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Proud Official Carrier for the Canadian Mining Expo June 5–6, 2024
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Mining Life and our sister company Canadian Trade-Ex have been reporting on the exploration and mining industries for decades. Trends come and go - but there’s a new trend that looks like it is going to be around for quite some time – partnerships.

Throughout this issue of Mining Life, you’re going to read a lot about partnerships. Samsung partnering with Canada Nickel; the Ontario government partnering with Marten Falls and Webequie; Mitsubishi and Frontier Lithium; Sibelco and Avalon Advanced Minerals; and the list goes on and on.

As the publisher of our mining magazine and an organizer of mining events, I find myself reflecting on the dynamic shifts within the mining industry, particularly the burgeoning alliances between junior mining companies and global behemoths in the electric vehicle (EV) sector.


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These partnerships, notably for critical minerals such as lithium, nickel, and cobalt, are not merely transactions; they are strategic alliances reshaping the future of both mining and transportation.

The surge in demand for EVs, driven by a global push towards sustainable and clean energy, has spotlighted the indispensable role of critical minerals. Lithium, nickel, and cobalt, vital for EV batteries, have transformed from geological curiosities into geopolitical and economic linchpins. This shift has not only elevated the strategic importance of junior mining companies but has also beckoned a new era of collaboration with industry giants.

These partnerships are staggering, not just in their number but in their potential to catalyze innovation and sustainability. Junior mining companies, often nimble and rich in localized knowledge, hold the keys to untapped mineral wealth critical for the EV revolution. On the other hand, global giants bring to the table their vast resources, technological prowess, and market access. Together, these alliances are poised to accelerate the development of sustainable mining practices, essential in an era where environmental considerations are paramount.

However, this burgeoning trend also raises pertinent questions about the future of the mining industry. How will these partnerships influence global mineral supply chains, and what are the implications for local economies and communities? The narrative of mining, historically marred by environmental degradation and social disruption, is at a crossroads. These partnerships offer a path towards redemption, promising to blend economic growth with environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

Moreover, the geopolitical implications of these alliances cannot be overstated. With critical minerals becoming focal points of national security and economic competitiveness, the role of junior mining companies is increasingly under the international spotlight. Their partnerships with global giants are not just business deals; they are strategic moves on the global chessboard of

In closing, as we navigate this transformative era, it is imperative for all stakeholders—mining companies, governments, investors, and communities—to foster transparency, sustainability, and equity. The partnerships between junior mining companies and the titans of the EV world are not just a testament to the changing dynamics of the mining industry; they are a beacon of hope for a sustainable and equitable future. Let us embrace this wave of collaboration, it holds the promise of propelling us towards a cleaner, greener, and more

Publisher-Glenn Dredhart
Record production, reserves, free cash flow and a strong exploration program for Agnico Eagle 10 Alamos Gold cruises into 2024 on record production and acquires Argonaut Gold 14 Newmont ’s great assets up for grabs 18 Canada Nickel massively expanding plans for Timmins-area operations 22 4 million ounces added at Côté Gold Project - Company announces first Gold Pour 26 Minister Pirie confident Ontario is on the mining rebound 32 Galleon’s West Cache Sitting on 1.5m oz. and Still 90% Untested ................................................. 34 Wesdome looks to become Canada’s next mid-tier gold producer with Kiena and Eagle River high-grade mine assets 38 EV Nickel on track to produce revolutionary tech in Timmins camp 40 GFG Resources “Going for Gold” in the Timmins Mining Camp 44 Premier Canadian Mint looks to mergers and acquisitions............................................................. 48 McEwen “On the road to redemption” 50 Kinross expecting great 2024 exploration results at 6-million-ounce Great Bear 54 Ottawa – late to the critical minerals party – but attending nonetheless 56 STLLR’s Tower Gold Project poised to become 11 year Timmins area producer 58 Timmins West - Bell Creek listed as top gold assets for Pan American Silver 60 Aston Minerals says it has 1.5m oz of gold as it trips over nickel south of Timmins 62 ONYX Gold turning drills and expanding properties 64 Barrick Hemlo Production Up ......................................................................................................... 68 Magna Mining continues exciting trajectory at Crean Hill 72 Robert Rubino & Sons Trucking celebrates its 50th Anniversary 74 Bimachiiowin Infrastructure gets Provincial Support in Webequie and Marten Falls First Nations 80 W yloo says Eagle’s Nest has at least 20-year potential ................................................................... 84 Mitsubishi invests $25 million as Frontier advances it’s PAK Lithium Project 88 Avalon looks to accelerate Lithium Processing Facility in Thunder Bay 92 Rock Tech Lithium to convert Red Rock paper mill to lithium facility 96 Canada unveils Indigenous Natural Resources Partnerships Program for First Nations located near critical minerals projects 10 0 Green Technology Metals CEO says Ontario “a dream made in heaven” 102 West Red Lake finds more gold and raises USD$22 million for Madsen 104 Clean Air Metals Thunder Bay North Project includes First Nation Equity 106 ACE Mechanic Services 79 ADF Diesel Industriel Inc. 2 Agnico Eagle Mines Limited 11 Alamos Gold 15 A ME Drill Supply & Services 94 Atlas Copco 37 A xxess International Inc. 77 Bag Supplies Canada Ltd. 10 5 Barrick Hemlo 69 Barrie Welding & Machine Ltd. 121 BME Mining Canada 71 Byrnecut Canada Ltd. 57 CAB Products 51 Canada Nickel Company 23 Certarus Ltd. 4 6 ClearWater Energy Services 85 Comairco Ltd. 123 Côté Gold 27 Crux Prospecting 67 D&D Training & Consulting 89 Diamond Drilling Inc. 82 EDITORIAL INDEX ADVERTISERS INDEX PUBLICATIONS AGREEMENT NO: 40022702 Return Undeliverable to CIRCULATION DEPT.: P.O. Box 490, Schumacher, ON, P0N 1G0 Tel. (705) 264-2251 Fax: (705) 264-4401 Email: Publisher: Glenn Dredhart Editor: Kevin Vincent Editorial Consultant: Frank Giorno Marketing & Sales: John Goulet, Rhonda Larochelle, Larry Sutton Circulation: Audrey Guindon Front Cover Photo: Sofvie and Technica Mining Produced by: James Hodgins Dueck’s Mechanical Inc./ Diamond Shelters O utside Back Cover Dumoulin Trucking 9 EllisDon Industrial 45 Epiroc 13 Equipment North Inc. 70 Equipment World Inc. 63 Exsics Exploration Ltd. 42 Far Northeast Training Board 112 First Student Canada 119 Fountain Tire 9 9 Fournier 125 FLSmidth Inc 35 Fracht Canada Freight Inc. 1 GFL Environmental Inc. 103 Gillis Custom Containers I nside Front Cover Greenstone Mine 31 Hole Products 77 Hy-Tech Drilling Ltd. 4 ITW Performance Polymers 90 J.H. Fletcher & Co. 25 JTR Custom Works Inc. 127 Kinross Gold 55 KPI Industrial Controls Inc. 10 5 Manroc Developments Inc. 43 Manufacturers Automation Inc. 91 Milestone Environmental 87 Montreal Tractor 33 MSA Labs 49 MTG Metalogenia S.A 3 MWG Apparel Corp. 5 9 Newmont Porcupine 21 Nordmin Engineering 36 Nordstrong Equipment Ltd. 81 Norpro Security Ltd. 73 North Rock Rentals 66 Ontario Northland 97 Orbit Garant Drilling Services 131 Polycorp Ltd 95 Premier Canadian Mint 47 Rad East Torque Systems 6 5 Redpath Canada Limited 29 Richwood 133 Robert Rubino & Sons Trucking 75 Rodren Drilling 7 Sandale 98 Sandvik Mining & Rock Solutions 17 Sling-Choker Mfg. 41 Smart Modular Canada 101 TCL Asset Group Inc. 20 The Bucket Shop I nside Back Cover The Miller Group 61 Vista Radio 93 Wajax 19 Walden Group 83 Weir Esco 48 Weir Minerals North America 53 Weldco-Beales Manufacturing 86 Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd. 39 Workforce Inc. 86 WSN 30 The Official Showguide page 107 Agenda - Maps - List of Exhibitors 5 MINING LIFE & EXPLORATION NEWS SPRING 2024

Mayor’s Message of Welcome

Canadian Mining Expo, June 4 - 6, 2024

On behalf of City Council and the citizens of Timmins, I would like to welcome you to the 2024 Canadian Mining Expo. For over 30 years, people from all over the world gather in our city to see the latest innovations, products and services in the mining industry.

These are exciting times for the mining sector! In an ever-evolving industry, the Canadian Mining Expo brings together industry leaders, contractors, service providers, First Nation communities and entrepreneurs to discuss and demonstrate new and best practices. We can also look forward to several conferences with top tier guest speakers. I would like to thank the organizers of the Canadian Mining Expo for their hard work and commitment; events such as these are the result of endless hours of planning and hard work by many dedicated individuals. Congratulations!

As the host city, we are confident you will enjoy your stay in the City of Timmins and hope you will find time to check out some of the unique things our city has to offer.

Bienvenue. Wachay.


Mayor Michelle Boileau

Telephone: (705) 360-2611







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This year, we are working with CancerCare Manitoba and we are Drilling for a Cure!

To donate to CancerCare and join our Drilling for a Cure mission, please visit and click through to a secure link directly at CancerCare. Together, our drilling community can make a difference.

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Welcome Message

It is a pleasure to welcome delegates to the great riding of Timmins for this year’s Canadian Mining Expo 2024 (CME 2024) on June 5th and 6th.

This event highlights the potential of not just Timmins, but all of Northern Ontario and fosters the collaboration we need to make the province the best place to invest in the mining sector. With over 400 displays with indoor and outdoor spaces, this event attracts experts and professionals from all over, showcasing the brilliance of our mining community right here in Timmins, the city with a heart of gold.

These last years have highlighted the challenges we face in global supply chains and events like this show us that Ontario has the minerals, expertise, and talent to become the foundation of the growing supply chain for critical minerals and remain a powerhouse gold producer for generations to come.

Our government is doing everything we can to ensure Ontarians benefits from the great mining opportunities we are blessed with, to benefit northern and Indigenous communities. That’s why our Critical Minerals Strategy is backed by $55 million in targeted investments – so we can build a supply chain for new technologies, but we know it all starts with exploration and mining.

We have invested $35 million in the Ontario Junior Exploration Program to help junior companies find the critical mineral and precious metal mines of the future. In budget 2024, our government extended the Critical Minerals Innovation Fund – investing an additional $15 million over three years in this program. This funding helps research and commercialization of new technologies to solve supply chain challenges by leveraging our home-grown talent.

Our plan is also about cutting red tape that was holding our sector back, that’s why we passed the Building More Mines Act last year and on April 1st of this year, the regulations came into force. The Act is ensuring that the ministry operates at the pace of business without sacrificing our worldclass environmental protections or how we consult with Indigenous communities.

We are also making historic progress on the Ring of Fire with three First Nations-led environmental assessments underway for the roads to the Ring of Fire. At the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada conference back in March, I signed a Community Development Agreement with Chiefs of Webequie and Marten Falls First Nations that supports community readiness for future economic development, including mining. This agreement is the next major step in building the corridor to prosperity, connecting the communities to the highway network and the mining opportunities in the Ring of Fire.

Our government knows we need the continued support of stakeholders so we can get better results for the mining sector and that is why events like these are so important. I want to thank everyone involved in putting this event on, it is going to be an amazing couple of days. I look forward to seeing all of you in Timmins for CME 2024.



Record production, reserves, free cash flow and a strong exploration program for AGNICO EAGLE

Senior management at Agnico Eagle have a lot to be proud of these days. The company is riding high with outstanding production, growing reserves, and a balance sheet that make it the envy of its rivals.

“We had a fantastic close to the year with strong operating performance across the board resulting in a solid year overall. We achieved record quarterly in annual gold production finishing the year at the very top end of our production guidance. From a cost perspective we finished the year with total cash costs per ounce at the midpoint of our guidance which reflects the great work from all teams in managing costs in a difficult and persistent inflationary environment,” said CEO Ammar Al-Joundi in a 2023 summation to shareholders.

Al-Joundi says all of it was done safely. 2023 was the strongest safety performance in the company’s history.

Year-end 2023 gold mineral reserves increased by 10.5% to 53.8 million ounces of gold (1,287 million tonnes grading 1.30 grams per tonne (“g/t”) gold). The yearover-year increase in mineral reserves is largely due to the declaration of initial mineral reserves at East Gouldie, the acquisition of the remaining 50% interest in the Canadian Malartic complex and mineral reserve replacement at Macassa and Fosterville. At year-end 2023, measured and indicated mineral resources were 44.0 million ounces (1,189 million tonnes grading 1.15 g/t gold) and inferred mineral resources were 33.1 million ounces (411 million tonnes grading 2.50 g/t gold), including initial underground inferred mineral resources at Detour Lake.

The Company’s ambitious exploration program in 2023 and continuing into 2024 is yielding great results

At Detour Lake, step-out drilling suggests potential for an underground operation and together with optimization of the current open pits and mill, bringing the Detour Lake mine to a production rate of one million ounces per year. At Odyssey, step-out drilling continues to significantly extend the East Gouldie deposit to the west and east. At Hope Bay, drill results confirm the expansion of the Madrid deposit at depth with wide high grade intercepts, in line with our expectations for the exploration upside of this project,” said Guy Gosselin, Agnico Eagle’s Executive Vice-President, Exploration. “In addition, we continue to generate significant exploration results elsewhere

across our portfolio, including Fosterville, Amaruq, Macassa and Kittila. These positive results demonstrate the success of our strategy, and we will continue the steady funding of our exploration efforts in 2024 as we aim to grow the deposits at existing operations and to realize the potential of the key projects in the Company’s pipeline,” added Mr. Gosselin.

SNAPSHOT – 2024 exploration budget

Abitibi region – Quebec

Approximately $20.4 million for 137,000 metres of drilling at the Canadian Malartic complex, $2.8 million for 16,700 metres of drilling at the Wasamac project in 2024 as part of a larger Quebec regional exploration budget totalling $7.1 million for 39,700 metres, $10.4


We make mining work

Multi decade mine potential seen from Agnico’s near mine exploration targets

million for 50,200 metres of drilling at the LaRonde complex and $5.1 million for 40,400 metres of drilling at Goldex mine.

SNAPSHOT – 2024 exploration budget Abitibi region – Ontario

Approximately $27.7 million for 160,000 metres of drilling at Detour Lake in 2024 ($20.3 million for 120,000 metres of capitalized drilling into the western plunge of the main deposit and approximately $7.4 million for 40,000 metres of regional drilling to explore satellite targets on the Company’s large 107,400 hectare land position around the Detour Lake and adjacent Detour East properties that could potentially provide mill feed to the Detour Lake operation), $19.2 million for 161,900 metres of capitalized drilling at Macassa in 2024, aiming to increase and upgrade mineral resources. The exploration program will continue to build the mineral resource base to the east in the SMC East and Main Break, and to the west in the Lower/West SMC. Drilling in the AK and NSUR deposits will target mineral resource expansion. In addition, $14.1 million is budgeted for capitalized exploration to further develop exploration drifts that will allow drilling to the east of current mine infrastructure along strike and at depth of the SMC and Main Break towards the historic Lake Shore mine and as a part of an Ontario regional exploration budget totaling $13.5 million for 19,400 metres, a surface exploration campaign will include drill holes to test the deep extensions of the Main Break east of the underground infrastructure of the SMC and below all historical mining levels of the Kirkland Lake camp to provide support for future underground exploration drifts.

“We continue to see significant upside from near-mine exploration targets. We are talking multi-decade potential from this world class asset,” said Al-Joundi.

The company’s strong operating performance paired with a higher gold price and a weaker Canadian dollar resulted in record operating cash flow.

“We also continue to advance our key value-drivers, leverage synergies in the Abitibi gold belt and add value through the drill bit,” he added.

Agnico increased mineral reserves to a record level. 2023 also brought its share of challenges to Agnico operations such as wildfires in Quebec, Ontario and Aus-

tralia and a transformer outage at Detour Lake.

“Facing challenges is the nature of our business and Agnico Eagle has the distinct ability and track record of managing challenges effectively,” said Al-Joundi.

He says a strong operating, financial and safety performance puts Agnico in an excellent position to continue investing in the business and advancing projects as well as returning cash to shareholders.

“We will continue optimizing our assets with a focus on regional mining platforms in our core operating regions. At Detour Lake we are assessing the potential to grow to one million ounces per year. “We are targeting 28 million tons per year through the mill in 2024 and we are pursuing mill optimization beyond that.”

The company is also advancing an underground mine study which they expect to be completed in the first half of 2024.

At the Canadian Malartic complex in Quebec, Agnico is transitioning from being one of the largest open-pit gold mines in Canada to what it feels will be the largest underground gold mine in Canada.

Al-Joundi says Agnico Eagle has a track record of executing and delivering. “That’s what we did that’s what we will continue to do - because that’s how we create long-term value for shareholders - create a great place to work for our employees - and contribute positively to the communities in which we operate.”


E le c tri fy you r ope r ation s

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ALAMOS GOLD cruises into 2024 on record production

Low costs and high margins. If you’re an investor looking for the perfect recipe, turn to the page that says Alamos Gold.

Alamos Gold Inc. reported its financial results for the quarter and year ended December 31, 2023 and they couldn’t be happier.

“With the strong finish to the year, we delivered a record operational and financial performance in 2023,” said John A. McCluskey, President and Chief Executive Officer.

“It was a matter of investing the capital that would produce that productivity and we’ve had just a tremendous run of success,” he added in a recent television interview.

“Production increased 15% to a record 529,300 ounces, achieving the top end of our increased full year guidance. Costs were also in line with annual guidance and decreased 4% from 2022 reflecting strong performances across our operations. With the record production, lower costs, and higher gold price we set a number of financial records in 2023. Revenue increased 25% to a record $1 billion, and cash flow from operations increased 44% to a record $519 million. We also generated $124 million of free cash flow while reinvesting in growth that will support higher

levels of free cash flow in the years ahead.”

“As far as our Canadian operations go, very similarly we had great performance from both Island Gold and our Young Davidson Mine. We already could see we were going to break our previous guidance and so, at the end of the third quarter, we raised our guidance and then by the end of the year, we’d actually come to the very top end of our revised guidance - so it was a great year,” added McCluskey.

“This reinvestment in high-return growth continues to create longterm value. Global Mineral Reserves increased for the fifth consecutive year with grades also increasing driven by another year of exploration success. This included highergrade additions at Island Gold and PDA, supporting longer-life, and more valuable assets. The growth at PDA will be incorporated into a development plan to be completed later this quarter that we expect will outline a significant mine life extension at Mulatos. The Phase 3+ Expansion at Island Gold continues to advance having achieved a significant milestone with the start of shaft sinking in December. The expansion remains on track to de -

liver significant production growth at substantially lower costs in 2026 and beyond.”

While Young Davidson continues to be the crown jewel, Island Gold is nipping at its heels.

“One of the things that really distinguishes what we’re doing at Alamos is we’re actually bringing costs down between now and 2026. We’re one of the lowest cost producers in the sector right now, but by virtue of the expansion that we’re undertaking at Island Gold which will see us sink a shaft and expand the mill from 1,200 tons a day to 2400 tons a day we’re going to benefit from both the efficiency of the shaft, the tie into the grid-power, plus the economies of scale.”

McCluskey says when you pull all of those things together, costs drop from roughly $1,000 an ounce to roughly $600 an ounce at Island Gold. “That’s going to have a big impact on our overall production. That’ll be roughly half of 2026 production when we achieve that and that’ll be coming in at $600 adjusted for inflation all in sustaining cost, so that’ll be one of the lowest cost mines in the world and it’ll be generating roughly 300,000 ounces a year - that’s just a great story.”

Alamos acquires Argonaut Gold Positions itself as the 3rd largest gold producer in Canada

Employees at Argonaut Gold northeast of Wawa woke up to a new signature on their paycheques in late March. Alamos Gold Inc. and Argonaut Gold Inc. announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement where Alamos will acquire all of the issued and outstanding shares of Argonaut.

“After considering a broad range of alternatives, we believe this transaction provides a unique opportunity to place Magino in the hands of a wellcapitalized and well-run company, who will be able to realize significant synergies given the proximity of the adjacent Island Gold Mine,” said Richard Young, President and CEO of Argonaut Gold.”

“We believe with adequate capital and an optimal expansion at Magino, the mine will deliver significant value to all stakeholders. We are grateful to our team at Magino for their significant contribution and hard work during mine and mill ramp-up. Similarly, we thank our exceptional teams in Mexico and Nevada for their continued hard work throughout the years,”.

Alamos will acquire Argonaut’s Magino mine, located adjacent to its Island Gold mine in Ontario. The integration of the two operations is expected to create one of the larg -

est and lowest cost gold mines in Canada.

Through the use of shared infrastructure, Alamos expects to unlock significant value with immediate and long-term synergies expected to total approximately US$515 million.

The addition of Magino is expected to increase Alamos’ combined gold production to over 600,000 ounces per year, with longer term production potential of over 900,000 ounces per year.

“It will add a third producing mine in Canada to our operations, meaning that 90% of our value is now based in Canada,” said Alamos CEO John McCluskey. “Argonaut’s key asset, the Magino Mine, is right next to our Island Gold Mine in northern Ontario. There are tremendous synergies combining these operations that will enable us to unlock.”

The acquisition of the Magino mine enables Alamos to realize more than $500 million in operating and capital synergies. The Argonaut and Island Gold deposits sit within 300 meters of each other across a fourkilometer strike. Combined, the two deposits contain over 11 and a half million ounces of gold reserves and resources.

“The newly constructed infrastructure at Magino, including the mill and tailings facility is impressive,” said McCluskey. “And I applaud the Argonaut team for what they’ve built.

The Island Gold and Magino Mines will increase our production by over 100,000 ounces of gold per year, bringing the total for this district to over 400,000 ounces per year by 2026. This will become one of the largest and lowest cost gold mining operations in Canada.”

McCluskey says there is excellent potential to build on the exploration success at both the Island Gold and Magino deposits. Jointly he says these mines will create real value and provide tangible benefits to local communities. “We look forward to strengthening our existing partnerships with the indigenous communities and welcoming Argonauts employees to our team. I hope they will thrive with us and look forward to working together in fully realizing the benefits of integrating these two operations.”

“This is an exciting development that fits well with Alamo’s gold growth strategy. When you include our young Davidson mine and the Lynn Lake Development Project in Manitoba, our overall Canadian production will double. This will establish Alamos Gold as the third largest gold producer in Canada. My team has a fantastic track record when it comes to creating value through mergers and acquisitions. And I’m committed to making this one a success for all of our stakeholders.”

Magino Mine -Dubreuilville

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Great assets up for grabs

NEWMONT offers up Ontario’s Porcupine and Musselwhite as it looks to reduce debt

Faced with an $8 billion debt and nearly a seven percent dip in reserves, the world’s biggest gold miner put several of its gold mines up for sale earlier this year, including its mines in Timmins and Musselwhite in northwestern Ontario.

“A big part of our commitment is to deliver $100 million of free cash flow by bringing Newmont and Newcrest together… there is a reduction in head count in order to achieve those synergies,” said Tom Palmer, the company’s chief executive in a statement.

Newmont Porcupine includes the Borden Mine in Chapleau, the Hoyle Pond underground mine, the Hollinger Open Pit, the Pamour Open pit and the Dome Mill. The mines are attractive and healthy assets, but they no longer fit Newmont’s long-term strategy.

It plans to divest the six assets within 12 months and the properties will continue operating normally until they are sold.

Ontario Mines Minister George Pirie told Mining Life he’s confident there will be a willing buyer. “Ontario is a great mining jurisdiction. There are a large number of companies that will likely take an interest in these great assets.”

Newmont Corp announced its intention in early February to divest itself of six non-core assets. These include the Éléonore mine in Quebec, the Musselwhite and Porcupine mines, the Coffee project in the Yukon Territory, and a 70% ownership in the Havieron joint venture, which it shares with Greatland Gold in Western Australia.

Following the completion of its acquisition of Newcrest Mining last November, the globe’s premier gold mining entity disclosed its plan to utilize the sales’ proceeds for debt reduction. With a reported debt of $8 billion at the

conclusion of 2023, the company has targeted a shortterm goal to lessen this burden by $1 billion.

In addition to these strategic sales, the miner based in the United States has pinpointed potential cost and productivity enhancements valued at $500 million, which include reductions in its workforce.

Post-sale, the mining behemoth intends to sharpen its focus on a selection of ten tier-1 assets, described as its “go-forward portfolio,” with the aim of ensuring sustained growth.

Palmer further highlighted the strategic vision, stating, “Our go-forward portfolio is the new standard for gold and copper mining [and] provides our shareholders with exposure to the highest concentration of Tier 1 assets in the sector.”

Defined as pivotal to a company’s success, Tier 1 assets are characterized by their significant scale, longevity in production, and low operational costs.

Meanwhile, Palmer told Bloomberg News that Newmont expects to sell the assets for $2 billion by the end



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Newmont looks to sell assets by the end of the year

of the year. “It’s what we announced back in May of last year. When we announced the deal we said there’d be synergies. We said there’d be $2 billion of cash from portfolio optimization. We expected to adjust our capital allocation to match the transform business, we’ll get our balance sheet nice and fit. We’ll pay a $1-a-share dividend. We’ll get $2 billion of proceeds at least coming in from those divestments and a good portion of that money will go towards our $1 billion share buyback. Everything consistent with what we announced in May of last year,” said Palmer.

Palmer was asked how soon he expects the sale to happen. “We committed to work through six assets that we held for divestment. We worked through those for the course of the next 12 months. The process has started with two of them. There’s a bunch in North America that will start in the next months or so. We’re on track

Our focus is on delivering the value and the synergies from our go-forward tier-one portfolio. That’s our Focus for 2024. Beyond that, we’ve got some very big copper and gold projects sitting in the wings waiting to increase our exposure to copper in 25-26.”

Facing Challenges

In its report covering the fourth quarter and the entirety of 2023, the mining leader revealed a production total of 5.5 million ounces of gold for the year. This figure marks a decrease of 6.9% from the 5.96 million ounces produced in 2022.

The company’s annual performance encountered numerous obstacles, including impairment charges amounting to $1.9 billion, reclamation charges of $1.5 billion, and costs related to the Newcrest transaction and integration totaling $464 million.

Based in Denver, Colorado, the firm reported a pershare loss of $3.21. When adjusting for one-time gains and expenses, earnings were reported at 50 US cents per share, narrowly missing the 51 US cents per share anticipated by analysts.

Despite these hurdles, Newmont managed to distribute dividends totaling $1.4 billion to its shareholders. The company is also optimistic about 2024, projecting a total gold production of nearly 6.9 million ounces, with 5.6 million ounces expected from its tier 1 assets alone.

Furthermore, Newmont has reported an increase in its gold reserves, boasting 135.9 million attributable ounces for 2023, a significant rise from the 96.1 million ounces recorded at the end of 2022. The company also emphasized the considerable potential for other metals, including over 30 billion pounds of copper reserves and nearly 600 million ounces of silver reserves.

Newmont still delivered $1.4 billion in dividends to shareholders despite the challenges and is forecasting 2024 total production of nearly 6.9 million gold ounces. The company also has more than 30 billion pounds of copper reserves and nearly 600 million ounces of silver reserves.

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CANADA NICKEL massively expanding plans for Timmins-area operations


an actual production date is


somewhere off in the distance, nothing seems to be slowing down the freight train known as Canada Nickel.

The company has secured major investments from international brands like Samsung and Agnico Eagle and announced plans through its subsidiary NetZero Metals Inc. to build not one, but two processing facilities in the Timmins area.

The string of news to start 2024 has raised eyebrows but that doesn’t seem to phase CEO Mark Selby. In addition to its well-known Crawford discovery, the company is actively targeting two other properties, Bannockburn which is 100 km south of Timmins and most recently, Mann Central which is 22 km east of the main Crawford discovery.

Bannockburn consists of 151 claims totaling 3,250 hectares. Bannockburn is situated near the company’s Sothman, Midlothian, Van Hise, and Powell properties forming what it calls a southern cluster of highly prospective targets near established infrastructure in Matachewan approximately 20 kilometres east of the project area.

“The five Canada Nickel holes drilled to infill the “B” Zone successfully intersected multi-hundred metre intervals of 0.27-0.29% nickel and more importantly, each contained higher grade intervals of 0.3% nickel or better,” said Selby. “The Bannockburn “B” Zone has now been tested for its total 1.1-kilometre strike length with multiple intervals in excess of 0.3% nickel from both previous and current drilling. Bannockburn is highly complementary to our southern cluster of properties at Sothman, Midlothian, Van Hise and Powell.”

The Mann Property is 20 kilometres south of Cochrane, and 45 kilometres northeast of Timmins, covering Mann Township. The property contains three large ultramafic bodies, each of which has a target geophysical footprint larger than Crawford at 1.6 km2

Mann Northwest has a target footprint of 6.0 km2; Mann Central is 3.1 km2 and Mann Southeast is 4.1 km2. Mann Northwest is on the same trend to mineralized ultramafics in Reaume Township while Mann Southeast connects to a long ultramafic sill in Newmarket Township, both properties being owned by Canada Nickel. The total trend from Reaume to Newmarket exceeds 25 kilometres as various units.

“Mann is an exceptionally large property with ultramafic targets extending beyond the township from Reaume through Mann and into Newmarket with a combined target strike length of over 25 kilometres,” said Selby. “All fifteen initial holes at these first two targets successfully intersected large intervals of target mineralization. This area will be a focus of our exploration program in 2024.”

Pictured is Canada Nickel Company CEO Mark Selby announcing plans to build two processing plants in Timmins.

The Next Generation of Nickel

Anchored by our flagship Crawford Project in the heart of the emerging Timmins Nickel District.

Advancing nickel-sulphide projects targeting production of NetZero Nickel™.

We're working on it. | TSX-V:CNC
CANADA NICKEL attracts attention of SAMSUNG as an investor and project partner

Agnico Eagle Mines Limited acquired 19,600,000 units of Canada Nickel Company Inc. for $23,128,000 at the end of 2023.

Agnico had spent approximately two years evaluating the critical minerals sector, focusing on Canada and the regions where it operates, where the company believes it has a competitive advantage. Agnico Eagle said its investment in Canada Nickel represents an early-stage investment in this growing sector.

It described Canada Nickel’s large, prospective land package and portfolio of early-stage nickel-sulphide deposits as being close to Agnico Eagle’s operations in the Abitibi region of Ontario and Quebec.

“Canada Nickel’s Crawford NickelCobalt Sulphide Project has a large nickel resource and is expected to have a low carbon footprint. Aligning with Agnico Eagle’s well-established strategy of early-stage project investments, this investment represents an opportunity to establish a presence in an emerging nickel belt and monitor both the project’s progress and emerging technologies relevant to its development,” said the company in its announcement.

In the meantime, Canada Nickel has also attracted the attention of Samsung. “We are very pleased to welcome Samsung SDI as an investor and project partner with Canada Nickel,” said Selby.

