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The following story is based upon small excerpts from Brianstalin's extensive past life historical research. To ensure accuracy, all past live readings were double-checked by readers of the Akashic Records, who use similar past life information for healing and teaching.

Tsar Paul I According to my findings Robert Kennedy had been Tsar Paul I of Russia in a previous incarnation upon the Earth Plane.

Paul was born in the Summer Palace at St Petersburg. He was the son of the Grand Duchess, afterwards Empress, Catherine (The Great).

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After his first wife died in childbirth, his mother arranged another marriage on October 7, 1776, with the beautiful Sophia Dorothea of Württemberg, given the new name Maria Feodorovna. Maria bore Paul 10 children. Tsar Paul grew to hate her. Sophia Dorothea of Württemberg later reincarnated as Marilyn Monroe!

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Friedrich II Eugen

Sophia Dorothea of Württemberg was the daughter of Friedrich II Eugen, Duke of Württemberg and his wife Friederike Dorothea of Brandenburg-Schwedt. Friedrich II Eugen, Duke of Württemberg reincarnated as Arthur Miller.

On June 29, 1956, Monroe married playwright Arthur Miller, whom she had first met in 1951, in a civil ceremony in White Plains, New York. Nominally raised as a Christian, she converted to Judaism before marrying Miller. Alexandra Pavlovna Alexandra Pavlovna (1783-1801) was the first daughter (third child) born to Paul and Maria.

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I see a very strong past life connection between Sherrie Lea Laird and the Grand Duchess Alexandra Pavlovna.

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Elena Pavlovna Elena Pavlovna (1784-1803) was the second daughter (fourth child) born to Paul and Maria. I see a very strong past life connection between Sherrie Lea Laird's daughter, Kezia and the Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna.

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Alexandra and Elena were particularly close.

Gustav IV Adolf and Alexandra Pavlovna Gustav IV Adolf (November 1, 1778 – February 7, 1837), was King of Sweden from 1792 until his abdication in 1809. He was the son of Gustav III of Sweden and his queen consort Sophie Magdalen. A marriage between the young Swedish king, Gustav IV Adolf and Catherine II's granddaughter, the Grand Duchess Alexandra was arranged in 1796. The betrothal was actually fixed for September 22, when the whole arrangement foundered on the obstinate refusal

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of Gustav to allow his destined bride liberty of worship according to the rites of the Greek Orthodox Church.

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Gustav IV Adolf of Sweden reincarnated as Joe DiMaggio.

Zsuzsanna The following concerns a lady called Zsuzsa, who, like Sherrie Lea Laird, claims to be the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe.

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2003: In a programme, an astrologer definitely said that Zsuzsa is the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe. After that Zsuzsa had a role in a film about a trial in which her figure was the woman who seduced men.

Another article in a women’s magazine analyzed the similarities between Zsuzsa and Marilyn. After that, in an interview, an ~ 9 ~   

astrologer, seeing the great deal of sameness, said, “Things do not happen by chance.”

2004: In a show she sang a song of Marilyn Monroe and posed in a white dress above a vent-hole for the first time. Later there was an article about her in a daily newspaper entitled “Marilyn is still alive”.

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2005. May.: Hypnosis! Zsuzsa (Zsuzsanna) really seems to be the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe!!!

Maria Pavlovna According to my research, Zsuzsa was Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna of Russia, who was the third daughter of Paul I of Russia and Sophie Marie Dorothea of Württemberg.

In 1804, she married Karl Friedrich Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar Eisenach, with whom they stayed in Saint Petersburg for nine months, before departing for Weimar. Goethe hailed her as one of the worthiest women of his time.

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After the death of the Grand Duke Karl Friedrich in 1853 she retired from public life. Her last trip to Russia was to the coronation of her nephew as Alexander II of Russia in 1855.

Karl Friedrich Apparently Maria Pavlovna and Karl Friedrich were destined to meet again.

