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There’s Something About Mary... Adriane and Dianne! How Three HIGH PROFILE WOMEN are keeping it SANE During the Holidays.

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Finding Your Personal Peace on Earth during the Holidays By Catherine Simmons, MSc The holidays are a time for celebration and indulgence during the cold winter months, but for many they can also be a time of considerable emotional stress. Financial pressures, family situations, and the expectations of others are examples of how we can be triggered as the festivities get underway. The good news is that even though we may not be able to reduce the amount of stress we’re under at this time of year we can still choose to bring some inner peace into our lives. Unfortunately, in our society it is most often expected that we suppress our surfacing negative emotions and put on a happy face. We are encouraged to be grateful for what we have and to put everyone else’s needs before our own. While compassion for others is a wonderful thing, forgetting to take care of ourselves can leave us emotionally depleted and unable to continue to give our energies to support our families.

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As our stress increases our emotional resilience reduces and we can start to become overwhelmed. This affects our mental wellbeing by increasing our levels of anxiety. In turn, anxiety is known to have an indirect effect on our general physical health by directing our energy to a “fight or flight” response instead of towards the physical repair and maintenance of our physical bodies. As a result, existing illnesses like winter colds can be prolonged and we can become more susceptible to other infections, diseases and even accidents. Amazingly, part of the solution is fairly straightforward to do for ourselves. It involves acknowledging our emotions and frustrations without judgment of ourselves. Expressing how we feel verbally, for ourselves to hear, helps us to reach personal


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confidence that allows you to become self-sufficient in situations that previously caused you a strong emotional reaction. Remember to gift yourself self-care and compassion this holiday season in whatever way feels best to you and resolve to make your own inner peace a high priority in your life. Happy Holidays. Note: If you are experiencing overwhelming emotional distress at any time, please consult a qualified medical practitioner for advice and support. peace. When we speak our fears out loud their impact is diminished, we gain perspective, and the pressure of stress starts to be relieved. The most powerful thing we can do is to accept ourselves and our feelings completely as they are.

If you would like to read more about Emotional Freedom Techniques, further information can be found on my website at or call for info 604.755.4386

Once we voice our feelings, underlying emotions from past events often come to the surface. As we peel away these layers to reach the root cause of our reactions we begin to take control of how we feel overall. We reveal our own inner power to choose our reactions; a true holiday gift to ourselves. If you combine this with a complementary healing modality like Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or other methods that release the hard to reach subconscious emotions trapped in our physical bodies, lasting personal power can be reached. You will build an inner


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Is Sugar Reall y to Blame? Depression Alzheimer’s Kidney diseases Early Puberty PMS Male-pattern baldness Erectile Dysfunction Enlarges Male breasts Accelerated Aging Sleep Disorders Sleep Apnea Cancer Food Cravings

Constipation Weight Gain Arthritis Diabetes Fatigue Heart Disease Cholesterol High Triglycerides High Blood Pressure Mental Fuzziness Mood Swings Anxiety

All of these conditions can be associated with an over consumption of sugar. To start, what foods we would classify as high in sugar? The answer is anything that has added sugar such as all chocolate bars and candies, to state the obvious. But even bread, pastas, baked goods and rice cakes are heavily processed and are broken down into simple sugars so quickly in your system that they can be just as harmful as a spoonful of sugar. The problem with these common foods is that most people don’t identify them as a problem. We all know that when craving a chocolate bar, we are consuming something high in sugar that it is not a smart food choice and is hopefully

not a daily choice. But breads and pastas along with other processed carbohydrates when consumed daily can actually contribute to the development of all the health conditions you see above, and more. What is the impact of consuming these processed, sugary foods on our health? To start, when your blood sugar is raised due to consumption of processed carbohydrates like bread and pasta, you are directly promoting inflammation in your system. You are also constricting blood vessels, increasing your allergic response (stimulating histamine release) suppressing your immune system, and promoting this 'fight or flight' response, to name a few. In the long term, if you are constantly stimulating these pathways, we can see how high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, cancer and other pro-inflammatory diseases can manifest. So when we ask could SUGAR be to Blame? The answer is a resounding YES! Please consult a professional nutritionist or medical professional for tips on how to remove these toxic and harmful foods from your diet in a healthy and safe manner and move towards improved wellness. Briony Martens, BSC, Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner Certified Nutritionist 604.532.8523


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There’s Something About Mary... Adriane and Dianne!

How Three HIGH PROFILE WOMEN are Keeping it SANE During the Holidays.

