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Fall — 2018

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#13804 Dear Friends,


amp Dudley is a wonderfully supportive community. Of that, I have never been more certain. Every summer we support each other during the camp season in remarkable ways. • Boys who are away from home for the first Dudley boys, caring for, and supporting each other daily. time find tremendous comfort from those who have been in their same position. • Campers who perform on the stage in a Saturday Night Show feel the love from their friends who cheer them on and give them courage and confidence. • Cabinmates literally hold each other up as they work their way through the high and low elements of our challenge course. • NOLS attendees cooperate with their tent groups to conquer each task and arrive at their daily destination. • Leadership teams share daily vesper ideas so that every cabin can end the day in a thoughtful and meaningful way. • Members of our international exchange programs support each other as they acclimate to living in an unfamiliar culture. Beyond Camp, first-year college students find comfort from their older Dudley friends and new schoolmates. Likewise, at boarding schools and communities across the country, there is almost always a Dudleyite to welcome Camp friends to their new schools. As Dudleyites start new jobs or move to new locations, it is often a friend from Camp who becomes an instant support system. This year I heard from a Dudley mom who knew of a young boy who had recently lost his mother. She hoped we might have a bunk for him late in the enrollment cycle, knowing he could use some Dudley love. The positive experience this young camper had was dramatic and life changing. As Director, this is the part of my job that I am most grateful for. I witness compassion daily; often times, I am connecting people and offering support to young leaders. Above all, I take great pride in these important opportunities. In September, we lost my 20-year-old nephew #20804 Charlie Gillis in a tragic car accident (see page 58). I received firsthand the incredible support of Camp when my family needed it most. Dozens of friends, colleagues, leaders and campers reached out to offer their love and support. You have shared vivid stories of Charlie and the impact he had on so many of your lives. This has helped me in remarkable ways and has made me a stronger person, friend and leader. Thank you for the incredible outpouring of kindness. It has helped us all beyond measure. The Dudley community is special. I couldn’t be more proud of what it means to all of us who are lucky to call it our family. May we all continue to find ways to support and uplift each other.

#13804 Matt Storey, Director


The Camp Dudley News



Dear Friends,


fter three years of careful planning, watching and hearing Mimi’s Lodge come to life this summer was truly magnificent! From the first Wednesday Night Show to the final Hymn Sing of the Centennial Reunion Weekend, we brought our joy and our talent, our spirit and our song. The cheers and the applause echoed through the pines and across Lake Champlain heard, I’m quite certain, by our Dudley brothers in Westport.

Marnie with her mom, dad, and brother during the 100th Reunion, all the way from Australia!

Kiniya’s 100th summer was indeed a defining one for our community! Led by our Senior campers in the Archive Major, there was a deep focus on history and tradition which brought the experience we share at Camp today into perspective. The girls poured over hundreds of black and white images from the 1930s, and the 60s, and the 90s and every decade in between. They selected favorites to frame and display throughout camp as a reminder of days gone by. These images came to life in the minds of the girls as they Archives set up for the attendees at the 100th. would attempt to recreate them. Through this work, there was a genuine and magnified pride of place. A sense of ownership and responsibility. As stewards we are all committed to maintain and preserve and enhance the Kiniya we so love, and the campers of Kiniya’s 100th summer sure did their part! The joy of the summer continued through the Centennial Reunion Weekend as over 275 alumnae rolled onto campus to celebrate their treasured memories. The appreciation wall within Coleman Dining Hall was draped with hundreds of postcards. Each card was handwritten by a current camper thanking previous generations of women for their vision and their love and their care of this place. Seeing and reading the growing addition of the alumnae cards back to this generation of girls was heartwarming! What was so apparent during the weekend was that while we have all had varied experiences through the decades, there is a unified and common bond through a deep love and appreciation of the place. For many, myself included, Kiniya has been a constant through life’s highs and lows. When we face personal challenge, the communities we choose to be a part of become even more important. Knowing that there is a place we can go back to; a place that recalls memories of happiness and inclusion and joy, removed from the current challenges of the day, is so very comforting. Kiniya has most certainly been that place for me and I know it has been that place for many others too. It has and continues to bring peace and happiness to generations of girls. As we look ahead to this next summer and beyond, I can’t help but think about what new memories will be created. I am deeply proud of the experience we share today and thankful for the community that makes it all possible!

#20001 Marnie McDonagh, Director

Fall 2018


Letters to the Editor Hi Mark and Dave: Clearly it has been some time since I have corresponded, the last time regarding the Ravens tickets for the Dudley auction. I have since heard from #12242 Nick Hastings who, believe it or not lives in Madison, CT, next door and we have been scheming to get together with #11948 Mike Flynn for a cabin reunion. There will be many stories to tell, certainly. Other exciting things: my cousin #12789 Carter Ahl informed me his son #23518 George will be a JL this summer. This is very exciting...George is quite a standup gent and will make a fine mentor for the kids this summer. My other cousin Eileen Raymond and her husband Derrick recently sent their son #23904 Jack and I’m told he had a fine experience last summer. My memories of Dudley resonate with me daily. My 7-year old daughter giggles when I tell her about DOTTO; she then asked her first grade teacher if he could facilitate the same prank (“no”). My wife wonders why I can now boldly sing off-key many of the church hymns on Sunday. My enthusiasm for Frisbee Golf stems from the par 6 from Adirondack across the field to Williams (a treacherous hole, to be sure). I always talk about our leader waking up on Mondays at 5 a.m. to take us to the Dining Hall for donuts right out of the oven. There is, I now believe, no other way to have them. My grandfather, John Sanders Miller, was the country doctor in Crown Point for 40 years, giving physicals out of the home in exchange for pumpkins and apples . . . there’s now a road named after him in town. He respected Dudley, and by growing up in the home/clinic in Crown Point, my mother later recommended it to my brother #12660 John, then to me in ’81. Since then, I have never been more proud to introduce myself to another Dudleyite with my name followed by “13071” . . . a badge of honor. It is so gratifying to hear the response . . . the name, only completed by the number . . . whether by my young cousin or a hunched over gentleman with a cane. The memories never fade. Best, #13071 Charlie Melvin


Mystery Artist Discovered! In the Spring issue of the CD News, #12494 David Gray, wrote that he had spotted a portrait of former Director Willie Schmidt while at Camp for a Father Son Weekend and that it strongly resembled a painting that had been done of his siblings and himself. He wondered if it had been done by the same artist. Thus began “the search” and where better to start than on Facebook? Cam Plowden, camper #10248, responded, and knew who the artist was . . . his mother! “Hi David, thanks for reaching out. Suzanne (McCoullough Plowden) is my mom. We lived in Wilton while I was growing up. My mom taught at Silvermine College of Art in New Canaan for many years. She and my dad moved to South Carolina when he retired in early ’80s. He passed away in 2009. My mom finally laid down her brush a year ago but she is still hanging in there at 101. … Our family connection to Dudley is simple to explain. I went there for six years — Cub through JL from 1965 through 1970 when Bob Marshall was director. I came back as a leader for two summers after college in 1975 and 1976 when Willie was director. During this time, I noticed that there were portraits of all previous directors in Witherbee Hall so I was happy when my mom agreed to do a portrait of Willie to complete this collection. Dudley was a very important part of my life growing up. Best wishes, Cam”

The Camp Dudley News

Small World #9343 Ward West, Roanoke, VA, reported in from a Memorial Day wedding! Ward writes, “We had an interesting weekend. We were in Pinehurst for my nephew’s wedding. His brother, #13559 Ward Russell, was the best man. His son, #24259 Austin, is a current camper and was also in attendance. We had an “it’s a small world” moment when I was talking to a woman there who befriended my nephew and sister when they lived in Naples, FL. Her name is Joann Bowman Duncan and come to find out she attended Kiniya in the mid ’40s. At the time she was Joann Duncan. Cool huh? I’ve enclosed a photo.”

(L - R) Ward, Joanne, Ward and Austin Russell

#11846 TC Canning, Pelham, NY, was in Ithaca for his son’s (#17946 Alex Canning) graduation from the Johnson School. While hiking up the Upper Gorge of Robert H. Treman State Park, Alex called out, “You Dudley guys only know so many ways to entertain yourselves!” That was his greeting of the Laughlin family of Wellesley, MA. #17658 Rob Laughlin, a Johnson School classmate, was descending the trail with his mom, dad, and sister. #9158 Phil Laughlin first attended Camp in the late ’50s and was a leader in the mid-1960s. (L-R) Phil Laughlin, TC Canning, Rob Laughlin, and Alex Canning

#18104 Ben Walsh, Chicago, IL, bumped into a gentleman with a low camp number in Frankfort, MI, during the summer. The gentleman was wearing a now famous Dudley hat that started the popular conversation, “What’s your number?” Perhaps startled by the question, Ben’s new friend Frank Zinn could not recall his number but stated that his first year at Camp was 1947! He then attended for three years. Ben reported the incident to Camp and we were able to locate Frank’s camp number as #7738; however he is a lost sheep at the moment. If anyone has contact information (L - R) Ben Walsh and Frank Zinn for Frank please let us connect this summer because of know so we can get him Frank’s hat! reconnected.

#12163 Bob Kindred was the co-composer of

Bending Towards The Light. . . A Jazz Nativity with singer Anne Phillips. Bob passed away in 2016, but the show goes on! This year’s Jazz Nativity 2018 will be held on Sunday, Dec 16, 7 pm at Christ and St. Stephen’s Church, 120 West 69th Street, New York, NY presented by Kindred Spirits and Chelsea Opera. Fall 2018


the A-Hut. More importantly, he has spread the ideals and spirit of Camp Dudley to the farthest corners of the globe; specifically, to the Christian Aboriginal Parent Directed School in Coolgardie, Western Australia - https://www.caps. - where he serves as principal, teacher, and coach. Kurtis and wife, Rowena, have been responsible for bringing multiple students and student/ athletes from down under to Westport as both summer campers and winter basketball players. This talented educator continues to be a favorite among our boys and his co-workers. While I can’t take credit for Kurtis Leslie’s life lived in devotion to others, I do know that in this case, sending a child has changed many lives.

Change a Life: Send a Kid to Camp

By #11264 Mark Davenport


hen our family was still living full-time in Harlem, the highlight of the fall season was Willie’s visit to The Henry Street Settlement House on the The summer of 2019 will present yet another opportuLower Eastside of Manhattan for the offseason Renity to change lives by sending a child to Camp. union - now the Open House. The gracious hosts were #9106 Greg and Cathy Farrell and the auditorium was always packed with young alums who were now work- Pictured above: Kurtis and Rowena Leslie and family with Mark and Cathy Davenport ing in New York City, the Leaders and campers who had just spent the “best summer ever” in Westport, NY, and those young men hoping to get their chance to attend. Willie would finish his slide show schtick and then interview the prospects - much like Marnie and Matt do to this day. I vividly remember the first time I brought a boy to be interviewed by the boss. The lad and his mom lived in “our building” in an apartment on the third floor and he was an ideal candidate for Dudley - inquisitive, polite and ready to grow. I must admit to being a bit nervous as he went off to the side seats for his Willie interview. The guests finished up the cider and donuts and it was time to head back uptown when I sidled over to the director. I asked him, “How’d he do?” Willie showed me his notes. There, next to his name it read, “Davo - TAKE!” My little buddy made the cut and spent the next five summers at Camp. My old downstairs neighbor returned to Westport for his second summer on staff in 2018. Along with his lovely wife and three young future campers, #14253 Kurtis Leslie has earned his summer stripes for us in



Prova Design #22941 Jonathan Damico web: Prova is a backpack company created by two students who couldn’t find a backpack designed for them. They took it upon themselves to design and manufacture the best bag in the world for students. They launched Prova while still in high school.

The Camp Dudley News

Dudley and Kiniya Introduce Tiered Tuition


udley & Kiniya believe deeply in making our camps financially accessible to a wide cross-section of family incomes. A summer camp experience can be life-changing, and, as much as possible, we don’t want financial circumstances to be a barrier to a summer in Westport or Colchester. To ensure that we are indeed working to meet the needs of families from different incomes, our Board of Trustees, led by #11904 John “JU” Ulin, created a working group called “Keeping Camp Affordable (KCA)”. Its aim is to look closely at what can be done in the short-, medium-, and long-term to ensure that Dudley & Kiniya remain financially realistic for as many families as possible. Traditionally, we have supported families through our robust scholarship program. However, we recognize a need to do more, which is why KCA’s first recommendation was that our camps begin using a tiered tuition model, which we have implemented for the 2019 season. Below is the outline of our new Tiered Tuition Pricing Program. This program is made possible through the generosity of the Dudley & Kiniya community. So Thank You! to everyone who has contributed to our Annual Fund. Tier 1: 1 Session: $5,950; Full Season: $11,000. This most accurately reflects the true cost of camp for each camper. We ask that if families are able that they pay this amount. Tier 2: 1 Session: $5,650; Full Season: $10,000.This is in line with our traditional tuition and reflects a slightly subsidized rate for each camper. We are able to offer this tuition due to the generosity of the Dudley & Kiniya family. Tier 3: 1 Session: $4,950. This reflects a more heavily subsidized rate for each camper. Again, we are able to offer this tuition due to the generosity of the Dudley & Kiniya family. Tier 4: In this tier, families have the option of utilizing our Tuition Assistance Program and pay at a rate based on demonstrated need through an additional application process. Tier selections are completely confidential and the experience for every camper is the same.

Fall 2018


KINIYA’S 100 th

Celebrating Our Past, Present & Future



Camp’s grounds were pristine. A

slight breeze ruffled the white tablecloth set with welcome envelopes at Kiniya’s Main entrance. Voices of girls playing on the fields echoed in the imagination. The hot late summer air hung timeless. The lake was enticing, and the ADK’s loomed large for those sitting on the porch of Coleman Dining Hall. Indeed the heart of the party was to be here, and Camp Kiniya was ready for a celebration of its 100th camping season! Guests began to arrive Friday at 2 pm, from multiple states and continents, excited to reconnect with the land and people with whom they had spent such meaningful time. Conversations blew on the breeze as returnees entered favorite cabins, saw changes in facilities, along with preservation of the historic. Above all, the smiles and 8

Kiniya’s 100 Anniversary Celebration!


by #22406 Mollie Farnham-Stratton Fall 2018


Young Kiniya Alums celebrate.

hugs given to long-missed friends defined the soul of the weekend. All were eager to share in this once-in-a-lifetime celebration of the 100th year of a community. In the words of #19976 Holly Kennedy, “One couldn’t help thinking: Helen Van Buren really started something.” From Friday’s opening cookout dinner on the Coleman lawn (many young alumnae driving straight from work to Kiniya) to Sunday’s post-Chapel goodbye brunch, people from all walks of life gathered, united by their connection to this place and their time in it.

