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NCA National Stunt Partner Champions Kali Seitzer & Kenny Heaton

Dane Hilbert

YOU, THE CAMPER, ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON AT WOODWARD! WE KNOW THAT YOU COME HERE TO LEARN AND IMPROVE AS A CHEERLEADER, POWER TUMBLER, OR GYMNAST; but we also know that you want to have fun, make new friends, and have new experiences available only in a camp setting. It is our mission to help you realize all of these goals.

WE FILL UP FAST! Early enrollment assures sessions of your choice!

Our campers come from every corner of the United States and all over the world. Some come by themselves, some with friends, and still others with an entire team; but they all share the desire to improve their skills, meet new friends, and make lifelong memories. Come to Woodward Camp this summer... WE’RE COMMITTED TO MAKING IT YOUR BEST SUMMER EVER!



Located in the picturesque mountains of central Pennsylvania, Woodward Camp is approximately 25 miles from Penn State University and about 3 hours from New York City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C.


Last year campers from 46 states and 24 countries attended Woodward Camp.

THE BEST STAFF Paul DesBois Coach at Pro Athletics

Kali Seitzer NCA National Stunt Champion

Every summer, hundreds of instructors want to teach at Woodward; only the best in the country meet our high standards. Those who make the cut do so because they can teach correct fundamentals and techniques with enthusiasm and fun. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, advanced, cheerleader, power tumbler, or elite gymnast, our staff will carefully tailor a program that meets your personal goals and helps you to achieve your highest potential.


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SAFETY FIRST Woodward boasts 19 deep foam and 34 floor-level “Resi-Pits” in its four gyms. These foam landing areas provide the best possible transition from the early learning stages of a skill to the competitive floor surface. This system provides all athletes, beginner to world-class, the best opportunity to advance to their next skill level in a progressive, confident manner.


Learn in deep foam pits Progress to the resi-pit to refine skills and gain confidence Perform skills on competitive landing mats

Table of Contents 4 What’s Camp Like? 5 Comfy Cabins / Health & Wellness 6 Four Great Programs 7 Stunting 8 Cheer Program 10 Women’s Gymnastics 11 Power Tumbling 12 A Typical Day 13 Woodward Cheer Team 14 Facilities / Pit Gym 16 The Open Gym 18 The Cheer Gym 20 Visiting Coaches Program 21 Our Staff 23 VIPs 24 The Visiting Teams 29 The TAP, Target, and Scholarship Programs 30 Beyond Flipping 32 The Application 35 Directions & Transportation


WOODWARD is located in a peaceful country setting, surrounded by mountains, forests, and Amish farmland. We dedicate ourselves to the highest quality training and traditional camp activities to ensure a fun, memorable experience. We are committed to ensuring that every one of our campers has an unforgettable experience. It’s true: THERE’S NO PLACE ON EARTH LIKE WOODWARD CAMP!

No one can possibly go hungry at Woodward Camp! We serve three nutritional meals a day in our cafeteria, which features a salad bar, fruit bar, bagel bar, taco bar, peanut butter bar, hot bar, and cereal bar! That’s not all... campers can also enjoy outdoor dining at one of our three grills! The Ball Park Grill serves hot dogs and hamburgers, the Chicken Grill offers fajitas and veggie burgers, while the Beijing Grill serves chicken fried rice and stir-fry vegetables!

Ball Park Grill

vitaminwater Lounge


Everyone loves to hang out in the Canteen or the vitaminwater Lounge to play video games, listen to tunes from the jukebox, and socialize with friends. Snacks, pizza, hot food bar, ice cream, smoothies, and sodas are available for purchase, as well as incidentals like toothpaste and a laundry service, which is available for stay-over campers. The Camp Store offers a full line of workout apparel and Woodward clothing.


The Canteen and Camp Store are open every day. Campers place spending money in their “camp bank account” and draw against it for their purchases so they never have to carry cash.

Kick back and relax in style in the vitaminwater Lounge with six 20” tvs and one 54” tv for sampling the latest and greatest games!


Camp Store / Canteen

Fernando Arroyo Choreographer for 30 Seconds To Mars and STEP UP 4

Campers enjoy country living in rustic cabins with bunk beds and individual storage space. Each cabin is equipped with air conditioning and an adjacent bathroom. A counselor lives in each cabin with our campers to make sure that every one of our guests has a rewarding social and learning experience. (Please see our section on “Youth Camp� for campers age 9 and under.)

Woodward Camp has a training room located adjacent to our gyms and live-in athletic trainers are on duty during every workout. A resident nurse lives in our well-equipped infirmary.

Campers must be covered by their own medical insurance.


OUR OUTSTANDING STAFF and continually updated facilities ensure that Woodward Camp offers you the most complete summer cheer/ power tumbling/gymnastics learning experience in the nation.

CHEER TUMBLING – A unique program that utilizes progressive equipment and curriculums to teach tumbling, aerial awareness, and acrobatic skills required by today’s cheerleaders.

WOMEN’S GYMNASTICS – All Olympic events and trampoline are taught to female gymnasts.