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Sherrie Lea laird was born in Scotland in 1963 and emigrated to Canada when she was about six.

Maud of Fife As for Sherrie's last life, it seems that she was not Marilyn Monroe at all, but Princess Maud of Fife (3 April 1893 - 14 December 1945).

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Looking at pictures of Sherrie's band, Pandamonia, it became clear that the band also had past life connections with Princess Maud of Fife. Here's a comparison of Maud's mother, Princess Louise and the bass guitarist.

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It seems another band member was Princess Maud's sister, Alexandra (where have I heard that name before?).

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Yet another band member seems to have a connection to Alexandra's father in law, Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn.

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Maud of Wales

Princess Louise (Maud of Fife's mother) had a sister, Maud of Wales who married King Haakon VII of Norway. It seems Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna of Russia died in 1859 and reincarnated as Maud of Wales who was born in 1869. After Maud died in 1938, she later reincarnated as Zsuzsanna.

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So we have 2 Mauds and 2 Marilyns!

Catherine the Great

Catherine began as a minor German princess with a very remote Russian ancestry. She was a first cousin of Gustav III of Sweden (the father of Gustav IV Adolf).

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Gustav III of Sweden Gustav III would eventually reincarnate as Peter Lawford.

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Princess of Württemberg

Princess Sophie Marie Dorothea Auguste Louise of Württemberg married Catherine's son, Paul in 1776. The beautiful Sophie Dorothea of Württemberg was given the new name Maria Feodorovna. Paul reincarnated as Bobby Kennedy and Maria reincarnated as Marilyn Monroe.

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Catherine's Grand-Daughters Maria bore 10 children. Among them were: The GRAND DUCHESSES ALEXANDRA PAVLOVNA and ELENA PAVLOVNA.

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Dmitry Grigoryevich Levitsky

The Following portraits were all painted by Dmitry Grigoryevich Levitsky.

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Though Levitzky had many commissions, they were, in most cases, poorly paid, and the painter died in poverty in 1822.

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Apparently Levitsky reincarnated as Dr. Adrian Finkelstein, a noted California psychiatrist who is involved in the Sherrie Lea Laird/Marilyn Monroe reincarnation case.

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Maria Feodorovna The portrait below of Maria Feodorovna at the age of 18 with the Pavlovsk Palace in the background was, however, painted by Alexander Roslin.

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Alexander Roslin The painter Alexander Roslin later incarnated as Richard Avedon, the famed fashion photographer.

Richard Avedon Avedon's portrait work, often stark, unflattering black-and-white images of the stars, was regarded as setting a new level in photographic art.

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Interestingly Sherrie Lea Laird correctly deduced that she is the reincarnation of Louise de La Vallière, mistress to Louis XIV of France. Dr Finkelstiein's contention that he is the reincarnation of King Louis XIV's principal physician, Antoine Daquin, however, does not seem to be correct. In the following portrait, Louise holds a flower and her two children are with her.

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According to the Akashic Records, Louise's daughter reincarnated as Sherrie Lea Laird's daughter Kezia.

And Louise's son reincarnated as Dr. Adrian Finkelstein.

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Regarding hypnosis and other deep trance states.

My teachers warned me that hypnosis and other deep trance states rarely yield reliable data, whether attempting to read the Akashic Records under hypnosis or to channel the words of "Enlightened Beings". Please remember that there are no medical internships in Past Life Regression therapy, nor does being a medical doctor grant one special authority in metaphysics, the occult or the supernatural.

Conclusions Reincarnation is real, but our understanding of it is very limited.

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Maria Feodorovna (Marilyn Monroe)

Alexandra Pavlovna (Sherrie)

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Elena Pavlovna (Kezia)

Maria Pavlovna (Zsuzsanna)

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THE END Past Life Readings by Brianstalin

Past Life Regression There are at least two attractive features of past life regression. Since therapists charge by the hour, the need to explore centuries instead of years will greatly extend the length of time a patient will need to be "treated," thereby increasing the cost of therapy. Secondly, the therapist and patient can usually speculate wildly without much fear of being contradicted by the facts. However, this can backfire if anyone bothers to investigate the matter, as in the case of Bridey Murphy, the case that started this craze in 1952.

