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Summer 2022 He a l t h Pro t o co l s One Camp ONE COMMUNITY ONE FAMILY


A Message from Lauren & Joel Wow! What a rollercoaster life has been since March 2020! There have been so many highs and lows, but thankfully, at last, we are emerging into camp post-pandemic. So, what does that mean? For our leadership team and us, it means we have come to accept that Covid-19 is now part of everyday life. As always, we will continue to make sensible decisions for our family and our community while at the same time allowing campers and staff to enjoy the freedoms of the camp experience. Our position is clear; we cannot live in a bubble forever, and it is time to re-enter the world of IHC with all its incredible program offerings. We will take the necessary precautions to maximize health and wellness; and accept that in doing so, childhood viruses will present from time to time at camp. Therefore, for summer 2022, we will apply the same logic to Covid-19. We will continue to review the evolution of the virus, proceeding with caution if necessary; however, as it currently stands, we are ready to embrace the new normal. As we enter this new phase, it is time to find balance. The protocols outlined below aim to minimize the risk of community illness spread while protecting campers and staff’s quality of camp experience. We appreciate your support in this endeavor. We look forward to welcoming your child to their summer home on June 25th, and we look forward to seeing you on Visiting Day! With kindness and appreciation, Lauren, Joel, and The IHC Leadership Team


The Golden Rule! The number one, most important strategy in keeping Covid-19 and other illnesses out of camp on opening day is by keeping your camper home on June 25th if they are displaying ANY symptoms of illness. A slight delayed start to camp for your camper is a far better scenario than your camper bringing an illness into a dense living environment. Last summer there were a number of campers sent to camp with colds, coughs, sore throats and stuffy noses. These viruses, although not Covid-19, presented significant and unnecessary challenges for our campers and staff. Please do not send your camper to camp on opening day if they have any symptoms of communicable illness. Creating a healthy camp community begins at home!


Pre Camp Healthy Beahviors As Covid-19 continues to mutate, spread within communities, and infect and re-infect both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, all campers and household members should make sensible decisions to minimize exposure to Covid-19 before opening day.

We recommend the following in the ten days prior to June 25th: • • • •



Consider masking indoors in public spaces Avoid crowded indoor spaces Avoid group events where people may have traveled from areas with high community spread. Avoid individuals who exhibit any symptoms of Covid-19 or communicable illness.

Pre Camp Testing We have established a complete pre-camp testing schedule to maximize our probability of starting camp as a virus-free community. Although inconvenient, repeated testing safeguards against the significant disruption of mass virus spread in a dense living environment like a camp. Each family has a responsibility to the community to ensure that we are virus-free on arrival day. Each family will be responsible for securing camper pre-camp Covid-19 testing. You are welcome to use your preferred provider; however, you must follow the following testing schedule, and all results must be uploaded to our Pre-Camp Testing App. Details on this app will be shared closer to the summer. The testing schedule is as follows:

Saturday, June 18th - 1st PCR sample drawn •

If Positive: Inform camp of positive results. Quarantine at home and monitor daily for symptoms. If your camper produces a negative rapid on BOTH Friday, June 24th and Saturday, June 25th AND has been symptom-free for 24 hours, they will be cleared to proceed to camp. If your camper is still testing positive on a rapid on either the 24th or 25th, they may arrive at camp following two consecutive days of negative testing or June 28th, whichever comes first. If Negative: Continue with testing schedule.

Wednesday, June 22nd - 2nd PCR sample drawn •

If Positive: Assume new infection given prior PCR was negative. Inform camp of positive results. Quarantine at home and monitor daily for symptoms. If your camper produces a negative rapid on BOTH Monday, June 27th and Tuesday, June 28th AND has been symptom- free for 24 hours, they will be cleared to proceed to camp. If your camper is still testing positive on a rapid on either the 27th or 28th, they may arrive at camp following two consecutive days of negative testing or July 2nd, whichever comes first. If Negative: Continue with testing schedule.

Rationale: We are using the rapid test as an indicator for virus shedding. It has been widely reported that rapid tests only produce a positive result when the viral load is at a transmissible level, unlike PCR tests which can detect minute virus levels for months post infection. Therefore, if your camper is still producing a positive result on a rapid, there is a likelihood they may still be infectious. This is why we are asking for 2 consecutive negative rapid results prior to arriving at camp, and the reason we will not require campers to wear a mask upon arrival as they will have ‘tested out’ of transmissible infection.

Saturday, June 25th - At home rapid antigen test. •

If Positive: Assume new infection given prior PCR was negative. Inform camp of positive results. Quarantine at home and monitor daily for symptoms. If your camper produces a negative rapid on BOTH Sunday, June 30th and Monday, July, 1st AND has been symptom-free for 24 hours, they will be cleared to proceed to camp. If your camper is still testing positive on a rapid on either the 30th or 1st, they may arrive at camp following two consecutive days of negative testing or July 4th, whichever comes first. If Negative: Upload results, along with PCR results from June 22nd, and proceed to the bus for scheduled camp departure.