MEN’S GYMNASTICS – All Olympic events, trampoline, and conditioning are taught to male gymnasts.


ranging program for competitive power tumblers, beginner to advanced, who want to train for competition, and for individuals, both boys and girls, who want all the fun of tumbling training. This is for those not involved in Cheerleading and does not include competitive trampoline.

Kareem Spann, University of Kentucky Cheerleader

• • • •

Lee Grobstein Owner, Star Athletics


We are proud to maintain a low teacher-to-student ratio of not more than 1:8

30 percent of our campers attend Woodward Camp with their team

Most campers come to Woodward with a friend or friends

70 percent of our campers attend Woodward without a team affiliation

Any boy or girl who has reached 7 years of age is eligible to attend Woodward Camp. No previous experience is required, only interest.

WOODWARD’S CHEER PROGRAM uses the latest equipment while applying progressive drills and techniques to teach the stunting aspect of cheer. Twisting belts, resi work, and trampolines, along with the skilled knowledge of our staff combine to provide a curriculum designed to teach aerial awareness and flexibility required by today’s cheerleaders. Whether you are a base, flyer, or brand new to the sport, any individual or team can learn the fundamentals of stunting with our unique program.*

*Participants will utilize Woodward’s adapted stunt program during mandatory practices. Those interested in traditional stunting will be assisted during open gym times working in a group of their choosing. Woodward is not responsible for constructing stunt groups.


Kali Seitzer 7 time NCA National Champion, and 2010 NCA coed Stunt Champion

WHO CAN BE A WOODWARD TEAM CHEERLEADER, OR CHEER TUMBLING CAMPER? ANYONE INTERESTED IN CHEER is welcome to attend. Whether you are new to cheer or a seasoned vet, Woodward has something for everyone. Our cheer program is geared toward the beginner, intermediate, and advanced ranging in ages 7–18 years. If you enjoy all-star cheer or cheering for your school, Woodward Cheer Camp can help you reach your cheer goals. Our staff takes pride in helping every cheerleader be the best they can be.

A UNIQUE PROGRAM that utilizes tumbling and trampoline to teach acrobatic skills required by today’s cheerleaders. Whether you come on your own or with a team, if you want to improve your tumbling skills for cheer, this program is for you. Dane Hilbert

Kareem Spann, University of Kentucky Cheerleader


Individual and Team Cheer available! For individuals or groups of four or more who have the desire to improve both tumbling and stunting skills – with Team Cheer (a group of four or more consisting of 2 bases, 1 backspot, and 1 flyer) your team will be offered more opportunities to perfect their current stunt skills as well as progress within our open gym times.

Jimbo Kelliher, Ohio Explosion Kenny Heaton, 2010 NCA National Stunt Partner Champion

Note: Up to 7 hours per day of tumbling training available!

Dance rotations taught by expert choreographers!

Cheer Gym and Open Gym

• 12 Resi-pits • 5 deep foam pits • Overhead spotting rig • Bungee trampolines • 6 trampolines • 1 Double mini tramp • 3 floor exercise areas that include the ability to dismount into deep foam

• 3 rod floors (2 are 125 feet) into deep foam and resi

• 2 in-ground tumble tramps


Olympic Silver Medalist Samantha Peszek

A total of 7 hours of gymnastics instruction is available every

Jillian Monahan Assistant Coach, Penn State

John Wojtczuk ENA Paramus


Olympic Gold Medalist Liliya Podkopayeva

Campers’ skills are evaluated upon arrival at Woodward, so each gymnast can be placed in a class according to his or her skill level.

Beginners Each week Woodward is home to many beginner gymnasts. Our instructors teach skills progressing in difficulty on each event in order to ensure that campers are learning the necessary fundamentals before moving on. When campers are ready to move to the next level, they will do so confidently and successfully.


High School Competitors

Competitive Gymnasts

Many high school gymnasts specialize in one or two events. Our philosophy at Woodward is to provide some exposure to all Olympic events during 21/2 hours a day of structured class time. An additional 41/2 hours of open workout time is available every day for specialized training with an instructor.

Competitive gymnasts are challenged within the limits of their individual ability. Emphasis is placed on skill development. Our staff members include college and private club coaches, judges (all levels), and college and Olympic gymnasts, all of whom provide our competitive gymnastics campers with insight into their athletic development.

Danish National Tumbling Team

COME LEARN AND TRAIN ON SOME OF THE FINEST EQUIPMENT WHICH INCLUDES: • 12 Resi-pits • 5 deep foam pits • Overhead spotting rig • Bungee trampolines • 6 trampolines • 1 Double mini tramp • 3 floor exercise areas that include the ability to dismount into deep foam • 3 rod floors (2 are 125 feet) into deep foam and resi • 2 in-ground tumble tramps

OUR COMPETITIVE TUMBLING PROGRAM is a broad ranging program for competitive power tumblers, beginner to advanced, who want to train for competition and for individuals who want to learn and practice their tumbling skills. This program is open to boys and girls who want all the fun of tumbling training and the excitement of creating new and interesting ways to move through their environment. As with all of our programs, appropriate skill development and safety are our most important concerns. Participants will enjoy up to 7 hours of gym time each day with 21/2 hours of mandatory instruction and 41/2 hours of open workout time in our three gyms encompassing more than 65,000 square feet of flipping fun. This does not include competitive trampoline.

