11pm - 7am) in its Vancouver facility. Must be able to handle up to 40 lbs as some heavy manual labor may be required. Experience in a lab environment an asset but training will be provided. Starting wage of approximately $13 (combination of base wage, graveyard shift premium and daily production bonus). Detail descriptions of the various positions are available on Acme’s website:

Interested parties should submit resume and cover letter by email as instructed on the website.

Lot Person

Auto dealer has openings for full and part time lot attendants. Must be energetic and enjoy working in a team environment. Requires a valid B.C. drivers license and must be proficient driving manual transmission. Full medical and dental plan plus benefits. Submit resume with references. Contact: Service Manager, Pacific Honda, 816 Automall Drive, North Vancouver Fax: 604-982-3085


Earn extra cash to supplement your current income or pay off your bills. Now hiring delivery contractors for the Sun, Province & National Post in the West Vancouver area. Must have reliable winterized vehicle and be available from 2am to 6am daily. Earn up to $900/mo. Call to find the route closest to you.



Needed for North Vancouver restaurant. Salary $42K per/yr. 40 hrs/wk. 3 weeks holiday/yr. Duties; create new menu ideas, prepare and cook food and supervise other kitchen staff. Call 778-227-9006. ROCKY MOUNTAIN RESTAURANTS INC. (o/a Tim Hortons) 1409 Marine Dr. North Vancouver Food Counter Attendant Full Time / Shift Work NIghts, overnights, early mornings and weekends $10.31 / hr + Benefits Apply now: Fax resume to 778-340-1136


Office Personnel


is looking to fill the following permanent position:

★ Receptionist

Must have exceptional professional skills and committed to high customer service standards; possess great personality and excellent communication skills; capable of handling a busy switchboard and able to multitask; reliable, flexible and adaptable. We provide a competitive remuneration package, comprehensive benefit plan and a friendly working environment. Please send your resume to: Capilano VW AUDI 1151 Marine Drive North Vancouver, V7P 1T1 or email: No phone calls please.

UTILITY MAINTENANCE WORKERS The North Vancouver Recreation Commission invites applications for Utility Maintenance Workers For position details, visit Employment Opportunity A179 Closing date: August 15, 2010 We thank all applicants, but advise only those selected for an interview will be contacted

TRUTH IN ''EMPLOYMENT'' ADVERTISING Postmedia Community Publishing makes every effort to ensure you are responding to a reputable and legitimate job opportunity. If you suspect that an ad to which you have responded is misleading, here are some hints to remember. Legitimate employers do not ask for money as part of the application process; do not send money; do not give any credit card information; or call a 900 number in order to respond to an employment ad. Job opportunity ads are salary based and do not require an investment. If you have responded to an ad which you believe to be misleading please call the Better Business Bureau at 604-682-2711, Monday to Friday, 9am - 3pm or email and they will investigate.

15,000 jobs. Try one on for size.

Local adjusting firm on the North Shore is currently seeking a highly motivated individual immediately. Experience with Microsoft Office, Excel and Database systems. Contact: Maxwell Claims Services at 604-983-8787 to arrange an interview




F/T Employment Good Benefit Package Call Daryl: 604-433-4322 or Fax: 604-433-9741

Search over 15,000 jobs on and find that job that best fits you.

2080 1410


APARTMENT/CONDOMINIUM MANAGERS (CRM) home study course. Many jobs registered with us across Canada! Thousands of grads working! Government certified. 30 years of success! or 1-800-665-8339, 604-681-5456. FOODSAFE 1 Day Courses #1 in BC • $62 • 604-272-7213 FOODSAFE 1 DAY COURSES Guaranteed best value! Six Metro Vancouver Locations: Vancouver • Burnaby • Surrey • Richmond • Coquitlam • Maple Ridge All our Instructors are also working local Health Inspectors! Classes held each week & weekend! Course materials available in 6 languages. Same-day Certification. Visit our website at or call 604-272-7213 ADVANCE Hospitality Education – B.C.’s #1 Choice for Foodsafe & WorldHost Training. ONLINE, ACCREDITED, WEBDESIGN TRAINING, available for persons facing challenges to employment, administered by the Canadian Society for Social Development. Visit: http:/ / . Space is limited Apply today!

Job Listings From A-Z



ILAC APPLIANCE & VACUUMS Top quality rebuilt appliances. 1 yr warranty. Sales, parts, repairs 1825 Lonsdale • 604-987-7330


Fridge 200 • Stove 150 Washer $175 • Dryer $150 $


604-306-5134 Warranty & Delivery Removal Available

STOVE $300, fridge $250, dw $200, Kenmore, off white (cream color), like new, 604-929-2434 UPRIGHT KENMORE FREEZER 51'x25'x24', White, Never Been Used! $300; Call 604-922-7623


For Sale Miscellaneous

GARDEN SHED Spacemaker galvanized steel 10 x 8 feet. New in box. Cost $550 with floor sell $200. 604-985-2817 POOL HEATER, 175BTU, natural gas, $225. see it working. call 604-922-4478 STOVE 30 inch white, micro wave, cupboards (fits corner nicely) 604-581-8494 WE’RE DOWNSIZING, clearing out! Solid Cherrywood Desk & Credenza & like new bar/beverage fridge -Offers. 604-984-6509.

2075 From advertising executive or banker to x-ray technician or zookeeper, you'll find it in the Employment Section.



DINING TABLE, round, bamboo, w/buffet, 4 chairs $150, 2 loveseats 5 ft. $75 ea, 604-926-8555 KING BED FRAME (sleep country). Original receipt incls. Used 3 months. $80. 604-309-2889



Mattresses, Headboards, Nite Tables, Dressers, Sofa Beds, Banquet Chairs, Desks, Lamps, TV’s, TV Armoires, Carpets, Drapes, Bedspreads, Linen...and much more! 250 Terminal Ave @ Main St, Vancouver Hours: Mon to Fri 9-5 +Sat 10-2 Visit ★ANIZCO ★Liquidators 604-682 -2528

Empty your Garage Fill Your Wallet


M A K E I T A S U CC E S S ! Call 604-630-3300

CHILDREN The business of

Early Childhood Education, a North American organization, polled childcare professionals about threats to their business: • State of the economy • Competition from pre-K activities in public schools • Children with challenging behavior • Competitive pay for staff • Parents losing their jobs • Shortage of qualified teachers • Low wages When asked where they cut back in tough economic times: • Equipment purchases • Marketing/advertising • Curriculum supplies • Wages – part time teachers • Wages – director/owner • Field trips • Memberships/subscriptions Information provided by: North Shore Child Care Resource Program, a service of North Shore Community Resources Society: 604-985-7138

Garage Sale North Vancouver

94 - MOVING SALE Sat, Aug 7, 9-1. furniture, household items, 1055 Blue Grouse Way


Lumber/Building Supplies

$19,975.00!! 30% OFF 792SF HOME/COTTAGE LOCK-UP!! Inventory Liquidation. Top Quality Pre-engineered/Panelized Building Systems Include Premium Windows, Doors, Siding, Roofing, and More! Packages/Prices: 1-800-871-7089. FACTORY DIRECT!!! #1A STEEL BUILDING SALE! Save up to 60% on your new garage, shop, warehouse. 6 colors available! 40 year warranty! Free shipping, the first 20 callers! 1-800-457-2206. FUTURE STEEL BUILDINGS CLEARANCE - Pre-engineered and custom-sized to your requirements. Factory-direct pricing. Some models discounted to halfprice to clear. CALL FOR FREE BROCHURE AND QUOTE 1-800-668-5111 ext. 170. MUST SELL! STEEL BARNS AND GARAGES! Save 45% on building kit and shipping. Ask about a FREE Steel Door too! FUTURE STEEL 1-800-668-5111 EXT. 11. NEW NORWOOD SAWMILLS LumberMate-Pro handles logs 34” diameter, mills boards 28” wide. Automated quick-cyclesawing increases efficiency up to 40%. - FREE Information: 1-800-566-6899 Ext:400OT STEEL BUILDING SALE... SPECIALS from $4 to $11/sq.ft. Great pricing on ABSOLUTELY every model, width and length. Example: 30x40x14 NOW $8995.00. Pioneer Steel Manufacturers 1-800-668-5422.



ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE, exc cond, free for pick up. Call 604-988-3566 EXERCISE/WEIGHT MACHINE, computer desk, Free for pick up, 604-980-8992 or 778-855-6434 FREE FIREWOOD, call for pick up. 604-788-3882


Wanted to Buy


All types wanted, estates, collections, single items, military. We handle all paperwork and transportation. Licensed North Shore dealer. 604-960-0045 WANTED MENS ROLEX watch for a gift, original box & papers would be a plus, 604-987-0355


Baby/Children/ Miscellaneous

BOOMERS & ECHOES Consignment Store

Baby equipment, strollers, highchairs, car seats, etc. 604-984-6163 call to consign!

If you don’t have room

We Do!


Childcare Available



4 YR male choc pt SIAMESE needs home no other cats, indoor, dogs ok. Neg 604-644-7598

REG EGYPTIAN Native Maus, from Egypt. 11wk old bronze boy $450. 604-465-1735

SAVE OUR cats - transferred - 11 yr m/f tabbies, shots, neut/spaffectionate 778-773-6029

★CATS & KITTENS★ FOR ADOPTION ! 604-724-7652



Puppy Paradise LOCATED IN


9613 192ND Street

E;G >;HGF:F;< ? EB>>F@BG;< ? <;C=HA;<





$695 $795 $895 $695 $795


$795 $695 $595 $595 $695 $695 $695 $795 $795 $695 $795 $695 $795 $695 $795

GOLDEN RETRIEVERS (BD> Registered, 1 left!)


