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Nine-year-old Lazarus Añonuevo dreams of being the first Australian to win an international championship for Ferrari.
14 10 30 thursday 09 may 2024 contents Correction: In CW edition 25 April page 16, the man in the story’s name is David Ruston and not David Russel as was printed.
Photo: Jordan Mirchevski. See cover story, page 04.



On until 30 June at the NFSA Acton. Admission is free.

A contemplative artwork created by Australian artists Leila Jeffreys and Melvin J. Montalban, Temple celebrates the awe-inspiring beauty of native cockatoos.
audiovisual installation NFSA.GOV.AU/TEMPLE

Need for speed: Meet Canberra’s young go-kart champion

any of us grow up not quite sure of what we want to do or what our place in the world is – but not Lazarus Añonuevo. He was just four years old when he decided what path he wanted to take in life.

“I watched this show Drive to Survive, and I grabbed my dad’s hand and I said ‘This is what I want to do’, that’s when I knew I wanted to do go-karting racing,” says Lazarus.

Now aged nine, the young driver is on track to becoming a champion Formula One driver. In the past few weeks, Lazarus has secured a win at both the ACT Titles and the NSW State Titles, taking home the Blue Plates.

“No-one has won the Novice Championship in Canberra as a Canberran for years; it is always someone from NSW or a Queenslander or from Victoria that wins it. When he crossed the line last month, the whole grandstand –100-150 people – were like ‘Yeah, finally a Canberran local has won the championship’,” says Al Añonuevo, proud papa.

The 2023 season was a strong one for Lazarus, being named Canberra Kart Racing Club Novice Champion and runner-up in the Southern Stars Series and ACT Titles. Lazarus has been re-signed by DR Kart Racing Australia

and Elite Driver Academy for the 2024 season.

Self-proclaimed as one of the slowest drivers on the road, Al says at first he didn’t even know how to spell go-kart and thought it was like bumper cars or power carts. Researching the sport, Al discovered the Canberra Kart Racing Club.

“It is cool because inside [the club] you can see Mark Webber’s name because he was a club champion, just like Lazarus was a club champion last year,” says Al. “Oscar Piastri, he’s in the same league in the Australian Karting Championship that Lazarus is fighting for; you look at that and you’re like, ‘this could be possible’.”

When the family first went to meet the team, they learned that Lazarus was too young to get a practice licence, as the minimum age is six and minimum racing age is seven.

“We tried to put him in dance, swimming, basketball, every sport and he used to pretend he was sick because he didn’t want to do it. So, we bought him an electric go-kart that went 25-35km an hour and said, ‘Let’s see if this is actually something you want to do’,” says Al.

Lazarus was keen to get out to the park each weekend where they created their own tracks on the footpaths. They then bought a simulator for the young enthusiast, which he has used to

memorise a number of the Formula One tracks.

“The Crown Towers last year had a Ferrari simulator set up and he actually broke the record.”

The week Lazarus turned six, the family drove to Wollongong to collect his go-kart before heading to the Mark Webber Circuit.

“By the second session, the liaison officer was like, ‘I think your kid just broke the record’. All first-timers we were told will do this track in four minutes, by the second session he was doing it in a minute twenty,” says Al.

Going that fast can be frightening for some, but Lazarus says the fear doesn’t last.

“The first time is, maybe for a whole week or a whole month, they will be scared. Then they will build up their confidence and then they would get less scared,” says Lazarus.

At seven, he began racing. Starting at the back with the other newbies, it didn’t take long for Lazarus to be overtaking more experienced drivers. In his first race as a P-plater, he earned a podium place.

Currently in the Novice class, for ages 7-10, Lazarus will then move up to Rookie, ages 10-13. When he’s 12, Lazarus will be able to get behind the wheel of a race car and there are teams already showing interest in getting him on board.

“They are doing in excess of 220km [per hour] as a 12-year-old; I’m going, let’s make sure he has the race craft, which is the most important. He does have a few people that are eyeing him out already … Danilo Rossi, owner of DR Kart Italy said that if he wants to race in Italy, they’d be more than happy to do that, so there are definitely options for him.”

Full story online at canberradaily.com.au

Follow Lazarus Añonuevo on his journey to being a Formula One champion; instagram.com/im.lazarus.a - Jessica Cordwell

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Nine-year-old Lazarus Añonuevo dreams of being the first Australian to win an international championship for Ferrari. Photo: Jordan Mirchevski.
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Estimate yours with the tax cut calculator.

taxcuts.gov.au Authorised by the Australian Government, Canberra Tax cuts for every taxpayer
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Lifeline Canberra announces Daniel Keighran VC as new patron

After three years without a shepherd, Lifeline Canberra has announced its new Patron Daniel Keighran VC. Signing up for an undecided amount of time, Mr Keighran will help spread the message of a more resilient suicidefree community and offer support to the community through Lifeline Canberra.

Born and raised in Queensland, Daniel Keighran grew up in regional Lowmead on completing high school he enlisted in the Australian Army in 2000. He completed recruit and infantry training before his 18th birthday and was posted as a rifleman to 6RAR based at Enoggera in Brisbane.

Between 2001 and 2009, Mr Keighran was deployed to Malaysia,

East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan and was promoted through the ranks to Corporal. It was during his deployment on Operation Slipper in Afghanistan that his bravery and selflessness would see him awarded the highest award in the Australian Honours and Award System, the Victoria Cross for Australia.

24 August 2010 Mr Keighran’s patrol was under fire by an insurgent force, outnumbered and receiving a friendly casualty, Mr Keighran acted quickly and decisively to turn the tide of the battle. Drawing enemy fire away from the patrol treating the casualty, Mr Keighran risked his own life for those around him, earning the VC and citation ‘For the most conspicuous acts of gallantry and

extreme devotion to duty in action in circumstances of great peril’.

Completing his full-time service Mr Keighran moved into the private sector and held a number of roles, he also remains a Reservist with the Australian Army. Juggling his time between his passions- work, family and donating time to numerous not-for-profits that support current and ex-serving Australian Defence Force members who have physical or psychological wounds, injuries or illness as a result of their service.

Mostly keeping out of the spotlight in the ten years since being awarded the Victoria Cross, Mr Keighran says he will step forward for a good cause.

“I see my role primarily as raising awareness, it costs $26 to take

a life-saving call, I think I spend more than on coffee in a week. To me it is the awareness campaign, it is estimated that 10 percent of Canberrans use the service yearly which is a significant amount of people who sadly need some help,” says Mr Keighran.

Still residing in Queensland, Mr Keighran first learnt of the incredible (continued page 8)

6 canberradaily.com.au 09 May 2024
news With a passion for personal injury litigation and more than 20 years’ experience, Heather’s main areas of practice include medical negligence and institutional abuse claims. Don’t delay. Call MEJ. 02 6257 2999 mej.com.au MEJ welcomes Special Counsel Heather Ross to the team.
Daniel Keighran VC, patron of Lifeline Canberra. Image supplied.

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Small Steps.
Choices. www.climatechoices.act.gov.au

(from page 6)

work that Lifeline Canberra does through its first and last patron, Dr Brendan Nelson AO, when they were both on the board of the Australian War Memorial. Dr Nelson praised the work of the organisation and its CEO Carrie Leeson; this sentiment was echoed by Mr Keighran’s close friend Richard Rolfe.

“I didn’t make the connection at the time that Brendan and Richard were talking about Carrie, fast forward a few years and we finally meet… Since our meeting, I’ve been attending the Lifeline Gala Ball and I’ve got a good understanding of what the Lifeline crisis support centres do.

“Through Richard and Brendan, two people that I respect greatly and admire the work that they do. I think that sold it before I even got to meet Carrie and the work that were doing, through those connections I know this was something that I

wanted to be part of.”

Queensland will remain home for Mr Keighran and his family, his son is settled at his school, and they don’t want to disturb that. Never say never, Mr Keighran says one day they might make the move. For now, he visits Canberra regularly enough that there will be no issue in supporting our local Lifeline.

Lifeline’s mission of suicide prevention will only be possible with the unwavering support of the community, explains Mr Keighran, and that is something he wants to be part of.

“My grandfather was a veteran of the Second World War, he was my hero, my father figure growing up and he had a strong set of core values and personal ethos which he instilled in me. He said to me, ‘If you are fortunate to help others, then you should do it.’ I think there is no greater purpose in life,” says Mr Keighran.

Not having had a patron for the

past few years, Ms Leeson says that it was important they got it right and found the person best suited to the role.

“We look at the individual, everything that Dan has achieved, his VC but beyond that, he’s an incredible person. We look for values alignment, it is a handson role, we are an ambitious organisation, we go beyond our borders,” she says.

Together they are excited about where they are going to take the relationship and what they can achieve for the Canberra region. A patron is the face of the organisation, its storyteller, explains Ms Leeson and the story Mr Keighran can tell is an incredibly powerful one.

“Dan brings with him a very unique set of skills, a very unique story and very unique connections… We’re coming off the back of unfortunately a record number of calls

to Lifeline, we’ve never had more than 3,700 calls at any one time, and we breached 4,200 calls last week as a result of what our country is going through. It couldn’t come at a better time,” says Ms Leeson.

The patronage comes at a time when Mr Keighran was evaluating his commitments and ensuring that he was prioritising his family, says Ms Leeson. His instant commitment shows a lot about his character, she says and gives hope for the amount of people they can help together.

“Without hesitation at a time when Dan was trying to cut back on things, he said absolutely, what do you need? He’s already visited, he’s had morning teas and breakfast with the team. He has proven and demonstrated who he is which is very hands-on, authentic, dedicated and committed to helping people.” Find out how you can support Lifeline Canberra; lifelinecanberra.org.au

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Morning on Wednesday 8 May.

The Old Bus Depot Markets are welcoming winter with the Canberra Wool Expo from Saturday 18 to Sunday 19 May.

Watch wool spinning and knitting demonstrations and workshops by Tabitha from Tabandy Farm.

Explore and purchase wool garments, designer knitwear, and hand-spun and dyed yarns.

Special guests:

• Hephner the Alpaca & Friends

• Andy and Armani the Black Nose Valais Artisans are showcasing everything from crochet, hand-spinning, felting to weaving.

“There’s such a real love for wool and its many uses in Canberra,” said Old Bus Depot Markets Manager, Richard Vagi.

The Canberra Wool Expo is at the Old Bus Depot Markets on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 May from 9.30am –2:30pm. Visit www.obdm.com.au for more details

21 Wentworth Ave, Kingston ACT T: 02 6295 3331 W: obdm.com.au

Peter Gordon leaves a lasting legacy at Hands Across Canberra

Last week founding member and CEO of Hands Across Canberra (HAC), Mr Peter Gordon handed the baton to former founding Region Group Editor and ABC presenter Genevieve Jacobs.

“It was time” Mr Gordon said. “Organisations always have a group of people that start it, but the people who take it to the next level and beyond are normally not the founders.”

Mr Gordon completed year twelve at St Edmunds College, married at nineteen, and had four much loved children. He has occupied many roles in the public and private sectors, yet his role as CEO of Hands Across Canberra, has given him the most satisfaction. “I know that outside my family, what I am most proud of is what I’ve done whilst at HAC.”

Mr Gordon firmly believes that the transformation of Canberra is as close as everyone’s willingness to give just $10 each year. Canberra is his home, where he feels intense belonging. But he hasn’t always felt this way.

In 1970, this ‘boy from Wollongong’, arrived, aged 14, with six siblings to live with an uncle. The move wasn’t planned.

Mr Gordon’s mother died of breast cancer a few years after the

birth of his twin brothers. His father died unexpectedly shortly afterward. Mr Gordon recalls enormous kindness in those early years. “There was an awful lot of generosity.”

Mr Gordon’s daughter Aerin describes her father as one of the most consistent people she’s ever known. “He is always there for us,” she says. “One of the things most important to Dad is that people should know that they are loved. He wants this for his family, for himself and for everyone.”

Since HAC’s inception, Mr Gordon has helped raise $20 million for vulnerable Canberrans. “That’s 20 million that pretty much would have gone out of Canberra if it wasn’t for the work of HAC,” he says.

And what now?

“I honestly don’t know. I live in Canberra, I come from Canberra and I‘ll never forget the work that HAC does. I’ll be part of that work forever,” he says.

And personally? “I don’t have anything particular in mind. I have a beautiful partner, four beautiful children and five beautiful grandchildren. So, I’ve got some grandfathering to do!”