Bungee Trampoline

World Cup Champion Kalon Ludvigson


Rock Wall

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Cool Down In Our Pool

Rise Breakfast arts or open workout, Morning classes es course, rock rop , lab l ita dig , & crafts e, riding, B-boy danc wall, horseback studio. ing ord rec or s, waterfront activitie time. Lunch and leisure pm :00 –1 11:30 am afternoon clinic. or mo de ly ek 1:00–1:30 pm We open workout, ernoon classes or 1:30–4:00 pm Aft , ropes course, lab l ita arts & crafts, dig ck riding, B-boy rock wall, horseba or terfront activities, wa ll, ba int dance, pa . dio recording stu time. Dinner and leisure pm 0 6:3 4:00– en workout. op ing en Ev 6:45–8:30 pm ty. Recreation activi 8:45–10:00 pm s. bin ca to n tur 10:00 pm Re Prepare for bed. 10:30–11:00 pm out! 11:00 pm Lights 7:00 am 7:30 –8:45 am 9:00–11:30 am

cabins. and shine! Clean

Our heated pool is open every day from 10am to 9pm, weather permitting.

Woodward developed a Youth Camp to assist younger campers aged 7 to 9 in adjusting to camp life. Youth campers have the same schedule, workout opportunities, and use of facilities as our general camp. They do, however, live apart from older campers with a “minimom” (girls) or a “mini-dad” (boys) and have an earlier bedtime (9:30 pm). All campers age 9 years and under are required to live in Youth Camp, however older friends may request to stay with them.



7:45 –8:30 pm 9:00 pm 9:00–9:30 pm 9:30 pm

Recreation activity. Return to cabin. Prepare for bed. Lights out!

ational st Super N 2011 Jamfes Level 6 Open Coed Champion t So-You-Think2011 Cheerspore Champions You-Can-Tumbl

The Woodward eXtreme Cheer Camp (XCC) Cheerleading Team is looking for new members! XCC is a cheer team that competes and performs at events to highlight the high skill level and fun attitude of staff and select campers from Woodward Camp. Team XCC presents opportunities for younger cheerleaders to learn about camp, have the ability to join a high level team regardless of location, and have a repertoire of role models in the cheer community with the ability to work alongside and learn from them. Woodward XCC competes in the Level 6 Open Coed division. For XCC, the main goal of competition is demonstration, entertainment, and fun!

The team is open to any past/present camper or staff member that will be 16 or older by January 2013. Tryouts will be held during the summer of 2012 or an online tryout will also be available. For more information visit our website:


Olympic Bronze Medalist Elise Ray


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Olympic Silver Medalist Bridget Sloan





Lee Grobstein Star Athletics



WOODWARD’S VISITING COACHES PROGRAM offers an unparalleled educational opportunity to all coaches. Participants are offered daily clinics on skill development, progressions, teaching techniques, and spotting. Requests for special clinics are honored every week. Attendees can interact with their peers at special recreational activities and receive a certificate of participation. The visiting coaches program is only available to those who are currently coaching. Coaches must be 18 or older. Space is limited, so enroll early. For more information about this unique program, please call the office at 814.349.5633 or email Tracey at

Woodward Camp has been a training site for the USA Gymnastics National Team, the U.S.T.A. National Team, Women’s Region 7 Gymnastics Team, the U.S. National Snowboard Team, has hosted Region 7 Future Stars, is approved by the Pennsylvania Dept. of Health and the Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Resources, and is a member of the United States Gymnastics Safety Association.

Did you know?

Woodward Alumni

If you were a camper in 1970 or just last year, we are trying to locate you. Woodward has started an Alumni Association to stay in touch with past campers. So log onto the camp website to register.

All people are welcome to attend our programs and use our facilities regardless of race, religion, sex, national origin, or disability. If you have a disability and feel that you will need assistance or if you would like further information, please call the office at 814.349.5633.


Woodward Camp is also the nation’s premier action sports camp! Call the camp office for more info: 814.349.5633.

ENJOY CAMP AT TWO OTHER LOCATIONS: Woodward West in CA: 661.822.7900 Woodward at Copper in CO: 970.968.3400

Check out our new location at Boreal Mountain Resort in Truckee, CA!

Russel Warfield USA National Team Choreographer

Kali Seitzer

Lindsay Brush & Lexi Mitchell

WOODWARD CAMP has built its reputation on outstanding facilities, dedication to each and every camper, and a staff of experienced and talented individuals. We’re proud to share a small representation of our summer instructional staff.