“As we advance the Crawford Nickel Sulphide Project, it is critical to form long-term partnerships with companies that truly understand how

crucial this production is for electric vehicle supply chains across North America and Europe. As one of the world’s leading electric vehicle battery manufacturers, Samsung SDI not only understands our vital role in these supply chains, but also believes in Canada Nickel’s vision for responsible, large scale, net-zerocarbon nickel production. Together, our companies are paving the way for a more sustainable future.”

“We are pleased to partner with Canada Nickel through this opportunity,” said Ikhyeon Kim, Executive Vice President of Samsung SDI. “We look forward to working with Canada Nickel to contribute to the growing battery manufacturing industry through this partnership.” Samsung SDI made a US$18.5 million investment in Canada Nickel for 15.6 million common shares.

In addition, two new mineral processing facilities, including the largest nickel processing plant in North America, are planned by Canada Nickel for Timmins creating potential economic growth and job opportunities.

Innovation in today’s mining and processing operations are important. This innovation is seen as companies improve their operating efficiencies, environmental practices, Environmental Social Governance

(ESG) and facilitating the choices and regulations by the regulators.

Canada Nickel’s facilities will utilize a carbon storage system to operate as zero-carbon facilities, with the aim of meeting the increasing demand for critical minerals in electric vehicle manufacturing.

The project emphasizes local economic development, First Nations engagement, and the importance of low carbon footprint in the global supply chain of critical minerals.

The company has also strengthened ties with area First Nations groups. They issued 100,000 common shares to Taykwa Tagamou Nation (TTN) under terms of an exploration agreement between Canada Nickel and TTN and 100,000 common shares to Apitipi Anicinapek Nation (AAN) under terms of an exploration agreement between Canada Nickel and AAN.

The Exploration Agreements continue important relationships through which Canada Nickel recognizes and respects the Aboriginal and Treaty rights of TTN and AAN while engaged in exploration activities on the company’s properties. The Exploration Agreements also each provide for the company to make certain cash payments to TTN and AAN based on the exploration program.



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J.H. Fletcher & Co. cannot anticipate every mine hazard that may develop during use of these products. Follow your mine plan and/or roof control plan prior to use of the product. Proper use, maintenance and continued use of (OEM) original equipment parts will be essential for maximum operating results. 2024 J.H. Fletcher & Co. All Rights reserved. ® @FLETCHERMININGEQUIPMENT WWW.JHFLETCHER.COM 1.800.543.5431
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4 million ounces added at


making it the third-largest gold mine in Canada

It took nearly two decades to get it across the regulatory finish line, but it was worth the wait. IAMGOLD’s Côté Mine is expected to add billions to Ontario’s GDP and the estimated payroll over the life of the mine is more than $5 billion. And it’s growing. IAMGOLD Corporation updated the Mineral Reserves and Mineral Resources statement for the Côté Gold and Gosselin properties earlier this year as the company prepared for its ceremonial production launch May 22nd.

“The IAMGOLD exploration and operating teams have done an exceptional job over the past year, ensuring that we have replaced more than we mined during a period when our focus and capital was directed towards the upcoming ramp up of Côté Gold,” said Renaud Adams, President and Chief Executive Officer of IAMGOLD.

“The updated resource at Gosselin is very exciting as the value

of this deposit to the Côté project is clear. Gosselin is a large-scale deposit sitting immediately adjacent to Côté, that when combined have an estimated Measured and Indicated Mineral Resource of 16.5 million ounces with an additional 4.2 million ounces of Inferred, putting the project in exclusive company of largescale Canadian assets. This year we look forward to the continued drilling of Gosselin, targeting the potential

connecting extensions of the breccias between the resource pits, as well drilling beneath the mineralized envelopes to test the depth extensions and give some insights into the ultimate potential of these highly prospective deposits.”

The demobilization of facilities and completion of multiple construction contracts marked a pivotal moment as the company prepares for the exciting journey ahead. With


Côté Gold announces first gold pour

production expected to begin towards the end of the first quarter of 2024, we are eager to see all our hard work come to fruition. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey with us.

With fourteen autonomous haul trucks now commissioned and operating smoothly, along with four Pit Vipers undergoing testing for autonomous drilling, IAMGOLD is making significant strides towards enhancing efficiency and productivity.

The company’s operations team is dedicated to improving haulage roads and dumping locations to further streamline autonomous haulage processes and reduce cycle times. The commissioning of two Caterpillar 6060 electric shovels marked a milestone in the company‘s commitment to innovative mining practices.

First Gold Pour at Côté

On March 31st, and just prior to print of the magazine, IAMGOLD announced that it had completed its first gold pour at the Côté Gold Mine which is operated as a joint venture between IAMGOLD, as the operator, and Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd. (“Sumitomo”).

“I am delighted to announce that Côté Gold achieved the milestone of first gold pour, less than 90 days since the start of the pre-commissioning activities,” said Renaud Adams, President and Chief Executive Officer of IAMGOLD. This achievement represents the culmination of over 15 million hours of work over four years of construction - an in -

IAMGOLD announced that it had completed its first gold pour at the Côté Gold Mine on March 31st

credible effort for the team on the ground as the project cost to first gold remains in line with the updated budget estimate while maintaining a near impeccable safety record. Further, I want to thank our partner Sumitomo for their continued support and dedication. This achievement is monumental for the Côté team, IAMGOLD, Sumitomo and for the gold mining industry itself.”

Commissioning activities at Côté have been progressing well, with performance achieved in the crushing, HPGR and processing circuits within expectations, including power consumption. With first gold now achieved, the next step and focus for IAMGOLD is on the ramp up of the operation to commercial production in the third quarter towards the goal of exiting the year at a 90% throughput rate. Production guidance from Côté this year, on a 100% basis, is unchanged at 220,000 to 290,000 ounces of gold, assuming the remaining milestones are achieved. At steady run-rate, Côté Gold is expected to be within the largest op -

erating gold mines in Canada with an expected mine life exceeding 18 years and significant opportunities for growth. On a project level, combining the Côté and Gosselin deposits, Côté has a total estimated Measured and Indicated Mineral Resource of 16.5 million ounces with an additional 4.2 million ounces of Inferred, putting the project in exclusive company of large-scale Canadian assets.

Mr. Adams continued, “Côté is positioned as an innovation leader in our industry as the first gold mining project in North America designed and built for a fully automated haulage fleet. Automation not only brings significant benefits in health and safety and operating efficiencies, but is a considerable step forward in the evolution of modern mining and the skilled workforce of tomorrow. Further, this is just the beginning for Côté, as we believe the project is the start of what will ultimately turn into a new mining district that will be a mining hub for decades to come.”


Building world-class mines since 1962.












Minister confident Ontario is on the mining rebound


Minister and Timmins MPP

George Pirie says Ontario is regaining its position as one of the world’s most prominent mining jurisdictions.

Our brand in Ontario, of course, is all about the carbon footprint,” said Pirie. “What it’s based on is the fact that the majority of the (power) grid is totally green. And we will be increasing the size of our grid that’s not associated with fossil fuels. It’s a big part of our brand,” he added.

Pirie says miners understand the green economy. “It’s who we are as miners. We believe in mining sustainably. And the definition of that - is meeting the needs of this generation, without sacrificing the future genera-

tion. That’s why you see our major mining companies developing power systems. Look at Canada Nickel, they’re going to power their fleet with hydrogen. Using natural gas to create hydrogen and sequestering the CO2 in serpentine.”

That brand is underscored right now by a dramatic dip in critical mineral prices. Pirie says he sees that as cyclical.

“The juniors are the first ones to feel any price weakness. And of course, there’s no price weakness in gold. So, anybody that’s working in the gold space is going to be in a pretty good space for sure. The price of nickel fell off by 40% last year. And that’s all in relation to the nickel that’s coming from Indonesia. We don’t want the nickel from Indonesia. It’s powered with coal, and it’s financed by the Chinese. And they dump tailings in the sea. And for very obvious reasons, we don’t want the cobalt to come from the Congo. So, I expect that we’ll see some movement. Because the world at large, the western countries, do not want to be buying vehicles that are powered by batteries that are sourced from dirty nickel.”

Pirie points out that Vale spent $1.5 billion of their own money, eliminating the emissions of the superstack in Sudbury. He says all these technologies are being developed and used and refined and getting better. “As a society, miners realize that we fully participate in that objective of the next generation. Not only in the gold sector, but certainly the critical mineral sector - I think the juniors will be well poised to benefit from everything we’re doing.”

At the moment, there are a lot of major mining companies investing in juniors, a traditional source of growth. Pirie sees that trend continuing, especially in gold.

“Obviously the majors have always realized that their investment in the junior companies is perhaps the best investment in exploration they possibly can do. But at the same time, you realize that your juniors are agile, and the majors realize that an agile Junior’s sector is essential for the health of the industry. And they’re businessmen and they’re good explorers, they’re good mining people, so they will invest with the quality juniors.”

One of the ways those companies come together is at the Canadian Mining Expo “The Big Event”. Pirie says the annual mining show is a world-class opportunity for investors to immerse themselves in the heart of Ontario’s vibrant mining sector.

“What makes a difference is this show is situated in the heart of a mining camp. Within 45 minutes you can see every significant company that are developing in the junior sector - critical minerals and gold - as well as the major gold mining companies. So, it’s a huge opportunity for the investor to have a very economical, efficient way to take a look at the mining industry and the technology and the trades associated with it. One quick trip, you can go from Detour, to Macassa, to Côté - every single sector is very well represented.”


GALLEON ’s West Cache Sitting on 1.5m oz. and Still 90% Untested

Patience. It’s the central theme as investors wait for Galleon Gold to become the Timmins mining camp’s next gold producer.

The company outlined its plans for 2024 as Galleon embarks upon its advanced exploration activities at its flagship West Cache Gold Project in Timmins.

“From a capital markets perspective 2023 was a challenging year for the junior mining sector, and while Galleon Gold was not immune to the malaise, we were able to monetize non-core assets and continue the important work required for permitting,” said David Russell, President and CEO.

“As a result, we limited shareholder dilution and are entering 2024 with our strategic plan to systematically de-risk West Cache on track - starting with an 86,500-tonne bulk sample of the high-grade Zone #9 mineralized material.”

Russell says Galleon has strong economics on the project including a data base of 1.56 million ounces with over 525 core holes drilled about 250,000 meters of core and we have a large land position.”

Russell told a Red Cloud investment conference in early March that the company is highly undervalued.

“We jump up and down in share price like everybody else. Are we undervalued? Yeah, we’re a hell of a buy. We’re so far underwater we got to hire Jacques Cousteau to get us up to the surface. Eric Sprott came in early. He helped me set the company up three years ago. He put the first $3 million in like he does seeding companies and he’s played in most of the equity issues. The management team’s about 3% - we didn’t vend anything in, so we buy in every issue that we do - so we put our money where our mouth is.”

The company has completed the work required for its Closure Plan application, Environmental Compliance Approvals (ECA), and the Permit to Take Water (PTTW). Investors and stakeholders can expect regular updates as the permits are issued.

Metallurgical Study

Galleon has contracted SGS Canada to conduct additional metallurgical studies in preparation for discussions with local mills and financiers. The original study performed in 2021 indicated strong gold recoveries (up to 97%) from gravity, flotation, and whole ore cyanidation testing on Zone #9 gold mineralization. The current work will be conducted on a

new sample from three holes in or near the planned bulk sample stopes grading approximately 8.25 g/t Au; the composite sample is representative of the material to be mined from the exploration bulk sample.

Bulk Sample

The imminent bulk sample has been designed for approximately 86,500 tonnes grading 8.13 g/t gold and containing an estimated 22,600 ounces of gold (prior to recoveries). The mine plan has been developed for single panel transverse longhole stoping based on a two-production level and four stope plan. In total, 2,525 meters of underground development has been designed for the bulk sample access and extraction.


Less than 10% of the project has been drill tested. The Company intends to continue its grassroots exploration of new targets from surface and eventually from underground. Geologic interpretation, modelling, and targeting work is ongoing using recent and historic VTEMTM and soil geochemistry surveys, which indicate prospective mineralized trends to the north and south of the known resource areas.


Your equipment, our expertise

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Galleon’s new permit increases the exploration area to approximately 3,200 hectares

Russell says he expects to select a custom-milling partner soon for the bulk sample.

“Everything takes place at a custom mill. When will we negotiate the custom Mill agreement? There’s quite a few mills in town. Newmont’s one of them, Bell Creek’s got one, Redstone’s got one, Glencore guys have one. We haven’t picked one yet. We will once I have a permit and I know the exact timeline.”

On March 27, 2024 Galleon announced it has received a new Exploration Drilling Permit from the Ontario Ministry of Mines, Mineral Development Branch for its 100% owned West Cache Gold Project. The new permit increases the exploration area to approximately 3,200 hectares and covers the entirety of the Company’s Min ing Lease No: 110033.

Providing Full Service Engineering and Geoscience Solutions

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Mineral Resource Estimates

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Detailed engineering design

Construction management and planning

Mine close-out procedures

Thunder Bay Sudbury Salt Lake City

David Russell commented, “We have spent much of the last year focused on environmental studies, detailed engineering and permitting requirements for the upcoming bulk sample; but we have not lost sight of the vast exploration potential of the overall property package. While we have proven we can add ounces to the current resource with infill and step-out drilling along strike and at depth, we expect continued grassroots exploration will lead to new discoveries.”

Galleon Gold aims to initiate additional grassroots exploration programs to the north and south of the previously drilled areas. Interpretation of soil sampling and geophysical surveys indicate potential gold (± base metal) targets in the South Area and along litho-structural trends in Tisdale Metavolcanics to the north of Highway 101.

In addition to surface exploration, the Company intends to drill from underground during bulk sample development, targeting the strike-dip extension of Zone #9 and the South Areas, which are 100-meters to the south of the proposed bulk sample workings.

Underground investigation of Zone #9 may provide invaluable information on any structural controls, geochemical zoning, and alteration that could assist with identifying new gold zones elsewhere on the Property.

Knowledge. Integrity. Determination.
Figure shows the location of the contiguous 10,170 ha property package in relation to producing and past-producing mines in the West Porcupine Gold Camp.
Nordmin Engineering Ltd. 36 SPRING 2024 MINING LIFE & EXPLORATION NEWS

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WESDOME looks to become Canada’s next mid-tier gold producer with Kiena and Eagle River high-grade mine assets

As an emerging mid-tier producer in Ontario and Quebec, Wesdome continues to grow both its balance sheet and its reserves.

“We closed 2023 with a stronger balance sheet and performed well relative to our 2023 operating targets,” said Anthea Bath, President and CEO. “With the release of our multi-year guidance earlier this year, we are now focused on delivering significantly higher production and free cash flow in 2024 and 2025.”

At Kiena, the company says development continues to advance, successfully addressing the challenges of mining in schist material.

“Consequently, we look forward to accessing and processing highergrade material in the second quarter,” added Bath.

At Eagle River, Wesdome is evalu-

ating potential initiatives to optimize the operation and reduce costs while advancing development towards the 300 Zone at depth.

“Accompanying our results, we announced our Mineral Reserves and Resources for year-ended 2023, including a 12% increase in total gold Mineral Reserves as compared to year-end 2022,” said Bath. “The additions were driven primarily by the initial Mineral Reserve at Presqu’île Zone along with additions to Kiena Deep, and Zone 6 Central at Eagle River.”

Bath says Wesdome has an ambitious exploration program for 2024, which they expect to yield high quality resource additions and new discoveries, evidenced most recently by the rapid growth of the Falcon 311 Zone at Eagle River.

“As we approach a free cash flow inflection point this year, we remain dedicated to meeting our performance targets, and pursuing strategic activities that drive high return growth in the jurisdictions in which we operate.”

Wesdome is looking to become Canada’s next mid-tier gold producer, boasting two of the highest-grade gold mines in Canada. Both locations have a supportive mining culture and access to a skilled workforce and resources.

Wesdome is implementing the Mining Association of Canada’s TSM standard and focusing on climate action, supply chain policies, and local and Indigenous procurement. They are also improving their health and safety record and plan to publish their 2022 annual ESG report.

Eagle River has been in production since 1996 and is experiencing steady growth. Recent improvements include enhanced ventilation, better grade forecasting, and talent retention efforts. The mine has potential for further expansion and exploration, particularly in the Falcon Zone and surrounding areas.

Acquired in 2003 and restarted in 2021, Kiena is located in the Abitibi region of Quebec. It has a highgrade ore body, with production expected to range between 70,000 and 110,000 ounces per year until 2028. The mine faces challenges but has achieved significant milestones, including declaring commercial production in December 2022.

Wesdome is exploring near-mine potential and deeper extensions at both sites. Kiena, in particular, has unexplored areas under a lake, offering significant exploration potential. The company is also focusing on employee growth and development to ensure a skilled workforce for future expansions. Wesdome is committed to growing as an all-Canadian intermediate gold producer, with a focus on high-quality assets in safe, prolific mining districts.


EV NICKEL on track to produce revolutionary tech in Timmins camp

IsTimmins on the verge of becoming the next research and development center? Companies like junior EV Nickel are looking to combine production of electric vehicle minerals along with carbon capture technology.

“These are very promising results so far, representing what could be best-in-class carbon mineralization, driven by our high brucite levels along the CarLang Trend,” said Sean Samson, President & CEO. “Our company’s Clean Nickel™

Strategy is about rethinking all of the steps we take and with this workstream, if we can potentially create a new business from our tailings this is exactly the type of innovation we are focused on.”

The Shaw Dome Project encompasses the High-Grade W4 Deposit and the Large-Scale CarLang Area, with significant nickel resources and exploration potential. The company’s 2-track strategy focuses on producing High-Grade Clean Nickel™ and pursuing an integrated Carbon

Capture & Storage project for LargeScale Clean Nickel™ production. The company has achieved a worldclass discovery cost, with remarkable efficiency in adding nickel resources through exploration at the Shaw Dome Project.

The Shaw Dome project covers over 30,000 hectares with significant mineralization potential. It includes the W4 Deposit with a high-grade nickel resource and the CarLang Area with a large-scale nickel deposit. The company has a 2-track strategy to produce high-grade clean nickel and integrate carbon capture and storage for clean nickel production. The W4 nickel zone has been expanded through drilling and remains open at depth. The CarLang Area has enormous potential and drilling has identified one of the world’s largest undeveloped nickel deposits. The company has achieved a low discovery cost for both areas. The test also details the technical aspects of the mineral resource estimates for both the W4 Deposit and the CarLang Area.

When it comes to carbon-capture, EV Nickel is well along its path to a solution. Ambient carbonation, using naturally occurring CO2 levels, referred to as direct air capture (“DAC”), in the atmosphere mimics natural processes but increases the exposure of the minerals to the reactive CO2. Prior to testing, samples from the CarLang A Zone were assessed for their total inorganic carbon (“TIC”) content. This TIC was then tracked to determine the quantity of CO2 sequestered by the sample through the test. The samples were homogenized and then acidified, releasing the gaseous CO2 , that was measured using a photo detector.

The experiment was completed after 21 days and the amount of CO2 chemically bound was measured by analyzing the TIC in the sample and then netting out the original content of TIC. The measurement of chemically bound CO2 were roughly in agreement with the calculated bru-


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cite content of each sample (see Figure 2). Selected samples d156202 and f465375 yielded TIC increases of 8.3 and 6.7 kg CO2 per tonne of tailings.

EV Nickel’s mission is to accelerate the transition to clean energy. The company acknowledges the financial contributions being provided by the Province of Ontario’s Critical Minerals Innovation Fund (“CMIF) and the Government of Canada through the Industrial Research Assistance Program (“IRAP”) in assisting with the implementation of EVNI’s Clean Nickel™ Research and Development Program.

In September, the company announced ongoing results of the Op -

timization Phase of the Bioleaching Application on its High-Grade W4 Sulphide Zone. Building on preliminary results, the Optimization Phase has successfully produced Ni and Co mixed hydroxide precipitate (“MHP”) and advanced the research to develop a Pilot Plant, to demonstrate in an operational environment.

“Producing MHP is a very positive result for the bioleaching test program, a key part of EVNI’s Clean Nickel™ strategy—this is what the battery and car companies are sourcing,” said Sean Samson, President & CEO. “The Tank Bioleach process could allow EVNi to skip sending concentrate to foreign-owned smelters and refiners and produce

a finished product for domestic battery plants, from our site. This would have clear commercial and environmental advantages, plus develop a revolutionizing technology for mineral processing in Ontario.”

Commercial Opportunity to Change the Current Nickel Value Chain

If successful, the Tank Bioleach scenario could facilitate a small footprint, localized production of the product required by the planned battery plants. This avoids the need to send concentrate to foreign-owned smelters and refiners. In addition, it cuts down on the distance material currently travels, before reaching the state which the battery plants require- a current challenge for the industry. The Tank Bioleach scenario could precipitate the end product to match the input specifications of the customers, a huge benefit to the new buyers of nickel.

Services include:
Chainsaw, Mulching Operations
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“Going for Gold” in the Timmins Mining Camp

GFG Resources is looking at 2024 as a breakthrough year. The company released final assay results in February from a recently completed 2023 Phase 2 drill program at its Goldarm Project. The results are from the Aljo Mine Target 30 kilometres east of the Montclerg Gold Project. This is the second drill program completed on the Aljo target and additional drilling is warranted based on the strong results and nature of the gold system.

In the Phase 2 drill program, the company completed a total of 3,613 m from 15 holes (7 at Montclerg and 8 at Aljo). The program focused on step-out and in-fill drilling at Montclerg and tested a spectrum of targets at Aljo located within the Goldarm Property, 40 km east of Timmins, Ontario.

“The high-grade zone intersected in the footwall of the Aljo Mine workings in hole ALJ-23-004 represents an exciting new target along the Kingswood Shear zone that has not been targeted by previous drilling,” said Anders Carlson, Vice President, Exploration of GFG.

“Understanding the association of high-grade gold mineralization to regionally extensive quartz-feldspar porphyry dykes will be an important step for our team as we continue to

explore the highly prospective Aljo Mine area.”

“Our 2023 drilling programs have yielded meaningful results, contributing to a year of substantial progress for GFG,” said Brian Skanderbeg, President and CEO of GFG. “We have successfully infilled and expanded the Montclerg gold system and have exceeded our initial expectations at Aljo, where we’ve discovered high-grade mineralization and a more extensive gold system than what was previously understood from historical data.

Earlier, in January, the company released more encouraging numbers. “To date, our Phase 2 drill program at Montclerg has been a resounding success, proving a robust gold system with multiple high-grade

and bulk tonnage gold zones across the Main zones, as well as the Footwall zones,” said Skanderbeg.

“The consistency of the results from both step-out and infill drilling demonstrate not only the strong continuity of the system but also the significant expansion potential at depth and along strike. In addition to strong results, the infill drilling has been critical in confirming the geometry and coherence of these mineral systems at shallow depths.

GFG also operates the Pen Gold Project located 50 km southwest of Timmins which represents a land package of approximately 475 square km and is situated between Newmont’s Borden Gold project and the Pan American Silver’s Timmins West Mine and the Dore Gold

The best place to make the next big discovery. Map shows the Timmins belt of the Abitibi which is around 200 kms across and in the belt lies roughly 150 million plus historic and current gold ounces.

Year of strategic exploration & drilling ahead for GFG

Project located 40 km east of Newmont’s Borden Gold project and 30 km northwest of IAMGOLD’s Cote Lake gold project in Ontario.

The company says as it moves into 2024, it remains dedicated to the expansion of Montclerg and Aljo. “We are determined to build upon the discoveries made this year. Alongside our drilling efforts, we are methodically developing a robust pipeline of drill targets across our portfolio of Timmins properties, which spans over 800 square kilometres. The potential for uncovering new gold systems within these properties is substantial, given the considerable areas that have yet to be thoroughly explored.”

The year ahead is set to be one of strategic exploration and drilling, with a focus on both advancing our current projects and the exciting possibility of new discoveries. With our strategic planning, a team committed to meticulous exploration, and an understanding of the geological potential of our properties, we are wellpositioned to sustain our momentum and deliver shareholder value.

GFG is a North American precious metals exploration company focused on district scale gold projects in tier one mining jurisdictions,

Ontario and Wyoming. The Company also owns 100% of the Rattlesnake Hills Gold Project, a district scale gold exploration project located approximately 100 km southwest of Casper, Wyoming, U.S.

On the financing side, GFG announced a private placement earlier this year to raise C$3.3 million. As part of the offering, the company announced that Alamos Gold Inc. committed to purchase securities in the offering to maintain their position at a 9.99% interest upon completion of the offering.

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PREMIER CANADIAN MINT looks to mergers and acquisitions

The Premier Canadian Mint, in its 66th year of operations, has embarked on many business ventures in Canada, Europe and the United States. Including, producing museum quality badges, insignias and jewelry to Presidents, military in Canada and the US, as well as supplying Central Banks with coin blanks. The current generation owner of the Premier Canadian Mint, Attila Vinczer, with its founder Peter Vinczer, has decided to engage in mergers and acquisitions of junior, gold and silver mines, to facilitate its ambitious future endeavours in producing more precious metal, coins, rounds, and bars.

Interested parties should contact us at

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Attila Vinczer - Owner
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MCEWEN “On the road to redemption”

Rob McEwen isn’t one to mince words. The last few years have not been kind to McEwen Mining. The Chairman and Chief Owner shared some blunt-speak with investors at a pre-PDAC investment session in early March.

“We’ve had a very challenging period. I’d call it the road to hell that started back around 2018 and seemed to end at the end of August 2022. And we now are on the road to redemption,” McEwen said.

“We got beaten up badly and deservedly so, because we missed on guidance. Not once, not twice, three times. And so we plummeted in share price. I’ve never seen so quick an erosion of goodwill in the marketplace.”

But, there’s an ancient saying that good news and bad news comes in threes.

That’s the underlying tone of McEwen Mining’s outlook for its Stock Township mining complex just east of Timmins.

The company is excited about three outcomes of its aggressive exploration investment at the Stock

Mine property, which is part of the Fox Complex.

One, a 31% year over year increase of gold resources at Stock West and Stock Main which is the historical Stock Mine.

Two, confirmation of good grading structures plunging to depth.

Three, Stock East is emerging as a potential new near-term source of future revenue.

Geological interpretations suggest that two principal structures plunge to depth, emanating from the historical Stock Mine, Stock West and Stock Main.

Resources identified within these structures in 2023 account for most of the 31% increase in the Stock West and Main resource when compared to 2022. The infill drilling at Stock West completed in 2023 demonstrated an increase in the widths of the mineralized zones with a slight decrease in the overall grade.

Drilling along the deeper part of structures accounts for about half of the 31% increase in the updated resource estimate and demonstrates the potential for these structures to

extend to depth and remain highly prospective for additional exploration and resource growth.

Drilling in late 2023 and continuing into 2024 was designed to assess Stock East’s potential to be a shallow source of near-term revenue during the construction phase of the access ramp at Stock West.

Assay results from the infill drill program successfully identified mineable widths and grades. In addition, the block model updated in 2022 has been successful in forecasting the projected grades and widths for the new drilling.

Stock East mineralization appears to be controlled by two plunge directions, with one similar to that seen for the rest of Stock structures.

The company says an assay result from drillhole SEZ24-86 that returned 121.5 grams per tonne (g/t) gold (Au) over 0.4 meters (m), equivalent to 3.91 ounces per tonne (oz/t) Au over 1.3 ft, is very intriguing because of its high grade, proximity to surface and position outside the main mineralized zone (lying approximately 75 m in the hanging wall to the main Stock East zone).

Its orientation suggests that earlier drilling may have missed other possible high-grade occurrences. To date, all of the drilling at Stock East has been in a mostly North to North-West orientation, therefore this


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Fox in 2024 to start development of underground ramp access to the Stock orebodies

particular intercept may have been mostly missed. Additional follow-up drilling is warranted to determine its true geometry.

From a geological perspective:

The Stock East zone lies close to the splay point of the NE-SW trending Nighthawk Lake fault and the E-W trending regional Destor-Porcupine fault. Such splays are known in the district to be good traps for gold mineralization. The host rocks at Stock East are a combination of altered mafic & ultramafic volcanics and quartz breccias.

From an operational perspective:

It is located only 700 meters East of the mill; Stock East is a shallow deposit positioned just 400 meters from the proposed ramp to Stock West, that could be quickly and inexpensively accessed; and it could potentially provide early revenue during the construction of the Stock West ramp.

The current drilling program aims to upgrade the majority of the Inferred mineralization to the Indicated category while also targeting higher grade sections of the zone. We are also updating the resource for Stock East to include these new intercepts, targeting completion by the end of Q1 2024.

In the meantime, McEwen reported encouraging full year and fourth

quarter 2023 production results that represent a significant improvement year-over-year and compared to prior quarters.

Consolidated production in Q4 2023 was 49,850 gold equivalent ounces (“GEOs”)(1), and full year production for 2023 was 154,600 GEOs. These results were consistent with their latest forecast and within our guidance range for the year.

For 2024, McEwen expects to produce in the range of 130,000 to 145,000 GEOs attributable to MUX from all operations. The reduction compared to 2023 is primarily driven by lower output from our Fox operation and from San José, which is operated by our partner Hochschild Mining.

At Fox in 2024, the company will be starting the development of underground ramp access to the Stock orebodies, particularly Stock West, which will become the primary source of feed following the completion of mining the Froome deposit in 2026. This capital investment is partially funded by the US$16.1 million flow-through financing completed in December 2023.

On the copper side, McEwen is quite upbeat about their Los Azules Mine in Argentina. He says there are two sides to the story, copper which is fundamental to our modern lifestyle, and gold and silver which is fundamental to preserving wealth.

“In the last 17 months we’ve been able to raise just under $400 million

privately for this asset. Our two biggest shareholders beyond McEwen Mining are Rio Tinto and Stellantis, the second largest mining company in the world, and the fourth largest car manufacturer in the world.”

“We have two engines. One wasn’t running at all. It was running in reverse and that was the gold and silver - it’s now stabilized and I think both the copper and the gold will cause us to do much better.”

“We’re looking at this mine (Los Azules) because mining has a real problem out there with perception. The general public thinks we’re a pretty bad group of people and they don’t want us - but what we produce is necessary for modern society we’d all cease to enjoy life if all the mining stopped tomorrow.”

Two years ago, McEwen hired an architect he says is considered the Steve Jobs of the green-living building space. “And I asked him to sit down with our engineers and consultants and say how do we redefine mining? We’re looking at creating something that is not considered a scar on the landscape but rather a jewel - it will emit 1/3 the carbon it’ll use less than a quarter of the water - it will be powered by 100% renewable electricity The fleets we’re looking at will all be electric and will be carbon neutral by 2038.”

“If you want to think about what the future looks like you have to design the future and that’s what we’re doing here,” McEwen concluded.