Read the full version at canberradaily.com.au

- Bernie Rya n

10 canberradaily.com.au 09 May 2024
Outgoing Hands Across Canberra CEO Peter Gordon. Image: Emmanuel Rodriguez
S at u r d ay 1 8 M ay & S u n d ay 1 9 M ay • 9 : 3 0 a m - 2 : 3 0 p m
all things wool!
2 1 W e n t w o r t h A v e K i n g s t o n • 6 2 9 5 3 3 3 1 • o b d m . c o m . a u C a n b e r r a W o o l E x p o Celebrate all things wool! feature Old Bus Depot Markets
cosy at the two-day
Two huge days to celebrate
Watch demonstrations and meet the region’s talented craftspeople, suppliers and designers at the Canberra Wool Expo.
Canberra Wool Expo 2024!

95% of employers believe volunteering provides experience

real world

More than 74 per cent of the ACT population volunteered last year, donating more than 60 million hours to the common good according to the ACT State of Volunteering report 2023. The report is set to be launched later this month.

Volunteering Australia’s research shows 95 per cent of employers believe volunteering is a credible way to gain real world experience and 92 per cent of employers believe volunteering gives an advantage at a job interview (Key Volunteering Statistics – March 2024).

Historically, the ACT has enjoyed the highest levels of formal and informal volunteering participation across Australia. Keeping up with

this tradition, we invite you to join us at the 2024 Volunteering Expo on Saturday, 18 May at the UC Refectory, Bruce.

Every year during National Volunteer Week, VolunteeringACT organises the Volunteering Expo to connect the Canberra community with more than 50 volunteer-involving organisations and support the general public in finding their next volunteering role.

There will be lots of volunteering opportunities available at the Volunteering Expo, across diverse areas including sports and recreation, health, education, arts, tourism, environment, community services and more!

Participation in volunteering

provides vital workplace experience and enables volunteers to become job-ready, increasing their chances of obtaining meaningful, long-term employment. The ACT State of Volunteering report 2023 highlights that participation in volunteering can improve an individual’s chances of gaining employment by 27 per cent.

If you are a volunteer involving organisation looking to expand and support your team of volunteers, contact us today to be an exhibitor at the 2024 Volunteering Expo. Volunteering isn’t just about giving back – it’s about investing in yourself, your community, and our shared future. Join us at this fun, family-friendly event to celebrate National Volunteer Week and find

your perfect volunteering opportunity.

There is something for everyone this year!

Entry is free for visitors. There will be food, co ee, live music, face-painting and much more!

feature VolunteeringACT
VolunteeringACT CEO, Jean Giese.

More candidates emerge for ACT elections

Well, since last week, a number of new candidates have put their hand up for the October local elections.

Alan Tutt, Belco Party co-founder and candidate in 2020, local AFL legend and Hawker shop owner, has been endorsed to run for Ginninderra again for the Belco Party. Alan was largely responsible at the last election for keeping the West Belconnen garden waste recycling tip from being closed by the local government. He is currently campaigning to get 250 extra police to help reduce crime in Belconnen (and the ACT generally), and to also save the Hawker shops carpark. He is also keen to see the late Chic Henry’s legacy honoured by building the Chic Henry Canberra International Motorsport & Driver Training Facility in Canberra.

Last week, I attended two meetings to hear from candidates interested in standing for the Canberra Independents. The committee of the Canberra Independents has now gone away to consider each prospective candidate; they aim to announce

two candidates in each electorate, with the other candidates being support candidates. All candidates I saw and heard at the two meetings would be suitable in my view to represent their electorates. Due to space constraints, I will write about the Yerrabi and Ginninderra candidates, and cover the Kurrajong and Murrumbidgee candidates next week, as well as recently endorsed Liberal number one Senate candidate Jacob Vadakkedathu.

In Yerrabi, a doyen of the local multicultural community, Mainul Haque, is standing. Mainul has been a teacher and manager of radio station 2XX. He is also a published author and was awarded an OAM for his services to the community.

David Pollard is going around again. David has been a most effective member of the Gungahlin Community Council. He has a software engineering background, and achieved a good vote in the 2020 elections.

Vikram Kulkarni is a senior ACT housing officer working in the Community Services Directorate and fosters consensus around decision making. He also presented very well.

Finally, Snehalata KC, originally from Nepal, was

the fourth candidate. She works in aged care and is a passionate advocate for our elderly. A proud Australian citizen, she is grateful for the opportunities presented to her in Australia and especially Canberra, and wants to give back to the community. She was an impressive speaker.

Two candidates for Ginninderra presented; another, Sue Read, was sick. Sue is a local sports star who has represented Australia in hockey and is an elite athlete in track and field. Sue successfully ran the recent “save Canberra United” campaign.

Nick Spence, an experienced former political operative and now federal government employee responsible for running an agency of 40 people, presented well and answered questions directly with politeness and style.

Finally, local police Acting Inspector Mark Richardson, who has sprung to fame recently calling a spade a spade when talking about hoon drivers at Summernats, made an excellent speech on problems with law and order in Canberra and how we need more police, who in turn need more support from the government.

Thank you all for seeking to be candidates.

12 canberradaily.com.au 09 May 2024
opinion fit the bill

Relief for students with $3b of HECS debt eliminated

More than three million Australians will have their student debt wiped, with an average deduction of $1,200.

Education Minister Jason Clare on Sunday announced the government would cap the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) indexation rate, eliminating about $3 billion of student debt.

The capped rate would ensure indexation matched either the Consumer Price Index (CPI) or Wage Price Index (WPI) - whichever was lower - after Australians were slugged with a student debt increase of 7.1 per cent in 2023.

The record increase was based on CPI, whereas under WPI, the debt spike would have only been 3.2 per cent.

The government said it would backdate the change - which formed part of the May federal budget - to student loans from 1 June 2023.

“This will wipe out around $3 billion in student debt from more than three million Australians,” Mr Clare said in a statement.

“The Universities Accord recommended indexing HELP loans to whatever is lower out of CPI and WPI.

“We are doing this and going further.”

All HELP debts that were indexed in 2023 and would be subject to indexation on 1 June 2024, would get an indexation credit, the government said.

A person with an average HELP debt of $26,500 would have about $1,200 cut from their outstanding loans this year under the change, pending legislation passing.

The credit for someone with $130,000 in student debt would be

almost $5,900.

Deputy Liberal leader Sussan Ley said she found the suggestion students who weren’t already paying back debt wouldn’t be worried about increases “really insulting”.

“They’re actually anxious when they see their student debt go up ... they still see that amount going up and it’s quite scary for them and they know that it’s looming over them,” she told Sky News on Sunday.

“I don’t think students will feel particularly warm and welcoming of this announcement.”

Universities Australia backed the move as cost-of-living pressures continue to bite.

“These changes are a significant win for Australians with a HELP debt and will make a real difference in people’s lives,” Universities Australia chief executive Luke Sheehy said.

Greens education spokeswoman Mehreen Faruqi says student debts shouldn’t be growing at all.

“Let’s be clear, this will not provide any cost-of-living relief to people who are struggling to make repayments, pay rising rents and afford their groceries,” she said.

The backdated change would apply to Australians with HELP debt, VET Student Loans, Australian Apprenticeship Support Loans and other student loans that existed on 1 June.

“By backdating this reform to last year, we’re making sure that apprentices, trainees and students affected by last year’s jump in indexation get this important costof-living relief,” Skills and Training Minister Brendan O’Connor said in a statement.

Local healthcare focus: Casey’s new doctor brings experience, knowledge and curiosity

Dr Tharini Thayaparan has moved her general practice across the Ginninderra Creek from Gungahlin to Ochre Medical Centre Casey. A few weeks in now, and she is excited to be serving the local community.

Migrating from Sri Lanka in 2000 as a young paediatrician, Dr Tharini decided to retrain as a General Practitioner. “I really enjoyed managing families and all aspects of the continuity of their care”, she explains.

Two years at the prestigious Westmead hospital in Sydney prepared her well for the rest of her GP training which took her between Bathurst and Lithgow in NSW.

Dr Tharini was awarded her fellowship at the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and acquired a Diploma in Child Health from the University of Sydney. She moved to the ACT in 2010 and, aside from a one-year stint in Wagga Wagga in 2016, has made the suburbs of northern Canberra her home. “I just really love the lifestyle and the people!” she says.

Gungahlin is famously multicultural and Dr Tharini enjoys that aspect of the community. “I see patients from a variety of backgrounds including ones that speak my native language, Tamil”. This will continue to be the case in Casey.

Dr Tharini’s studious and thorough approach to medicine instils confidence in her patients. Her areas of special interest and deeper knowledge are women’s health, children’s health and metabolic conditions like diabetes and obesity. She can also provide excellent contraceptive advice and menopausal management. She is interested too, in managing mental health conditions including the preparation of mental health care plans.

“I listen carefully in each consultation and strive to make the patient feel heard, she says. “I am also up to date with knowledge, attending webinars and reading all the latest medical journals”.

Dr Tharini also emphasises the importance of following up with patients on a caseby-case basis. She tells of a particular instance when she was practicing in NSW.

“The patient, a 55-year-old male, had chronic depression and low energy, which on the surface seemed to be from some childhood abuse and trauma.” She followed up with him regularly, also establishing that there had been a family history of bowel cancer. Despite his resistance to having a colonoscopy, she was still able to perform various other exploratory tests and establish that he did in fact have cancer, which had begun to spread locally. Fortunately, surgery was successful and the patient made a full recovery.

Dr Tharini recounts that this patient travelled to Canberra to personally thank her for her care. A heart-warming outcome and massive relief for the patient and his family.

Away from her practice, Dr Tharini loves to explore new countries, cultures, and architecture. She also enjoys movies and is a ‘foodie’, always keen to try new cuisines with her family and friends.

Dr Tharini Thayaparan is accepting new patients at Ochre Medical Centre Casey. Bookings can be made online at ochrehealth.com.au or call the practice on 6163 4200.

13 canberradaily.com.au 09 May 2024

Dr Damien Bezzina Skin Doctor

Expertise in the management of Skin Cancer, all lumps & bumps ranging from cysts, lipomas to anal skin tags and most things in between.


• SKIN CHECKS (full body & spot checks)

• SKIN CANCER MANAGEMENT (surgical inc skin aps & grafts & non-surgical)

• LUMPS & BUMPS MANAGEMENT (cysts, lipomas, skin tags, anal skin tags, any other lesions)

• DERMATOLOGY (Rash, eczema etc)

Debating Kangaroos in Canberra

• HAIR LOSS (Alopecia, Male & Female pattern baldness/thinning) – PRP treatments, steroid intra-lesional treatments, LED scalp therapy, micro-needling

• COSMETICS (PRP for ne facial lines & improved skin quality & Anti-wrinkle injections)


Appointments can be made via:

Ochre BRUCE 02 6180 8500 or HotDoc online QUEANBEYAN GP SUPERCLINIC 02 6297 3311 or www.qgpsc.com.au/appointments/ @lbsc_clinic Be part of a welcoming, supportive, connected community that supports your child to reach their potential. A place of faith, learning and opportunity that provides education opportunities for all

Robyn Soxsmith (CW 2 May), wonders why Evelyn Kearns (CW 25 April) continues to live in the “Bush Capital” when she seems opposed to Australia’s unique flora and fauna. In case you did not notice, she said she loves Canberra. She does, however, realise that Kangaroos are a problem and this is the reason they are culled. In nature or the bush, the Kangaroos would be culled by wild dingos or eaten by the Aboriginals, which is what happened before the colonists arrived. Robyn claims that Kangaroos have become refugees in their own land. Does this mean when the Aboriginals first arrived, they were the “Invaders” of the territory belonging to the kangaroos, just like the colonialists were supposed to have been when they arrived? If they had not eaten the kangaroos, the country would have been overrun by them. I agree that planting massive gum trees next to housing is a problem. In fact, any trees next to houses are a problem. The roots spread far and wide and can cause problems for the foundations and services of the houses. As to road safety, there are already speed signs, speed bumps in some suburban roads, traffic lights and roundabouts. What else can you do except get the drivers to drive in a safe manner instead of driving like a bat out of hell. Vegetated overpasses would be rather costly and impractical.