Worlds Bronze Medalist 2011 on Charlotte All-Stars, University of Georgia Cheerleader

Tessa McAtee

Coach at Charlotte All Stars

Ryan McKinley

Paul DesBois

Coach at Pro Athletics

Former MTSU Cheerleader 4 years as Tennessee USAG T&T State Director, Teeterboard Artist

Tristen Ester

Lexi Mitchell

Cheerleader at Core Athletix Made Top Gun International 5

Tim Feagles

Former Kent State University Cheerleader, Coach at All Star Cheer Academy-NY

Emily Garland

Cheerleader for Charlotte All-Stars TEAL, Cheerleader at Hawaii Pacific University- Large Coed

Tara Shipley

9 year gym and cheer coach Coach at Gymsport Professionally trained dancer in hip hop

Kareem Spann

2010 “So You Think You Can Tumble Finalist”, 2011 Cheersport National Champion, Cheerleader at University of Kentucky

Chris Takacs

Cheered at George Mason University Coed, UCA Instructor Gym Director at Infinity All-Stars

Kristin Wirdzek

HPU Small Coed Cheer Coach at Saint Francis Private School

Top Gun Cheerleader

Sam Goldklang

2010 NCA Grand National Champion Member of University of Maryland Acrobatics and Tumbling team

Bobby Mileage grapher Professional Choreo

Dane Hilbert

Florida Atlantic University

Becca Jones

Cheerleader at the University of Miami

Jimbo Kelliher

Kent State Cheerleader 4 years AFL Cleveland Gladiators Stunt team Coach at Ohio Explosion Allstars


Steve Clanton first came to Woodward Camp in 2003 as a power tumbling instructor. In

college, he cheered and competed for Wallace State College and The University of South Alabama. After graduating from South Alabama with a degree in Exercise Science, Steve took over his alma mater as head cheerleading coach. He currently resides in Mobile, AL and coaches cheerleading, gymnastics, and power tumbling.

Lindsay Jacki has been a coach at both Woodward and Woodward West since 2003.

Lindsay was a former cheerleader and captain for Purdue University competing in 4 NCA National championships with the Boilermakers, while also graduating with a degree in PR/ Advertising. In 2009 she won the first ever ICU World Championships as a member of the Team USA Coed squad competing in Orlando, FL.

Katie Wanson, a previous camper, joined the Woodward Cheer Staff in 2008. She

graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2010 with a Bachelor’s degree in Fiction Writing and Psychology and completed her Master’s degree in teaching English. She currently teaches 6th grade Language Arts in Woodbridge, Virginia, where she coaches tumbling at USA AllStars North in Stafford, VA, as well as her Rippon Middle School cheer squad.


Vincent Clemmons

Kali Seitzer

Coach at University of Central Florida All Stars, Hip Hop Extraordinaire

Katie Duron

Coach at Pennsylvania Elite

David Frankle

Cheered at the University of Akron Coached All Star Cheer for over 10 years Coach at Star Athletics

Kalon Ludvigson & Coa ch Justen Millerbernd

Lee Grobstein

Cheered at NC State Owner of Star Athletics

Tom Hamblin Silver Stars, MD

Kenny Heaton

2010 NCA Coed Partner Stunt National Champion

Aaron Jackson Private Instructor

Kalon Ludvigson World Cup Champion Power Tumbler 7 time USA National Tumbling Champion

Justen Millerbernd USA World Team Power Tumbling Men’s and Women’s Coach, International Judge

Kali Seitzer

2010 NCA Coed Partner Stunt National Champion, Coach Cheer808 Hawaii


Premier Spirit

Pro Athletics — Leominster, MA

Holbrook, MA—Thank you Camp Woodward for another amazing experience. Our athletes had a great time at camp and they are already looking forward to returning next summer! – Ashley Gallagher

Together we can! –Jason Graham

VISITING TEAMS WITH 20 OR MORE CAMPER WEEKS EVERY SUMMER more and more cheer/tumbling/ gymnastics teams take advantage of the special privileges offered by our Visiting Team Program. Woodward Camp takes great pride in providing outstanding facilities, clinics, staff, and a complete cheer, tumbling, and gymnastics training environment for visiting teams with 20 or more. Visiting team members are housed together (mini’s together, maxi’s together), receive a team picture (featured in our brochure!), partake in a private pizza party, and get an extra day at camp! The team also goes home with a Woodward banner for its gym, and each team member gets a special T-shirt. Visiting team coaches can enroll in our Visiting Coaches Program (tuition is based on the number of team campers in attendance).

Premier Allstars Holbrook, NY—Woodward is an amazing experience for all of our cheerleaders. The cheer staff is wonderful and keeps us coming back each summer. Thanks again Woodward for another great summer! See you in 2012. – Kelly Nolan

Epic Cheer and Dance Virginia Beach, VA—Camp Woodward is an Epic experience that our cheerleaders will remember forever. So many new memories and new skills!!! –Sam Mack

We would like to thank all of the clubs and visiting coaches who helped make last summer the best that it could be. It was a pleasure hosting so many wonderful teams and we invite you to join us next summer for our 42nd year. Space is limited, so enroll early. For more information about this exciting and fun-filled program, please call the office at 814.349.5633 or email Tracey at


Virginia Wild Virginia Beach, VA—Together everyone achieves more! –All Coaches

Adrenaline Gymnastics

AGA Gymnastics

Aim High Academy

Brampton, Ontario—Team Adrenaline Rocks at Woodward Camp, We will see you next year! – Tammie Grey and Sandra Perkins

Flint, MI—Our week at Woodward Camp is our favorite week of the entire year. Thank you Woodward for all that you do. See you next summer! – Julie Fair

East Greenwich, RI—This is always the highlight of our summer. The accelerated workouts give us a huge step up towards our competitive seasons. This is one of the most rewarding experiences for our athletes and coaches. We love being part of the Woodward family, see you again next summer!—Cheri Jackson