Only Enduron® HPGR comes with a 10-year bearing warranty. Not that you’ll need it. After all, there hasn’t been one premature bearing failure to date. Enduron® HPGR delivers unmatched grinding efficiency, even when processing the hardest rocks, boosting mineral recovery. Expect ≥95% equipment availability, so operators can rest assured production targets

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KINROSS expecting great 2024 exploration results at 6-millionounce Great Bear

Kinross walked away from Canada in the early 2000’s, but it is back on Canadian soil and more excited than ever, thanks to its acquisition of the Great Bear Project near Red Lake.

The company finished 2023 strong and expects that exploration at Great Bear is going to accelerate the return for shareholders and investors in 2024.

“2023 was a great year at Kinross and I am proud of our global team who achieved the results that underpin our reputation as strong operators,” said J. Paul Rollinson, President and CEO.

“We met our production, cost and capital guidance, and completed our projects at Tasiast and La Coipa. Our portfolio of mines produced solid results, we more than doubled free cash flow year-over-year while maintaining our investment grade balance sheet, and we are carrying this momentum into 2024.”

“We expect to deliver another strong year in 2024, producing approximately 2.1 million gold equivalent ounces. Our development projects are progressing well and we look forward to first production from Manh Choh in the second half of the year. Great Bear continues to exceed expectations and we were excited to add more than one million ounces of higher-grade underground resource. We continue to successfully target extensions of the resource at depth, reinforcing our view that Great Bear has the potential to be a large, longlife, high-grade mining complex.” Operating responsibly, delivering on commitments and advancing an ESG strategy continue to be key principles of Kinross’ day-to-day operations. Kinross was recently named to the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index, reflecting a commitment to corporate citizenship as a core value and key strategic driver of their business. Great Bear increased its

year-over-year inferred resource estimate by 45%, adding more than one million ounces primarily driven by high-grade underground additions. Kinross has increased Great Bear’s mineral resource estimate to approximately 2.8 million Au oz. of measured and indicated mineral resources, and to approximately 3.3 million ounces of inferred mineral resources.

At the CenCan Expo in Thunder Bay recently, Site Manager Ian Russell told the audience that Great Bear is going to be the company’s central focus.

“We look at this as being our Flagship project as the company moves forward. Our focus right now is going to be on building of this Great Bear Project,” said Russell.

“We are looking to make this the next great Canadian gold mine. All the elements of a world-class deposit. Very high grade mineralization that we’ve seen in this project and it’s very exciting. When Great Bear acquired it in 2017, the focus really was on a Red Lake-style of mineralization and what we’ve learned through time is we’ve made a new discovery in the region it’s a felsic-hosted package of rocks and for the first time as far as gold exploration and gold mining, we’re evaluating very closely the opportunity to start our mining through an open pit operation, continuing to underground.”

Good news aside, due to the lengthy permitting process, the company predicts a 2029 start date for the main project. The project is 20 minutes outside of Red Lake. The area has seen a lot of mining activity, which Russell says is good from a staffing perspective. The location is close to infrastructure.

Great Bear is south of Red Lake halfway between Ear Falls and Red Lake close to power and natural gas.



The Kinross Great Bear project is making strong progress to unlock the tremendous value this project offers. We are building a strong local workforce and supply chain network with a commitment to making a positive and lasting impact in the region.

Our Values

Putting People First

Outstanding Corporate Citizenship

High Performance Culture

Rigorous Financial Discipline

Kinross is a Canadian-based global senior gold mining company with operations and projects in the United States, Brazil, Mauritania, Chile and Canada. Our focus is on delivering value based in the core principles of responsible mining, operational excellence, disciplined growth, and balance sheet strength.

OTTAWA – late to the critical minerals party – but attending nonetheless

IsCanada in the game or watching from the stands?

With some of the world’s largest undeveloped mineral deposits, Canada is poised to play a major role on the critical mineral stage.

But that role rises and falls on political winds. One federal cabinet minister is at the center of it all.

Canada plans to boost its energy security by slashing the time it takes to develop new critical mineral mines by nearly a decade with improved permitting processes, federal Energy and Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson told Reuters in February.

Critical minerals underpin the modern economy, powering everything from smartphones to solar panels. As we pivot away from fossil fuels, their role becomes even more pivotal. Canada stands at the forefront of this crucial industry, already producing over 60 minerals and metals vital to our current needs and future ambitions. Remarkably, Canada leads the world in the production of several key minerals, including nickel, potash, aluminum, and uranium.

Recognizing the strategic importance of these resources, the Canadian government has highlighted six minerals—lithium, graphite, nickel, cobalt, copper and REE’s—as central to the nation’s economic future. Furthermore, it has identified the processing of these raw materials as a significant opportunity for generating wealth, positioning Canada not just as a mining powerhouse but also as a leader in the sustainable economy of tomorrow.

At PDAC, Wilkinson told an interviewer that Canada has a major role to play on the global market. “You need critical minerals in the context of making solar panels and in the context of making wind turbines, in the context of making batteries to drive electric vehicles in a whole range of applications that are required if we are to transition to this net zero low carbon future. The problem right now is as we look forward to for example electric vehicle deployments that we see as necessary to get to net zero we don’t have enough critical minerals. So, we have to find ways to bring more critical minerals into the market to process them to be able to actually manufacture the products that use them and that’s not a simple thing. It’s about looking at how we can accelerate some of the work.”

“It’s also about looking at things that we used to think about as waste - like tailings or brines that exist in the oil fields whether they have lithium. Finding ways to extract value from existing waste streams is going to be really important as well.”

Wilkinson says the mining and processing of critical minerals is too dominated by China. “(We’re) looking at how do we optimise the regulatory and permanent processes so you can take what is a 12 to 15-year process and bring it down to maybe five,” he said.

“There are ways you can just do things smarter. There’s no reason that you can’t do permitting of different things between federal and provincial governments at the same time, instead of doing them sequentially.”

Canada plans to reduce the time to approve mining permits by better funding the regulatory agency to get rid of paperwork backlogs and running permitting and environmental assessment processes at the same time.

To cover costs, Canada is establishing investment tax credits to pay for a “significant chunk” of the capital associated with new mining and mineral processing projects, Wilkinson said. Funds are also ready to be made available for infrastructure like transmission lines and roads that will help accelerate the development of new minerals, he added.

Other countries including China, the US, the UK and Australia are pushing ahead faster with mine development and cooling demand for EVS has sent some critical mineral prices down. Lithium is down more than 80% in a year - nickel is down 50% which makes funding a challenge. Regulatory burdens in Canada create additional roadblocks.

The federal government is hoping to cut the time it takes to develop a new critical mineral mine by up to 10 years with an improved permitting process.

It’s also put in place a system of tax credits aimed at supporting the capital requirements of mines.

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Countries around the globe

First announced in late November, the successful merger between Moneta and STLLR that completed Feb. 6, resulted in a stronger gold exploration company with two flagship Canadian projects, Nighthawk’s Colomac gold project on the Indin Lake property in Northwest Territories, and Moneta’s Tower Gold Project in the prolific Timmins Mining Camp.

“The STLLR Gold era begins with two large-scale, cornerstone gold projects, a strong balance sheet, and an opportunity to create immense value for our combined shareholder base,” said Keyvan Salehi, P.Eng., MBA, President, CEO, and Director of STLLR. “We remain steadfast in our commitment to sustainable, collaborative and innovative practices, which we believe can enrich the communities where we operate.”

“We believe that the transaction presents an exciting opportunity to create a leading gold development company by bringing together two cornerstone assets in Canada,” Salehi and Moneta interim CEO Josef Vejvoda said in a joint statement announcing the merger.

“The combined company will benefit from a strong balance sheet, led by a skilled leadership team, and a high-quality portfolio anchored by two robust, large-scale assets in established and emerging mining camps.”

In late March, the company released encouraging preliminary drilling results from the Jonpol section of the property.

“Results from the Jonpol Depos-

TOWER GOLD Project poised to become 11 year Timmins area producer

it drilling improves our confidence in the resource block model,” said Salehi. “In addition, the higher-grade intercepts from holes MGA23-156, MGA23-157, MGA23-193, and MGA23-194 compared to the Tower MRE block model estimate suggests the potential to expand the known mineralization of the deposit.”

“We anticipate receiving the remaining assay results from our Tower Gold Project drilling in the coming weeks and plan to update the markets accordingly.”

The Jonpol Deposit is located on the eastern end (Garrison Area) of the Tower Gold Project. Mineralization at Jonpol is associated with shear zones within mafic to ultramafic rocks, and is modelled as four contiguous mineralized zones along the Munro Fault, which is a splay from the regional Destor-Porcupine Fault Zone (“DPFZ”).

The 2023 drill program at Jonpol was focused on the near-surface infill and extensions of the Tower Gold Project Mineral Resource Estimate.

The results from this batch of drilling appear to confirm the continuity of the Jonpol mineralization as estimated by the Tower MRE block model. Overall, the drilling at Jonpol confirmed the resource block model, potentially increasing the estimated grades locally in some areas. The increased drill density (50 m drillcentre spacings) provides additional confidence in the Tower MRE block model, with the potential to upgrade the areas drilled to a higher resource category and further define future geological models.

With the preliminary economic assessments outlining the potential for a mine at Colomac that would produce an average of 290,000 ounces of gold annually over 11 years of mining and a second at Tower that would average more than 190,000 oz annually for 11 years, the combined has two advanced-stage Canadian projects with the potential to produce a total of nearly half a million of gold each year for over a decade.

Tower Gold Project PEA Highlights (2022):

All figures are stated in Canadian dollars unless otherwise stated

• Robust economics: $1.1 billion after-tax NPV 5% & 31.7% after-tax using US$1,600/oz gold & FX rate of US$0.78/C$

• Cash Flow Generation: $1.9 billion in cumulative after-tax cash

• Potential Production: Average annual gold production of 261Koz to 11 or 193Koz for LOM over 24 year LOM with peak annual gold production of 369Koz

• Initial CAPEX of $517 million for a 7.0 million tonne per annum (processing plant including mine preproduction, infrastructure (power line and substation, tailings storage facility etc.)

• After-tax pay-back of 2.6 years Tower Gold Project poised to become 11 year Timmins area producer


Timmins West - Bell Creek listed as top gold assets for PAN AMERICAN SILVER

Global producer Pan American Silver’s Timmins properties are expected to produce another 125135,000 ounces of gold this year – about the same as last year.

“Our 2023 production results reflect the significant contribution from the assets we acquired through the Yamana transaction, and are broadly in line with our expectations,” said Michael Steinmann, President and Chief Executive Officer.

It is estimated that the Yamana acquisition bumped PAS’s production by 72%.

“We expect 2024 to deliver a further increase in silver and gold production relative to 2023, with a full year contribution from the acquired operations combined with higher production at La Colorada following the completion of the new ventilation infrastructure mid-year. Our priorities for 2024 are the continued focus on the safe, cost-efficient operation of our mines, the completion of a study to define an optimized production rate for Jacobina, and the advancement of our La Colorada Skarn project.”

PAS had to temporarily suspend all activities at La Colorada mine in Mexico after reporting an armed robbery involving two trailers of concentrate. The company said there were no physical injuries to personnel in connection with the incident.

In Timmins, the company expects most of production to happen later in the year as it describes Timmins as “back-end loaded, due to mine sequencing.”

Pan American is booked to spend $11.0 to $12.5 million of project capital in the construction of a stage-six tailings storage facility, and to complete the construction of a paste fill plant at Bell Creek. The paste fill plant is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2024 and will improve backfill quality and availability, which is intended to increase resource recovery and throughput.

Pan American’s 2023 production results reflect the addition of four producing mines following Pan American’s acquisition of Yamana Gold Inc., which was completed on March 31, 2023.

Consolidated silver production of 20.4 million ounces in 2023 was slightly below the 2023 guidance range of 21.0 to 23.0 million ounces provided in Pan American’s news release dated April 27, 2023. Silver production increased by 11% compared with 2022.

Consolidated gold production of 882.9 thousand ounces in 2023 was within the 2023 Guidance range of 870.0 to 970.0 thousand ounces. Gold production increased by 60% compared with 2022. Jacobina produced a record 196.1 thousand ounces of gold in 2023, including the first three months of 2023 prior to Pan American’s acquisition of the mine.

Consolidated zinc production of approximately 38.8 thousand tonnes in 2023 was below the 2023 Guidance of 41.0 to 45.0 thousand tonnes, lead production of approximately 18.7 thousand tonnes was within the 2023 Guidance of 18.0 to 21.0 thousand tonnes, and copper production of approximately 5.0 thousand tonnes met the 2023 Guidance of 5.0 thousand tonnes.


ASTON MINERALS says it has 1.5m oz of gold as it trips over nickel south of Timmins

Australia-based Aston Minerals has quietly added its name to the list of companies scouring the Timmins area for nickel – and they’ve had some early success. Aston is exploring a property 60km south of Timmins it calls Edleston. In late February, the company announced it had received and interpreted assays from the entire drilling program completed at the Bardwell Prospect within the Boomerang Nickel-Cobalt target at Edleston.

“The results of the drilling program we commenced in Q3 2023 have shown that a continued trend of nickel sulphide exists within the Bardwell Prospect and has been specifically targeted closer to the surface,” said Managing Director, Russell Bradford. “The infill nature of the drilling has increased our geological confidence in the maiden mineral resource estimate and this data will now be used to update the mineral resource estimate. We will be utilising the updated mineral resource estimation and supporting metallurgical information to undertake further pit optimisation, scheduling and development assessments.

“The recent metallurgical flowsheet development work conducted at Corem shows a clear relationship between not only nickel grade, but sulphur as well. It’s very pleasing to see this drilling will potentially not only continue to add nickel tonnes in a higher resource classification category but also the sulphur grades have come back to support strong metallurgical performance. The min-

eral resource estimate can now be updated with these latest drill results.”

Bradford told an investment firm recently that the discovery of nickel was almost by accident as they were drilling for gold. “We have a gold deposit, which consists of two areas,” said Bradford. “There’s one and a half million ounces of gold there. And the big asset that we have is the Boomerang Nickel project. When we were drilling for the gold, we stepped over a fault and found nickel. So, we have over a billion tons of .29 nickel there. So over two million tons of metal or nickel sulfide or sulfide material - no laterite, no ‘funny’ nickel and the gold is one and half million ounces - which is north of the Boomerang.”

The maiden mineral resource estimate published February, 21, 2023 was conducted by Caracle Creek International Consulting. Aston has appointed Caracle to update the global resource for the Boomerang deposit and to incorporate all drilling conducted in Q3 and Q4 2023 from both B2 and Bardwell.

NICKEL. The Boomerang Resource is situated within a Dunite/Peridotite unit over 6.5 km of strike which has undergone extensive serpentinization. This process is responsible for the reaction of olivine to produce magnetite and brucite, resulting in a strongly reducing environment whereby nickel is released from decomposition of olivine. The nickel which has been released is typically partitioned into low sulphur nickel sulphide minerals.

GOLD. The company’s property also has gold potential. Along strike 1.5km to the east of the drill defined Edleston Zone is the Sirola Zone which exhibits identical geology and mineralisation and contains some of the only exposed outcrops in the region.

Maiden Gold Mineral Resource 1.5Moz Au. An extensive drilling campaign was completed on the property between February 2021 to December 2022. Results included: 5.3m at 57.4 g/t Au from 207.4m and 0.35m at 540.3 g/t Au from 208.3m.

The company’s indicated mineral resource is 14 million tons at 0.90g/t Au for 400,200oz Au.


ONYX GOLD turning drills and expanding properties

2024 is going to be busy for junior miner ONYX Gold. The company finished 2023 with promising drill results and built on that success by acquiring more land in the Timmins area.

Onyx shared the first results from its autumn 2023 drilling campaign in the Timmins gold camp. The initial assays from drill hole MC23-132 arrived, revealing promising findings 350m northwest of the historically significant Croesus Gold Mine, k nown for its exceptionally highgrade gold yields.

The exploration effort involved approximately 4,000 meters of diamond drilling with a single rig, targeting the vicinity around the famed Croesus Gold Mine and the recently discovered Argus Zone, which the company says presents a bulk-tonnage gold opportunity that it identified in 2022.

Noteworthy results from Drill Hole MC23-132 are:

121.8 grams per tonne gold over 0.9m (true width), which includes a remarkable concentration of 363.0 g/t gold over 0.3m (true width).

This hole encountered a quartz vein 30 centimeters wide, abundant with visible gold, yielding a record 363 g/t gold over 0.3m. This vein is part of a wider mineralized zone averaging 121.8 g/t gold over 0.9m and was found about 60 meters below the surface. This discovery marks a significant new high-grade quartz vein in a geological context similar to the legendary Croesus vein.

“The intersection of multi-ounce gold grades within a completely new vein system parallel to the renowned Croesus Vein is a direct validation of the team’s recent advancements in geological and structural modeling in the area,” said Brock Colterjohn, President & CEO.

“The historic Croesus Gold Mine produced some of the highest-grade gold ever mined in Ontario, with an average head grade of 95.3 g/t gold. This new vein underscores the opportunity for additional discoveries within an established high-grade gold environment. It is an excellent start to Onyx Gold’s inaugural drill program in Ontario,” he added.

“The Timmins camp is one of the

most prolific gold-producing regions in the world with multiple operating mines and excess milling capacity,” said Colterjohn. “Onyx Gold has established one of the largest land positions in the camp not owned by a producer. Much of this land package is in prime high-potential geology with little or no work completed for decades. Our land tenure represents particularly attractive opportunities for discoveries such as this. This new vein remains open in all directions, and we look forward to further expanding this high-grade discovery in a winter drill campaign. We are also looking forward to results from the rest of our fall program which will be reported in due course.”

The Croesus Mine, operational between 1915 and 1936, was a highgrade gold producer, with reports excluding the gold shipped directly to the Royal Canadian Mint. Notably, five gold samples now held by the Royal Ontario Museum highlight the extraordinary grade of Croesus gold.

The Munro-Croesus Project, positioned in the heart of Canada’s prime gold mining jurisdiction, spans 70 km2. It encompasses the Croesus Mine and surrounding areas, now consolidated into a single exploration package. The project is ideally located near significant gold deposits, underscoring its potential for new discoveries in this rich gold-bearing region.

In addition, the company picked up more land in early 2024.

Onyx completed a purchase agreement with a private vendor to acquire the Lalonde Property 85 km east of Timmins. The Lalonde acquisition expands the Munro-Croesus Property to 9,235 ha, a 32% increase, adding substantial exploration potential across this relatively underexplored, yet highly prospective section of the Timmins Gold Camp.

The Lalonde Property is a large (2,235 ha) land package contiguous and on strike to the Munro-Croesus

June 5-6, 2024 McIntyre Arena MEET US AT Advanced Torque Technology Lighter Stronger Faster Accurate Proud supporter of Canadian Mining for 30 years.
Timmins, ON

Onyx testing for additional bonanza gold grade mineralization

project and directly north of Mayfair Gold’s 3.5 Moz Au Fenn-Gib Deposit 1.

The C-Zone, the most advanced prospect on the property, returned spectacular coarse-grain gold in quartz veins from a blasted trench grading up to 2,500 g/t Au. This highgrade vein has characteristics similar to the nearby historic Croesus Mine, indicating the potential for more ‘Croesus-like’ veins on the Property.

There has been limited work done on the Property since the 1980s, with the last work done in 2011.

“Since 2019, a concerted effort has been made to unify the land package around the historic, high-

grade Croesus mine. Over this time, Onyx’s landholdings have increased 26-fold to 9,235 ha, underscoring the Company’s commitment to maximizing its presence and potential in the Timmins Gold Camp,” said Colterjohn.

The company is currently drilling at the newly discovered high-grade GM vein where we are testing for additional bonanza gold grade mineralization and potential high-grade shoots along strike. Once drilling is completed at GM, they will move to the bulk-tonnage Argus zone, where they doubled the strike length last year. The objective at Argus is to enhance the understanding of the

zone, particularly towards the west, where it likely converges with the Pipestone Fault. These two new discoveries in two years validate their strategy in the camp to take a holistic exploration approach in prime geological real estate that they continue to consolidate. “We believe this program is timely given the current gold uptick and renewed interest in gold equities, said Colterjohn.”

Onyx Gold Corp. announced the start of the 2024 Spring Drill Program at its Munro-Croesus Project in the Timmins gold camp. The project includes several known high-grade veins and bulk tonnage systems, including the past-producing Croesus Gold Mine. The Program plans for 3,000 m of diamond drilling with a budget of $800k, aiming to expand on new discoveries like the highgrade GM Vein and the bulk-tonnage-style Argus Zone. The Program is well-funded, with over $4.2M in cash and marketable securities available.

Equipment SALES – RENTALS – PARTS and SERVICE Authorized Dealer: Contact: Dan Campeau Cell: (705) 618-rent (7368) Phone: (705) 897-7369 Fax: (705) 897-5449 2800 White Street, Val Caron, ON P3N 1B2
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Production UP

But So Are Costs at BARRICK’s HEMLO

Barrick Gold is on the prowl to expand, and the company’s CEO says Canada is at the top of his list. In a recent interview with Kitco, Mark Bristow was cornered about the gold industry’s flat performance over the past several years.

“I’ve always said if you want to create value in mining you got to replace your ore bodies that you mine and if you’re going to do any M&A (merger and acquisition), it’s got to be a creative - it’s got to really add value and I don’t think we’ve been doing a good job on that as a gold mining industry.”

Bristow outlined Barrick’s global plans and finished his interview by underlining the company’s growth patterns, particularly in Canada.

“We need something for the North American team to chew on - and ideally in the short-term, it will more than likely be Canada.”

In the meantime, a strong finish to 2023 boosted Barrick’s full-year gold production to 4.05 million ounces and its copper output to 420 million pounds while its Tier One gold mines capitalized on a record gold price to deliver a robust financial performance.

President and chief executive Mark Bristow said despite picking up the pace in the latter half of the year, Barrick couldn’t quite make up for the challenges it faced globally in the first half, and gold production fell slightly short of the annual guidance as flagged with the Q3 results.

Nevada Gold Mines had a stronger fourth quarter on the back of

Barrick’s HR & Community Relations Manager, Tonia Oldford, said the company recognizes the importance of supporting the communities where it operates.

Marathon Mayor Rick Dumas applauded Barrick’s participation, describing the company as a major corporate citizen for the past 40 years.

higher grades and operational improvements, while Pueblo Viejo advanced the commissioning of the expansion plant, addressing most of the equipment failures.


Hemlo’s gold production in the fourth quarter of 2023 was 10% higher than the prior quarter, primarily due to higher ore tonnes mined due to improved underground performance. Cost of sales per ounce and total cash costs per ounce in the fourth quarter of 2023 were both 6% lower than the prior quarter due to the impact of the improved production performance.

All-in sustaining costs per ounce decreased by 7% compared to the prior quarter, primarily due to lower mine-site sustaining capital expenditures and lower total cash costs per ounce.

Gold production in 2023 was below the guidance range, which was primarily due to interruptions to the underground operations in the fourth quarter, including a fire which damaged some ventilation infrastructure, leading to delays in ramping back up, coupled with underground interruptions earlier in the year.

All cost metrics were higher than guidance mainly due to the impact of lower than expected sales volumes



Barrick consistently delivers sector-leading returns to its shareholders while the benefits it generates for all stakeholders drives economic development and social upliftment in its host countries. Its ability to sustain the profitability which enables this is secured by the world-class growth projects embedded in its asset portfolio. Organic growth alone is expected to increase its attributable gold and copper production by some 30% by the end of this decade, a likely peerless achievement.

World-class mines. World-class people.

The expansion of Lumwana in Zambia, part of Barrick’s growing copper portfolio, will extend its life to 36 years and almost double its annual production.

Clear strategies and strong partnerships - Both core to Barrick

which reflected the disruptions referred to above and higher royalties from the higher realized gold price.

“In true Barrick fashion, we kept our focus, dealt with the challenges, progressed our long-term strategic plans and delivered on some of our key objectives. Most significantly, we have sustained our industry-leading organic growth outlook and are still projecting a 30% increase in gold equivalent production by the end of this decade,” he said.

The 2023 financial results again demonstrated the ability of Barrick’s peerless asset portfolio to create value, Bristow said. Operating cash flows increased year-on-year by 7% to $3.7 billion and free cash flow was up by 50% at $646 million.

Net earnings increased by 200% to $0.72 per share, and adjusted net

earnings increased by 12% to $0.84 per share, while the quarterly dividend was maintained at 10 cents per share. Barrick has one of the strongest balance sheets in the industry with almost no net debt.

Barrick also maintained its record of substantial reserve growth, replacing 109% of its gold reserve depletion and 124% of copper depletion. Since 2019, the continuing success of its brownfields exploration programs has added almost 29 million ounces of attributable proven and probable gold reserves. On a 100% basis across all Barrickmanaged properties, this represents an addition of 44 million reserve ounces.

The mining industry is now entering a new era dominated by the demand for the so-called critical

minerals and metals, often led by promoters rather than by responsible miners. To survive and grow in this new dynamic you will need clear strategies and strong partnerships— both core to Barrick. That is why I believe we’ll continue to demonstrate that our long-term vision differentiates us from our peers and sets us up to outperform them,” Bristow said.

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Posted on Barrick Hemlo’s Facebook page: Netmezaagaming Nishnaabeg made sure the community stayed active during March Break while kids were out of school. They organized a range of activities, and on Wednesday, Barrick Hemlo had the privilege of being invited to host a BBQ for the community.

Weofferlocalizedmining solutionswithreliable, sustainableresults

Weofferlocalizedmining solutionswithreliable, sustainableresults

Scantogetintouch withoneofourexperts

Scantogetintouch withoneofourexperts


Integrated software portfolio.

Integrated software portfolio.

orvisitusonlineat AmemberoftheOMNIAGroup


MAGNA MINING continues exciting trajectory at Crean Hill

With a flurry of announcements in 2023 and more in early 2024, Sudbury-based Magna Mining is turning heads that nickel discoveries in the Sudbury basin are far from over.

Magna Mining Inc., also known simply as Magna, shared progress recently on the permitting and approval stages for the ambitious Crean Hill Project. In a notable step forward, on February 29, 2024, the company was informed that its amended Closure Plan for Crean Hill had been successfully filed with the Ontario Ministry of Mines, paving the way for advanced exploration initiatives including surface bulk sampling and the development of an access ramp for test mining in specified mineralized zones.

“We are thrilled to be able to announce the filing of the amended Crean Hill Closure Plan,” said CEO Jason Jessup.

“This is quite an accomplishment, and I must commend our team at Magna and the Ontario Ministry of Mines for working together to make this happen. Magna now has all the approvals to conduct a surface bulk sample on the 109 Footwall zone, which we plan to complete in the first half of this year.”

Further demonstrating its commitment to advancing the project, Magna has lodged an application for a Permit to Take Water (PTTW) with

the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP). Feedback from the MECP received in September 2023 led to subsequent amendments to the application, with the company now awaiting final approval. This permit is crucial for dewatering underground workings at Crean Hill, a necessary step before beginning underground exploration and test mining.

On March 27th Magna Mining announced the signing of a Definitive Off-Take Agreement for its Crean Hill Project which was a significant milestone and de-risking event on the path towards first production of the mine.

The Definitive Off-Take Agreement with Vale Base Metals wholly-owned subsidiary Vale Canada for the advanced exploration portion of the Crean Hill Project.

The Definitive Off-Take Agreement was signed with Vale was the culmination of several months of work. Additionally, the recent announcement of the filed Amended Closure Plan has Magna on track to have all the permits in place to develop the ramp from surface, which will allow for underground test mining and set up for a future commercial production decision.

Under the Agreement initial production would be shipped to Vale’s Clarabelle Mill in Sudbury for processing. This includes material from

the Main, Intermediate, 9400 Footwall and 101 Footwall zones. The 109 Footwall zone is excluded from the Agreement and is planned to be processed through an alternative mill with potentially increased precious metal recovery during the advanced exploration period. In advance of negotiating the Agreement, Magna completed an extensive test program at a third-party metallurgical facility using representative ore samples from the Crean Hill deposit. The results were used to develop recovery predictions at varying ore feed grades and producing a high concentrate grade consistent with the Clarabelle Mill flowsheet. The predicted mill recovery from the test work was calculated at 80.5% Ni, 93.6% Cu and approximately 70% for Co, Pt, Pd, Au. These recoveries were established using Magna’s internal (non NI 43-101 compliant) estimates of potentially minable grades for advanced exploration (Table 1). These results were used to determine nickel and copper concentrate smelting and refining treatment terms, which were negotiated and resulted in the Agreement between Magna and Vale.

“With the closure plan and ore selling agreement now in place, we are on track to commence first production from our advanced exploration program at Crean Hill before the end of 2024. Our final permitrelated hurdle, the Permit to Take Water (PTTW) will allow us to dewater the mine and commence ramp development, which is necessary for the underground advanced exploration. The PTTW approval is expected to in Q2 of this year. It is worth remembering that we have achieved all of these steps within 18 months of closing the purchase of the Crean Hill Project in November 2022, which demonstrates both the proficiency of our experienced Sudbury team, and in our opinion, the undisputed status of Sudbury as the premier mining jurisdiction in North America,” said Jessup.



From a fleet of 1 to 40

Robert Rubino and Sons Trucking celebrates its 50th Anniversary

Robert Rubino recalls that it all started with a 1974 Chevrolet Dump Truck 50 years ago. Today, the company has grown to a fleet of 40 distinctive red transport trucks and trailers.

Robert Rubino and Sons Trucking has over 50 years of operations behind his belt and has become the backbone of hauling services in Timmins and Northern Ontario, a region that depends on trucking to provide services for the mining, forestry and construction industries.

As George Pirie, the Minister of Mines and the MP for Timmins phrased it – “Trucking is the backbone of the mining economy in Timmins.”

Rubino started in 1974 hauling asphalt and aggregates for Miller Paving. It was a time of boom for the city of Timmins as new infrastructure was required because of an active mining and forest industry. In the late 70’s, Rubino & Sons began hauling lumber from the mills and logs to the mills to be sawn.

Currently, Rubino & Sons Trucking is engaged in a partnership with Pan American Silver and has a long standing mutually beneficial relationship that stems back some 20 years ago. Rubino also continues to haul for

McEwen Mining operations. In the past, they’ve collaborated with a range of companies, such as Glencore’s Kidd Creek Mine and Kirkland Lake Gold (now Agnico Eagle). Additionally, they forged relationships with several exploration and junior mining firms, providing crucial support in the transportation of ore from mining locations to milling facilities. They also specialize in transporting ore samples from exploration sites for assay purposes.

What keeps Robert Rubino and Sons Trucking thriving is their commitment to providing hauling services for all their clients on time adding to the success of those businesses. If your company is interested in a Float service with years of experience, Rubino will make it a point to

Pictured: Domenic and Jenna Rubino

ensure you get the highest quality service around the clock. There is a reason why we are still here and have grown over the years from a fleet of one to forty. Every member of our team is highly skilled, work is done in a timely fashion and satisfaction is guaranteed,” stated Robert Rubino.

With 50 years in business, Robert Rubino & Sons provides Timmins and area with quality service & local job opportunities. Their community involvement shines through as they have become stewards in the trucking industry. There is a need to promote the industry and share their success with the young ones in the communities in which they operate. There is a great career path in the trucking industry and it isn’t going away anytime soon!