$895 $795 $695 $795 $895 $895 $895 $795 $895 $795 $895

*** SPECIALS ***

Shihtzu-Poodle X Maltese-Pekingese X Pomeranian Registered, M/F Yorkie-Poo

$275 $275 $395 $395

778-552-5366 or 778-298-5758 Mon-Sat 11-7/Sun 12-6


Childcare Wanted

FULL TIME Live in nanny req’d, West Vancouver req’d immed. 604-764-6085 or 604-762-7187


Daycare Centres Francophone Infant/Toddler Daycare

380 West Kings Road

* * BOOK NOW!! * * An overseas live-in Nanny for 2010 placement. 604-682-4688

Now accepting registration

Exp. with excellent refs. avail 2-3 days/wk, Mon to Fri., flex. 1st aid cert. Call Melissa 604-980-7063

New Toddler Program Sept 2010. Register now. Also 30mos - 5 yrs ★604-929-5799★


To place your ad Call call 604-630-3300 to 604-630-3300 place your ad!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010 – North Shore News – A39




ALL SMALL breed pups local & non shedding $400+ 604 590-3727

BERNESE MOUNTAIN Dog Puppies. 2 females. Vet checked with shots. $750. Langley. 778-241-5504 DOG LOVERS! Enjoy a healthy, profitable career as a professional dog trainer. Government accredited program - student loans and grants. Ben Kersen & the Wonderdogs. 1-800-961-6616. FILA/MASTIFF GUARD DOGS owners best friend. Intruders worst nightmare. all shots, $2000 each. ready now! 604-817-5957

Foster homes urgently req’d for rescued, abandoned & neglected dogs. Many breeds 778-688-6340


JACK RUSSELL pups smooth, stubby, 1 shots, dewormed, bl/w br/w, $450. 604-701-1587

KUVASZ - Livestock Guardian pups for farm/acrage. Bear tested family pets $500. 250 355 2455

P/B LABS, family raised, vet checked, 1st shots, $450 604-795-7662 No Sunday calls


NEED A MORTGAGE 1st and 2nd Mortgages, Self Employed, Refinancing, Forclosures, Low Rates. 604-629-8628


★ RENT TO OWN! ★ If you have a small down payment, I have a nice home for you! Less then perfect credit OK. Call Kim 604-628-6598


Condos/ Townhouses


2 Br, 1.5 Ba., sw corner, views from Mt. Baker to UBC. 1 blk from shopping. 2 prkng. 1 cat ok. Quality concrete building. $585,000. Call to view 1730 Dutchess. Shelley Williams, Remax Crest Realty. 604-803-4280


North Vancouver

The North Shore News has partnered with the BC SPCA to encourage responsible pet guardianship and the humane treatment of animals. Before purchasing a new puppy, ensure the seller has provided excellent care and treatment of the animal and the breeding parents. For a complete guide to finding a reputable breeder and other considerations when acquiring a new pet, visit

Houses - Sale Real Estate

778-919-6151 NORTH VAN Lower Lonsdale on W2nd Ventana. 2 yrs old 2 BR 2Bath view apartment, 927sf with New Home Warranty FOR SALE. 604,500. Call Phil 604-728-7651

$99 can sell your home 574-5243 Abbotsford Reduced 1800sf 4br 2ba w/suite, quiet cul-de-sac $339K 859-4048 id5174 Abbotsford fully reno’d 2400sf 5br 2.5ba w/bsmt suite, view, $355K 809-1177 id5189 Coquitlam 10,000sf lot w/1000sf 3br 2ba home, outbuilding $440K 778-859-0717 id4272 Langley renovated top floor 1161sf 2br 2ba condo, view $293K 778-996-3444 id5179 Maple Ridge drastically reduced 4.9ac serviced vu acreage $440Kobo 722-3996 id4694 Mission, Owner Retiring, profitable framing store & gallery $47,000 826-7993 id5176 Mission, Hatzic Lake waterfront lot w/2007 Class A motorhome $240K 826-2711 id5177 Mission, Hatzic Lake gated waterfront lot w/27’ 5th wheel $144,900 820-4457 id5195 New West Bargain, 638sf 1br condo near Royal Centre Mall $164,900 525-8577 id5142 Sry Fleetwood 3290sf 5br 4ba with side suite, 5936sf lot $579,900 507-4233 id5048 Sry Cedar Hills 2235sf 4/5br home w/suite Fab views 8138sf lot $449K 951-9104 id5119

Find one in the Classifieds To advertise call 604-630-3300


Condos/ Townhouses



Condos/ Townhouses

North Vancouver

UPPER DELBROOK 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom 2 full Baths full renovated units Very desirable location! Prices start at $200,000 Great for 1st home buyers or Investors. Call Brad, 604-377-3183 Macdonald Realtors

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Elder Services

ABSOLUTE CARE SERVICES Professionally screened Nannies & Caregivers. pt/ft 604-983-8407



Health Products

A SAFE, Proven “Restless Leg Syndrome” and “Leg Cramps” Cure That Always Gives You Instant Relief. 1-800-765-8660.



FREE TO TRY. LOVE * MONEY * LIFE. #1 Psychics! 1-877-478-4410 $3.19 min. 18+ 1-900-783-3800

To advertise call


Here's How It Works: Sudoku puzzles are formatted as a 9x9 grid, broken into nine 3x3 boxes. To solve a Sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using the numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!

Here's How It Works:



Houses - Sale


Real Estate


Pymts Too High, Penalty, No Equity?

We Will Take Over Your Payment

Until The Property Is Sold. No Fees. / (604) 812-3718

Houses - Sale


I BUY HOUSES FAST Any location. Any condition. Call Raynah, 778-960-0265


(604) 435-5555 OR (604) 786-4663



FOR SALE BY OWNER, 3 BR + 1 BR ste, quiet family area, 2172 sqft, 7133 sqft lot, newly reno’d fncd yd, $460,000. 604-833-3660


Any Price, Any Condition Any Location. No Fees! No Risk !


BY OWNER 3 bdrm, 2.5 bath, 5 appl, 2 patios, o/d pool/gym, near bus shops. 315k

Need a New Place?

Vancouver West Side


Real Estate Services





Condos/ Townhouses


YORKIE-CHIHUAHUA, 3 mths, males, 2nd shots, up to 8-10lbs. $675. Sry. 604-582-8396

Vaccinated, $875. 778-237-2161



Pet Services

Daycare, Boarding, Grooming. 645 Laurier Ave, Port Coquitlam. 604-817-7557




Vancouver East Side

SUN, Aug 8, 2-4, Quick Sale, motivated, 5 BR w/morgt helper, reno’s, nr skytn/schls, $640K, Mala @ Sutton, 604-710-9030


Lots & Acreage


ATTN: BUILDERS $650K 1421 SMITH AVE. COQ 2500 SF. Close to Como Lake 63’ x 125’ Flat Lot Call Chris ★ 604-307-0123


N. WEST. All services paid, inclds u/grd electrical, DCC’s, survey & eng’ng report. 33’ x 130’ lot. No HST. $328,888. 604-726-0677. ● ID # 4711

Duplexes - Sale

Be a landlord and own your space! Revenue property over $108,000/year. Vibrant, convenient lower Lonsdale. Amazing city/ocean/mountains views. Fully renovated side by side duplex. 9 bdrms, 7 bath, 4 kitchens. 4590 sq ft, 2000 sq ft. decks/patios. 4 car garage/extra spot, 6297 sq ft lot see tour at: By appointment only Call Arnold Shuchat, Multiple Realty Ltd. 778-227-7325 or email:


Sunshine Coast

4.75-acres, drop-dead ocean view, ready to build—only $369K on the Sunshine Coast. Thatʼs less money than a condo in Greater Vancouver.



Sutton West Coast Realty Gibsons, BC

Sudoku puzzles are formatted as a 9x9 grid, broken into nine 3x3 boxes. To solve a Sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using the numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!

Like puzzles? Then you'll love Sudoku. This mind-bending puzzle will have you hooked from the moment you square off, so sharpen your pencil and put your Sudoku savvy to the test!

A40 – North Shore News – Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Business Opportunity

#1 JANITORIAL FRANCHISE Customers, (Office Cleaning), Training and support. Financing. 604-434-7744


Business Services

#1 IN PARDONS. Remove your criminal record. Express Pardons offers the FASTEST pardons, LOWEST prices, and it’s GUARANTEED. BBB Accredited. FREE Consultation Toll-free 1-866-416-6772, CHEAP TELEPHONE RECONNECT! Paying too much? Switch, save money, and keep your number! First month only $24.95 + connection fee. Phone Factory Reconnect 1-877-336-2274 **HOME PHONE RECONNECT** Call 1-866-287-1348. Prepaid Long Distance Specials! Feature Package Specials! Referral Program! Don’t be without a home phone! Call to Connect! 1-866-287-1348.


Financial Services

$500$ LOAN SERVICE, by phone, no credit refused, quick and easy, payable over 6 or 12 installments. Toll Free: 1-877-776-1660 A FREE TELEPHONE SERVICE - Get Your First Month Free. Bad Credit, Don’t Sweat It. No Deposits. No Credit Checks. Call Freedom Phone Lines Today Toll-Free 1-866-884-7464.