All Star Cheer Academy

All Star Legacy

Apex Gymnastics–VA

Jessup, PA —The Academy loves Camp Woodward! We meet new friends, awesome coaches and always leave with new skills! We can’t wait for next summer! – Timothy Feagles and Christine Cherundolo

Dulles, VA—Never under estimate the power of a Dream! – Jason Cassi

Leesburg, VA—APEX had it’s best week ever at Woodward this summer. We can’t wait till next year! – Erin Kaplan

Berks Gymnastics

Cape Cod Gymnastics

Carolina Gymnastics

Reading, PA—Woodward has the best facility, best equipment, best people, and the best coaches. That’s why Woodward is our only choice for camp. – Rich Fiorintino

Dennis, MA—Woodward is our favorite week of the year with our gymnasts. It is purely about gymnastics. Both mentally and physically so we and our gymnasts can focus on what we love the most –Jen and Jason Watkins

Columbia, SC—Woodward is where we “Strive to be our Best” and develop skills of all levels from a wonderful staff. The memories and friendships will last a lifetime. –Anna Sexton

CC Champs

Chantilly Academy

Charlotte Allstars

Franklin Lakes, NJ­—Woodward was a blast! We can’t wait to come back next summer! – The Team

Chantilly, VA—Chantilly Academy Gymnastics loves the quality experience Woodward Camp offers our competitive athletes. We are dedicated fans that put Week 4 on our calendar every season. – Anne Foster

Charlotte, NC—Woodward is the greatest place on earth! We can’t wait until next year! Great staff! Great facility! Great Fun! – Sandra Mitchell


Cheer Intensity

Cheer Select Force

Chelsea Piers

Colonie, NY—Woodward is the highlight of our summer! They love the equipment, the recreational activities, and the time they have to spend with their teammates. Our kids talk about Woodward all year long and we can’t wait to return for our 5th summer! – Jess and Sheryl Kantner

Chantilly, VA—Woodward is where we “Strive to be our Best” and develop skills of all levels from a wonderful staff. The memories and friendships will last a lifetime. –Dawn Padgett

New York, NY—Thank you so much Woodward! We all had a blast! – Chris McClain

Docksiders Gymnastics

Extreme Allstarz

Fame All Stars

Millersville, MD—Woodward Camp offers an Amazing opportunity to gymnasts and coaches of all ages and levels. You just Gotta show up.... in order to catch the Fun at the end of the Woodward Rainbow!! – Bob and Kim Ouellette

Hillsdale, NJ—We were so totally thrilled and happy with Woodward Camp. The team loved it and will back next year! – Chrissie Viccaro Grimes

Yorktown, VA­—Woodward was an awesome experience. Our kids had a blast, worked hard, and created memories that will last a lifetime! – Erica Flanigan

Farmington Valley Gymnastics

Five Star Gymnastics

Gymnastics Counts

Farmington, CT—Amazing gymnastics, amazing coaches and an amazing experience! Thank You Woodward! – Erin Fascendini

East Rockaway, NY­—Once again, my team and I are honored to have experienced paradise on earth during our stay at Woodward. Our competitive athletes and coaches have been getting recharged and inspired by other talents from around the World! Woodward is the perfect 10! – Dina and Leon Williams Jr.

Maryville, TN—Going to Woodward Camp is one of the best decisions we make as a team! We always have a great time, learn many new skills, and make great memories! We’ll be back! –Tracy Counts

Gymnastics Etc.

Gymnastics Inc. –NJ

Gymnastics Mississauga

Bloomington, IL —Our team has been coming to Woodward for 21 years now and we would not go anywhere else! –Teresa Millmore

Kenvil, NJ—We can’t wait to come back next summer. The staff and the facilities are second to none! – Donna Wien

Mississauga, Ontario—Our club, once again, had a fantastic time at Woodward this summer! The staff cannot be more accommodating and the facilities are the best at any camp I have been to, bar none! We cannot wait to head back next summer! – Craig Smith


Gymnastics Unlimited –NY

International Gymnastics

Kendrick Kippettes

Orchard Park, NY­—Great people, great fun! Best part about the summer! –The Haas Family and Kristin Sliwinski

Matthews, NC—After 16 years, our team calls Woodward Camp “the happiest place on earth”. Need I say more? – Suzie Sanocki

Philadelphia, PA—Thank you, Woodward, for new skills, new friends, and new memories! We cannot wait until next year when we will return with our newest teammates! See you then! – Saranne Miller

Kennett Gymnastics

Lake Murray Gymnastics

Muskoka Limberettes

Goshen, NY—Once again, our coaches and gymnasts had a great time. We all learned a lot and had a lot of fun. We cannot wait to come back next year. Thanks again Woodward Staff! – Karen Cooper

Irmo, SC—Amazing facilities, great extracurricular activities for kids and coaches, awesome staff the best camp in the US!!! – Brian Keith

Bracebridge, Ontario—We are always so impressed with how much our gymnasts accomplish at Woodward. Our coaches come back re-energized and inspired about the sport of gymnastics. – Erin Jarvis-Hughes

New Bern Gymnastics

Nittany Gymnastics Academy, Inc.