- Vi Evans, MacGregor

Rethink poor drug policies

The ACT government is a worrying fright following the student members’ revolution on narcotics shamefully endorsed by “MLA Sleepers” as government policy. Surely there is more to life than growing narcotics in your yard and rejoicing in the absence

of fear of being apprehended by the police and facing consequences, as was the case previously. This is an example of a government in serious decline, as is the wet lettuce leaf approach being taken on other drug possession and useage. This nonsense is already failing in other countries such as the USA, but we stumble on and persist. Who is actually promoting this as an election no-brainer/winner? Is this what they do in Zetland, Iceland, Shetland Islands, the Baltics and good ‘Ol Portugal, Amsterdam and Bhutan?

- John Lawrence, Flynn

Kudos to Ian Pilsner

I have just returned home after a few weeks in Sydney where I haven’t looked at Canberra Weekly for the duration. As such, when I returned home, it was a refreshing read when I saw Ian Pilsner’s letter, “Support for Stefaniak” (CW 2 May). He was able to summarise what I’ve been saying in relation to Palestine, Gaza and our Government’s lack of a positive response in support of Israel in their fight for survival against the Hamas attempt to commit genocide against Israel. Ian, if you read this, I would just like to congratulate you on saying what I often think when I read Bill’s columns on this issue.

- Paul Myers, Karabar

Too many casualties in Gaza

In response to several letters about the war in Israel. It is inevitable that people will take sides. While some may consider the conflict a just war, it is how it’s being prosecuted that is unjust. Whether it is a deliberate military strategy by Israeli leaders or unintentional, 30,000 civilian casualties is reckless, cruel and morally reprehensible.

(Continued page 16)

14 canberradaily.com.au 09 May 2024
to the editor
hope, joy wonder Discover the & Catholic schools Enrol now! of our cg.catholic.edu.au

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Session 1: 3:00-3:30pm | Session 2: 4:00-4:30pm

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Spacious 2 or 3 bedroom residences

All 2 bathroom

From $695,000

Boutique Retirement Living

(From page 14)

More needs to be done by the rest of the world in condemning Israeli leaders. A good start would be for countries to stop selling military weapons and to start imposing sanctions.

Kambah Government must be challenged

It’s time serious action was taken in the city we reside in. We are in a dreadful state because of loan practices and awful policies implemented by a government intent on seeing us plunge off the financial ledge with the great fortune of an ‘asleep’ opposition who are marginal value over checks, balances and reasoned counterargument. Pointless having Opposition MLA members of this ilk who are now mustering in a cone of silence for re-election in October this year. Canberra is free falling and we need to proclaim .... “Enough we will not vanish into the night, we will fight, for better governmentget out of the road our day of common sense is here!”

- John Lawrence, Flynn

Too Much Pilsner Ian?

Re Ian’s Support for Stefaniak (CW 2 May), no one is objecting to Israel’s right to self-defence. However, is what’s happening in Gaza to be deemed a proportionate response? By any measure (well I guess clearly not any), it is over the top. The place is in rubble. Tens of thousands have died with more in prospect. This will salt the earth in the region in both the physical and relationship/trust sense for decades if not ever. The ‘nobility’ of Israel’s cause is tainted by the personal agenda of its leader to deflect from the problems he’s to face. Good grief if we retaliated to these levels for every hurt where would it end? Would you support the death penalty in every case of murder as a proportionate response Ian? One doesn’t mind an alternative (conservative) view if it’s based in some intellectual rigour. I dare say there are plenty of conservative views available daily on Sky News and I expect The Daily Telegraph and The Australian have a greater readership than The Canberra Times, even in this town.

Want to share your opinion?

Email news@canberraweekly.com.au with ‘To the editor’ in the subject field; include your full name, phone number, street address (NFP) and suburb. Keep letters to 250 words maximum. Note, letters may be shortened if space restrictions dictate.

Read more letters at canberradaily.com.au

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Making life easier at home 02 6175 5650 community@goodwin.org.au goodwin.org.au/home-care Talk to our experienced team to find out more We’ll come to you so you can stay at home Trust Goodwin to provide quality, reliable care in the comfort of your own home.
Cleaning, cooking, personal care, clinical care and lifestyle assistance • Tailored plans based on your needs • Compassionate, local and well-trained staff

have you heard?

GIVIT donation of the week: Mixed underwear

GIVIT is working with a community-centered high school in the ACT that provides quality education and a wide range of support services for students and their families. They are requesting mixed underwear for students between the ages of 12-16 years old. The school supports families undergoing financial hardship and other challenges by providing food, clothing and other everyday needs. The mixed underwear will be included in home packs that will be distributed to families. Your donation will be greatly appreciated by the school and its community. Generous Canberrans can donate mixed underwear by visiting: GIVIT.org.au/what’sneeded, search Category: ‘underwear - mixed’; Location: ‘ACT’.

Housing affordability seminar

The Belco Party is hosting a seminar on the housing affordability crisis on Thursday 9 May, 7pm at the South Cross Club Jamison - Catchpole Room.

Bill Stefaniak will MC a panel of Canberrans with years of experience in the area who will facilitate the discussion. The public is encouraged to come along and have their say on one of the biggest issues of our time. To book, email angela@belcoparty.org.

Book sale

Secondhand Books for all occasions. Fiction and non-fiction, favourite authors, cookery, gardening, manuals, children, magazines and much more… Fresh scones baked on the premises. On Friday 17 and Saturday 18 May from 9am –1pm at St Ninian’s Uniting Church Hall, cnr Mouat and Brigalow St, Lyneham.

Suited for persons who are retired or semi-retired looking for additional income. Applicants need a driver’s licence and one tonne ute, van or equivalent.

Must be available on Thursday mornings from 8am to commence deliveries.

community noticeboard

email news@newstimemedia.com.au with ‘HYH’ in the subject field

ANBG Thursday Talks

16 May - Jane Cottee, ANBG volunteer Guide and President of Southern Tablelands Ecosystem Park (STEP) at the Arboretum, will talk on “STEP by STEP, 15 years for Forest 20”, its development over the past 15 years, and the strategy for the next ten years. Talks are held at the ANBG Theatrette, opposite ANBG Visitor Centre. 12:30 to 1:30pm. Bookings at trybooking.com/COGLW. Donations welcome.


Queanbeyan: Our next Luncheon meeting is on Thursday 16 May, 12 for 12:30pm at the Tourist Hotel, Monaro Street, Queanbeyan. Our guest speaker will be Brad Tucker, Astrophysicist at ANU. New ladies are welcome for fun and friendship. RSVP to Sue on 0448 427 237 or nasforbes@bigpond.com.

Tuggeranong Evening: Join us at Tuggeranong Evening VIEW Club for dinner and to help raise money for disadvantaged children. Our next meeting (your choice of meal) is on 22 April at the Town Centre Vikings Club, Greenway with a 6.30 for 7pm start. Guest speaker is Ros Jackson from the ANU Classics Museum. Please contact us: tuggeven@gmail.com

WWCA Community Grants

This year, the Weston Creek Community Association is funding a Community Grants Program to provide financial support for projects that promote community cohesion, development and support, primarily in Weston Creek, Molonglo and surrounding suburbs. A total fund of $20,000 for the Program is available for applications from $1,000 and upwards. Applications must be submitted between 1 May and 31 May. Contact 6288 0144 or email info@westoncccentre.org.au for more info.

Kippax Uniting Church

Kippax Uniting Church, opposite Kippax Fair shopping centre, will hold its monthly indoor marketplace on Saturday 18 May, 9am-1pm. As usual, we will have our community stallholders, barbeque, and morning teafeaturing fresh scones. This month’s sale is a “Mini Monster Garage Sale (everything except furniture) and a cake stall.” And this month, we will have some brand new clothing at very reasonable prices! Community donations will be gratefully received on Friday 17 May.

Racism in Australia symposium

A symposium exploring racism, its impact, and what actions we can take to reduce or eliminate it. Keynote addresses, panel discussions, and participatory activities. Free and all welcome to attend and contribute your views. 11am-3.30pm Sunday 26 May, Research School of Social Sciences (RSSS), ANU. Lunch provided. Registration essential via Humanitix. More details from secretary.cmcf@gmail.com

CWA Queanbeyan Evening Branch

The next monthly meeting is on Tuesday 11 June, commencing with dinner (if you wish) at 6pm at Campbell & George, corner Campbell Street & Canberra Avenue, Queanbeyan followed by the meeting at 7pm across the road in the Ladies Bowling Club. The CWA aims to improve conditions for country women and children. We reach that aim in various ways including lobbying for change, helping the local community, creating a network of support and meeting together. New members are always very welcome.

20 canberradaily.com.au 09 May 2024
Call Vincent Samaras 0418 182 664 SPREAD THE NEWS AND EARN EXTRA $$$

Jessica Cottis Curator/Conductor

Amy Moore Soprano CSO Chamber Ensemble


A Love Worth Fighting For JAMES HENRY Heart Like Snow

Plus the world premiere performances of CSO Commissions by Peggy Polias and Michael Bakrnčev.

To book, scan the QR code, go to cso.org.au/concert-experience or call CSO Direct on 02 6262 6772 (weekdays 10am–3pm) BOOK NOW AUSTRALIAN SERIES Supported by HEART-
SPACE 16 May 2024 National Museum of Australia
22 canberradaily.com.au 09 May 2024
social scene
theCBRwoman’s High Coffee networking event at ONA Coffee House in Fyshwick. Images: Jordan Mirchevski

Plant-based Chestnut Bolognese

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire is one of our favourite things! Australian chestnuts are in season throughout autumn, and here is a pasta recipe to try using this delicious and nutritious nut.

A plant-based alternative to traditional minced meat spaghetti sauce, made hearty with the rich flavour and texture of chestnuts.

500g chestnuts, cooked and peeled

2 Tbsp olive oil

1 brown onion

3 cloves garlic

100g celery, finely chopped

2 medium carrots, grated

50g fresh basil leaves

50g fresh parsley leaves

1 Tbsp dried Italian herbs

2 tins brown lentils, rinsed and drained

200ml vegetable stock

5 Tbsp tomato paste

400g crushed tomatoes

400ml tomato passata (puree) 1 tsp white sugar

1. Heat a large pot with olive oil on medium. Add finely chopped brown onion and sauté for 5 mins, stirring regularly. Add carrot, celery, garlic and dried herbs. Continue sautéing for an additional 10 mins until all vegetables are soft.

2. Coarsely chop chestnuts and add to pot along with finely chopped basil and parsley. Add lentils and vegetable stock. Allow to simmer uncovered for 10 mins.

3. To the pot add crushed tomatoes, tomato passata, tomato paste and sugar. Simmer for approximately one hour. Season to taste and serve with freshly cooked pasta.

23 canberradaily.com.au 09 May 2024
Recipes and images courtesy of Australian Chestnuts.
Saturday 18 May Pioneer Street, Batlow 10am - 4:30pm Cider Tasting and Sales, Great Food, Fun and Entertainment TICKETS AVAILABLE ONLINE AND AT THE GATE BATLOWCIDERFEST.COM.AU Richard Breward Electrical Serving Batlow and District Licence No 173395C Acc No 2652 ACN 112 618 765 ABN 51 112 618 765 Pty Ltd Serving Batlow and District Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Electrical Installations Richard Breward and Gary Membrey Pty Ltd Phone 0428 464 445 0428 Industrial Electrical Installations Richard Breward and Gary Membrey

Alpaca your bags: A unique adventure to Blackwattle Alpaca Farm

Looking for something different to do around town? CW has hit the streets in search of activities that locals may not have heard about, but we think would love to do. This week we jumped the border to Murrumbateman to meet a pack of alpacas and llamas at Blackwattle Alpaca Farm.

Members of the camel family, llamas and alpacas are known for their lush coats, long necks, intelligence and gentle nature. The tours at Blackwattle allow you to feed, walk and pet some of the 65 alpacas and 5 llamas on the property.

Accompanied by one of the tour guides, guests are informed where the animals like to be

petted, their favourite foods and fun facts like the creatures can reach speeds of 50-55km an hour in short bursts.

alpacas on the farm. The fibre business came first, when customers were buying yarn, they

24 09 May 2024
Angela Smith owner and manager of Blackwattle Alpaca Farm with Caramello the alpaca.
time out
SubjectChange to 16 —— 18 MAY 2024 THE PLAYHOUSE CANBERRA BOOK NOW CALL 02 6275 2700 CANBERRATHEATRECENTRE.COM.AU Three dynamic new dance works exploring our relationship to change.

