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Volume 1, Issue 2

February 2015

Letter from the Director of Homeless and Housing Services What an amazing year 2014 was for Community Assistance Network's (CAN) Homeless and Housing Services! It's hard to believe January is already over and the second month of 2015 is here. We value all of our supporters who have donated financially, dedicated their time and partnered with us to make this all possible.

Inside this issue: Moving Mountains and Turkeys


A Christmas To Remember


Above and Beyond Homelessness


Where a Kid Can be a 3 Kid Our Wish List Volunteer Appreciation Dinner Closing

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Our programs are certainly keeping busy. In 2014, 1,207 people, of which nearly 300 of them were children, slept in our homeless shelters. This equaled a total number of 45,560 bed night stays recorded for the year! To get a snapshot into homelessness across the country, on January 29, 2015 Baltimore County conducted their annual "Point-InTime" (PIT) survey. This survey is a reporting tool to provide a live count of homeless individuals in every community on a single night in January to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). While we wait for

the results from the 2015 PIT survey, the 2014 PIT survey showed that out of 569 homeless persons accounted for in Baltimore County on that one night, 199 of them were being sheltered at CAN's Eastside and Westside emergency shelters. This is a 10% increase of homeless individuals from the previous year. Our work to service those experiencing homelessness continues to grow. Also, the primary cause of homelessness has differed from year to year and to no surprise the number one primary cause of homelessness in 2014 was due to "No affordable housing". Whether its the families not being able to afford housing, seniors having trouble surviving on their social security benefits,

Moving Mountains and Turkeys Have you ever seen 70 turkeys in the back of a PENSKE moving truck? Well, we Russel Lorden, Eric and Kelly Riberio, have! Thanks Riberio children, Megan Goffney, and guest to Maid Pro owners Kelly and Eric Riberio and their Page 1

creative way of thinking to "Clean house", turned into action, a Happy Thanksgiving 2014 came to those in need. Since 2011 the Ribeiro family and their employees have been donating turkeys to the Eastside and Westside Emergency Shelters. It all started when a staff

Homeless Outreach 2014

to homeless youth that age out of foster care or can no longer stay at home after turning 18; we see it all. To this end, our staff work tirelessly to understand the challenges faced by many of our shelter guests and work to best strategize and "think outside the box" to move them out of shelter and into permanent housing. In this newsletter, you will find a recap of some highlights from 2014, some success stories, review of our kids activities and some volunteer news. As always, thank you for taking the time to read our updates and remember, together we CAN make a difference. Megan Goffney Director of Homeless and Housing Services

member expressed her concern about the amount of food discarded when customers were getting their kitchens ready for a cleaning during Thanksgiving season. An idea sparked from this and Mrs. Riberio took the initiative to personally contact their customers. Convinced by the win win deal, (continued on page 2)

We C A N Make a Difference as a TEAM

Moving Mountains and Turkeys (continued from page 1) customers were ecstatic with the presented opportunity to help the community and began donating their cans of food and other perishables. 70 Turkey Donations for 2014!

The annual Maid Pro "Thanksgiving in a Bag" outreach event became a reality and since inception a grand total of 217 turkeys have been donated. Now the generosity didn't end with the customers alone, Eric and Kelly Riberio made The Niles Family a deal with their employees, for every

thanksgiving meal bag completed, the Maid Pro The Miller Family Owners would match the meal bags with a "12-15 lb. Butterball Turkey"! Thanksgiving bags consist of: package cans of donated corn, yams, green beans, cranberry sauce, turkey gravy, boxes of mashed potatoes and stuffing. Every year employees look

forward to beating their past year's total of completed bags and they have not failed since. We thank the Riberio family and all their participating employees for touching the hearts of many families and individuals once again in 2014! Go Maid Pro!

were able to shop for free for Christmas items for themselves and their families. At the Westside Shelter Men's Emergency shelThe Christmas Shop ter, guests received: 110 bags of hoodies, socks and t-shirts, and many more.

into this to make it possible. For the one day event costs exceeded over $20,000 to come into fruition. We thank Sarah Caruso and her volunteers for the smiles they put on the faces of many shelter guests this past Christmas and turning what was costly into something priceless!

The Johnson Family

A Christmas to Remember When trying to find an organization to support, business woman Sarah Caruso chose the Christmas 2014 for Kids on the Eastside of town

Eastside Family Emergency Shelter and we couldn't have been more grateful. For a second year in a row now, Sarah has held a Christmas Event for

shelter guests, consisting of volunteers and donations galore! At the Eastside Family Emergency Shelter, guests received: 150 brand new comforters, sheets and pillows for the Adopt-A-Bed event, 120 movie tickets for shelter guests to see the movie "Annie", new pajamas for the children, a store created Perry Hall/White Marsh Crush Classic Soccer Club- Decorated beds! through donations in which the residents

Both shelters were catered with dinner and countless other surprises. Several months, volunteers, money and resources came

Tony Coffield- Executive Director, Megan Goffney, Sarah & Bruce Caruso, and April Stevens- Volunteer Coordinator

Going Above and Beyond Homelessness

Martina Keller

Last year, over 100 people moved out of shelters into permanent housing. Our Rapid Rehousing Specialists work tirelessly to pull Page 2

together resources with landlords, family reunification, any other idea we can think of to move people out of shelter. After a family or individual moves out of shelter, our Aftercare Program Coordinator follows them for up to six months providing resource navigation, case management, and other provisional assistance. Home is Where the Heart Is Leaving her hometown of IdarOberstein, Germany when the Berlin

wall came down back in 1989, Martina Keller arrived in the United States with her children to start a new life. As the years grew on, Martina's children grew up and started families of their own. However, after losing a job then housing, she found herself homeless. Ms. Keller struggled for two years, in and out of shelters and finally after coming to Eastside Family Emergency Shelter in late 2013 our housing gears kicked in! After

speaking with Martina about several housing options a thought arrived with us all and we asked her, "Do you want to go back to Germany?" Ms. Keller put her God first and let everyone know she would pray and ponder on the presented idea. Not allowing too much time to pass, Martina made her decision to go back to the place she once called home. In Germany she would (continued on page 3)