Ocean Tumblers

New Bern, NC—2011 was just the beginning of a tradition our girls cannot wait to start! Thanks for making our first year unbelievable. We will be back for years to come! – Stephanie Bruno

State College, PA—Nittany loves Woodward Camp! We look forward to the summer all year long! – Amy Adamek

Chesapeake, VA—Too many people have forgot kids need to have fun. Woodward gives them the chance to have both fun and serious training. A reason to stay active in our sport. Great job! –Ray Shackelford

Ohio Extreme

Phoenix Gymnastics

Phoenixville YMCA

Avon, OH—We had another great week at Woodward. The focus on technique was very refreshing to our athletes and coaches. This helped our athletes to perform new skills in a shorter period of time. We can’t wait to return next year. – Heather Zidek

Asheville, NC—The entire experience was amazing. I cannot wait to bring our team next summer! A week packed full of memories, friends, meeting goals, arriving excited, leaving satisfied yet sad that you couldn’t stay all summer long!! Looking forward to more memories at Woodward! –Kelley Mihok, Levi Sowerby, Rebecca Hall

Phoenixville, PA—Our girls enjoy coming to Woodward each year. They learn new skills and receive great coaching! We will see you again in 2012! – Traci Eynon and Shawna Cliff


Radiant Sportz

Richmond Hill Gymnastics

Set-10 Gymnastics

Walker, MI—Woodward provides a top-notch facility and staff each year! We love to kick off and end our summer training with a trip to Woodward Camp!! Thanks for helping Radiant shine all year long!!! –Stacy Ballinger

Richmond Hill, Ontario—Woodward is like home to all of us Canadians.We are in our 13th year of training here and we commend all the staff and coaches for their amazing job. –Barb Spencer

Fort Wayne, IN—The combination of the facility, the staff, and FUN....For more than 20 years SET-10 @ More Than Gymnastics has been going to Woodward because the best just keeps getting better!!! – Mike Comeau

Skyview Gymnastics

Spirit Allstars/CT

Star Athletics

Mt. Airy, MD—Thanks Woodward Camp! Great staff, great facilities and terrific atmosphere make it a wonderful experience for all. We’ll see you again next year. – Diane Floyd

Hamden, CT—Woodward is the place to be. Where skills are learned and smiles are made. See you in 2012! – Jason Burroughs

Boonton, NJ—Woodward is the best training facility hands down! See you next summer! – Lee Grobstein

Stars & Stripes Gymnastics

Team Venezuela

Tri State Cheer

Clarkston, MI—Woodward is always such a great experience for our gymnasts to grow as athletes and as people. We had such a blast week #3! – Cassie and Nathan Davis

Caracas, Venezuela—We managed to jump the hurdles once again and make it back for our 20th year. This is such a wonderful experience for our girls not just in the gym but in life. Thank you again to the staff for their help and patience. –Chris Jones

Havertown, PA—We had an amazing time this past year and our girls truly enhanced their skills! We cannot wait to come back!!!! Camp Woodward was the best camp experience we have ever had!!! – Pattie Brower

USA All-Stars

Win Win Gymnastics

X-Cel Gymnastics

Stafford, VA—This was our first time at Woodward Camp as a team and the team learned so much. We are so excited to go back as a team next year and this time I’m coming too! – Mikey Hobson

Odenton, MD­—When asking my girls why they like Woodward, one girl quickly responded...‘Because it’s like a Gymnastics World...everything gymnastics...what could be better!!!’ We look forward to seeing you next summer!!!” – Mary Thompson

Cranberry Twp., PA—Fun, secure, safe, busy, relaxing, helpful. These are all Camp Woodward words. From the individual camper to team camp is the best and no one does it better than Camp Woodward! Thank you Woodward Staff. See you next year. –Bob Blanchette


Thanks to the generous support of the Target organization, we sponsor Target awards for our “Campers of the Week� in our morning and afternoon classes for Cheer, Tumbling, and Gymnastics. Winners receive the Target medals and a pizza party for their cabins.

THIS PAST SUMMER we selected the most improved and enthusiastic campers from all our groups and invited them to return at a special rate during TAP week. Campers were selected from the Cheer, Tumbling, and Gymnastics programs. Over 200 campers and staff took us up on the offer and came back for an awesome week of camp! Look for us to continue the TAP program for many years to come. Maybe this will be your year!


been created to help individuals who otherwise would not have the opportunity to attend Woodward Camp. The Woodward Scholarship Fund is made possible by contributions from individuals, alumni, sponsors, and staff who want to give something back to their sports. Applications are available on our website at


WOODWARD is dedicated to providing its campers with a total camp experience. That means meeting new friends, trying new things, and making memories. Beyond the mandatory 21/2 hours of daily instruction, campers may spend the rest of their day in cheer, tumbling, gymnastics, recreational activities, or a combination of them all (a total of 7 hours of instruction is available every day).

EVENING SOCIAL ACTIVITIES include campfires, talent night, dances, cabin competitions, B-boying, and so much more!

Talent Show


Classes instruct campers in all elements of photography and video including composition, digital editing, and printing. All equipment is provided. Ropes Course Rock Wall


Woodward’s waterfront includes a beach for swimming, paddle boards, and now a towline for wakeboarding and wakeskating!