The yarn business started selling products at a discounted rate to try and keep the feed in stock. Then they launched the tours to ensure they could keep feeding their herd.

“My biggest priority is keeping the animals well and safe,” says Angela.

Tours can now be booked in during opening hours Thursday - Sunday with Thursday offering private tours only. It is not unusual for weekends to book out, with people keen to get up close and often take a selfie or two with the striking animals.

There are a number of tours including the Hand Feeding Tour, Farm Tour, Alpaca Adventure, Alpaca Picnic, Lunch with the Llamas and the most popular offering, Brunch with the Bunch.

“It is a meet and greet with the llamas. You have an hour in the paddock where you meet and hand feed them, then you come back in and we serve you a fully cooked brunch. We usually run them three times a month,” says Angela.

This Mother’s Day, the team is hosting a special edition Brunch with the Bunch as they welcome special guests - four camels who will be available for feedings and rides. The day will

also be raising funds for Bossom Buddies ACT, a local breast cancer support charity.

“10 per cent of sales from our shop will be donated directly to them. One of our staff members is a [breast cancer] survivor, so I’m doing it on her behalf,” says Angela.

CW experienced the Alpaca Interactive Tour, where we guided a halter-trained alpaca around the field, the tour allows you to connect with the alpaca you are leading around. The alpaca fur is like petting a cloud and throughout the 45 minutes, you get to know the personality of your

walking buddy.

Caramello was cautious and gentle while Paddington was more confident and had a cheeky personality, leading his walker into a garden bed where he tried to steal a bite of a tree. Angela explained that each animal is trained to walk with people but not all of them want to and none of them are forced.

Book in your visit to Blackwattle Alpaca Farm; blackwattlealpacas.com.au

- Jessica Cordwell

25 canberradaily.com.au 09 May 2024
Get up close with gentle, funny creatures at Blackwattle Alpaca Farm.
INTERNATIONAL SERIES JOYCE YANG KALEIDOSCOPIC COLOURS Tuesday, 14 May, 7pm 40 Monaro Crescent, Red Hill ACT 2603 To book scan the QR code or visit SNOWCONCERTHALL.COM Friday, 21 June, 7pm Coming Next: JACK LIEBECK violin & VOCES8 “a knockout” The New York Times piano Presented in partnership with

Your local, independent bookshop in Kingston

Canberra’s newest independent bookshopstocking a large range of quality new books for readers of all ages. We sell pages for all ages


Take 5 with Joyce

Grammy-nominated Korean pianist sensation Joyce Yang returns to Australia next month to amaze audiences with her moving renditions of classic works. She stops in at Canberra’s Snow Concert Hall to perform her show Kaleidoscopic Colours on Tuesday 14 May. CW caught up with Ms Yang ahead of the show to discuss favourite works, toys and the future.


What can audiences expect from the show at Snow Concert Hall?

I’ll be playing a piano recital showcasing works by four different Russian composers. Russian music has always been very close to my heart and I hope the audience goes on an epic journey listening to these masterpieces, which are filled with drama, beauty, and nostalgia.


What first drew you to the piano?

I received the piano as my 4th birthday present. My aunt was my first piano teacher and she made up all kinds of fun games and activities involving the piano. The piano soon turned into my favourite toy.


Do you have any career highlights so far?

Winning the silver medal at the Van Cliburn Piano Competition as a 19-year-old brought many new opportunities. I got to perform in my

home country (South Korea) with the New York Philharmonic on their Asian tour and play at the world’s greatest venues like New York’s Lincoln Center, The Berliner Philharmonie and the Tonhalle (Zurich). Other career highlights include being nominated for the Grammy award for a chamber music disc I recorded with violinist Augustin Hadelich, as well as winning the Avery Fisher Career Grant.


Do you have a favourite piece to play?

This changes all the time but I always seem to return to works by Schumann and Rachmaninoff.


What’s next for you?

Love and support from my husband, family, and friends!

Catch Joyce Yang in Kaleidoscopic Colours at Snow Concert Hall on Tuesday 14 May 7pm; snowconcerthall.com

26 canberradaily.com.au 09 May 2024
Written by Geoffrey Atherden. Belconnen Community Theatre May 24th to June 1st Bookings: Canberraticketing.com.au Phone 62752700 A Tempo Theatre production . Tempotheatre.org.au 50 years By arrangement with David Spicer Productions
on the original television series
Every $20 spend will go into the draw Online and instore Draw date 31 May 2024 Free shipping for orders over $50 QUALITY AUSTRALIAN HEMP PRODUCTS WIN THIS AMAZING HEMP HAMPER VALUED AT $374 (draw date may subject to change). OPENING HOURS Monday-Friday: 10am-4pm | Saturday: 10am-3pm Ph: 0431 318 898 | 84 Wollongong St, Fyshwick southpacifichemp.com.au
Joyce Yang presents Kaleidoscopic Colours at Snow Concert Hall on 14 May.

Book talk

The Lost Lover by Karen Swan Macmillan, $34.99

Romance and historical drama are skilfully combined in Karen Swan’s The Lost Lover. Set in 1930, the book is the third in Karen’s Wild Isle series and opens with the dramatic evacuation of the small Scottish Island of St Kilda. Flora MacQueen hopes for a new life with her distant lover after the evacuation, but when tragedy strikes, she finds herself adrift and caught up in a world of deception and scandal. Containing the right mixture of drama, romance and fascinating historical detail, The Lost Lover is a very engaging read that will please many mums.

After some last minute gifts for Mother’s Day? Jeff Popple recommends three romance novels for mum. More of Jeff’s reviews can be found on his blog, murdermayhemandlongdogs.com

The Rivertown Vet by Jennifer Scoullar Penguin, $34.99

Mothers who enjoy rural romances with a strong conservation theme will appreciate Jennifer Scoullar’s heart-warming The Rivertown Vet. Located in South Australia’s gorgeous river country, it follows Jana Malinski, a local vet who is struggling to keep her much loved wombat sanctuary afloat. When an old flame returns to town, she is confronted with new opportunities, but mysterious events soon threaten to derail her plans for the sanctuary and a local zoo. A touching and enjoyable romance, The Rivertown Vet is also brimming with the author’s intimate knowledge of native wildlife and exotic animals, such as endangered sun bears. Recommended.

The One That Got Away


Allen & Unwin, $32.99

Also featuring a vividly described small country town is Karly Lane’s The One That Got Away. Alex Kelly is settled into her life in England with a dream job and plans to buy a cute cottage. Reluctantly she returns to Australia to sell the family home that her father left her in the small coastal town of Rockne Heads. It is supposed to be a quick trip back to the place she hates, but her return opens up old grudges and secrets, and sets her on a collision course with her former love, Sully McCoy. A great after lunch read for mum!

Competiton winners!

27 canberradaily.com.au 09 May 2024
The winners in Canberra Weekly’s latest round of competition draws are: Deluxe Bathroom Bundle: K. King, Ngunnawal Hasbro Gaming: J. Wallace, Dickson; B. Baker, Sutton; A. Soper, Ngunnawal
sponsored by
May 2024
by A Slightly Isolated Dog

Instant Comedy!

Delight in the quick wit and creativity of improvised comedy masterminds; all inspired by a single word from the audience. Combining the wit of stand-up and the intimacy of live theatre, Lightbulb creates memorable stories, colourful characters, enchanting songs and plenty of laughs. Tickets $15 online or at the door.

Smith’s Alternative, Thursday 9 May 7pm; smithsalternative.com

Canberra Symphony Orchestra

CSO presents a program that pairs Classical icon Joseph Haydn with Norwegian Romantic composer Edward Grieg in Reverie

Albert Hall, Sunday 12 May 2pm; cso.org.au

Things My Mother Made

Treat mum to a Mother’s Day afternoon of sublime music and heartfelt emotion as the National Opera presents a tribute to mums.

Ainslie All Saints Church, 12 May 2:30pm; trybooking.com


Symphony Orchestra

The Korean piano sensation brings her flawless playing to Canberra in Kaleidoscopic Colours.

Snow Concert Hall, Tuesday 14 May 7pm; snowconcerthall.com

The Trojan War

The third installment of the sexy fun works, The Trojan War tells the tale of the fall of Troy.

The Q- Queanbeyan Performing Arts Centre, 14-15 May; theq.net.au



The psychological thriller masterpiece of stage and screen follows a woman who feels as though she is losing her mind, but is all as it seems?

Canberra Theatre Centre 15-19 May; canberratheatrecentre.com.au

Book launch

Join members of Margaret Tucker’s family for a celebration of Margaret’s life and work, and to mark the release of the new edition of her autobiography, If Everyone Cared Enough.

National Library of Australia, 15 May 6pm; nla.gov.au

Five Women Wearing the Same Dress

Five bridesmaids avoid the wedding reception happening below, a fun irreverent celebration of women’s spirit.

ACT Hub, until 18 May; acthub.com.au

18-19 MAY

Canberra Wool Expo

Step into an incredible world of woolly goodness with spinning demonstrations, weaving, hand felting and many stallholders selling wool and wares.

Old Bus Depot Markets, Kingston 18-19 May; obdm.com.au

Find more listings at canberradaily.com.au

To advertise here, contact Mohit on 0402 377 603 or mohit@newstimemedia.com.au

Now showing

Tarot (M)

A group of university students hold a birthday celebration at an Airbnb mansion in the Catskills. After finding a box of sinister-looking tarot cards in the basement, they get Haley (Harriet Slater) to read their horoscopes.

The horror genre is usually a safe bet for filmmakers and audiences alike. As long as there are the expected tropes to serve up a tried-and-tested framework, all that is needed is some tension, scares and a little blood splatter. It Follows (2015) did a fantastic job setting up its internal logic by explaining the rules of how its supernatural antagonist worked, ensuring audiences empathised with its luckless leads. Tarot’s logic is not as clear, causing confusion and disassociation with the leads’ plight.

The young cast lacks chemistry

as a group of friends and is generic to the point of boredom. Whereas 80s slashers set the trope of teen misbehaviour bringing about their own (disproportionate) reckoning, our teens here get up to absolutely nothing in their spare time, barring inexplicably hiring a mansion a few times.

While the production value and design of the cards and the creepy apparitions are strong, the elements of a competent slasher are missing; timing, anticipation and pay-o s. Some scenes are also nonsensical as if they were edited too short due to the lack of decent takes.

Verdict: A strong production let down by incompetent direction and editing, the cinematic equivalent of lending a 15-year-old the keys to a BMW.

- Luke McWilliams themovieclub.net.

Viewed at Dendy cinemas.

28 canberradaily.com.au 09 May 2024
UNTIL 18 MAY 09 MAY 12 MAY 14 MAY 15 MAY 12 MAY 14-15 MAY
time out what’s on
Lightbulb Improv presents Instant Comedy! at Smith’s Alternative on 9 May.

Met Gala

2024 looks we love and love to hate

The first Monday of May is fashion’s biggest night- the Met Gala. Celebrities climb the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in line with this year’s dress code The Garden of Time. Here are our top picks for those who got it right and those who got it oh so wrong.

Love Love to hate

30 canberradaily.com.au 09 May 2024 the
While it may be something found in a garden this moth-inspired fit worn by J. Harrison Ghee seems more fit for a dress-up party than the Met Gala. Donning a flowery cape Jordan Roth resembles a floral embellished condom in this Valentino get-up. Barry Keoghan, an ambassador for Burberry is channeling Alice in Wonderland’s White Rabbit, complete with timepiece. Never one to shy away from taking a risk, Chloë Sevigny looked more like a barmaid caught mid-dressing than a starlet in this Dilara Findikoglu concoction. Fashion designer Harris Reed looks heavensent in the striking pant set. Channeling sleeping beauty, Sabrina Carpenter turns heads in a duvet-inspired dress by Oscar de la Renta. Gigi Hadid is the essence of timeless beauty in this classic-inspired dress created by Thom Browne.
Bentleys of Canberra, Jamison Plaza Shop A07, Jamison Centre Macquarie ACT 2614 CWM001206AG Meet the Experts at Bentley’s of Canberra: Senior Stylists Paul, Aree and Andy Please phone 6251 2681 to make your booking

Want a Healthier Gut? Try the 30 Foods Challenge

Over two thousand years ago, Hippocrates, the Greek physician known as the father of medicine, declared ‘all disease begins in the gut’. A sentiment that has seemed to fall on deaf ears in recent times as modern medicine preferred to pursue pharmacological answers to our most common health ailments. Consequently, many generations of doctors graduated with only a relatively basic knowledge of how to use nutritional care in the prevention and management of chronic diseases.

