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My name is Cameron Mitchell and I am a Visual Problem Solver.

VIEWPOINT This project is a complete redesign of the alumni magazine for Pacific Union College entitled Viewpoint. I worked with directors, and vice presidents of Pacific Union College to bring the design to a modern and more photo/image based. We did this because we are trying to cater to both the older and younger generation of alumni. I was head design, and all most photography is mine.

QUIVER My thesis project is a publication about the surf culture and how the past influenced modern day surfing. I started this project in early 2014 and was completed beginning of 2015. Their are two sections in the publication, “The Past” and “The Present“ that give a quick visual and written explanation of style ques from both the older and newer times in the culture.

AERIS Aeris is an environmental architecture journal created with the mindset of taking advantage of grids, simplicity, harshly contrasted headers and body typography, and bold iconic imagery. All photos and content I do not own the rights to.

PELOTON This mobile app I collaborated with fellow designer Ryan Anderson. Peloton is a social meet up app that cyclists, both road and mountain, use to delete the feeling of riding alone. It’s a great way to meet new riders in the area. Both the design and concept were both worked on equally with my partner to ensure we both achieved all of our goals. With this app riders of all types can search for rides to go on, find new riders to become friends with, and comment and like on rides finished.

THREAD Thread is a mobile app that allows you to manage all of your social media accounts under the housing of one app. Starting with the main menu, you log onto your social media accounts that you want linked. The main purpose for this idea is to basically have a social media manager in the palm of your hand. The ability to post on all of your social media accounts at the same time simultaneously is something that drives this idea. Antoher aspect about this app is that you get all your notifcations under one place and can check and clear them anytime you open the app.

POSTCARDS These are some in the set of postcards I have made for various events and marketing pieces for Pacific Union College. Events include various art gallery opening promotional mailers and cards that were sent to both junior and senior incoming classes for marketing track purposes.

SELF BRANDING Branding yourself is always hard. My goal with this was to capture my design style and lifestyle in a way that can affectly be used in multiple medias. I wanted something clean and modern design wise, but also a little bit of Southern California mixed in there. Here is final branding, colorways, and some process.

KAHUNA This project was done for my final in my Packaging Design class during spring quarter of 2014. Kahuna is a skin and hair care product line mostly centered around the surfer lifestyle. This particular line of products is meant to bring life back to hair and skin that has been destroyed by sand, salt water, and sun on a regular basis. This design is focused more on the clean modern side, but with a flash of interesting typography and pattern usage. The product line includes shampoo, conditioner, body wash, after sun lotion, sunscreen, facial sunscreen, and chapstick. All of the necessities of someone who spends a decent amount of time at the beach.

CONNECT WITH ME Email: cndmitchell@me.com Web: camnmitch.com Phone: (805) 914-8362 IG: @camnmitch

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Cameron Mitchell Digital Portfolio  

A collection of graphic design projects I've completed ranging from various genres of design.

Cameron Mitchell Digital Portfolio  

A collection of graphic design projects I've completed ranging from various genres of design.