The company is currently looking for A-Z drivers with 3 years experience or more and is in search for a Class A heavy duty truck mechanic.

The commitment to excellent service over the years has led Rubino and Sons to become the most respected and requested hauling company in the transportation industry for Timmins and the surrounding area.

While celebrating the last 50 years, the future looks bright for the company. The company’s strategy for the future is to keep providing the best service for its clients.

“We will continue doing what we have been done and carry it into the next 50 years,” said Domenic Rubino, the son of founder Robert Rubino who plays an active role in the family business.

Last year Rubino and Sons Trucking received $283,953 in funding from Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation. The company will use the NOHFC funding to expand its facility and trucking fleet stationed in its work yard in Porcupine.

These funds will assist in improving service and repair capacity, reduce backlogs and downtime by getting trucks back on the road faster. The expansion will enable the company to increase its local natural resource transport capacity, including for the local mining sector.

Pictured above from the left to the right are Robert Rubino, son Domenic Rubino and Minister of Mines George Pirie in the Rubino Shop as Robert Rubino and Sons Trucking receives NOHFC funding.
A team of experts, a personalized service

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· 1 866 449 9377

NOHFC funding will boost spending in local businesses and create new full-time jobs.

The funding allows, Rubino and Sons Trucking, a family business to grow into the demands of the future by expanding and modernizing its shop, adding two bays to its east side with an increase of 5,000 square feet, a 1280 square foot stock room and an additional 1000 square foot office space. The new bays will create enough space to repair 2 additional trucks inside.

In addition to the fleet of trucks, Robert’s son Frank runs the busy gas station in South Porcupine.

The success that Robert, his late wife Joanne and Domenic Rubino have enjoyed is shared with the community through their support of many local initiatives.

Community activities supported by Robert Rubino and Sons Trucking include donations to the annual Italian Festival hosted by the Dante Club. Donations to Festa Italia by Robert Rubino were acknowledged in a letter to the editor by the organizers in the Timmins Daily Press recently.

“Over the years we have supported many local hockey players and teams, and the arena, contributed to the development of a park in South Porcupine, and helped out with the Timmins Winter Carnival,” noted Domenic Rubino.

Another contribution is Rubino and Sons Trucking’s participation in the annual Touch a Truck event which is held every September. Rubino provides a truck in the annual Touch a Truck event on Second Ave. The event is designed to introduce children and their families to trucking. The opportunity is also used to promote literacy.

You can follow Robert and his son Domenic on their Facebook page as they look to share in their next 50 years of business.




A staple in the mechanical field, ACE Mechanic Services is your standard for quality mechanical services for heavy, medium, underground and light equipment of all brands.

Created in 2010 in northern Quebec, ACE Mechanic Services continues to grow and to consolidate its expertise in the mining and industrial industries thanks to its dynamism, robustness, and professionalism.

in Ontario and Western Canada for Fly in Fly out operations.

Our service offering is now expanding in Ontario and Western Canada for Fly in Fly out operations.



Contact us to fill your vacant mobile mechanic roles or support your specialized mechanic jobs!

Contact us to fill your vacant mobile mechanic roles or support your specialized mechanic jobs!

We are the best alternative to dealerships!

We are the best alternative to dealerships!



•Permanent and flexible jobs;


Since 2022, ACE Mechanic Services has become a strategic partner of Epiroc in Canada. Confirming its leading position in mobile mechanics, ACE Mechanic Services is now the authorized distributor for parts and components for Epiroc in Quebec and Nunavut. In addition, ACE Mechanic Services is Epiroc’s preferred partner for mechanic services across Canada.

Since 2022, ACE Mechanic Services has become a strategic partner of Epiroc in Canada. Confirming its leading position in mobile mechanics, ACE Mechanic Services is now the authorized distributor for parts and components for Epiroc in Quebec and Nunavut. In addition, ACE Mechanic Services is Epiroc’s preferred partner for mechanic services across Canada.

This solid partnership involves major investments and will create new opportunities across Canada.

•Rotational schedules (21/21, 14/14 or 7/7);

•Permanent and flexible jobs;

•Rotational schedules (21/21, 14/14 or 7/7);

•Overtime guaranteed (Over 80 hours per rotation);

This solid partnership involves major investments and will create new opportunities across Canada

•Remote Premium;

•Overtime guaranteed (Over 80 hours per rotation);

Many openings for Heavy Duty Technicians and specialized technical training will be available. Visit our Career page at to learn more about our opportunities

•Remote Premium;

•Competency Premium;

Many openings for Heavy Duty Technicians and specialized technical training will be available. Visit our Career page at to learn more about our opportunities

•Travel expenses covered;

•Competency Premium;

•Tools provided;

•Travel expenses covered;

•Group insurance and RRSP

•Tools provided;

•Group insurance and RRSP

Bimachiiowin Infrastructure gets Provincial Support in WEBEQUIE and MARTEN FALLS FIRST NATIONS

As the political push and pull of Ring of Fire politics continues between First Nations groups and the two senior levels of government, two communities continue to push forward in their efforts to improve their local economies.

The Doug Ford Ontario government, Marten Falls First Nation and Webequie First Nation have signed an agreement to develop community infrastructure projects that could support future development opportunities in the area, including building all-seasons roads to the mineral-rich Ring of Fire region.

“I want to commend Marten Falls First Nation Chief Bruce Achneepineskum and Webequie First Nation Chief Cornelius Wabasse for their vision and commitment to building stronger communities,” said George Pirie, Minister of Mines.

“Their leadership and dedication to making progress on these important infrastructure projects is helping to build the corridor to prosperity. These roads would enhance the well-being and livelihoods of their communities by improving access to critical goods and services. The road network would also unlock the generational critical minerals potential in the Ring of Fire region.”

The agreement was announced at the annual Prospectors and Developers Conference (PDAC) in Toronto in early March. It’s the latest announcement in a string of announcements that have taken place annually at the event since the Ford government took office in 2018.

The Community Development Agreement, commits the province to supporting shovel-ready infrastructure projects. Those could include construction of health and training facilities, recreation centres, commercial buildings, and labour force development programs.

The projects would help improve the well-being and readiness of the First Nations to participate fully in the construction of road projects that would connect the Ring of Fire critical mineral deposits with manufacturing hubs in the south, paving the way for made-in-Ontario supply chains for batteries and electric vehicles.

“As we move forward to now begin to consider road construction and operations, our commitment remains to be strong stewards of our lands and our environment, in balance with being active partners in growing economic opportunities and benefits for both our communities and other First Nation communities,” said Marten Falls First Nation Chief Bruce Achneepineskum.

“Being at the table in the planning and implementation of road development is key to building a foundation for our future, a future that reflects our community vision, well-being and prosperity,” said Webequie First Nation Chief Cornelius Wabasse.

Marten Falls and Webequie First Nations are currently leading three Environmental Assessments (EA) for the roads that would become the corridor to prosperity. The latest agreement would commit the province and the two First Nations to work together to make decisions about the construction, ownership and operation of the road network, should the EAs be approved. This collaboration will accelerate project timelines and ensure the communities are ready to participate in future economic development opportunities in the region.

The three parties are committed to ensuring their collaboration will continue to be grounded in the foundational principles of Bimachiiowin. For Marten Falls and Webequie First Nations, that means enhancing the communities’ well-being and livelihoods, including a focus on long-term sustainability to protect the land and the people’s future in a good way.

Both Ontario and these two lead First Nations acknowledge the critical importance of further developing relationships and partnerships with neighbouring First Nations and to incorporate their interests into the plans for road construction.

Ontario is supporting the First Nations-led Environmental Assessments through a Crown consultation process that ensures the Crown’s Duty to Consult obligations are met on all proposed road projects.

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Ontario One Step Closer to Building All-Season Roads in the Ring of Fire

Together, the Webequie Supply Road, Marten Falls Community Access Road and Northern Road Link would connect these two First Nation communities to the Ontario highway network and provide access to the mineral deposits in the Ring of Fire, should the necessary approvals be received.

Economic development in the Ring of Fire area will create opportunities to share economic benefits and support the long-term prosperity of Marten Falls First Nation and Webequie First Nation.

Ontario’s Ring of Fire region, located approximately 500 kilometres northeast of Thunder Bay and covering about 5,000 square kilometres, is one of the most promising mineral development opportunities for critical minerals in the province.

Ontario’s mining sector is a significant economic driver, supporting 78,000 jobs in the mining industry, which produces $13.5 billion worth of minerals that contribute approximately $13 billion to Ontario’s GDP every year.


WYLOO says Eagle’s Nest has at least 20-year potential

The message has been the same and consistent for years – the Ring of Fire can be done ethically and sustainably with full First Nations participation.

At a recent presentation in Thunder Bay, Kristan Straub, CEO of Wyloo Metals, emphasized the potential for sustainable mining practices in the region, highlighting the development of the Eagle’s Nest nickel deposit, which is expected to produce 15,000 tons of nickel annually for two decades.

Despite the economic opportunities, the project continues to face resistance from some First Nations communities concerned about environmental impacts and the adequacy of consultations.

While two First Nations, Webequie and Marten Falls, have signed memorandums of understanding with Wyloo and are leading an environmental assessment for a proposed road to the mining site, other communities remain opposed.

There are broader issues of resource management and indigenous rights in the region, including a lawsuit filed by 10 First Nations from Treaty 9 against Ontario and the federal government.

The 15-plus year standoff encapsulates the complex interplay between economic development, environmental sustainability, and indigenous rights, highlighting the challenges of pursuing large- scale mining projects in areas with significant indigenous populations and environmental concerns.

“Eagle’s Nest is Canada’s best opportunity for a new nickel sulphide deposit,” Straub said.

Straub was speaking about Wyloo’s Eagles Nest site, approximately 500 kilometers northeast of Thunder Bay.

The company has multiple projects in northern Ontario’s Ring of Fire mineral deposit. Straub says Eagle’s Nest is where it is choosing to develop first. It’s the most promising discovery and the project closest to production.

Nine First Nations are considered to be within the Ring of Fire. Straub said the company is planning a workforce composed of at least 50 per cent Indigenous employees, and millions of dollars of contracts to local, Indigenous-owned businesses.

Webequie and Marten Falls are deeply engaged in plans for wide- scale economic development and better access to goods and services.

“Webequie and Marten Falls are definitely the two closest First Nations in a nearby framework, and those are the two that we continue to work with,” Straub told the audience.

“The First Nations that are in the region around, we’ll look to build the support and the collaboration with them. Ultimately that’s their decision whether they partner in or not.”

Last summer, ten First Nations from Treaty 9 filed a lawsuit against Ontario and the federal government to fundamentally change the way resources and land management decisions are made in the region. The case has yet to be heard.

In the meantime, Ontario’s Minister of Mines George Pirie underlines what has been accomplished to date.

“The environmental assessments are going well. The consultations are going well. Roads are essential and we are doing everything we can possibly do to meet a 2030 deadline. Everything is on track from that point of view,” Pirie told Mining Life & Exploration News.



ClearWater provides Maintenance, Turnaround, and Facility Construction Services using a Building Trades Union labour solution.

With a 50+ year legacy of field service provision to clients across Canada, ClearWater supports energy and industrial end markets including Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Mining, Petrochemical, Forestry, and Power.


 Proven Safety Management and Quality Management Systems

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 Signatory to long-term, short-term, and greenfield construction BTU agreements across Canada

 5-year annual recipient of CS2A Continuous Maintenance Award; 2022 recipient of CS2A Superior Turnaround Award

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Steady-State Maintenance

Facility & Capital Construction

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Pulling Services

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Maintenance and Repair of:

» Mining Equipment, Conveyors, Hoppers

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Wyloo expands downstream to produce precursor cathode active material

“As we fully develop these resources, we have got several initiatives to ensure that we execute this strategy. We have got the Innovation Fund, and the Ontario Junior Exploration Program,” added Pirie.

In the meantime, Ring of Fire Metals, Wyloo Metals and Mincor Resources merged late last year under the brand name Wyloo, becoming what it says is the largest pure-play nickel company outside of Russia.

Wyloo Metals’ acquisition of Mincor Resources makes Wyloo a producer of high-grade nickel sulphide from its newly acquired Cassini and Northern Operations mines in Kambalda, Western Australia.

The new name also applies to Wyloo’s Canadian subsidiary, formerly Ring of Fire Metals, which owns the high- grade Eagle’s Nest project and the only material chromite resource in North America, in the Ring of Fire region in northern Ontario.

Wyloo CEO Luca Giacovazzi said the combined company was unique because of its significant nickel production coupled with a strong pipeline of growth projects

that will produce nickel for at least the next two decades.

“We are now producing around 15 thousand tonnes of nickel from our mines in Western Australia which, together with our Eagle’s Nest project in Ontario, will ensure we remain a significant nickel producer for at least 20 years,” he said.

“Our project with IGO to build Australia’s first integrated battery materials facility in Kwinana will also see us expand downstream to produce precursor cathode active material (PCAM) via a low-cost and low-carbon process for the electric vehicle battery industry. We plan to do the same in Ontario, supported by long-life production from Eagle’s Nest.

“We’ve also assembled an exciting exploration portfolio with dominant land positions in three of the most prolific nickel belts in the world: Kambalda; Ring of Fire; and Cape Smith, and we like the potential we see in reopening some of the mines currently in care and maintenance in Widgiemooltha.”

“Our vision is to unearth critical minerals, innovate how we mine and process them, and sustain the planet for future generations.

“When people think of the cleanest, high-grade nickel sulphide, in the tier-one jurisdictions of Australia and Canada, they will think of Wyloo.”


Tough Jobs, Done Right.


We understand the delicate balance between mining operations and environmental preservation. Discover our environmental contracting services for your entire mine-life cycle.






Mitsubishi invests $25 million as FRONTIER advances it’s PAK Lithium Project

Withan estimated 24-year mine life and a value believed to be more than $2 billion Canadian, partners are easy to come by.

Frontier Lithium Inc. announced the definitive agreement with Mitsubishi Corporation in early March. The joint- venture partnership is for the PAK Lithium Project mine and planned lithium chemicals conversion facility.

This JV partnership delivers immediate and near-term financing to aggressively advance the first fully integrated lithium mining and processing operation in Ontario.

“Today marks a significant milestone for Frontier Lithium as we progress towards our goal of becoming a key lithium supplier to the North

American EV battery materials supply chain. Mitsubishi’s investment reflects confidence in Ontario’s jurisdiction, the quality and scale of our asset, and Frontier’s operational expertise” said Trevor Walker, President and CEO of Frontier Lithium when the announcement was made.

“We are honored to welcome Mitsubishi to the PAK Lithium Project and know we will benefit from their integrity, fairness, and impressive track record in co-developing major projects around the world. A strong, strategic, and steadfast partner allows us to develop our world-class asset and focus on the long-term value creation for shareholders, communities, and all stakeholders,” he added.

Kota Ikenishi, General Manager of the Battery Minerals Office, Mitsubishi Corporation added: “PAK is an outstanding lithium project, and we recognize its strategic value in ensuring a secure supply of lithium to North American markets. We are excited to build a long-term relationship with Frontier and leverage our complementary skills and capabilities to deliver PAK into production.”

The partnership delivers on a recent memorandum of co-operation signed between the governments of Canada and Japan to work more closely to establish sustainable and reliable global battery supply chains.

This includes ensuring there are integrated, value-added investments in the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors, including the mining and processing of lithium and other critical minerals.

Under the terms of the agreement, signed on March 2, 2024, Mitsubishi will acquire an initial 7.5% interest in the Project for C$25 million. Upon completion of the definitive feasibility study (“DFS”), Mitsubishi will have the right to increase its interest in the JV to 25% through the purchase of additional shares at a price based on the net value of the Project as shown in the DFS.

Additionally, Frontier and Mitsubishi will work closely together to pursue project financing to fund the development capital costs of the Project.

In the meantime, Sudbury-based Frontier released the results of a Summer 2023 regional prospecting and channel sampling program at Pennock, 22 km northwest of the Spark Deposit. The spodumenebearing Pennock Pegmatite is a 1.5 km long pegmatitic dyke trend that was first channeled in 2019 with 16m averaging 1.96% Li2O.

“This was our first opportunity to validate the spodumene-bearing Pennock dyke beyond the “blowout” area with continuous channeling across the dykes. They tend to be extensive, continuous and contain

Frontier Lithium President & CEO, Trevor Walker (right) along with Kota Ikenishi, General Manager of the Battery Minerals Office, Mitsubishi Corporation (left), signing new joint venture partnership (Photo: Frontier Lithium)




We are a safety training and consulting company that works and brings our services to you!

We are a safety training and consulting company that works and brings our services to you!

We are a safety training and consulting company that works and brings our services to you!

Ensuring everyone on the project site is up to date on their safety training can be a very costly and daunting task. At D&D Training & Consulting (DDTC) we work with you to establish a plan to secure and maintain a safe worksite. Whether it be bringing our safety course to you and your employees or collaborating with you to create a safety plan that works for the project!

Ensuring everyone on the project site is up to date on their safety training can be a very costly and daunting task. At D&D Training & Consulting (DDTC) we work with you to establish a plan to secure and maintain a safe worksite. Whether it be bringing our safety course to you and your employees or collaborating with you to create a safety plan that works for the project!

Ensuring everyone on the project site is up to date on their safety training can be a very costly and daunting task. At D&D Training & Consulting (DDTC) we work with you to establish a plan to secure and maintain a safe worksite. Whether it be bringing our safety course to you and your employees or collaborating with you to create a safety plan that works for the project!

One of the unique features of our company is that we bring training and consulting services to our clients. This means that our clients don’t have to spend the time and headache working through scheduling conflicts. Our team works with the client to identify the specific safety training and consulting needs of their organization, and we develop a customized plan to meet those needs.

One of the unique features of our company is that we bring training and consulting services to our clients. This means that our clients don’t have to spend the time and headache working through scheduling conflicts. Our team works with the client to identify the specific safety training and consulting needs of their organization, and we develop a customized plan to meet those needs.

the unique features of our company is that we bring training and consulting services to our clients. This means that our clients don’t have to spend the time and headache working through scheduling conflicts. Our team works with the client to identify the specific safety training and consulting needs of their organization, and we develop a customized plan to meet those needs.

Consulting Training

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One of the unique features of our company is that we bring training and consulting services to our clients. This means that our clients don’t have to spend the time and headache working through scheduling conflicts. Our team works with the client to identify the specific safety training and consulting needs of their organization, and we develop a customized plan to meet those needs.

One of the unique features of our company is that we bring training and consulting services to our clients. This means that our clients don’t have to spend the time and headache working through scheduling conflicts. Our team works with the client to identify the specific safety training and consulting needs of their organization, and we develop a customized plan to meet those needs.

One of the unique features of our company is that we bring training and consulting services to our clients. This means that our clients don’t have to spend the time and headache working through scheduling conflicts. Our team works with the client to identify the specific safety training and consulting needs of their organization, and we develop a customized plan to meet those needs. (587) 987-0996
(587) 987-0996

high grades of lithium oxide” said Garth Drever, VP Exploration.

“Despite being narrow at surface with widths less than 6 metres and requiring additional channeling and mapping prior to any drill testing, we are excited about the potential discovery upside outside of the project’s mining lease area.”

As part of the 2023 summer drill program at PAK, exploration crews were mobilized to the Pennock area for follow-up to the 2022 mapping and prospecting to complete sampling along 3 channel cuts. This resulted in the discovery of several additional pegmatite/ aplite dykes, many of which were channeled.

The channeling has confirmed the presence of both spodumene and high grades of lithium oxide. Although spodumene was not visibly identified in the lepidolite-bearing aplite at Channel 54, it was channeled to determine the Li2O content and for further study.

PAK Lithium Project contains North America’s highest-grade lithium resource and is the largest in Ontario

The project is close to 27,000 hectares and remains largely unexplored; however, since 2013, the company has delineated two premium spodumene-bearing lithium deposits (PAK and Spark), located 2.3 kilometres apart.

Frontier Lithium participated in the Canada Investment Forum hosted by Natural Resources Canada during PDAC 2024! Frontier was honoured to be involved, with President & CEO, Trevor Walker, highlighting their newly announced joint venture focused on advancing the PAK Lithium Project. This venture marks the foundation of their vision to become the Canadian lithium champion. (Photo: Frontier Lithium / Natural Resources Canada)

Exploration is continuing through two other spodumene- bearing discoveries: the Bolt pegmatite (located between the PAK and Spark deposits), as well as the Pennock pegmatite (25 kilometres northwest of PAK deposit within the project claims). A 2023 Pre-Feasibility Study titled “National Instrument 43-101 Technical Report PFS PAK Lithium Project” authored by BBA E&C Inc., delivered a 24-year project life, at a post-tax NPV(8%) of US$1.74 billion.

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AVALON looks to accelerate Lithium Processing Facility in Thunder Bay

“It’s an exciting time for Avalon” said President Zeeshan Syed in a recent investor interview. “There’s three essential buckets of activity on our end. Number one, we’re going through a process of a corporate restructure. We are in the process of recruiting an execution-focused team of professionals at the corporate and board level. We’ve also taken a keen eye on kind of recasting our mandate and corporate strategy.”

That strategy includes a new partnership. Avalon Advanced Materials Inc. and SCR-Sibelco NV announced the closing of their joint venture transaction. The new joint venture company, Separation Rapids Ltd., has a mandate to advance mining activities at the flagship Separation Rapids deposit near Kenora, as well as at the Lilypad Project located near Fort Hope.

SRL is jointly owned by Sibelco (60%) and Avalon (40%) and is well positioned with a unique dual-market strategy to supply petalite-lithium to both the global glass & ceramics industry, as well as to the North American EV battery manufacturing market.

SRL, the new joint venture company, will own and work to commercialize the mineral assets at Separation Rapids and Lilypad.

Sibelco has the sole funding responsibility for the first €34.8 million (approximately C$50 million) of joint venture operations expenditures.

Mineral output of petalite-lithium at Separation Rapids is expected to be sufficient to supply both the global glass & ceramics and North American EV battery markets.

For Avalon, this transaction represents an exciting new path towards generating revenue from long held assets and unlocking real value for shareholders. “Establishing this exciting new joint venture achieves a significant objective in our evolution as a clean energy company and enables the unique petalite deposit at Separation Rapids to be commercialized at a pace that will help position Canada in important international markets,” said Scott Monteith, Avalon CEO.

“We are unlocking the potential of Separation Rapids and other projects, and in so doing, taking another key step in establishing the end-to-end lithium supply chain we envision for Ontario.”

Consistent with its long-established commitment to the

sustainable development of Canadian critical minerals, Avalon published its 2023 Sustainability Report in early 2024. The report represents the 12th consecutive year Avalon has outlined its environmental impacts, health and safety reporting, and economic developments as they relate to Avalon’s sustainability performance.

“It has been a year of transformative change for Avalon, led by a new senior management team and reinvigorated board aligned around the creation of a vertically integrated Ontario lithium value chain,” said Scott Monteith, Avalon’s Chief Executive Officer.

“What has not changed is Avalon’s unwavering commitment to the highest standards of environmental stewardship, which can be seen in the many developments undertaken in the past 12 months. We are not talking, we are doing.”

The company has transitioned to the new International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) sustainability disclosure standards, a global framework which unifies and complements existing requirements to increase efficiency and comparability and improve the overall quality of reporting. We see this as the new gold standard.

The report outlines the industry- based standards for

2023 Sustainability Highlights:

• May – Appointment of Scott Monteith as CEO, a veteran green-tech senior executive and entrepreneur

• July – Strategic partnership with Metso Corp. of Finland, a global leader in sustainable processing technology solutions, to construct a best-in-class lithium hydroxide platform

• October – Expansion of Metso partnership to create innovation and research laboratory, and to cooperate on the recycling of used batteries and battery chemicals

• November – New joint venture agreement finalized with SCR- Sibelco NV to form the Separation Rapids Ltd. subsidiary and import world-class mining processes to Avalon’s flagship lithium deposit near Kenora, ON.


Avalon looks to accelerate Lithium Processing Facility in Thunder Bay

metals and mining by the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) of the IFRS Foundation and includes all relevant metrics and analysis applicable to our projects in 2023.

Under the Company’s revamped leadership, Avalon continues to embrace the principles of sustainability as core to its business practices and reaffirms its strong commitment towards implementing corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) best practices.

Avalon is committed to working closely with its Indigenous partners to create lasting economic and social benefits in the communities in which the Company operates. The Avalon management team recently completed the San’Yas Anti-Racism Indigenous Cultural Safety Training Program (Ontario) and received certification.

Further, Avalon has developed and published its first Land Acknowledgement that reads as follows; “Avalon Advanced Materials Inc. acknowledges that our work takes place within the ancestral and traditional terri -

tories of First Nations, and Métis people. We respect Indigenous rights and are committed to deepening our existing relationships while forging new lasting ties which will ensure that we and future generations benefit from the positive social and economic opportunities related to our operations.”

In early December 2023, Avalon announced a nonbrokered private placement of up to a maximum of 93,000,000 units of the company for proceeds of C$9.3 million.

The net proceeds of the offering are expected be used to fund: (i) site preparation and the preparation of a feasibility study for the Corporation’s Thunder Bay Lithium Hydroxide Processing Facility; (ii) the preparation of an updated feasibility study for the Nechalacho Rare Earths & Zirconium project; (iii) repayment of the convertible debenture, including accrued interest thereon, to SCR Sibelco NV; and (iv) for working capital and general corporate purposes.

On March 18, 2024 Avalon released it entered into a $15M agreement to accelerate the Lithium Processing Facility near Thunder Bay. The convertible security funding agreement with Lind Global Fund II, LP, an entity managed by The Lind Partners, a New York-based institutional fund manager will be used to accelerate the work program for the Company’s planned lithium processing facility including the initiation of a preliminary economic assessment, and cover near term working capital requirements.

Phillip Valliere, Managing Director at the Lind Partners said, “We are very pleased to continue our long- term relationship with Avalon, dating back to our first investment together in 2017, by making this new investment to support Avalon’s processing facility in Thunder Bay. We are optimistic of their Thunder Bay strategy and believe that Avalon has a unique opportunity to become a significant player in the lithium supply chain for EV battery manufacturers in Ontario.”


ROCK TECH LITHIUM to convert Red Rock paper mill to lithium facility

Ina ground-breaking development for Ontario’s mining industry, Rock Tech Lithium Inc., in collaboration with the BMI Group, announced March 3rd the selection of Red Rock as the site for the province’s first Lithium Converter.

This strategic decision is bolstered by a CAD $5.5 million investment from the BMI Group into the project, signifying a major leap forward in establishing a domestic lithium supply chain.

The former Norampac Paper Mill site in Red Rock has been chosen after a meticulous site selection process, leveraging Rock Tech’s significant expertise from developing Europe’s first Lithium Converter in Germany. This move places Red Rock at the heart of Canada’s lithium refining future, with its advantageous location about 110 km northeast of Thunder Bay, along the vital TransCanada Highway 17, near the north shore of Lake Superior.

Under the terms of the newly signed Cooperation Agreement, Rock Tech and the BMI Group have outlined a framework for a long-term lease for the converter’s location and a substantial CAD 5.5 million

investment by the BMI Group into the project.

The partnership aims to harness the full potential of Northern Ontario’s lithium resources, with Rock Tech bringing its proven expertise and significant investment in lithium conversion technology to the table.

Kerstin Wedemann, Rock Tech’s Chief Legal & Operations Officer says the announcement is huge for Ontario. “This is a fundamental milestone for our North American Lithium refinery plans. Lithium Converters are large value-added production facilities. Substantial infrastructure and several supporting factors are required to enable such projects. Our site selection process evaluated more than 150 different criteria and determined that Red Rock is the best location for this important Project.”

The collaboration between Rock Tech and the BMI Group includes a strategic investment and a vision for a long-term lease on a 50-acre parcel at the Red Rock site. This project is not only a testament to the potential for sustainable mining and refining practices but also highlights the collaborative spirit between industry leaders and the local community.

“We believe in strong partnerships and the community benefits our projects can generate,” said Dirk Harbecke, Rock Tech’s CEO.

“For over a decade now, we have been committed to developing relationships with our Indigenous partners in the area. With our decision to build our first Ontario Lithium Converter in Red Rock, we are proud to honour their request to refine where we mine. The Red Rock community is eager to see a large industrial project return. BMI shares this vision of realizing sustainable economic development in Northern Ontario, demonstrated by their asset- level investment into the Red Rock Lithium Converter Project.”

“From developing the northernmost port on the Great Lakes in partnership with the Red Rock Indian Band to working with the town of Red Rock, Iron and Oak Railroad Services, and Hydro One, we’ve been working to make Red Rock industryready, “ said Paul Veldman, CEO of the BMI Group.

“Today, that work has secured a pivotal partnership with Rock Tech and a new future for the Red Rock community. Together, we’re working to fortify Ontario’s Critical Mineral Corridor from the North to Niagara to establish a robust, made-in-Ontario lithium supply chain crucial for meeting the province’s burgeoning automotive and battery manufacturing potential. At PDAC 2024, we’ll be meeting with industry partners to discuss the Port of Red Rock, Rock Tech’s Lithium Converter capabilities, and the Critical Mineral Corridor strategic supply chain,” Veldman added.

This partnership marks a significant milestone in Canada’s mining industry, setting the stage for Ontario to become a leader in lithium refining and contributing to the sustainable development of the nation’s critical minerals sector.

The news came on the heels of an announcement of a strategic partnership the company made in late 2023.



Ontario Northland provides freight transportation for metals, minerals, forest products, agriculture products, consumer goods, chemicals, petroleum, and more.

Rock Tech is enhancing its strategic presence in Northern Ontario through a memorandum of understanding with Imagine Lithium Inc.

This MOU paves the way for potential collaborations that might include commercial partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, and joint efforts in exploration and development, all aimed at bolstering the raw material supply chain for Rock Tech’s envisioned lithium conversion facility on the North Shore of Lake Superior.

The geographical proximity of Rock Tech’s Georgia Lake property and Imagine Lithium’s Jackpot Project, which lie adjacent to each other over a vast area—Rock Tech’s spanning around 5,700 hectares and Imagine’s covering nearly 19,000 hectares—is a critical aspect of this collaboration. These properties are seamlessly connected via Gorge Creek Road, further enhancing the potential for syner-

gistic exploration and development activities.

Notably, Imagine Lithium’s Jackpot Project, located within a mere 15 kilometers of Rock Tech’s proposed Georgia Lake concentrator site, sits in the heart of the Northern Spodumene Pegmatite region. Both companies have embarked on aggressive exploration drilling campaigns,

uncovering significant spodumenebearing pegmatites and building upon the existing knowledge of the area’s resources. This concerted effort aims to solidify a reliable, local source of lithium, essential for powering Rock Tech’s ambitious lithium converter project and contributing to the sustainable development of Canada’s lithium supply chain.


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Canada unveils Indigenous Natural Resources Partnerships Program for First Nations located near critical minerals projects

The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Canada unveiled a $15 million Indigenous Natural Resources Partnerships Program (INRP) in March 2024 at the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada convention (PDAC) in Toronto.