Begun over 100 years ago, Helen Van Buren had a passion and vision that the great outdoors would benefit girls, instilling them with values and leadership skills she knew could help them become their best selves, supporting each other in the process. This 100th Reunion weekend celebrated the contributions of every single person to the place, while highlighting Kiniya’s directors, whose contributions and influence have carried on the vision pioneered by Ms. VB. Their stories reminded all of the lasting influence Camp created. Many alumnae brought contributions for the Archives room, set up in the Studio of Mimi’s Lodge. Details of the faces, activities, and traditions of Kiniya across multiple decades showcased the rich history of this place, dedicated to serving girls. Indeed, Camp Dudley’s Person of the Year was awarded to Helen Van Buren. Her great-grand niece, Elizabeth Glass, accepted the award at Saturday’s banquet amidst a standing

Elizabeth Glass


The Camp Dudley News

ovation in Coleman Hall. A packed dining hall of approximately 300 people enjoyed the food, each other and lasting camaraderie. After a day of water skiing, climbing, archery, arts and crafts, and a hike to Moscow Property for a Polar Bear plunge, Alumnae had spent a great day reliving time ’neath the pines!

Hikers at the Moscow Property getting ready for a Polar Bear plunge!!

Other organized events included a morning workout, Memory Garden Dedication Saturday afternoon, a multi-generational Capture the Flag game, candles on the water (traditional Kiwi celebration), and a Sunday Chapel service. The Memory Garden plaque was installed at the base of the beautiful waterfall flower gardens built by Jack for Mimi Williams. A silent walk through the ponds and gardens of the Williams Property (rejoined with Camp property in 2016) encouraged reflection on those Kiniya alumnae no longer with us. After the Banquet and awards of Kiwi Discs, 50 Year Pins, and Person of the Year, old pals launched candles from the beach behind the dining hall, a Kiniya tradition celebrating the loyalty and fellowship of camp community members who have given four summers to camp.

The Sunday Chapel service and brunch rounded out the weekend. Piano music, poems, and songs amidst the cedars on a breezy sunny morning saw 40 people gather to experience many of our current camper’s favorite time of reflection. The Kiniya prayer was read, in unison, as it is at most every service. Brunch was a mix of tired and happy “campers,” relaxed and rejuvenated from time spent with old friends, and in this place that had so supported and inspired them. Mollie at Chapel

The Memory Garden Dedication

CDA Reunion — 2018

By #14571 Pete Groves, CDA President


t happens each year at the CDA Reunion! The people and the activities seem to change only with the passing of time. But the memories are always strong and it feels like we had a small taste of everything that Camp has to offer. This year seemed extra special as so many of the Dudley families joined in the Kiniya Centennial Celebration. The caravan of friends that traveled across the Lake to join the commemorative celebration were rewarded with the privilege of meeting new friends with fond memories of their Kiniya camping days and a terrific lunch prepared by Gail Coleman and crew at Colemen Hall. For those who had never seen Kiniya, or had not seen it in a long time, the events of that Saturday were outstanding experiences. Celebrating Reunions on both sides of the Lake was a special treat to be sure! The highlight of the weekend? It all depends on who you talk to . . . The boys and girls will tell you it is being able to run from activity to activity and never get bored. Our friends with low camp numbers will split their votes be tween the Friday evening kick-off reception and the Person of the Year celebration on Saturday. Younger alums and their spouses will tell you that Hymn Sing still gives them goosebumps. Still, others would say it was the reflective time in the outdoor Chapel on Sunday morning, with #13820 Marcus and #16964 Joanie Chioffi delivering an inspirational message about the power of our community. But, perhaps the most commonly reported high point was being able to relax and enjoy the fellowship of friends and family while being at their favorite place on earth.

• •

• • •

Look through the images here. Study the faces. You can hear and feel the power of the CDA Reunion at Dudley. And to think that the same thing was taking place at Kiniya! We are so fortunate to be able to gather with our Camp friends! Until next year!


The Camp Dudley News


•C K ’ 100 •L C N R “H •G N M G T • 5K M R R • T N F ,L C M •T C •S P •A C B •Y C •B C •A G •F M C •C F S H •G J B •B P ’M •T E H T •S E A POY •H S W H • S C -M J C •F F ELEBRATING






















































Fall 2018


Person of the Year

On Saturday of our August Reunions on both campuses, Helen C. Van Buren (1891-1964), the founder of Camp Kiniya, was recognized as the CDA Person of the Year. Marnie McDonagh, in Colchester, and Matt Quigley, in Westport, read the following citation:


N O F TH E Y EA R 2018

Helen C. Van Buren (1891-1964) On Kiniya’s 100th Anniversary, the Camp Dudley Association honors the founder and director of Kiniya (1919-1945), Helen Van Buren (affectionately known as “Miss V.B.”) as the 2018 CDA Person of the Year. As described in the Kiniya Record, “Whenever one is confronted with a combination of a well-oiled mind, great personal integrity and a lovely dignity, it makes each contact and visit really quite a privilege, and so it was with Miss V.B.” As a young woman, Miss V.B. found inspiration on the shores of Lake Champlain, and opened a camp for six girls on rented property in the orchard bordering our current site. In 1925, her camper numbers grew to 30, and she purchased the parcel of land that Kiniya stands on today. Miss V.B. is recognized as a tireless and unrelenting laborer, manager, corresponder, and planner. From hand planting the Kiniya pines that have grown to tower above us to ordering supplies to teaching piano to being the first in and last out of the chilly Lake Champlain waters, Miss V.B. demonstrated for those around her what makes a true leader. Living the Other Fellow First, without ever having heard the motto, during World War II, Miss V.B. and the Kiniya girls knitted woolen stockings and scarves and rolled bandages for the Red Cross. For the courage and wisdom Miss V.B. had in the founding and prospering of Camp Kiniya, those of us who have been fortunate to reap the benefits remain grateful. “Make You The World A Bit Better or More Beautiful Because You Have Lived In It.” Edward Bok


The Camp Dudley News

Farewell and Thanks to #10643 Matt Quigley, Board Chair


rom the moment he set foot on campus as a Cub in 1968, Matt, or “Q,” Quigley has had a great passion for “all things Dudley.” Arriving from Wilton, CT, he loved being a camper, Aide and JL which, in summers through 1974, was a big part of his growing up. Q went on to graduate from Brown University in 1980, and then spent his entire career in the financial arena, in both New York and London. It was Dudley’s good fortune that Q became re-involved with Dudley as a Board Member from 20062010. He brought with him valuable financial experience and skills that added strength to the Finance and Investment as well as the Executive Committees of the Board. He worked on the Board’s efforts to expand and strengthen the Dudley vision, the Dudley Family Campaign, negotiations with Kiniya, and evaluating financing options. Q was, in short, vital to Dudley’s successful completion of the acquisition that brought Kiniya into the Dudley family. It has proven to be a very happy marriage.

Marnie, Q, and Matt “working” last winter in Steamboat Springs.

Q returned to the Dudley Board in 2013, becoming Chairman in 2014. During this period, Dudley’s “Building for the Future” Vision and Campaign have added great strength and depth to Dudley’s operations and financial reserves. Said Camp Directors Marnie and Matt: “It has been one of our greatest privileges to work alongside Matt “Q” Quigley these past 5 years. We have learned so much through his example and continue to be inspired by him each and every day. Q’s approach to every conversation, his thoughtful contributions to each discussion – after allowing everyone else the opportunity to be heard – and his gentle mediation of every debate has been among the many masterful skills we’ve admired. Q’s steadfast leadership as our Board Chair from 2014-2018 has been nothing less than outstanding.” Said Q: “It has been a tremendous privilege to serve as the Chair for the past 5 years, and to be on the Board of Trustees for 11 of these past 13 years. In a world that at times feels like it is losing its ethical, moral, and spiritual grip, Kiniya and Dudley provide an oasis of compassion and commitment focused on serving ‘The Other Fellow First.’” Thanks, Q, for a job well done!

The Ropes Challenge Course at Camp is the perfect teambuilding venue for the Board. Here Q and #22443 Karen Ramsey truly support each other. Fall 2018



Low Number Reception

ne of the highlights of the annual CDA August Reunion has been the “Low Number Reception,” inviting alumni with those increasingly rare four digit camp numbers to return to Dudley and share old memories. This year’s buildup began on an inauspicious note, when camper #6581 Berk Johnson, a serious contender for low number recognition, let us know that due to medical reasons he’d have to cancel. Berk went on to say he was, “Not in the mood to drive (six hours!) in order to suffer there instead of here!!!” Good news . . . Berk survived and confirmed that, “I will be there next year. Hope Camp has started work on a 100 year pin . . . I hope to make that, too!” This typified the spirit of the nearly 100 alumni and friends, with Dudley experiences dating back to the 1940s, that joined us on a beautiful Friday evening under a perfect deep blue Adirondack sky at “Hank’s Barn” (dedicated in honor of #7689 Hank Poler and now in its second year of operation). A large blue and white tent was put up adjacent to the Barn, and Food Service Manager #14962 Josh Olcott provided a beautiful spread of appetizers for this enthusiastic Dudley gang.


The Camp Dudley News

Director #13804 Matt Storey greeted the crowd, provided a quick update on the summer, thanked them for their support and then announced, to the complete surprise of Ben and Pam Nelson, the re-dedication of what will be completely upgraded basketball courts in Ben’s honor (see page 39). The courts should be ready for play by the time Camp opens next June. Hundreds of Dudley stories (and a few tall tales) were swapped. “Do you remember that 3-day canoe trip led by Stevenson and Gammill?” “How about the time we nearly caught the Mystery Man, the Obnoxious Ox in 1958?” (Grinny has finally confessed that it was indeed him, and he thoroughly enjoyed outrunning and outwitting the mass of campers.) “How about the time we drove out of camp to play Dolph Schayes camp in basketball, despite the fact that Director Marshall had expressly forbidden it?” Images and sagas of Chief Beckman hitting fungos on the old Junior Diamond, Jim Ellenwood speaking in Chapel, and Phillie’s Ace Robin Roberts coming to campus were all recalled and retold. As the Camp circle widens, with campers now numbered 25,000 and higher, these low number gatherings will become increasingly special. Same time next year . . . look for you then.

Fall 2018


Alumni Recollections #21462 Lisa Goch Adamczyk Years at camp: 1972-1982


ringing Camp Kiniya friends together to reminisce about old times brought back the feelings of my formative years there. Those days were so magical; I grew and matured in ways that I carry with me throughout my life. Spending time together, remembering the activities we tried, excelled and also failed at reminds us of how Camp Kiniya helped make us the people we are today. How lucky we are to be connected to a place and people that continue to influence us in positive ways.

Lisa (far right) celebrates Kiniya’s 100th with the Helen and Roy Bishop and Marianne Pyke Kalousdian.

#20437 Clara Enrich Jorba Years at Camp: 2002 – 2008 Q. What did reunion mean to you? A. Having the opportunity to meet with my old dear Kiniya friends and also meeting the campers from earlier generations. Q. Why did you want to come back? A. I spent two years as a camper and seven as a counselor. My last year was 2008. Since then, I always wanted to come Clara, in white, holding the “Camper of the Year” award with back to Camp as it had been a very important part of my Mr. & Mrs. Williams and Marnie, 2008. life. This was a perfect opportunity that could not be missed! Being back at camp felt like home and brought me so many great memories! It was so good to see everyone, specially my little campers who have become grown up and are now ladies! Thank you to Marnie for all her devotion and commitment over all these years and for keeping the Kiniya spirit alive, and thank you to the Dudley community for all the great investments they’ve made!


The Camp Dudley News

#16323 Matt Renwick Years at Camp 1994-1999, 2002-2003

of all, I wish we could replicate the collective commitment to laughter and unconditional love that our world so desperately needs right now.

Q. What is a great Camp memory you have kept with you over the years? A. My Cub cabin, Cutler, was part of the White team which won the 1994 camp Olympics. I still vividly remember going berserk when the winner was announced at brekkie: jumping up and down, screaming in celebration with my cabin mates. It was one of those moments of elation that only happen at camp! Q. What do you wish you could replicate from Camp in your away-from-Camp life? A. Where to begin? Heading down to Swim Point after a sweaty morning of sports; Capture the Flag on the Upper Fields; playing Knockout after Store. But most

#17735 Graham Fisk Years at Camp 1999 Q. What is a great Camp memory you have kept with you over the years? A. My very first Hymn Sing in Witherbee, and every one thereafter. It was, and continues to be, an amazing reminder of how uplifting and powerful music can be. Q. What do you wish you could replicate from Camp in your away-from-Camp life? A. That daily feeling of almost insurmountable joy and the sense that all is right in the world. Q. What do you remember learning at Camp for the first time? A. Fundamental leadership skills and, of course, the importance of putting The Other Fellow First.

Q. What do you remember learning at Camp for the first time? A. Learning to sail a Sunfish was a big one. Q. What advice would you share with a new camper or first-time leader starting this summer? A. Try new things. Get in the lake as much as possible. Get yourself on stage. Play lots of lax. Scream your head off. And get out of the cabin during free time!! Q. When are you coming back? A. As soon as I win the Powerball.

ney this upcoming summer, my advice would be to play hard, laugh frequently, and sing loudly with your new brothers and sisters. And always remember your Dudley number! Q. When are you coming back? A. Soon I hope! I’m just across the lake in Shelburne, VT, and the Dudley Dome calls to me!