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In 1952, Colorado businessman and amateur hypnotist Morey Bernstein put housewife Virginia Tighe of Pueblo, Colorado in a trance that sparked off startling revelations about Tighe's alleged past life as a 19th-century Irishwoman and her rebirth in the United States 59 years later. Bernstein used a technique called hypnotic regression, during which the subject is gradually taken back to childhood. He then attempted to take Virginia one step further, before birth, and suddenly was astonished to find he was listening to Bridey Murphy. Her rambling tale began in 1806 when Bridey was eight years old and living in a house in Cork. She was the daughter of Duncan Murphy, a barrister, and his wife Kathleen. At the age of 17 she married lawyer Sean Brian McCarthy and moved to Belfast. Bridey told of a fall that caused her death and of watching her own funeral, describing her tombstone and the state of being in life after death. It was, she recalled, a feeling of neither pain nor happiness. Somehow, she was reborn in America, although Bridey was not clear how this event happened. Virginia Tighe herself was born in the Mid West in 1923, had never been to Ireland, and did not speak with even the slightest hint of an Irish accent. The 'facts' related by Bridey were not fully checked before the publication of Bernstein's book The Search for Bridey Murphy. However, once the book had become a bestseller, almost every detail was thoroughly checked by reporters who were sent to Ireland to track down the background of the elusive woman. It was then that the first doubts about her 'reincarnation' began to appear. Bridey gave her date of birth as December 20, 1798, in Cork, and the year of her death as 1864. There was no official record of either event. Neither was there any record of a wooden ~ 38 ~   

house, called The Meadows, in which she said she lived. Indeed, most houses in Ireland were made of brick or stone. She pronounced her husband's name as 'See-an', but Sean is usually pronounced 'Shawn' in Ireland. Brian, which is what Bridey preferred to call her husband, was also the middle name of the man to whom Virginia Tighe was married. But some of the details did tally. For instance, he descriptions of the Antrim coastline were very accurate. So, too, was her account of a journey from Belfast to Cork. She claimed she went to a St. Theresa's Church. There was indeed one where she said there was - but it was not built until 1911. The young Bridey shopped for provisions with a grocer named Farr. It was discovered that such a grocer had existed. Despite the many holes in Bridey's story, it was still a remarkably detailed account of life in 19th-century Ireland - information unlikely to have come the way of Virginia Tighe. The case was studied by psychiatrists and psychologists, who had used hypnosis in treatment for many years. Many subjects, in deep hypnosis, can be highly suggestible and will act on the slightest hint given to them, seeking to supply the answer they subconsciously believe the hypnotist wishes to hear. Such hypnosis is largely a matter of releasing relevant details from the brain's incredible capacity for storing information. For instance, the subject can speak in a foreign language not used since childhood, and in which they would not be able to converse in normal conscious life. A subject can even quote verbatim from a long-forgotten childhood book. However, someone under hypnosis is not automatically telling the truth even if they are seeking to give a satisfactory response. Bernstein admitted that, while she was under hypnosis, he did tell Virginia Tighe what he wanted, and it was then that she became ~ 39 ~   

Bridey Murphy.

Sources Most of the biographical data relating to famous living, dead or reincarnated persons was either copied directly from articles found at Wikipedia or slightly modified. It therefore remains free under the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL). Past life readings were supplied by trained expert Brianstalin who has studied with various gifted healers and teachers including the Dalai Lama. Brianstalin reminds us that although the Akashic Records remains the ultimate source of all knowledge, we must access this source directly in order to determine the truth of what he or anybody is telling us.

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