Fast forward to today and much is changing. Modern research evidence has now illuminated the central role that the gut microbiome (the complex array of microbes that inhabit our digestive system) plays in our health, influencing our metabolism, nutrition, physiology, and immune function. This evidence has once again placed the gut as a central player in underpinning our wellbeing.

The breadth of recent discoveries of the

importance of the gut microbiome is staggering, showing our gut impacting almost every aspect of health. However, there is always a time lag between research breakthroughs and clinical applications in medicine. So, health professionals of all stripes are on a steep learning curve in figuring out how best to apply these new insights.

Some gut health experts advocate a ‘weed and seed’ approach. Using antibiotics to wipe out the existing gut flora (both good and bad) followed by a regime of probiotics to repopulate the gut with favourable bacteria.

Other clinicians are more cautious, using emerging knowledge of the interactions between different gut flora to introduce select microbes to coax the whole system back to equilibrium. However, the sheer complexity of the microbiome makes this challenging.

A general approach that is a good fit for people just looking to maximise their wellbeing is to build diversity in your gut flora through eating a varied range of foods. You are, or at least your gut flora is, what you eat. Experts tell us diversity in gut flora is

what we’re aiming for and the most reliable way to develop and maintain diversity of gut flora is through eating the widest range of plant foods possible. Many gut experts advocate the 30 foods challenge, where the aim is to eat 30 or more different plants each week. If eating 30 different plants sounds daunting, remember that herbs count, as do different salad greens, seeds and nuts. Simply by mixing up your greens and throwing on a seed mix you’re around a third of the way there already. If you’re roasting veggies, try adding cauliflower, carrot, parsnip or beetroot to go with the potatoes, pumpkin and sweet potatoes. Rub in some spices and olive oil and again you have an easy way to build diversity and reach the 30 foods goal. Extra points if you add in some fermented foods like miso, kimchi or sauerkraut, thereby supplying your gut flora with food-based probiotics.

Editor’s note: This wellbeing column provides information that is general in nature. Please always refer to your preferred health professional for advice suited to your personal healthcare requirements.

32 canberradaily.com.au 09 May 2024
health & wellbeing

The psychological benefits of being single

This is for all those single people out there experiencing pity from their partnered friends and constantly being set up or asked why they’re single. Those well-meaning friends who have someone who’s ‘just right for you’ or think the answer to your happiness is finding the right partner. I counsel plenty of single clients who are sick and tired of being asked, often by family, when they’re going to get married as if that is the answer to ultimate happiness.

There are many myths out there that single people are lonely and unfulfilled. There’s also social and cultural pressure to settle down and get married. It’s often the first question adults get asked; Are you married? Well, let’s take a look at the science of the benefits of being single, shall we?

Studies on people who are single by choice have actually shown that they are often more confident in themselves in terms of who they are,

their values and what’s important to them. They have time to prioritise their own needs, pursue goals and hobbies and are often better at self-care (think of relaxation and sleep) and looking after themselves.

Many people who have been single for a significant period of time by choice are comfortable in their own skin, they know who they are and often don’t waste time with those people who suck energy from them. Rather, they have quality relationships with friends who lift them up and support them. Single people can also often be more generous to others with their time and are often seen as kind and caring by their friends and colleagues. Long-term singles often know themselves well and if they do decide to start a relationship, they’re often more secure in themselves and clearer about their needs and their response to the needs of others.

Of course, we all need to feel connected to people, but this doesn’t have to be through a romantic relationship. If we have good quality relationships with family, friends and colleagues, this

provides us with a feeling of being understood, cared for, loved and appreciated.

There’s also plenty of research on the detrimental effects to our mental health if we are in the wrong relationship. Think of those in relationships, whether romantic or not, that are disrespectful and unloving, or those where a person feels they’ve lost the sense of who they are or they feel lonely within the relationship.

Whether single or not, good mental health involves respecting yourself and others and having quality relationships with others which can occur in many forms. It’s about prioritising your needs and looking after yourself. So single people, next time you’re asked the question about whether you’re in a relationship, you can say ‘Yes, I’m in a fabulous one with myself!’.

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health & wellbeing

Rich burgundy

As the seasons change, it’s time to embrace an eclectic mix of both cool and warmer hues –like those featured in the Journey palette from the 2024 Dulux Colour Forecast. In this makeover, the living room has been painted in a jewelled purple shade – Dulux Bruised Burgundy – while a softened beige and deep red – Dulux Beige Artefacts and Dulux Carmen – is added to the trims, doors, architraves and soft furnishings to balance the space.

Dulux Autumn Seasonal 2024 - Journey palette. Styling: Bree Leech.

Photographer: Lisa Cohen.

Dulux Beige Artefacts in Dulux Aquanamel®

Dulux Bruised Burgundy in Dulux Wash&Wear®

Dulux Carmen in Dulux Wash&Wear®

Artwork ‘The Secrets That We Keep’ by Vanessa Newell, Studio Gallery; Coffee Table (2PC), Trit House; Plant Society Book, DesignStuff; Burgundy cushion, Aura Home; Pink patterned cushion, House of Orange; Vessel on buffet, Jardan; Chair, Bachli Furniture; Rug, Halcyon Lake; Remaining books, stylist’s own.

Access help for just the parts you need. We take your ideas and your style then pull it all together so you can move forward. Avoid big ticket mistakes and achieve the stylish, timeless forever home you deserve.

Scan to learn more about Choose your Own Adventure Decorating Services

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home 1 before after
1 Polly cushion 48x48cm, from $74.99, Linen House; 2 The Chase wall art, from $195 Scott Leggo Gallery; 3 Safari ginger jar, from $202, Journey Home Interiors; 4 Hand dyed hemp cushion 30x40m, $100, South Pacific Hemp, Fyshwick; 5 Vonsbäk rug 170x230cm, $119, Ikea; 6 Hayman lounge chair, $699, Journey Home Interiors; 7 Miguel recycled glass vase, $79.95, Pillow Talk; 8 Bellavita table, $439, Luxe & Beau, Fyshwick.
2 7 3 5 8 4 6 Can’t
pull your home together? www.journey-home.com.au
seem to

Locally sourced, 100% recycled Australian timber for renovations, repairs & new builds.

30 Years of Recycling & Design

Drop into our workshop & showroom 10 Mildura St, Griffith, ACT




1 Disposition (9)

6 Belonging to the nose (5)

9 Crying (as a cat) (7)

10 Sitting room (7)

11 A position counting as a draw (9)

13 Walkway (5)

14 Mythological Greek monster (7)

16 US city known as ‘The Windy City’ (7)

18 Expert (3)

19 Measuring the greatest distance (7)

20 Fly larvae (7)

21 Spear handle (5)

23 Slaughterhouses (9)

26 Collapse inwards (7)

27 Cupidity (7)

28 Respiratory organs (5)

29 Nelson’s victory (9)


1 French philosopher and author (5)

2 Worship (9)

3 Nimble (5)

4 Moniker (3)

5 Indian currency unit (5)

6 Giving a spoken account (9)

7 Footwear (5)

8 Behaviour pertaining to theft (9)

12 Make suitable (5)

14 Heavenly (9)

15 Sub-atomic particles (9)

16 Punctuation mark (5)

17 Undergoing mental anguish (9)

22 Trembling poplar (5)

23 Skilled (5)

24 Jewelled head ornament (5)

25 Tarnish (5)

27 Exclamation of realisation (3)

Puzzles and pagination © Pagemasters | pagemasters.com



1 What is the largest moon in our solar system?

2 How many circles of Hell are there in Dante's Divine Comedy?

3 What is the capital city of Venezuela?

4 Which artist survived an assassination attempt in 1968?

5 Which English frontman is an uncredited backing singer on Carly Simon's You're So Vain?



The conjunction between the sun and Uranus in your sign on Monday will bring a surprise your way in your personal life, and for some at work. It’s a good week to organise meetings and for socialising, as you’ll enjoy get-togethers.


You’ll receive unexpected news from the past and, while it will be constructive as it’ll point to the best way forward, the surprise element of the news may initially be disconcerting. A group, friend or organisation will be helpful.


A change of plan or of strategy will be useful in your quest to improve your status, career or direction. Think innovatively, especially if a surprise seems to take you off course. Someone you can rely on will prove helpful.

LEO JUL 23 – AUG 23

A change of pace or place will lift spirits, so you’ll enjoy leaving your comfort zone and experiencing something different this week if you can. A friend or colleague will prove particularly supportive, so be sure to reach out.


A clever mixture between doing things differently and proving your own reliability and trustworthiness will take you into fresh territory. Expect an unexpected development in a shared experience or favourite activity, so be adaptable.


A personal or business partner may surprise you. Their news will provide the opportunity to put in place a fresh understanding of your relationship. It’s a good time to organise new arrangements to suit everyone.


Someone you prefer to see as reliable may surprise you this week. For some mid-Novemberborn Scorpios, a development early in the week will mean that an adjustment in your work or usual daily schedule will be necessary. Be flexible.


You’ll enjoy a change of pace or of place. The chance to embrace a little more stability and security in your personal life will encourage you to focus on the people and activities that mean the most to you right now.


You’ll appreciate the chance to do something a little different and get-togethers, romance and friends will buoy your mood. If you’re looking for a commitment, you may just gain it now, so be sure to ask for what you’d like.


A surprise at home or with family will add a fresh perspective for you in close relationships or regarding property. Be prepared to organise finances and duties so that you achieve a fair and equal arrangement for all concerned.


You’ll enjoy a get-together this weekend, so be sure to organise a trip or event. You may be repaid a debt. A chance meeting or spontaneous trip early next week will prompt you to invest in relationships with loved ones.


It’s a good time to configure a solid work, health or financial plan. You’re in line to receive unexpected financial or work news so, if you’ve been working towards a goal, your efforts are likely to pay off this week.


For personal readings, contact Patsy through her website to make an appointment, or call 0448 808 333. Facebook: facebook.com/patsybennettpsychicastrology Instagram: instagram.com/patsybennettastrology www.patsybennett.com

“Where nature meets perfection”
36 canberradaily.com.au 09 May 2024 1. Ganymede 2. Nine 3. Caracas 4. Andy Warhol 5. Mick Jagger DIFFICULTY RATING  37 69 8975 61 45 7854 1 98 83 7 62 8 56 4 9538 No. 1671 354716928 483967152 836174295 278549613 695281734 519832476 961328547 127453869 742695381
No. 2908
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CROSSWORD SUPER SUDOKU 0905 9 MAY - 15 MAY Brain busters DIAMONDS MANUKA Shop 5 Manuka Arcade, Manuka | Phone 62 95 6448 | Email info@diamondsmanuka.com.au

A Country Haven

Nestled amidst the rolling hills and overlooking the tranquil Murrumbidgee River, this retreat o ers the ideal fusion of rustic appeal and contemporary comforts.

As you step inside, the warmth of the cedar finishes envelopes you, creating a cosy atmosphere that feels like home. Recent renovations have added a touch of sophistication, seamlessly blending old-world charm with modern elegance.


Outside, the allure continues with a sparkling saltwater pool beckoning on sunny days and a tennis court inviting friendly competition. Despite its secluded feel, the property is conveniently located just a short drive from the city, o ering the best of both worlds.