Q. What advice would you share with a new camper or first-time leader starting this summer? A. I was a first-time leader back in ‘99, with no prior Dudley experience, and had little idea how this one summer would resonate throughout my life in such positive ways. To those beginning their Dudley jourFall 2018

Graham and his family today. Getting ready for another generation to join Camp.



The Camp Dudley News

Summer in Review 2018 Special thanks to Andy Duback, Sarah Cocina, Celia Tobin and the entire summer Publication Teams for their photo contributions. Fall 2018



The Camp Dudley News

Camp Dudley


he 134th season at Camp Dudley lived up to the traditions of fun and growth that have defined summers here for generations. We welcomed a wonderful new group of Cubs in both sessions who were introduced to life on campus, and our returning campers at all levels found new ways to experience Camp. This summer we developed a new “sanctuary” space to give ourselves a place on campus for quiet contemplation. We competed with heart and sportsmanship on our teams. We cheered on our favorite countries as we tuned in for some memorable World Cup games in Witherbee Hall. We explored the mountains, valleys, lakes, and rivers of the Adirondacks on our camping trips. We wished America a happy birthday on the Fourth of July with another memorable parade on campus. We chilled out at Mellowfest and danced away at Tropicán. We performed in and enjoyed incredible performances on Saturday Nights, including “Joseph

and the Technicolor Dream Coat.” We paused on Sundays for Chapel in order to think about the important questions of life and ended the day with rousing Hymn Sings. We showed pride and creativity in the Red, White, and Blue competition. We did our best to live “the other fellow first” every day.

Fall 2018



The Camp Dudley News

Camp Kiniya


amp Kiniya’s Centennial summer season was full of sunshine! The early summer rains were replaced by intense heat and dry weather, bringing perfect conditions for all water sports, theatre & arts. Outdoors and athletics saw some minor schedule changes to keep everyone hydrated and cool, but the quality of sportsmanship and perseverance never waned.

The initiative to re-frame Service both within and beyond Camp went well, with trips to VT Salvation Farms (VT Gleaning Collective, harvesting and donating crops left in the fields to local food hubs), and Cabin sweeps of common areas for trash and debris. Still, inspection was essential to build up good community living habits!

The newly-named Cubs and Catamount Divisions were received with open arms! D-Heads led the creation of new cheers, worked seamlessly into Camp tradition as if they had been there all along. Campers enjoyed more spontaneity of program, with built in “free blocks” for events (such as extravaganzas) to be planned by Leaders while still remaining in-the-moment for Campers.

Kiniya saw a beautiful sense of camaraderie with the first big Reunion on its soil, uniting campers old and young from across the decades. Alumnae traveled from all over the world to revisit the people and place that mean so much to them, bringing stories of life ‘neath the Pines in their era, all while reveling in the timelessness of the place. All in all, a beautiful centennial summer.

Fall 2018



The Camp Dudley News

Mimi’s Lodge


onoring Mimi Williams during our 100th summer with our beautiful new space could not have been more well received by campers, families, staff, and alums. Every person who stepped foot in the new space found a use that was comfortable to them. Whether it was rehearsals for the upcoming Saturday Night Show, learning or practicing an instrument, or sitting with a friend on rocking chairs, everyone enjoyed the new Lodge. Each day our staff learned new ways to use the equipment and space, and the creativity went through the roof! The most notable difference for our community was simply the amount of space we had. We can comfortably fit our entire community (and guests!) in the Lodge, we have ample space in our green room for costumes, makeup, and general prep before shows, and we

have additional major space upstairs. Furthermore, the front porch of Mimi’s is a hub of activity during choice time and a wonderful place to gather, rain or shine! While we still have room for growth in Mimi’s, we also fill it nicely as we are and are able to maintain that sense of intimacy that we all cherish at Kiniya. With any luck, 100 years from now, our campers will still hear the crackle of the fire on the porch while they sing the Final Five and catch the glow of the fire as they return to cabins after a busy week at Camp.

Fall 2018


Through the years, Nick worked closely with Marnie and Kat and rose to the role of Waterfront Director in 2010. Displaying excellent leadership skills, overall organization and strategic thinking, Nick moved into the Program Director position in 2012. In this role, Nick was sponsored through Camp Counselors USA to remain at Camp for a 2-year leadership internship. He lived in Burlington, VT and worked alongside Kat and Marnie during the off season. During these two years, Nick travelled to countless Open Houses, participated in Board Meetings, attended off-campus gatherings, and supported off season programs. He joined our year-round weekly workouts at Camp Dudley and brought his positive attitude and outstanding work ethic to all aspects of his position.

Spirit Dedication #21518 Nicholas Ansell Written by Marnie McDonagh


nce upon a time, a young South African red haired boy made his way onto the big screen as the star of a cereal advertisement. Born as an only child to his adoring parents, this brief snapshot of stardom as a 6-year-old, partnered with his parents’ efforts in raising an independent, courageous and spirited young man, gave him the confidence to leave his homeland in 2009 and travel abroad to experience life at summer camp in the USA. Destined for greatness under the spotlight, decades later this same boy starred as a grown-up Hercules on the Big Stage at Kiniya’s Mimi’s Lodge during the second session of our 100th season. Nick Ansell’s journey to this defining moment in his acting career has been one full of adventure, excitement, and growth. Hired as a boat driver for his first summer in 2009, Nick invested time and energy into all aspects of his role on the waterfront while making a point of getting to know all areas of Camp Operations. He quickly became a beloved member of the community, among the first to lend a hand to anyone in need. He invested in all parts of Camp, engaging most enthusiastically in all-camp activities. To this day, Nick’s all time favorite game is Counselor Hunt, a game he takes very seriously and claims, with pride, that he is among the last to be found every year!


In November 2013, after 5 summers and two full years on the Kiniya staff, Nick returned home to his family and friends and stepped back into his career as a town planner in Johannesburg. Every year since then, Marnie would attempt to entice him back to the shores of Lake Champlain to no avail. The real world had called and Nick had responded. Until now. In the spring of 2018, Marnie reached out again and this time added Kiniya’s 100th summer as additional motive for him to return. Without missing a beat, Nick agreed. He stepped back through Kiniya’s gates at midseason and jumped right back into his role on the waterfront as though he had never left. For his loyalty and dedication through the years, his tremendous willingness to put The Other Fellow First, his kind demeanor, and his genuine love for Dudley, Kiniya and those he has shared the experience with, we dedicate this edition, Kiniya’s 2018 Spirit, to #21518 Nicholas Ansell.

The Camp Dudley News

Said Davo; “Whenever I ask her to do anything in a show, she does it immediately and head on.” Dudleyites consider her “one of the best directors I’ve ever worked with,” a “consummate professional” and a “dramaturge.” James Mayo says she has “a unique ability to tinge her professionalism with sensitivity and compassion.” Mayo adds, “She does what is best for the institution by valuing constructive feedback and self-reflection.”

Last Whistle Dedication #18079 Diana McGuigan George Written by Kirsten Anastasio


he Last Whistle Dedication is awarded annually to a member of the Camp Dudley community who consistently demonstrates commitment, faith and compassion. It is one of Dudley’s highest honors, recognizing one who has had a major impact on Camp and its long and storied history. Tonight’s honoree is woman of many hats. From her famous introductions of the Rhythm Ramblers, her noteworthy directorial feats— Stand By Me, Dannie, A Christmas Carol, and the Princess Bride—her back stage help in Saturday and Wednesday Night shows or her impeccable British accent, she has become part of the Dudley fabric who kindles the Dudley magic day in and day out. Hailing from Hillingdon, England, she arrived in Westport, NY in 2000, a bit timid, perhaps taken aback by Camp’s boisterous traditions. But it was not long in her first Witherbee summer that her creative spirit shone through. Mark ‘Davo’ Davenport recalls her creating onstage characters that “left us in stitches every week.” In her early years, this was best exemplified by her Wednesday Night Show MC persona, Bobby, improvising lines such as: “I love that word Ticonderoga because it has ‘Ti’ ‘Con’ and ‘Deroga’ in the same word!” In subsequent years, her ability to enrapture a crowd only increased, in roles such as the British Nanny in the Big Show and Petula Clarke, singing ‘Downtown’.

This attitude is apparent during her own productions and those of other directors. She places far greater value on the production, and the positive experiences of others, than on personal validation. Through this, she consistently reinvigorates Dudley’s drama department, showcasing our abundant talent while fostering an ever inclusive performance space for all. One will find her encouraging nervous campers and Leaders to audition for Saturday Night Shows, discovering talent during karaoke Team Times and supporting directors through the inevitable showcase stresses. She puts all her effort into the task at hand; “Nothing is half way,” fellow Witherbee staff member Amanda Hinge stressed, while listing numerous tasks she fulfills in an average day. “It is one thing to work around the clock and it is another to do so with positivity, love and absolute selflessness,” said Amanda. Her close friend Justin Noel described her: “One who is filled with kindness, thoughtfulness and innate caring for others, inspiring all to become the very best person possible.” This kindness permeates her whole being. Her smile is said to light up a room; her chuckle inspires others to laugh too. Not surprisingly, she is widely regarded as a confidant and a shoulder on which to lean. Dudley is what it is not simply for its campus or program, but for the positivity and love exuded from the people within its community. Our honoree embodies the latter, acting in the spirit of ‘The Other Fellow First’ in all that she does. It is my honor and privilege to dedicate the 2018 Last Whistle to my role model and friend: #18079, Diana McGuigan George.

Fall 2018




he Wind River Range of Wyoming once again echoed with Camp cheers, hymns and laughter! 44 lucky campers and 4 Leaders, from Kiniya and Dudley traveled to Lander, WY to spend their session backpacking and climbing with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). This ongoing partnership brings so much to our Leadership Development Program; an adventure in the Rocky Mountains with camp family and culture, a unique experiential opportunity often described as “life changing”, and a chance to spend time in pristine wilderness far from the hubbub of the human-built world. Arriving and departing from Camp, each group of 12 is on their own journey in growth and to self-sufficiency. The core curriculum dovetails wonderfully with Camp’s leadership development aims. There is focus on Leadership & Teamwork, Risk Management, Wilder-


ness Skills, and Environmental Studies. Congrats to all our Campers from summer 2018 on completing this amazing expedition! The Dudley/ NOLS Curriculum captures it best: “There will be technical, environmental, and interpersonal challenges on every course. Students will take over increasing levels of personal and team responsibility as their knowledge, experience and abilities increase during this self-contained expedition. NOLS instructors will play evolving roles as participants’ knowledge, experience and abilities increase. At all times, instructors will provide structured briefing, debriefing, feedback, technical expertise, risk management, evaluation, classes, and appropriate participant leadership and followership opportunities.”

The Camp Dudley News



hen one thinks about the benefits of international travel and the enriching experience of sinking into another culture, it’s hard to not overstate the impact for young people! This summer 7 lucky Campers and 2 Leaders from Dudley and Kiniya had the opportunity to spend time in Spain with the budding Spanish Exchange program. And it was amazing!

During the daily English sessions, our campers learn Spanish. Much like Dudley and Kiniya, Priego is a “tech free� space, and extravaganzas and camp fun are all part of daily life.

Landing in Madrid the group was guided by YMCA of Madrid hosts for a couple days of sightseeing at the beginning of the trip. There were international campers there as well, including friends from Camp Abbensen, our German Exchange partners!

Campers then traveled to Valencia for homestays. The homestays are with families in Valencia who have been hosting for the last three summers. Most have children and they are eager to share their way of life. Campers live as a typical Spaniard and get to work on their Spanish while being immersed in daily life. Our Leaders are also with families and check in daily with each camper.

Campers then traveled the 2.5 hours from Madrid to Camp Priego, spending 14 days in the countryside with plenty of day excursions and pool time. It is a hot, sunny place! This is a coed English-immersion camp.

The bonding of the exchange group is notable, as well as the eye opening experience of traveling abroad, all while enjoying the familiarity of the camp family and with excellent Leaders guiding the way.

Fall 2018


preter at his side. Otherwise you would miss subtle adaptations like on “Down by the Riverside” where the hymnal says “do not drag” and yet soloists stand and sing those phrases as slowly as possible before the group gallops through the rest. The songs and overall energy is led by masterful maestro James Mayo who calls hymn numbers and verses and gives feedback after hymns. I can’t imagine there are many people on the planet who can do what James does to lead and marshall that many youth voices and that much energy with complete control.

Reverend Josh Hill We were fortunate to have #25176 Josh Hill speak to our community this summer as a first time Chapel Speaker. Josh is the Chaplin at the Holderness School, and Matt asked his perspective after he and his family attended their first Hymn Sing. Here are Josh’s reflections.


ords fail to describe the Camp Dudley hymn sing. I can say the first 5 or 6 people I encountered, when hearing I would be a guest on Sunday, went immediately to: “You are staying for the hymn sing, right?” I’m a Episcopal priest. I grew up United Methodist in the Bible Belt. I have a minor in Church Music. I have sung thousands of hymns in my life. What could possibly be so special? Hymn Sing is a liturgy in the highest and best sense of the word. As worship, it is localized, ritualized, personalized, and fueled by the passion of the people who make and cherish it. The Episcopal Church’s Sunday liturgy has two major movements: the Service of the Word and the Service of the Table. Following a similar duality The Dudley hymn sing opens with what I’ll call the Service of the Silly and the the Service of Sincerity. Starting out, campers sing with as much volume as possible on golden oldies like “Our Mighty Fortress is Our God,” “For All the Saints,” and even Christmas carols like, “Hark! the Herald Angels Sing!” and “Joy to the World.” There are inside jokes and gestures embedded everywhere. A newbie needs a seasoned inter-


“Service of the Silly” gives way to an announcements time at the midway where Camp Director Matt Storey welcomes visitors, especially Dudley alums, who stand and share their names and camper numbers to outrageous applause from campers. “Service of Silly” makes sense at Camp, where hilarity is currency. Imagine the Philadelphia Eagles in a locker room before a game screaming before running through the tunnel, but instead of a team chant, 16th century hymns. But here’s where the whole thing goes profound. If you give a boy a time and place to be silly with his friends, he will take it. With it he will also instinctively learn which times and places to be reverent. It’s a brilliant thing. The Service of Silly gives birth to the Service of Sincerity. Each are different sides of the same coin. The energy of Sincerity begins with less volume. The soft singing and playing give way to a medley of camp favorites that continue a protracted decrescendo that eventually descends to a whispered “Now the Day is Over.” Lights go out. Campers lay flat on their backs and hum the melody for a blissful 5-10 minutes until eventually Mr. Mayo’s piano gently pulls the music from their mouths and all are silent in the dark. This silence lingers for the perfect time. “Good night, guys,” whispers Matt Storey. “Goodnight, Matt,” the boys say. It is a beautiful ritual. A highlight of the week for so many boys. Hymn sing is a way to name the range of what is holy for boys at camp: laughter and love, silliness and sincerity. It’s no wonder people fall in love with Dudley and keep coming back for generations: Dudley reveals and mediates the all encompassing love of God to them.

