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One trustee showed integrity

Dear Editor, School Trustee Robert McFarlane had the integrity and ethics to stand up for the students and citizens of the Langley yet again [Call for budget consultation nixed, June 18 Letters, Langley Advance]. Six of the seven school district trustees wanted to give first, second, and third readings of the 2010/2011 school district budget last Tuesday night, without giving the public time to read and digest the information or an opportunity to ask questions. Trustee McFarlane obviously did not think that was fair to the community. His intent, I believe, was to have some time before the final reading, perhaps a week or two. Instead, Chair Joan Bech dictated that the special meeting would take place at the board office the next day at 5:30 p.m., less

than 19 hours after the public meeting. If you subtract eight hours for sleeping and an eight-hour work day, as well as time commuting, it does not allow much time left to read the budget over, let alone attend the meeting – if you were fortunate enough to have found out about it. There was nothing on the school district website. School district policy #1204 states that notice of all special meetings will be given at least 24 hours in advance. The policy also states that no other business other than that for which the meeting was called shall be discussed. I am very disappointed with Chair Bech for blatantly disregarding both of those policies. Fiona Miller, Langley [Note: A fuller version of this letter is online at]


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Fort Langley

Opponents offer poor alternatives

Alex Hope Elementary

Vandals’ attack expensive

Dear Editor, I was shocked and saddened when I reached my children’s school, Alex Hope Elementary, this morning. Not only was an outbuilding completely filled with disgusting and disturbing drawings and words, but all the flowers had been ripped out of all the gardens in front of the children’s classrooms and broken beer bottles littered the walk. As a friend stated, “It feels like an attack on our school.” The children were visibly upset, as were the teachers and parents. Who does something like this? And what parents are allowing their children out at that hour of night, so they are not seen in the late summer hours? By some of the wording on the outbuilding, we can assume which school they attend, and their age. How quickly kids forget what stuff like this does to young children. Maybe some parents could discuss with their children not only the cost to our already cash-strapped school board, but to the children that attend this school and the community around it. Julie Brunsch, Langley


Straw name best for school

Dear Editor, I would like to suggest the name of the new Willoughby School be named, “Richard Straw Elementary School.” Mr. Straw was a long-time resident of Willoughby. His family moved to the corner of 85th Avenue (Strawberry Road) and 208th Street in the 1920s, and he lived in Willoughby his entire life. He served in the Canadian Army in the Second World War and was wounded in action by mortar fragments during the D-Day Normandy landings. On his return, he was a long-time supporter of the Willoughby Community Hall and a Sunday School teacher at the Willoughby United Church. So I feel that this would be an appropriate name for a Willoughby school, as this man was wounded in the service of his country. Any support for my suggestion would be appreciated. Brian Johnson,Willoughby

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There is less of a commercial component, for sure, but taking into account the concerns of many of the longtime business owners along Glover Road, this would seem appropriate. As nice as it would be to have another cafe or small grocery store nearby, one only has to walk down Glover Road on a typical midweek late fall through late spring day to know it would hurt those business owners. As for concerns that the river can no longer be seen from the train station, I certainly think what has been built here in the past four years is a lot better than the industrial slag it replaced. Doug Mcfee [Public hearing should be at Fort, June 18 Letters, Langley Advance] states that the community feels betrayed on a number of levels, and that their input will be ignored. I do not remember seeing Mr. Mcfee’s name on the ballot when I voted in the last election, so how he assumes to speak for the community is beyond me. Maybe he means he speaks for a small group that has worked against this development from the outset, because they didn’t want this neighbourhood here in the first place. Actual residents of Bedford Landing must have their support or concerns heard. I support it, but will respect the views of my neighbours who do not. If those who are most vocally against it are successful, we could be looking at a hole in the ground for many years to come. And I will not hold my breath for those in opposition to come to the rescue. Jamie Clark, Fort Langley [Note: A fuller version of this letter is online at www.] For more letters to the editor visit...

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asked very specific questions about the final phase and what would be there, as the plans were not finalized at that time. In defence of Parklane homes (but not to minimize concerns of the other Bedford landing residents who may have been given a different impression to us) we were told that nothing was sure, but whatever was there would be of a density that is now being proposed


Dear Editor, I have lived my entire adult life in the Township of Langley, the last 2-1/2 years in Bedford Landing, so it is with great interest that I follow the recent discussions [Keep promises, say residents, June 18, Langley Advance] on the final phase of the project on the eastern end of Billy Brown Road (where I live). When I was purchasing my home, my wife and I


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Langley Advance June 22 2010  

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