Cut Your Debt by up to 70% DEBT Forgiveness Program Avoid Bankruptcy, Stops Creditor Calls. Much lower Payments at 0% Interest. We work for You, not Your Creditors.

Call 1-866-690-3328

IF YOU own a home or real estate, ALPINE CREDITS will lend you money: It’s That Simple. Your Credit / Age / Income is NOT an issue. 1.800.587.2161.


Legal Services

#1 IN PARDONS Remove your criminal record. Express Pardons offers the FASTEST pardons, LOWEST prices, and it’s GUARANTEED. BBB Accredited. FREE Consultation Toll-free: 1-866-416-6772


Legal/Public Notices

NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND OTHERS Notice is hereby given that Creditors and others, having claim against the estate of Joanna Walton, formerly of 998-20th Street, West Vancouver, BC, Canada V7V 3Z1 Deceased, who died on June 28th 2008, are hereby required to send the particulars thereof to the undersigned Executor, c/o Mr. Ralph Wilton, 2038 Eldorado Place, Abbotsford, BC, Canada V2S 5K4 on or before August 29th 2010, after which date the estate’s assets will be distributed, having regard only to the claims that have been received. Mr. Ralph Wilton


Apartments & Condos


North Van Apt. Rentals


1 & 2 Bdrm. Suites

Furnished suites also avail. City & Mtn. Views. Includes heat & hot water. Pool, Jacuzzi, sauna & Tennis courts on site. Security & video monitoring. On major bus route.

Call for details.

RENTALS 604-980-3606



DATING SERVICE. Long-Term/ Short-Term Relationships, FREE CALLS. 1-877-297-9883. Exchange voice messages, voice mailboxes. 1-888-534-6984. Live adult casual conversations-1on1, 1-866-311-9640, Meet on chatlines. Local Single Ladies. 1-877-804-5381. (18+).

★ CENTRAL LONSDALE ★ Spacious 1 BR corner apt. featuring large kitchen, lots of storage, heat/hwater incl. no pets.$940 Avail Sept 1st. 604-983-0634 1 BDRM, new kitchen with d/w, central Lonsdale. Adult Bldg. $1000 Aug1. Ron 604-922-6336 1 BR, 120 West 19, approx 650sf, hardwood, heat/hw incl, view, 1yr lease, np $1000. 604-683-1089

KITTENCLUB.CA 604-299-0872 near 2nd Narrows Bridge - $100 Special. ‘All we wear is lingerie’

1 BR, 4th & Lons. view, h/w flr, new reno, $1075, np, Sept1, incl prk ht/hw, storage, 604-809-4497

LUXURY RELAXATION SPA 778-340-2778 1053 Marine Dr, North Van

1 BR $775, Aug 15. Cent Lons, quiet adult bldg, incl hw heat/ cable ns, np 604-721-3931

SPASIA the art of asian body

1 BR $950, 1 blk to Lonsdale, garden patio, reno, Sep 1, 140 W 17th. 604-990-8262/ 985-1658

care. 101 - 1075 Marine Dr. North Van. 604-980-8809

Lily’s Relaxation Centre Nice Oriental Massage

1 BR $995. 2 br, ocean view, $1550 avail now, lower Lonsdale, dw, ns, cat ok 604-838-6101

604-986-8650 1050 Marine Dr., North Van (by McKay) parking at rear


1 BR as new Central Lonsdale, all appl, prkg, storage, priv entry, ns np, Sept 1 $1,050 604-986-3700


Relaxation Massage Special Rates



Escort Services

GENTLEMEN! Attractive discreet European lady is available for company. 604 451-0175

Moving Out?

151 W. 2nd St. 908-7368. 2 BR, 2 baths, balcony, 2 prkg. N/P, lease, Available Aug 1st. $1700.


Apartments & Condos


North Van Apt. Rentals

1 BR large, $875, patio. Quiet, drapes, heat incl’d. Gated prkg, no pets, 1 year lease. 321 East 2nd. 604-987-5802 1 BR nr Lonsdale, reno hardwood balc. hw & heat ns, np, quiet adult bldg. $895, 604-904-9507 121 WEST 20th. Newly reno’d 1 BR suite, hardwood, heat & hw incl’d, 1 yr lease, np, $1000, avail now, 604-682-2932 1 BR $900 2 BR $1200 Heat & hw no pets, no smoking, 130 W 5th St. Sept 1, 604-987-2761 2 BR. $1180 Lonsdale & 21st. quiet bldg, Hardwood, np, hw, heat, prkg, Aug 1, 604-990-4088 2 BR, 2 bath, 2 secured pkg. BEAUTIFUL courtyard, 3rd & Lonsdale, wd, dw, fp. Sept 1 or 15. Leave msg at 604-220-8073 2 BR. 2 bath, avail now. 1 yr lease, 125 West 19th, no pets, Please call 778-554-0537

Apartments & Condos


North Van Apt. Rentals

2 BR Woodcroft, S.W. corner, updates, no pets Immed $1350. 604-925-8824 2 BR w/w carpets, ground flr. heat, hw, no pets, avail Aug. 1st, $1100, 225 E 12 604-986-5437

326 WEST 1st St. 1 bdrm $775 & up. Nr seabus, secure prkg, no pets. Avail immed. 604-983-6916

777 W. Queens Rd. 2br or 3br units $1540 to $1895. Weekdays 604-990-2971 or Weekends 604-985-2876. Chesterfield/West 15, 1br, view, incld heat hw, cable, no pets, 1 yr lease, view, $870, 604-987-9899

North Van Apt. Rentals

MOVE IN ALLOWANCE, Lrg 1 BR avail Sep 1, $1100 Incls H & H/W. Cable/parking extra. N/S & N/P. To view call (604) 985-4272

Beautiful Large Suites 1 Bdrm $925, avail now. 2 Bdrms from $1315. 3 Bdrms, d/w $1625. Avail now or Aug 1. Heat, h/w, prkg. Lease 604-986-3866

Beautiful Views

1 br’s - $1,075 -$1,195 Spacious, pool, storage, heat & hw, dw, quiet, concrete, by shops, Cat Ok

(Family complex )

2 & 3 BR new reno’s with new cabinets, laminate & tiles, newer appls, prkg, storage, incl heat & hw, playground (Mt Seymour Prkwy). 604-924-3628

CEDAR MANOR- 257 E. 12th St. A 1 bdrm avail. Great location, nr hospital, shops, well maint bldg. N/P, N/S please. 604-988-7771

MOUNTAIN VILLAGE APTS. 2 BR now or Sept 1 3BR Sept 1. 604-988-3828

GREAT LOCATION! 145 West Keith Road.

Bach - $875, 1 BR - $1095, 2 BR - $1495 Avail now & Aug 1. Ocean view. indoor pool. Concrete bldg. Ht & H/W incls.

Call 604-986-3356


Place Your Ad On-line at or call 604-630-3300


Apartments & Condos


West Van Apt. Rentals

Park Royal Towers Completely Renovated

1 & 2 Bdrm Suites

NORTH VAN, close to all amens, large 1 br apt., Sept 1, suits 1 quiet adult, n/s, $740 incls heat & h/w. no pets, 604-294-4502 PARKRIDGE TERRACE 110 E. Keith Rd. Great location, park like setting, sauna, indoor pool. Studio $960; 1Br+den $1195. Stunning views & lots of storage. NO PETS. 604-988-7379


Do You Need to Rent Your Property? $


BEAUTIFUL 1 BDRM in Norgate area. 1 small pet ok. Quiet and secure 55+ seniors bldg. On 3rd floor. d/w, ht/hw, underground parking, $1000/month, avail. Sep 15, call 983-6629

1BR, h/wood, incl heat, hotwater, $860 ns/np. 15th & Lonsdale. Avail Sept 1st. 604-323-4467

3 BR, Lynn Valley, top flr, updates balcony, cat ok, $1350. Now. 604-925-8824

Apartments & Condos

HI RISE, Central Lonsdale, 1 BR. penthouse Sept 1, Incl heat & hw. no pet, $1050. 604-985-3650

604-985-2926 2 BR, nr Cap Univ. very spacious, incld heat & hw, 1 prkg, immed, ns, np, $1350, 604-921-4384


★ A QUIET BUILDING★ 1Br. ground & 2nd. flr. $890 - $910. 665 - 775sf. Immed or Sept 1. No dogs. Carpets, drapes, heat, hw. Gated prkg avail, ★604-986-7745★

North Vancouver

3 Lines 3 Times Check the Rental Section


THE QUAY New 1Br, View, w/d, d/w, a/c, fp, prkg, pool, $1400 604-925-8824 TUCKTON PLACE Bright & sunny 2 BR $1250. No Pets. Call 604-990-2971 or on Weekends: 778-340-7406.

WOODCROFT: 1 & 2 BR. avail Aug 1. 1 yr. lease. ns, np. Utils. incl. COLLIERS - 604-926-2012


West Van Apt. Rentals

1 BR, Ambleside, $950, parklike setting, adult oriented, np, Wes Lighthouse Realty 604-551-1409 AMBLESIDE TOWER Studio & 1 BR avail. Excellent views, rents incl. heat & h/w. Tennis courts, indoor pool, saunas, exercise & games rooms on premises. Walk to beach & shops. 1552 Esquimalt 604-922-8443


1550 Duchess Ave, W. Van. Studio & 1 Br Move-in Bonus, Fitness room, o/d pool, close to shops, transit & Seawall, 1 yr lease, N/pets. Heat, H/W incl’d.