The Camp Dudley News

Henry Stifel

Returns as Chapel Speaker


n August 12th, #11980 Henry Stifel III of New York City spoke for the first time at Dudley Chapel. At Camp from 1976 through 1980, Henry spoke of the strength of the Dudley community, which had helped get him through the challenges of a spinal chord injury, and his collaboration with Christopher and Dana Reeve and their foundation. Said Henry, “So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, but when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.” You can view his whole sermon online at

2018 Pat Peavy Award Winners


his award is given annually to one Leader at Dudley and one Leader at Kiniya who best exemplifies the traits of Dudley / Kiniya Leadership … caring, integrity and putting others before self. This honor commemorates #14229 Pat Peavy’s leadership and service to Camp. Pat was a former camper and leader at Dudley who passed away in 1995. The award carries with it a monetary scholarship that its recipients apply to their education.

#20745 Jake Bolster

#22004 Mary Interdonati

Fall 2018


German Exchange

By #19044 Matthew Cantwell McCormick


n 2018 Dudley and Kiniya were hosts to yet another wonderful group from Camp Abbensen Germany. After the close of the first half the campers and leaders embarked on a small ‘Rundreise’ or Round Trip to see some of the United States. The trip began in Boston where the campers were able to explore the Freedom Trail and learn about the history that helped shape early America. Afterwards we made our way to Long Island where we were hosted by #10524 Peter and Irene Treiber for some good old fashioned home cooking before joining #17525 Peter ‘Shorty’ Jr. for a day of berry picking at the Treiber Farm. The chance to spend some time in a family

setting and get their hands dirty proved a highlight for the campers and only the prospect of seeing New York City managed to tear them away. Finally, the Big Apple proved an enormous hit and the Germans took full advantage to see the Top of the Rock, catch a Yankees game, and explore Times Square at night! I couldn’t be more grateful to Matt, Marnie, Evan, and the whole camp team for giving me the opportunity to join in this summer. The Exchange is a privilege of a lifetime to reach out, make meaningful connections, and promote friendship and the motto across the world. #19044 Matt McCormick supported the German Exchange Campers and their leaders through a whirlwind tour after their time at Dudley and Kiniya. Thanks to Matt and the Treibers!



Branch Basics

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My boutique specializes in high quality handcrafted goods by local makers & a few from around the country. My offerings include greeting cards, prints, jewelry, handbags, home accessories, skincare & cosmetics, toys and children’s clothing & accessories.


#15114 Tim Murphy web: Branch Basics sells non-toxic cleaning products and is on a mission to help people create healthy homes. Its multi-purpose Concentrate makes cleaning simple, sustainable and fun. Just dilute the Concentrate with water, and you’ll be ready to tackle any cleaning job around the house, even your dirty laundry!

The Camp Dudley News

The Enduring Partnership #13820 Marcus Chioffi & #13804 Matt Storey visited with Exchange friends in Germany at an Open House in Hannover in April. Here are some of Marcus’s reflections on this lasting partnership as experienced through this visit.


was humbled and honored when Matt asked me to join him for a quick trip to Germany to hold the Dudley Open House in Hannover. We were welcomed into the Hannover and Abenssen community with such open arms, and experienced first hand the depth, longevity, and sustained care that exists within the CVJM community in Hannover. Camradarie shines strong between life-long friends, is extended to us automatically and is comfortable and seamless. It is exactly what Dudley has given and fostered for so many of us on this side of the Atlantic and feeling and bearing witness to the same bonds in Germany was so wonderful to be a part of. One thing in particular that left an indelible mark on me was the care with which the community looked after both the young and the older members of the group. The care for Eberhard (#9791 Eberhard Mangold) is truly inspirational. There is a devotion shown by leadership there as the stewards of both CVJM as well as the Camp Abbensen community. There is so much connection at every level of the institution. It speaks volumes of the character of the individuals and the ethos that surrounds them. From the reunion (so many generations of old friends and quality, loving people) to going out to dinner afterwards with three generations of Westphals (Frederich,

Matt and Ekki, friends for a very long time! Anna-Lena, Klaus, #15250 Felix), #10064 Ekki Albrecht, Günter Kallweit, and Stefan and #14671 Wolle Springer and others, I was surrounded by this incredibly wonderful group of people. On Sunday in Hanover we visited Eberhard’s apartment and went to see Ingrid’s resting place with Ekki, Felix Westphal, and Wolle. It was a treat to be a part of their inter-generational family unit that Wolfgang Schwarzenberg, Felix, and Wolle continue to cultivate. Such an inspiration of the life work that we all continue to be a part of. Without Ekkie and Eberhardt, (as well as Bob Marshall and Walter Lutz), none of us would have the special relationships that we do with our German brethren. Their amazing vision and work continues to have such an impact on so many. The intimacy and love wrapped up in our entire trip last April epitomizes the Dudley/Kiniya/Abbensen/ YMCA/CVJM spirit. It is truly a bond forever.

Reunion at the CVJM Hannover

Matt, Eberhard, Ekki, Felix, Wolle and Marcus Fall 2018


The 2018 Annual Fund


ach year, Dudley and Kiniya begin anew. We have to recruit more than 1000 great campers, we have to find more than 300 of the right leaders, JLs, ALs and staff, and we have to make sure that the Annual Fund goal is achieved — all by the time the year ends in December. 2018 has been no different! Two of those three goals have been achieved. The Cabins were full and the leadership teams strong. Fortunately, a little more than one month remains as we reach for this year’s Annual Fund target of $850,000. We have made good progress thanks to the “2 Camps, 1 Community Campaign,” the Online Auction, the strong participation of our summer Leaders in the Leadership Drive, and the ongoing support of many parents, family, and friends. But we cannot claim success until we achieve that magic number. As of this writing, we still need $369,000 to reach our third goal for 2018. The Annual Fund supports our Financial Aid program, leadership development efforts and much of our ongoing facility maintenance. Contributions to the Annual Fund are the most flexible gift that anyone can provide to our Camps. Your gifts impact every single Camper in Westport and Colchester. EVERY GIFT MATTERS! Gifts of ALL sizes add up to help push us towards our Annual Fund Goal. In that way, the first year camper’s contribution of his allowance combines with gifts from the college leader, current and past parent’s contributions, and those of grateful alumni! Each year more than 1,900 gifts are received and EACH ONE is vital to reaching our goal. Please use the enclosed envelope or go to to make your gift today! Thank You!


The Camp Dudley News

Auction Results — 2018


s the final hours of the Dudley/ Kiniya online auction arrived, you could see the pace of the bidding increase. Camp families from across the country sharpened their competitive offers, hoping to be the high bidder when it was all over. At the auction’s close, winning bids produced $64,895 for the Schmidt Scholarship Fund! Congratulations! We send a heartfelt thanks to all our donors, bidders and cheering observers. Each of you contributed to the success of this event, and in the end, our campers are the real winners! Thank you!

Auction winners cash in. The Puchner family recently collected on their auction winnings by combining a night in a Dudley yurt and birthday celebration on the challenge course. Congratulations and Thank You!


Fall 2018


The Building for the Future Campaign Update


he summer of 2018 revealed additional benefits from our Building for the Future Capital Campaign for the Dudley and Kiniya. In Colchester, a brand new theater was dedicated as Mimi’s Lodge (see page 26) joining the new Coleman Dining Hall and recently upgraded camper cabins. In Westport, boys continued to enjoy the new docks and lanes at Swim Point and were treated to the Phase 2 elements at the new Challenge Course on North Point. Since announcing the public portion of our Campaign at the CDA Reunion in 2017, we have made steady progress and current pledges total more than $9 million. Thanks to all who have made a commitment, allowing us to “lean forward” on so many wonderful additions for our campers. This is a critical part of the Campaign as we encourage everyone to participate. We confidently press on towards our target and beyond! Before our Camps open for the 2019 season, more work is planned. At Kiniya, gifts pledged for camper cabins are hard at work as two new cabins are being constructed. This will allow the number of campers to increase slightly, giving more girls a chance to join the fun. At Dudley, plans are ready for the basketball courts to be resurfaced in the spring of 2019 and we look forward to unveiling the “Coach Nelson Courts” on opening day 2019! The renovation is being made in honor of our longtime friend and coach “extraordinaire,” Ben Nelson. Read more about this tribute to Ben Nelson on page 39. The Building for the Future Capital Campaign runs through 2021, allowing participants time to make and fulfill a meaningful pledge between 2018 – 2021. Please visit our online Campaign Headquarters ( to learn more, see our progress and get involved. Dwight Poler (, our Campaign Chair, and Dave Langston (, the Director of Development for our Camps, would be happy to answer your questions and discuss how you can help assure our campaign success.

Mimi’s Lodge The Hank

Challenge Course

Coleman Dining Hall


Swim Point

The Camp Dudley News



The Coach Nelson Courts

his is a basketball! It is round and it bounces!” began the most basic of #8070 Ben Nelson’s basketball lessons. Coach Nelson seemed to never lack inspirational words on the hoops court. Campers through several generations learned the basics, “head up, palms up, let’s play defense,” from Coach Nelson. Some took what they learned to play at higher levels, but everyone took away valuable life lessons from the hardcourt. All thanks to Coach Nelson’s thoughtful and patient coaching style. Director #13804 Matt Storey, another beneficiary of Ben’s coaching, surprised Ben and his wife Pam at the August CDA Reunion announcing, “We are honored to recognize one of Dudley’s most storied coaches and friends, and are pleased to share the news that the renovated Coach Nelson Basketball

Courts will be ready when Camp opens in 2019!” This renovation, as part of the Building for the Future Capital Campaign, will feature new playing surfaces, lines, and backboards, honoring the Matt Storey honors Ben Nelson work Ben has done at Camp, at the CDA Reunion. and for the game of basketball, over countless years. Ben has played some “help defense” in so many areas over the years at Dudley. First arriving in 1950 as a Cub, Ben has held more positions at Dudley than just about anyone in his 68-year career, from camper to Board Member. Along the way, he has made fundamental contributions to Dudley’s mission, insisting that sportsmanship through competition is central to developing strong character. “To further honor Ben, an anonymous donor will match gifts made in honor of Ben to bring this project to a successful conclusion,” continued Storey. Capital pledges can be made over the next four years. Please contact Dave Langston or Dawn Gay for more information. Gifts should be earmarked for the “Coach Nelson Courts,” and can be made online at by selecting “Coach Nelson Courts” from the drop-down menu.


The Charlie Gillis Climbing Tower

amp has established a Memorial Fund to build a Climbing Tower in honor of Camper #20804, Charlie Gillis. Charlie was a beloved member of the Dudley community (See Obit page 58), from 2008-2018 who had a great passion for climbing. Said one of his instructors, #18500 Rev. Bill Harper, “I’ll never forget his first rock climbing experience, when he was 12. He wasn’t the most skilled rock climber in our group, but he was by far the most determined.”

At the summit, when Charlie discovered her despair, he quietly hiked back down, retrieved her pack and brought it up to her with a simple smile. That was Charlie. Always taking the time to slow down and find the time to help others.

Charlie joined the Dudley NOLS program in Wyoming’s Wind River Range in 2012, and in the summers of 2016 and 2017, joined the Hike Hut staff. Last summer, he returned to camp in August to help out once again.

The Charlie Gillis Climbing Tower will enable campers to develop and practice their rock climbing skills. Learning to master footwork and body moves in the controlled environment of the tower can eventually lead to mastering real life rock climbing problems. For climbers of all skill levels, it will provide a key new component, and a fitting tribute to Charlie’s indelible spirit and passion.

At Dudley Charlie learned the motto that became central to his life, “The Other Fellow First.” A fellow camper he didn’t know well recently shared her college essay about their Dudley NOLS 3-week hiking trip. She and Charlie were 14-years-old, and she was desperately trying to make a difficult climb up an unforgiving mountain—falling behind the rest of the group. She was ready to give up and ended up dropping her pack part way up the climb—the only way she could possibly continue.

All contributions made to Camp Dudley, 126 Dudley Road, Westport, NY, 12993 in Charlie’s memory will be directed to the Charlie Gillis Climbing Tower. You may also contribute online at and selecting “Charlie Gillis” under “type of gift.”