This month, we sat down for a fireside chat with three very busy politicians who work hard to make our communities better. Our topic for this publication is destressing Christmas. Next month we continue our conversation as the ladies share their experience of a high profile life, what their common goals are and their concerns for the environment. Diane, we thank you for joining us even though you were ill from a business trip abroad! Canadian Healthcare News: Studies show that second only to financial problems, Christmas or holiday stress tops everyone’s worry list. Considering you all lead high profile, stressful lives, what has been your experience and what is your number 1 recommendation for families to help them enjoy the holiday season? Dianne: Well, you know what; I think you are quite right. It is a stressful time because not all families can go out and buy their kids the presents they want and that has sort of been the evolution through advertising campaigns and everything else. We’re always thinking we’ve got to have the new laptop or the new this and that. So I think doing things a little differently by coming back to basics will alleviate a lot of stress. I know we are going to do that within our family because we can all go out and buy stuff, but what does that really mean? I think it’s really important to celebrate family coming together and having the dinners and not just about how much can I spend?

Mary: Yes, pay attention to taking the time to spend with the people you care about. I know in our family it’s just my dad, my daughter and I, and my daughter will probably bring over a couple of her stray friends who don’t have family around and they will all probably stay over. So, we come together and I make a tofurkey (because my daughter is vegetarian) and I make a turkey for my dad the non vegetarians who might be visiting us and we all go see a movie. Which seemed like a really strange idea a few Christmases ago, but believe it or not we can still find a movie that my 25 year old daughter, my 83 year old dad and I all enjoy and we have a great time. We just don’t focus very much on getting one other gifts, it’s really about the time we spend together. Especially right now while people are short of cash and stressing on that anyway, it really is, as corny as it sounds the true enjoyment of Christmas. Find that time to spend with the people you love.

Adriane: I can’t say it better - you simply have to make the time to be with those you love and have fun together. Do you know what, I destress Christmas because I just love Christmas! It’s my favourite holiday and I love the time that I carve out in my life for it. I take that time religiously every year to do lots of family things. But one thing I do about presents is shop all year for presents and buy things when I see a great bargain. When I’m at a craft fair, in a community market or I’m travelling and I see something just perfect I pick it up and collect things. Then each year when it comes time to wrap the presents, it’s like a huge wonderful surprise for me.

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I have forgotten about what I have I put in one cupboard. Then when I bring it all out it’s really fun and it’s not so stressful. I’m also a thrift store frequenter and I think there is absolutely nothing wrong, and in fact is very green to regift and reuse beautiful things that are in great shape and just gems. Every year from the time I can remember our family watches Alastair Simms in a Christmas Carol. I love that movie; it’s a tradition for us. We roast chestnuts like my grandparents did for us when we were kids. We also play games and go for walks as a family and with our friends who come over. We have pot luck meals and just spend days having fun together and there is very, very little money spent. It is just good food and good fun times. Every single holiday is memorable in that way. Mary: I find too that with my daughters’ friends, who are early to mid twenties. You can get a surprising amount of fun and laughter out of pulling out the old board games and we have a blast doing silly things like that. They think it’s a hoot and it’s a wonderful way to do something that is out of the ordinary and forces you to take time and slow down. For us it’s a huge deal. And I should say, let’s encourage people when they do shop, to frequent their local stores because that can be a really lovely part of Christmas, to be around your local shops rather than make the trek down south. Dianne and Adriane: Yes, exactly!


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ARIES: MAR. 21 to APR. 20:

A little appreciation will go a long way. It will however be difficult for you to get things done. A lot may be accomplished but it will not happen easily. Old responsibilities will catch up to you and make significant demands on your time. Keep well rested and be prepared to put the extra effort into whatever you do. Drive carefully.

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The first half of the month will be on the dreary side but the last half will not. It will be easier for you to do things than to receive them. Keep active and most of the blues will fall away. If you run into difficulties or differences,“Its about touching live don’t complain! Just move out of the way. A little and making a memorable im tolerance on your part will pay of in the long run. • Nursing/Wou • Home Care Su GEMINI: MAY 21 to JUNE 21: 2 HRS FREE • Housekeeping It appears that too much of a good thing may go to your service when • Companionsh head this month. You will be prone to exaggerate and • Special Needs to say the wrong thing at the wrong You quote will be this ad inclined to make superficial comments and waste your resources. The best advice would be avoid talking about money, Keep your opinions to yourself.


You imagination will be in high gear during the first half of the month, but your ability to get things done will be hampered. Every time you try to push forward you will run into obstacles. Your energy level will be low. It is time for you to try to recharge. Get enough sleep and try to slow down. Drive carefully. You should try to rely on patience!

LEO: JULY 23 to AUG. 23:

Poor judgement and a lack if discretion will cause you some discomfort this month. Be careful not to step on anyone’s toes. Your popularity will improve in the last half of the month, but in the first half you will suffer from bad taste and questionable desires. Hold back for two weeks and then let go. Save the best for the last.

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Your energy level will be goo easy for you to get things do from other people watching you do. If you respond you w upsetting. If you simply keep business, then people wasti fall away.