For the owners, this retreat is more than just a house—it’s a sanctuary where they can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.

dream home with Canberra Weekly Real Estate

37 canberradaily.com.au 09 May 2024 property of the week find more at canberradaily.com.au real estate @canberradailyrealestate canberradaily.com.au Your search starts here
4 3 2 1 1 Price By Negotiation View Open Home Agent Eoin Ryan-Hicks Agent Olivia Schultz Mob 0424 042 419 LJ Hooker Kippax | 02 6255 3888 The
Angle NSW, 1302 Smiths Road

29 Raymond Street, Ainslie

5 Caladenia Street, O'Connor

69 Collett Street, Queanbeyan

21 Ambler View, Taylor

10 Boucicault Place, Chapman

5 Dot Butler Street, Wright

16 Cockburn Street, Curtin

$2,420,000 Home by Holly

$1,875,000 Home by Holly

$1,805,000 Jackson Wall & Co

$1,610,000 Confi dence

$1,520,000 Ward

$1,425,000 LJ Hooker

$1,415,000 Cream Residential

26 Vellacott Street, Denman Prospect $1,365,000 Independent

36 Collier Street, Curtin

9 Scotford Street, Coombs

250 Glenrock Drive, Googong

16 Moroak Street, Hawker

35 Maranunga Crescent, Crace

63 Severne Street, Greenleigh

8 Mauldon Street, Chifl ey

$1,334,000 Hayman Partners

$1,305,000 LJ Hooker

$1,250,000 Canberry

$1,250,000 LJ Hooker

$1,200,000 Hive

$1,200,000 LJ Hooker

$1,190,000 Ray White

36A Atherton Street, Downer $1,180,000 LJ Hooker

3/9 Oliver Street, Lyneham

67 Burnie Street, Lyons

$1,175,000 Independent

$1,170,000 Blackshaw

30 Turtle Rock Street, Harrison $1,156,000 Blackshaw

52 Erskine Loop, Googong

$1,137,500 New Door Properties

22 Cruikshank Street, Wanniassa $1,115,000 Independent

7 Pemberton Place, Jerrabomberra $1,050,000 Hive

58/215 Aspinall Street, Watson $1,000,000 Blackshaw

83 Lionel Rose Street, Holt

36 Beirne Street, Monash

$970,000 Ray White



8 Bittermann Street, Jacka

32 Polilight Street, Dunlop

10 St John Crescent, Florey

1 Hagen Place, Kambah

9 Southwell Street, Weetangera

55 Cynthea Teague Crescent, Greenway

12/56 Stuart Street, Gri th

57 Goldfi nch Circuit, Theodore

51 Braine Street, Page

20 Fisk Street, Monash

2 Oldfi eld Circuit, Kambah

1/8 Trevillian Quay, Kingston

29 Boswell Crescent, Florey

5/15 Stroud Place, Florey

6 Laura Place, Karabar

51 Caragh Avenue, Googong

108/20 Allara Street, City

17/28 Ringrose Street, Isaacs

24/63 Hurtle Avenue, Bonython

26/9 Thynne Street, Bruce

$925,000 Marq

$920,000 LJ Hooker

$903,500 Town Residential

$900,000 My Morris

$880,000 Ray White

$842,500 Blackshaw

$830,000 Ray White

$830,000 One Agency

$810,000 LJ Hooker

$793,000 Luton

$785,000 Home by Holly

$780,000 Purnell

$761,000 Ray White

$750,000 Ray White

$750,000 LJ Hooker

$745,000 Ray White

$720,500 Ray White

$720,000 LJ Hooker

$690,000 Luton

$690,000 Belle Property

501/358 Northbourne Avenue, Dickson $690,000 Hive

3 Sadleir Place, Charnwood $686,000 Ray White

3 Sommers Street, Conder $663,000 Ray White

36/1 Beissel Street, Belconnen $630,000 Independent

Stage 1 (91 lots) - SOLD OUT

Stage 2a (123 lots) - NOW SELLING (70% sold)

8/15 Stace Place, Gordon $605,000 Ray White

24/41 Lawrenson Circuit, Jacka $560,000 Blackshaw

605/6 Gribble Street, Gungahlin $545,000 Hive

307/2 Gribble Street, Gungahlin $525,000

81/66 Allara Street, City $517,500

88/3 London Circuit, City $515,000 Marq 2/46 Carrington Gardens, Queanbeyan $514,500 Independent

164/41 Philip Hodgins Street, Wright $490,000 Impact Properties



Stage 2b (136 lots) - COMING SOON (register now) C r e a t e a n e w b e g i nn i n g o n l y m i n u t e s f r o m t h e h e a r t o f C a n b e r r a


- E v e r y b l o c k i s c l o s e t o p a r ks , pon d s and BB Q a r ea s w i t h f oo t pa t h s on e v e r y s t r ee t - F a v ou r ab l e pu r c h a s i ng t e r m s i n c l ud i ng l o w e r depo s i t and de l a yed s e tt l e m en t - Fr eeho l d Land w i t h no t i m e l i m i t t o bu il d ( s a v e no w , bu il d l a t e r )

- Le ss t ha n 30 m i nu t e s t o C anb e rr a ’ s C B D a n d unde r 20 m i nu t e s t o Q ueanb e y a n

- Le ss t han 5 m i nu t e s t o S upe r m a r k e t, S hop s , C a f e s and R e s t a u r an t s

- C o m i ng s oon t o B ungendo r e : N e w $70 M H i gh S c hoo l and $2 5 M S po r t s H ub

38 canberradaily.com.au 09 May 2024
Impact Properties
Philip Hodgins Street, Wright $490,000 Belle Property 74/329
Road, Franklin $488,000 LJ Hooker 31/45
Row, City $475,000 Marq 8/85
Phillip $450,000 Impact Properties 15/10
Street, Mawson $426,000 LJ Hooker 403/82 Thynne Street, Bruce $415,900 Ray White 7/62 Knox Street, Watson $410,000 Home by Holly 15A/62
Street, Lyneham $353,000 Blackshaw 17/39
Street, O'Connor $340,000 LJ Hooker 1/122 Henderson Road, Crestwood $218,000 LJ Hooker $1,425,000 5 Dot Butler Street, Wright LJ Hooker real estate recent sales N E W L A N D - N E W H O M E - N E W L I F E ‘Bigger blocks Lower prices’ 6238 0111 www.elmgroveestate.com.au land@corporation.com.au C on t a ct u s t oda y f o r s i t e p l an s and p ri c e s o r v i s i t El m G r o v e t h i s S a t & S un 1 2p m - 4p m F o ll o w t he s i gn s t o N e l s on Te rr a c e , B ungendo r e - S upe r - s i z ed p r e s t i ge r e s i den t i a l l o t s r a n g i ng f r o m 85 0 m 2 t o 1 , 547 m 2 - F u ll t o w n s e r v i c e s i n c l t o w n w a t e r , s e w e r , unde r g r ound po w e r , n a t u r a l ga s and N
Port Jackson Circuit,

the most appropriate lending solution and uphold the highest standard of service.

Celebrating 5 years of success

Aspire Lending at

Over the past 5 years, Broker, and Director Yianni Pazios, along with his dedicated team have navigated the complexities of the housing market, adapting to the economic changes, and embracing challenges as opportunities to learn and grow.

What makes Aspire Lending di erent?

At the heart of Aspire Lending’s operations is a commitment to integrity, transparency, and a personalised service. The company’s mission extends beyond securing loans; it’s about forging lasting relationships and providing ongoing support to its clients throughout their homeownership journey. Aspire Lending believes in o ering clear, unbiased advice and working diligently to find the right lending solution for its clients’ unique needs and circumstances.

Ultimately ensuring that individuals feel confident and educated about their decisions is imperative, as purchasing property is one of the biggest transactions one will ever experience.

Former AFL player Josh Bruce, a client of Yianni Pazios had a few kind words to share from his experience with Aspire Lending.

“Yianni and the team impressed us with their dedication to finding us the right lending product. He took the time to understand our circumstances; he searched and negotiated on our behalf, ensuring we received a competitive o er that saved a significant amount over the life of our home loan.”

Beyond the commitment to clients, Aspire Lending is well-established in the communities they assist. A reflection of their work is the lasting professional relationships they have, often resulting in repeat referrals and trusted partnerships within the industry. This is a testament to the confidence placed to secure

Known personally and professionally by Yianni, Nick Purnell, Owner of Purnell Real Estate, has worked closely with Aspire Lending on several occasions, including his personal property ventures. When asked to share his experience with Aspire Lending, Nick kindly provided the following:

“As a real estate professional, I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with several mortgage broking companies, and Aspire Lending stands out among the rest. Their commitment to exceeding expectations in each transaction paired with their wealth of knowledge and integrity truly sets them apart. A process that can seem daunting at times becomes a memorable experience that I thoroughly enjoy, as much as one can.”

If you are interested in property or want your current lending arrangement assessed, please contact the Aspire o ce to arrange an obligation-free meeting.

Aspire Lending, Level 1, 65 Canberra Ave, Gri th ACT. To find out more visit, aspire-lending.com.au

feature Aspire Lending
From left to right: Josh Bruce, Nick Purnell and Yianni Pazios.

11/8 Watling Place

AUCTION Wed 22/5/2024, 6pm onsite

VIEWING Sat 11/5/2024, 12-12.30pm Sun 12/5/2024, 1-1.30pm Wed 15/5/2024, 5-5.30pm

CONTACT Michael Potter 0413 830 598

Awe inspiring transformation

A magnificent sun-kissed retreat showcasing a premium, custom renovation, crafted to create a space that is stunning, elegant and functional.

The open-concept design features high ceilings and is flooded with natural light. The bathrooms are stunning, the state of the art ‘chef’s delight’ kitchen offers cutting edge appliances and is enhanced by bespoke timber features and tiled floors.

A seamless transition to the outdoors takes you to a private backyard oasis that offers a secluded, peaceful environment. EER 2

mpotter@mpotter.com.au visit us at mpotter.com.au

Private Oasis, Exclusive home in Berry


• Well-designed home presents as new

• 10m x 15mShed

• Fully stand-alone Solar system with Abel diesel generator backup

• 100,000-litre in-ground concrete tank

• 2 x 23,500-litre tanks on the shed


Sought After Location!

Located in a sought-after street is this brick veneer home backing onto Council reserve with gate access, with only 10 other properties on the cul-desac which ensures the quiet ambiance of the area. The front of the home faces north, with the living area and two of the three decks getting great exposure to the north aspect. Glimpses of the ocean from the eastern side. Your living area is all on one level with an oversized double garage underneath. Offers Invited.

Saturday 11th May 12pm – 12.30pm

Rob Routledge 0414 235 976 ljhooker.com.au/124hf8f

backyard.The home
master bedrooms
walk-in robe, in
total).The house orientation maximises
north facing light
open plan kitchen, dining
living areas
main master suite.
energy efficiency
private and exclusive home exudes privacy, quality in design, spaciousness, style, indoor/outdoor living and is in the
of Berry.This 227.92m2 home is a
oasis that has both
from the
has been meticulously
featuring 4
(inclusive of: 2
separate wings of the
and 3
into the
and the
Additionally, generating the
for the
panels and
also the pivotal central part
the house design.
theatre/media room, built in office nook, bedrooms wings,
continues outdoors,
to the inviting private outside living
entertainment areas.
manicured lawns
use. Imagine spending many summers
winter days entertaining under the louvred covered entertaining pavilion, complete with Pizza oven and built-in BBQ and exterior heater for the cooler evenings. Nearby is what was an old work shed that has now been converted into a stunning and practical studio escape. Relax and read a book or just to look out to the tranquil setting of the inground pool and listen to the sound of the gentle cascading fountains into the water’s edge.This conversion would be ideal for a studio/Cabana/library/meditation room depending on your preference. If you are a caravan or boating enthusiast or both, no need to worry about storage or blocking the double garage driveway. As this owner has thought of everything including a designated gated caravan/boat parking bay to provide secure off street parking. Contact Christine 0409 399 326 to arrange an inspection! 17 Host Place, Berry CLN: 10007612 | ABN: 67159632890 | www.christinehuntberryrealestte.com.au | PO BOX 461, BERRY NSW 2535 FOR SA LE ABN: 67159632890 | PO BOX 461, BERRY NSW 2535 Visually striking designer home with stunning mountain views 4 2 5 3535m2 www.christinehuntberryrealestate.com.au ontact Christine 0409 399 326 $1,200,000 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Pellentesque tincidunt risus at sapien lobortis ornare eget a felis. Maecenas consequat scelerisque interdum. Vestibulum rhoncus tincidunt mauris, non pellentesque ligula pulvinar nec. Phasellus sit amet mi mi. Proin at placerat nisl, eu vestibulum quam. Nulla facilisi. Praesent accumsan rutrum tellus. $1.625 million All information contained herein is gathered from sources we consider to be reliable. However, we cannot guarantee or give any warranty about the information provided. Interested parties must solely rely on their own enquiries. batemansbay.ljhooker.com.au LJ Hooker Batemans Bay 02 4472 6455 Private
ceiling adds contemporary clean lines in the generous (approx. 7.21m X 7.11m) open plan kitchen,
and family area.This area is not only a showcase area of the
Connecting all
of the
flowing effortlessly
The backyard is another focal point of the
Design to be eye catching with
provide natural elegance for
But Not Isolated!
• 100-acre
924 Dwyers
Moruya 5 Cox Place Sunshine Bay For
$1,699,000 View Saturday
ljhooker.com/1250f8f For
$895,000 View
40ha 4 4 2 2 6 2
Creek Road
11th May 2pm – 2.30pm
Rob Routledge 0414 235 976 James Hamilton 0408 135 553
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And, let someone else do the mowing and weeding.