Fall 2018


50- and 75-Year Pins


s part of the annual gathering of alumni, presenting the 50- and 75-Year Pins is always a much anticipated event. Below is the list of individuals who have attained those critical benchmarks. If you have reached those milestones but have yet to receive your pin, please let Dave Langston or Marnie McDonagh know. Dudley 75-Years —

#6689 William Webber, Tucson, AZ #6692 Ronald Golly, Defiance, MO #6699 Ken Shutt, Santa Rosa, CA #6707 Doug Foster, Williamstown, MA #6749 John Bell, Tryon, NC #6766 Harvey Monroe, Albuquerque, NM #6777 Kent Elliott, Jacksonville Beach, FL #6790 John Priesing, Bronxville, NY #6796 George Cowles, Somers, NY #6842 “Judge” Landis, Pennington, NJ #6844 Wallace Murray, East Greenwich, RI #6859 Carter White, Saratoga Springs, NY

Dudley 50-Years —

#7997 Gene Humphreys, Del Mar, CA #8037 Robert Bates, Carmel, IN #8503 Philip Sherman, Bronxville, NY #10458 Bill Flagg, Lawrenceville, NJ #10510 Barry Fuller, Riviera Beach, FL #10552 John Bertrand, Nedrow, NY #10578 Robert Aldrich, Norwalk, CT #10583 Jeffrey Dain, Garrison, NY #10586 Bill Finsthwait, Lincoln, MA #10593 Peter Kortright, New Bedford, MA #10601 Noel Merrihew, Elizabethtown, NY #10605 Nellie Nelson, Holmdel, NJ #10611 Richard Read, Milton, VT #10612 Thomas Rogers, Littleton, MA #10614 George Scanlon, Larchmont, NY #10617 Rodger Stebbins, Fairfield, CT #10621 Bill Flanagan, Albany, NY #10622 Jonathan Jaffin, Dallas, TX #10626 Peter Dinsmore, Ellicott City, MD #10627 John Anderson, Hopkinton, MA #10628 “Kip” Chace, New York, NY #10629 Kim Shelhoss, Lutherville Timonium, MD #8503 Philip Sherman


Linda Vipond Heath

#10632 Charlie Masterson, Barrington, RI #10636 Robert Berne, Bethesda, MD #10640 Rusty Hlavacek, Lake Placid, NY #10643 Matt Quigley, Briarcliff Manor, NY #10644 Bob Simpson, Pinehurst, NC #10649 Steve Wertimer, New York City, NY #10674 Doug Berlin, Beacon, NY #10678 Stuart Bush, Dallas, TX #10688 Pete Waters, Brookline, MA #10694 Greg Lewis, Chevy Chase, MD #10697 Peter Greulich, Northbrook, IL #10705 Scott Thompson, Peachtree City, GA #10709 Doug Goodwin, Hanover, NH #10721 Ed Higgins, Guilford, CT #11302 Tom Ferguson, Greenfield, IN The following Kiniya Campers received their 50-Year Pins during Kiniya’s Centennial Banquet this summer. They are the first to receive this honored recognition. Dates in parentheses indicate first year at Kiniya.

Kiniya 50-Years —

Peggy Dils (1952), Aiken, SC Bill Willey (1958), Paris, KY Julia Joyce Piazza (1967), Bethlehem, PA Diane Schneggenburger (1962), Provo, UT Lucy Joyce (1967), Slate Hill, NY Linda Vipond Heath (1961) Armonk, NY Celia Joyce Manriquez (1967) Albuquerque, NM Lynne Gifford Jacobsen (1947) New Castle, ME Betty Livingston (1955) Winooski, VT Marty Hurt (1963) Keswick, VA Coco Oppeneimer Swartchild (1947) Tenafly, NJ Josie Townsend Kastner (1962) Shelburne, VT Ginny Beatty Smith (1962) Port Orange, FL Susan Hillyard Snead (1963) Wilmington, DE #10552 John Bertrand

The Camp Dudley News

Peggy Dils

#7997 Gene Humphrey

50 Years Ago . . . The Summer of 1968

by #10643 Matt Quigley, Board Chair


his is familiar territory, as 1968 was my first, very special summer at Dudley. I was a Cub, greeted by my Leader Chip Carstensen, in the brand new Syracuse Lodge, just built for $5800. Camp had also just acquired the Stacy Brook 100-acre campsite for another $6500. Our nation was agonizing over Martin Luther King’s assassination in April, followed by Bobby Kennedy’s assassination just prior to Camp’s opening in June. Earlier in the year, a former Camp Dudley leader, #8843 Skip Schumacher, was part of the USS Pueblo crew captured by the North Koreans in January and imprisoned until December. The country was divided over the Vietnam build-up.

Syracuse Lodge — Matt’s first cabin, 1968

So how is it that I, and everyone else I’ve asked about these challenging events, can only remember the fun and carefree summer of a fully packed Dudley? I think the answer to that may lie in our leadership and staff…Bob Marshall in his 20th season (with just two more to go), old hands Ken Haefner and Norm Parkhurst running the A-Hut, the gifted Pete Edwards running Witherbee, Bob Goodwin in the Boat House, and Paul Grinwis back on the A-Hut staff. The leadership team was seasoned, with longtime leaders George and Ben Nelson, Wheaton Griffin, Dick Broad, Rusty Davis, Randy Quayle, Whit Rutter, Jon Appleyard, all on hand. These guys all knew how to make fun happen. Behind the scenes, the veteran Board of Managers was announcing a $250,000 campaign aimed at totally renovating the Dining Hall and raising $14,893 to support the scholarship program. Now in our 84th season, the Board was doing it as they had for so many years before.

Leadership and staff were the key

In Witherbee, we got to watch the 1967 World Series, with the St. Louis Cards besting the Red Sox in seven games, pitcher Bob Gibson’s 3rd win in nine days. Movie thrillers included “The Killers of Kilimanjaro” and the slightly more memorable “Moon Spinners” with teen star Hayley Mills. Our own “Big Show” was “Make Me A Miracle” and indeed, to this member of the crowd in the Hall, it seemed miraculous. The ’68 Season culminated with a three-day Olympics extravaganza. The outside world seemed far away as we lit and extinguished the Olympic torch, carrying the values of sportsmanship, competition and team spirit back home with us. “Make Me a Miracle” on the Dudley Stage, 1968 Fall 2018


News and Notes #6581 Berkeley Johnson, Mashpee, MA, wrote, “Sorry to have to miss the Reunion but will be there next year. Hope Camp has started work on a 100-year pin . . . I hope to make that, too!” Ed. Note: Berk was a candidate for “low number winner.” So sorry he couldn’t make it. By our calculation, his 100th will come in 2041! #7027 Bob Dehlendorf, Pebble Beach, CA, was featured in the best-selling book, “Beneath a Scarlet Sky,” by Mark Sullivan, who “dedicated the book, in part, to Robert Dehlendorf, who heard the tale first, and rescued me.” Bob met and heard Pino Lella’s story of World War II in Italy in the late 1990s, sharing it in turn with the author Sullivan, who said, “I was determined to honor and tell Pino’s story to as many people as possible.” #7062 Bob Aldrich, Westport, CT, is teaching middle school math and chemistry at a community college in the Westport area. Bob was at Camp from 1942-1953. #7147 William Hill, Warren, PA, reported in after the Spring CD News arrived. William has celebrated his 89th birthday and recalled being a Cub in Poly Lodge in the 1940s. He fondly remembers doing stage work with the Rhythm Ramblers and enjoyed his days on the shores of Lake Champlain. #7314 Don Stevenson, La Jolla, CA, made it back to Reunion and is delighted to have a 13-year old granddaughter, #23362 Simone Dominguez, who is now part of the Dudley family at Kiniya. Her mother is #17262 Cat Stevenson. Don and his brother, #8262 Bill, made the journey back in August. #7381 Paul Lutz, Marietta, GA, celebrated his 89th birthday on August 2, Paul and Carol Lutz, center, celebrate Paul’s 89th 2018 with birthday with a great group of friends. four gen-


erations of family (44 in all) and friends. Paul writes that his doctor says that he is the “healthiest old man that he knows.” Congratulations! #7486 Rocket McElroy wrote from Maumee, OH;. “I stepped down, after 20 years of coaching the St. John’s Jesuit High School (Toldeo, OH) rowing team after the spring 2010 season. Our first grandchild had just been born, my right ankle (broken twice in the Navy) had major amounts of arthritis in it causing a lot of limping, and getting up early on Saturdays to drive to regattas to stand in the rain was no longer the way I wanted to spend weekends! I really enjoyed working with the students, teaching them how to use the king’s English properly, respect their moms, sharing the school motto — Man for Others — by telling them of the Dudley motto — The Other Fellow First, and — as an afterthought — introducing them to the lifetime sport: rowing. My best wishes to all. #7532 Paul Grinwis, wrote from Kennett Square, PA, where he and Mary Lou are enjoying retirement. Paul was at Reunion, and recalls vividly rolling a canoe on Long Lake in 1957 during a 5-day trip, and surviving as the mystery man, “the Obnoxious Ox.” #7593 Tom Walton, Nelson, NH, and Judy celebrated their 55th anniversary. “We still love Granite Lake and spend most of the summer and September here. Tom can be reached at tomdudley47@gmail,com #7714 Tom Trowbridge, Orinda, CA. “I regret I had a conflict that prevented me from making the Reunion this summer, but my thoughts will be with Dudley and all the 2018 campers, including my grand-nephew and grand-niece #24400 Tyler and #24200 Sydney Trowbridge, who are at Dudley and Kinya as I write. I will get to see my grandson, Theo (age 6), however, play baseball this summer at Jr. Giants Camp, run by the San Francisco Giants, on a ball field within walking distance from our home in Orinda. How cool is that? Only thing cooler would be to know that he has played baseball as a Cub at Dudley in 2022!” #7837 Toby James, Glendale, MO, reports that last fall he remarried to the former Betty Freeman. Toby continues his work as a tax accountant and was the

The Camp Dudley News

founder and treasurer of the St. Louis Parks Foundation.

JLs and Leaders that I’d forgotten - almost all of them initiated by him!”

#7987 Dick Edie, wrote from the Cape that, “Linda’s niece #22719 Sydney Zoehrer (JL at Kiniya) and Jon Edie’s daughter, #24977 Quinn (first-year camper at Kiniya), and Linda’s nephew, #24283 Sam Zoehrer (third-year camper at Dudley), had a wonderful time. Dick made it back to Reunion with old pal #7809 Win Crannell.

#8269 Kirk Gardner, Montpelier, VT, and San Diego, CA, made it back to Reunion. Kirk was at Dudley in the early 1950s. He retired from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography about ten years ago but still volunteers there late fall to late spring. In Montpelier he lead tours at the State House — His father (#2741 Arthur Gardner) and brother (#8985 Thomas C. Gardner) also attended Dudley.

#8070 Ben Nelson, Bainbridge, NY, was selected for the New York State Public High School Athletic Association’s Hall of Fame Class of 2018. A respected veteran administrator and long-time head of Section 4 sports, Nelson was one of six inductees honored at the NYSPHSAA’s summer meeting. Ben is the Ben Nelson, longtime coach, honored. state’s longest serving Executive Director, overseeing operations of Section 4 since 1998. He has been a part of exemplary programs in the areas of sports safety, academics and sportsmanship in the section, and serves the NYSPHSAA on numerous committees, including its Boys Basketball State Committee. Congratulations, Ben! #8176 John Harbison, a composer from Cambridge, MA, is marking his 80th birthday in a uniquely celebratory fashion. In October, the Boston Symphony Orchestra will perform his “Remembering Gatsby.” In January, John’s “Symphony No. 2” and a special Boston Symphony Chamber Players program will be featured. #8262 Bill Stevenson, San Diego, CA, came east with brother Don and teamed up with some old pals from the late 1950s, including #8070 Ben Nelson. Bill taught history for 50 years, working his way across the country from Riverdale Country Day to U. of Wisconsin to La Jolla Country Day. “Without a doubt, Ben is a real character, under his oh-so-proper, subdued exterior. He reminded me of wild things we’d done as

#8497 Ken Hill and his wife Freddi, Altadena, CA, were honored by the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanical Garden. According to the Arboretum, Ken and Ken and Freddi Hill at the LA ArboFreddi “have helped retum Botanical Garden Gala the Arboretum to forge an expanded partnership with Los Angeles County, invigorated a summer concert series and galvanized a new community of support.” They were honored at a grand event on October 7th at the Arboretum. Congratulations on a job well done! #8498 Jud Phelps, Yarmouth Port, MA, reported that, “All five of our grandchildren are Dudley/Kiniyaites, the youngest, Jake, starts as a cub in just a few days. Both granddaughters are Kiniya’s, one an AL and the other off to NOLS. Our two older grandsons have been for a number of years.” Jud and Bonnie have lived on Cape Cod for the past 21 years where he has been working in human services, travel regularly (New Zealand, Australia, Alaska and Africa), enjoying kayaking, biking, and sports watching grandkids. #8580 Bob Craft, Washington, DC, sent this great shot of Camper granddaughter #24480 Ellie Craft, Gerard Kraft’s daughter. Said Bob, “Ellie finished her third year this year at Kiniya and can’t wait to get back for her fourth year and she is excited for her Kiwi

Fall 2018


News and Notes

Bob Craft with granddaughter, Ellie.

ceremony, which I gather you get to do if you are there for four years in a row. This was at Kiniya at family day.” Bob and his wife Jamie get to spend some good time each summer in Willsboro, NY.