Pre Camp Testing Continued START HERE


Remain home until 24hr symptom free.



No More Testing Required


SYMPTOM FREE Saturday June 25



June 22

Saturday June 27

Remain home until 24hr symptom free.






Saturday June 30

Saturday June 25

Remain home until 24hr symptom free.

IMPORTANT NOTES: • Your camper(s) will not be given clearance to board the bus without adherence to this testing schedule. • All siblings will be required to follow the same quarantine guidelines even if they produce a negative result. • If your camper has been in direct contact with a person who tests positive for Covid-19 within 5 days prior to June 25th, please delay your camper’s arrival at camp until 5 days after this exposure. 7

FAQ: Why do I need to test my camper 3 times? The reason we are requiring three rounds of testing is simply to ensure that we pick up new infections. Given that Covid-19 is now re-infecting people for a 2nd or 3rd time, we want to make sure that any positive result generated on the 22nd or 25th, following a negative result on the 18th, is not chalked up to be an ‘old infection’. FAQ: If my camper tests positive on the first PCR on the 18th do I need to keep testing them? No. If your camper tests positive on the 18th you do not need to perform any more testing. You will simply follow the instructions outlined above. Similarly, if your camper tests positive on the test on the 22nd or 25th you would not need to test again. You would simply follow the instructions outlined above for each date. FAQ: If my camper tests negative on the 18th do I need to keep testing? Yes. The goal is for your camper to be tested on each date (18th, 22nd and 25th) and produce three Negative results. FAQ: How do I communicate my campers’ results to camp? After each individual test please upload the results directly to the Pre Camp Testing App. Campers will not be cleared to attend camp on June 25th without completion of our testing schedule. Details on how to access and use the Pre Camp Testing App will be shared shortly. FAQ: Why do siblings have to stay home if they are testing negative? Although there have been many reported cases of household members not getting infected through close contact with positive household members, the fact remains that close proximity with an infected person increases the likelihood of virus transmission. We have chosen to mitigate this increased risk by having siblings remain home to quarantine. FAQ: My camper has had Covid-19 recently. Can they be exempt from testing? Yes. If your camper has had Covid-19 (diagnosed through testing) within 90 days from June 25th then they are eligible for a testing exemption. Please upload a copy of the official lab work indicating their positive result to the Parent Dashboard. 8

On camp testing •

Arrival Day PCR: saliva PCR performed at camp to confirm morning home rapid results. Results expected prior to bedtime. Any positive results will be assumed to be a new infection that was not picked up by the rapid at home test earlier in the day. Parents will be notified if their camper tests positive and asked to collect their camper from camp the following day. All campers (and siblings) testing positive on this test will be quarantined separately and comfortably in the HAWC overnight until parent arrival.

Rapid Antigen Tests and PCR tests will be performed as needed throughout the summer (as determined by our HAWC medical team).

The cost of arrival day PCR is $38 and will be billed in June. This cost covers the associated expenses for the lab prioritizing IHC samples in order for us to have results prior to bedtime.

All other testing will be billed through insurance as needed.

FAQ: Why does my camper need to be tested again on arrival if they have already had a negative rapid test that morning? One final round of PCR testing ensures that there are no undetected positive cases prior to the campers sleeping in the close living quarters of a camp bunk. We want to maximize our chances of getting off to a strong healthy start and therefore believe this final step in testing is most sensible.


Positive mid Summer Given that we have chosen to run a typical tripping, sports program, and visiting day, it is entirely possible that Covid-19 could present itself at camp during the summer. If your camper tests positive during the summer the protocols are as follows: •

Any camper testing positive for Covid-19 during the summer will return home to isolate (following CDC recommended guidelines for isolation).

Bunk mates of a positive camper will not be required to return home unless they also test positive or show symptoms consistent with a Covid-19 diagnosis. We will however implement the following: -Bunk mates will be tested daily for a period of 5 days and frequently monitored for symptoms. -Bunks mates will continue to enjoy regular camp activities with minor adjustments to avoid unnecessary activities indoors with campers from other bunks, for a period of 5 days. -Bunk mates will eat in a separate location from other campers (only when indoors) for a period of 5 days.

Given that siblings will likely have spent significant time together we will also test siblings daily for 5 days and monitor for symptoms, however their daily schedule will remain unchanged. Bunk mates of the siblings will not be tested.