Member of the Crime Free MultiHousing Program

Please call 604-922-4322

Luxury Over The Seawall! 1 br Penthouse large deck, 1 BR & Bach pool rec. room, pet ok 2190 Bellevue Ave 604-926-6287 THE EDWARDIAN 1330 Clyde Ave. Avail Aug 1st, View. 2 bdrm $1490 util not incl. No pets, N/S. Call for appt. 604-926-3741 Bach $995 1Br $1095 2Br $1895 np 604-999-2000..2085 Bellevue

1BR (700-770 sq.ft.) 2 BR (1070 sq. ft.)

Spectacular Views, Walk to Shops & Transit Hardwood Floors Pool Rent includes all utilities.

604-922-3246 935 Marine Drive


Duplexes - Rent

2 BR, 2.5 bath, Grand Blvd, 2 level, very priv., deck, own entry, jacuzzi , $1800, ns, 604-987-3308 3 BDRM, 1908 St Georges Ave, 1350sf, 1.5 bath, new kitchen, h/w floors, 5 appl, carport. Aug 15, $1800+utils, n/p, n/s. 987-9558 CAULFEILD EXEC 3 br & loft + fam home. 4696 Clovelly Walk. 7 appl, 2.5 baths, dbl garage, water views, close to elem. school & trails. $3000. Avail. immed. or Sept. 15th. C 21 604-232-3039


Furnished Accommodation

1 BR ste, brand new. Now, almost waterfront. ns np, garden, max 1, 1 yr lease, $1,050, 604-929-5336

A SHORT STAY Renos, family, execs, long term. 604-987-2691 CAULFIELD 5 BR Executive furn hse, 5604 Westhaven Court, 5000 sqft, 3 f/p’s, games rm, dble car garage, $6500. Sep 1. Call Joy at Advent Real Estate Services 604-812-4788 SHORT TERM FURNISHED Rooms-Suites-apts. 604-988-6082


Houses - Rent

180° VIEWS 4 br, upper Delbrook 3300 sf. cul de sac, garage. priv, city/ocean views, 2 f/p, Avail Now. $3100. Open House Mon August 2, 7:30pm - 8:30pm 518 Alpine Crt. Text or call 604-617-7383 2 BDRM COZY COTTAGE with bsmt, Gleneagles, West Van, f/p, $2250, Immed. 604-925-1728 2 BR, 1 bath, with 2 finished Sept. 1st, np, couple. $2150.

West Van home rms in bsmt avail ns, suit working 604-929-6236

CANYON HEIGHTS 4 Br, big deck, updated, 2 fp, Aug 1. $2750 604-925-8824

Weekends were made for shopping, so make sure you check our Classifieds for a comprehensive listing of garage sales in your area! Follow the garage sale trail in

The North Shore News Classifieds Call 604-630-3300 to book your ad

Summer Garage Sales


Houses - Rent


Shared Accommodation

6595-45 2 BR upstairs + 1 br in finished bsmt, all reno’d, 2 baths, no pets, $2000, suits family. 605 E 7th, N. Van. avail Aug 15 or 30. Open By appt. only.. 604-987-1205 3 BR 2bath, 5appl, nr schl, fenced yrd, cent. loc, ns, now $2200, 604-983-3143; 604-551-6745 3br+den Caulfeild Vlge 2.5bath, quiet, garage, cul-de-sac, $3950+ np, Lighthouse 604-551-1409 4 BR 2.5 bath 2400 sf character Estate, Altamont 3/4 acre, pool, creek, nr West Bay Elementary, $3700+ gardening. Liz 604-809-6355 5 BR, 3 brand new Ba’s, new flooring & carpet, new dbl glass windows, 2 sets brand new w/d, fresh paint. Prime loc N. Van. nr Handsworth & Mt. Royal School, walk to Edgemont Village Grouse Mtn & transportation. n/s, n/p. Nice yards. 2 large new balconies. private patio. $3,650. Avail Aug 1. 604-618-4662 5 BR, 4 bath, view Grouse/ Handsworth oak flrs, garage, bsmt. Immed $3975 604-723-0721 5000SF EXEC, view, BP, 7 Br, 4 Ba, h/wd flrs, tea house, dble gar, Aug 23, $4500. 604-716-2256

North Vancouver

BRITISH PROP, 4000sf, 180° view, 4br+den 2.5 bath, nr school, Aug 1, $3900. 604-922-6789 DEEP COVE Executive 2 BR & Den (3rd BR). waterview home, 2600 sqft, fully reno’d, Sep 1. $4500. Call Joy at Advent Real Estate Services 604-812-4788

ESTATE LIKE SETTING 180 ft waterfront, hardwood, vaulted ceilings, french doors, modern kit, granite, 6 appl, 2200 sf, 3 wood burning f/p, attic storage, $2,785 incl gardening/ util 604-980-1503 PEMB HGHTS reno’d exec rancher, 3 br, 2 bath,fenced yrd, ns np $2850 Sept 604-229-0374 STOP RENTING-RENT TO OWN No Qualification - Low Down CHILLIWACK – 9557 Williams St, 3 bdrm, 1 bath, cozy HOUSE on 49x171’ lot, excellent investment property in heart of town, close to shops & schools............... $888/M SOUTH SURREY/WHITE ROCK – 15532 Madrona Dr., 3 bdrm, HOUSE, on Cul-de-Sac in quiet

neighborhood, huge yard.. $1,688/M

Call Kristen 604 435-5555 or 786-4663

WEST VAN 3/4bdrm 2bath 2 f/p, ocean view, decks, garage, n/s, n/p, $3100. 778-231-1048 WESTBAY BEACHFRONT 3BD, 2BA + separate guest suite w/BA, $8300 unfurn. / $14000 furn, month to month 604-812-3377


Office/Retail Rent

DUNDARAVE OFFICE SPACE, Ocean view 280sq ft, $900 mth, Aug. 1st Pls call: 604-926-1010



2 ROOM ste, 1 br, priv ent, full bath, fridge, ldry, priv home, prkg, ns, np, $625.Now 778-865-7455


Shared Accommodation

GREAT LOCATION near Edgemont Village bus routes. Unfurnished private bedroom, share kitchen/bathroom. Ideal for college/university student. Female only. $450/mo. Avail Sept 1. Call 604.506.5169. ROOM AVAIL in house, $500. Pet ok. Seymour area, near Parkgate. $500 incl. Sept 1. 604-644-9648

1 BR in 2 br, own bath, gym, pool, etc. suit ns female student or prof, np, refs. checked, $600 neg. damage deposit. 604-721-5865 1 BR in spacious home for n/s female. Furn or unfurn, internet, w/d, $475 incl. 604-980-2106 SEEKING FEMALE roommate, great loc, serious applicants only, Call Ann 604-983-9110 after 3pm



AVAIL NOW! Lower Lonsdale storage space, 600sf, electricity $450, 604-983-9493


Suites/Partial Houses

1 BDRM suite, recent renos s/s appliances, radiant heat flooring, 9ft. ceilings util. incl. $1500 quiet cul-de-sac neighbourhood close to bus & amenities seeking responsible n/s - call 604-924-2477

Suites/Partial Houses

2 BR, Lynn Canyon, own entry, private, patio, n/s, w/d, refs, cat ok, $995 incl. Sept. 1. 985-3906

LOWER LONSDALE, Available Now, sm pet ok, 3 bedroom, 1.5 baths, brand new kitchen. walk-in closets, insuite laundry, garden floor, backyard, all utilities included except phone. $1750/mo. Call 778-889-6995 LYNNMOUR 1 bdrm, n/p, n/s n/p, n/s $840 incl utils, w/d, nr Phibbs. Avail Now 604-987-4964 NEW FURN. Studio, kitchen, own bath/entry, $595 incl utils, Skyline Dr. np ns, immed. 604-985-3543


Townhouses Rent

2 BR + large Den, 2.5 Bath, family & living room. Private backyard. Secure u/g prkg. Near Cap Mall, School & Bus stop. Sept 1, $1895 604-913-1811..778-893-0550


Townhouses Rent

3 BR, new Townhouse, 3 bath, f/p, SS appl, w/d, 1600sf on 3 levels w/rec room in bsmt, carport off back door, West fac. front patio, $2500, info: prop ID 2626 or call Chad 604-984-7368, ext 216

2 BR Vista Place, exec, f/p, w/d, hardwood, stainless, deck $2500 604-925-8824 3 BR fp $1875. reno’d, 1.5 baths, 5 appls, storage, patio, ns, np, immed., Rufus Dr, 604-980-6250

Noma 728 W.14th St, 908-7368. 3 level, 2 BR, 2.5 baths, 2 prkg, roof deck, lease, $2200.

Find your perfect home at

PRESTIGIOUS PROPERTIES, 2 BR & Den, executive, loaded w/views, T/H, 2000 sqft, $4500. Avail Immed. Call Joy at Advent Real Estate at 604-812-4788

Townhouses Rent


3 BR t/house in quiet complex, 1.5 baths, fenced patio, pool, playground, near bus & shops, $1650 + utils, Dollarton & Seymour. Sept 1, 604-929-6024



Warehouse/ Commercial

NVAN 103-130 Pemberton Ave, 3700sf, W/H with a/c office, lrg O/H door, 200 amp, 3 phase, fenced yd, great exposure, avail soon, 604 929-9493,


Wanted To Rent

place your ad online@

TEMP HOUSING needed (6-7 mo) Sept 1st exec. homeowners doing renos. Need 3 BR or 2 BR + Den on the North Shore. N/S Excellent references.