#8608 Bob Stroud, Cambridge, MA, sent us this picture of the “flags flying” high over Nantucket. Ed. note: Tuey and Bob . . . Maybe we should have a HUGE Dudley/Kiniya Reunion at your house! Can you see the flags from the water? The Dudley and Kiniya flags fly high with the Stars and Stripes at the Strouds

#8698 George Sanders checked in from Cherry Hill, NJ. “Things are going well. This summer, Phyllis and I will be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary with a small party with friends and family here in Cherry Hill. Later we will be taking our family to Aruba for a week. Son Geoff and his wife have three children, 16, 12 and 10. Daughter Jody and her husband Mike have two, 5 and 2. Best wishes on the summer and to all the ‘old guys’ in Westport. King Farouk” #8704 Bill Combs, South Orange, NJ, had a bunch of grandkids at Camp this summer, allowing him to make a couple of trips to Dudley and Kiniya. Said Bill, “All six grandkids: #21604 Felicity, #23704 Rose, #25004 Stella, #23804 Sylvia at Kiniya. #23604 Zachary at Dudley, #23504 Will at NOLS. All is very well . . . indeed.” #8914 Dave Woodbury, Somerset, NJ, was at Camp in 1955 and 1956. He wrote as a proud grandfather that


the third generation of Woodbury children was beginning at Kiniya in 2018. #24956 Madeleine attended Kiniya this past summer. #8928 David Boyle, Shaker Heights, OH, wrote, “This year won’t make the reunion. Elizabeth and I will be visiting #15328 John-David and Molly in Kansas City . . . and Ainsley and the twins, Thayer and Everitt, who were born the last week of July. See you next year!” #9106 Greg Farrell, Brooklyn and Keene Valley, NY, was honored by EL Education (formerly Expeditionary Learning) for his lifelong commitment to make schools more engaging, effective, and joyous. Greg was the Founding President and CEO of this leading K-12 nonprofit in 2008 and continues to serve on its Board of Directors. #9181 Dave Hoppock and #7714 Tom Trowbridge, both from Orinda, CA, reported a chance meeting in mid September when they bumped Dave Hoppock and Tom Trowbridge into each other at a meet-the-candidates event. It’s not surprising that Dudley came up as a topic of conversation. Both alums had slightly known each other previously from their involvement with various zoning issues in the town. #9649 Jim Doub, Baltimore, MD, Jim, wrote, “#9057 Brother John is still fully employed running Irresistibles in Marblehead, MA, with his wife and daughter. This when he is not out racing his sailboat which he does with brother #9549 Dave, who is now retired in Camden, ME, when not wintering in Charleston, SC. Daughter Kirsten is in Salt Lake City running her Veterinary Hospital when not backcountry skiing and running rivers. Son #16657 JB is a doctor in infectious disease at the University of Maryland Medical School and lives near us with his wife and two daughters. Kirsten, JB and I still try to get out each year for some

The Camp Dudley News

mountaineering expeditions with the last one being a climb on Mount Baker last September to celebrate my 70th, and some ice climbing in Lake Placid this February. Wife Nancy still teaches at Towson University and rides horses. We remain in search of the Fountain of Youth, which we hope still exists in the Adirondacks.” #9670 Bill Sheldon, St. Augustine, FL, wrote, “Sara and I are doing very well and find ourselves traveling quite a bit. Recently we returned from an anniversary cruise down the Mississippi on a paddle wheeler. Son #14967Alan lives in Rochester, NY, and is doing very well with Merrill Lynch. He has been quite busy developing his career as a financial advisor and is in the beginning phase of developing his own group.” #9791 Eberhard Mangold, Hannover, Germany, is one of Camp’s most recent octogenarians! Eberhard Mangold celebrates his 80th birthday in October. L-R: #10064 Ekki Albrecht, birthday boy Eberhard Eberhard, #14674 Wolle Springer, #15240 Felix turned 80 Westpfahl. on October 11, 2018 and celebrated with several of his friends in Germany. Happy Birthday, Eberhard! #10215 Don Meisel, Lawrenceville, NJ, wrote with an update. “Brother #10787 Wayne has been the summer minister at the First Presbyterian Church in Hinton, WV. His sons and former campers #19387 Abe and #19887 Will are recent grads of Rutgers University. Abe has relocated in Los Angeles. #20787 Zac plans to transfer to RU while Eli is a sophomore at the University of Richmond. You can reach Wayne at Brother #12241 Tim continues to reside just outside of Boston. Son Oliver and daughter Penelope will both be attending Boston Latin in the fall of 2018. Me? I’m playing as much tennis as my body will let me and swimming 3-4 miles a week! Looking forward to a visit to Kiniya to see all the new buildings.”

#10420 Jamie Widdoes, Beverley Hills, CA, was featured in a recent New York Times story about the making of “Animal House” in 1978. Jamie, the straight-laced Delta President Hoover, recalled memories of other cast members, including John Belushi, and said, “None of us were in fraternities when we went to college. This became our fraternity.” The movie, produced for $2.1 million, went on to gross $141.6 million domestically after its release on July 28, 1978. #10643 Matt Quigley, Briarcliff, NY, ran in the Berlin Marathon on September 16, 2018! It was a lovely day for a race, with nearly 40,000 runners. He clocked in at 3:56:51 and sent a post race photo where he is proudly wearing his “Leader” cap! Matt Quigley after the Berlin Marathon.

#10750 Rick Noble, Rancho Santa Fe, CA, hosted a group of Dudley Alums at Jazz Fest in New Orleans in early May. Thanks for spotting the colors so proudly Rick! (See Alumni gatherings page 55) #11156 Col. John Lowry (Ret), Chicago, IL, attended the inaugural meeting of the mid-west alumni group. He shared a great update about some of Dudley’s newly commissioned Marines. Says John, “I’ve attached a photo from 2nd Lt Preston Miller’s commissioning ceremony in Quantico, Virginia last month. Dudleyites on hand include [from left to right) #19801 2nd Lt. Nick Donahue, #19556 2nd Lt. Preston Miller, #12080 Lt. Col. Chris Davis USMC (Ret), #11156 Col. John Lowry USMCR (Ret) and #10801 Lt. Col. Dave Donahue USMC (Ret)]. Preston and Nick are both on active duty, at-

Fall 2018


News and Notes tending The Basic School in Quantico where all newly commissioned Marine officers are taught the basics of being an ‘Officer of Marines.’ The retired Marines present have concluded that our Corps is in good hands! Semper Fi, #11156.” #11320 Steve Lutz, Atlanta, GA, and partner Todd reported much world traveling so far this year. Steve finished his Docent training at the Center for Civil A mini Atlanta Reunion with (L-R) Steve Lutz, Tim Howell, and #7381 Paul Lutz. and Human Rights where he volunteers weekly. Steve also reported a great reunion with #11317 Tim Howell. Tim left the North Country after two years of living in Westport and Lake Placid. He’s on his way back to Florida for a bit to visit family and check up on his mother, Judy, who has been rehabbing after a leg injury. Where Tim will go next, and when, is yet to be determined. He is well and it was great catching up with my old ‘Cub cabin buddy’ from 1973.” #11762 Rick Edie, Dedham, MA, wrote, “Hello, everyone! I participated in the Cycle Adirondacks 6-day bike ride this past summer (August 18-24). We visited the towns of Speculator, Inlet, and North Creek. We passed through Long Lake Village, where I know many a canoe trip has stopped for ice cream. It was a great trip, and early registration is open for next year’s ride from August 17-23. The really great part of the timing is that it lead right into the CDA Reunion Weekend, so you can continue on to Dudley to see old friends! for more information!”


#11846 Tom Canning, Pelham, NY, wrote, “Paula and I have the joy of all of our children being at home — to greater and lesser degrees — this summer. #17946 Alex earned his MBA from Cornell’s Johnson School in May and is seeking a job in banking in Manhattan. #20446 Laura’s roommate moved to Maine and the lease on her Manhattan apartment expired in the spring. Her good sense of home economics inspired her to spend the summer in leafy Pelham. And #20046 Annie has been interning at the Guggenheim Museum and she’s returning soon to Hamilton College for her senior year. Some weekends they even join us at our vacation home at Onteora Club in the Catskills. We get to see many Dudley friends of all ages. And, if not before, we shall visit Westport in early September on the occasion of (nephew) #17974 Shane and Laura’s wedding celebration.” #12167 Kingsland Coombs, Barrington, IL, recently reconnected and provided a wonderful update on his boys. #19967 Ryan is employed by Baxter (L to R) #19967 Ryan, #23967 William, Healthcare in #21767 Jack, and #19767 Danny. Deerfield, IL; #23967 William is a Sophomore at Barrington High School; #21767 Jack is a Junior at the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, and #19767 Danny works for Ocient as a Senior Software Architect/Engineer. #12167 King is the President of Control Sales Inc. based in Schaumburg, IL, and operates offices in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. #13757 Tom and Stephanie Puchner, Valatie, NY, were the winners of the Get-A-Way Yurt weekend and birthday party at the Dudley Challenge Course. They spent a beautiful, crisp October weekend celebrating the birthday of their sons #25175 Alex and Nicky in grand style. They had a ball and said benefiting Camp had never been so much fun. The Puchner’s were joined by friends from two other families.

The Camp Dudley News

Auction winners celebrate birthdays in the “Eagles’ Nest” on the Dudley Challenge Course.

#14094 Pete Karpinski, Golden, CO, reported in after a family wedding in Norwich, NY, in August. He shared this wonderful family photo of those who attended Dudley and Kiniya.

#15093 Ryan Joyce, Paradise Valley, AZ, has received the Outstanding Teacher Award in Grades K-12 from the National Communication Association. At Phoenix Country Day School, Ryan works as Middle School Speech and Debate Coach and as the Ryan Joyce Director of Advancement. He and his team have won three straight National Championships over the last three years! #15133 Mark Valkenburg, Belmont, MA hosted a private Mellowfest for family and friends at his home as a result of his winning bid in the Dudley Auction.

(L to R) #24231 Zane and #12931 Scott Sylvester (L to R) #11295 Tom Brereton, #18295 Jake Brereton, #25094 Jeffrey Karpinski #14094 Peter Karpinski, #23794 Nael Karpinski, and #8732 Harvey Feldmeier. Jeffrey was just coming off his Cub year and Nael her Senior/Kiwi summer.

#14973 Willie Loew, New York, NY, is working for Kettlebell Kitchen, rebuilding the Customer Service team and implementing a Leadership Development program. In Willie’s free time, he continues to play competitive bocce and is part of a NYC writing group. He enjoyed Reunion and sends best wishes for the fall season.

#15509 Scott Steen, Jackson, WY, reports that all is well. He serves as the Executive Director of Slow Food in the Tetons. While on a climbing trip, Scott ran into #18794 Tom McDonough in Lander, WY, as Tom was heading off on his NOLS instructor course. Scott Steen and Tom McDonough

Fall 2018


News and Notes #17425 Matt Ator, Paoli, PA, sent an update on his teaching career. He has moved from public school into the independent school world this year where he is a teacher at The Haverford School. Matt has his Dudley senior flag up on the wall, but no one has recognized it yet! He’d love to be in touch with alumni members as well as any aspiring teachers in the southeastern Pennsylvania area.

#18239 Luke and #22078 Sam Johnson, Lewes, DE, helped lead their Cape Henelopin Vikings high school baseball team to a State Championship in Delaware Baseball, besting Caravel in June. It was the first ever baseball state crown for the team!

Sam (top) and Luke Johnson with their State Champ Baseball team.

Blair and Tom Dils have a first-hand tour of Frost Brew Works by Steve Nelson, A-1 brewmaster!

#17681 Steven Nelson, Shelburne, VT, hosted a couple of Dudleyites at the Frost Beer Works in Hinesburg VT, where he is a Brewer. #16404 Blair and #19304 Tom Dils made the trek over from Camp in August, and got a full tour of the Beer Works, a 7-barrel brewery focused on crafting world-class hop forward single/double IPAs and pale ales. #18178 Joan McKeown, Chatham, NJ, sent this great photo from the “Old Guard Luncheon” at the Princeton Reunion. #10398 Joe Bolster was also in attendance and both took a minute to pose for this classic shot before heading off to the Joan McKeown and Joe Bolster “Parade.” at the Princeton Old Guard Luncheon.


#18635 Kara Dunne, Swansea, MA, created a video entitled, “She’s Going Downstairs” that was selected for the biennial edition of WomenCinemakers. Kara has a BFA in Printmaking/Glass from Alfred University and an MFA in Printmaking from The Rhode Island School of Design. Recent shows include Representing Feminism(s) at Lamont Gallery and That’s What She Said at AFA Gallery. Congrats, Kara! #18756 Curtis Ulin, San Marino, CA, played at the Viper Room on Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, CA, during April 2018 and then again in July 2018. Curtis Ulin rocks at the Viper Room.

#18773 Blake Harper, Bainbridge Island, WA, shared an update during the summer: “After three years of graduate school at U.C. Berkeley, I’ve begun working in management consulting in San Francisco. While at Berkeley I raced for the triathlon team, studied data ethics and philosophy, and found ways to serve the other fellow through my church. Here I am be-

The Camp Dudley News

ing an ‘odd fellow’ while on vacation at home on Bainbridge Island this summer—sporting my camp socks.”

Blake Harper in his Dudley socks

in 2018 to Kiniya. Matt is hoping to make a trip to Hannover in December to see many more Dudlyites and old friends from Abbensen. #19136 Ian Kotz, Columbia, MD, received the Henry M. Lipsey Heart of Service Award at the University of Alabama’s Service and Leadership Awards ceremony in June 2018. The award honors the determined and strong contributions of individuals to service and leadership within and outside the UA community. Well done, Ian! #19629 D’Anne Hurd, Bourne, MA, was asked to join the board of EILEEN FISHER, the women’s clothing line. “I’m the first independent director and am chairing the Governance Committee. It’s a well known brand and I’m looking forward to the challenge.”

#18795 “T” McKeown and Kristen Wright ran in the Chicago Marathon this October. Tom is giving a round of grateful applause to #10883 Bob and #14525 Sara McKeown who were there to Tom McKeown and Kristen Wright cheer them on. #19044 Matt McCormick, Canandaigua, NY, is currently living in Tübingen Germany studying a 2-year Master’s degree in Comparative Middle East Politics and Societies and learning Arabic. The program includes a semester in Cairo, Egypt during the second year. Since arriving Matt met up with #19180 Lukas Ebeler and #25262 Sina John who led the exchange

#19862 Will Haskell, Westport, CT, continues his quest for a seat in the U.S. Senate, which began before he graduated from Georgetown University. His opponent is Republican Senator Toni Boucher. #19842 Jack Lynch serves as Will’s campaign manager. Haskell interned for Senator Chris Murphy and Representative Jim Hines, and worked for the Democratic National Committee’s voter protection team. #20001 Marnie McDonagh, Burlington, VT, and Marge Weaver enjoyed a Spring visit together in Naples, FL. Marnie and Marge Weaver

Matt McCormick (bottom right) with the gang at the Treiber’s farm.

#20168 Emily Lane, Atlanta, GA, former camper, leader, and theatre staff, just came back to Vermont to represent a comedy pilot she stars in called “Kappa Force” at Manchester’s ITVFest. “Kappa Force” is about a crime fighting sorority taking down the patriarchy one frat boy at a time. Emily is also currently in two national commercials, and has had roles on NBC’s “Chicago Med” and “Chicago PD,” and recurred on BET’s “The Quad.” She is very grateful to Kiniya for launching her acting career back in 2002 with the first session musical.

Fall 2018


News and Notes #20194 Meagan Oliver left Vermont in September and has been road tripping around the U.S. We heard from Meagan Meagan Oliver on top of the world! in California and so far she has camped in 11 National Parks, visited 13 states, and stayed with 10 camp friends! She has been overwhelmed with the response from the camp community welcoming her into their homes for a night or more! Her final destination is Vancouver where she will begin a MLIS program at the University of British Columbia. She is looking forward to a few more stops and seeing a few more friends along the way! #20448 Jennifer Ramirez, Bronx, NY, represented the Dominican Republic National Basketball Tournament in May. Her team made it to the finals—great work!