TAURUS: APR. 20 to MAY 21:


BC Neurofeedback

VIRGO: AUG. 23 to S

Canadian Healthcare News -

LIBRA: SEPT. 23 to O

This will be a month of swea will demand extra effort and hard keeping up with daily d hard, sleep well, drive carefu then much will be accomplis improves significantly in the promises a happy holiday!


Your sex appeal will be in hi will be competent in what yo appreciation and contentme and you will win the hearts o will light up the room. Happi will be a very positive balanc Enjoy it!



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ER 2012:

SEP. 23:

od this month and it will be one. Problems will arise and commenting on what will only make matters more p busy and mind your own ing their time and yours will

Facing Life Changes? Feeling Stressed?


You will start out simple and relatively easy going during the first half of the month, but in the last half your popularity increases as will your social activities. This is a party month and you will be ready to party and then some. You will be on go! There is no sense in fighting it! Just enjoy yourself. The main cost will appear on your waistline next month, but whose counting?

CAPRICORN: DEC. 22 to JAN. 20:

This month you will be ready to back up your charm with initiative. The first half of the month will be the most enjoyable. It might be a good idea to get your shopping done early. As long as you keep busy, good works will accumulate. Don’t withdraw. Keep active. Fix anything that needs to be fixed.

Catherine Simmons MSc. Emotional Freedom Coaching Via Telephone and Skype


Phone: 604-526-6300 Fax: 604-526-8004

AQUARIUS: JAN. 20 to FEB. 19:

OCT. 23:

at equity for most Librans. It d time. Be prepared to work demands. If you can work ully and avoid complaining shed. Your popularity e last half of the month. This

o NOV. 22:

igh gear this month. You ou do, and it will lead to ent. Whistle while you work of those around you. A smile iness is contagious. There ce between work and play.

December will be a month of extremes for most Aquarians. In the first half of the month you will be trying too hard and spending too much. In the last half of the month all the effort you put out will prove to be well worthwhile. The Force will be with you from Boxing Day into the New Year. For you 2013 will start with a rush of high energy. Hot! Hot! Hot! As much as an Aquarian is capable of!

PISCES: FEB. 19 to MAR. 20:

December will start out smooth and comfortable. Enjoy it. This will be a good time to get the holiday gifts. By the last half of the month you will be scrambling around going in too many directions at once. You will be inclined to throw money away to save time. This holiday season you will be enjoying yourself too much and probably be talking too much too. Just try to relax and keep things simple. Try not to exaggerate! Will that be one drink or three! Robin’s predictions are meant for entertainment and insight. Any serious decision made by astrology requires a full personalized horoscope to be calculated and studied.

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Canadian Healthcare News

Healthy Homes

Design ing a Home that Encourages Aging In Place

A well lit home is a safer home. Motion lights conveniently installed into stair steps will ensure lighting is always present in stairwells. Lights in closets and within cabinetry will enhance work spaces and walkways. The list goes on. A well designed home will be attractive, accommodating, and adaptable to all stages of life. If you are thinking about a new home, consider a design that encourages aging in place. After all, there is no place like home.

Fall Safety Tips for the ELDERLY at Home

By Jonathan Zerkee, Sonbuilt Custom Homes Ltd., There is no alternative to growing older. It’s something we seldom welcome and can’t avoid.

By Joy Nwalie, MS, RN Caring Touch Health Care Services 604.477.7748

My 86 year old father was recently diagnosed with dementia and my struggle to accept the changes in his life is ongoing. I miss the man he was and frequently wonder what the future holds for him. I’m not alone. Many adult children find themselves on this unexpected journey as they care for aging parents. As a builder, I have always emphasized to my customers who are enjoying the ‘empty nest’ years the importance of designing a home that encourages ‘aging in place’. A comfortable home that promotes living safely and independently. Most adults would prefer to age in place. A good home design will result in a safe and secure environment that is accessible and flexible. Spaces within the home include room for social entertaining, active grandchildren, and ample storage. A level entry at the main entrance and minimal steps from the garage into the home. Master bedroom and laundry room on the main level. Consider a design that allows everyday living to take place all on one level, yet still has comfortable spaces for visiting grandchildren, overnight guests, and lively evenings watching the game. As we age, our mobility needs change. It’s something we may not think about much in our forties and fifties, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t plan for the possibility when designing a home. 36” doorways as opposed to 30” will allow plenty of space for moving furniture and wheelchair access. Wider hallways, 43” or more, will feel wider and are less confining. A specific closet designed with a future elevator shaft in mind will allow for longer term mobility within the home.