AUTOMOTIVE North Shore’s Finest

Pre-Owned Vehicle Showrooms

Volvo of North Vancouver

1 BR+ den Edgemont, radiant flrs, w/d, i/net, satellite,ns, np, max 2, $1275 incl. Sept 1. 604-985-7267 1 BR garden lvl suite bright, 2 blks to Edgemont $1250 incl utils & cbl/net, ns. Aug 15 604-831-9749

1 BR ground flr. suite, Tempe Heights, spacious, view, np, ns immed, $900incls, 778-229-1022 1 BR ground level, 10 & Lonsdale, no smoking, no pets, $899, avail Sept 1, 604-987-9052 1 BR ground level, own wd central Lonsdale, full bath, fp, storage, yard, ns, np, $950, 604-816-7780 1 BR, upper Lonsdale, bright g/l ste, suits 1, ns np, own w/d, Sept 1, $840+1/3 utils. 604-838-1936 1 BR+DEN, nr Marine Dr. & Lions Gate, grd lvl, sep entry, wd, ns np Sept 1st $1,195. 604-837-0423

2006 HUMMER H3 Low kms, a/c, sunroof, U4547. Was $25,999 NOW $24,999

2009 MAZDA MIATA MX5 GT Convertible, auto, only 7,000kms. Was $33,980. NOW $31,900

2009 VOLVO XC70 Auto, AWD, sunroof, U4544. Was $38,999 NOW $37,999

2010 HYUNDAI VERACRUZ LTD Demo, bluetooth, DVD, 9,000kms ONLY $43,405

2009 TOYOTA COROLLA CE 5 spd, priced right! U4497. Was $14,999 NOW $12,999 2007 LEXUS IS250 Pearl white, auto, a/c, low kms, U4565. $28,995

2 BDRM 1100sf, newer, very bright bsmt. 7 appl., lrg storage, alarm, WI-FI, 2 parking, Caulfeild Village, 7 min. to Park Royal, n/s, n/p. $1400 + utils. 604-789-2375

2007 VOLVO S60 2.5T Auto, leather, sunroof, U4530. Was $23,999 NOW $22,999

2 BDRM. 1250 sq.ft. LOWER LEVEL of house, Close to amen., walking dist. Park Royal. Avail. Sept 1st. Call 604-990-8211.

2007 VOLVO XC90 V8 AWD, 7 pass, rear entertainment, U4449. Was $45,999 NOW $41,999

2 BDRM suite avail. immed. Queensbury location. Bright and updated with separate w/d, d/w. $1400 utili. included. 604-562-5818


2 BR, 2 brand new baths, brand new w/d, new carpets, 2 lg balconies off liv & dining rm. Prime loc N.Van, walk to Mt Royal & Handswork schools, Edgemont village, Grouse Mtn & trans, n/s n/p. $2150. Aug 1. 604-618-4662 2 BR, central Lonsdale, fp, ns, no pets, $1300 incl utils, avail now, 604-986-3065

2 BR +den, Ambleside, garden suite, $1500 w/views of city & water. Totally reno’d, laminate, storage, wd, covered porch ns, np Avail now. 604-341-8164

2006 BMW 325XI Auto, AWD, U4535. Was $28,999 NOW $24,999 2006 VOLVO XC90 7 pass, DVD & nav, U4505 SUMMER SPECIAL $28,999 2006 CHEV COBALT SS 5spd, a/c, low kms, U4484 PRICED TO GO $11,999 2006 BMW 650I Fully equipped, top of the line, U4454. Was $41,999 NOW $39,999 2002 MERCEDES BENZ CLK 430 Convertible, auto, low kms, U4573 $25,999 2001 VOLVO S60 T5A Alloys, sunroof, leather, auto, U4511A. Was $11,999 NOW $9,999

2 BR+ Den Large Quality bright view garden suite , w/d, ns np, ref, $1500 + % hydro 604-929-8540

Don’t Miss THIS! 2 BR large & sunny, Seymour, bath, fp, dw, patio, shed, ns, np, $1300, Sept. 1st. 604-913-3109

Call 604-630-3300 to place your ad


2 BR, Lynn Valley, 2 prkg spaces $1100 Sept 1. Call after 5pm 604-760-3274, 604-987-1844

1 BR+ den brand new Ambleside, above grnd, priv patio, ns, np, suit prof. Sept. $1600 604-926-7296 AMBLESIDE, VIEW 4BR+, 2 Ba’s, semi-furn. fp, h/wd, ns, np, refs lease, $2300. 604-926-0053

Wednesday, August 4, 2010 – North Shore News – A41

2 BR, main flr, 1 Ba, w/d, large nice priv patio. back yd safe for kids, new kit cabinets, flooring, carpet & paint. Prime loc N. Van, Nr Mt. Royal, Handsworth Schools, Edgemont Village, Grouse Mtn. transo. n/s, n/p. $1650. Aug 15. 604-618-4662

Northshore Auto Mall 809 Automall Drive, North Vancouver

877.465.7033 or 604.986-9889

2009 HYUNDAI ACCENT GL Hatchback, only 32,000kms, a/c, 3 to choose. ONLY $12,900 2007 HYUNDAI SANTA FE GL AWD Pwr group, a/c, low kms ONLY $20,960 2007 HYUNDAI ACCENT SR Pwr group, a/c, subwoofer, only 35,000kms $13,900 2007 DODGE CALIBER RT AWD, a/c, pwr group ONLY $13,900 2007 HONDA CRV LX Auto, 4WD, low kms $23,900 2007 HYUNDAI TIBURON GT Manual, only 30,000kms. NOW $14,900 2007 LEXUS IS250 Leather, a/c, push button start, low kms. $31,900


2007 HYUNDAI AZERA LTD Leather, low kms ONLY $21,530

2009 HONDA CIVIC HYBRID Air, cruise, pwr windows & locks, keyless entry, blue, U10472A UNBEATABLE PRICE $18,995 2009 TOYOTA COROLLA LE Red, auto, a/c, wood grain trim, only 15,000kms, U10448A PRICED TO SELL $18,995 2008 TOYOTA RAV4 White, a/c, cruise, pwr windows & locks, very clean, only 19,000kms, U101037A SALE PRICE $23,995 2007 TOYOTA YARIS 3dr hatchback, blue, auto, very clean, only 61,000kms, U101104A SALE PRICE $10,995 2007 TOYOTA 4RUNNER V6 SPORT Grey, one owner, local, immaculate, U5352A SALE PRICE $28,995 2007 VW RABBIT 2.7L, auto, a/c, cruise, cloth, keyless entry, only 34,000kms, U5455 SALE PRICE $14,995 2006 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER HYBRID Mgrs Special, black, leather, fully loaded, one owner, local, 102,000kms, U5364. Was 26,995 NOW $23,495 2005 TOYOTA ECHO HB 5dr, silver, auto, only 72,600kms, 51mpg, warranty, U5470 SALE PRICE $7,995 2004 TOYOTA SIENNA LE AWD, silver, cloth, 125,000kms, 7 pass, U5352A $17,995

2008 LEXUS ISF Black on black, fully loaded, only 28,000kms, local, clean $57,990

2005 BMW 645 CI Too much to list, must see! 1079 $51,999

2008 LEXUS RX350 Ultra premium, silver on black, only 58,000kms. $42,990

2009 VOLVO S40 Leather, alloys, Tiptronic shift, a/c, C1006 $23,999

2008 LEXUS LS 600HL Smokey granite on black leather, 19” wheels, navigation, back up camera, bluetooth, beautiful. SAVE HUGE $71,990

2008 MERCEDES BENZ C350 AMG pkg, fully loaded, leather, navigation, Xenon lights, C9072C $35,999

2007 TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID Grey on grey, only 48,000kms, local, one owner. $22,990 2007 MERCEDES BENZ AMG $66,990 2007 AUDI Q7 Fully loaded, gold on tan, beautiful condition $37,990

2008 AUDI A4 Leather, Xenon, 4cyl turbo, AWD, C1045 $32,999 2008 TOYOTA FJ CRUISER 4x4, a/c, water resistant interior, C1040 $24,999 2007 FORD F150 Leather, pwr windows, 4x4, 4dr, V8, C1056 $24,999

2007 MERCEDES BENZ ML 63 AMG Silver on black, only 19,000kms, mint, local, 500hp, AWD $64,990

2007 INFINITI FX35 Backup camera, leather, Xenon, pwr group, C1049A $27,999

2007 LEXUS IS250 AWD, blue on tan, only 43,000kms, Lexus Certified $32,990

2007 AUDI A4 S LINE 3.2 QUATTRO Sunroof, Bose audio, C1027 $35,999

2006 TOYOTA SEQUOIA SR5 Great condition, DVD entertainment pkg $25,990

2006 AUDI A3 Leather, 5dr, tinted windows, 2L turbo, C1012 $24,599

2004 LEXUS SC430 CONVERTIBLE Only 62,000kms, silver on black, one owner, local, beautiful $34,990

2006 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 7 pass, leather, pwr group, AWD, C1023 $23,999