In announcing the INRP, Minister John Wilkinson, said the program will help Indigenous communities located near critical mineral mines benefit economically.

Under the INRP program, Canada will provide $10.4 million in funding for seven mining projects. Projects funded include capacity- building initiatives, support for the development of partnership programs, conducting key feasibility studies, expanding skills training, and advancing important infrastructure projects.

These projects will expand the participation of Indigenous communities and organizations in the development of critical mineral projects.

Minister Wilkinson had previously announced the launch of Canada’s $1.5 Billion Critical Minerals Infrastructure Fund (CMIF) in November 2023. That fund will help build roads and transmission lines that are needed to deliver critical minerals from remote parts of Canada to markets.

“Canada will continue to make these strategic investments in important projects and to Indigenous communities to help enable and grow the sustainable development of these minerals, reinforcing Canada’s position as a global supplier of choice for clean technology, clean energy, and the resources the world needs

to build a prosperous net-zero economy”, said Wilkinson.

$3.5 million in federal funding will be available to support Indigenous engagement, knowledge sharing, and capacity building related to clean energy and transportation projects to enable critical minerals development. Overall, the CMIF Indigenous grant stream will provide $13.5 million in funding and run until March 31, 2030.

Canada and Ontario are focusing on six critical minerals that are key to making electric vehicles, solar panels, and wind turbines: lithium, graphite, nickel, cobalt, copper, and rare earth elements (REE).

Northern Ontario and Northern Quebec have significant deposits

of these six critical minerals and are poised to transition from mining exploration to mining development within the next 5 to 10 years.

The increased urgency to secure critical minerals supplies comes as electric vehicle manufacturers such as Volkswagen, and Stellantis announced plans to manufacture electric vehicles in Canada. Volkswagen announced it is building a plant in St. Thomas, Ont. Stellantis in Windsor, Ontario. Ford in Oakville has also announced plans to build electric vehicles at its Oakville plant.

These companies must meet the Electric Vehicle Availability Standard announced in 2023 which sets the process by which manufacturers like Volkswagen, Stellantis, and Ford can

Source: Government of Canada- Critical minerals: an opportunity for Canada

get to 100 percent zero-emission vehicle production by 2036.

The standard, revealed in draft form in 2023, mandates all new lightduty vehicles sold in Canada are to be electric or plug-in hybrid by 2035.

EV manufacturers that meet the emission targets will earn credits. Failure to make the targets within three years of the date will cost the company money in the form of government fines.

Light-duty vehicles, such as passenger cars, SUVs, and light trucks account for about half of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector.

The Ring of Fire located about 500 km north of Thunder Bay will play a major role. It is a significant future source of nickel, zinc, chromite, gold, platinum group metals, and others needed to produce electric vehicles, solar panels, and wind turbines.

Though the project has the support of the Webequie and Marten Falls First Nations, opposition to the project has mounted over the last year by First Nations further removed from the mining development sites.

Webequie and Marten Falls First Nations have been tasked with being the proponents for the all-season roads that run from Ring of Fire Metals Eagle’s Nest site through their communities to link Ontario’s highway system. The Ontario government has accepted the proposal for carrying out an environmental assessment study of the road projects.

Meanwhile, First Nations opposed, have demonstrated against the project to express they’re being excluded from the planning for the development of the Ring of Fire, the lack of benefits, and the environmental impacts they will face throughout the Attawapiskat watershed which flows north into James Bay. These First Nations are concerned about the disruption of their traditional ways of life and the potential for environmental impacts along the many rivers, and streams that flow through their

territories and eventually discharge into James Bay by the Attawapiskat River and the Albany River.

During PDAC 2023 in March, Webequie First Nation and Marten Falls First Nation published a 253- page document outlining the terms of reference for an assessment of Ontario’s proposed road to the Ring of Fire. Ontario approved those terms.

But a group of five First Nation communities including Neskantaga First Nations, expressed their opposition at a Queens Park news conference. This was followed by a July 2023 rally against mining plans in the Ring of Fire.

Neskantaga’s leadership is not completely opposed to mining in the Ring of Fire, but they are critical of the way Ontario has excluded them from consultations. They say that, the government has not properly involved them. Neskantaga and four other communities have formed the First Nations Land Alliance to voice their objections.

“We’re not saying outright no, we just want to be part of it,” Chief Chris Moonias says. “Before anything happens, we want to be able to decide. We have to know what the real benefits are and we have to know what the real impacts are.”



CEO says Ontario “a dream made in heaven”

The phrases “Northwestern Ontario is the next mining powerhouse” and “Join the Boom” are highlighted as key headers on the Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission’s website and can rightfully be used to describe Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario.

It’s companies like Australia’s Green Technology Metals that contribute to and help fit that bill.

“We’re building a vertically integrated lithium business over there in Ontario, Canada,” said Luke Cox, CEO of Green Technology Metals in a recent investment interview. “The idea is we want to get our first operation up and running - that’s called the Seymour Project. What we’re going to do is an open pit. We’re just going to produce a very basic lithium concentrate and then there’ll be a second stage to this project which is building a lithium conversion plant and that will be in Thunder Bay.”

The southern Seymour project area is 230 km north of Thunder Bay and has four high priority target areas; Aubry Complex, Pye East Limb, Pye West Limb, and Forsythe, plus a number of highly prospective target areas that require further drill testing. Exploration to date has only covered 2,000 hectares of the 15,140-hectare project.

Cox says that will be a long-term project where they will bring strategic partners into the business. The

third stage of the business is to bring in long-term feed sources. “That’s called our Root Project. That’s ultimately our vertically integrated lithium business.”

Cox says the company is hoping to deliver a scoping study to show the feasibility of Seymour and Root projects. “Once we deliver the scoping study, that’s a catalyst for the government to get involved and start talking about funding for the downstream processing that we’re looking to build in Thunder Bay.”

“Once you get the funding, that’s all systems go - we get the mines up and running we start producing concentrates and it all goes into a lithium conversion plant,” he added.

“They’re already building EV cars in Canada they’re already building the batteries and the cathode-active materials, but none of them have any feed sources. That’s where Green Technology Metals comes in - delivers those upstream feed sources into the battery manufacturing that goes into those cars - pretty much a dream made in heaven and this is all falling into line right now in Ontario, Canada,” Cox concluded.

“When we first kicked off,” Cox told a recent investment conference in Australia, “We only had three projects, we’ve now got 10. We went from 4 million tons to 24 million tons, and we’ve got 56,000 hectares right across Ontario. That’s all

in the greenstone belts - high priority areas - prime lithium real estate.”

Green Technology is not going it alone. They have a number of strategic partners and their presence in Ontario is growing.

“We’re building our office in Toronto. This is becoming quite a big project now. We’re dealing with the government departments and we’re dealing with strategics,” he added.

Cox says there’s everything a company needs to build a mine in Ontario. “Like in Australia, we do a lot of mining here we produce spodumene concentrates we send them off to China they get processed there - they come back into batteries. What we’re trying to achieve in North America is a homegrown lithium supply chain. So, they’ve already invested 25 billion in downstream parts of the business - that’s OEMS, the car manufacturers, the battery manufacturers, and the cathode active material. They’re already building their plants but what they don’t have is the upstream feed, the chemicals, the concentrates that go into these batteries - so as you can see, they’re screaming out for supply.”

This isn’t a short-term plan for Green Technology – they see it as a multiple-decades long project.

“Obviously, we have our off-take partner LG Energy Solution, so we’ll start supplying concentrates into them. Whilst we’re doing that, we’ll go to stage two, which is getting the lithium hydroxide plant up and running. Stage three is actually when we get a long-term supply chain. We’re not talking about five or 10 yearswe’re talking about 50 years. This is what the government wants. They want a long-term supply chain to pull all the industry up from Detroit into Toronto.”

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WEST RED LAKE finds more gold and raises USD$22 million for Madsen

Oneof the Canadian mining world’s pre-eminent faces is sending a not- so-subtle signal to the markets that there’s an exciting new mine in Red Lake.

West Red Lake Gold has been firing off a series of newsletters over the past six months and the normally quiet and unassuming Frank Giustra is taking a lead role in telling the Madsen story.

“As a co-founder and key stakeholder in the new West Red Lake Gold, I’ve always valued buying excellent assets and building strong teams,” said Giustra.

“Our Madsen project is a unique acquisition. We secured a highgrade asset in Ontario, an excellent jurisdiction for gold mining. The Madsen mine has tremendous room for growth. Replacing its modern infrastructure would cost upwards of $700 million and take years. Our market cap today is under $170 million,” he added.

The company announced it is pre-selling gold worth $22 million USD. West Red Lake announced in early March the closure of a US$22,340,000 gold-linked notes. The offering involved issuing 22,340 units at US$1,000 each, including gold-linked notes and 710 common share purchase warrants per unit, allowing purchase of company shares at C$0.95 until March 19, 2029.

In the interim, the company continues to rack up impressive drill

results. West Red Lake Gold announced results from the South Austin Zone featuring high-grade gold intercepts. The South Austin Zone has an indicated mineral resource of 474,600 ounces of gold at 8.7 g/t and an inferred resource of 31,800 ounces at 8.7 g/t.

Visible gold was observed in some drill holes, leading to additional drilling to define these high-grade zones. Significant drill intercepts include: 5.5m at 25.12 g/t Au, 3.0m at 12.58 g/t Au including 1m at 37.40 g/t Au, 2.0m at 39.46 g/t Au including 1.0m at 76.18 g/t Au, 4.0m at 18.60 g/t Au including 1.0m at 55.69 g/t Au, 11.0m at 6.75 g/t Au including segments at 17.01 g/t Au and 18.68 g/t Au, and 6.45m at 10.43 g/t Au including 0.75m at 49.68 g/t Au.

The drilling aims to build a highconfidence ounce inventory for the Madsen mine’s restart. The results indicate significant upside within the current life-of-mine resource inventory. A total of 4,367m of drilling has been completed in 2024 at Madsen Mine, with both expansion and definition drilling contributing to the project’s progress.

“The team has been making great progress de-risking the Madsen deposit with definition drilling as we continue to build up an inventory of high-grade and high-confidence ounces that will prove invaluable during the initial ramping up of mine production. The Mine Operations team

is working in tandem with Geology to ensure the underground drills get to the highest priority areas of the deposit. The excellent results highlighted in this release are indicative of the upside that still exists at Madsen even within the current life-of-mine resource inventory,” said President & CEO Shane Williams.

All of this has major investors like Giustra excited about the mine’s future. “Leadership is crucial. Shane Williams, our CEO, shines in the mining world. He’s great at forming strong teams and cultures. Shane’s skills and energy are perfect for WRLG. In the commodities market, timing is critical. I’m betting current macro trends will boost the value of gold. Typically, gold prices are linked to U.S. dollars. However, excessive printing of dollars is diminishing their worth alongside the weaponization of the western financial system,” said Giustra.

The mining titan says a global monetary system reset appears to be in progress, with a growing list of nations exploring options beyond the U.S. dollar, indicating a shift towards de-dollarization.

“The U.S. is grappling with a $34 trillion federal debt. Projections suggest this could soar to $100 trillion in three decades, a daunting figure. Imagine that debt with 5% interest. Central banks set a record in 2022 by purchasing more gold than ever, a significant portion of which headed


to Asia. China and India alone accounted for half of these purchases, preparing for potential shifts away from the dollar, which could raise gold prices,” Giustra added.

“I’ve had the privilege of being part of the development and growth of several significant gold producers. Goldcorp (Wheaton River) grew from US $17 million to a $21.8 billion mar ket capitalization in a little over five years. Endeavour Mining grew from $180 million to $8 billion in under 7 years. It begins with one well execut ed mine acquisition, like we are prov ing with Madsen. It expands through smart deals and leadership.”

“Our vision for WRLG extends be yond Madsen. Our aim is to grow and create wealth for our shareholders, aiming not just to be acknowledged as a recognized gold company in Canada, but to eventually earn a rep utation as a respected and estab lished operator throughout the entire mining industry,” Giustra concluded.

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CLEAN AIR METALS Thunder Bay North Project includes First Nation Equity

The landscape has shifted. Impact Benefit Agreements or (IBAs) are no longer the hallmark of exploration between junior miners and First Nations communities in northern Ontario – it’s all about equity. A prime example of that is Clean Air Metals.

“It is extremely important to us,” Jim Gallagher, Chief Executive Officer of Clean Air Metals told a recent online investor conference. “We have had very early engagement. We have a tight relationship with these groups. We signed a memorandum of understanding back in 2021 and that included something quite unique in the market. We did give warrants to the three signatories to the MOU, who are now signatories to an exploration agreement which we perfected in 2022. The warrant structure, the opportunity to participate in capital of the company and ownership of the company is something we put on the table very early on and it is a continuing discussion topic about future potential equity ownership.”

Gallagher says the company continues to explore the question of equity because First Nation groups are very supportive, and they want to see the project move forward.

In the interim, while most juniors are drilling in northern Ontario looking for lithium and nickel, Clean Air Metals is primarily interested in platinum. The company’s Escape and Current Projects, for example, have impressive preliminary numbers.

“We drilled (at an indicated level) mostly at 25-meter centers, to arrive at about 13.8 million tons with over 2.4 million ounces on a platinumequivalent basis – close to surface - well drilled – and close to a mining city kind of highlights the deposit,” said Gallagher.

“On the Current deposit, 97-98 grams of platinum-palladium, with a little bit of gold and almost 15% copper, plus nickel combined. Anywhere in the world that’s stunning intersections – not a lot of it – there’s a lot of these shorter intersections throughout the deposit, but I think the vector here for us, from an exploration point of view, is understanding that this system can make massive sulphides.”

Gallagher says the company is looking for additional mineralization and have a hope that there’s more massive sulphides nearby.

In the interim, Gallagher says

Clean Air Metals has platinum, palladium, copper and nickel in their deposit, as well as a little bit of gold and silver. “Those are four primary critical minerals that are getting a lot of attention today. “Nickel will be a smaller revenue stream. There’s a lot of nickel and silicates here, our recoveries are not great. Copper, everybody knows at today’s prices, platinum palladium and copper are probably almost one third of the revenue stream. We are very, very bullish on the platinum market and that is because it’s tied into the whole green energy and the green hydrogen economy.”

Why is hydrogen important? Everyone is talking about battery metals. “Battery metals are roughly 10% of the carbon issue and the auto market is roughly 10% of the carbon issue - so it in and of itself is not going to get us to Net Zero, all the governments in the world are pushing. Heavy industry, the shipping industry, heavy transportation, heavy industry steel plants, cement, concrete are tremendous energy consumers. Hydrogen is one of the only solutions that makes a lot of sense in that market,” he added.

Green hydrogen comes from green electricity sources like wind, hydro and solar. “If anybody remembers their grade 12 chemistry, you put two rusty nails in a beaker of water and connect it with a battery and it produces hydrogen on one side and oxygen on the other. On huge electrolyzers at an industrial scale, obviously there’s much more efficiency. Build in platinum coats on both the anode and the cathode and it helps the reaction, because it’s a noble metal and so it likes to free up electrons and is also very corrosionresistant and a huge role to play in the generation of green hydrogen.”

Gallagher says the company doesn’t anticipate producing a 43101 in 2024 unless metal prices really move forward.

Signing Ceremony-Clean Air Metals

JUNE 5-6

McIntyre Arena Timmins, Ontario

Wednesday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Thursday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Canada’s MUST SEE Mining Event!


JOB SEEKERS register online : Free Admission (must have resume)

JACKLEG DRILLING Competitors: Free Admission (must register in advance)

Where the World Comes to Explore

Register online in advance and your name will be entered to WIN ONE OUNCE OF GOLD

Thank you to our PLATINUM SPONSORS

Thank you to our GOLD SPONSORS


JUNE 4-5-6

McIntyre Arena, Timmins, Ontario

Wednesday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm & Thursday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm


Tuesday June 4th

6:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Gala Dinner & Awards Night

McIntyre Ballroom

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm Cocktail Hour

Wednesday June 5th

8:00 to 9:30 am

10:00 am

10:00 am – 3:00 pm

11:00 am – 4:00 pm

10:00 am – 4:00 pm

10:00 am – 4:00 pm

11:00 am

11:30 – to 4:30 pm

5:00 pm

6:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Mining for Talent: Harnessing Immigration Pathways for Industry Growth

A Pre-Event Breakfast & Conference for Employers

Trade Show Doors Open

All guests must register prior to entering trade show grounds

Building More First Nations Businesses. We’re Ready!

McIntyre Ballroom

Canada’s Largest Mining Job Fair

Must register upstairs in the Auditorium

Scheduled Demos

Outside Demo Sites

Prospectors Tent

Outside under the big tent

Grand Opening Ceremonies

Outside at the Rocks, North of Arena 2 (Curling Arena)

Jackleg Drilling Competitions

Outside at the Rocks, North of Arena 2 (Curling Arena)

Divisions For: Dignitaries, Women & Pros Win Prizes & Trophies

11:30 am Dignitary Challenge

1:00 pm Novice (men & women)

3:00 pm Northern Jackleg Pros (pros only)

4:30 pm Award Ceremonies

Trade Show Doors Close

The BIG Social (VIP Guests Only. Limited to 600.)

Location: Sportsplex Arena (Theriault Boulevard)

Thursday June 6th

9:00 am

9:00 am – 3:00 pm

9:00 am – 3:00 pm

9:00 am – 3:00 pm

10:00 am – 3:00 pm

3:00 pm

Trade Show Doors Open

All guests must register prior to entering trade show grounds

Canada’s Largest Mining Job Fair

Trade Show Grounds

Live Demos

Prospectors Tent

Outside under the big tent

Projects in the Pipeline Conference: “The Next 5 Years”

McIntyre Ballroom

Trade Show Doors Close

Register Today at for a Chance to Win One Ounce of Gold


JUNE 4-5

McIntyre Arena, Timmins, Ontario

Wednesday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm & Thursday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Gala Dinner & Awards Night

Location: McIntyre Ballroom

Tuesday, June 4th, 6:00pm to 11:00pm, 6:00 – 7:00 Cocktail Hour

Live Entertainment: BOBBY MOTTA “One of the top mentalist on the planet!” -New York Times

Northern Ontario Mining Awards 2024

A recognition to individuals and companies for their contributions to the mining industry. Kick off the Expo with the Gala Dinner. Join us for an evening of Networking and fun with the leaders and dignitaries representing Northern Ontario’s mining and exploration industries.

2023 Award Recipients

Seating is limited.

Call 705-264-2251, or mail at

Grand Opening Ceremonies

2024 Bursary Sponsor:

Hors D’oeuvre Sponsor: Wine Sponsor:

Entertainment Sponsor:

Location: Outside at the Rocks, North of Arena 2 (Curling Arena)

Wednesday, June 5th, 11:00 am

Grand Opening Remarks and Kick off to the Canadian Mining Expo. Dignitaries representing the mining industry, communities, First Nations, Academia, and government will all welcome the guests and the participants to the event.

Register Today at for a Chance to Win One Ounce of Gold

Hosted by: MONETA GOLD Rising Star Agnico Eagle Legacy Builder NPLH Drilling Trailblazer Award Synterra Security Indigenous Business Côté Gold Northern Innovator’s Gowest Gold Project Lead of the Year

JUNE 5-6

McIntyre Community Center, Timmins, Ontario

Wednesday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm & Thursday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Jackleg Drilling Competitions

Location: Outside at the Rocks, North of Arena 2 (Curling Arena)

Wednesday, June 5th, 11:30 am - 4:00 pm

Divisions For:

Dignitaries, Novice Men & Women & Pros.

11:30 am - Dignitary Challenge

1:00 pm - Novice (men & women)

3:00 pm - Northern Jackleg Pros (pros only)

4:00 pm - Award Ceremonies

FREE REGISTRATION for all competitors

Call: 705-264-2251 or email:

Live Demos

Watch Live Demonstrations of equipment

Wednesday & Thursday, June 5 & 6th

During show hours

Many exhibitors will have product demos within their booth spaces on the floor and outside. Attendees will be able to take in the presentations and ask questions.

Prospectors Tent

Location: Outdoor 0-35-36 (Prospectors Tent)

Wednesday & Thursday, June 5 & 6th

During show hours

Please come out and visit the Porcupine Prospectors and Developers Association’s inaugural Prospector’s Tent, where our members will be set up with information on their mining claims. This will be a chance to discover up and coming grassroots projects in the Porcupine Camp.


JUNE 5-6

McIntyre Community Center, Timmins, Ontario

Wednesday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm & Thursday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Canada’s Largest Mining Job Fair

Wednesday, June 5 & Thursday June 6, during show hours

Bring your resumes. Join us on June 5th upstairs in the Auditorium as we feature 23 mining companies hiring from within Northeastern Ontario. Participating companies will have HR reps available to address your career enquiries, receive your resumes and even conduct interviews in our designated interview rooms onsite.

There will also be close to 100 companies accepting resumes on the trade show floor on both days. These companies are posted on the website (the job board) and on the BIG JOB BOARD upstairs in the Auditorium.

All job seekers are to register upstairs in the Auditorium for free admission.

The Big VIP Social

Location: Sportsplex Arena (Theriault Boulevard)

Wednesday Evening, June 5th doors open at 6:00 pm

An evening of networking with some of the most influential people in the industry. A true northern experience, featuring distilled northern alcoholic beverages and foods that are unique to the north. Featuring great live entertainment. (By Invitation Only - Limited to 600)

Platinum Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors


Join us for a complimentary pre-event Breakfast for employers

Mining for Talent: Harnessing immigration pathways for industry growth

The Far Northeast Training Board and its partners invite you to a pre-event breakfast with representatives from the Ontario Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development (MLITSD) and Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Wednesday, June 5th from 8:00 to 9:30 am

Lions Den at the McIntyre Community Center (downstairs)

Registration by May 31st is required

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada Immigration, Réfugiés et Citoyenneté Canada

Wednesday June 5th from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm

All guests must register upstairs in the Auditorium for FREE admission JOB FAIR

Over 20 mining companies exhibiting

A great opportunity for employers to meet with potential employees at their booth or in one of the private interview spaces.

Spaces are limited, visit the link to register you booth space:


JUNE 5-6

McIntyre Community Center, Timmins, Ontario

Wednesday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm & Thursday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Building More First Nations Businesses. We’re Ready!

Live Location: McIntyre Ballroom

Wednesday, June 5th, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

There are significant opportunities for Indigenous businesses, which are spread across all sectors of traditional mining, resources and technology services. Many First Nation Businesses help supply the local, national and international mining & exploration companies with products and services. Hear first hand of their successes and learn how you can partner with them in building or expanding your business. Visit with 6 companies during the breakout sessions and join us in our MINE PANEL DISCUSSION. Registration is now open online or by calling 705-264-2251

Seating is limited. Tickets are $40.00 each. Lunch is included.

Projects In The Pipeline Conference: “The Next 5 Years”

Live Location: McIntyre Ballroom

Thursday, June 6th, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Challenges & Opportunities facing the Mining Industry

Both senior and junior mining companies will be talking about their operations and where they are going in the next 5 years. Hear from CEO and Management level representatives from Canada’s top producers and future leaders. Learn of opportunities that exist within the supply and service sector as these companies prepare for expansion and development of world class mine operations. Lunch is included: $40.00. Tickets available (Special Guest Speaker) Call 705-264-2251, or mail at

Event Sponsored by:

Luncheon Sponsored by:

Ontario State of Mining Address

Ontario Minister of Mines, George Pirie

Today at
Chance to Win One Ounce of Gold
Register for a
Lunch Sponsored by:
Featured Companies (as of 04-04-24)
McIntyre Community Center, Timmins, Ontario Wednesday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm & Thursday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm OUTDOOR MAP Register Today at for a Chance to Win One Ounce of Gold 15 15B RS-02 16 13B 25B 17 RS-01 RS-03 18 PAVILION UPPER DECK AUDITORIUM BALLROOM 19 20 21 24 25 26 26B 30 31 32B 32A 28 RS 04-09 RS 10-12 ARENA 1 ARENA 2 REGISTRATION DESK ROAD SIDE 01-0304-05 06 07-08 9 10 11 12 13 14 22-23 28C 27 29 37 33A 33B 33C 34B 34A 34C 35-36 PROSPECTORS TENT 35B 28 B 28A Vipond Rd McIntyre Rd Schumacher Drive Schumacher BUS Stop T2 T3 T4 T5 T6 T7 T8 T9 JACKLEG COMPETITIONOPENINGCEREMONIES T1-T2 OUTDOOR 01-03 Rubino Trucking 06 Fournier et Fils 07-08 Strongco 09 Clean Harbors Energy 10 Erocon Environmental Group 11-12 Brandt Tractor 13-13B Komatsu Canada 14 Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd. 15 Northern Equipment Service Inc. / Hood Equipment 15B G4 Drilling Ltd. 16 Epiroc 17 Equipment North 18 Kovatera 19 Rock-Tech 20 Walden Group 21 WESCO Distribution Inc. 22-23 Wajax 24 TES Inc 25 Valley Blades 26 Normet Canada 26B BME Mining Canada 27 North Rock Rentals 28 Total Personnel Solutions 28A JTR Custom Works Inc. 28B After Market Parts 28C ATCO 29 Timmins Mechanical Solutions 30 360 Services 31 RailXtra 32A Comairco Ltd. 33A Rad East Torque Systems 33 B Willscot 33 C Martin Fuels – A division of MacEwen Petroleum Inc. 34A Kaeser Compressors Canada 34B Heath & Sherwood 34C WAWATAY - RJLL Inc. 35-36 PROSPECTORS TENT ROAD SITE (RS) RS-01 Montreal Tractor RS-02 McIntyre Food truck RS-03 Tracks & Wheels Equipment Brokers RS-04-09 Gillis Custom Containers TENT ROW T1-2 The Mining Centre T3 Panasonic Canada T4 Tractel T5 E.S. Hubbell T6 VDW Solutions T7 Pass It On Undercoating Inc. T8 Big Moose Self Storage T9 RCM Modular Inc. JACKLEG AREA Atco Structures & Logistics Manroc Developments Inc. PARKING LOT FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE
JUNE 5-6
Companies accepting resumes or offering training or educational services are marked with red.

JUNE 5-6


Companies accepting resumes or offering training or educational services are marked with red.

McIntyre Community Center, Timmins, Ontario Wednesday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm & Thursday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Register Today at for a Chance to Win One Ounce of Gold ROW 1 01 Sandvik Mining & Rock Solutions 02 Blue Heron 03 De-On Supply 04 DSI Underground Canada Ltd. 05-07 Epiroc 08 Workforce 09 Côté Gold 10 Manitoulin Transport 11 Canada Nickel Company 12 Ontario Northland 13 Creighton Rock Drill Ltd. 14 BME Mining 15 TIME Limited 16-19 Weir Esco ROW 2 01 AIM Recycling 02 AIM Minesource 03-04 GFL Environmental Inc. 05 Brandt Tractor 06 Boart Longyear Canada 07 UBC Millwrights, Millwright Regional Council-Canada 08-09 Axiom Equipment Group 10 Bureau Veritas Minerals 11 Becker Varis 12-13 Imdex Limited 14-15 Newmont Porcupine ROW 3 01 Lake Shore Gold 02 McCANN Equipment 03 CD Nova 04 D & D Training & Consulting 05 Continental Conveyor (Ontario) 06 Milestone Environmental 07 Komatsu Canada 08 NORCAT 09 College Boreal 10 Dumas 11 NUNA Group of Companies 12 Custom Concrete Northern 13 TESTMARK Laboratories Ltd. 14-15 Northern College ROW 4 01 Hepburn Engineering 02 Byrnecut Canada Ltd. 03 IMAGINIT Technologies 04-05 Fountain Tire 06 Premier Canadian Mint 07 Clearwater Energy 08 Darby Manufacturing 09 Levert 10-11 TechnoSub 12 Wajax 13 Richwood 14 Hole Products 15 Atlas Copco Compressors Canada ROW 5 01 Glencore - Kidd Operations 02 RAW Group 03 Timmins Economic Dev. Corp. 04 Hood Equipment Canada Inc. 05 WSP 06 SGS 07 Barrick Hemlo 08-09 Industrial Pump Systems 10-11 Provix Inc. 12 Activation Laboratories 13-14 Montreal Tractor 15 KPI Industrial Controls ROW 6 01 FLSmidth 02 ALS Geochemistry 03 The Miller Group 04 Kinross 05 Orbit Garant Drilling Services 06 Alex Cochrane & Sons 07 Cambrian College 08 EllisDon Industrial 09 Cementation Canada 10 Axxess International 11 Kal Tire 12 Hydraulique NES 13 Manufacturers Automation Inc. 14 Crux Prospecting 15 Alamos Gold 16-18 Equipment World 19 Mansour Group FRONT 01 Ontario Ministry of Mines 02 Galleon Gold Corp. 03-05 Access 06 Major Drilling ENTRANCE A Mining Equipment Prospector B Wyatt Image Solutions R6 15 R6 14 R6 13 R6 12 R6 11 R6 10 R6 09 R6 08 R6 07 R6 06 R6 05 R6 04 R6 03 R6 02 R6 01 R1 15 R1 14 R1 13 R1 12 R1 11 R1 10 R1 09 R1 08 R1 07 R1 06 R1 05 R1 04 R1 03 R1 02 R1 01 R5 15 R4 15 R5 14 R5 13 R4 14 R4 13 R5 12 R4 12 R5 11 R5 10 R4 11 R4 10 R5 09 R5 08 R4 09 R4 08 R5 07 R4 07 R5 06 R4 06 R5 05 R4 05 R4 04 R5 04 R5 03 R4 03 R5 02 R4 02 R5 01 R4 01 R3 15 R2 15 R3 14 R2 14 R3 13 R2 13 R3 12 R2 12 R3 11 R2 11 R3 10 R2 10 R3 09 R2 09 R2 08 R3 08 R3 07 R2 07 R3 06 R2 06 R3 05 R2 05 R3 04 R2 04 R2 03 R3 03 R3 02 R2 02 R3 01 R2 01 R6 17 R6 18 R6 19 FRONT 02 FRONT 03-05 FRONT 01 FRONT 6 ENTRANCE A ENTRANCE B REGISTRATION DESK TO ARENA 2 ARENA 1 ENTRANCE FIRE EXIT FIRE EXIT FIRE EXIT R6 16 R1 16-19 FIRE EXIT FIRE EXIT


JUNE 5-6

Companies accepting resumes or offering training or educational services are marked with red.