Target Velcro Wall Horseback Riding

Waterslide Paintball

Matador Bull Campfire B-boy Show

Arts & Crafts includes pottery, jewelry, mixed media, t-shirt design, and more!

vitaminwater® Lounge

• Rock Wall • Target Dance Party • Ropes Course • Horseback Riding* • Bungee Trampoline • Swimming Pool • B-boy Show & Class • Recording Studio • Waterfront Activities • Matador Bull Ride • vitaminwater® Lounge • Paintball** • Go-Karts* * Requires an additional fee ** Requires parental permission slip


2012 SESSIONS AND FEES GYMNASTICS AND CHEER EEK 1: W June 3 – June 9............. $775.00 WEEK 2: June 10 – June 16........... $825.00 WEEK 3: June 17 – June 23........... $895.00 WEEK 4: June 24 – June 30........... $945.00 WEEK 5: July 1 – July 7............... $975.00 WEEK 6: July 8 – July 14............. $995.00 WEEK 7: July 15 – July 21............. $995.00 WEEK 8: July 22 – July 28............. $995.00 WEEK 9: July 29 – Aug 4............... $945.00 WEEK 10: Aug 5 – Aug 11............. $925.00 WEEK 11: Aug 12 – Aug 18............. $895.00 WEEK 12: Aug 19 – Aug 25............. $895.00

WE SUGGEST A TWO-WEEK STAY. NOTE: All sessions begin Noon Sunday and end 9AM Saturday. Special activities are scheduled for stay-over campers.

Deduct $50.00 for each additional session enrolled. Deduct $50.00 for each additional sibling enrolled (Family Rate). • Competitive Power Tumbling sessions 5 – 8 and 11 – 12. • Registration fee of $250.00 per session must accompany application form. • Session fee minus registration fee = balance due. • Balance of fee due April 1* *After April 1, 2012, applications will still be accepted but must be submitted with total session fees in the form of a money order or certified check.

• All sessions begin Noon Sunday and end 9AM Saturday. • Early enrollment assures sessions of your choice. • The registration fee of $250.00 PER SESSION must accompany each camper application. • Campers must be covered by their own medical insurance. • Balance

of fee due April 1*

*After April 1, 2012, applications will still be accepted but must be submitted with total session fees in the form of a money order or certified check.


• Before April 1, 2012, personal checks will be accepted as payment for all camp fees. Registration fee is due when you submit application form. The remainder of your balance is due April 1, 2012. • After April 1, 2012, applications will still be accepted but must be submitted with total session fees in the form of a money order or certified check. (Do not send cash.) • We do not accept credit card payments. • Please note that all fees must be paid in U.S. currency via money order or certified check (or personal check before April 1) drawn upon a U.S. bank located on U.S. soil. There is a charge of $50.00 on each bank wire and each returned check.


• Anytime before April 1, 2012, upon written notice of cancellation, registration fees paid less a $100.00 processing charge per session enrolled are refundable. • After April 1, 2012, all registration fees are non-refundable. • Written cancellations postmarked 30 days prior to arrival will receive session fees less registration fees. • Cancellations within 30 days of arrival will not receive a refund. No deadline to register (provided space is available). Applications will be accepted until first day of desired session (provided space is available).


P.O. Box 93, 134 Sports Camp Drive, Woodward, PA 16882 Phone: 814.349.5633 • Fax: 814.349.5643 • Web: Email:


I have a countdown in my room each year of the days that are left until I can finally be at Woodward again. It’s the highlight of my entire year. Pulling up into camp brings on a feeling that is just indescribable. The coaches changed my life. The atmosphere made me fall in love with it. Thanks so much for the great experience :) –Nicole G. Woodward was the best experience of my life! I met so many amazing new friends and the coaches were so nice. I have so many more skills now! I can’t wait to go back next summer with my whole team and show them how much fun it is! –Samantha H. I love Woodward because it was life changing! I had an awesome time and the staff there is amazing. They have such fun activities and I’m definitely coming back next year!! –Shelby H. I love Woodward camp because you have a blast, meet new people, and you learn new skills!! The coaches there are absolutely amazing!! Woodward Camp is the best place you could possibly think of to go to camp! –Chloe C.

Please Tear Here


2012 Woodward Cheer and Gymnastics Application (Please print clearly) P.O. Box 93, 134 Sports Camp Drive, Woodward, PA 16882 Phone: 814.349.5633 • Fax: 814.349.5643 • Web: Email: Camper’s Name Last Name First

Mailing Address


State Zip

Name of Teacher or Coach School or Team where you train Mailing Address City

State Zip

Father’s Full Name Mother’s Full Name List desired roommates using full name spelled correctly. Must be within one year of camper’s age. If you wish to room with teammates enter team name as first choice. Please note: Campers age 7–9 will be housed in Youth Camp. 1. 2. Home Phone Number Business Phone Number Dad’s Cell Phone Number Mom’s Cell Phone Number

Please include your Email address below: Camper

Email Parent



Check here if you would like to receive our Email newsletter


Age while at camp

Training Program Desired – Select only one: Gymnastics o Power Tumbling (Competitive) o

USA Gymnastics o

Your Coach o

Inside Gymnastics o



Cheer (Tumbling) o

Men’s Gymnastics o

Did you attend Woodward Camp last year? How did you hear about Camp?