2006 HYUNDAI SONATA GLS V6, leather, sunroof, a/c, low kms $12,900

2003 GMC SIERRA 1500 4WD, 112,000kms, silver, very clean, U101084A SALE PRICE $17,995

2006 PONTIAC G6 GT Auto, a/c, low kms. ONLY $12,900

2000 HONDA ODYSSEY Gold, auto, very clean, only 101,000kms, U11037B SALE PRICE $12,995

2002 VOLVO S60 Beautiful car, full service history & ICBC report. $10,990

2004 FORD F350 S/C DIESEL XLT Canopy, box liner, custom audio, security alarm, C0986A $22,999

Northshore Auto Mall

Northshore Auto Mall

Northshore Auto Mall

1765 Marine Drive,



855 Automall Drive, North Vancouver 849 Automall Drive, North Vancouver 845 Automall Drive, North Vancouver


North Vancouver


w w w. j p a u t o g ro u p . c o m Search our selection of over 1000 other Pre-Owned Vehicles




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A42 – North Shore News – Wednesday, August 4, 2010


PRE-OWNED VEHICLES THIS WEEK’S FEATURE 07 Land Rover LR3 7 pass, black on black, only 50,000kms $32,400

06 Nissan 350ZX Cabriolet 6spd, black on black, only 42,000kms, local, new tires $29,400

09 Toyota Corolla S

Blue, fully equipped, only 28,100kms $17,800

07 Mercedes Benz SLK 350 Silver on black, only 44,000kms, new tires $39,800

06 Mercedes Benz C 230 Champagne, only 37,000kms $23,800

09 Mitsubishi Endeavor Red, like new, low kms, fully equipped $26,800

08 VW GTi

Only 9,500kms, as new $26,800

06 VW GTi

Fully equipped, only 41,000kms $17,800

06 Toyota Matrix XR

Blue, auto, only 53,400kms, new tires $14,800

Visit our new showroom or website for more exceptional vehicles

216 West 2nd Ave, Vancouver 604.257.3172

Central Auto

The North Shore’s Best 2005 Infiniti G35 Sports Coupe 4 seater, auto/Tiptronic, local, leather, sunroof, pwr front seats, 18” Infiniti wheels, new tires, only 72k, immaculate. $22,850 2003 Mercedes Benz SLK 320 pwr steel top convertible, auto/Tiptronic, local, only 85k, immaculate. $19,850 2003 Mercedes Benz CLK 320 Coupe (newer shape), auto/Tiptronic, local, only 64k, spotless. $18,850 2002 Mercedes Benz CLK 320 Coupe auto, local, sunroof, only 76k, exceptional $15,850 2004 Toyota Rav 4 auto, local, a/c, pwr group, only 60K, spotless $14,850 2006 Nissan XTrail SUV auto, local, sunroof, leather, only 79K, immaculate. $14,850 2004 Subaru Impreza 2.5 TS 4Dr Hatchback AWD auto, local, CD, a/c, pwr windows & locks, only 77k, spotless. $11,850


Wed to Sat 9am - 5pm

• 6-year / 120,000km transferable Powertrain warranty coverage, with options to upgrade to comprehensive extended warranty.

• 7 days / 1000km exchange privilege • 100 point inspection • Carproof Vehicle History Report (

Rates From As Low As

2.9% OAC

Ask us for details Offer may change without notice.

816 AUTOMALL DRIVE, NORTH VANCOUVER Toll free: 1-888-602-9258 604-984-0331

ADSAuto 9105 Miscellaneous cont' from page 41

$0 DOWN & we make your 1st payment at auto credit fast. Need a vehicle? Good or Bad Autocredit call Stephanie 1-877-792-0599. Miscellaneous DLN 30309. $0 DOWN & we make your 1st payment at auto credit fast. Need a vehicle? Good or Bad credit call Stephanie 1-877-792-0599. Domestic DLN 30309. 2003 BUICK Century Gold Custom, Auto 4DR SDN Like new, NO acc. $7,998 obo. 604-568-4345

9105 9125 9125


2005 CHEV Malibu, auto, like new, only 38k, pwr grp, tan, beige 2003 BUICK Century Gold Cusint. only $8998, 604-924-2088 tom, Auto 4DR SDN Like new, NO acc. $7,998 obo. 604-568-4345

Is your Vehicle A/C Not Working?

2005 CHEV Malibu, auto, like new, only 38k, pwr grp, tan, beige int. onlyCostly $8998, 604-924-2088 Avoid repairs, let us tune



SCRAP CAR REMOVAL No Wheels, No Problem

Luxury 9129 Call KoolAir KingCars



Luxury Cars

1999 VOLVO S80 T6 $4750 Good cond, V6 turbo, premium stereo, heated seats, dual climate, s/r, p/w, p/l, p/s, 222K kms 604-430-6970 1999 VOLVO S80 T6 $4750 Good cond, V6 turbo, premium stereo, heated seats, dual climate, s/r, p/w, p/l, p/s, 222K kms 604-430-6970 2000 JAGUAR S-Type 3.0 V6, auto, 88kms, gold, beautiful, $8,188 obo, Tel: 778-322-3598 2000 JAGUAR S-Type 3.0 V6, auto, 88kms, gold, beautiful, $8,188 obo, Tel: 778-322-3598

• Trades Welcome • Leasing & Finance Available • Select Import Purchases • Open Wednesday to Saturday 9am to 5pm

843 West 1st St. N. Van


2006 MAZDA RX8 Special Edition, 6 spd, manual, 232HP, special rims & spoiler, 38,200km, full load. $17,500. 604-788-9069


#1 FREE Scrap Vehicle Removal Ask about $500 Credit!!! $$ PAID for Some 604.683.2200


Sport Utilities/ 4x4’s/Trucks

2006 VOLVO S80 2.5T AWD, Sapphire Black, black leather, fully loaded, 69K, PWR Everything, Xenon, Wood steering wheel, 17' Whls. Original Warranty, clean, local. $19,500 Anton ★ 778.996.5471 2007 TOYOTA Yaris, 3 dr, like new, grey/blk, 5 spd, ac, 45,000 km, $10,950. 604-988-0957

9515 2005 GMC Jimmy 4x4, 2dr, Auto, 92K, A/C, New Brakes, Tires, No Decs, $7900. 604-868-2149


Sports & Imports



1997 EZ loader boat trailer, bunkers one roller, model #ezt14, rated for 800lbs, 12' rims, spare tire, 100lb fulton trailer jack. Exc shape, hardly used, garage kept. $1000. call 604-986-1437




FRIENDLY, Professional, Crown mouldings, baseboard, casings rough framing. 778-233-0559 HOME & Yard Carpentry. Small jobs. Bsmt, floors, concrete form, drywall. Francisco 604-710-9837


Carpet Cleaning

ROYAL STEAM CLEANING Carpet, Upholstery, Auto (Int) & Fireplace cleaning 604-765-8054


Carpet/Flooring Installation

ALL FLOOR COVERINGS Repair & Replace. Material Sales Dwight, 604-980-6048 I’ll show you the inexpensive route


Chimney Services 604-725-2551 ★Free Repair Estimates★ NO MESS chimney sweeping!



White Glove Residential Cleaning Service


See our ad online at $18/HR. Quality House cleaning. 604-983-3477 CLEAN YOUR HOME LIKE MY OWN. Shopping, chores, errands. 604-985-5125




604.970.9885 CREATING BACKYARD ENVY Hardscape specialist for all your concrete needs. Retaining walls, patios, stairs etc. Demo to finish Christopher Shaver 604-980-3232, 604-725-2812


Stairs, drainage, patios, walls, etc. 100% Satisfaction Exc. Ref’s 604-379-2640 MORRISON CONCRETE Design, excavate, form & place all concrete. 604-988-2840



Crown Roofing & Drainage Residental Div. Drainage installation & repair. 604-327-3086

DRAIN TILES & WATER LINES Without Digging a Trench 604-985-4000

2006 HONDA Civic DX Coupe $12,500. Auto, dark blue, PWR Locks/Windows, heated mirrors, digital dash, 4 new tires, new brakes. Honda Serviced. NO Accidents. 100k. Great on gas, +extras. Coq. ★ 604-868-3128


Trailers/Tents/ Campers

8FT CAMPER, older style, basic, hunters special. $125 obo. 604-988-4984





ACE DRYWALL. Avail immed. Board, tape, spraytex, repairs. 16 yr exp. No job too small. Mike 604-808-2432, 604-985-4321 AFFORDABLE, Reliable, Quality Guaranteed. Boarding, Taping, Spraytex. Dave 604-984-7476 DONE RIGHT Drywall, Board, tape, mud, spraytext. N. Shore for 20 yrs. Cell 604-753-1116 *Drywall * Taping * Texture * Stucco*Painting * Steel stud framing Quality Home 604-725-8925



#1167 LIC Bonded. BBB, lrg & sm jobs, expert trouble shooter, WCB, low rates, 24/7. 617-1774. A LICENSED electrician #19807 semi-retired, small jobs only. 604-689-1747 pgr 604-686-2319 A & P ELECTRIC #89724 Low prices. Small jobs okay. Satisfaction guar. 604-765-3329

Full Seamless Gutter Installation/Repairs Soffits All jobs Guaranteed. Fully insured/WCB covered Will beat any competitors price

604-439-9417 (since 1968) 4", 5" & 6 " continuous gutters Vinyl & aluminium siding soffits Install repairs & cleaning. Free Estimates 604 874-8158 Check us out with the BBB

North Shore Gutters. Sales & Install 5’’ continuous gutter, minor repairs, cleaning. 604-988-5294 RITS GUTTER CLEANING & repairs, power washing. Quick & affordable 604-897-7487



one mini, drainage, landscaping, stump / rock / cement / oil tank removal. Water / sewer line, 24 hours Call 341-4446 or 254-6865 604.649.1213 CEL 604.984.2313 Res/comm, Excavating, Bobcat, Trucking, Water Lines, Sewer Lines, Drainage, Landscaping. Hrly/Contract. Free Estimates.