FAQ: Can my camper isolate at camp? Unfortunately not. Five days is a long time for campers to spend in isolation at camp. Given that most illnesses at camp last approximately 3-5 days, we have experienced that anything longer than 3 days in our Health and Wellness Center begins to wear on the psyche of the camper, and their parents. While our Medical staff are equipped to care for these campers, keeping children fully isolated from all other campers would be extremely difficult. We do acknowledge that collecting campers from camp will likely present logistical challenges for some parents so we will be as accommodating as possible; however, after careful consideration and consultation with pediatricians and pediatric mental health practitioners we are requesting that campers be isolated at home. For families who live out of the North East we appreciate that collecting your camper from camp is no easy feat. We do respectfully ask that you make efforts to establish a pick-up contingency plan with a relative or friend in the North East, in the event this scenario presents itself for your camper. If this is not possible we will of course be happy to assist you. 10

Transportation to camp As previously communicated, all campers will arrive at camp via camp charter buses. All campers must wear a mask for the duration of the journey. Camper’s who are not cleared to arrive at camp on June 25th can be driven by parents but must arrive between 8 am and 8 pm.

Masks • • • • •

Mask will not be required during the summer while on camp. Masks may be encouraged during off camp trips if rates of infection in certain locations increase. Masks may be a requirement for some intercamp sports games. This will be determined by Covid-19 protocols of each individual camp. Masks must be worn by all staff and patients in the HAWC. Masks must be worn on the bus to camp on June 25th.


VISITING DAY Visiting Day is a special and memorable day for our camp community. We plan to host Visiting Day on Saturday, July 16th. Our protocols are as follows: •

We ask that you limit attendance to parents and siblings only

We will maximize the use of outdoor spaces, avoiding indoor spaces where possible.

Masks will be required in our dining room

Masks will not be required when outdoors

We ask that visitors do not enter the bunks

Covid-19 testing is required for all participants and results must be uploaded to our Pre-Camp Testing App. Details on this app will be shared closer to the summer. Following the same protocol for camper arrival, the Visiting Day testing schedule is as follows: -PCR - Saturday, July 9th -PCR - Wednesday, July 13th -Rapid Antigen - Saturday, July 16th.


I h y w h a w o

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It w c b w li re

Important: If the result is positive on July 9th, you may still be cleared to come to camp on July 16th assuming you have been symptom free for 24hours and have produced a negative rapid test on June 15th and 16th. However, if you test negative on July 9th, but subsequently test positive on July 13th or 16th we will consider this a new infection which would exclude you (and all household members) from attending on July 16th. In this scenario you (and all household members) will be invited to an alternative visiting day on July 23rd. We hope to be able to host this alternative visiting day on camp, however this will be dictated by the total number of families attending, given that we will also be running a typical camp program. If the number of attendees exceeds what we can accommodate on camp, you will be allowed to take your camper(s) off camp for the day. We understand that it will be very challenging and upsetting for you if your test results on July 13th or 16th do produce a positive result. Please be assured that we will take extremely good care of your campers in your absence and have planned an exciting day off camp on July 16th for any camper’s family who find themselves in this scenario. It is important that you speak to your camper about the possibility of the above scenario. Children cope very well when they are prepared, but tend to get anxious when faced with the unknown. Communicate clearly to your camper that you plan to be at camp on July 16th, but that if you or anyone in the family is feeling unwell or have been exposed to Covid-19, you will postpone your visiting day until July 23rd. You can share with your camper that we will have a special day planned for all campers who will have to wait until July 23rd to see family. If you would like to speak to us in more detail about how to frame this conversation with your camper please do not hesitate to reach out.


FAQ: If I test positive and can’t come to Visiting Day on the 16th can I send a grandparent or family friend instead on the 16th and then come with my household on the 23rd? Yes. However we would limit this to two people only and these individuals would also be held to the same testing schedule as outlined above. Therefore, if you think you would likely send an alternative family member/friend on the 16th in the event you were unable to attend, please make sure they are being tested on the schedule. Please remember however, that we will be running a special trip off camp for any camper having to wait until the 23rd for their visiting day, so sending a visitor on the 16th is not really necessary.

FAQ: Can my camper(s) hang out with another family who will already be attending Visiting Day? Yes. As long as this is ok with that family! Please email the division director to let them know that your camper(s) will not be joining the trip off camp and provide the name of the family they will be joining. Again, in this scenario you will still be able to visit on July 23rd.

FAQ: Do you foresee any reason you would cancel Visiting Day? Other than a new variant emerging that poses significantly more risk to children, we do not foresee changing our plans to host an in person Visiting Day. We think the more likely scenario would be that we add or change some protocols in order for us to host the day successfully, if virus levels were high in certain areas. Our goal is to get you on camp, see and squeeze your camper(s), and accomplish this in the safest way possible! We ask that you partner with us to make this happen.

Additional cleaning Measures We will once again be utilizing the air filtration systems, BA Fans and thorough cleaning protocols established for summer 2021. If any new family would like a copy of our covid-19 parent handbook published for 2021 to read through these details please email



Thank you! We hope that this information has been clear and helpful. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your division director if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you camper(s) at camp and seeing you on Visiting Day! Lauren, Joel and The IHC Leadership Team


Contact us: Summer Address 3287 Hancock Hwy Equinunk, PA 18417 Phone: (914) 345-2155 Fax: (914) 345-2479


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