Display Suite open Monday to Friday. Book a private tour or join us at our Open for Inspections every Wednesday, 10am to 2pm.

Plan to downsize second half of this year in one of our brand new 2 and 3-bedroom apartments. Thoughtfully designed to ensure your peace of mind in every way.

We understand that a home transcends mere bricks and mortar. At Marigal Gardens, you’ll be part of an already thriving over 55 community, where family and friends are always welcome.

Enjoy new friends or experience the ease and comfort of living in our low maintenance homes, many offering breathtaking views, and complete with:

• Spacious open-plan living areas designed for both functionality and warmth.

• Well-equipped kitchens featuring all the modern conveniences.

• Reverse cycle air-conditioning for your comfort.

• Double glazing to protect against the weather conditions.

• A sophisticated, timeless, neutral colour palette for you to personalise.

• Internal access to a secure parking.

• 24-hour emergency assistance at your fingertips.

Choose from our remaining 2 and 3-bedroom residences at Marigal Gardens, and live life your way.

21 Snodgrass Crescent, Kambah ACT 2902 www.marigalgardens.com.au | 1300 884 784 Renders are for illustrative purposes only. Details are correct at time of printing and subject to change. February 2024.
Hurry Over 80% Sold
Move in later this year

Available now, this modern light 2-bedroom home includes:

• Generous open plan living space opening onto balcony

• Modern kitchen with granite benchtops, user friendly appliances and dishwasher

• Large master bedroom with plenty of built-in storage and accessible ensuite

• Reverse cycle air-conditioning and heating for year-round comfort

• Plenty of storage

• Internal access to garage

• Smart metering and community solar power to reduce your energy footprint, and cost of living

• Emergency buttons connected to on site staff 24 hours a day

Our residents love calling Bellerive Village home – and you will too.

Our relaxed, contemporary retirement village makes it easy for you to make the most of every day. Ditch the mower and enjoy the social community, neighbours you know, and your own home without the time-consuming maintenance. We’ll even change the lightbulbs.

For your day-to-day needs, Bellerive’s conveniently located close to the Canberra Hospital and the heart of Woden, home to Westfield, the bus interchange and many of Canberra’s premier clubs.

Call Donna Blackwell on 02 6169 3669 to book a tour now 15 Burnie Street, Lyons ACT 2606 www.bellerivevillage.com.au North facing two bedroom home
It’s more than a home Open for inspection Thursday 10am to 12pm or book a private tour

Trades & Services Guide

58 canberradaily.com.au 09 May 2024 INDEX Air Conditioning/Heating 58 Arborist 58 Bathroom Renovations 58 Bathrooms & Kitchens 59 Builders 59 Car Detailing 59 Carpenters & Joiners 59 Cleaning Service 59 Concreting & Related 60 Decks 60 Electrical 60 Engineering Services 60 Fencing 60 Gardening 61 Gutter Cleaning 61 Handyperson 61 Locksmiths 61 Maintenance 61 Mechanics 61 Painting 61 Plastering & Painting 62 Plumbing & Gasfitting 62 Roofing 62 Solar 62 Solar Cleaning 62 Tiling 62 Call Kate on 6175 8827 to get your business listed. Replace your inefficient heating & replace it with efficient reverse cycle air-conditioning YOUR ONE STOP ENERGY SHOP ENERGYPEOPLE.COM.AU 02 6280 0994 ARC AU35206 INTEREST FREE LOAN UP TO 10 YEARS • 10 year interest FREE loan • Borrow up to $15,000 • Concession Card rebates available • Terms and conditions apply A I R CO N D I T I O N I N G/H E AT I N G • 50% Savings on energy cost per year • Google 4.9 star • 15 Years of Service • Brighte gov interest free finance available • Licensed and Insured • Lifetime Workmanship Warranty • Clean and Tidy every time • Pensioner discount available Putting Quality First For Over 15 Years 0437 341 901 mark@blissaircon.com.au AU57432 General Airconditoning, Electrical Installation and Service A I R CO N D I T I O N I N G/H E AT I N G CWM00085AA Enviro Trees Arboricultural Solutions 0488 009 293 • Tree Pruning • Tree Removals • Stump Grinding • Qualified Arborist • Full Insurance ARBORIS T COMPLETE TREE SERVICES Expertise in safety, pruning, form, function, and tidiness for advice and free quote HELPFUL . EXPERT . RELIABLE Call IAN 0412 028 245 • Bathroom & laundry renovations • Project management • plumbing • Installations • blocked drains • Leaking taps & toilets • gasfitting • Hot water units • drainage Mark Summerfield LICENSED PLUMBER 0431 882 229 mark@renewplumbingandbathrooms.com.au www.renewplumbingandbathrooms.com.au ABN 53 193 697 032 LIC NO 200015959 B AT H R O O M R E N O VATI O N S BATHROOM RENOVATIONS POOL RENOVATIONS AND GENERAL TILING Complete Project Management All Trades Free Quotes ABN: 62973049707 Rob: 0412 017 832 | Shane: 0412 942 041 email: downie100@ozemail.com.au www.dcbathrooms.net B AT H R O O M R E N O VATI O N S CWM0134 CANBERRA CITY MAINTENANCE For ALL your maintenance needs Specialising i n Bathroom Ren o vations If you’re looking for honesty, quality and friendly services Call Robert 0451 683 110 Quality renovations for your home Whether you are fully renovating your dream ensuite or adding a new bathroom, Chris brings two decades of industry experience and quality tradesmanship to your next personalised bathroom renovation Call Chris today on 0412 938 682 for an expert consultation. ABN 24 630 602 256 Barry Richards Ceramic Tiling Bathroom Renovations, Leaking Showers Small Jobs, For All Your Tiling Needs PROMPT RELIABLE SERVICE P: 0435 015 647 E: barric666@aol.com www.barryrichardsceramictiling.com.au ABN 609 0723 0907 30+ years building experience No job Too Small Decks - Pergolas - General Maintenance Painting - Tiling - Plastering ABN: 98 240 579 704 rb.carpentry@iinet.net.au Richard Brennan 0412 161 312 CWM0009 Contact the trades & services team 6175 8827 | kate@newstimemedia.com.au

Trades & Services Guide

59 canberradaily.com.au 09 May 2024 Have your business listed here. Call Kate on 6175 8827 ATTENTION
89% of readers will use a tradie in the next 12 months. Be seen when they look for you! Call Kate on 6175 8827 Experienced and Licensed Builder CONTACT US WE WILL COME ON THE SAME DAY FOR A FREE QUOTE M: 0404 272 101 E: gamdognim@gmail.com ABN: 11 611 397 178 | Builder Licence Number: 20221356 Specialising in Bathroom, Balcony and Kitchen Renovations and Carpentry Work B AT H R O O M S & K I TC H E N S Our expertise in home renovations means we can guide you through the entire renovation process - from design to interior demolition, construction and completion Ph: 02 5112 2969 ABN: 75257 19677 www.tradewiserenovations.com.au • Tile & Grout cleaning experts • Detect/Fix leaking showers • Stone & Slate sealing • Pressure & Acid wash cleaning services • Grout/Colour matching & advice • All products used by us are Mould and mildew resistant • 12 years warranty • 10% pensioner discount DIRTY TILES/GROUT NEW IN NO TIME CALL BRENT FOR FREE QUOTES & INSPECTION 0416 910 119 • 0452 538 503 STOP LEAKING SHOWERS B AT H R O O M S & K I TC H E N S CWM00151AA LACHLAN WARD FOUNDER & BUILDER 0423 220 166 lachlan@highlandcraftrenovations.com.au www.highlandcraftrenovations.com.au BUIL D E R S EST. 25 YRS. ADVANCED CAR DETAILING CALL RICK TODAY ON (02) 6285 4145 Buff and Polishing Interior Detailing Pre-Sale Detailing All Work Guaranteed 1/17 Strangways St, Curtin ACT 2605 BEHIND SHELL SERVICE STATION C A R D E TAILI N G CARPENTER/ HANDYMAN Call Rob - 0438 307 796 Alterations, Repairs, Prompt Services CWM0681 C AR P EN T E R S & J O I N E R S From Concept to Completion; Your Vision, Our Expert Touch 0417 400 245 0484 094 278 alphafitcarpentry@gmail.com • Entry Upgrades • Door Installation • Pergolas & Vergolas • Decks • Renovations & Extensions • Residential Structural Modifications Protective COVID Cleaning 0407 263 812 / 6259 3200 monarchservices@live.com.au Monarch Window Cleaning COMMERCIAL CLEANING, OFFICES, CLUBS, CHILDCARE. FREE QUOTES Average 3 BR Home Free Flyscreen & Tracks Clean $250 From Call today C L E ANI N G S ERVI C E Have your business listed here. Call Kate on 6175 8827 Contact the trades & services team 6175 8827 | kate@newstimemedia.com.au

Trades & Services Guide



✓ Decks & Pergolas

• Staining/Painting

• Minor Repairs

✓ Fly Screen Repairs

✓ Hedge Trimming

✓ High Pressure Water Cleaning

• Paths/Driveways

• Windows/Sliding Doors, etc.

LIDO’S FENCING | ACT + Canberra Region Domestic, Rural & Commercial, Colourbond, Palings, Pool Fencing

Fencing that’s Guaranteed 30 years of experience.

Contact Jimmy Lidden to organise your free quote: www.lidosfencing.com.au info@lidosfencing.com.au 0408 645 832

60 canberradaily.com.au 09 May 2024 Give your business a boost! Register today in the Trades & Services Guide, call Kate on 6175 8827 STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD 85% of our readers read the advertisements each week. Have your business listed here. Call Kate on 6175 8827 To get your business listed in the Trades & Services Guide, call Kate on 6175 8827 Call DANIEL
FAST EFFICIENT EXPERIENCED SERVICE! 0431 311 746 6292 2073 ‘The Concreting Specialist’ – ALL RESIDENTIAL & DOMESTIC WORK –Garage or Home Slabs Driveways Paths Repairs FOR FRIENDLY SERVICE AND ADVICE YOU CAN TRUST GARDEN & LANDSCAPING CON C R E T I N G & RE LA T E D FREE QUOTE AUTUMN IS HERE Timber Decks & Pergolas METAL PERGOLAS has you covered! BH CARPENTRY ACT Call BrendAn 0407 763 597 D E C K S Your Local Electrical Service & Maintenance Experts Renovations - Switchboard Upgrades Domestic & Commercial Properties Lighting Upgrades - Powerpoints Appliance Installations - Smoke Alarms No Jobs Are Too Small! Call us for a free quote 6179 3992 econenergy.com.au Servicing the ACT & Surrounding Region E L E C T R I C A L Ace Asset Strategies Technicians | Electrical Contractors Hazardous Area Works Short Notice Isolations Small Asbestos Jobs Additional Power RCD Testing, C/B replacement Test & Tag Programs EV Charging Outlets aceassetsco.com.au aceassetsco@gmail.com 0403 827 591 Braddon ACT Licence No. EC 35913 E L E C T R I C A L PHONE DANIEL ON 0418 419 383 OR EMAIL PRIME1Q@OUTLOOK.COM Phone Daniel on 0418 419 383 or email prime1q@outlook.com Donald G Thomas BE MIE Aust CPEng NER 95978 0460 922 044 don@cebis.com.au www.cebis.com.au Canberra Engineering & Building Integrity Solutions ✓ Brick & Concrete Cracks | Solutions & Rectifications ✓ Engineering Design & Certification | Plans ✓ Reports incl Costings | Building | Structural | Civil ✓ Waterproofing | Assessment & Damage Control ✓ Retrospective Development & Building Applications E NGIN E ERI N G S E R VIC E S CWM10402AA Whether you need an old fence repaired, spruced up or if it’s time for a new fence… Call us today for an obligation-free quote. canfencecanberra@gmail.com • Colourbond fence • Aluminium Slats • Timber • Chainmesh • Security 0431 251 882 • Glass • Modular walls • Concrete sleeper walls • All fabricated works Fencing – colourbond, timber, tubular, chainwire, picket, rural, pool, security, horizontal slat, gates & fence hire. Retaining Walls –concrete sleeper, timber, block, rock.
paving, concrete, decks, lawn, artificial turf Lindsay Hicks E: cqservices@hotmail.com M: 0432 039 682 PH: 0437 254 793 CQ Services Pty Ltd All Work Guaranteed Specialising in the supply and installation of all types: • Bobcat & Machine Hire • Core Drill & Concrete Cutting • Tree Surgery & Stump Grinding • Property Maintenance & Cleaning. F E NCI N G CANBERRA FENCING CONTRACTORS
Landscaping –
FRIENDLY | RELIABLE | LICENSED Contact the trades & services team 6175 8827 | kate@newstimemedia.com.au
934 357 renodecks1@gmail.com