McIntyre Community Center, Timmins, Ontario Wednesday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm & Thursday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
ROW 1 01 AMI Attachments 02 Agnico Eagle Mines Limited 03 Federal Screen Products Inc. 04 Peter Lucas Project Management 05 ISCO-AH McElroy 06 ControlChem Canada 07 STC Footwear 08 Fournier Industries 09 Rastall Mining Supply Ltd. 10 BEHLEN Industries 11 Motion - Fluid Power Solutions 12 Polycorp Ltd 13 NPLH Drilling ROW 2 01 Northstream Safety and Rehab 02 CGIS 03-04 Technica Mining 05 Norpro Security Ltd. 06 Equinox Gold – Greenstone Mine 07 Center Rock Inc 08 CIMSoft Corp 09 Gowest Gold 10 J.H. Fletcher & Co. 11 Orica Canada Inc. ROW 3 01 McEwen Mining 02 Mersen Canada Dn Ltd. 03-04 Dyno Nobel Inc. 05-06 Process and Steam Specialties 07 Loctite (Henkel Canada Corp.) 08 Argonaut Gold 09 Plastruct Polyzone Inc. 10 MSA Labs 11 Air Separation Technologies Inc. ROW 4 01 OK Tire 02 FastCover Fabric Structures 03 Groupe CLR 04 Total Personnel Solutions 05 MMD Mineral Sizing (Canada) 06 PCL Constructors Northern Ontario 07 Summit Camps & Catering 08 Layfield Geosynthetics 09 G4 Drilling 10-11 MWG Apparel Corp. ROW 5 01 Wolseley Canada 02 CAB Products 03 AmerCable / Nexans Canada Inc. 04 Alternate Starts 05 Clean Harbors 06 Barrie Welding & Machine 07 Dynapro Pumps 08 Flexco 09 Viacore 10 BMI Group - Red Rock Band 11 Advanced Heat Solutions ROW 6 01 CMAC-Thyssen 02 Fracht Canada Freight 03 Environmental 360 Solutions 04 Smart Modular Canada 05 Xylem 06 GFG Resources 07-08 Weir Minerals North America 09 Procon Canada East 10 Canadian Institute of Mining Metallurgy & Petroleum (CIM) 11 Sandale ROW 7 01 STLLR Gold 02 WSN 03 DriverCheck Inc 04 Diamond Drilling Industries Inc. 05 IFR Workwear 06 ECS Electrical Cable Supply Ltd. 07 KSB Pumps Inc. 08 Tisdale Bus Lines 09 Integral Process Equipment Inc. 10 SafeSight Exploration 11 Onyx Gold Corp. ROW 8 01 Hi-Tech Seals Inc. 02 Nordstrong Equipment Ltd. 03 MineTerra LLC 04 Proax Technologies Ltd. 05 Minova 06 Atco Structures & Logistics 07 Focus NDT/Eagle Eye NDT 08 SureWerx™ 09 GMS Mine & Repair Maintenance 10 Sling-Choker Mfg. (Timmins) 11 A.R. Thomson Group 12-13 ITEC 2000 Equipment 14 Pepco Corp. FRONT 01-04 ADF Diesel Industriel Inc. 05 Eutectic Canada Inc. 06 Walker Panels 07 Rugged Geomatics BACK A Hilti B Garage Supply Contracting Inc. C-E The Bucket Shop Group F NSS Canada UPPER DECK 01 Rocky Mining Consultants 02-03 Guillevin International 04 Securo Vision 05 Kilmer Environmental Inc. 06-07 Graybar Canada 08 Analyze and Improve Inc. 09 Beta 1 Filters 10 Windigo Community Development Corp. 11 Porcupine Prospectors & Developers Association 12 Matheson Valves 13 Weidmüller Ltd. 14 Weber Supply Distributors 15 Mammoet Canada Eastern Ltd. GA-GF G-A Samson Controls Inc. G-B TurnKey Communications, Inc. G-C Wattco G-D Exsics Exploration Ltd. G-E Soleno Textile Inc. G-F TRIMAY Front 01-04 Front 05 Front 06 Front 07 G-A G-B G-C G-D G-EG-F UD 13 UD 12 UD 08 UD 15 UD 14 UD-11 R8 14 R8 13 R8 12 R8 11 R8 10 R8 09 R8 08 R8 07 R8 06 R8 05 R8 04 R8 03 R8 02 R8 01 R7 11 R6 11 R7 10 R6 10 R7 09 R6 09 R7 08 R6 08 R6 07 R7 07 R7 06 R6 06 R7 05 R6 05 R7 04 R6 04 R7 03 R6 03 R7 02 R6 02 R7 01 R6 01 R5 11 R4 11 R4 10 R5 10 R5 09 R4 09 R5 08 R4 08 R5 07 R4 07 R5 06 R4 06 R5 05 R4 05 R5 04 R4 04 R5 03 R4 03 R5 02 R4 02 R5 01 R4 01 R3 11 R2 11 R3 10 R2 10 R3 09 R2 09 R3 08 R2 08 R3 07 R2 07 R3 06 R3 05 R2 06 R2 05 R3 04 R3 03 R2 04 R2 03 R3 02 R2 02 R3 01 R2 01 Back A Back B Back C-D-E Back F R1 12 R1 11 R1 10 R1 09 R1 08 R1 07 R1 06 R1 05 R1 04 R1 03 R1 02 R1 01 R1 13 UD 10 UD 9 UPPER DECK ENTRANCE ARENA 2 ENTRANCE EXIT FIRE EXIT FIRE EXIT FIRE EXIT FIRE EXIT RESTAURANT FIRE EXIT UD 07 UD 01 UD 02 UD 03 UD 04 UD 05 UD 06 Register Today at for a Chance to Win One Ounce of Gold

JUNE 5-6


Companies accepting resumes or offering training or educational services are marked with red.

McIntyre Community Center, Timmins, Ontario Wednesday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm & Thursday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
MAP 01 Industrial Scientific Corporation 02 GTG Surveying 03 Ontario Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development 04 LED in Action 05 Kings Energy Services 06 AFM Industries 07 North Fringe Industrial Technologies 08 Wahgoshig Resources / Black Diamond Drilling 09 Niiwin G.P. Inc. 10 The Venture Centre 11 NLS Products 12 Mercator Geological Services Ltd. 13 Cahill Services Operating Canada Inc. 14-15 Tasco Dome Covered Structures 16 True North Log Homes 17 Kozar Engineering Inc. 18 Alsco Uniforms 19 Real Time Networks Inc. 20 Dragan Technologies Inc. 21 T&T Power Group 22 Workplace Safety North 23 Loranger Coatings 24 ACE Mechanic Services 25 Krucker Hardfacing 26 Grainger Canada 27-28 Canada Pump & Power 29 SFC Energy 30 Norseman Structures Inc. 31 Epitron Inc. 32 Predictive Success Corporation 33 Volatus Aerospace Corp. 34 Australian Steel and Wire 35 Enerstar Solutions 36 Soucie Salo Safety Timmins Inc 37-38 Attawapiskat Enterprises 39 Fraco 40 Hy-Lok Canada 41 Whitewater Management Ltd. 42 Tomco Industrial Ltd. 43 Keepers of the Circle 44 Canadian Linen & Uniform Service 45 RASCKL Industrial Services/Malleck Precision Machining 46 Meltric Corporation
2625 27 28 46 45 29 44 30 43 31 42 32 41 33 40 34 39 35 38 37 36 FIRE EXIT 12 13 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 HYDRO PANEL FIRE EXIT FIRE EXIT Register Today at for a Chance to Win One Ounce of Gold
McIntyre Community Center, Timmins, Ontario Wednesday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm & Thursday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm AUDITORIUM & BALLROOM MAPS Hosted by 13 12 11 10 09 08 01 02 03 04 05 14 19 15 20 16 21 17 22 18 23 07 06 ARENA 1 AUDITORIUM ENTRANCE (FROM ARENA 1) AUDITORIUM ENTRANCE (FROM OUTDOORS & LOUNGE) AUDITORIUM ENTRANCE (FROM ARENA 1) OUTDOORS INTERVIEW ROOM 1 INTERVIEW ROOM 2 MEN WOMEN Explore your Options in Mining Wednesday June 5, 11.00 am - 4.00 pm 01 Glencore Kidd Operations 02 Pan America Silver - Lake Shore Gold 03 Barrick Hemlo 04 Boart Longyear 05 Day Group 06 Wesdome 07 The Bucket Shop 08 Agnico Eagle 09 Greenstone Gold Mine 10 Argonaut Gold 11 Dumas 12 Orbit Garant 13 Canada Nickel 14 Levert 19 Newmont Porcupine 20 Workforce JOB FAIR B-01 B-02 B-03 B-04 B-05 B-06 STAGE SCREEN SCREEN PARTNERSHIP BREAKOUT BOOTH AREA REGISTRATION DESK ENTRANCE B-02 Flying Post First Nation GP B-03 Mattagami AKI B-04 Matachewan First Nation Limited Partnership B-05 Niiwin General Partnership Inc. B-06 Wabun Tribal Council
BALLROOM Companies accepting resumes or offering training or educational services are marked with red. Explore your Options in Mining Wednesday June 5, 11.00 am - 4.00 pm All job seekers MUST REGISTER upstairs in the Auditorium JOB FAIR B-01 B-02 B-03B-04 B-05 B-06 STAGE SCREEN SCREEN PARTNERSHIP BREAKOUT BOOTH AREA REGISTRATION DESK ENTRANCE B-02 Flying Post First Nation GP B-03 Mattagami AKI B-04 Matachewan First Nation Limited Partnership B-05 Niiwin General Partnership Inc. B-06 Wabun Tribal Council 118 SPRING 2024 MINING LIFE & EXPLORATION NEWS


Outdoor (O-30)

We are building a reputation for the highest level of customer satisfaction. We have a full line of Align-Boring equipment and crews. Specialists in Bucket repairs and rebuilds.


Arena 2 (R8-11)

We are a Canadian manufacturer of gaskets, packing, mechanical seals, instrumentation valves and fittings with capabilities focused on clients in oil & gas, petrochemical, pulp & paper, mining, municipal, power generation and many other industries. The A.R. Thomson Group was established in 1967 as a regional manufacturer and distributor of industrial gaskets and other fluid containment products.


Arena 1 (Front-03 to 05)

Rental & Sales services of mining utility vehicles. Supplier of qualified personnel for mining industry.


Pavilion (P-24)

ACE Mechanic Services is specialized in heavy duty mechanics with operations across Canada. As a partner to the mining manufacturer Epiroc, the company is widely established in the mining and construction industries.


Arena 1 (R5-12)

Actlabs has been recognized as one of the highest quality labs serving the mineral exploration industry for over 30 years. We provide fast turnaround time, responsive and knowledgeable customer service. Our full service ISO 17025 accredited laboratory in Timmins can help you with your analytical needs.


Arena 2 (Front-01 to 04)

ADF Diesel, founded in 1982, is a leading provider of diesel engine products and services in Canada. With nine strategically located branches and a team of 285 experts, we offer top-notch service and support. Our remarkable inventory includes 2,000 reconditioned engines and 200 components. Our state-of-the-art facilities and extensive powertrain stocks demonstrate our commitment to excellence in meeting the unique needs of our customers in underground and open pit operations. At ADF Diesel, we strive to deliver exceptional products, services, and expertise to the diesel engine community.


Arena 2 (R5-11)

Advanced Heat Solutions provides quality heat treating equipment and services for preheat and Post Weld Heat Treatment in the welding and fabrication industry, truck & shovel, and mining operations. Heat treatment equipment sales, rentals, and repair. Calibration & scheduled maintenance service. Line thaw equipment and thermal expansion. Heat treatment ovens.

JUNE 5-6

McIntyre Arena, Timmins, Ontario

Wednesday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm & Thursday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm


Pavilion (P-06)

AFM Industries, the belting experts. Offering a wide range of heavy-duty belting options, advisory services, splicing, pulley lagging, and innovative x-ray services.


Outdoor (O-28B)

After Market Parts (AMP) was founded in 2014 to provide the mining industry with a local source of After Market and OEM Parts for our clients. We have a centrally located 2000+ square foot warehouse in Timmins, stocking key parts available for fast delivery.


Arena 2 (R1-02)

Agnico Eagle is a senior Canadian gold mining company that has produced precious metals since 1957. Its eight mines are located in Canada, Finland and Mexico, with exploration and development activities in each of these countries as well as in the United States and Sweden. Agnico Eagle’s mission is to build a high-quality, easy to understand business — one that generates superior long-term returns for our shareholders, creates a great place to work for our employees and contributes positively to the communities in which we operate.


Arena 1 (R2-02)

AIM MineSource offers you a complete range of quality mining & industrial products. Fast delivery & a large inventory of steel pipes, couplings & fittings, plastic & galvanized culverts, geotextiles, structural iron, chain link & fencing, etc.


Arena 1 (R2-01)

Our customized services facilitate the processing and recycling of scrap metal. We are one of the most sophisticated metal recyclers in North America with more than 70 sites worldwide.


Arena 2 (R3-11)

AST is your best source for industrial dust collectors, related clean-air filtration systems and products, as well as maintenance services for ensuring safe, clean air inside and outside your facility.


Arena 1 (R6-15)

Alamos Gold is a Canadian-based gold producer with a long-term track record of creating value for all stakeholders through solid financial performance, low-cost production growth, and a company-wide commitment to social responsibility and environmental stewardship.


Arena 1 (R6-06)


Arena 1 (R6-02)

Laboratories specializing in analytical data service and metallurgy services for the mining industry. With over 60 locations around the world we are able to provide consistent, swift, productive and reliable service to our clients.


Pavilion (P-18)

An industry pioneer since 1889, Alsco Uniforms has blazed the trail for the delivery of ready-towear uniforms and workwear.


Arena 2 (R5-04)

Supply, Install, & Service the following: Starters and alternators Mobile air conditioning Espar & Webasto heater Lincoln grease Groeneveld system


Arena 2 (R5-03)

Since the electrification of mines, our core business has been powering mining operations. Surface or Underground – Nexans has a cable productivity solution for you. As the leading producer of mining cables in North America, Nexans delivers outstanding value, customer service and engineering support.


Arena 2 (R1-01)

AMI Attachments is an industry-leading manufacturer of quality, reliable construction equipment attachments, including exclusively patented designs. With a facility in Ontario, AMI serves the heavy equipment attachment market across North America.


Arena 2 (Upper Deck-08)

Analyze and Improve, a proven leader in driving Mining and Metallurgical improvements, can help you extract the most value out of your business. Analyze and Improve – It’s what we do!


Arena 2 (R3-08)

Argonaut Gold is a Canadian gold company engaged in exploration, mine development and production. The Magino mine property is a past producing underground gold mine located 40 kilometres northeast of Wawa, Ontario, approximately 14 kilometres southeast of the town of Dubreuilville. The property consists of seven patented mining claims, four leased mining claims and 69 unpatented mining claims totaling 2,204.495 hectares.


Arena 2 (R8-06, Outdoor at the Jackleg)

ATCO Structures is a worldwide leader in modular design, manufacturing and construction. We’ve been at the forefront of this industry, designing & developing innovative products to meet our clients needs around the globe.

People throughout Timmins and the surrounding areas have turned to our team for assistance. We’re ready to fix your computer, and we believe you’ll be completely satisfied with the results at Alex Cochrane & Sons Services. Rather than buying a new computer, see if Alex Cochrane & Sons Services can restore date, improve efficiency levels, and get your system running smoothly again.

Exhibitors Booth Locations & Descriptions (alphabetical order)

JUNE 5-6

McIntyre Arena, Timmins, Ontario

Wednesday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm & Thursday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm


Arena 1 (R4-15 )

The Compressor Technique business area in Canada specializes in the sales, marketing, distribution, and maintenance of air compressors, blowers and industrial gas equipment.


Pavilion (P-37, 38)

Attawapiskat Enterprises has been established to manage and develop business opportunities arising from resource development and other regional business opportunities for the benefit of the Attawapiskat First Nation.


Pavilion (P-34)

Since 2007, ASW has manufactured mining mesh from our West Australian Manufacturing facility to support an important mining industry. If you are interested in Hard Rock Mining Mesh, Coal Mining Mesh and Ausro Straps, you are at the right place.


Arena 1 (R2-08, 09)

Axiom Equipment Group is the #1 choice for industrial equipment manufacturer-supplier in North America, offering eco-friendly light towers, generators, and fuel tanks with unbeatable sales and service support.


Arena 1 (R6-10)

We take care of analyzing the documentation

for each of your shipments to ensure that your declarations are compliant with the customs regulations in effect. We ensure the accuracy of the tariff classification is adequate and verify import requirements for your products and legislation from all government agencies. Axxess International offers you experienced personnel and a personalized service according to your requirements.


Arena 1 (R5-07)

Hemlo has produced more than 21 million ounces of gold, and has been operating continuously for more than 30 years. Located just north of Lake Superior on the Trans-Canada Highway, about 35 kilometres east of Marathon, Ontario, it’s currently an underground operation.


Arena 2 (R5-06)

With over 250,000sqft and 250+ employees, Barrie Welding is a one-stop custom jobbing shop for all of your needs. We offer services in machining, welding/fabrication, design, automation, and heavy equipment repair.


Arena 1 (R2-11)

Becker Varis is dedicated to the development and application of effective communications in Mining and tunnelling. Its success is a result of industry leading advancements in communication, automation and global service capabilities.


Arena 2 (R1-10)

BEHLEN Industries LP was established in 1969 in Brandon, Manitoba and is Canada’s largest manufacturer of Frameless and Rigid Frame building systems. ARTSPAN Inc. is a division of WGI, manufacturing Structural Insulated Steel Panels for all types of building projects. ARTSPAN also manufactures portable structures including the Teleshop, a versatile telescoping portable building ideal for remote job sites.


Arena 2 (Upper Deck-09)

When you need to filter down to the best choice for customer service, quality, and knowledge, contact Beta 1 Filters.


Outdoor (T-08)

Experience our cutting-edge features and exceptional service, you’ll have access to the latest advancements in self-storage technology and convenience. From climate-controlled units to top-notch security measures, Big Moose Self-Storage is designed to exceed your expectations.


Arena 1 (R1-02)

Specializing in the mining industry, Blue Heron Environmental is a company of professionals with extensive practical experience in assisting clients with the management of environmental, safety and regulatory risks.

Exhibitors Booth Locations & Descriptions (alphabetical order)

JUNE 5-6

McIntyre Arena, Timmins, Ontario

Wednesday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm & Thursday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Exhibitors Booth Locations & Descriptions (alphabetical order)


Arena 1 & Outdoor (R1-14 & O-26B)

Since 1984, we’ve consistently raised the bar on industry, safety and environmental standards. BME provides sustainable solutions and ongoing support that create value across the blasting cycle - for our partners, their workforce and the broader mining community.


Arena 2 (R5-10)

Our combined portfolio represents a dynamic system in which elements affect and reinforce each other. Inherent to it are network potentials ranging from location stacking and multi-modal logistics to complementary economics and skill pool leveraging. Taking a networked approach enables us to create value with the communities we work in and the partnerships we generate to build greater regional gains.


Arena 1 (R2-06)

SERVING THE INDUSTRY SINCE 1890, Boart Longyear is the world’s leading provider of drilling services, drilling equipment and performance tooling for mining and drilling companies. It also has a substantial presence in aftermarket parts and service, energy, mine dewatering, oil sands exploration, production drilling, and down-hole exploration.


Arena 1 & Outdoor (R2-05, O-11, 12)

Brandt is deeply invested in the mining industry; offering a unique mix of products and services, delivered through an extensive network of 56 full-service branches, that no one competitor can match.


Arena 1 (R2-10)

Bureau Veritas brings a 200-year history in providing reliable testing, inspection, and certification services for our clients around the world. This includes those working in the Exploration and Mining industries, where our 100 laboratories strategically located in 27 countries are serving most major mining and mineral regions with analytical testing that adheres to internationally recognized standards and customer-specific methodologies.


Arena 1 (R4-02)

Byrnecut is a global leading specialist underground mining contractor which is expanding its international presence in North America.


Arena 2 (R5-02)

CAB Products is recognized for our high quality, cost-effective hangers used to improve safety and cut operating costs by supporting/organizing all types of hoses, pipes, and cables in mines, tunnels and construction areas. Through our product line, hundreds of disabled individuals foster their independence.


Pavilion (P-13)

Cahill Heating provides the best, cleanest, most fuel-efficient flameless heating technology on the market. Our patented technology features the highest temperature rises in the shortest time and can deliver heat up to 500 feet away for a hassle-free wintertime operation.


Arena 1 (R6-07)

The largest college in northern Ontario, Cambrian offers more than 80 career-focused fulltime programs, as well as hundreds of part-time courses/programs and corporate training opportunities across diverse fields of study.


Arena 1 (R1-11)

Canada Nickel is advancing the next generation of high quality, high potential nickel-cobalt projects to deliver the metals needed to power the electric vehicle revolution and feed the high growth stainless steel market. The Company possesses industry leading nickel expertise and is focused on low risk well-established mining jurisdictions.


Pavilion (P-27, 28)

Canada Pump & Power is a leading provider of industrial marine services and products, specializing in four core areas: DIVE – PUMP – BARGE – DREDGE. Our team of experts that consists of engineers, trades personnel, supervisors, operators, and safety officers have decades of experience and a commitment to innovation, consistency, quality, and value. This has led to solutions for some of the most challenging industrial marine problems and our own line of industrial Mighty Pumps, Mighty Dredges, and Mighty Barges. Experience, innovative products, and commitment to our clients set us apart from the competition and has built us a strong reputation as the trusted industrial marine partner.



Arena 2 (R6-10)

CIM is Canada’s leading technical industry resource for the minerals, metals, materials and petroleum sectors. We are dedicated to advancing knowledge, facilitating innovation, celebrating excellence and promoting sustainable practices across the full spectrum of our industry. With over 10,000 members, 30 local and international branches, 11 societies and 11 committees, we are the premier source for industry professional development.



Pavilion (P-44)

Canadian Linen is recognized as one of the largest uniform rental and linen supply companies in North America. We operate more than 115 production facilities and service centers throughout Canada and the United States - providing linen, uniforms, floor mats, washroom and cleaning products to nearly 150,000 customers every week.


Arena 1 (R3-03)

MOXA manufactures robust, reliable, industrial-strength Network Infrastructure products, Computers, Edge Connectivity and Automation Solutions to facilitate safer and smarter workplaces in hazardous environments and uninhabitable terrains.


Arena 1 (R6-09)

Cementation is an underground mine contracting and engineering company. We are focused on safety and building long term relationships with Clients. Our engineering expertise plays a critical role in our ability to deliver design and build services for underground mine projects. Our “best for project” philosophy begins with a solid understanding of the overall goals for each project and results in decisions that are made in the best interests of the project as a whole. The Cementation Group is active worldwide with companies based in Canada, the United States, Chile, South Africa and Australia, and has carried out projects in over 30 countries. By working together we incorporate global best practices into our project delivery.


Arena 2 (R2-07)

Center Rock manufacturers a full line of air rock drilling tools and accessories including DTH hammers & bits, overburden drilling systems, and LP Canister Drills (Standard, Reverse Circulation, HDD, Mining & Utility).


Arena 2 (R2-02)

CGIS believes in creating a world without valve problems. We specialize in mining and mineral processing applications, and are experts in severe service valves, controls, automation, and service.


Arena 2 (R2-08)

At CIMSOFT CORP. we are driven by an uncompromising quest for improved efficiency and performance. CIMSOFT CORP is an AVEVA Select partner, offering the entire AVEVA software portfolio. Our goal for the mining industry is to help make the best use of precious resources and reduce emissions. Our software solutions for mining connect your key assets—people, data, technology, and processes, for strategic transformation across your value chain.


Outdoor (O-09)

Clean Harbors is North America’s leading provider of Environmental and Industrial services. The Company serves a diverse customer base, offering onsite emergency response, dredging/ dewatering, tank cleaning and industrial cleaning services. Additionally, Clean Harbors has an extensive internal network of waste disposal facilities to manage your hazardous waste disposal needs.


JUNE 5-6

McIntyre Arena, Timmins, Ontario

Wednesday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm & Thursday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm


Arena 2 (R5-05)

Clean Harbors is a full service environmental company, offering onsite emergency response, site remediation, dredging/dewatering and industrial cleaning services. Clean Harbors has an extensive internal network of waste disposal facilities to manage your hazardous waste disposal needs.


Arena 1 (R4-07)

We provide Facility Construction and Maintenance & Turnaround services to the energy and industrial end markets including Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Mining, Petrochemical, Forestry, and Power. ClearWater is a building trades company, operating across Canada.


Arena 2 (R6-01)

CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Group is a mining contractor and equipment supplier offering a wide range of totally integrated. Through its unique training programs, mechanized equipment, solid partnerships, and innovations, CMAC-Thyssen Mining Group is making the mining profession more accessible.


Arena 1 (R3-09)

Collège Boréal provides a high calibre personalised education to a diverse clientele and it practices community leadership to foster the sustainable development of the francophone community of Ontario.


Outdoor (O-32A)

Providing superior compressed air equipment and services since 1972,. As a Sullair distributor for over 40 years, Comairco supports its customers with more than 20 locations in Canada and the United States, including a team of over 75 factory certified service technicians. Our commitment to service, combined with a superior product offering, distinguishes Comairco from its competition. In short, as a customer of Comairco, your priorities are our priorities.


Arena 1 (R3-05)

Continental Conveyor, established in 1963, specializes in the design, engineering and manufacturing of mechanical bulk materials handling equipment and systems. Continental serves the mining, pulp and paper and aggregates industries as well as many others. Continental’s product line includes belt conveyors, screw conveyors, pulleys, idlers, bucket elevators, vibrating feeders and conveyors, bin activators, en masse chain conveyors, stackers, apron feeders and weighfeeders. Continental also designs and develops complete engineered systems.


Arena 2 (R1-06)

ControlChem, your reliable partner since 1989, delivers swift, adaptable, and exceptional water treatment solutions with a steadfast

commitment to quality, innovation, and ethical business practices in the mining industry.


Arena 1 (R1-09)

Côté Gold is a transformational open-pit gold mine located near Gogama, between Timmins and Sudbury. Situated in a well-established mining region, the Côté operation benefits from access to stable infrastructure and strong ties to local communities. The Mine is a joint venture between IAMGOLD and Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., and it is operated by IAMGOLD. Côté Gold is the first mine in Ontario to implement autonomous haulage and drilling operations.



Arena 1 (R1-13)

Creighton Rock Drill Ltd. is a large range supplier of construction, drilling, Ground Engaging Tools and parts. Products include tools for hydraulic demolition and rock drilling as well as a variety of rock breakers and compactors, wear parts and teeth, cutting edges and fasteners.


Arena 1 (R6-14)

Introducing The Gold Trek; The most innovative highbanker ever made. Specifically designed to save you time and energy without compromising gold capture or productivity.


Arena 1 (R3-12)

Custom Concrete (Northern) has been producing and delivering concrete and aggregate to residential, commercial, institutional and industrial customers since 1976. We have built a solid reputation over this time by consistently delivering the highest quality products, to specification and on time, along with outstanding customer service.


Arena 1 (R3-04)

Began in 2022, providing health & safety courses, with certificates made ready upon course completion. D&D offers a team that includes an authorized professional Health & Safety Trainer, with years of experience in working, as well as training anything that pertains to the Health & Safety, Mining and Construction work force. D&D provides clear, affective, yet easily comprehendible information and allows room for questions or concerns to be addressed within

a safe and comfortable environment. D&D is a Travelling team, ready and willing to make the trip to where the course / courses are being requested from. Meeting the needs and comfort for all people and guaranteeing success for all is our main goal.


Arena 1 (R4-08)

Darby Manufacturing is your first step to quality industrial seating. As the largest seating distributor in North America, we carry a wide range of seats and parts from Grammer to Isri, Promek to Be-Ge, Pilot, Kab, Milsco, Sittab and most recently Sears seating. Our lines of products can be built to suit any piece of mining mobile equipment. So take the leap and go with Darby, your durable, versatile, affordable, comfortable industrial seating company.


Arena 1 (R1-03)

DSI is the world’s leading distributor of Used Oil Heating appliances, that include Used oil Furnaces / Boilers, and Recycling Centres that generate FREE HEAT from USED motor oils and petroleum based fluids commonly used in all types of internal combustion engines.


Arena 2 (R7-04)

Diamond Drilling Industries Inc. is a drill bit manufacturer with in-house design team. We have

Exhibitors Booth Locations & Descriptions (alphabetical order)
TRUST COMAIRCO FOR LIFELONG AFTER-SALES SERVICE & SUPPORT 705-560-1900 Learn more about us Our exterior air solutions deliver maximum protection for your air compressors, backed by industry leading service & support
Qualified Technical Support
Maintenance & Inspection Programs
Repair parts The largest inventory of air compressors parts in North America Large selection of Electric and Oil-Free Compressors Qualified Maintenance and Inspection Services 123 MINING LIFE & EXPLORATION NEWS SPRING 2024

industry-leading product lines of steel body PDC bits and tricone bits for HDD, Water Well, Geothermal, Geotechnical and Mining industries. Our team can also work with customers to design and build customized drill bits for specialized applications. We have warehouse locations in Dallas, Texas, Duncan, Oklahoma, and Calgary, Alberta.


Pavilion (P-20)

DTI has over 20 years experience catering to the Mining industry with machine upgrades and new safety products. ISO 9001 certified. For more information please visit our website.


Arena 2 (R7-03)

As Canada’s Fitness for Duty experts, DriverCheck’s top priority is the safety of your staff and workplace. Our company-wide goal is to build a safer and healthier world. Founded in 1996, DriverCheck is the leading provider of workplace medical testing and assessments in the country serving over 6,400 employers in a variety of industries.


Arena 1 (R1-04)

DSI Underground Canada is a leading manufacturer & supplier of specialist ground support products to the underground industry. DSI Underground has over 1400 employees worldwide with operations across EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), APAC (Asia-Pacific), North America and South America.


Arena 1 (R3-10)

Dumas is a leading full-service underground mine contractor providing services to clients throughout the Americas.


Arena 2 (R5-07)

It’s our goal to provide the most reliable pumping system. At Dynapro, our mission is to accelerate the transformation to sustainable industries by reducing the consumption of energy, water, and materials in Pumping Systems.


Arena 2 (R3-03, 04)

Customers in the mining industry choose Dyno Nobel for quality products, reliable service and technical expertise. Renowned for excellent safety performance and innovative explosive products and services, Dyno Nobel delivers ground breaking performance.


Outdoor (T-05)

E.S. Hubbell is your source for road and drainage products including corrugated pipe in steel and HDPE, pipe relining, signposts, guiderail, blades, plow wear parts, geotextiles, subdrain and more! E.S. Hubbell has been manufacturing corrugated steel culvert since 1930 in Ontario and has locations in North Bay, Barrie, Napanee and Thamesville to provide local service and inventory. Contact your local branch for all your road and drainage needs.

JUNE 5-6

McIntyre Arena, Timmins, Ontario

Wednesday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm & Thursday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm


Arena 2 (R7-06)

ECS Electrical Cable Supply offers an array of electrical wire for Mining applications that require dependability, reliability, and superior performance.


Arena 1 (R6-08)

As a member of the EllisDon Group of companies, we believe there is no better time or place to build a safe, sustainable, industrial core business and services to support the growth so inherent to everything we do. Drawing from divisions specializing in pre-fabrication, equipment, and civil infrastructure, we’re taking oil and gas, complex industrial and mining projects to a whole new level of service. It’s the on-site accountability you need with the service guarantee you trust.