Falls are very likely to occur in the split of a second, when least expected, especially for the elderly individual at home. The danger with a major fall at home includes a myriad of undesired events. Events may start with a visit by the emergency response team and ambulance crew, a tight transfer to the hospital in one position, needle sticks and blood draws, along with exposure to radiation via x-rays to determine any fractures. With fractures, the result is wearing an uncomfortable stabilization cast for a wait period leading to the experience of a long orthopedic surgery involving pins and screws, possible surgical complications like pneumonia or infection, recovery time in the hospital, strong limitation to mobility, a compelling rehabilitation process and most importantly, lots of pain episodes. Among older adults aged 65 and over, statistics show that falls are a leading cause of injury-related death (CDC, 2012). Falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries and 20

Canadian Healthcare News -

to 30 percent of falls definitely lead to injuries like lacerations or fractures. Another problem seniors often develop is the dreadful fear of falling again after a minor fall episode without injury, which could predispose the loved one to another fall episode with severe injury (CDC, 2012). Two-thirds of those who fall once are shown to be at risk for subsequent falls within six months (Tremblay & Barber, 2005). Final results from a fall always threaten a person’s independence greatly. Prevention of these fall incidents should be seriously encouraged on a daily basis. The problem is not that fall prevention is usually overlooked by caring loved ones. Rather, the issue is that that the continuing deterioration of the elderly is generally under-anticipated and increasing risk factors lead to these unexpected fall incidents. In order to embark on a good fall prevention campaign, a caregiver should be willing to carry out two key assessments and use the following tips where applicable: Assess the surroundings: One-third of all falls are related to environmental situations and hazards in the home or outdoors (Tremblay & Barber, 2005). One must look out for excessive clutter, loose wire extensions, corded electronics, poor lighting, loose carpet edges, uneven pavement floors, movable furniture, low cushion/sofa chairs, low commode seats, bathroom rails and mats. The home infrastructure needs to be supportive towards fall prevention. For example, very low sofa chairs are much harder to get up from and the harder it is to get up from it, the easier it is for an elderly person to fall. Assess the condition It is important to have good knowledge of the limitations of your loved one. Risk factors that predispose to falls are greater for the elderly and they include decreased physical activity, use of multiple medications, conditions like osteoporosis, diabetes, visual impairment, dementia, weakness and more. An awareness of these factors will equip one to be more prepared against likely falls. For example, a diabetic individual could easily develop hypoglycemia, where dizziness and weakness may occur and leads to a major fall if they are mobilizing. Injuries that occur in the state of diabetes are really hard to heal and could lead to amputations. When a caregiver is aware of an elderly person’s possible hypoglycemia episode, measures against the episode will be the first priority, but if it occurs, measures to prevent unnecessary movement, until the episode is managed, will be the next priority. General Fall Prevention/Safety Tips: • Make an appointment with the seniors’ Medical Doctor to gain full awareness of fall risk factors and recommendations. • Avoid multiple medications for your loved one when possible – talk to your GP.

• Encourage regular eye examinations and good glasses maintenance. • Facilitate a healthy diet for your elderly loved one – rich in Calcium and Vitamin D to support healthy bones. • Equip the home with safety items suitable for the condition of your loved one. • Work towards: Clutter free rooms, less corded items in home, secured loose rugs, nightlights, good recliner chairs, bathroom rails, high seat commode, non-slip bath mats, shower chair, useful items within easy reach and so on. • Ensure they wear sensible shoes – properly fitting, sturdy and non-skid, avoid slip-ons; strong grip socks could be worn when indoors. • Ensure they wear hip protectors if they are easily prone to falls – to prevent fractures. • Consider the use of a fall alert bracelet for loved one’s use when they need to be alone. • Encourage safe regular exercise for your loved one when possible to promote physical activity. • Use good transfer techniques for the elderly when they are challenges to mobility – consult with a professional to learn this. • Involve home health care as needed, for extra support. (Mayo Clinic, 2010; CDC, 2012; Woznicki, 2010) Remember the key point: Falls are largely preventable! Considering the likelihood that more falls could occur after a first fall, a study of the reasons that led to the first fall and working hard against them could prevent the second fall. Despite the fact that initial fall prevention is not sought after, when it does occur, the next priority becomes the prevention of severe injuries. Do not hesitate to involve a health care professional when needed. It is important not to live in fear of a fall because the fear itself then becomes a risk factor for another fall. Work against falls with good caution, a sound plan for ease of mind and success will be your outcome. References Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2012). Falls among older adults: an overview. Retrieved from http://www. Mayo Clinic. (2010). Fall prevention: 6 tips to prevent falls. Retrieved from Tremblay, K. R., & Barber, C.E. (2005). Preventing falls in the elderly. Retrieved from consumer/10242.html Woznicki, K. (2010). Helping the elderly avoid falls. Retrieved from helping-the-elderly-avoid-falls

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For Your Child’s Brain, Body, Heart & Soul

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Canadian Healthcare News -

12-12-04 10:13 AM


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