#20751 Ryan Kelley, Wellesley, MA, and #21642 Noah Hastings, Madison, CT, finished the 112km on the Camino de Santiago in Galicia, Spain, over four days in early April 2018. Sore legs and blisters on feet, but could not be more excited to be in Santiago! Ryan Kelley and Noah Hastings in Spain

Jennifer Ramirez playing for the Dominican Republic National Basketball Team.

Sunrise from the tower ar Sant’Anselmo, Rome, Italy

#20580 Kyle Munshower, Rome, Italy, wrote to Matt in September that he appreciated being at Dudley and working with the campers to put on “Parachute.” Kyle is living at the College Sant’Anselmo and volunteering


in Rome until July. He has already seen and done many memorable things and met many wonderful people. Kyle noted that the hymns the monks sing at daily prayers are a bit different than Sunday hymn sings, but he is becoming accustomed to them. He sent best wishes and ended his letter with “Ciao.”

#21166 Eoin Gronningsater, Brooklyn, NY, spent a rewarding three weeks coaching, teaching, and mentoring local grade school students in rural Vietnam this summer. He was one of several student athletes chosen Eoin Gronningsater with his new to participate through Vietnamese friend. the Rubenstein-Bing Student-Athlete Civic Engagement Program, a service program between Duke and Stanford University and international community partners. Eoin is a junior on the Duke Blue Devils Fencing team, where he earned All-American honor and ACC Fencer of the Year in Foil in 2018. #21669 Maggie Dolan pictured here at the Irazu Volcano in Costa Rica where she is currently studying abroad.

The Camp Dudley News

#21822 Molly Small, Washington, DC, graduated from Whitman High School in the spring of 2017 and has been enjoying an exciting gap year. She worked/skied this past winter at The Rustler Lodge in Alta, UT, and has since spent a month backpacking through Thailand. She will be headed to Molly Small during her Majorca, Spain, this summer Gap year in Thailand. before starting at the School of Global and International Studies at Indiana University in the fall of 2018. #22088 Chandler Ryan, Delmar, NY, #20489 Greta Poler, and #20321 Amanda D’Arbanville wrote from Florence, Italy. Amanda and Chandler studied there for the Spring 2018 semester when Greta (L to R) Chandler Ryan, Greta Poler, and Amanda D’Arbanville in Florence, came to visit them. “The Duomo” is vis- Italy, May 2018. ible just under their Yoha! They report running into a couple other Dudleyites who have also been studying abroad. Everyone had great fun doing camp cheers and comparing numbers. #22316 Caroline Tornquist, Arlington, VA, competed at the World Junior Ultimate (Frisbie) Championships (WJUC) in Waterloo, Canada this summer with the USA U20 Women’s National Team and won gold! The team is comprised of girls under the age of 20 from all over the country. Of the 250 people who applied to try out, 24 made the team. Caroline is Caroline Tornquist continuing her playing days as a freshman at Dartmouth College.

#22654 Nate Phelps, Ridgefield, CT, crewed in the “Nationals” in a Quad scull. He and his boat won Gold! He was then Nate Phelps (with sun glasses) hard at work invited to train on his gold medal crew team. most of the past summer at the US Olympics training facility outside San Diego. Nate did well enough to be chosen to crew for the 2018 World Junior Championships (<18), held in Prague, CZ, the first week of August — a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Nate has entered Princeton this fall, where he hopes to continue his athletic career. Congrats, Nate! #22675 Taylor Gough, Westport, NY, and #22868 Ella Dudley, Williamstown, MA, got together after playing soccer in a CDYSL game for U18 girls during spring 2018. They recognized each other on the field, and then had a nice conversation after the game. Ella plays for Berkshire Ajax. Taylor plays Ella Dudley and Taylor Gough for Plattsburgh FC and her team plays against various teams in the Albany area. PFC went on to play in the state cup and reached the finals. PFC represented NYS in the East Regionals in Spotsylvania, PA, this past June. Way to go girls! #22898 Whitney Phelps, Delmar, NY, shared the photo below of a “mini Reunion” at the Boston Harbor Club in mid July. The smiles tell the enduring story of Camp friendships (L to R) Whitney Phelps, #15133 Mark that can be rekindled “Valky” Valkenburgh, #11889 Dwight anywhere. Poler, #22443 Karen Ramsey at the Boston Harbor Club.

Fall 2018


News and Notes #22930 Sophie Small, Washington, DC, was looking forward to being a Kiniya JL this summer when we heard of some other exciting news in the spring. She had completed Sophie Small (right) completes her first a year-long Learnmarathon in LA. Her mom Shannon Serve Fellowship, Hawkins (left) also ran and completed starting her own her 30th marathon non-profit called BORN TO RUN, a non-competitive, all girls running club to encourage physical activity, community engagement and girl empowerment/well being. She also ran her first full marathon in Los Angeles in March - while playing two varsity sports (crew and track.) She will be spending her junior year of high school in Viterbo, Italy, with School Year Abroad program. #22998 Cole Kuster, Williamstown, MA, a distance freestyle swimmer, has recently announced his verbal commitment to Harvard beginning in the fall of Cole Kuster 2019. Cole does his club swimming with Purple Valley Aquatics and has achieved the Junior National Standard in four events. He told Swimming World: “I chose Harvard because of the outstanding coaching staff, incredible academics, and the immediate connection I felt with the team. Thank you to my parents, coaches, and friends who helped throughout this process. I look forward to this incredible opportunity over the next four years! Go Crimson!” Congratulations, Cole! #23659 Ken Hoyt, Landrum, SC, sent wishes for a wonderful summer and told us of his move to the upstate area of South Carolina. He reports that it is “equestrian country with international competitions and lots of estates.”


#23700 Father Francis “Vinney” Flynn, Elizabethtown, NY, was visible and unforgettable at the Dudley July 4th Parade. Thanks for making the effort to be with us in such grand style! Father Vinney (C), at the 4th of July Parade with our two fearless leaders.

#24100 Dwight Vicks, Clinton, NY, led his company in celebrating their 100th anniversary this summer. “Our world of print has changed dramatically,” said Dwight, “and we have shifted into digital print and distribution. Son #19100 Dwight remains in NYC working for Schoology. I had the pleasure of going to the US Open in June at Shinnecock with five of my Dudley buds and two of the dads. Daughter Sara moved to Boston and has a new job with Skyword, a niche marketing group. Emily started a job in a women’s clinic at UVM and looks forward to Med School.” Ed. note: Congratulations Dwight, to you on your family on the centennial celebration. #25246 Patrick Carrigan, Colorado Springs, CO, reports that he has checked another item off his bucket list by climbing the Manitou Incline near Pikes Peak. It gains more than 2000 feet in elevation in just about 1 mile! Patrick Carrigan at the top of the Manitou Incline.

A few 2018 leaders and staff from Kiniya are currently studying abroad in Europe. #20957 Sarah Raymond is in Cork, Ireland. She recently met up with #21204 Ellie Storey in London and is hoping to visit with #20910 Maggie Polk in Prague later this semester!

The Camp Dudley News

Weddings 1




4 3 5 3 5 1. #14158 Will Long married Lauren Roberts. May 19, 2018, in Greenwich, CT. 2. #14859 David Gronningsater married Jamie Crasper at a sunrise service on Lake Champlain in Westport on September 15, 2018. 3. #20608 Martha McKinley married Gillian Johnson on October 27, 2018 in Manhattan, NY. 4. #15877 Brendan â&#x20AC;&#x153;Leftyâ&#x20AC;? Loughman and #21986 Olivia Belzer were married on September 30, 2018 in Winooski, VT. 5. #17974 Shane Canning married Laura Henry on September 1, 2018 in Elizabethtown, NY.

Fall 2018


Future Dudleyites



3 1. #15328 JD and Molly Boyle, Mission Hills, KS, Twins: Girl, Thayer Hemenway Boyle and Boy, Everett Joseph Boyle, July 24, 2018. 2. #15917 Christian and MacKenzie Thorn, Salt Lake City, UT. Kingsley Adeline Thorn, June 2, 2018.


3. #15932 Charlie Zabriskie and Julia Werner, Brooklyn, NY, Adeline Anne Zabriskie May 30, 2018.


4. #16510 Adam and Kelly Peralta, NY, NY, Alexander Adam Peralta, June 15, 2018. 5. #17251 Rose Ledoux and JB Ledoux, Burlington, VT, Vera Louise Ledoux, August 23, 2018.



6. #17974 Shane and Laura Canning, Atlanta, GA, George Cian Canning, March 24, 2018.


7. #19234 Kari McKinley and Joel Cross, South Burlington, VT, Aksel Bruce Cross, July 30, 2018.

The Camp Dudley News

Alumni Gatherings Burlington

Chicago Alumni

(L to R) #17098 Carl Jackson, #18952 Joel Cross, #15877 Brendan Loughman, #17119 Mark O’Neal, #17563 Corey Shuman, #17681 Steve Nelson, #16489 Kyle Ferguson.

(L to R) #24256 Mario Grayer, #18795 Tom McKeown, #11156 John Lowry, #25067 Issys Griffin, #12607 Stephen Clifford, #11164 John Tredwell, #18785 Jack Krueger, #12004 Chris Foster, #18835 Will Gisel, #20698 Max Patterson, #18954 Chris Foster Jr., #19430 Peter Huff (kneeling, #10555 Dave Langston)

Alumni and friends gather on the morning of #15877 Brendan Loughman’s wedding and set a competitive benchmark by taking 3rd place in the Burlington Escape Room. They did the “Outbreak Room” and everyone arrived in time for the wedding.

(L to R) #24256 Mario Grayer, #25067 Issys Griffin, #12004 Chris Foster, Jessica Enriquez (Metro Squash, Manager of Academics and High School Placement)

New Orleans Jazz Fest

(L to R) Tom “Fungo” Mendl, Christy Coyne, Fanning Hearon, New Orleans Jazz Fest and Rick Noble in New Orleans

#10750 Rick Noble, #10643 Tom “Fungo” Mendl, #10574 Peter and #10649 Steve Wertimer, and #9398 Wheaton Griffin gathered in New Orleans during the last week of April and 1st weekend in May to celebrate Jazz Fest. Seeing the Dudley flag, #14255 Christy Coyne and #12495 Fanning Hearon “followed the gleam” and connected with Rick and the crew. Rick has issued the invitation to any Dudleyite who makes the trip to look for the flag at next year’s event. He will gladly welcome you in.

At the end of September, #12004 Chris “Frosty” Foster held the inaugural meeting of the newly formed Chicago CDA Alumni Group. The group of about 15 people gathered at the University Club downtown. #11156 John Lowry just beat out #11164 John Tredwell for “low number” honors at the event. The group spanned several generations of Dudley and Kiniya campers and included two Metro Squash campers for 2018. The Chicago group looks to hold more social and service gatherings in the future. Chicago area alums are encouraged to contact Chris ( for details about the next gathering.

Fall 2018


Alumni Gatherings St. Lawrence University

Washington, DC L to R; #22660 Charlotte Childs, #22637 Hannah Schwoebel, #21840 Andrew Childs, #23676 Chloe Mitchell, #20774 Rob Young, #20422 Sydney Mitchell, #21119 Keziah Hoyt, #20393 Erin Hogan, #21665 JP Wade (#22907 Alex Gilbert unfortunately couldn’t make it!)

“In the Billiard Room” from L to R #21883 Kelly Dale, #18754 Connor Smith, #17982 Matt McElroy, #21013 Sarah “Bear” McDonough

#23676 Chloe Mitchell and #20393 Erin Hogan wanted to reach out to the Gillis family to let them know they were thinking of them. “Through mutual friends and some fun dinners we were able to unite with students that were at one time campers, leadership or staff at Dudley or Kiniya. It was amazing how Charlie, even though he is no longer with us, was able to connect and bring so many people together on one campus to create new friendships, reconnect with old ones, and share the love of Camp. We sent this picture to share with Charlie’s family.”

Washington, DC, alums gather for a Homecoming. Sometimes changing locations can be challenging because of having to connect with new people. But not in the Dudley and Kiniya world! The DC Alumni group had a very recent gathering to welcome #21031 Sarah “Bear” McDonough back to the DC area. Bear is relocating for a new position. It was a terrific homecoming and even though the job is new, the friendships and community are familiar.

Please send your news and photos to We would like to share it with the Dudley Family.


Next time you are together with a bunch of your Dudley and Kiniya friends, please snap a picture and send it to Dave@campdudley. org and we’ll be glad to include it in the next edition of the News. Want more information about convening a regional group? Contact Pete Groves, CDA President, The Camp Dudley News

Obituaries #6595 Daniel S. Griffin,

88, died on June 29th in Fort Edward, NY. Born in New York City, Dan came to Camp in 1942. He graduated from Hobart College in Geneva, NY, in 1953. In 1955, he married Sarah “Sally” Wheeler Alden in Swarthmore, PA. He was Daniel S. Griffin commissioned in the U.S. Air Force and graduated from pilot training in 1955. His assignments included tours throughout the world, with 9340 miles of flying time, and over 400 aerial combat missions in Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia. His decorations include the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal with seven oak leaf clusters. He retired in 1975 with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He and his wife, Sally, formerly owned Griffin Brothers Co. and Griffin Oil Company in Hudson Falls. Besides his wife, Dan is survived by a son, #10461 Richard K. Griffin of Acworth, GA; a daughter, Margaret A. Bernard of Schenectady; four grandchildren, two great grandchildren; and his brothers, #7253 Thompson Knight Griffin and wife, Virginia of Scottsdale, AZ, and James H. Wright and wife, Janet of Falmouth, Maine.