Pavilion (P-35)

At EnerStar Solutions, we are fully equipped to provide all the essential resources and support your worksite needs. Our commitment is to assist you every step of the way, ensuring that your worksite functions seamlessly, so you can focus on what matters most – achieving your project’s goals.


Arena 2 (R6-03)

Environmental 360 Solutions Inc. is an environmental management company providing solutions to municipalities and Industrial, Commercial and Institutional customers. With operations across eleven Canadian cities in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia, E360S is dedicated to becoming one of North America’s leading and most trusted environmental management companies.


Arena 1 & Outdoor (R1-05 to 07 & O-16)

Epiroc is a leading productivity partner for the mining, infrastructure and natural resources industries. With cutting-edge technology, Epiroc develops and produces innovative drill rigs, rock excavation and construction equipment, and provides world-class service and consumables.


Pavilion (P-31)

At Epitron Inc. in Timmins, ON, we build a variety of custom panels that fit the specific needs of our clients. Let us design your combination starters, programmable logic controller panels, distribution panels, custom junction boxes, and other components of your equipment’s circuitry. We also fabricate control panels for heavy mobile equipment, such as jumbo drills and raise borers..


Arena 2 (R2-06)

Greenstone Gold Mines is a 60/40 partnership between Equinox Gold and Orion Mine Finance for the joint ownership and development of the Greenstone Project and the Kenogamisis, Brookbank and Viper Properties. Located in

the Geraldton-Beardmore Greenstone Belt in Ontario, Canada, the properties are made up of several claim groups having a cumulative strike length of more than 105 kilometres along the district’s most prospective geological structures. The properties have excellent access to infrastructure, including the Trans-Canada Highway (Canada’s national highway) and the TC Energy’s natural gas pipeline, which extends along its length. Greenstone Gold Mines’ objective is to become a gold producer, focused on the environment and social responsibility.


Outdoor (O-17)

Equipment North develops, rents, sells and commissions mobile material handling solutions for underground mines. With full-service branches in Sudbury and Timmins, Equipment North is a short drive from upwards of 30 operating underground mines as well as the region’s host of smelters, refineries and mills. From conception through production and aftermarket service, our technical team work in conjunction with industry experts to ensure that our products exceed the demands and expectations of the people who use them.


Arena 1 (R6-16 to 18)

Equipment World has been providing great service and great value to the mining industry in Northern Ontario since 1973. We procure, sell, rent and service material handling equipment for the mining industry. We have full-service facilities in Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie and Thunder Bay to give our customers the opportunity to see various products and discuss specific requirements at a local level. These three locations also have complete service departments with mobile mechanics to keep your equipment performing at its peak efficiency. However, we are much more than equipment. We can also supply and install lockers, workstations, cabinets and shelving, pallet racking, mine dry baskets, toilet partitions, operable panels and many more construction specialties. We’ve got the north covered!


Outdoor (O-10)

EROCON was established in 1965 as an erosion control contractor to address challenges in reducing soil erosion through the use of vegetation establishment. We provide a full range of services essential to the complete and permanent rehabilitation of any type of altered, disturbed or derelict lands. EROCON has over 50 years of experience in the successful reclamation of such land. EROCON is equipped to address a variety of site conditions often inaccessible to conventional techniques and equipment. We pride ourselves in having completed a number of prominent projects throughout Northern Ontario and across Canada.


Arena 2 (Front-05)

Castolin Eutectic is a leading global wear management solution provider. We help enhance the

Exhibitors Booth Locations & Descriptions (alphabetical order)

JUNE 5-6

McIntyre Arena, Timmins, Ontario

Wednesday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm & Thursday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

performance of any fixed and mobile mining assets, while increasing productivity and uptime. Our Service Centers offer turnkey solutions through capitalizing on our wear liners, pipes and polymers as well as cutting-edge laser cladded wear components.


Arena 2 (G-D)

Established in 1980, Exsics Exploration is a leading mining exploration company, providing comprehensive services including Geophysics, Prospecting, Chainsaw, Mulching Operations, Geo Chemistry Programs, and Contract Geologists. Exsics is committed to becoming a ‘One Stop Shop’ for all your mining exploration needs.


Arena 2 (R4-02)

Meeting the needs of Customers in Mining, oil & gas, construction and agricultural sectors with High Quality engineered fabric structures for over 36 years. Factory direct sales and installation services ensure Customer Satisfaction.


Arena 2 (R1-03)

Federal Screen Products is a custom manufacturer and fabricator of wedge wire screen that believes in strict quality assurance practices.


Arena 2 (R5-08)

Flexco is the world leader in belt conveyor productivity. Our catalog of products and services give users the opportunity to improve their belt conveying process.


Arena 1 (R6-01)

FLS is a full flowsheet technology and service supplier to the global mining industry. We enable our customers to improve performance, lower operating costs and reduce environmental impact, moving towards mining for a sustainable world. MissionZero is our sustainability ambition towards zero emissions in mining by 2030. We deliver innovative solutions accelerating our customers towards more sustainable operations – reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy and water consumption. FLS works with fully validated Science-Based Targets, our commitment to keep global warming below 1.5°C and to becoming carbon neutral in our own operations by 2030.


Arena 2 (R8-07)

Regular inspection is critical to Asset Integrity Management (AIM). AIM describes the methods and techniques for managing assets from individual pressure vessels, to industrial complexes like power plants and refineries. Turn Around Support needs professional handling and thorough reporting. Focus NDT has a the skill, experience, and safety record to ensure this process is completed accurately and on time.


Arena 1 (R4-04, 05)


tensive line of mining tires for various all-terrain situations enables mining companies to maximize the full potential of the equipment they operate.


Outdoor (O-06)

L. Fournier et Fils is recognized in the industry for its expertise in concrete. Our extensive experience in supplying shotcrete to the mining industry enables us to offer innovative solutions for all our customers. Come and meet Fournier’s people at booth 6 outside along Schumacher drive.


Arena 2 (R1-08)

Whether it is for a turnkey project or more simply for a design service, detailed engineering, drawings, manufacturing, machining, welding, or installation and start-up, our workforce he experienced work will be able to meet the requirements of our customers by offering a full range of solutions and by offering quality


Arena 2 (R6-02)

The Fracht Group is an international freight forwarder and an industry leader in providing general and specialized logistics solutions. Our goal is the delivery of innovative, tailor-made and safe logistics solutions that give our customers quantifiable added value, while staying under budget. We are able to achieve this, along with rapid response and execution in the most extreme situations, with our dedicated personnel, our long-standing experience, partnerships around the world, and the latest information technology.


Pavilion (P-39)

Fraco is a Canadian manufacturer of mast-climbing work platforms, construction elevators, and permanent industrial lifts. Fraco permanent rack and pinion industrial lifts are recognized for their customizable designs and ability to meet various industry standards.

Exhibitors Booth Locations & Descriptions (alphabetical order)

JUNE 5-6

McIntyre Arena, Timmins, Ontario

Wednesday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm & Thursday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Exhibitors Booth Locations & Descriptions (alphabetical order)


Arena 2 (R4-09) & Outdoor (15B)

G4 Drilling is an Abitibi, Quebec, Canada based company, created in 2006 and is part of the G4 Holding Group (G4). We are active in Canada and Mexico in 3 drilling sectors. Our assets include 70 drilling machines covering diamond drilling (surface and underground), petroleum exploration drilling and drilling-blasting operations for open pits.


Arena 1 (Front-02)

Galleon Gold is advancing the West Cache Gold Project, located 13 km West of Timmins. Permitting, drilling and baseline studies in support of a bulk sample are currently underway.


Arena 2 (Back-B)

Garage Supply Contracting has been leading the industry in supplying garage equipment, repairing and maintaining it. As well as engineering and planning facilities.


Arena 2 (R6-06)

GFG Resources is a North American precious metals exploration company focused on district scale gold projects in tier I mining jurisdictions, Ontario and Wyoming. In Ontario, the Company owns 100% of the Pend and Dore gold projects, two large and highly prospective gold properties west of the prolific gold district of Timmins, Ontario, Canada. The Pen and the Dore gold projects have the same geological setting that hosts most of the gold deposits found in the Timmins Gold Camp which has produced over 70 million ounces of gold. In Wyoming, the Company controls 100% of the Rattlesnake Hills Gold Project, a district scale gold exploration project located approximately 100 kilometres southwest of Casper, Wyoming, U.S. The geologic setting, alteration and mineralization seen in the Rattlesnake Hills are similar to other gold deposits of the Rocky Mountain alkaline province which, collectively, have produced over 50 million ounces of gold.


Arena 1 (R2-03, 04)

GFL Environmental is the only major diversified environmental services company in North America offering services in solid waste management, liquid waste management, and infrastructure development. With strategically located operations across Canada and the United States, GFL is uniquely equipped to undertake practically any environmental challenge, with unparalleled commitment to safety and customer service.


Outdoor (RS-04 to 09)

Oil storage units, skid systems, Tarp systems, offices, monthly rentals. We have it all. Come and see us for a quote!!


Arena 1 (R5-01)

Located in Timmins, Ontario, we operate the Kidd Concentrator and the Kidd Mine, the world’s deepest base-metal mine below sea level, mining at 9600 feet with shaft bottom at 9889 feet.


Arena 2 (R8-09)

We are GMS and we’ve been serving the Mining Industry for nearly 40 years. Our deep experience and broad range of specialized services and products allow us to serve the customer with unmatched efficiency and scale as we continue to grow and adapt to constantly changing markets.


Arena 2 (R2-09)

GOWEST GOLD LTD. is a Canadian Gold Company

Focused on Resource Growth & Near Term Production in the Highly Prolific Timmins, Ontario Gold Camp.


Pavilion (P-26)

Grainger is Canada’s largest distributor of maintenance, repair and operational supplies with a massive inventory for every aspect of your business. We offer our customers the convenience of a single source MRO solution, with the largest selection of in-stock brand-name products from the world’s top manufacturers and the largest exclusive private-label offering in the industry.


Arena 2 (Upper Deck-06, 07)

Graybar Canada helps businesses of all sizes operate more efficiently and reduce energy costs. Bringing together expertise from many service categories: lighting, automation, security & tech, comm/data, wire & cable and renewable energy. We’re in the business of simplifying our customers’ projects and we do that by combining industry expertise, passionate people, relationship-driven service, and best-in-class products so you can build more efficiently and profitably.


Arena 2 (R4-03)

Groupe CLR has worked for more than 40 years in the radiocommunication industry. We are Rajant Wireless Mesh Network Premium integrators for Underground and Open Pit Mines, Motorola Premium partners. We have been Providing communication solutions for the mining industry in Eastern Canada for more than 20 years.


Pavilion (P-02)

At GTG Surveying, we specialize in surveying needs for heavy civil engineering projects in the mining sector. We also handle quantity management and project monitoring – it’s all part of the package we offer to our clients to ensure a smooth project execution. What sets us apart

is our proficiency in real-time GPS technologies, support for self-guided machinery, and expertise in drone mapping and LiDAR surveys. These technologies have positioned us as leaders in our field of work.


Arena 2 (Upper Deck-02, 03)

With its nationwide distribution network, Guillevin International ranks among Canada’s largest distributors of electrical material. It is also a major distributor of safety products and equipment as well as industrial supplies. Its knowledgeable employees working in more than 100 locations across Canada ensure Guillevin’s success by distributing a wide variety of products from selected world-class manufacturers.


Outdoor 34B

Born and raised on Kirkland Lake’s legendary Mile of Gold, Heath & Sherwood develops and manufactures specialized equipment for the world’s mineral processing and smelter industries. It has become the #1 supplier of samplers and sampling systems and a leading designer/ manufacturer of tuyère line management products. Partnering with its clients to build precise custom products for specific installations, Heath & Sherwood delivers solid solutions for every application and a rapid return on investment.


Arena 1 (R4-01)

Hepburn Engineering Inc., based in Toronto, Canada, is a recognized leader in the design and supply of Mining, Marine and Industrial Equipment to clients around the world.


Arena 2 (R8-01)

Hi-Tech Seals delivers high-performance sealing solutions that excel in the harsh and extreme conditions of mining operations. Our solutions help ensure safe and efficient operations in diverse mining environments.


Arena 2 (Back-A)

Hilti has greatly evolved since being founded in 1941. Originally a small family start-up, Hilti’s innovations and commitment to our partners’ success has helped us grow into the trusted global business we are today. The Hilti company is still family-owned. Our aim is to help sustainably increase your productivity and profitability while helping to keep you and your crew safer.


Arena 1 (R4-14)

Hole Products is on the cutting edge of the drilling products industry. We’re always innovating new and improved drilling tools to keep our customers on leading edge of safety and productivity. Hole Products is a leading manufacturer of high-performance drilling supplies, tooling, and equipment. We combine hundreds of years of manufacturing, machining, and engineering preceded by extensive R&D and field testing to


JUNE 5-6

McIntyre Arena, Timmins, Ontario

Wednesday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm & Thursday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

ensure that we offer the best products in the industry. At Hole Products, we’re innovating to keep our clients ahead of the competition.


Arena 1 (R5-04)

Hood Equipment Canada has been proudly serving Central Canada for over 30 years. With an extensive inventory ranging from custom built slashers, top of the line delimbers and articulated rock trucks, our sales and leasing teams have the equipment you need. Whether you’re in the forestry, construction or mining industry we’ve got you covered with all the top names, including, Hyundai, Terex and Hood.


Pavilion (P-40)

Hy-Lok is an industry leader in the fabrication and sale of quality fluid system components. We proudly support our clients across innumerable industries around the world. Hy-Lok Canada is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of fluid control systems that meet the high-quality standards required for applications in the mining industry.


Arena 1 (R6-12)

Hydraulique NES is a well-established leaders in the fields of hydraulics and pneumatics. For over 40 years, our business has always been based on service. We are active in the NorthEast of Ontario and North-West of Quebec. Our commitment to our clients is well reflected by

the satisfaction that they have towards us. Accepting urgent repairs to help our clients has become a day-to-day reality.


Arena 2 (R7-05)

We are the trusted leaders in the design, manufacturing, sales and service of quality flame and arc resistant workwear. We offer a wide range of protective workwear options to ensure the safety and comfort of our customers, including flame-resistant coveralls, bib pants, work shirts, cargo & duck pants, fleece jackets and hoods, vests, and hi-vis workwear. Additionally, we provide FR winter wear such as insulated parkas and bib pants, insulated vests and various FR headwear to meet the needs of various industries like oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, electrical, construction, and railroad. IFR was acquired by Portwest, the fastest-growing FR Workwear company globally, in June 2023.


Arena 1 (R4-03)

IMAGINiT Technologies helps engineers improve proficiency with the use of 3D technologies to design, develop and manage complex projects faster and more cost-effectively.


Arena 1 (R2-12, 13)

IMDEX is a leading global mining technology company that enables drilling contractors and resource companies to safely find, define and mine orebodies with precision and at speed.


Arena 1 (R5-08, 09)

Local supply, service/repairs and technical support of a complete range of innovative pump types for the mining industry. Brands include Sandpiper, Toyo/Hevvy, ProMinent Fluid Controls, Wilfley, Seepex, Grundfos, Peerless, Viking, Abel and Flowserve Mechanical Slurry Seals.


Pavilion (P-01)

Industrial Scientific creates gas detectors, services, and software designed to eliminate death on the job.


Arena 2 (R7-09)

Integral Process Equipment is a representative of Peristaltic (ABAQUE, Blue White), Progressive Cavity (Seepex), Centrifugal (Waukesha, FTI, Griswold), Lobe (Boerger) and AODD (Almatec, FTI) pumps, along with Agitators (MixPro, Ross, Neptune) and Filtration Equipment (Fluid Systems

Solid Control, Hasler, Evoqua) and advanced Process Solutions (APV, Waukesha, Kamengo, Blacoh, Rice-Lake, Progressive Rubber)


Arena 2 (R1-05)

We are your most trusted source for: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Raised Temperature Polyethylene (PERT) pipes and fittings, McElroy Fusion Equipment Sales & Rental - new & refurbished, Fusion field Technician Services and Fusion Equipment Training.

Exhibitors Booth Locations & Descriptions (alphabetical order)

JUNE 5-6

McIntyre Arena, Timmins, Ontario

Wednesday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm & Thursday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Exhibitors Booth Locations & Descriptions (alphabetical order)


Arena 2 (R8-12, 13)

Featuring the Avant, a quality line of versatile loaders made in Finland. These loaders have hundreds of attachments - there’s something for everyone!


Arena 2 (R2-10)

Since 1937, Fletcher has been engineering and manufacturing custom solutions for underground mining. Today, Fletcher products expand into a variety of industries. Through the decades, Fletcher has operated with a singular vision: to work with a vigilant focus on finding ways to improve mining and industrial processes and reducing risk for the people who work in those industries.


Outdoor (O-28A)

Joelle’s Technical Resources & Custom Works Inc. is a woman/Metis owned family business who services the mining, forestry, power generation and industrial sectors in northeastern Ontario. Our shop services include pump casing refurbishments, ceramic wear solutions, custom spool fabrication, custom structural steel fabrication, welding repairs, sandblasting and painting. Our field services include shutdown support, millwrights, labourers, welders, crusher rebuilds, structural steel erection, specialized suspended access platform services, sag/ ball/rod mill relines and leach tank overhauls.


Outdoor (O-34A)

“More compressed air for less energy”, KAESER offers intelligent solutions that not only make your compressed air supply safe and dependable, but also exceptionally energy-efficient.


Arena 1 (R6-11)

The Kal Tire Mining Tire Group delivers innovative solutions to maximize tire life and increase productivity.


Keepers of the Circle operate from two primary locations situated in the historical Robinson-Huron Treaty territory, Temiskaming Shores and Kirkland Lake. The land on which we gather is the traditional territory of the Algonquin peoples with a well-established Anishinaabe and Metis community. We offer onsite and onthe-land programs and services that follow a continuum along the lifecycle and depending on the focus, are both age and gender-specific.


Arena 2 (Upper Deck-05)

For over 35 years, Kilmer Environmental has worked closely with clients across central and northern Ontario to provide leading products and careful and measured solutions for various HVAC applications. Kilmer Environmental services Ontario with offices in Hamilton, London, Sudbury, and Mississauga.


Pavilion (P-05)

Founded in 1977, Kings Energy Services stands on the foundation of five key areas: valves, manufacturing, electrical instrumentation & controls, equipment recertification, and distribution. Our teams are dedicated to quality, and strictly follow API Q1 and ISO 9001:2015 standards.


Arena 1 (R6-04)

Kinross’ strong operating results are driven by solid and consistent performance from a diverse portfolio of mines.


Arena 1 & Outdoor (R3-07 & O-13)

Komatsu will help you find ways to lower your costs, speed production and help mitigate environmental and safety concerns, with a robust portfolio of underground hard rock mining equipment and advanced technologies.


Outdoor (O-18)

Kovatera engineers and manufactures the safest underground hard rock mining personnel carriers and utility vehicles. They are purpose-built from the ground-up to withstand the rigors the underground mining industry. Kovatera products offer the highest safety level with the lowest operating costs.


Pavilion (P-17)

Comprised of mechanical, electrical and structural engineering professionals, Kozar Engineering was founded in 2012 to provide cost effective and innovative engineering solutions to the mining, forestry, grain and energy/high industrial sectors.


Arena 1 (R5-15)

KPI is a mine solutions provider specializing in Power, Automation Controls, Instrumentation and Calibration. As both electrical consultants and equipment manufacturers, KPI Industrial Controls provides full turnkey services and rapid customization and development of equipment. KPI works hard to be your mining consumables distributor of choice when it comes to fast turnaround and quality products for over 20 years. Conspec Controls has been an industry leader in the gas monitoring, flame detection, and process controls space for over 50 years


Pavilion (P-25)

Krucker Hardfacing produces Chromium Carbide Overlay high wear piping systems for use in paste fill systems, mine tailings, slag, slurries, and ect.


Arena 2 (R7-07)

KSB Pumps Inc. is the Canadian subsidiary of the international KSB Group. With 150 years of pump design and expertise, KSB provides engi -

neered GIW® slurry and KSB process pumps for mining applications.


Arena 1 (R3-01)

Pan American is the world’s second largest primary silver producer, providing enhanced exposure to silver through a diversified portfolio of assets, large reserves and growing production. We own and operate 10 mines in Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, the Escobal mine in Guatemala that is currently not operating, and Canada (Timmins Ontario) with the Timmins West Mine and the Bell Creek Mine and Mill complex located in one of the world’s most prolific gold camps.


Arena 2 (R4-08)

Layfield Geosynthetics Mining Industry products: environmental barriers for tailing ponds, heap leach pads, processed water containment, wastewater runoff ponds, soil remediation, secondary containment, floating covers and tailings cap enclosures.


Pavilion (P-04)

For 15 years, we have provided rugged LED lighting solutions for harsh environments found in North America’s heavy industrial industries including mining, paper mills, steel mills, and other manufacturing facilities.


Arena 1 (R4-09)

We provide superior industrial personnel and staffing solutions for our clients’ long-term and short-term contingency needs.


Arena 2 (R3-07)

LOCTITE® is a global leader in industrial adhesive solutions. LOCTITE® adhesive products are high-performance, engineered adhesive, sealant and coating solutions for both industrial and commercial purposes.


Pavilion (P-23)

Loranger Coatings, a Canadian pioneer in protective coatings, offers high-performance solutions across diverse applications. With expertise in the mining industry, we innovate to meet a variety of protective coating needs.


Arena 1 (Front-06)

Major Drilling Group International Inc. is one of the world’s largest drilling services companies primarily serving the mining industry. Over the years, the company has positioned itself as one of the largest specialized operators by leveraging its main competitive advantages: skilled personnel, specialized equipment, robust safety systems & long standing relationships with the largest mining companies in the world.


Arena 2 (Upper Deck-15)

Mammoet delivers engineered heavy lifting and transportation services to safely optimize time -


JUNE 5-6

McIntyre Arena, Timmins, Ontario

Wednesday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm & Thursday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

lines and increase efficiency. Through creative engineering, careful planning, and safe execution, Mammoet helps customers minimize downtime and limit disruption to mining and metals facilities, with a primary focus on creating ongoing value for its customers.


Arena 1 (R1-10)

Manitoulin Group of Companies is a single-source provider of global transportation and logistics services. We are proud experts in streamlining supply chain requirements and handling products for a variety of industries.


Arena 1 (R6-19)

Mansour Group consists of four distinct divisions that strive to add value to our customers operations with unparalleled quality and service. Through innovations, we strive to provide the most advanced solutions to the industrial, mining and rail industries.


Arena 1 (R6-13)

Manufacturers Automation is a leading value-added distributor of Industrial Automation and Data Communication products, with over 40 years of experience and recognized as one of the oldest Moxa distributors in Canada. We specialize in providing connectivity solutions tailored for the Mining Industry. As distributors of top-tier Moxa products, ManuAuto offer Everlasting Connectivity for the Ever-Changing Mining Industry. Our robust partnerships with customers, suppliers, and employees fuel continuous growth, enabling us to expand our services to meet the evolving needs of the industry.


Outdoor (0-33C)

At our Timmins location we are proud to have “Local People Serving You”. We provide delivered fuels, DEF, and lubricants in addition to convenient cardlock locations in Timmins and all across Ontario.


Arena 2 (Upper Deck-12)

Matheson Valves has been a trusted supplier of industrial valves and automation systems since 1981. We provide reliable flow control solutions built on decades of experience in the field. Our team is highly knowledgeable and experienced in the industry and can provide advice and solutions tailored to the needs of your application.


Arena 1 (R3-02)

McCann Equipment Ltd., carries an extensive inventory of Torque Tools and Torque related equipment such as hydraulic, pneumatic, hand & electric torque wrenches. We also operate an ISO-17025 Accredited calibration facility.


Arena 2 (R3-01)

McEwen Mining is a gold and silver producer with operations in Nevada, Canada, Mexico and Ar-

gentina. In addition, it has large exposure to copper through its 52% ownership of McEwen Copper which owns the large, advanced stage Los Azules copper project in Argentina. The Companys goal is to improve the productivity and extend the life of its mines with the objective of increasing its share value and price and providing a yield. Rob McEwen, Chairman and Chief Owner, has personal investment in the company of US$220 million. His annual salary is US$1.


Pavilion (P-46)

MELTRIC manufactures a full line of industrial plugs and receptacles, including our signature brand of UL-listed Switch-Rated devices with DECONTACTOR™ technology and push-button circuit disconnection. These all-in-one devices combine the safety and functionality of a disconnect switch with the convenience of a plug and receptacle and can be safely connected and disconnected under full load.


Pavilion (P-12)

Mercator is a geological consultancy offering services in mineral exploration management, prospectivity analysis, deposit targeting, mineral resource estimates, NI43-101 and JORC technical reporting, mine reconciliation, and data management.


Arena 2 (R3-02)

Mersen is a world leader in signal and power transfer technologies. A Canadian manufacturer of carbon brushes, brush holders and slip-rings. Servicing the mining, process, wind, thermal and transport industries.


Arena 1 (R3-06)

Milestone is a privately-owned Environmental Contractor and project management company with extensive environmental remediation and geotechnical contracting experience. Milestone develops and implements practical and cost-effective solutions.


Arena 2 (R8-03)

WE KNOW EMISSIONS Keeping the air clean provides a safer work environment for all employees. MineTerra understands that controlling NOx, PM, HC, CO and other harmful components makes for a healthier and safer work environment. Our staff has worked in the emissions control industry for 20+ years. We know the products and chemistry needed to reduce harmful pollutants and help keep your work environment safe.


Arena 2 (R8-05)

Minova is a global leader in providing high-quality steel, resin and cementitious ground support products and technical services for the mining, construction and energy industries.


Arena 2 (R4-05)

A Privately owned group established in 1978 by Alan Potts ably assisted by a small nucleus of committed individuals, MMD is now a worldwide organisation with sales and servicing on six continents. MMD are designers and manufacturers of material processing equipment used in many types of surface and underground mining operations the world over. In particular the company has extended the technology of mineral reduction by the development of low profile, high capacity, compact sizing machines.


Arena 1 & Outdoor (R5-13, 14, & RS-01)

Founded in 1982, Montreal Tractor was built to provide customers with quality new, used or rebuilt parts and components. This philosophy is still the cornerstone of our success along with top level service and a deep understanding of the mining industry (underground or aboveground mining operations). We excel at supplying rebuilt and exchange components for CATERPILLAR Articulated Trucks (AD45, AD55 and AD60) as well as CATERPILLAR Articulated Loaders (R1300, R1600, R1700, R2900 and R3000).


Arena 2 (R1-11)

Motion operates both in the MRO (maintenance repair and operating) replacement parts market as well as the OEM market (original equipment manufacturer or equipment and machinery). Our organization’s unmatched experience with industrial parts and conveyance solutions positions us as an industrial and commercial partner, rather than a vendor or part supplier like other providers. Motion’s advanced automation solutions and engineering capabilities combined with our supply chain proficiency enable us to deliver superior results and satisfy a wide range of industrial, commercial, architectural, and engineering needs.


Arena 2 (R3-10)

With Minerals Testing in our DNA, we have a deep understanding of how vital assays are in the success of your projects. As pioneers in the introduction of PhotonAssayTM technology to Canada; we are now the WORLD’s FIRST laboratory ISO 17025 accredited for this technique, so if you are looking for assured speed and quality, come visit us.


Arena 2 (R4-10, 11)

MWG Apparel specializes in the development and design of technical safety apparel for use in the Canadian mining industry. Through the development of proprietary flame and arc-resistant fabrics, MWG offers enhanced safety, comfort and durability to workers across industries.


Arena 1 (R2-14,15)

We’re reinvigorating the Porcupine district through investment and rehabilitation. It’s

(alphabetical order)
Booth Locations & Descriptions

JUNE 5-6

McIntyre Arena, Timmins, Ontario

Wednesday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm & Thursday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Booth Locations & Descriptions (alphabetical order)


an important part in our plan to increase our production, grow our reserves, and reduce our costs.


Pavilion (P-09)

Since its inception in 2014, Niiwin has grown into a fully functioning Mining Services Contractor. Our initial Resources Development Agreement with Goldcorp has allowed us to provide full time employment to First Nations Community Members and non-Community Members, as well as training opportunities to increase employability to all. Niiwin has experienced a tremendous amount of growth in a short period of time, becoming Goldcorp’s third largest contractor, providing services in 2017. WE look forward to expanding our services to other Mining Companies in the Timmins area, and are actively pursuing those opportunities.


Pavilion (P-11)

NLS Products distributes the highest quality products across Canada for the following markets: Automotive· Construction· Farm· Hardware· Industrial· Marine· Mass Merchandisers· Retail· Trucking.


Arena 1 (R3-08)

NORCAT is a leading, non-profit organization that provides instructor-lead, e-Learning and equipment simulation training for the mining industry to reduce injuries, save lives, and enhance productivity in the workplace.


Arena 2 (R8-02)

With over a century of experience in designing, engineering, and building, we have a strong history of supporting bulk material handling industries locally and abroad. We provide our customers with robust, high quality bulk material handling equipment in the agri-business and industrial markets. In the manufacturing world, your business is expected to conform to industry norms. Your equipment and your standards are required to fit and form to the conventional guidelines.


Outdoor (O-26)

Normet is an industry-leading technology company offering continuous improvement to underground mining and tunneling processes for increased safety, productivity and profitability. For more information please visit our website.


Arena 2 (R2-05)

NORPRO Security is a full-service, business to business leader in Northern Ontario providing integrated business solutions in security, innovation (Technology & Information Technology), strategic consulting and environmental services.


Pavilion (P-30)

Norseman Structures provides versatile turn -

key building solutions for the most quality minded and safety conscious customers around the world – Fiercely Reliable since 1921.


Pavilion (P-07)

North Fringe Industrial Technologies Inc. (founded in 2007) focuses on pump, parts & accessory sales, in-house pump service/repair, pump rentals, dredging and dewatering all across Canada. We service mining, marine, infrastructure, oil & gas and other related industries.


Outdoor (0-27)

North Rock Rentals not only provides short and long-term rentals to mining, construction, industrial and retail, but as an authorized dealer for Merlo and Heli, we sell some of the best material handling brands in the industry. With Merlo, we can provide ramp tested telehandlers and attachments for all underground applications. Adding to the stellar lineup, we are also an authorized Deutz diesel parts, service and warranty provider for all Northern Ontario. Our dedicated service team will ensure that your equipment performs safely and efficiently in all environments. Count on North Rock Rentals to deliver when you need it the most.


Arena 1 (R3-14, 15)

We provide research and development services to generate innovative technologies that enhance industry competitiveness while serving as an experiential learning opportunity for our students.


Outdoor (O-15)

Northern ESI excels in all mining aspects, industrial & commercial high-pressure wash & vac. plant shut down cleaning service, spill clean-up and environmental protection. CJ Equipment and Hood partnered to form The Equipment Store. Together they specialize in heavy equipment rentals, repairs and fleet maintenance for the mining and construction sector.


Arena 2 (R2-01)

At NorthStream Safety & Rehab, we know that now, more than ever, you want to keep your workers safe and healthy. Let us help you build that safe workforce through training and testing programs designed specifically for your company. At NorthStream Safety & Rehab, we value a proactive approach to Health & Safety.