Trades & Services Guide

61 canberradaily.com.au 09 May 2024 To get your business listed in the Trades & Services Guide, call Kate on 6175 8827 ATTENTION TRADIES of readers will use a tradie in the next 12 months. Be seen when they look for you! Call Kate on 6175 8827 CWM0352 Al Gardner For ALL your gardening needs. Covering all suburbs. Lawn Mowing•Pruning•Trimming•Weeding•Rubbish removal Gutter cleaning•Mulching •All maintenance Fully equipped INSURED-Guaranteed. Well presented after completion. 10% Pensioner discounts 0449 898 527 G A R D EN I N G CG CULTURED GARDENS Garden Care and Maintenance Pruning / Garden Cleanups Lawn Mowing / Hedge Trimming High Pressure Cleaning Commercial/Domestic • Fully Insured • Horticulturalist GLENN@CULTUREDGARDENS.COM.AU 0438 477 462 www.culturedgardens.com.au Gutter
The gutter vacuum specialist Pergola repairs 0421 193 553 All areas Free estimates gutter_clean@hotmail.com CWM0812 G U T T E R C L E AN I N G ABN 26 425 870 558 All Sorts General Yard & House Maintenance Gutter Solar Panel Cleaning Rubbish Removal Free Quotes Peter 0499 849 008 Handyman & Maintenance • House Painting Interior & Exterior • Plaster & Render Repairs Ceiling Repairs Blocking off ceiling vents • Furniture Assemble General Repairs ABN: 66281738404 Jason 0484 870 398 www.jcreative.au jcreativepainting@yahoo.com FREE QUOTES 20% OFF SENIORS CWM0550 All Canberra areas 10% Pensioners discount Free Quotes | No job too big or too small Guarantee jobs done HANDY MAN & CONTRACTOR Painting & Plastering Tiling Fence Repairs Roofing & Gutters Cleaning Plumber Specialising in Private Home luis.painter@hotmail.com (02) 6140 1317 | 0404605687 or 0406525842 HAN DYPERSON Quality Roo� Paintin� Paintin� � Plasterin� Flat Pack Furniture General Repairs �� �� �� �� �� Call Patrick Free Quote Work ... and more Over 30 years experience securing the Canberra Community Locks changed & keyed the same ‘Locked out’ service Dead locks & window locks supplied & fitted Keys made to locks & locks repaired Screen door locks, repaired and replaced Servicing domestic & commercial clients Master licence #17501928 Seniors discounts CWM0231 Phone: 0458 786 727 www.highsecuritylocksmiths.com.au LO C K S M I T H S CWM0134 CANBERRA CITY MAINTENANCE For ALL your maintenance needs If you’re looking for honesty, quality and friendly services Call Robert 0451 683 110 MAINTENANCE Mechanical | Metal Fabrication | Mobile Welding Tyres | Brakes | ACT/NSW Regos | & more Monteleone Car Works & Metal Fabrication Ph: 02 6241 0222 Mobile: 0438 469 138 Unit 6, 91-93 Grimwade Street Mitchell CWM1051 M E CHAN I C S DREW’S PAINTING SERVICES REFERENCES PROVIDED ON REQUEST PH: 0427 004 411 | E: drewburgin69@gmail.com HOUSE PAINTING INTERIORS & EXTERIORS OUTSIDE PRESSURE CLEANING RUST REMOVAL PAINT I N G CHOICE PAINTING AND DECORATING Contact: Ibrahim - Phone: 0411 837 788 Email: boutrosbob@hotmail.com ABN : 17 367 309 467 Full-Service Painting and Decorating 30 years of business experience Cover all aspects of paintingInterior / Exterior / Colour Consulting •Fully Insured •Free Quotes •Work Guaranteed CWM0116 EZY PROPERTY MAINTENANCE WE MAKE IT EASY FOR YOU Mowing & Edging Pruning & Mulching Hedge Trimming Weed Control Fertilisation A WELL MAINTAINED GARDEN ADDS VALUE TO A PROPERTY Kaushik Makwana Qualified Horticulturist CALL: 0430 582 821 Free no obligation quotes Fully insured Customer service from a company you can trust Garden Cleanup Rubbish Removal Gutter Cleaning Regular Maintenance Commercial or Domestic CWM0128 Baya’s Backyard Ph/Fax: 6241 9413 Mob: 0413 088 908 • Mowing / Edging • Pruning / Odd jobs • Rubbish Removal • Gutter Cleaning • Tree Services • Small landscaping Garden & Tree Services G U T T E R C L E AN I N G Contact the trades & services team 6175 8827 | kate@newstimemedia.com.au

Trades & Services Guide

62 canberradaily.com.au 09 May 2024 Give your business a boost! Register today in the Trades & Services Guide, call Kate on 6175 8827 STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD Your one-stop destination for quality services with over 50 years of experience. ABN: 28645386054 ACN: 645386054 Sean Thompson Director 0431 403 465 cranky-and-sons@protonmail.com www.cranky-and-sons.com.au @crankynsons Contact Sean for a Free Quote Quality Plastering & Painting PLASTERING & PAINTING $80 OFF WHEN YOU QUOTE THIS AD ANY SERVICES *CONDITIONS APPLY Taps And Toilets Hot Water/Solar Blocked Drains Gas Fitting Burst Pipes Bathroom Renovations Roofing/Guttering • Local Professional Service • Seniors Discount • No Call Out Fee • All Work Guaranteed • Support Local Business • 24/7 Emergency service Phone 0421 038 243 Web capitalpd.com.au Email: admin@capitalpd.com.au Plumbing Lic 2013728 ABN: 53193588524 ALPHA ROOFING CANBERRA Our services for both Metal and Tiled roofs include but are not limited to: • Rebedding & Repointing • New Roofs • Roof Insulation • General ongoing roof maintenance • Leak Detection & Repair • Guttering • Gutterguards • Fascias • Full roof restoration ABN 156 905 615 00 CALL/TEXT: 0458 807 882 E: admin@alpharoofingact.com.au Your local roofing experts R O O F I N G • Roof maintenance both tile and colourbond • Roof leaks • Roof restorations • New roofs Ph: 0473 536 741 TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR ROOF Call us for an obligation free quote: • Roof repairs • New roofs • Extensions • Re-roofs • Gutters cleaned • Ridge-capping IS YOUR ROOF LEAKING OR IN NEED OF REPAIR? 0407 789 258 TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR ROOF IS YOUR ROOF LEAKING OR IN NEED OF REPAIR? Call us for an obligation free quote: • Roof repairs • New roofs • Extensions Re-roofs • Gutters cleaned • Ridge-capping prideroofingcanberra.com.au 0407 789 258 YEARSFULLYEXPERIENCE INSURED Lic. No. 252440C CWM0353 www.prideroofingcanberra.com.au Your Local Solar Experts Reduce energy costs by generating & storing your own power. New - Replacement & Additional Systems Battery Storage - EV Charger - Servicing Testing - Panel Cleaning Call us for a free quote 6179 3992 econenergy.com.au Servicing the ACT & Surrounding Region S O L A R PH: 0427 004 411 E: drewburgin69@gmail.com GENTLE & EFFECTIVE CLEANING TO REMOVE DIRT, RUST & BIRD DROPPINGS ON SUN SOLAR PANELS. DUST & BIRD S O L A R C L E ANI N G PLUMB I N G & GA S F ITT I N G CALL 0417 255 869 Exterior Painting from $1300 special! offer! Unbeatable (INCLUDES FASCIA, GUTTER, EVES AND DOWNPIPES) ALL HANDYMAN SERVICES ALL WORK GUARANTEED CEILINGS, WALLS & CORNICES (MIN 3 ROOMS) /ROOM ONLY 2 COAT APPLICATION QUALITY PAINTS Dulux $300 CANBERRA’S LEADING PAINTING EXPERTS FOR OVER 25 YEARS FOR A free ONTHESPOT QUOTE MONET PAINTING PAINT I N G TIL I N G Brodie Antoniak Owner and contractor ABN 14724243822 Reference available on request Antoniak Tiling and Renovations Email: Bantoniak051@gmail.com | 0417 092 760 Contact the trades & services team 6175 8827 | kate@newstimemedia.com.au

Trades & Services Guide

WIN! Emma Comfort II Mattress

based business servicing Canberra & surrounds for over 25 years

If you like your original tiles but have unsightly, discoloured grout line, Carl can provide a quick and affordable solution where no tiles are removed & seal leaking shower recesses.

All Silicon is mould & mildew resistant! Looks like you have retiled, and at a fraction of the cost!

Contact Carl or Tracie at All-Tile Regrouting for a free inspection & quote on 0427 617 365 | 0426 251 763 or email carle14@hotmail.com

Emma – the leading sleep company - is giving one CW reader the chance to win a Comfort II Mattress (valued up to $1,349).

The Emma Comfort Mattress is their bestselling item. It will help you wake up refreshed because of its quality and cradles your body with personalised support from 7 zone infinity springs. It is the brand’s most sustainable mattress with 58% less carbon emissions.

Plus, to celebrate Mother’s Day, Emma has launched a recordable e-book to help Mums working on the day (or any day) still spend sleep time with their children even when they can’t physically be with them. The book is free to download from www.emma-sleep.com.au

Oldfields Dream Tool Pack

Renowned for premium paint brushes, accessories, and sca olding, Oldfields caters to professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Embrace quality with Pro Series Oval Sash Cutter brushes, Tradesman Sash Cutter brushes, and more, ensuring precise application and durability. The pack includes Pro Series Maximum Performance microfibre rollers, Pro Series ceilings & wall rollers, and essential accessories like a roller frame, mini roller covers, and a combination tool for versatile usage. Complete your toolkit with a Canvas drop cloth, industrial roller cover, roller spinner for e cient cleaning, paint pot, and waterproof masking tape.

Experience the pinnacle of Australian craftsmanship and win an Oldfields Dream Tool Pack for your next project. Enter now and elevate your painting endeavours with Oldfields’ legacy of excellence and reliability.

One lucky CW reader will win this Oldfields’ Dream Tool pack valued at $250.


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winners drawn same day. One entry per person per giveaway. Entrants must be aged 18+ Enter to win! 89% of readers will use a tradie in the next 12 months. Be seen when they look for you! Call Kate on 6175 8827 ATTENTION TRADIES LOCAL TILING ACT Call Alex today 0475 000 528 localtilingact@hotmail.com All suburbs For all your tiling needs: CWM0477 Bathroom, Laundry and Kitchen tiling Walls and oors tiling Bathroom Renovations No job too big or small Water proo ng shower leaks TIL I N G Tile and Adhesive removal Timber and Concrete subfloor leveling Concrete Grinding Troy 0410 242 923 | troy@tilebusters.com.au Canberra and Surrounds License number 190272C | ABN 91 605 427 816
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Why retile, when you can regrout?
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TWO SERVICES FOR THE PRICE OF ONE 12 year Guarantee: Locally owned & operated
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2 Alpine Ash Way New Display Open Home SOUTH JERRABOMBERRA AT TRALEE
invited to enjoy a free BBQ, face painting, The Zango Coffee Van, and other exciting activities throughout the home. Vlada Piven vpiven@villagebuilding.com.au 0404 891 155 David Shi david.shi@ljhooker.com.au 0417 668 668 SATURDAY 11TH MAY, 11AM-2PM LAND FROM $498,900 | HOUSE & LAND COMING SOON
Explore this stunning new
and the launch of 17 exclusive House & Land packages COMING
to Estate 2 of South
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