#7004 Robert Kip Doescher, 84, of Emmaus, PA,

passed away September 2, 2018. Robert was born in Utica, NY, to Katharine Kipp Doescher and Frederick William Doescher on September 8, 1933. He started at Dudley in 1944. He graduated from high school at Utica Free Academy and from Colgate Robert Kip Doescher University ‘56 in Hamilton, NY. He was a member of the Delta Upsilon Fraternity. He served honorably in the U.S. Army from 195759. Robert worked as a sales manager for the Mobil Oil Corporation, retiring in 1991, after 36 years. In 1956, he married Diana Mae Brown of Utica, NY. Robert coached little league baseball and youth ice hockey. He was a die-hard sports fan, especially for the Philadelphia Phillies. He was a fanatic about lawn care, clean automobiles, and Brooks Brothers shirts. He loved vacationing in Upstate NY and Canada.

Survivors include his wife of 62 years, Diana; brother, #7630 William F. Doescher and wife, Linda; daughter, Deborah Wertman and husband, Paul Scott; son Kip; son, Grant and wife, Kelly; grandchildren, Ashley Wertman, Trevor Doescher, and Skylar Doescher. Robert was predeceased by his grandson, Cooper Wertman.

#7235 James M. Taylor Jr.

of Canton, MI, died peacefully December 18, at the age of 83. He attended Dudley in 1946. Jim was born in Detroit, grew up in Birmingham, and graduated from Cranbrook School and from Lehigh University. He served his country in the United States James M. Taylor, Jr. Army as a Captain. Jim was self-employed for 20 years as a Sales Representative for the automotive industry. He was on the St. Clair township zoning board , the St. John River District Hospital board, the St. Clair Theatre Guild as both an actor and the Business Manager. When he was not working or volunteering, Jim also enjoyed skiing, bird hunting and sailing. Above all, he loved to spend time with all of his wonderful grandchildren. Jim is survived by his beloved wife of 59 years, Susan (Coskery) Taylor, his two loving children Amy (Stephen) Burns, Tod (Barbara) Taylor, 5 cherished grandchildren Jimmy (Angela), Kelly, Kristin (Ryan), Cassidy, and Rachel, and his dear brother Dr. Walter (Nancy) Taylor, of Flagstaff, Arizona.

#8843 F. Carl “Skip” Schumacher Jr., St. Louis,

MO, passed away May 16, 2018 at age 75. Skip attended Camp from 1955-1959. Born in St. Louis he graduated from St. Louis Country Day School in 1961, Trinity College in Hartford ,CT, in1965 and then received an MBA from Carl “Skip” Schumacher, Jr. Harvard Business School. Skip served in the Navy as Operations Officer on the U.S.S. Pueblo, which was captured in 1968 by North Korea. He was awarded

Fall 2018


Obituaries a Silver Star, a Purple Heart, a POW medal, two Bronze Stars, and several other medals for his service and courage in difficult conditions. Skip joined the family insurance business, Hickey Mitchell, then became a trust officer at Boatmen’s Bank and then started a small financial business, retiring in 2016. He was active in many Veterans’ organizations. Said old classmate and Dudley friend #8698 George “Farouk” Sanders, “Neither of us was in any way athletically inclined so we became managers for the CDS track team and then worked in Witherbee together at Dudley. Skip was a considerate guy, friendly and always willing to listen to the other person. I think he earned tremendous respect for his endurance of captivity in N. Korea.” Skip was married to Anna Marie Andy Hill Schumacher, who passed away in 2017, for 35 years. He is survived by his step-daughter, Irene Allen of St. Louis, his son, #16288 John Schumacher of Washington, D.C., his sister Nancy Dennis of Portland, OR, and many other friends and family.

#15778 Paul Taylor Harris,

Charlotte, NC, 37 died unexpectedly on July 20, 2018, while vacationing in Florida with his beloved wife and twin daughters. Paul Paul Taylor Harris was born in Norwalk, CT, attended Dudley from 1992-94 and Salisbury School in Connecticut before attending Huron High School in Ann Arbor, MI. Paul played hockey for the U.S. Junior National Hockey Team while in high school, and then as a defenseman for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish from 1999 to 2002. He earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Notre Dame before starting in business. He met his wife Nicole while working for Johnson & Johnson. Paul also worked for Medtronic as a Urology Consultant and Regional Manager. In 2014, he joined NeoTract, Inc., becoming Regional Business Manager and Area Sales Director for NeoTract-Teleflex. Paul did everything for his family. He was a rising star in his career and a respected mentor who received countless accolades – all while remaining humble and true to his values. His zest for life and positive outlook allowed him


to gather lifelong friends everywhere he went. He loved traveling with his family. Survivors include his beloved wife of 10 years, Nicole (Valek) Harris; his cherished twin daughters, Hadley and Taylor; loving parents, Alan T. “Al” and Dolores “Dee” Harris of Bonita Springs, FL; sister, Julie Harris and sister-inlaw, Michelle Harris of Rockville, MD; father-in-law, Chuck Valek of North Royalton, OH; and brotherin-law, Ryan Valek of Sylvania, OH. Paul also leaves behind many loving aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and business associates.

#20804 Charles Storey Gillis, 20, of St. Louis, MO,

was fatally injured in a car accident on September 24, 2018. The son of Jack and #14002 Jenn (Storey) Gillis, Charlie had a great love of the Adirondacks and of Dudley, where he was a camper, Aide, Charlie Gillis NOLS participant, JL and member of the Hike Hut. He lived the camp motto. He graduated from MICDS in St. Louis in 2016 where he played football, captained the track and field team and was an All-State polevaulter. He was attending the University of Kansas where he was a member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. His heart was enormous, and he loved his friends and family far and wide. Whether scaling a tree, strumming his ukulele, or careening down a ski slope, he lived in the moment with an unwavering sense of freedom, fearlessness, passion and joy. He will be remembered as a compassionate, generous friend and loving family member. Charlie is survived by his parents Jack and #14002 Jenn, his brothers #19804 Matt and #21804 Henry, and his sister #20204 Sara; his paternal grandparents John and Nicki Gillis, also of St. Louis, his maternal grandparents #8804 John and #18204 Martha Storey of Williamstown, MA and numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins: Suzanne Gillis and Greg Sterne, #16999 Jessica and #13804 Matt Storey, #14504 Jessica (Storey) and #16404 Blair Dils, Genevieve and Alice Sterne, #19304 Tommy, #20404 Miranda and #21704 Sam Dils, and #21204 Ellie, #22804 Rachel, and #22504 Carter Storey. Please consider a donation in Charlie’s name to an organization that is close to your heart or to the Charlie Gillis Climbing Wall (see p. 39).

The Camp Dudley News

#25001 Robert “Bobby” Louis Sophia, Jr. Until his

last breath, Bobby touched every heart he met and lit up every room he entered. His kind heart, his joyful spirit, and his love for life and all those who were a part of his was palpable. After a six-year battle with Robert “Bobby” Louis Alzheimer’s, he passed away Sophia, Jr. peacefully at the age of 58 on Friday evening, July 20th at The VNA Respite House in Colchester, VT. The loves of his life were by his side until the very end: his adoring wife and best friend, Marnie McDonagh, his daughters whom he always referred to as “his babies,” Megan Gras and Sara Chasse, and his former wife and dear friend, Nancy Sophia. They remain thankful to have loved Bobby and continue to carry him in their hearts. Born on June 14, 1960 in Trenton, NJ, and raised in Levittown, PA, and Danbury, CT, Bob was big brother to his younger siblings Rick Sophia and Kim Enteado. He was uncle to Rick’s children, Katie and Jack Sophia, and godfather to Kim’s daughter, Mackenzie Enteado. His Mom, Kathleen Gallagher Sophia, and his Dad, Robert Louis Sophia, raised their son to be hard working, kind, compassionate, and thankful; he lived by these ideals through his entire life. Bob was proud to walk both of his girls down the aisle at their weddings in September and November of 2017. He welcomed his son-in-laws, Darren Chasse and Peter Gras, and loved them like his own sons. Referring to them as “the boys,” he was thrilled to see how happy Megan and Sara were with their loves by their side. Known lovingly as “Uncle B” to his nephews and nieces, Bobby’s playful side drew people of all ages. His Australian Family adored him and thoroughly enjoyed his many trips alongside Marnie to visit them Down Under. He was deeply thankful for his in-law’s, Kevin & Marion McDonagh, who provided company and care for Bobby during the last three summers in the home he loved on Brewer Parkway in South Burlington. Bob was genuinely happy and loved making people

laugh. It was rare to see his face without a smile. He lived a humble life, found the best in every situation, and never sought for anything more than he had. He loved to socialize and was always up for some fun with friends! He was a passionate golfer and enjoyed his many rounds through the years, playing with and respecting friends from a wide variety of backgrounds. After graduating from Champlain College in 1981, Bob became a respected store owner for more than 15 years in Essex Junction. He was passionate about his work and loved connecting with all customers. He always greeted people with a warm smile, friends and strangers alike, and inspired those around him to see the good in others. Throughout Bob’s life, he especially enjoyed connecting with youth and supporting their personal and professional development. He enjoyed his role as a volunteer coach for CYO basketball in the 90s and mentoring employees at his business. Of all the places Bobby loved, Camp Kiniya became his favorite during his last few years. It was a place where he felt accepted, welcomed and loved. He was deeply thankful for the kindness everyone bestowed upon him there; given the chance to go anywhere, his choice was always “Camp.” Memorial Service and Celebration of Bobby’s Life was held at Camp Kiniya in Colchester, VT, on Saturday, September 8th. In lieu of flowers, Marnie and Family ask that friends consider contributions to be made to Camp’s Scholarship Fund at give-back/give-online-now./

— Friends of Camp Dudley — Lynne Tower Combs,

Millington, NJ, died at home on June 10th following a long and courageous fight with cancer. She was 76 and lived life to the fullest. Lynne was born on February 13, 1942 in East Orange, NJ, graduating from Chatham High School in 1960 and Skidmore College (B.A. Business) in 1964. She also earned a nursing degree from

Fall 2018

Lynne Tower Combs


Obituaries Morris County College. She married #8704 William “Bill” Combs in 1964 and resided in Millington since 1971. Lynne’s energy and zest for life were reflected in her many civic activities and hobbies. These include the Long Hill Township Committee, as the Township’s first female mayor and as the Township Administrator. She helped construct an affordable housing facility in Stirling, NJ, worked with the Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) and was a long time member of the First Presbyterian Church of Stirling. Lynne loved adventure — her greatest achievement was cycling across the US with Bill, a trip that left lasting memories and sealed her love for the country. She canoed rivers, ran marathons and triathlons and travelled extensively on all seven continents. Lynne is survived by her husband, #8704 Bill, her children: Whitney Van Praagh (Alex) and their three children #23504 William, #23804 Sylvia and #25004 Stella, Cambridge, MA; Elizabeth Whelan (Denis) and their three children #21604 Felicity, #23604 Zach and #23704 Rose, London, England; and #13001 Will, ordained priest with the Brothers of the Beloved Disciple, San Antonio, TX. Her brother #9123 Harry (Bonnie), nephews #14923 Andrew (“Andy”), #14423 Harry IV (“Tobbs”) niece Betsy and her son #22123 Gabriel Eshete. Lynne was a very bright light that cast no shadow. She will be greatly missed by all.

Joan “Joani” Egan Mendelson, devoted wife,

mother, grandmother, sister, friend, passed away peacefully, at home, surrounded by her family on March 26, 2018 at age 75. Joani was born on March 27, 1942, in New York City, grew up in Larchmont, NY, and attended St. Augustine’s School and graduated from the Convent of the Sacred Heart, Greenwich, CT. She graduated from Manhattanville College and married John A. Mendelson, in 1963. They raised five daughters in Rye, NY. Loving mother of Mary “Meegan” Slusser (Doug), Cathleen Daly (Kevin), Margaret “Mavie” Mendelson, #16964 Joanie Chioffi (#13820 Marcus), Kim Pepper (Doug). Beloved grandmother of 8 grandchildren: #20464 Caitlin, Connor, #22987 Quinn Daly; #24820 Jack and Caroline Chioffi; Andrew, Katie and Molly Pepper. She is also survived by 6 siblings: Missy Egan Wey, Edward Joseph Egan, Jr., Thomas F. Egan, Ann Cathleen Cronin, Margaret Egan and John Treacy Egan and many devoted nieces and nephews. Joani considered


being a wife and mother her greatest gifts. She also created her own design firm, Hilltop Interiors. Joani and John were parishioners at the Church of the Resurrection and members of the Apawamis Club in Rye. In 1985, the Mendelsons built a home on Lake Champlain in VT where many family memories were made. In 2016, after living in Manhattan, the Mendelsons moved to Greenwich, CT to be closer to family. Selfless, kind, energetic and spiritual, Joani Mendelson was always the light of every gathering.

Jacqueline Quayle, Hanover, NH, age 95, died

August 31, 2018. She was born in Kings Mountain, NC, and attended Lenoir Rhyne University in Hickory, NC. She married #4685 Oliver A. Quayle III in 1942 in Washington, DC, and they lived in Bronxville, NY, before retiring to Hanover in 1973. Jackie was predeceased by her husband of 31 years in 1974. In Hanover, Jackie volunteered at the DartmouthHitchcock hospital, the Friends of Hopkins Center, the Hood Museum and the Montshire Museum. She held a special love for the family home in Westport, NY, where she was a regular at Dudley Chapel and Hymn Sing services and often volunteered at the Depot Theater. A lover of the outdoors, she enjoyed hiking, mountain climbing, swimming, tennis and skiing. She was always a kind and caring wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother who loved spending time and loving her family. Survivors include two sons, #9135 Oliver A. Quayle IV (Sara), of Williston, VT, and #9555 Randall L. Quayle (Sibyl) of Lake Placid, NY; her four grandchildren: #20055 Laura (Joachim), #20155 Joanna (#20016 Oliver), #18800 Simon, and #20135 Phoebe; her three greatgrandchildren: Georgia, Athena, and Teddy; her goddaughter, Shami Jones McCormick.

The Camp Dudley News

Hanging at the Middlebury Outdoor Pavillionâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; Camp Dudley, Summer 2018

Camp Dudley, Inc. 126 Dudley Road Westport, NY 12993

Walk to Chapel â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Camp Kiniya, Summer 2018



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2018 Fall Camp Dudley News