Arena 2 (R1-13)

NPLH Drilling is a privately owned Canadian contract drilling company based in Timmins, Ontario, the hub of Ontario’s mining and exploration sector. We’re recognized for our full-service approach and ability to address all stages of exploration, from road preparation to clean up.


Arena 2 (Back-F)

NSS Canada is a mining technology company that provides reliable, accurate and innovative mining and survey equipment solutions. Developer of MOSS (Miner Operated Survey System), NSS Canada is also a Leica Geosystems, Exyn Technologies and Hexagon Mining Authorized Reseller.


Arena 1 (R3-11)

Nuna is an Indigenous, heavy civil construction, earthworks, contract mining and remediation company. We’re proudly majority Inuit owned and ready to tackle the toughest projects with an agility, precision and methodology that only we can offer.


Arena 2 (R4-01)

We carry an extensive supply of Off the Road tires to fit all applications from large mining operations, civil engineering, loader, dozer, grader, and for forestry vehicles. Our great customer service has been the key to our success. Our reputation has been built one satisfied customer at a time for over 40 years. Awarded OK Tire Store of the Year - Central Region in 1998 and National Store of the Year 2002. We look forward to helping you with your automotive maintenance, service and tire needs to keep your fleet in safe working order.


Pavilion (P-03)

Representatives from the Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development will provide information on how to leverage the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) to attract, hire and retain skilled workers in the mining industry.


Arena 1 (Front-01)

Ministry of Mines, oversees and advocates for a healthy, competitive and sustainable provincial minerals industry, while promoting prosperous and vibrant Northern Ontario communities.


Arena 1 (R1-12)

Ontario Northland, is a Crown agency of the Government of Ontario responsible for providing transportation services for passengers and goods in northern Ontario. Ontario Northland operates freight and passenger services in northern Ontario through its Ontario Northland Railway and Ontario Northland Motor Coach services.


Arena 2 (R7-11)

Onyx Gold is a junior exploration company with an extensive portfolio of high-quality gold projects in Ontario and the Yukon. Its Munro-Croesus property located 75km east of Timmins is renowned for its exceptional high-grade mineralization.


JUNE 5-6

McIntyre Arena, Timmins, Ontario

Wednesday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm & Thursday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm


Arena 1 (R6-05)

Orbit Garant provides services to major, intermediate and junior mining companies, through each stage of mining exploration, development and production. The Company also provides geotechnical drilling services to mining or mineral exploration companies, engineering and environmental consultant firms, and government agencies.


Arena 2 (R2-11)

Orica is one of the world’s leading mining and infrastructure solutions providers. From the production and supply of explosives, blasting systems, mining chemicals and geotechnical monitoring to our cutting-edge digital solutions and comprehensive range of services, we sustainably mobilise the earth’s resources.


Outdoor (T-03)

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK rugged laptops and handheld computers are part of a complete solution combining hardware, software and services for those that work in harsh conditions day in and day out. Designed to help solve real-business problems, our TOUGHBOOK devices are easy to use, deploy quickly and put data directly into the hands of front-line workers, so they can stay connected and operate safely and productively.


Outdoor (T-07)

FLUID FILM uses Lanolin in its product and it’s an important component of a broad range of industrial applications; in the Middle Ages, knights’ armor and tools were coated with a thin waxy film of lanolin, which conserved them through to modern times.



Arena 2 (R4-06)

With established relationships in all trades and expertise in remote and Indigenous communities, PCL offers comprehensive construction services for mining and industrial projects, including civil, foundations, buildings, interior renovations, mine infrastructure, and below collar construction. Our team can support a wide variety of contract delivery methods and can undertake various projects across Northern Ontario.


Arena 2 (R8-14)

Pepco Corp. is a wholesale, retail outlet representing and distributing over 900 product lines. Inventoried consumables have a major focus on mining, forestry, construction and sanitation supplies.


Arena 2 (R1-04)

Peter Lucas understands the unique challenges that come with finding the right professional

resources to support your projects. Our team helps de-risk your resourcing needs by providing you with a skilled, trusted partner. Peter Lucas employees have helped deliver on some of the largest projects across Canada. With focus a focus on industrial sectors, we find the right person for the job, every time.


Arena 2 (R3-09)

We custom design, fabricate, machine and install high quality, production-boosting liners to handle some of the toughest materials on the planet, from coal, fly ash and gypsum to cement, aggregate and other sticky, non-flowing bulk materials. We also offer custom fabrication & design and CNC machining capabilities.


Arena 2 (R1-12)

Polycorp’s Mining Division specializes in the design, manufacture and after sales service and support and is a proven provider of total mill lining solutions across the globe. Proudly manufactured in Canada, Polycorp has supplied mill liner solutions for more than 400 grinding mills worldwide.


Arena 2 (Upper Deck-11)

The PPDA (Porcupine Prospectors and Developers Association) is a lobby group representing the interests of mineral explorationists in the

Exhibitors Booth Locations & Descriptions (alphabetical order)
Timmins Branch 5825 King St., Porcupine, P0N 1C0 Tel.: 705-262-5388 131 MINING LIFE & EXPLORATION NEWS SPRING 2024

JUNE 5-6

McIntyre Arena, Timmins, Ontario

Wednesday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm & Thursday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Booth Locations & Descriptions (alphabetical order)


Porcupine District of Northeastern Ontario. We concern ourselves with local, provincial and national issues affecting our members.


Pavilion (P-32)

We teach leaders how to get the most out of their greatest asset - their people. Talent optimization is a four-part discipline (Hire, Inspire, Diagnose & Design) that details what’s required for aligning your business strategy and your talent strategy so you can achieve your desired business results. At the core of talent optimization is the collection, analysis, and application of people data. And it’s scalable and repeatable, so you can always stay ahead of the curve to stave off any issues that seem to be brewing.


Arena 1 (R4-06)

PCM has produced minted products, coins and coin blanks around the world to Central Banks, Governments , Diplomats, Dignitaries and now to individual clients. Our minted products are of the highest quality, reflective of our sophisticated clients whose demands for uniqueness and perfection is paramount.


Arena 2 (R8-04)

Serving Canada for over60 years, Proax Technologies is a leading Technical Automation Distributor, offering innovative solutions in the Automation & Robotics, Mechanical Solutions, Motion Control, Machine Safety, Industrial Controls and Pneumatics industries. We support clients through preferred in-house technical solutions and are proud to represent world class manufacturers in the industrial automation field, allowing us to offer customers the best possible products and solutions.


Arena 2 (R3-05, 06)

Process and Steam Specialties is located in Sudbury Ontario with branches all across Canada. Specialists on Industrial/mining process equipment – pumps, valves, magnetic separation, agitators and more..


Arena 2 (R6-09)

The Underground Mining Partner of Choice. Offering best-in-class solutions for building and operating the world’s most challenging underground mining projects.


Arena 1 (R5-10, 11)

PROVIX enhances safety through the deployment of technologically advanced cameras and remote operation systems. Systems include IP/ network viewable, remote viewing, wireless recording, mine automation, triggered event monitoring, night vision to allow for safer, more productive operations.


Outdoor (O-33A)

Rad Torque Systems is the leading Canadian manufacturer of extreme torque equipment,

which includes pneumatic, battery, electronic pistol grip torque wrenches. Proudly supporting Canadian mining for over 25 years


Outdoor (O-31)

At RailXtra, we offer short and long term rental services to meet the specific needs of rail companies for Hi-Rail equipped vehicles across Canada. We are creative & proactive. Saying yes is part of our philosophy... even for a service we don’t offer! At RailXtra we take on challenges because we believe there is always a solution adapted to our client’s reality.



Pavilion (P-45)

Specializing in repairing of rotational equipment including emergency services, in house reverse engineering, retro fitting, and prototyping. We Service all brands of gearboxes and are an Authorized Rossi Service Center.


Arena 2 (R1-09)

Rastall Mine Supply, Rastall Tool Corp, and Rastall Nut & Bolt Co. A Leading Supplier for Mining, Forestry, Pulp & Paper, Auto, Steel and Construction for over 40 years.


Arena 1 (R5-02)

RAW Group is a CCAB Certified First Nations Corporation operating out of the Greater Sudbury Area with our headquarters located in Atikameksheng Anishinabek. We are a General Contractor specializing in; Electrical, Pre-Engineered Buildings, HVAC Maintenance Concrete, and Civil Works. RAW Group is a medium to large scope contractor competing primarily in the Industrial sectors with an operating range that spans Northern Ontario and beyond.


Outdoor (T-09)

Founded in 2000 by Mr. Gilbert Trudeau and managed by construction specialists, RCM Group originally known as RCM Modular is a leader in its field. We design and manufacture every type of modular building with three objectives in mind: comfort, durability, and superior quality.


Pavilion (P-19)

For more than 30 years, Real Time Networks has helped organizations secure and manage keys and critical assets. Our KeyTracer secure key cabinets and AssetTracer smart lockers are developed by in-house experts and backed by unrivalled customer service and end-to-end support.


Arena 1 (R4-13)

Richwood designs innovative solutions for the worldwide bulk material handling industry. For over 40 years the busiest mines in the world have put their confidence in our problem solving expertise.


Outdoor (O-01,02,03)

Servicing Timmins & Area for all types of hauling needs. Mine Products/Float Services/Livestock

With a long history of local roots & 50 years in business, Robert Rubino & Sons provides the community with quality service & creates many local job opportunities.


Outdoor (O-19)

Rock-Tech offers a comprehensive range of utility support vehicles, stationary rockbreaking systems and fuel/oil/grease storage and handling products. Engineered and designed to bring value to every part of your operation.


Arena 2 (Upper Deck-01)

Rocky Mining Consultants Inc was incorporated in Ontario Canada in 2018. It is an independent and extensively experienced consulting practice that provides specialized rock mechanics and mining consulting services to the mining engineering in Canada, USA and across the world.


Arena 2 (Front-07)

Ontario and Canada Lands Surveyors servicing the mining, electrical transmission, municipal surveying sectors and First Nation Land Claim agreements in northern Ontario and Nunavut with offices in Timmins and Kenora.


Arena 2 (R7-10)

Innovation Lives Here! At SafeSight we encourage out-of-the-box thinking to create safer sites and enable digital transformations. We have applied the latest technology in LiDAR, Drone and HD Video to transform mining and create safer more effective delivery. Our solutions provide information that enables better decision making in the drift and in the boardroom.


Arena 2 (G-A)

SAMSON excels in valve technology for critical industries, emphasizing smart systems for process improvement, safety, and reliability, with a century of innovation and a strong global and Canadian presence.


Arena 2 (R6-11)

Sandale Utility Products is committed to servicing the Northern Ontario market with local representation and expertise for all HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) pipe, fittings, and products. Sandale is Northern Ontario’s trusted McElroy Fusion Equipment and training provider.


Arena 1 (R1-01)

Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions is a business area within the Sandvik Group and a global leading supplier of equipment and tools, parts, service, digital solutions and sustainability-driving technologies for the mining and construction industries. Application areas include rock drill-


JUNE 5-6

McIntyre Arena, Timmins, Ontario

Wednesday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm & Thursday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

ing, rock cutting, loading and hauling, tunneling and quarrying.


Arena 2 (Upper Deck-04)

Securo Vision is the benchmark in Canada for eye injuries prevention and eye protection solutions tailored to each type of job. Over forty years of experience make us leaders in the eye protection field and industry experts. We supply all lines of business by offering distinctive, competitive products that meet CSA standards.


Pavilion (P-29)

SFC Energy is a leading provider of hydrogen and methanol fuel cells, specifically tailored for the mining sector, offering stationary and mobile hybrid power solutions. With a focus on Clean Energy and Clean Power Management for the mining industry, SFC Energy stands as a sustainably profitable fuel cell producer. Headquartered in Brunnthal/Munich, the company operates production facilities in Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, India, Canada, and the US. Our specialized product and solution offerings cater to the mining sector’s unique needs, including: - Off-grid Power Solutions - SCADA & Telemetry - Measurement & Instrumentation.


Arena 1 (R5-06)

SGS is the global leader in inspection, verification, certification and testing services and has been active in Canada for over 75 years. Our

flowsheet development, geometallurgy, pilot plant testing, chemical analysis and laboratory outsourcing staff have earned the respect of the global minerals industry and we are the world’s leading provider of bankable metallurgical services. We offer an extensive range of services that covers exploration, plant design and engineering, production, industrial applications and decommissioning and closure. As your strategic partner, we provide testing, technology, trade services and consulting to help deliver more growth and lean efficiencies, improve your speed to market and reduce risk.


Arena 2 (R8-10)

Established in 1981, Sling-Choker Mfg. (Timmins) Ltd. has developed into a well-trusted manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of industrial products for the mining, forestry and construction sectors. With community involvement in mind, Sling Choker continues to support Timmins and the surrounding area.


Arena 2 (R6-04)

We are Smart Modular Canada; Canadian modular home builders, Ontario built prefabricated homes, commercial modular buildings, trailer park development and tiny (modular) house builders. However you describe the building we do in Manitoba and Ontario, the modular construction method is a great alternative to on-site new home construction.


Arena 2 (G-E)

Soleno’s mission is to design, manufacture and distribute high quality, primarily HDPE, products for controlling and mastering storm water. We solve problems related to collecting, conveying, treating and for storage of storm water. Soleno Textile is focuses on development and manufacturing of nonwoven fabrics for geotechnical, as well as distribution of environmental protection solutions.


Pavilion (P-36)

Established in 1955, Soucie Salo Safety Inc. has evolved from a retailer of work boots and clothing for the worker to a full line distributor of personal protective equipment and safety equipment for workers and companies in the mining, construction, forestry, government, health care, manufacturing, and service industries.


Arena 2 (R1-07)

Acquired by Regence Footwear in April 2017, STC is a safety footwear Canadian brand founded in 1989 that has earned a great reputation on the market.


Arena 2 (R7-01)

Fresh off a transformational merger, STLLR Gold Inc. is positioned to become a leading Canadian gold development company. With two corner-

Exhibitors Booth Locations & Descriptions (alphabetical order) +1 (304) 525-5436 Located in Huntington, WV USA Control dust and spillage. Belt Cleaning | Impact Protection | Containment | Pulley Lagging | Wear Liners | Transfer Chutes What would it mean for your productivity if dust and spillage issues were eliminated? Everyday, Richwood designs worry free load zones. Contact us today for a review of your application. Rely on Richwood! canadian mining 3 24 dust.indd 1 3/28/24 12:24 PM 133 MINING LIFE & EXPLORATION NEWS SPRING 2024

JUNE 5-6

McIntyre Arena, Timmins, Ontario

Wednesday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm & Thursday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Exhibitors Booth Locations & Descriptions (alphabetical order)

stone mining projects, the Tower Gold Project in Timmins and the Colomac Gold Project in the Northwest Territories, several exploration targets, and a dynamic team, STLLR is on an exciting path to unlock its immense upside potential. STLLR headquarters are located in Toronto, Canada and its common shares are publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (STLR), OTCQX (STLRF (*MEAUD in the interim until mid-March 2024) and Frankfurt Stock Exchange (MOPA)


Outdoor (O-07,08)

Strongco is Canada’s largest distributor of Volvo Construction Equipment. Offering a superior range of Volvo CE excavators, articulated haulers, wheel loaders and more, expertly suited to meet the rigorous demands of the mining industry.


Arena 2 (R4-07)

Summit Camps is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Royal Camp Services Ltd, headquartered in Edmonton, AB. This places us in the unique situation of having a responsive and flexible, smaller company dynamic with the robust capacity of a larger company. Our clients let us know they appreciate this – they can talk directly to senior management, enabling responsive and flexible decision making when they need it.


Arena 2 (R8-08)

At SureWerx, our mission is to manufacture the most innovative and rigorously tested products for our customers’ safety and productivity. Our end-to-end product portfolio includes 16 leading brands with a full offering of PPE, safety, and tool and equipment solutions. No one works harder than we do to serve and protect professionals and our communities worldwide — that’s the SureWerx promise.


Pavilion (P-21)

Providing turnkey Power Generation, Storage, Distribution, and Control solutions. We design and build the answer to your power problems.


Pavilion (P-14, 15)

Tasco Dome is a world-class leader in fabric-covered buildings. These robust steel buildings are made to stand up to the toughest elements, and we cover all industries. For materials storage, warehousing, protecting valuable equipment, expanding your company’s workspace, and more, the applications for Tasco Dome fabric-covered buildings are truly limitless. We cover all your storage needs.


Arena 2 (R2-03, 04)

Technica Mining is Canada’s leading Mine Contractor. We are setting the new standard in world-class safety and project excellence in mine development, construction, maintenance and operation. From our roots specializing in underground infrastructure construction and

repairs, we have grown our portfolio of services to include: engineering, underground development, electrical, mechanical and civil construction, surface and underground production drilling and blasting. Technica was founded in Sudbury, Ontario in 1999. In addition to our headquarters in Sudbury we also have offices in Timmins, Ontario and Val d’Or, Quebec.


Arena 1 (R4-10, 11)

Developing and supplying high quality timely pumping solutions tailored to the specific needs of the Mining industry.


Outdoor (O-24)

Total Equipment Services Inc. specializes in distributing, servicing, rebuilding, and manufacturing of mining equipment. We pride ourselves in supplying our customers with dependable products and services that keep their mine moving. Our booth will be showcasing one of our SPARTA Underground Utility Vehicles.


Arena 1 (R3-13)

Testmark Laboratories Ltd. has been proudly providing licensed and accredited (ISO 17025) analytical laboratory testing to Ontario’s mining sector for over 20 years.


Arena 2 (Back-C, D, E)

The Bucket Shop can add significant value to your business. We provide wear solutions for all mining bucket applications that extend lifecycles of 3 to 4 times! It is our mission to help clients improve productivity and reduce operating costs by providing new innovative options. Our TBS-branded solutions include: 5 Piece cast lip system accompanied with our specialty alloy laden heel castings Cast heel shrouds Mechanical 2-piece and 4-piece buckets with optional disposable front ends


Arena 1 (R6-03)

The Miller Group takes pride in its service-oriented construction operations and strives for excellence in all areas. Each of the companies within our organization offer friendly professional service to our clients as well as an extraordinary level of product quality.


Outdoor (T-01)

Through partnerships with manufacturers we offer purchasers one endpoint to purchase multiple distinct items all with one purchase order. We utilize this experience to provide both companies and individuals with quality and innovative products they can truly count on.


Arena 1 (Entrance-A)

Publisher of a unique catalogue containing NEW and used mining equipment available in today’s global market. Buyers - Visit our booth to sign up for your free subscription. Sellers - We can get you global exposure, with or without an adver-

tising budget. Remember! It won’t sell if nobody knows you have it.


Pavilion (P-10)

Run by a board of local volunteers and professional staff, we take a grass roots approach to investing in local entrepreneurs, exporters and community initiatives. Key services that we offer: • Community economic planning and development • Access to funding for community projects and small businesses • Business counseling, services and commercial resources


Arena 1 (R1-15)

For over 50 years, TIME (Temiskaming Industrial Mining Equipment) has provided mining, exploration and other heavy industries with a single-source solution. We are known for manufacturing quality products, our efficient supply network and having experienced, knowledgeable staff that provides exceptional customer care.


Arena 1 (R5-03)

The Timmins Economic Development Corporation is the city’s non-profit community economic development team. We facilitate and support economic and social activity that creates jobs, diversifies the economy and improves quality of life.


Outdoor (O-29)

Timmins Mechanical Solutions is Northern Ontario mining industry’s one stop, reliable source for mobile heavy equipment rebuilds, sales, repairs, and replacement parts.


Arena 2 (R7-08)

Tisdale Bus Lines operates a fleet of luxury highway coaches and purpose built on-site buses. Providing safe, reliable personnel transport solutions to mine constructors and operators in Ontario.


Pavilion (P-42)

TOMCO Group of Companies serving Canada’s Mining & Energy industry with Best-in-Class customer service since 2000. At TOMCO, we offer a comprehensive range of products & services to ensure your project’s success. Our offerings include: - Pre/Post Weld Heat Treatment - Onsite/Infield Machining - CMM

Precision Measurement/Inspections - Controlled Bolting. Trust TOMCO as your turnkey solution provider.


Arena 2 & Outdoor (R4-04, & O-28)

TPS Group of Companies is the Primary Source for all your Staffing, Training and Safety needs! We have stability with strong roots. We have over 30 years of combined experience in servicing all sectors. We offer Industrial Safety Training, Truck Training, Safety Supplies and Personnel Solutions.


JUNE 5-6

McIntyre Arena, Timmins, Ontario

Wednesday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm & Thursday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm


Outdoor (RS-03)

Tracks + Wheels was founded in 1980 in Sudbury, Ontario. Tracks + Wheels Equipment has grown across Northern Ontario to include full service branches in Sudbury, Timmins and North Bay. Our MINEMASTER® line of mine utility vehicles were introduced in 1980 and have set the standard of excellence for mine vehicles in the industry. We pride ourselves in finding innovative solutions for our customers’ problems by customizing equipment to suit their unique needs and requirements. Tracks + Wheels represents only the industry leading manufacturers. Our suppliers manufacture their equipment in up-to-date, stateof-the-art production facilities using the latest in innovative technology, which results in the highest quality, dependable equipment on the market today.


Outdoor (T-04)

Tractel® is a world leading safety specialist providing reliable, innovative and cost-effective working-at-height , confined space, lifting, material handling solutions and services. These solutions are used in many end-user applications, in particular in industrial, construction, energy, telecoms and infrastructure projects.


Arena 2 (G-F)

Trimay® produces wear-resistant metallic cladding on steel plate and pipe. Simply put, our wear products are considered top-performing, providing solutions to problems where even carburized (quench and tempered) steels fail quickly; and quality, innovation and research are the guiding principles.


Pavilion (P-16)

True North Log Homes is the manufacturer of the best-engineered log homes in North America – homes of exceptional quality, beauty and durability. Located in Bracebridge, Ontario, deep in the heart of the ruggedly beautiful Muskoka region. The True North Log Homes story is one of technical innovation, hard work, and a steadfast commitment to being the undisputed leader in the construction of high quality log homes.


Arena 2 (G-B)

Turn-Key Construction is Northwestern Ontario’s largest telecommunications constructor specializing in Fibre cable placement and splicing along with all other types of telecommunications construction. Outside plant, mining, industrial, educational and medical sectors.



Arena 1 (R2-07)

UBC Millwrights can Install and maintain all your equipment in the Mining and Forestry Industry. With access to nearly 10,000 safe,

skilled, and highly trained Millwrights and Welders available across Canada. UBC millwrights can be found behind the scenes, partnering with leading contractors and manufacturers to keep industry moving and economies healthy. Make the UBC Millwrights your 1st choice for all your mechanical needs, we will have a Millwright near you!


Outdoor (O-25)

Providing Highwear Solutions SINCE 1962. Valley Blades Ltd. Designs, manufactures and distributes blades, cutting edges, ground engagement tools(G.E.T.), wear parts and accessories for construction, mining and snow removal equipment. Our Waterloo plant currently occupies over 65,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehousing with millions of pounds of inventory. Our Edmonton location expansion is set to be completed and open by October, 2023 which will house a state of the art 42,500 square foot manufacturing line providing our customer with the high quality, fast lead times and competitive prices that they have come to expect from VBL.



Outdoor (T-06)

VDW Solutions is the distributor for SolidsVac air loading & solids handling pumps in Canada and parts of the U.S. Since 1990 SolidsVac has been behind the design, manufacture, rental, and use of vacuum loading solids pumps. Pumps and spares are stocked in Canada with full support for our products. CRN & ABSA Certified.


Arena 2 (R5-09)

Formerly known as two companies: Belterra and All-State Belting, we’ve come together as one: Viacore. Now in over 30 locations across Canada and the US. This means we’ve got more resources, more knowledgeable staff, and more great service to offer our customers. We are now your one-stop-shop for all your material handling needs.


Pavilion (P-33)

At Volatus Aerospace, our services can be used for many aggregate and mining applications, ranging from Volume Reports within 3% Accuracy to Contour Site Mapping, as well as Cut and Fill Analyses. With our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or Drones, we are able to gather accurate volumetric calculations for your organization without putting your survey crews at risk or affecting your production.


Pavilion (P-08)

We are your First Nation Partner in the Abitibi Greenstone Belt. WRI works with operating mines in the vicinity of the Wahgoshig community. We can assist you with your mining project, everything from planning, permitting and exploration— through production—to rehabilitation and reclamation.


Arena 1 & Outdoor (R4-12 & O-22, 23)

Founded in 1858, Wajax (TSX: WJX) is one of Canada’s longest-standing and most diversified industrial products and services providers. The Corporation operates an integrated distribution system providing sales, parts and services to a broad range of customers in diverse sectors of the Canadian economy, including: construction, forestry, mining, industrial and commercial, oil sands, transportation, metal processing, government and utilities, and oil and gas.


Outdoor (O-20)

Walden Equipment is a Sudbury based company, qualified to provide you with a wide range of certified reliable, new and late model brand name equipment, ready to work at your mining or industrial site. Some of the equipment we have available at the present time for sale or rent includes: Toyota Mine Transportation

Jeeps, Scissor Lift Trucks, Hydraulic, Electric and Air Tuggers, High Speed Boom Trucks, Personnel and Material Hoists, Shaft Sinking Hoist, Sheaves and Tension of Wire Rope, Underground Haul Trucks, Jumbo Drills and Scoops etc.


Arena 2 (Front-06)

Our panels can be custom designed to withstand conditions in any environment. Fabricated at our Canadian facility these custom panels are built to the new 2021 CSA standards. Also offered are Panel Upgrades and Refurbishment, PLC and VFD Programming, Master Control Centre builds and System Integration.


Outdoor (O-34C)

Wawatay – RJLL inc. is a mineral exploration company specializing in the research and development of mineralized zones by providing core sampling services. We are ECOLOGO certified.


Arena 2 (G-C)

Wattco™ manufactures a complete line of flange heaters, circulation heaters, tubular heaters, and immersion heating elements for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications since 1972.


Arena 2 (Upper Deck-14)

Weber Supply is an all-Canadian company that prides itself on over 160 years of tradition and service. Weber Supply is a distributor of quality industrial and safety products, serving markets throughout Canada across our network of branches and distribution centres.


Arena 2 (Upper Deck-13)

The Weidmüller Group has production sites, sales companies and representatives in more than 80 countries. Together with its customers, the Detmold-based family business is shaping the digital transformation – with products, solutions and services for smart

Booth Locations & Descriptions

JUNE 5-6

McIntyre Arena, Timmins, Ontario

Wednesday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm & Thursday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Booth Locations & Descriptions (alphabetical order)


industrial connectivity and the Industrial Internet of Things. We specialize in industrial connectivity. Our solutions are trusted in a wide range of industrial environments, from modern manufacturing plants to power generation and distribution, railroad technology, and new energy fields.


Arena 1 (R1-16, 17)

ESCO, a division of Weir Group, engineers and manufactures mission-critical wear & replacement products for mining, construction & industrial applications.


Arena 2 (R6-07, 08)

Weir Minerals are specialists in delivering endto-end solutions for all mining and minerals processing plants. We engineer, manufacture, supply and service world-class minerals processing and mine dewatering products for virtually any application, anywhere in the world. Our advanced product range incorporating brands such as Warman® centrifugal slurry pumps, Linatex® rubber products, Vulco® wear resistant linings, Cavex® hydrocyclones, Enduron® comminution equipment, Isogate® slurry valves, Delta™ Industrial knife gate valves, Multiflo® mine dewatering solutions, and Trio® crushers and screens.


Outdoor (O-21)

WESCO is a publicly traded, Fortune 500, multinational electrical distribution and services company specializing in electrical, industrial, communications, maintenance, repair and operating (MRO), and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products, as well as construction materials and advanced supply chain management/logistic services.


Outdoor (O-14)

Wesdome is a Canadian focused gold producer with two high grade underground assets, the Eagle River mine in Ontario and the recently commissioned Kiena mine in Quebec. The Company also retains meaningful exposure to the Moss Lake gold deposit in Ontario through its equity position in Goldshore Resources Inc. The Company’s primary goal is to responsibly leverage this operating platform and high-quality brownfield and greenfield exploration pipeline to build Canada’s next intermediate gold producer. Wesdome trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “WDO,” with a secondary listing on the OTCQX under the symbol “WDOFF.”


Pavilion (P-41)

Whitewater is a cutting-edge fluids management company, started by industry leaders with decades of expertise. Experts in engineering, remediation chemicals, and regulatory compliance; let our team handle your water and industrial fluid needs. We offer full-service,

on-site technicians with 24/7 monitoring, or you can rent or buy pumping equipment to suit your needs.


Outdoor (O-33C)

WillScot Mobile Mini is a leading business services provider specializing in innovative and flexible temporary space solutions. Our diverse product offering includes modular office complexes, mobile offices, classrooms, temporary restrooms, portable storage containers, blast protective and climate-controlled structures, clearspan structures, and a thoughtfully curated selection of furnishings, appliances, and other services and solutions that are turnkey for our customers. We service diverse end markets across all sectors of the economy from a network of approximately 240 branch locations and additional drop lots throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.


Arena 2 (Upper Deck-10)


Windigo Community Development Corporation (WCDC) in northwestern Ontario is 100% First Nation owned and was established in the late 1990s. WCDC is an investment company that either has complete or majority ownership in companies providing a wide range of products and services and establishes strategic partnerships to grow into new markets. Today WCDC employs more that a hundred (100) employees, has strong financial statements and is well positioned to increase their business in both existing and new markets.


Arena 2 (R5-01)

We are a leader in the industry of the distribution in the plumbing and HVAC’R divisions for all the markets. We work with only the best brands, Victaulic, Orbinox, DFT, FNW and many others.


Arena 1 (R1-08)

Workforce is Canada’s solution to strategic human resource consultation and supply. Our client integrated model best anticipates and mitigates labour demands to ensure that only quality, trained individuals are sourced, screened and deployed to get the job done. We focus on providing skilled trades, labour and professionals to support the production and development of mining, oil and energy sectors of Canada’s resurging economy.


Pavilion (P-22)

An independent not-for-profit, Workplace Safety North (WSN) is one of four sector-based health and safety associations in Ontario. Headquartered in northern Ontario, WSN administers the provincial mine rescue program and provides province-wide Ministry-approved workplace health and safety training and services for the mining and forest products industries.


Arena 2 (R7-02)

WSN is an industrial contractor offering construction, maintenance, operations and automation services to the mining, steel, forestry, waste management and power generation sectors.


Arena 1 (R5-05)

With over 5,200 professionals focused on the mining sector, WSP’s multi-disciplinary team partners with clients to deliver strategic value at every stage in a mine’s life cycle.


Arena 1 (Entrance B)

North Eastern Ontario’s largest provider of office equipment including multi-function printers, plotters, shredders, interactive displays and computers. Locally Owned and operated, we proudly service all mines throughout the North.


Arena 2 (R6-05)

Xylem Inc. is a world leader in submersible pumps, agitators and fluid handling solutions.

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