Volume 1, Issue 2

Going Above and Beyond Homelessness (continued from page 2) be able to spend time with her aging father and gain the support and resources she needed to get back on her feet. We worked closely with one of our community partners, Prologue, Inc. who provides recovery and housing for the homeless, who purchased the plane ticket to Germany for Martina. On Thanksgiving Day, 2014, Martina Keller was on a plane heading back to the place she once held dear to her heart. Together we can bring restoration and house the homeless!

A Place to Call Home

During their stay in the shelter, when "Now I have my own room!", an Myra was asked what kept the family exited young boy expresses to his strong while facing their homelessparents. Myra Paulis, Jerry Ourad ness crisis her answer was, "To list a set of goals that would keep us busy." and their son Justin have been Once a goal was met, they would facing homelessness since 2013. The family resided at the Eastside cross it out and set up new ones. Family Emergency Shelter for a The Paulis family's story goes to while when the opportunity to show that homelessness is not indefiattain housing became a reality. nite when you keep hope and work on Through the CAN Rapid Repersonal goals. With the appropriate housing program, the specialist help and resources virtually anyone acquired an apartment for the can get back to self-sufficiency like Paulis family. this family.

The Paulis Family

Where a Kid Can be Kid tips on confidence. The families were also surprised by Tavon Mason, of Tavon Mason Love the Kids Foundation, former NFL-player, and Baltimore native. Tavon and Friends prepared and served lunch, donated books and toys, entertained all with Step Dancing, and conducted an arts & crafts session.

“You got to believe in something, or you won’t have anything.” Sheila A., Eastside Emergency Family Shelter

Actress Angela Maria Dixon showing some acting techniques to the kids at the shelter.

It has been said that children are resilient and can adapt to all different environments, this has been true here on Eastside of town. While in a difficult transition, for the children at Eastside Family Emergency Shelter we still find a way for them to be a kid. If you walk through the shelters during a weekday afternoon when school is out you may hear kids yelling in the rooms, fighting over the computers or watching TV. Staff, volunteers and other supports are a key providing stability for the children. We had many surprises over the last several months for the kids. In June 2014 Baltimore County Communities for the Homeless (BCCH) sponsored an outing for 60 plus children to enjoy Chuck E Cheese. In December, Angela Maria Dixon, an actress and local Baltimore-native, spoke to the children and taught them about discovering their "It factor". She had the kids act out scenarios and gave them some wonderful Page 3

Trunk or Treat 2014

Afterschool clothes little Gracie is so proud and thankful!

Beans and Frank make Learn ing fun!

Chuck E Cheese 2014

Tavon Mason Christmas 2014 Event, reading with the children on the Eastside.

C h r i s t m a s 2 0 1 4

We C A N Make a Difference as a TEAM


Aftercare supplies given to families and individuals

Cereal, Cereal, Cereal! Do you know how much kids love cereal? Well here at the Eastside Family Emergency Shelter, we know just how much the children love cereal. Just imagine feeding 50 youngsters, 7-days a week, breakfast. Please consider donating cereal to the shelters. In addition, after school snacks such as pudding, applesauce, individual chips bags, and cookies are also some things each child

looks forward to when returning to the shelter from their long day. At the Westside Men's Emergency Shelter the men like to stay clean and sharp, "Grooming Supplies" are always a need. Current grooming product needs include: razors, large bars of soap, shaving cream, and shower shoes (large sizes). Supplies for the Aftercare Program: For each family or individual that moves out of shelter, we provide an

aftercare package of basic necessities to get them started in their new home. Please consider donating to this program. Current aftercare package needs include: laundry detergent, pots & pans, towels, and wash clothes. To arrange a donation drop off or to learn about volunteer opportunities, please contact Volunteer Coordinator, April Stevens at or 410-2854674 ext. 211.

1st Annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner 2015

‘Tony Coffield, Volunteer Vicki McCormick Dr. Jay Jalisi

‘Tony Coffield, Volunteer Tavon Meyers, Dr. Jay Jalisi

Lazarus Caucus Volunteers, ‘Tony Coffield, Dr. Jay Jalisi

CAN Appreciated over 100 Volunteers!

“Any nonprofit knows that the support given by volunteers and donors is crucial to the success of the organization. Volunteers in many aspects are the lifeline to an organization's sustainability. On February 19, 2015, we recognized our volunteers who give us their time, talent and treasure to assist those in our shelters.”- Megan Goffney Dr. Jay Jalisi, Megan Goffney, J. Castiglione, and ‘Tony Coffield

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This Community Action Agency was designed to work in partnership with the community of Baltimore County to develop, strengthen and support programs that reduce vulnerability among the poor as well as promote growth, stability, and self-sufficiency among these low income residents. Next year, CAN celebrates 50 years of fighting poverty! “Consider joining us by partnering, volunteer, and or donating to support those facing poverty or homelessness, together we CAN win this battle!”- Diana Mason


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A special THANK YOU to Megan, Miles, and outside readers who were involved with (sharing info., collaborating on stories, critiquing, etc.) making this newsletter come to be! Page 4

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