Sex: M o

Y o N o American Cheerleader o International Gymnast o

Inside Cheerleading o Meets/Competitions o



Sessions you will attend (please check) 6/3–6/9 6/10–6/16 6/17–6/23 6/24–6/30 7/1–7/7 7/8–7/14 #1o #2o #3o #4o #5o #6o 7/15–7/21 7/22–7/28 7/29–8/4 8/5–8/11 8/12–8/18 8/19–8/25 #7o #8o #9o #10o #11o #12o Please list a second choice

o o o o o o o o o o o o #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 ($250.00 PER SESSION) until April 1 (full amount after April 1)

Enclosed is my registration fee of $ My t-shirt size is:

Youth So



Adult So




List a friend who would like a Woodward brochure. Name Address City State Zip

I hereby authorize the staff at Woodward Camp to act for me according to their best judgement in any emergency requiring medical attention, and I hereby waive any and all claims for personal injury, illnesses and/or property damage that I may have against Woodward Camp and its directors, officers, agents, employees, contractors, representatives, and any volunteers in any way associated with Woodward Camp. I understand that participation in Cheer, Tumbling, Gymnastics, Trampoline, Inline Skating, Skateboarding, BMX Freestyle, Snowboarding, Wakeskating, Wakeboarding, and all other camp activities involves motion, rotation, and height in a unique environment and as such carries with it the risk of injury. The camp is not responsible for personal items that are lost, stolen, or damaged. All medical expenses incurred will be the responsibility of the camper or the camper’s family. In lieu of a medical certificate signed by a medical doctor, I have no knowledge of any physical or mental impairment that would be affected by the named camper’s participation in the camp program, as outlined in the camp brochure, which I have read. I also expressly grant to the Camp and any third party authorized by the camp the right to film, videotape, photograph, record the voice and the irrevocable right in perpetuity to use, display, and digitally enhance or alter in any manner, such likeness in any media now known or hereafter devised, including but not limited to the exhibition and/ or online use, broadcast, theatrically or on television, cable or radio, or any motion picture film, video tape, DVD, CD or any published articles in which such likeness may be printed, used or incorporated, and in the advertising, exploiting and publishing of the Camp, camp products, licensed products, and all affiliated relationships. Sign Here:


Parent or Guardian (Signature)

LETTERS This was the best summer I had thanks to Camp Woodward! I had so much fun, meeting new friends, participating in activities, and getting to work with new coaches! – Melanie L. Woodward is always the highlight of my summer! It gives you the opportunity to gain new skills from amazing coaches and meet so many awesome people! I wouldn’t miss a summer! – Lexie P. Woodward was the best experience I have ever had. It taught me to be independent and gave me 2 new skills... I can’t wait to go back next year and see all the coaches and friends I made there! – Kimmie E. I loved Woodward–the friends, the coaches– everything is AMAZING. I can’t wait to come next year!!!!! – Lexa T.

This application may be photocopied

By the very nature of the activities, Cheer, Tumbling, Gymnastics, Trampoline, Inline Skating, Skateboarding, BMX Freestyle, Snowboarding, Wakeskating, and Wakeboarding all carry with it the risk of physical injury. No matter how careful the participants and instructors are, no matter how many spotters are used, no matter what height is used, no matter what safety equipment is worn or used, no matter what surface is being ridden or what landing surface exists, risk cannot be eliminated. Risk can be reduced but never eliminated. The risk of injury includes minor injuries such as bruises and more serious injuries such as broken bones, dislocations, and muscle pulls. The risk also includes catastrophic injuries such as permanent paralysis or even death from landings or falls on the back, neck, or head.



I love Woodward cause it’s the most amazing camp in the universe and I’m going to go next year and the year after that and the year after that until forever!! :) And I can’t wait to come back. – Julia P.

TRANSPORTATION SERVICES Woodward Camp provides shuttle services between camp and the following locations: State College, PA Bus Station: 25 miles from camp. Fee $30.00 one way, $50.00 round trip. Serviced by Greyhound and Trailways. State College, PA Airport (SCE): 25 miles from camp. Fee $30.00 one way, $50.00 round trip. Serviced by US Airways, United, and Delta. The Rockaway Town Square Mall: Located in Rockaway, NJ directly off Interstate 80, exit 35. Three hours from camp via a fullsized charter bus. Fee $110 one way, $160 round trip. Established as a pick-up point to provide transportation for our campers in the New York, New Jersey Metro Area. This service is available for the first and last day of each session.



The Camp Office MUST receive your written travel schedule and full payment at least two weeks prior to your arrival.


2012 WOODWARD CAMP P.O. Box 93, 134 Sports Camp Drive, Woodward, PA 16882

Phone: 814.349.5633 • FAX: 814.349.5643 • WEB: • Email:


P.O. Box 93, 134 Sports Camp Drive, Woodward, PA 16882 Phone: 814.349.5633 • FAX: 814.349.5643 Email: WEB:

2012 Camp Woodward Cheer Brochure  

2012 Camp Woodward Cheer Brochure

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