VINYL FENCE & RAILINGS ★NEVER ROTS★ Lifetime Warranty 604-618-3145 Cedar Fences & Decks affordable rate. Not Like any other - artistic. Jeff 778-928-9201, 604-415-0920

NORTH SHORE FENCES Quality work by professionals Repairs and construction Call 604-230-3559

Floor Refinishing

INSTALLATION REFINISHING, Sanding. Free est, great prices. Satisfaction guar. 604-518-7508

Follow the Garage Sale trail in

The North Shore News Classifieds

Call 604-630-3300 to book your ad

~ Any size job ~

Nick 929-7732


Custom Landscape Installs

Renovate & Repair

Carpentry, Flooring, Drywall Painting, Exterios & more!

Specializing in Small Jobs

Quality Work, Professional Service


Complete Home Maint./Repairs Certified Trained Pros. For that small job. Rates you can afford. RJR Small Projects Division

Paving Stones & Walls Drainage & Grading Irrigation & Lighting New Lawn Installs Outdoor Kitchens


D & G Landscaping

• Hedge Trimming $50 (per 25 ft) • Aeration $30 • Power Raking $30


Part of RJR group


WE'RE BACK Serving the North Shore since 1978 Call Mike 604-783-9558 Comeback Specials!! ABLE RENOVATIONS All home repairs & renos, large & small, North Shore only 604 319-2677 HANDY DANDY all types of renos, bath, kitchen, tiles, painting - in side & out Free Est. Ibrahim 604-619-6968



CHEAP LOADS Fast Reliable Service 604-922-5101 DD HAUL & DELIVERY Service delivered with pride. Loads from $30 each. David 604-512-7471

• Design & Consultation • Lawns & Hedges • Water Features • Patios & Pathways • Retaining Walls • Irrigation & Lighting


AFFORDABLE LANDSCAPING, design, concrete & retaining walls, rock work 604-787-7988 COASTAL STONE MASONRY Retaining walls. 778-887-0020 CONSTRUCTIVE decking, stone masonry, paving stones, bricks & blocks 604-250-7824... 980-8224 Design - Consultation- Installation 604-518-5661 PAVING STONES ★604-657-3614★

Need a Plumber?

HAULING, MOVING, Clearing Out Junk ★ Let us help. Gabor 604-716-1662



Counter Tops, Custom Cabinets & Refacing Weekends were made for shoppping, so make sure you check our Classifieds for a comprehensive listing of Garage Sales in your area!

“The Grass is Greener”

• New Lawn Installs • Replace Old Lawn • Lawn Drainage • Landscaping • Paving



DIRECT FROM THE MILL 6x8 Fence Panels from $27, Siding, Decking, Roofing, Shed, Split Rail, etc... We Install Chain Link & Cedar Fencing. Free Est. 7753 Edmonds St, Burnaby Call 604 520-7792


YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 service call. Insured. Lic # 89402. Fast same day service guaranteed. We love small jobs! 604-568-1899




DNE ELECTRIC All Electrical Needs Lic #89267, Panel Upgrading. Reasonable & Free Estimate. 604-999-2332

1995 CLASS C 25ft Ford E-350, Yellowstone 114.600ks, gd cond slps 6, $16,500. 604-255-5453 2003 FORD Pleasure Way, self contained, suit couple, low kms, clean, $43,000, 604-943-9749


A RELIABLE carpenter. Doors, windows, finishing carp, decks, baths, cabinets, bsmt, flrs, repairs 25 yrs exp. Marc 604-789-7289

8110 1991 MERCEDES 500SL convert, hardtop, auto, 2 dr, good cond, $11,000 604-726-4258


A QUICK CONSTRUCTION Carpentry, Siding, Deck, Paint, all repair North Shore 604-418-6020







Working? CallNot KoolAir King Avoid Costly repairs, let us tune Save lots of $$$ Guaranteed Results!

Serving the North Shore for over 30 years!

Scrap Car Removal

up your original a/c system. Save lotsVehicle of $$$ Is your A/C Guaranteed Results!

) 604-996-5464 up your original(KING a/c system.

2006 Toyota Matrix TRD Sport 5 spd manual, local, alloy wheels, a/c, pwr locks, only 56k, spotless. $9,850 1997 Mercedes Benz E320 4Dr Sedan auto, local, leather, sunroof, only 117k, sold by us previously & just traded in, exceptionally well kept. $8,850


• In business 50 years

604-879-9191 Superior Cove Tops & Cabinets

#3 - 8652 Joffre Ave, Burnaby BATHROOMS & much more. 40 yrs on the North Shore. Working within your budget. 778-387-3626

Find one in the Home Services section


Lawn & Garden


GARDEN SERVICES LTD. Lawn Maintenance, General Clean-Up, Power Raking, Moss Control, Aerating. Trim, Top, Prune. All types of lawn & garden applications. Free Est.

Call Sukh:

604-726-9152 604-984-1988

Moving & Storage


1 to 3 Men

Good Day Painting Fully Insured, Quality Work, Res/Comm, No Payment till Job is Completed! Call Thomas 604 377-1338


MASTER PAINTER.....LEVEL 5 drywall finish. Custom doors, trim & crown. 604-836-9675

Licenced & Insured Local & Long Distance

Pacific Pro Painting Restoration •Int / Ext •Res / Comm •Reno’s Strata’s. Free Est. 604-488-4000

AFFORDABLE MOVING 1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 Ton $ From

We accept Visa, Mastercard & Interac

FREE ESTIMATES Seniors Discount


PAINTING BY BENJAMIN, Interior & Exterior. 25 yrs exp. For Estimate. Call 604-618-4288

AAA ADVANCE MOVING Experts in all kinds of Moving, Storage & Packing. Different from the Rest. 604-861-8885

★ STAFFORD & SON ★ Interior/Exterior. Top quality work. Reasonable rates. 604-809-3842

EAGLE EYE Soar with the best It’s your move 778-883-2538

POPEYE’S MOVING Scott 604-377-2503 Moving, Storage, Free EST 604-628-7136. Visa, OK

8193 A.All Area Service Gardening Service Maint. •• Power PowerRaking Raking Lawn Treatment •• Maint. Pruning • Trimming Trimming •• General GeneralClean-Up Clean-Up Topping Trees Trees •• Free Free Estimates Estimates

Binder: Binder:

604-926-1526 604-926-1526 604-726-9153 604-726-9153 A. A. Allwest Garden Service Lawn maint, general cleanup, power raking, moss control, etc. CALL SUKH free est. 604-716-8479 or 604-984-1988 Cert. horticulturists 604-518-5661 Scott H. Design & Maintenance

Oil Tank Removal


Experienced, Professional Detection & Removal of Underground Oil Tanks. Quality Guaranteed. Competitive Prices.



● Oil Tank Removal ● Recommended ● Insured ● Reasonable Rates


8195 Chau Le Gardening Tree cutting & topping, shrubs, yard cleanup, trimming, hedging, 604-782-5288 ★CNN Landscaping ★Weeding ★ yard maintenance ★ low rates Free est Nick 778-840-6573 Serafina Garden Services Maint. & design, cleanups, organic food reas rates 604-984-4433

Painting/ Wallpaper


Painting/ Wallpaper

ADMIRAL PAINTING Residential/Commercial

TOP Painting & Pressure Wash Res/Comm. Best Rates / Free Est Top Quality! Joe 604-782-1377

Paving/Seal Coating


ALLEN Asphalt, concrete, brick, drains, foundations, walls, membranes 604-618-2304/ 820-2187


Call Bert for a free est.

★ Good Quality Service ★ Fully Licenced & WCB.

604 729-3864

604-987-7473 604-721-6075 10% Off with this Ad! Aman’s Plumbing Service, Lic. Gas Fitter, Reas. Rates. 778-895-2005



PACIFIC LANDSCAPING lawn installations, retaining walls, pavers drainage etc 839-1225 PEAK Yard Maint & Powerwash Lawn Care, Hedge Trim, Window Cleaning. Doug • 604-837-9417 PROFESSIONAL YARD WORK 20 yrs,, Ref’s avail. Todd 604-351-3147


Fully Insured 20 years experience Call 604Free Estimates INTERIOR & EXTERIOR SPECIALS


Alliance Painting Interior Specialist

Has your garden gone to seed cause you don’t have time to weed? 604-990-5503

Outdoor | Commercial | Residential

S & W GARDENING SERVICE Comm/res maint, clean-up. Japanese Gardener 604.986.0059




Over 12 years in business

A CLEAN PAINT JOB. Quality 1 room from $167. Int-ext, WCB 22 yrs exp. Cell: 604-727-2700

STONE WORK Retaining walls, facing, cultured stone. 604-603-2576

A LADY PAINTER, professional & color consult, 20 yrs on North Shore. exc refs. 604-961-3451

T-A STONEWALL. Rockwalls, paving stones, Allan block walls, etc. 987-8155 / 250-4117

AFFORDABLE QUALITY PAINTING. Tidy, honest. 19 yrs North Shore. John 604-980-5454


Home Services

NORTH SHORE Home Services Windows, gutters, power washing 604-988-5294

ALL-WAYS PAINTING Professional quality with competitive pricing 604-985-0402 Excellent Pro Painting Service 20 yrs exp, refs, warranty. Reas, res/comm Richard 604-618-0205

DELBROOK 604-729-6695

RBG Contracting Ltd.

All Kinds of Renovations • Roofing • Forming • Framing

BAMFORD CONSTRUCTION Ltd. Quality Renos & Repairs. 604-986-2871 BEARING WALLS removed, floors leveled, cathedral ceilings, garage leveled, door and window openings. 604-787-7484


Renovations & Construction. Mano, 604-990-1671/230-7970 Fortif Construction: North Shore home reno specialists. 604-202-1264 INTERIOR RENOVATIONS Bathrooms, Kitchen, Basement, & More. Tim Gleason 604-926-5440

•Residential Roofing •Siding and Window Installations •Aluminum Awnings and Railings •Rain Gutter Replacements •Drainage Installations and Repairs Member BBB - Member RCABC Full Liability Coverage and WCB Designated Project Managers and Third Party Inspections

Call 604-327-3086 for a free estimate Quote code 1969 for a 5% discount



#1 Roofing Company in BC

*Additions*Quality Work *Ref’s 604-720-1564

LOCAL PLUMBER - Licensed, insured,GASFITTING, renos, Repairs. VISA 604-929-6956

#1 EXCLUSIVE CARPENTRY Interior finishing; bath & kitchen remodelling, tile & stone setting. Stephen, 604-888-1285

Rubbish Removal Residential & Commercial We do almost anything Free Estimates 7 days a week ★ No body beats our price. ★ $15.00 off with this ad


All types of Roofing Over 35 Years in Business Call for your FREE ESTIMATE



All Season Roofing

Re-Roofing & Repairs Specialists 20 year Labour Warranty available


POINT GREY ROOFING Established 1946


All Types of Roofing, Re-Roofing & Repairs 604-221-2641 604-985-2641



★All Tiling, Repairs, Remodels Bathrooms, kitchens, patios. Free est. Call Mike 604-761-4448 or EXP TRADESMAN, tiles, granite, stone, brick & glass blocks. Reas. Zak 604-982-0234 778-773-3537


Top Soil


DD HAUL & DELIVERY Proficient service, meeting all your needs, providing ‘quality workmanship’ Delivered with pride. Loads from $30 each Please call David



We haul everything, no load too big or small, we do it all. Free est. 604-317-2500/ 929-7195 ACKER’S Rubbish Removal pick-up & deliveries. Quick. 7 day Fast / reliable. Spencer 924-1511 ALL JUNK - remove for res. & Comm. Free est. 7days/wk. $15off. w/ad. 604-537-8523 BELL MINI BINS 604-922-5101 Small or large household jobs & Mini bin service. 7 days a week Fast ★ inexpensive ★ reliable.

★ASK DISCOUNT RUBBISH★ Best Prices, Yard, House/Const, Demo. 7 days Ray, 604-727-6153 DISPOSAL BINS 10 - 40 yard bins. Lowest rates! 604-306-8599

MATCO DESIGN - Renovations

Water Lines (without Digging) Sewer Lines (without Diggging) Install. Draintiles. 604-985-4000

Rubbish Removal

★ ★ ★ ★

Call 604.721.8743

Maklin Contruction Services. Project Management & small jobs. Call Quincy 778-340-3407




SUMMER SPECIAL SAVE THE HST Have Your Roof Done Between Now & Aug 31

Additions, renovations, New construction. concrete forming and framing specialist. call 218-3064

GREEN PROPERTY MAINTENANCE Hedge trimming, tree pruning, yard maint, powerwashing. Mike 983-3586



Heating & Gas Fitting Licensed Plumber

★ 3 Licensed Plumbers ★ 66 years of exp. 604-830-6617

John 778-881-6737

Three time Georgie Award Finalist National Sam Award Finalist Georgie Award for Best Renovation “Why Trust Your Renovation To Anyone Else”

ABBA RENOVATION carpentry, plumbing, wiring, painting, tiling. Work guar, Refs. (604)986-4026/805-8463


LAWNS Jungle George Your North Shore Resident Lawns Garden & Yard Cleanups Hedges & Trees * George’s cell 604-317-3552

Thinking of Renovating your home? Call Bob 778-387-3626 From bathrooms to ensuites, to additions. We do it all and we do it within your budget


Interior / Exterior • Small / Big Jobs Comm./Res. • Fully Insured AURA Stone Countertops Crown molding installation. Faux finish, staining & custom painting. $150 Off (certain restrictions apply)

Call Michael 604.836.9628

North Shore Co.



We also do

Drywall • Tiles • Flooring • Painting Ceiling• Finishing Carpentry • Sundeck • Fences • Siding • Sheds and Basement Improvements Free estimates and WCB

PLUMBING & DRAINAGE Renovations Big or Small. Water Lines without Digging Broken Water Mains & Sewer Mains. Hot Water Tanks, Plugged Drains, Toilets, Tubs, Leaky Faucets & Broken Pipes.



BBM Big Boss Mechanical

ENGLISH LANDSCAPER gardener, 30 yrs exp, complete garden maint. Les 604-209-8853

JAPANESE GARDENER Landscape & maintenance, clean-ups, trimming. Reas, free est, 25 yrs exp 604-986-8126

Renovations & Home Improvement


Professional Service Since 1991

Special Discount for painting the Whole House


Wednesday, August 4, 2010 – North Shore News – A43

ROD’S RUBBISH REMOVAL Prompt, reliable, reasonable. 7 days/week. Rod 604-985-7193



SKYLITES ★NEW★ Reglaze, Leak Repairs Call 604-221-2641



Quality Home Improvement ★ Stucco ★ All Kinds. No Job Too Big or Small. 604-725-8925


Sun Decks

Dream Decks ”The Right Deck For You”

Vinyl Sundecks

The North Shore’s only Yardworks Compost Pro Soil Dealer – Pick up or Delivery – Call 604.986.7624 six days a week 1600 Barrow Street, N.V.

(down the block from the Lynnwood Hotel)

Now Accepting Green Waste

Dalton Trucking Ltd. Special: Top soil $15/yd. Sand gravel, trucking etc 604-986-6944


Tree Services


Dangerous tree removal, pruning, topping, hedge trimming & stump grinding. Fully insured & WCB

Jerry 604-618-8585 Andrew 604-618-8585

A-1 TRI CRAFT TREE SERVICES (EST. 1986) A. A. BESTPRO Tree Service LTD. Tree top trim, Hedge Trimming, Pruning, Tree Removal, Stump Grinding etc. CALL SUKH free est. 604-726-9152 or 604-984-1988 ★AAA★ TREE SERVICE. Tree & stump removal, pruning/trimming. Ins & cert. arborist 604-987-8500 A.ALL AREA TREE SERVICE Topping, pruning & stump grinding. 604-926-1526 & 604-726-9153

ROBIN’S 604-986-4091 Expert Tree Care - Cert. Arborist. 25 yrs exp. Fully Ins.

Treeworks 15 yrs exp. Tree/ Stump Removal, Prun’in & Trim’in & View Work 291-7778, 787-5915


Window Cleaning

A Guaranteed Lowest Price • Window cleaning • Gutter cleaning/repairs • Power washing • WCB insured • Free Estimates

West Coast




Deck Bldg. repairs, aluminum rails, waterproofing, Refs. Henry Unger & Sons, 604-831-0303

NORTH SHORE Home Services Gutter & window cleaning, Power Washing Est 1963. 604-988-5294

SSK ROOFING & SIDING All Types of Roofing Re-roofing. Repairs & Gutters. 10% off written competior quote WCB / BBB & Liability Insured

604-787-4622, 778 240-6513

Buying? Hiring? Selling? Renting?

PHD PLUMBING & HEATING Drainage, renos, bsmt specials. Flexible hours. Call 604-897-0503 SAVE ON PLUMBING! Licenced Plumber/Gas fitter, $65/HR. Same day service. 604-987-7473 Samy


Power Washing

ALL-WAYS Pressure Washing Driveways, sidewalks, patios & houses. Free est 604-985-0402 North Shore Home Services. Power Washing, Window & Gutter Cleaning. 604-988-5294 PRESSURE WASHING, com/res gutter cleaning, ask for special summer rates 778-387-5561

Find the Key to your New Home • BUY • SELL • RENT


* Save Your Dollars * Bath, Kitchen, Suite’s & More www. 604-781-7695

10% off ALIN Maintenance •Roof •Chimney •Skylight Repairs •All Leak Problems! 604-319-2229

RENOVATIONS: FROM Rendering to Reality. Visit and look for our listing on Sundays. 604-980-8384 SERVICE MAGIC - We’re Back! See our ad under Handyperson Mike 604-783-9558

A Eastcan Roofing & Siding Ltd All types of Re-Roof, Repair, Gutter. WCB. BBB. 604-562-0957

STRAIGHT EDGE Construction: Sheds, Decks, Staircases, Additions, All Renovations 778-836-4125

A Eastwest Roofing & Siding Re-roofing, Gutter, Free Est, BBB Member, 10% disc, Seniors Disc, 604-812-9721, 604-783-6437 DON’T RELOCATE...RENOVATE

CURTIS JOHN ROOFING (since 1978) Roof tune-up from $149. 24 hr repair. 604-985-1913 First Choice Roofing We specialize in flat roofs, fully insured. WCB, Miguel 778-231-7973




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7&:& 12$+2 !

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A44 - North Shore News - Wednesday, August 4, 2010

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